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Dream Man #2

Wild Man

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She's about to walk on the wild side . . .

While filling the display case in her bakery, the bell over the door sounds and Tessa O'Hara looks up to see the man of her dreams. Within thirty seconds he asks her out for a beer. But after four months of dating, she discovers he's an undercover DEA agent-and he's investigating her possible role in her ex-husband's drug business. For Tess, this means their relationship is over.

Brock disagrees. He's committed to his anti-drug mission, but he's fallen in love with the beautiful woman who's as sweet as her cupcakes-and he'll do anything to win her back. Standing between Tess and Brock are their own exes, one of them a drug lord who's determined to get what he wants. Now as danger threatens, can Brock break the rules he's lived by and let loose his wild side to protect the woman he loves?

528 pages, Kindle Edition

First published October 5, 2011

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About the author

Kristen Ashley

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Kristen Ashley was born in Gary, Indiana, USA. She nearly killed her mother and herself making it into the world, seeing as she had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck (already attempting to accessorise and she hadn't taken her first breath!).

Kristen grew up in Brownsburg, Indiana but has lived in Denver, Colorado and the West Country of England. Thus she has been blessed to have friends and family around the globe. Her posse is loopy (to say the least) but loopy is good when you want to write.

Kristen was raised in a house with a large and multi-generational family. They lived on a very small farm in a small town in the heartland and existed amongst the strains of Glenn Miller, The Everly Brothers, REO Speedwagon and Whitesnake (and the wardrobes that matched).

Needless to say, growing up in a house full of music, clothes and love was a good way to grow up.

And as she keeps growing up, it keeps getting better.

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November 19, 2015
 photo 0221a051-dc12-4ab6-8bd1-ad61a57bc434_zpsc433f934.jpg
I usually hate sounding like a broken record, but I've decided that sometimes, it's not a bad thing. And in this case, book after book, review after review of saying the same things, I’m beginning to think that Kristen Ashley can write no wrong. I’ve read five of her books, back-to-back, and while this is going to sound wonky, I’m not looking forward to reading her entire back-list because then I’ll have read her entire back-list and will have to wait for new releases and I just can’t imagine that that will be very much fun. The waiting, that is.

So here we go, breakin’ it down:

What I loved:

1. Brock Lucas is what you’d call an alpha male. Not just a little alpha, but uber alpha, as in over the top, nigh unto crazy alpha, which makes him not just amazing, but All. Kinds. Of. Amazing.

2. Tessa O’Hare is a fantastic heroine. Not whiney, not clingy, and definitely not stupid. She’s smart, mature, savvy, talented, loving, devoted…. The list goes on and on, but most importantly, she loves Brock and so I love her.

3. Brocks family – pain in the asses every one, but also all kinds of awesome. It’s a Lucas family thing, I’m sure.

4. EMOTIONAL story! Loved it. Couldn’t get enough of it. Hated for it to end.

What I didn’t love:
 photo 3ca13808-9f73-48ae-8836-7df78ebbcc9b_zpsa9cb6f82.jpg
So there ya have it! Another fantastic, sexy, exciting, awesome story by Kristen Ashley!!

If you're a Kristen Ashley addict, or just interested in checking her books, be sure to stop by our Kristen Ashley Addict's Support Group here on Goodreads!

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April 20, 2015
5 WILD stars!

 photo f5b0dca5-b96c-4287-b76f-adfefdfff1ed_zps33abcb4b.jpg

I love the Dream Man series. I read Mystery Man and I loved it. I fell in love with Tack, so I skipped right over Wild Man and Law Man and jumped right into Motorcycle Man(this was back in February). I spent the last few days listening to the audiobook of Wild Man. Why the hell haven’t I read this before??? I wish I would have went back to this sooner... it was great!

Tessa O’Hara is the owner of a bakery. Brock Lucas is a DEA agent. They meet under less than ideal circumstances. Brock is investigating her ex-husband, who is a drug dealer. Brock is undercover at the beginning of their relationship. It was the best few months of ‘work’ he’s ever had. When Tess finds out who Brock really is, she doesn’t take it that way. She’s not very happy. But she understands after a while. Brock and Tess are amazing together, but with her ex-husband and his bitchy and crazy ex-wife, things aren’t always easy for them.

 photo a210021b-118a-4767-bbab-13ed64a381b9_zps9eba7181.jpg

Brock and Tess... Brock is my kinda KA alpha. Hot, protective, sweet, sexy, possessive. All the best qualities in a man! As much as I loved him, Tess was really the shining star in this book! What a fantastic heroine! She was too sweet, with the perfect amount of sass and zero annoying qualities! I loved the way she was with Brock’s family, her strength and courage blew me away.

♥ ♥ ♥ Some of my favorite quotes ♥ ♥ ♥
“Babe, you think I found the women of my dreams at 45 years old and I'm gonna let anything happen to her, think again. That's a long fuckin' time to wait for what you want. I waited. I found it. I'm pullin' out all the stops to take care of it.”

“Darlin’, the last time I walked into a mall was two presidents ago.”
I stared at him in shock. Then I asked,
“Is that even possible?”
“I got a dick and I was single so, yeah, it’s possible.”

When my phone rang at the bakery, this usually meant someone wanted to order a birthday cake. When Brock’s rang at the Station, this usually meant someone had a cap busted in their ass. My job was WAY better.

And that epilogue! That has to be one of the best KA epilogues ever. I’m not sure if I was in emotional state of mind while reading, or what but I cried like a baby through the whole thing! It was just too good, too beautiful! This book was amazing. Yep! I know one thing for sure, I will not be waiting 8 months to read Law Man like I did this- I’ll be getting to Detective Mitch Lawson’s book soon!

 photo 3604cc3c-45ca-48eb-a598-a3a5120cda80_zps9bed8002.jpg
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March 12, 2012
I’m moving to Colorado. Being a Brit, I’m not entirely sure I know where it is exactly. Up from Texas, in the middle, left a bit?? Anyway, I’m definitely going because, according to Kristen Ashley, it is packed to the rafters with Mega Hot Uber-Alpha guys just waiting to be snapped up by their forever girl. Now, where’s that green card application………………….

So Wild Man – this is Brock Lucas who we first met working undercover as a DEA Agent back in Mystery Man. He’s again working undercover trying to bring down Damian Heller by schmoozing up to his ex-wife Tess. He realises very early on that his feelings for Tess are real and not part of his Op but can’t tell her. Tess gets hauled in for questioning in the dead of the night, she’s innocent of course, and spots Brock, Jake as she’s known him, in full DEA gear and feels betrayed. Brock gives her some time and then goes after her and they resume their relationship pretty quickly, this time openly and honestly.

