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Saga, Volume 1

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The sweeping tale of one young family fighting to find their place in the worlds. When two soldiers from opposite sides of a never-ending galactic war fall in love, they risk everything to bring a fragile new life into a dangerous old universe. Fantasy and science fiction are wed like never before in a sexy, subversive drama for adults.

Collects: Saga #1-6.

160 pages, Paperback

First published October 10, 2012

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About the author

Brian K. Vaughan

1,046 books13.2k followers
Brian K. Vaughan is the writer and co-creator of comic-book series including SAGA, PAPER GIRLS, Y THE LAST MAN, RUNAWAYS, and most recently, BARRIER, a digital comic with artist Marcos Martin about immigration, available from their pay-what-you-want site www.PanelSyndicate.com

BKV's work has been recognized at the Eisner, Harvey, Hugo, Shuster, Eagle, and British Fantasy Awards. He sometimes writes for film and television in Los Angeles, where he lives with his family and their dogs Hamburger and Milkshake.

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Profile Image for Patrick.
Author 64 books233k followers
January 16, 2013
Merciful Buddha, this was so good.

It's *so* good I wish I hadn't started reading it so soon. Now I have to wait for the next book to come out.

I hate it when I have to wait the next book in a series to come out.

Don't you hate it when you have to wait for the next book in a series to come out?
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3,988 reviews170k followers
June 25, 2018
 photo IMG_4186_zpsffbcqbmk.jpg

this question is a reaction to the sight of this:

 photo IMG_4182_zpshpjd5hgd.jpg

but it could be asked in response to seeing many of the other creatures appearing in this story.

it's got unicorn people

 photo IMG_4176_zpsqf97k3je.jpg

torsoless sex workers

 photo IMG_4185_zps1aagekvu.jpg

teevee-head people

 photo IMG_4179_zpsemqzyevd.jpg

seahorse people

 photo IMG_4178_zpsfewsandy.jpg

and … this

 photo IMG_4181_zps7e8bw1pn.jpg

the story centers around a second timeless question:

 photo IMG_4175_zpsswftkh6w.jpg

why, these two assholes, that's who:

 photo IMG_4177_zpszc5e9abc.jpg

these incredibly attractive characters are supposed to hate each other, due to the longstanding war between their respective peoples, but they fall in love in that romantical star-crossed way; a classic tale of 'he's got horns, she's got wings,' and they make a baby together, where all of the grand beauty of childbirth is depicted.

 photo IMG_4193_zpspz1brul8.jpg


 photo IMG_4173_zpsacpgtbwd.jpg

despite how really freaking beautiful they are, their love is considered treason, and the baby an abomination in the eyes of both their people, so the family is forced to flee to the furthest corners of the galaxy, pursued by a number of bounty hunters/assassins and also a lie-detector cat

 photo IMG_4174_zpsymizrarz.jpg

the third question is why did i wait so long to read this? it had been recommended to me a number of times by a number of people, and i'd always kept it in the back of my mind to read "someday," but if i'd known it would be this good, i would have kicked myself in the ass towards it a long time ago.

this is a triumph of art, story, and concept, it's funny as hell, and i love the characters - not just our two protagonists, but even those who are in pursuit of them. which results in very conflicted loyalties, but it's one of the strengths of this story - that it's not all black/white, good/evil, or in the words of the book: some monsters are worse than others..

there's great character development and worldbuilding and i'm going to try to pace myself with reading these, so i don't end up with another chew situation on my hands, where i plow through 10 books and then have to endure the agony of waiting for my next fix. (i say that, but i've already read the second one and bought the third, and there's only five so far, so i will likely break this vow)

in any event, i'm hooked.
marko and alana 4eva!

 photo IMG_4188_zpsopmav8eo.jpg

come to my blog!
Profile Image for Mario the lone bookwolf.
805 reviews3,853 followers
June 12, 2022
Satiric science fantasy overkill (body) horroring its way to instant cult

Funny as heck
Not just the weird worlds, creatures, and antagonists are entertaining, but the protagonists themselves are a permanent guarantee for little, or even bigger, giggles in between. And there´s something for everyone, some deeper meta irony mixed with easygoing, primitive fun, although it´s mostly the second, hardcore category.

