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Fever #9


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Goodreads Choice Award
Nominee for Best Fantasy (2017)
#1 New York Times bestselling author Karen Marie Moning returns with the epic conclusion to her pulse-pounding Fever series, where a world thrown into chaos grows more treacherous at every turn. As Mac, Barrons, Ryodan, and Jada struggle to restore control, enemies become allies, right and wrong cease to exist, and the lines between life and death, lust and love, disappear completely.

Black holes loom menacingly over Dublin, threatening to destroy the Earth. Yet the greatest danger is the one MacKayla Lane has unleashed from within: the Sinsar Dubh—a sentient book of unthinkable evil—has possessed her body and will stop at nothing in its insatiable quest for power.

The fate of Man and Fae rests on destroying the book and recovering the long-lost Song of Making, the sole magic that can repair the fragile fabric of the Earth. But to achieve these aims, sidhe-seers, the Nine, Seelie, and Unseelie must form unlikely alliances and make heart-wrenching choices. For Barrons and Jada, this means finding the Seelie Queen who alone can wield the mysterious song, negotiating with a lethal Unseelie prince hell-bent on ruling the Fae courts, and figuring out how to destroy the Sinsar Dubh while keeping Mac alive.

This time, there’s no gain without sacrifice, no pursuit without risk, no victory without irrevocable loss. In the battle for Mac’s soul, every decision exacts a tremendous price.

512 pages, Kindle Edition

First published January 17, 2017

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About the author

Karen Marie Moning

68 books28.9k followers
“The only other calling I ever felt was an irrepressible desire to be Captain of my own Starship. I was born in the wrong century and it wasn’t possible, so I chose to explore the universe by writing fiction instead. Books are doors to endless adventure.” -KMM

Karen Marie Moning is the #1 NYT bestselling author of the Fever Series and Highlander novels.

An alum of the Immaculate Conception Academy, at seventeen she attended Purdue University where she completed a BA in Society & Law, with minors in Philosophy, Creative Writing and Theatre, while working full time as a bartender and computer consultant. She intended to go to law school but after an internship with a firm of Criminal Attorneys, decided against it. For the next decade, she worked in insurance, where she wrote intercompany arbitrations and directed commercial litigation. At the age of thirty, she decided it was time to get serious and do what she’d always wanted to do: write fiction novels.

Beyond the Highland Mist was published in 1999 and nominated for two RITA awards. She then published six more novels in her award-winning HIGHLANDER series, and received the RITA Award in 2001 for The Highlander’s Touch.

In 2004, she began writing the #1 New York Times bestselling FEVER series. The books have been optioned twice for potential franchise development by Twentieth Century Fox and DreamWorks Studios, but the rights are currently held by Moning who has expressed a desire to one day see it as a television series. Her novels have been published in over thirty countries. She divides her time between Ohio and Florida and is working on two future projects for Random House Publishing.

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.” – Jorge Luis Borges

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1,165 reviews98.2k followers
March 29, 2017
1.) Darkfever ★★★★
*.) The Alpha Alternative: JZB Sex Scene
2.) Bloodfever ★★★
3.) Faefever ★★★
4.) Dreamfever ★★★
5.) Shadowfever ★★★★★
*.) Fever Moon: The Fear Dorcha ★★★★★
6.) Iced ★★★★
7.) Burned
8.) Feverborn

“He kissed me like I was the empire he was sworn to protect and would die a thousand deaths to keep secure. He kissed me like I was a woman with a deep dark wildness that needed to be fed and he knew just how to do it. He kissed me like he was dying and this was the last kiss he would ever taste.”

God, I don't even know how to rate this book. Part of me wants to give it five stars, and ignore all the problematic things, just because it actually felt like the Fever Series I knew and loved. Yet, another part of me is all riled up and wants to give this book another one star rating, like the past two books, because KMM should know better than to put all these problematic things in another book!

If I was just rating this book with my heart and soul, knowing how privileged my perspective is and ignoring how upsetting some of these themes are, I would give this book five stars, because I truly did love reading it, while pretending the rape culture wasn't there. But, luckily for my reviews, I use my mind to rate books, and this had some pretty upsetting things in it, that I will get to later in my spoiler section.

I will also say that this book, especially the first part, is really dark. I was actually surprised by the brutality that KMM showed, and it actually shocked me so much I forgot about the mess that was Feverborn. Maybe it helped, because I felt like I went into this story with a clean slate from the shock value alone, but let's just say that KMM wasn't scared to kill anyone, and I truly mean anyone.

Feversong picks up right where Feverborn leaves off: Dublin, and all of Earth for that matter, are on the verge of being sucked into a black hole. Mac now is harboring a host that is pretty brutal and Dani is finally getting back to being Dani and learning to leave Jada behind, while accepting her time spent in the Silvers. Dani and Mac are finally back to being friends sisters, and that's truly all I want from this series. I was living for them being all girl power, working together, and kicking ass.

Dublin still is home to not only humans, but both fae courts:
• Seelie - the "light" or "fairer" court of the Tuatha Dé Danaan governed by the Seelie Queen, Aoibheal, who was a mortal concubine, who was tricked into becoming Fae. She's also the only one that can sing the Song of Making (which is pretty important in this story).
• Unseelie - the "dark" court of the Tuatha Dé Danaan. The Unseelie King is very mysterious, and communicates with mortals on Earth using a human form (sometimes a cute one). He also has the power to manipulate matter and create things, resulting in many people thinking he is God.

Obviously, Mac and Dani have their hands very full with trying to restore the Earth before it is too late, but they are also faced with ensuring everyone else's safety. With this being the ninth book in the series, it is almost impossible to talk about anything else without spoiling everything, but I will say that Feversong did impress me much more than Burned and Feverborn, both of which got one star. KMM is definitely improving to make this series what it once was, but she still has some work to do.

If you've been unhappy about the last few books, too, you can read the first five chapters for free: Here!

WARNING: The next part of this review will have MAJOR SPOILERS! Please, do not continue on if you have not read Feversong in its entirety! Major, major, major spoilers from this point forward!

Okay, I'm going to try to group together my thoughts in the most non-fangirl way, but I apologize in advance for this gush. I just feel like I have a million thoughts and feelings in my head and I want to get them down on paper.

As I said above, I really enjoyed this book. I felt the same excitement I used to feel while flipping each page before the series was ruined! My favorite part of this story was probably the equal emphasis on Dani and Mac. Before, I felt so cheated when KMM switched the story direction back to Mac's POV, but this book felt right. I loved seeing Barrons and Mac being Barrons and Mac. It wasn't forced, or unbelievable, it was nice and made for a really great reading experience.

Dani's chapters were much harder to read, but I don't mean that in a negative way, it just made for more tears. Dani's past was utterly heartbreaking to read about. I found myself sobbing at the end of each chapter. I am so excited that the next two books will fully focus on her, and I hope KMM actually stays true to it. Also, Shazam, Dani's Hel-Cat, is going to cause so much havoc - I can't wait!

Even though Dani was all like:

But like, no one is questioning whether or not KMM can write a good sex scene, because... she can.

And people can say what they want about Ryodan, but he was awesome to let Dani experience different things, and not being a selfish prick. I know he gets so much hate for Iced, but he was a standup guy in this book.

Even though I did enjoy Mac's chapters, while loving the ones involving Barrons, the Sinsar Dubh's chapters were a little insane. I mean, it made for a quick read and all, but it had a really weird fascination with having sex with Barrons. Like, I'm not holding that against it or anything, but it kept pulling me out of the story.

