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Godspeed was once fueled by lies. Now it is ruled by chaos.

It’s been three months since Amy was unplugged. The life she always knew is over. Everywhere she looks, she sees the walls of the spaceship Godspeed.

But there may be hope: Elder has assumed leadership of the ship. He's finally free to act on his vision—no more Phydus, no more lies.

But when Elder learns shocking news about the ship, he and Amy race to discover the truth behind life on Godspeed. They must work together to unlock a mystery that was set in motion hundreds of years earlier. Their success—or failure—will determine the fate of the 2,298 passengers aboard Godspeed. But with each step, the journey becomes more perilous, the ship more chaotic, and the love between them more impossible to fight.

Beth Revis catapulted readers into the far reaches of space with her New York Times bestselling debut, Across the Universe. In A Million Suns, Beth deepens the mystery with action, suspense, romance, and deep philosophical questions. And this time it all builds to one mind-bending conclusion: They have to get off this ship.

386 pages, Hardcover

First published January 10, 2012

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Beth Revis

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Beth Revis writes books. She also eats too much chocolate, wishes she could travel more, and prefers puppies to people. Beth lives in rural NC with her boys: one husband, one son, two very large puppies.

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January 17, 2012

This is how I feel.

I would like to do this to Beth Revis.

This is what it's going to be like waiting for SHADES OF EARTH.

When SHADES OF EARTH comes out, I'll be like this.

Until SHADES OF EARTH comes out...
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August 7, 2012
Actual rating: 3.5 stars

I've been really eager to read A Million Suns for a while now. I'm a Sci-Fi geek and I'm not afraid to admit that.  (Hear that, Kennedy?! I'm owning that!) So I think, in a way, I am prone to getting swept away with this series. And just as with Across the Universe, I was immediately sucked into the story, walking around my house with my face glued to the book, sitting on the edge of my seat trying to figure out the mysteries surrounding Godspeed. Because if there is one thing Revis does right, it's anticipation.

I struggled with deciding what to rate this book. On one hand I really liked it much better than Across the Universe, but on the other hand the ending let me down a bit. I suppose I should back track a bit and actually talk about the things I loved first. Be warned: the second half of the review will have spoilers.

The best part of the book was the plot and pacing. Elder is trying to maintain peace, but the people are making that very difficult. After being enslaved to Phydus for years, some are depressed, rebellious and paranoid. A few citizens prey on those emotions and cause doubt of Elder's ability to lead the people. The result? Chaos and not the beautiful kind. This puts Amy in a very precarious situation because the people blame her for their downward spiral. But Amy and Elder have another issue to handle after Amy discovers Orion has left clues to the Godspeed's biggest secret. I really liked how it felt like the reader's job to help Amy and Elder solve the mystery because this book is very fast paced. The sense of urgency is definitely there throughout the entire novel, never letting the reader catch his/her breath!

I also really liked the character growth from Elder. In Across the Universe he was very unsure of himself and for a moment he is that way in the beginning of A Million Suns, but you get to see him grow a back bone along with a matching pair of gonads. This made me really happy because let's be honest, it was about freakin' time! We also get a chance to see Amy work her way through the personal issue on how she feels about Elder. She struggles with this at first because she isn't sure she is in love with him since they are the only two teenagers. She questions whether it is really love when you don't have any other choices. I would have liked to see more development from Amy besides whether she wanted to be with Elder or not.

And that leads us into the bad.*spoilers ahead*

What really ticked me off with this book was the ending. Everything was going perfectly well until the villain and the ship's secret were revealed. Orion has left Amy a series of video recordings of this huge secret he is sitting on and he tells her only she can make this choice and how it is such a huge decision...yada, yada, yada. That's great. Really. I can totally get down with that. What I can't get down with is the actual secret.   *smacks forehead*

Then we had a few plot inconsistencies.  At one point in the novel people are rioting over the lack of food. They even go so far as to burn down the Food Distro building, but suddenly at the end we are fed this BS: You can't tell us one thing and then completely say, "Oops, my bad, guys. My bad." at the end of the book. You do not get to change your book canon just to take an easy way out when it comes to ending your story.

Oh, and remember that little flop at the end of Across the Universe? You know the one where Sir Isaac Newton's laws of motion are completely ignored? Yeah, that one. That little issue is cleared up in the very first chapter, but I noticed something that was a little off.

And finally Amy, who suddenly became TSTL in the final chapters. I'm sorry, but that makes no sense. /end rant

Yet, despite all of my complaints, I did really enjoy this book. It had an unputdownable quality to it that can't be ignored. Fans of Across the Universe will more than likely enjoy A Million Suns. I'd even go as far to say even more so than Across the Universe. I just really wish the ending concluded on the same level of awesomeness that it began. I'll definitely check out the last book because I NEED to know how it ends!

More reviews and other cool things at Cuddlebuggery Book Blog.
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May 23, 2012

It's been a while since I finished Across the Universe and gave it a mostly positive review. Since then, I have changed a lot, read many more books, and my expectations and standards have become higher. As more and more time has been put between my finishing Across the Universe and starting A Million Suns, I've been wondering if I would be quite so forgiving of some of the issues I had in the first book if I were to read it again now. You see, despite the pretty sparkly covers, it is the characters and relationships that are lacking for me. In terms of sci-fi, I actually think these books are really good.

When it comes to proper science fiction - space, aliens, etc. - I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with it. I'm fascinated by the idea of life on other planets, of exploring the universe and discovering all its secrets... but most of it feels a little cold and emotionless. Forgive me, but one theory I have is that a large portion of it is written by men - as two sci-fi authors I do love are Margaret Atwood and Ursula K. Le Guin - and quite a few of them (yes, I know, not all of them) tend to write your typical boy sci-fi: scary aliens, big guns, and intergalactic battles. There's not enough exploration of ideas that could happen in humanity's future.

