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Lharmell #1

Blood Song

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I wanted to turn but I was held captive by the song on the wind. I’m coming, I told the voices. Please, wait for me.

When her sister becomes betrothed to a prince in a northern nation, Zeraphina’s only consolations are that her loyal animal companions are by her side – and that her burning hunger to travel north is finally being sated.

Already her black hair and pale eyes mark her out as different, but now Zeraphina must be even more careful to keep her secret safe. Craving blood is not considered normal behaviour for anyone, let alone a princess. So when the king’s advisor, Rodden, seems to know more about her condition than she does, Zeraphina is determined to find out more.

Zeraphina must be willing to sacrifice everything if she’s to uncover the truth – but what if the truth is beyond her worst nightmares?

290 pages, Paperback

First published September 1, 2011

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About the author

Rhiannon Hart

6 books245 followers
Rhiannon is a freelance writer and author living in London. Originally from Australia, she loves exploring new cities and open spaces. When she's not writing, she plays video games, hikes and pats any cat she meets.

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1,400 reviews11.7k followers
September 14, 2011
2.5 stars

Guess you could call Blood Song a romantic teen fantasy, or teen fantasy extra lite?

It is probably unfair to compare this book to such outstanding fantasy novels as Daughter of Smoke and Bone or Finnikin of the Rock. After all, Blood Song is clearly aimed at the younger part of teen crowd. But everything about this novel is so simplistic, there is hardly anything to wow you, in my opinion.

The story itself is very basic. 16-year princess Zeraphina lives with her mother and older sister Lilith in a cold southern country of ... (sorry, can't recall). More and more often she hears a call/feels a pull from the north. That and her not long ago acquired craving for blood worry the princess. When an heir of a bigger northern country of ... (again, can't recall) expresses interest in marrying Lilith, Fina jumps at the opportunity to travel north. She later finds out that there is a mysterious northern country of Lharmell nobody talks about and Fina fears she has a bad connection to it. Only Rodden, the brooding best friend of Lilith's future husband, has answers for her, but he is irritatingly mum.

Not only is the plot void of any twists or profundity, but the world building is very cursory. Instead of creating country histories and cultures, the author chose to concentrate on balls, gowns and various opportunities to play out plucky heroine/brooding hero romantic scenarios between Zeraphina and Rodden. But there is nothing new even there, although the dialog is occasionally flirty and fun.

While I don't find Blood Song off-putting like many recent US YA PNR offerings, I don't think there is really anything unique about this novel, especially for those readers who are not into bickering lovers-centric stories.
392 reviews331 followers
August 22, 2011
We all know that I am constantly saying I am not a huge fan of fantasy but it turns out I am. But only really good fantasy and that is definitely what Blood Song is. I absolutely loved it. For me it was the perfect reading escape.

Zeraphina has always known she is different with her unusual striking looks and her craving for blood which is getting strong each day and calling her to the north. When her older sister Lilith becomes engaged to Prince Amis in the northern land Zeraphina jumps at the chance to visit a place that will bring her closer to the answer she is seeking about her strange condition. There she meets Rodden, the King's advisor who seems to know the answers but isn't willing to tell Zeraphina the truth.

Blood Song has that easy style of writing that is just addicting. You can picture the world, the atmosphere so beautifully without being weighed down by heavy and boring world building unlike some other fantasy books. And then on top of that you have a suspenseful and intriguing plot that keeps you turning the pages.

I adore the main characters. There is something special about them. Zeraphina, is strong, independent and just an enjoyable protagonist. She seeks out the answers she needs even if it gets her into trouble. Also she is never without her cat called Leap and an Eagle named Griffin and they make awesome sidekicks.

Rodden, is one of those dark, sexy and mysterious types. He comes off tough and a little bit arrogant but you know he is a good guy underneath. The relationship between Zeraphina and Rodden, is amusing. They didn't fall over each other. They had plenty of witty banter and you can just see the sparks flying between them. I am looking forward to seeing what happens next with these two.

Overall, Blood Song is a magical read that left me craving more. I definitely recommend this outstanding debut to fantasy and paranormal fans.
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384 reviews376 followers
July 22, 2011
Blood Song grabbed me from the start. The thing about this fantasy ~ is Hart writes in such a way that the reading experience was so effortless. Her writing is tight, within pages you have a sense of the world and our heroine. Her world-building is all show (not tell) and Hart masterfully places the reader in the story alongside Zeraphina, letting the world-building evolve as we go along. I marvel at the way she handled it without employing the “awkward info dump” scenario that so often bogs down books in this genre.

I seriously *loved* Zeraphina (& from the first page). She’s spirited without being overly in-your-face-feisty, she’s confident even while aching and confused inside. She’s got a gorgeous persona ~ exactly the kind of character I would love to be friends with. She has a smart sense of humour and she fiercely, spectacularly loves her pets (her cat, Leap, and Griffin, her eagle)

[detouring here to say ~ Leap and Griffin are such fab characters to add to the cast, they’re brought to life with all the nuances of a 3D human character. <3]

The other thing you should absolutely know about this book is it is crazily original. The plot continually heats up and the villains (!) are insanely, genuinely creepy. I had chills even as I couldn’t look away ~ they are fascinating and dark and make for some completely vivid imagery. The stakes are raised and the truth is equal parts creative and horrifying.

Deep into the plot of the book, some of the imagery and scenery depicted reminded me of the way Marianne de Pierre’s crafted such an intense setting in her book Burn Bright. While in Lharmell, the setting was so strongly evoked: ashey and dark and mysterious and incredibly foreboding. There is a kind of cult-esque feel with the Lharmellins which I gave me tiny little sparks of horror (and raised my curiosity ten-fold). Absolutely-deliciously-cannot-look-away-creepy.

Apart from the all mystery and darkness, there's a lot of fun in the book (including balls, a wedding, and an archery tournament).

So you want to know about the swoon factor ;) ? YOU GUYS. *dies of the swoon* Zeraphina and Rodden have one of those relationships that keep me glued to the pages. Rodden’s 22 years old, dark, broody, effortlessly sexy and impossibly hard to read (oh-so-very-intriguing). He’s enigmatic, charismatic and utterly appealing. And, wow, how he and Zeraphina spar. They have an amazing chemistry even as (okay, especially as) they antagonise each other.