Freaking as hell
Such cool aliens and monsters, often just fully unleashing their potential and true form after some time, come to haunt and creep into one's nightmares or cause them. As disturbing as the whole setting, it perfectly adds more suspension to the mix.

Uncensored high quality
It´s sick, full of violence and sex, and definitively a masterpiece for exactly that reason, because such ideas are usually avoided in mainstream graphic novels to appeal to a broader readership and avoid censorship in backward countries. But it definitively

Isn´t appropriate for all audiences
Because it´s full frontal in your face with feces and everything, a more sophisticated adult animation Rick and Morty South Park hybrid. Some people may just find it wrong, sick, and disgusting and they should definitively avoid reading or stop reading it instead of, let's say, trolling about how terrible it is because it isn´t the stuff that gets them hard.

An amazing couple
Quite a clever trick to use young parents and their baby as main protagonists in a sci-fi world that´s usually mostly ruled by crews, fractions, and aliens. Thereby, also the more character focused readers get their kick while sci-fi heads like me drool because of the stylishness of the presentation and badassness of the aliens.

Subplot overkill
It´s a bit difficult to still follow this whole thing, because there are so many different expositions of freaking crazy characters and subplots that one can easily lose track of the whole thing. But astonishingly Vaughan manages to keep it understandable and ends with a load of cliffhangers for the future parts of the series.

It shows the sci-fi potential for comics
Just as in combinations with fantasy and horror, sci fi has so many both plot and character tropes that are all waiting to be performed in the fine arts, not just in all these amazing sci-fi novels. Letting these come to life is one of the most important missions for future graphic novel authors who will always name this milestone as one of their main inspirations.

Tropes show how literature is conceptualized and created and which mixture of elements makes works and genres unique:
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1,869 reviews54.5k followers
July 17, 2023
Honestly, graphic novels are usually a snooze for me. Half-baked plotlines, underdone characters, attempts at themes that are raw in the middle. (I was running out of cooking expressions.)

But this one...ruled.

It's not necessarily that the characters are fully fleshed out (they aren't) or that there's a wholly satisfying story here (there is not). What there is: Action. Adventure. A cool and unique world. Graphic images. Violence. Babies. Graphic language. Boobs. Something that looks like if Anya Taylor-Joy was half spider.

What more could you want?

Bottom line: So much fun!


this was good sh*t.

review to come / 4ish stars

currently-reading updates

i'm reading a graphic novel, so you know what that means...

Profile Image for Emily May.
1,992 reviews298k followers
May 31, 2013
There's an awful lot of crap in the graphic novel world, but it's strangely wonderful little gems like Saga, Vol. 1 that make rummaging through the rest of it feel completely worth the effort. This first volume is a bizarre, imaginative and very funny beginning to what I'm hoping will be a fantastic series. I've read bits here and there of Vaughan's work in the past but this is the first one to make me need to see what else he has in store for us. I honestly have no idea how he comes up with this stuff: soldiers turned star-crossed lovers from opposing armies are on the run from both sides with their newborn child. Not so crazy... until you add a bunch of ghosts, a huge cat that can tell when someone is lying, a royal family of robots... and somehow, amazingly, it all works.

The main characters - Alana and Marko - make an hilarious and lovable duo that also offer a realistic portrayal of a relationship between two young lovers with a baby they hadn't planned for. They love each other and their baby daughter. They bicker. They support each other. As different as they may first seem from us regular humans, they are also easy to relate to and I was surprised at how quickly I found myself invested in their story. Alana is tough, loves a good dose of sarcasm and snark, and she isn't afraid to say what she thinks or kick some ass if the occasion calls for it. Gentle, well-meaning pacifist Marko is the complete opposite and they balance each other out so well.

It's strange how easily Vaughan managed to juggle several subplots in just 160 pages. The story jumps from scene to scene, introducing new characters at every turn but somehow dealing each one out with enough impact to ensure you don't forget who they are when you're redirected to the next exciting subplot. I, for one, am very excited to see what volume two will bring and I may have to check out some of Vaughan's other series in the meantime or I risk going crazy waiting for more.

p.s. Isn't this one of the most disturbing things ever? 'Cause I think so.
Profile Image for Zoë.
328 reviews65.8k followers
January 9, 2019
This universe looks so cool. I can't stop staring at the characters and the vivid worlds. It's gorgeous.
However, the plot itself isn't as unique or fleshed out, and there are quite a few upsetting moments. For example, the unnecessary use of the "r" word.
It is often vulgar with explicit sex scenes, strong language, gore, and violence. So make sure to keep that in mind if you read in public!
I see potential in this story to improve and have been recommended these books again and again, so I'm going to continue on.
Profile Image for NickReads.
461 reviews1,195 followers
September 18, 2020
I don't know why I am do drawn to this story, I just am. Just as great as the first time I read it.
Profile Image for Anne.
4,060 reviews69.5k followers
June 25, 2017
So. Saga, right?


