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Tiger's Curse #4

Tiger's Destiny

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With three of the goddess Durga's quests behind them, only one prophecy now stands in the way of Kelsey, Ren, and Kishan breaking the tiger's curse. But the trio's greatest challenge awaits them: A life-endangering pursuit in search of Durga's final gift, the Rope of Fire, on the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal. 

It's a race against time, and the evil sorcerer Lokesh, in this eagerly anticipated fourth volume in the bestselling Tiger's Curse series, which pits good against evil, tests the bonds of love and loyalty, and finally reveals the tigers' true destinies once and for all.

A smart phone tag code on the back cover links readers to the series website.

464 pages, Hardcover

First published July 1, 2012

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About the author

Colleen Houck

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New York Times Bestselling Author Colleen Houck is a lifelong reader whose literary interests include action, adventure, science fiction, and romance. Formerly a student at the University of Arizona, she worked as a nationally certified American Sign Language interpreter for seventeen years before switching careers to become an author. Colleen lives in Salem, Oregon, with her husband and a huge assortment of plush tigers. Follow her by signing up for her e-newsletter!

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February 3, 2014
This review contains unmarked spoilers.

If you didn't know before, I used to be very in love with this series before I started getting into other young adult novels. I still enjoy the two first books in the Tiger's Curse series, but after that I started to hate them.

*purses lips*

Let's face it: everyone knew who Kelsey would end up with. If you actually thought that Colleen would try something different, you're wrong, and deep down you knew it. You could hope all you want, but authors rarely take the surprising side out of a love triangle. So ask yourself, and don't be bias:

Who would end up with Kelsey in the end?

Ren, duh.

That was no surprise, but I wasn't expecting that ending. I'm absolutely livid, and I'm not very thrilled about it, mind you.


TIGER'S CURSE was truly amazing. It remains one of my favorite guilty-pleasure books.
TIGER'S QUEST I adored even more, because the plot was great and kISHAN IS SUCH A BABE.
TIGER'S VOYAGE left me raging. Suddenly, Kelsey's become one of YA's worst heroines, and Ren and Kishan have have completely changed to adjust to her 'type'.

TIGER'S DESTINY was undeniably better - at least until the ending - but it was still a train wreck. TIGER'S DESTINY begins with Kelsey, who's cruising on the damsel in distress ship. She's been captured by Lokesh, and while Colleen tries to make Kelsey the ultimate kickass deceiver, it comes off as rather pathetic, since we see it from Kelsey's point of view.

Anyway, Kelsey is rescued by her slaves boyfriend and ex-boyfriend (who she's in love with) before Lokesh marries and beds her.

To break the curse, Kelsey has to retrieve the Rope of Fire, and complete a bunch of quests. Along the way, there was a big surprise, Kishan and Durga started flirting with each other (it made me sick), Kelsey bitched about wanting Ren, there were that sounded like a rip-off of Lord of the Rings, and a whole bunch of time-traveling crap that made my brain hurt.

The book is definitely action-packed, containing a heart-wrenching death that made me sniffle and a good plot that would've been better if it wasn't all over the place.


One of my biggest pet peeves in the series is that every single creature in every universe is in love with or wanting or lusting after Kelsey. She’s also dumb enough to still think no one likes her.

And this girl. This girl is not even slightly interesting. The only word adequate to describe her is stupid. STUPID.

You'd think that almost three years after meeting Ren and Kishan, she'd know that the brothers think she's the world’s gift to mankind, and to shut the hell up with the 'I'm a demented Cabbage Patch Doll and he deserves a Barbie' shit.

But, I'm devastated to report Kelsey actually goes back to feeling bad for herself (I mean, her parents died. She doesn't deserve happiness, right?), thinking that she's too dull for Ren (she is, of course, but when she's been whining about it for four books straight, you just want to super glue her jaws), being annoying as hell, and a jealous, stupid bitch who makes about as much sense as Donald Trump's hair.

Now, there’s something I noticed that didn't make a lot of sense. She's not good enough for Ren, but Kishan is okay? Eh? Come again? That’s a slap in the face to poor Kishan, who’s heart gets trampled so many times, I would’ve gone mad (Match-Point style) and murdered Kelsey.

To any other girl, the answer to this love triangle would be obvious: Kelsey should let go of poor Kishan, who’s only going to get hurt by her stupidity. Kelsey goes back to Ren, and Kishan has a shot with somebody who’s not a total idiot. Instead, Kishan proposes and Kelsey says yes.

She. Says. Yes.


I don’t think that Kelsey understands what being engaged means. Let me clarify:
2 having formally agreed to marry.

Being a fiancée means you should love them unconditionally, and only them - because how are you supposed to live with someone, probably for the rest of your life, and have children and grow old with him, when you’ve been in love with another since you accepted? Being a fiancée is not as simple as being a girlfriend - YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED. I’ll repeat it for you: KELSEY, YOU ARE GOING TO BE HUSBAND AND WIFE, SO WHY THE HELL ARE YOU MARRYING SOMEONE YOU’RE NOT IN LOVE WITH. You should love them! YOU SHOULD LOVE THE PERSON YOU ARE MARRYING IN A ROMANTIC WAY.

Kelsey is too fucking immature to realize what this means.

no words. i hate you Pictures, Images and Photos

Of course, Kelsey is actually in love with Ren, but she constantly says she can’t be with him because he’d sacrifice himself for her. She continuously denies her love for Ren, because she's trying 'save him'. She uses Kishan so Ren won't kill himself saving her. He's her rebound, her replacement for not being able to have Ren.


Oh, the tears of irony are leaking from my face. Kishan has sacrificed himself for Kelsey in more important ways, you stupid, stupid girl.

She spends most of the book shooting Ren longing looks and having steamy conversations with Ren that I swear were written to sound dirty on purpose - here's two:
"To properly ride a horse, you have to form a bond, feel his strength, the power in his muscles. Pay attention to his gait, his stride. Close your eyes. Can you feel how his body rises and falls? He'll take you wherever you want to go. All you need to do is learn to work with him and not against him."

and my personal favorite,
"I used the Rope to whip her [the cat]," Ren said.

Kelsey also throws various tantrums, spewing with venom, all centered around Ren and his possible relationship with Anamika (the Clan leader destined to stop Lokesh in the past), when she has absolutely no fucking right.

If someone was in love with you, and you decided to marry someone else, would it make any sense for you to be furious with the person you left after you see them with someone else? NO IT DOES NOT.

I really should have bet money on who’d get Kelsey, though, because, damn. I would’ve made a lot. It couldn’t have been more obvious, but it still stung like a bitch.

The love triangle was no doubt the worst part of the book. Kelsey has an easy life if the biggest problem she faces is having two yummy guys in love with her - because let's face it. If Kishan only thought of her as a friend, she wouldn't look twice at him.


I think we've already established Kelsey is one of the worst protagonists ever, no? And that Ren and Kishan are unrecognizable, as they've changed themselves for Kelsey?

Here, I mainly want to clap and thank DurgaAnamika. Anamika, who reminds me so much of my dearest Asami, in personality and looks. Anamika, who is actually Durga but doesn't really act like it. Anamika, who constantly tortured Kelsey until she finally decided to like her. -.- Dammit.

For the very last part of releasing the curse, a tiger must be given to Durga to become Damon, her lover and her co-tiger-person. Guess who’s noble enough to do it?

Kishan. Kishan, because over and over he’s proved himself to Kelsey, but she continues to run back to Ren when she has more than she needs.

It was a rushed and horrible ending to a love triangle for an unlikable girl. It felt like Colleen was out of ideas, so she just decided to grab a doll of Kishan and Anamika and do this:

It was much too forced. Kishan even writes a letter saying how it took a lot of time for him to get over Kelsey... I just hope he really loves Anamika.

But I still can't get over how fast Kelsey got over Kishan. In a snap of my fingers (one week, to be exact) Kelsey was getting married to Ren with no regrets. I literally felt nauseous. In seven days I can't get over finishing Darkness Falls and this little harpy is getting married after her fiancée GAVE HIMSELF UP FOR HER.

Just because your fiancée tells your lover to make sure you're happy doesn't mean you go marry him IN A WEEK.


I suffer from second-hand embarrassment when I read Houck's books. The series uses so many similes and metaphors (mostly during kissing scenes), it makes Cassandra Clare's writing look non-descriptive. In TIGER'S DESTINY, the writing has calmed down, but I still headdesk whenever it gets out of control.

It's like the steamier the scene (and trust me, it's no steam. It's just way too much flowery writing), the more descriptive the writing gets. I doubt any girl would think the way Kelsey does.