It is the first book in a series, and while it doesn’t end on a cliffhanger, it provides a whole bunch of answers while psyching you up for the next installment.

I can feel my review growing with everything I want to say. But I am worried that the more I ramble on, the more you’ll skim and the less you’ll read ;) So to summarise the essence of my review:
oh my gosh, I loved it so.

Recommended: Blood Song is written with astounding talent, stunning creativity and complete heart. It’s thrilling and mysterious and fun and creepy and dark, (with some sexy undertones). It’s on my favourites list, best of 2011 list and tops my list of fave fantasies. I had no idea I would love this so. I cannot wait to see it in stores (in Australia from Sept 1). I cannot wait for you guys to all read it and see what you think!

[bonus reviewer material ;): Me + this book: I went to bed around 11pm @ night and thought I’d check out the first chapter of Blood Song before turning out the light. Fast forward 290 pages later and it’s around 3am and I’ve devoured the book in one leaping go. I was so sucked in, so loving everything about this book that I didn’t want to put it down. I spent time over the following week re-reading my favourite passages as I was not ready to let the characters and story go. Just sitting down and writing my review has made me nostalgic all over again :)]
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774 reviews514 followers
September 16, 2011
During the first chapters there were only some things that rubbed me the wrong way:

- the language in general and certain expressions that in my point of view did not match the high fantasy setting,
- the forced fairytale vibes - including a carriage that looked like a hollowed pumpkin and letters sent out within an instant to advertise the princess' hand in marriage to the bald and bumpy -,
- the heroine speaking of her mother as Renata while Renata always addressed her daughters as "Daughter",
- the heroine making sudden presumptions based on absolute nothing - just to push forward the plot's main mystery (I can imagine that it takes a lot of effort and skill to make a heroine's unraveling a riddle seem natural and smooth, but still. I scoffed and snorted repeatedly, but a little more irritated each time),
- the pet-eagle on the heroine's arm (I looked it up: There are indeed species that weigh only a pound, but most eagles lug around a few kilos) as if it were little parrot.

Later I got annoyed by Princess Zeraphina's hypocricy (i.e. she expresses displeasure when she is served peacock, because peacocks are so decorative and should in her opinion be treated as no-food-decoration. But on the other hand she secretly craves blood and hunts in her spare time with a bird of prey), her general contempt, her bad mood and her limited view ... and I noticed that I was bored and had begun a calculation in my head about how much more time I would have to spend in this world before I could delve into the next one.

A few pages before I decided to pull the emergency brake (around page 150) the romance started to show first hints of bloom, but I already disliked the characters too much to get roped into a heart-throb-mode.

I am so sorry, dear Booker friends, for not loving the book like you do. And sorry for speaking ill of your new favorite. But I am also so relieved that I managed to cancel my order, because a friend intervened and offered to lend me her copy. 'You can always buy it later', she said. She is right. I can, but I won't. Thank you, M.!
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1,156 reviews641 followers
August 10, 2011
Rating Clarification: 4.5 stars

If finishing this book in one day is any indication of how much I truly enjoyed Blood Song, well then there you have it. I adored it! Now I guess it also helps that this book is Australian and YA Fantasy, two elements that when done right are sure to grab my attention and catapult me into my out-for-the-day-call-me-later reading zone. I really enjoyed every minute of this adventure!

Blood Song by Rhiannon Hart is a masterful kickoff to a series that I’m a bit worried is not available in the states because I desperately want to see how Zaraphina and Rodden’s story unfolds.

The writing is beautiful and the characters are full of passion and fire. I was pleasantly surprised finding myself more than half way into the book and not being distracted by love triangles or love interests. It was actually quite refreshing that this story concentrated on the main character’s quest to discover what and who she truly is. So, when she finds a connection with Rodden closer to the end of the book, it felt real and genuine. Perfectly executed IMO.

In this story, Zaraphina is overcome with a blood desire she doesn’t quite understand. Her mind and body are being pulled by an unknown force driving a need to take her to the northern lands. When her sister is to be betrothed to Prince Amis of Pergamia, Zaraphina goes on the journey with Lilith to the kingdom that will bring her closer to that mysterious land and right into the hands of a stranger that holds the answers she’s been trying to uncover.

Definitely a book that shouldn’t be missed by fans of YA Fantasy. It has everything that makes for a great read – captivating plot, engaging characters and fantastical writing.

Thank you so much to my Street Corner Booker friend Nomes for lending me her Australian ARC! I most definitely enjoyed this book. Oh and my comment count… 8. Let’s see what other Booker can top that. =]
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292 reviews721 followers
September 9, 2011
When blood smeared all over the ground a putrid smell of a marigold spread all over your nose. The smell of death, hunger and cold that will hunt creatures in the night and the living will start to crumble. Two great lands with ultimate power fought for years and hunted by blood, and only one will survive. Is it the light that will help us see the truth or the dark that will creeps everyone until end.

When Zeraphina was young, she was sick and nearly died. After that accident everything changed, the thirst and the hunger that she did not expect in the end. She traveled in the other city, forced by the song she heard, and mentored her mother and sister to the land of Pergamia, the vast richness of the golden city that stands by its mighty power. She discovered things that are not normally discussed, things that society branded with taboo.

Her dreams are made to happen and the voice is meant to guide her but her will to know her identity made it clearer that she was different, different from her parents, different from others. The black hair and white skin, the cold and the ability, she became aware of her own capability but she doesn't have any idea who she was. A question that will linger readers and the deadly adventure that will soon be unfold.

You can't stop reading the book; it was an easy read, very short and very interesting. The first book emphasizes more on the question behind her identity. She was a good archer, a good sister and daughter, and animal lover, for short she was a normal girl. But her thirst and hunger become more and more serious when days past. All she asks or hears was blood inside her.

Of course, in the first place I already guess who she was and I think from the synopsis you already know her identity but you are not sure of it. So readers keep on reading until the end and a very good technique to make readers hook from it. Rhiannon Hart also adds romance in the book, a puppy love or maybe a simple love-hate relationship. Very interesting but for me as a guy, I find it boring and nonsensical. This is meant for female readers at first place.

But why I read this book? Because it reminds me of a book that I thought will scatter my nerve out of its place. Unfortunately, I expected more from it and I'm very grateful that I got this from a friend of mine. I expected action and fighting scenes but it came out to be romance in the middle. This is a page turner and I don't have any idea why, I just keep on reading it. Maybe because of its simplicity or the interesting self discovery or I'm totally curious of what will happen in the end.