Tess has to be one of my favourite Kristen Ashley heroines – she’s open, engaging, without guile and as sweet as the cakes she bakes for a living. Brock is typical KA Hero Fare – he’s bossy, protective, possessive, domineering but also caring and tender – I loved him. He’s got a big conflicted family, a picture perfect hard as nails shallow ex-wife and 2 lovely boys. What I liked most about him was how he loved and cherished Tess – he genuinely adored her, worried about her and was beside himself when she was taken from him and he called her My Sweet Tess. Tess is absolutely perfect for him - she talks so much sense and is so loyal to him and he knows he has a good thing here and works hard to turn things around from their rocky beginnings.

As always, the course of true love never did run smooth and Brock’s ex, Tess’s ex and a blast from the past all conspire to throw a spanner in the works and we wouldn’t want it any other way would we??

It’s good to see Elvira back in action and large as life, Rock Chicks Shirleen and Daisy turn up and do their thing and we have the delightful and delicious additions of Vance and Hector who are my most favourite guys from the drooltastic Hot Bunch!

Another sizzling hot sexy romance from Kristen Ashley

4.5 stars – contemporary romance
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834 reviews4,768 followers
April 18, 2013
Solid 4 stars

I really enjoyed reading Wild Man; however, it didn't capture and hold my attention like I hoped it would. What I did like about this book was the engaging, sensually passionate, and realistic relationship between the hero and heroine, Tess and Brock. Tess's character, though, is what made this book shine. She was simply fabulous! I admired her straightforwardness and simple honesty. She didn't play games with Brock. She told him exactly what she felt, thought, and wanted. She was open, honest, and caring. Her character was a breath of fresh air and I adored her. 

For some reason, Brock's character didn't leave a huge impression or have much impact on me. Not like the other Kristen Ashley heroes have. I really liked him, don't get me wrong, but he never fully came to life for me. When he was with Tess, however, they were magical. 

The secondary characters were fleshed out, humorous, and very entertaining. Brock's family was a bit over-the-top for me, but I still got a kick out of them. I really liked Tess's relationship with her girlfriends. Once again, Kristen Ashley creates magic. Wild Man is a sexy, heartwarming, and entertaining book. One I highly recommend.

If you're already a Kristen Ashley addict, or interested in checking out her books, be sure to stop by our Kristen Ashley Addict's Support Group here on Goodreads!
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May 11, 2019
3 Stars (Read 5/10/2019)

DNF @ 19% (8/2/2016)

Well, I had finished Law Man not that long ago and thought I needed to go back and give this one a try. Sadly, it didn't work out so well.

I hated the way the h was expected to just get over what the H had done to her. . She was upset about it and the H leaves her alone for 3 months and then shows up and says "you're done being mad" and then she was!! I know, I know -- it's the typical KA pushy, alpha man. But it just didn't work for me AT ALL in this one. I felt like he needed to do some major groveling, or at least acknowledge how hurtful his behavior was.

I also didn't like that we start the book already into their relationship. I like to experience the development of feelings, and both the h and H seem to already have strong feelings from the start.

Kristen Ashley is one of my favorites, so I won't be quitting on her now...but I just have to pass on finishing this one.

**5/10/2019 Update**

I needed an audiobook to listen to and this book came up. I've had some pretty decent success with Kristen Ashley books as audiobooks in the past and even though I couldn't even finish this the first time, I thought "why not?" and gave it another shot. I was in the mood for some old school KA especially after (the train wreck that was) The Slow Burn. After listening to this enough (and I think the audiobook delivery made it more tolerable too) to get past the cringeworthy beginning and what bothered me so much the first time I read it, I downloaded this ebook from my library to start reading. I won't lie. I still had some major issues with how they were reunited. I skimmed a good bit because of it. I still didn't like how the H didn't really grovel and just told her to "move on" without really acknowledging that he did something hurtful. It also had a lot of OW/OM drama that I know other people don't like (their exes), but honestly doesn't bother me too much. Otherwise, this had the old KA vibe that I was looking for with the bevy of side characters/family and the right amount of suspense to keep me interested. I still struggled, it's not going down as one of my favorites -- but I got through it and I didn't really hate it either...so I'm going with middle of the road 3 Stars.
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January 15, 2019
My wild is a safe place for you...

Nothing to add besides what I added to the narrator section of the review. My heart was broken when Daisy hit the scene...because it didn't sound like my Daisy. I think, with all the other narrators giving her a twang and a bit of personality, I just expect it. No *Sugar* or *Bunches of Love* that I've come to expect and love. Obviously, it wasn't in for the narrator to say, but I missed it. This narrator just doesn't do her justice, unfortunately.

The story is still excellent and kept my attention from start to finish.


An Audio Review

My audiobooks aren’t lasting as long as they should be. I was buying them to keep me amused on the way to and from work and when I bake or exercise. It seems that I’m struggling to just keep it to those times. I mean, it’s hard to just limit myself. I’m invested in the story. I’ve been sucked in. There’s a crucial stage I’m reaching and the last thing I want to do is press stop and wait. This means I’m listening to nearly one a week and putting off book reading to listen instead.

Well, this is what happened when I started Wild Man. I just couldn't stop. It’s a re-read, so the story isn’t new to me, but it is a KA which means it's very hard to put down. When Brock steps into a room he’s got my full attention. Tess going through a crisis because Damien (her ex-husband) is stalking her, well, of course, I need to listen to it now before I hit stop. Olivia and her bony ass making a nuisance, well, it’s got to be sorted out. This is the struggle I face. It’s tough, but someone’s got to do it.

The beginning of Wild Man is a little hard to take and each re-read/listen still has that seem punch. We meet Tess and Brock after they had been in a relationship for 4 months. Tess really likes Brock and while Brock seems to like Tess, he also seems to be holding himself back a bit. This is because Brock is an undercover DEA agent, and he’s investigating Tess because of her douchewaffle ex-husband and the bugger's drug business. When Tess finds out that Brock had only approached her because of his job she’s devastated. She puts it behind her and tries to move on with her life. Brock lets her have a little time to get over it and then comes after her.

Well, this is a KA book and of course, when you have one of her heroes chasing you, you walk away…very, very slowly, in the hopes, he’ll catch you, chuck you over his shoulder and claim you. Yes, Tess put up a token resistance, but Brock is way too much temptation to refuse.

