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Elder Races #5

Lord's Fall

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In the latest Novel of the Elder Races, two mates find themselves on different paths, torn between their duty to the Wyr and the passion that binds them…

Before she met Dragos, half-human/half-Wyr Pia Giovanni was alone and on the run. Now she’s mated, pregnant and heading south to repair the Wyrs’ frayed relationship with the Elves. Being separated from Dragos is painful, but for the good of the Wyr demesne they need to figure out how to be partners—in more places than just the bedroom.

In New York to preside over the Sentinel Games, Dragos is worried about his mate, but knows that finding two replacement sentinels is essential to show the rest of the Elder Races just how strong and brutal the Wyr demesne can be. But as the Games heat up, Pia’s negotiations with the Elves take a turn for the dangerous, straining her bond with Dragos and threatening everything they hold dear…

281 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published November 6, 2012

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About the author

Thea Harrison

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I write paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and other stuff. I taught myself to read when I was four. That was around the time I tried to ride my tricycle to work. I wasn't sure where work was, but I knew it had to be interesting if people went there every day. Now I combine my love of books with work, and I don't have to ride my tricycle to get there. My Elder Races series began May, 2011. You can also find me on Twitter and Facebook!

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June 17, 2016
Great addition to the series with an update on where Dragos and Pia are. Revelations of the prophecy that, Grace, as the Oracle, related in previous books come to fruition. The plot is action packed with Pia trying to repair Elven relations and landing herself in the middle of a war. Alliances are formed. Relationships begin to mend. New sentinels are chosen. Pia maintains her kick@$$ personality that won the big guy over. Dragos is actually growing and learning to be in a relationship where compromise is important. I love reading about the next stages in their relationship. Liam <3 All in all I really enjoyed this book and will continue my audiobook obsession :-p Safety: No OW/OM/Sharing. No condoms. Neither are Vs. No rape. It's a war zone so there's abuse. No pushing away.
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February 13, 2018
Dragos and Pia - Part two

Real life will start after the HEA of Dragon Bound. Dragos and Pia are happily mated with little peanut on his way. But now it is also time to start behaving as a married couple i.e. communicate more, listen to each other more, take decisions together and report to their other half about their whereabouts.

Dragos needs to understand that Pia is his equal partner. So, when Pia wants to visit the Light Fae and re-establish the relations between the Wyr and the snotty Elves; Dragos has to let her do it - no matter how much worried he is for her safety.

The continuation of the story for one of the most beloved couples in PNR. This adventure will not be an easy one. Many fights, death and destruction. And yes, we will have another HEA but with a bittersweet taste for everything that was lost.

Dragos cannot definitely function and exist without Pia.

"You might just make me one the happiest men alive, if you don't kill me first"...
"You always scare me, goddammit", he growled. "I've faced monsters and demons and nightmares that most people have never even heard of, but you have always scared me the most. We might make a list of pretty words that we can call each other or use in our relationship, but I don't feel pretty things for you. I feel things for you that are volcanic and dangerous, and I'm not safe at the best of times."
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November 13, 2016
LORD'S FALL is the 5th book in Thea Harrison's fantastic fantasy Elders Race Series....and what a pleasure to get Pia and Dragos back!!!!
I absolutely adore this couple!!!
 photo tumblr_nagvmmcNjQ1r00543o1_r2_500_zpspl1ijmsn.gif
It was so good to see how their relationship has progressed since Dragon Bound. Loved how the two are working together - Dragos is off to NYC to oversee the Sentinel Games (something like the Hunger Games!!!) and Pia is working on keeping the peace with the Elvens.

There is something special about this couple that brings a smile to my face...always!!

"Pia watching as Dragos gets ready to go to battle...."
 photo unnamed_zpsuike3nek.jpg
I am really into this original and unique world that Thea Harrison has created.

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July 16, 2014
4.75 stars

Another great book by Thea Harrison. My favorite of the series so far. I have to admit Pia and Dragos haven't really imprinted on me as a couple in Dragon Bound. Here, though...

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 !!!!!!!!

I loved Pia. And Dragos. And Pia&Dragos. And Peanut!

"Even though feeling like a drama queen sucked donkey’s balls, it was still true—leaving Dragos and New York behind was one of the hardest things Pia had ever done."

And so it begins. Pia is starting her journey to the lanod of the Elves, but even more importantly into the land of being The Big Deal and Dragos's partner and mate in full. She's meeting the Elven High Lord and his consort to start negotiations with them regarding Dragos's pesky banishment from their lands. If there's one thing the dragon lord sucks at, it's diplomacy. So, she'll do this for him. Or so she thinks... But, pretty soon, the situation gets complicated as she gets deeper into an Enchanted Forrest(which has a fancy name, but I like this one:D) and an old power resurfaces, looking to destroy everything in sight... Independence is great and all, but there are times when an ancient, huge, powerful dragon of a mate can be a bit useful. And this is definitely it.

