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Her entire life Sofia Moreno has dealt with her overprotective brothers. With three overbearing brothers always lurking, no boy would dare reach out to her. Luckily for Sofia the one boy she's got her heart set on has always been within reach: her brothers best friend Eric. Even though his loyalty to her brothers runs deep, Sofia knows there is only so much he can do before giving in to her.

Two years older than her, Eric Diego has always known there would be hell to pay if he messed with his best friend's kid sister Sofia. Through the years he watches as she blooms into a beautiful young lady right before his eyes. With teenage hormones raging and Sofia more than willing, Eric agrees to the unthinkable. A forbidden secret romance. Feeling emotions and a feverish passion that's new to them both, neither is ready for how quickly their romance spins out of control.

223 pages, Kindle Edition

First published August 3, 2011

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About the author

Elizabeth Reyes

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Elizabeth Reyes is a USA Today Best Selling Author of The Moreno Brothers, 5th Street, Fate, Looking Glass, De Luca Boys series' and two stand alone novels Desert Heat, & Defining Love.

Join the fun and become a royal member of TeamReyes and enjoy the perks of early announcements,cover reveals teasers, including exclusive teasers shared only the group. Along with exclusive team,giveaways,discussions, trivia, Secret Santa and much much more!

Note to readers, I don't do dark, tragic or kill off main characters no matter what it might seem like. Just keep reading and trust me you'll ALWAYS get an HEA from me!

Moreno Brothers:

Forever Mine - New Adult / Mature YA

Sweet Sofie - New Adult/ Mature YA

Forever Yours - New Adult (Angel and Sarah's follow up (college story!)

When You Were Mine - (A prequel novella to Always Been Mine)- New Adult

Always Been Mine - Adult contemporary

Romero - New Adult- Adult contemporary

Making You Mine - New Adult
(with bonus Angel and Sarah short "Only 8 days") *Tearjerker

Tangled - (A Moreno Brothers holiday novella) Featuring Romero and Izzy

Tall, Dark & Obnoxious - Adult Romantic Comedy- short featuring Izzy's uptight sister and Romero's obnoxious uncle.

5th Street:

Noah - Adult Contemporary

Gio - New Adult

Hector - New Adult

Abel - Adult Contemporary *Tear Jerker

Felix - New Adult *Tear jerker

Blindside - Adult contemporary short featuring Noah and Roni

Fate series:

Fate - New Adult

Breaking Brandon - New Adult *Tear jerker

Suspicious Minds - Adult contemporary

Again - New Adult/Adult Contemporary *MAJOR tear jerker

Rage - Adult contemporary

His To Guard - Adult contemporary

Uninvited - Adult contemporary

Boyle Heights series

Lila - Adult Contemporary

Beast - Adult Contemporary

Nine - Adult Contemporary/RomCom

Orlando - Adult Contemporary

Looking Glass

Girl In The Mirror - Adult Contemporary/psychological thriller

We Were One - Adult Contemporary *MAJOR tear jerker but TRUST ME! ;)

De Luca Boys

Remi's Choice - Adult Contemporary - Love triangle MAJOR angst - cheating but hailed one of the BEST love triangles written.

For more up to date info visit her website at www.ElizabethReyes.com

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March 10, 2018
WARNING/There is some swearing due to frustration that could only be expressed in this way!
This book is one of the worst hypocritical books I have ever read!

 photo giphy_zpszxep3g1m.gif
Seriously the amount of "double standards" in this book was monumental! I actually cringed each time the Hero was "justifying" his hypocritical behavior and I wanted to punch him in the face to shake his lying conceiving a$$! I really liked Eric and Sofia from the first book and was intrigued to read their story, but I did not expect such double standards in your face!!! For god sake people we live in the 21 century, shouldn't we be encouraged to promote equal standards instead of rising sexism?

