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October 2, 2015

"My ambitions aren't grand. All I have ever wanted is to be there for the two people who mean everything to me. Maybe that's a small goal to others, but it's always felt like enough."

Reading this has made me really sad because despite Roar’s sweet efforts to make Liv his...

In certain cases, even the strongest and sturdiest kind of love between two people is not enough to keep them together. *sniffs*

But you know Roar can’t be serious for a long time and there were moments that made me laugh particularly when he suggested prostitution as Perry’s option for a living. LMAO!

Roar , you should know that you will forever Liv inside my heart. (See what I did there?) Lol!

I know! This is pathetic. I think reading slump begets reviewing slump. Lol!
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January 9, 2013

"You're killing me, Liv. Whatever it is, just tell me. What's in your heart?"
"You are," she says.
She tells me again, silently.

Is it Valentine's day yet? Because I feel like I just took a ride on the romance train. Perhaps this is why I broke out of my foreboding theme from the first two books reviewed, in favor of something a little more "before the shit hit the fan." Choo-choo?

I wish that I had read Roar and Liv before book 2. Let me clarify that there is technically no "right" time to read this prequel. Just because I happened to read it after the first two books, doesn't mean that anything felt wrong or out of order. The only reason why I wish that I had read this small piece of the bigger story earlier, is because I think knowing this part of the story might have added to the tension in book 2.

Don't look too hard for answers to your questions. Consider yourself invited to view an early look at the lives of the characters themselves, pre-Aria. That's about all you're going to get.

Worth the read? Absolutely, if you can't get enough of Perry and Roar, or want to know more about how Roar and Liv got started. I like seeing how relationships are cemented, and in that aspect, I was not disappointed.
This girl. She's all I see.

She's mine. The words rage through my mind.

We slow and slow and slow until we move together as one.

I'll give her time, but I won't give up. Ever.

Now I truly have to begin the long wait for book 3. :(
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October 30, 2012
MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE. I want MOOOOOOOOOOOOORE. And that two chapter sample of Through The Ever Night? I repeat: MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!!! *sits in corner and wails*

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November 16, 2012
I know this is called Roar and Liv, but more than anything, I think it gave me an incredible amount on insight into Perry. Seriously. We don't realize how much Perry really suffers or realize just how modest he is because this guy never gives himself the credit he deserves. In Under the Never Sky we can see how worthy, pure, and kind Perry is from Aria's perspective, but in Roar and Liv, we get to see how much Roar admires Perry for his strength, resilience, and courage. We know Perry and Roar love each other like brothers, but while we always see Perry's envy of Roar's handsome looks, we never realize that perhaps Roar too envies Perry for the purpose that Roar feels he lacks. I truly adore the bromance between these two, so this novella only gave them more depth.

Furthermore, I love how every time I read something Rossi writes, I'm constantly reminded of what a phenomenal author she is. Roar's voice is so distinct from Perry or Aria's, so it's impossible to mix. While I didn't fall for his love story with Liv as hard as I perhaps wanted to, simply because this was just a very small glimpse into their world, it was enough to show me that the strength of their bond stemmed from friendship and just how well these two understood each other.

Vale, Perry's evil older brother, also makes a large appearance in this one and only reinforced my hatred for him. I wish I could call Vale's actions unrealistic, but I can't since I come from a country known for arranged marriages and dowries, so really, I sympathize with the situation Liv finds herself in only too well.

Nevertheless, the BEST part of this novella is the short, two chapter excerpt of Through the Ever Night. GUYS! That. Book. Is. Going. To. Be. Awesome. Seriously. If the first two chapters were that good, I can't IMAGINE how phenomenal the rest of the novel will be! You lucky ducks who got ARCs should thank the Thief Gods that I can't crawl into your homes and snatch away your ARCs since I really do believe I'd sell my kidney for an ARC of Through the Ever Night. I. Can't. Wait. ;)
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November 22, 2015
Roar and Liv is the prequel of Veronica Rossi's Under the Never Sky trilogy and I fell in love with the plot immediately. Though it's just a short story and lets us see the life before Perry and Aria(I have no idea who Aria is exactly, simply quoted from the synopsis), I did love Roar and Liv's relationship.

I'm actually surprised that the author managed to create something unexpected in such a quick-read, and the truth that shocked me a little. It's hard for me to accept the fact that Roar and Liv had to separate and end up like that. It's just too cruel to bear.
She’s quiet for a long moment, searching my eyes. Stepping right into my soul. “Liv or love?” she asks.
I brush her hair away from her neck and rest my hand there, feeling the beating of her pulse. “Either,” I answer. “They’re the same to me.”

