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Notorious Nora Sutherlin is famous for her delicious works of erotica, each one more popular with readers than the last. But her latest manuscript is different—more serious, more personal—and she's sure it'll be her breakout book... if it ever sees the light of day.

Zachary Easton holds Nora's fate in his well-manicured hands. The demanding British editor agrees to handle the book on one condition: he wants complete control. Nora must rewrite the entire novel to his exacting standards—in six weeks—or it's no deal.

Nora's grueling writing sessions with Zach are draining... and shockingly arousing. And a dangerous former lover has her wondering which is more torturous—staying away from him... or returning to his bed?

Nora thought she knew everything about being pushed to your limits. But in a world where passion is pain, nothing is ever that simple.

432 pages, Paperback

First published June 1, 2012

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About the author

Tiffany Reisz

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Tiffany Reisz is the USA Today-bestselling author. She lives in Kentucky with her husband and two cats. Find her online at TiffanyReisz.com.

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Author 71 books5,197 followers
May 1, 2012
I just want to make things clear right off the bat.

This is not a traditional romance, and most people would probably say that this is not a romance at all. There is so much in this book that just blows past my comfort zones. If I were grading this book based on how comfortable it made me feel, it would probably be right around zero stars. There's no way to talk about this without including spoilers, so I'm going to spoiler tag liberally.

I am recommending this book, but I should be very, very clear and let you all know that if you read this, expect pain. Lots of it.

The main female protagonist of this book has sex with a great many people during the course of the book, both male and female, including and the main male protagonist is married (although he and his wife are separated, and his wife had an affair with another man). This is not a book for people who can't handle criticism of the Catholic church. It's also not a book for people who can't handle nuance about things that should not be nuanced. There are parts of this book that left me very uncomfortable--and which I am still very uncomfortable about. If you are looking for a comfort read, or something that's going to leave you with a happy glow at the end, this is not that book.

If you're looking for erotica for the pure sexual thrill, this book isn't it, either. At least, what I mean by this is: while there is a good amount of sex in the book, it's not that kind of sex--takes over the page and leaves no room for anything else. And I'm saying a lot about what this book isn't, and not a whole lot about what it is.

This is a book about notorious erotica writer, Nora Sutherlin, who is writing a book. She's pawned off on editor Zach Easton, who is notorious in his own right--as a no-holds barred editor who kicks his authors' asses there and back again. Zach--a lit fic editor--isn't pleased to be handed an author who writes "one-handed reads" and basically thinks that he'll intimidate her until she decides she can't work with him. And that plan lasts about two seconds after he meets her, and realizes that she can't be intimidated.

Zach is married. His wife, Grace, had an affair, and rather than trying to figure out what he could do to try to fix the relationship, he fled England (where they'd lived together) for New York. They haven't divorced, but he expects to see the paperwork any day. It's clear from the beginning that he's not over her, and doesn't know how to be over her: he's just numb, and going through the motions.

That brings us to Nora. Nora is an extremely complicated character. She was in a long-term submissive relationship with another man named Soren who was brutal--but they both loved it. She left him many years ago, but is still in love with him--in a complicated, painful way, such that she still visits him on their anniversary, and he considers their relationship not over, but temporarily on hold. This man also happens to be

In any event, Nora is now separated from Soren, and she has, living in her house, an unpaid intern named Wesley. I'm also not okay with Wesley-the-unpaid-intern, or her laughing comment that sexual harassment is part of the job description: I am so not good with that. Nora and Wesley have never had sex, but there is definitely tension between them.

And that's where the story starts. Add in more partners for Nora than I can count on one hand, and honestly, if you handed me a synopsis for this book to me, I would say that I would never, ever want to read anything like it. EVER.


This isn't the kind of erotica that gets you hot and bothered. (I mean, it might do that; I don't know.) It's the kind that punches you in the stomach and then kisses you on the cheek. The very fact that there is so much that I am not okay with in this book is part of the reason I enjoyed it. This book made me feel everything. It was beautifully written--not just the language, but the emotional arc.

It was impossible to feel sorry for Nora, who had once been submissive to a sadist, because she was so incandescently unbreakable. Conversely, it was impossible not to feel for Zach, who loved his wife desperately and had no idea what to do about the fact that he was losing her. And then there was Wesley. And Michael. And I don't know what to do with any of these extremely damaged characters but hold my breath and hope that they don't hurt themselves any more than they have to.

At this point in my reading and writing career, books that can pull me outside myself--that can make me stop criticizing and thinking and just grab hold of my heart--are so unlikely and valuable that I don't know what else to do with them. It was extremely, extremely painful to read.

As for the ending...

It hurt me so hard to read this book. I was completely not okay with...just about everything in it. And I still loved it.

There's a line that Miranda Darling uses about Smite in Unraveled: "He was all blade, no handle. If she held him close, she'd risk getting cut." That's kind of how I feel about this book: all blade, no handle. I wouldn't want to read a book like this every day, or even every week. But once in a while, I can handle the pain.

There's a line near the beginning of the book that goes like this: "Nora said nothing as he joined her, only turned her head and gazed out at the night. She seemed to be trying to stare down the city. He had a feeling the city would blink first."

That's kind of how I felt about this book--like it was trying to stare me down. And there's no question. I blinked.
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1,059 reviews74.8k followers
April 11, 2015

Romance is sex plus love.
Erotica is sex plus fear.

WOW!!! So, I finally worked up the courage to read this book that I have literally owned since mid-2012. I’ve been equally curious about and yet kinda scared to read it this whole time, unsure if it was something I'd like… but I’m honestly so glad that I read it because OMG… it was GOOD!!! The writing was amazing! The story though was very, verrryyy different than a lot of what I read. It's an erotic BDSM world and while there was definitely strong love, it was NOT at all a traditional romance. It was taboo and shocking at times, raw but extremely honest, very intricate and complex… It took me waaaay the hell out of my usual “reading comfort zone” but the characters, the writing, and the depth of the story have all hooked on this series and I will be starting the second book after writing this review because I NEED MORE!!! :D

The story is infinitely complex but it begins with Zach, an editor at a major publishing house, who is given almost no choice but to work with a mysterious woman named Nora Sutherlin, an erotica writer whose books have been outselling his prize winning literary fiction novels. He's beyond reluctant to have anything to do with her. What she writes is the furthest thing from the kind of books he's passionate about and he wants nothing to do with her until he reads the first words of her book...

"I don't want to write this book any more than you want to read it."

And he's hooked... and so was I. And the story began to unfold. At this point, I'm torn. It would be hugely misleading to tell you that this is "what the story is about" and yet if I told you much more detail, it would take the thrill out of the story. Suffice it to say that there's large cast of male characters around Nora.

There's Wesley -- her nineteen-year-old virgin intern who cares so deeply for this woman who is in almost every way his complete opposite. (Gah! I loved him so much!! *whispers* I think he's my favorite!) To be honest, I think the hottest sex scenes were the ones that happened-but-didn't-happen with him.

There's Søren -- the oh-so-mysterious, lethally Dominant priest who has been in Nora's life since she was fifteen. I find him both scary and fascinating... for me (at this point), I feel like he represents "too far" in this world. I know that so many of you are on #TeamSøren but I'm still kinda eyeing him warily. I like him but he kinda scares me a little because he's just so extreme!!! I'm drawn to the strength of his character though and to the power that he almost intrinsically commands... I think I'll warm up to him as I read.

(hehe, I'd pay good money to watch Barrons and Søren duke it out. Just sayin' ;) #AlphaShowdown)

There's Kingsley -- Søren's best friend, who runs the Club. We didn't see that much about him this book but we saw enough to intrigue me and I know he becomes a major player in the later books...

And of course there's Zach -- the editor whose life is turned upside down after meeting Nora, who is still hopelessly in love with his estranged wife... and who is also hiding a secret from his past.

Oh and there's Griffin -- he's another Dominant who we only saw him briefly but I really like him!

Nora is the heart of the story though and is, without a doubt, one of the most intriguing female characters I've ever read. An erotica writer and a Dominant, who was once a submissive. She's mysterious and yet forthcoming, so very clever, funny and charming, but sultry and dangerous, and yet also vulnerable. I love the strength of her character and I can't wait to learn more about her as the series goes on.

There's a lot of depth to the themes in the book. I don't want to spoil anything by even hinting at it but I'll just say that this is a lot more than an erotic novel. I found the beliefs and values held by the characters were very eye opening and would love to learn more about them in the books to come.

The story is erotic. Intensely sexual. There's strong love, but no romance. It's amazing the way the author separates these elements. Most books easily separate sex from romance. But separating love from romance while sex is still in the mix is a whole other level of intricacy. -- If you're a romance reader and planning to read this book, you'll have to throw all the "rules" and expectations out the window. It's just so wildly different that you can't put it into that box. You just have to accept it as it is because....

This book doesn't play by the rules, it makes it own.

I find the BDSM world really intriguing. The author did such an amazing job of educating the reader by "showing rather than telling" an understanding of the way that world works through the scenes.

You should know that Nora does have sex with multiple people during the course of this book. They are not random sexcapades and always served some sort of purpose. It kind of goes against what I usually like to read about but I found that once I just opened my mind and accepted the world, I was fine with it.

There are a lot of layers to the story that you have to really be paying attention to so that you don't miss -- like the way the scenes Nora writes in her manuscript but then deletes are ones that really happened in her past with Søren. It was so clever and secretive -- hiding these secrets of her past in plain sight.

For an erotic book, it's also surprisingly tasteful. Never gratuitous. The writing is just PURE GOLD. In fact, I'd say this is one of my most highlighted books ever -- 72 favorites quotes selected!

I strongly recommend reading these books in order. There's a real beauty, polish, and purpose to the way the story is unfolding. I usually am the kind of reader who wants to know the answers to certain things in advance but I've decided to just accept whatever comes and I'm reading these completely blind!

I want to stress that I do not consider these books "dark" really... there is nothing non-consensual in them. Even the most brutal, shocking, or extreme things that happen, do so because of choice, not force. There's a huge difference between someone tying some random person up and beating them, and someone willing submitting trust to someone else to give them the beating that they want. The sub has all the power -- they have a safe word they can use at anytime. While I most certainly understand that this world and this type of story won't be for everyone, I also want to assure you that it's definitely not random brutality.

I'm really glad that I have 7/8 of the books in the series already available. It's such a rare treat to be able to really binge on a series so finding one that is this well written is just a bookworm's dream!

On to book #2!!

Rating: This is just the start of the series so I'm going to hold off on rating it until I've read a bit more. But right now, I have the feeling that this will end up being a 5-star series for me!