Their relationship is not all plain sailing. Brock has an ex-wife and two sons. The ex is a skank who treats her kids pretty shabby. Up till now, Brock hasn’t been in a position to contest custody. With the change in his job (leaving DEA to be a detective) and finally having a good woman in his life, it’s now time to try. The ex, Olivia, does not make things easy and she tries to manipulate the boys for her own gain. With Tess on the scene, Olivia has a new target to aim for.

So, between Brock’s ex, Tess’s ex, her bakery, and his job they definitely have their hands full. It doesn’t take her long to realise that all the stress is worth it. Brock and his two boys have brought a lot of happiness to her life. Tess is the woman Brock has been waiting for and it also helps that she bakes a mean cake or cookie.

Now, in regards to the audio, it was pretty good. The narrator's voice is easy to listen to and understand. I did have a bit of a problem when she changed from a female character to a male character as she doesn’t change her voice much. This does make it a little hard. It was more like someone just reading the story to me instead of acting it out. That probably sounds weird, acting it out, but some of the best audio’s, the narrator is able to manipulate their voice so it’s easy to hear the emotions and tell the changes in characters. My biggest complaint...she butchered my Daisy. Unfortunately, there was no twang and I just didn't get the right vibe for her. Shirleen and Elvira were definitely given more voice in this one.

Wild Man is one of my favourite Kristen Ashley stories. For one thing, Tess mentioning Snickerdoodles, which I had never heard of before this book so made me go searching for a recipe. In my boys' circle of friends, I’m known for 1 - The biscuits that taste like cinnamon doughnuts. AND 2 - (whispers) Snickerdoodle has the word doodle in them. The smirks on their faces when they ask for a snickerdoodle is priceless. Boys and their doodles. ;)

I’ve already got my next audio lined up and I’m hoping it will last more than a few days.
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July 11, 2012
What I liked:

1. Tess owning a bakery.
2. Brock.
3. Brock and Tess's relationship. It was cheesy but beautiful.

What I disliked:

1. The beginning was slow and it took me nearly 40% to truly get into the story.
2. Brock acting like every other hero of KA's with very few distinguishing characteristics.
3. Tessa being a curvy blonde in her forties. Brunettes and redheads in their twenties or early thirties clearly don't exist in KAland.
4. The writing. I know I should be getting used to it with each KA book I read, but the opposite's happening. I'm increasingly disliking the way her characters talk and narrate.
5. The run-on sentences and never-ending paragraphs. I know this could fit in #4, but it deserves its own number because of how much it bugged me.

What I loved:

1. Levi and Lenore's relationship.
2. The ending, of course.

For more reviews, visit my blog.
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September 24, 2017
3.5 stars

Hmm . . .

Still love Tess and all of her wonderful baking. Everyone else was craving cupcakes while we were reading this. I wanted oatmeal cookies with dried cranberries and white chocolate chips. B/c difficult.


No dried cranberries and no white chocolate chips, so cupcakes it is!

There are worse things.

Still love Brock's family . . . Brock . . . I'm kind of iffy on. It feels nitpicky, but any time a man calls himself "wild," I'm like, "Baby, if you were wild, you wouldn't say so out loud."

Plus he has a particularly foul mouth. And if you read KA, you know that's saying something. o.O

That's all I got right now. RTC.

11/8/15: Buddy (Re)Read with Robin , Joanita , Stephanie and Brandi . B/c KA. #cantstopwontstop

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2,700 reviews657 followers
August 24, 2021
I'm a bit surprised with how much I loved Brock. I did not like him in book 1 because he was too careless with the heroine in that book. He seemed to have calmed down in this book. Add to the fact that he never had a jerk moment towards Tess, which is rare for a KA book, he turned out way better than I was expecting.

Both characters were enjoyable. No jerk moments and not a ton of pushing away that would have had me wanting to shake someone. I like that Brock's kids were in this and there were great moments Tess had with them.

Both exes were a thorn in the side but overall, I think it was handled very well by both main characters. I can see re-reading this one so it was easy to give it 5 stars.

I listened to the audiobook which had the same narrator as the first book. I'm impressed with how she actually sounded like a different character vs the first book. I think she did a great job and the editing issues in book one were not issues in this book.
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998 reviews827 followers
January 16, 2016
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 STARS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

RE-read Sept. 10/14
Even better than the first time!! How is that possible?

Give me some undercover Brock Lucas and...

“He thinks I'm beautiful and told me so. He thinks I'm funny because I make him laugh all the time. He's fantastic in bed and when I say that not once, not even once have we been together where he's not taken care of me and it's not unheard of he takes care of me twice in one go.”

I loved Tess, cupcakes and pies baker extraordinaire, she was sweet but the perfect example of woman who can stand her own if pushed too hard. Loved her.

“Now, let’s go back to me bein’ like chocolate that melts in your mouth.”
“That isn’t exactly what I meant,” I told him, his arms went around me and he rolled to his back, taking me with him. Then his hand sifted into my hair, fisted gently and my head came up.
“I would hope not, darlin’, seein’ as every time you take me in your mouth, the last thing I do is melt.”

I think maybe she must have been influenced by Elvira, or Shirleen... The girl's posse was as funny and entertaining as ever.
Mainly blurting whatever was going through their mind and stuffing their mouth whenever near food.

Can't say I'm blaming them, I mean, Kristen Ashley is a very bad author to read if you are on a diet. Seriously. Be sure to have something handy to nibble at, don't skip breakfast or lunch before diving into her books, because my friends :

If you're familiar with Kristen Ashley's books, you won't be surprised, I mean I for one love her stories for the über alpha men with no nonsense clipped retorts. Always fun to watch them go after their woman, no matter what. Seriously, KA heroines, just give it up!

Secondly I always find myself enjoying the family she depicts in her books, not perfect families, she gives them flaws, and as every family they have their own drama, but somehow she makes you want to be a part of it anyway.

To conclude, I spend a wonderful time —again— with Tess and Brock Slim Lucas, it was definitely a sexy read, (efficiently delivered dirty talk, yep.) with emotional triggers, the right amount of angst, great quality banter and lovely romance.

Wonder woman, over.

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2,461 reviews42 followers
November 28, 2022
Slim is the sh**!!!

Why do I not have a review for this book??? I LOVE this book and have read it over 5 times.