And why'd he stay behind? Well there is the issue of replacing two of his Sentiels. And he does this by holding *drumrolls please*

Tell me that doesn't sound cool.

"With all the paperwork and formalities out of the way, the Sentinel Games had just one objective: beat your opponent by any means possible. One fight, Wyr to Wyr. No weapons, no second chances, no holds barred.
There was just one rule: don’t kill anybody.
At least not on purpose."

I loved the idea. And I love the two new sentinels (On that note, I'm pretty sure I know who's gonna be Aryal's mate. And me likey). I just wish more attention was put on them. That would be even cooler.

So, Dragos is separated from his beloved and in his usual domineering, alpha nature he isn't handling it well. But Pia's training is evident, too. He says Please. And doesn't say I allow/forbid you. Girl power! They're dream-meeting and texting(aye, texting!), but it is not enough. And luckily for Pia and the Elves, Dragos found gave in to his impulses and went to her in exactly the right time.

Romance, blood and magic follow... In this great addition to the series!

So, back to all I love. I love Pia and her spunky, independent, yet reasonable and smart self. She fights for her rights and place in the relationship, yet doesn't become too headstrong to accept help when it's needed. True partnership. I love her humor and quirkiness and her interactions with the Peanut. Awwww. And the way she teases the Big Bad... More awww.

Dragos is... Dragos. He is commanding and scary and so. Fricking. Adorable. He is really starting to unwind, give a little, WITHOUT losing that which makes him the Lord of Beasts. It's so clear what he feels for Pia and the baby transcends all else.

And together they're even better!

I like Pia's guard and Eva. I'm intrigued by the Seninel's fates and their eventual HEAs. I like the world and all its possibilities. Not to mention all the diverse characters . So, basically I loved this.

The few tiny things that bugged me (a little)

1. I expected to see more of the Sentinel Games
2. I also expected to see more of Dragos and Rune, considering how important it it/was.
3. The resolution with the bad guy felt a bit too easy after all the problems and death.
4. And just a question... After everything was done, Dragos summoned the Elder tribunal and one of the Djinns came almost immediately. Why not get them to help in battle?

All of that, however is not that relevant in the scheme of two great Wyr I came to love... I can't wait for more!

Some quotes

"As far as she was concerned, there were only two things that made living in Cuelebre Tower worth it. One of them was the peanut—and she really had to stop calling him that, because the little fetus was already so smart, she could tell he thought his name actually was Peanut.
The other was Dragos, who was primitive, powerful, domineering, calculating, manipulative, infernally clever and tactless, and who she adored with all of her heart. Dragos, who created as many problems as he solved, and who loved her too, fiercely, so much so he had mated with her. Their lives had become inextricably entwined, and they had to work together for things now."

"Laughter creased his features. She smiled as she stroked his face, glad she could lighten his mood for a little while. He was such a hard male, and sometimes that hardness bruised others, but sometimes it bruised him most of all."

“Now, honey,” she said. “You’ve got to stop getting so worked up, or you’ll have a heart attack when you hit middle age.”

“Because it’s my birthday, and I think I’m going to like cake. Don’t worry, Mom. Everything is going to be fine. I’ll make sure of it.”
She pointed the spatula at him. “You are not supposed to say that to your mommy. Your mommy is supposed to say that to you.” The peanut gave her a sunny, innocent smile.
She plunged awake.
From the doorway of the bathroom, Dragos said, “Good gods, you’re putting on makeup.”
He hadn’t bothered to get dressed yet. Even though she was in the middle of labor, his nude, muscled body was worth a moment of reverent silence.
“What?” she said, turning back to look at herself in the mirror and holding her lips stiff as she stroked on lipstick. “It’s our son’s birthday. I want to look nice.”

LOL. Didn't I say I love these wacky beings?
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September 1, 2012
LORD'S FALL brings readers back to the characters that started it all. Pia and Dragos have changed a little bit since Dragon Bound. Although Dragos continues to exude this otherworldly power and Pia still keeps him on his toes, they have grown and matured, developing into what resembles a married couple. Simply put, they have grown into each other, but that doesn't mean everything is perfect. LORD'S FALL explores the trials and tribulations that occur in every relationship. It covers the good and also the bad, which may alarm some readers because of the distance that occurs between them in this book.

But what makes LORD'S FALL an interesting read is the fact that Pia and Dragos work to make their relationship work. Just because they are already mated and have a babe that Pia likes to call Peanut on the way, it doesn't mean that it's a happily ever after for them. LORD'S FALL is what happens after the happily ever after, and what Pia and Dragos experience only makes their characters come to life.

Thea Harrison delivers an epic story of myth, mayhem and love that is sure to keep readers satisfied and breathing fire!