This is the side of Revis' series that I love. Imagine being a part of the human race a few centuries into the future, imagine that we've discovered a planet that could sustain life, and imagine that there's a plan to get there on a huge ship where certain individuals will be frozen until arrival, and others will live on the ship and reproduce for the several hundred years it would take to get there. Imagine that things don't go quite to plan and those living on the ship start to find the dark secrets locked away behind hidden doors. This is the story being told here and I love love love this idea. There's mysteries that kept me guessing, moral and ethical dilemmas that tear friendships apart, and there is hardly any romance. I know, it's hard to believe. Look at the covers, look at the taglines, the blurb describing how Amy is torn between her feelings for Elder and the chaos that's pulling everything apart - this is such bad marketing when these books are 100% sci-fi with the barest suggestion of romance between the two main characters.

And yes, the characters. They are what stops this book and the one before it from being excellent. Elder and Amy have flat, drab personalities that I can't even find words to describe - because how do you describe nothing? Okay, maybe that's a slight exaggeration. But I should be inside Elder's head feeling his frustration over what's happening to the ship, his anger, his worry... he has so much going on his life that it's impossible for him not to be experiencing some severe emotional turmoil, and yet I never got that. Same with Amy - she is battling between the desire to wake her frozen parents up and the knowledge that if she does they won't have a chance of getting to the planet and starting a new life. I should feel her sadness, but I don't. It's really bad when a novel is written in 1st person from two points of view and I feel disconnected from both of them.

If you're wondering whether you should read this series or not, you need to ask yourself what's most important - good characters or an action-packed and thought-provoking plot? If you said the latter, you'll probably love it. If you need a strong connection to the characters, you may struggle with this.
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February 26, 2018
Español - English

La posibilidad de la vida en otros planetas es un tema que siempre me ha apasionado. Recuerdo cómo años atrás era uno de mis temas de discusión favoritos.

Lo principal de estos libros me gusta: una nave llena de humanos, viviendo generación tras generación para llegar a un nuevo planeta.

Lo que no me gustan son los personajes principales. Elder tan indeciso en su forma de gobernar la nave, que ha hecho que la gente se revele contra el. Amy quiere que todas las cosas se hagan a su manera y ejerce su influencia sobre Elder, no siempre positivamente. Quiere que Elder deje todas sus responsabilidades a un lado para que esté con ella.

Encima de todo lo que está pasando en la nave, hay un nuevo asesino, quien desde el principio para mí fue evidente quién era.

Siguiendo las pistas de Orion, Amy y Elder encuentran una información que podrá cambiar el futuro de todos en la nave.


The possibility of life on other planets is a subject that has always fascinated me. I remember years ago it was one of my favorite discussion topics.

The main thing about these books I like: a ship full of humans, living generation after generation to reach a new planet. What I do not like are the main characters. Elder so indecisive in his way of governing the ship, which has made people rebel against him. Amy wants all things done her way and exerts her influence over Elder, not always positively. She wants Elder to leave all his responsibilities aside so he can be with her.

On top of everything that is happening in the ship, there is a new murderer, who from the beginning for me was clear who he was.

Following the tracks of Orion, Amy and Elder find information that can change the future of everyone in the ship.
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August 7, 2018
One way to describe this book: forgettable.

I think the story would have been way better if first two books were combined into one standalone novel and the third would have been cut out altogether. Only then do we get a complete story, with some character development and something that resembles a plot. I don't understand the need to stretch out a story over several different books just for the sake of having a trilogy. There is no trilogy material here. Why, Beth Revis, why?
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March 20, 2015
"And here we are, in the middle, surrounded by a sea of stars.
A million stars."

What an intriguing story.. in a way, even intriguingly sad.
This book finds us right where the first one left us. Somewhere between Sol-Earth and Centauri-Earth, suspended in time and space.

There is no more Phydus to control the people around the ship and they are quite out of control. People don’t work, people start to fight, they suffer from depression.
They start having feelings, they start thinking for themselves and the fact is that they don’t know how to control those emotions: desperation, fear of the unknown, even joy are all strange to them and, as we found out in the first book, they don’t know how to deal with changes.

In “Across the Universe” they were like machines (hollow eyes and empty minds), doing their duties but not thinking at all… Now they don’t know how to become human again. You would think that humanity can be passed through the genes, but this story makes you wonder if that’s really true.
But then again, what is humanity if at the first sign of crisis people start panicking and they only know how to deal with their problems through violence?
What would sane people do? Get the ship running and get to the new Earth for once, but this is not the case, because it is so easy to point to the things that go wrong, but it is harder to give a hand and make them right again.

I realize now that they’ve never needed a leader to ‘lead’ them; they just need someone to blame for what goes wrong (there is no food, people are not working – who could possibly be the responsible for this? Elder of course… and if it’s not him them the 'redheaded freak'). Instead of helping they just lay around in a pool of laziness and complain like stupid monkeys they are (sorry if I’m harsh, but it is true, and I hate humans with no brain between their ears).

In the history of Godspeed other leaders had tried to tell the truth and people on board have gone ballistic trying to tear the ship apart. Then the Eldest system came into play and they tried to hide the truth with great sacrifices (of even lives) and they ended with their younger selves turned against them (think Orion and Elder).
These days Elder is trying the middle path, but there are too many bumps in his the road, and he is young and he has no one to give him advices, and everywhere he turns his head he sees people trying to hide things from him or to revolt against his will.
“I don’t need this!” I roar. “Not from you too! I don’t need you telling me what to do or that I’m not good enough”

I was surprise to see how much truth lies between these pages.
I am ashamed to realize how humans can react in difficult situation, how easily they lose their humanity, their faith, their hope, how selfish and narrow-minded they are, how their are unable to see outside the box (you see the irony here), how they could kill to prevent others from knowing the truth, how they could turn one against the other without second thoughts. I have no doubts that if we were to live on a ship like this one, people would do all those things and some more.. how sad is that, right?