Yes I agree the heroine cheated on the Hero out of "curiosity" by kissing another man and I don't lie I hated it and I agree this was a 100% wrong, but what followed after was a 100% wrong too! let me start with the heroine: She did come clean with the hero no matter how painful that was for her, at least she had enough integrity, to be honest with him! Guess what the Hero did? He kept on about "their honesty to each other" and "no more secrets" yeah what a joke!
 photo LIAR_zpskso0rcol.gif
The crap he was spurring about the "honesty to one another" was one big hypocritical lie! Even before Sofie told him about the kiss he was already dishonest with her! He was seeing his "former hook up girl" you hear me a woman he had sex with in the past behind the heroin's back and he felt "he was doing nothing wrong, but how do you explain that?
“How many times?”
He licked her bottom lip. “How
many times what?”
“You said you had coffee with her a
few times.”
“Twice.” He kissed her.
He wouldn’t be stupid enough to tell her
the truth now. He’d done nothing wrong, but
the fact that he knew Asia’s schedule and he
was beginning to look forward to chatting
with her, had already started feeling wrong

Yeah, and who is honest with who? But let's move on to another one shall we?

How hypocritical of him to accuse the heroine for cheating on him, when he himself was cheating on her too...after his father sent him away, he met a girl whom he was hanging out and enjoying himself.. "misses" his Sofie?
Though Sofia had thh Selie most
amazingly sexy eyes, he couldn’t help being
distracted with Jennifer’s long auburn
lashes. She’d even caught him looking once
and smiled

Yeah not leading her on?
He leaned
into Jennifer’s ear, taking in the sweet smell
of her hair. “

turned to Jennifer and gave her a fast hug.
The smell of her hair lingered even after he
pulled away

“You’re not too hard on the eyes,
either. Trust me, if I didn’t have a girlfriend,
I would’ve already been trying to get to know
more about your situation.”
WOW how generous of him to admit that he would not mind messing with her if Sofie was not in the picture? Leading her on much?
“Don’t tell her.” She pressed her
body against his, still smiling as her
hand grazed over the front of his

He knew damn well the girl was hitting on his strongly, but no he still hangs out with her and felt he was doing nothing wrong? How come he was so hard on Sofie when he was doing exactly the same thing with the girl? How hypocritical of him to even feel sorry for so-called if I may say "loosely" rejecting her advances, because she was crying and telling her that she did nothing wrong?
The only reason Eric agreed to go was
because he felt compelled to apologize to

” She squeezed his arm. “I should
be the one apologizing, and I am. My behavior
last night was appalling.”
Eric smiled. “I wouldn’t call it appalling.
You’re young, beautiful, and single. It was
New Year’s Eve and you were having
fun—nothing wrong with that.”

Are you Freaking*** joking me? He was apologising to the girl who wanted him to cheat on his girlfriend with her and he felt she did nothing wrong?
 photo tumblr_lxr7z8uYbX1r327x8_zpsmlfllkdn.gif
What a hypocrite..so then WHY DID HE FELT Brandon did something wrong by kissing the heroine if he felt that girl kissed him but did nothing wrong? How stupid and double standard his crap was!
He licked the girl's lips and felt that he was not cheating at all?
The second he reached her, he slid his
arm around her waist pulling her closely to
him and kissed her forehead. She smelled
damned good....He should let go of her. Walk away.
Another part disagreed. An eye for
an eye. Sofie would have to
“Are you gonna kiss me?” She
whispered so close to his mouth he
could almost taste her.
“You want me to?”
“Yes.” She said this into his mouth.
Eric licked her bottom lip, tasting the
mint. She trembled in his arms
Sorry what Sofia would have to understand? Because YOU SAID NOTHING TO HER, YOU LIED TO HER AND KEPT THIS A SECRET, so I am sorry but you are one big fat liar, hypocrite and a cheater! I actually felt sorry for Sofie and wanted her to end up with the other guy, he was in love with her and was better suited with her than this cheating scumbag!
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August 16, 2014
Here I am, once again reviewing a story from the mind of Elizabeth Reyes. The biggest rule in writing is to write what you know. With that in mind, I'm frightened by the things Ms. Reyes knows.

Sweet Sofie is a novella attached to the Moreno Brothers series which consists of two full-length books dealing, respectively, with the relationships of Sofia's older brothers Angel and Alex. In Forever Mine, I got my first glimpse of the way Sofia was treated by her older brothers, and was thoroughly disgusted. The second Moreno Brothers story, Always Been Mine offered a little more in terms of things Sofia's been through while being the youngest (and only girl) in the Moreno clan.

So let me start off by saying that I was completely ready to be offended by the way her brothers treat her in Sweet Sofie, and I wasn't disappointed. I actually think I may have underestimated Ms. Reyes' ability to piss me off.

