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With Book Two of the Experiment in Terror Series, Perry Palomino and Dex Foray trade in the stormy Oregon coast for the unforgiving deserts of New Mexico.

In the for­got­ten town of Red Fox, New Mex­ico, a Navajo cou­ple is tor­tured by things unseen and by motives unknown. Wild ani­mals slink through their house in the dark, a bar­rage of stones pound their roof nightly, and muti­lated sheep car­casses are turn­ing up on their prop­erty. Armed with a cam­era and just enough to go on, Perry and Dex travel to the des­o­late locale, hop­ing to film the super­nat­ural occur­rences and add cred­i­bil­ity to their flail­ing web­cast. Only their show has a lot more work­ing against them than just grow­ing pains. Tested by dubi­ous ranch hands, a ghost from Dex’s past, and shapeshift­ing decep­tion, the ama­teur ghost hunters must learn to trust each other in order to fight the most ancient of myths…or die trying.

338 pages, Paperback

First published June 12, 2011

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About the author

Karina Halle

116 books16.4k followers
Karina Halle is a screenwriter, a former music & travel journalist, and the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, & USA Today bestselling author of River of Shadows, The Royals Next Door, and Black Sunshine, as well as 70 other wild and romantic reads, ranging from light & sexy rom coms to horror/paranormal romance and dark fantasy. Needless to say, whatever genre you're into, she's probably written a romance for it.

When she's not traveling, she and her husband split their time between a possibly haunted 120 year-old house in Victoria, BC, their sailboat the Norfinn, and their condo in Los Angeles. For more information, visit www.authorkarinahalle.com

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November 29, 2018
Much like the haunted town of Red Fox, this book is filled with chills, laughs, intrigue and suspense!

Now that the events of Darkhouse have been aired, the "Experiment In Terror" web-series has become a smash hit! Well...maybe not quite a hit, but at least it hasn't been canceled...yet! Now Dex is taking Perry to the haunted Indian reservation of Red Fox to investigate the mysterious occurrences there. Animals have been seen behaving in bizarre ways. Rocks are being hurled by apparently invisible assailants. Cattle is being found horribly mutilated. But once Perry and Dex become wrapped up in the mystery, they soon realize they are in far more danger than ever before. This time they aren't facing a restless spirit causing minor disturbances...this time someone...or something wants them dead! As their terror grows (not to mention their feelings for each other), Perry and Dex reach an inescapable conclusion...if they can't figure out the solution to the horror story...they're going to BECOME the horror story!

Once again, I found myself loving Karina Halle's "Experiment In Terror" series. However, I noticed a change in the tone this time around. While the last book seemed to channel classic horror movies, the mystery-based aspects of this book reminded me more of Scooby-Doo, except much more awesome! But wait... considering my childhood was spent watching hundreds of Scooby-Doo episodes, can one book really out-doo (see what I did there...actually, please don't...that pun was awful, even for me) all of that?!? Well, let's find out, as I present to you...


Notice the angle of the camera...either Dex is filming the world's shortest ghost, or else he just finds grass fascinating!

Scooby-Doo - Ah, yes, the Scooby gang has become outright iconic...although, in retrospect, I'm not really sure why! Let's face it, they're as one-dimensional as they come...Shaggy is cowardly, Velma is smart, Fred is strong, and Daphne is clumsy...and that pretty much sums up at least 30 years worth of character development! In later years, writers tried to make it seem like the gang had grown up by giving them adult jobs, like revealing that Velma went on to work for NASA...which just made it that much more bizarre when the villains still referred to them as meddling kids at the end! "And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling adults...Velma, how do you even have time to investigate a ghost sighting, anyway, don't you have a satellite to build or something?!?"

Red Fox - While the story of the last book was certainly compelling, I felt it was Perry and Dex who made the book such an awesome read, and history has repeated itself. Once again, Perry and her self-deprecating humor managed to win my heart. With her insecurities, Perry can qualify as a flawed heroine, but those flaws only make her that much more endearing. Yes, she's hard on herself, but she never crosses the line over to sheer "whininess". Ditto for Dex, who has just enough confidence and attitude to be charming without being annoying. Plus, there is a little more character growth this time around, especially as Perry and Dex become more concerned for each other. Forget the scares, the sweet moments between "Team Derry" are Red Fox's finest moments!

WINNER - Red Fox

Not even a contest! Perry and Dex exhibit more personality in one page than the cast of Scooby-Doo ever did in all their episodes combined! Plus, Perry & Dex are far smarter than the Scooby gang ever was...after the last 200 ghosts they investigated turned out to be a guy in a mask, why did it never occur to the Scooby gang to just tackle the next ghost they encountered, instead of designing traps involving washing machines and surfboards (things they sometimes managed to find in deserted, 200-year-old castles, mind you)?!?

Above is the titular villain from the classic Scooby and Scrappy-Doo episode, "The Neon Phantom of the Roller Disco"...let's see...neon, roller disco...if only he were wearing a Black Sabbath shirt, then he'd truly embody everything that was awesome about the 70's!

Scooby-Doo - Okay, here is where Perry & Dex have some serious competition. Sure, the earliest SD episodes focused more on traditional villains like ghosts and witches, but as the years (and, I suspect, the drugs) went on, the writers kept trying to out-do each other in coming up with bizarre creatures! Soon we were treated to villains like the Ghost of the Gator Ghoul (how dead does something have to be to qualify as a ghost of a ghoul?), ghosts based on ice-cream flavors, and my personal favorite, the 10,000 Volt Ghost! Good luck trying to top all that, Ms. Halle!

Red Fox - While the first book gave us a more traditional ghost story, the creatures lurking in "Red Fox" are even creepier this time around! I don't want to spoil the surprise, so I'll just say that in this book, animals provide many scares throughout the story. Two sequences in particular involve a deer and a coyote behaving in a truly terrifying fashion.. The first book was more of a really compelling character study with some chills along the way, but in "Red Fox", Karina Halle firmly establishes herself as a brilliant horror writer!

WINNER - Scooby-Doo

This was a tough one, as I found the monsters in this book to be truly terrifying. but I'm afraid the 10,000 Volt Ghost gives Scooby the edge. What really makes the 10,000 Volt Ghost work is the reveal...he was supposedly the ghost of an electrical worker named Voltner, and when he was unmasked, the 10,000 Volt Ghost turned out to be...Voltner! So basically, this guy put himself in mortal danger by wearing a costume comprised of 10,000 volts of electricity just so he could frame himself for a crime! Sorry, Ms. Halle, but you have yet to give us anything THAT messed up!

"Ummm...why are we investigating some guy throwing a bedsheet over himself and calling himself a ghost anyway...shouldn't we be trying to figure out how our dog is able to FREAKIN' TALK?!?"

Scooby-Doo - You would think this would be an easy victory for Scooby-Doo, as the name almost became synonymous with mysteries...but let's look a little deeper. Yes, the show was in a mystery format...but how hard was it to really solve those mysteries? The plot always involved a criminal in a costume trying to scare someone away, the culprit almost always turned out to be the one suspect who was nicer to the gang than the really obvious suspect was, and the motive was almost always because the villain wanted to buy land cheap. One culprit even went so far as to build a freakin' 100-foot tall robotic snow beast to scare someone off their land...because that was somehow preferable to simply hiring a real estate agent! Apparently in the Scooby-Doo universe, real estate agents charge more than a Kardashian for an appearance...and work even less!

Red Fox - While I've found the characters to outshine the stories in both books now, the mystery of the strange events in the town of Red Fox is still quite compelling. The residents of the town are often bizarre enough to be interesting, and Halle does an impressive job establishing an atmosphere of fear and dread throughout the story. I did feel that the big reveal was a bit of a let-down, but that didn't make the journey getting there any less fun!

WINNER - Red Fox

My biggest problem...really, my ONLY problem with the Experiment In Terror series so far has been that both times, the ending fell a bit flat for me. Once the truth behind the bizarre phenomena of Red Fox was revealed, I found myself saying, "that's it?!?" Still, if I love the first 98% of a book and only find it lacking in the final 2%, that still qualifies as an amazing read! With spooky atmosphere, spine-tingling scares, and a fascinating cast of characters, Red Fox manages to build a far better mystery than Old Man Jenkins wearing a ghost suit ever could!


Scooby-Doo - Poor Scrappy-Doo...the butt of at least 1,000,000 internet jokes (actually just the same internet joke retold 999,999 times)! But was Scrappy really THAT annoying?!? For one thing, he was brave...while Shaggy and Scooby were often willing to leave their friends at the mercy of monsters to save their own trembling skin, Scrappy was willing to fight the monsters head-on. Yeah, naming his "Scrappy-traps" after himself seemed a little self-serving, but at least he put himself in harm's way to capture the monster, as verses Fred who would always use Shaggy as the bait...despite the fact that Shaggy always seemed like he was one more scare away from a quadruple heart-attack. And Scrappy was unquestionably loyal, often singing the praises of his beloved Uncle Scooby. Come to think of it...Scrappy was actually quite admirable! The internet insists Scrappy "ruined" the show, but as hard as it is to believe, it seems internet may have actually been...wrong about something!