Read this review in its entirety at Fresh Fiction
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January 7, 2013
A solid 5 stars

When I found out Thea Harrison planned to revisit Pia and Dragos - the couple that started it all for 'Elder Races' fans - I'll admit to being disappointed. Don't get me wrong - I loved 'Dragon Bound' and Pia and Dragos top my list of best ER couples, BUT I like my HEA's to stay, well, HEA's. I do not like it when my fave duos start getting bogged down by relationship issues because more often than not it tends to ruin my perception of the original story. However, I (now) freely admit that (in this case) a whole new book featuring a still newly mated Pia and Dragos was warranted. TH really does an amazing job of making 'Lord's Fall' about partnership and purpose - and seeding what looks to be great new and interesting story lines.

In 'Lord's Fall' seven months have past since 'Dragon Bound'... and in that short time frame a LOT has happened! The Wyr demesne is still in the midst of a trade embargo imposed by the Elves and is reeling from the news that their impenetrable leader has mated to a mysterious half-Wyr - not to mention the loss of two strong sentinels. Pia herself, although deliriously in love with and mostly happily mated to Dragos, is struggling to find her footing in this often harsh new reality while coping with a less than typical pregnancy.

In an effort to soften relations with the Elves, and assert herself as consort to the leader of the Wry demesne, Pia accepts an invitation by the Elven Lord to visit their territory and repair the broken treaty - against Dragos' best judgment. During this small separation, Dragos is presiding over the Sentinel Games to replace those he lost - and demonstrate to the world the strength of the Wyr.

Early on it becomes evident who the two new players/sentinels will be and, when an ancient mechanism threatens the Elves and the very earth, the Wyr need to step in to assist their old enemies. Pia and Dragos make huge strides in how to lead together. Dragos may be the omnipotent immortal, but Pia strengthens and fotifies his Power by softening his heart and teaching him compassion.

All in all, 'Lord's Fall' is one of the most action-packed 'Elder Races' to date, yet retains the elegant prose and subtle edge that personifies TH's writing style. I loved the addition of the two new sentinels, and the glimpses of "Peanut" throughout the story really made this one special - he's going to be a real force to be reckoned with in the 'Elder Races' future!

November 10, 2012
4.5 ★'s

Pia's been invited to visit with the Elves and she's decided to go to smooth things over even though she had quite a bit of convincing to do with Dragos. Especially since he is unable to go as The Sentinel Games will be under way. Things become bit dicey when Pia gets there and once Dragos gets a hint of it, there is nothing that will stop him from getting to her.

Oh how I love Dragos and Pia...they are so wonderful together and I just could not get enough. I love that TH treated us to another story about them! And the only reason I knocked it down a half star was because I didn't really care that much about the rest of the story. I just wanted more Dragos and Pia!!

Pia just always makes me laugh. She always comes across so tough but we get to see another side of her in this story and it was fantastic. And we really get to see that with Dragos. It was so heartwarming to see how they both worked on their relationship. Pia just knows him so well. Her Wyr form and her powers are really intriguing and as we get to know more, it seems that there is so much more to find out.

Dragos is his amazing self...those gold eyes make me shiver!! But more amazing was him coming to terms with his feelings and what Pia (& Peanut) mean to him and what they do to him. We also get to see more of his powers and the ingenious things he can do with them. TH has a fantastic imagination! All his references to the "penny" made me laugh and how he acted in the jewelry store? Priceless!

The other thing I really enjoyed was getting to know other characters and Wyrs. It would have been interesting to get more time at the Sentinel Games but I liked all the different Wyrs. Pia's boss from the bar, Quentin, participates as does a new character, Alexander, who is a pegasus which I hope to find out more about. We also got some parts with one of my favorite Wyrs, Graydon. His and Pia's relationship is wonderful! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we get his story. And of course, Rune shows up and that makes things quite interesting with Dragos.

Pia also gets a group of bodyguards, aka "psychos" as Pia calls them, when she travels to the Elven demesne and I enjoyed getting to know them. Eva was hilarious and she fits so well with Pia. I'm glad that she will be hanging around and Hugh is pretty interesting too but I'm sad that Miguel and Johnny won't be staying.

I'm a big fan of Elves and Fae so I really liked finding out more about the Elves and the Wood but unfortunately we didn't get to know many of them because of the big battle. I'm hoping that we get more of Linwe and maybe even Beluviel and Ferion and even though TH did a good job updating us with what happened immediately after the battle, I really hope we get to know more down the line.

The battle was okay...what was going on with the Numenlaurians was a bit hard to take. But I enjoyed Dragos fighting and then Pia using some of her powers. It was really interesting to see how all the Wyrs responded when Dragos got hurt...I would love to see an actual picture of that!

Like I said, my favorite parts are with Dragos and Pia but also with peanut! All his scenes were so fascinating and how he was able to interact with Pia was sooo sweet! The dream scene was riveting...and the ending was beautiful. Again, I love how Pia and Dragos were able to come together and work things out. I love Liam!!

