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Street Pharm

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If a brother wanna get ahead, he gotta use every minute to better himself. Everything I did made me better -- tougher, stronger, richer, smarter -- or I didn't do it.

Take high school. A waste of time. Nobody there taught me what I needed to survive on the streets....

Ty Johnson knows survival. Since inheriting his pop's business at sixteen, Ty's developed smarts, skills, and mad discipline. The supply game's in his blood. And life is pretty sweet when you're on top.

But one slip -- or one serious competitor -- and life turns ugly fast. Suddenly, Ty's got to rethink his whole strategy. And for the #1 dealer on the streets, strategy is not just about staying ahead. It's about survival.

297 pages, Paperback

First published January 1, 2006

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About the author

Allison van Diepen

14 books940 followers
Allison van Diepen is the author of many teen novels, including Takedown, Street Pharm, Snitch, Raven, The Oracle of Dating, The Oracle Rebounds, and The Vampire Stalker. Her novels have been named ALA Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers and New York City Public Library Books for the Teen Age.

Her latest is the heart-pounding ON THE EDGE series set in Miami. ON THE EDGE and LIGHT OF DAY are in stores now. The final installment is RUN THE RISK, due out in early 2017.

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2 reviews
May 27, 2022
When I first started reading this book I thought it was supposed to end black stereotypes………. It was the exact opposite. How is it ok for white lady to not only feed into the stereotypes that black people deal drugs on the streets of New York City BUT ALSO say the N WORD REPEATEDLY!!!!!!! I’m personally not African- American so please tell me if I am interpreting this wrong but my initial impression was that this was plain old racism.
5 reviews
January 15, 2015
This book was absolutely amazing, In this book Ty Johnson, son of Kingpin drug dealer Orlando Johnson. Ty is asked to run the business after Orlando gets thrown in jail! Tyrone is constantly lying to his mom about going to high school, and ends up getting kicked out for his lack of attendance, Ty decides to go back to a school called Les Chancellor. At Les Chancellor he meets a girl named Alyse, who intrigues Ty with her personality, and is weird because Ty usually doesn't go for any girl. Ty has to hide the fact he's a drug dealer so Alyse doesn't leave him, and Ty finds out that Alyse has a son. Ty gets word of a new dealer in town named Darkman who moved down from Miami because he wasn't getting enough of a cut from his family business. Ty obviously see's Darkman as a threat and vice versa, so a battle for territory start to occur. When Ty had a fight with his mom he was wondering the streets when a car slowly was driving towards him, Darkman attempted to kill Ty with a drive by shooting, Ty hit multiple times but didn't die. Word was out on Ty and how this incident was supposedly drug related, and Alyse still thinks he's innocent and was framed, then Ty decides its best to tell Alyse the truth. When Alyse found out, she was so mad that Ty put her and her son Gavin in danger, then stormed off. Later in the story Ty has an inside man in Darkman's operation, he then finds out that two others in Darkman's business want him to go down too. Crow and Leanne meet with Ty and Monfrey to set everything up. The plan was executed very sloppy, Crow ended up shooting a guy and is forced o leave the area, but Darkman ends up getting framed as planned. With Darkman dead, Ty was contemplating what to do with his life. Would he keep running the business, go back to school, get a real job? He decides to try to get back in to Les Chancellor after a very long time off. Then Sonny is meeting new suppliers for the business but Ty decides to go to his meeting with the Les Chancellor principal. Ty then starts getting calls from Sonny's girlfriend, and neighbor, saying horrible things have happened. Sonny was shot during the deal, and Ty wonders if things would've been different if he was there. Then Ty is determined to find the people who murdered Sonny, and goes to different places around town looking for clues. I gave this book 5 stars because I'm not a big reader, but I was into this book from start to finish. If you're into an edgy gang and drugs style book, this is no doubt the book for you!
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3 reviews
March 3, 2010
This book was about a teenager stuck in the drug life, his father was in jail for selling drugs and left everything he had(the buisness) to his son Ty. Ty lives with his mother bout dosent get along with her. his best friend Sonny always has ty's back and always has ne clients to sell the drugs to. Darkman is a character in the book who wants to ruin Ty's buisness by taking his clients or killing him. Before darkman can even do anything to Ty, Ty strikes by planning darkmans arrest, he told one of darkmans so called "friends" to tell him where darkman was going to ba and at what time, when he hand all the info all he had to do was wait till that day. Darkman was taken to jail and as for Ty and sonny they were very happy. one day they called Ty to tell him sonny had been killed, that was Ty's worst day of his life. Ty diceded to quit the buisness and go back to school, it was going to be very difficult to get back in because he was kicked out but he was going to talk to the principal. He didn't get into his old school but he got into an Adult school were he would be learning the same thing just for adults who never went o school.
