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Steve Gavan and Daniël Borghart are professional soccer players for Kinbridge Town - and also secret lovers. All that changes, however, when Steve innocently wanders into a city park and falls victim to a vicious gang of queer-bashers who beat him within an inch of his life. After that there are no secrets any more - and it's a very long road back, for both of them, from there...

392 pages, ebook

First published August 1, 2011

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R.A. Padmos

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What’s there to tell about me? I’m a writer, and it has taken me most of my life to admit that, even if writing has been part of my life since forever. I’m a woman, married to the woman who asked me in October 1981 if I cared for a cup of tea… Now we have one marriage, two sons and five cats.

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Author 75 books2,514 followers
June 18, 2012
This book opens with a memory of passion and affection - an image of Steve walking aimlessly, thinking about Daniel, the teammate with whom he has fallen in love. He is alone that night because they're in the closet, and Daniel's parents are in town. Within a few pages, the story moves into a scene of horrific violence. The rest of the book deals with the aftermath of both the love and the violence, for Steve, for Dan, and for everyone around them.

The writing is understated, clear and gorgeous. There is a vast ocean of both love and pain in the progression of their relationship and in the healing and consequences stemming from the the violence. The story is realistic, sweet, painful, and has at its heart a very steadfast commitment between two men. A beautiful book and one I will reread, despite the gut-churning difficulty of reading that opening chapter. Recommended.
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Author 2 books124 followers
November 9, 2014
Beautiful, tragic and thought provoking. My favourite love story.

Ravages is the first book by R.A. Padmos I have ever read. It is one of the most beautiful books I have ever read. From the style of writing to the characters to the love story that left a permanent mark on me. I have so much praise for this author and her wonderful writing style. There's nothing I can complain about with this book. It was magical, beautiful stunning and a true love, story.

Don't expect a story that is just simply a romance. This is not a simple story about two men in love. This is a love story about two men, two football players, two friends who find love in each other. Who find their soul-mate and their life long partner. I found my true romantic in this book. It was always there and came out with this book. You might find a tragic tale, you might find a happy ending. Who am I to say?

This book is hands down the most romantic book I have ever read. It's an amazing story of love, survival and friendship. Daniel and Steve were perfect and wonderful and in the end they were love. I know some people won't understand why I say this. But if you read the book I think you will know what I am saying. Love has a way of taking away a life, but it also has the power to give back life.


“He’s in unbearable pain and he’s beyond exhaustion. Some of the more serious damage to his body, to his brain, may well be permanent. I know that. And I shield him from the only thing that can free him from his suffering. What I do is cruel, I know that too. Consider me love’s ugly face.

At sixteen years of age I can say I have never experienced this type of love before. One day I hope to. I want to have my own Daniel, a man who will stand by my side during the good and the bad. Who doesn't presume the worst when he hears something bad. He never doubted his Steve, he never doubted Steve's love for him.

“If love is weaker than death, if it’s as light as a feather, what’s its use?”
“I have no idea why he was in that park at that moment. He’s a grown man; he can walk wherever he pleases, whenever he pleases. I trust he will tell me everything. Why? Because he loves me. Believe me, I know. How do I know? How do you show your wife – you do have a wife? Or a boyfriend? – you love her? I don’t like your insinuations. As I said, I can imagine him being lost,

I loved the authors writing style. She wrote this beautifully. It's in the present tense and for some that may be confusing. But the beauty of the story shone true for me. No matter how many times I re-read lines or stopped and waited for something else to happen I never got tired or bored. I was left wanting more. During my two favourite scenes I was happy and left with a feeling in my stomach that didn't go away.


The ending.

“If you want him, you will have to go through me.” Steve takes his husband in his arms, shielding him. “You can take me too; I’ve already been blessed beyond what I could have hoped for when he chose to love me. The two of us or the deal is off. “He is my beloved and my friend. I stake my claim.”

My thoughts on this book are still fresh in my head. But there are too many of them to do a good review. This one will have to do because I don't think there is a way to describe this book the way it should be described. I could tell you about the wonderful story, the wonderful characters and the beautiful love story told. None of it seems enough for this book. Many people don't believe in the one, but I chose to believe there is one special person in the world for us all and in this book Steve and Daniel found their person in each other.