Barrons was Barrons, so all was perfect. Barrons was my first ever book crush, so he gets away with shit I wouldn't let other male protagonists get away with. He's still so dreamy in my eyes and I'm not sure what could ruin that immersion. I like how he trusted Mac, even when he had reason not to trust her, in this book. BB&B is still one of the bookish places I wish I could visit, and I think I always will, especially with this new mysterious mural. Like, if Barrons becomes a Fae King I will seriously lose my shit, and I'm not sure how I could possibly fangirl harder.

Mac being the Queen of the Court of Light was pretty unexpected, but in a good way. I liked this twist, and the scene in BB&B with the little faeries made me giggle like an idiot. The cliffhanger of Cruce not dying and remaking the Court of Darkness makes me feel a lot of negative things! Please, let this love-triangle die in Hell where it belongs. I'll write more on Cruce being a disgusting rapist later.

Christian is still my favorite side character. Be still, my heart. I love this poor, brooding Unseelie Prince. I was so happy the Song of Making didn't unmake him. And, also, it's very obvious that he's going to end up with Enyo, so maybe KMM is setting up a spin-off for them or something? I was picking up that vibe, at least.

Inspector Jayne turning into a Seelie Prince is like everything I never knew I wanted in this series! I was so freaking happy, and it was so unexpected! Like, seriously, I'm here for him working with Mac again, because their friendship is so great to read about.

Okay, now that I'm done gushing, I'm just going to list the biggest problem with this book and why I am tempted to really drop my rating: The rape culture in this book is fucking strong! As we learned from the original Fever Series, Mac was gang raped by Cruce and three other Unseelie Princes that Barrons and Dani later killed. Cruce was imprisoned, Mac didn't think it was important enough to tell Barrons that the fourth rapist was Cruce *gags*, but everyone still saw Cruce for the gross, evil villain he truly was/is.

Alright, now let's flash forward to this book, where Mac not only states numerous times that Cruce isn't evil, because there are people/books that want to destroy the world, so since that's worse than rape, then that is what is truly evil, not a little rapist. Plus, she did orgasm and enjoy herself while being gang raped and out of her mind, so, that really emphasizes that Cruce just made a mistake. *Sets fire to everything around me!*

This is not okay. Rape is never okay. I will never condone a book that makes excuses for rape. Rape apologists are fucking disgusting, and this book would have been an easy five stars if Mac, and everyone else, told Cruce that, instead of making excuses or putting him on a "lesser evil" scale. Rape is inexcusable, period, and there is nothing else to say on the topic.

Instead, KMM makes Mac kiss Cruce passionately, while telling him she could have fallen in love with him, instead of Barrons, if she would have only met him first, because that's the only way to save the whole entire world. Like, how is that supposed to sit okay with me? It feels like daggers in my heart, because I loved the rest of this book, but how am I supposed to ignore that problematic theme and inexcusable action? I can't, I just can't.

“Yes, he’d raped me. I’d survived, and the nearly incoherent anger I’d felt for so long was simply gone. What remained was a chaotic world with complex politics and few with power enough to lead the various factions. My experience with the Sinsar Dubh had forever changed me. I’d encountered true evil. Up close and personal. I knew what it was. Cruce was not evil. As a Fae, he was a fine one. Exemplary even. A Fae that sometimes did very bad things to humans.”

The other thing that is a little gross, too, is Dancer's death. Okay, hear me out; I ship Dani and Ryodan. I ship them, because I feel like KMM has set them up together from the start. I completely understand people who shipped Dani with Dancer, and even the amazing Christian, but, for me, this story has always been told in a point of view that has Dani and Ryodan be end game.

Obviously, there was no easy way for Dani to pick, even though she sort of tried to pick Ryodan, so KMM made the choice easy for her, while also giving a little bit of fan service to the Dancer and Dani shippers. Dani went back and forth, constantly comparing the two guys, but once I read about Dancer's condition I knew KMM was going to pull the trigger. Yes, KMM took the easy way out and it did feel a little bad, even as a Ryodan shipper, I'm not going to lie.

Dancer's death impacted me unexpectedly hard. I'm totally going to understand the fans that will be upset and all of their feelings are completely valid, but I kind of liked the emphasis on how precious life is, especially in an apocalyptic world. We are all truly on borrowed time, and I enjoyed the message of how important it is to spend time doing what you love with the people you love.

Besides those two things, which I know the one is freakin' huge and I definitely do not want to ever gloss it over as a minor mistake, I really did enjoy reading this. If you could eliminate that kiss with Cruce, this would be an easy five star book, which is pretty insane when I've given the last two in this series one star. Hopefully, KMM can only learn and grow and the next Dani book can blow me and my expectations out of the water, too.

Also, huge shout out to the amazing Gelisvb, for listening to me cry, freak out, and gush, while reading this! <3

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1,399 reviews11.7k followers
April 1, 2021
3.5 stars

I think I liked it slightly better this time. Too long, was bored by a lot of Mac's chapters. And somehow I'd managed to misunderstand the ending when I read this book first in 2017. Sad that KMM didn't think these additional books through - a lot of cool stuff, but spoiled by some terrible creative decisions.
Oh, Feversong... A conclusion that both satisfies and also underlines how unnecessary and sloppy the last 4 books really are.

Reading Feversong, I was mostly bored, not annoyed or disgusted at least, but bored nevertheless. The plot centers on finding Song of Making needed to get rid of the black holes that are poised to consume Earth. But the road to the solution is long and void of excitement or mysteries. Mac's continuous acquiring of different powers inside of her head means too much self-reflection and angst throughout this novel. (Yawn.)

Looking back at my ecstasy of reading and rereading first 5 Fever books, I now can't quite believe I once had so much love for Mac and Jericho. The 4 additional books definitely undermined my interest in them forever. There is no doubt that while first 5 books contained a perfect story arc, (mostly) well thought out and planned, full of mysteries, surprises and slowly developing sexiness. The new 4 are a sloppy mess of changing narrators (who show up in one or two books and then never come back to narrate again - Jo, Kat, Christian, Lor, etc. - I say, if their voices are not important now, they shouldn't have been there in the first place, just mudding everything), weird villains (really, Sweeper, or whatever IT was?), odd or convenient magic (Alina is back somehow?) and recycled Jericho/Mac drama. These two were fine and done at the end of Shadowfever, thank you very much.

The most compelling bits of the whole 2nd series of books for me were Dani's and Unseelie King/Concubine stories. I think I would have much preferred Dani lead in maybe a couple of tighter-written books instead of the actual bloated mess of Iced, Burned, Feverborn and Feversong. I'll bet if KMM could do it all over again, she would have done things differently, starting with not making Iced a pedofest. That book definitely got her off the rails for the entire remainder of the 2nd series. But, what's done can't be unmade.

I expect there will be some more books in the universe, because so many loose ends still remain hanging. I am personally most interested in that bit from Burned where Jada thinks that one of the Nine is a woman. I will probably read whatever comes out next. Hopefully KMM can preplan things a little better next time and have some new interesting people doing sexy things and uncovering surprising mysteries.
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64 reviews216 followers
Want to read
September 28, 2012
When I first learned that there were going to be two more Fever books in 2015 I was like:

And then I realized that there were going to be two more Fever books in 2015 .

And so I was like:

I need my Jericho Barrons fix. Right. Now.
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736 reviews372 followers
February 7, 2017
“Sun, moon, and stars,” he growled against my ear.
I punched him in the shoulder. “Hush. You think I don’t know that?”

*Take a deep breath*

Alright, I'm surprisingly pleased with this book. I think my expectations for Feversong were set quite high, but they were exceeded. Honestly, they were more than fulfilled! This installment was way better than I thought it would be and I loved it! Yes, I loved it, though there were some major problems which I will tell you later in this review.

Okay, let’s see what we got here.