I think this book was really good because it deals with teenagers who are in the drug life and the only way they stop is when something terrible happens in their lives that makes them realize that what they are doing is wrong. i recomend this book to those people want to learn more about what other people are going through and need help getting their lives straightened up.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
4 reviews
November 10, 2010
This book is a realistic fiction and I really enjoyed reading this book. In the book it takes place in New York City. The main character of the book is a young teenager name Tyrone Johnson but everybody knows him as Ty the local drug dealer. Ty Johnson is basically taking over the family business his dad started which was drug dealing. But Ty was smarter than his dad, instead of being all flashy with the cars the women and the clothes. Ty saves his money an just keeps a normal look so that no one could know what he is really doing. The book was very interesting to me because he is a 17 year old just like me so I could relate to some things he was going through in the book. Even though the main story line of the book is about selling drugs and living life as a gangster later on in the book you find out that Ty is a real good person and was very smart. He just didn’t focus on school because he was focus on other things like keeping his life style undercover. In this book you find out that Ty lived two different lifes. One was being a hard core drug dealer and the other was living life as a school boy. The thing I liked most about this book was that it had its intense parts, it’s funny parts, and it’s sad parts which made this book all around good book. I recommend this book to almost everybody that really enjoys a good story.
April 12, 2017
Street Pharm by Allison Van Diepen was a good book that I would recommend to people who like action. To begin, Street Pharm is about a kid named Ty Johnson taking over his dad’s drug business. It explains how he gets customers and how he sells around school and out of school. Ty wants to finish school to make his mother proud, but it's hard for him to keep selling and going to school. This book is really good because it has everything like peaceful, suspenseful, and romantic moments. This is an example of a suspenseful moment. “His shouting couldn't cover up the shakiness in his voice. ‘Carlos got jumped.’ He's hurt real bad. We got people tryna bring us down.” (Diepen). This is an example of of a peaceful, romantic moment. On the cab ride home, I leaned my head against the leather seat, closed my eyes, and wished that Alyse was in my arms again. I could still smell her perfume, still taste those soft lips…” (Diepen) On the other hand, people might think that Street Pharm isn't a good book because of what Ty is doing at his age. However, I personally thought that Ty’s story is really good and interesting. Also the part about drugs is really informative and it can show teens the negative effect of drugs. Overall, Street Pharm is a really good book. It is very informative, suspenseful, and really interesting.
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March 18, 2011
This teenage boy Ty Johnson has taken over the family business. His dad was the kingpin of drug dealing in brooklyn but then he was sent to jail because his dad was caught. Ever since his dad went to jail Ty johnson was head of the family business ever since. His real name is Tyrone Johnson but they just call him Ty for short. He had a good life making deals getting a lot of money from their customers. He had a lot of rules like get the money first then give the drugs, make sure they are not a snitch, and most important of all don't let a girl into your life if you are dealing. But when he switch's schools he meets this girl named Alyse and he really likes her, but if he goes with her he will break his rules. Then goes with her and tells her all lies. Then a guy named Darkman comes to Brooklyn because he can't get any customers in Miami, so he thinks he can take Tyrone Johnson's territory. So he gets rid of him. Then he goes to his dad in jail and tells him that he wants to get out of the family business and go back to school. Then he gets back with Alyse and doesn't lie anymore to her
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December 16, 2009
Allison van Diepen takes a very refreshing approach to telling the story of a young black man involved in the world of drug dealing. Ty Johnson, the main character, is only seventeen years old when he takes over his father's drug empire. What I really liked about Ty isthat he he is not just some brainless thug; he is a businessman. He is extremely disciplined and he takes his business very seriously. He is extremely smart, but his gifts are being misused. I appreciate the way that van Diepen constructs an accurate portrayal of the drug industry with all of the money and material possessions that come along with it without glorifying it. Ty always has a pocket full of money, but he also has to deal with the unique problems that come with being a drug kingpin.

