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Amateur ghost-hunter Perry Palomino has battled ghosts, fought off skinwalkers and skirted the fine line between life and death. But can she survive bunking down in Seattle for a week with her partner (and man she secretly loves) Dex and his perfect girlfriend, Jennifer? And can she do so while being tormented by a malicious spirit from Dex’s increasingly shady past? With love and life in the balance, Perry must discover the truth among the lies or risk losing everything she's ever cared about.

348 pages, Paperback

First published December 12, 2011

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About the author

Karina Halle

117 books16.5k followers
Karina Halle is a screenwriter, a former music & travel journalist, and the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, & USA Today bestselling author of River of Shadows, The Royals Next Door, and Black Sunshine, as well as 70 other wild and romantic reads, ranging from light & sexy rom coms to horror/paranormal romance and dark fantasy. Needless to say, whatever genre you're into, she's probably written a romance for it.

When she's not traveling, she and her husband split their time between a possibly haunted 120 year-old house in Victoria, BC, their sailboat the Norfinn, and their condo in Los Angeles. For more information, visit www.authorkarinahalle.com

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May 25, 2013
I'm numb. I'm shocked. I'm blown away.

I can't think of a better way to start this review, than using my all-time favourite quote.

“I've never been afraid of ghosts. I live with them daily, after all. All the time the ghosts flit past and through us, hiding in the future. We look in the mirror and see shades of other faces looking back through the years; we see the shape of memory, standing solid in an empty doorway. By blood and by choice, we make our own ghosts; we haunt ourselves.” Diana Gabaldon


6 or maybe 7 SHOCKING & AMAZING & LYING Stars

The 4th installment in the mindf*ckingly awesome Experiment in Terror series, is the scariest book of them all. Yes, there are ghost and encounters and possibly demons just like in the previous ones, but nothing compares to the human soul and the exposion of the inner-most thoughts and feelings. Nothing more horrible than people, their interactions and the amount of pain and hurt they can inflict, with a single word or gesture.

Everyone has ghosts that follow them throughout their lives. Ghosts of the past they wish they’d left behind, ghosts of love they once turned down, ghosts of regret and ghosts of loss. Ghosts of guilt.


Karina Halle strips her characters bare in front us, revealing them for what they are, no superheroes but lying and cheating bastards, manipulative bitches, moody and insane. Normal, realistic plain people, you and me. Her writing style pulls no punches and you witness everything like a train wreck coming your way, not able to tear your eyes away.

In Lying Season the EIT is investigating the most notorious asylum in the Seattle area.


A place haunted from the screams of the insane, the violence of the guards and the despair of everyone of them.

But the asylum is just a front. An excuse for our heroes to live together and deal with their nightmares. Because in this book Perry is invited to live with Dex and his girlfriend in their apartment.


I really can't deal with everything that book threw at us....


Perry is haunted by dreams of a long forgotten past. Unable to deal with the trauma of these memories she supressed them with drugs, alcohol and therapy. But they are coming back, to stay..

There is either us…or nothing at all.

She is completely in love with her partner and she hurts. He seems committed to his girlfriend, oblivious to everything. And he hides something crucial from her. A matter of life or death, that she has to manipulate and lie to reveal....

Dex is haunted too.
A lying, manipulative, angry, insane and asshole bastard. There is no excuse for his actions. And he will have to pay the price...

How can two people so perfect for each other, manage to screw everything up?

“You’ve always been there for me, Perry. Even from the very beginning, even if you never meant to be, even when you shouldn’t have been. You’re the light in all this madness. You’re my light. I should have been with you... Oh God, why am I not with you?”

“Because you’re an idiot,” I said.

The ending of this book is a cliffhanger from hell............ Pure evil, mind-blowing, game-changing and heartbreaking and I'm so DAMN angry!





Kudos to everyone who read these books, as they were coming out!! I don't know how you managed to survive... Highly recommended to everyone these addictive books, are becoming better and better.. *running to start the next*

This review can be found on my blog: infinity-of-time.blogspot.com also known as...
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June 18, 2013
Oh God!!That ending was TORTURE!!!


and Jenn ugh -.-


In this book Perry and Dex have a project in Seattle to film and they also have the Shownet Christmas party Dex invites her to stay with him and Jenn..

They have to explore a haunted mental institute...

The ghost in this story is the scariest!!Ghosts with issues are bad enough but when you have a past with the ghost (the ghost is Dex ex girlfriend) makes it hard ..


The tension between then is out for everyone to see.The attraction between them is just priceless.It seems like only Dex is an idiot to have overlooked it so long.They obviously are perfect for each other!!
Dex is a mystery to me!But we get to know a lot about him in this book..It is so easy to hate him here..He breaks my heart in this book :/

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Author 117 books16.5k followers
December 31, 2012
I re-read this in 2012...liked it. Just trying to make my GR goal!

'tis the season of the lie. Perry gets more than she bargains for when she travels up to Seattle to spend the week living with Dex and his uber hot and sickly sweet girlfriend, Jennifer. In their tiny Belltown apartment. Not that she's a sucker for punishment (well, maybe just a little), but there's a haunted insane asylum to investigate, as well as the company (Shownet) Christmas party AND a douchey rival ghost-hunting team that seems hell-bent on ruining the Experiment in Terror show. As the week goes on and it's apparent that everyone around her (including herself) is lying, Perry gets further tangled in a dangerous web that puts her love for Dex (and their lives) at risk.

Lying Season is a very urban, contained novel and a major turning point for the Experiment in Terror Series. It is heartbreaking and terrifying, poignant and passionate. It will scare you. It will move you. It is, in my opinion, the best book in the series.

So far ;)
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474 reviews2,411 followers
March 3, 2013

Me after finishing this book:

I was just blown away, shocked, impressed and...

Again, Karina Halle has managed to keep me enthralled from the moment I started reading this book until the very last page. I kept telling myself: one more chapter and then I REALLY need to go to sleep! But I was just unable to put it down and ended up finishing it in the early hours of the morning...

Lying Season is all about the past, about the demons that haunt you and about learning how to deal with them.

"If you don't deal with your demons, they will haunt you for the rest of your life..."

This time, the adventure takes place in Seattle, Dex' hometown. Therefore, Perry has to stay with him, his girlfriend Jenn and their dog Fat Rabbit (love that name by the way!) in one appartment. Now we get to know the real Jenn, and let me tell you, it's not a very pleasant meeting... She's basically a b*tch and all I'd like to say to her is

In the meantime, Dex and Perry visit one of Seattle's most notorious mental institutions, known for it's haunted and mysterious background. There, they are faced with ghosts from the past that start haunting their present and that may haunt them for the rest of their future if they don't find a way to listen to them and give them what they want.

As they start working together again, Dex and Perry also have to deal with the complexity of their relationship. As partners, they have to be able to rely on each other and share their darkest secrets with each other, but they know that it isn't always easy to trust people...


Everybody lies, Perry and Dex lie, and it is up to them to figure out what is real an what isn't before their entire lives start falling apart.

"For once, I felt everything. And the biggest thing I felt was the way I felt about you. That was like a hammer to the heart."

"I want you to stay with me," he said. "And that's the problem. Every time you leave me, I need you a little bit more."

What makes this series so brilliant to me is the complexity of the two main characters and the way they both manage to grab a hold of your heart more and more with each book you read. And although, most people think this is just a horror series, let me tell you; IT IS NOT. There's so much more to it than than just horror, there's humor, romance, drama and the author's fantastic and detailed writing style but most of all, there's Dex and Perry, two amazing characters that you just can't help but love...