I was starting to feel like the only person in the universe who hadn't read Vaughan's supposedly fantastic title. But I don't generally go for the weird shit. Especially if they don't wear spandex.
And I knew if I hated this, the comic book mafia would be coming for me.
I'm a big enough person that I can admit that I was really really a little scared of my fellow nerdlings being disappointed in me.
However, unlike my fear of giant soul sucking spiders, this fear turned out to be foolish and unrealistic.


Would you like to do this to someone who pimps out children?
Me too! OMG! We have soooo much in common!


And don't even get me started on Alana. She's possibly the most wonderfully realistic woman ever put down on paper. Ever! I could honestly spend the entire review just gushing about how funny this chick was.
When it opens, Alana is giving birth to Hazel. BEST birthing scene EVER!
"Am I shitting? It feels like I'm shitting!"
I was like, OMG! That's me! I said the same thing!

And Marko cutting the umbilical cord?
Well, I'm using the word cutting loosely.


The plot centers around these two and their infant daughter, as they go on the run from the government that wants them dead. Marko, for escaping a work camp/prison. Alana, for deserting the army. It's a love story!
Only...with really insane looking alien species.
So, the lovebirds are on the run from bounty hunters and a prince with a tv head.
I swear! He has a tv for a head!


Anyway, there are a couple of these bounty hunters on their trail, including The Will. He's a slice of awesomeness, but his partner steals the show. Lying Cat.
I want one! Who agrees with me? We all need a Lying Cat!


This story is just fantastic. If you have kids, it might even be more fantastic for you. It's funny, interesting, action packed, and there were a couple of times I turned the page and went GASP!
Good stuff, good stuff.
If you're like me and tend to skirt around the weird stuff, don't let that stop you this time. It's just about the most honest, least weird, being married with children story I've ever read.
Highly Recommended to Everyone!

Giant Thank You to my friend, Mike, for gifting me this book. Sara's right, you're definitely a great guy.
Profile Image for Federico DN.
396 reviews799 followers
September 11, 2023
Two species at war across the universe, an unlikely love, and an impossible child.

On a distant planet called Cleave, an impossible baby girl is born. Her parents, Marko, a moonie from Wreath, and Alana, a soldier from Landfall. Two different species at war since a long forgotten time, waging war relentlessly through all the vastness of the universe. An unlikely love, the arrival of a beautiful baby daughter, and a prophecy that foretells the death of millions, if not billions. Their respective factions start a desperate hunt for them all... and no place in the universe is now safe.

There is so much you can take after seeing something pop up so many times on your feed! Entertaining, fun, not a boring moment found. Of course, my experience with comics is somewhat limited. Overall, not exactly a great read, but a fairly enjoyable one.

[2012] [160p] [Comics] [Conditional Recommendable]

★★★☆☆ Saga, Volume 1
★★★★☆ Saga, Volume 2
★★★☆☆ Saga, Volume 3
★★★☆☆ Saga, Volume 4
★★☆☆☆ Saga, Volume 5
★★☆☆☆ Saga, Volume 6


Dos especies en guerra a lo largo del universo, un amor improbable, y una niña imposible.

En un distante planeta llamado Cleave, nace una pequeña bebita imposible. Sus padres, Marko, un lunar de Wreath, y Alana, una soldado de Landfall. Dos diferentes especies en guerra desde un tiempo ya largamente olvidado, enfrentados en guerra a lo largo de toda la vastedad del universo. Un amor improbable, la llegada de una hermosa niña bebé, y una profecía que anuncia la muerte de millones, sino billones. Sus respectivas facciones empiezan una caza desesperada... y ahora ningún lugar en el universo ya es seguro.