I can definitely see this book being used in my momtj grade classroom. I wouldn't have to try very hard at all to keep my kids interested.
6 reviews
October 19, 2010
I chosed this book because it sounds and looks interesting. This book is actually realistic fiction. The setting of the book is in brooklyn new york. The main character is Ty johnson. Ty johnson took over his dads drug business after he went to jai. He started at the age of 14 and worked his way up until he took control of his dads business. He was doing good so far, but darkman was trying to get revenge on Ty from something his dad did a long time ago to darkman. The main conflict of the story was for Ty to take darkman down before he did. He resolved the problem by setting him up in a drug deal. Darkman ended up in jail. This book is really good and its also really interesting. It gets to predict whats going to happen next. I recommend for other people to read it because its easy to picture it as you read and not hard to understand.
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217 reviews2 followers
October 12, 2017
I am a teacher who works in a group home for ‘last chance’ high schoolers. A student of mine who had read “Takedown” asked me to get this book. I read reviews and thought it would be A’ight but still I wanted to read it first. It turns out to be the perfect book for this young man.

The protagonist is a drug dealer but he lives by a code. He really is a good guy. Smart, too but with a - who needs school-attitude. He goes to clubs and restaurants and drinks- a little. He even tries a martini which he thinks is too sour. He makes comments about ‘trashy’ girls who are looking for that kind of talk but he clearly know ms how to respect girls. He keeps away from entangling relationships, he stays away from sex. He likes Sun Tzu’s Art of War.

Some may think that this story is unrealistic, a fairytale. What I think is that stories like this can bring hope that there is a way off the street. Fairytales can assure young people that no matter what happens you will be Ok.