So I definitely think the next story will be about Quentin and Aryal. I saw that it will be Aryal and there is no question who her mate will be! Too bad we have to wait till November 5, 2013.

Favorite quotes:

I never stop thinking about you. You’re with me everywhere I go, but I miss you when we’re apart.

♥ Then the entire conversation became blah blah blah as the only thing that mattered in the world happened.

Dragos growled in her head, Pia.

♥ “My worst mistake ever. We should not talk about that penny any more, la la la.”

He pulled her hands down. “We’re never going to stop talking about it. That penny is one of my favorite memories.”

Her mouth dropped open. “Liar! You only liked what came afterward. You hated having your penny stolen.”

“True,” he admitted. “But I loved the note you left me.
April 6, 2016
Good. Action, adventure, violence, and hanging with the snobby Elves. I enjoyed seeing how Dragos functioned away from Pia - not well, btw. There are several new characters introduced, both Wyr and Elven. The villain was insane, which is always admirable in villains. Sweet ending. Aryuel is still a crazy bitch, and that's not said with love; I'm not looking forward to that bad attitude bitch's book next. Boo.
December 5, 2021
Clearly, my brain was not it this past year. I read this book and I didn't even add it to my reading/read list. I was not really that into another book about Dragos and Pia. Hear me out! I love them so much, but I prefer to have a new set of characters and just hear about the previous characters. Having said that, this book knocked my socks off! It was so good.

I had no idea how deeply enthralling this would be. I should never have doubted Thea Harrison. I'm ashamed that I did. Quite honestly, with all that life has challenged me in lately, I just wasn't feeling that drawn in by romance novels over the past year or so. Rereading Dragon Bound really helped rekindle my love. I listened to these on Audible Escape before it went away, and I am so glad I did. The narrator is amazing. I believe her name is Sophie Eastlake, and I need to listen to more of the books she narrates. I think I will always hear her clear, emotive voice in my head when I think of the books from now on. Sadly, now I am in a fix because I think I will need to listen to them on audiobook. Incidentally, I've almost finished this series by the time of writing the book. I now just have the short stories to read (and the newer Pia/Dragos/Peanut stories).

Anyway, I went off on a tangent. I was transfixed by the deep dive into the Elven world of the Elder Races. Because of situations, Pia and Dragos get drawn into a terrible conflict involving the Elven Court and their homelands. This book has some major Lord of the Rings vibes too it, and I was not made at all. The storyline was wildly creative in my opinion. I felt as though I was reading a high fantasy novel in some parts. There are some seriously dark elements that I can't even go into without spoiler. Much like Kresley Cole, Thea Harrison's plotting and ability to keep track of her storylines and characters is flawless. She has built such a complex world that I think she really could just keep writing these books. I don't know if she'll do more than just the Pia and Dragos stories, but I hope she does more. (as I mentioned in my review of Oracle's Moon), I'm still hopeful for a book about Phaedra.

Sometimes I can get a little jaded with a continuing romance about the same characters, or I fear for something terrible happening to break them up. Thankfully that is not the case. Yet this was far from boring because there is so much going on in this book, and we also get to see this couple weather through it as a united front that is deeply in love. I am happy that I was pleasantly surprised. The end was so satisfying. It made me happy and peaceful and gave me a glow in my heart. If she ended the series with that ending, it would have been satisfying as far as Pia and Dragos story. I'm glad she didn't though.

I don't think I comment much more without veering into spoiler territories. In hindsight, I love how this book sets up later entries in the series so well.
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November 3, 2012
3 1/2 stars. Romances that continue the story of established couples often don't work for me: either they have too little conflict between the adoring characters or they artificially create conflict in a way that stops the story dead in its tracks. Harrison strikes the right balance here. There's romance, there's some conflict, there's development of the relationship, but there's also a story and the elements are all nicely woven together.

The fifth book in the "Elder Races" series. Lord's Fall once again focuses on Pia and Dragos, the main characters of the first book. Pia, now pregnant, is hoping to patch up the diplomatic disaster caused by Dragos intruding on Elven territory when they met -- the downside is being separated, not to mention being guarded by a far from friendly Wyr team she dubs "the Psychos." But Pia's mission takes her into unexpected danger, which tests her mate's ability to trust and let go.

I had a little trouble getting into the book at first, because political plots bore me. When things moved into a more immediate, emotional situation, the story became much more engaging, and it ended on a powerful and touching note. There are lighthearted moment too, like Pia's frenemy relationship with her guard Eva; my favorite was Pia and the avaricious Dragos choosing wedding bands, during which she has to firmly tell him that no, "We do not need this whole tray of rings."

I wouldn't recommend this unless you've read Dragon Bound, and having read all the books in the series would be optimal. I'm a little behind and occasionally felt a bit lost. But if you loved Dragon Bound, this is a delightful reunion with the "Powerful as shit and older than dirt" Dragon and the woman he loves more than any treasure.
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January 26, 2019
This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance

Lord's Fall is the fifth book in the Elder Races series and I have been looking forward to this book and for some reason, it took me forever to finally get to this book considering I have had this book on my TBR for like 6 years!! And boy this book was fantastic and I can't say enough about this book here. There is something so unique about Dragos and Pia, I will never get enough of them and I adored seeing this book come together and it truly beat all my expectations.