Uno puede aguantar hasta un límite después de ver algo aparecer tantas veces en las actualizaciones. Entretenido, divertido, ni un sólo momento aburrido. Por supuesto, mi experiencia con comics es bastante limitada. En resumen, no una lectura excelente, pero sí una bastante disfrutable.

[2012] [160p] [Comics] [Recomendable Condicional]
Profile Image for Kemper.
1,390 reviews6,970 followers
January 13, 2016
Some of the elements in Saga:

1) Star crossed lovers who were soldiers in opposing armies of an intersteller war who have a baby and are being hunted by both sides.
2) A royal family comprised of humanistic robots with TVs for heads.
3) Magic
4) Ghosts.
5) A bounty hunter with a giant cat that acts as a lie detector.
6) A forest that grows wooden rocketships

And that’s just the start.

I’m a huge fan of Vaughan’s Y: The Last Man and Ex Machina so no surprise that I loved this. What is surprising is just how bat shit crazy he made this story. Yes, Y:TLM was about the sudden deaths of almost every male on earth, and Ex Machina used the idea of a super hero as the mayor of New York right after 9/11, but both of those started with the real world as the baseline and then explored what happened if you introduced a fantastic element to it.

Saga has no similar foundation in a recognizable reality, yet once again Vaughan creates familiar and likeable characters that you can’t help but root for. Alana and Marko’s quest to find a safe place to raise their baby is something that anyone can relate to. When they bicker, it reads like real people squabbling. So even though he has horns like a ram and she looks like Rosario Dawson with wings, they could be any young couple trying to protect themselves and their child in desperate circumstances. That the circumstances are like a dream that Neil Gaiman would have while running a high fever and taking too much cold medicine is just the window dressing that make the story so much fun.

It’s like a sci-fi fairy tale with a layer of gritty realism to it. It’s also one of the best comics I’ve read recently, and I can’t wait to see how this story plays out.
Profile Image for Claudia Lomelí.
Author 4 books76.8k followers
February 11, 2019
Me gustó mucho PERO ya me dijeron todos que voy a sufrir y PUEDO SENTIRLO. Estos personajes van a acabar conmigo. Ayñ. Ya quiero seguir leyendo.
Profile Image for Carmen.
2,065 reviews1,905 followers
December 10, 2015
"This is what I get for marrying a vegetarian! Even the goddamn PLANTS want us dead!"

Listen, I understand that this is a media darling.

But I find it very hard to enjoy stories/books/comics/tv/movies where the world that is featured and spent time in is a world where it's completely normal to enslave six-year-old girls for prostitution, people talk about murdering other people - children, and infants - as if it ain't no thing, torture, rape, and woman-hating are everyday and commonplace.

You could say, "Oh, but, Carmen, heroes rise out of this! But of course they are not too heroic, because that is just SO PASSE!"

Yeah, I'm not interested.


- It's a beautiful piece of art.

- It is funny occasionally.

- It is well-written.

- It has fun concepts for alien species and alien planets. It's very creative.


- Again, a world in which no one bats an eye at raping a 6-year-old slave girl. Not a world I want to spend any length of time in.

- It's rather... um. I don't want to say cliché but it's rather cliché. Two people enter into a Romeo-and-Juliet-type relationship... Everyone wants to kill them... their baby represents hope for the future or some shit... People go around saying stuff like, "Listen to my voice, boy. I aim to murder you... right after I murder everything you ever loved,"... A hit man who is supposed to be completely immoral but goes around saving people and protecting people right and left....

I mean, come on. Enjoyable, sure, perhaps, if it wasn't in such a f*&^ing depressing setting.

I don't know, I'm just not feeling it.
Profile Image for Baba.
3,619 reviews984 followers
September 7, 2021
The art. The story. The whole Goddamn thing. Blowing a huge insurmountable tornado of fresh air into science-fiction, comic books AND storytelling this is SAGA!

Hazel the narrator starts the story - oh, the art! - on the war torn planet of Cleave where she has just been born to inter-species couple Marko (renounced violence) and Alana (pretty good at violence) - damn, the art! - when all Hell breaks loose on the hotly hunted couple!