We've all known guys who are overbearing and uber male. The ones who act like women are fragile little flowers who can't be trusted, don't have brains in their heads, etc. The Moreno brothers take that attitude to new heights, and the thing that pissed me off was not that they acted this way, but that the author treated the behavior as if it were not only normal, but completely acceptable.

I'm sorry, the way Sofia's brothers treat her is not normal, and it is far, far from acceptable.

Sweet Sofie begins when Sofie is a little girl. In the first scene, she is attempting to show her brothers (and her crush and later love interest, Eric) that she can ride a bike off a ramp just as well as they can. Angel and Alex almost don't let her do it, but she manages to press onward and the scene is supposed to underscore the fact that Eric is the only one who supports her in the things she wants to try. After her jump, they hear a car accident and the boys rush off to see what happened, Alex telling Sofia to stay put as if she's some sort of dog. Instead of staying put, Sofie....tells her brothers to go fuck themselves and follows anyway? Nope. She sneaks around to see the accident from another vantage point where the boys won't catch her.

Way to take a stand there, girlfriend.

As she's standing there checking out the accident, Brandon Billings, a neighbor boy with the nickname of "Bad News" (oh, how original), comes out and starts trying to take Sofie's bike from her. Of course, Alex, Angel, Eric, and Romero show up and chase Bad News off. Poor little damsel had to be rescued again. Then she was told to stay away from Brandon. As if telling her to do so would be necessary. Well, she is a dumb female, after all.

Each chapter thereafter progresses in time as Sofie ages, all the while maintaining her crush on Eric while trying to live her life under the shadows of her older brothers. At one point in middle school, Sofie catches her mom alone in the kitchen and asks for permission to attend the after-school dance the following day. Her mother is, of course, fine with it. But then Alex walks in, overhears what's going on, and begins making a scene. The conversation went a little something like this; "You going to a dance, Sof? Who with?" "Some friends, Alex. Why, you have a problem with me going?" "Maybe I do!" At that point, their mother interceded, but I was effectively creeped out.

The following day, Sofie walked out of her school with some friends and she was talking to a boy....of course, her brothers and their friends showed up to ruin it, Angel telling her to get on his bike so they can take her home. Does she tell them to go to hell, she's talking to someone and she is perfectly capable of using her own legs to get home? Nope, she hops on the bike, angry and puffing, and off they go.

During these little moments, we get glimpses of Eric's POV and he's happy her brothers keep her from talking to other guys. Understandable, I guess, but also a little sick.

By the time Sofie is 15, her entire life has revolved around what her brothers are comfortable with her doing. All of her decisions are based on whether or not her brothers would be OK with what she's about to do. When she and Eric begin seeing each other, they both keep it a secret because they're afraid of what Alex and Angel will do to Eric if they find out. Nice, healthy way to begin a relationship.

This all pales in comparison to the scene that nearly had my head spinning. A mere 18% in and we're clued in to the fact that Sofie continually has to stand back and watch while cheerleaders flirt with Eric and he does nothing to dissuade them, oftentimes playing along. These two sentences, from the mind of oh-so-chivalrous Eric, nearly made me chuck my Kindle through a window:

"He knew she couldn't be happy about seeing him with those girls yesterday and today. But if she thought she was going to be hanging out with guys she had another think coming."

After the delight of reading this amazing bit of double standard nonsense, the reader is treated to Eric going all alpha male on some kid that Sofie was talking to. In public. With plenty of other people around. The way Eric overreacted, you would think Sofie was half naked, letting some guy finger-bang her in the parking lot in front of an audience. But I digress.

When that's all over, the reader has to endure a few pages of Eric justifying cheerleaders flirting with him by claiming it's "different" from guys flirting with Sofie. He claims he only lets girls flirt with him to "go along" with his friend Romero, then he says something so profoundly stupid it actually made me choke on my own laughter.

"'I promise you I won't do anything with anyone else ever.' He kissed her forehead. 'But you gotta cut me some slack around Romero. Just because I go along with what he says or does to shut him up, doesn't mean I'm doing anything. I'll never do anything to hurt you.'"

Instead of doing what anyone with even a quarter of a functioning brain would do, like perhaps saying something along the lines of, "You being a weak-willed piece of shit does hurt me, you insensitive, stupid bastard!", what does Sofie do? She falls for it!

I have never wanted to beat the holy shit out of fictional characters so badly in my entire life.