Dragos and Pia have been together for seven months, they are fully mated, and Pia is newly pregnant with a white dragon baby but there are reparations to make with the Fae. The treaty was broken between the Wyr and the Fae when Dragos and Pia first met, and Pia is the only one that will be able to be the voice of reason between the two and bring peace. Even though Dragos so doesn't want Pia to leave, he also knows that it needs to be done. Pia is going to meet with the Fae leaders, who also knew her mother, she is with a new guard team and even though things aren't great, Pia wins their hearts and as she enters the Fae territory, there is something afoul going on and she and her team plan on finding out what is going on. And soon they will face one of the greatest enemies that they have ever faced and only with Dragos and Pia working together will they bring down an enemy that wishes to destroy them all.

The Lord's Fall is such a beautiful story and seeing the continuation of Dragos and Pia was so worth the wait. I loved their first book"Dragon Bound" and I had a blast seeing them in their happy ever after, dealing with Wyr politics, and handling a new addition to their family and all the dramatics that comes in a Thea Harrison novel and boy this book kicks booty...I love the strong wills of Dragos and Pia, the development of the villain's plan and the unique fae culture and of course their wedding and even the birth of their son and I loved every moment of this book. There is so much adventure, mystery, and passion to fully tug at the reader's attention and keep you entertained till sundown!! TRULY MAGNIFICENT!

 photo Addicted To Romance Reviews 2_zpsplp8m0tb.png
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November 4, 2017
★★★★☆ (This is a review of the audiobook.) I enjoyed the narrator, Sophie Eastlake, more this time around. She has improved. She used to be a little more “deadpan.” (At least I thought so for Serpent's Kiss.

Love that Pia and Dragos, protagonists from the first book, are back!
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March 18, 2013
LOVED. THIS. STORY!! (love this series)

What a wonderful addition to the "Elder Races" series!

Dragos and Pia are amazing together in their struggle to learn how to be partners, as well as being mates.

Really enjoyed the writing, story-line, and characters.

Can't wait for the next book in this series!!

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November 6, 2012
It's 1 AM again... fuck you sleep, i don.t need you :)) I always end up doing this with books that I love...
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April 19, 2019
Best epilogue ever!

But back to the rest of the book. More of Pia and Dragos. More details of how their mating is going and learning things they didn't know before.
Pia gains new allies and Dragos finds himself up to his neck in Elvin politics and ancient power run amok.
The story has a nice steady pace. Pia and Dragos spend a fair bit of the book apart with the chapters switching back and forth between them. But even when they are apart they have their ways of communicating and I was still highly entertained.
There's a lot of death and destruction but TH doesn't allow the story to wallow in it. She doesn't beat the action to an OTT death.

You don't lose sight of Dragos' age and power just because he's happily mated to a 25 year old. Pia doesn't pull any TSTL moments.

Really i have nothing to complain about. Loved it!

Safety is all good.
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1,539 reviews861 followers
April 7, 2021
~ 5 Lord’s Fall Stars ~

Lord’s Fall is book five in the Elder Races series by Thea Harrison. So much awesomeness happens in this novel. It brings the reader back to the characters that started it all, Pia and Dragos.

These two have challenges they go through together and separately. It was interesting to watch them learn to work as partners, not as employee/employer. Dragos exceeds this otherworldly power and his dragon nature comes out a lot and Pia still keeps him on his toes and try’s to balance out his more powerful nature.

Most of the book is the challenges, struggles, and accomplishments that our characters deal with. Pia goes away in this book to help repair the damaged treats with the fae. She must stand on her own. Dragos has to deal with the Sentinel Games and finding two new Sentinels. Life is changing for both. We see how hard it is for them to be apart, the struggles come through well along with the accomplishments that each them needs to do.

Some interesting developments happen in the fae dimension. We also learning something truly interesting about Dragos though it may not be much of a surprise, but it still felt significant. I also liked seeing that Dragos and Rune are starting to patch things up. They may never be what they once where, but they can be something else.

What really made this such a fabulous book is that Pia and Dragos work to make their relationship more. Even with them mated and a little baby on the way, it doesn’t mean a happy every after. This novel gives us the happens after that happy every after and what they experience.

Lord’s Fall is an epic story full of mayhem, myth, and love.

Audio 2021: I loved the audiobook. The narration was spectacular. Voices are distinctive and the narrator knows how to pull you into the story and keep you hooked. Highly recommend the audiobook.
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517 reviews81 followers
November 19, 2012
Pia & Dragos are one of my favorite couples in this series and I'm so glad Thea decided a revisit.