It was such a disappointing ending (is it an end? Because there's still TIGER'S DREAM, but this sounds like the final book. I think Kelsey's going to be pregnant in the last book, FML, just watch) to the series, and just a plainly disappointing book in all. The series started out amazing and shit hit the fan after Voyage. I was so sad when I finished, because I expected the series to be so much better.

It left me feeling like this, the most over-used gif ever:

I leave with you with this brilliant quote from the Phoenix directed at Kelsey:
"As it is, you life is rather pathetic. What a waste."
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March 3, 2013
UPDATE Nov. 23, 2012



UPDATE Nov. 22, 2012



After reading Tiger's Voyage I was like:


And after finally getting over the trauma I've experienced from the ending of Tiger's Voyage, I waited for the cover for Tiger's Destiny. And after seeing the cover, I am now like this:

Hyperventilating Sheldon Pictures, Images and Photos

To be honest, I can't wait, I NEED THIS BOOK NOW!!!! I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!!!!

Please be released faster, please :'(
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14 reviews
July 20, 2011
EVEN THOUGH I HAVEN'T READ THIS BOOK I KNOW I WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED IN MRS. HOUCK:) Why couldn't they publish all the books at the same time, THERE IS AN IDEA. Am I right, please someone say yes. Teheheheeeeeeee.
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January 20, 2015
Rating: Actually it should be a negative-20 stars, but Goodread wouldn't allow this rating so I made do with one star. It's easily one of the worst books I've ever read in my life.

Warning: F-words flying from all directions, don't like don't read.

To: Dear Colleen Houck
From: Mizuki

Hello, Colleen Houck.

I'd decided to skip those 'dear this' and 'dear that' because to be frank, I have no respect toward you as an 'author' and I don't really think you deserve to be called one. Still for the sake of both literature and humanity, I would like to suggest you to do a couple of things:

(1) Next time, when you write books about foreign cultures and societies, DO YOUR FXXKING RESEARCH. DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

(2) Next time, when you include Eastern mythologies in your books, DO NOT insert an ignorant White Girl who knows nothing about said mythologies and let said White Girl become the savior of all creatures. It's goddamn offensive.

(3) Take a goddamn writing lesson before you start writing anything else again. Pretty, please.

(4) DO NOT mix different cultures and mythical creatures from different mythologies together like they're one great big fucking happy family, for no explanation and no good reason.

(5) DO NOT insert a White Skinned Mary Sue, who is even bigger a Mary Sue than Bella freaking Swan from Twilight, into your story.

(6) Myths and history ARE NOT THE SAME THING. Get it!?

(7) For God's sake, BE RESPECTFUL to other people's cultures and traditions. DON'T MAKE THINGS UP, JUST DON'T. Okay?

(8) If you really, really need to make things up, CREATE YOUR OWN MYTH, BUILD YOUR OWN FANTASY WORLD instead of inserting your make-believe bullshit into someone else's myths and cultures. No one needs to have their cultures shitted all over like what you had done with Hindus/Chinese myths and history.

None of the above is so very difficult to do, right?

Right now, all I can say about Tiger's Destiny is: The only thing which is worse than the first 300 pages of this book, is the last 100 pages of this book.

When I was in the middle of the book, I kept telling myself "Colleen Houck had already done her worst in the previous books, I'm NOT going to get angry because of this last book and its stupidity. I'm not going to throw a bitch fit over the stupidity, I'm not going to throw a bitch fit over the FUCKING STUPIDITY!!!"

But in the ending, I was very, very angry and I did throw my bitch fit, because the ending part of Tight's Destiny is just ridiculously, eye-poppingly, outrageously BAD.

And here's my feeling to this so-called Tiger Saga as a whole...

(LINK: http://www.jpopasia.com/forums/posts-...)


In my Tiger's Voyage review (http://vampirekiki.deviantart.com/art...), I made comments how Colleen Houck failed to mention realistic details about Indian's society, such as:

(1) Houck did not mention seeing any poor people, or one single beggar on the street. Instead she made it sound like every single person who lived in India was rich or at the very least, middle class.

(2) It's barely noted that how hot the weather can be, with all the rain and stuff...

(3) Not once did she mention anything about the social/cultural barriers between Indian men and women, nor did any of her characters seem to notice romantic relationship and marriage are being viewed in ways which are quite different from American/Western societies.

Now I have something to add:

(4) Houck did not mention anything about cows, monkeys or other animals wandering on the streets. Yes, since India is still partly an rural society, plus cows and a handful of other animals are being viewed as holy, so animals DO wandering on the streets, even in the largest cities.

Well, I think these are things that you would have paid your attention to.

(5) Not once did she mention the untidiness in some parts of the cities/towns/villages/places her characters had visited. Instead Houck made it sound like the environment in India doesn't have much difference with America.

Oh well, those Bollywood movies always want to have you believed that India is ALL MIDDLE CLASS, ALL WESTERNIZED, ALL CLEAN AND MODERN. But, it really isn't the whole picture.

Houck, I have to wonder how can you fail in so many ways.

I won't keep my hope up.

Update of reading progress:

First I want to talk about Houck's 'poems'. Yes, she added at least two poems of hers into the book.

And here's my suggestion for all authors and wannabe-authors out there: If you were going to quote Lord Tennyson's and Edgar Allan Poe's poems in your book, then DO NOT add your own crappy poems in the same book! It only makes your bad poems look even worse when we compare your crappy poems with Lord Tennyson's and Poe's!

Secondly, about 50 pages into the book, I am faced with Colleen Houck screwing up Chinese history *again*.

We're told that supposedly, the villain was the bastard son of an emperor of the ancient Chinese Shu kingdom (also known as Shu Han http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shu_Han ), and his mother was supposed to be an Indian slave girl. The time of the villain's birth was probably somewhere between 221 AD to 263 AD.

I will not even bother to tell you there's no historical record for that supposed bastard son between the Shu Emperor and an Indian slave (a royal bastard went unnoticed? how likely can it be?). I wouldn't even bother. Still, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to inform you that at the time of the Three Kingdoms era, China was a much smaller country than its current self, and I would also like to show you a map of China from the Three Kingdoms era.

(Note: the map is taken from Wiki)

So you can see the Kingdom of Shu on the map, you can also see its two warring neighbors: Kingdom of Wei and Kingdom of Wu, you can also see Korea and Taiwan on the map, but can you see India?

Well, of course you can't see India anywhere near Kingdom of Shu, because geographically these two kingdoms were so far, far apart! You can imagine how difficult it would be to transport Indian slaves all the way to the Shu realm.

Then, would somebody tells me how did Shu Emperor import Indian slaves?

At around page. 60, Kelsey needed to learn more things about the birth of Goddess Durga, so she went to read some books---not that I have any objection on her doing some research; but then the next thing we know, Kelsey was lecturing the Durga myth to both Ren and Kishan. I AM SORRY? Shouldn't these two Indian princes know the Durga myth by heart!? For crying out loud, Durga is one of the most popular goddesses in India and her many myths are well known. So why must two Indians learn about their own mythology from the White Girl? Colleen Houck, you must be kidding.

I need to tell you I have serious issues with the ending of Tiger's Destiny. I was enraged when Houck basically tells us through out the centuries, all Indians have gotten the Durga Myths all wrong,

Words can't describe how angry I felt when I read this bullshit.


*facepalms* and now it's confirmed that Houck has never visited India *at all*.

(LINK: http://s64.photobucket.com/user/Tekla...)

detailed rant to come...I guess.
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January 28, 2015
Similar Books: None that I can think of - this series is something very different than what else is out there in the market.

Real Rating: 3 1/2 stars

This is a hard review for me to write, y'all. I LOVED the first two books in this series. They were like nothing else I'd read, and I couldn't get enough. I loved that Colleen Houck was writing about something you don't see much in YA - Eastern mythology - but even the wicked mythology couldn't save this one for me, unfortunately.

First, let's talk about the awesome things in this book:

1. The pacing of this novel was so much better than the other 3. I remember buying Tiger's Voyage and gaping at the size of it. I mean, it could kill someone if you threw it at them. And the pacing of the first 3 books was laborious at times (although I'll be honest and say that it didn't bug me to read about all their meals and Kelsey's clothes - wasn't so good for my diet, though), but this one starts with a bang, keeps up the intensity, and ends with one too. I think people who found the first 3 slow will prefer this book's pacing.


It's so pretty that it almost hurts my eyes. Splinter design team, I am very impressed.

3. I thought Houck handled the "chosen one" plot very well. Usually, I'm not into that kinda thing. (It's actually what kept me from loving Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo.) But I think the fact that Ren, Kishan, and Kelsey all have a specific destiny was what made me prefer that plot device - the destiny, chosen one-ness was sort of shared all around, and that felt more natural.