Nothing would give me more pleasure right now than to tell you about the journey that spans fifty years. I just can't give you more than I have. It was a unique experience for me and one that has left me thinking about the magical, lyrical way their love is described. I can only tell you to go and read this book and fall in love the way I did.

Love is a wonderful thing and for you to really understand what love means you should at least try this book!
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741 reviews31 followers
May 28, 2013
A moving story about unconditional love

Warning: This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS.

Rating: 8/10

- The author tackles a horrifying and weighty subject matter and gives it the consideration and development it deserves. There’s nothing brushed over here, nothing rushed past or barely developed.
- The descriptions are deep and detailed, not just of settings, but also of impressions, observations, feelings, etc.
- I found Padmos’s writing style interesting. It’s unusual in that it’s more abstract than most writing in this genre (example: “He remembers everything that is ever forgotten and foresees everything that is yet unknown”), and profound comments are thrown in repeatedly with very little fanfare. (see cons below also)
- I am very familiar with the top-level British football league, and the small details Padmos includes in the story--from the vocabulary the characters use to their comments about the various clubs--are well-researched and realistic.

- The first 15% of the story is harsh and extremely unpleasant. So much so that I needed a pep talk from a friend to continue reading. I was ready to quit.
- There is some awkwardness to the writing, perhaps partly because it’s written in present tense (not always consistently/correctly), but mostly because the book has a meandering style that tends to get a bit lost in itself when it goes off on tangents.
- The author tends toward hyperbole at times and, even now, almost a week after finishing the story, I’m not sure whether I found it mostly compelling or cringe-worthy. Sometimes the emotions struck me as powerful-yet-realistic, and other times they struck me as melodramatic, as though the story were trying too hard to be epic.

Overall comments: The first part of this book is very, very hard to read. I had to skim much of it. I am glad I soldiered on and finished, though. The story has a melancholy, contemplative tone to it--one that alerts you right off that what you are about to read will not be fluffy and light-hearted. Emotions run high: anger and fear and despair run rampant alongside feelings of love so strong the characters are almost overwhelmed by them.
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1,012 reviews122 followers
September 12, 2013
*accidentally deleted off my GR shelves and I lost the review*

I remember that this story tore my heart out and made me cry, the gulping sobs kind of crying. The love story was so incredibly beautiful, that I gave this 5 stars even though I didn't care for the writing style.
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753 reviews108 followers
February 22, 2014
DNF at 30%

I am not rating this book, I could not get into the writing style at all. I felt disconnected with the the whole story. And honestly at 30% I could not find one thing I liked to justify further suffering on my part.
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777 reviews145 followers
October 14, 2012
4.5 stars.
When I started reading this novel, I have to admit my first impression was not the best. The writing style struck me as being overly desciptive initially, more as if the author was telling me what was happening, rather than showing me. I started skimming a little, but as I was skimming I became intrigued and then finally caught up in the tale. (In fact, I ended up going back to read the bits I had skimmed...) I either became used to the author's style, or the author's writing improved as the story moved forward; either way, I soon became much less aware of how the author wrote as I was much more focused on what the author wrote. I became completely involved with the drama unfolding with each new page and I stayed hooked right through the very end.

While there is a scene that is shockingly brutal and violent, where the ugly underbelly of humanity is displayed in all its horrendous glory, this story is ultimately a story about love.

Steve and Daniel, two professional football (soccer) players in the same team, have been together for 6 months. Despite knowing it would be the death of their professional playing days if their relationship ever became public knowledge, dreams of a future together took hold in each of their hearts and minds as each realized they had fallen in love with other. But their hopes are brutally shattered when Steve finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. He falls victim to a group of overwhelmingly violent gay-bashers, demolishing forever his football career and very nearly taking his life.

It is the journey that both men must take after this heartbreaking violence that truly captured me. Steve and Daniel not only have to deal with Steve's vastly altered body and mind, with all its ramifications for their future together, but also with the reality of being outed to the world so unkindly, and how it affects everyone within their sphere of influence - the football club, the team, the fans and their families. 

There is hope, faith, anger, guilt, despair and above all love in this story. It is really is a beautiful story; well worth the effort of reading past the slow and odd beginning to find the gold within its pages. 