While this is not my top favorite of Kristen Ashley books (Rock Chick Regret #7 takes that #1 spot) it is still one of my favorites to re-read. After every re-read of a book I always look at the number of stars I had given it previously and think if I should change it and NEVER have I thought twice to lower the star count from 5, so hopefully that should say something about this book.

Brock "Slim" Lucas is a DEA agent and was tasked with investigating and tailing Tessa O'Hara. She gets caught up in this drama, but learns to forgive Brock and they start their relationship. I love that they stick together and are together from the beginning of the book to the end despite their drama with their respective families - Brock with his crazy ex-wife and kids and Tessa with her criminal ex-husband.

At the beginning of the book you may think 'Man, Tessa just forgave Brock right away and she should have given him a little more shit about it.' But as you read more you realize that Tessa is not a pushover. She is really a strong character to be able to forgive him for his deceit in the beginning of the book and take all the drama that is their family and STILL bake awesome cupcakes with mountainous swirls of frosting. I like reading the story from Tessa's POV, her head is a nice place to be...not too much drama and not too angsty, but still very insightful. When I grow up I wanna be her!

Now Brock, he is an alpha who uses a lot of four letter words even in front of his kids, but he tells it how it is and doesn't do it eloquently, but with a lot of no apology attitude. And the dirty talk...every time he opens his mouth I feel like I just melt into a big wet puddle!

*****Re-read again for about the 8th time! Still love it!!!*****
NOTE: Last re-read on 8/16/2015

*****Re-read again for about the 9th time*****
NOTE: Last re-read on 6/26/2016
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1,915 reviews417 followers
January 15, 2019
I need to stop doing KA re-reads because as much as I adored Brock and Tess the first time around, this time not so much. I liked it, don't get me wrong, but didn't love it so taking a star off my initial dazzled 5 star reaction when I first read it.

Maybe it was because I did the audio version, who knows?
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1,059 reviews74.9k followers
May 25, 2012
4.5 stars

"I can't make any promises about where this is gonna go but what I can do is give you me, keep you safe while you walk on the wild side and work my ass off to do what I can so this never goes bad for you." ~Brock Lucas

Oooo Kristen Ashley does it again! I loved Brock and Tess' story! I loved how FUNCTIONAL they were as a couple!! Its always SO refreshing to find book couples like that. Ones who talk through their issues, don't let stupid things come between them and are open and honest with each other.

"No games, no lies, no bullshit."

It was different than book 1, less action-packed, more focused on relationship development, and family drama. But as usual, it was filled with yummy, hot, swoon/drool-worthy alpha men, strong heroines, and an engaging plotline.

Brock Lucas is a DEA agent that we originally met in book 1, Mystery Man. In the beginning of the story, his job is to get close to Tess O'Hara to discover any possible connection to her ex-husband's dirty business deals. But he soon falls for her and realizes she's completely not involved and they begin a 4 month relationship but with her only knowing him under his work alias. When she is brought in for questioning in relation to her ex-husband's case, he (listening in on the interview) discovers that she was raped by her ex and looses it. But she sees him at the station, realizes that he was part of the case the whole time and doesn't want to see him again. Three months later, after giving her space to heal, Brock shows up and in his typical, no-bullshit, we-will-deal-with-this-properly attitude, demands she listen to him and hear his side of the story. The combination of her being reasonable and him not playing games and being completely honest about things leads them into a beautiful relationship.

"Brock Lucas is wild and he's rough and he's driven but he's loving and affectionate and so fucking loyal it isn't funny. He takes care of me. He make's me feel safe..."

I loved how instantly and whole-heartedly Tess accepted Brock's 2 sons into her life. Between her monster of an ex-husband and his crazy ex-wife, they have a lot of family drama to deal with but they never let anything come between them, and if anything, everything just makes them come together closer as a family unit.

I loved how caring, protective and understanding Brock was about Tess' past. She was raped by her ex-husband and was obviously quite scarred by the experience. But he helps her learn to trust again, and deal with her emotions, and heal by creating a relationship she can feel absolutely safe in.

"Babe, he took your power. Tonight, you took it back. And it..." his arm gave me a squeeze, "was," his hand gave me a squeeze, "fuckin'," his forehead dropped to rest on mine, " beautiful."

I closed my eyes and pulled in a deep breath.

Then I opened them and said, "You had my back."

"I always have your back."

I loved seeing all the factions of characters from Kristen Ashley's world working together. Lee Nightingale's boys (from the Rock Chick series), Hawk's commandos (from book 1), and Brock and Mitch's cops make for delicious additions to the story.

And I loved how in the end, when the shit hit the fan, Tess was no damsel in distress and you could really see the healing that she went through in action.

Here's how I see Brock and Tess:

For more of my reviews, come visit my book blog at: http://aestasbookblog.com/

Or come join my FB group: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Aestas-...
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473 reviews6,302 followers
March 25, 2015
This was such a wonderfull read :) Although in the Dream Man series this one always comes last whenever there are comparisons, after reading it again, I really don't know why, it was just incredible! I think I liked it more now than when I first read it.

For starters, I LOVED the fact that they are both older. They're mature, don't fight about stupid shit, they have a problem, they work it out. Aside the one big fight they had at the beginning, that was it. Always something happening, and they always worked it through together. There were no plays, on either sides, they both knew what they wanted and they got it :) I think Brock and Tess are one of my favorite couples EVER! They show maturity, one partner supporting the other during some pretty terrible emotional times, helpes her heal and move on with her life. They don't keep secrets from each other, something happens - they lay it out in the open. They dissagree - they fight - they work it out - they make up. No bullshit round it. And that's what I really loved. This is a perfect example of a highly functioning couple, and how you can have 500 pages of a healthy relationship, and it still remains interesting from page 1 to the end. Just great writing.
October 21, 2013
3.5 ★'s

My Thoughts:

✥ This started out a bit slow and took till about 25% for me to really get into it.

✥ I didn't like that they were already in a relationship. I missed all the firsts!

✥ Hate to say it but I wish KA would switch things up, Brock and Tess sound like everyone else with the same types of friends and the same type of family. :(

✥ I really don't care for the "C" word!

✥ There is some "sensitive" subject matter but everything is in the past and the telling is not graphic.

✥ I was a bit shocked at the lack of the sex scenes...not the amount but the lack of descriptions and fade to black!


✥ I think I sugar OD from reading this! *warning - don't read if you're trying to diet!*

✥ I loved all the big family get togethers!

✥ I want a Levi!

✥ The last 25% was really good and as always I love her epilogues!