4. To everyone that thought Kelsey was TSTL in book(s) 1 (and maybe 2), I give you kickbutt Kelsey who most certainly can take care of herself. I mean...wow. She turned into Zena, Warrior Princess in this book. This is another thing that sorta irks me - average girls turning into these Amazon warriors, but I actually totally bought it in this book...probably because of the supernatural assistance she got.

5. A lot of times in paranormal books, we get frustrated with characters who are in mortal danger but they talk about their feelings and get all romantic instead of worrying about how they're going to defend themselves. But this book wasn't like that AT ALL! There's not talking about feelings or any smooshiness when battle approaches. I liked that a lot!

Okay...nos for what I didn't care for as much.


I like love triangles. I do. No, really. Edward/Jacob? Loved it. Peeta/Gale? Loved it. But Ren/Kishan? At first, I was really into it. But at this point, I'm over it.

Because there was so much quick pacing in this book, I felt like the character development really suffered. Kelsey, Ren, and Kishan really stay the same throughout this book - nothing changes in any of their relationships, no growth, no nothing. I wanted Ren and Kishan to FINALLY just come to the point where they can't stand each other anymore or they realize that Kelsey isn't worth fighting over. I wanted Kelsey to MAKE UP HER MIND. I wanted Kishan to see Kelsey mooning over Ren and be like, "Eff this. I'm done with you."

Unfortunately, none of this happened. It was just lots of angst and stolen glances between Kelsey and Ren...even after

I get it now - the Kelsey/Ren thing. In Voyage I fought it because I just didn't understand why she would ever want to be with Ren while Kishan was around. But after reading Destiny, I can see that for whatever reason, she's into him and it's better for her to be with him instead of Kishan. I still don't get why any sane person would want to be with a guy that's so dramatic and angsty that he literally throws himself at your feet and begs you not to do something dangerous when THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT OF YOUR JOURNEY...but I digress.

The end. OMG the end.

We all know what's going to happen.

But all I have to say is...

So many FEELS, guys. So many.

But at the end of the day, I'm just impressed with an author who can make me have that many feels. Colleen Houck has really done an incredible job of creating these characters that are really well-rounded and actualized, that readers fall in love with.

I love this story that she's crafted. It's pretty epic. Like in the literal sense. I applaud her for the amount of research that she's done, for writing something that nobody else is really doing, and for being basically awesome incarnate.

...but I just can't give your book 5 stars when you screw over my favorite character.

In defense of Kishan, I knock off 1 1/2 stars.
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1,188 reviews143 followers
September 12, 2012
Sorry for all the profanity and spoilers you will read from now on!

That being said...

I am sitting here wondering why the fuck did Colleen Houck do something like this to me and to all the fans of this series.
Tiger Saga was one of my favourite series. Ever. And now the calamity that is this book happened and I know things will never be the same.

I tell you, never in my life have I cursed so much as while I was reading Tiger's Destiny!--'
And why did I curse so much? Because of several things, my dear friends, but especially because of the so called heroine, Kelsey fucking Hayes!
She really pissed me the fuck off! -.-'
I swear I tried to understand what the fuck was going on in that little head of hers but I couldn't.

I couldn't understand why, if you love someone, would you be with someone else. I couldn't understand why, if your love is so strong, wouldn't you be able to choose between the person you love and the other one. I couldn't understand why would you subject your beloved to so much misery.

Kelsey's behavior was despicable! Outrageous!
She kept denying Ren and his feelings, railed his love and said that she didn't want to be with him and that she loved Kishan.
So, why the fuck didn't she gave him a little rest? Why the fuck did she seek him when he wanted to be alone?
Did she want him to sit there and watch all day the sad circus that was Kishan and her cuddling and all lovey lovey and shit? o.O

Ren suffered terribly! He came to the point of saying that he almost preferred to be tortured again by Lokesh, rather than continue like that!

So, if she was so set on being with Kishan, the least she could do was leave Ren alone.
But no! The bitch had to be all over Kishan and then when everybody bailed on her and she didn't want to be alone, she would go see where Ren was.
The fucking bitch was torturing the one and only person that loves her the most in the fucking planet. She was hurting him, in every way possible, even physically, but she didn't care.
She just left him there, hurting, begging! :@

Furthermore, who the fuck did she think she was to have some right to feel angry, annoyed, betrayed, whatever, when Ren just wanted to be alone and, eventually, go on with his life?
When she caught him with Anamika she was pissed off and thought that she wanted to plunge a knife into his "unfaithful heart". What the fucking fuck? o.O

Excuse the hell out of me, so it is right for you to want both brothers, be with one and terribly hurt the other, but he can't try to keep living without you? o.O
Even when he had already said that he couldn't do it?
Who has the "unfaithful heart"? Who is the selfish, narcisist slut?
But it wasn't just Kelsey that pissed me the fuck off in this book!
Let's see:
- the entire Saachi situation - I thought that Ren was Saachi but it was Kishan after all. What the fuck? Unless Kishan used the scarf to impersonate Saachi and then Ren.
But Colleen tells us that when Kelsey finally admited to Saachi that Ren was the one she really loved, Saachi smiled or whatever in a way that said "I knew it!" or "I told you so!".
So, it would be a little weird if it was Kishan acting like that.

- Ren's death - Damnit! Ren didn't have to die! I was truly devastated! :'(

Also, I was too fucking enraged when Kishan brought him back, not because he was his brother but because he wanted to please his bitch fiancée.
- Anamika's/Durga's demeanor - I must say that Durga as a mortal was a little too bitchy and sarcastic to my liking and as a goddess was worthless because she didn't do shit!
She was not the one defeating Lokesh. Fucking Kelsey defeated the sucker with Ren's help, of course!
- Kishan's end - Why the hell did he have to make a second sacrifice when everybody else just made one? Fuck this!

It should be Durga making this sacrifice, since she didn't do shit out of the goodness of her goddess heart *cough*!
Now, Kishan had to stay in the fucking past to be her sex slave tiger pet.
This was so fucked up that I actually cried for him!
- the actual end of the book - Things happened too fucking quickly!
One moment Kelsey was Kishan's bitch and saying that a part of her would always be Ren's and the other she was with Ren saying that a part of her would always be Kishan's.

Bipolar bitch! :S
And then they were happy and all lovey lovey and married and shit.
I was left wondering why the fuck do we need a fifth book if there is not much to say.
I guess Tiger's Dream will be about Anik but we'll see.
However, I had to give 3 stars to this book for my Ren's sake or otherwise I would feel bad. But I didn't really want to...
Anyway, Ren, I love you so much! You're perfetc!
Leave Kelsey and we can be happy together! +.+
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September 16, 2013
That can't be right, it says it only has 250 pages?!?! That's insane! Tiger's Voyage had over 500, this one has HALF of that! :O

UPDATE: No. Fucking Way. They bumped up the release date to September. September.


UPDATE: Okay, now it says 400. Still pretty short compared to Tiger's Voyage but I'll take it.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Cover reveal! Okay, well, not really. But it's gonna be green! It tells us that much.

ONE MORE LAST UPDATE, I SWEAR: Cover reveal!!!!!! Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.



After I Finished

Review to come.
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May 14, 2019
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772 reviews74 followers
October 10, 2012
RATING: 2.5 Out Of 5


Tiger's Destiny has the same flaws that Tiger's Voyage did. Reading Destiny just made me feel like I was reading Voyage all over again and that really does suck. When this series started with Curse, I was in love, the first novel was AMAZING!! I loved loved loved it and the second novel Quest was just as good, but from there everything went downhill.

There is only so long that readers can read the same thing continuously, there is only so long before the same love triangle gets so repetitive and boring. What’s worse with every continuing book in this series I hate and despise Kelsey more and more? She is not a very likeable character, especially after everyone knows she loves Ren but she’s okay with stringing Kishan along continuously. You’re a bitch Kelsey; it’s all I can say. The scene that secured that defection to her is one where she and Kishan are lying on the beach and while he is proposing to her, she’s too busy perving at Rens half naked body! And even know she never sleeps with any of the brother I can’t help think of how much of a whore she is, she jumps back and forth between the two brothers, it’s just..... Cruel.

But aside from this, what really was the major disappointment with this novel was the plot. It sucked, it was just (again like Voyage) over the top, silly and ridiculous. Too much happened, 50 million things happen in the book that it just felt over packed with stuff and not even good stuff. It just appears that Houck didn’t know what to put into the story and just put a whole bunch of crap in there just to lengthen out then novel.

What’s even stranger about this novel in particular is that the series is properly ended in this novel, they finish the quests and she ends up with a brother, so why is there another novel???? What could is possibly be about.