This is Hazel's weird and wonderful - oh man, the artwork! - story, about her life, this volume is about her first few weeks. Hang on to your hats! And oh my the artwork is just mesmerising! With a wonderful eclectic cast of TV-headed Royalty, bounty killers, pederasts, ghosts and more; some great swearing, great humour and if I haven't mentioned gorgeous art - THIS IS SAGA! 10 out of 12. Five Star Read. Read this series.
Profile Image for Jessica ❁ ➳ Silverbow ➳ ❁ .
1,261 reviews8,753 followers
December 15, 2020
Reviewed by: Rabid Reads

Before anything else, it must be said that SAGA is the most beautiful and hideous, the most hopeful and fatalistic, the most graphic, and the most adorable thing I have ever read or seen.


It is ALL the things.

The very first page of the very first chapter sets the tone for the whole series (thus far):


You're slapped in the face with the wonder and the ICK of childbirth. Some of you might think the bodily fluids, the wordless, guttural shouts that accompany the pushing, and the million other aspects of child labor are part of the miracle, and you're allowed . . .

In an abstract way, I'm not sure I disagree. But from an impartial bystander perspective . . . all of that is the opposite side of the bringing-a-new-life-that-you-helped-create-into-the-world coin.

It's gross, man.

And if that's a juxtaposition you don't think you can appreciate, then I'm going to go ahead and say goodbye until next time. There is nothing for you here.


B/c that's what SAGA is: finding the beauty in the ugliness of life.


It's overcoming a lifetime of ingrained prejudice only to discover your victory was merely the first hurdle in the journey. It's growing apart b/c life is life, then coming back together in the face of shared tragedy.


It's the determination to remain bitter about past slights opening the door to a new path. It is pain and loss and healing and forgiveness, and it's continuing to put one foot in front of the other, b/c more than anything else, you have to keep moving.


It's life. With all the accompanying brilliance and horror, and it is masterfully done. I flew through all six collected volumes in an afternoon, and I seriously doubt I'll have the willpower to wait for the next collection before reading the individually released chapters.


That's a first in the graphic novel arena, by the way. But I see serial releases in my future, and I'm not even going to try to fight it.


Marko and Alana are two soldiers on opposite sides of a war, who, against all odds, fall in love.


SAGA is their story, and it's the story of the ripples their love makes in the pond of their universe. There were times I thought my heart would burst with happiness, and there were times that I felt physically ill.

Two sides. One coin.


Your turn. Highly recommended to mature adults.

Jessica Signature
Profile Image for Roxane.
Author 120 books160k followers
July 27, 2016
Compelling characters and world building. Sometimes the dialogue is just... off and offensive but not in a charming way.
Profile Image for Alejandro.
1,142 reviews3,567 followers
December 16, 2015
Mind-blowing material!

This collected volume features issues #1-6 from the comic book series “Saga”.

Creative Team:

Writer: Brian K. Vaughan

Illustrator: Fiona Staples


My name is Hazel. -- I started out as an idea, but I ended up something more. -- Not much more, to be honest. It’s not like I grow up to become some great war hero or any sort of all-important savior... -- ...but thanks to these two (her parents), at least I get to grow old. -- Not everybody does.

I had heard many positive things about Saga and noticing that the title won in Goodreads this year (2015) on its Volume 4, it made to give it a try to this first TPB.


And do you know what else?


While it’s truly an original product, if I would describe using comparisons (to make you understand what kind of story is), I’d say that Saga is How I met your Mother meets Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy meets Farscape meets Fullmetal Alchemist. Basically because Hazel (daughter of the main characters: Alana & Marko) is a narrator in “her story” since she born while her parents are escaping from authorities from their own each species whom they are at war using sci-fi weapons but also magic, living in a large space community where you can find as wacky as grimm elements there.

Imagination in full “fireworks” mode!

Anything goes in Saga!!!


Despite what you may have heard, good help isn’t all that hard to find... -- ...it’s just hard to find cheap.

Alana and Marko were soldier for their own species that lived as “space neighbors”, Alana’s people in Landfall, the “largest world in the galaxy” and Marko’s people in its orbiting moon known as Wreath. The war has been for so many time that nowadays they aren’t battling in their own native areas but moving their battlegrounds to other star systems and worlds.

Alana and Marko fell in love and they gave birth to Hazel. A love story that both opposite governments can’t allow to be known by their armies to avoid any chance of those soldier may wonder if still there is a good reason to keep fighting. Both governments send special forces’ teams, allied envoys and freelance bounty hunters.

Hazel is wanted alive for scientific interest but her parents are wanted dead.