Favorite quotes:

❣ "Christmas. It does shit to people."

❣ “Now, let’s go back to me bein’ like chocolate that melts in your mouth.”

❣ “Babe, you think I found the women of my dreams at 45 years old and I'm gonna let anything happen to her, think again. That's a long fuckin' time to wait for what you want. I waited. I found it. I'm pullin' out all the stops to take care of it.”
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478 reviews118 followers
July 16, 2014
4.5 stars

Dear Brock

You are, indeed, my favorite so far. You're probably shaking your head and wondering:favorite what? Favorite hero, of course. You probably don't understand that either, but stay with me.

I was a bit unsure about your actions and the undercover mission(where you really got under covers, you stud, you) and I was afraid you were just using Tessa. Luckily you weren't because she has been through so, so much. Abuse and lost wishes, and now a liar on top? I'm glad you got that sorted out and quite easily, too, without too many bossy orders or controlling actions.

I loved the slow development of your relationship with Tessa. You became her hero, her protector, her everything without being a jerk. I admire you for that. I guess it took a lot of effort to control your alpha impulses and I'm giving you your The Least Jerk badge. Congrats!!

“He ignored my push, his eyes lifted to mine and he whispered, “I can’t make any promises about where this is gonna go but what I can do is give you me, keep you safe while you walk on the wild side and work my ass off to do what I can so this never goes bad for you.”

I'm totally sighing right now...

Well, moving on. I think you lucked out, big time, when you found Tessa. She bakes, cooks, cleans, puts up with your family and she loves you and has your back. That is not so easy with your crazy family and even crazier job. Oh, and not to mention your ex. What did you see in her? You're a cop-you didn't see the entire time she was playing you, but you're supposed to be able to read killers? You may need to find yourself a different job, honey.

"He had that snow on him because he threw himself to the ground to dodge bullets aimed at him in front of my house.
My man had thrown his beautiful body to the snow to dodge fucking bullets aimed at him in front of my fucking house.
And he had his gun in his hand because he’d had to return fire.
And I knew exactly who ordered that unidentified male to aim bullets at my man.
Oh no.
I did not fucking think so."

She's also very protective of you. I did have a problem with her going to her abusive ex alone, in order to attack him. Love, she's a baker. How is that sane? Still, I forgive her because it was for you, and we all do crazy things for people we love. I was happy to see she fought off her attacker, but I found it hard to believe. Now tell me the truth, you gave her secret karate lessons. I'm right, right?

Oh, and your boys, I just looooved them. I was so sad to see what they'd been through, but you raised them well. They will grow up and become men you'll be proud of. And, now they have Tessa to comfort them.

“When you were out running before we went to look at trucks that last Sunday you had them, I asked them to write a letter to Santa and they did,” I informed him.
“Babe, hate to break this to you but they’re ten and twelve. They know there’s no Santa Claus.”
I lifted my head and looked down at him. “Yeah, I know. But they aren’t stupid. They humored me because they also know I have a credit card.”

And, I know you know this, but Tessa loves you a lot. She loves you for loving her and for being you. Being her Brock. And she knows exactly who her Brock is. Don't ever forget that.

“Brock Lucas is wild and he’s rough and he’s driven but he’s loving and affectionate and so fucking loyal it isn’t funny. He takes care of me. He makes me feel safe. He’s good through and through and that is the first and last fucking time I’ll listen to you talk shit about him."

"He thought I was funny. He thought I was beautiful. He got close anytime I was near. He wanted to stand between me and roaring lions. He wanted to help me battle my ghosts. He had two fantastic sons, a screwy but loving family, a great body, an affectionate manner and he remembered the color of the nightie I wore our first night together in my bed."

So, all in all, I think you two are the sweetest couple ever and I've enjoyed knowing you.

Love, Mimi

P.S. What kind of nickname is Slim? You need something better.

P.P.S. Just to spare you the effort of investigating how I know this, I admit:I'm your official stalker.

P.P.P.S. You wouldn't be open to the idea of running away with me, right? I can't bake but I make mean pancakes. If not, have Tessa send me some cupcakes. Thanks in advance!

My review for book 1 in the series

My review for book 3 in the series

My review for book 4 in the series
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143 reviews75 followers
May 14, 2013
DNF at 24%.

This is my fourth Kristen Ashley book and while the previous three did not rock my world and I am far from being a KA convert, I understood the hype and totally got why people devour her work. The previous ones I read had this Mary Calmes hint to it that I know firsthand is hard to say no to.

This one, though. This made my heart hurt. Not in an I'm touched by the sweetness way but more in an Oh my God they wrote a book and made my ex the hero in it way. I wanted to burn this. Almost did in fact. But seeing as it's in my Kindle and I really can't afford a replacement just because a book reminded me of past stupidities, I had to settle for DNF-ing it in a very forceful manner (I clicked the DNF button ultra hard) and scratching a quick rant.

As the blurb states, this one had the DEA agent hero duping the heroine at the beginning because she was under investigation and he was under cover. When she finds out she's been had, she runs away and reinvents herself to an image she thinks the hero likes - slim biker chick - so she can rub it in his face when they meet again as a sort of look what you've been missing kinda thing. Three months later, he drops by her house unannounced, pissed off because she had the audacity to not call him after finding out he had been lying to her for four months and she practically apologizes and asks if he'd like her to bring beer home later.

Her friends conduct an impromptu intervention, she blows them off, meets the guy, guy tells her her best friend has never been married so she can't possibly give sound advice when it comes to avoiding assholes, and hints that her best friend since grade school is telling her to be smart about getting back with the guy who lied to her for months because she's jealous.

He drinks milk straight from the jug and he says only high-maintenance women make a big deal out of it and insist on pouring yourself a fucking glass like a normal fucking person. He listens to old man rock and "pretty much anything country if a chick ain't singing it".

None of this feels wrong to our heroine. She thinks he's sweet. Because he's smokin' hot.

They fuck each other the next morning.

I'm struggling not to run face first into a wall.

If this shit gets better - i.e heroine stops being a shallow doormat and hero the top contender for douchecanoe of the century - lemme know. I'll be right here getting comforted by J.L. Merrow and The Kinks.
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859 reviews3,870 followers
February 12, 2012
Tess said to Brock:
"You're a manly, macho, rough, wild, hot guy kind of sweet but you're sweet. I'm a mountainous swirl of frosting with a moist, rich cake as my core but you're smooth, delicious dark chocolate that tastes good from the second it hits your tongue and makes you want more the minute it melts away."