We can skip most of the crap after that. Up until Eric and Sofia are in college, anyway. All throughout high school, Sofie had maintained a loose, but steady acquaintance with Brandon "Bad News" Billings. Now, at the age of 19, she runs into "Bad News" again. He's just returned from a stint in the Marine Corps and he and Sofie strike up a tentative, slightly uncomfortable friendship, during which they share a rather passionate kiss. Sofie, wracked with guilt, ends up telling Eric about it and he is, of course, livid. Things happen and her brothers end up finding out about what happened, with eldest brother Sal being the first to know anything. They are all convinced that Brandon planned the entire thing to get them riled up and they all nearly go on the warpath. After that, Sofie is not allowed to have any contact with Brandon.

Really? I can understand, to a point, Sofie's unwillingness to spend any more time with Brandon, but for her brothers to flat-out forbid any contact....I mean, I'm sorry, whose life is this again? Sofie, instead of standing up and saying she's capable of making her own decisions, just goes along with what her brothers want...once again.

The whole rest of the book is just a bunch of whiny, ridiculous BS. Eric can't forgive her, he gets angry any time Sofie mentions so much as seeing Brandon somewhere, and the brothers are insistent that Sofie was played. Finally, toward the end of the book, she's becoming angrier about everyone's assertions and finally stands up to Eric, in her own feeble way, and says it wasn't planned, she wasn't a pawn, she knew what she was doing. Apparently Eric would rather think she was an idiot than that she went into the situation willingly and with some idea of what might happen.

With Eric on an internship in Spain, things are pretty strained in the relationship towards the end, especially with Eric's dad encouraging Eric to move on and find someone else. But then, just when it appears all hope might be lost, Sofie is in the drugstore when Brandon approaches her. He tells her that his dad is dying and that he's taking both of his parents to live in Georgia. He then tells her he's in love with her, has been for years, and that the kiss they shared almost convinced him not to re-enlist in the Marines. Then he tells her goodbye and leaves. Sofie is standing there when Eric's dad appears behind her and asks, "Was it really just a kiss?" Apparently Eric's dad had been under the impression that Sofie had done a lot more with Brandon, which was why he was trying to get Eric to dump her.

So then Eric gets a call and his dad tells him what I've been wanting to scream at both characters for the last (seemed like) several hundred chapters; "It was just a kiss, get over it and grow the hell up." God, thank you!

What does Eric say to this dad? "She let him, dad. She let that idiot who was only trying to use her to get to me and her brothers."

Um, wow, self-centered much?

The way the men in this book treat women is only overshadowed by the way the women allow the men to control and command them. Sofie's brothers order her around constantly and, even though she gets mad, she never once does anything about it. The way Alex behaves towards Sofie goes far beyond the way a brother, even an overly protective one, should behave and heads right on into a realm of sickness that I don't even like thinking about. It becomes pathological and disconcerting. They act less like Sofie's brothers and more like jealous boyfriends. Ick.

Are these characters realistic? Unfortunately, yes. Are they worth reading about? Hell no. Especially not when they're being portrayed as good people. They are uncaring, selfish, self-centered, petty, melodramatic and stupid, and they have very little (if any) respect for other people. If I met people like this in real life, I would run in the other direction as quickly as possible. Once again, Elizabeth Reyes has managed to portray unforgivable behavior as endearing and adorable and it makes me want to hurl, especially when I consider all the mindless women out there just lapping this shit up. Get a clue, controlling assholes aren't cute!

And please, for the love of everything holy Ms. Reyes, learn the difference between 'worse' and 'worst'. A few times looks like a simple mistake, but after three books of you not getting it right even once, it becomes glaringly obvious that it stems from ignorance.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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September 6, 2014
I loved it! The glimpses we get from Sofia's and Eric's past, how they fell in love were wonderful. I've adored Eric since reading Forever Mine (Angel's story) and I'm glad to say I love him even more now. I also really liked how we read some scenes from Forever Mine in Sofia's and Eric's POV. It gave me my much needed Angel fix.

I devoured this book from beginning to end in one sitting. Now I'm sleep deprived but it was worth it. Sweet Sofie is a delicious read for anyone who's a fan of an forever-and-ever kind of a love story.
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July 4, 2015
Ok, how can Eric be SO obsessed about a KISS when he spent an entire week in another country with another girl who he went out with multiple times, who had grabbed his croch, kissed him, and then he licked her lips?!?!!!!!! Absolute nonsense!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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269 reviews41 followers
November 26, 2011
I can't get enough of these books! Sofie and Eric's story was just as intense and emotional as her bothers. You could see from the beginning that these two belonged together.