I suggest readers give this book a try because I'm not sure if my head really works well while reading it. I also hate how she keeps on questioning herself of her identity and I must admit that I got annoyed in the middle of the book. Guys, don't be disappointed, more unexpected events will happen in the near end and wish everyone had a good time reading it. When the moon came to life, be careful or you will be next in line.

I want to visit Pergamia, one of the greatest lands in the book. I have a question, where did she get her idea of the Pergamia? Any suggestion? O, this is my first Aussie too!

Review posted on the day that the mighty one will create something surprising.

Rating: Blood Song by Rhiannon Hart, 3 Sweets

Book #243 for 2011
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Author 4 books14 followers
May 19, 2011
I am very lucky to have read this book well before publication. I loved it! (Bias note: I am a very proud Dad!!!)
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351 reviews278 followers
September 2, 2011

My review can also be found on my blog Collections.

Blood Song first came to my attention after finding out it was written by an Australian author. (If you don't already know, I love to read Australian YA!) I became even more curious after reading some great reviews. Fantasy seems to be one of the genres that I tend to pay less attention to. I'm not sure why. I have read some young-adult fantasy that I really love and are some of my favorite books. I'm really glad I had the opportunity to read Blood Song because I'm finally able to add another YA fantasy and Aussie novel to my favorites!

For the past few years, sixteen-year-old Zeraphina has had a strange craving for blood. Although she has never tried any, there are times where she can't stop thinking about it. What's worse is that she has felt an urge, a pull to go North. She practices archery to keep herself distracted, but it's in the back of her mind all the time and every day these urges and cravings seem to slowly intensify, causing her immense pain. She finds relief when her older sister becomes engaged to a prince from Pergamia, a northern country of Brivora. By accompanying her sister to Pergamia, Zeraphina has a chance to figure out why she's drawn northwards and why she hungers for blood. But the answers she desperately wants and eventually finds end up making her life much more complicated than before.

As soon as I read the first chapter, I knew I was going to love Blood Song. Zeraphina and her sister Lilith and mother Renata were making me laugh with some of the things they said. I love when a book gets me to laugh! I didn't even know there would be a bit of humor, so it was a nice surprise. (Other readers might not find it quite as hilarious I did, but oh well, maybe it's just the kind of humor I like.) What I loved about it is that it showed how close they were as a family. It was so great to read about two sisters actually getting along. There was no rivalry between Zeraphina and Lilith, and while Renata is just a little overbearing, it's obvious she cares deeply for her daughters and only wants the best for them.

"I knew what you were the minute I saw you [...] and you seemed so fierece, so...human, that it gave me hope."

That is part of one of my favorite quotes in the book. I couldn't include the entire quote and the next line because it might be a bit spoiler-y. But I can say that is was Rodden Lothskorn speaking to Zeraphina. Rodden is the 22-year-old advisor of the Pergamian king. He's mysterious and intriguing but also arrogant and infuriating. From the moment Zeraphina meets him, they can't seem to get along. Zeraphina is clever and pretty sarcastic and she can hold her own, so her clashing with someone like Rodden wasn't surprising. Their bickering kept me laughing, and I loved it.

Zeraphina doesn't know if Rodden can be trusted and he seems to feel the same way about her. I can understand Zeraphina's frustration, since Rodden is part of the reason why her life gets even more complicated. He hints at having the answers she wants but avoids giving them to her...until she starts figuring him out. I'm very happy it didn't take the entire book to get some answers. There is still a bit of mystery from Rodden, though, because he never goes into detail about his past. I really look forward to knowing more about him in the next book, and hopefully there will be more moments between him and Zeraphina because their connection was something that I really loved about the book.

I recommend Blood Song to Kristin Cashore fans and fans of Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder. And if you're not a huge fantasy fan, you should still give this book a read! It's hard not to get sucked into the story from the very beginning. There's enough suspense and action, and the world in Blood Song is beautiful but not overwhelming. Plus, who doesn't like awesome and kickass characters? Blood Song is the first book in a trilogy, and I'm already anxious and excited for the second book. So, if you get the chance, be sure to read it!

Shout out and big thanks to Nomes for giving me the opportunity to read this book! Thanks girl! :)
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187 reviews302 followers
October 17, 2011
I have been keeping an eye out for a new YA fantasy series to love and cherish and I think this is it! Blood Song is an intriguing and compelling read - it kept me up all night long, as only the best books do.

Hart's debut tells the story of Zeraphina, a princess who has an inexplicable desire to travel to the north. I loved Zeraphina from the very first page. She reminded me of one of the literary greats: Elizabeth Bennet. Each are stubborn, strong-willed, quick to temper... but care deeply about those close to them. Even the relationship between Lilith and Zeraphina reminded me of Jane and Lizzie :)

The world building is flawless. Hart created a traditional fantasy feel, old castles with overgrown forests and monarchies that throw extravagant balls. I have to add that the change of scenery towards the end of the book was unique and felt quite unlike any fantasy landscape I had read about before.

The mystery and intrigue builds steadily in the first half of the book. As Zeraphina slowly uncovers clues as to who and what she is, the reader grows even more invested in the story. However, this is where the 1 and a half star comes away. I felt the story arc flowed beautifully over the first half, but I became impatient with the second half and a bit disappointed with the info dump that occurred after the masquerade ball. The book could have benefited from being a bit longer to allow Zeraphina to discover more of the answers for herself, rather than finding out over a few pages.

In saying that, I was still blown away by this story. I think fans of Isobelle Carmody will LOVE Blood Song (Leap and Griffin, the animals of this story, added a very Obernewtyn feel to the book). I think it will appeal to readers who don't usually read fantasy and die-hard fantasy lovers alike.

Book two of Lharmell can't come soon enough!

Special thanks to Random House for providing a copy of Blood Song for review.
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140 reviews86 followers
June 19, 2017
Blood Song is a wonderfully written YA fantasy about Zeraphina who can't resist a call from the North. Will she be able to resist her lust for blood? And how will she resist a handsome stranger waiting for her there?

This is a strong character-driven story as we explore Zeraphina's urges and transformation.
August 14, 2015
I really hope I can get to read the next book!! And to those of you who haven't read this... Do read it. Marvelous book.