Wild Man starts right off in the middle of Brock and Tess's story. Tess is having sex with "Jake", and she is totally clueless about his identity since he's working undercover as a DEA Agent. He is investigating her drug dealing ex-husband and the possibility that she could be involved too. After Tess is arrested some evil stuff becomes visible, and when she knows that Brock "played" her, she decides it's over. But Wild Man Brock is on a mission and after three months he's back again.

That's my main censure. Sweet Tess just took him back. Admittedly, she was upset for about…5 minutes? But I wanted him to grovel, as in grovel!

After a look in the mirror Tess came to the uneasy knowledge that she had no clue who she was, no clue where she was going and no clue who she wanted to be. Therefore, sweet Tess has a craving to take a walk on the wild side together with Wild Man Brock "Slim" Lucas. Tess is scared but Brock said:

"Don't be. There's a wild that's fucked and there's a wild that's just plain wild. You just hooked yourself to a different kind of wild, Tess, and I swear, baby, swear," his arms squeezed before he finished, "I'll show you that's a good, safe place to be."

Brock learns all kinds of sweet things about Tess and he said:

"Tess, I learned somethin' early about you. You are the only woman I know who doesn't need words. Everything you do speaks for you and it never lies. Just your hand on me, babe, said it all."

I really liked the cake baking superhero Tessa a lot. She didn't bitch around like other heroines and it was pretty simple. With Tessa O'Hara what you see is what you get. No games, no masks, no lies, no nothing. Just Tessa.

The whole story revolves around the evolving relationship between Brock and Tess as well as some serious family conflicts. Brock's family is kind of crazy and Brock's ex-wife is one hell of a super bitch! As always the cast of secondary characters is great and gives this story so much more depth!

There were a few very intense, yet very touching moments that went straight to my core. I loved the commitment that these two showed to one another. Brock knew that he got lucky to have her in his life. With that said, Tess felt the same about Brock. There were lots of true feelings and emotions involved in Wild Man. It made everything so special.

Yeah, Brock, our Wild Man and Tess's snake charmer said all kinds of sweet things:

"I had maple buttermilk pie at dinner and chocolate cake during football but I still have a taste for somethin' sweet and the sweet I wanna eat right now is my Tess."

"It isn't the same. You're made of sugar, Tess, and it's a given you'd eventually get it good because people like you, sweet to the core, they deserve it. What I'm sayin' is I'm glad I'm the one who gets to give it to you."

In hindsight I can't believe that I put this story off for such a long time. Wild Man is another wonderful story written by the amazing storyteller Kristen Ashley!
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1,476 reviews459 followers
January 1, 2021
This one I had to push myself to finish. In the end it worked out ok but I can say it's my least fave of all the KA I've read. It seems to go long in scenes that don't really move the plot forward. The connection between Tess and Brock doesn't seem as strong as the other couples. The plot is sensitive in nature in some areas but I don't think it really dove too deep. It just felt like both myself and the story were going through the motions without connecting.
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179 reviews54 followers
May 5, 2012
4.5 stars.

Wild Man had a different vibe to its predecessor Mystery Man but I've gotta say that I really, really enjoyed it. And no, not simply because it's another KA. It really touched me with its subtlety and I loved how it had such focus on Brock and Tess (H/h) and the solidity of their relationship. It also had lovely use of light and shade, there were cute kids in it (KA does GREAT kid) and when the characters spoke to each other it really meant something.

Brock was another hot alpha: protective with a quick-to-ignite explosive streak, but gentle and loving and a family man through and through. Tess was ah-muh-zing: what you saw was what you got; no bullshit, no games, no over-the-top attitude (I had a serious girl crush on her the whole way through). Their passion for each other was intense, hot and left serious stars in my eyes. They were also totally honest with each other and I love when that happens in romance because it's so bloody refreshing to read.
"I'm sorry, my reaction was selfish, I should have thought of you and I'll work on it but I'm a woman and women have this thing when their men have had women in their lives that are better looking than them. [...] You're hot. I should have known she would be beautiful but just how beautiful she is took me by surprise. Like I said, I'll work on that and try to get over it." [...]
When I stopped talking, Brock remained silent and stared up at me. [...] Then he asked, "You think Olivia is better looking than you?"
My brows drew together and I repeated, "Well... yeah." [...]
"Jesus, you haven't, have you?"
"I haven't what?"
"Ever played games."
This was slower and steadier than the action packed, laugh a minute fun of Mystery Man. It focussed not only on Brock and Tess building a relationship but also the added influences of Brock's crazy, intrusive family, as well as and also Tess's hard work and success as a cake baking/decorating sensation.

I don't know, I just loved it. It was honest and solid and so sweet.
"[...] But all of that was worth it, all of it, since my reward is you." [...]
"Please, Brock, be quiet."
"No fuckin' way, baby," he whispered. "Today, I been thinkin' a lot about McManus and he lost his good one and there is no way I'm gonna find mine and not know right to my fuckin' bones she doesn't understand precisely what she means to me."
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5,109 reviews542 followers
June 7, 2021
It took years for Bakery owner Tessa O'Hara to be willing to try dating again, but the moment she sees Brock Lucas her hesitation goes out the window, he is the man for her. He has an edge to him that is undeniable, blunt way of speaking but there is a softness that overcomes him when he is with Tessa that has her feeling safer than he has ever felt in his life. After four months of dating she is ready to take the next step, but that idea is shattered when she finds out Brock is not who she thinks he is, he is an undercover DEA agent who was investigating her to see if she still had connections to her ex-husband.

Even though Brock changed his name while with Tessa, everything he spoke about was true. He has given her time to seek him out, but after three months of her avoidance he has had enough, he wants her back. Convincing Tessa isn't as difficult as he thought, but as their new relationship moves forward hurdle after hurdle gets thrown there way, a crazy ex-wife whose jealousy has reared it's ugly head, an estranged member of the family fighting a terminal disease, and oh ya Tessa's ex won't leave her alone.

**Reread, I have to say once I started this one I found that he reminded me a lot of Jaxson in Sons of Anarchy. Huge age difference but his demeanor is the same making it even more sizzling to read. This is one of my favorites for sure.