I love that we get to see Sofie every so many years growing up and how her relationship with Eric blossomed. I had so much fun watching Sofie push Eric to his hormonal limits when they were in high school. He was always so careful and patient when it came to her but she was not having it. Having her three (BIG) older bothers, one being Eric's best friend, always looking after her made it extremely hard for her to have any kind of relationship with anyone. I felt so nervous for Eric because he had so much to deal with being in love with Sofie and trying to hide it from his best friends and especially from Alex(her most temperamental big brother). It wasn't easy and after an attempted beating from Alex of course it all work out for Sofie and Eric while they were in high school.

As time goes on, they get older, go to college things begin to change in Sofie and Eric's relationship. This is were all the heart ache really begins but by the end of the story it was totally worth going through the emotional roller coaster.

If I had to describe this series in three words I would say these books are intense, emotional, and genuine. I absolutely love me!
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2,705 reviews459 followers
August 9, 2011
What can I say Elizabeth Reyes has once again blown me away I loved Sofie's novel and her and Eric are just meant to be. I was super happy when I saw this had been released on amazon.co.uk sad that I will even say this but I did a happy dance. I can't wait to read the next two books in the amazing series.
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162 reviews5 followers
August 15, 2019
Tengo sentimientos encontrados con esta historia. Me gustaban muchísimo Sofie y Eric y después de lo mucho que me ha gustado la historia de Alex y Valerie probablemente llevaba el listón demasiado alto. Me ha resultado entretenida y, en algunos momentos, me ha gustado bastante, sobre todo ella tentando a un Eric que ya de por sí está rendido a sus pies jajaja..; pero en otros momentos me ha resultado bastante infantil. El final me ha parecido bastante precipitado, sobre todo después de haberle dado tantas y tantas vueltas al tema de los celos (bastante ridículos) para resolverse al final, para mi gusto, muy deprisa.
Mi puntuación un 5,5.
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1,804 reviews29 followers
October 12, 2011
Bk 3 is shorter than a full story but seemed too long to be considered a novella. Even with the shorter length this bk kept my interest throughout the story, had depth and came to a good ending without seeming rushed. I even liked the format for this bk which told Sophie’s story in increments beginning at age 5 through age 21. Each book advances the story of not only the main characters Sophie and Eric but the others as well (Angel/Sarah, Alex/Val, Romero/Isabelle and Sal). Another great story but had to take this one down one star. Not due any lack by the author or the story telling, but just because I was a bit disappointed in Sophie. While her behavior can certainly be chalked up to immaturity, lack of experience and being easily impressionable, I wasn’t happy with how she treats sweet Eric. Sophie certainly has her share of the Moreno’s passionate nature and fiery temper, but her mistakes just didn’t sit well given the depth of emotion the Moreno brothers have for their women. At the end I was left with the impression that there may still residual bad feelings between Sophie and Eric or that the repercussions of what happened between them didn’t make them feel as solid as Sophie’s brothers and their relationships. Looking forward to bk 4 “Romero” as well as Sal’s book.
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129 reviews22 followers
August 17, 2011
I went into Sweet Sofie thinking I already knew their story from reading Forever Mine and Always Been Mine. Asking myself, "What more can be left to say?" However, I was still excited to read it out of my love for the former books and my new (ever-growing) loyalty for their author. But I was so wrong! Elizabeth Reyes took this story to an incredible height, that I did not see coming. Eric and Sofia are absolutely amazing together. There is not a dislikable character in this book. Nor, is there a thing to be changed, 5 stars no doubt about it!
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January 5, 2012

This is my favorite one yet in this series. I laughed soo much with Romero in the beginning when they were kids. I love Eric and Sophie's story. Love early child/teen crushes that turn into romance. You can identify with both Eric and Sophie's POV that you just can't be upset for him/her acting the way they did. I felt for Brandon and I never thought he was playing Sophie. Do we get a story on him? If not, why???!!

What I love about this series is the memories it brings back. Thank you Elizabeth for introducing these wonderful characters. You are definitely on my top list.
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March 4, 2016
Where to begin......I know, "he slipped his hand into hers" the same sentence to be read, repeatedly, in ALL of Elizabeth Reyes books.

