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August 12, 2022
Update: Oh, my sweet summer child. Do you remember what it was like to have such hope? Such confidence? 2015. It was going to be your year. But as summer of 2022 fades and the leaves begin to fall, it is clear that no one will be reading this book even now, some 7 years later, in 2022. What could have been?

Update: It's now 2020, and I return to this hopeful snapshot of my optimistic youth from time to time, to wonder what it must have been like to be so innocent. Alas.

It's 2017. I give up.

Update of the update: 2016 is half over. At this point I'm pretty sure when I purchase this book it's going to be a page that says 'just watch the show' followed by 600 blank pages.

Update: Alas, as 2015 begins to fade I come to the realization that my plan will never come to fruition. It was a good plan. I'll miss this plan.
Maybe 2016?

I have this plan that when this comes out in 2015 I'm going to drop my child (by then, age 4) off at grandma and grandpa's house, get myself a hotel room, and do nothing but read this for 3 days straight.
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October 25, 2015
i have no real information about what is going to happen in this book, but i think it's gonna go a little something like this:

 photo DSC09742_zps7c177859.jpg

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January 15, 2019
the year is 2199, George R.R Martin has preserved his brain in a freezer and uploaded his consciousness in order to avoid death and continue procrastinating writing this book.

my great great grandchild raises me from the grave so I can read this book, and my ghost thoroughly enjoys it
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November 29, 2012
If GRRM dies before finishing the series,i will perform blood magic and bring him back by sacrificing the life of justin bieber and\or other disgusting person
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April 19, 2012

okay, just three little favors George R.R. Martin... pretty please:

1) enough with "WORDS ARE WIND". seriously! enough with that phrase. enough already. enough!

2) get Daenerys the fuck out of Meereen! like permanently! and while you're at it, it would be great if Daario was out of Daenerys too. she's really too good for that cirque du soleil pirate-clown.

3) so apparently the world as we know it is supposed to end on December 21st... this year! at least according to some minor citation in the Mayan calendar. personally, i predict a zombie apocalypse due to the radiation off a stray comet swinging too close to our earth.

now don't you want folks to read The Winds of Winter before they have to start dealing with all the stressors that will naturally come with a zombie apocalypse? mid- or even post-zombie apocalypse, your readers may not be able to give the novel the undivided attention it deserves. distribution may also be a challenge. all i'm asking is that you seriously consider these factors while working out your publication timetable. thank you.



this is mark monday reporting live from the Mayan Apocalypse! zombies & cannibals & christmas shoppers everywhere! i'm not sure if i'll last through the night!

just in case i don't make it, i feel it is my civic duty to share the secrets i've learned while enjoying a private all-you-can-eat steak & lobster buffet luncheon with GRRM. he has it all mapped out. so in case apocalyptic events disallow the publication of this and future volumes, here's what he has in store for the remainder of A Song of Ice and Fire.

more spoilers follow

- Dany decides to give up her hollow ambitions to conquer Westeros so she can settle down and make lots of babies with Daario in a small village just outside of Asshai-by-the-Shadow. turns out she's a great mom and that no-children prophecy was some bullshit!

- Sansa kills Littlefinger. Cersei kills Jaime. Brienne accidentally kills Sansa, whoops. Brienne kills herself. Arya kills Cersei. Varys revives Oberyn who kills Gregor Clegane, again. oh, those two. Sam accidentally kills Varys cause he's such a butterfingers. Arya kills Sam cause all she wants to do is kill kill kill and Sam is just standing there looking like a victim. Aegon kills Arya. wait, who's Aegon?? anyway, Aegon kills Arya and then moves to Dorne where he marries all of the Sand Snakes.

- Jon Snow returns from the dead as Lord Stoneballs. he and his equally undead mother Lady Stoneheart (who turns out to be his real mother - surprise, he's legitimate!) form an unholy alliance to kill as many living beings as they can. they proceed to do that. and then they kill each other.