I'm not sure whether I'll read more of them in the following sequels, because from the descriptions, it seems that they are all about Perry and another girl but don't mention Roar and Liv at all. Whatever it is, I'll definitely finish this series! Anyway, I'll recommend this book to anyone who loves dystopian and supernatural stories. :)
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December 31, 2015
“Liv or love?" she asks. I brush her hair away from her neck and rest my hand there, feeling the beating of her pulse. "Either," I answer. "They're the same to me.”

mY hEaRt
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October 7, 2016
*Spoilers for Under the Never Sky*

This book is a definite must read for fans of Under The Never Sky and for anyone who fell in love with Roar. While the story is set before the first, I highly recommend reading it after the first book to avoid spoilers. And I also recommend reading it before the second, I can't say why, just know that you definitely should.
I choose you. Above everything else, I choose you. - Roar to Liv

Roar loved Liv with every single fiber of his being. She was his whole world and lit up his life. They were something that had always been, and they never thought that a future together wouldn't exist. Yet when Vale, Liv and Perry's older brother and tribe leader, came back from his trip their time together started a countdown. Liv's hand in marriage to another tribe leader was Vale's solution to feed his tribe. So reading this novella was utterly heartbreaking, yet it gave me so much insight at the same time too.

Life Sucks
She’s mine .
The words rage through my mind. Liv is mine.

This book made me see so many things more clearly. The first being that I finally got why Perry was adamant about not wanting to be with Aria. In his world, true love doesn't always matter. Keeping up blood lines and good relations with other tribes trumps true love. So while I watched the tribe and Vale believe that Liv's future union with a stranger was the best, I was sick to my stomach. I felt overwhelmed, depressed and utterly lost right along with Liv and Roar. I wanted to scream at the unfairness of their life. I felt entirely helpless that Roar and Liv's hopes and dreams no longer existed. That their future had become entirely bleak. And while I watched this unfold, I realized that I would have been reluctant to liking Aria if I was Perry too.

Vale Must Die
Liv turns to me. “He wants me to marry into the Horns. He sold me to them! Tell him, Vale! Tell him what you did.”

Seeing Vale from only Perry's POV, in Under the Never Sky, showed a manipulative bully whom I hated. And while he still comes across as a bully through Roar's POV, I also saw something else. I watched as his tribe stood behind him. I saw how they viewed him as a strong ruler who they adamantly followed. Even when they didn't always agree with him. It was frustrating to watch the tribes loyalty to Vale. And it was even worse witnessing how he treated Liv, Perry and Roar. I truly hate that man and easily wished his death a thousand times over.

More Reasons To Love Perry
Beside me, I hear the slosh of the bottle as Perry takes a drink. Minutes pass before he speaks again. When he does, he’s so quiet that I know the words aren’t really meant for me.
“You’re better than a brother,” he says.

Seeing Perry through Roar's eyes just validated how much I had fallen for him. You see, Perry wasn't just a best friend to Roar. They were more than even brothers. And the things Perry did to help out Roar in his life, oh my gosh. Perry would try to lift the weight off of Roar's shoulders, and it hurt to read. I still can't believe what happened. But it solidified what I already knew, that Perry was a truly beautiful man inside and out.

Hidden Feelings
If I have to lose everything to keep her, I will.
I will.
I will.
I will.

I always saw Roar as this confident man whose sex appeal was just as palpable as Perry's. But listening to his thoughts, and hearing about past events unfold, I saw a very different Roar. I saw a Roar who at times was unsure in life. I saw a Roar who didn't value himself the way he should. I was shocked. It made me just want to sneak into the book and make everything in his life all better.

So while I'm not always a novella person, I'm so glad I picked this one up! I got to understand things so much clearer and I fell even harder for Roar and Perry. I definitely recommend picking up Roar and Liv after you read Under the Never Sky!

For more of my reviews, please visit:
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December 8, 2017
I love love love LOVE novellas guys. Now I did read the first book, Under the Never Sky, before I even realized that there was a novella - I know, I made a huge mistake!! But I hope I redeemed myself because I didn't even write the review for the first book of this series yet. Nope, I definitely put a stop on that train because I just had to read this novella first!

I totally adore Perry and Aria. I also really like how you get to see a completely different side of Perry within this novella. I don't want to spoil a whole bunch from this short little book - but just know that it was beautifully written. Beautifully short too because I totally wanted more and I have a feeling that how most people feel when they are reading a novella.

I can't wait for the next book in this series! BRING IT ON!
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October 31, 2012
There's something about Veronica Rossi's writing that makes me want to snuggle it to my chest and roll around in the feels.