So I guess you can start saying that Serafina Or Zerafina, however you spell it has dark eyes, and dark hair, and maybe alabaster skin. And it was different from Renata, her mom, and Lilith, her older sister's hair, skin & eyes. Why was that? Well, don't wonder no more. She had had the Hundred-day-cough (insert thunder) *gasp* Yes, and as a baby of 6 months!!! Nooooooo. Too bad.

And that's all I'm giving, apart from that there's a wedding, a sheet with blood the next morning, shooting arrows, intrigue, a boy... ummm, well a man *blush?* And well... that's about it.

And yes, it took me a day to read this, but only because of my vacations. But also it's quite short.
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230 reviews224 followers
July 21, 2011
The palace of Amentina is slowly falling into disrepair, the money is dwindling and Reneta, Queen of Amentina, is adamant that her eldest daughter, Lilith, marry a wealthy Prince soon so their land will not die. But when her betrothed suddenly dies, the plan goes awry and Lilith is left nursing a broken heart. Until Renata quickly puts her back on the market and she's offered marriage to Prince Amis of Pergamia. Lilith wants no part of it at first, but something is calling, beckoning her sister Zeraphina to the north where Pergamia lies. The desire burning within her very veins, tugging on every inch of her being toward north. She needs to go there. She must convince Lilith to accept Amis' invitation. But what will await her?

Mystery, danger and Rodden, a man who rivals Zeraphina in all kinds of delicious ways. But can she trust him? What is he hiding? Why does he keep putting a stop to her finding any answers? And why is he such a jerk 90% of the time? (Hush, Zeraphina, don't speak such nonesense of my Rodden!) What awaits the reader is amazing tale that will suck you into it's heart, clutching tighter and tighter as you venture further into Pergamia and the terrors that lurk nearby. I could not read this fast enough, but so very disapointed when I had no more pages to turn!

I think Zeraphina may be one of my new favourite heroines. Your normal definition of "Princess" hardly applies to her and not just because the girl has a craving for blood. And I adore her two animal companions. She's such a plucky young thing - so determined and headstrong and stubborn. If she wants answers, she will go to all ends to seek them out. She doesn't sit around and let the chips fall where they may, she charges forth right in the middle of the action. I really admired her and that fiesty spirit burning within. The wit she brings forth to rival Rodden's makes for such entertaining scenes between the pair and her determined bravery adds to the general awesomeness of this novel, particularly the ending!

I absolutely adored the connection between Rodden and Zeraphina. Their banter back and forth was brilliant. And oh that man. That sexy, brooding, infuriating man. The tension, the agitation and eventually the attraction between them builds and builds until it bleeds from the very pages and you're just as hungry for that blood as Zeraphina is. They grow into such a fierce duo, so full of fire and when they actually do hint at their feelings toward one another, you just about want to explode.

Throughout the novel Zeraphina is on this mission to learn more about the war between Pergamia and Lharmell, but nobody is giving her any answers. She'll find a vague hint here and there, but just when she thinks she might be onto something, Rodden is right there ready to squash all progress. I think that guy has an inbuilt, 'Zeraphina Is Finding Answers' radar to which he must put in motion the, "I Must Intercept With My Brooding Hulk And Piss Her Off" defense strategy. But don't worry, frustrating as it may be for her and the reader at not getting those answers, he makes it a sexy frustration.

Rhiannon has crafted an amazing new mythology with the Lharmellins. Do not chalk up the blood hunger to 'vampires' when you read the synopsis, because it is far, far from your typical bloodsucking craving. When we do learn more about them and their land of Lharmell, it definitely lives up to the mystery! Toward the end especially, Rhiannon has written some brilliant scenes that highlight the creepy, luring nature of the Lharmellins and their effect on Zeraphina. I am so intrigued to see where the story is headed next!

Rhiannon Hart is one debut author that everyone should be on the watch for. Blood Song is an incredible start to what is no doubt going to shape up to be a favourite series of mine. A rich, vivid new fantasy world containing such a unique and compelling mythology with creatures that will lure you into their frenzied web of seduction - to draw away from the pages would be a sin. The gradual romance which starts as a spark, a suspicious, uneasy spark, begins to simmer and then burn and flare into something delightful. If you like your heroines spunky, relatable and flawed, if you like a novel that will demand to be read in one sitting, then this is the perfect read. Do not pass it up!
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938 reviews1,302 followers
March 20, 2015
Another Aussie book on my shelf full of awesome ;))

To be honest, it's more like 4.5 because the last part of it was so-and-so, but anyways it's hard to tell how much I loved this book.
It's really great.

This is one of those books that you take in your hands and then you can't put down. I started reading it late at night and the first thing I did in the morning was to finish it.. no breakfast for me until the last page.

I liked Zeraphina (still, I didn't like her name) - she was a bit stubborn, but she meant good, she was a bit selfish and childish, but also sweet and caring. I liked the relationship between her and her sister, and the fact that she wanted to protect her. Even though her intentions were at the beginning a bit selfish she always wanted nothing but happiness for Lizbeth.

When she was young,  Zeraphina almost died of sickness. She doesn't remember much about that time and her mother doesn't say a word about it, but she knows that after that she started to change - her eyes turned glassy blue, her hair became dark, as a teenager she started to have strange dreams and to feel an awful blood thirst - now she doesn't know anymore who she is, what she is, what is normal, and why it is not.

In the dreams she hears a voice calling for her, and the desire to go to the North becomes unbearable.  Mostly, the secrets in this book go around her thirst for blood, and the journey to the North where innocent  Lizbeth was to meet her prince.

There Fina (as a nickname for Zeraphina) will meet  the king’s advisor, Rodden, the one who will steal her stubborn heart. The relation between them is something to look for, the moments with them are amazingly funny, and sweet, and the chemistry is great too.

I kept laughing and hoping for them to figure a way to keep quiet for a minute or so, such that they could see how much they liked each other without ruining the moment.

I loved the tournament with them competing against each other, and the prize is of course.. priceless ;))

I'll give you some clues for some of the moments I loved without spoiling them for you:
- peacock
- (under the) bed
- tournament
- costume
- ears

You should definitely read the book for more ;)

Review originally posted at ReadingAfterMidnight.com


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469 reviews79 followers
September 13, 2011
I think by looking at my status updates you can tell how much I did or rather didn't enjoy Blood Song. After reading rave reviews for it I expected something awesome, maybe even groundbreaking. But it doesn't do any of those things.