Alana, Marko and now Hazek are stuck in the planet Cleave, and in their daring quest for means to leave the foreign world, they will meet many wonderful, astonishing and lethal characters (merging more than one adjective in different type of combinations resulting in diverse results) in a unpredictable narrative where you never know what will happen next!!!

Profile Image for Amanda.
282 reviews313 followers
June 6, 2013
How to describe Saga? It's like someone took Firefly, coated it liberally in WTF, and sprinkled a little Quentin Tarantino on top. Yeah, it's some wonderfully messed up stuff.

The planet Landfall is at war with one of its moons, known as Wreath. The indigenous people of Landfall seem reliant on technology and sport some nifty little insect-like wings, while the people of Wreath have horns (they may be my favorites as each character in the later issues has horns varying from rhino, to antelope, to ox--you get the idea) and are skilled in the use of magic. The war between these cultures has become an accepted part of life, the hatred of the enemy deeply ingrained in both species.

Now enter Marko and Alana, from Wreath and Landfall, respectively, who are ex-soldiers in this war. Defying their cultures, they have fallen in love and the birth of their newborn child, Hazel, has marked them for termination by basically everyone in the universe. Both have known violence and are adept at using it to protect each other and Hazel. On the run from the numerous assassins tracking them, they banter away like a married couple and slowly reveal the history that brought them to this juncture.

And now a convenient list of the absurdities that await the Saga reader, so you can gauge whether or not the "WTF" element is for you:

--a planet known as Sextillion that specializes in, you guessed it, sex
--prostitutes that consist of giant heads teetering on top of Rockette style legs
--a forest that actually grows rocketships
--a race of robots that have television screens for heads
--graphic sex scene featuring the aforementioned robots
--a topless assassin who is all woman (sans arms) from the waist up and all arachnid from the waist down
--the ghost of a teenage girl who must have suffered a gruesome death as she's nothing but hanging intestines from the waist down; naturally, she tags along as Hazel's "babysitter"
--and LYING CAT, my new favorite comic book character is a giant feline sidekick to The Will, one of the assassins contacted about offing Marko and Alana; Lying Cat can detect whether or not others are engaging in a bit of creative truth telling

While the base storyline is one we've read before, the execution is unlike anything I've ever read. Vaughan gleefully injects new and intriguing absurdities into the premise and it's really difficult to get a fix on where this sucker is going--but that's part of the great thing. The ride is so much fun that I really don't care. The artwork by Fiona Staples has a raw and edgy quality that suits the storyline perfectly.

I've been getting the monthly issues, which have the added benefit of a letters section in which Vaughan responds to reader letters. The results are often hilarious and I find myself looking forward to this section with the same anticipation I look forward to the storyline.

Cross posted at This Insignificant Cinder and at Shelf Inflicted
Profile Image for Sean Barrs .
1,119 reviews44.8k followers
December 21, 2017
Saga is so strange, so beautifully strange. I absolutely love it. I read this first volume straight through and I spent most of the time laughing at the sheer weirdness of the characters and the situations they found themselves in.




The strength of the story relies on the sheer energy of the action; it is non-stop and utterly relentless as our two protagonists fight to save their daughter in a world at war. The dialogue is oozing with past mysteries and secrets that are crying to be revealed. I feel like we jump straight into this story, into this universe, that is already firmly established and has been in existence for a long, long time. And for me this is extremely effective. I want more of it, lots more.

The thing that really struck me, and perhaps left me a little bewildered, was the relationship between The Will and The Stalk. I mean, how would that even work? On a physical level, she’s half spider; yet they clearly have an intimate past. The mind boggles.


The art is also very cool, the colours are superb. At the moment I feel like I’ve just had a glimpse at this world, and I hope that when I do look again it carries the same level of strange excellence.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
September 12, 2020
What just happened?

Time for uninformative review #2864, yay and stuff!

Coolest husband/wife team ever

Baby narrative

Lying cat

Ghost kids


“This is was I get for marrying a vegetarian! Even the goddam plants want us dead!”


Cheap romance recs being thrown at me again

People with television set heads doing...things

▧ PG-13 version:

X-rated version

Sexy freelancer with a heart. Sort of.

Tree spaceship

So. What just happened?