"You've always been there for me, Perry. Even from the very beginning, even if you never meant to be, even when you shouldn't have been. You're the light in all this madness. You're my light. I should have been with you..." The thought hit him as his face crumpled in amazement. "Oh God, why am I not with you?"

"Because you're an idiot," I said.


After the story ended with a cliffhanger, I honestly didn't know what to do with my feelings...

Luckily, the next installment is out already, so I can start reading it right away...

The Experiment In Terror series is incredible, it will make you go through all the emotions the characters go through, it will surprise you, it will amaze you and it will stay with you for a very, very long time... I've said it before and I'll say it again, if you haven't read this series yet, READ IT!!! (you won't regret it)

That is all. ;)

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October 5, 2015
Buddy read with my darling Vilda ♥ Check out her review here: ✦ Vilda's review

Final rating: 5/5 stars

Ladies and Gentlemen!!!! Karina Halle is a goddess! Goddess of drama, characters with depth and OF HORROR!! SHE IS A QUEEN OF EVERYTHING AND I WORSHIP HER!!!!

I was quite serious when i said that. Karina Halle is just perfect writer , her writing style is flawless, she always keeps my attention and she always makes me want more! I have one thing to say too: thank god i have a sequel, because the cliffhanger this book has is unbearable. Yes, you heard me: it ends with a cliffhanger, and i need to find out more.

- Room 218 by neverdying on dA

If you want a happy ending, it depends on where you stop the story.
- Neal Caffrey from White Collar TV series -

I think this book is the best EIT book so far. It's an emotional roller coaster and it is one hell of a ride ;D

Never in my life had i been scared from books. Well, i was scared from Unwind but never like i was scared from Experiment in Terror series. KH's imagination is unparalleled and if it ever gets adapted, i would be scared to death.



Lying Season has started. Dex and Perry will be entangled in more lies than ever and it has never been so scary for both of them.

Dex has to face the fact that he loves Perry.

Perry has to face the fact that she can't have him.

Not while he is with Jenn.

And the new episode needs to be made... This time... in a Mental Institution. It is said that this Mental Institution is haunted, but no one ever had any proof recorded.

And it is placed in Seat­tle - Dex's town. Therefore, Perry is stuck to stay in Dex's and Jenn's home...

And with all this, they are faced with the greatest challenge: are they able to face the ghosts from their pasts?

"Everyone has ghosts that follow them throughout their lives. Ghosts of the past they wish they'd left behind, ghosts of love they once turned down, ghosts of regret and ghosts of loss. Ghosts of guilt. We all have them. I do. Roundtree does. You both do. And if you don't deal with your demons, they will haunt you for the rest of your life."

- The Apartment by neverdying on dA


● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

There are two parallel stories in this one:

✦ - 1 - Mental instituion:

Dex and Perry's next episode in the Mental Institution. And this time, Perry's and Dex's relationship gets deeper. They both love each other, but they are scared to admit it. And it hurts both of them. Even worse is the fact that Dex is already in relationship, and both of them have no idea how to do it right.

“If I thought I was head over heels for him before, this time I was so far gone, it’s like I fell into my own grave. Head over heels and down a whole. Bury me with dirt, stick a stake into my heart, and call it a day.”

And on the other side, we find out more about Dex's feelings, his past and his secrets. Same goes for Perry who dreams of her past.

“I want you to stay with me,” he said. “And that’s the problem. Every time you leave me, I need you a little bit more.”

Major spoilers:

✦ - 2 - Perry's past about one accident:

And to think they called it an “accident.”

Through the book, there are sequences with Perry's memories of one party. And of mysterious guy named Jacob, who needs her help. And then the weird stuff begins to happen, and the world is not as simple as Perry thought.

Before you venture into this book, i suggest you firstly read The Devil's Metal, which can answer some of your questions... and those who already read it before this one could connect the dots without any problems.




This book was the best so far, this series is definitely one of the best i have ever read and what i love the most is how Karina Halle is tallented to give us such complex characters and horrorish world.


● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●


Darkhouse (Experiment in Terror, #1)
Red Fox (Experiment in Terror, #2)
The Benson (Experiment in Terror, #2.5)
Dead Sky Morning (Experiment in Terror, #3)
Lying Season (Experiment in Terror, #4)
On Demon Wings (Experiment in Terror, #5)
Old Blood (Experiment in Terror, #5.5)
The Dex-Files (Experiment in Terror, #5.7)
Into the Hollow (Experiment in Terror, #6)
And With Madness Comes the Light (Experiment in Terror, #6.5)
Come Alive (Experiment in Terror, #7)
Ashes to Ashes (Experiment in Terror, #8)
Dust to Dust (Experiment in Terror, #9)

This review can be found on my blog: infinity-of-time.blogspot.com also known as...

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251 reviews25.1k followers
October 11, 2014
*5 Stars!*

Best. One. Yet.

These books are undeniably addictive, and Lying Season is the most chilling and engaging one yet!

I truly love how each of these books uses multiple angles to play off a seperate, solid, recurring theme. In Lying Season, we are offered a plot that dances around lies and deceit—boldly allowing this story to live up to its name. We also get a sort of 'psychological thriller' feel, as it bravely tackles mental health issues. Its execution is seamless and creative, and swiftly pulled me right under!

Just when I think I can't possibly love Dex and Perry anymore than I already do, they go and get even more awesome. Dex is still Dex: Jack of all trades, erratic, unstable, evasive, and as lovable as ever. Perry branches out with even more bravery and spunk than usual.

As their shaky connection strengthens and their steamy encounters intensify, all signs point to happiness...but nothing about these characters is ever 'easy' and we are left with what can only be described as a perfect disaster.

The fear factor in this book was increased dramatically and there were certainly many chilling, hair-raising moments of horror. There was also a lot of entertaining side story in this addition. I adore how Dex and Perry are two tough 'ghosts hunters' braving the paranormal...yet often scream and run for their lives when they spot something scary; it's hilarious and completely adds to their charm.

I may be a glutton for punishment, but I'm LOVING the long, drawn out tension in this relationship. It's not about drama after ridiculous drama—but two people who desperately want to be together, yet still have to figure themselves out first. Not every writer can pull this off without frustrating their readers, but this author does it perfectly!! It makes every sexy glance, stolen kiss, and subtle flirt that much more effective. Sure, I want these two together, but their slow and steady pace is understandable, exciting, and real. Ms. Halle knows what she's doing and she has me HOOKED!

When I was not being frightened out of my wits by this story, I was busy ear-to-ear grinning at Dex-and-Perry antics. This a series I'm going to hate to say goodbye to!

And with madness comes the light...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Book Stats:
▪ Genre/Category: Paranormal/Horror
▪ Steam Caliber: Limited but very steamy!
▪ Romance: Intense, complicated, sweet.
▪ Characters: Unique, entertaining, and complex.
▪ Plot: Characters film paranormal activity in a mental institution.
▪ Writing: Engaging, fun, addictive.
▪ POV: 1st Person: Heroine
▪ Cliffhanger:YES
▪ Next Installment: Follow up

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1,258 reviews1,547 followers
March 12, 2013

I mean, to Perry...

My absolute favorite of the series so far. Honestly, this entire series really just deserves SHADES OF FIFTY STARS, because I'm pretty sure Karina Halle is a genius. Each book has a formula...set up for the life of Perry and Dex/setup for the situation they are about to find themselves in/set up for the state of their sad and effed up, star crossed relationship.....and then BAM!!!!!!! You're hit over the head with awesome!!!! Seriously, each book is really good up to the fifty percent mark or so and then you realize that you're not sitting in your living room any more, you're actually ghost hunting with Dex and Perry, getting ready to be eaten by rotting leper babies or dragged off by evil shape shifters. It's quite difficult to come back to reality when the book is over. I feel quite bereft every time!!