The book was good, in character for Thea. It was steamy in the right places, touching while describing the H/h realtionship & seeing them grow into each other, and it had a bit of action, as well.
It felt a bit anti-climatic and that's why I deducted a start but it was still a great book.

I am stuck on this because I think it encompasses Dragos so well.

Dragos waited a pulse beat. He said softly, “Now if you’re quite done, get the fuck out of my face.”


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2,053 reviews310 followers
July 29, 2017

I used to hate revisiting couples but now I absolutely love it. Here it is no different. We can’t see how Pia & Dragos are getting on what they have encountered as mates so far and what they face together as mates and EQUAL partners.

Ms. Harrison has created a great addition to the series and I enjoyed immense. There was action, banter and an awesome plot line. I love Dragos he is one of the best Hero’s ever. Pia is an equally kick arse although she is somewhat of a trouble magnet.

I’m really tempted to skip Kinked because I’m not impressed by Aryal. Quentin should go and find someone else. I also know that I’m going to cave on this one.
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3,053 reviews157 followers
February 20, 2015
4.5 stars - With Pia on a diplomatic mission to repair the Wyr treaty with the elves, Dragos holding a colossal gladiator-like spectacle to replace his two missing sentinels, and the threat of whatever ill events that Dragos was warned of by the Oracle, there is an interesting framework for the story in Lord's Fall, but where the book really shines is in the relationships.

I loved getting to catch up with the starring pair of the original book and having the Pia and Dragos' initial bonding out of the way gives Harrison a chance to really solidify their 'Happily Ever After'. I was glad to see the way that their relationship evolves and to see the growth in the autocratic Dragos - they started out with such an imbalance of power and experience that it is nice to see them growing into a partnership that makes me believe in an eternal HEA for them. And there are some steamy, stormy and very sweet moments between Pia and Dragos to satisfy my inner romance reader. Since their romance is solidly established there is also room for some power struggles and bonding moments for Pia and her 'Psychos' - the bodyguards that Dragos sends with her on her mission - and to touch base with some past characters which I liked too.

If there is one nit that I had with the book - and it is only a minor one - it is that I would have liked to have seen just a bit more of the Sentinel Games, just because I thought that was a cool idea. Still there was enough to introduce an intriguing new player to the world and to setup what looks to be the pair the next book (which I am hoping is an enemies to lovers romance - I love that trope).

So I really liked Lord's Fall, and Harrison again left me wanting the next book NOW.
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October 22, 2016
4+ "Learning to be partners is hard work." Stars!

A good addition to the series. In this one Pia and Dragos must figure out how to be partners as well as mates and lovers. It really was a good look at how relationships take hard work and compromise to sustain for the long haul. I enjoyed spending more time with Pia and Dragos. What brought this one down for me just a bit was the conflict in this story was VERY depressing and sad. Very. But even with that, I still enjoyed the story very much because lot of really great stuff happens too ;-) Overall, I liked it a lot. I will come back to the Elder Races world very soon. Happy reading!
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Want to read
March 11, 2012
So glad we will be getting more of Pia and Drago's story!!!!
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March 21, 2018
This was an enjoyable story bringing us back to Pia and Dragos. I liked that it did not focus on some crisis of their relationship but focused on Pia branching out to try and be a diplomat for the Wyrkind and Dragos trying to relax and just let her do her thing.

Pia is specifically trying to mend relationships between the elves and Wyr - Dragos has been hostile towards them for a long time and when he passed their borders in the original book with Pia and Dragos it led to trade sanctions against the Wyr.

Pia is joined by a new group of "psychos" aka bodyguard team and Dragos is overseeing the sentinel games to replace the positions left vacant recently. Of course things are not as settled in the elven realm as she expects which leads to some crazy events.

I loved Pia's relationship with Eva - the leader of the bodyguards. It starts out super antagonistic but grows into a friendship with lots of loyalty on Eva's side.

I absolutely adored Dragos and Pia - they have sexy, loving, and understanding relationship - they both try and accommodate each other and while they do not understand everything the other person does they work together on making decisions.

It was nice to see some of the previous characters and the current sentinels. Looking ahead I'm really not a fan of Aryal... but I might be surprised. I seem to have a high tolerance compared to some people with crazy female characters.
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November 6, 2012
Review posted: Happily Ever After - Reads
Rating: B-

Pia is still trying to find her way in this world led by Dragos. Many of those within Cuelebre Enterprises don’t like her and she wants to be a part of things. She’s convinced Dragos to let her travel to visit with the Elves in the hopes of repairing some of the damage Dragos caused months earlier when he broke treaties with the Elves to rescue Pia. She wants to help, so she’s traveling with a bodyguard entourage to visit the Elves while Dragos stays in New York and holds the Sentinel Games. He’s lost two sentinels and in keeping with tradition, an open call goes out to all and those who want to compete for one of the seven sentinel spots comes and fights. It reminded me of a mix of gladiators going at it Ultimate Fighting style, which of course, Dragos puts on pay-per-view.