Book #1: The Siren
Book #2: The Angel
Book #3: The Prince
Book #4: The Mistress
Book #5: The Saint
Book #6: The King
Book #7: The Virgin
Book #8: The Queen

Note: I've "hidden" these in a spoiler tag but they are NOT spoilers. I only hid them because there are a lot and I thought it would be annoying to just have them out there. Have a look if you want, it's perfectly safe :)


For more of my reviews, book news and updates:
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July 19, 2012

5 deliciously dark stars

This is not a romance novel……

This is not even your garden variety erotica. What it is, is a deep exploration of the emotions and sexuality of two people who have broken up from the apparent loves of their lives.

I found the style of writing very atmospheric. I felt like I had stepped into an alternate reality where the real world was just a hand’s reach away but separated from me by thick bank of fog. There’s an insular almost echoey quality to it. The world around me faded to grey, everything fell away and all that was left was the words on a page. It captivated me.

Nora is a best-selling erotica writer who is intent on moving her work to a well-respected publishing house and insists on their most respected editor – a hard-nosed, stuffed-shirt of an Englishman, Zach. He, at first, turns his nose up at working with her but takes the job as his boss feels she can bring a libidinous cachet to his staid publishing house.

So, the story revolved around Zach picking her work to pieces with brutal attention to detail. I wonder what pressure Tiffany Reisz herself felt under here when every word is under scrutiny and the quality of the prose is up for constant assessment.

Zach has recently separated from his wife and left her in England. Nora has left the sadist Master she was submissive to for thirteen years. The reason why will shock you. Søren, Nora’s ex – I had deep issues with. She’s clearly still in love with him and his influence over her remains as strong as ever. Zach is also clearly still in love with his ex wife, Grace. Their respective breakups cast a hefty shadow over both of their lives and their choices giving a faintly depressive aspect to the narrative.

Nora is a very complex character, reckless and wild, fascinating and beautiful, dark and dangerous and, unbeknown to Zach, Nora is not just a sub, a domme or even a switch. No, Nora supports her opulent lifestyle by working as a professional Dominatrix. I really didn’t want that for her. The submissive somewhere deep in me feels only profound sadness for the perceived loneliness of the Dominatrix.

Nora has another very important relationship in her life. She has a young ‘intern’ living with her, Wesley. I loved Wesley. He was wise beyond his years, a virgin and deeply, deeply in love with Nora. She also loves him but I don’t believe she’s in love with him. I was so desperate for her not to take their relationship that little bit further and totally destroy it.

It’s an amazingly emotional journey – mostly I felt just deep sadness for their characters and their inability to find happiness and their destructive relationships. As Zach picked apart her novel, asking Nora to remove most of the sex scenes, we’re left with the question – if you remove the sex from BDSM, is all that remains just emotional violence? It really leaves you thinking.

It’s not a book littered with hardcore sex – sure, there is sex but I’ve read books with way more. And the ending –at least there is to be a sequel, The Angel. I feel very strongly that this story is not done, deeply unsure about the decisions the main protagonists made at the end. I need more.

It says on Tiffany Reisz’s website – This ain’t your Momma’s Thornbirds. She ain’t wrong.

For more of my reviews, please visit my Sinfully Sexy Book Blog
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148 reviews75 followers
September 3, 2012
New York. Nora Sutherlin, a successful erotica writer, is trying to sell her latest novel to a respectable publishing house. She thinks it is her best and the most personal book so far and she hopes it will establish her position as a serious, professional writer. The publishers are willing to buy it, and pay her a six-number advance fee, but under one condition: she will revise it with their editor. Nora agrees; in fact she wants the best editor they have because this time she wants to do it right. She is allotted Zach/Zechariah Easton, a former Oxford lecturer straight from the British Isles, a real professional but hardly a fan of erotica. The fate of her book, and her career, depends on him.

Will Nora be able to sell her book? Will Zach cooperate with her? What will she and her editor learn during their cooperation? Nora thought she knew everything about being pushed to your limits. But in a world where passion is pain, nothing is ever that simple.

My impressions:

Overall I think the author was trying too hard to make this story original. With so many BDSM novels on the market, representing every possible flavour, from mild romance to hard-core porn, it is a daunting task, I am sure of it. Still trying too hard is more often than not a bad strategy – even worse than not trying at all. It might make you write bad things and masquerade them as good. Perhaps it was supposed to be ‘the’ feature marking this book as something different than your ordinary Harlequin fare, something dashing and new. I saw many positive reviews which described this novel as such but in my case it was a failure.

First let me tell you that presenting sexual relationship between an adult and a minor as a form of entertainment is child pornography, full stop. Nothing can be considered a sufficient explanation or justification of including such things in an erotica novel, not even the consensual character of the intercourse. Be warned- this book crosses the decency borderline in more than one way.

Now something which stuck out as completely weird and immature from the beginning to the very end- the appearance of the characters. Everybody and anybody in this novel is ridiculously good-looking. Nora is a beautiful petite brunette with the right curves to muscles ratio. Zach, her editor is a blue-eyed, dark-haired wonder of a man, over six feet tall and built like a young god (or at least a professional tennis player – those strong arms and flat stomach). Wesley, Nora’s live-in assistant, is a handsome epitome of an American kid from Kentucky – brown eyes, a thatch of blond hair, tanned skin and the mandatory six-pack belly. Søren, oh dear… he is even taller than Zach, obviously he had to be the tallest, at least according to his creator he was a kind of god almighty in miniature after all. Should I also mention his arctic-blue eyes, platinum-blond hair and, generally excellent physique more appropriate for a Michelangelo sculpture than for a priest? Of course the beauty pageant doesn’t end with the main characters. After a while that overindulgence in handsomeness became a pet-hate of mine; by the way I am sure Kirkegaard, a fierce critic of idealists, is turning in his grave. Laughing hard. Now do these types remind you of something? When was the last time you saw so many good-looking people in one place? In a movie? Soap opera perchance? In a glossy magazine? A tv add? Not on a real street of course? Exactly my thoughts…

Now let me pass to the characterization itself. People in this novel all have one main flaw – too many ‘buts’ attached. It often happens when an author wants to twist the ball too much. Let me illustrate that affliction by describing Nora, the main female lead, in more detail. Her nom-de-plume is Nora Sutherlin BUT her real name is Eleanor Schreiber (from German ‘schreiben’ meaning "to write" so we can be sure she chose her career right). She is an author of very adult, very kinky books BUT she adores children’s novels. She looks pretty young (being petite and all) and she has a way with children BUT she is also rather blunt with her language and one of the most feared Dommes around. She is into BDSM big time BUT deep down she is a very caring, compassionate woman ( her relationship with Wesley is the proof). She has a live-in toy boy called an assistant BUT it is not as it seems, they don’t have sex as he is a male virgin and a Methodist. She has a lot of sex appeal and she loves bed games and indecent lingerie BUT deep down she is just that lost, poor sweetie with bad experiences, looking for real love in all the wrong places (cue in the violin in the background)… I could continue that list for a while and please, don’t even let me start describing Soren, the badass Catholic priest. While I am more than pleased to tollerate a character with two-three buts, exceeding that number is not a good idea and in the case of most of characters I encountered here it was DEFINITELY NOT a good idea. Too many buts don’t equate very complex, freshly original creations. Heroes with such an affliction feel spurious to me at best.

Now the style. The book was well-written but it seemed, from time to time, that the editor took a nap or went out to buy some coffee and got assaulted by a brain thief who dumbed him/her down. As a result a man (Zach) is getting an erection just because he can stroke a red Aston Martin, the car of the infamous James Bond. Like, really stroking, from bumber to bumper. And pressing the horn. Oh dear, is this boy really fortyish ? Then I found such a lovely sentence: ” (…) the dawn of her body meeting the horizon of his.” Editor – we have an emergency! Similar emergencies can be found in many sexual intercourse scenes. They were strangely bland and mechanical, sometimes even painfully so – I don’t know why but such was my personal perception.

The cherry on the top of the cake should be left at the very end, right? Here it is. One name. Søren. A Catholic priest, a Jesuit to boot, who is also a BDSM god and the former Master of Nora. An extremely gifted sadist who can make you love the pain. He didn’t work for me. Not even for one second. Now one simple question. How come? How it was even possible? Although I can easily imagine Catholic sadists or even sado-masochists as they follow their proclivities masquerading them as acts of devotion (all these crucifixes around, poenitentiam agite, flogging, hair shirts etc) I really was astounded by the fact that Søren, a simple parson, managed to hide his double life (and a lover) so long from his brothers and sisters. Ok, mainly from his brothers. Imagine it or not but Catholic priests are not merely ornamental, they do have a lot of duties to perform and they rarely work alone, not in one of big city parishes anyway. They surely wouldn’t have time to hang around kinky clubs and carry on romances, no matter in what form. Not to mention the fact that somebody would notice, sooner or later. I don’t say priests never engage in such activities because of course it can happen. I am saying it is never as offhand and casual as presented here and take it from a girl born and raised in a Catholic country. Simply unreal. And the great looks of Søren would make it even more impossible because he would be watched and judged constantly by his eager parishioners, easier to remember and recognize. You can trick one man for a long time and you can trick plenty of people for a short time – but never both.

Final verdict:

I really cannot recommend this book to anyone with clear conscience. I don’t say it because I am a religious prude or because I am against smearing the Catholic Church or BDSM. I say so mainly because it is bad literature masquerading as something new, ground-breaking and exciting using the oldest trick possible - sex.
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699 reviews444 followers
July 10, 2015

** 4-4,5 "jeg elsker dig" STARS **

”If you come back to me,” he said, “will you run or will you crawl?”

“I'll fly.”


I deserve a good spanking for keeping this book on my TBR list for this long.

( Don’t be an idiot like me. Drop everything else you’re reading and start this. If you feel like a good spanking is just what you need…well, in that case, carry on my dear! ヽ(^o^)ノ )

It’s a weird feeling, reading this book.

It’s like you lose all your ties with the real world going on around you and step into another dimension. You’re sucked into this world of pain and love. You become a captive to the words on the pages and you surrender willingly. Eagerly.

I’ve never read anything like this… I am completely awestruck. It’s not just the superb writing style and the lyricism of the sentences, it’s not just the expertise of the diversity of the characters created, it’s not just the way the story is woven together oh-so-perfectly: It’s the combination of all these things.

I don’t think I’ll be able to rate other books I read very fairly after this. I mean, how can I not compare them all to this perfection right here?

It was intriguing and cringe-worthy. It was shocking and exhausting. It was heart-wrenching and confusing. It was erotic and guilt-tripping.

And yeah, it was UNIQUE. Very different and imaginative. I think Tiffany Reisz deserves a million trophies for her work.


As for the story...my lips are sealed. If you want to properly experience this book, you gotta go in blind. You'll thank me later.