I mean:

"I twist away, pulling her with me, and the battle begins. We roll over each other, tumbling, wrestling, tangling in the sand until my hands find her hands and my lips find her lips and then we slow. We slow and slow and slow until we move together as one."

How can that be anything less than amazing?

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March 20, 2013
vi amo, infinitamente.


*fangirling so hard*.

i think i just found i new reason to live until 30th October. OH GOD. Thank you Veronica, thank you so much.

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December 28, 2017
4/5 stars

We lose and lose, but we're still here. Shaking in place, afraid of doing something. I'm tired of settling for this because I don't know if something better exists. It has to. What point is there otherwise? I can do something about it. And I will.


If anything, short stories can make someone understand so much more about the characters. This is what this cute but also sad and agonizing short story managed. I understood so many things. I understood love, and loss, and need, and choices. I read the story of two people in love, who wanted to be together but were decided to be separated, so a deal would be struck.

I read the tale of two people who would do everything for each other, and this was breaking them even more. I loved how strong Liv was, and how carefully she acted, not letting her emotions cloud her judgement, and always, always hoping for the best, even when everything seemed bleak.

I loved the insight in the life of the Tides, and it saddened me to see that women are not too valued in there, as they need a Guardian and sometimes are married off. I loved the sensitive side of Roar, although at some point he showed a possessiveness I didn't like. I loved how the feeling of mutual intimacy and understanding in a relationship was passed as an important factor, since not only Scires can render, but everyone who loves with their entire being.

I also adored the insight in Perry's past, although it was tragic and dark. I liked how we were able to glimpse a part of Vale's way of thinking as well, because it made me realize that his heart always had darkness in it, and not only when he lost his wife. Of course it could be because of need, but his choices, no matter how you see them, are not justifiable.

Last but not least, I loved the friendship between Roar and Perry, and the way they will always, despite not having the same blood, be brothers. This is the reason while the thing that Perry thought in Through The Ever Night (I mentioned it in the review of that book) was completely unacceptable to me. Perry and Roar are brothers ♥ They have trust of ages built within them ♥ They have a special, unbreakable bond.

All in all, I really liked this short story and am excited to read Brooke and Into the Still Blue ♥♥♥

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October 30, 2012
I will read anything from this series. I can't to read more about Roar and Liv. Edit 30th Oct 2012 I freaking loved it. So good to be back in this world makes me want book #2 even more. Only downside I wished it had been a full length novel because Roar and Liv rock!!!!
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February 23, 2018
3.5 Stars

I’m kind of disappointed. It was a sweet story, no doubt, but I’ve expected a little more. Roar is one of my favourite characters in the series, but in here I didn‘t like him as much as usual.
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June 23, 2015
Although Roar and Liv is technically a prequel to Under the Never Sky and can be read by people who aren't familiar with the series I'd actually recommend reading the book first because I think you'll get more out of the novella if you're familiar with the characters. In fact, for the purpose of this review I'm actually going to assume that you have already read Under the Never Sky so be aware that there will be (hopefully minor) spoilers if you haven't.

I loved Roar's character from the minute he was introduced in Under the Never Sky so of course I jumped at the chance to read a story from his point of view, especially because it meant we would finally get the chance to meet the love of his life Liv. We already knew how much he cared about her and how desperate he has been to try and find her after she ran away but it was brilliant to get a glimpse into the beginning of their relationship and see just how great they are together first hand. We also get to see more of Perry's childhood and watch the three friends grow up together which was a really nice addition to the series.

If you've read the first book then there aren't really any surprises in Roar and Liv's story, we already knew how things would pan out for them but I still really enjoyed getting to know Liv's character and filling in the missing details about what happened with her on the journey to the Northern Blood Lord. If you're a fan of the series then this novella is well worth reading and I'm glad I took a chance and bought it.
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March 12, 2023
I have to say that I had forgotten how much I really loved Rossi's characters. Reading this short story just gets me even more in the mood for Through The Ever Night! Once I started reading this story, I devoured it. I could not put it down and was done with it in a very short time!

This is the story of Liv and Roar. Yup, before there was Perry and Aria, there was Live and Roar. And there romance is palpable and real, heartbreaking and overwhelming.

Rossi takes us on the journey of their love from Roar's perspective. And let me tell you, I just love Roar. He's funny and spunky, he's loving and kind and he's so endearing you can't help but love him. This story puts your right inside his head. Shows you what he thinks of his relationship with Perry and Live and even Vale. I am reminded of his raw emotion and his protectiveness of those he loves. And Liv, well, she's an independent unto herself. I love that we get this little cut out of who she is because we don't get to meet her in the first book. And my heart just aches for them both as they are abruptly torn apart by Vale (who I can't stand, by the way; didn't like him in Under The Never Sky Either, which I'm sure is not a shocker). And Perry, well, he's still Perry and still yummy. And his friendship with Roar, yup, definitely a Bromance. Which I just love because they are so easy with each other, their friendship has no bounds.