The book felt a bit like the usual second book in a series, a good transition to the next one, with enough action to keep you entertained but without the ‘wow’ feeling from the first one. I expected for those things to happen the way they did, as after finishing the first book I knew that if they were to give up on Phyrus, then chaos would be there to embrace them all.

In a way I can understand how the people on Goodspeed felt.. They have been safe all their life in their golden cage. They don’t know how to fight or to survive in an open environment, they had it all without putting too much effort into getting it, and they were now afraid to lose it all – to lose that illusion of safety, security, normality.

But that doesn't make it right, that doesn't mean they shouldn't want something better for them, that doesn’t mean that they have the right to do the things they did, because it’s all about ‘choice(s)’ and the freedom to chose.
And that’s why I liked Elder so much – because he understood that.

I can’t tell you much about the story, but I will tell you that the videos seemed to be a bit too convenient, and even though at the end I could see the pieces of the puzzle fit together (more or less), there were some things that I couldn't completely believe. Still, the ending was the one I expected and now I can't wait to see what adventures awaits for them in the next book.

I think there is no one on the ship that has lost more than she did. She doesn’t have a home anymore, her parents are still frozen and she is not allowed to bring them back to life, everyone hates her on this ship and she doesn’t even know if she’ll get to land on a planet ever again. She misses Earth like crazy and she wants so badly to get to Centaury Earth. Her only friend is Elder but he is too busy running this ship. She finds herself searching for clues left behind by Orion and she wants to find the truth he has been hiding, because he says that she is the only one to make ‘THE decision’ they’ll have to make one day.
"I am the only one who truly misses them. Of all the two-thousand-whatever people on this ship, I’m the only one who knows what it is to lie in the grass in your backyard and reach up to capture fireflies floating lazily through the stars. I’m the only one who knows that day should fade into night, not just clicking on and off with a switch. I’m the one who’s ever opened her eyes as wide as she can and still see only the heavens."


He was just a kid when he started to get prepared to lead the people on Goodspeed. His tutor died too soon and he knows that he is not prepared for this ‘job’. He lacks authority and he struggles to solve all the problems running from one to the other, fighting against the people he is trying to help, but in this crazy mess he starts to grow up, as a person and as a leader. He starts to realize that if he is the leader he has to act like one. He makes mistakes, but he also takes good measures in some difficult moments, and by the ending, even though he is still not sure that he is the right leader his people need, he is there for them, leading them home.
"I see the stars as a part of the universe, and having spent my life behind walls, suddenly having none fills me with both awe and terror. Emotion courses through my veins, choking me. I feel so insignificant, a tiny speck surrounded by a million stars.
A million stars."

Their love is sweet.
Even though Amy has a hard time forgiving him for awaking her the way he did, the moment he did, all the actions from the first book made their friendship grow and now it is time for them to realize that there are other feelings in their heart, for each other. They both need to be loved and to love as well.
Maybe Amy doesn’t have other options.. Elder is the only guy at her age and maybe she wouldn’t have liked him in her past life, on Eath, but they are here now, together, and sooner or later they had to realize that love can simply happen, and it feels even better when you let yourself enjoy it.
"I would do anything to make her happy again, so I give her the stars."

Now I wonder.. Was it worth it? The truth, the deaths, the fear, not knowing what will await for them.. All that struggle to keep the ship together when everyone turned against the only person that was trying to really help them.. When the truth can kill, when the truth cannot be handled, when the truth is too big, when it surrounds you and you choke on it..

Is this feeling worth it? Of being closer to home; hoping to see the birds, the sky, the two suns, the rivers; wanting to feel the heat of a real sun, the brize of a real wind, the cold of drops of rain… Is it?

What do you think?
When you have to make sacrifices, to leave behinds things that you cherish, when you can die for following your dreams, when you give up prison for a freedom that you have never known and still don’t know what it might bring to you and your people…

"It’s worth it, right?"

And I guess that we will find out soon... but still not soon enough.

This review can also be found at ReadingAfterMidnight.com

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February 7, 2017
What I love the most about this book is the idea of it. Frozen people being transported to another planet, while others live on a spaceship and make sure it reaches the destination. I avoid sci-fi sometimes because I feel like they're dry, but this trilogy is not. I read Across the Universe a long time ago and dived in this book with only remembering the main plot and while I did enjoy it, I had many inconsistent thoughts about it. I'm not going into details since it's better to read this book not knowing much about it so I'm keeping it spoiler free.

My main problem was with Amy, the girl annoyed me so much. Even though I liked Elder, it wasn't enough. I didn't see 3-dimensional characters, Elder was an exception but even not all the time. Sometimes, I couldn't share their feelings. I did, however, enjoy their attempts to solve the mystery. I wanted to know the secret and the culprit so badly. Elder is without doubt, my favorite character in these 2 installments. He's always putting everyone before him and doing whatever he can to make things better, not many saw that, though. Not even Amy soemtimes and sadly,, that wasn't enough to cover her sselfishness.