I thank the author for writing this book. I plan to read all the others.
Please keep them coming. Thank you.
10 reviews
March 7, 2018
Street Pharm by Allison van Diepen is a book about this teenager named Tyrone Johnson. Ty's father ran a huge Drug Empire in Brooklyn. When Ty's dad goes to jail, Ty is the one who has to take over at just age 16. Throughout the whole book Ty will have a lot of choices to make and some will effect his career. What I liked about the book was that Ty felt like a real life character to me. The author did a very good job at making this book so realistic. Ty was my favorite character because he had the brains and the guts to take over one of the biggest drug empires in all of Brooklyn. That is not something many 16 year olds can do. I honeslty did not think anything about this book was bad. I liked everything about this book. This book was a book that I would read on my free time and I actually liked it. I do not read very many books on my free time but this was one that I did. I think a lot of people would like this book. It always keeps you guessing on the next move Ty is going to have to make to help his business and himself or to help other people around him. I would give this book a 10/10. This is one of the best books I have ever read.
2 reviews
September 16, 2019
Street Pharm is about a teenager named Tyrone Johnson. His dad was a major drug dealer and since his father got locked up Ty took over the job. Then Ty was shot in the leg and in the stomach because he was competing with another drug dealer called "Darkman". All throughout the book there was suspense and tension. I thought that this book was a 5 star because it gives the reader many different emotions.
12 reviews
April 27, 2011
I choosed to read this book because i read the 1st book and then i really liked the first book so i thought that street pharm would be a really interesting one just like the 1st book called snitch and it sounded like a good book and i decided to read the second one and they were both really good books the one i am read was really good because it is about a kid his name is Tj and he takes his dad's job beacuse his dad is in jail he got caught selling drugs so now the dad left Ty in charge of the busness so now Ty is the #1 dealer in the streets. The genre of Street Pharm would be Teen Fiction.The setting is in the hospital in Ty's house and in the streets at Alyse house and in a apartment that Ty was living in on his own and in Sonny's house and in the Funneral home and in Ty's school and in jail where his dad was in. The main character is Ty because he is the one in charge of all the drug dealling and he is in charge of taking care of all his friend's and the girl she loves and her baby and his mom. He is also the #1 street drug dealler.The main conflict in the bigginging of the story is that he likes a girl and he is dating a girl and he does not decide until he decides to stay with Alyse then Alyse finds out that he is drug dealing and that he is the #1 drug dealler and she tells him that she want's a dad that shows her baby good things and wants to take care of her baby and she does not want her baby in drug dealing probelm in the middle of the book the problem is that he is walking and she sees a car folowin him and he runs into the laundry mat and they start shooting and he get's shot and he ends up in the hospital and he does not want any body to know who shoot him. In the end of the story the problem is that his friend is was going to pick up some stuff and they shoot him and they killed him and his mom is in really heart broken and his girlfriend is also hartbroken as well.All of the problems are resolved when he tells his dad that he want's to stop drug dealing and he want's to be a normal perso ans his dad sad that who is going to keep his job and sell the stuff fo rhim if he does not want to do it anymore.My opinion about the book is that it is an interesting book and it is a good book for those kids who sell drugs and they get in aloght of fights while selling drugs. And how your family get involved in drug dealing with you and how they get killed by toher drug dealing members.
4 reviews
March 15, 2017
StreetPharm was an excellent book of mystery, thriller, and action. Allison Van Diepen is a terrific author the book was not a hard read but the story was so good. Tyrone Johnson or Ty started out as a senior in high school but was also a leader of a one of the biggest drug dealing business around his area. He inherited it from his father who is serving prison time for dealing. To Ty business is booming more than ever and his isn't letting anything distract him from business. He wants to make his father proud so when he gets out his business is better than when he left it. Ty's father might be in prison but he still manages to hear about everything that happens on the outside. The business runs well for a good while and Ty has more money than a kid his age can ask for until a competitor comes and tries to takes Ty's territory. Things turn ugly in his neighborhood family, friends, and especially himself are in danger and he has to fix before things get too ugly. I recommend this book to readers who want a book with a little bit of everything in it. This book is a mystery, thriller, action, and also has a little bit of romance so this book will keep you intrigued to the very end. I rate this book 5 out 5 stars because I felt like i couldn't put it down and when i did all i could think about was, “what's gonna happen next?” Everybody should give this book a shot for a wasn't too long of a read especially if you keeps you reading like it did me.
1 review
November 2, 2015
The book Street Pharm, is fiction and is about a boy named Ty Johnson who is 17 years old, who is in a business that involves; drugs, partying, and gangs. Ty is only a drug dealer in the business which is a pretty hard job because it's hard on who he trust so he doesn't get thrown in jail like his father. During the book Ty goes to school and finds himself having feelings for a girl his age who has a three year old son. Now in the business you're not suppose to have a girlfriend or anything, you can hook up but nothing serious because then that you distract you from your work. The problem is that they start hanging out with each other and she then starts to have feelings for him also, But what she doesn't know about him is that he's in a business that could get him in huge trouble.