Zeraphina craves blood. It's not a constant feeling but it comes back it painful bursts that sometimes go as far as to drive her into unconsciousness. She fights against it but everything about it draws her northwards so when her sister Lilith is supposed to marry Prince Amis from Pergamia she wants to go with her and she does.
Zeraphina goes snooping around, because she can feel something is wrong but she can't put her finger on it and so things begin to unravel, presenting her with something she never could've guessed.

#1 The Positive

The Writing: Even though the writing felt off and a bit strange at times it was easy to read and provided for a quick and fast read. Had other things not prevented my I probably would have finished it within two to three hours.

Lharmell & Lharmellins: They're the villains in this story and yet I was only really interested when we found out more about them which, unfortunately, took a loooong time.

#2 The Negative

Zeraphina: She thinks of herself as oh-so-clever but she was annoying, stupid and had a serious temper plus a tendency to rush into things without thinking about them.

Rodden: Standoffish, mysterious, brooding guy who happens to treat Zeraphina like crap until they

Romance: About one third into the story it stops concentrating on Lharmell, instead we're forced to watch Zeraphina and Rodden bicker around and fight with each other until suddenly falling head over heels in love with each other and

The Pace: The book felt entirely too rushed for me and I would have liked more world-building, especially more descriptions of the world, including more of Amentia and Pergamia.

I would like to find out more about the Lharmellins, how they came to be but after reading the summary of the second book I doubt we'll find out more about them and instead will be subjugated to the Zeraphina/Rodden love story. No, thank you. I won't be reading any of the sequels.

Don't let my review discourage you from reading it though, many other people have loved it so it may just be me.
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274 reviews67 followers
July 25, 2011
This review is also posted on my blog, In The Good Books.

Zeraphina is being lured northward and she thinks there could lie the answers to why she has such strange cravings for blood, so when the chance arises to travel there with her sister, she ignores her misgivings and takes it up -- but on arrival, she realises her misgivings may not have been totally unfounded.

If you expect anything even close to a clichéd vampire story from the synopsis, you're completely off. Blood Song proved to be incredibly imaginative and unique. It had all of the best parts of fantasy without all of the worst (and yes, by worst, I mean the cumbersome names. They just roll off your tongue in this one: Lharmell, Amentia).

Zeraphina was a great character to read about. She was strong; she could (and did) hold her own in an argument, and when faced with a challenge, she dealt with it head-on rather than avoiding it. Part of her appeal was in how she realistically stood apart from the other women in the high fantasy setting, and wasn't moony and obsessed with men. Her relationship with Rodden was realistically developed, and their romance never became her number one priority. It was an appreciated sub-plot, a complement to the main plot.

On the topic of setting, the world-building was excellent, and the otherworldly backdrop to the story was vivid and portrayed in an apt light. For instance, Lharmell's creepiness felt tangible in every moment our characters spent there. The setting was richly imaginative and the tone suited it brilliantly.

Written expertly, you wouldn't guess this was Rhiannon's debut. The story was told in compelling prose, constantly foreshadowing and maintaining a tense and eerie tone. The plot took many turns, always unpredictable and exciting.

Blood Song was amazingly imaginative and atmospheric, definitely a welcome addition to the Aussie fantasy scene. I look forward to Rhiannon's future books!

I give Blood Song a 5 out of 5.

I'd recommend it for fans of: Graceling and Burn Bright.
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June 14, 2011
A while ago I was whinging about the lack of Aussie YA fantasy coming out, and how I really just wanted to sink my teeth into something amazing. Well! The book gods obviously heard my cries and answered with Blood Song, though I think this wonderful gem had less to do with book gods and more to do with superb début author Rhiannon Hart.

I was hooked straight away by feisty heroine Zeraphina. A pet hate of mine is when female characters are Pillars of Perfection: they do all the right things, are completely selfless and will bend over backwards to help others. No thanks. Give me a character who has her own best interests at heart any day, because she feels a lot more likeable. Zeraphina struggles with the fact that she knows she's not the perfect sister and daughter she should be, but thankfully she doesn't let that knowledge stop her from doing exactly what she wants.

Not only has Hart created some tremendously likeable characters here, she's also crafted a fantasy world that feels fresh and interesting. The mythology of the Lharmellans felt so well done, and the descriptions of these gruesome creatures were utterly compelling.

I raced through this wonderful book, and the end came all too soon. Can't wait for the sequel!
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September 6, 2011

Blood Song is an easy kind of fantasy (fantasy lite, if you will). Zeraphina's world is not at all difficult to get into. The set up is pretty bare, and like the character we don't know that much. Consider, there's Amentia, her home. Then Pergamia, another kingdom. And of course, the mysterious Lharmell. But we do know some stuff: we know that she's the second daughter of an impoverished kingdom. We know that her sister is to wed the prince of another. And we also know what Zeraphina has this craving for blood.

The basic mystery really is what she is. And truth be told? I wasn't that surprised to find out the answer to that question (given that there were lots of clues to pick up on long ways before the reveal.) But what comes as an absolute delightful surprise is the love interest. I know! I'm sorry, but I feel as I did when I read Eona. It wasn't the epic fantasy, people journeying, or archers and magic that had me sitting up and paying attention. I was all about Rodden and Zeraphina!

I enjoyed reading how they played off on each other, where she is sometimes prissy, sometimes bratty, more often than not single minded; he is mysterious, quiet, broody and suspicious to the point of being paranoid! But as they got drawn together, well, I was a puddle! Everything she complained of in him, was true. Likewise, most everything he disliked in her was true too. Yet they simply clicked. I suppose some would have a problem with him being overbearing and bossy and needlesly mysterious, and some would have a problem with her her being bratty (given her initial tendency to hurl things and stomp like a child in a tantrum when she didnt get her way!) But they both grow... and adjust. I liked seeing them work things out but not to the extent that the sparks between them disappeared. One word: Cute. Wait, make that two: it was cute and entertaining reading how much they repelled each other but were drawn to each other nonetheless.