She completely changed in this installment. Oh yes, she’s incredibly awesome! It was great seeing Mac finally become who she really is, and with some help from Barrons, she shines! I didn't expect before reading this book that I would end up loving her, but I just did!

I have an unfortunate hitchhiker.
It’s time to kick it out of the car.

Aww…Barrons. *Sigh* This man (man? Umm, whatever…) never disappoints. He’s AMAZING as always. Needless to say, he's my number one paranormal romance hero of all time!

With him, I was everything I’d ever wanted to be.
He brought out the best and worst in me, the most of everything. And when you got to have someone like that, anything less was empty, pointless.
“Jericho,” I whispered against his ear, “thank you. For everything.” I drew back and laughed, feeling inexpressibly light. “It’s been one hell of a ride.”
He smiled at me, dark eyes gleaming. “Rainbow Girl.” He laced his fingers with mine and said nothing for a long time. Then, “We’ll find each other again. Somehow.”

Well, he caught me off guard. Big time. Due to his knowledge of the Sinsar Dubh, he unavoidably became an important part of this story. And oh, how can I hate him when ? To tell you the truth, I never thought that he would play a huge role in this war.

He was another character that knocked me off my feet. He's so loving and caring. Never once did he complain that life was not worth living, and how he lived his life without fear hit me square in my heart.

She got better. More mature and reasonable than she was in the previous books. Just when I thought I liked her, sadly, something happened in the second half of the story, which changed my feelings toward her from positive to negative instantly.

Sinsar Dubh.
This book is totally crazy. Crazy and arrogant. When Mac walked out of the containment field of the four stones and left it caged inside alone, it was priceless seeing it screaming in disbelief! *Maniacally laughs*

I hated him. No matter how hard he tried to redeem himself in this book, it was too late! I never forget how terrible he treated Dani in Iced and how creepy he was. Dude, lusting after fourteen-year-old girl isn’t cool. Yuck. That was sick!

Swoon-worthy Unseelie Prince. Umm...that's it.

There were too many inner thoughts from her viewpoint which were way too long in my opinion. Seriously, who cares about her? Oh, maybe the Unseelie King!

Dreamy-eyed guy.
He always chose the right time to show up. Great!

Hell, where was Dageus? No, I mean how was he? My poor highlander…

There were many characters that I don’t know and desperately want to know what really happened to them. Nevertheless, I still have some hope that I will get some answers one day.

As the story went on, I found myself becoming more and more engrossed in it. I wouldn’t say that it was compelling throughout the entire story, but somewhere toward the end, I couldn't put it down even for a minute. Around halfway through the book, I was quite certain that it would be my five-stars read. I enjoyed everything that happened during the first half. The plot was thoroughly engaging and there were also many twists and turns that I never saw coming.

Not until I reached the last quarter of the book did I feel an unpleasant mix of emotions flow through me—anger, disappointment, sadness, hatred, disgust, and hollowness. As I already said above, I loved Dancer and seeing him and Dani together brought sunshine to my day. In my eyes, they did make a lovely couple. To be honest, it took me quite a while to start warming up to Dani, but why, oh why, why did KMM have to destroy my good feelings for her?

According to the story,

It felt like everything was too rushed in the last quarter. Somehow, I think the story was overly long, and again, too much internal dialogue. However, KMM did a great job of wrapping up the story. I found myself satisfied with the conclusion in spite of there being so many loose ends and unanswered questions.

By the way, I successfully pretended those scenes I hated didn't exist in this book, and gave Feversong 4 stars instead of 3.

Barrons and Mac made this book special—worth the read!


“It’s not the action that becomes the thing of value. It’s how you feel about the action that does. You find yourself doing something for another person you never would have done before. You pay it forward. It takes time. Relax. Live. Keep your eyes open. See what comes.”

You were a woman who knew her own strength. Powerful. Resolute. Beautiful.

Where was I going to find another man like Jericho Barrons? He was a singularity. And every man I met would only end up getting compared to what I’d loved and lost and, no, I didn’t believe one day I’d “get over him.” There are some people you never get over.

Sun, moon, and stars, I told him.
He inclined his head. Of all the years, this one with you has been my finest. Fire to my ice, Mac.
Frost to my flame, Jericho.
we said, and it was a vow far more powerful and binding than any ring or piece of paper.

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731 reviews1,829 followers
December 28, 2017
After reading Feverborn, the worst book so far, I expected this book to be disastrous. I read some reviews and they mentioned their disappointments, I totally understand why but I wasn't since like I just mentioned, I thought the worst before starting this book. Thus, I enjoyed Feversong. Of course, many some chapters were so boring but I liked it more than Feverborn and even Burned. Yet, the numerous flaws are still there and we can't just ignore them.

The magic ended with Shadowfever. I got over it. Yes, like everyone I hate that one of my favorite series became a piece of shit compared to the magnificent thing it was before but I continued reading. Do I regret it? No, of course. I was curious to know what will happen. Unfortunately, I was bored and never felt the old spark throughout the rest of the books.

I can't say nothing is happening in this book. If you didn't like feverborn, I recommend reading this one because it handles all the unresolved issues. The Sinsar Dubh, the black holes and the song of making. The boredness is still there, the monologs and angst too, of course, but it was better in some aspects like actually resolving things.. Apparently, KMM will write two more books in the same world but different. And I understand why, now.

Since I can't really express my thoughts without giving away spoilers, this review will be divided into two 2 parts: general thoughts (if you aren't caught up with the books and plan to read them, you might want to stop reading now) and major spoilers. I won't hide the first part but only the second (completely).

After Mac tried to save Jada in Feverborn, the book possessed her and finally, the Sinsar Dubh can complete its? his? agenda. In this book, we mainly have two objectives: re-contain the SD and find the song of making. The worst thing about this is that we had chapters from his pov, which meant infinite number of "I want to destroy the world", "I will be feared", and "I hate everyone" said in 86328 ways. Just when you think no one is worse than Mac in inner-dialogues, the SD takes over and proves you wrong. The first half of the book was boring and so slow. I had to roll my eyes every once in a while just thinking enough already.

As usual, we had too many useless povs. The Queen of the Seelie had more than enough povs with nothing happening there, yet I still enjoyed them because her relationship with the King always intrigued me. We weren't spared from Mac's self-reflections in this book and everyone had too much of those. Yeah, I skipped lines, why waste my time on the same idea recycled in many different ways? This book was too long for a story like this, KMM could have served a better book in no more than 400 pages!

We see more of DANI *yey*, we see her interacting with others, know a little about her time in the Silvers. I like her relationship with Mac, how she's opening up. I also really like Christian. Let me rephrase it, I'm starting to like Christian again after the disgusting act he (and his fellow pedo Ryo) put in Iced. He's so much better now! Now the triangle is Dander/Dani/Ryodan. I hate how Ryo is becoming nicer and nicer in each book.. why?! Cruce is also back and I must say, he added his own element to the story which made it better, you know how he manipulates everyone. I really enjoyed the second part even though it was so slow sometimes, even if I had some problems with the end (will get to this later).

I also have some complaints about the so-called Enyo girl.

"The natural born warrior had fought her way into the world, inside a military tank—the only safe haven her mother had been able to find—in a town in Syria under heavy fire."