- the Three Heads of the Dragon turn out to be Theon, Patchface, and Nymeria. after much discussion, they decide that they're totally over Westeros and fly off to have their own adventures in a place that is less anti-jester, anti-wolf, and anti-Theon.

- Tyrion and Melisandre meet-cute and become the Lord & Lady of the Others. together they take back Westeros for the Others, who they learn have been misunderstood for millenia and only want to return to their homeland except mean ole R'hllor always tries to stop them. poor misunderstood Others! anyway, they win. the end.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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April 29, 2019
Mariah Carey: All I want for Christmaaaas is -
me, at the top of my lungs: THIS FUCKING BOOK TO COME OUT
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December 4, 2013
I just finished A Dance with Dragons. It is the hour of the wolf and I can't sleep. The end of this book is absoultely amazing, and leaves me with the absurd need of hugging you and slapping you at the same time, George Really Ruthless Martin.
You are my many-faced God.
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May 25, 2019
George R. R. Martin can take his sweet ass time. I’ve already seen one rushed ending, I don’t need another one. You do you, George.
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June 20, 2023
Update, 10/27/22:

George R.R. Martin announced earlier this week that he is three-quarters of the way done with The Winds of Winter, which is better than zero-quarters, so there's that.


Surprising not a single person, still this:

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June 30, 2019
EDIT: June 30, 2019

Yes, we're still waiting and the ending of the HBO series left much to be desired.

So what are you reading in the meantime?
Give me some recommendations, I'm going through a slump...

EDIT: Mar 17, 2014
(previously posted in the comments)

I would like to interject on all the people complaining about George R.R. Martin's writing process on this "review" of mine...

I would like to clarify that my "review" was not made in the spirit of complaining about Mr. Martin, but rather just a comment that I am not going to sit around and stress (and/or complain) about when it is going to come out. I have enjoyed what he has written thus far. I will be excited to read this book when it comes out. Do I wish he'd write faster? Yeah, sure, but I won't complain if the result is up to par with what we've seen from him so far. If you don't like him there is a simple solution: Don't read him.

Calm down folks.

Sept 7, 2012

2 Years between books 1 and 2
2 Years between books 2 and 3
5 Years between books 3 and 4
6 Years between books 4 and 5

What makes anyone think book 6 will be out anytime soon?
I want to read it, but I am not even going to pretend to anticipate until at least late 2013.
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February 26, 2016

So it's 2016 and no signs of TWOW even now and fans are like


because let's face it, this was us,


And there's only one man responsible for this, one man alone.


But there's no point in raging and ranting, because that's gonna help with nothing right, it's not like Martin is gonna bow down against the collective rage of the fandom and finish his next mammoth anytime soon. Besides, there aren't many Starks left and I for one, would really, really like to see at least ONE of them make it to the end of the final book, which might be out perhaps in the next millennia.


So there's only one mantra, that can help




2015 ???!!! Are you kidding me ?

At this rate the timing of the last book A Dream of Spring coming out may perhaps be beaten by a freaking apocalypse already

this needs patience... lots of it and not to mention booze to keep the fandom going

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May 23, 2016
I have to post this, spoilers be damned (that’s your warning), but I guess we know the biggest mystery now that this series ever posed.

Hold the door

I’m literally crying right now. That last episode almost broke me. I need to read this now. What a shame that the answer was revealed on the show and not in the way it should have been……

I wonder how much dramatic effect George R.R Martin is going to sacrifice. I’ve waited five years for my answers, and now I’m getting a second rate version of them. Such a shame, still I’ll be camping outside the bookshop (no joke) on the day that this is released. And I’ll be reading it like I’ve never read anything else before. I’m getting a little ahead of myself now, aren’t I?

The reality is that none of us will probably ever see this book. I’m such an optimist. But honestly, what’s he doing to that thing?
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March 9, 2013
2015 HAHA

Oh, book #6, I see your expected publication date and I laugh. I drink whisky and I laugh and laugh and laugh.