I know her life was far from being easy on Godspeed, but couldn't she stop blaming Elder for everything? Maybe she needed someone to blame but can't she imagine what he was going through? Like trying to prevent a rebellion and dealing with the ship's problems. She wants him to choose her first and he did. She couldn't see that. She only saw what he did toward the end (and I completely support him). Amy was so selfish sometimes, yes her parents are still freezing, someone wants to attack her but she's here now, complaining won't help. She was immature and while Revis was trying to make her something, she looked so plain, so simple, nothing made her stand out from the usual YA heroines. Honestly, I would have given this book 4 stars if it wasn't for her stubborn illogical defiance and accusation for Elder in his last chapter. To be fair, I admired her for questioning the truth, for her doubt and curiosity.

That being said, I finished this book in no time considering I have finals at the moment. It was enjoyable but not perfect. It will make you pose some ethical questions. Don't expect romance because you won't find any. The characters could have been way better but I can only hope we'll have some character development in Shades of Earth. I know I'll be reading it soon.

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280 reviews4,195 followers
September 2, 2015
Una historia maravillosa, que atrapa desde la primera página, cada capítulo esta lleno de sorpresas y descubrimientos. Entre más avanzas mas quieres leer, mas cosas necesitas descubrir y mas metido estas en la historia.

Ya quiero leer el libro final de esta saga

Reseña Completa: http://bastvilard.blogspot.com/2015/0...
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38 reviews119 followers
September 13, 2015
Your universe changed with book one.
Your heart stopped with book two.
And now, it's time to go home.
The journey is just beginning...
Silence and Stars.

A million things, a thousands feelings, hundreds of experiences, all melted together and sculpted into a book-shaped vessel.

The people are finally off Phydus, and now, the ship's in chaos.
Elder is now Eldest, the burden of responsibility weighed heavily on his shoulders.
Riots and the uprising of people. Rebellion. Fighting. Depression. Death.

Eldest once said: The third cause of discord is individual thought.

At the same time, Amy found the clues left by Orion and discovered Godspeed's biggest secret.
Orion: Amy,you are my contingency plan.
Godspeed was once fueled by lies. Now it is ruled by chaos.

“And here we are, in the middle, surrounded by a sea of stars.
A million suns.
Any of them could hold a planet. Any of them could hold a home.
But all of them are out of reach.”

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322 reviews109 followers
January 15, 2016
İlk kitap bir yaz esintisi, bu kitapsa tam bir kasırga.

Kitabın ilk yarısı sıkıldım. Bence siz de benim bunu dememden sıkıldınız ama kimin umurunda? Benim değil. Evet art arda ilk yarısında kötü dediğim ama ikinci yarısında muhteşemleşen kitaplar okudum. (Bkz. Dikenlikler Prensi, Kızıl Yükseliş, Bir Milyon Güneş.)

Buradan ilk kitabı okuyup sevmeyenlere sesleniyorum (benim gibi): ilk kitap bunun yanında sıfır!
Yazar kurguyu buram buram hissettiriyor. O ilk kitapta 'gelişine yazılmış' hava tamamen kaldırılmış ve öyle yazmadığını aslında en başından beri bir kurgu olduğunu anlıyorsunuz. Kitabın sonu ise cidden harikaydı. Kitap boyunca Çırak'ın tavırlarına sinir oldum ama bir yandan da onu çok iyi anladım.

Dizi olarak görmeyi çok istiyorum bu seriyi. 3 sezonluk her sozonu 12 bölüm ve kitaba sadık olsun. teşekkürleeeeer.


ve yıldızlar
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February 11, 2017
Definitely better than the first book. Now that I know what to expect, this was fine. The writing and characters felt stronger than before, although I've been listening to this series on audiobook and the narrators were different so that could very well be due to them as opposed to the writing - I have a hard time separate writing from narration.

The story itself was more interesting to me as well. This book had more of a mystery to solve with clues to follow. I enjoyed that aspect, but I did feel like the plot was just circling around and around.

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Currently reading
January 22, 2012
I can't wait to read about Elder taking the role of The Eldest,
and ohhh man! I don't think they should relax with Orion still alive,
and that Luthe guy has to be watched closely.


“Will you stay with me?” I whisper.

Elder & Amy ♥
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277 reviews139 followers
January 15, 2012
Quick Reaction: THIS BOOK WAS SO. FREXIN'. GOOD. I can't even-
Goodness, this book, I-
I mean, I-
Well, I-
The thing is, this-

A masterpiece.


Starred Review

Actual, full review: Original is here. (Note: Due to copy-and-paste, most formatting and links have been lost.)

Reading A Million Suns was like hugging the entire universe in its aggregated starry glory. Like soaring into the sky, the wind whipping past your entire body, the land billowing beneath you in ripples of satiny cloth. Like the sound of tinkling glass ricocheting forever in your ears, of sunlight feeding your eyes, of elixirs revitalizing your body.

How do you write the review for a book like that?

I am lost, but perhaps a game of would-you-rather would fit our purposes.

Would you rather read an 1) amazing second-book-in-a-trilogy or 2) a terribly hideous one?

If you chose 1... This book is exactly it. Beth Revis rips apart the genre boundaries and blows it up with her own masterpiece. The phrases and plot twists and characters and themes in this book work in complete synchronization, advancing not too quickly nor too slowly. The pace forces you to turn page after page. It is unstoppable, unbelievable, unprecedented. It is the sequel you dream of.

If you chose 2... I would hate to make comparisons nor name names, so you may want to check out my Goodreads account for the 1 or 2 star reviews.

Would you rather 1) fall in love with a completely realistic and stunning boy or 2) a user/jerk/creeper?

If you chose 1... I liked Elder in Across the Universe. I loved Elder in A Million Suns. He is intelligent, frustrated... he's real. Elder cares for Amy--he yearns for her. There is so much wanting and needing in this book, so much please and just let it go, it tore my heart apart. Elder has so much expected of him, but he's so young, and without Phydus, the responsibilities he must take on, the things he must do and rise above to accomplish struck my heart like a knife. I was going through something similar--dissent among leadership, chaos among expectation--at the time I was reading this book, and it was Elder who kept me hopeful and strong. It was Elder who saved me. It was he who made me love again.