The fact that she is half-Lebanese, half-french raised in Syria, mixing ethnics much? I assume she was a child during the Lebanese Civil war that started in 1975. Give or take she can't be older than 30 (events happening in 2006-2007). I mean Christian wouldn't consider sleeping with someone that much older... Let me tell you some history. During the Civil War people who had foreign nationalities fled those countries. Obvious and safest choice for her family or even for her as a child was to go to France, apparently, they didn't. A small part went to Syria. But they weren't "immigrants". They probably had some relatives there and rented houses and lived with their families. There was no war in Syria at the time. Syria was at war in Lebanon. There was peace in Syria because every foreign country was fuckin playin with fire on the grounds of Lebanon, if she was raised under fire, it would have been there. So please, KMM get your facts straight. And oh, I'm more than sure we have no Enyo names (Her name means war in Greek) in Lebanon, France or Syria. Still, it's nice to see the name of your not so known country in an American book, but do they have to always ruin it by wrong info?!

Other than that, KMM made us believe that some people are so important, giving them their own part of the plot, then she completely ignored them in this book (papa roach, the Unseelie princess, Kat...). If the author knows his business, he wouldn't just mention characters to fill pages only to neglect them later.

Now spoilers ahead.

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1,838 reviews6,161 followers
February 9, 2017
Yes, I'm pulling out the 5-star review, even though it wasn't perfect. I couldn't put the book down and it got to me. I actually had salty discharge coming from my eyes at one point. What is the meaning of this sorcery? I was very much calling myself a little bitch for crying, but crying did happen. And, since I rarely cry, I got a headache. *sigh*

It wasn't pretty.

But, after a wine and Percocet cocktail, I'm feeling just fine now.

Let me just say that if you haven't read the series up to this point, you might want to look away now.

You were warned. Okay, so we have the sucking black holes that are going to suck our planet into oblivion. That's gunna suck. Cuz, we all gonna die. So, Mac & the Gang (anyone else think that would be an awesome name for an '80's tribute band?) need to figure out how to stop these suckers.

I usually don't.

Unfortunately, Mac is now the Sinsar Dubh. Or, it is her. Oh, and it's so evil that it's freaking hilarious. Oh S.D. gets right down to the horrific killing right away. It doesn't even start small, like most serial killers with the bug torture and the pet-killing. No, it gets down to business and takes out a main character in the most disgusting, bloodiest way possible.

Whatever you are imagining, this is worse.

We also get the release of Cruse/V'lane. I've always liked that guy. He is also pretty ambiguous when it comes to the rules of right and wrong. And, unfortunately for humanity, they need him. That's gonna be a problem. He's not exactly super-hero material.

Oh, I stand corrected.

As for Dani/Jada, well, let's remember that in our last episode she had just hopped the fence from Unstableville straight in the PsychoTown. But, don't worry, she still has the Pedo-twins, Ryo and Christian, wanting her. The hot/crazy scale is mightily tested. And yet, since they had shown their propensity for a 14-yr old Dani, maybe the whole thing needs to be on more of a sliding scale for this group.

In case you are unfamiliar. Dani must be on fire! (Or was that Ryo? Oops, too soon?)

But, Christian seems to be off the table, and instead we have a triangle with Dani/Ryo/Dancer. You all know that I have always been a Dancer fan. He has that geeky sex appeal and was actually the only one age appropriate for Dani. And, he was actually a decent guy to her - unlike some pedo-creep that won't be named. Just kidding. It's Ryodan. I never could get on that creepy ship. Ew.

Commence the onion chopping now!

As for the things that weren't perfect:

Yes, there was too much "thinkin'", musing, rambling... But, hey, I feel like KMM wanted to catch us in the feels. And, you will really get into their heads. So, achieved!

The changing of Ryodan's personality. WTH? Suddenly he is the philanthropist? The martyr for humanity? Mr. Nice Guy? Um, no. He's an ass. He was always an ass. He needs to continue his assish ways. Own it, man. I felt like this was just a way for us to be okay with a future relationship. And, oh, let's make sure all of the "impediments" are cleared too. This made me a bit killy. I freaking liked the impediment! *Urge to kill rising*

Okay, time for another cocktail. Enjoy reading this. It has some ups and downs, but it is still a great end to our beloved series.

Although, would it have killed her to write an epilogue? FFS

Fire to my ice, Mac.

Frost to my flame, Jericho.

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October 5, 2011
Ms. Mooning has posted a Note on her Facebook page answering some questions about the new series:

"Am I writing a 6th FEVER book?

Because I keep getting this question, I’ve realized I've obviously not answered it to your satisfaction:) I'm going to post here and ask that you all help me in spreading the word around.

I'm currently working on a trilogy that features Dani, Christian MacKeltar, Ryodan, and the mysterious 'Dancer,' set primarily in Fever-Dublin. Each installment in the trilogy is a stand-alone mystery, however there are larger plot arcs unfolding in the background. Where Mac was introspective and her story could feel somewhat esoteric, Dani is down and dirty in the streets. Lots of details, lots of action. There’s a different feel to the two series, totally different vantage points. I’m having a blast writing it.

For those of you who have been worrying—the trilogy is not YA. If I had to categorize it, I would say it straddles the line between YA and adult uneasily. I don’t pull any punches. It may be controversial in some ways. But whose teen years weren’t? LOL! Many of the questions I left unanswered in the FEVER series are addressed in this new series.

Exciting news: I’ve agreed to write two more books after that. Once the new trilogy is complete, I’m returning to the core story begun in the FEVER series, and will resume writing about Mac, Barrons, V’lane, Cruce, the Unseelie king, the concubine, the Song of Making.

All in all, there are five more books coming about the Fever World!

Because I know you guys, I know this is going to make some of you as nervous as it makes you excited. Trust me. I’m making no compromises with the characters or the story. It’s all unfolding exactly as it should, true to itself-which means, it’s a sometimes rocky road. Dark times ahead, guys. But I write it all with genuine love for the characters, the world, and you the reader.

As a final note, quit scaring Dreamworks with your demands for NC-17, LMAO. I don’t write NC-17. You have NC-17 imaginations! Sometimes I think you guys should be telling me stories!"

Also ----- DrumRoll please!!! ----- DreamWorks Studios has optioned the film rights to the Fever Series!
Yay, this would be truly a treat to have the series turn into motion picture.

I was hoping that there will be more Fever series as the issues and relationship between MacKayla and Dani were not completely resolved, and also at the very end of the book indicated that is the case:

"Dani was out there in the streets somewhere. Soon I would go looking for her.
But not to kill her.
We’d fight back to back.
Sisters and all."

I am so happy i was right =). I truly loved the series and Ms. Mooning is an amazing writer, with colourful imagination, exceptional writing and excellent story telling.

Ahhh Jericho Barrons =D so many things to be said so little time lol, definitely my all time favourite male hero/character...

I'll leave this space for the actual review (praying to Ms. Mooning's MUSE to complete this book as soon it is possible, and the publishing gods to publish it as quickly as possible lol).
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February 7, 2017

I know a lot of people were scared to read this book. With the rumors going around, I actually found myself becoming more intrigued about the events of this book. That’s the thing about this series. You have to jump in with both feet to enjoy it.

FEVERSONG is book nine in the series. If you’ve read up to this book then you know that KMM writes balls to the wall. Nothing is simple and everything wears a mask. What you think you know isn’t real and time after time KMM has blindsided me with her reveals. There are a few instances where this happened in this book, but there is one storyline that I didn’t see coming. Thinking back now, it makes sense and brings out a great sense of understand for a certain character. I experienced the same bone-deep heartbreak that I did when I first read J.R. Ward’s LOVER ETERNAL. But it wasn’t until later that the emotions poured out of me. You’re going to need some tissues with this one. Boxes of them. If you’re anything like me, you hate to see it happen, but at the same time, you can fully understand why it needed to unfold that way.

We know that Ryodan is supposed to end up with Dani/Jada, but more growth needs to come from her character before that can happen. I think Dani/Jada gets put through the wringer in this one and there’s no question that I respect her a lot more now. In this particular book, I also feel like we get a little more of the old Dani instead of Jada and I loved this because if there’s anyone who deserves a little more happiness in her life, it’s Dani.