PS. It is worth noting that there are a few odd glitches in some words, such as 'tender ness' and some spelling mistakes throughout this novel. I'm not sure whether this is a technical issue (ePub format for me) or whether it's due to the fact English is the author's second language.
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2,203 reviews327 followers
November 12, 2011
This was a beautiful story to read!
Beautiful, violent, heartbreaking, frustrating, liberating and enlightening!
I do have to say the writing style took a bit of getting use to and at times I wish there had been more showing,as opposed to telling.
The epilogue made me cry!
Definitely recommend!
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362 reviews239 followers
July 31, 2015
DNF @ 51%

I'm very, very sad that I had to discontinue this book. Ravages is probably one of the more tragically beautiful, contemporary stories I've read in a while, but was so poorly written I just couldn't read anymore.

My advice: download a sample of the story to gauge if you'll love or dislike the writing style. The problem for me was the flowery, very non-realistic and overly long use of dialogue. No one speaks like the people in this book! Not only that, but there is so much telling and not enough showing that the span of days could pass from one paragraph to the next. Sentences can get congested, and two or three thoughts could easily fit in one of Steve's sentences.

Then there's the proofreading mistakes and odd word choices that made me wonder if English is the author's second language. There were moments that just felt very...off.

If you don't mind the above mentioned things, then Ravages could end up being a very good book. It made me shed some tears in the beginning, but once the immediate danger of things settled, I find myself getting more annoyed with the writing.
Profile Image for Snowtulip.
1,076 reviews
December 22, 2011
This book has me split down the middle almost. The beginning of this book had so much intensity because Steve was able to convey his feelings at both a primal and soulful level. The beating and then the ensuing fight against death kept me completely intrigued with Steve's struggles, including seeing Dan as this amazing defender. The use of Steve's senses to understand the love he has for Dan just made the love so much stronger for me and it was a great introduction to Dan. I was really enjoying all of this and was so happy to see the love pouring out of both Dan and Steve, however the pacing on the second half of the book slowed and we had so many rose colored glasses moments between the two that the story lost some of the emotional depth...always got love, but lost some of the range of emotions that had to have been felt with that kind of struggle to regain your life. The epilogue was well done and left me content with the end of their story. Still a great read!
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1 review
September 25, 2011
The blurb says that ‘Ravages’ is a love story between two footballers -Steve Gavan and Daniël Borghart, who play for a fictional club in the Premier League-, but it’s so, so much more than that. It’s a story about loss, about acceptance, about secrets and what happens when those secrets come to light.

It’s not the typical boy-meets-boy, boys-fall-instantly-in-love, boys-face-contrived-circumstances-that-keep-them-apart, boys-have-a-happy-ending story. Seriously, take your expectations and leave them at the door when you start this book, because this is a story that goes much deeper than that. I dare you not to fall in love with the characters -the main couple, their teammates and friends-. I dare you not to feel their struggles as your own. I dare you not to look around yourself when you've finished the book and wonder how many stories like that are going on that you don't know about.

Because the thing about 'Ravages' is that it's realistic in all the best ways. The characters are alive; they're real people with their virtues and their defects, their petty hopes and those more grandiose dreams they won't speak about. Their surroundings (both the city and the football club) could be one of the many we read about every day on the papers. The reactions of the characters to everything that happens to them, good or bad, are nuanced, fitting to their personality, influenced by their situation, but still undoubtedly their own. No one is unbelievably good, or ridiculously evil; even those characters who do wrong have their reasons, their internal logic we can understand even if we can't share it.

Beyond the realism that helped me feel as if I knew the characters better than I know some of my friends, this book stayed with me because of the very adult love story. Steve and Daniël have already moved past puppy love and the first flush of falling in love: the story isn't about a couple getting to know each other, it's about their commitment to each other being put to the test. Established relationships can be interesting too!

A slow-paced, nuanced read,'Ravages' is the kind of novel that stays with you long after you've finished the last page.
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1,320 reviews33 followers
June 5, 2013
I did not like the book's writing and could not get past that. I never felt connected to Steve or Dan. This story deals with a very heavy subject that you'd think would tug at one's heartstrings. Well maybe if we got to know Steve and Dan just a bit better it would have worked for me.