If you chose 2... You probably thought I'd name Twilight, and you are right. Not because I dislike Stephenie Meyer. Simply because I refuse to name any names, but that book is probably what 99% of the population would think of when reading the word "creeper", so I felt that it was not something particularly bashing.

Would you rather 1) die a little bit and love with all of your heart or 2) love a little bit and die with all of your brain and being?

If you chose 1... Read this book. I cannot reiterate this enough. Correction: If you haven't yet, read this entire series. A Million Suns was even better than Across the Universe. This book makes you laugh. It makes you smile, want to cry, it makes you this little kid surrounded by field after field of endless enigma, and watching all the lies rain down around you, you, too, will race to find the truth.

You, too, will race for silence and the stars. And that is it, really. Silence and stars.

If you chose 2... I hope for both your sake and mine that you did not choose this option, but a little curiosity goes a long way, does it not? So if you did, my Goodreads account is as accesible as they come. I hope you find something satisfactory.

I thought time wore away love. Wore away patience, skill, understanding, hope, humbleness. But I was wrong.

Time is a tool, and Beth Revis is its master. For her, it did not wear away any of the above.

It ignited them.
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570 reviews181 followers
September 10, 2016
'' Silence... and stars''

It's actually a big accomplishment for me, that I have finally picked this up. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed the first one, but for some unknown reason I never continued on. Until now. And that's all because of my besties, who forced me to ! :P
And I'm so glad she did.
I freakin' loved the second installment. It was so much better than the first one!

The story itself is something I enjoy more than the characters. I like Elder, and I actually love Amy, even though she annoyed me towards the ending, but thewhole concept of the story is SO interesting! (
And scary. Seriously. You don't want to hear something is wrong when you're in freakin' space. :'D )

So while Elder wasn't my favourite in Across the Universe, he definitely grew on me in this book.
Amy on the other hand was my favourite character in Across the Universe, and even though I still love her, I can't agree with her actions in this one. She kind of became selfish and unreasonable.

Even though the big twist wasn't too surprising, it still left me with a lot of questions, so I can't wait to dive right into the third one!
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272 reviews962 followers
April 30, 2012
3.5 stars

**Note: Review contains spoilers for Across the Universe**

If you’ve read Across the Universe, you’ll be familiar with its intense and chilling first chapter – a powerful piece of writing that opened this YA sci-fi trilogy with a bang. While I enjoyed Across the Universe, for me, that claustrophobic induction into Amy’s point of view was its highest point. That said, I wanted to see where Revis was going to take the story next. Having left her characters and the Godspeed in something of a lurch, and with some glaring questions to be addressed, I was invested enough to pick up A Million Suns for the answers.

And answer she does. A couple of issues are addressed immediately, within the first chapter. It’s not quite as compelling as the opening of Across the Universe – Revis takes a more subtle approach this time around – but she effectively sets the tone for the rest of the novel. Tense, unsettling and ominous.

Amy and Elder are beset by problems. Elder’s position as leader of Godspeed’s now Phydus-free population is precarious. The truth about Godspeed’s engine is revealed. Amy is trying to process being assaulted, her extremely conflicted feelings toward Elder (given his admission of responsibility for her unfreezing) and the prejudice levelled against her by the ship-born residents. Amid all this – mysterious clues have been left for Amy to follow, and a decision with life-altering consequences hangs in the balance.

Revis writes good old fashioned, Professor Plum in the conservatory with the lead-pipe type mystery, and the hunt for and solving of clues is one of the main driving forces of the plot. Occasionally I found Amy seemed to work things out a little too quickly and conveniently, eliminate the red herrings a little too easily. I also saw one of the major twists coming some time before its big reveal. That said, the mystery plotline works well – and I enjoyed the fact that Amy has agency and motivation as a character in her own right, independent of the minor romantic subplot.

While I’m on the subject of romance; Revis uses restraint here and it really works. If I’m not 100% on board with the manner in which Amy’s feelings eventually crystallised (not saying which way, mind you), I appreciated the realistic issues that complicated her thought process and impeded the exploration of their feelings. There’s also an interesting discussion about choice, which makes a refreshing change from the smorgasbord of “unexplainable compulsion” YA romances. I wouldn’t say that chemistry is Revis’ strongest point as a writer (or at least, it hasn’t been so yet), as the “romantic” moments can feel somewhat forced and wooden.

However, in A Million Suns, I did feel that Amy and Elder really came into their own individually as developed, complex characters. I sympathised with them more throughout this novel, and felt I knew them better as fully realised characters. This is the novel in which both must confront their personal demons and make choices of profound moral and ethical significance. By throwing these teenagers into such complicated scenarios, with both personal and ship-wide ramifications, Revis highlights their respective strengths and weaknesses, and the emotional effects of shouldering such great responsibility. This is particularly true in Elder’s case – by placing his assumed role of leadership up against the reignited free-will of the population – she creates a compelling conflict that highlights his characterisation and, ultimately, his growth.

This social and political unrest was, in my opinion, the most engaging aspect of A Million Suns. Revis doesn’t shy away from posing difficult questions, and by doing this, she creates an atmosphere of extreme tension in an already claustrophobia-inducing setting. While not precisely a Marie Antoinette-esque, “Let them eat cake”-style propaganda-skewering, Elder’s decisions and position are the subject of much discord and discussion. And Revis is not black and white about the situation. Rather, she presents a range of valid arguments and opinions. The disorder is not only compelling, it’s understandable and thought-provoking.