Red Fox - Perry's parents...judgmental, rude, and utterly obnoxious. I have yet to see either of them have even one moment where they come across as likeable. Both of them seem to have an almost-psychotic need to belittle their daughter, constantly berating her with absolutely no consideration for her feelings. Forget the monster-sightings of Red Fox, the biggest mystery of this book is how two totally-screwed up people managed to produce someone as awesome as Perry!

WINNER - Scooby-Doo

Again, not even a contest! Scrappy may have been a bit over-zealous at times, but he has a looooooooong way to go before he ever becomes as hateful as Perry's cruel mother and father. Rumor has it moments after learning his father was Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker's only comforting thought was, "Could be worse, at least I didn't get stuck with Perry's parents!"


Scooby-Doo - Two cartoon moments made 10-year-old Dave Green laugh harder than any others. The first was an episode of Fat Albert, when one of the Cosby kids fired off this zinger, "You're like a school on a field trip...NO CLASS!" The second was the "Space Kook" episode of Scooby-Doo, when Shaggy and Scooby were locked in a room by the Spooky Space Kook (the ghost of an alien, because, well, why the hell not), and realized the key was outside the window. In order to escape, they jumped out the window...and instead of simply running to safety right then, they then grabbed the key and jumped back INTO the locked room, so they could unlock the door to "escape"! When you're 10-years-old, that seems incredibly funny (who am I kidding, I'd still laugh at that today...)

Red Fox - While both books have had enough scary moments to qualify as horror, in both cases the laughs outnumbered the chills. Considering that both Perry and Dex have sarcasm and rapier wit down to an art-form, their dialogue is often funnier than that of just about any sitcom from the last few years (except for Modern Family...that show's hilarious)!

WINNER - Red Fox

Yeah, I was able to come up with one really funny moment from Scooby-Doo, but that doesn't change the fact that 95% of jokes in Scooby-Doo all revolved around Shaggy's obvious eating disorder...why was I supposed to laugh at Shaggy eating dog biscuits, when it was obviously a cry for help?!? When I recommend the Experiment In Terror series, I'm usually praising the humor first and the horror second!

So there you have it, in a stunning upset, Red Fox beats out Scooby-Doo by a score of 3-2. Mr. Doo, you gave me some great childhood memories, but I'm afraid Perry and Dex are my favorite ghost-hunters from now on! Like the last book, Red Fox is highly recommended for anyone who likes compelling characters, funny dialogue, and intriguing mysteries!
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Author 116 books16.4k followers
June 29, 2011
I'll admit, it feels a bit dumb and a tiny bit egotistical to be reviewing your own book but I did it to the first one, Darkhouse, so I might as well leave one for Red Fox. Especially since I like this book a lot more than Darkhouse. Don't get me wrong, I love my first book to bits, but I want to marry Red Fox and have its babies (and I don't even like babies).
Red Fox - Book Two in the Experiment in Terror Series - takes our plucky heroine Perry (makes her sound like 1940's reporter) and dashing nutjob Dex and places them in the dry, shadowy deserts of New Mexico. Their low-budget webcast, Experiment in Terror (ahhhh), has found a subject that seems tailor-made for their first official episode. But what the duo thinks is a straightforward poltergeist haunting turns out to be wrong. DEAD WRONG (dun dun dun).
Part of why I like Red Fox so much is the quick, cinematic like pacing, the cast of characters, including the gentle and stoic Bird, and Maximus, the mysterious and sexy ginger (What? He is), and the realistic exploration of what most people pass off as a myth. I bet you'll be having second thoughts about this "myth" when you're done reading Red Fox. I know I did.
I also love this novel because there's nothing sexier than a man wielding a shovel. AMIRITE?
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1,867 reviews2,240 followers
October 15, 2022
Reread October 2020

4 stars!

“And with madness comes the light.”

After filming a show together in the Pacific Northwest, Perry and Dex meet up again to film a second episode of their show in the small town of Red Fox, New Mexico. Hoping to catch signs of a possible poltergeist on film, Perry and Dex realize they are in over their heads with possible skinwalkers on the ranch they are filming at.

“You’re like a ghost magnet. Why do you think I like having you around?”
My mouth dropped momentarily. “Because I’m awesome.”
“Oh, well, that too.”

Red Fox isn’t my favorite of the EIT series, but it’s still enjoyable nevertheless. What I enjoyed most about this book on my reread was seeing Maximus with more knowledgeable eyes. Also the buildup of the romance between Dex and Perry. Halle nailed the atmosphere in this book and it had many twists and turns throughout the plot. Like Darkhouse, this book wasn’t super scary to me, but I know the next few books will be terrifying and I look forward to it.

“Dex,” I whispered.
“Mmmm?” he grunted.
“I hope you never stop feeling alive.”
I could have sworn his heart skipped a few beats. He tensed. Then relaxed.
“As long as you’re around,” he said softly, “I’ll be alive.”
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2,434 reviews4,592 followers
December 7, 2020


I loved Darkhouse but Red Fox absolutely blew me away!!The story was even stronger than the first one and the tension between Perry and Dex is starting to reach explosive levels!!

They aren't prepared for what happened to them in New Mexico...
Weird things are happening on the farm of a Navajo couple...

Animals are behaving strangely..


Stones drop down on the house and the inhabitants are getting more and more scared every minute...
When Perry and Dex come to their rescue in a desperate attempt to save their TV Show,things get even more out of control.Now the forces that appeared to be haunting Will and Sarah are after Perry and Dex as well...

Battling ghosts is one thing,but fighting skinwalkers??


That might be too much for even Perry and Dex to handle..

This book was especially scary and creepy.Perry and Dex cannot trust anyone or anything...They only have each other to go through this...

This book was full of juicy bits as both of them had to pretend that they were married!!It was great to see there old tension coming to the front. They obviously are attracted to each other and you want to scream at them to get in on!!The mystery, sexual tension keeps you on the edge and hoping that both of them will get their moment...


“Dex,” I whispered.
“Mmmm?” he grunted.
“I hope you never stop feeling alive.”
I could have sworn his heart skipped a few beats. He tensed. Then relaxed.
“As long as you’re around,” he said softly,
“I’ll be alive.”

Dex and Perry

The supporting characters were also interesting.I really liked Bird a lot. I am intrigued about Maximus but I would not trust the guy as far as I could throw him..I get the feeling he will be making an appearance again in the near future..

Once again Halle captivated me with her writing and unforgettable characters.I hope to read many more adventures with her ghost hunting and more creepy stories!!!
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Author 11 books7,640 followers
October 3, 2015

Sorry. I HAD to use that gif.

I read the first book in this series just a few days ago and had mixed feelings. There were some editing fails, weird turns of phrase, plot holes, and I had no idea how I felt about the MC or the male lead.

You know what’s awesome? Picking up the second book and finding that all the things you complained about have either been removed altogether or toned waaaaay down.

The biggest difference for me was Perry. I hate to say this, but when a story is told in first person perspective I have to get the character to enjoy the book. I don’t necessarily have to like them, but I have to understand them to some degree. I get Perry now. In fact, I even like her.

I think I’ve figured out what first annoyed me the most about her character; her complete and utter lack of self esteem. I understand having self esteem issues. I’m a woman, constantly bombarded by what I’m supposed to look like, how I’m supposed to behave, and so I understand self-doubt. What bothered the shit out of me was to have hers shoved in my face every other page. I get it, Jesus. In this book her issues are still there, but I think they’re more realistically portrayed. They come out in scenes where they’re relevant to what’s happening.

I also get Dex now. Trust me, I still can’t make heads or tails of the guy, but I understand his character and really enjoy reading about such a complex male lead. He and Perry’s interactions are entertaining as all get out. Poor girl. What goes through her mind in response to his mood swings and strange behavior are the same thoughts going through mine, and I can’t imagine having to deal with someone like him in real life.

And the story. Soooo good. I really enjoyed this one. It was less creepy for me than the first but as a whole, it made much more sense and was much more intricate.

Okay, enough chit-chat, on to the next!

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474 reviews2,410 followers
February 25, 2013

4 highly captivating and intriguing STARS!!!!


"The truth is in the fire."

In this second part of the enticing Experiment in Terror series Dex and Perry continue the adventure of their "ghost hunting" internet show by visiting the town of Red Fox in New Mexico. There they try to help the Navajo couple Will and Sarah who's desolate farm is haunted by forces unknown.

"Ghosts don't harm or maim people. They just scare. Skinwalkers...they kill. I think you are all in real danger."

They come across skinwalkers, ghosts, scary crows and yellow eyed creatures and in this desert town full of old and powerful magic, nothing is as it seems. Even the people who seem trustworthy, turn about to be nothing like they seemed to be...

"I believe in God. Or some great power beyond we can imagine. But I think religion is a manmade prison."

[image error]

"And with madness comes the light."

In the midst of all their supernatural escapades, Dex and Perry have no one to rely on but themselves. They see things no one else sees and they have no idea what's real and what isn't anymore. Luckily they always have each others back and they just know they can always count on each other...

"I was hoping you'd come out and get me."
I put my hand on my hips and cocked my head, pondering that revelation. "Well," I said, feeling truthful. "I'm always going to come and get you."

Throughout the book, the relationship between Perry and Dex keeps evolving, their connection keeps growing stronger and although they try to keep their encounters playful and professional most of the time; they both know there's more going on between them than just friendship. Still, neither of them is willing to give into what they're feeling just yet...