I didn't really mind all her "what am I, who am I?" questions. Questions like these have been tackled before and here that aspect of the story progressed much the same as other stories have. And other than reading their developing relationship (which, like I said, I totally got a kick out of,) I also enjoyed reading more about the baddies in this one. Lharmell The place? Deadly. Its people? Magical, creepy, and bloodthirsty! I would have liked to read more of the creatures though especially given her relationship with Leap and Griffin.

It's fantasy lite and easy to get into. Me? I'm all about Rodden and Zeraphina :)
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June 14, 2011
A while ago I was whinging about the lack of Aussie YA fantasy coming out, and how I really just wanted to sink my teeth into something amazing. Well! The book gods obviously heard my cries and answered with Blood Song, though I think this wonderful gem had less to do with book gods and more to do with superb début author Rhiannon Hart.

I was hooked straight away by feisty heroine Zeraphina. A pet hate of mine is when female characters are Pillars of Perfection: they do all the right things, are completely selfless and will bend over backwards to help others. No thanks. Give me a character who has her own best interests at heart any day, because she feels a lot more likeable. Zeraphina struggles with the fact that she knows she's not the perfect sister and daughter she should be, but thankfully she doesn't let that knowledge stop her from doing exactly what she wants.

Not only has Hart created some tremendously likeable characters here, she's also crafted a fantasy world that feels fresh and interesting. The mythology of the Lharmellans felt so well done, and the descriptions of these gruesome creatures were utterly compelling.

I raced through this wonderful book, and the end came all too soon. Can't wait for the sequel!
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August 15, 2013
This being highly recommended by my Goodread friends, I've had this book on my shelf for over a year and I'm only just getting to it now. I could kick myself. I had no idea that this book was filled with such an entertainment story, witty characters and fantastic writing.

For as long as Zeraphina could remember, she's always been different from her sister and mother. With her striking blue eyes, pale skin and dark raven hair, but she also has a shameful secret, she hungry's for blood and has strange phantom dreams calling her to the North. So when her sister, Lilth becomes engaged to Prince Amis from the northern lands of Pergamia, there Zeraphina will seek answers to her many questions about her clueless curse and find an unlikely companion in Rodden, the King's advisor who knows more then he lets on, but hides the truth from Zeraphina till it's to late to turn back.

Fantasy is one of my favorite genres but it's also one of the hardest to get into, luckily Blood Song was an effortless experience and I was able to sink into Hart's imaginative world with total ease. I love what she did with this story line. It's deliciously mysterious, intriguing and evasive. We know that things aren't what they seem, but we aren't given any real facts till almost the end of the story. This wasn't in any way frustrating or annoying, in fact, I found myself anticipating every chapter and enjoying all the charming and humorous banter between Rodden and Zeraphina as well as her sister and mother amusing exasperation's.
When we finally do get the answers to Zeraphina's condition, we are treated to a very unique lore, a wicked race with a promise of danger and excitement and a fight that's only just begun.

Just as easy as it was to lose myself within these pages, it was easy to connect with all of these characters.
Zeraphina is a wonderfully lost creature who seems so strong and vulnerable in the same breath. I love her determination, bravery and fire. I love that she's curious and doesn't give up and that she's not afraid to stand and fight for her people and the ones that she loves. I also love that she cares deeply for her cat, Leap and her eagle, Griffin and that they stay connected throughout the entire story.
Rodden is one of those characters that makes brooding an art form. Mysterious, complex, stubborn and arrogant and yet you can see traces of warmth and tenderness when no one seems to be looking. There's still a big question mark hanging over his head and I'm looking forward to discovering more of his back-story in later books.
The relationship between Rodden and Zeraphina isn't about hugs and kisses or swooning, but they still had their sigh-worthy moments. I loved their easy wit, banter and playful sarcasm and the respect and admiration they found in one another come the end. They make an intense pair but undeniable one all the same.

All in all, I really enjoyed this book. I don't get a chance to read many awesome Aussie reads, so I'm glad I had the chance to finally read this one and better yet, not have to wait to read the sequel;Blood Storm. If your looking for a paranormal fantasy with charming characters and an intoxicating world, then look no further, Blood Song is a wondrous magical escape that I highly recommend.
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December 19, 2017
A young adult book of the first in a series (the first book of Lharmell), that is character-driven and which displays all the qualities of fantasy fiction at its very best. As soon as you begin to read you are plunged into a new world that is creatively fantastic and imaginatively spectacular, with its originality and unique storyline. Zeraphina is such a quirky, interesting character whom I traveled on the most exciting journey with; a journey of personal discovery that was utterly thought-provoking where I really connected with the character. I was able to relate to and empathize with the character’s thoughts and feelings, which were personally ‘real’ and very soul touching. This book truly does touch the reader’s heart by its storyline and detailed plot, and how the journey is for the fictional characters that one gets to know and love. It was authentic and the use of detailed description and imagery also made it very realistic, so that I felt as if I physically was there in the flesh picturing all the drama and action unfolding around me. Once I had read only a few pages I was completely gripped within the storyline that was just so readable, hence I was very keen to read and finish it as I was rather reluctant to put it down. Even the book’s cover is so beautiful and eye-catching, giving a small glimpse of what the story is like and one that is completely magical. It is a tale about sacrifice and the true meaning of the word and also it is about seeking out the truth and delving into the depths of ones heart and soul. This can be hard if the one thing that we try to ignore or block out is something that we actually have to face and this can take a lot of courage. This book was so enjoyable that hence I cannot wait to read the next installment and more of Rhiannon Hart’s work, and it is something that definitely will appeal to many readers both young and old. I was completely captivated and very surprised at how quickly I got lost within the storyline, which as a consequence is now forever etched within my memory. An exciting new book by an author whom I predict great things for and that I strongly urge you to read.
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October 15, 2011
Agh! I've kind of been avoiding writing a review for Blood Song for a while now because my thoughts on it are all over the place, but here goes nothing.

As a fantasy novel, I think Blood Song does its job. It enchants. How could it not? Set in a magical realm that has an old-world charm but also carries a modern edge twist, it quickly sucked me right in. That said, I feel like the first half of the book was much better than the second half.

Zeraphina, a young princess from a poor country, has absolutely no clue what she is, only that as a infant she was gravely ill, which caused her features to change, and now she craves blood. She knows her cravings aren't normal, and she fights them with all the will she possesses, but her blood-hunger whispers to her, silently begging her to go North. Even as she does her best to resist the maddening hunger that consumes her, she's determined to find out what is happening to her and why.