So, we have Sofie. She ain't sweet. And we have Eric, who is, at first. He is so nice and loyal to the Moreno family that his feelings for Sofie (baby Moreno and only girl of the Alpha Clan) make him a pussy!

He finally mans up to tell her brother's that he wants her to be his date to prom. Sweet Sofie is happy, so happy she basically rapes him on prom night. Seriously, he keeps saying he doesn't have protection and if his friends find out (her brothers) there'd be hell to pay. She sits on him and says she will stop before he cums. (Hmmm, a girl doing a guy with a promise of "I'll pull out"??? Sounds like a headline for the Jeremy Kyle Show).

Guess what? She misses her period. And they are extremely regular. Who seen that coming? After all, she goes to bed on one night of the month with a tampon in place because her period is due the next morning?, her period is that regular. THAT regular. She can set a clock to her period!!

Eric's father wants him to travel and live life a bit before settling down. (Does he not know the drama of the alarm clock period?) He sends Eric to Spain on a work study programme. Good guy Eric has girls (one in particular) begging for him. But no, Eric is loyal to the sweet sofie.

In other drama, back in La Jolla, the local bad boy is back. He has history with the Moreno Brothers and Sweet Sofie (from here on, I will call her the S.S.) Now he's hot and a marine and the S.S. no longer thinks she's preggers for her actual boyfriend, (the monthly alarm was on snooze). He asks her out, she says no but continues to cock tease him. They are in his house and they share a kiss and she's happy for bad boy to feel her up. What do her brother's do? Treat him like a rapist. Does she fight enough for this guys innocence? No. Because she loves Eric so much. Eric who, like her brothers, had run ins with bad boy when they were ten or eleven, believes bad boy tried it on with the S.S. just to get at him and the Morenos. (WTF!!)

Bad boy declares his love for the S.S. in a pharmacy. She turns him down without realising that Eric's father heard everything while he was hiding among the tampon aisle (that's not in the book but since the alarm clock period is about to wake up all of La Jolla, where else would he be in a pharmacy?)

Bad boy goes off for his own book and Eric and the S.S. live happily ever after.
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1,729 reviews134 followers
November 20, 2011
Eric and Sophia’s story has been building from the start, and it was about time they had center stage. This novel was a fun read. The book starts out at a very young age, and highlights various memories at different ages. Many of them are situations and altercations that we have experienced in the previous to books; giving Sweet Sofie a nice memory lane feel. Once I got into the main course it was a very heart felt and romantic read, but readers will find themselves frustrated with Sophie choices. As more and more of the Moreno traits become evident in Sophie’s character I was forced to change my perception of her character. Interestingly, Alex and Sal where both a huge part of this novel. Alex as his overbearing and protective nature, and Sal stepping into the limelight as the rescuer. Hopefully, preparing for his own book that is to be out shortly. This was a great addition to the Moreno series with its light and easy reading. I love following this families stories, and a look forward to continuing. The next book is that of Romero’s story, and I am anxious to see deeper into the his true character.

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757 reviews3,653 followers
December 21, 2011
I really really enjoyed Sofia and Eric's story i like how it went back to show how they were close friends in childhood. The romance sizzled i think mainly b/cuz it was forbidden. Sofia's overprotective older brothers had some scenes heart pounding with me thinking they'll be caught.
Book Summary from Goodreads
Her entire life Sofia Moreno has dealt with her overprotective brothers. With three overbearing brothers always lurking, no boy would dare reach out to her. Luckily for Sofia the one boy she's got her heart set on has always been within reach: her brothers best friend Eric. Even though his loyalty to her brothers runs deep, Sofia knows there is only so much he can do before giving in to her.

Two years older than her, Eric Diego has always known there would be hell to pay if he messed with his best friend's kid sister Sofia. Through the years he watches as she blooms into a beautiful young lady right before his eyes. With teenage hormones raging and Sofia more than willing, Eric agrees to the unthinkable. A forbidden secret romance. Feeling emotions and a feverish passion that's new to them both,neither is ready for how quickly their romance spins out of control

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228 reviews63 followers
February 5, 2012
One of the best Moreno Brothers books yet. Sweet Sofie allows the reader to see the growth of Eric and Sofia's relationship over time. This books starts in childhood and follows the couple through several emotional growing pains. Eric such a sweet guy who has loved Sofie since childhood. He treats her so well and is slightly less possessive than the Moreno Brothers. Sofie tends to be the Fiery tempered one in the relationship. Eric does get over-emotional when Sofie kisses a childhood acquaintence. He feels hurt and unsure of whether he can get over the feelings of betrayal. Sofia is slightly naive but loves Eric deeply.