When we meet them they have an attraction to each other and out of the blue Dan kisses Steve. Not sure how he knew Steve swung that way. Then for 6 months they have a secret relationship. We still don't get to know them as characters. So when Steve is attacked although Dan's commitment to Steve is admirable, I just don't get it. Why after 6 months is he so committed to Steve? Maybe you got it, but I didn't. And that's okay.

The word "beloved" and "boy" were so overused and they grated on my nerves. I was surprised that this book had so much sex. First because of the severity of Steve's injuries I didn't think they'd have such a robust sex life afterwards. I did like that the author included finger play. That was a nice change of pace. So I'm glad the guys were able to enjoy their sex life just wished we'd gotten more from them as a couple other than the sex.

This book did not keep me engaged. I skipped huge chunks of pages to get to the end. Maybe if the writing style was better I would have enjoyed the book.
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Author 142 books222 followers
July 1, 2012
This is an high emotional novel and the author decides to make it even more high impact letting the reader inside the minds and hearts of both main characters, European football professional player Steve and Daniel. It’s hard to explain since there is indeed interaction of Steve and Daniel with other characters, but the main feeling was that everything and everyone that was stranger to their love was also detached, so far away from them.

The author also chose to start the novel when Steve and Dan are already lovers for the past six months. Steve barely survives a gay bashing and Dan doesn’t hesitate to come out and stake a claim on the injured man in the hospital, he is Steve’s partner and no one can force him away from his side.

There is a lot of hurt, but mainly there is a lot of love. After the initial, cruel episode that almost put an end to Steve’s life and their love, Steve and Dan find only reason to continue in their fight to be together. Who is near them is supporting them, and as I said, the external world is so detached that is no able to influence them or their decision. There is no question that who attacked Steve will pay for their action, as unfortunately there is no question the price will be not high enough to compensate the hurt. But in a way, Steve and Dan are pushed in taking decisions they were probably delaying for lack of courage or maybe for being too careful. Not always being a lion is a good choice, and in this case, I think Steve and Dan would prefer to live 100 years together as sheep than living one day as a lion.

I’m not sure it’s really possible for two professional football players to come out and still be possible for them to be in the higher level of the profession, but it’s also true than no one has really tried, and maybe the society is slowly changing. It’s not a coincidence that the author made one of them from Holland, a country that was first in recognizing same-sex unions, and the other one from England (although with Irish origins), another country that allows civil unions. Making them from any other “catholic” European country, and their story would have been way more difficult.

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283 reviews33 followers
November 2, 2011
I find myself conflicted on how to rate this novel.

On one hand, I very much enjoyed the romance, emotional content, and overall story. The scene of homophobia and violence at the start is heart-wrenching and horrific. The ensuing themes of love and strength and recovery are powerful and inspiring.

But on the other hand, I wasn't particularly enamored with the general writing style in which the story was told. The use of third person present tense felt strange and took quite a while to get accustomed to. The pace tended to run on the slow side, and there was a definite feeling of "tell" rather than the "show" that I prefer. Furthermore, I felt that some of the dialogue was a bit...too flowery to seem realistic for two football players. Finally, I should mention a smattering of run-of-the-mill spelling and grammatical errors, and well, you get the idea.

However, despite my misgivings, at the end of the day I still enjoyed this read and am glad that I undertook it. For a more thorough review that comes close to my own feelings, SueM's review is quite good.
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1,420 reviews9 followers
April 25, 2014
Too sappy and flowery - also no female characters... <p> </p>
<p>I didn't like the flowery prose, death as a character in two or more scenes (what was that supposed to be?), I didn't like the main characters because Daniel was too good to be true. The perfect romance hero, patient, loving, beautiful. Steve remained pale and I never had the feeling that he was a real person.</p>
<p> </p>
<p>I didn't like the insta-love much - and the fairy-tale like "true love after six months" that leads to a 50+ years of ecstatically happy marriage.</p>
<p> </p>
<p>It was all so overdrawn that I couldn't enjoy this. The way both guys were gushing to and about each other all the time? Sappy and totally unbelievable. I do think that there are men out there who speak about their feelings, but this was just too much, too often, too flowery.</p>
<p> </p>
<p>I noticed no female characters in this book - another gay couple among the soccer players evolved and of course everybody wishes them the best as soon as they can leave the closet and their respective wives - and of course they are still great fathers and family men. Because it is obviously totally ok to lie to women and cheat on them if it is for the big true gay love.</p>
<p> </p>
<p>I am so sick and tired of this topic in m/m books. This second couple doesn't have any major role, so why introduce this? It annoys me no end. </p>
<p> </p>
<p>Yes, it is sad that there is discrimination against gays. But it is also sad when men lie and cheat. And if they've known that they are gay from early on, it is not ok to marry an unsuspecting woman.</p>
<p> </p>
<p>Why still 1,5 stars? Because the part about the attack was really moving. The slow recovery and the realistic expectation of the consequences of such severe injuries.</p>
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2,684 reviews80 followers
March 5, 2016
This story is one of devastation that leads to unbelievable strength. I wasn't sure what I was going to get reading an established couples story like this, but what I got was really beautiful. Steve and Daniel may have been in the closet as being openly gay in professional soccer was not a good idea, but they were quite happily in love. Ultimately what happened only proved that and strengthened everything they had together.