"I wanted him. I wanted his thoughts and his fears and his feelings but I didn't want to give a single ounce of myself."

As much as I loved Perry and her strong yet vulnerable personality I couldn't help but completely fall for Dex...

He's moody, dark and confusing at times but at the same time he's also one of the most intriguing characters I've ever read about. We learn a bit more about his past and some of the dramatic events he's been through but still, I have a feeling there's much more to learn about him and I can't wait to find out what he's still hiding...

"You're going to continue to surprise me, aren't you?"
"I hope so. The element of surprise is all I have," he surmised.

Oh, and knowing Dex, I'm pretty sure he's going to keep surprise me throughout the entire series, which is exactly why I love him so much.

All in all, Red Fox wasn't as scary to me as the first part of the series but what made this book so interesting was witnessing how the relationship Dex and Perry kept growing stronger and stronger. Once again, Karina Halle has done an amazing job at keeping me enthralled the entire time I was reading this book and I have a feeling I'm slowly but surely starting to get addicted to this series...


Profile Image for Georgia ♥ .
420 reviews1,119 followers
May 27, 2013

“The truth is in the fire.”

Another 5 Freaking-Supernatural Stars


And Karina Halle does it again…

Another creepy and twisted read, a horror scenario perfectly executed and highly accomplished. Hopelessly romantic and deeply sarcastic, despite the paranormal factor, this book (the whole series, really) is brutally realistic when it comes down to people, character development and feelings.

We all hide from our innermost thoughts and we all are scared to show the frightened kid, that still lives inside our soul and stare at the world in wonder.

"I know your deepest, secret fear."


Experiment in Terror, goes on a trip in the desert and things are getting darker and darker. This story might not be as scary as the first but it still chills your blood and makes you glimpse over your shoulder and hope that you won't find anything looking at you.


The unforgiving light of the desert gives a whole new twist and the fact that you can’t trust anyone, even your own eyes, or yourself is more disturbing than ghosts or spirits.


Perry Palomino
Our heroine is jobless and more freaked out than ever. After the failure of the first webisode she is more confused than ever. She has awakened something inside her and she is in love…

"And with madness comes the light."

She knows that there is no way back. She has to face the music and hope that in the end she will be alive and stronger, with Dex, always Dex by her side.

Easily, one the most relatable character ever, Perry is tormented and abused, mostly by herself, but still innocent and quirky and funny.

Dex Foray
If the first book belonged to Perry, this one is pure Dex. The most frustrating, amazing, sexy, moody bastard. He used drugs to keep himself numb. In a twist of fate, their lack, might force him to feel, clear his head, and believe.

"For once, I can feel everything. Every emotion, every feeling, every sense."

Although isn't yet clear, I believe Dex is even more damaged and sensitive than Perry. Despite (or because) his blaze exterior, he tries to hide his torment and in a way that worries me, I think that he lacks the core of steel that keeps Perry sane.

And the man has secrets… Many… Deep and dark and others that he can’t help but share. I’m dying to unravel him and to know what the hell is going on in his handsome head. And I admit it. It was highly impulsive of me to buy all the next books in advance. Someone restrain me before I peak into The Dex-Files!!!!

Dex and Perry, forever entwined, bound by fate and each other's only salvation.

"I was hoping you’d come out and get me." I put my hands on my hips and cocked my head, pondering that revelation. "Well," I said, feeling truthful. "I’m always going to come and get you."


Amazing and addictive, I can’t get enough “Terror”. Don’t hesitate, read them, but remember…

The show is just at the beginning;


This review can be found on my blog: infinity-of-time.blogspot.com also known as...

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March 3, 2013

Perry and Dex in this book have to discover what is going on at the Red Fox,a town located at Mexico.

Do you find ghosts scary?

Can you belive that a cute fox could scare the hell out of you?

In this book they dont chase ghosts but they are trying to figure out who is the skin walker.

Why are the animals acting crazily ?

In this book we are also intodused Maximus , Dex's old friend.
I didn't like him because he had a big mouth.

I admired a lot Perry . She was bravier and smarter than the firt book.

I couldn't fall more in love with Dex.

“Dex,” I whispered.
“Mmmm?” he grunted.
“I hope you never stop feeling alive.”
I could have sworn his heart skipped a few beats. He tensed. Then relaxed.
“As long as you’re around,” he said softly, “I’ll be alive.”

I think that Dex has the most cool tattoo ever .

“And with madness comes the light.”

Their relationship in this book is becoming more complicated.

Like in the previous book they managed to survive through the crazy suprnatural activities.

All in all , this was AWESOME.

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1,746 reviews6,671 followers
June 11, 2017
I'm so excited to have finally given this series a chance. It's been a lot of fun already and I'm only through the first two! Karina Halle creates plot themes reminiscent of The X-Files and she has written two characters that have just about as much unresolved romantic tension (at least as of this point). This second installment: Red Fox has tons of suspense, mystery, humor, and moments of terror that had me glued. If this sounds interesting, make sure to check it out!

My favorite quote:
“Poltergeists, for the most part, seemed to be pretty unhappy spirits with a vendetta against humanity and an eye for trickery. I knew that if I died I’d definitely come back as one. It actually was quite appealing, throwing shit around and scaring hapless people out of their homes, just to be an ass. I started looking forward to “meeting” these asshole ghosts.”

Karina Halle's Experiment in Terror series includes the following installments as of June 2017:
2-Red Fox
2.5-The Benson
3-Dead Sky Morning
4-Lying Season
5-On Demon Wings
5.5-Old Blood
5.7-The Dex-Files
6-Into the Hollow
6.5-And With Madness Comes the Light
7-Come Alive
8-Ashes to Ashes
9-Dust to Dust
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197 reviews123 followers
February 26, 2013

So the creepiness continues….

 photo red-fox_zps939bfadb.gif

This series just gets better and better with each book!!!!

Once again Karina Halle blew me away!! This book was freaking so good!!! I loved it!! Hell I love this series!!

Short summary: Dex and Perry continue their ghost hunting adventure by visiting the town Red Fox in New Mexico. They encounter coyotes walking on two legs, strange human like foxes and other creepy looking animals.

I love Perry!! She is starting to come into her own and her self-confidence is growing even though she does make some really stupid mistakes in this book, but I still love her . I really liked Dex more in this book than the first one. Dex is one complicated man. I can’t figure him out because he has the mood swings of a woman. Its so frustrating!!

But Dex shook his head at the ladies, said something to them with a smile, and flashed his ring. Then he pointed at me. And my heart, my stupid heart, stopped.

The sexual tension between Dex and Perry is starting to get pretty tense. Perry feelings are growing more intense for Dex and I think Dex is feeling the same way about her too. I love seeing their relationship grow into more than just friends. It’s really exciting!!

Overall, I really loved this book!! I’m obsessed with this series now!!! It’s definitely a must read!! I can’t wait to read the next book!!!!

Favorite Quotes

"He turned over on his side, retracting his feet and grinned up at me. "But you’re so warm."
"I’m a hot-blooded mammal. You’re a cold-blooded reptile. Do the math." "Reptiles need love too."

"And with madness comes the light."

"Dex," I whispered.
"Mmmm?" he grunted.
"I hope you never stop feeling alive."
I could have sworn his heart skipped a few beats. He tensed. Then relaxed.
"As long as you’re around," he said softly, "I’ll be alive."

"I was hoping you’d come out and get me." I put my hands on my hips and cocked my head, pondering that revelation. "Well," I said, feeling truthful. "I’m always going to come and get you."
August 5, 2013
In this book, Dex and Perry are off to the boonies in New Mexico to a town called Red Fox where they are checking out some stories of a possible haunting. Problem is ghosts don't usually throw rocks and definitely don't mutilate sheep, so what in the heck is going on? Maybe Dex and Perry are in over their heads with this one.


Well, the "scary" story is a bit different in this one and I may be in the minority by saying that I didn't feel it was as scary as the Darkhouse. The hauntings have to do with some Navajo myths and things are pretty hush hush especially to "white folks" like Dex and Perry. And when they do get information, it's almost hard to believe it...and to trust who they got the information from!


I think it's beginning to bother me that Dex and Perry don't always pick up on clues. I know they are flying by the seat of their pants but there are some things that are easy to pay attention to. I'll just keep my fingers crossed that they get better at it as the series moves along.

The part that I LOVED....Dex and Perry being together. I'll tell you a secret...I don't really care about the ghost stories - I just want more Dex and Perry. I was sooo happy to finally get some background info on Dex...even if it was really heart breaking. And we even get more about Perry. I loved how much they took care of each other and I especially loved what happened in the tree. Dex and Perry sitting in a tree....well, you know the rest! ;)


♥ Dex & Perry's song ♥

The ending killed me...how could she cut it off like that? No talk of the future and no waving goodbye in the airport? WTH?? That was just cruel. Oh well, onto the next one!


Favorite quotes:

♥ " You’re like a ghost magnet. Why do you think I like having you around?”

My mouth dropped momentarily. “Because I’m awesome.”

“Oh, well, that too.”

♥ "You really like me going shirtless, don't you?"

♥ “Well, I hope I make the best company you’ve ever had,” I whispered.