Then I cry.
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May 3, 2013
Can't wait to jump into my flying car to ride down to the mailbox to get this
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March 19, 2020
Who knew something good could actually come out of the COVID-19 pandemic? Because, apparently, GRRM has had to shut down all his businesses and SIT HIS CREATIVE RESTLESS PROCRASTINATING BUTT DOWN TO WRITE. Bless you. And I don't mean the butt.


• • • • •

Art is not a democracy. People don't get to vote on how it ends.” —George R.R. Martin

Foreword: it is not the purpose of this humble human being to offend any of the mentioned parties—the comedic flare and sarcasm has been applied in critique of all groups so, please, no punching, nail scratching, dagger flourishing, rocket launcher aiming, or God forbid biting (at least, if you do, brush your teeth, I beg of you, because anyone walks out of this review with an infection and you will pay...with lots of money)

Introduction: I have realised that, after watching the season finale of Game of Thrones, the viewers (aware of the books) seem to be generally divided into five Ds (in honour of the five ASoIaF books that are out and about)—and no, this has nothing to do with D&D, don't worry, Dan and David are not here to rush this, so I'm gonna take my time because as Martin said once upon a time, probably from the Other Side as no one seemed to hear or listen to the whisperings of George the Ghost, “these things take time.

But who are these dear Ds? Which of these folks do you belong, and would be best pals, with? And what is my letter to you? Because I do have something important to tell you—yes, each and every one of you. Thus, meet the D Divide

1) The Devotees: a rare species in danger of extinction, the Devotees make up a small percentage of the population of planet Earth, and are known for the fact that they honestly, undoubtedly, seriously, unjokingly, and thoroughly enjoyed season 8 (!!) and are quick to tick boxes of reasons why it was actually terrifically written and call out the skepticals and critics on their melodramatic, childish, frankly-you-don't-undrestand-a-thing-and-are-only-criticising-it-because-why-ofcourse-you're-idiots behaviour. These endangered creatures also believe the books, when published, will be great as well! If you are a Devotee, I admire and envy your dedication, truly, and shall leave you in your bliss (I actually won't, go read my words to you).

P.S. Don't believe me about the existence of these marvelous beings? Here's your example: Stephen King.

2) The Dreamers: these loyal creatures consist mostly of the book fans and stalwart stewards of Mertin [the Pious Procrastinator, First of His Name, King of Faulty Calendars Which I Suspect Repeatedly Result in Him Declaring the Wrong Release Dates] who acknowledge the problem of the last seasons, and believe it was a result of hasty rushed script, bad execution, and the showrunners' incomplete method of enacting the king's decrees, as well as abandoning characters all over two continents quicker than GRRM can write (actually, anything is quicker than GRRM writing so yes not a competent comparison, but hell if the Devotees care).

The Dreamers that they are, they believe the two remaining books will not be as such—they are indeed so glued to that faith you won't get it to unstick even if you saw off their arms.

3) The Defeatists: these (steadily growing) bunch see, on the not-so-distant-anymore-it's-coming-in-2020 horizon, well...defeat. They, quite giddily, agree with the Dreamers about the faults of the show, but ultimately have no faith in Martin's talent.

Not only are they sure he will abandon the details and characters in his attempt to struggle to wrap it up, it is also is written in Defeatist Guidelines that GRRM wrote, and wrote, and wrote, and wrote, and wrote some more, and a little more...and now the story is an impossible dragon, flying rampant, out of his control, and no way in hell or heaven will he be able to wrap it up because he is lost and the beast will run him over and kindly but firmly redirect him to his early grave before he gathers up the scattered threads. RIP.

4) The Democrats: the pop side of the society mostly, this mob are quickly taking over systems! I advise you to tread carefully because they are like wildfire—very firm in their belief! And who is to question them?? Everyone has a right to decide how something is done, and art is no exception.