While Dragos and Pia are in different locations for the first half of the book, they plan to dream meet to stay in touch. When Dragos isn’t able to connect with Pia one night after she crossed into a Wood with the Elves, he does what Dragos does best – ignores reason and takes off after her. That’s why I love this guy. He’s a dragon, he’s completely possessive and he must make sure that Pia and their unborn son are safe. He’s trying to pull back a little, the fact that he let her go to meet the Elves without him is a huge step. But when he loses touch with her, all bets are off. It’s a good thing he does go because the Elves are in for a traumatic and devastating time of it.

The book focuses quite a bit on the Elves and fighting amongst themselves. One person has put many elves under his thrall and they’re zombies of their former selves, doing what he wants them to in mindless obedience. Dragos, the Wyrs, and Pia all end up helping to fight with the Elves against their own people to try and stop this one Elf and who’s controlling his following using a Dues Machinae, which is like an ancient object of power. The result is heartbreaking, the Elven people lose loved ones and have to fight to kill against their own unless Dragos can stop the madness. I enjoyed seeing Pia be the go between for Dragos and the Elves, or at least try to be. She wants to be useful, she’s good at being the rational person in their relationship and I liked seeing her come into her own in that way. That said, I wish more time would have been spent on Dragos and his own political world a little bit more. I get that the relationship with the Elves needed to be repaired, but I wanted more story that was directly related to Dragos and Pia’s everyday lives instead of going outside New York and away from that.

I did enjoy the small side story of the Sentinel Games and while it doesn’t play a huge role in the book, it serves to introduce us to a few new people and we get to see them in action not only through small snippets during the games, but when Dragos calls on all the strongest fighters to come help with the Elven situation, they all stop the games and go off to fight. Pia’s former boss, Quentin, gets more page time and I always love to see the friendship between Pia and Graydon on page and we get a few nice moments between them as well. I have to mention Rune, finally we get an important moment between Dragos and Rune, it’s been months coming and they’re on a path now of becoming the friends they never were before when Rune worked for Dragos.

While I liked the story overall, I did feel a bit underwhelmed when I finished the last page, which I hated because the last chapter was so sweet and contains a moment that all Dragos and Pia fans have been waiting for. I found all the time spent dedicated to the Elves was a little slow and I had a hard time really getting into that storyline, when all I wanted was just more Dragos and Pia. Their sexy, playful banter and bickering is still there, I love that. They both cuss and hold their ground, but they’re both learning to give and take, especially Dragos, and their relationship is getting stronger each day. I can’t say that this is my favorite book in this series, but it’s one I did enjoy and I’ll always jump at the chance to catch up with my favorite couple and hope that they’ll get another book in the future.
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March 13, 2017
Lord's Fall is book 5 in Thea Harrison’s Elder Races series. Originally, I had no intention of reading this, but after enjoying Pia Saves the Day, I decided to give it a shot.

Newly mated couple, Pia and Dragos must divide and conquer if they hope to make amends with the elves and find two replacement sentinels for the Wyr demesne. Since Dragos is the reason for the elves hostility, it's Pia who takes on the peace mission. Issues arise when someone gets their hands on a god machine and goes on an elf murdering/possessing spree.

Honestly, this was boring. Harrison is at her best when she concentrates primarily on relationship conflicts between people. When she focuses too much on political conflict, or tries to build-up to a war, it doesn’t work for me. Things always seem too easy for the protagonists when she goes for the political/war plot. This was the case here since the minute Dragos reconnects with Pia , I knew how the rest of the story was going to play out. There were no real surprises and the characters barely had any struggles.

What kept me reading were the brief flashes of conflict between the characters. I liked seeing Pia and Dragos struggle for balance in their relationship and Pia shakily begin to trust her guards. However, it wasn’t enough to make me interested in reading about the couple any further than this.

Unless you really adored Pia and Dragos in Dragon Bound, I wouldn’t recommend Lord’s Fall.
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November 17, 2012
Rating 3.5 stars
I loved going back to Dragos and Pia. Pia is pregnant and about to go to repair one of the relationships with Dragos broke while chasing her while Dragos is organizing the Sentinel Games, having lost Rune and Tiago. I would have wished to see more of the games though Pia's friend Quentin was a surprise. I loved seeing Pia and Dragos navigate their relationship since it was unequal, Dragos was dirt old and set in his ways while Pia was used to her independence and not really accepted by all the Wyr since they didn't know who she was, so I loved seeing them come to some sort of solution.

And I loved the baby!!Such a naughty, cute dragon and the whole arc was good too especially seeing Rune and Dragos kind of make up. Graydon is becoming my favourite and I see something between Quentin and Aryal.
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January 9, 2015
4.5/5; 5 stars; A

This review is for the audio version. I just love this series. I enjoyed the audiobook for Lord's Fall, even more than the paperback. I think that is due to Sophie Eastlake's narration. The personalities of the characters comes through so much better. I particularly loved Eva, the snarky, hard-ass bodyguard who gives Pia such a hard time in the beginning but comes around to being a loyal and devoted protector.