“You are the best,” he said sweetly.

♥ “Dex,” I whispered.

“Mmmm?” he grunted.

“I hope you never stop feeling alive.”

I could have sworn his heart skipped a few beats. He tensed. Then relaxed.

“As long as you’re around,” he said softly, “I’ll be alive.”

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October 11, 2014
Red Fox was just plain old fun!

What makes this story so addictive is the unique connection Dex and Perry share. There is no solid romance to speak of just yet, but their bond is slowly evolving into something powerful...and I'm anxiously anticipating its arrival!

I'm always going to come and get you.

In this installment, Dex and Perry pack their bags and head to New Mexico determined to film so-called poltergeists that have been haunting a Native American couple. Although Dex made somewhat limited appearances in book one, this installment offers us non-stop Dex—and good old Twitchy McGee is still slightly and endearingly off his rocker! He does show some moments of jealousy and growing interest in Perry, which I found utterly adorable. However, the mystery of his character is far from solved, and the fun feels like it's just getting started.

There is nothing predictable about these books, and I love that—Although I cant say that I'd mind too much if there were. The writing is so engaging that it's easy to lose yourself in their crazy, ghost-hunting world. At this point, Dex and Perry are both so entertaining that I'm certain they can take on any plot, make it interesting, and deliver a bundle of laughs along the way.

Although I didn't find this book too frightening, there were certainly many creepy, chilling, suspenseful moments that got my heart pumping. As if I needed anymore convincing, the phenomenal ending really sealed the fan-for-life deal, and I cannot wait to see what else this unique series has in store!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Book Stats:
▪ Genre/Category: Paranormal/Horror
▪ Steam Caliber: Clean
▪ Romance: Brewing
▪ Characters: Two of the best!
▪ Plot: Characters head to New Mexico to film and face many surprising dangers.
▪ Writing: Witty, humorous, polished, and fluid.
▪ POV: 1st Person: Heroine
▪ Cliffhanger: Doable. Open for more story.
▪ Next Installment: Follow up/continues

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August 24, 2013
First and foremost this book had me at the name, Red Fox . I mean how could I not love a book with my name for the title?!

The famous duo are back together for the making of their second video blog series. They leave the Pacific Northwest for the heat of New Mexico. They are invited to film the 'evil' thing that is tormenting a local farmer.

Perry's affinity for danger following her everywhere she goes does not disappoint in this book.
”But what can I say? I was an idiot. You saved me. That’s kind of the story of my life.”

Dex's more unhinged this time because he has forgotten his medication back in Seattle.
"For once, I can feel everything. Every emotion, every feeling, every sense. I've never felt so alive."

We are introduced to a bunch of new characters but my favorite was Max. Max's a cheeky red-headed Cajun. There is bad history between Dex and him from back in their college days. Perry had me laughing when she tried to break the tension between Max and Dex by saying, "So we may die this weekend. That's cool."

♥I love Dex and Perry!♥

Random side note:
In college I enjoyed reading the Navajo Mysteries series. I knew when I started this one and it had a similar feel that I was going to enjoy Red Fox.

Darkhouse (Experiment in Terror, #1) by Karina Halle Red Fox (Experiment in Terror, #2) by Karina Halle Dead Sky Morning (Experiment in Terror, #3) by Karina Halle Lying Season (Experiment in Terror, #4) by Karina Halle On Demon Wings (Experiment in Terror, #5) by Karina Halle Into the Hollow (Experiment in Terror, #6) by Karina Halle Come Alive (Experiment in Terror, #7) by Karina Halle Ashes to Ashes (Experiment in Terror, #8) by Karina Halle Dust to Dust (Experiment in Terror, #9) by Karina Halle
Must be read in order. Continuing story.

The Benson (Experiment in Terror, #2.5) by Karina Halle Old Blood (Experiment in Terror, #5.5) by Karina Halle The Dex-Files (Experiment in Terror, #5.7) by Karina Halle And With Madness Comes the Light (Experiment in Terror, #6.5) by Karina Halle
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June 15, 2013
Welcome to New Mexico, where old legends still live and strange phenomenons occurs every day.


In this second installment Perry and Dex are going to New Mexico, more exactly to a small town called Red Fox, where strange events are happening.
Wild-behaved animals, people that know more than what they tell, things that aren't what they seem to be and the already crazy events get even crazier in the moment they arrive.
And they have no idea what are up against or even how they'll get out of that situation… well, assuming that they'll be able to actually get out.


When things start to get rough, and suspicions start to appear they will have to trust and turn to each other in order to get out alive.

“Perry,” he said. There was a melancholy infliction in his voice that made me stop and turn around.
“I was hoping you’d come out and get me.” […]
“Well,” I said, feeling truthful. “I’m always going to come and get you.”

It’s not an easy journey; in fact, it’s a very scary one, where they can trust no one except each other. Everyone around them is a threat.


This was another awesome book. We get to know a little more about Perry and her nature and a little more about Dex past and understanding better some of his actions. Their chemistry and sexual tension is bigger every day and there are some really sweet moments.

“Dex,” I whispered.
“Mmmm?” he grunted.
“I hope you never stop feeling alive.” […]
“As long as you’re around,” he said softly, “I’ll be alive.”

I’ve got to say, that although there were definitely some moments that increased the heart rate and made me look around suspiciously, I didn’t find it that scary. But I’ve heard it gets worse, so I’ll probably bite my tongue for saying this now.
Anyway, I’ll obviously continue with this series.
Especially because these books are so highly addictive that they should come with a warning. :)
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October 5, 2015
Final rating: 4/5 stars

“I hope you never stop feeling alive.”“As long as you’re around,” he said softly, “I’ll be alive.”


Buddy Read with Vilda! Check out her review here

Who will you trust?

When everybody hides behind the masks?

When everyone lies or hides something...while danger is everywhere...

Where animals act weird... Where no one is safe...

find out on this journey...and take care!


- A little poem by Kristalia -


This was amazing sequel to Darkhouse! It gripped me from the start, didn't let me go, and made me go completely obsessed over EIT and Dex.

For me, this book was scarrier than the first one. And it certainly was more life threatening experience for Dex and Perry as well.Not to mention the sexual tension between them....

“You’re like a ghost magnet. Why do you think I like having you around?”
My mouth dropped momentarily. “Because I’m awesome.”
“Oh, well, that too.”


Characters :


I love, really love her, even though sometimes you wanna smack her in the head, but i just can't stop loving her! In some scenes though, i wanted to ...well...kill/not kill her.


I want him for my every birthday! He is amazing, funny, interesting and flawed. He is complex, strong, wonderful character. I am glad that i found out more about him, and it was heartbreaking learning the truth ;( And i just want to kiss him now :D


Maximus was an interesting addition to the series, but i think that he will be really difficult character to like. I am sensing some disturbance in the force.... Everyone else from the Red Fox town...were weird, as i suspected, and i really can't say anything without spoiling...The question will they trust?


I freaking loooooooooooooooooooove ittttttttttttttt ♥ I am in love with it. It is amazing, fast page turner, with lots of action and suspense ♥


● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ��� ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●


Darkhouse (Experiment in Terror, #1)
Red Fox (Experiment in Terror, #2)
The Benson (Experiment in Terror, #2.5)
Dead Sky Morning (Experiment in Terror, #3)
Lying Season (Experiment in Terror, #4)
On Demon Wings (Experiment in Terror, #5)
Old Blood (Experiment in Terror, #5.5)
The Dex-Files (Experiment in Terror, #5.7)
Into the Hollow (Experiment in Terror, #6)
And With Madness Comes the Light (Experiment in Terror, #6.5)
Come Alive (Experiment in Terror, #7)
Ashes to Ashes (Experiment in Terror, #8)
Dust to Dust (Experiment in Terror, #9)

This review can be found on my blog: infinity-of-time.blogspot.com also known as...

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July 22, 2013
"So many secrets, so many blind eyes."

Another fabulous installment from Karina Halle! Once again, I have to say this author is just brilliant. I have such high respect for the way she puts words on to paper. The way she is able to bring the words to life, and paint a picture with them is just breathtaking! Right from page one I was hooked with this description of a fire:

"The parched air swarmed furiously with sky-seeking embers that spanned the spectrum of orange and yellow. They emerged from flames of the fire with the vibrating sound of cracking bones and formed abstract waves in the space above my head before drifting off into the darkness."

To me, her writing is almost poetic. I love how she is able to make the story come alive in my mind. I am a fan for life and will read anything she writes..she is just that good in my opinion!

I was sucked right into the story, and excited to be back in Perry and Dex's world of mystery and creepy situations. This book topped the first one in "creep factor" and added not only a cast of new charactors; but also animals who were a lot more than they seemed. This story brought Dex and Perry to New Mexico where they had been called to investigate strange happenings with a couples home and their sheep. We also are introduced to an old friend of Dex's, who throughout the story often drops the odd insight into who Dex is to Perry. When Max and Perry interact, this surprisingly leads to jealousy on Dex's part. Yes, we know he has a girlfriend; but in this installment the sexual tension between Dex and Perry, reaches explosive levels. They do have to go to the ranch and act like they are married, due to the fact that the wife is old fashioned and religious..This adds a nice twist on things, especially because Perry gets to share a bed at night with Dex. Oh, and the poor guy has lost his medication; which of course makes for a mood swinging time with good old Dex!
Again, I adored the banter back and for between the couple. The sarcastic humor is literally, laugh out loud hilarious at times! Even with the humor though, the relationship between Dex and Perry seems to be developing and becoming way more intense. Dex appears to be very protective of her and his feelings just seem to be getting deeper. This is one of my favorite conversations they had:

"I hope you never stop feeling alive." I could have sworn his heart skipped a few beats. He tensed. Then relaxed. "As long as you're around," he said softly, "I'll be alive."