To these open minded Democrats, the show was horrible not because of the reasons Dreamers and Defeatists believe (though for some that might play a part too) but because, frankly, what the hell was that ending? To the public-loving Democrats, it doesn't matter how sensible Dany's arc becomes in the book or how the person who ended up on the (nonexistent) Iron Throne is prepared for the boring job through a slow burn process by Martin, no none of that matters as that's not how they wanted it to end!

Yes, no agreement has yet been made within this freedom-of-voice-demanding party as to how it should end then, but that is of no consequence because we shall vote on it!! As of now, however, the opinions range from *insert kids voice* a happily ever after *end kid's voice* to a LOTR ending. One popular demand for the fate of Westeros is also—guess what?—democracy!

And that's it *audience looks on confused because, wait, that's four where's the fifth one??* Oops, I am so so sorry it took a few years to get here I nearly forgot! Meet...

5) The Dictators: allow me to summerise—these dear Ds are hell-bent on hating this franchise. They hate the books, they hate the show, they hate Martin the Money-Sucking Machine, they hate the air that his fans breathe, they hate the land his fans set foot on...but more importantly, oh do they despise the Devotees (as a friendly advice to any passing Devotee: You see one? RUN!)

Now, let's get to th—*voice murmurs in her earpiece* oh! I have just been informed that, contrary to my calculations, I seem to have erred on the number of pages I have to write general groups people are divided into! So in honour of the sixth ASoIaF book The Winds of Winter, which will be with us as shortly as Summer 2020, allow me to introduce...

6) The D&Ds: (I know, lame, right? And I mean the grouping not the group) on further inspection, the counsel has reached the conclusion that two talented men, Dan and David, are so unique they don't fit in any of the aforementioned categories—and that's logical, of course, you have to be that unique to give eight years of efforts, millions of fans, and billions of dollars, to dragon flame in favour of your new Star Wars project, don't you?

We should all give them an applause for that remarkable amount of uniquene—*fans start booing* hey, where is your respect!? Ignoring how the show went out (aka not with a bang but a...whimper) GoT gave us seasons upon seasons of exceptional television, defying the odds of what was expected on the small screen! So they are, without a doubt, terrific adaptors if...terrible...writers. Anyways, the D&Ds themselves are very proud of their show, don't give a Donald's Duck about the books.

My Important Words to You: Now enough with the introductions, here are my important letters to you Dear D:

Dear Devotee,

I would like to start by declaring my undying respect for you and your unfaltering belief! Because how dare they lash out at this stunning work of CGI with these epic battles and Emmy-worthy performances by actors—who cares for the previous seasons' tortuously tedious scheming, pointlessly incoherent moving pieces all over the map, and stupidly arduous story with tens of parallel plotlines woven inanely to complicate things! Thank Odin and Thor that none of that absurdity was present in season 8.

How dare they criticise the box-ticker the writers became, putting twists in a story where they didn't fit, because of course it all fit and of course they had no problem getting from A (where source material ended) to B (Martin's ending)! What could possibly be wrong about turning the arc of the characters, who'd spent their entire lives striving to become who they are, into a mere flipping of a coin and a list of “things to happen to supposedly trigger it”?

How dare anybody start a bloody petition for 1,575,097 people (at the time of writing) to sign it and call the writers incompetent in their anger because it's stupid that this show might've been some people's lives, or what pulled patients out of illness, or helped individuals out of the emotional crisis in their lives—whatever is that all about, even! They shouldn't get attached to shows or characters, it's simply ridiculous.

Yes, critics are just idiots who need to “suck it up” and the public are just drama queens (so annoying, I know!) because “they just don't want anything to end” and have not a single proper argument to present.

Yes, dear Devotees, I see your point and am moved (!), please don't mind the blabbering bunch and continue your stand against such laughable unjust negativity!

