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I Saw the Light - A True Story of a Near-Death Experience

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This is a true story of what I saw, and what I did when I passed over to the other side and came back. It is my belief that my near death experience and what I learned from it will help others face what none of us can escape when we reach the end of our lives.

86 pages, Paperback

Published May 15, 2012

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About the author

Jeannie Walker

11 books567 followers
Jeannie Walker is an Award Winning Author

Walker's debut book was a true crime, "Fighting the Devil" and was the 2011 NATIONAL INDIE EXCELLENCE AWARDS TRUE CRIME FINALIST and 2010 BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARDS TRUE CRIME WINNER, Reader's Choice & Foreword Clarion Reviews gave it a FIVE STAR RATING.
Other true stories - "I Saw the Light", "Thomas, the Friendly Ghost", "Forever in My Heart", "Regrets" and a color illustrated children's book, "The Rain Snake".
"Fighting the Devil" is a True Crime about the excruciating arsenic murder of her millionaire ex-husband. She became a sleuth and played a key role in helping law enforcement solve the murder.
The motive for the murder was: Wickedness and unscrupulous Old Fashioned Greed.
Walker said, "I wrote the true crime to speak for my children's father as he no longer has a voice."
"I Saw the Light" - is a true story about her Near-Death Experience.
"Thomas, The Friendly Ghost" - is a true story about a guardian angel- who chose Walker to tell his story.
"Forever in my Heart" is a true story about trying to unlock the secret of an unsolved murder.
"Regrets" is a true story of abuse and forgiveness.
"The Rain Snake" is color illustrated children's book about the miracles or prayer and love.
Walker studied creative writing in New York and Connecticut. She is a member of the International Association of Writers, an avid reader of mystery novels and the ex-wife of a murdered man.
Walker believes in karma and justice.

Please check out Walker's WEBSITE at: http://jeanniewalkerbooks.com
BLOG: http://jeannie-walker.blogspot.com/
PAGE ONE: http://bit.ly/eVeFTD
IAN: http://bit.ly/gF2Z3h
LinkedIn: http://linkd.in/h84wli

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Profile Image for Jeannie Walker.
Author 11 books567 followers
July 6, 2012
This is a true story of my Near-Death Experience: What I saw, and what I did when I passed over to the other side and came back. It is my belief that my near death experience and what I learned from it will help others face what none of us can escape when we reach the end of our lives.
103 reviews5 followers
May 19, 2012
I'm not sure how to write this reveiw! In fact it is very hard to write, to say what I feel.

I can only say that after I read it all I could do is cry... 

I wish I knew the words to say what I feel, but I'm not a talented writer like Jeannie.... Just read the book, it is very enlightening!

I had heard similar stories before and also experianced simlar feelings of loved ones who passed over comming back in varrious forms to let me know they are ok.

To have it verified by another is a wonderful feeling!

I beleive our paths have crossed for a reason... Thank you for sharing! 

Profile Image for Royalreader.
8 reviews1 follower
July 16, 2012
What an exceptional book and a true story! Jeannie Walker writes in such a way that it is easy to tell her words come from her heart.
I read this book at just the right time...it helped me deal with my pain of losing a loved one who meant the world to me. I feel so much better now knowing death is not the end...it is a new beginning in a different plane. I believe this true story will help everyone because whether we like it or not - death is right around the corner for all of us. Highly recommend this book.
Profile Image for Belva.
Author 4 books20 followers
July 18, 2012
Jeannie Walker's I Saw the Light is an inspirational true story about her death experience. Driven to suicide by her abusive husband, Jeannie overdosed on pills and died. She knew she couldn't stay in the wonderful place she had entered after her death; she had a mission to fulfill on this earth first. She has done that in this book. It will bring peace and comfort to anyone either facing death or who has a fear of it. I highly recommend this!
Profile Image for Sherrie.
92 reviews19 followers
October 2, 2012
A short story form Jeannie Walker.

Jeannie tells us a wonderful story about how she died and went to heaven. I have always believe in life after death. And Jeannie tells us how great it is.

She tells her story to her dieing father in law, who only has a few short weeks to live. He tells Jeannie how scared he is and she tell him her story. She talks about the white light, the angel, how is see her pass over family, and other wonderful things.