Mac has come a long way from being the Rainbow Girl. I loved Mac all throughout the series, but with this particular book, she has become my number one favorite heroine of all time. The things she has endured throughout this series are tragic, heartbreaking, and stunning. Not only is she physically strong, but her will is one of the most beautiful things I have ever read. If she was pitted against any other UF heroine, there’s no question Mac would come up on top.

I obviously have to mention the writing because KMM’s writing is spectacular. Highly detailed yet she doesn’t paint the picture for you. She allows you the freedom to put your own spin on it. A lot of my friends have lost patience with KMM’s writing and I think it’s a big shame. The thing with KMM’s writing is that everything she does has a roadmap, but there are other paths that run parallel to the story we are seeing that only converge when she wants it to. If you’re not willing to be patient and be jostled around a little bit, then this series isn’t for you. If you are though, man, you’re going to get the ride of your life.

I don’t believe this is the end. I feel like there’s so much more to explore with these characters and despite every tragic thing they’ve already been through, miraculously, I can see more growth from these characters. I can only hope that KMM continues on with these characters because they have been immortalized as some of my faves on my shelf. FEVERSONG is the best of them all.
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May 14, 2017
2.5 stars

A few things were good, but most of it was incredibly disappointing. The first third was boring as hell and repetitive. Then it got interesting for a while. By the halfway mark I was annoyed and stayed that way for the rest of the book. The only reason I finished this so quickly is because I knew if I put it down I'd never pick it back up again.

I could have lived without the many chapters from the sinsar dubh. Yeah I got it quite early on that it was evil. I didn’t need to read over and over again about how it wanted to kill. I didn’t think Aoibheal’s POV was necessary either. I just didn’t care about what she was going through. Those chapters took up a lot of page time without revealing anything useful. The Dani backstory chapters were interesting but had absolutely no effect on the story whatsoever.

The Dani/Ryodan/Dancer love triangle was obnoxious. The way that played out really pissed me off. It was done in a way that would manage to appease everyone regardless of who they shipped. I hated the way it ended. I wanted Dani to make a definitive choice instead of waffling about who she preferred for the whole book. When she made that choice, I wanted it to be a happy one. Her reasons for doing what she did were based more on circumstance than her own wants and needs.So much angst and tension, just to be majorly let down.

Dani finally found a good balance between her new and old self. Aside from the love triangle bullshit I really liked her. Mac finally got her shit together. It would have been better if it could have happened earlier in the series. Things ended up for Mac the way I thought they would in regards to what she turned into. There had been hints about magic being drawn to her earlier in the series. It was unfortunate that she and Barrons weren't more open with each other. They were still committed and trusted each other completely, but I wasn't feeling the passion.

Cruce had an important role. A different side of him was seen in this. He was still a temperamental bastard but opened up a little with Mac. They had more heartfelt conversations than Mac did with Barrons, which seemed wrong for the final book. It was good that he and Mac came to an understanding. It was sad in a way. I really think he would have done anything for her. OTOH it was disappointing that Mac moved past her issues with him so easily. Obviously I didn't want her to be permanently traumatized by what he did to her, but she brushed it off like it was nothing. It was bizarre that she put so much trust in him. It felt like an attempt to make Cruce into a good guy. Although I've always like Cruce, that ship sailed a long time ago.

Ryodan is a douchebag of epic proportions. I've never liked him. I can't buy into his sudden shift into being a good guy. The guy is hundreds or possibly thousands of years old, and now he suddenly decides to change? Not fucking likely. It seemed like his character changed to make a potential Dani and Ryodan relationship more palatable.

Many of the side characters' storylines were essentially dropped. WTH was going on with Daegeus? Or Kat? What was the significance of the Shazaam subplot? It had no bearing on anything. Virtually nothing happened with Christian. WTF are the nine? Why wasn't that explained in the last book? It should have been.

Honestly IDK why I continued to read this series. It went downhill after the fifth book. Scratch that. Downhill is too light of a term to describe what happened. This series got so bad so quickly it's like it plunged off a cliff. There are too many useless POV. The books drag and are mostly filler. Things didn't end the way I hoped they would, but I still felt the need to know how it ended after investing so much time in the series.
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Want to read
January 16, 2017
I think I just died.
Initial reaction:
Like Christmas morning :)

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February 5, 2017
2.5 stars

An improvement to Burned and Feverborn, I kind of hated those instalments. This one wasn't brilliant, there were a lot of things that bored/annoyed me but there was also a fair amount I really enjoyed.

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February 10, 2017
I have reached 50% of the book and I simply cannot focus to finish it.
Maybe it is my fault.
I will give it another try after a few weeks, because it's not fair for the book.
No rating for now...

Everything pauses until I finish this!
I suppose I start from chapter 12...

BEFORE 170117
You can now read chapters 1-11 on author's webpage for free before the official date 17/1

Unfortunately, my final rating has already lost one star because I hated the fact that Sinsar Dubh had for dinner one of my favourite characters...

“Master of adaptation and evolution, I slide more surely in my skin with each breath, enjoying the complex albeit imperfect elegance of what I possess. I inhale long and slow, swelling first my abdomen then lungs with air. Breathing brings an assault of unfathomable stenches, but I will acclimate.”

Sinsar Dubh is out to play: “I would run if I were you”

Bad bad book!!!
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February 7, 2017
Ok!! So this is it! The last book with Mac and Barrons.

I’ll be 100% honest here and say I’m a Dani/Jada stan chomping at the bit. So my hopes going into reading this were: PLEASE LET THERE BE SOME TIME FOR DANI ALREADY. My hopes were met. Jada finally gets her time in this one. As a Dani lover I’m finally, somewhat , satisfied.

But let me back up and talk about the book as a whole. There were some things I liked and somethings I felt kind of disappointed in.
Let’s start with Mac, I was kind of impressed with Mac in this one? Which is something I never really thought I’d say. I really enjoyed seeing her and Barrons’ relationship evolve as they BADLY needed it to. I freakin loved reading Macbook’s POV, it’s a lot of sociopathic fun lol. There are some things I feel disappointed in when it comes to Mac’s storyline but seeing as I'm not really all that here for her anyway, it's alright. There's something in their last chapter of the book that was a major wait, WHAT!!!! At least for me anyway.

There’s a POV from the Concubine aka Aobeivielelsods. I can’t be bothered to look up the correct spelling. Honestly, if you enjoy the whole UK/Concubine storyline I think you’ll enjoy these chapters a lot. I’m just not one of those people lol, I wanted to skip those chapters so badly. But I will say in the end, I really liked where that storyline goes.

Dani. My fave. I love her so much and that sure as shit doesn’t change in Feversong! I love her even more. Dani’s the epitome of a tragic hero. But I’d really freakin appreciate it if she could have a little less tragedy!! Stop making me cry K Mo!!

Her ending is bittersweet. I won��t accept this as an overall ending for Dani, though. Hell no, I need some more sweetness up in here. Luckily it seems to me like K Mo isn’t finished with my girl.

I liked that there were less POV’s in this one. A lot of the characters don’t really get closure but that was to be expected since it seems K Mo has more plans for this series or perhaps a spin off in the future. I’m glad she made the decision to focus on the main players.

Overall, the rating has been pretty hard for me to decide between a 3.5 and a four. I would say I'm pretty hard on the ratings of these books. Normally, a 500 pg book I could read in one sitting is an automatic 5 star read. But my relationship with these books is SERIOUS and requires more close attention than that lmao.
Some scenes I could read over and over again while others I had trouble getting through once lol. The book is a pretty somber affair which, overall I liked but it’s hard to do a reread of. I would say this book didn’t fully satiate my needs the way I thought it would! like.. I’ve still got a fever! Maybe that was the intention if there’s still more to come, I’m not sure but it would make sense.