I was torn with this one initially, I was so mad at Brock I was not sure he would be able to redeem himself, but he did. I don't know how Kristen Ashley does it, but this is the third book of hers I have read thus far and I am enamored by her talented ways of taking complicated characters and staying true to who they are through out the story. Brock has a temper, you get that from the beginning but somewhere along the way you accept it and realize it is who he is, no trying to change it, you deal with it. I thought this was another fantastic story, highly recommend.
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286 reviews591 followers
March 9, 2020
3.25 it was sweet, but ehhhh.... STARS

So far my least favourite KA read. The beginning was boring, but the whole thing got a little more interesting around the middle part. After that I was pretty much hooked and read it almost in one sitting.

Brock was really a good character and I loved that he was so not what you might have thought after meeting him in Mystery Man. Tess was a sweet woman, very independent and whole lot of kick-ass, but in the end I just didn't care enough.

On to the next on...
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1,655 reviews1,007 followers
April 9, 2013
Wow!! What a great book!! I was entertained from start to finish with this one! This is my third Kristen Ashley book, and I have got to say that I LOVE her alpha males! There is just something so realistic and heart warming about them. Brock Lucas aka "Slim" is pure alpha-male from his head all the way down to his toes. He is in law enforcement, and is first introduced to Tessa O'Hara while undercover as a guy named Jake. This is how Tessa knows him for the first four months of their "relationship." When she finds out the truth, she feels betrayed and walks of into the sunset!
After Brock gives her time to simmer down..( try 3 months!) he pushes his way back into her life wanting to continue where they left off, only this time with her knowing the "real" him. Tessa gives into him; which, in my opinion she should have made him grovel..ALOT!!!She doesn't though and she takes him back and the rest is smooth sailing...NOT!! There is so much that goes down for this poor couple, it is amazing they have anytime to even look at one another. From crazy exes, to family problems, and even gunshots around their home; there is literally never a dull moment. One thing is for sure though, these two grow to love each other very much, and what I adore about the both of them is their loyalty to one another, as well as their family and friends. Tessa, is a sweetheart and it is just plain hard to find anything negative about her. She is so easy going, and yet, when the chips are down, she will fight like a tiger to protect the ones she loves. Brock is more rougher around the edges, but he has a protective streak a mile wide and he is as loyal as they come. Brock is someone you would want to have at your back when the world is fallen apart around you. I loved everything about these two as a couple, they just seemed to work so well together, and what you see is what you get with them. There were no games played between them.
The sex for me, was just ok.. I would have liked a little more steam in the bedroom. Also, one thing I am still getting used to in a KA book, is the "lingo". Her way of writing is different than most, and I find sometimes I am scrambling to understand what is being said. Other than that, I have no complaints about this book. It was a wonderful journey of two people who have fallen in love!
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896 reviews1,974 followers
July 21, 2016
4 Wild Stars.

After a failed and abusive marriage, Tessa believes she’s finally free. She’s moved on, she has a job, a new life and even a new love interest.
Until her ex-husband drags her to his world again with his obscure business making her being interviewed by the FBI. And that’s when she finds out that her new love interest is no one else but the detective responsible for her case, so as you can imagine she has trouble trusting him after she finds out.
But now that Brock got her, he will do everything to have her. The fact that she stills needs protection is just the perfect excuse for him to not leave her alone and get her for good in the process.


Honestly, there’s not much to say about this book besides that it’s another Kristen Ashley win, I mean, there’s a reason why she is the romance queen, right?
One sexy alpha hero, a sweet heroine, a bunch of great supportive characters, sexy moments and lots of action/drama… seriously, what’s not to love?
I didn’t like it as much as the first one (mainly because of Hawk), but it was a damn good book. And the best thing? Knowing that even having read a lot of KA books… I still have a looooong way to go.


Rating: 4 Stars.
Steam: Hot.
Sensible Subjects:
Love Triangle:
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1,018 reviews924 followers
February 9, 2020
***2/9/20 -- After all these years, still a favorite! Not much can beat a vintage KA story.

On yet ANOTHER of my favorite KA re-reads!

Time for a 3rd re-read of a KA fav!!!

Wow... I think I loved this one even MORE the 2nd time! I'm on a major KA re-read journey right now going through all my fav's and enjoying every minute of it!
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2,658 reviews3,255 followers
August 14, 2019
5 Still Has The Power Stars
* * * * * Spoiler Free
I have been re-visiting my KA reads of the Dream Man Series. This book held up to the power of Brock and all that was him. What was impressive was the strength and smarts of Tess. The way these two were a single unit once they got straightened out from their first go around to what they became was a lesson in what loving another person should be.

These were grown people and they knew when they found their person, to hold on and power through the bad stuff for the good. I especially appreciated their relationship was based on no lies or game playing. It all just worked.

Side note... I think Brock was a path for KA in her working out Tack for Motorcycle Man. Yes, Tack already was part of other books... but Brock comes pretty close to a lot of Tack in his ways to me. I could be totally off base...but that came to me while reading this.

So the question for me is... do I go back to the beginning and do Mystery Man again...or just jump to Tack's Story... as that was a true 5 star for me.

Mystery Man (Dream Man, #1) by Kristen Ashley Mystery Man (Dream Man, #1)
Wild Man (Dream Man, #2) by Kristen Ashley Wild Man (Dream Man, #2)
Law Man (Dream Man, #3) by Kristen Ashley Law Man (Dream Man #3)
Motorcycle Man (Dream Man, #4) by Kristen Ashley Motorcycle Man (Dream Man #4)
Quiet Man (Dream Man, #4.5) by Kristen Ashley Quiet Man (Dream Man, #4.5)

New Series
Dream Maker (Dream, #1) by Kristen AshleyDream Maker (Dream, #1)

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Author 2 books23 followers
February 24, 2014
This book was a real disappointment for me. Not only was it clear the KA is using the same pattern for all her Dream Man books (meet, fight, bond, kidnapping, rescue, epilogue) but I had a real problem with a few of the repeating and traumatic issues in this plot. So here is my list of serious flaws in this book:
1. Why are all ex wives/ baby mothers psycho bitches? I'm getting so tired of the cliche "I married her then she became a bitch but it was totally not my fault"
2. Why do the "new women" get to take the kids away so they can have a "family" now and replace the ex wife/mother? I'm not an ex wife or baby mother but even if my husband and I had a falling out and it was ugly there would be no way in hell some new woman would take my kids just because my husband thinks she's the best thing to ever happen to him
3. All these men are in their 40s and they go ALL night and give their new women 6!!!! Or more orgasms a night? This is one of my pet peeves with romance novels. To me this sexual fantasy for women is just as damaging as porn is for men. Unrealistic, unfair to both partners and completely damaging to the relationships of readers to their partners. Why can't authors just write it like it is? Good, hot sex, but something we can all duplicate in our personal lives and feel good about our relationships? I really hope new authors will be brave enough to move away from this fantasy sex land to something more relatable to readers

4. I had to separate this number because it pissed me off in the worst way thorough out the novel. We (and Brock) find out early on in the novel that Tess has been raped by her ex. We then find out that Brock's sister and ex girlfriend were raped as well. Than why the hell does this man keep cornering and holding Tess down even though she repeatedly tells him to get off her or let her go????? If you know anyone who has been assaulted you know one of the things you NEVER do is hold on to them without their permission. This made me feel like KA uses this whole rape situation to gain our sympathy but she didn't really look into the real trauma and reactions victims of sexual assault really experience in real life. And the fact that Brock is a cop and has seen his share of this crime makes it even more disturbing that he continues to hold on to Tess against her will and pushes her around based on what he wants and how he wants it.