On my Voyage review I stated that Voyage was the weakest book of the three, I can now correct this and say that Destiny is definitely the weakest of the four. Not only this but I stated that hopefully the series will return to its former glory with Destiny - I was wrong. It all went severely down from Voyage and it deeply saddens me to think about where this series first started off being one of the best series I had read and it being amazing (book 1 and 2) to having such crappy books to follow it and end with, it’s just not right. You see this quite alot with authors who have such great ideas and concepts with novels and their novels start off fantastically, but as the series progresses it appears obvious to readers that the author doesn’t know where to take their story and struggles to come up with books to top its first novels in the series; Hunger Games, Strange Angels.. Are just to name a few.

Sooo disappointed....

But here is an awesome picture I found by ~Juhani of Ren & Kelsey
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January 2, 2015

*takes a deep breath and squares shoulders*. I can do this.

I'm going to start off by reminding myself - and all of you - of a few key important facts:

1. This books isn't factual
2. Hence magic tigers-turned-man don't exist
3. Hence Ren and Kishan don't exist
4. Hence my life is meaningless fine and I will move on. And survive.
5. My reasoning above is absolute poppycock and I AM SO EMOTIONAL DISTRAUGHT RIGHT NOW!! Uh, well...I can't think of another point.

So, anyways, this is my way of saying that I WILL get over the end and I WILL go to bed and I WILL stop fangirling, crying, sobbing, sniffling and yelling at the computer screen...eventually. Someday. Maybe tomorrow. Until then no coherent review will pop up unless by some miracle someone finds me my very own set of brother tiger-men who I can stare at whilst sipping fire-fruit juice.

(Before-reading review:)

Got...to...get...it!! (Excuse me ladies...) Coming through!!

Firstly. Ren and Kishan - those two beautiful boys...

And now I have to wait until SEPTEMBER (four days before my b'day!) to read about them again?!

*slinks away to curl up next to a plush toy tiger*
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December 14, 2012
Warning: There will be spoilers, angry ranting, and profanity in this review. If you are not comfortable with any of these, and loved the book down to every single word, I highly suggest you don't read my review.

I can't even begin to describe how much I hated this book. It hurts me to say this because I loved the first two book, but this book was just a complete disaster from start to finish. I actually threw the book several times, and screamed at Kelsey- who was the problem ninety-nine percent of the time.

I made a list of the things I hated in this book, and had to condense the list into nine things. There was a lot I wanted to add on the list, but I stopped myself from writing an entire book.

The List


2. Ren

3. Lokesh

4. The Writing

5. The LOTR/Narnia battle scenes

6. The Love Triangle

7. Mr. Kadam's death

8. Kishan and his decision in the end

9. The ending

1. Kelsey

The first on the list had to be Kelsey. It just had to be her. She was manipulative, jealous, and constantly needed to saved because she was too precious. There was also the fact that every male in the whole fucking universe wanted her. I can count all the men who wanted to be her if you don't believe me.

Here we go.










[image error]

You've got to be fucking me, that is way too many suitors lusting after Kelsey. The author is basically writing on Kelsey's forehead Mary-sue. And the interesting thing is that Kelsey is boring, stupid and selfish.

How can men find her at least a bit attractive is beyond me. I wanted to dive inside this book and grab Kelsey by the shoulders, and shake her hard. Most of the time, she's overly dependent on Ren and Kishan that she can't do anything by herself. In the beginning, she's trapped by Lokesh. Kelsey tries to manipulate Lokesh but ends up looking stupid.

Lokesh, on the other hand, was the stereotypical villain who has to have the girl, and blah blah blah. I'll get more into that later. Anyway, Kelsey agrees to marry Lokesh. In the meantime, the audience is told how its IMPOSSIBLE to infiltrate the place where Kelsey been kidnapped to and how its impossible to escape.

But somehow during their wedding, Ren and Kishan appear out of nowhere and stop the wedding. Wait hold the fuck up!

You just said that its IMPOSSIBLE to get inside this place, but somehow the two brothers disguised themselves and successfully got inside. How does this make any sense whatsoever. I just couldn't understand this. You just contradicted yourself.

[image error]

After this stupidity, Kelsey gets rescued and their off to their next quest. The transition between these two points was horribly written and rushed.

During their next quest, Kelsey is still in a relationship with Kishan, but her heart yearns for Ren. This also bothered me A LOT. How can Kelsey be so selfish and stupid. Early in the book she realizes that she's still in love with Ren, and Ren finds out about it. Then she does the following.

Ren:I wanted to know. I needed to know. You've kept all your true feelings from the both of us. Kelsey, why didn't you share these worries? These fears?"

Kelsey:"Would it have changed anything? Does it make a difference?"

Ren:"I don't know. Maybe. Maybe not. But at least all the cards are on the table now."

Kelsey:I bit my lip. "Are you going to tell him?"

Ren:"Don't you think he has to know?"


Kelsey:"I don't see how it will help."

[image error]

Fuck you, Kelsey. Fuck you.

I wanted to slap Kelsey in the face right then and there. How DARE she say she doesn't see how it could help. She's deceiving a poor man and leading on his feelings when she isn't really in love with him. How low of her to even say that, and for Ren to keep quiet about this was cowardly of him. Kelsey deserved a slap. If only I were in that book, I'll do it without thinking twice.

Then she has the audacity to accept Kishan's proposal, and at the same time he's proposing, she's fucking staring at Ren. She accepts of course, and Ren flees. After accepting Kishan, she feels like her heart is breaking, and how she wants to be really be with Ren not Kishan.

w/36433/knockout-punch.html" target="_blank">[image error]


After this, every single time a woman approaches Ren or even looks at him, Kelsey gets mad at Ren.

Are fucking shitting me, Kelsey. YOU have no right to talk. You're lying to a man, and deceiving him and yet you sit there, and forbid Ren from starting a new relationship.

[image error]

Kelsey, I won't speak your name anymore. From now on, your name is two-face. It fits you perfectly.

Through all this unnecessary drama, two-face treats her like a fucking queen. Even Mr. Kadam treats her like a daughter, and completely ignores Nilima. It's absolutely ridiculous. I don't the attraction of two-face, I really don't. Is it because she's pretty because it's mentioned A LOT. But of course, like the true Mary-sue that she is she doesn't know.

This "thing" where the main character doesn't know that she's beautiful is seriously pissing me off. Ever heard of mirrors? I'm pretty sure anyone can see if there pretty or not. They should a brain that works, unfortunately, two-face doesn't.

And why is so bad to have a normal-looking girl as the main character? Why does every main character have to be gorgeous, and beautiful?

There's also the fact that two-face feels that both brothers belong to her. She always says, "my tigers". Mine, mine, mine. Two-face is a two-year old who doesn't want to share her toys. It pissed me off.

Also, two-face was too dependent on Kishan and Ren. They were two moments where she'll get mad for sitting on the sidelines, and say she'll fight with them, and I was slightly happy. But in the end, she still sits on the sidelines waiting for the men to do all the work.

The last straw I had with two-face was when she met Durga, and called her an Amazon. Seriously, two-face. I've had enough of you. You're unnamed now. Several times does she call her a Amazon, and I found it EXTREMELY rude. I wouldn't like to be called Mexican. I have a name too, thank you very much.

Then unnamed gets mad because Durga is beautiful.

[image error]

Grow the fuck up, unnamed.

2. Ren

Ren, in the third book turned into a asshole, plain and simple. In this book, he was sweet at times, then he would turn into that asshole again. He would say that he accepted two-face decision, then the next second, he would throw a tantrum. This got old fast.

Ren could gone with Durga, and started a relationship, but no. He waited for two-face, and wrote poetry to her. He was also overprotective to the extreme. He constantly growled at everything. And he treated tow-face like a child.

"Don't do that! You'll get hurt. I'll do it for you."

Fuck, Ren just stop it. She's a grown-ass woman, she can do it herself. Still, she accepts this treatment.

But the thing I hated was when he told her that she was his only one, and that they belonged together, and all the corny shit. Then the next scene, he's kissing Durga.

Wait, what!

view/225[image error]


3. Lokesh

Lokesh was the typically bad guy. He was evil, did evil stuff, and had absolutely no depth. He was just evil. It's not explained why he's evil, he just is evil.

And when he died, I was like, "That's it."

Towards the end, he turned into a half-demon. He even had horns. I was utterly bored with him.

4. The Writing/Plot

The writing was bad. I mean, really bad. The font distracted me many times, and the writing left much to be desired. Also, there was too much "telling," and not enough, "showing". No name's thoughts often drifted from what was going on. Like I mentioned earlier, the font was huge. I felt like I was reading a picture book. And the pacing was too fast. We barely had time to accept some events before something else happened.

As for the time traveling device, it completely took me by surprise.