So why only 4 STARS if Eda liked this book THAT much?

To answer that question, I'd have to talk a bit about the characters. So here it goes:

First of all, there are characters like Griffin Fiske , Kingsley Edge and Michael aka "Angel" that I would LOVE to learn more about! They all promise wicked sexiness and fun...


Zachary Easton ... *yawn* Well, I remember calling him "Nora's boring as sh*t editor" at some point in our Whatsapp group that I share with my buddies Supreet, Jasmine and Flo, so yeah, I think that pretty much sums up all my thoughts about him.


I loved his safeword though. Very touching.

Wesley Railey ... This boy... This innocent, caring, strong, STUPID boy. I can't lie, he did cause me to roll my eyes a few times with his extreme naivety. He has a very big and tender heart, beating for the wrong person. It's not his fault. (We'll get to the part where I tell you whose fault it is!) It IS his fault though, that he keeps forgiving and forgetting. His optimism and patience is infuriating! Yet, in my opinion, he is the most lovable character in the bunch and I can't help but feel soft towards him.


Søren Stearns ... Sh*t, how am I supposed to explain how I feel about that man to you guys? Søren is...well, he is simply just...Søren. There are no adjectives that would properly depict him. I wouldn't be doing justice to him if I started calling him perfect or dreamy.

All I can say is that the second I finished the first paragraph about this man, I felt just like Sméagol did when he found The Ring...


I know that there are some things about him that are hard to swallow...but damn if I didn't cry at every single scene of him and Nora! How can I not look past all his flaws, when this man makes me shed tears with just a slight curve of his lips WRITTEN ON A PAGE?!


And lastly, my reason for the one less star rating, f*cking Nora Sutherlin .

Would you guys unfriend me if I confessed that I hate her with every fiber of my body ?

And just so you know, I adored her at the beginning of the book. Her witty and sarcastic come-backs, her self-confidence and her comfort with her sexuality earned my appreciation. She was unlike any other female MC I ever read. I liked the originality.

You know what caused her to fall from heaven to the deepest corners of hell in my head?


She is the most selfish person I've ever had the privilege of reading about.

With Zack... She claims she did all of what she did to "help him get rid of his guilt".


She clearly wanted him as her BOYTOY#1357. She is perfectly aware of with whom poor Zack is still in love with; I mean she is 33 years old for God's sake, and she has experienced a very powerful love herself, so she MUST HAVE known, right?

With Søren... She keeps sending mixed messages, telling him she is still in love with him and then telling him she's never coming back.


I think she is subconsciously doing half the things she's doing to punish him for all those...dark years. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it's pretty obvious who she belongs to and whatever she does in the meantime...she will end up at the arms she has abandoned 5 years ago.

Personally, I don't even want her to end up with him. My Søren deserves someone that doesn't treat him like a freakin' B plan!


And with Wes ... This is the worst part. I wanted to slam Nora's face into a wall at least 10 times for the way she kept stringing that poor boy along!

Remember the first rule of the the Eighth Circle, Nora, dear?

“Rule #1: Hurt, but do not harm.”

Nora knows about Wes' feelings for her. She knows that this game means much more to him than her. She knows that he will end up "harmed".

But she pushes their friendship a little bit further everyday. More and more. I can understand that she is fascinated by his "innocence" and is merely trying to absorb some of it. But she is ruining a 19-year-old boy who trusts her with EVERYTHING, while doing it.

I can not forgive her for all the inconsiderate things she has done when Wes was concerned.


Oh and the ending... Nora's so-called "selfless" act...

BAHAHAHAHA that's not selfless at all people! She is STILL just thinking about herself! Using something so symbolic of the love she is sharing with Søren, to "save" Wes? Taking advantage of Søren's yearning for her to come back? Pushing away Wes because she still can't trust herself with him?

Nora, dear...


My job here is done.

Off for some more Søren.

”You could have kept me, you do know that, don't you?”

“I would that you had kept me.”


A special thanks to my lovely ladies Supreet, Jasmine and Flo for an awesome BR, and also for patiently reading all my rants, along with the unmannerly and obscene names I used for Nora Sutherlin. Especially you, Jas. I know you love her, bestie.

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1,092 reviews797 followers
June 12, 2021
“Nora…you will be the death of me,” Zach said.


I managed to sample this book until the end and freaking love it!!

5+++++++ stars

Wow! Wow! Wow! This is how you write Erotic - BDSM.


So many reviews have already been written about how awesome this book is, i agree with all of them. Nothing more to add here than a little bit of gushing.

Nora is everything i want to be when i grow up. What an amazing character. She is fierce, sarcastic, funny, vulnerable and just damn right awesome. I freaking loved her.

“Sophocles’s House of Patricide and Incest,” Nora answered. “How may I blind you?”
Zach bit the inside of his cheek to keep her from hearing him laugh.


Zach, Hmmmm! i liked him, then i didn't, then i liked him again.

Soren! Soren! Soren! is my daddy in another life. I Looooveeee him.


Kingsley, Le sigh, my French man.


Michael, what an amazing beautiful Angel, Lawd forgive me! i fell in love.


Wes! Poor, Poor baby.

The writing is amazing, i laughed my ass off, i was shocked beyond words. It is all fucked up, and i freaking devoured every word and every taboo thing.


Thank you Jan for re-reading this and taunting me with your updates, i couldn't get it out of my head until i started sampling. And thank you for holding my hand.


Onto book 2!!
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December 14, 2014

I'm gonna skip the usual pleasantries or my little doodles because this book deserves a one of a kind review from me. An attempt to write a proper coherent one would be a 10-pages review on how much I want to make babies with this book and everyone in it. And let's face it, no one wants to read that unless it's written by Nora Sutherlin or Tiffany Reisz.

This book, this series and all that is Tiffany Reisz; it deserves a class on its own. It deserves the highest of highs because there is just NOTHING that comes close to this. Reading this was like falling in love all over again and falling HARD. I went on a blind date and it was love at first sight. What can I say about Nora? Utterly captivating, alluring, bold and snarky.

At 4%, I knew I'd love her.
At 20%, I fell hard for her.
By the halfway mark, I would let her whip me any way she wanted because she got me on a tight leash.
Cut it short; I just wanted to make babies with her, there I said it.

Have I mentioned Nora is a lady? Let's face it, I'd go lesbian for her.

I've read books that I adored the heroines. Heroines that I wanna be best friends with. But Nora Sutherlin is in a whole other league. She is THE heroine. The one that I'd like to be. She owns the character and she owns it so f@cking well. In the words of Søren:

“Eleanor, there are suicide bombers on the Gaza Strip who are less dangerous than you are.”

I know I said I'd go lesbian for Nora but damnit I'd totally go bi with the likes of Wesley, Søren and Kinglsey. You guys must be wondering, "Jasmine, have you lost your mind?!" No I swear I've not because Tiffany Reisz writes her woman and men WITH EQUAL PERFECTION. I have the hots for not one, not two but all THREE of them. I don't know if there is a Team Søren/Wesley/King but I AM IN ALL.

And lastly, Tiffany Reisz writing is like no other. I know when I say I adore an author's writing usually, an adjective like exquisite or brilliant or amazingly beautiful comes to my mind easily. But with TR, there is no adjective that I can think of that puts justice to what she writes. I'm thinking of other-worldly or along the lines of 'out of this universe' because the whole time I read it, I kept asking myself "What planet does this lady come from and how does she write like this?!".

The writing style is seriously beyond phenomenal and it astounds me on so many levels. It's filled with contradictions that leave you in such a deep and profound state. I was sent into a trance by the seduction skills of her writing. I absorbed every word this lady gave me and she gave me a one way ticket to the 8th circle heaven. It's really nothing like I've read before, it's not even mindfuckery, it's not magic but TR's writing is just another league on its own.

Honestly I'd like to stay inside TR's head and build a colony there.

I realize I said pretty much NOTHING about this book and its plot but that's my point. It's about going in blind and let the writing take you by the hand. The writing alone will do its job in seducing you and send you spiraling into a pleasure like no other.

“Let me show you what life is like lived in the moment. No past, no future, just the one perfect moment you’re standing in and there’s no guilt and there’s no shame and there’s absolutely nothing to be afraid of…”

There are books I like, some I love and few that I really, really love but this one gets a shelf on its own for books I'd married if I could. This series should have a genre on its own, it transcends normalcy and the traditionalist romance/erotica/BDSM reads. This one sets new standards and for all those reasons alone, my love for this book and its characters is insurmountable. Honestly I'd give this more than 10 stars because it's. just. EPIC. My mind is consumed in its entirety.

PS: Now all you ladies are allowed to kick me for not reading this sooner. Because God knows what I've been missing out on all my life before this book came along.

PPS: I am supposed to BR this with my lovely ladies but so sorry I got way ahead of myself! Nora wouldn't let me go!! And to Allison, I'm NOT sorry that you started re-reading this because of me ;D
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August 17, 2013


I am not sure what constitutes a SPOILER in a review. I don’t think I have included any in this but if you haven’t read the book, maybe you want to avoid this review. If any of you who do read the REVIEW think there is anything SPOILERISH here can you let me know as I usually try to write my reviews SPOILER FREE.

I sort of had high expectations going into this book when I saw all the five star reviews. I avoided reading them. I have been burned before with my high expectations so was a bit wary. I started it and thought “It’s OK.” Continued with it, eventually it came to the stage where I could not put it down. I stayed up until 2.30 this morning reading and still had not finished it.

Is it a love story? Not really.

Is it an erotic story? Not really.

I am not sure how I would describe it. One woman, three men or even four, if we count Kingsley, who is a major part of her life.

I read some of the reviews after finishing it and not many mentioned the whole Catholic/Religious aspect of the novel. I found that fascinating. Maybe the fact that I was born and raised a Catholic helped me read it with a different perspective.


From all the rumors he’d heard, he expected some sort of Amazonian in red leather wielding a riding crop. Instead, he found a pale, petite, beauty with wavy black hair barely contained in a loose knot at her nape. And no red leather in sight at all ….


“So, you’re kind of an asshole. No offence.”
“And you appear to be two or three words I don’t feel quite comfortable saying aloud.”


OK, I know in the book he has blonde hair but every time I read about him all I could picture was this cutie.

He’d driven that day in his beat-up yellow VW bug and they’d listened to weird music the whole way there. …. “Who is this?” she asked …. “The Decembrists.”
“The Killers.” ….. “Ever heard of them?”

Now, Nora, I have at least a decade on you and EVEN I have heard of these two bands. In fact I have seen them both in concert – The KILLERS, twice! (OK, showing off now, next thing she will wrangle THE BOSS into the conversation). Must be the joys of having teenage children to keep me up to date with all things musical.