I loved the sweet romantic relationship between Eric and Sofia. It was so much fun to see all of the Moreno family throughout childhood as they grew up. This book again takes place along side of Forever Mine. Ms. Reyes does an excellent job of keeping the story consistant and yet more insightful into the couples. The brothers try to keep Sofia protected and away from boys and sex. But Sofia has other plans, she has always felt drawn to Eric.

I highly recommend this series for anyone who enjoys romance. This books is slightly explicit.

February 4, 2013
I don't like this book but I don't hate it either. I had fun when I read it but sometimes I got bored. I smiled and annoyed when they were together. And now I'm confused by the feeling toward this book. Maybe "it's okay" is what it is.

The first time when I saw the story of the book; I thought Sofia must be a sweet, adorable and innocent little girl who was protected under her brothers' wings. However after I read it, I was kind of shocked by her behavior. She was not what I thought at all. For Eric, Sofia's love interest, he thought he must be a brave guy who could fight with her brothers (and also his friends) to be with her. It didn't turn out that way; it was like he was chicken-out but I had to admit that he did love Sofia.

For me ... "Sweet Sofie" wasn't that good but sometimes I was really enjoyed the story between Sofia and Eric. So I gave two stars for that reason alone.
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93 reviews1 follower
January 6, 2012
This book gave me knots in my stomach because of all the contention and secrets between Sofie and Eric. The main reason it did not get 5 stars is because I didn't think it was right that Sofie got so much grief for what she did but Eric didn't even tell her what happened while he was away. I just think it should have been totally settled no more secrets! Ahhhh! But over all I loved reading about all of these characters and the overprotective brothers I always wanted brothers so the could over protect me!
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April 11, 2012
Sweet Sofie is almost like a sugary sweet glimpse into a young girls secret diary. I almost felt bad I was reading it but in a good way because I fell in love with her and wanted to pick her out my kindle and put her in my pocket ;0)

I loved getting Eric and Sofie's story from the beginning and how gorgeous was their journey!!!

The brothers, well I totally got their protection issue I found it...well sweet!!

This whole book was SWEET!!!

Elizabeth Reyes YOU ARE SWEET!!!!

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October 17, 2011
I absolutely LOVE the Moreno brothers and their sister Sofie's story did not dissapoint at all! I loved how the story started when Sofie was a young girl and you watch her grow and her relationship with Eric grow as well. Such a good story and of course love all the supporting characters, such as the brothers and Romero, and even Sarah. I look forward to reading Romero's story and Sal's too!
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February 23, 2012
oh my ....... what a beautiful story. this was an enjoyable and romantic read. If you are wanting to read a good old romance novel, try this one. It was so good I had to finish it in one sitting. Sophie was great, I do not know how ER did it, but her characters where just wonderful, you where gripped in from the begining. Well worth a read for any romantic young or old!
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September 6, 2012

Eric and Sofie's love story is fantastic. I love the Brandon thingy, Eric is super cute whenever he get jealous! I agree with the moreno brothers. Sofie is naive. She acts like a baby sometimes. But all in all I really enjoyed it!! Five twinkling stars for you Ms. Elizabeth Reyes!!!
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March 14, 2012
lovers it! all the emotion in this book made my heart hurt. love this series. do not want it to end!
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Want to read
March 25, 2020
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August 25, 2011
Sweet Sophie by Elizabeth Reyes. The third book in the Moreno Brothers Series, only this one is a Moreno sister. Forever Mine is Angel Moreno, Always Been Mine is Alex Moreno. There are two more stories in the series that are not out yet. Romero's story, Angel's friend and then the story for the oldest brother Sal. I found this book to be the most emotional. Many of the conversations were in the previous books and now we see more in depth what happened from Sophie and Eric's view.