5. The Narnia/LOTR battle scenes

The previous sentence should be self-explanatory. Animals and even the famous elephants fought in the battle. And I swear, I saw these movies playing in head. It is completely unoriginal. I was tempted to skip these pages.

6. The Love Triangle

This over-used plot device was forced and cliche to the extreme. I didn't understand why no name couldn't be with Ren. In the end, the author tries to create more drama by putting Durga in the mix. No name being the immature brat that she was, destroyed Durga's belongings, and ran away to cry alone. If I were Durga, I would've slapped her.

As for Kishan, he got nothing. And we all KNEW, everyone one of us knew that no name would stay with Ren. It was a no brainier. And frankly, I annoyed that the author dragged it out to the end.

Kishan was only person in the whole love triangle-octagon to lose everything. Seriously, he got the bad end of the deal. No girl, no brother, returned to the past, no longer immoral. Poor guy.

Either way, the love triangle caused me to scream and throw the book at the wall.

7. Mr. Kadam's death

He didn't deserve to die, he didn't. After Kishan, he's my favorite character, and for him to die, I was done with this book. How can you kill off one of the characters who actually use their brain?

I'm so done with this series.

[image error]

8. Kishan and his decision

As I stated previously, Kishan didn't deserve what he got in the end. I don't believe for one second that he fell in love with Durga. That's such bullshit. I feel the author did the letter to tell us that he's supposedly happy with his life. I'm sorry I don't accept that. If anyone deserved a happy ending, it was Kishan.

I was really mad he couldn't fall in love on his own, because his falling in love with Durga felt too forced. The last time we saw him, he couldn't stand the sight of her. So, falling in love with her was a huge long shot, and completely unbelievable to me.

9. The Ending

When I was in elementary school, my mother used to watch Telenovelas, which are Spanish speaking soap operas. Anyway, every SINGLE ending for each telenovela I saw there was a wedding. It didn't matter what the story was, but every single ending, someone was marrying.

I felt the same with this ending. The wedding was a week after Kishan got left in the past. That was way too fast in my opinion.

Why does marriage even have to be a option? There both young, they can both travel the world. It seems these days that if you're not married with your partner, that somehow is looked down in this society.

There is going to be sequel, and I am not going to read it when it first comes out. I'll wait some time before I can forgive no name because right now, I want to strangle her. And without my favorite characters, I don't think I can survive being in no name's head for that long.

Overall, this book was a cliche mess with a main character I wanted to slap constantly, and a love triangle that was stupid and unnecessary.

As of right now, I'm done with this series.

i[image error]

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September 9, 2012


With three of the goddess Durga's quests behind them, only one prophecy now stands in the way of Kelsey, Ren, and Kishan breaking the tiger's curse. But the trio's greatest challenge awaits them: A life-endangering pursuit in search of Durga's final gift, the Rope of Fire, on the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal. It's a race against time--and the evil sorcerer Lokesh

Wow!! ...Just wow! This book is amazing, Colleen has done it again, just blown me away with the sheer ...awesome-ness - is that a word? - *shrugs* anyway, TD is such a emotional rollercoster I couldn't stop the tears flowing. I'm not going to give you any spoilers, but there are so many shocks and suprises in store, my advice? prepare yourself!

The only negative points are that; The book was too short, there was so much crammed into it, that it felt quite rushed. And after some reflection I'm giving it 4 stars because I felt It just wasn't as good as the 3 previous books. But still a great book!

Now for some teasers!

"That's what I am, I'm as rotten on the outside as I am on the inside. I'm a power hungry girl from the future who craves the love of two brothers and wants to keep all the magic too."

"A devoted heart can overcome any obstacle, rajkumari. Believe that I will keep you safe."

I'm now desperate for Tiger's Dream!! I want it so badly! Pwease write fast Colleen, pwetty pwease! :D
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November 2, 2011
I've seriously enjoyed this series. It's been a nice change from Greek mythology and vampire novels :) Yes, it's another teenage angst drama but the incorporation of Indian mythology sets it apart.
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September 24, 2012
AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I WANT IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! =P

I've been dying for this book, please hurry Ms.Colleen Houck.
I <3 ALL of the books, too bad I can't buy them (I'm broke), but I'll try to get them for my birthday (on Sunday).
I can't live without these books.
Please write faster!!!!!!

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September 28, 2012
Um, okay. Oh. My. God.


I mean seriously. Was it just me, or did everyone feel like banging their heads against the wall at the STUPIDITY and PURE DUMBNESS of the lead character?

Kelsey Hayes killed me in this book. Her weakness and brainlessness just tortured me to death.

To be honest, this book actually had POTENTIAL if it didn't have such a whiny, stupid heroine. And the worst part is that said heroine was the NARRATOR.

I couldn't stand Kelsey in this book. The way she floated back and forth between Ren and Kishan and played with their feelings was just....no. And the worst part is- THEY BOTH CONTINUED TO LIKE HER.

I mean, I haven't ever come across a more Mary-Sue character than KELSEY HAYES. I honestly haven't! She drove me mad with her whiny-ness and general LACK OF COMMON SENSE. Or any sense at all.

Okay. Let me make this more organized. (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD)
Reasons I absolutely frickin' LOATHE Kelsey Hayes:
-She thinks she's FUNNY. Oh, lord. Her 'jokes' make me cry.
-She cannot stop talking about how she 'doesn't deserve the love she gets' and yet continues to break the brothers' hearts back and forth again and again and AGAIN.
-Her indecisiveness. Actually, that's an understatement. Most of us are 'indecisive' when it comes to choosing which dress to wear. This woman takes INDECISIVE to a whole new level (hint hint: Ren and Kishan)
-She thinks in PARAGRAPHS. Long, boring, dull PARAGRAPHS. Argh.
-She cannot stop harping about how pretty she is. The worst part is that she TRIES TO PRETEND SHE DOESN'T CARE ABOUT HERSELF when every other sentence there's a 'the dress hugged my curves' or 'i looked gorgeous'. Okay! We get it!
-The fact that every single freaking character in this book LIKES HER. Scratch that, LOVES HER. This is exactly why my favorite character of this whole series is Anamika. I adored the way she made fun of Kelsey. Ah. <3 Oh but in the end SHE HAD TO LOVE HER AS WELL.
Seriously. Not one character in this ENTIRE SERIES hates Kelsey. Even LOKESH wants her to bear his children! (And oh my gods. What was THAT about?)
-She's DUMB. She's just so bloody STUPID. Argh.
-She faints about FIFTY times in the span of one chapter! Talk about WEAKNESS
-Her jealousy at Ren's relationship with Anamika. YOU ARE ENGAGED YOU IDIOT.

Omg. I could just go on and on and on about why I hate Kelsey's guts. But that would just be way too long.

Now, moving on to the next mess in this book:

I admit, Kishan bugged the hell out of me with his 'undying love for Kelsey'. But I actually felt really, really sorry for him in the end. It's like the author just got rid of him so Ren and Kelsey could have their PERFECT life together. Ah.

The thing is, Kishan always WAS a third wheel throughout the entire series. Anyone with a brain (excluding our dear Ms. Hayes, of course) would have picked up on the fact that KELSEY AND REN WERE GOING TO GET TOGETHER AT THE END. NO MATTER WHAT. So it was just absolutely useless to drag Kishan into the show. It would have been so much better if Kelsey and Ren had just expressed their undying love for each other three books ago and the love triangle ENDED. This wasn't even a love triangle. I mean, come ON, we all knew Ren and Kelsey were going to end up together! What with all the 'bond-ingness' and 'power' and 'passion' and...argh.

If I continue my rant I think I'll stop making sense altogether. The thing is, I feel that these books have so much more POTENTIAL. The mistake the author made here was choosing a dim-witted, whiny, hate-able protagonist, and creating an awful, AWFUL love-triangle.

--The End.

PS: You might have guessed, but just to let you know, I skipped out LARGE PARTS OF THIS BOOK. Because if I'd read it all, my brain would have died. And I'm sure y'all don't want me in coma, do you now?
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January 28, 2014

Thank you so very much Colleen Houck for not ruining this book. You rock!!!!
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November 2, 2015
I... I can't. I can't even begin to fathom how utterly stupid this book is. Where do I even begin?

A couple things before anything else (Warning: angry rant ahead):





This really shouldn't be that hard.

Okay. On to the actual review, which contains the many, many issues I had with the book.

There was a bunch of stuff that bugged me, actually, including the following:
1. Not once did the book mention Kelsey seeing a poor person, or beggar on the streets. This never happening is impossible, because I can tell you from experience that they are everywhere in India.

2. If you're going to be incredibly descriptive about everything, please include the weather. What about rainy season? Summer?