Wow her description of Ciseri’s Ecco Homo.

“That’s why I believe, Zach,” Nora continued.
“Because of all gods, Jesus alone understands. He understands the purpose of pain and shame and humiliation.”
“What is the purpose?” Zach asked, truly wanting to know.
Nora’s eyes returned to the two women in the foreground clinging to each other in sympathy and horror.
“For salvation, of course. For love.”

I knew there was a reason I liked you, Zach, me boy! A drop of the craythur will always help.

Zach reached inside his trench coat and brought out a brown paper bag. From it he pulled a bottle of Irish whiskey and set it in front of her on her desk.

Pain is a gift from God. It imparts understanding, wisdom. Pain is life. And here we give pain as freely as we give pleasure.

…..That brought back to me a memory from childhood – well I suppose I was around 16 at the time, living in a village in the West of Ireland. Mass every Sunday, Confessions once a month, although maybe not at that stage. Every year we had what was called the “Mission” where external priests would come and say Mass, give Sermons for a week … sometimes twice a day. The Church was always packed. I remember one such Priest, he seemed young, his Sermons were always enthralling, the younger generation felt they could see where he was coming from. He was a Jesuit! It sort of helped that he was good looking – or so I thought at the time but I was comparing him to some fairly old, decrepit Priests that had been in our Parish over the years. I still remember his name…. Fr. Flannery!


Where the fuck do I start with you? I fucking hated you, I fucking loved you, I wanted you … did I say I hated you? Cannot wait to read more about him.

The book follows the relationship that Nora has with all the men over a couple of months, where she is trying to write a “proper” book, not the sort of guttersnipe rubbish that Zach seems to think she usually writes.

It is a painful journey, for all parties, not just Nora. They all have their demons. They all have their future to sort out.

…. And we had Gracie, sweet, Gracie, with the red hair and freckles….

“My parents honeymooned in Calais.”

OMG, that sent shivers of dread through me. TIFFANY REISZ, have you ever been to Calais? Sometimes stay there the night before we take the boat or train to the UK from Belgium on our way to Ireland. My children HATE me for it…. Calais doesn’t really have any redeeming features – sorry to any French friends. It is basically a Port – nothing more. Maybe back in the day it might have exotic for those from the UK to take the short trip across the Channel to France and come back and tell their friends that they honeymooned “in France.”

And no, Zach I do not want to hear your Irish accent….

How do you choose your safe word? Zach had asked. Pick anything. The street you grew up on, your favorite food, the middle name of the long-lost love of your life ….

…… Now, I get it.

"How easily you forgive, Eleanor. How freely you absolve the sins of others. Tell me, little one, when the time comes, how will you absolve yours?"

I an no Holy Roller – I don’t go to Mass every week. I have brought my children up in the Catholic faith, they made their First Communion and Confirmation. I won’t force them to be practicing Catholics, that is their decision, at the end of the day. I hope I don’t come across as Preaching here. I feel I should be on a pulpit or at the Sermon on the Mount with all the religious references I have made….

My husband, or “Himself” as I affectionately call him, has shunned the Catholic Church, what with all the scandals that have emerged, especially in Ireland…. I remember a scandal years ago in Ireland where a Bishop fathered a child with an “American” woman. He was shunted off to South America until his retirement. At least what he did was natural and normal, he wasn’t fucking molesting boys and girls…. OK, time to get off my rant now.

St. John, the Apostle, the Patron Saint of Writers….. his feast day is my Birthday, December 27th, ah, the things you remember from your childhood.

No idea where this series is going, what characters will be in the next few books, well apart from the delightful Nora that is.

Himself often says to me “Why don’t you read a REAL book?” Ok, he has a PHd in English Literature but what the heck does he know? I know these sorts of books will not be nominated for the Pulitzer or Booker Prizes but they are very REAL books, they deal with important issues, the prose was beautiful, the characters believable. So you know what Himself can do with his REAL books? Yeah, girls, use your imaginations. I only hope that when and if I get to the Pearly Gates, St. Peter won’t be standing there and asking the question “Maura, can we get a look at your Kindle, we need to see what your literature preferences are before you can proceed” – I think if he caught a glimpse of the sort of stuff I LOVE, he would be sending me down the other end….. and my four aunts, who are NUNs and my three uncles who are PRIESTs would be saying Novenas for my tortured soul.

So now, Mo, that’s Three Hail Mary’s and Two Our Father’s for your penance today.. Onwards and upwards to read THE ANGEL.




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January 26, 2020
Not entirely sure what to say about this book. But I'll begin by noting:


It's psychological drama. The sex in this book is not at all "hot." It's about power and dominance and submission and making a point and all the other stuff but never about LOVE.

Given that this is not a romance (which makes it a book I don't typically read), and it's not about love, (which makes the writing have to work that much harder for me to like it), it wasn't bad.

There were moments when it was riveting. For about 40% of it. But then it got kinda boring. And there was a whole 2 weeks in between me starting the book and finishing it. I was never tempted to come back to it all the while, which says something.

Nora/ Eleanor is in love with Soren, a Catholic priest. They have a Dom-sub thing going, and he beats her and has rough sex with her but loves her more than anyone else.

She's been broken up with him for years. But they can't help but circle each other like they always do. And he still takes "liberties" with her whenever they're together. It's like he's an owner who lets his little bitch dog sniff at other people, but she'd always be his bitch.

(Wow, reading Book 2, and boy did I peg their relationship! Glad I didn't miss the point...)

Nora writes erotica and wants to get published by a big firm, so she gets herself the best editor. Zach. Who is separated from his wife but still married. His wife Grace has apparently moved on before he's fully left her with a guy named Ian. But Zach has been celibate for over a year.

Until, of course, the seductive, playful, dangerous Nora. They do end up having sex, BTW. And it even becomes a means through which Zach gets back with his wife, who never stopped loving him and he never stopped loving her.

The worst of all this drama happened to the innocent virgin, hung-like-a-horse young god named Wesley, who is Nora's best friend and assistant and lives with her. He's in love with her too. He's like the angel to Soren's devil. They are both blond and hung.

She ends up making him leave, because she realizes that he'd have to become someone he's not to be with her. Deep down, she's "twisted" - she loves being owned and beaten. She loves Soren. And while Wesley makes her feel like herself, Soren makes her feel like his.

And in the end, Nora doesn't want to be "herself" she wants to be dominated and "his."

This was a pretty long book to go through all that gymnastics above. Pretty sure I'm not going to read more in this series.

Writing was intelligent and good, but I find the story simply didn't resonate with me. I guess this simply isn't my genre.
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November 5, 2014
75% off - $1.99-> http://amzn.to/1zwNv2a


Wow! I don't even know where to beginning. I just finished and I feel like this->


This book was NOTHING like I expected. I had no idea where the story was taking me and when I got to the end I sat there dumbfounded. I wanted to yell-


The author's writing skills are amazing. The writing was intellectual and the characters were so intriguing.


The Siren (The Original Sinners, #1) by Tiffany Reisz The Angel (The Original Sinners, #2) by Tiffany Reisz The Prince (The Original Sinners, #3) by Tiffany Reisz The Mistress (The Original Sinners, #4) by Tiffany Reisz
Must be read in order. Big cliffhanger in book 3. Series is complete.

85th book of 2013
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February 27, 2014

I'm super late to jump on this train, so anything I could even fathom to say about this book (and series, I'm sure) has already been said with more eloquence, wit, and gifs than I ever could.

So I will just say that this book was AWESOME. I am officially a huge Tiffany Reisz fan and looking forward to spending my upcoming weekend dedicating myself to absolutely DEVOURING the rest of this series.
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September 1, 2016

After finishing 13 hours of audiobook, I feel a strange sense of loss now that I'm done with this book. "The Siren" crushed and destroyed all of my expectations. It was nothing like I had anticipated.

It is NOT:

A traditional romance novel

Let me break it down for you. This book is Tiffany Reisz writing a novel about an author writing an erotic novel. Confused yet? I was. I was expecting a down and dirty explicit BDSM erotic romance. That is not at all what I got. Though the content is taboo (it can't get much more taboo, honestly, without the addition of incest), there is very little on page sex. What sex content is shown is surprisingly, shockingly tasteful.

Much of the actual book mirrors what Nora (the erotic author and main character) is going through in the writing of her novel. The sex scenes serve only to further the plot line (like Nora's editor told her to do)- nothing is gratuitous. In fact, this story is edited to perfection. It is really and truly flawless in its execution.

What I liked best about this book is that it is the overlapping plot lines that sort of seamlessly come together in the end. There is Zach, the editor having serious marital issues, Nora and her torrid relationship with Soren and Wes, Nora and her writing process, and the whole BDSM dynamic that colors each relationship (for good or for bad). The different story lines don't interfere with one another but rather help progress each other.

Nora is a complicated and compelling character that will stick with me for a long time. I found her to be utterly fascinating. However, that brings me to why my rating is 4 stars instead of 5 stars. I felt very detached from Nora. I was not emotionally invested in her or rest of the characters. Mentally, I was so intrigued and loved the story, but it was more from a clinical point of view. I never grew teary eyed or screamed or got nervous- it was all in my head and not in my heart, I'm afraid. I adored the story but it wasn't an emotional read for me.

A word about the audio version of this book: I loved, loved the narrator for this one. His Zach and Grace voices were flawless, as was his Soren voice. I even forgive him the iffy Nora voice and the HORRIBLE Wes accent because he did such a perfect job narrating the rest of the story. My favorite narrator on any audiobook thus far.
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July 13, 2013
"Writing erotica is like fucking someone for the first time.You aren't sure exactly what he wants yet so you try to give him everything he could possibly want.Everything and enything..."

Nora is a successful erotica writer..She has been picked up by Royal House Publishing for her next book..She needs guidance along the way and she wants nothing but the best editor..Zach.He agrees to edit the book with one condition that she re-writes the book.She has six weeks to turn out the book.This book is deeper and more emotional and its based on her personal life..

Nora is sexy as hell and funny!We see how strong her character is in facing her decisions,not only in her relationships but also when facing her most complicated challenges..


Three men desire her..Wesley,Soren and Zach


Zach when he meets Nora he quickly falls for her..She is unlike anything that he has ever seen before.. she draws him deeper into the dangerous world in which she lives and opens his eyes to pleasures and pains he'd never imagined.


Soren was the most difficult character for me..I didn’t like him.Some of you may have an issue with what Soren is..But I won't tell you..You must to read it ;))

He didn’t play with anyone else and he didn’t want anyone else...

Wesley <3 <3 He is so cute!!!

He is one of my favorite characters in this book!!He is a determined virgin who lives under the same roof with sexy Nora!He really cares about Nora..and we see it throughout book.My heart hurts for him so much in the end :/I really want him to be happy..