Dear Dreamer,

*sprinkles you with fairy dust* Your sweet faith is inspiring, you dreamy human with your head in the clouds, dedication in your heart, and foolish hope dancin' in your eyes, wistful sigh *in a singsong voice* dreeeaam oonnnn! ✨

Dear Defeatist,

Can we talk about the nonsensical post GRRM blogged? He says, “I am working in a very different medium than David and Dan, never forget. They had six hours for this final season. I expect these last two books of mine will fill 3000 manuscript pages between them before I’m done…and if more pages and chapters and scenes are needed, I’ll add them.” Now, how farfetched is that??

He can't possibly expect you to read 1,500 pages per book, besides he couldn't get remotely close to writing all that with his dawdling snail's pace (literal analogy for Martin: 🐌) before he turns 100 years old. There's just no way he could give it all the time this impossibly vast story requires to get anywhere near an ending! And, truly, it's not like there's that much difference between the screen and the page—it's all the same.

And can you even believe he would claim, “of course the butterfly effect will be at work as well; those of you who follow this Not A Blog will know that I’ve been talking about that since season one. There are characters who never made it onto the screen at all, and others who died in the show but still live in the books…so if nothing else, the readers will learn what happened to Jeyne Poole, Lady Stoneheart, Penny and her pig, Skahaz Shavepate, Arianne Martell, Darkstar, Victarion Greyjoy, Ser Garlan the Gallant, Aegon VI, and a myriad of other characters both great and small that viewers of the show never had the chance to meet.”?? What a ludicrous lie!

We all know his exhaustive attention to detail, interest in hundreds of simultaneously occuring storylines, and obsession with weaving complicated plots and subplots and subsubplots for even the smallest sidekicks in all his previous books was just fake and not him, so he will definitely end up making these two remaining books into a disappointment where he just abandons all the scheming and writes an uncomplicated plot consisting of literally nothing, exactly like this the showrunners did with season 8.

Dear Democrat,

Thank you for this open and free regime! Heil Votes! I need to issue a complaint, yes, regarding a rogue artist by the name of William Shakespeare—can someone do something about the ending of his stupidly applauded work Romeo and Juliet (I think it's called) because what is that ending! He has no right! What were all those tyrannical arts created before democracy was introduced! Unacceptable! Idiots, they were.

We should start a campaign to outlaw all tyranny and sit down in groups and come up with the best compromises through a just voting system and thus have ourselves a book based on the public's interests, because there is no point in a lone artist bringing his vision into paper. What an audacity that would be *scoffs* yay, go teamwork!

Dear Dictator,

I have only one very crucial very life altering question, fellows; I beg of you, please, answer me for the sake of the bond we share as two human beings...if you hate it so much, as you are welcome to do, why oh why oh why do continue on reading the books with more dedication a Devotee would, and watching every episode from start to finish??? Why torture yourself??

Does time move with a different speed for you and you happen to have so much (too much) of it you are dying to kill, would gladly kill a fan's buzz to kill, and die more a little through that torture to kill? I am despe—*security grabs her, pulling her, begging, off stage* no I am not fighting I am simp—get your hands off me!!—I am simply asking a question! *security doesn't give a damn and throws her out of the studio, still begging pathetically*

Dear D&D,

*from behind the studio's closed doors, in a muffled voice* a planet's prayers are on your heels, and the best advice I can give is run and may they never reach you or else there will be daggers in the dark...a pool of dead on the ground, stabbed in the back...