3. Where are all of the animals roaming the streets? Cows especially. They are often seen freely roaming the streets, so where were they in this book? I mean, Houck didn't even mention the many stray dogs and cats that are in India.

4. Cleanliness. India's cities are pretty different from America there, so where were those differences in the book? It's not all that sparkling clean, bright and shiny place that Bollywood portrays it as, you know.

5. Small mythology thing: the Amazons were Greek, not South American.

6. Also on culture: where are all of the vegetarians in India? I know they exist. But in the whole series, it's just been, "Meat meat meat, everybody eats meat."

Okay. That's just the minor stuff that annoyed me. Onto plot. And poems.

First, I'll tackle the poetry. Here's a tip: when writing crappy poetry, don't put it next to the works of Poe, Shakespeare, and Tennyson. It just makes what's already crappy look worse.

Okay. Plot. Warning: some spoilers ahead.

This was just complete and utter bs. That's all it was- bs. No other label for it.

I mean, changing the mythology with creative licence is one thing, but this? This was completely out of the ballpark. Before the time travel, I could buy it. Going to find a magic rope to break the curse? Okay. That's far-fetched, but plausible.

But traveling back in time to make Durga become Durga? And in the end that being Kelsey?

Nope. No way, man, not happening.

That was basically my issue with the plot. Now on to the characters. Oh God, the characters... Let's start with Mr. Kadam and Nilima, shall we?

Nilima was absent for most of the book. After she and Mr. Kadam mysteriously disappear during Kelsey's kidnapping, they randomly reappear after her rescue and have separate memories from each other. Then, she is basically not there for the rest of the book. Nilima is a Convenient Plot Device. That is literally all she is, and you know what? That's just a waste of potential.

Warning: spoiler for major character death ahead
Mr. Kadam, after reappearing in the beginning, seems to be keeping some kind of secret. While this should be interesting, all it does is create unnecessary tension between the characters. Booorring! Then, when he, Ren, Kishan, and Kelsey are attacked by Lokesh, he reveals that his amulet has the power to travel through space and time. Way to make him into a slight bit of a Gary Stu, Houck. At least when Lokesh kills him, he won't have to be near the mess that is Kelsey anymore.

Now, for Lokesh. He is entirely predictable and quite frankly, one of the most boring villains that I've ever seen in literature. He was so boring that this is all I have to say about him.

Anamika... She was an interesting character. I genuinely liked the way she insulted Kelsey with every sentence, and Kelsey would try to fight back. It was like watching a shrimp try to stand up to a great white shark! But then, at the end, she too fell under the Sue's Kelsey's spell, and just turned into another one of her great admirers. Now, I will admit that her becoming Durga was pretty interesting, but then it turned out to be Kelsey in the end. Of course it did, because Kelsey is the all powerful Sue.

Surprisingly, I didn't have that many problems with Ren in this book. Sure, he was idiotic and possessive, but he didn't change that much from Tiger's Voyage . Here's an example of his sheer idiocy:

"The demon you fight has powers?" Ren asked. (Tiger's Destiny, page 295)

Of course it has powers! Every supernatural thing you've met so far has powers! And we're not even talking about a metaphorical demon here, we're literally talking about a bull demon!

Oh God. I just...I can't even. Though, he did get over losing Kishan very easily and quickly. I mean, I can't get over reading Twist and Shout in seven days, and here he is a week after losing his brother getting married to Kishan's fiancee. Dick move, man.

Moving on to Kishan- he thankfully managed to regain some of his ladies' man personality in this book, but not enough. He proposed to Kelsey, and when that idiot said yes, he spent the rest of the book getting his heart trampled on and just being used. (It should be pretty obvious now that I really hate Kelsey.)And then there was his whole 'falling in love with Anamika' thing. Now that was just incredibly forced. Ugh.

And now, the heart of the matter- Kelsey.

It's official- Kelsey is the Sue of all Sues. She is just a really bad person in general. All the male characters are falling in love/want her, she has all the magic powers, she doesn't think she's beautiful, she literally becomes a goddess... Need I go on?

Honestly, I got sick of her 'I'm so ugly and useless and I'm not good enough' attitude after the first book. But you know what? That wasn't even the worst part about her in this book. No, here it was her childishness.

For example, this girl is twenty, yes? Then shouldn't she know the meaning of a consort, at least from history class?

'He put his arm around my shoulders, and we stood there watching the spectacle for a moment before I asked, "Kishan, what exactly does it mean to be a consort? Is it like a bosom companion? That sort of thing?"'

(Also, why would anyone use the phrase "bosom companion"?)

Kelsey also apparently does not know the meaning of the word 'engaged'. It means that one is formally engaged to marry someone else. It's not as simple as being someone's girlfriend. No, marriage is a lot bigger than that. And yet, this girl goes and agrees to marry Kishan while mooning over Ren. I mean, she wasn't even paying attention while he proposed to her! How horrible is that? And she continually thinks about Ren, and wants him really bad, and is just in general a horrible fiancee.

And then when Kishan leaves, she gets over him in a week and marries Ren. That's so incredibly callous, and just... I can't even begin to express my hate towards this girl.

And her becoming the goddess? The ignorant white girl Mary Sue becoming the goddess instead of, say, a girl from India? HOW IS THIS NOT OFFENSIVE?!

I can't even think about this book anymore, so I'll stop here. There were a lot more problems with this book, but these were the ones that bugged me the most. And there's going to be a fifth book. Oh God, please no.

Edited 8/29/2015

After reading Twilight, I can safely say that this is still far worse.

Edited 8/31/2015

So I was going through the pictures on my phone and I noticed that I'd taken a photo of a passage in this book (probably to rant about it), and it was about the Battle of Thermopylae. Kelsey is giving a "rousing speech" to the soldiers, and she is thinking about that battle- it is stated that 300 men held off an army of over 100,000 Persian soldiers for seven days.


1. They held off the Persians for three days, not seven.
2. It was 300 Spartans, sure, but they were allied with the other Greek city-states. Therefore, there was actually about 5,000+ Greeks (I'm a bit unclear on the numbers). The other Greeks didn't leave the Spartans to fight alone.
3. The Greeks lost the battle. They lost. This is not a good thing to compare an army to- they may have been incredibly brave, but they lost.

Looks like someone needs to go back to ninth grade to repeat World History I.
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July 16, 2012
Well, this is the first time that I’m not gushing about my love for one of Colleen’s books. It feels so wrong to not love Tiger’s Destiny. But for certain reasons, I couldn’t. This is really weird for me to say this, because I’m one of the biggest fans of this series. The first three books I loved wholeheartedly, I couldn’t get enough of them. They left me breathless and excited. And I was so flipping excited for Tiger’s Destiny. But, to tell you the truth, I was actually worried that I wouldn’t love Tiger’s Destiny like the other books. I felt that if things didn’t change, and I didn’t get what I wanted, this book would end up disappointing me. And in the end, it did disappoint me, and I felt a little angry too.

I didn’t hate the book. I just don’t know how much I like it. There were moments that I loved, that were so awesome, and kept me riveted. The mythical, magical aspects of the story enchant me, and kept me reading excitedly to see what would happen, and how it would all connect. I’m actually rather intrigued with the plot. It’s not the best executed, but it’s pretty interesting. My favorite part was probably the last battle with Lokesh. Houck managed to rivet me with the fighting scene, and of Kelsey fighting. And what happened after the fight ripped my heart out. I knew that it would not, could not end that way. Yet still I cried, my heart crying out “NO! NO! NO!” Because this book was able to elicit such strong emotions in me, and make me invested in needing to know the outcome and how this journey will play out, there’s a little bit of love for Tiger’s Destiny in me. But there isn’t very much, and it isn’t very strong. And I’m so sad to say that. It’s rather depressing, actually.

I always knew that Houck’s writing wasn’t the best. It’s good, but I could see so much room for improvement. And I think since Tiger’s Curse, she’s improved a little. But I honestly don’t think it’s going to get much better. Her writing seems to have plateaued, and that doesn’t bode well for her readers who are wishing for something more, something better, and are being bogged down a little by the writing. It’s really not that terrible. There’s a nice flow to it, and Colleen is able to keep me interested, so her writing has to at least be pretty good. I just wish that I could see a bigger improvement in her writing.

The thing that drove me bonkers, and made me literally want to scream in frustration, (and was the main reason why I couldn’t love this book), was the triangle of love. Before TD, I immensely enjoyed the love triangle between Kelsey and her two tigers. I truly felt that it was the best triangle I’ve read about. It just seemed so logical, and real, and Houck did a fantastic job at making me fall in love with both men. I thought it was well done, and added to the story. *And now come some spoilers about this situation.* Kelsey and Kishan together was never able to give me those romantic, heart fluttering moments that I always got when Kelsey was with Ren. I love Kishan. He is a fantastic character, I love his personality, I love seeing how he’s grown and learned through this journey and through loving Kelsey. BUT! I love Ren so much more. He is my man. I don’t know why Kelsey can’t just wake up and see how much he ardently loves her, and break open her thick head and realize how much she loves him and can’t stand being apart from.