And so begins Zeraphina's journey, which takes her away from her decrepit castle in Amentia and to the North, where a dark, cold land lies beyond the richest country, Pergamia. Since her sister is set to marry the prince of Pergamia in a mere week, Zeraphina knows she must race against time to find the answers she is looking for, before she is lost forever.

As I mentioned, Blood Song starts off rather pleasantly because it was thick with delicious mystery and an even more delicious boy, Rodden. Yes, I'll confess I fell for him just because he's a cocky jerk who is very secretive. *le sigh*

A fragile tension quickly developed between Zeraphina and Rodden, but their bickering seemed to carry on in a more bother/sister like fashion than in a romantic way. Regardless, I really enjoyed their interactions because they really grated on one another. They challenged each other at every opportunity, and it was a hoot!

But after Zeraphina stupidly flees from Rodden and ends up in enemy territory, the story kind of fell apart for me. Everything began to happen at a break-neck speed, and it was information overload. I know this was intentional so the 'epic adventure' part of the tale could find its climax, but I couldn't form a clear idea of what was going on, especially in the fight scenes. Also, I found it a bit too convenient that Zeraphina took to her newly discovered abilities faster than she could blink, with only a minimal amount of coaching from Rodden.

Still, I loved Hart's take on vampirism. She created vampires as a completely different species from what's common in vampire mythology. In fact, none of the characters ever refers to the Lharmellins as vampires.

Blood Song reminded me a lot of Graceling by Kristin Cashore. In both, the prose is remarkable and the romance and adventure kind of mirror each other. I have a feeling that fans of Graceling would enjoy Blood Song , and I know I'm eagerly looking forward to the next installment in this new series.

The Vampire 411:

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August 1, 2011
*Firstly, thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy of this book to review*

An enchantingly eerie ride from start to finish, Blood Song captivated me with its rich, magical details, and refused to let me go the entire tale!
Australian author Rihannon Hart has created a stunning world with her debut novel. The story weaves together beautifully, flowing from one brilliant moment to the next, and the otherworldly feel draws you in from the very beginning. A far cry from all the vampire and supernatural books that litter the YA market right now, Blood Song, and the creatures within it, prove to be one of a kind!
From the opening line on the very first page, this book had me. I was hooked. And then as the story evolved and more elements came into play, it was a fight to simply put the book down. The idea behind this story and even the one that surrounds Zeraphina herself was fascinating to me and I enjoyed every moment I got to unravel the worlds of Pergamia and Lharmell.

Apart from the fabulous storyline which is surrounded by mystery and keeps you on your toes, the characters in this book will draw you in as you follow Zeraphina on her journey.
A great new heroine, Zeraphina truly was a joy to follow and read about. She held all the traits of a true princess, but was strong willed and independent, willing to defy what was expected of her to follow her instincts. She never backed down and wasn’t afraid to take a risk; instead ready to face her fear and issues head on. She isn’t obsessed with the norms of royal life and truly is different than her sister and mother.
Queen Renata and Princess Lilith were nice editions to the tale, adding some depth, but I must admit I didn’t feel too much for them. Although it’s clear that despite all of Renata’s faults, she loves both of her daughter very much.
I couldn’t get enough of Leap and Griffin in this book. The animal aspect and the way it was written into the story was just perfect. They were terrific little characters that added personality to the story without the unnecessary drama you sometimes get from actual people.

Honestly, I can’t talk about this book and not talk about the relationship that develops between Zeraphina and Rodden. It was a highlight in this book for me. It’s not an outright focal point in the story, but there’s no denying that it’s there. It’s very effortless and doesn’t seem forced or unrealistic at all. Rodden, who is a few years older than Zeraphina, is arrogant, brooding and oh, so intriguing. He’s sexy and appealing without trying, and there’s a chemistry there between him and Zeraphina—even if they don’t always see it. The two of them had a love/hate relationship, heavy on the hate that I adored. The way they bicker and bait each other and the constant biting comments they made towards one another had me smiling in that all too knowing way. It was kind of like being back in high school when you know two people like each other in a morbid sort of way (even if they deny it) and know eventually they’re going to give into that. The thing I love the most about how Hart has written their romance is that there’s no rush to it. They’re not declaring their feelings straight off the bat and are madly in love—they’re fighting and disagreeing and slowing beginning to get past each other’s walls.

The pace and tone of this book flowed and fit perfectly. It all moved along nicely and the events and certain scenes in this book (mostly between Zeraphina and Rodden) had me entertained and captivated, eagerly turning each page until there was no more to turn. This book will thrill fans of Maria V. Snyder's Study series and Kristen Cashore’s Graceling and I foresee it being a hit!

Now, everyone say it with me.....S-e-q-u-e-l!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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October 7, 2011

Though I love all you American and British authors who tell such lovely stories, when I heard about Blood Song – an Aussie creation – I was determined to read it. Unbelievably, I actually won a copy through Jess (I never win things!) and I must say that Blood Song was not what I expected, but it exceeded my expectations by far.

Ms. Hart’s debut novel tells the story of Zeraphina, a princess from a barren kingdom who experiences an extreme longing to go north – and to drink blood. When her sister Lilith is offered an invitation of marriage from a northern kingdom Zeraphina jumps at the chance to come and learn more about her bizarre desires. During her visit Zeraphina begins to put the clues together, joining the dots between a childhood sickness, her animal familiars, and the strange country of Lharmell which everyone fears. But strangest of all is Rodden, a man who holds many secrets and the answers to all of hers, though it seems he will stop at nothing to make her go back home.

Zeraphina was a good heroine for the story: strong, hot tempered, intelligent, and most of all brave. Though she tended to obsess on the Who am I? What am I? questions she had a likable personality and it was great to get inside her head on these incredible adventures. Her chemistry with Rodden was obvious, and their relationship was the ultimate hate-love conundrum.

For the first half of the book the plot was fast paced, drawing you straight in and never letting you go. The story line for me was completely unique, and I felt a desire to learn more about Lharmell and who and what Zeraphina was with her. Although, from there up until the last ball things seemed to drag, Zeraphina was still clueless whereas I had already worked almost everything out from the clues given. That was at tad annoying, but the last few chapters certainly made up for it.