""I'll try.I'll try to be what you need me to be.I know I'm not like you but I can try.It's worth it if I can be with you."


An amazing book!!If you think you can handle BDSM then read it RIGHT NOW!!!

For more reviews you can check mine and Kristinas's blog. :D

my link text

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July 20, 2016

"Writing erotica is like fucking someone for the first time. You aren't sure exactly what he wants yet so you try to give him everything he could possibly want. Everything and anything...You hit every nerve and eventually you'll hit the nerve. Have I hit any nerves yet?"

This is NOT a romance novel. It is NOT sunshine and rainbows, pretty and light, sweet and romantic.

It's dark, painful, erotic, beautifully sadistic, captivating, and unlike anything I've read before.

I'll start by saying that had I not immediately read, The Angel, right after this, I might not have felt the same about it. I think reading the next book helped put a lot of things that were tough to swallow in perspective for me. This is definitely not your mama's romance novel. There are parts I read that were incredibly tough to swallow, but I loved every darkly erotic page of it.

Nora Sutherlin is a famous erotica writer, but she is determined for her new book to be different, more personal, but she needs help.

Zachary Easton is known as "The London Fog" in the editing world for a reason. He's demanding, brutally honest, and not really known for his bright and chipper personality. When he agrees to take on Nora's manuscript, even though he views her as the guttersnipe author, he does so on one condition. Nora must rewrite her entire novel to his standards in six weeks.

Forced to enter her world, Zach soon finds there is so much more to Nora that what he initially thought.

Nora is not just an erotica writer. She's a dominatrix, and a famous one at that.

But behind the veil of leather, high heels, and whips, Nora is also so much more. While I loved her quirky personality, and snarky humor, we also gets snippets of her 'other' side when she is around Wesley.

Wesley was my favorite part about this book. I just adored him. He's Nora's intern/roomate, and just so happens that he's a 19 year old virgin. We get a glimpse inside Nora's softer side when she is around him. Wesley hates the dominatrix part of Nora's life. He doesn't understand the appeal of that dark world, particularly when given Nora's history with Soren.

Soren...WOW! I don't even know where to begin with Soren.
He could read a soul with the merest glance. He'd know what she would become from the moment he first saw her. He had told her so. It had always been her favorite bedtime story.

Soren and Nora were lovers for 13 years
"Soren and I aren't a romance. We're just a fantasy."

That is until Nora left him, over a year ago. Though they still have a somewhat relationship...
Soren isn't some boyfriend you have a fight with and then kiss and make up. He's the invading army you surrender to before it burns your village down.

I hated him. I was intrigued with him. I hated the fact that I was intrigued with him. At first what we get are Nora's flashbacks, and they were no easier to deal with than the reality of finally meeting Soren.
When the reality of all that he is finally came to light, I was left utterly speechless.

Then there is also the mysterious Kingsley. Kingsley, Nora, and Soren have a very convuluted past that we don't get much of an explanation for in this book, but mere glimpes. One thing was clear, however...
"Nora's not just some smut writer with a wild sex life. She's the motherfucking queen of the Underground. And Kingsley Edge is, obviously, our king."
"And him? What is he?" Zach didn't even want to say Soren's name.
"He's whatever's higher than a king and queen."
"An emperor?" Zach guessed.
"A god."

The writing is absolutely, fucking brilliant! The story mainly focuses on Zach and Nora, but Wesley, Soren, ad Kingsley do take a somewhat role in the book as well. We do't get much of a backstory in this book on anyone other than Zach.

I really loved Zach's character. He was obviously still struggling over his marriage falling apart, and still being in love with his wife. But in his work with Nora, he begins to develop feelings for her that he has a very hard time dealing with.
Nora...the siren and the goddess, the ship and the wine-dark sea. She would either save him or end him. Right now, with her words singing in his ears, he didn't really care which.

Nora, I believe, was a big reason as to why I was hesitant in reading this book at first. I don't usually enjoy stories with Domme's. It's just not my thing. But Nora was so much more than I anticipated. She's somewhat an enigma in this book. We get to see her dark edge, and her soft side as well. She's obviously struggling with knowing that she will never be comfortable in a Vanilla relationship, yet yearning to be with Wesley at the same time while knowing she can't. She's still drawn to Soren, and their connection.

I loved the way the author weaved all of these character's stories together. It was beautifully and flawlessly done.

I don't want to reveal too much, you simply must read this to figure things out for yourself. But I will say that is one of the most captivating books I have read in a long, long time.

4.5 Brilliantly Sadistic Stars

For more reviews visit: Dirty Girl Romance Book Blog

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January 2, 2013
"If you come back to me," he said, "will you run or will you crawl?"

"I'll fly..."

This is not a romance book...

It is, however, a story about love, friendship, faith and about discovering all your darkest, deepest desires and learning how to deal with them.

When I started reading The Siren, I didn't really have any expectations about how the story would develop or where it all led up to. But after a while, I found myself being more and more enthralled by the storyline and its many different, captivating characters. I ended up really enjoying this well written and darkly enticing story and I became a fan of the author Tiffany Reisz' lyrical writing style.

The Story

Nora Sutherlin, our main character, is one of America's most famous and most notorious writers of erotic novels. She's blunt, sarcastic and very witty and by far one of my favorite characters in the book. They call her The Siren, but why? That is for you to find out by reading the story...

When Nora decides it is time for her to pursue a different carrier path by writing her first more serious, main stream novel; she ends up being taken under the wings of one of the best editors in the country, Zachary Easton. He's the one who holds Nora's future as a writer in his very demanding hands; and he's not afraid to use the power he has over her.

As soon as Nora and Zach begin working together, they find that there's an attraction between them, they can't seem to ignore. The more they get to know each other, the more they find out about each others darkest secrets and desires. In the world of Nora Sutherlin, love and romance are two very different things. To her love equals pain.

"If you're a sadomaochist, pain feels like love to you. Not being hurt is what hurts."

After spending 13 years of her life as a submissive to the extremely powerful Dom Søren, she is now a Dominatrix of her own and she decides to introduce Zach to her BDSM lifestyle. Together they try to move on from the past they left behind; Zach is still having a hard time letting go of the wife he's technically still married to, but who lives across the ocean in England and who he barely speaks to anymore. And Nora, who still feels a deep love towards her ex Søren, finds herself having a hard time staying away from the grip Søren still holds on her life...

"There are only two reasons why you leave someone you're still in love with - either it's the right thing to do, or it's the only thing to do."

And then there's Wesley, Nora's nineteen-year-old assistant and roommate at the same time. His character turned out to be, to me at least, the one that managed to brighten up the story with his innocence, his sense of humor and his ability to be strong and caring even at such a young age. He doesn't approve of Nora's sadomasochistic lifestyle and all he wants is for her to be happy and to never get hurt again.

"Every day you battle an enemy I cannot fight with you or for you. But if there is ever a chance for repreive, then I will bear you across the world on my back to see you finally at peace."

"But what if the enemy you think I fight isn't the enemy at all? What if this enemy is only me?"

"Then I will save you from yourself."


The Siren is mostly about Nora and her relationship with the different men in her life. It's a very complex and fascinating story and unlike any other book I've ever read. Some parts of it are dark and may seem really brutal to read but overall the author wrote it in a very compelling, sensual way that did not leave me reeling with disgust or anger towards any of the characters. You should however know that the story doesn't end with a HEA, at least not this first part of the story. Therefore, I will definitely read the rest of the Original Sinners series as well to find out what happens next in the life of Nora, aka The Siren, and all "her" men...

Favorite quote

"The same wind that blows us off course can turn and carry us home."



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September 26, 2016
Buddy read with this puppy: Francesca!!
I love our late night freak-outs over books! <3

Solid 4 stars.

“Romance is sex plus love.
Erotica is sex plus fear.”

I really, really want to give this 5 stars, but something unexpected (not in a good way) occurred at end that i just can't overlook. It was just so wrong, it made me sick. It's sad because i don't even care about the character it involves. Oh well.

This was my first "erotica", and it was not what i had anticipated at all. This totally caught me off guard. It was a pleasurable surprise. Yes, i've read Captive in the Dark, but i don't consider it an erotica. This is not just mindless sex with hot strangers. The siren is unusual, captivating and it's well written. The plot is alluring. It involves complex, and refreshing characters. it's one of those stories that you aren't going to forget anytime soon. I highly recommend giving it a try even if you aren't into the genre.

There were many characters involved in the story, however Soran was the only one who had my undivided attention. Many of you may find him scary or a little too far gone, not me. I am extremely intrigued by him. I like him just the way he is. If he were the priest, i'm more than willing to convert. I won't spoil anything; the less you know the better. I'm gonna go read the Saint (Soren's story) now.

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July 22, 2012
Review posted at: Swept Away By Romance

5 Head Spinning Stars!! Although some of the subject matter in this book was not always comfortable to read about, I was ENTHRALLED and had to keep reading. A book that does that is worth 5 STARS from me and then some!!

si•ren: a seductively beautiful or charming woman, especially one who beguiles men, aka Nora Sutherlin.

I honestly don’t even know where to begin with this book, nor how to write a review that gives The Siren and Tiffany Reisz the proper adulations. There are circumstances in this book that arise that I would normally condone, but the author makes us comprehend and accept that not all situations warrant the same handling. The unconventional, the taboo, is justified in a way that the pain of the characters is your pain and in their shoes you would probably resort to the same extreme measures and means to alleviate and re-gain control over your life. Or, to help someone find their way back…relieve them of their anguish…give them something to live for. I'm making sense and no sense at all and that is exactly how this book made me feel. Turned my thinking topsy-turvy, what was so wrong in my mind became so right. The writing is nothing short of BRILLIANT!!!

It delves into the darkest realm of BDSM, but isn’t overrun with play by play action like most books in this genre. Oh, that’s not to say that the book doesn’t have its erotic scenes in the BDSM setting or otherwise, but it’s not the focus of the story. You get a taste of what these characters are about, yet it's not excessively graphic. It’s the main element in the story; however it takes a back seat. This book deals with inner turmoil, self-discovery, acceptance and sacrifice.