FEVERSONG on sale date: 1-17-17!

& the wait begins.
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February 7, 2017
3 stars


The Fever series (1-5) is one of my all time favorite urban fantasy series, it's darkly original and so compelling. I even LOVED Iced, Dani is my favorite character.

But then people had to go and whine about how annoying Dani was and blah blah blah and Moning caved to them, and then we got stuck with this disappointing hybrid of a spinoff series.

I just wish the last three books were Dani like it had originally intended to be. Her parts of this book were the parts I loved and ate up and wanted more of. Instead, we got boring repetitive passages of the book with WEIRD CAPS ALL THE TIME RAGE DIE DIE. <----- No me gusta. I found myself skimming all of the parts with the Book POV and Mac POV and only thoroughly reading the Dani ones.

I gave this a three because the parts I enjoyed I really loved. Near the end I was sobbing over what happened to a beloved character. But honestly this book was sloppily done with random character deaths that didn't seem necessary and Dani having a weird three way romance that was kind of resolved?

I saw Moning announce on Facebook that she will be writing another Dani book. I am so ready for that book, I will be buying it on release day because I love Dani and Ryodan. Fingers crossed she sticks with it.
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1 review
February 6, 2017
I am so disappointed by Feversong I wish I could un-read pretty much every Fever book after Shadowfever. And it's not because the book is bad (it isn't), but it is everything I hoped it wouldn't be.

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February 5, 2016
Dear book gods,

Please guide KMM's hand as she writes Feversong. May it have less balls and more story.

PS - nobody cares about the Unseelie King and concubine POV, please illuminate KMM that they'll be better off in an optional novella.

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February 6, 2017
I can breath again, I was holding my breath for those last few chapters. The final days with these beloved characters was intense and very satisfying. I rolled through the whole emotional scale on this last ride, happy, sad, nervous, ugly crying, fear, stressed, doubt, anger and joy. I also suffered from insomnia, this book invaded my dreams, waking me several times a night with a flash on energy as my mind mulled over the last few pages. The book ended in a wonderful way fitting for these fabulous characters.
I am very happy that I found this author and series, both are in my top 5. Barrons my fictional book boyfriend, will forever be etched into my being, he was an incredible character. He might be my favorite but I loved them all, over the years even in the difficult stages.
Thank you KMM for all your genius and time.
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February 6, 2017
With Feversong, Karen Marie Moning dramatically drops the curtain on the Fever series. Bold and brilliantly layered, deeply emotive and all consuming, the story curves full circle as Mac and Dani try to save the world. Theirs has been a story of transformation, of finding the strength within to become who they’ve chosen to become, to wield the gifts they were given. No doubt fate has dealt them a bad hand, taken each to places dark and ugly. And in this final push, they must reach for the magic inside themselves to survive the world’s unmaking.

“Look back and you stay stuck in a lost, forever unattainable past. Look forward and you live.”

Black holes paint the skies, ripping humanity from their place, tearing the Earth open wide. Only the Song of Making can thread together its seams. The Sinsar Dubh has possessed Mac, leaving a bloody trail across Dublin in its obsessive quest for power. Ruthlessly evil and terrifying, the Sinsar Dubh does things that ought to shatter a person irrevocably.

“I am ceaseless, relentless, hungry as a tsunami. My will is stronger, my aim unencumbered, my desires greater. I always win.”

Trapped within the recesses of herself, Mac must fight its evil to regain control and recover the mysterious song. Her past, her insecurities, her strengths all tangle together begging to be unwound in a way where she can understand how to escape the confines of her cage.

“I’m ready. Only one of us is getting out alive. It’s going to be me.”

But even if Mac can best the Sinsar Dubh, the song remains a mystery, the Seelie Queen is nowhere to be found and Cruce is once again causing trouble.

As the clock begins to tick its final countdown, alliances between enemies must be forged and gambles must be taken despite the potential for great loss. Sacrifices for the greater good have never been felt so deeply.

The transformation of both Mac and Dani culminate in Feversong—understanding who they are, how they feel, the decisions they must make. I’ve always loved that although they are each incredibly powerful, they are also so relatable. Their sisterhood has seen tremendous ups and downs. From times of self-isolation to times they’ve stared down Death, they’ve made it out, heads held high.

And of course, who they’ve loved has shaped them in ways they never could have imagined. We’ve seen the love between Barrons and his Rainbow Girl evolve throughout the series. It’s never been clearer how powerful both of them are… both Alphas ready to do what must be done. But what I thought was so beautiful, so ingenious, was seeing how in understanding their own power, their own individual strengths and gifts, they were finally able be vulnerable to each other in a way they’ve never been before.

“I hold this man sacred and always will. He’s my sun, moon and stars.”

Loyal fans of the series, like me, will love every moment, every page. As one now expects from the incredibly talented Moning, gasp-inducing surprises await. Don’t forget the tissues too.
✦ ✦ ✦ ✦

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July 17, 2017
This is me right now:

Where the f*ck to start with this book?
I'm rating the book 3.5 stars overall.
The books POV was split between MacBook and Dani + some concubine chapters.
I really liked Part 1 when all the shit was going down but Part 2 was such a random change of pace. Like a cheesy hallmark movie basically happened in the second half lmao. Either way the book still came to a kinda good in some ways and kinda disappointing in others conclusion. KMM I can't live through any more recycled Mac & Barrons books. Pls don't resurrect them again! PLEASE KMM FINALLY RELEASE SOME DANI BOOKS SOON! This ending is too bittersweet for my girl.

What I liked:

KMM made me not totally hate Mac's POV. Macbook was such a vast improvement from Mac's POV. Though the anti-climatic way the book was defeated was lame. Also I didn't like how basically no one else in this book was relevant to solving the plot but Mac. Everyone basically stood to the side with the exception of maybe Dancer? I thought saving the world would be more of a team effort.
I will say for the most part Barrons and Mac's relationship stopped being so fuckbuddy finally. Their relationship finally got the development it so sorely needed.
But KMM did slip in a sneaky magnolia, a daddy and a drinking sweet tea by the porch into Mac's POV once.

Dani & Dancer:



What I didn't like:

I liked Mac a lot better this book but it's still Mac we're talking about let's not get ahead of ourselves so there's still stuff that annoyed me.
Like was I the only one sorta annoyed that in Mac's POV other relevant story developments were all glossed over. It broke up the flow of the book and made it seem rushed at points?

It kills me to put Ryo as something i disliked about the book. But his appearance was really lacklustre. Everytime Barrons is starring in the book Ryodan is always relegated to being Barron's follower again.

Lor & Jo
Wtf was up with Lor?

Before reading:
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February 24, 2017
2 very disappointed stars

SPOILERS AHEAD (Also, it's more of an incoherent rant as opposed to being a mature, well written review. Sorry :p )

Honestly, nothing happened in Feversong. I mean, people were running around but all in all, I can't remember a single thing that happened between 30% and 80%. There were no fight scenes. The villains didn't feel threatening at all. No character development. No loose ends being tied up.

We did get a lot of inspirational inner musing from practically everyone though... About choosing to be a victim vs. a champion. And making your own destiny. The power of friendship. And um... hope.

I'm serious, 50% of this book is just waiting for Tumblr to quote it with a pretty background.