This is a solid instalment in the trilogy that avoids middle book sag. The plot here feels vital (even if the mystery formula is not exactly fresh) as opposed to filler. I feel it’s a stronger book than its predecessor (apart from that spectacular opening scene of Across of the Universe, perhaps) and effectively ups the ante for Shades of Earth.

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38 reviews94 followers
March 7, 2016

Beth Revis eres un diosa, A Million Suns es un libro maravilloso, extremadamente MARAVILLOSO, este libro fue una total montaña rusa de emociones, van a ver momentos en el que te vas a reir, momentos en el que literal se te va el alma del cuerpo, momentos hermosos y momentos espantosos, horribles, desastrosos, en este libro siento que mi amor por Elder aumento a muchos niveles, Amy aun sigue desesperándome un poco, en varias ocasiones es tan malcriada, pero bueno no todo es malo, A Million Suns fue una excelente continuación, tenía mis expectativas altas con este libro y VAYA que las cumplió, la historia se centra en Elder gobernando la nave sin Phydus, lo vemos tomando el control pero como todos sabemos nada es fácil ya que todo se sale de control, y se vuelve un total caos, vamos a ver una historia llena de misterios y descubrimientos que te van a dejar sin palabras literal, Amy va a descubrir que cierto personaje le ha dejado pistas y ella tendrá que encontrarlas todas y descifrar lo que cada una de ellas le intenta comunicar, vemos que el amor entre Elder y Amy va evolucionando y cada vez van a ir descubriendo que lo que sienten el uno por el otro es algo grande, también vemos otros personajes buenos y no tan buenos, que para mí son fundamentales en la trama de esta continuación, van a pasar cosas con ciertos personajes que DIOS MIO, VAS A QUEDAR FLIPANDO PORQUE NUNCA VISTE VENIR NADA DE ESAS COSAS Y MENOS QUE VINIERA DE ESE PERSONAJE.

Este libro me mantuvo demasiado intrigada y preocupada, ya que todos esos descubrimientos van a cambiar totalmente el rumbo de la historia, cada página de este libro vale la pena, y dios para mí a partir de la mitad de este libro todo fue tan EPICO, pasaban tantas cosas al mismo tiempo que ni chance te daba para respirar o reaccionar, este libro es de esos que cuando lo comienzas no lo puedes terminar, el final de este libro es demasiado bueno que te deja muriendo por leer el siguiente libro y saber qué es lo que va a pasar, ya que fue un final tan abierto que no tienes ni idea de lo que va a suceder con los personajes, ni nada, ya que todos estos descubrimientos conllevaron a ciertas decisiones que cambiaron totalmente el rumbo de la historia.

En definitivamente, A Million Suns es una excelente continuación Beth nos dio una historia maravillosa con unos giros argumentales fabulosos, nos dio drama misterio, acción, personajes inolvidables, y una escritura tan limpia que no te aburres ni un solo minuto, y te deja emocionada por leer el siguiente libro, espero y se den una oportunidad de leer esta trilogía que es fabulosa.
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944 reviews1,122 followers
January 18, 2012
2.5 stars
Amy and Elder are adjusting to their new lives onboard Godspeed. With the death of Eldest, Elder has now taken the reigns and assumed leadership. Elder's decision to stop using Phydus - the drug that calms people down and makes them subservient - has awoken the people onborad on Godspeed. People have stopped working, resources are running low, there's violence, death and chaos. Elder spends much of his time trying to maintain order, keep the peace and diminish the flames of rebellion.
Amy is struggling to some to terms with her new life on the ship, the loss of her parents and Elder's betrayl. She is still treated with contempt and dislike by her fellow passengers. Orion has left Amy clues about why he did what he did in the first book. Amy's attempts to solve Orion's riddles leads to an astonishing discovery - I was quite suprised to find out the truth.
A Million Suns has a great premise and the mysteries about the origins of the Eldest system, the inception and use of Phydus, Orion's 'death' and Godspeed's engine and whearabouts is what kept me engrossed. The protagonists however failed to capture me, Amy and Elder's characters let down the story. Elder did not come across as the natural born leader he was designed to be - he was nervous, whiny and when he didn't get his way, he lost his temper and shouted until he was heard.. making him difficult to like. Amy was no better - she ran away when things got tough, she was petulant and self pitying for much of the book. Her hatred for Orion and her desire for him to die at the end made no sense - she hated him because he killed people and hid the truth but when she finds out someone else did the same thing she can't bring herself to kill that person but yet she's more than willing to destroy Orion. I don't know what Amy and Elder saw in each other..after Elder's betrayl in the first book..it's hard to understand Amy's sudden turn around on the whole thing. Amy and Elders voices were difficult to distinguish.. they both read like the same person for the most part.
The repetitive slang that was used - frex, frexing, brilly, chutz and loons - was awkward and annoying.
I am looking forward to the next book, even though I'm not fond of Amy and Elder.. I'm excited to find out what awaits them.
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Author 13 books5,104 followers
December 4, 2013
OH...MY...GOSH. This book...you guys... I am over the top excited to be able to review this book. I had no idea it would be heading to me in the mail, and when I got a package from Razorbill, I made myself SWEAR not to get too excited as I opened up the envelope. But there it was. A shiny, brand new copy of Across the Universe's sequel, for me, who probably tormented Beth Revis by sending her so many pictures and "holy crap Beth you're amazing" tweets. This was absolutely one of my most anticipated reads in a loooong time, and I have nothing but praise for it :)

I'll start with the Cover. I love it. So, SO much. It is perfect for this book, and I can't say why exactly, but this cover just fits so well.