Front and center is one Nora Sutherlin, one of the most compelling characters I’ve ever had the pleasure to read about. An erotic book author, she is charming, thoughtful, caring, determined, inquisitive, funny and hides a secret only known to those who are a part of “her world”. Zachary Easton, much to his dismay, has been assigned to edit Nora’s book. In his eyes Nora’s books have no worth and are a waste of his time. All that changes as he comes to understand Nora and the alternate world that she rules. As the layers of Zach’s snooty façade are peeled back we find a man in pain and in need of what only Nora is capable of giving him. Wesley, oh Wesley… so much more mature than your nineteen years. It’s a fine line that he teeters on with Nora, theirs is a true love, but are they meant to be lovers? Their relationship was compelling to say the least. The one character that I wanted to abhor, hate, despise, ended up being the one that seized my attention and gained my respect…Soren!! How could someone with such authority and position do what he does and come off like a saint?! His initial appearance in the book had me gaping, eyes wide, breathless, I wanted to throw myself at his feet, do as he commanded, and then follow him to hell and back!! Tiffany Riesz what have you done to me???

If you don’t like to think outside the box or have an open mind, then this is not the book for you. BUT if you can be objective, deal with the unexpected, then strap yourself in, throw caution to the wind, throw your arms in the air and The Siren will take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride that is guaranteed to make your head spin and turn your world upside down!!

I’ve posted partial lyrics to the song Pain by Three Days Grace. In my opinion it expresses what some of the characters in The Siren are feeling, it kept playing in my head as I was reading and could be the book's anthem.

You're sick of feeling numb
You're not the only one
I'll take you by the hand
And I'll show you a world that you can understand
This life is filled with hurt
When happiness doesn't work
Trust me and take my hand

Pain, without love
Pain, I can't get enough
Pain, I like it rough
'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all

Anger and agony
Are better than misery
Trust me I've got a plan
When the lights go off you will understand

I know
That you're wounded
You know
That I'm here to save you
You know
I'm always here for you
I know
That you'll thank me later

Pain, without love
Pain, I can't get enough
Pain, I like it rough
'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all

Adam Gontier/Three Days Grace

ARC courtesy of Harlequin Publishing via NetGalley
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August 2, 2013
I'm not sure if this is common knowledge or not, if I've let this be known, but I am not a big fan of erotica.

Okay, that's not entirely true. I'll rephrase. I'm not a big fan of porn without plot. When the porn becomes the plot, well, then it's just shaky ground and I often see no point in reading it. If I wanted porn, I'd watch porn.

Really, I would. I *like* porn.

So I don't often pick up an erotic book. It's just not my cup of tea usually. I bought The Siren a long time ago in paperback on a rec from a friend (for the life of me, I can't remember who...) and it sat on my shelf for months, staring at me.

Last night, on a whim, I picked it up and read the first page.

Then the second.

Then the third.

Then before I knew it, the first chapter was over.

And then the second chapter.

I had to force myself to go to bed a quarter of the way in.

And then today, I picked it back up, unable to stop thinking about it, and got no writing done because I NEEDED TO FINISH THIS DAMN BOOK.

In other words, I was Zach. I came into it with a set of judgments, but what I discovered blew me away. This is not porn without plot. This is not porn that becomes the plot. This is a story about flawed but beautiful characters, a fascinating world, that explores different types of relationships and psychological (and even theological) concepts. My mind is still reeling. The Siren is genuinely well-written, artfully laid out, extremely thought out... it's a masterpiece. There's so much depth here. I could never do it justice in a review. I can't even think of a word to describe it. It's beautiful, yet ugly... twisted, yet so clear... it's heartbreaking, yet heartwarming... it's a big ass crazy contradiction.

Wow. That's the only word I have for it. Wow.
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December 30, 2019
If my heart grew any fonder bliss


“Romance is sex plus love.
Erotica is sex plus fear."

Nora is crazy. Period.
But I'd probably go lesbian for her if she were real...

“I’m your intern. This counts as sexual harassment.”
“Being sexually harassed is in your job description, remember?”

The one liners are so perfectly places, its like you are into something so intense, and then BAM! You are giggling because something so witty and random pops up.
Tiffany Reisz's work is MAGICALLY BRILLIANT!
She is my favorite author for a reason, creating such amazing characters that I cry, 'Why aren't they real?'

“He’s the only man who never hurt me.”

I'm in love with each and every character all over again!

Brilliant book, Amazing story and characters.

A pleasure to keep re-reading. Trust me, I've read this book like more than 10times, it never gets old. Just makes me sad that these people aren't real, I'll never meet them.


27th September 2012 -
This book is something totally else. I've never read a book quite like this.. I barely have any words for this book except, BEAUTIFUL AMAZING and BREATHE TAKING!

I feel like I can't even type out my feels for this book.. I'm overwhelmed.

The book was overall stunning, the details were just perfect.. Not to much, not to little. It was beautifully written. Each and every character was captivating. The whole story just sucks you in deep and deep! I don't think I've slept since forever. I just HAD TO finish it..

I loved Wesley the most in this book BUT ~❤ Søren forever.
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May 27, 2012
2 ½ stars. I want emotional connections. This is more about observing the odd.

Nora was with Soren for 13 years. He tied her, beat her, and left bruises and blood during sex. She likes rough sex. She still loves him, but she left him 5 years ago. To support her herself, she became a Dominatrix at the local S&M club. She ties and beats clients. She has sex with female clients but not male clients.

Nora published several erotic novels. Now she wants to write a higher quality book and approached a new publisher. Zach is the “high quality editor” who has been assigned to edit and help her. Zach loves his wife Grace, but they are separated.

Wesley is a nineteen-year-old college student who lives with Nora. He cooks and runs errands for her in return for room and board. Once in a while Nora visits her ex-lover Soren and comes home with bruises. This upsets Wesley. He loves Nora and asks her not to see Soren.

This is erotic fiction, not romance. We don’t see the development of any relationship that ends happily for Nora. The story begins after she left her lover Soren. It’s about Nora’s relationships with Zach and Wesley. One is a working relationship. The other is a confused loving friendship. Some time is spent with Nora writing her novel. There is one scene that shows Nora working as a Dominatrix.

The draw for some readers is Nora being a strong character. And BDSM can be appealing. But for me, I was not turned on by the BDSM because I did not feel the characters having intense emotional desire for the other. There were many sex scenes, but they were mostly bondage and pain, not sex or love. The few scenes between Nora and Soren disappointed me. They were told more than shown. For example (location 1514) “He’d beaten her so hard that night she’d nearly gagged on her own tears. And when he finally gave up on the pain, he’d untied her and let her collapse into his arms. His darkness spent, he laid her in his bed and made love to her so tenderly she’d cried again. In the past when they were still together, he’d talk to her while inside her. Sometimes he would articulate in shocking detail the intensity of his desire for her. Sometimes he would simply claim her, calling her his property, his possession.” (The author does not show the “tenderly” actions. The author does not show the words he used to “articulate in shocking detail the intensity of his desire.”) There were many other sex scenes, not all with Nora. But again, I didn’t feel a character desiring another. Instead I watch humiliation, yes sir submission, and bloody, bruising beatings. Sex scenes include bondage, pain, rear door activity, self pleasuring, two women together, and two men with one woman.

I liked Wesley and Zach. My feelings for them were “get away from Nora and you’ll be better off.”

I didn’t like Nora. I didn’t feel sympathy. I didn’t care what happened to her. She had no vulnerability (other than “yes sir” when she’s with Soren). I suppose you could say her flaw is being messed up inside, but the why and how of that is not looked at. Zach comes into her life, a normal guy. He’s separated but still in love with his wife. Nora teases and taunts him sexually. She intends to have sex with him, on her terms, in her way, f*** the wife. It’s like “I’m going to expand your horizons by having sex with you.”

Kindle count story length: 8451 (642 KB). Swearing language: strong, including religious swear words. Sexual language: strong. Number of sex and/or bondage pain scenes: about 20. Setting: current day New York City, NY. Copyright: 2012. Genre: erotic fiction.
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February 7, 2017

RATING: 4 "Welcome to the Eighth Circle" Hearts!!

“The same wind that blows us off course can turn and carry us home.”

The Siren is a work of contradictions; both light and dark, seductive and conservative, passionate and humble, tender and chaotic. There is not much I can say about this beyond what has already been said; the writing is flawless, evocative and beautiful in its prose. It hooks you with every word read and every page turned, bringing out turbulent emotions both good and bad.

“If you come back to me," he said, making a rare concession, "will you run or crawl?"

Nora had pressed her whole body into him at that moment. Resting her head on his strong shoulder, she watched as a tear forged a river down his long and muscled back.

"I'll fly.”

The characters are complex and unravel as the story continues (though not entirely, and I've been ensured that they will with each subsequent book). Nora, at first, I loved her spunk and power as a woman, her grace as a woman, but towards the end, she made me angry. I didn't understand some of her actions. Wes, this sweet boy is one of my favourite parts of this story. Kingsley is mysterious, and I want to know more about him. Had it not been for Nora and Zach being so utterly devoted to their significant others, I would've loved them as a couple. And at last... Søren...I don't know him enough to say whether I like him or not yet, but from his actions so far, I don't understand him, his lifestyle or his needs. I'm hoping that clarifies with upcoming books.

“It's not morning until you're awake. And it's not night until you're asleep in your bed under my roof. And I could go on and on but hope is a horrible thing, and I love you too much to give you any.”

Looking forward to The Angel next!

Posted: January 15, 2017
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August 16, 2015
6 welcome to the 8th circle STARS

“A love story is not the same as a romance novel. A romance novel is the story of two people falling in love against their will. This is a story of two people who leave each other against their will. It starts to end the minute they meet.”

**Buddy-Re-Read December 2014 with my girls Jasmine, Eda and Supreet. I updated my review with pretty pictures, tweaked it a little here and there (added a book summary and a few comments etc.), but I don't really have anything else to add to my original thoughts about the characters. I'm still madly in love with this book, maybe even more so now that I know what happens next. I just find myself smiling all of the time while I'm reading. I definitely recommend a re-read for those of you who haven't done that yet.

Holy Shit! I’ve never read anything like this and I’m so glad I finally succumbed to temptation and picked up The Siren.

I was very reluctant at first because I didn’t think Nora being a Domme would be something I could enjoy reading. But colour me surprised...Nora actually makes my favourite-book-heroines list.

I read The Gift before The Siren and I have to blame a slight brain freeze, but I didn’t make the connection that Elli (Eleanor) and Nora is the same girl. Even the first time Søren called her Eleanor I didn’t get it. I read on and then it hit me, I went back and after that I had to take a short coffee break and try to put those two characters together. I love her even more now.

**Totally useless information, but since I had it in my original review I just kept it.
But anyway...let's see what this is all about:

Erotica author Nora Sutherlin has a few problems and they all involve men.

There is her new British editor Zachary Easton, who thinks of her more as a guttersnipe and less as an author. But despite his reservations he agrees to work with her, but under some demanding time restrictions and a lot of pressure.

Then we have the nine-teen year old student/friend/potential boy-toy Wesley who has been living with her for a year now.

And then there is the man she left five years ago. Søren.