And Rossi's writing, well, it grabs a hold of you right from the very start and pulls you forcefully along for the ride. It's flowing and easy and makes me just want to snuggle up and not let go. My only complaint was that it was not longer! And what an ending. Definitely a cliff hanger. I wonder if we will get to see more about this in the second book.

And even though there is an excerpt of Through the Ever Night at the end, I didn't read it! I don't want to get hooked even more and then have to wait! ACK! NO NO NO, that won't do! LOL!

This story packed an emotional punch that you do not want to miss!

This one gets a shining 5 stars from me! I hope to see more shorts from Rossi as the series progresses!
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April 15, 2013
I'll give her time, but I won't give up. Ever.

This isn't enough! Just isn't enough!!!

I'm swooning and heartbroken!

Roar and Liv deserve their own full story :(

I've already read the first two books,and now after reading this 0.5 novella.... because I know what happened later, my emotions are higher and I'm just so torn up!

I feel really really really sad all over again for Roar :'(

Roar is one of my favourite characters in Under the Never Sky, absolutely love him(probably even more than Perry). He's the funny loyal understanding rock-solid friend who's there for Perry and now Aria. And getting to know Liz more through this novella.... I feel your pain Roar.

This is really REALLY good for a novella. I think readers will enjoy it more after reading the first two books than reading the novella first. This also gave a good insight on Perry's life before Aria. I'm still mad with Perry

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July 17, 2015
I don’t know what’s wrong with me. She’s hurting. Why am I trying to hurt her more? I make myself shut up and press my finger against the cut on my thumb until it stings. It’s such a small amount. So bearable.

Strong, flawed, passionate characters hooked me into trying the full-length novel/series. Roar, the protagonist was believable and wonderful – especially when it came to his intense feelings for Liv. His heart was a breathing, seething, devoted entity. His fears and dreams are made felt by the reader.

There's not a strong sense of the world in which Roar lives. He could be living in another planet or alt universe. The world doesn’t show structure (rules, power, resources, and setting) until Under the Never Sky.

This novella is as a terrific sampler for those considering reading Veronica Rossi's work. I really enjoyed Roar and Liv, so I purchased Under the Never Sky, which is very inexpensive atm. (I was too impatient for the library loan.)

Grade: B+

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October 30, 2012
That. Was. Perfect! To see Roar and Perry (and Liv) pre-Under the Never Sky. I can't get enough of this series.

I've always loved Roar, he's a character full of emotion: love, longing, protectiveness. I loved seeing the story of his greatest love from his point-of-view. It was incredible.

What's even better is we get to see a lot of Perry and there's nothing I love more in this series than Perry. It was fun to see him through Roar's eyes and the bond between the two of them is something I can't get enough of.

So much love for this series!

5/5 stars
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September 21, 2015
This is a refreshing short story told from Roar's POV, set a day before Liv's arranged marriage with Sable.

If you've already read Under the Never Sky, you know that Vale, the Tide's Blood Lord and Perry and Liv's older brother, has basically 'sold' his sister Liv to the Horns, in exchange for food supply. Winter is approaching and it'll be hard to feed the whole compound, and this was the only solution the Blood Lord can agree with. The Horns is a massive and influential tribe, with a powerful Blood Lord. Both Roar and Liv know that escaping this agreement will only leave both of them running and hiding for their whole lives, because Sable can have them tracked down. Plus, the compound is counting on this provision. They'd go hungry if they defy Sable and Vale.

I was hoping I'd read a POV from Liv, but Veronica Rossi only wrote Roar's. We've known Roar in both book one and two as someone who is easy to go along with and can have a laugh. But in this novella, I felt how powerful, raw and true his emotions are. They were brimming with his love for Liv. I really felt it and I'd think she's such a lucky lady to have him. But it was also brimming with sorrow once he heard what Vale did and the days number to when Liv will marry his future husband, and it's not him. To just know that the love of your life won't be marrying you will drown you in despair, and I felt it from Roar. Vale agreed that he, along with Perry, can fetch Liv to the Horns, and seeing him panic as they near it and go frantic as he can't think of a plan out of this makes me sympathize with him deeply. His POV was perfectly written.