Profile Image for Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin.
3,535 reviews9,951 followers
October 5, 2016
MY BLOG: Melissa Martin's Reading List


This is one crazy world! You have some crazy peeps up in here and peep things, they is also some great snark :-) Gotta love the snark!

So Alana and Marko have a little girl but this is forbidden because they are different and how knows about all of that stupid political stuff with all the rules. But these two didn't follow the rules and had a little girl :-)


Then a few minutes after having the baby some freak with an old tv or computer monitor for a head wants to take them to jail. His name is Baron Robot XXIII, yeah.. so anyway.


Alan, Marko and the baby miraculously don't get killed and they get a map and try to find a way to get off the planet. They have some problems here and there a long the way.


But you know, things like this happen. So onward they go. Oh and this crazy Robot Prince hires some people to try to find them and the baby.


Right now he's on the toilet reading a romance novel! Go figure! You should have seen him and his wife having or trying to have sex, he couldn't perform and stuff. Ewwww!

These are the two that are hired to find them. The one called The Stalk is a cray cray looking chic thing!


Then you have The Will and he's relatively normal and he has a lying cat.. who can tell if your lying. God, to have one of those right?



OMG! There is a unicorn head lady in there too. I can't get a really good picture of her so you will just have to read the book. You should read it anyway because it rocks.. anyhoo....

So this ghost named Izabel decides to help the family get to the ship and off the planet if she can go with them so off they go!


They go through some more shite but finally end up on their way :-)


Let me leave you with this other freaky image from the book. LOL.


The hookers down the road on the left if you want to get your uh FREAK on! Fin.....
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February 21, 2021
Saga, Volume 1 (Saga: Collected Editions #1), Brian K. Vaughan (Writer), Fiona Staples (Artist)

Brian K. Vaughan (born July 17, 1976) is an American comic book and television writer, best known for the comic book series Y: The Last Man, Ex Machina, Runaways, Pride of Baghdad, Saga, and, most recently, Paper Girls.

Saga is an epic space opera/fantasy comic book series written by Brian K. Vaughan and illustrated by Fiona Staples, published monthly by the American company Image Comics.

The series is heavily influenced by Star Wars and is based on ideas Vaughan conceived both as a child and as a parent. It depicts a husband and wife, Alana and Marko, from long-warring extraterrestrial races, fleeing authorities from both sides of a galactic war as they struggle to care for their daughter, Hazel, who is born in the beginning of the series and who occasionally narrates the series as an unseen adult.

The first trade paperback collection, Saga, Vol. 1, which collects the first six issues, was published October 10, 2012, and appeared at Number 6 on the New York Times Graphic Books Best Seller list the week of October 29.

Chapter One On a planet called Cleave, Alana gives birth to their daughter, Hazel, while she and Marko flee soldiers from her people and his. Prince Robot IV and The Will are assigned to go after them.

Chapter Two Alana, Marko and Hazel make their way through the Endless Woods. The Will learns the identity of another freelancer on the hunt. Prince Robot IV arrives on Cleave to investigate.

Chapter Three After The Stalk's attack, Alana meets the feared "Horrors" of Cleave and is forced to consider a deal with one of them, Izabel, to save Marko. Prince Robot IV interrogates a prisoner.

Chapter FourIzabel uses magic to heal Marko while Alana doubts her marriage and relationship. Seeking a respite, The Will investigates the pleasures of Sextillion.

Chapter Five Alana and Marko are confronted by a group of Landfallian soldiers. Meanwhile, The Will deals with the consequences of rescuing a six-year-old sex slave from Sextillion named Slave Girl.

Chapter Six Prince Robot IV and The Will's paths intersect. Meanwhile, Alana and Marko make it to the Rocketship Forest, where they use an organic, tree-like rocket to leave Cleave, before being confronted by Marko's parents.