That's all you need to know for now, for more information...READ THE DAMN BOOK!

“You merely think you know her. It’s one of her best tricks. She flirts, she teases, she confesses everything but reveals nothing. It’s the oldest magician’s trick—smoke and mirrors, misdirection… You are absolutely certain she’s here, when all the while she’s right over here…”

Nora is such a fun and yet complicated character. I loved being in her head, because she is so independent, bold and unapologetic. I don’t think I’ve seen a character like her in an Erotica book before and what a refreshing turn of events that is, really.

“It's not morning until you're awake. And it's not night until you're asleep in your bed under my roof. And I could go on and on but hope is a horrible thing, and I love you too much to give you any.”

Wes. Oh Wes. He is so sweet and such a good boy, and as it happens it’s also the problem I have with him. My twisted mind doesn’t compute with the good, sweet and loving guys. Give me a Søren any time of the day and I’m in.

“To Zachary Easton, my editor. Fuck you.”

Zach. I love this character and I love his ‘relationship/friendship’ with Nora. He is the perfect conduit to get a glimpse into this world Nora lives in and I’m a huge fan of how this whole thing worked out for them. Just one minor thing, or a question really...

“Søren isn’t some boyfriend you have a fight with and then kiss and make up. He’s the invading army you surrender to before it burns your village down.”

Søren. Oh man, that one is intense. I seriously have to read on before I can say anything about him. But he sure is one of the most intriguing and infuriating book characters I’ve ever come across. I can already tell I will be irrevocably in love with him by the time this series is done.

**and I was right. I am so in love with this man, but I didn't need to finish the series before I came to the conclusion. There really is no one like him...oh Søren. *sigh*

“If you come back to me," he said, making a rare concession, "will you run or crawl?"

Nora had pressed her whole body into him at that moment. Resting her head on his strong shoulder, she watched as a tear forged a river down his long and muscled back.

"I'll fly.”

Oh you better, girlfriend! Or I know a bunch of ladies who will. ;D

And last but not least a word to the author. Tiffany Reisz is like the Erotica/BDSM whisperer. There is no one like her and she really takes this overdone genre and spins it on its head and she does it with excellent writing on top of that, which happens to be a hit miss in this genre as well. I’m in awe and I swear I will read anything this woman publishes. If she happens to write a cook book...I will buy it. No questions asked.

August 2, 2014

My Nora

My Soren

My Wes

“Romance is sex plus love. Erotica is sex plus fear."... and terrified I was! It is not a pretty story. It's a very complicated almost real life story. There are no obstacles of boulder size, there are Mount Everest size obstacles that ALL characters in this book face.

I loved the story within the story that somewhat loosely paralleled the lives of the main characters. Nora lives and solves her life conundrums through writing. It is her therapy and she is her own psychologist. Amazingly strong she pulls herself out of her own hell and depression through her writing. She writes writes and deletes her love story with Soren to reminisce and remember. Gotta say it was not pretty and truly cringe worthy. But then again her 13 year old relationship with Soren is unconventional. But it is in their world and you just got to wrap your head around it and you do slowly and surely.

My favorite character was poor naive Wes. My heart broke for him as all his patience and optimism couldn't change nor bring Nora in his world. He is an amazing boy who will grow into a perfect man... but not a perfect man for Nora. Wes has a big part of her heart and her innocence that she will never reach and therefore they do not belong together (I hope I won't have to eat my words when this series concludes, but this is just my opinion).

Zach another important figure in her life most likely her creativity and one who helps her grow into a writer. She was a writer before but now she settles fully into her role with such confidence that I love it! And I am so glad that his suffering only lasted just and I'm glad how things ended for him. I had Soren's precognition that although he has HOT chemistry with Nora he doesn't belong to her and she doesn't belong to him...

Now moving on to belonging... Soren... holy ssssss---- does he scared me in the begging. Shower scene anyone? But slowly he works into your system. He is still scary as hell but in a way you get him and his views and the world he lives in. But seriously!!! There are SOME VERY IMPORTANT things that's hard to wrap around. Won't spoil but those who read understand... *cough* profession wise.

To wrap up this rant... Loved the series very interested to know where this will lead.


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July 16, 2014
4.5--Romance is sex plus love--Erotica is sex plus fear--Stars!!!

First and foremost, I have absolutely no idea how to review this book. None. Zero. Zilch.

I went in to it having absolutely no idea what to expect and I think that's the best way to do it. Just go in blind. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

My random thoughts on the book.....


She was fun. She was sexy. She was funny. She was dangerous. She was bold. She was brilliant.


Wesley was

He was so sweet. And pure. I really loved the dynamic between Nora and Wes. They were polar opposites. Best friends. And loved each other in their own special way.


Hmm....how do I feel about Zach!

I actually really liked Zach too. I pretty much waffled the whole book about who I wanted Nora to "end up" with. Not that it mattered because it seems she will forever belong to Soren.


Soren who needs to

Yeah, yeah...I get it. He's not going anywhere. But honestly, I'm not a Soren fan. Doesn't help that I don't like the BDSM and D/s elements. Yes, I know....a very prevalent part of the story.

It might be a deal breaker for me.

And lastly....


Pretty sure....

Only got some small glimpses of you but I'm pretty sure I'm going to love you.

So who are these people. Well...

Nora is an erotic author. She she's also THE Dominatrix. She's a Switch.

Zach is Nora's editor for her new book.

Wesley is Nora's young, live-in "intern".

Soren is Soren. The Soren.

Griffin is another dominant. I have no idea what role he will play in future books, but for whatever reason I just liked him.

I don't know what to say....other than

It was intriguing. It was forbidden. It was sexy. It was different.

While I admit, I do not care for the BDSM aspects of the storyline, I was still engrossed in both the story and the characters and I can definitely appreciate both.

I think I will give myself one more book to see if I can handle the BDSM elements before I part ways with Nora and the gang!

So yeah...there you go. That's all I got.

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June 5, 2012
Adult review for very dark/somewhat taboo erotic content.

"Verbal abuse? Zach, where I come from 'slut' is a term of endearment. Want to see where I come from?"


And so begins our tale of an erotica writer and her editor...or does it? You might want to throw out your preconceived notions of what to expect with this book because it's doubtful that any of your expectations will be met.

The Players in our twisted game :

Nora - She has three men by the balls, yet somehow can't seem to keep a firm grip on any of them.

Zach - The editor with demons to exorcise.

Wesley - The inexperienced virgin who just might know more than we give him credit for.

Soren - Big bad. You hate him, you're intrigued by him, you know he's not one to be messed with.

Grace - The ghost of a person who isn't even dead.

Ladies and Gentlemen! Step right up and watch as 'The Siren' singlehandedly wrecks havoc in the lives of our cast members. No admission fee required (except for the cost of the book)!

If there's one thing that worked for this story, it was the curiosity factor. At first, I wasn't sure where we were headed. From the way the book starts, you automatically assume one thing. By the time you make it about halfway, you realize there's no way you can assume anything. There were definitely surprises a'plenty.

I honestly couldn't find fault with the writing or the story. I'd been expecting a dark erotica but found that this read more like "mainstream literature reinterpreting erotica," which is interesting, considering that this was exactly what the female author character in the book was trying to do. We were wrapped in a story within a story and it made me wonder how much of The Siren came from Tiffany Reisz's own experience. That, to me, is a sign of accomplishment in writing.

If you're wondering why I didn't go for a higher rating, I'll have to say that my own personal opinion of where the book should have gone did dampen my enthusiasm. With some books, the ending could be one I despised, yet I'm still able to award 5 stars because of an emotion brought out in me (yes, I have been pissed off at a book to the point of hatred and still felt it worthy of 5 stars). Unfortunately, the only emotion I felt when I came to the end was melancholy and not in "bawling my eyes out" sort of way. In this instance, melancholy just felt like a bit of a letdown. I saw the reason for the decision but failed to care for the solution.

If the mixing of religious undertones and sexual overtures will make you uncomfortable, you'll want to stay away from this book. I can't say anything without giving a spoiler but expect some of that, along with some dark BDSM notes.

For better or worse, this was an exquisitely written book.
"If you come back to me," he said, making a rare concession, "will you run or will you crawl?"

Resting her head on his strong shoulder, she watched as a tear forged a river down his long and muscled back.

"I'll fly."
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October 25, 2019
First read: February 2015 - 5 STARS!
Re-read: October 2019 - 5+ STARS!
"The world I live in, you've never seen such freedom."
Wow, the brilliance of this book when seen from the POV of a re-read was blinding! I appreciated it so much more the second time around.

This went down as a 4-way buddy read with my bestest besties MONIQUE and URSY and LEILA. Let me tell you, we had lots to talk about! Thank you, ladies. <3
"S&M is as psychological as it is physical and sexual."
Warning for The Original Sinners newbies :
(1) With no clear Hero, this is not a traditional romance
(2) This book is stressful and manipulative
(3) This book is so much more enjoyable when you know what's going to happen!
Here you have it, my GR friends, the pinnacle of all erotic literature.
"Let me show you what life is like lived in the moment. No past, no future, just the one perfect moment you're standing in."
And I find it fitting that it's not exactly a romance novel.
"He was never my Søren. That's the one thing about being a collared submissive. I was his. He never was mine."
The Siren will make you squirm . . .
"Real sadists don't need to fuck. They need to fuck you up."
It will make you cringe . . .
"He's a virgin, Eleanor," he whispered into her ear.
It has the audacity to mix sex and religion . . .
"It's easy to believe in God when you wake up every morning when you wake up every morning knowing you are completely and unconditionally loved."
And it will make your heart hurt . . .
"Sometimes love alone doesn't cut it. We can only sacrifice so much of ourselves in a relationship before there's nothing left to love or be loved."
And Reisz serves it all up via the heroine of all heroines, Nora Sutherlin, who's described by Søren, the King of all sadists, like this:
"You are a creature of appetite. You take what you desire without thought or remorse. And that is how God created you and it is much of why I love you."
It contained everything I love about reading; flawed characters, unreliable narrators, depth, incredible writing, mind-fuckery, taboos, and of course kink.

If you haven't read these books yet, I envy you, because Nora and Søren and their world is yours to discover for the first time.
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May 23, 2015
5 Lesbi-Honest Stars…because lets face it I would totally go there for Nora

Wow…I am still trying to process this amazing story.

Nora doesn’t just write erotica or perform as a dominatrix - she is a dominatrix. It is more than job or something she does for fun, it’s who she is. Nora is one of the best heroines I have ever read. I love her!

She is so many things and contradictions, and I absolutely adore her.

Nora has a lot sexy men in her life, and they all want different things from her. As the story unfolds we learn so much about her as a character in the way she deals with each of these men.