Yours Falsely, Myhumbleself Mary the Merry

Which D are you? And which D do you think I am? I'm curious, let me know :) (and note that there is much exaggeration in their descriptions, you could be a mild Defeatist or a mild Dreamer, focus on the main traits)

Winds of Winter are approaching, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until summer of 2020. I shall take no husband, enjoy no food, love no books. I shall live and die at my post. I am waiting in the darkness. I am the watcher of the clock. I am who counts the seconds under her breath, the one who brings the news. I pledge my life and honor to the Book's Watch, for this day and all the days to come.
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June 6, 2012
It took a nearly fatal run-in with a van for Stephen King to finally guide "The Dark Tower" series to its decades-awaited conclusion. What kind of violent sign from the universe will it take to nudge George R. R. Martin toward the "Song of Ice and Fire" finish line?
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July 30, 2016
EDIT: November 9th. 2012.

Finished A Dance With Dragons last night.


Three more years till I can even start anticipating the next one.

George R. R. Martin, please write like the wind.

Check out Nymeria's comment below, "Write like the Wind". LMAO.


"Expected publication 2015"?

*narrows eyes*

Words are wind, Ser George, words are wind.
September 19, 2012
Please hurry and finish the 6th and 7th books!!

The 5th book ended horribly in my opinion! Whats happening to Jon Snow?! Why did the men stab him?! The questions are endless...

I want to see that Bastard Bolton flayed in the 6th book too please.

You left everything so open ended I hate you and love you at the exact same time.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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December 4, 2013

But I don't know if that will help this book come any faster...!
I don't exactly know how Jon Snow will be faring--six or so years after receiving those nasty stab wounds..

So you better hurry up and release the next two books, else we all die of the greyscale plague of impatience!!!

Reek.. Reek..
It rhymes with.. HURRY THE F@#k UP!!!

That is all.

My review for 'A Dance With Dragons:'
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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March 20, 2020 Q: Strange days are upon us! (c) GRRM is writing!!! Hallelujah!

Dearest Mr Martin, pretty please, stay in Westeros until you get it all done!
It'll be the best way to deal with any strange days!
Thanks a bunch!

Dd 21.05.2019. The plot is dark and full of errors! Of course, the plot from series which I kind of hope is only loosely based on the original books (not yet written).

I don't think Mr. RR. Martin realized just how big a disservice he probably got from doing the GOT series ahead of the books series. Especially considering how mildly disgusting the Season 8 turned out to be. Hopefully he made enough money to just not bother with the series all that much! ~Spoilers ahead! BEWARE!~

Frankly, I hate most films and GOT I watched on and off, in bits and pieces, since I have little patience for the series where they managed to kill off Ned Stark in the 1st season. And... afterwards got Lady Olenna killed off... WTF? What for? Those were the greatest characters.

I've been hibernating with this series since antedeluvial times, waiting for it to be written in full... And it still is in the wind.

Now I sort of don't really want to invest my time into a series with such a dimwit ending. You have a great set of charachters, just do smth with them. I'm not really sure if the books are going to be as bad as the screen version but ... HONESTLY! It was like bad fanfiction. And I'm sort of starting to feel like the whole series might be trash masquerading as something else and the awesome threads we have seen so far might have been a fluke.

As in: you create 500 (or smth) characters doing all kinds of weird shit in all kinds of places. This way, with some lukewarmish talent going on, some of it might turn out to be inspiring and lore-filled and cool and some eyebleach-worthy.

I definitely will be reevaluating things:
- The Night King going poof-clink-clink?
- Missandei going splat?
- D. going warlord?
- Jon going Jamie?
- KL going ash?
- Arya going King-killer and then swimming?
- Sansa getting her that personal kingdom?
- Bran the Broken?
- The oligarchy?
- All the Unsullied going the hell off to some godforsaken (was it island?) to stop bothering people with their presence? I can’t help wondering what a bunch of castrated guys with severe PTSD will get up to on their very private island… But that’s my mind playing tricks on me.