Okay, beyond the gushing...

So Dex gets a great opportunity to film in his hometown of Seattle, in a never-before explored haunted mental hospital. The hospital is still used by a few patients, but for the most part is empty, with only one wing being used.

Instead of putting Perry up in a hotel, Dex comes up with the brilliant idea that she should just stay in his guest room...you know, in the apartment he shares with his wine babe GIRLFRIEND!!! What the hell, Dex?! And what the hell, Perry?! Of course, what kind of story would this be if she actually said no? So we end up staring at the beginning of a train wreck.

"I want you to stay with me," he said. "And that's the problem. Every time you leave me, I need you a little bit more..."

Well, pardon me, but fuck you too, Dex...with your girlfriend and your life and your distance and your randomly sweet words. What is going on in your head? It's beyond sad, because these two are so meant to be, and it's beyond obvious to everyone but them. And yet they couldn't be more lonely. I just want to scream at him, "She's RIGHT THERE, DEX!!! TAKE HER, keep her, hold her, she's yours!"

[image error]

At first, EWBG (Evil Wine Babe Girlfriend) seems welcoming and sweet...not to mention that she's drop dead gorgeous and a bit of a fashionista too..as if Perry needs yet another reason to feel inadequate!!! But Perry gets to meet some of the other people who work for Jimmy, and the crew seems to be very nice...and very curious to meet the infamous Perry, the “girl who broke Dex's nose.”

Needless to say, the whole situation is messed up and awkward. Amidst this lovely setting, Experiment in Terror still needs to be filmed, and the two end up spending some night time fun in the haunted mental hospital...in dark hallways

[image error]

with the ghost of Dex's old girlfriend determined to...do something...to either Dex or Perry or both. I was never really sure who she was after. Let me say this: she is rotting and ugly, and she's holding a grudge. Oh, yeah, and Dex is allergic to wasps...keep that in mind.

[image error]

But of course, the show must go on...and so it goes...and so does the tension and soul deep connection between our meant-to-be couple.

Honestly, the horror of this book takes a limousine sized backseat to what's really the focus here: Dex and Perry. You've never met a couple that are truly soul mates until these two. There is an almost tangible invisible line, you can just feel their connection, and IT. IS. PAINFUL.

"I had the urge to lean over, grab him by the edge of his plaid pajama pants and pull him on top of me. His body in my hands would make the fear go away. I wanted to tug at his shaggy black hair, suck on his bottom lip. I wanted to run my fingers over the tattoo on his chest, "And with madness comes the light" and feel the madness inside of me until it consumed both of us."

What a line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[image error]

Nothing can top the end to this book, NOTHING!!! My heart simply breaks for them both, even though I was so angry I could smack someone (Dex). But the good thing about this is that I'm fairly certain that the man has good reason to act the way he does. There's no excuse, really, by there's so much going on in the messed up minds of these two complicated people, and with their situations, it's nearly impossible to overcome the obstacles keeping them apart.

And yet I have faith that if anyone can make them "see the light," it's this author. She's fast become one of my all time favorites. Amazing how an author so unknown to me a few short weeks ago has this much power over my emotions now.

I am consumed with the Experiment in Terror series.
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143 reviews920 followers
June 8, 2013

Holly sh*t !!! This book was so mind blowing!
Ha you think that Darkhouse is scary??
Did you find Red Fox extra creepy??
Were you afraid to read Dead Sky Morning alone in your house?

You have no idea!
Yes , there are ghosts and other booo things but I mean it this one is so scary ! I never expected this book to be like this because apart from the scary parts there was also a rich storyline .

Perry is invited to her channel’s Christmas party and Dex like a good partner is offered to host her at his house for a week . Meanwhile they have also to shot their new show at a mental hospital.

In this mental hospital weird things happen . In the beginning we only get a few scary sounds and then the action begins.
There's also this ghost that is hunting Perry and the combination of a murderous ghost and a creepy place is not good!

The character's were scared to death , so was I!
Seriously , the author has definitely skills. The way every little sound and every slight movement was being described made me feel so weird!

In this book we are also introduced Jenn , Dex's girlfriend .
She is such a two faced bitch!

We are also getting a few hints from Perry's past and we learn more about the accident.
This accident was truly an accident! She was being accused so many years on doing it on purpose but hell no one was in the room with her to witness what and really happened.

Should we blame Jacob for showing her the reality?

I'm so agitated with Jenn!!

How could she do something like that?

Well the outcome of her actions were pretty amazing :)

"Oh my god , why am I not with you?"
"Because you are an idiot" I said . And then I kissed him.

And then we get the aww part.

But after that


*gives the death glare*

All in all this was a great book and if you like scary things and suspense with a few romance parts you'll love it!

This is the last gif !
Just to add extra creepiness :)
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510 reviews515 followers
January 22, 2013
6 mind blowing stars

Where do I even begin with this review?!?

I finished Lying Season in the wee hours of the morning (sleep? Who needs sleep?!), and now several hours later, I am still finding it difficult to put my thoughts together in order to write this review. It has been stated by several people that this series only gets better and better with each book, and that is definitely true.

Karina Halle's skill at creating a story that grabs you from the first page and forces you to ignore every aspect of your day to day life until you have reached the end of another mind-fuck of a roller coaster ride, knows no bounds. Seriously...I think she might be a witch.

I have been an avid reader since I was a child, and I can not remember ever being this obsessed with a series of books in my life. After finishing the previous book in the series, Dead Sky Morning, I decided to take a break from the EIT-verse and read something by another one of my favorite authors. I got about 10 pages into the book and could. not. get Dex and Perry out of my head long enough to concentrate on anything else. So, I gave up the fight and dove into this book with wild abandon.

In Lying Season we definitely have the creep factor that this series is known for. This time out Dex & Perry are poking around inside a partially abandoned mental hospital. And considering both Dex & Perry's history of emotional problems, it was bound to be an intense aspect of the book. And it definitely worked very well. However, unlike the previous books in the series, this time around the main focus of the story was on the characters and their secrets. The underlying theme throughout the book is lies and how each one, little or massive, has consequences. To say that this book was a turning point in the series is putting it mildly. It was a complete game changer.

We are introduced to some new characters in this book, and chief among them is Jenn. Dex's seemingly perfect girlfriend.

Up until this point Jenn has been this shadowy figure, mentioned in passing and those of us who ship Dex/Perry already didn't like her to begin with despite knowing next to nothing about her. Well, here we see Jenn in all her bitchy, obnoxious glory and it is not a pretty picture.

Now, it's obviously no secret that I am a huge fan of our favorite Ghost Hunters, but there were times when I was reading this book where I seriously wanted to throttle Perry. She has a habit of making bad decisions, but something that she did here just went beyond the pale for me.

After getting that out of my system, I guess it's time for me to get down to the nitty gritty. Something fans of the series have been waiting for since the first book...

But...of course things couldn't be that simple. Nope. Not in Dex & Perry's world. And even as I was squeeing myself into fangirl oblivion, I knew that things were going to get ugly before too long. And...they did, Damnit.

To sum up my feelings - despite the emotional ass-beating I took while reading this book, allow me to continue sounding like a broken record. The EIT series continues to blow me away in every way imaginable. 4 1/2 books in and I have yet to give anything less than a 5+ star rating. I have never come close to doing that before. And in a very short time, Karina Halle has officially become my favorite author.