See, I read my first Karen Marie Moning book last November when I stumbled across her Highlander series. I really liked them so I jumped into her Fever series without a second thought (even though I knew it was ongoing and since I'm an impatient little shit, I tend to put those on my "Wait for Series to End" shelf)

The first five books all got 5 stars from me, then I skipped #6 because it was all from Dani's POV (the kid was annoying), and gave 4 stars to #7 and #8.

I had pretty high hopes for #9, especially as it was going to be the last one in the series (meaning: no more cliffhangers, HEAs all around, and me face-down on the floor in a puddle of my own tears).

Ah, I was so naive and innocent back then...

We left book #8 with an "Oh, shit!" moment as the Sinsar Dubh possessed Mac and world was ending and people were dying and yes these things have been happening for the past 3 books BUT BOOK #9 WAS GOING TO BE THE LAST ONE SO THIS TIME IT ACTUALLY MATTERED.

I remember being worried about how KMM would manage to tie up everything in a mere 500 pages, seeing as so many characters were running around and how involved they all were in this complex story.

I shouldn't have worried.

Because she didn't do it.

Remember Alina, the girl who started it all? Mac's sister? Died and came back to life? Kind of a big deal since Mac avenging her was basically the plot for the first 5 books? Yeah, she has like four sentences in this.

Remember Kasteo, the enigmatic guy who doesn't speak at all because a thousand years ago The Nine killed the woman he loved since they couldn't risk their secret getting out? Self exiled to the basement gym? Where they just locked Kat in who might actually "thaw" him? Two random little sentences. (And Kat, she trained there to be stronger yet didn't have a single fucking fight scene in Feversong)

Speaking of, remember how important it was that NO ONE knew what The Nine were? How they killed anyone and everyone who could have exposed them? The main conflict in Mac and Barrons' relationship??? Yeah, well they practically ran around shifting in and out of their beast forms. Or talking about it. Or getting caught on camera.

I feel like Feversong was just a rough first draft. It should be 200 pages shorter. And 200% cooler. I'm absolutely gutted :((

P.S.: Surprisingly, Dani was actually rather likable in this and I'm looking forward to her books. Huh, who would have thought...

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February 7, 2017
I'm sad it's over. Then again, I'd thought it over 5 books ago and we got it back.

A lot happened in this book. But there were errors/plot holes. One of the last ones was Mac saying late in the book that she wondered at how only 2 days before Jada had a meltdown. Yet they'd been in the silvers and out, and more time had passed than the 2 days even before they entered the silvers but after the meltdown.

Mac and Barron's have such an interesting relationship. They don't hug and show intimacy like most couples. So when most of the book went by with fade to black scenes, I didn't feel while reading the only intimacy this couple shared. And it left them distant to me. Plus, the rest of the series wasn't fade to black.

The thing with Dancer felt contrived out of thin air to allow a certain someone to have their cake and eat too. Personally I cried at one point. I wish I didn't have to live through that, tell vs. show please. I did like that that storyline went the way it did until the end of it. It felt right for reasons explained in book.

Lots of hanging threads. I don't know if anyone else felt like Christian had wanted Dani. In one book, he thought about her a lot. Yet, that was never brought up in this final book.

There is so much left open but that's not my reason for my rating, though Deagas a favorite of mine was sorely missing.

The book felt rushed and like KMM felt she had to cram so much in to finish it off, things went missing. Why was Deagas reintroduced into this series yet nothing came of it???

Lore, Kat, Christian, Dani, Riodan and even Mac and Barron's all felt unfinished.

I might be somewhat disappointed, but I'd jump on another book or a spin off.
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February 15, 2017

I've waited a long while to immerse myself back into Karen Marie Moning's Fever world. I was so excited, so much so that I began to fear I would be disappointed and it would be my own fault. No fear needed though, it was perfection! I remember feeling that the "song" and black hole elements were getting a bit redundant as the story progressed but there were so many other new and critically engaging elements that would follow so it didn't negatively impact my enjoyment AT ALL. This series finale brought stomach-churning suspense, magical revelations, Moning's classic humor, perspective-altering quotes, both surprising and lovely romances, and tears...yes, balling, bloodshot-eye tears. Sigh. This may be the final book in the series but the characters are far from finished. On her facebook page, Moning announced that the next book she will write will be a Dani novel. "It does not pick up where Feversong ended, but at a different time. The title is High Voltage." No release date is set but it is tentatively expected in the early months of 2018. I can't fecking wait!!!!!

My favorite quote:
"Things never stop going wrong. Life isn’t about waiting for peace to arrive, it’s about learning to thrive in the midst of war."

It took me fifteen days to read this but it was everything I hoped it would be ♥
Full review to come.
February 10, 2017
4 - 4.5 ★'s

From the moment I first started reading the Fever series, the only thing I wanted was for Mac and Barrons to be together and to be happy. And that was a struggle...we had to go through so much to get to this...the end of their story arc. There were a lot of crazy things that happened and then even crazier things. It was hard to keep it all sorted. To figure out what in the hell was really going on was just an absolute mind f*ck.

So, whether you love this series or you hate it, the bottom line is getting answers...but that would be too easy and we all know that KMM just doesn't fly that way. What we do get is some closures and some "okay, I can live with thats" and that's good enough for me.

As you know from the ending of the last book, Mac was in a bad spot. Suffix it to say, it's quite the ride. The Sinsar Dubh has lost its ever lovin' mind but fortunately Mac is not the same person she was when the series started.


And I love, LOVE, love who helped her get there. We get A LOT of Mac and Barrons...unfortunately not enough of the steamy kind IMO BUT...we do get to see a softer side of Barrons. That's right you heard me...Barron's softer side. I never thought I would see the day but it has come and it is magnificent. ~sigh~ Of course, he is super growly and that will always be my favorite!

And there is a ton of Jada/Dani in this book. And she definitely grows a lot...but there's also more of a mix of the two, like a Jani and it's a good thing. There's some Ryoden, there's some Dancer and holy hell....there's Shazam and you don't want to miss that.

There is some Christian but not nearly enough. Hopefully the rumors are true that he is getting his own book.

And there's plenty of Cruce...maybe too much? Another open end and possibly another book?

There's actually quite a few sad parts which I was surprised about and definitely not happy about. I ~kind of~ get it but really it was just too much.

Overall, I think most people will be happy with the book. It's like all the others with about a million bits of information slammed in it but this time, the good outweighs the bad. Now the only problem is waiting for Dani's book(s).

(Prior to review...)
I'm really sad that it's over! :(


LOVE the cover and here's an excerpt (3/24/16):


My body doesn’t move as planned. It shudders, flops, and goes limp. “Stiff from being on the table so long,” I tell Jada, who watches me with narrowed eyes. I contract my abdomen, bend at the waist, stabilize my upper body, rotate my hips, shift my legs as a unit over the side of the gurney, and touch my feet to the floor.

I stand.


Desire. Lust. Greed. And the path I choose to supremacy.

Master of adaptation and evolution, I slide more surely into my skin with each breath, enjoying the complex, albeit imperfect elegance of what I possess. I inhale long and slow, swelling first my abdomen then lungs with air. Breathing brings an assault of unfathomable stenches, but I will acclimate.

Every thought, every emotion MacKayla Lane experienced is filed in my meticulous mental vault, but during my incarceration in her body, I couldn’t see, I couldn’t hear, I couldn’t smell.

I was—as she is now—trapped in a dark, silent prison, my only connection to the world an attachment I forged to her central nervous system through supremacy of will and relentless trial and failure. My existence was a smattering of complex electrical charges, intricate patterns without substance. Although I spied on her life as much as possible, I was able to seize and use her body, hands, and eyes only once, for brief duration. All else was diluted, second-hand perception absorbed from within, but for that overcast, rainy day I killed the Gray Woman and Mick O’Leary.