I really did like Street Pharm because this could happen to a person and the story was really realistic, it wasn't exaggerating or anything like that. Except there was a lot of swearing and sexual content but that didn't really ruin the book. The conflict really grabbed my attention because there was a couple plot twist which grabbed my attention even more. The characters also made the story good because, the way they talked to each other and how they were there for one another also how they acted towards each other and I like how Ty’s mom would always help him out and made sure he was out of trouble. His gang was always there for Ty and they helped him when he needed it they would always back him up but they should never snitch on Ty because if they did then that person would have to face a big consequence.
So the question is will Ty, and the girl that he has feelings for named Alysia will they ever have a good relationship while he’s in this serious business that would get her involved with the situations that happen to him or will they just face the facts that they should break up because they are two different people. Im telling you now and only once, I strongly recommend you to read this book because it will get you thinking on what's going to happen next. So please read this book it's not a waste of time and you won't regret it.
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October 5, 2011
This book had a lot of good qualities and I think definitely interests young adults, especially those living in the city and who are either directly or indirectly affected by drugs in their community. It was enlightening to read a book from the drug dealer's--or "hustler's"-- point of view, especially a drug hustler who is also a teenager in high school. Some of the best moments were when the main character, Ty, is realizing while in school he gets to act like his age and gets a break from running the family business of drug dealing while his dad is in jail. However, this book also left me with a lot of questions. Ty is an African-American 17-year-old living in Brooklyn. The author is a white woman who lived in Brooklyn briefly and taught at a high school there. (She now lives in Canada.) I looked on her website and she apparently wrote this book for her students in Brooklyn after they complained about not reading books that they could directly relate to. The author takes on such authority on this subject that I'm really wondering what she did in terms of research to make this book as authentic as possible. With respect to her students and other young adults who deal with this subject in their lives, I really think presenting it in the most authentic way possible is very important. For the most part, I think the author did just that, but in other ways I'm not too sure. Also, I'm not sure if I would have cringed as much if I hadn't known the author wasn't African-American, but her use of the n-word, though probably mostly authentic, made me feel uncomfortable and made me question whether or not that was a good choice. I don't know if I'm just super sensitive and need to relax, but that just raised some questions for me. This book is definitely intended for high-school age young adults.
1 review
November 7, 2011
Street pharm by Allison van diepen,
The dialogue was good and descriptive
Main characters;
Ty: hot shot,drug dealer,caring,buisness man,liar
Sonny: Ty's bestfried,sweet, loyal
Monfrey: doesnt know his worth,dirty,easy to talk into
Alyse: Ty's lover,smart,educated,teen mom
language used was slang
Plot: It started off w/ a hot shot drug dealer who was only in highschool running his fathers drug dealing "buisness" lying to his mom not going to school pretending to work as an excuse for all his money.
In the middle: His mother found out that he lied about his job and going to school, ty sweet talked her into giving him a second chance when she did he changed schools and met a girl name alyse that he liked for her mind rather than her looks. he got competition with his fathers drug rival and ended up getting shot by them, he managed to frame his compitition and got him arrested and off the streets.Alyse found out ty was a drug dealer and left him
In the end: Ty's bestfriend sonny was killed while making a transaction and found dead on the beach he was shot, ty than realized what he wanted for himself and how this buisness was only going to land him dead or in jail, so he went to the prison his father was in and told him that he no longer wanted to run his buisness and when his father gets out he has to run his own buisness, shortly after doing that him and alyse started dating again, and ty turned around from his bad habits and started school again, after dropping out cause of injury
6 reviews
June 6, 2012
"Street Pharm," by Allison van Diepen, is relatively different from anything you'd call a novel. The story is about a young hustler from Brookland. When his dad went to jail a few years ago, he took over as 'kingpin' for the family business. The family business you ask? Ty Johnson, the main character, likes to call it YDDA. Young Drug Dealers of America. He's the main man of a huge branch of drug dealers (employees) to users (customers). The book gives you a great insight on what real street life is like, with a twist of love. Will he follow his number one rule; Girlfriends are only a distraction?
I loved this book, and could not put it down. It was a cover-to-cover read, in about three days! I was hooked on the way the author characterized everyone in the story. She uses real 'ghetto-talk' so you know it's 'fresh'. I also loved the incorporation of another favorite book of mine; The Art of War. Ty Johnson had loved and breathed that book, and illustrates it all too well in every decision he makes. That may be the sole reason why he is so successful.
If I had to rate this book, in my opinion I would have to give it a 5/5. There is no way I can't be loyal to this novel, because I feel like it will be loyal with me. I will probably remember this book for the rest of my life. Now, I wouldn't recommend it to just anyone. Though, I would recommend it to anyone who would sound interested after reading the summary I have written above. It's not at all what it seems, and that's not the only surprise in this book.
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November 9, 2012
Reviewed by Randstostipher "tallnlankyrn" Nguyen for TeensReadToo.com