Sophie Moreno's story starts when she is ten. Angel, Eric Diego & Ramon Romero are eleven, Alex is twelve and Sal is fourteen. Even at that young age Eric is starting to feel protective of Sophie but not so much in a brotherly way. Eric is biding his time for Sophie as she won't be allowed to date until she is seventeen. By the time she is sixteen they have had time to spend together though. Eric is trusted to watch over her when the brothers are busy. When Alex catches him kissing her on New Year's Eve everything changes though. Alex don't believe it is a kiss that one would give a friends sister.

When she turns seventeen she goes from being protected by her brothers to being claimed by Eric, which is fine with her. They run into many pitfalls along the way though. Eric's dad sends him to LA for a summer internship to separate them. Later he sends him to Spain for a month for another internship.

Brandon is a neighbor who was always known as a bit odd and mean. He bullied Sophie in the neighborhood and at school. In high school he ends up sharing a table with Sophie and they become friends. He joins the marines after high school and while home on a visit he hits on Sophie. Eric is in LA at the time and Sophie is battling a jealousy over Eric meeting a girl from their school years who had a bad reputation, her name is Asia.

Can their love survive the separations, Asia, Brandon, and later when he is in Spain his dad brings his girlfriends sister with for over New Years and Jennifer is a hot looking girl who would not mind having Eric. Definitely an emotionally charged book. The books brings back most everyone you have met in the earlier books. It is one of those series that you are sad when you finish the book and have to leave the people you met behind.

Language and subtle sexual situations.
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October 10, 2012
Wow this one was a little harder to read. The last half of the book was sort of painful. I loved how Reyes went back to the beginning of Sofie and Eric's story. Starting from the very beginning, when they were little kids. She followed their story through the years with significant times in their past at different ages. I loved that. I loved watching Sofia and Eric realize their love for each other.

I was left feeling a little angry about one thing. Eric was mad at Sofie for kissing Brandon and he made it clear to her he didn't want anymore secrets between them. But what about Jenny. I didn't feel like he was real upfront with Sofie about Jenny. Yeah, he stopped himself from actually taking the plunge and kissing her, but not before he licked her lip. And technically she did kiss him on New Years. Did Sofie not have a right to hear about that? Even if it was done out of anger at Sofie? I just felt like Eric was keeping secrets from her after making her promise to tell him everything.

I thought it ended kind of abruptly for how much emotional stress they went through. I would have liked a little more than just their quick little conversation on the cruise. It wasn't enough to patch up the raw feelings I still felt for them.
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August 15, 2011

This series makes me so happy!

Sofia Moreno has three older brothers: Sal (untitled), Alex (Always Been Mine) and Angel (Forever Mine). Her entire life they have protected and sheltered her from danger and boys. If having three older brothers weren’t enough protection, Romero and Eric, Angel’s two best friends also think it’s their job to protect Sofia, especially Eric. He wants to keep all the boys away from Sofie because he's had a crush on her since they were kids.

I love how Elizabeth Reyes starts Sweet Sofie off when Sofie is only 10 years old. From Sofia and Eric’s perspective we watch their relationship develop from childhood crush to full blown romance, and Sofie’s three older brothers don’t make this transition easy.

I think this was a great addition to the Moreno Brother series. Each novel in this series highlights a major conflict that young adults can easily relate to. I really appreciate that and applaud Reyes for incorporating realistic conflicts and characters in her novels. I am very glad Reyes included Sofia’s story. Sofia and Eric were likeable characters. In fact, Eric is a total sweetheart!

I gave Sweet Sofie by Elizabeth Reyes 3 STARS. If you plan on reading the Moreno Brother series this is a must read.


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December 1, 2012
Our sweet Sofie gone wild! Hmm, not entirely but it is really curiosity. 
Not much to say, but a smooth flow story that will make stay on track of reading it. The story plot went back on how The Moreno Brother’s, Eric and Romero along with Sofie became friends. This sequel will let us understand how Eric and Sofie became close to each other and when they realize they were in love with each other. Sweet Sofie will also let us read on how does Sofie felt about having all brother + 2 being protective to the only princess of the family. And remember the scene where after the Sofie breaks down to Sarah inside Angel’s car where Eric became cave man? Girl you will definitely hesitate if you miss what really happens there. And happens during the time Eric give ride to Sofie on Forever Mine; story of Angel and Sarah.
All I can say, you really have to read all of the sequel before judging; because every story give more insight with the other pairs.
Though, here no other relationship starts to bloom except that Ms. Reyes giving us hint of how Sal will meet his “The One”.
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