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Cum For Bigfoot #3

Cum For Bigfoot 3

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Book 3 of The Monster Sex Series

Poor Porsche. How can she leave all of this behind and return to civilization? When she's in the arms of her Bigfoot, warm and snuggly in his matted fur, the only thoughts going through her mind are of utter bliss. But...the new day dawns and reality has a way of creeping in and shattering the growing love between an ape and its mate.

This story contains wild, consensual ape loving between an eighteen-year-old girl and her horny Bigfoot, who enjoys oral, anal, rimming, and group sex. All characters are eighteen and above. Adult 18+

Kindle Edition

First published January 28, 2012

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About the author

Virginia Wade

138 books160 followers
New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. ❤ Writer of erotica and erotic romance. Not afraid to be shameless...

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3,976 reviews170k followers
April 24, 2012
**now with all the quotes i promised at the end of the old review.**

interesting fact. when an employee of bn borrows a nook from the store, WHATEVER THEY PUT ON IT DURING THEIR LOANER PERIOD SHOWS UP ON ALL THE DEMO NOOKS IN THE NOOK DEPARTMENT WHICH ARE ON THE SAME ACCOUNT. i did not know this. and i, of course, filled it up with teddy bear and bigfoot porn.

so, a rabbi walks into the store...

this is not the beginning of a joke, but a real-and-true story.

and so ryan is innocently showing him the features of the nook, and then up pops, large as day, 8 feet tall CUM FOR BIGFOOT. and ryan's all nervous laughter and fumbling, but the rabbi is super-cool and says only "people have some interesting reading tastes..."

and bought a nook.

but i don't think he is going to buy this series.

so - oops on my part, and i regret, un peu, all the lactation porn i may have inadvertently exposed to old ladies and the unready.

but let's try to review this book.

i mean, it is very similar to the previous two. it begins with the former installment's cliffhanger, in case it wasn't seared into your brain, never to be washed clean. this book has such a casual attitude towards human carnage. i guess when you have a woman being penetrated by three bigfoot at once, the human body becomes both more than it ought to be and less than it is. but the human girls, kidnapped into sexual slavery and loving every minute of it, just kinda wrinkle their noses at the corpses left in their wake. is this a sign that they are becoming more like animals themselves? or were they horrible people to begin with? or is this erotica, a genre that doesn't have to necessarily concern itself with anything other that the old in-and-out?

because hygiene does not seem to be top of the list here. i can understand, while not relating, to bigfoot-sex. some girls like it rough and want to be practically torn part and size really really matters. so fine - you put up with the "wet dog" smell for the sensation that only a bigfoot can provide. you nestle into his furry security, knowing that he will club a motherfucker to death for you.

but being fingered by a bigfoot? i think you have to draw the line somewhere, or the next chapter will be "at the hands of bigfoot: porsche's UTI." DO YOU KNOW WHERE THAT FINGER HAS BEEN? and don't say "in your friend sally" because i meant BEFORE that.

okay - i am very unhappy. i was going to go extract some fine quotes from this to delight you all, and "the lending period for this ebook has expired." which is untrue because i put it back on there last night! it has not been 24 hours, nook gods!!!

times like these i am closer to buying one of my very own. but then i would have to pay for these things myself, and i would quickly go broke.

i will try to get you those passages, but it won't be until i go back to work on tuesday. will you be okay until then???

**okay - so i promised some quotes, and here they be:

"jesus," murmured shelley. "way to eat a ton of jizz.

that might be my favorite line in any book ever, and precisely what i think one girl would say to her friend when they have been kidnapped by sasquatches and one has just been forced to provide oral upon an 8-foot monster.

after that, it's just a lot of:

it's been a while since i've seen a good ape fuckin'.


"you on me, porsche." he lay down and held his penis, the head dripping with wetness. "be good girl."

and some inconsistent behavior, because if all of these kidnappings of young women are supposed to be

but it does end on a tender note:

how could you explain to someone who had never felt what it was like to mate with a sasquatch? being held in the arms of my bigfoot was like snuggling into a warm, fuzzy blanket. all thoughts of the life i knew before dissipated, because, being with him, i felt whole.

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1,131 reviews1,422 followers
August 25, 2020
What more can I say about Leonard and Dale. These are two of the Bigfoots that have kidnapped girls and turned them into their love slaves. Porsche and Shelly are starting to develop feelings for their Bigfoots and these men are willing to kill in order to keep their ladies.


They are also very protective and sweet to these girls (ignoring the abduction and forced seduction). They feed them, keep them warm, and hydrated. They hug them, purr for them when they cry and even say "I love you". They also provide them with multiple orgasms daily which can become addictive and bond forming. Porsche is falling in love with Leonard and finds herself torn.

I am curious as to how this will end, but as much as I would like a happy ending for everyone involved, this is Monster Sex! Will Porsche and Shelly stop trying to escape and just stay with their bigfoot lovers? By book three, I have lost interest and know that I will not make it to book eleven to find out....At least not now. I need a change of scenery.
Profile Image for Alisa.
705 reviews63 followers
June 1, 2012
In this installment of Cum fo Bigfoot we have the Bigfoots closing up shop and taking their ladies to saftey. Leonard and Dale have decided to stick together with Porsch and Shelly in tow. There is a lot of fucking and a lot of fucking and, you guessed it, more fucking. Then, when they are at this creepy mountain mans house, the unbelieveable happens.. more rescuers. What happens when the boys are on the verg, once again of losing their ladies?

*I will say it has a kinda sweet cliffhanger. Sweet as in "Awe" not as in "F YES!"
Profile Image for James W..
125 reviews
December 21, 2021
Three girls are abducted while on a camping trip . This is the continuation and tells of two attempts to rescue them . Contains explicit sexual activity.
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