One random walk changed everything for Steve. He never even knew the area he'd randomly wandered into, but being jumped by a group of gay bashers looking to cause unspeakable pain to someone certainly came out of nowhere. He was sure he'd die from what they put him through and only thoughts of his love for Daniel pulled him through. Daniel refused to be separated from his lover after finding out what happened. Young as he may be he was determined to be by his loves side throughout everything.

This was no easy story to read, but the one thing that showed through bright and clear was Daniel and Steve's love for each other. Steve's life was destroyed by what was done to him, he had to relearn most every basic task due to the severe damage done to him. His brain will never be the same and some things will always be harder. But no matter how damage his psyche one thing never changed his love for Daniel and Daniel's love for him.

This was really beautiful and touching, a love incredibly strong that fought to stay together no matter the troubles. Really lovely story.
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12 reviews1 follower
July 6, 2021
This is a wonderfully enlightening book that deals with two professional English footballers whose lives are irrevocably ravaged when one of them is brutally beaten by fans who discover that he is gay.

I have read 'gay' fiction in the past that is nowhere near as insightful and well-written as this is. Usually the men involved seem more like women than men, and the problems they have to deal with are petty and shallow compared to the life and death situation that these two men in 'Ravages' must face. And they are MEN...real men, though they might be gay as well.

And the sex in it is hot, even though this story is certainly not all about sex.

But it is also a story about love, love that is deep and that can withstand just about anything that life can throw at it or that others can try to destroy. After awhile you realize that it doesn't matter if these two are gay or heterosexual because these are real people, not caricatures of people, gay or otherwise.

But the fact is they are gay, gay people living in a place where they are not welcome, and having to deal with all of the negativity that surrounds this mindset and ignorance. However, out of the harrowing incident that inflames the first part of this story comes also kindness, love and humanity.

This book is a rich experience for me, even though I am not yet finished reading it. I look forward to feeling that I have experienced something completely satisfying by the end of it.
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12 reviews1 follower
August 27, 2011
This is a wonderfully enlightening book that deals with two professional English footballers whose lives are irrevocably ravaged when one of them is brutally beaten by fans who discover that he is gay.

I have read 'gay' fiction in the past that is nowhere near as insightful and well-written as this is. Usually the men involved seem more like women than men, and the problems they have to deal with are petty and shallow compared to the life and death situation that these two men in 'Ravages' must face. And they are MEN...real men, though they might be gay as well.

And the sex in it is hot, even though this story is certainly not all about sex.

But it is also a story about love, love that is deep and that can withstand just about anything that life can throw at it or that others can try to destroy. After awhile you realize that it doesn't matter if these two are gay or heterosexual because these are real people, not caricatures of people, gay or otherwise.

But the fact is they are gay, gay people living in a place where they are not welcome, and having to deal with all of the negativity that surrounds this mindset and ignorance. However, out of the harrowing incident that inflames the first part of this story comes also kindness, love and humanity.

This book is a rich experience for me, even though I am not yet finished reading it. I look forward to feeling that I have experienced something completely satisfying by the end of it.
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884 reviews23 followers
January 18, 2021
Edited in 2014 to change rating from four to five stars.

Original review: four point five stars.

Very odd tone and word choice, but eventually I got into the flow of it. I understand the author might not have English as his or her first language? If that's the case, bravo to them!