"I want you to stay with me," he said. "And that's the problem. Every time you leave me, I need you a little bit more."

"If you could see the way his face lights up when he talks about you, when he looks at you, and compare that to Jenn. Oh, darling, no comparison."

"Dex has a heart. He just doesn't know how to use it."

"It's not magic, Perry. You're the most beautiful woman I've ever known and before you say anything, you've always been that way to me."

"You're the light in all this madness. You're my light. I should have been with you..." The thought hit him as his face crumpled in amazement. "Oh God, why am I not with you?"
"Because you're an idiot." I said.
And then i kissed him.

Read more of my reviews at my blog: http://ravingbookaddict.blogspot.com
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251 reviews283 followers
July 27, 2013
People let me just say....THIS BOOK IS CRAZY GOOOOOOOOD!!!

Yes people that good!!!!!!! It has every thing and every thing is FABULOUS!!!

It has....

Spooky parts....if it scares you just read those real fast....a quick peek will not hurt you!

A bitchy girlfriend....some one needs to put her in her place!!!! One can only be nice for so long then it's ON!!!

Crush on a boy.....I love Dex too!!

I could go on and on but Dex and Perry are great.....every book gets better and I fall in love a little more each time!!!!!

I'm off to start book 5 because this has a huge cliff!!!! I mean HUGE, I'm sooooooo happy that I waited because it was bad...............my ipad would have suffered from my anger!!!!

I'm not writing big reviews for these books because one wrong word could be a huge spoiler........I want everyone to be surprised so I'm not giving anything away....READ it with a blank slate only knowing they are great...you will not be disappointed(well after you get through book 1) once you get past that it's fantastic!!!!

Pick it up and read!!!!!
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1,868 reviews2,244 followers
October 17, 2020
Reread October 2020

This book. THIS BOOK.

The best part of Lying Season is how everything just builds and builds and builds. And then that ending!!! Omg, most readers probably think it’s torture, but that ending I eat up like a bowl of ice cream. I LOVE IT. Not going to write much else. If you haven’t read this series yet, you need to. It’s so damn good.
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197 reviews123 followers
March 5, 2013
Wow!!!! Speechless!!!!!! I wasn’t expecting that ending!!!

5 Shocking Stars!!!!

 photo tumblr_lmfgqfmXoI1qkhrjto1_500_zps6f045fbe.gif

I loved this book!!! Its my favorite one out of the series so far!!! I don’t think I can say it enough how obsessed I am with this series!!

My emotions are all over the place. I can’t believe that just happened. I didn’t expect this book to end the way it did. I’m literally heartbroken….

 photo myemotionsgif_zpsdb3164c1.gif

Short summary: Perry and Dex team up again for another ghost hunting adventure. Perry travels up to Seattle to spend the week living with Dex and his perfect girlfriend Jennifer to investigate a haunted insane asylum.

I absolutely adore Perry but I thought she was asking for some pain when she decided to stay with Dex and Jennifer for a week. I had a really bad feeling that whole situation was not going to end well for her and I was so right in the end.

Dex is such an asshole for what he did to Perry. I was so shocked!!! I really thought they were about to actually get together as a couple and then BAM… My dreams were shattered into millions of pieces. I seriously hope in the next book Dex redeems himself because right now he is on my SHIT LIST!!!!

I was so happy when Perry met Rebecca. I love Rebecca!!! She keeps it real no matter what. I would love to have more friends in my life like her. She is my new favorite girl character in the series, well after Perry of course.

Overall, I loved the book!!! I’m seriously addicted to this series!! Definitely a must read!!!

Karina Halle is a genius!!!

Favorite Quotes:

"You’re the light in all this madness. You’re my light. I should have been with you..." The thought hit him as his face crumpled in amazement. "Oh God, why am I not with you?" "Because you’re an idiot,"

"I want you to stay with me,” he said. “And that’s the problem. Every time you leave me, I need you a little bit more."

"If I thought I was head over heels for him before, this time I was so far gone, it’s like I fell into my own grave. Head over heels and down a whole. Bury me with dirt, stick a stake into my heart, and call it a day."

"The things I want to do to you…" he whispered roughly.
I took my hand behind his head and brought his ear down to my mouth. "Do them," I breathed back, and licked the rim of his ear.
He let out a small moan and suddenly his lips were on mine. The sweet business was out of the way."
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June 17, 2013

This fourth book is on a mental asylum, which is believed to be one of the most haunted places in Seattle. There are a lot of ghost’s stories and legends of strange deaths. The official patient list is 33… but there are always the ones that not everyone sees.
And that never left.


The crazy ride continues but this time, the paranormal is the least of Perry’s worries. She has to stay for the week in Seattle… in Dex house… with his perfect little girlfriend, Jenn. Who is a bitch. (And I’m saying that in the kindest of ways.)

And as if wasn’t enough deal with the show in the asylum and have to see Dex with Jenn, Perry starts to see other things… that she doesn’t understand. And this time is not just a haunting: This time is personal.
During the night the memories haunt her dreams, and during the day, something that she doesn't understand, but she knows that whoever it is, is trying to send a very twisted message.


With all that we get to know more about Perry’s past and we start to understand a lot of things. We also find out very important things about Dex and about his attitudes, that will change everything.
We all have a past and things we regret, things we want to forget.
But sometimes the past refuses to be forgotten.


These events force Perry and Dex to open up to each other and trust in the other more than ever. Their relationship, their chemistry and their hidden feelings that neither of them wants to show will eventually have to explode. And it comes to a point where they can never go back from: For better or for worse.

“You’re the light in all this madness. You’re my light. I should have been with you...” The thought hit him as his face crumpled in amazement. “Oh God, why am I not with you?”
“Because you’re an idiot,” I said.”

This was an awesome book. It was scary, and there were a perfect mix of f***ed up, sweet and sexy. Yes, sexy!
Then it had a hell of an end and now I’ve got to start the next one. Like, right this second.
It’s in moments like these that I could actually kill Karina Halle… but then I remember that is probably best to wait until she writes the whole series! :P
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September 12, 2014

“I want you to stay with me,” he said. “And that’s the problem. Every time you leave me, I need you a little bit more.”

My mind is still reeling from all the sadness and devastation of that brutal ending. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT MS KARINA? My heart can only take so much!


Our favorite duo is back and this time, Perry travels down to Seattle for their next EiT episode. And what better way to escalate the sexual tension than by having Perry stay in Dex's apartment along with Jennifer and Fat Rabbit.

So who's Jennifer & Fat Rabbit, you may ask?

Well, Jenn is Dex's current girlfriend & all I can say is:

And there's Fat Rabbit who is actually not a rabbit:

^^^^ I think it convincingly looks like a fat rabbit ♥♥ :D

Throw in a dead ex-girlfriend of Dex who keeps haunting them and plenty of running around a mental institution for their episode filming, we have got some serious messed up situation going on.


Karina Halle never disappoints with each instalment in this series. The horror factor definitely kicks up another notch and more pieces of a bigger picture that has been hinted throughout the entire series so far are slowly coming to light. Every tiny bit of revelation keeps me on the edge and makes this read a complete page-turner.

More importantly, this book is definitely deemed as the 'game-changer' book for Perry & Dex's relationship. After surviving the island in Book 3, they start to acknowledge their feelings for each other but won't admit it out loud. The angst and sexual tension in this one was definitely off the charts!