When I read this book last year I wasn't paying enough attention so this time I really got the connection between the 'God Machine', and the Oracle's prophecy from book 4.

Well done.
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December 8, 2012
Loved the teaser chapter for Lords Fall at the end of Oracles Moon (which was a fantastic book and is up there with Dragon Bound as my favorite)... can't wait to meet Peanut (even if it will take him 2 years - OMG - to arrive, poor Pia, that is one heck of a long gestation!).

November is so far away...
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November 9, 2012
Posted at Yummy Men & Kick Ass Chicks

Lord’s Fall is the fifth book in Thea Harrison’s Elder Races series. I love this series. I love that Thea doesn’t only focus on your ‘usual’ paranormal creatures but also includes many characters that you don’t normally see in a paranormal romance series. Not only that but Thea’s voice really works for the genre and her characters are fabulous.

Lord’s Fall not only contains beings that are unique but it also does something not often seen in the paranormal genre: it goes back to the couple featured in the very first book of the series, Dragos and Pia. I love this idea. How many times do you read a long-running paranormal series and wish you came across a past featured couple in the storyline? Sure you catch a glimpse of the heroes and heroines from past books here and there but often that’s all you get – a glimpse. I mean, the author pulls us into their story, makes us love them and root for them only to stick them in the background of future installments. With Lord’s Fall, Thea has written an entire book about the first couple. Do I see this working with every couple in the series so far? Not really. Some couples work well with just one book and background info in the next books. But some couples deserve their story to continue and I found Dragos and Pia are one such couple.

Dragos is still his über –alpha self but Pia has definitely changed him. He’s trying so darned hard to be a good partner to her and I find he’s succeeding. Thea may have written him as understanding he needs to mellow out a bit but she did not make him change to the point where it wouldn’t make sense. I loved his growth and seeing the ‘new’ Dragos but I did giggle quite a bit when his ‘old’ self emerged. And I still love him with Pia.

Pia has an important role in this book – she is off to visit the Elves to try to salvage the relationship between them and the Wyr. When things don’t quite go as planned she feels insecure and a little overwhelmed and I like seeing her human side show through so much. It makes me even prouder of her when she overcomes her insecurities and kicks ass. (I love the scene where Pia decides do comfront her entourage, reminding them of who is boss. And I really liked the relationship that formed between Pia and Eva as a result. I hope to see more of Eva in future books because she is a fun character.) I also liked how, even though she is on a very important mission, Thea didn’t change Pia too much either. There is definite growth but she, like Dragos, isn’t changed to the point where we lose the essence of the character. And we are following Pia’s pregnancy in this book too and that was a very nice touch. It doesn’t take over the story but what is there was sweet. I enjoyed how the baby is already protecting mom and reassuring her that things are okay. As I said, sweet.

Dragos can’t go with Pia on her trip because a) he’s the reason the relationship between the Wyr and the Elves is strained and b) he must stay behind to watch over the Games. Since losing two of his Sentinels, he needs them replaced. So he’s holding Games to find the eight strongest and best Wyr. So the book begins with Pia going on her journey and Dragos staying behind. The fact that they were separated made me realize just how much I enjoy those two together. Alone, they are good, but their strength is together and that’s when they shine. Thea did come up with something clever in how she made Pia and Dragos visit each other in dreams so we are not completely without ‘together time’ in the beginning of the book, but the book really got stronger for me once Pia and Dragos were together-in person.

I found the first 35% of the book a little harder to fully get into. Not too sure why because it’s not that there was a lack of action or storyline but it just didn’t grab me the same way the last 65%. But that last bit is amazing! The action, the characters, the story…all amazing. I even got teary eyed at the very end. Really, it’s a good ending.

There are a few scenes that were stand out for me but one more than others. During a battle, Dragos is injured quite severely. To watch his sentinels and other Wyr come to his aid was great. I got chills – I really did. And Pia’s part in that scene made me giggle out loud. I just found it so touching how everyone banded together like that.

The next book will be Aryal’s and boy I can’t wait for that one! She is one tough chick and even though her hero hasn’t been named, I am assuming I know who it is just from watching her interact with one particular man in this book. At least I hope it’s him because that will make an interesting relationship to watch grow. And the heat they would set off! We’ll have to wait a bit though because the as of yet untitled book six is only due to come out November 2013.

Overall, I was quite pleased with Lord’s Fall. I liked how issues between Rune and Dragos were revisited, how the world was expanded once again with us learning so much about the Elves (even though some of it sort of confused me here and there) and I liked how we also got to meet new characters that will no doubt play an important role in future books. The first books from this series live on my favorites shelf and this book is going right alongside them.

4.5 stars
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