What about Gendry?
The Faceless?
Arya the sea-farer? I might be mistaken but I never took her for the sea-faring type. It would seem that sea-travel is way different from globe-traipsing which she seems to have done so far.
Why didn't the NK make Arya a zombie?
What was that about creepster spirals?
Jon, so he gets his life sentense after doing what he was persuaded to do?
Melisandre - poof? Ok, I hated her guts but whatever that was? Couldn't she just have told them from the beginning what to do and how and go out quietly?
Circey, couldn't she have just gone why did she and Jamie had to die together?
Brienne, what about her?
The Lord of Light and the North ancestry and the old Gods and whatever - anything about them?
Where are the remaining Dothraki going to go and what to do? All the great families that have been lost and uprooted - what about them and their territories and people who lived under their rule?

Daenaerys, she just lost everyone, was used (along with her army) in the battle with NKing and killed off, went a tad insta bonkers and ... was just done with? She what, didn't start the eighth kingdom, a religious cult of dragon-lovers, didn't even resurrect Drogo, nothing? It’s ‘we wage war eternal for her’ now?
And her motivation for the KL burning, the way it was discussed with Jon – I could almost feel the pain of the actress mumbling something about Circey not having given up. What could she have said at this point? She could’ve just explained that she:
- needed to give an example to scare people to ever cross her.
- needed to carry out Misandei’s last wish,
- was overwhelmed and decided that destroying this ugly city is the way to go,
- misinterpreted what bells meant,
- needed to get her pet dragon some action,
- wanted to get done what daddy hasn’t finished
- just wanted to get warm.
- Maybe she just was out of her mind with some unidentifiable uninterpretable emotion and there was this dragon and here’s the result.
- Or maybe she had no idea of the why and how and what for…
Almost any explanation or lack thereof would have been better than the mumbling D… Shoddy writing and character dev.

This is a Medievalistic setting and still, the finale has not a single marriage or even a romance setup, except for:
- Arya and Bryanna’s one night stands (very fitting... not)
- Circey/Jamie and D. / J. incestual pairings (not working )
I would have taken even a Tyrion/Bron pairing… seriously, where’s all the romance? Are they not even having any dynastic marriages? Maybe this is a leeway to get us into some GOT-2?

I have no idea how I would have liked this all to end but there must definitely be some more satisfying way to resolve things. A bit more epic? A happy end? Some nice supernatural twist? I've no idea but many things could have been better than this. Maybe the remaining books will address it, maybe not. But I'm sort of sure that many readers might become a bit disillusioned with this whole Gobbledegookery. The million $ question: Could it all have just been total BS that the gullible me bought hook, line and sinker just 'cause it was archetypal and allusional and everything?

To the author's defence: RR Martin might not be the 1st writer ever to majorly fuck up his series. Even CS Lewis managed to botch Narnia (for me), right at the very end of the last book. Still, this is something else.
PS I still hope the author writes something really good of the remaining books.

TBC, if the stars align correctly.
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April 21, 2013
After Roger Zelazny and Robert Jordan, my prediction is that GRRM will write book 6, get halfway through book 7 and then come down with some rare, instantaneously fatal disease that leaves us all once again lost and forlorn and unsatisfied. It seems to be a pattern. From now on, any author who writes a series longer than 3 books I'm going to request their medical records before I read the books.

Still, looking forward to the next installment even if I AM chewing my nails to the quick over the next 2 years!
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July 16, 2017

Cuando llegue el invierno...
No escucharas leones rugir...
No habrá ciervos pastando en los campos...
Ni rosas creciendo en los prados...
Ya no habrá serpientes en la arena y el sol no calentara mas la tierra...
Los krakens se congelarán allá donde naden...
Los hombres desollados se pudrirán y se marchitaran...
No habrá truchas nadando en el río ni halcones volando en los cielos...
Ni siquiera el aliento de los dragones calentara los salones...
Llegara la larga noche...
Y los otros convertirán a los hombres en no muertos...
Prepárense... el invierno se acerca…
Y sólo los lobos aullarán en la soledad...
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April 27, 2017
so I'm actually afraid I'm gonna die before this gets released or he dies.
I need closure as soon as possible
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