Just like in her previous books, the balance between the horror and humor is brilliantly handled. There are good breaks between each horror scene so they don't completely overwhelmed me. The witty and slightly flirtatious banters between Perry & Dex continue to fulfil my shipper heart needs ♥♥

But then, there's THAT ending.

I'm just gonna sit in the corner now and read Book 5. PRAYING TO MS KARINA TO LET ME REGAIN MY SANITY.

But I got this awful feeling Book 5 is gonna screw me over more D:
August 9, 2016
4.5 ★'s

Dex and Perry have a new case and this time it's in Seattle, where Dex lives. Dex wants to set Perry up in a hotel but his girlfriend, the infamous Jenn, wants Perry to stay with them. And we all know, that spells all sorts of trouble!

Well...I guess I should listen when people say "Be careful what you wish for" because I got it in SPADES. I wanted more Dex and Perry and boy did I get it. I got sooo much I was starting to miss the ghost story and what's-her-name, Abby.

I was happy that Perry started taking matters into her own hands. She's working out, she's researching (sort of) and she's even trying to move on from Dex with a new guy (okay, not really). But the point is....she's trying. What blew me away was this take-no-prisoners Perry at the Christmas party, who in the heck was that? But I wasn't shocked with her interaction with Miss Anonymous (knew it).

But the ending, people...THE ENDING!!


I feel sucker punched!! The jury is still out on Dex...every time I start liking him, he pulls this crap. WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM?? Someone please tell me why you guys love him so much?? I get there's...something. I'm just not seeing it yet so I'll try to be patient.

I am feeling the love for Rebecca though and Emily was really sweet too. I'm really hoping that Perry moves to Seattle. Something has to give in that regard and I think those two would be great for Perry.

The Spook Factory concept was...interesting. I'm withholding judgment on that storyline. I have a feeling it's either going to be good or just cheesy and I know that KH doesn't do cheesy. *fingers crossed*

Just be warned, due to the ending, I would highly recommend having the next book, On Demon Wings, ready to go. You're gonna want answers!


Favorite quotes:

♥ “You’re still wearing this,” he said, his voice sounding softly amazed.

“It’s my anchor.”

♥ “I want you to stay with me,” he said. “And that’s the problem. Every time you leave me, I need you a little bit more.”

♥ "For once, I felt everything. And the biggest thing I felt was the way I felt about you. That was like a hammer to the heart.”

♥ “You’ve always been there for me, Perry,” he said with what sounded like velvet rocks in his voice. “Even from the very beginning, even if you never meant to be, even when you shouldn’t have been. You’re the light in all this madness. You’re my light. I should have been with you...” The thought hit him as his face crumpled in amazement. “Oh God, why am I not with you?”

♥ “Nothing happened,” he said. “And I hope you remember it that way.” :(
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July 27, 2014
OMG, I am exhausted! I can’t believe all that I’ve been through while reading this book! TOO MANY FEELINGS!!!!! I was ecstatic, heartbroken, and scared out of my head, over and over, the whole time I was reading. Seriously, there wasn't a 'calm down' section, it was full on from start to finish. And that ending!! OMG, what was that ending?!

But let’s backtrack a bit…

Again, the focus in this book is very much the relationship between Dex and Perry as they continue their flirty, banter-filled, dripping-with-chemistry ‘friendship’ *snort*. There’s a different dynamic in this one though, as Perry travels to Seattle for an assignment with Dex, and the Shownet Christmas party, and she stays with Dex and his up-until-now-MIA girlfriend, Jenn. Yep, right there in their apartment with them. Cosy! And not a little bit awkward.

The love triangle storyline is played out in nauseating detail, and this is where Dex’s behaviour drove me absolutely batshit crazy! But towards the end he opens up and admits his vulnerability, and my heart broke for him and all that he had been through, and what he does to try and cope with it all. It really says something about Halle's writing, that I can watch a character behave like he does, yet I still love him madly! Throughout all the turmoil, he still manages to pull that little smirk that just kills me every time, and come out with something brilliantly sarcastic and I melt all over again. But it was his big epiphany that was the highlight for me and had me squeeing with excitement .

But, as I have come to expect, these two certainly don’t make it easy on themselves! They both have some questionable behaviour throughout the story, both of them making me want to hurl my kindle across the room multiple times. And it all just snowballs into the most horrifically brutal ending. I screamed, I cried, and I swore… loudly!

The spook factor in this one is HUGE! Amidst all of the angst and drama, our ghost-hunting duo are investigating an old mental institution, and have some incredibly terrifying encounters; but at the same time, a secondary supernatural storyline is very cleverly woven into the story which also completely freaked me out! And it all leads to further revelations about Dex and Perry’s pasts, with some very interesting developments stemming from that.

There are some additional characters introduced – Jenn, who we all love to hate (and who will now always be associated by a particular label given to her, very appropriately, by Perry – hahaha, epic smackdown!), along with the rest of the Shownet team, including the brilliant Rebecca, who is Jenn’s partner from work, and who is shamelessly outspoken and wonderfully supportive of Perry,

“And you and Dex?”
“What about us?” …
“What’s the deal with you?”
“There is no deal. We’re just partners.”
“Are you sure? Because we all have bets on whether you guys are banging each other or not.”

This is another really intense read from Karina Halle, I couldn’t put this book down, reading it in one day and finishing it at 3am this morning. I feel like I’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster (as you can probably tell by looking at my ranty updates!), but despite being driven insane, and wanting to smack pretty much all of the characters at some point, I loved every moment of it - the highs and the lows - and I can’t wait to see where things go from here!

Big thanks to my EIT posse for being right there with me for the entire book and putting up with my ranty outbursts. It’s so much easier going through this knowing that you guys have my back!!!
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May 14, 2013
"I want you to stay with me," he said. "And that's the problem. Every time you leave me, I need you a little bit more."

 photo 3880180493_aa6f23000c_m.jpg

I'm speechless...... *crickets*

Well that was my reaction at the end of this book. Not that I didn't absolutely LOVE IT!!!! Karina Halle is taking this story way beyond the limits of my imagination!!! And I'm loving it!!!!

Lying Season starts right where they left off after Dead Sky Morning. Dex and Perry have been back from the island of death now for a couple of weeks and back to their own lives. And with all of her free time, and her newfound respect for the dangers of her job, Perry takes it upon herself to get better prepared!! Signing up for boot camp, visiting the shooting range, and refreshing her karate skills kept Perry quite busy during her days off. And in the process, she has begun to lose a bit of weight, and gain a great deal more self-confidence. ...And people are noticing ...men are noticing!!!

"The 'roid' monkey?" "He's not a 'roid' monkey!" I said defensively, even though I had called him that earlier.

When Perry finally gets a call from Dex, he informs her of their next assignment, which will be taking place in his hometown of Seattle, and he also invites her to Shownet's upcoming Christmas party. At first Perry is excited to go.. until she finds out where she will be staying. (he has GOT to be kidding!!!!) But he's not.
However, she decides to man-up, and go anyway. Even after some unwanted advice from Uncle Al...

"You've got this hole in your heart Perry. I can see it on your face. You're so beautiful, bella, you really are, but you look so...sad. You've got this hole, I can see it and it is bleeding out slowly. It's clotted only by hope. This hope, based on maybes and what ifs, is killing you. This pin is small and it moves quietly. You need a knife. Get over it. Face the finality of it all and move on."

Also, Perry has also been having weird dreams again, these involving her past. Specifically her troubled high-school years, and the events surrounding her "accident." She is also still seeing and talking to some very significant ghosts. Which seem to be following her around.