The power. The glory. That was the day I knew I would win. Those clumsy, debilitating hours I rode a body for the first time.

I require time to perfect control.

I. Require.

I draw myself up inside, gathering the enormity, the ancientness, the hunger and storm of my being and expand into the imperfect biological vessel I’ve claimed, saturating, possessing every atom. I fill my blood, my bones, my skin.

I turn the full force of my regard upon Jada, blink once, and reveal myself. My eyes, reflected in the stainless-steel door of a commercial freezer unit behind her, fill with obsidian until no white remains.

She changes color. Fear impacts the nerves that connect brain to heart, constricting circulation. The blood vanishes from her face, leaving freckles upon snow. Her eyes widen, her pupils dilate and freeze. The scent of her body alters to one I find … intriguing.

I experience all of this with my own senses. It’s incomparable. My mere presence reprograms the anatomy of those around me.


I was made for it.

I would prefer to shred her flesh from bone, but several things prevent me. I smile with my new face.

“I would run if I were you,” I tell her softly.
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February 7, 2017
I was mostly happy with the way things turned out. Wish the last three books were Dani books as KMM had originally planned. That way Ryodan and Dani's story would've been more fleshed out instead of flip flopping between Mac, The Book, and Dani/Jada. Instead we got endless "Book" POV: "WE ARE DESIRE, LUST, GREED, AND THE PATH WE CHOOSE TO SUPREMACY." Who the heck cares? I certainly didn't. Gotta say I skimmed or put my audio on 2xs the normal speed just to get through.

Loved the last Ryodan POV, but I like I said I wished the book concentrated on them
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April 16, 2017


I have to say that I am not disappointed at all, for me, Ms Moning has done it again and provided yet another brilliant book in the Fever series...

I am a little confused however, a lot of people are saying Ms Moning has ended the series right here... and if that's the case, that's fine, I have an imagination that allows me to look forward with what was written in this book... and I did read:

FEVERSONG is the final conclusion for the entire 9 books Fever Series. In FEVERSONG, I wrap up what I began a decade ago in DARKFEVER.

I recently signed with Random House to do two more books set in the Fever World, to be published after FEVERSONG but they are different. FEVERSONG is the end of many things.

The above is under Fever 10 and I would be ecstatic if there were a tenth book, so any help in this would be greatly appreciated!

Anyway, the joys of reading Feversong began with curiosity, entailed addiction, participated in making me 'hold my breath' and of course allowed the river of tears to flood in quick succession over 2 major parts of the book... my emotions are wrecked!

One of my all time favourite series and I hope there is another to follow...
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February 27, 2018
Feversong is good enough.

That means it was heading to be a complete disaster but somehow it redeemed itself. That doesn’t mean it’s perfect. It's not even great. But I absolutely adore this series and because of Mac and Barrons-and even Dani-I'm saying it's good enough.

KMM made the right moves and I'm a sucker for HEAs.

“Strong enough that I was no longer afraid to be gentle. Powerful enough that I could be vulnerable. Scarred enough that I could understand and tread lightly around the deepest scars of others.”

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September 14, 2017
Preview: I would be so happy if this book is about

Actual review starts here:

Of course, KMM wouldn't give me what I want. I knew she wouldn't, yet I still failed to predict how dissatisfying this supposed last book of the series can get:

That's how I felt in the end:

*******major plot spoilers alert******

(1) The MacBook is a boring character: I wished to see MacBook doing his(?)/its(?) worst but in the end, despite of all the people the Book had murdered, MacBook still manage to feel so underwhelming and flat as a character.

How disappointing.

(2) Mac's so-called transformation is unconvincing: after the big talk about how 'There really is a monster in me, and she is beautiful', and the crisis of her being possessed by the evil Book, in the end Mac's so-called transformation is again, underwhelming. The emotionless writing offers me nothing to believe Mac had managed all these empowerment, enlightenment and self awareness through the progress of the story.

I mean, I am supposed to struggle every step of the way with Mac through her progress of regaining control over her body, I should have able to feel for Mac when she makes every hard decision, I'm supposed to feel sorry when Mac lost her sister Alina again, instead I felt like I was reading footnotes when I went through all these. *yawns*

You know, I used to hate Mac so goddamn much, but sadly now I can't even muster up enough emotion to hate her anymore. She is so flat and unimpressive as a character. How sad.

(3) Mac becomes the mother freaking Seelie Queen: Oh, come on. I don't believe for a second Mac is suitable to hold that much great power. She is gonna mess up sooner or latter!

(4) How the world is saved in the most disappointing way: So the evil Unseelie Prince, Cruce, just passed his half of the Song of Making to Mac in the end, even when he knew he and the rest of the Unseelie creatures would die once Mac finished singing the Song? Why would Cruce do that!?

And the only half-ass excuse we got is that Cruce actually had the hot for Mac so he agreed to give up his half of the Song?

How insulting.

To add insult to injuries, there is no battle scene throughout the book. Zero.

(5) Dancer is killed off to make way for Ryodan/Dani: I'm so pissed off by THIS!!!! KMM just has to kill Dancer, who is almost the only likable guy in the series and who is also nice and considerate to Dani, KMM just killed him off so Ryodan can fuck Dani in the next book!????


Also, I'm not a fan of pairing up Dancer and Dani --I don't hate it, but I don't love it neither, I skipped the parts whenever their romance is mentioned. Perhaps I just hate every woman in the story needing to be paired off with a guy very much.

(6) Ryodan continues to be a mother freaking saint: He only has the best intention for Dani! He loves her so selflessly that he is willing to let her date another guy! Give me a fucking break!!!!

I want the Bastard!Ryodan from Iced back so BADLY!!!

(7) The Dani/Jada parts: I used to adore Dani so much in Iced, but now whenever I read her POVs, I feel I was merely reading footnotes. And of course I don't care about her quest of finding Shazam. *yawns*

(8)The ending: Okay...I like the ending for the Unseelie King and the concubine--the concubine has such a good storyline, she recalls her past and ditches the King because she recalls how selfish he had been for wanting to turn her into a Fae without respecting her wish to stay human. But the other characters...are just so dry and boring. I'm especially pissed by the development of the Barrons/Mac storyline. At least their relationship looks a bit more normal than before, still I don't like how Barrons seems to think he needs to manipulate and push Mac around throughout all the previous books to 'help' Mac to grow into her more powerful self in order to make her more suitable for him.

(9) KMM had said a few very annoying things about gender roles and male-female relationship in the story: I don't bother to recall her exact wording, but trust me, those annoying and narrow-minded remarks about gender roles and male-female relationship ARE ACTUALLY THERE! Not to mention, Mac actually justified Cruce's behaviors (I mean, he RAPED her, for crying out loud) and started associating with him. ARGH.

(10) The treatment of Christian and other side-characters: Christian got reduced into Mac's little helper, Kat and her boyfriend Sean (who is turning Unseelie) are nowhere in sight! ARGH!!!!

*******end of plot spoilers alert******

Conclusion: This story could have been so much fun with so many interesting setups and a nice mythology about the Fae going for it, sadly...the woody characters and the uninspiring written ruin it for us.
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February 10, 2017
Finished. Review to come...
update: Jan 12, 2017
well, I just read the first 5 teaser chapters of Feversong available on KMM's website. Seriously, how am I going to wait five days for the conclusion! maybe I shouldn't have read them, lol. I've been doing a great job waiting patiently all year long.
Just finished Feverborn half an hour ago. I can't believe the massive cliffhanger I'm stuck with, again. Oh, wait. I should have expected it by now...

Here's to hoping that the soonest release date for Feversong would be Jan. 2017. It would kill me to wait more than a year to find out what happens.
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