When I first started reading, I had to go slow, because so much happened in ATU, and that was so long ago, that it was a little hard to remember every little detail. But Revis does a good job of recapping everythinga nd reeling you back in lightning fast. The book starts out instantly...withing the first few pages, by dealing the characters a HUGE game-changer (which of course, I cannot reveal!! The mystery is so good in this one! Who is doing everything?! Who is the bad guy?! Are they really bad, or are they good?! OH MY STARS, the frexing drama! Oh, the frexing amazing plotting skills, Beth! Oh, the ability to curse in Godspeed lingo without really cursing on Sol-Earth. FREX!) and you are instantly flipping pages to figure out what happens next. I'll just go through a few bullet points, because SO much happens in this book, and I can't reveal a single thing without giving it all away!!

-The Mystery-
the cool thing about this book is that the mystery is even bigger- the stakes are WAY higher than what happened in book one, with the frozens. This time, it's everyone's life on the ship that's in danger... including Godspeed itself.
-The Characters-
I feel for Amy so much in this one. She's struggling to fit into a world where she completely stands out, and now that everyone on the ship is off of Phydus, it is even more dangerous for her. Including her problems with Luthor, one of the most hate-worthy characters in all of YA lit for the way he treats women! So awesome job on making his character super believable, Beth! Beth throws in another Harley-type character named Victria, and it allows the reader to see that these people on the ship have real problems, the same kind that we wish we could run away from. Even in space, they are there.
-Godspeed is seriously in distress, and it really gives the reader a chance to see just how hard it is for Elder to lead. He has to make a ton of hard decisions, and the way his chapters are written leave you feeling just as anxious and distressed as he is.
-The romance between Amy and Elder. It is so perfectly written, the struggles, the confusion between them, the moments where you are just screaming "COME ON ALREADY!" in their scenes.
-The Plot-
Overall, it's hard sometimes for a book to capture me from beginning to end. But this one did exactly that, and I actually ended up staying up until 3am last night so that I could finish the mystery. And I'm up just a few hours later to review it. THAT'S HOW AMAZING IT WAS!! I needed to know what the end would be, because the mystery..oh, the mystery. You guys, it is so SO good, all of the clues, the confusion, the fact that you get to see Amy being so strong despite her situation...The stakes were so high that I was afraid if I left the book and came back...everything would change, and I'd miss out on something huge! It felt so realistic, from the scientific explanations, to all of the new technology you see, to the feeling of being trapped, and the crazy distress that comes from thousands of people finally realizing the danger of their situation and questioning their leader. It's scary. It's real. It's everything I ever hoped book 2 would be.

I don't give starred reviews for my books. But for this one....I'm going to have to give it A MILLION SUNS. That's just how good it was, and I am beyond excited for the rest of the world to read it! :)

:::Faces Camera::: Beth, if you're out there....if you can see this, Beth. You are amazing. :::Looks over shoulder. Lights flicker::: You have a choice to make, Beth. And it's that you have to write book three. Can you do it? You have to. Because if you dont... :::Eyes go wide:::: ....If you don't, Beth...I will probably die. ---End of Video---
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Author 169 books1,423 followers
June 24, 2015
"Love without choice isn't love at all." This is a great line and also befuddles me. This is how I felt about the whole book. Good and then also not making sense altogether.

I love the plot of this series. Very sci-fi. I love the book world. Pretty well constructed. I love Elder. The problem: Amy. Can't stand her. She's whiny and I get why. I've read and written books with whiny characters and bitchy ones. But there has to be something redeeming about them, like that they're really funny or snarky or great at fighting or something. Amy doesn't really have anything like that. She has a mission and is very self-righteous, but that's not really enough. There were times I really couldn't understand what Elder saw in her.

The book is super repetitive at times. Especially with Amy. How many times are you going to tell me you're going to visit your parents in their chambers? I get it. You miss them.

I listened to the audiobook of this and I couldn't understand the choice of style assigned to Elder. He sounded old and had a weird accent and his voice too deep, unnaturally so.

I don't mean to complain so much. The book kept me interested. There were some really good lines, but then it felt as though Revis was trying too hard. And there were plenty of times when there was too much telling not showing. And then there were a few mistakes which surprised me from a traditionally published novel.

I also thought that there was some lack of depth issues. Characters were all of a sudden important when they died, but I never saw the emotional tie building up. And there were some errors in plot. Amy and Elder were the only teenagers, but then he had childhood friends. I was missing something for sure.

I respect a novel of this sort and the writing that made it interesting enough to stay with.

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309 reviews6 followers
June 26, 2012
Vay canına. Gerçekten! Uzun zamandır hiçbir kitap bu kadar baştan sona şaşırtmamıştı beni. ( Kılıçların Fırtınası hariç.) Bu kadın işi gerçekten biliyor. Umarım son kitapta batırmaz ve bu güzellikte giderse bitirmemesi için dua edeceğim çünkü çok farklı bir konuma geldi kitap. Meraktan ölüyorum yeni kitap için umarım yakında çıkar.
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Author 40 books8,982 followers
January 4, 2016
I just finished A MILLION SUNS on the plane from Boston to Portland and I wish there was more! Very much looking forward to the next and final book in the trilogy. Beth is awesome and her books are too. Love the slang! This book is so brilly!
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260 reviews51 followers
February 25, 2012
I have mixed feelings about this book.

The Good

1. The characters all have their flaws. No one comes off as heroic, nor does anyone come off as evil. Everyone struggles with who and where they are. No one is satisfied, yet no one is entirely unhappy. It's a realistic feel to it.

2. The plot was interesting and satisfying as a sequel (but predictable). Unlike Across the Universe it wasn't as blantantly obvious who was behind the chaos, but it doesn't take much effort to figure it out (Well who's left that would disagree with Elder/Amy's methods?)