One thing that let Blood Song down a touch was the writing. Whilst it was straight to the point, it was almost too direct and simplistic. It lacked creative flair, a level of description and imagery that really brings you into the world the author has created. Though in saying that the world building really was well done, creating a proper fantasy feel with its traditional kingdoms and grand balls. The drastic change of scenery towards the end helped me understand how vastly different the two places were, and the images created in my mind were like nothing I had ever imagined before.

Though it did have some flaws, Blood Song was a well constructed, intriguing novel full of adventure, mystery, fantasy and a touch of romance. It should appeal to die-hard-fantasy-lovers and casual readers alike, and is a perfect ‘light’ read for whiling away a few hours curled up on the sofa.
I’m certainly not going to die in agony waiting for book two, Blood Storm, but I will be among the first grabbing a copy in my local store.

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October 25, 2015
Rhiannon Hart's debut novel is a gorgeous, gorgeous book that tells a story as though it were a delicious secret being imparted to the few lucky enough to be chosen. The details and the descriptions are succulent and each sentence seems to be more the work of someone who has been confidently writing for decades than someone who is writing (okay, fine, publishing) her first book. What this all means is that the book? It is beautifully structured. I absolutely love the animal characters. I don't know. Perhaps it's just me but I find animal characters (when well done like Erin Bow's Taggles from Plain Kate) to add so much more depth to the narrative.

Zeraphina is an easy character to like and empathize with. So are her mother and sister actually. It was a lot of fun reading their interactions and witnessing the dynamics between them. On the other hand, the sister's prince charming and his parents were not very well etched out either because they were unimportant to the plot or Hart decided not to but I felt that their shadowy nature detracted from the novel. (Hence the loss of a star.) To create the proper complexity, I felt that the court politics would have had to be better worked out. A bit more developed. And for that, the characters of the regent, his queen and heir needed to be more delineated. They weren't and perhaps that's why there was the niggling sense that there was something missing in the book. However, this little thing didn't affect the reading experience too much and I was still able to thoroughly enjoy the book.

I really liked Rodden. For the first half, I wasn't entirely sure whether he was even the love interest because the relationship (I'm not quite sure if it can be termed as such) between Zeraphina and Rodden was so hostile. His descriptions, too, when offered, painted him more as a villain than the eventual smooching partner of this wayward princess. But the journey to that eventuality is a pleasant one and it is the gradual development of the friendship between the two that actually captivated my interest.

As for the Lharmells themselves, I have to tell you that this is one of the more interesting approaches to the whole tired vampire premise. I like how Hart tackles the creatures and strips them of that faux humanity that cloaks them in many other vampire books. And I also like how this move makes them much more terrifying and at the same time, more interesting than the regular run of the mill vampire. You know, the kind who are virgins and sparkle in the sun?

As for the pacing, narrative and the conclusion, I felt they were all well done. There is NO cliff hanger, people. Let's throw confetti! Rahr. The book does wrap things up satisfactorily but leaves enough narrative threads loose that a sequel (or the second in the series) does not seem like a far fetched idea. I certainly recommend this one to anyone who likes high fantasy, good writing and interesting heroines.
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August 17, 2011
Originally posted on Read Me Bookmark Me Love Me

A brilliant debut novel by Australian author, Rhiannon Hart. I was captivated by Blood Song immediately. Zeraphina craves blood like any human craves food and water. The pull to travel north is unexplainable and only her archery can occupy her mind otherwise. Her eagle, Griffin, and cat, Leap, are her companions, fiercely loyal and attentive to her moods. When her mother is desperate for wealth and her sister is slated to marry, who else can she turn to? When Lillith is set to marry Prince Lester from the north, the family travel there to plan their upcoming nuptials. What's this mysterious country called Llarmel? Why is everyone forbidden to speak about it?

The characters in Blood Song were fantastic. I connected with them really well and Zeraphina was a narrator who really appealed to my emotions. She was strong and very determined, while still having a young and naive quality to herself. I found her to be realistic and I enjoyed reading about her struggles with her bloodlust. Rodden Lothskorm, the King's right hand man, takes an interest in her and she soon finds herself falling for him, unable to resist the power he has over her. Rodden's a few years her senior and is a trained soldier, knowing exactly what is wrong with Zeraphina. Their relationship progresses at a perfect speed and has the right amount of funny, sexy and serious moments. Wonderful!

Blood Song as a whole has a good balance of background, romance and action. The final part of the novel deals with Zeraphina's issue and is filled with action! As always, I won't spoil the plot and will let you unravel this amazing storyline yourself! I loved this novel and absolutely cannot wait for the sequel. It's a short read and you'll fly through it in a matter of hours. I'm invested in these characters already and look forward to their future development!
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September 23, 2011
I don't understand how the ratings on this book are as high as they are. The writing was sloppy, imprecise, rushed, and written for a very young audience (if you are reading this and in elementary school I'll give you a pass). The characters were not fleshed out adequately, the plot had ridiculous holes, and I thought about putting this book down more than once; I only slugged on because it was short enough to be a novella and I knocked it out in an hour or three.

I admit I probably would have liked this in elementary school along with my L.J. Smith obsession. However, I am not in elementary school and have not been in quite some time so this book fell flat for me. Don't get me wrong; I didn't hate it. On the contrary, I thought it was an interesting idea that with another hundred pages or so could actually turn into a decent - and captivating - read. But as it is everything feels so unfinished as if the author had a short attention span and flitted from scene to scene in jarring disarray.

I'm sorry but I've really gotta pass.
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February 8, 2012
Finally finished! I need to quit my job so I have more time to read. Taking a week to read this book was just insane! Way to write an awesome fantasy novel, Rhiannon! I am super happy to get to say "I knew her when" even if it was only through blogging. heh heh

So excited for this one, even if my wonderful friend Rhiannon did forget to feed the characters through the book. ;)
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November 30, 2015
Blood Song is an excellent, beautiful dark adventure. A colorful and compelling Danse Macabre. Rhiannon writes in a brave and crisp style, balancing pace with sharp sparkles of wit throughout this fine novel. Blood Song is that rare work in contemporary fiction - a treasure.
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August 19, 2011
I really, REALLY loved this book! Nomes thank you so much for sending it out on tour!!

I will write my review soon =)
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