Once in Seattle, she begins working with Dex on their next program, which just happens to be investigating a famous haunted mental hospital in Seattle. She also finds out a lot more about Dex, and his secrets on this up close and personal trip into his daily life. She also gets to know more of his friends at Shownet. Who, BTW are a big part of the story. I have to mention... I just LOVE Wine Babe Rebecca!!!! She is such a fabulous character, and a good friend to Perry. It's heart-warming to see their friendship grow. But then, there is the Jenn thing...and then uh...Bradley... don't EVEN get me started...UGGGHHHH!!

As the story progresses it starts to get really really creepy, and the "OH NO" moments seem to occur much more frequently. The events at Riverview really freaked me out!!!

Lying Season is also very cleverly named... as the lying that goes on is freaking OUT OF CONTROL. And it seems that everyone is doing their share of it. The story also focuses much more on Dex and Perry's relationship, and their unspoken feelings for each other. There are also many eye-opening revelations that lead to even more mis-trust and speculation about the other.

"Everyone has ghosts that follow them throughout their lives. Ghosts of the past they wish they'd left behind, ghosts of love they once turned down, ghosts of regret and ghosts of loss. Ghosts of guilt. We all have them. I do. Roundtree does. You both do. And if you don't deal with your demons, they will haunt you for the rest of your life." - Dr. Hasselback

As usual, the two go through some really frightening and eye opening moments together. As well as some incredibly intimate ones. But it seems that their insecurities get the best of them.

It is interesting though to see the role reversals play out. Perry coming into her own, gaining self-confidence and finally growing a back bone. While Dex seems to be losing his, and becoming more and more withdrawn.
It was both exciting and heart wrenching to watch at times.

This book had my emotions ALL OVER THE PLACE. It encompassed so many feelings that I felt utterly drained by the end of the book....which by the way, is where I just fell off the CLIFF!!!

"You've always been there for me, Perry," he said with what sounded like velvet rocks in his voice. "Even from the very beginning, even if you never meant to be, even when you shouldn't have been. You're the light in all this madness. You're my light. I should have been with you..."


I won't include spoilers... but I will say, that this story is definitely not playing out the way I had imagined. And after staying up ALL NIGHT reading this.... I was compelled to immediately open the next book. I could not stop myself.

I am so engrossed in this story, that I have been neglecting things at home and at work. It may require a 12-step program to come down from. But I'm not quitting any time soon.



Perry Palomino
Zooey Deschanel photo ZooeyDeschanel001.jpg

Dex Foray
Colin Farrell photo ColinFarrell0.jpg

Fat Rabbit
Fat Rabbit photo FatRabbit.jpg
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October 21, 2015

***5 Scary Bloody Woman and Hot Perry Stars***

This review is gonna have to be short. Why you ask... because I must, and I mean MUST, read the next book PRONTO!! Holy friggin' cliffhanger!! I just can't wait any longer.

Perry goes to Seattle and stays with Dex and his girlfriend for a week because Dex was able to get permission to investigate a mental hospital there. Perry doesn't like the idea of staying with both of them at their apartment, but can't do anything about it since she doesn't have money for a motel. Things seem to be fine at first but soon things take a turn for the worse. Jenn shows her true colors and there isn't anything hot about it. Revelations are made, and Dex and Perry can't avoid what they want any longer. Each other.

Okay, so if my status updates weren't clear enough for you... I HATE JENN!!! (Dex's wine babe girlfriend) Bleh, she is the biggest insensitive bitch there is! I LOATHE HER!! I was evilly laughing when Perry put her in her place! It was a gleeful moment.

Moving on. The fear factor in this book was crazy! I was panting with fear by the things they saw and heard. I seriously got spooked and became slightly, yes only slightly paranoid. *Looks over shoulder*

The bleeding girl, the wasps, the lights turning off, the whispers... creeped me the heck out!! I loved the writing, though! The author knows how to describe everything that is happening in an exciting way that it almost makes you feel like you are experiencing it. I Loved it! But also hated how much it totally scared me.*Looks over other shoulder*

And when I wasn't panting with fear, I was panting with lust for Dex and Perry to get it on already!! The tension keeps building that it's only a matter of time before it snaps, right? Well it does! Holy macaroni, it was awesome!! But why can't they just TRUST each other and be HONEST!?! Why the lies?!? I hope this improves in the next book

Then came the ending... I wanted to hurl my e-reader to the wall and cry out in frustration. Instead, I sat there staring at it while repeating "why...why...why..." because I couldn't believe this was happening! I loved this book so much up until that ending. It was better than the last and it seems to only be getting better. Now I am off to read the next or I will die if I don't find out what happens.

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August 17, 2013
Perry is Seattle bound to spend a week attending lunches with co-workers, a Christmas work party and filming in a mental hospital. On this trip Perry meets the dreaded girlfriend, Jenn. Jenn doesn't disappoint with her immoral personality.

Dex continues to be inconsistent and hard to read while he is torn between his relationship with Jenn and Perry.

Lying Season has left me with my heart ripped out. My investment in Perry and Dex makes me feel disoriented mentally.

Everything has changed. Everything was going to change...The whole week has been building up to this moment.
Perry sums up my feelings:
"I quit!"


Darkhouse (Experiment in Terror, #1) by Karina Halle Red Fox (Experiment in Terror, #2) by Karina Halle Dead Sky Morning (Experiment in Terror, #3) by Karina Halle Lying Season (Experiment in Terror, #4) by Karina Halle On Demon Wings (Experiment in Terror, #5) by Karina Halle Into the Hollow (Experiment in Terror, #6) by Karina Halle Come Alive (Experiment in Terror, #7) by Karina Halle Ashes to Ashes (Experiment in Terror, #8) by Karina Halle Dust to Dust (Experiment in Terror, #9) by Karina Halle
Must be read in order. Continuing story.

The Benson (Experiment in Terror, #2.5) by Karina Halle Old Blood (Experiment in Terror, #5.5) by Karina Halle The Dex-Files (Experiment in Terror, #5.7) by Karina Halle And With Madness Comes the Light (Experiment in Terror, #6.5) by Karina Halle
September 15, 2020
Actual Rating: 3.5 stars

Damn, what a cliffhanger, huh?

Are you bummed out because Supernatural has come to an end? Fret not, my dear. Start this series.

Lying Season was such a delightful page-turner. Even though, I liked the previous books better, and I would have preferred the book to have much more ghost-y stuff, I still finished it in two sittings and was thoroughly entertained.

Perry is an interesting heroine and Dex is an unusual hero for me. I'm not at all attracted to him and that somehow makes the read more fun! It's also fun to read about a couple of characters who are just not sooooo perfeccccct.

My biggest pet peeve with the book was the slight slut shaming and the treatment of Jenn the "bitchy rival woman". I felt sorry for her. She has no self esteem and doesn't like herself very much which in turn makes her sour and in order to feel better she does mean shit. But she tries!
The poor girl, I just wanted to hug her and tell her that she's beautiful and young and that she deserves love, especially her own love of herself. I understand why Perry feels the need to be a dick to her but I don't approve. You don't kick someone who's already down. Though I suppose Perry's own self-loathing leads to her own assholeness. So it's basically a loop and it's sad. Love yourself, please! Don't succumb to such level!
I just don't like petty female rivalry, especially of such nature. And it's sad to see books that keep using it as a plot device.
And they were fighting over Dex of all people! Dex! Is there some shortage of men in Seattle that I don't know about?