3. The romance worked well. It's not insta-love which is always a plus in my book.

4. Elder. At times I thought of him as naive but quickly his mistakes would be pointed out, his naivety would be criticized and you can't help but want the best for him. And just for him to be happy in general.

The Bad

1. Heavy author's hand. Tons of moments were it could have gone one way or the other just fine. Yet, the more plausible choice is thrown out the window since it's not as exciting or more tedious toward the plot. Every book suffer's from this, and sometimes it's not a bad thing. It's just, obvious things could have played out differently, even better for the plot and characters.

2. The "riots." Number one thing about being unhappy--you have to know what happy is. You have to want that happiness to not be contempt with your life. The French Revolution that Bartie read up on, got the idea of hungry stomach fuel revolutions (by the way Marie Antoinette never said, "let them eat cake." It's a false myth). The thing is, those people (French) saw how the "other side" lived and saw how unfair life was. How the rich lazed about in their fine homes while the poor suffered from the worst winter and food shortage France had ever seen. Debt was coming out of France's ears Thanks to Louie XIV. When the people finally were able to get the aristocracies' attention, able to call a meeting, the king flat out forbid it (literally locking the gates to the house) thus sending the people into total revolt. The Tennis Court Oath was thus made and soon after the storming of the Bastille occurred. THAT'S when things starting getting "out of hand."

That's how far these people were pushed before actually getting violent.

Now not every revolution, riot occurs for these reasons (or even get this violent), I get that, but you'd think these people would be a bit more intelligent. Elder is not an "aristocrat." Yes, the Eldest system works somewhat like a Monarchy, yet Elder doesn't live in luxury, he's not taking a bigger piece of any pie. Can't they see that? Plus, what do they want? Food? don't they get it that they're on a SHIP. That they have limited supplies to use to grow food? I mean, SOMEONE among them has to see this. Not just Elder or the Shippers. Not Amy. Someone not within the plots circle. (And i wouldn't mind if this someone made a move against Elder, but a more intelligent move. Not just shouting out against Elder, dismantling him. It could have been done so much better and efficient, this "revolting")

3. Orion's clues. Why clues? Why doesn't he just write a big fat letter or a nice video explaining everything? Why must he send Amy and Elder on some wild goose chase--oh because someone has to tamper with the clues and thicken the plot. (this is related to "the bad" number one, but the clues really stuck out as a problem)

4.Amy. Last book Amy's angst was justified. The girl had just woken up a hundred years too early on a ship full of drugged up people. She'd never see the sky again, nor her parents smiling. So yea, she has every right to be upset, to run and slam her fists. But it's been three months. THREE WHOLE MONTHS and she's still angsting up the place. I get it, you can't fully get over what has happened, but MOVE THE FUCK ON. She really rubbed me the wrong way sometimes. She'd complain about being called a "freak" yet she never made an effort to prove what kind of person she was. People complained about her not working, and the truth was, SHE WASN'T WORKING. She didn't contribute to the ship. She didn't want to. She didn't want to call the ship home. Anytime Elder or someone would disagree with her opinion, she'd throw a fit. I'd call this stubborn if she'd been more reasonable, but it's selfishness. And selfishness can be a character's flaw, but when it's occurs over and over, then it becomes a problem. A problem that hinders the character's persona.

In short, Amy's became an annoying brat in this book.

If you liked Across the Universe you'll like A Million Suns. You may not like it as much (or you may like it more) but it's a decent sequel and i'll be here to finish the series (hopefully it will be done by the third book).
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662 reviews2,256 followers
January 19, 2012
Oh FREX that was amazing! I just love the way they say frex throughout the book!

Elder has been trying so hard to lead the ship. The people are off phydus and finally know the truth. They are rebelling, not working, suicidal, and fighting him every decision he makes. They are learning about war and rebellions and want a chance to elect a leader. Then some people start showing up dead, with the words follow the leader written on them. Elder must find a way to fix the engines, control the people, and stop the new murderer.

Elder is still desperately in love with Amy. It is so cute and really refreshing to finally have the guy chasing the girl. Elder apologizes constantly and does everything he can to make Amy happy. Amy likes and cares for Elder but just feels like the choice is taken away from her. She feels like she is only considering being with Elder because there is no one else. It also doesn't help that every time they begin to grow closer, Elder is com-linked and has to run off to fix another disaster on the ship. But their scenes are really sweet and I love them together. They definitely do grow as characters and as a couple.

Orion also left behind clues for Amy to follow. He wants her to discover what is truly wrong with the ship and why they haven't reached the new planet yet. Since she is the only one to have ever been on both a planet and Godspeed, he believes she can make the right decision for everyone. Amy follows the trail and we find out a lot of new shocks and surprises about the ship and new planet. I really can't say more because it is just a fun and crazy ride while everything unfolds. I loved this one as much as the last one. Lots of action and I really loved the developments that continued with the ship and it's people. A bunch of the questions I was left with in the last book were answered in this one. A big cliffhanger that is seriously going to kill me waiting for the last book!
May 4, 2017
Ok, I don't know what happen, but I had a review on this book but apparently Goodreads deleted it or something because no longer appears. I refuse to do another one, again. So I'll get you the short version of it.

In conclusion, I found the book thrilling, addictive, with a lot more secrets than the first book and with a finally that make you want to read the next one right away.
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272 reviews404 followers
July 25, 2016
OK it is not Space Odyssey. I admit, it might be a bit too cheesy and teenagerish at times...
But the plot, the atmosphere, the characters and the pacing of this second book of the "Across the Universe" series are all quite good. Overall, it has been quite a page turner. A pleasant science fiction novel. 3.5 stars rounded up to 4. Recommended.
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