تاریخ نخستین خوانش روز هشتم ماه فوریه سال 2017 میلادی

عنوان: ساگا یک؛ نویسنده: برایان کی وان؛ موضوع داستانهای نویسندگان ایالات متحده آمریکا - سده 21م

حماسه یا «ساگا» (افسانه ها، و اسطوره های سرزمینها، و زمانهای بگذشته، و آینده، به زبان امروز) یک حماسه ی «اپرای فضایی»؛ «فانتزی»، و یک سری از کتابهای مصور هستند، که توسط «برایان ک وان» نگاشته شده اند؛ جلد نخست، سرآمد است، «آلانا» و «مارکو»، دو عاشق از دو جهان متفاوت؛ «آلانا»، از ائتلاف پیشرفته «لندفال»، بزرگترین سیاره ی کهکشان، و «مارکو» از سیاره ی «تاج گل» هستند، تخریب یکی از جهانها، باعث چرخش جهان دیگر از مدار خویش میشود؛ و ...؛ در سیاره ای به نام «کلیو»، «آلانا» دختری به نام «هازل» را، به دنیا میآورد؛ در حالیکه او، و همسرش «مارکو»، از سربازان فرار میکنند؛ ادامه را در روزهای دیگر خواهم نگاشت؛ این سری از حماسه ها، بسیار شیرن و قند عسل برای نگرش، و خوانش هستند؛ خط داستانی، همانند «رومئو و ژولیت»، آثار هنری، ایده های ناب؛ چه رویدادی رخ میدهد، که زنی، از فرهنگ جنگجو، با بالهای عشق یک مرد، از سیاره ی دشمن خود، آشنا شود؟ داستان را، کودک آنها «هازل»، روایت میکند؛ خوانش و دیدنش یک لذت ناب است؛ برای همه طرفداران «علمی تخیلی» توصیه میشود

تاریخ بهنگام رسانی 02/12/1399هجری خورشیدی؛ ا. شربیانی
August 5, 2017
Some people say that graphic novels aren't a legitimate form of great literature...I say that those people have clearly never read Saga!

The planet of Landfall is at war with the moon of Wreath, and the conflict has managed to engulf the entire galaxy, with combatants from multiple worlds choosing sides to fight on. In a time filled with hatred and violence, two soldiers from opposite sides manage to find love and solace in each other. After the birth of their infant daughter, Private First Class Alana of Landfall and Wreath foot soldier Marko seek to escape the war that has consumed their lives so that their daughter can grow up in peace. Branded as traitors by both sides of the conflict, now the two warring factions have found one thing they can both agree on...Alana and Marko must die!!!

Sounds like a really cool concept, right? But as anyone who has read the sublime "Y The Last Man" series already knows, for Brian K Vaughan, a great concept is only the beginning! Right from the opening sequence where the birth of an idea is used as a metaphor for childbirth, I knew I was reading something far more sophisticated than simply "Romeo & Juliet in space"! Vaughan manages to weave in so many other elements so seamlessly, the end result is a beautifully rich and complex mythology. One of my favorite parts of the story is Izabel, a sweet (although occasionally bratty) ghostly teenage girl who tries to help Alana and Marko in their quest for peace. Izabel's perkiness and humor manages to make her one of the most endearing characters in the book...despite her being only a disembodied torso!

Of, course, in order for a concept like this to work, the reader has to truly care about the protagonists. Fortunately, Vaughan executes that perfectly, by giving us two compelling characters who we not only want to learn more about, we NEED to know more about them! In some ways, tough Alana is a perfect foil for pacifist Marko. However, both characters exhibit such strength and benevolence that their quest for happiness is important not only to them, but to the audience as well. Through their personalities, compassion, and wit, Alana and Marko truly touch the hearts of anyone lucky enough to be reading about their exploits!

But, as this is vintage Vaughan work, not only the protagonists are compelling...even their pursuers are fascinating! The government of Landfall enlists regal Robot IV to track down the fugitives, and in typical Vaughan fashion, the robot often exhibits more humanity than the people he's working for. Another memorable antagonist is the bounty hunter known only as "The Stalk". Enhanced by Fiona Staples' immaculate artwork, The Stalk is one of the creepiest villains I've seen in a long time. But by far my favorite of the pursuers is the freelancer known as "The Will". Although he purports to only possess the ethics his clients pay him to have, The Will soon finds himself suffering a personal crisis where his own nobility shines through. Indeed, there are times that I actually found myself rooting FOR the villain, even though I'm well aware The Will's ultimate goal is the destruction of our heroes!

Honestly, I could gush on and on for hours about all the parts of the book I loved, but to reveal too much would be a disservice to anyone who hasn't read it yet. Many of the plot twists are better experienced firsthand. So, instead, I'll just leave you with the assurance that I can honestly say I enjoyed every single page of this graphic novel! A vast, sweeping epic tale, "Saga" is very aptly named!
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