I was hoping I'd read the time Vale will tell Liv of what he agreed to, and Roar going outrage of what he did because he is against their relationship, and it's a good thing I did read it. Although there were Liv and Roar moments, I was rooting for more of it. I wish Rossi didn't set it on the day before. Maybe then, I'd understand the way Liv is acting, because honestly, I didn't feel like she loves Roar so much, at least not as Roar loves her. Her behavior was kind of confusing, she didn't show that much initimacy or affection towards him. I'd think she was just scared of what's going to happen to them, and tired thinking about it, but if Rossi added more romantic moments between them, maybe I'd understand her better.

There actually was a plot to this and I appreciate that. Some of the things included were Perry's evident and no-choice submission to his brother, their family, mentions of Jodan (their father) and how Roar first got into the Tides and how he became friends with Liv and Perry. I wish I'd see them as kids and how their friendship grew. There were also glimpses of Perry and Brooke's relationship and I'm hoping I'd see more flashbacks of them in the second novella, Brooke.
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November 11, 2012

-Roar and Liv's story.

-Roar and Liv were fairly likeable and interesting characters in the first book, so I was expecting good things from this, unfortunately this was rubbish.

-Roar had no charm, personality or attitude — all he did was whinge about his wuv for Liv and bitch about Liv's evul brother. He was all talk — instead of fighting for Liv and following through with his threats, he just let everyone walk all over him. There seems to be a fine line between an alpha bastard and a weakling in fiction.

-The romance between Roar/Liv was beyond boring. I didn't care if they ended up together or not, I was actually hoping they'd end up dead even though logically I knew they were alive in the first book.

-I didn't like Perry AT ALL - I hated that Perry dated and slept with Brooke for a year even though he didn't like her all that much — he was a dick. He didn't care about Brooke and he knew she loved him — he just strung her along so he could have a convenient fuck or two when he wanted. I don't know why everyone fangirls over him and thinks he's a decent guy — he's not, he used Brooke and then threw her away as soon as he found someone else.

-I know it won't happen but I'd like Brooke to take down Perry in future books. I'm guessing that Brooke will be made out to be the sad, desperate ex that can't let go of Perry and I'm sure she'll stick up for him and lecture Perry's new girl about what a great guy he is even though he treated her like shit.

The plot was blah, Roar/Liv were extremely dull and Perry was a bastard.
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January 26, 2015
Roar and Liv, their novella is really sweet and tender. You end up truly believing in the love they have for each other, cause it's very intense. I did enjoy this novella (of course like all of them I wish it was longer).

We get to really understand who Roar is in this book and I'm glad I read this after the first two books because it gives much more clarity about him. I do love Roar and this just makes me even more after seeing the way he felt for Liv.
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1,838 reviews6,242 followers
January 14, 2014
It was just okay. I was really hoping to get to know a lot more about Liv because she was so important to Roar, but I didn't really get that out of this novella. I can see why it made everyone like Roar more, but I already liked his character enough without reading this book. It didn't add anything to the main story.
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290 reviews26 followers
May 4, 2016
Roar remains my favorite character <3 It was nice to get to know Liv, I can see why Roar likes her so much since she won me over so easily too, can't wait for her to make an appearance on the other books of the series. Also, this was kind of really sad, my poor heart for Roar, Perry and Liv.
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20 reviews
Want to read
October 10, 2012
PRE-ORDERED!! I 'loved' the first one. It was unique, the characters were well written, and I was consumed from start to finish in the first one. I cannot wait for this prequel! *Dances.*
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340 reviews11k followers
January 31, 2014
I love Roar so much!
My heart is in pieces though...
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87 reviews252 followers
November 18, 2018
Roar has always been one of my favourite characters, so I definitely enjoyed this little snippet from his point of view. The first-person narration was a welcome change, and it was effective in conveying his innermost thoughts. This novella provided insight into Roar and Liv’s relationship, and the emotions were palpable; you could feel their love radiating from the pages, and it really brought a new level of clarity to the backstory. Of course, given the shorter length of the novella, there wasn’t a lot of time for the romance to gently develop, so everything seemed a bit in-your-face – but it did elevate the empathy I felt for them as side characters.

In general, I felt closer to all the characters – reading from Roar’s perspective intensified the depth of his friendship with Perry, and provided a glimpse into their brotherly dynamic prior to the series. They both became more multidimensional; the portrayal of their respective mindsets towards love elucidated their behaviour in the main books, and made the development especially meaningful. Overall, Roar and Liv had a lovely combination of friendship, sweet moments and distinctive humour – qualities that have remained consistent throughout the series.
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974 reviews76 followers
November 10, 2022
Definitely solidified my love for Roar (he reminds me a bit of Kenji from Shatter Me!). I love him and Liv together and hope to see them in the next book!
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