*sigh* I loved when he said that to Perry, and it gives me hope that in the future they may finally throw caution to the wind and hook up!!

By far "Red Fox" had way more creepier moments, and ones that were darn right terrifying at times.I loved the scene with the two of them taking part in the "Sweat Lodge ceremony." Karina did a great job of writing that scene, and there was a lot of accuracy to how it all takes place.

All in all, this is another MUST read! I am eager to move on to the next one, and see what new adventures Dex and Perry will experience this time! My fingers are crossed that their relationship will hit new and exciting levels in book three!
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March 5, 2013
On this episode of Experiment in Terror, Dex and Perry are called to Red Fox, New Mexico to investigate a report of a haunted ranch. Not only haunted, but bombarded with night time rock hailstorms and overrun with wild animal sightings...inside the house.

Believed to be the work of something called a skinwalker, the entity feels evil to Perry. Skinwalkers are said to be violent and malevolent beings, a legend of many Native American tribes. These are not nice creatures.

[image error]

The couple that Dex and Perry are sent to help are devout Christians, and won't allow any 'sinful behavior' to go on uner their roof...which leads to Dex and Perry pretending to be married for the duration of their stay on the ranch. They share a room and a bed, which leads to a few heartfelt discussions and a little more bonding time than we got in the first book. In fact, Dex's past is inadvertently brought to light through one of his friends from his past, and it goes a long way in convincing Perry and this reader how multilayered he is.

“Dex,” I whispered.
“Mmmm?” he grunted.
“I hope you never stop feeling alive.”
I could have sworn his heart skipped a few beats. He tensed. Then relaxed.
“As long as you’re around,” he said softly, “I’ll be alive.”

Again, while there were definitely some freaky goings on, I wasn't too overwhelmed with fright. Although I fully admit to ensuring a well lit room was where I parked myself to read! These skinwalker things are freaky!!! Not to mention that the majority of the book takes place on a ranch in the middle of the desert, miles from anywhere.

[image error]

This is a couple that is like none other that I've read before. Each book gives you just a bit more of who they really are, each book brings them just a tiny bit closer as friends, and with the sexual chemistry that fairly SCREAMS from the pages, you know that once these two finally cut loose, it's gonna be good! I can't help but think that Dex and Perry are a lot more alike than they think.
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July 18, 2013

Hallelujuah!!!! This book was WAY better than it's predecessor!!!!!!

I almost gave up half way through book 1 but thanks to all my goodread friends I pushed on and finished!!!

They told me it would get better and I would fall in love with Perry and Dex.....I didn't believe them but now I'm starting to see things their way!!

So I would like to give you all a big Thank You for encouraging me to continue...

This book was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better than book 1.....sorry but true!!!

I'm loving Perry and Dex....I'm on to the next one now!!!!!!!

I would still like more interaction between Perry and Dex.....but I'm dealing with it:))))

***Buddy read with the fab Vishous***

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March 16, 2012
I think I'm in love with this series . Perry and Dex are back and they are definitely kicking asses , oh and btw they are getting theirs kicked too and that being said - all the way in New Mexico ! This book was so full of surprises .
The sexual tension between Perry and Dex had me rolling for the most part , so did Karina Halle's way of putting out her dialogues . Perry's narration and her thoughts really make you snort out loud , and if that was'nt enough Dex's smart pantiness always makes you go ' Man , I need to meet this guy '. As per the story and the development of the characters , I must say I was intrigued and shocked especially with whats going on with Dex . I know one thing for sure he ain't no Bipolar .I cant wait to see whats next in stores for our ghost hunters !!! Eeeeeek i'm sooo excited !
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March 5, 2015

"I saw a pair of yellow eyes,low to the ground.i would have screamed at the sight ,or moved,or something,but all i could do was stare."

the second installment to the experiment in terror series turned out to be just ah-mazing as the first. with fires,tribes and coyotes...this book easily became one of the most captivating mystery of the year,so far, to me.

when perry and dex decide to ride down to old 'RED FOX' an old forgotten town middle of the freaking nowhere, they know that their road trip to creep-vills is going to be as unpredictable as their inital one. As the animals begin to lurk and people start to fall. skinned cows and the crazy-clown lady seemed to be the very least of their concerns and it was staying that way at least ,until they figured how to ,make it out alive that is.....

from the very begging , Karina Halle had me hypnotized by the various event that took place down with the tribe and the developing relationship between ,our leads PERRY AND DEX.

Yep..u heard me right ;) both our crazy and infamous leads finally opened up a bit more, cursing through,the first-date stages...LOL.

“Dex,” I whispered.
“Mmmm?” he grunted.
“I hope you never stop feeling alive.”
I could have sworn his heart skipped a few beats. He tensed. Then relaxed.
“As long as you’re around,” he said softly, “I’ll be alive.


no but seriously,i think i loved them more as the story went along....as DEX'S past opened up a bit and the married charade they tried to fake.

overall, the plot was ah-mazing ,well-though and mysterious,but though a bit predictable to me ,nevertheless, a 4 star deserving.

recommended to :anyone wanting to go ahead with the installments and to all the mystery readers searching for a dose of terror.

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December 7, 2014
Buddy read with my girls Erica and Sarah

I'm incredibly conflicted about this book, and this series as a whole so far. I liked Perry in the first book. I understood her. She's insecure and unsure of herself, but at the same time she's not going to let anything - including herself - hold her back. I could relate. In Darkhouse Perry was straight-forward, honest, no-nonsense, and pretty sarcastic. What she wasn't, overly, was too-stupid-to-live.

I can't say the same for Red Fox. Perry made one stupid decision after another in this book to the point where I was beginning to wonder how she survived to her current age, much less how she was going to survive to the end of the book. From taking a drink from a shady, suspected-of-nefarious-deeds stranger, to wandering in the deserted hills alone when you know there's freaking animals (and possibly people) out there with the intent to harm...and that's not even the worst of it.

I went from respecting Perry to wanting to smack the hell out of her. What the hell right does she have to judge people and assume they're all women beaters? She makes these snap decisions about people she knows nothing about, all because of chance encounters. She, and Dex, apparently have a serious aversion to calling the cops. Broken down car, empty, in the middle of the road? Eh. Just drive on by. People disappear, get attacked and nearly killed? Meh. No big. We'll just get out of dodge. Seriously get attacked, bleeding and drugged? Oh, it's okay. Epic trigger rant coming up:

On top of all of that bullshit from Perry, there's a ton of inconsistent crap going on in this book. I, obviously, wasn't enjoying myself enough because my brain kept nit-picking at the little things. Pupils don't retract, for example. They constrict. If you're in and out of consciousness, it's unlikely you're going to remember a bit of nearly every step back to the house. Likely you wouldn't be able to piece them together in the right order or even understand what's really going on - I know, I've been there. Especially after a traumatic event. Then there's Perry, who is drugged, unable to stand on her own two feet or talk without slurring her words and suddenly, five minutes later, she can flat out run. Give me a fucking break.

My disbelief could not be suspended.

Dex is still Dex. I'm not sure what to make of him, or if I want to like him or hate him. I waffle back and forth between both. But I kind of like that about his character. What I don't like? Cheating. If you're interested in Perry, and it's more than obvious you are, fucking break up with your girlfriend. I swear to whatever gods there are that if you haven't broken up with her by the next book and this shit carries on, I'm going to flip the hell out. What I also don't like? Perry thinking Dex is the love of her life. Give me an effing break. Seriously? You've spent a grand total of maybe a week with him. And he's the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE? You have no credibility with me anymore.

I've ranted so much I'm not even sure I can talk about what's good in this book - and the mystery/horror/paranormal part (if I forgive the great big authorial hand I see pushing the characters into certain situations) is interesting and fun and I wanted more of the creep factor. But there wasn't enough.

And yet, I don't want to stop reading the series yet. I'll continue on to book 3. See where it leads. One of my friends said that Dead Sky Morning was the book that hooked her, another said ended up rage-quitting it. I wonder where I'll fall.
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February 9, 2023
Random reread time!

I found the first book to not be quite as "amazeballs" as when I first read it - will I find the same to be true about book 2?!

What's interesting is that this review hints at a problem I still have, nearly 10 years later - will I ever find anything I actually like to read? Do I even like reading anymore? I forgot that I called this problem "Wit's Endism"; might have to start using that again!

Bullet Review:

This was unpleasant. For “Darkhouse”, I could ignore some things, from nostalgia, from the fact it was the first of a series. But this? So many of the problems from the last book compound and get worse. People in this book act horrible.

Oh and there’s NEEDLESS sexual assault that’s almost immediately ignored and forgotten. Never thought I’d have to put a trigger warning but here we are!