The story is incredibly romantic, but there's too much told through dialogue. Also some rose-colored glasses going on, despite the horrific set-up, which is appropriately hard to read. The ending was totally unnecessary. I've encountered similar, life-ending epilogue type presentations in some other gay romances, and usually it's a sign of an inexperienced writer. I don't know if that's the case here, but it really isn't necessary to take the reader to the very end!

Still, a very unusual book, and I'll probably read this again some day.
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1,506 reviews29 followers
May 17, 2019
2017 Re-read:

Thousands and thousands of books I've read in my lifetime, and I still think the first chapter of this book is one of the most difficult reads I've ever encountered. It ought to come with a Bugs Bunny warning: Watch that first step! It's a lulu!

But still, all those thousands of books, and this is one of my all-time favorites. And I don't even like tearjerkers. I guess there's always an exception.

Original 2015 Review:

It was hard to make myself start this one because I knew it was going to be a heartbreaker. I'm glad I finally got to it, but I'm also glad I waited until I was in the right frame of mind so I could properly enjoy it.

This book was horror and beauty all jumbled up together, which explains, I suppose, all the time I spent smiling as I cried.
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1,155 reviews83 followers
January 21, 2016
I'm not sure I have the words to adequately review this book. It was amazing and emotional and hard to read and still uplifting in a way. I think this book has the most realistic depiction of a gay bashing and the realities of what, I imagine, goes through the victim's brain while it's happening. It was so tough to get through, but necessary I think. The love that Steven and Daniel have for each other is beautiful. I loved seeing them heal together. I wish it had been a little less optimistic at times, but that's just a personality difference. I would've like to see more of the frustration that comes with what they went through. But I guess they're healthier than me. The ending left me in tears. It was very emotional.
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48 reviews20 followers
December 20, 2011
It took me a a few chapters to really get into the story as the writing style is a bit different. Having said that, once I got going I read this entire book in one sitting.

Ravages is both heartbreaking & painful to read, but at the same time so completely full of LOVE. The title Ravages perfectly describes the book and also my emotions while reading it. Steve, Daniel & their story will stay with me for a long time. I can't say this is an enjoyable read, but I would say it's a very satisfying one. Teared up while reading the Epilogue. I really love this book!!! Would definitely recommend!!!
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671 reviews
May 14, 2013
Gripping story. Very believable love. Sometimes unbelievable footballer story about coming out. The support they receive would be awesome if it actually came to pass. Amazing epilogue 50 years later. You know when you fall in love with a couple and want to really know what happens to them, this is what happens. Very satisfying.
SueM, Kaje and Elisa have all written beautiful reviews. Do check this book out. Highly recommended.
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964 reviews
October 5, 2012
I should just repeat what Sue said in her review. She summed this book up perfectly, including the skimming that ended up sucking me in. It was just so overwritten. But I also found myself mired in so much emotion, I couldn't put the book down. So much pain, hatred, and love. How could I not want to see these brave men recover and get their much deserved HEA? This book would have been brilliant with an editor who was willing to hack out a good third.
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1,264 reviews2 followers
November 16, 2017
I loved this book. I thought the present tense was going to annoy me, but it worked well. The love was so sweet, the scenes were hot and done perfectly...it all just WORKED. I wanted to be lost in a book, and have that "I can't stand to stop reading" feelings...and this had it in spades.

Give it a try! I am mad I waited so long!
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624 reviews36 followers
January 28, 2012
Wow. What an amazing story. I had some trouble at first with how committed they were to each other after just 6 months as a couple, until I remembered they'd been teammates and friends for years before that.
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33 reviews14 followers
November 28, 2011
It took me a little while to get used to the style but once I did I could not put it down. I found the book to be very aptly named as my emotions feel utterly ravaged after reading it. A tragically beautiful read.
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277 reviews
November 25, 2014
The best book i've read so far , Fu** am CRYING!!!! Steve was so brave & Dan oh my god , such a sweet boy , tender lover , they never gave up on each other never.....one can only dream of being loved like this. tonight i cried for love ....
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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959 reviews70 followers
August 13, 2013
I just could not get into this one is was so slow that I just didn't care that he was in the park about to be in a very bad situation. The internal monologue just made me want to tell him to shut he hell up. It just did not hold my interest or in fact pique my interest.
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