She talk of a place between heaven and hell. I believe it a place wear you go over all the thing you done in your life.

She is told by the angel she can not stay it is not her time. She still has thing to do on earth.

Her father in law (Tony) is now OK with dieing he has done enough in his life. Met his sole mate, been married 50 years and ready to go. he asked her if he can come back, and if he can he wants to be a white pigeon. my father came back as a ladybug Loved the story. great job again Jeannie.
Profile Image for Jeannie Walker.
Author 11 books567 followers
May 15, 2012
I think it is an excellent book to read as none of us can escape death. This is a true story about my near death experience. What happened when I passed over to the other side and what happened after I returned to life on earth. And, about a loved one who died and came back in a different form to prove Heaven is real.

And, I am the author of this book and the Award Winning True Crime Story "Fighting the Devil".
Profile Image for Sharla Lee Shults.
Author 5 books31 followers
January 15, 2013
After reading Jeannie Walker's book Fighting the Devil, I was drawn closer to Jeannie and the desire to read more from this wonderful and prolific writer. The title alone, I Saw the Light, evoked my curiosity. We all at some point in our lives think about death, dying and the fear that is involved: fear of the unknown. It is innate for us humans to fear death for we will leave behind the only world we have ever known. 'Life' beyond that point becomes personal through beliefs and/or non-beliefs.

Jeannie takes you on a journey along shocking paths that led to her extraordinary encounters. You will experience what she felt, what she saw, what she heard for she was there. It is a true account as she faces her life after death. She wanted to die to no longer be plagued by her life on earth. Her near-death experience carried her into another dimension with an ending much different than she ever expected or envisioned.

This is not a book to be scanned or read quickly nor is it one to start and stop, restart and stop again laying it aside hoping to pick it back up later. Once started you will not want to put it down until the last word on the last page is read. You will experience reaching out, taking her by the hand, walking with her as she walks you through an unforgettable journey. A walk that did not end with the closing of her eyes but just the opposite: An eye-opening experience where she saw the light.

Jeannie returned with an enlightenment and opportunity to share her story with friends and loved ones around her, as well as those who are total strangers. Her walk with death did not end her life but instead set her on a path toward a new life enriched with hope, faith and courage.
Profile Image for Theresa Braun.
Author 26 books237 followers
September 26, 2012
Jeannie Walker’s I Saw the Light is an extremely eloquently written account of near death experience. Not only is it an inspirational reminder that we are more than our earthly existence, she vividly describes what’s beyond the white light. Then, she applies her knowledge during the passing of other loved family members. Walker will no doubt inspire and uplift her readers who pick up this book. I would highly recommend this read to those who have suffered the loss of a loved one. It would make a wonderful gift. My only complaint was that the book was too short. I wanted more. I had to mourn the end of this book…
Profile Image for Castlerock.
10 reviews
July 10, 2012
My oh my what a wonderful book to read. It helped me deal with the death of a loved one and made me feel comfort and peace. Thank you Ms Walker for writing this book. It touched my heart in many ways. I highly recommend it to everyone. It is good to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
Profile Image for Stephen Beam.
Author 27 books23 followers
November 25, 2012
Religious experience is personal to each one of us. For that reason I think there are as many religions as there are people. I have even met religious atheists with a very strong faith in their own disbelief.

You either see God everywhere or you see God nowhere. In 'I saw the Light' Jeannie Walker tells the story of her return from death. She describes the celestial realms she visited after a failed attempt at suicide. She offers this story as a gift of hope to her readers - to strengthen their faith in God and an afterlife.

Jeannie introduces you to her world of family and friends - people I felt I knew because I know people much like them. She describes her afterlife experience to them, offering comfort and hope in their time of need.

Jeannie is sharing this very personal slice of her life with the hope it will encourage you in your spiritual journey.

Profile Image for Castlerock.
10 reviews
July 26, 2012
I found the book to be very interesting. I almost felt like I was there in the dark tunnel. What an inspirational book.
18 reviews
June 3, 2013
I am open minded towards the afterlife,this hasn't helped. What a lot of tosh i'm afraid. Far too cliche' for me.
Profile Image for Janice.
Author 2 books4 followers
February 20, 2014
This was meaningful, encouraging and inspiring all at the same time well done can not have been easy to write about.
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