This will be interesting to write; can I focus my thoughts into a decent, clear review?

Full Review:

Well, that old summary worked fine, so let's reuse that!

The first show of Experiment in Terror has aired...and it's not so good. Not to mention, Perry has lost her job at the ad agency, so she's worried about her future. Fortunately, Dex's old college band mate, Maximus, has a lead - the Lancasters in Red Fox, New Mexico have experienced some creepy paranormal activity. The problem? Dex and Perry have to pose as a married couple - and try to find out who amongst the Lancasters and their hired help is lying.

TRIGGER WARNING!!! sexual assault

Welcome back to the Crystal Nostalgia Slide Show, where despite having a mountain of books to be read, I decide to reread a few old favorites of mine from a decade ago! Today's entry was the sequel to a personal guilty pleasure, "Darkhouse", "Red Fox". Now, in case you haven't been following along or forgot (I finished the last one a long time ago now), my feelings towards Darkhouse were not as scintillating as when I first read it in 2012. But this is the second book; perhaps a lot of the issues I had were "first in a series" problems. Perhaps this will be the book where it starts to hit its stride...

Okay, yeah, no, that's not the case (for me - all of this is my opinion, and if you love this book, AWESOME!). Sorry I couldn't hold the suspense forever, but let's just rip the band-aid - while in some areas, "Red Fox" is an improvement on the first book, in others, it's just worse.

A slight tangent - when a story or the characters or the world engage you, truly engage you, you find yourself so immersed and absorbed, you don't stop at maybe a dumb point in the story and go "WTF is this?" You might go, "Huh, weird", but you move on, because in the context of the rest of everything, that one little blip is really nothing. At the end of the book or movie or TV series, you can say, "There were some weird parts, but OVERALL, the story/characters/whatever was so engaging."

The problem with this series (again, for me!) is that the foundation of the series is wobbly and thus makes every little pebble of a problem look even bigger. Perry saying "bloody" or "washroom" instead of "f@#$ing" or "bathroom"? The stream of pop culture references? The fact that New Mexico in October/November isn't usually a whopping 90 degrees? Saying "taught" when you meant "taut" (and numerous other grammatical/punctuation errors)? People being knocked out from a concussion and never going to the emergency room? Using ableist slurs (r-word, s-word)? People's eyes changing color because of emotions? These and many, MANY more in my many updates are really nitpicking, I absolutely know. And I also know that in a different book, my eyes may not have fixated on them, because I would be so absorbed in the characters and story, I wouldn't have the time and energy to focus on the teeny problems.

So let's ignore all the nitpicks and focus on the big issues, the ones that broke me from reality and from really enjoying this book - namely that Perry is kinda an awful person, and these books are basically an extended "will they or won't they?"

Since this book is told in first person, Perry obviously is front and center of the story. And she proves time and again to be a judgmental, immature person with extremely low self-esteem. When Perry goes to a bar and no one comments on her bandages, her comment is that this was Redneck Cheers and people there must be totally used to wife beaters. Any woman she comes across is either described unflatteringly or a b!tch - from the bartender (an old mean woman who after looking at her one time, Perry determines this woman would not do her job and I guess withhold serving drinks to Perry?) to an old cougar slobbering over Dex to Sarah, the b!tchy wife of their client, Will. And let's not even discuss how despite never meeting Dex's girlfriend, Jenn, she cannot manage to squeeze out one nice thing to say about her (other than maybe "gorgeous").

When she sees two sketchy men, she doesn't hesitate to take a drink from them and continue talking to them despite the crass way they behave. When Sarah comes into her room offering tea and asking to use her hairbrush, despite the rude way she's behaved to Perry up to this point, Perry barely hesitates. When Dex leaves to tend to some filming business, Perry decides now is a great time to go hiking in unfamiliar territory not letting anyone know where she's going.

On one hand Perry claims to be "over lusting Dex", but nothing she says afterwards confirms that, only denies it. Unreliable narrator? Okay, sure, no problem - only then Perry declares Dex the "love of her life" despite knowing him for maybe a grand total of a week (spread across a few weeks time). If this does not smart of being immature, I do not know what does!

Perry spends a LOT of time talking about how gross her body is - and despite being drugged, her biggest embarrassment is not that she was nearly sexually assaulted and could do nothing to defend herself, it is that Dex saw her naked body.

Let's do something I don't normally do - let's take every comment I made about her from my previous review and counter it!

"Perry continues to be a great protagonist. She's smart, funny, sarcastic and relatable." - Is smart taking a drink from TWO people who you don't know or prove to be untrustworthy? Is funny calling everyone from a small town a "wife beater"? Does every person talk about how gross their 15 pound overweight body is?
"She really can be a compassionate person." - Citation needed! Perry never did anything compassionate to anyone. She slobbered over Dex, but that is hardly compassion. She pondered once whether it was ethical or not to get involved in these scenarios just to film (take advantage) and leave the people. But she never stood up for that position, and in the end, it didn't matter anyway.
"she was not a super skinny, super sexy vixen who deceived herself into thinking she was ugly" - LOL...this woman has been described as 15 pounds overweight, and most of the men (Dex, Maximus, multiple men at the bar) have ogled her. So I suppose, yes, she's not super skinny, but she's obviously still drop dead gorgeous.
"About the only thing I dislike in Perry is a bit of what I detect as "girl hate"." - A comment I actually agree with! Only I would remove "a bit" and say "an ocean of girl hate".

Did you enjoy that? No? Tough - let's do it for the other half of the sexual tension, Dex!

"Dex is such a complex character!" - Is he? Is it complex to not take the meds your doctor prescribed? Is it complex to have a girlfriend but make out with your coworker? Is it complex to strip a woman who's been sexually assaulted naked? Maybe I'm too neurodivergent for my own good, but I honestly felt like even the author didn't know what was his shctick.
"I would love to smack him across the face and then make out with him right afterwards." - Projectile vomit - this man is gross (and not in the hygienic way) and a jerk. Yes, he saves Perry - but he doesn't get a cookie for being a decent human being one time.
"he's got a laundry list of problems to sort through, and it's interesting to learn more about him - and yet, the mystery around him is never completely gone." - I mean, okay, this is nice - but honestly, the new story about his girlfriend just gives Perry an excuse to ignore his many red flags and let her panties do the talking.

The other "characters" don't matter, so I'm skipping Maximus, Will, Sarah, Shan, Bird, Rudy.

Let's wrap this up with the story:

"As for the mystery/story, I liked it but was a bit disappointed at the outcome." - Agreed 100%
"The inclusion of skinwalkers to this universe - win. I also loved how Dex and Perry went out of state to New Mexico." - I mean, I had no issue with Dex and Perry trying their ghost show somewhere else - I just wish it felt more like the New Mexico I have been to.
"Hell, I even liked the stereotypical "We have to pretend we are married watch the sexual tension erupt". For some reason, it just WORKED here, unlike in other novels." - Bwahahahahahahaha, no. Absolutely not. This felt like a cheap trick to force chemistry that really doesn't exist. It feels like a plot you would deploy 7 books into the series, when you are desperate, not in book 2. It doesn't even make a lick of sense - and I actually CAME from a super conservative, fundamental evangelical background. I don't feel like anyone from that background would actually behave this way - and why couldn't Perry and Dex have stayed at a hotel again? That's what Maximus did.

I have less than 6000 characters left, so I suppose that's Goodreads chiding me to wrap up (or remove my old review, but I really want you to be able to read it and see how I've changed). I never went into this book meaning to dislike it. I wanted to like it - I wanted to rekindle the magic I had back in 2012-2013.

But the fact is, I've grown up. I just talked to my therapist today about this - Perry might have been me back in 2012, but she isn't me now. I get her insecurities and her poor self-esteem, how she may so easily be intrigued by older men to fill the void inside her. But I don't see her as a smart, funny character anymore. She's just pathetic. She makes dumb choices - half of the many, MANY injuries she gets in this book are because of poor choices. No, I am absolutely not blaming her for her sexual assault; that said, it's astonishing how Perry reacts to her multiple assaults, sexual or otherwise. She's almost like a robot, forgetting about the assault immediately after and finding a way to bringing to being embarrassed about Dex or wishing she could enjoy something to do with Dex. If you have to work this hard to get two characters together, it's not sexual chemistry.

Dex isn't a man to idolize; he's a pathetic has-been, a man unafraid to use ableist slurs to describe people, a supposed adult unable to deal with grief, preferring to self-detonate, destroying any relationships in his path, a man willing to put himself and others in danger when he loses his meds. I don't care how much like Robert Downey Jr or Johnny Depp or Errol Flynn he looks like. I don't care that he sings like an angel or has intriguing tattoos or wears cargo pants or knows all these obscure alternative bands or has abs for days. If your friend dated a man like him, if your child dated a man like him, I think you wouldn't find it so cute and romantic and would instead be staging an intercession.

I know I didn't talk much about the plot, but really, I get the feeling these books are written more to push the One True Pairing than about any paranormal activities - a shame, because like I thought years ago, I think this could have been interesting. This series was supposed to be about ghost stories, the things that go bump in the night, and showing that to the world on the internet. Instead, it's really about two horrible people lusting after each other and occasionally stumbling onto something spooky.