Like I said, a real disappointment. Don't waste your time and money on this novel, if you read any one of the Dream Man novels you have read them all.
Profile Image for MELISSA *Mel Reader*.
1,361 reviews1,429 followers
February 16, 2014
(5 "Hard not to love Tess" Stars)
(BR with Patty, Denisse, Tiffany, Elizabeth, Angie, Anne, Shannon & Bridgid)

 photo 2216e388-18cd-4726-8eef-31ff1add5e57.jpg

 photo 3658c239-9bb7-4820-8c84-acba0ad3abb5.jpg

Tessa O'Hara aka Tess/sweetness, is a 43 year old, divorced woman who owns a bakery called Tessa's Cakes. Tess wasted most of her adult life being the wife of an abusive man. Once free from him, Tess just wants a fresh start. She is working in her bakery one day, and a hot man walks in that takes her breath away! He ends up asking her out. She accepts, and is instantly captivated and hooked on him.

 photo 8fcaacea-7da6-478d-a0e5-657fcd2b4931.jpg

Brock Lucas aka slim/honey is a 45 year old man who works as a DEA agent. He is extremely committed to his job, and taking out the bad guys. His latest job involves Tess's ex-husband. He gets close to Tess because of his case, but things quickly turn real.

 photo a88921a3-ea58-47bc-88cc-421c7a078c3e.jpg

Brock hasn't had much luck in his past relationships either, and finds Tess refreshing. He loves she doesn't play games, and that what you see is what you get. They have been dating for four months when Tess finds out that the man she knows as Jake Knox is really Brock Lucas. They struggle with the lies, and work to trust each other. They deal with ex's, family drama, and really open up to each other about their past.

 photo 8f49ba8b-6129-4b0b-9452-edea755d0061.jpg

I really enjoyed this book & thought the female lead was fabulous! Kristen Ashley continues to wow me with her amazing sexy, beautiful alpha men! Sexy time with Brock was just delicious, but I also found myself wanting me some Levi! Would love a book for Levi too! I think he definitely has Dream Man potential! :D

 photo 93177613-5921-4872-926c-72bc2dd50ccc.jpg

-And I knew, feeling the burn of his eyes, what that look meant. I knew this man, this fantastic, striking, wild man, was mine.

-"You know what's goin' down with you and me. You know what you feel when I kiss you.

-"I'm also lucky my girl had a craving to take a walk on the wild side," he muttered, his quicksilver eyes dropping to my mouth.

 photo 36209228-ae60-4ef3-ae56-74a30fa1c98e.jpg

-His eyelids got heavy, his arms got tighter, my arms around him got tighter, his head descended, and he kissed me again, this time longer, deeper, sweeter, and even more delicious.

-You are the only woman I know who doesn't need words. Everything you do speaks for you and it never lies. Just your hand on me, babe, said it all."

-It was wild. It was heated. It was energetic. There was a lot of rolling, groping, tongues, teeth, fingers, moans, groans, whimpers, sighs, and gasps as he took, I took, he gave, and I gave.

 photo a686fc33-a5f5-473f-a2b9-1d583517608c.jpg

-Sliding my hand down his throat then farther to explore the sleek, solid wall of his chest, I held his heated, mercury eyes and whispered, "God, honey, you're so fucking beautiful."

-"Brock Lucas is wild and he's rough and he's driven but he's loving and affectionate and so fucking loyal it isn't funny. He takes care of me. He makes me feel safe.

-"You're wrong, darlin'. I got wild in me. And I'll never lose it. It's just that my wild is a safe place for you and it always will be."

 photo f24ac41d-ee61-4cf2-8fcf-e3e3c866e9c6.jpg

 photo 5f3e8816-b943-473e-9a8e-47de09c90830.jpg
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942 reviews587 followers
February 16, 2014
******10+ Wild Stars *****

Loved, loved, adore this book, so much in fact, that I became Mrs. Brock Lucas. Sorry my friends, but I couldn't invite anybody to the weeding because it all happened so fast, and you all know how demanding those Alpha males can be. LOL!!!
 photo 279c712019a437bf577c4b341d2102ee_zpsf9f76113.jpg

When Brock Lucas met Tess O'Hara it was not under the ideal circumstances but he knew right away he wanted to taste and keep the sweet she had in her and Tess just melted once she look into those silver eyes. Brock is a DEA agent investigating a crime and Tess is a bakery owner with one awful Ex husband who keeps showing up even though She has made it very clear that she's done with him. Brock is wild and Tess is sweet, both have had difficult pasts but they were quick to realized that they wanted to be together and will not allow anything or anybody to come between them.

 photo 49735f3efe31abd6fa31d83784d09f06_zps25cfa23e.jpg

My man Brock is the definition of sexy and wild, this man has it going on and I just fell instantly in love with him. I must admit though that Tess was one cool chick too, she was the perfect partner for Brock, no games, no lies. Totally refreshing to read a story were the characters were confident in each other and in their love not to be playing around and creating stupid drama. Now, don't go thinking this book was boring or that it didn't have action, because there was plenty of that, both Brock's and Tess's exes were a pain in the neck and they provided with more drama than I can tell you.
This book was super fun, super sexy and it just solidified my love for Kristen Ashley's writing, she is s a mastermind of creating Alpha Males and sexy loves stories.
What put the cherry on top my sundae or the sprinkles on my cupcake was the fabulous experience that was reading this book with my girls Patty, Melissa, Shannon, Elizabeth and Tiffany, it was so much fun to share this read with them and laugh and be naughty together and I can't wait to do it again...
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