Kelsey, she just rankles me. I honestly don’t know why, when the love she felt for Ren was so true, and powerful, she would desert that love, (several times I might add) and decide to be with another man that she does love, but a love that just doesn’t compare. She’s so stupid. I really just want to strangler her, knock her upside the head so her thoughts get straightened out. Come one girl! Make up your dense mind! ARghhh!! Okay, so she really makes me angry. But, in truth, I like her. I like her character; I’ve liked seeing her growth. And in TD, she’s actually a pretty mean kick butt heroine. And I admire her for that. That’s part of what made this book so exciting for me. I just, don’t understand her heart and the choices she makes about the men she loves.

I didn’t exactly like Kishan’s character in this book. He was always acting jealous. Even when he had Kelsey claimed as his own, he was jealous of his brother, and was continually staking his claim. I think Kishan is acting that way because he’s afraid. He’s afraid that he’ll lose Kelsey to Ren. Because he knows that the love Ren and Kelsey shared was real, and no matter how much she loves Kishan, the part that loves Ren will always be there, and will never diminish. And his love for her can’t quite compare to Ren’s love. I can understand his fears. And I do sympathize for him. I guess I just wish that he would wake up, and realize that he deserves better than being in a relationship with a woman who isn’t 110% committed to and in love with him.

If you have read Colleen’s other books and didn’t like them, I can pretty much guarantee you will not like this one. It’s basically the same thing. So to you readers, I would not recommend this book. There are other books you can read that will be worth your time. To the fans of the Tiger’s Curse series, well, I believe there will be some of you who will wholeheartedly love and devour this book. I didn’t. But that isn’t to say that are others who won’t. And I have to say that I’m glad there’s only one more book. Not that I’m saying I’m tired of the series, and just want it to end. Because I love this series, I love the adventure, and for the most part the romance. I’m just ready for the love triangle to end.

Note: I recieved an arc from the publisher via Edelweiss. Thank you!
February 6, 2016
This book was very good. Houck continued this great series and this one seemed to be a little less than I expected it to be.

Plot Summary

Kelsey, Ren, and Kishan are still trying to break their curse and the end seems to be getting near. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, they set off to find the fourth gift being the Rope of Fire. They go through time to accomplish what needs to get done and defeat the evil Lokesh. The trio cross paths with magical or mythological creatures. There are more discussions about their love and destiny which was a big part at the end, hence the title.

The Cover

I know that you aren't supposed to judge a book by its cover but come one. This one is pretty cool.

On the sides there are two tigers who are roaring either at each other or at the giant bird between them. Its not really a bird but you'll find out. Just by looking at it, you can sense that there will be a lot more action.

What I liked

There was a lot of action. Throughout the book, there seemed to be constant battles or tough times that the whole group have to endure. This was a good thing for me since the third book seemed to be kind of sporadic with its action. In the first two books, there was action but it didn't seem to be as meaningful as in Tiger's Destiny .

Even though it was upsetting, I liked the sad parts. It made the characters buckle down even more and it gave them more motivation. It fueled Kelsey's powers which were really interesting and getting even more exciting.

It gave me a lot of emotions, especially at the end.

I couldn't help my eyes watering and furiously blinking to keep them from falling. It made the next few pages hard to bare but when they were solved it was amazing. And then right after, something else happened and I would get upset again.

What I didn't like or could have been better

The characters, I thought, could have been better. I remember Kelsey in the first two books being very independent and not relying to be saved like a damsel in distress. Tiger's Voyage and Tiger's Destiny was different though. Kelsey would always be crying or getting jealous. Therefore, I agree with one of the characters in here saying that she was soft or weak. I think that the series could have better if she had been.

More about Kelsey: She was too indecisive. Just choose one of the guys that you love. It is so obvious which one she loves or is in love with, which is apparently a big difference to her. If she felt that neither were good for her, she could have left. She didn't need to have a boyfriend with her all of the time.

The love triangle. *sigh* It was better before but in latter half of the series, it has been getting worse. I feel that Houck was repeating everything. Both brothers were jealous and wanted Kelsey for themselves. She loves both guys but realizes that she loves one more. The geometric problems could have been done there.

The Ending

The last quarter about what so good. There was a lot of action and fighting. You had perspectives from all of the characters throughout the important battle. Of course, that was where the emotions were. It was so good! When the destinies were exposed and decided everything somehow got sadder. I was a little disappointed with the very ending with Kelsey. I liked the courtship and seducing but I guess that that can't always happen.

There was a cliffhanger, kind of, and I wonder what will happen in the fifth book in the series. Either way I'm looking forward to reading it and seeing what and how Houck will involve all of the characters.


This book was great. The amount of action and stress over characters, getting and controlling the Rope of Fire, and defeating Lokesh outweighs all of the negative. I'm glad that the love triangle and underdeveloped characters since for the most part, they were pretty good.
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October 15, 2017
phew! finally the soap opera love triangle ended. what a relief.

aside from that, i enjoy this book. the myth and the twist towards the end os very interesting although there is so many loopholes. but its ok. i take it.

wait!! there is still book 5?? oh no! i hope no more love triangle again this time.
7 reviews
July 28, 2011
Cant wait to read the fourth chapter in the most AMAZING saga I have ever read!! :)
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Want to read
January 23, 2012
If Lokesh impregnates Kelsey, i'm gonna be one pissed little
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5 reviews
Want to read
July 11, 2011
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September 17, 2012
For the love of enchiladas, hold on to your false teeth, this book is one hell of a ride! Titled as my most anticipated read for 2012, Tiger's Destiny is out of this world! Literally.

Oh my watermelons, I don't know what to say. All these thoughts are just swirling around in my head, preventing me from doing anything but sitting here looking dumb...er than usual. I'll try my best to avoid spoilers, but any connections or inferences you make with a super human brain is not my fault. Seeing as my experience was ruined (again!) by a lousy, incompetent, un-spoiler-labeller of a reviewer, I will try my best not to do the same. If you haven't read the rest of the series, don't read this review- shut up and go read the other books now.

So, many people seemed to have a problem with Kelsey throughout the first few books. Me? Not really. Okay, she was a little immature for a twenty year old, but she had a good heart. I agree she was a little wimpy and unable to defend herself, but never fear, Tiger's Destiny is here! In this book, Kelsey is, admittedly, rather kick-ass. No longer a damsel in distress, she really puts up a fight! The fight sequences and battles are back with a vengeance and boy are they good! Each sentence must be read with such focus or you miss so many things! It's like watching a movie... only better! Equipped with the gifts of Durga, which she learns to use properly, Kelsey becomes a Lokesh butt kicking machine! She's brave and independent, and, of course, stubborn. Towards the middle, she does get a little sulky. Her moodiness and 'I'm not good enough' mantra does get a little infuriating and is enough to do my head in. Thinking about her position, however, if I were her I would probably be a lot worse. At the end, I kinda get annoyed by how fast she gets over a certain event, but I also like seeing her finally happy.

Again, Houck has created a magical world that is beyond our imagination. Seriously, the creativity and thought that went into this book? So unpredictable, yet so good! It's the perfect combination of action, adventure romance and culture. You get the Shakespeare, the Greek mythology, the prophecies, the love triangle, the Indian culture, the time travel (no, that wasn't a spoiler, you find out in the prologue), the Indiana Jones style quests and more! To actually see a world that was created like what is in the book would be breathtaking! And even though Houck does wonderful descriptions of the places, there is still a lot left to the imagination, allowing your experience to be yours and yours only. Her vivid descriptions are entrancing, to say the least! While they could seem a little OTT to some, I really enjoyed them! I like Houck's writing style, which does remind me, a little, of Julie Kagawa's.

What's a book without a good romance? The tigers are back, and just as hot as ever. Before Tiger's Destiny, I can honestly say I was a hard out Ren fanatic. That's not saying I didn't like Kishan, I just liked Ren more. After reading the book, I'm still more pro Ren (old habits really do die hard), but my opinion of Kishan did rise significantly! After the end of Tiger's Voyage, Tiger's Destiny begins with Kelsey and Kishan still together. Based on the previous book, it's no suprise that Kelsey still loves both the brothers. At the beginning, Ren is brooding, destructive and a little depressed. He knows they're meant to be together, but I admire him in the way that he doesn't force Kelsey to him. He's more protective and caring, whereas Kishan is boisterous and proud. Like I said before, my respect for Kishan has sky-rocketed. We watch as he matures and becomes more caring- less self-centred. He truly loves Kelsey, but wants her decision to be her own. I can't help feeling a little sorry for him when Kelsey agrees to be with him, but still hasn't really made the decision either way. All I'll say now is that the end of the book does have Kelsey choose... finally. But the reason she chooses... oh! I can say no more.