Anyways, other than that, this was a fun, quick, and sometimes spooky read. It doesn't, however, "finish" like the previous installments in the Experiment in Terror series. It just feels like part 1 of a book. So the next book is a must read.
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February 13, 2013
Wow, utterly amazing! Karina Halle is a genius! Experiment in Terror series are so perfect that no words can describe how much I love it. These books are definitely in my TOP 3 series of all time!

Lying Season is perfectly written book. I was absolutely amazed by the style of writing which sucked me in and I could not stop reading until I finished it all. Maybe I did not like all the events that took place, or things that were said in this book but I am sure it was inevitable for the sake of storyline. Moreover, I find it very refreshing that both main characters have their flaws and negatives and they are completely realistic. There were times I wanted to yelled some sence into them but it never made me love them less.

In this story, main focus was on Dex & Perry "relationship". The fact that Perry was staying for whole week in apartment with Dex and Jenn brought awkward situations, jealousy and plenty of lying. Also, this book took very interesting turn. It was not only ghost hunting story anymore, things are definitely getting some more deeper meaning. I have to admit that Lying Season had a little bit of "Twin Peaks" feeling for me and I loved it.

And Dex? Normally I would not like the guy who has a long-term girlfriend but flirts with his partner (I hate cheating!). But every rule has an exception and that is exactly what Dex is. He is just... different, funny, caring, fascinating, mysterious, sexy... he is one of the best male fictional characters ever written! But some things he said or did in this book made me so angry. Like really angry. I am so glad that there is next book out there already because I have to read it immediately!!!
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March 19, 2012

Oh my tired-completely-whacked out brain !! This book has to be , without doubt my favourite in the Experiment In Terror series !! I know , i said that about the last book as well . But Duh! i had'nt read book 4 then so obviously ... you get the rift . Anywaaaaay , what an electrifying and horrifying read this was !! Not only was the SPOOK FACTOR of this book , very ghastly and terrifying - like a 10 on 10 on my spook-meter , but also the OOOOMPH or STEAM FACTOR was waaaaay too hot to handle and extremely steamy - like at this one point my steamo meter just could'nt handle and broke into pieces !! Speaking of pieces , guess what else is in pieces ?? MY HEART !! THATS WHATS IN PIECES !! Karina , girl did you have to end the book this way ?!! I mean , I know you are the author and all , but seriously did you have to !! :(

Cover speak : Wow , its a very bloody cover so to say ! I mean seriously look at it . It just gives you the creeps .

Well , honestly speaking this book was more about Perry and Dex's relationship more than anything else !! And the amount of 'LIES' in this book , literally wanted me to knock some senses into the characters !!! Not to mention the spookiness ! A mental institute always manages to give the heebie jeebies , haunted or not !And it was no different here as well , especially the episode at Block - C , the wards meant for criminals !! It had me on the edge of my seat and scared me to death at some points ! Wait , did i just say episode ! Must be from picturing it all in my head ! This book was a complete movie material to me , actually all of them are !! This needs to be made into a movie or maybe a series !! So freakin good .

This was one hell of a book for me and the way things ENDED on this one , i cant wait to read book 5 !! May just seems so far away , oh the wait seems too long !! I definitely recommend this series to everyone !!! Its definitely my fav and Karina Halle just made it to my list of fav authors !! Keep rocking girl !!!
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February 21, 2023
EDIT: I'm calling it quits on this series. I reread Darkhouse, Red Fox, and Dead Sky Morning all with diminishing returns.

When I started this project, I wanted to see 1) if I still liked this series, 2) if I could read all the physical books I owned (at the time, I bought up to book 5), and 3) if I should see how the series continued past what I owned (there are now a total of 10, with an 11th on the way). But I'm currently halfway through "Dead Sky Morning", and I'm calling it.

My goal isn't to hate-read anymore; my goal is to read more of what I love and less of what I don't. I gave this series several chances, and I'm just not liking what I read anymore.

So despite my owning up to book 5, I'm just gonna stop here (and yes, that obviously means not reading up to book 11). So to be utterly fair to fellow readers/reviewers, I will remove my old rating (3 stars) and hide my old review in a spoiler tag. Just know that when I did love this series and could overlook its hiccups, I had to quit at this book, it made me so upset. (I can only imagine how upset it would make me these days!)

If you love this series, I'm so happy for you! If you want to comment that it gets better, that's awesome, but I don't really want to trudge through books I'm not enjoying to get to a book that I may or may not enjoy.

Thank you, Karina Halle, for writing these books that 2012/2013 me loved. I'm sorry I didn't care for these anymore, but I wish you the absolute best.

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June 16, 2013

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Ok *breathes deeply *, glad that i left that one out... So back to the story!
After that whole nightmare in the ISLAND OF DEATH (it will never be D'arcy Island for me), our kick ass and emotional dysfunctional (but sooo awesome) duo is after another case to shoot another web episode.
This time is in Seattle, Dex's hometown, where they're going to an asylum that never allowed any cameras before. So Perry goes to the city for a week, to shoot the episode, to meet some colleagues from the network and to go to the christmas party. Now guess, where she is staying?
Yes, in Dex's and Jen (aka b*tch) house...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I know, I know...i was left screaming "THAT'S DEFINITELY NOT A GOOD IDEA"!!!

Now, i felt the tone in the book it's a lot different from the previous ones. The main focus is on relationships and in inner ghosts and demons. And how someway we end up hurting the ones we love the most. And more specifically EVERYONE is lying and those lies will torn everything into pieces.

Oh we do have a case, the asylum scenes are so creepy and copycats that get on your nerves... but to me, this felt, like we're in a crossroad, and it's that point we have to take a path and not look back. And nothing will ever be the same again.

Oh in case you wondering i still LOATHE Jen!

And about our duo...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

About the ending... the MOTHER OF ALL CLIFFHANGERS!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I was seriously, in pain and in denial!!!!

Of 2 things I'm certain by now, Karina Halle is on "my forever favorite authors "(and i must read everything she wrote and will write ~basically a literary stalker,lol) and that ....

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

June 13, 2012
My ratings: 5 out of 5 stars.
I need to breathe. Lying season was a roller coaster ride which literally took my breath away. Nobody would probably believe me but I think I this is my favourite book so far. I loved loved loved it.

It's Christmas time and Perry is invited to Shownet’s Christmas Party. This is all fine and good but she has to stay with Dex and his girlfriend during this time. Painful. At the same time, the Experiment in Terror team has to shoot the next episode in a mental hospital. After the revelation in Dead sky Morning, Perry does not think it s a good idea but Dex insists and off they go.

Perry," he repeated. " Do you love me?"

Skeletons come out of closets and Dex’s past keeps meddling with his present. We see Dex struggling with his past and his sanity. You can’t help but feel sorry for him. We also get to see Dex with his girlfriend which was nothing but painful for me I mean Perry. Even if he explains, I still can’t understand what he saw in Jenn. At first, I was feeling bad for cheering for Perry as Dex already had a girlfriend and he would be cheating if he got together with Perry, but later I was cheering for Perry with all my heart as Jenn is a bitch through and through. I’m still not convinced about the reason why Dex is with her. I think it just shows that even if Dex may be a strong man he is still weak making him all the more interesting (and annoying). Which by the way does not mean he has been struck off from my list of fictional boyfriends. I love that he is what he is. Skinny, dodgy, untrustworthy, in need of TLC (which of course, which I can give), selfish and down right hot. What can say I have always liked the wrong types.

It was heart warming to see Perry gain more confidence in her. Yes, she still has weight issues in her mind but she seems to coping better with it. She is slowing starting to understand what people see in her and I think Dex is responsible for it to a certain extent. She is getting stronger and more confident and you can see the difference between the Perry in DarkHouse and Lying Season.