As I write all this, I know I might get a few comments, so here we go:

"Why didn't you just stop reading?" - I didn't know the end wouldn't get better. Also, I wanted to write a thorough review, and if I DNFd, I would get complaints from the other side that I can't review something I didn't finish.
"Perry is 22 - give her a break" - Okay, fine, fair enough. But I am also entitled to not like what I read, regardless of what the age of a character is. It's my opinion, and I would never say my opinion trumps everything else.
"You are blaming Perry for her sexual assault" - Absolutely not. Daniel and Hank should not have done what they did. Anyone should be able to go to a bar without having to worry about being assaulted. But also, if I saw a rattlesnake on the road, I would avoid it.
"I really liked the story" - That is awesome! Good for you - I am so happy this worked for you!
"You hate the author" - Absolutely not; I had problems with the book, not the author herself. She's written a lot of books that have resonated with people, and I'm super glad she's made it in this tough industry. You go, girl!
"You try writing a book sometime!" - If you go to a restaurant, and the food is bad, do you have to hold back your comments just because you don't cook? I'm allowed an opinion even not being a published author.
"You read too much into things" - You are right; I spent a lot of time finding all these bits that don't make sense to me. Part of that happens to be the way I am and I don't know why I am that way. I did make a point in this review to not overly focus on the details.
"You are a grumpy person" - You have no idea who I am and what I am going through right now. Before you comment like this, take a step back and think "Would I say this to that person's face?" Remember the iconic words of Thumper from Bambi: "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all."
"Based on that comment, why did you review this book at all?" - Thumper's mom's comments are about PEOPLE not THINGS. This book's feelings won't be hurt by my comments; I have said NOTHING about the author herself, and only wish her well. If this is the book she wanted to write, good for her! I did buy it in paperback form, and I am glad to support smaller writers, even if I didn't care for their books.

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October 21, 2015

***4.25 Crazy Demonic Animal Stars***

●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●

"The truth is in the fire."

●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●

The first episode of Experiment in Terror was not a complete failure, but not a success either. The show has not been canned... yet. Dex is contacted by an old "friend" to ask him to head over to a ranch and investigate the activity going on there. He accepts and so Perry and Dex head over to Red Fox, New Mexico to see if what is happening, could be about poltergeists. They were dead wrong. There is also one thing they need to do in order to stay with this Christian Native American couple. They must pretend to be married.

●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●

"Ghosts don't harm or maim people. They just scare. Skinwalkers...they kill. I think you are all in real danger."

●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●

There are all sorts of weird things happening, but it all has to do with animals. There was a demonic fox, snake, crow, bear, the list goes on. I think the crow scared me the most, just because (and this is a true story) I once got attacked by one. NO JOKE. I hate and fear crows to this day. *shudders*

But these animals are not possessed. They are Skinwalkers... powerful humans that are into some dark magic stuff. They shift into different animals. Sometimes... even other humans. This means, Dex and Perry can trust NO ONE.

These Skinwalkers are serious people, they freaked the hell out of me. I didn't know who to believe. I kept swaying as to who could be the good and bad people. Everyone became suspicious to me. I think this is what held my interest so much. The fact that I wasn't 100% sure who was behind it all.

●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●

"Dex," I whispered.
"Mmmm?" he grunted.
"I hope you never stop feeling alive."
I could have sworn his heart skipped a few beats. He tensed. Then relaxed.
"As long as you’re around," he said softly, "I’ll be alive."

●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●

"I hope you never stop feeling alive."
I could of sworn his heart skipped a few beats. He tensed. Then relxed.
"As long as you're around," he said softly, "I'll be alive."

●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●

What also held my interest was the fact that Dex and Perry seem to be getting closer. The tension between them is getting stronger. I LOVED IT! I seriously love the banter between these two. Dex surprised me and Max (Dex's friend) reveals a bit of Dex's past. I am still confused by him but I feel like in each book, I will get to know more about this mysterious man. That hasn't stopped me from sighing and swooning for him. Oh yeah, Dex can dance!.... GOOD! haha! Who knew?

●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●

“You’re like a ghost magnet. Why do you think I like having you around?”
My mouth dropped momentarily. “Because I’m awesome.”
“Oh, well, that too.”

●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●

Perry I still love, she is awesome. I feel like she is slowly but surely becoming braver. I love the ramblings of her mind and the little jokes she says. I also see that she is starting to embrace that there might be something different about her. I think there is.

This book was a LOT better for me than the first one. Just because there was no intro, it just kind of jumped right on in. The suspense with the Skinwalkers had me not wanting to stop reading. But I do wonder what that episode is going to look like. I'm not sure they got a whole lot. But anyways, I can't wait to see Dex and Perry get... closer? I sure hope they do! Now on to the next.

●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●

"And with madness comes the light."

●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●

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June 16, 2013
I do think this series should came with 3 warnings :

* This is scary stuff. Maybe you shouldn't read it while home alone and at night*

* Highly addictive series!!! You will just crave for more *

* You'll love Dex and Perry dearly but without a doubt, You'll have a HUGE crush on Dex...just no way around it*

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Anyway, back to the story!
This time our favorite duo, awesome but crazy Perry and Dex,will go to shoot an episode in the desert. In a town called Red Fox, where strange events have been happening.
At first sight, they think it might be poltergeists...

" Poltergeists, for the most part,seemed to be pretty unhappy spirits with a vendetta against humanity and an eye for trickery. I knew that if I died I'd definitely come back as one. It actually was quite appealing, throwing shit around and scaring hapless people out of their homes, just to be an ass. I started looking forward to "meeting" these asshole ghosts"

But of course it's so much more than that, and it seems that only by being there, Perry unleashed even more dark events

This series is so much more than the horror/supernatural elements, the characters are just so real and relatable, especially Perry.
The easy bantering, the sarcastic replies and the connection between Dex and Perry is just amazing. I stop counting the times i bursted out laughing or just grinning (or what i like to call, doing my stupid face) while reading it...and then get frustrated at both of them. So much angst *gahhh
Anyway, I'll just say that I'll go down with this ship!

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February 4, 2013
Book 2 in the Experiment in Terror series brings us more creepy, spooky stuff, more heart-racing action and, most importantly, more Dex and Perry! And it’s all awesome!

There’s a bit more focus on Dex’s character in this one. We get to see more of his tortured side, and learn a little bit about his past, and some of what he has been through to make him the way he is. And it’s all so sad! My heart broke for him. But I loved seeing him open up a bit more - “Perry ... I was hoping you'd come out and get me.”

And oh, how I love Perry! She's such a great heroine! She does have a couple of moments of eye rolling stupidity, but I like that she’s not perfect. She's very relatable, she’s brave and honest (most of the time) and I love her sarcasm and her wit. And I love the way she feels about Dex. She just accepts it, she doesn't get all angsty and whiny about it, it is what it is, she takes whatever little moments that she can, and she just deals with it and carries on.

The UST gets kicked up a notch, with Dex and Perry having to pose as a married couple on their latest job down in the desert town of Red Fox, New Mexico. There’s a fair bit of creepy supernaturalness going on with rocks being thrown against houses, animals acting weirdly, and ancient Navajo curses and myths all coming in to play. There is also a great mystery element to the whole story, and I had conspiracy theories flying all over the place, wondering what the hell was going on and who the bad guys were right up until the last, nail biting minute when all was revealed.

But it was Dex and Perry and all that is going on with them and between them that pushed this up to 5 stars for me. Their bantering and playfulness continues, but there are more of those little ‘moments’ that keep the romance-lover in me on the edge of my seat, trying to soak it all in while frantically flipping pages. And OMFG, that bar scene had me grinning and squeeing like a freaking idiot! It was absolutely magic, and yet still stayed true to the characters. I loved it!

And then there was this, which had me swooning like an idiot…

“Dex,” I whispered.
“Mmmm?” he grunted.
“I hope you never stop feeling alive.”
I could have sworn his heart skipped a few beats. He tensed. Then relaxed.
“As long as you’re around,” he said softly, “I’ll be alive.”

Holy freaking swoon! I’m loving the sweet and soft side of Dex! (And that we get to see so much of it!). Things are left very much up in the air with that part of the story, and there is still a lot to sort out for our intrepid, ghost-hunting duo - it’s torture having to wait for it, but the torture hurts so good… it’s so, so good!

“You act like people who are forever on their first date.”

Again, there are threads left undone, and I wonder if they’ll be picked up later in the series, but to be honest, it doesn’t bother me. This series is so much fun, I’m absolutely loving it and am diving straight in to the next book. Woohoo!
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August 23, 2014

"The truth is in the fire."

In the second installment in the EiT series, our favorite ghost-hunters are back for another round of heart-stopping, thrilling adventure. This time Perry & Dex made their way down to New Mexico!

The duo travels to the small city in a desert called Red Fox where strange occurrences have befallen on a Navajo couple, Will & Sarah. We're talking crazy animals with spooky eyes appearing & disappearing in their house & even raining stones!! (I know it sounds totally bizarre but heck it's paranormal). And it seems to get worse when Perry & Dex arrives.

What dark forces are looming ahead for our favorite duo?