Ty Johnson knows how to survive in the real world, to take care of problems on the spot. He has everything in control and knows the way to run things. He's intelligent, patient, and skillful, everything he needs when he inherited his father's business. Everything is running smoothly for Ty and that's the way he wants it.

But then a series of struggles and obstacles ruins the way Ty does things. Not only does he have to take care of a competitor who wants to run him out of business, but he has to deal with school, the only thing his mother wants him to focus on. That could be especially difficult when a girl like none other, Alyse, enters his life and makes him feel happy for once. The hardest part is trying to hide from his mother, and almost everyone new he meets, that he is involved in dealing drugs, the business that Ty's mother hoped to forget after Ty's father went to prison for it.

Ty starts to question every action he does, from the moment he entered the business. With so many problems to handle, can Ty get through it all?

Allison van Diepen takes on a risky plot that so many teens have heard about, but never knew much about, and pulls the reader in. STREET PHARM is a true coming-of-age story that causes the reader to be at the edge of their seat, quickly turning pages, and in the end wanting more. A quick, fast-paced read that is necessary for all teens to read.
1 review
September 26, 2013
I found this book while I was roaming through a bunch of books and decided that I would read it.

This story mainly takes place in the ghetto and at Les also it took place at Alsye house

Ty faced a lot of external conflict by keeping his dads business in tact. He faced internal conflict by having to lie to his girl Alsye.


Ty started of being very Static by not changing his ways but through out the book he became more dynamic by ending his dads business.

Ty was very strong in what he did he was also a more independent person when it came to finding things he was responsible by having others backs he was trustworthy for not snitching.

Everything I did made me better -- tougher, stronger, richer, smarter -- or I didn't do it.”
Diepen Pg 50

That not everything you try is safe. That you should always watch your back and put the important people in front and don't lie to someone who means so much to you.

Imagery the book each page you could imagine what was happening

Characterization in the book could imagine the characters what they were doing and what they looked like.