As I read this and thought about how I wanted things to go and the best outcome, as I do with all the books I read, I was completely torn. I wasn’t sure how things should go, one minute I thought one way thing and the next chapter, page or paragraph I felt another.

This book had my emotions all jacked up and I swear my heart was beating so fast at the end. I absolutely love when a book messes with me so much that I can’t stop thinking about it when its over.

I have had this book on my TBR list forever, and I was so scared to read it because I wasn’t sure if I would like it since it isn’t your typical love story. Please don’t be like me….read this, because although it isn’t what we normally call a love story to me it still is one.

This is the story of love…love for your friends, your past, your passion in life, yourself, for strangers in need, forbidden love…to me its an EPIC story of love.

I cannot wait to continue on with this series, and believe the hype because this is an amazing story!
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August 6, 2016

“4.25 THE BOMB stars”
Firstly I want to thank my lovely buddies Eda and Jasmine for being there for me in every stage of this crazy journey!♥♥

There are many awesome review’s out there which speaks the beauty of this story! Well, I’m going to use lot of Gif’s and quotes to express my emotions. It might contain spoilers so BEWARE!! Also my apologies in advance, since this is going to be a longer one!

Before I say anything let me take a moment to
Yes! I totally deserve it for not picking this holy book of erotica/S&M sooner!

Where do I start? There was no end to the awesomeness that is this book and if it was not for the unbelievable characters I wouldn’t have felt emotionally drained after reaching the last page.

Nora: “God, I love a man with big vocabulary.”
Me: I loved that he was subtle, skeptical, loved the banters between him and Nora. The whole transition of his character was spectacular.

Nora: “He made me feel human again…like the kind of person who could stay up too late watching stupid movies and talking.”

My baby boy!! His innocence, playfulness and cuteness captured my heart from beginning. He might look stupid to stay with Nora but he’s the only true friend she ever had and loved her for who she was.

Zach: “Nora….The siren and the goddess, the ship and the wine-dark sea.”
Griffen: “Nora’s not just some smut writer with the wild sex life. She’s the motherfucking queen of the Underground.”
Søren: “There are suicide bombers on the Gaza Strip who are less dangerous than you are.”


I fucking love this woman. The Siren!! The Bomb!! The Queen Bee♥♥
Never met anyone who is sexy, sassy, quirky, dangerous, wild, reckless, generous, feisty and fascinating as her!! I don’t mind going gay for her! Hell, I would let her have her way with me anywhere and everywhere *winks*

@ 11%

Eda: when you meet Søren...HOMG baby, prepare yourself to fall in love. HARD;)))
Me: I’m so excited to meet the legend!!!

@ 30%

Me: WHERE. IS. SØREN??!! I'm 130 pages in so far no sign of him *sobs* please tell me I got the wrong copy *sniffs*
Eda: He comes in @50% baby... And he comes in with a BOMB!!!
Jasmine: bahahaha. His grand entrance is @ 50% my dear.
Me: Let him appear already, I can’t contain my excitement!!

@ 34%

Nora: “Zach, Søren isn’t some boyfriend you have a fight with and then kiss and make up. He’s the invading army you surrender to before it burns your village down.”

@ 40%


@ 49%

Author: All play below had ceased at his presence. He strode down the staircase slowly, imperiously. The world stopped for him. The chaos on the floor fell silent. Everyone everywhere, Nora included, seemed to be holding their breath.



Author: If god himself was intimidated by this man, Zach wouldn’t have been surprised.
Me: I need a drink.





I know I’m the only one in the history of Siren fan club to say this, but Søren for me is not the epitome of true love! He’s meanest, dominating, egoistic bastard I’ve ever seen! I’ve met my share of sadistic assholes but Søren is the devil himself that guy….he just gives me the creeps! *shudders*

I think I lost some precious friends already *sobs* I tried very hard to love like him but he terrifies the hell out of me!! I promise I’ll read the next book with fresh pair of eyes that is, if he doesn’t Starr in my nightmare: p

Post Siren Trauma

Tiffany Reisz

I should hate you for making me not leave my room for the whole day, for skipping my dinner, for staying awake till 3 in the morning, and had me crying myself to sleep BUT I still Love you for writing this masterpiece. Bdsm is not a new genre for me but this was way darker and sinful than any other bdsm story I’ve read!! Very strong plot, complex characters, bitter sweet love, scorching sex and some thought provoking theology.

Rating clarification: for first 50% all I heard was Søren this! Søren that! Everyone from Nora’s past are glorifying their relationship, How they love each other so madly, they are meant to be yadda yadda yadda…...I wanted to live their love rather than being told, there were few flashbacks about their past but all I saw was a sadist part of Søren, Maybe that’s the reason I hate him!! I mean, he gifted to her for their anniversary! Can he get any creepier?! In my defense I never got to see the lover side of him.

On other hand the only love I saw and relished was Wesley’s.
“It's not morning until you're awake. And it's not night until you're asleep in your bed under my roof. And I could go on and on but hope is a horrible thing, and I love you too much to give you any.”
Call me a wuss for loving a Kid and not the god, this quote right here is why I love wes!
“When Søren touched her she became his. When Wesley touched her, she became herself.”
Søren made Nora what he wants her to be, and Wes loved her despite the siren she is and that for me sealed the deal.

P.S: Thanks for rec’ing this book April♥

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July 29, 2016
EDIT 12/28/13 from the Mistress herself: "Also in 2014, the first four books of The Original Sinners are being released with new covers with bonus short stories at the end. You'll finally be able to own "Gauze," "Griffin in Wonderland," "Midnight Mass," and "A Beautiful Thing" in print."

10 BRILLIANT, MINDBLOWING, ONE-OF-MY-FAVORITES, MUST-READ STARS!! 10! 10 stars!! Never before have I given 10! 10 FUCKING stars!!!

Breathes in. Breathes out. Breathes in. Breathes out. Counts to ten....





First, I'd like to thank every person who's recommended this book because it has now become my most favorite book EVER!!!!!!!!!! Earlier, I wrote a blog post, but I'm going to copy and paste it here since it really reflects what I have to say about this book.

It's not everyday you stumble upon a book that shakes you to your core. There are the epic love stories like The Bronze Horseman, the heartbreaking yet heartwarming stories like Making Faces, and the intense, passionate, raw stories like Real. But really, how many times can I say that I've read a book that has ALL those elements and then some? Not many. THIS ONE!! Oh this one *big sigh* It absolutely CONSUMED my mind, my heart, my soul, my emotions. Never before have I fallen SO hard for the characters, the story plot, the writing style, the EVERYTHING! This book seduced me. Completely. More importantly, it challenged my boundaries, and forced me to see how our society, even to its evolved form today, is still so far away from being an accepting place. It's far from romance, yet incorporates passion and love. It's HIGHLY erotic, yet manages to be spiritual and almost pure at the same time. This author has truly astounded me.

Some people have books that DEFINE themselves, that represents their idea of an EPIC, ONE-OF-A-KIND book and that will always be the first to pop up in their mind when prompted for their favorite book. This one would be mine.

Please, please, please, please, PLEASE read this one if you can! I CANNOT recommend it enough! Definitely not for the faint of heart, or if you aren't open-minded because it challenges not only YOU, but the confines of society as well.

And as for teams, hehehe, I have a MAJOR boner for Wesley. But that Soren....I.Want.Him. Him and all his tough love. Plus someone tell me how to get the line in the "o" of his name so I can engrave it on my Goodreads account!!!


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July 13, 2012
Posted on Under the Covers

So far, I have read 123 books this year, but THE SIREN has to be my favorite.

But before I tell you why I loved it, I need to say a few things first. I feel like I have to warn people about this book because having preconceived notions about it will definitely make or break it.

This isn’t a romance novel. There is no happy ending. Don’t expect one. There is no wooing. There is sex, yes , but maybe not the kind you are used to reading about.

THE SIREN deals with S&M. To some, beating a person until they sob, scream, bleed or faint is the greatest pleasure. There are some who crave the crack of a cane on their back while others love administering the pain. This type of relationship is what Nora, the heroine of this story and Soran, her lover live by. To them, pain is pleasure.

The sex in this book is extreme. It will offend some and maybe disgust others, but Reisz does not pull any punches. She hits you hard and makes you stare at the damage after. I found the variety of sexual relations in this book to be interesting because while it may not be arousing to me, it still held my attention. I didn’t like it, but I also didn’t find myself hating it either. I found the hardcore sex to be...tolerable, for lack of a better word. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing in any way. I know that certain kinks are out there, and while they not be my kinks, I can’t say that it’s wrong either. I accepted it and I hope that when you read this, you can understand that too.

Now that I’ve warned you off this book, here’s the reasons WHY YOU SHOULD READ THIS BOOK:

The sex – yep, that’s right. As uncomfortable as some of the scenes are, they are worth the read. Reisz will push you farther than you ever thought possible and I think it’s a good reading experience. Though it’s dark and brooding and kinky as hell, it’s very well done. Reisz has mastered the art of writing sex scenes that will captivate you despite how differently you may actually feel about it out of context.

The characters – I have never met a cast of characters that have captivated me as much as Nora, Zach, Wesley and Soren have. I have to say something about each of them.

Hands down the number one reason I loved this book is because of Nora. She was immediately someone I had to know more about. As an erotica writer, she is smart and quick with words. I loved the teasing way she handled things. It eased some of the tension and brought humor to the darkest times of this book. As a Dominatrix, she oozes sex appeal and dominance but I think this was only a smaller facet of her personality because from the very beginning, you could see how very sure of herself she was, even as the world around her fell apart. Simply put, Nora rocked!

To me, Zach was the least developed character and that only shows how wonderfully written the other characters were. I felt that his problems with Grace weren’t as original, but still held a lot of depth.

Wesley to me felt like the right choice for Nora. Their friendship resonated with me much more than her love for Soren. I loved his protectiveness and his quiet presence in Nora’s life. He was her light.

Soren was the most interesting character. A secret about who is he is revealed in this book that shocked me to my core. I felt like Reisz kicked me in the mouth. I was shocked that she could land that big a bomb on me, but at the same time, you have to smile and commend her for hitting her mark spot on. It was so good. So well executed.

The writing – Writing as smooth and elegant as this, it’s clear that Reisz really knows her way around a thesaurus. I have to give props on an author who has a big vocabulary. The pacing was spot on. I could not have asked for a better paced book than this.

Paired with unforgettable characters and a little bit of a taboo subject and you’ve got my favorite book of 2012 so far! Though it was at times sexy, it was never meant to seduce. It's a book that as you read, makes you blink...and blink...and blink. It is dazzling and devastating in equal measures. THE SIREN utterly captivated me and now I'm begging for more!
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