Love the plot in this one as it starts out slow and as it progresses, it picks up with a nice punch that left me turning my pages so fast & my heart pounding! I could easily see myself tuning in to an episode of Supernatural at this rate. Interesting side characters are introduced like Max from Dex's past & Bird was a nice read too.

Enjoyed the connection between Perry & Dex in this one as the sexual tension is seriously starting to build up & what better way to show that by having them . Gotta love that touch you put in there, Ms Halle! ;) And I totally swooned when Dex goes all protective mode on Perry & saving her, my shipper heart is excited! :D

Honestly, I'm surprised that I'm enjoying the slow build-up romance between these two and I think it'll seriously make the entire journey much more worthwhile when we get some real action :)

“Dex,” I whispered.
“Mmmm?” he grunted.
“I hope you never stop feeling alive.”
I could have sworn his heart skipped a few beats. He tensed. Then relaxed.
“As long as you’re around,” he said softly,
“I’ll be alive.”

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June 8, 2013
Very rarely does a series come along that completely pulls the reader in to the story in such a way that creates a reading frenzy. By reading frenzy I mean, being unable or incapable of putting a book down. By reading frenzy I mean having to immediately buy the next book in the series — and I mean immediately upon finishing a book in the series. By reading frenzy I mean, having the characters consume your life in such a way that the reader believes she is living the in the book itself – or desperately wants to be living the lives in the book. Series that engender feelings like this are very rare but oh so special. And they should be savored and they NEED to be passed on. The one thing you need to walk away from this review thinking is, “I have to read Darkhouse. I need to start it now.” Or maybe (if you already read Darkhouse but inexplicably did not move on to Red Fox yet …), “I need to read the next book in Experiment in Terror, why did I stop?” This is what AH did for me with her review of Darkhouse. And reading Experiment in Terror brought back the fun-I-can’t-eat-or-sleep-or-work-I-just-need-to-read feeling. So thank you AH!

Ghosts. Things that go bump at night. Stuff that haunts your nightmares. And by stuff, I mean scary stuff that you stopped dreaming and worrying about years ago. Sex. Drinking. Flirting. Unsatisfied desire. Passion. Terror. Vices. Character flaws. Lost opportunities. Hope. Real life. Struggles. Snark. Funny embarrassing humor. Insecurities. Growing up. Heat. Passion. This is Red Fox for me. It is a delicious combination of everything I enjoy in character driven books wrapped up in a ghost-urban fantasy thriller

Saying these books are scary, freaky and shiver inducing doesn’t do them justice.

“It?!” I cried out. What the fuck was “it?”

Red Fox didn’t stop me from sleeping once I put the book down, but while I was reading I would be so engrossed as to what was going to happen next that I couldn’t stop myself from turning the page (or swiping my ereader ….). It takes a lot to surprise or scare me these days, but Ms. Halle does it. These books though don’t rest on the thrill or scare alone. They really are a story about the characters.

Dex and Perry. (huh, I first typed Sex and Perry ……….) Dex is the camera man of an internet ghost hunting show, Perry is the on-screen persona of the show. And together they head off into the New Mexico desert to figure out what is haunting a ranch family or in the very least, to get cool footage and impress their boss. What follows is stuff that happens in real life when you travel with a work colleague. Things don’t go perfectly, stuff gets lost, Dex and Perry have to pretend they are married and sleep in the same bed — happens all the time on work trips right? The set-up may seem corny, but it is great. The tension between Dex and Perry is so fun to read about. They don’t know each other and are still figuring each other out. They have only begun working together. To make it more awkward, Perry really likes Dex.

What is so great about Red Fox and the other books in this series, is that while Dex and Perry are the focus of the books and the main attraction, the side characters are worth reading these books for too. On this trip to New Mexico, Perry gets to meet someone from Dex’s past and they both meet shamans and very interesting (weird?) people who are supposedly being terrorized by who-knows-what.

Perry is not like other urban fantasy or genre fiction “heroines”. She doesn’t know herself. She doesn’t understand her appeal. She is dominated by her family but struggling to get away.

“I don’t think I’m all that special,” I said.

I saw her appeal. I love Perry and would love to know her in person. She is no cardboard two-dimensional character. Ms. Halle has created an amazingly complex character with layers of pain and struggle. Unfortunately, Perry needs to be reassured of herself. Thanks to her mom, she thinks she is fat. She doesn’t seem to be able to make a career out of her degree but she also hates her chosen career path. At times her reluctance to push back against her parents and to continue to ask permission to do stuff (she is 22 after all!) gets really annoying but it is all part of who she is and where she is in life right now. Readers can only hope that the path she is on with Dex and Experiment in Terror will give her own space and life.

Dex (ummm I typed Sex again …. huh). There is so much to say about Dex but after reading these books I feel like saying “Dex” alone sums it up.

“I’ll be fine. Dex is a … smart …. man.”

He is not a gentleman. If your parents knew the truth about him, they wouldn’t want you around him. He may be crazy. He drinks a lot. He smokes. He doesn’t talk on long drives. His silence is unreadable. He is sexy, semi-perverted and he has a girlfriend. (screeeeeeechh — yes you read that right). Dex is also creative, inspired and determined. He pulls you in (you being the reader) and you will want to be there wit him. Dex may be my favorite male character in an urban fantasy series yet. My words can’t do him justice and may actually turn you away from him. So I’ll just leave it at that.

Who would like Experiment in Terror? Readers who enjoy fast past suspense based stories with a touch of the paranormal. Readers who like to read books that are gritty and where the characters come with flaws (annoying at times). Readers who enjoy sexual tension and the slow build. Everybody.

To read more of this review and others like it check out Badass Book Reviews
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August 14, 2016
Edit: Lowering the rating to 3 stars, to leave room for improvement in the sequels. Or, I did it just because I felt like it. *shrugs* I don't know.

It took me long enough, but I've finally written this review. Albeit a merged one of book one and its sequel. Oh well.

To start off, I have to say that Red Fox is considerably better than the first book, Darkhouse. While the latter was quite creepy, the former had much more character development, sexual tension, things being explained (I’m still in the dark about lots of things but I guess that adds to the creepy factor) and some very memorable moments. Did I mention sexual tension?

We have Perry, our protagonist, who works with a crazay guy named Dex. They seem to be magnets for All Things Creepy, so they start getting themselves into all kinds of shit for their show.

Yes, I was expecting something more paranormal, more supernatural, but that’s not to say I wasn't satisfied. I breezed through this very light –but scary– series, and had a genuinely fun time reading this. I have a feeling that by the end of this series, I will be giving the books 5 stars. But that’s just me being my overly optimistic self.

There were a couple problems I had with Darkhouse that, while less distinct, carried over to Red Fox. In the first installment, Perry continually brings up Jennifer, Dex’s girlfriend, and hates on her for the simple reason of her being “pretty”. Some would dismiss this as petty jealousy, but I beg to differ, because pretty much anyone who was pretty would be ostracized by Perry, and while it didn't go into slut-shaming territory, she did not exactly become best friends with these so-stated females.

A huge problem I had with Perry in this book was her constant need to be rescued. At the beginning of the first book, she’s like, “Oh, look at me! I took self-defense classes and can defend myself in anything!”

But there was never any evidence of this. She would always go into stupid situations, and would end up stuck until Dex valiantly saved her. What happened to self-defense, girl? It got worse in Red Fox, or at least I noticed it more.

No, I don’t expect her to be some unrealistically badass warrior with hidden knives in her boots and a gun at the ready, but I also don’t want to read about a damn Damsel in Distress. Especially when she was sitting there bragging about her mad skillz.

I’d even venture to say that the author put Perry in these situations just for her to be saved by Dex, in order to create a sort of romantic moment. That’s not romantic, that’s annoying.

I know, I know, it sounds like I didn't enjoy this book, or series, I should say, but I really, truly, did. They were extremely entertaining to read, and I know for a fact that I’m continuing with this series.

There is this extremely cute scene in Red Fox over which I'm currently fangirling over. TOO CUTE!

I’m not entirely enamored by Dex, though.
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February 7, 2014
I'm glad I didn't give up on the series after the Drakhouse. I did have few issues with it, but I liked it much better than the first book, and it made me want to read the next one.

I think the only reason I didn't like this book as much as the majority of readers is because I didn't find the whole shapeshifter-thing very interesting *whispering "I have read better ;-)*
But, the book had enough interesting things going on to keep me guessing. The whole mystery surrounding Dex was very intriguing, and even though the story was told from Perry's pov, after I finished the book, I realized that I didn't know that much about her after all. Everybody kept saying that she is something special, but I was yet to see that :).

I found Dex hard to figure out. Sometimes I thought he was being a dick and other times he was sweet, sexy and considered, but always very mysterious :).
I loved the fact that I couldn't figure him out :).

They had a deal, to always be honest with each other, and kept demanding that the other one should talk and share, if there was something. But even so, if you paid attention, you would have noticed that there was a lot they kept to themselves :).

One other thing; we got to 'meet' Dex's girlfriend, which might or might not exist :). He kept talking to her on the phone, sometimes her name popped out in the conversation, but we never got to meet her 'face to face'. Which was interesting.
I am eager to find out what role she's going to play in the Dex's and Perry's relationship, if she turns out to be real :). For all I know, Dex could be pulling one on me :-D.

All and all, not bad, not bad at all.
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