Mood Ty and most of the people in this book stayed the same and didn't change

I would highly recommend he and every boy to read this book no matter how old you are. It shows you what can happen when you get involved in things that Ty did. This book will show that it may be cool now until someone gets caught or someone gets hurt that's when it all changes.
1 review
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September 28, 2010
I'm reading the book Street Pharm by Allison Van Diepen. Seventeen year old Tyrone Johnson lived a rough life with a father in jail and a very moody mother. His father had a family buisness, when he got locked up he passed it down to Ty. Ty and his mom live in Manhattan, NY. When Ty was ready to handle the buisness, he started fast and easily. Was ready for anything that came his way and wouldnt stop for nothing. Now as a big time drug dealer just like his father he develops enemies and lots of drama that comes with it. Ty also has his own rules but falling for a girl is not one of them. Alyse is a smart girl that attends a bad school which gets Ty's attention. Now as Alyse gets closer, it might ruin Ty's reputation and put her and his family in danger.
I Think this book is very catching and has critical thinking about things like drugs and how to handle drama in situations like Tyrone's. When you read this book you'll be very interested and will learn a couple of life lessons on the way.
I'm guessing what the author is trying to do is show what kind of life you would be living while drug dealing or actually doing drugs, and the kinds of things that can follow through with the situation.
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59 reviews
March 8, 2009
This book was a page turner. I thought that this was a very interesting book, and that Allison van Diepen is a very talented author. This story covers some of the problems that come with being hustlers on the streets. This book also has many lessons people can use in their everyday life even though they aren’t drug dealers. This book also has some romantic love issues as well. Many people think that drug dealers are the problem when really it’s the drugs itself. There more people dead because of drugs then there are drug dealers. Being a hustler is a dead end job. Sometimes I can’t even imagine how they can adapt to this life style. I mean every time you walk out your apartment you have to be worries of either some shooting you or the cops. What kind of life is that? Also what I really don’t understand is how you can have a family and put them in this kind of danger? At any moment something can happen and change your whole life forever in this lifestyle. I recommend this book to every teen. This gives you an insight on the problems and lifestyle of a true hustler.
6 reviews
March 21, 2011
I chose to read this book because the main character has to solve problems and to get past the bumps in life. The genre is realistic fiction I chose to read this book because it looked like it had to do with people solving problems that come up in their life. The setting takes place in New York. The main character Ty is a local drug dealer taking after his father’s old business. A description of the main character is smart with his money, smart with his drug dealing, and smart with the people he hangs around with for the business. In the beginning of the story Ty has no problems he has it all good up until a big shot brother form a big family in Miami aka “King” shows up and tries to run Ty out of the buiss. Ty hires a professional to take down King but the plans change. At the end he makes a really big decision to quit his dads business. My opinion of the book was that it was a great book and l liked to read it.
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May 13, 2011
This book is about a kid named Ty Jhonson he is a dealer in the streets with his best friend Sonny. Ty has worked for his dad seens his dad went to jail. Ty starts having problems when another dealer comes to town by the named Darkman he trys to take over Ty terretory by sending guys to kill Ty in a driveby, but they fail, but gets injuries like his abonden so he has to stay in the hospital for a couple of weeks. Ty hires a man to Kill Darkman for revenge, but he tells the man not kill him no more cause he has a new plan. Ty's plan worked Darkman goes to jail but a couple of days later Sonny gets shot and dies, Ty dosent know if he wants to keep up with his life like this. If you want to learn more read this book its a realy good book.

8 reviews
December 10, 2010
I read this book because I like reading books about drug dealer because there always alot of action in them. The book a read was a realistic fiction. The boook took place in the city.The main character was tyrone jonhson but people call him ty for short.Ty gits into a problem with a rival dealer that his dad had to go throw when ty dad use to be a dealer.Ty dad use to be a big dealer untill be got locked up.So Ty dad gave him the buisnis.Ty dad want him to hire a hitman to take out the dealer but Ty want to do it another way.But Ty scard to do anythang because he kinda has a girlfriend and she doesnt know that he deals.So Ty sets the other dealer up with a cop and doesnt have to kill anyone.I thought that the book was really good because it has alot of action in it.
9 reviews
June 1, 2018
Street Pharm is a pretty good book and is about this kid named Tyrone Johnson or goes by TY which is the main character. TY is a 17 year old that is in high school and is in his dad's drug dealing business. TY’s dad gets sent to prison and TY decides to take over his dads drug dealing business with his best friend Sonny. TY get kicked out of his high school and is going to an alternative school called chancellor there he meets his a young single mother named alyse and keeps his business a secret. Then later in the book TY is in school talking to the principle and Sonny goes out to do a drug deal and is killed by a rival gang. Read the book Street Pharm to see if Tyrone will change his life around and stay in school or see if he will keep his dad's business.
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October 5, 2013
I thought this book was average, but I would definitely recommend it to my reluctant male readers (teens). It is a quick, easy read from the point of view of a young, black male who has followed in his drug dealing father's footsteps. He is intelligent, charismatic and kind hearted despite his profession. I think this could really resonate with a certain reader. It paints a brief, yet realistic picture if this particular world.
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February 10, 2010
its about this kid his name is ty and he is a dope dealer and gang banger that got kicked out of school and now is going to some alterative school and he met this girl and she wants to date him and he dont want to becuse he never dates he says its mainley about him dealing and his home boys
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March 29, 2012
This book is absolutely amazing..
It's so well written, and as you read
you feel as if you're right there with him
feeling everything he's going through and
all the stress he's dealing with.
I highly recommend this book !

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