“Kiddo," Jenn repeated. "Why do you always call her that? She's not that young."
" It's a term of endearment, " he said deliberately. "Jennifer."

This time the duo is investigating a mental asylum for their show and a lot of things go down there. Again it was spooky and I have to say while I was reading it I was jumping on each and every sounds in my house. I honestly never thought I would be so frightened by a book which I give Halle full credit for that. The writing is simple and easy to understand and even if it is advertised as YA I would warn you it has sexual scenes which are 18+.

“I'm saying that you're like my best friend, " he said. "You're are my best friend and I could never let pills take away what makes you, you. Your heart. And your beautiful soul."

Lying Season sees the pinnacle of Dex and Perry's relationship. The tension between then is out in the open for everyone to see. Halle has written it so well. The attraction, the pull and tug between them is just priceless and very entertaining. I found myself waiting with bated breath when they will have a scene together. It was so good to see them around each other day to day doing 'normal' things.

“Why is this awkward?"
"I want you to stay with me," he said. "and that's the problem. Every time you leave me, I need you a little bit more."

Their chemistry is just too good to be ignored. Their banter their flirtations, their feelings for each other is out in the open for everyone to see. It seems like only Dex is an idiot to have overlooked it so long. They obviously are perfect for each other.

I really struggled to find quotes to go with my review as my books have pages and paragraphs of highlights which I cannot publish her with out giving away spoilers. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I’m so glad Halle wrote it the way she did and Lying season was more about Perry and Dex’s relationship than the shooting of their show. Maybe that’s why I loved it as much as I did.

I cannot lay enough emphasis on how much I like this series and how more people should read this. I blame the covers for the first 3 books but it has been remedied and the cover for Lying Season and On Demon Wings are so much better.

If you are reading my review and thinking about reading this, my advice is stop thinking and grab this book and start reading. I’m sure you won’t regret.

"You've always been there for me for Perry," he said with what sounded like velvet rocks in his voice."Even from the very beginning, even if you never meant to be, even when you shouldn't have been. You're the light in all this madness. You're my light. I should have been with you..."

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June 10, 2013
So you know I am a fan of the Experiment in Terror series. My reviews of Red Fox and Dead Sky Morning did little to conceal the fact this fact. Lying Season is the 4th book in the Experiment in Terror series and is a game changer. This review does not contain spoilers. Author Karina Halle brought readers along for a great ride in the first three books, but we all knew (and desperately hoped) that certain situations would be confronted. Well Karina Halle does that for her readers in Lying Season. Perry goes to Seattle for a week. The network that she works for and hosts her internet show is having its holiday party so Dex convinces her to attend. But where will Perry stay? With Dex, his fat dog, and his girlfriend of course! It is also a working trip, Dex identified a new location to film their show -- an abandoned wing of a mental institution. Could anything be more terrifying than an abandoned wing of a mental institution? Dex and Perry's filming of the mental institution is an obvious confrontation with both Perry and Dex's own troubled mental illness past. Through this, readers learn more about both Dex and Perry and their personal struggles. Perry continues to have terrifying nightmares and everything points to Dex's past as the cause. Perry begins to learn more about Dex's past but in a terrifying way.

Lying Season broke my heart. It broke my heart. Broke it. Okay, I just really needed to emphasize that. Readers should be warned, it ends with a cliff hanger and so you MUST Have On Demon Wing's nearby if you want to preserve your sanity. The cliff hanger is not cruelly inserted as some authors do. I promise that the ending makes sense within the storyline and I applauded that damned cliffhanger.

Perry and Dex encounter some serious baggage both their pasts and the action and horror element is taken up another notch.

It was moments like this I wish we had some theme song.

One of the frustrating parts of this series is Perry's immaturity. Yes she is only 22, but not many 22 year olds still live with their parents and follow their parents rules. Not many parents are as cruel and controlling to their 22 year olds:

If that gets your weight down [Perry], I'm all the more for it," my mother had to add.

Whose mom says that shit?! If nothing else, EiT serves as a parenting-not-to-do guide. But Perry does grow some in Lying Season. Despite her parents desire for her not to do something, she does it. She takes her career in hand and decides she needs to focus on certain aspects and learn certain skills. Readers get to see Perry interact with other people besides Dex, and Perry is damned funny; and appears to be confident. Readers get to see in Lying Season Dex's emotional and psychological weaknesses. This aspect of Dex is not surprising, given the back and forth between Dex and Perry and given what we learned about him in Red Fox. But, I still found it immensely disappointing. Isn't this what is great about EiT though? That the characters are far from perfect; that the characters sometimes make flawed decisions because they are afraid -- like people who are afraid do. Experiment in Terror is full of sexual tension, horror and ghosts and characters that sometimes go in to the dark abandoned second floor on their own.

Please read this series, start with #1. Darkhouse may be a little slow, but then continue on with Red Fox and I promise you will be hooked. June 23rd Karina Halle releases the seventh book in the Experiment in Terror series: Come Alive. So in celebration of my obsession, I will be reviewing each of the books in this series leading up to the release date.

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April 12, 2014
☆ ☆ ☆

No spoilers and colorful language abound!

 photo anigif_enhanced-buzz-16363-1387468427-0_zps2a4e37b0.gif

I cannot articulate my thoughts on this series at all. I keep taking notes and then it comes to review time and I'm just... I'm just... ANNOYED. I'm really sorry but this is all I got.

 photo tumblr_inline_n1xdmoMPJk1sn8zpo_zpsd6c3504c.gif

Perry's parents:
 photo anigif_original-grid-image-14973-1396379025-23_zps4b0a9e91.gif


 photo bored_zps2459e35c.gif


 photo tumblr_mce48z9dbl1qcj70uo1_500_zpse3536bc1.gif

Actual plot development:
 photo 10151437_216661018527833_2168001217715802160_n_zpsb068017a.jpg

Dat cliffhanger, tho.
 photo Crazy-Dog-Eye-Twitching-Reaction-Gif_zpsa4c07b37.gif

I feel a little better now. It's official, I'm going to have to read all of these now.

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August 6, 2013

Finally I finished now I can take a breath. I'd been holding it for days it seems. Will these two nut jobs ever figure things out ? Will I ? I still don't know if they are really over the top crazy or if there are ghosties and demons ? *What a fantastic author- she hooked me deep and nothing is getting me free. I hate Dex and even Perry sometimes, they are so wrong that they have to be together. Right ? I strained my neck from shaking it so much in this edition to their screwed up tale.

The Office Christmas party from hell, the institution, the meds, the drinking, the dress, commando attire, the countertop....the brush off. Wackyville on steroids !

The old girlfriend ? Creepy !

So what did I think of this book ? I don't have a clue. Love/hate and I want more !

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July 20, 2020
I can't like Perry! I apologize to anyone who loves this series but I can't like Perry. Even Bella from twilight has more spine than her!

She is desperate for male attention, any handsome man who appears beside her, she is blinded by him.
That and the unhealthy obsession she has for someone who is committed to someone else! Dex has a girlfriend but Perry doesn't miss an opportunity to try to steal Dex from his girlfriend, okay, she's a b*tch but Dex is choosing to continue this relationship, who is she to decide if other people's relationships are working or not?

I will continue to read this series but it is because I like the type of "horror" in the book a lot, the mysteries are interesting, but I will never be able to give this series 5 * and the reason for that is Perry!

Rating: 3.5 Stars.
Steam: 0 out of 10.
Love Triangle:
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