The ending is truly, wonderfully, horribly unpredictable. That is definitely not what I imagined. At all. I'm happy and terribly sad at the same time, it's like my brain is undecided whether to party or commit suicide. The end isn't a cliff hanger... well, not really. If the book ended a few chapters back, now that would be the biggest cliffhanger of all time. The way it is ended, however, has a sense of finality I don't like. If you told me this was the last book, I would believe you. I really don't know what's going to happen in Tiger's Dream, and I don't like it! What if Houck decides to pull a J. K. Rowling and kill off all our beloved characters (clearly, she's taken some tips from her already)? I s'pose we can trust her to compensate it with an amazingly beautiful cover, but still!!!

I love this book, this series, everything! If I could live in a story book and become the heroine, this would be it. I love the way Houck has mashed them together. While they could easily be part of the same series, but still feeling separated, Houck has brought them together well. Unanswered questions from the previous books, all but forgotten, are answered in Tiger's Destiny, leaving you going ohhhhhhhhhhhhh...

Read it. Read it now. I must talk to someone about it! Desperately, these pent up emotions are not good for me. And may I just slip in that I hate Anamika. A lot. Okay, rant over. Adieu!

G-g-g-guyssss!!!! The cover. Um... talk about cover lust at its best! Arggghhhh why is the release date so far away! I love this series sooooo mmuucccchhh I can't wait for the next book! Ren forever!!!

I won this book in a giveaway and now it has come. Sitting on my desk, it is blinding me with its amazingness!!! Can't wait to read it!!!
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June 21, 2014
To view the full review and see what series is going to destroy my liver next click on one of the following links:

My blog/a>


Let’s just put it this way, if all the other books in the Tiger series are farts (and they are) would smell so bad it would probably be consider a weapon of mass destruction or at the very least get whatever building it was let in condemned.It’s that bad.

I don’t even know why it exists to be honest.

I guess to resolve the stupid love triangle. But with the resolution it had, Houck should’ve just went for a Cassandra Clare ending a la Clockwork Princess and we all know how much I just looooved that ending.

That’s sarcasm if you couldn’t tell.

This review is suppose to be a drinking game. But I thought about just how am I ethically suppose to expose your liver to alcohol or if you’re from being over-hydrated (if you’re doing non-alcoholic beverages)? I just can’t. But I have to talk about this book and it’s horrible ever tiring love triangle, plot that doesn’t make since, mythology that is constantly shitted on, and culture stereotypes. If I complained about that stuff again, I’d be repetitive, but then what am I suppose to talk about….Well, I guess I could discuss Tiger’s Destiny in the context of comparing it to other works out there. Which I guess makes sense since Colleen Houck is obviously targeting any main stay tropes in the genre right now.

Trope One: The Love Triangle.

The Kelsey in love with two brothers triangle is more tiring that Bella/Edward/Jacob or any sort of repetitive love triangle that Cassandra Clare and a host of others had thrown at readers in the past few years.

Especially the resolution. I have to say the end of this triangle might even be worse than Breaking Dawn. And I fucking hated the end of Breaking Dawn with it’s whole Jacob turning into a pedo.

And yes, he is a pedo. If you want to argue about it with me, fine. Do it like an adult. But I have own beliefs why the relationship with Jacob and Nessie is gross and was a huge mistake on Stephenie Meyer’s part but since I don’t work for Little Brown (I wish) I don’t think anyone with power gives a shit.

So, why do I think a love triangle that ended with a guy basically forcing himself to be the future mate of a demon child was much better than this book. Well, at least there was resolution before the last five pages of the book.


Even Clockwork Princess which had one of the worst love triangles ever was more resolved than this one.

While Kelsey doesn’t get to have her cake and eat it too, she almost does. And while one could argue that she felt loss based on her choices, not really. She got who she wanted. That was made perfectly clear. And as for her loss, it was loss that was okay (and if Houck writes a fifth book, which I hear she is, I’m sure she’ll resolve that as well).

The endgame while expected, to me was disappointed. I think the story might’ve worked better if it was the other guy. Yes, the ending would’ve been more bittersweet, but I think the consequences would be more lasting. Rather, the guy that lost was given as much thought as inserting a poem from the public domain into the book.

Trope Two: The Plot




Very little substance.

Let’s be frank. I like action. My favorite movies are the Indiana Jones series (and it’s not just because Harrison Ford was hot way back in the day), I like the whole adventure plot. But in the Tiger series, the action makes no sense. And I don’t think Houck puts much effort into trying to make it work. It’s just like one action sequence after another. Oh, she does try to dump big little life lessons on us (but I’ll get to mocking those in a minute).

There are other action filled plots out there in the genre. I think Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles is a perfect example of a series that’s filled with action. But Meyer manages to make the action coherent and work with the storyline. There’s a reason she added those scenes and it’s not just for an enormous page count.
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August 31, 2012
Just finished this book completely tonight. No words. Just so much LOVE for this series. BEST. BEST... Beautiful. Thank you, Colleen.

5 star review coming Sept. 4!
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September 16, 2012
I feel like I’ve read this book already, only last time it was called Tiger’s Voyage. Whether it’s the quest into another fantastical realm, the villain who only pops up at the beginning and the end, or the triangle that’s already been stretched out for way too long, it seems to me like the Tiger’s Curse series has fallen into a certain formula - and it’s getting stale. And with Tiger’s Dream on the way early next year, I’m not even sure if the ending, which seems pretty final to me, will stick.

I’m trying to think if Tiger’s Destiny brings anything radically different to the table, and my answer is a reluctant no. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a major character death, but it’s done in a way that Kelsey, Ren, and Kishan still get a translated prophecy, still go in search of another mystical item for Durga, and still manage to meet up with Lokesh for their final confrontation - of both the book and the series, apparently. There’s a certain obviously intentional parallel that’s emerged from the four books so far, each realm represents a different element, from earth in Tiger’s Curse to air in Tiger’s Quest to water in Tiger’s Voyage now to fire here in Tiger’s Destiny. But even though Kelsey faces different challenges, different tests, different mythological creatures each time, I can’t help but feel that these differences aren’t really that different, not when you’re going on the same kind of journey doing the same kind of things with the same two people. Oh, and the six page fight scene really didn’t help, that could’ve been paced way better, my mind was beginning to wander by the fifth paragraph in a row of Ren and Kishan punching, kicking, and stabbing.

I would’ve been fine with the repetitive storyline, maybe, if Kelsey and the triangle that’s been stretched out for way too long now weren’t so incredibly annoying. Spoiler alert for the previous Tiger Saga books, but once you pick Kishan, you don’t leave Ren hanging like that, it just makes you look incredibly selfish and conceited. And now that you’ve gone through the whole amnesia plotline, solo trips with each of the guys, and a trip with both guys, taking another book to make up your mind while angsting all the time is just not fun to read about. Especially when the way to resolve the triangle involves:
Durga immediately took a step away from Kishan, who looked at her like she was a tasty morsel he wanted to devour. She returned his gaze, and the looks that passed between them were steamy enough to melt the stone floor.

WTF? Or:
I acknowledged that I mostly wanted to sink a golden arrow into Ren’s unfaithful heart.

Melodramatic much? Yeah, Kelsey was so annoying in this book.

Then, there are the weird, hard to categorize things. Like the fact that Lokesh starts and ends the book as a creepy, lecherous old man *shudders* without the most interesting goals or even any plans to accomplish them, his path to power’s set up by Mr. Kadam basically. Or the fact that Kelsey spends a good deal of time being petty and jealous of Durga - I’m fine with flawed protagonists having a bad side, but if you want to see ugly, Kelsey’s behavior is something else. Or the fact, after being completely annoying and indecisive for the entire book, some very ‘fun’ deus ex machina gives Kelsey the perfect ending so saccharine and sugary I thought my teeth would rot out. Even the way Ren Kishan dresses up as his grandma to fish for Kelsey’s feelings or Kelsey’s bizarre engagement scene with Kishan. Like I said, weird.

I really can’t say I enjoyed Tiger’s Destiny, I wouldn’t have read it if I weren’t trying to finish the series. Ok, maybe I liked the use of the predestination paradox, but that’s it. Otherwise, this book does nothing to dispel my impression that if you’ve read one of these books, you’ve read them all.
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