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The Mistborn Saga #5

Shadows of Self

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Goodreads Choice Award
Nominee for Best Fantasy (2015)
Shadows of Self shows Mistborn’s society evolving as technology and magic mix, the economy grows, democracy contends with corruption, and religion becomes a growing cultural force, with four faiths competing for converts.

This bustling, optimistic, but still shaky society now faces its first instance of terrorism, crimes intended to stir up labor strife and religious conflict. Wax and Wayne, assisted by the lovely, brilliant Marasi, must unravel the conspiracy before civil strife stops Scadrial’s progress in its tracks.

Shadows of Self will give fans of The Alloy of Law everything they’ve been hoping for and, this being a Brandon Sanderson book, more, much more.

383 pages, Hardcover

First published October 6, 2015

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About the author

Brandon Sanderson

436 books203k followers
Brandon’s major books for the second half of 2016 are The Dark Talent, the final volume in Alcatraz Smedry’s autobiographical account of his battle against the Evil Librarians who secretly rule our world, and Arcanum Unbounded, the collection of short fiction in the Cosmere universe that includes the Mistborn series and the Stormlight
Archive, among others. This collection features The Emperor’s Soul, Mistborn: Secret History, and a brand-new Stormlight Archive novella, Edgedancer.

Earlier this year he released Calamity, the finale of the #1 New York Times bestselling Reckoners trilogy that began with Steelheart .

Brandon Sanderson was born in 1975 in Lincoln, Nebraska. As a child Brandon enjoyed reading, but he lost interest in the types of titles often suggested to him, and by junior high he never cracked a book if he could help it. This changed when an eighth grade teacher gave him Dragonsbane by Barbara Hambly.

Brandon was working on his thirteenth novel when Moshe Feder at Tor Books bought the sixth he had written. Tor has published Elantris, the Mistborn trilogy and its followup The Alloy of Law, Warbreaker, and The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance, the first two in the planned ten-volume series The Stormlight Archive. He was chosen to complete Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series; 2009’s The Gathering Storm and 2010’s Towers of Midnight were followed by the final book in the series, A Memory of Light, in January 2013. Four books in his middle-grade Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians series have been released in new editions by Starscape, and his novella Infinity Blade Awakening was an ebook bestseller for Epic Games accompanying their acclaimed Infinity Blade iOS video game series. Two more novellas, Legion and The Emperor’s Soul, were released by Subterranean Press and Tachyon Publications in 2012, and 2013 brought two young adult novels, The Rithmatist from Tor and Steelheart from Delacorte.

The only author to make the short list for the David Gemmell Legend Award six times in four years, Brandon won that award in 2011 for The Way of Kings. The Emperor’s Soul won the 2013 Hugo Award for Best Novella. He has appeared on the New York Times Best-Seller List multiple times, with five novels hitting the #1 spot.

Currently living in Utah with his wife and children, Brandon teaches creative writing at Brigham Young University.

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673 reviews42.7k followers
October 5, 2022
4.5/5 stars

I mentioned in my Alloy of law review if you're a fan of the first Mistborn trilogy, you should still definitely try reading the second era of Mistborn Saga, even when Alloy of Law felt completely different from the first Mistborn trilogy. Mistborn: Wax and Wayne may not have the epic and grand scope of the first Mistborn trilogy, but after reading through Shadows of Self for the second time, I stand by my words and I continue to encourage fans of the first trilogy to read Mistborn: Wax and Wayne. You will realize even more just how damn good Sanderson's vision and storytelling are.

“Spectacles. They were kind of like a hat for smart people.”

As a sequel, Shadows of Self improved A LOT upon the foundations laid down in Alloy of Law. Whether in terms of characters, world-building, prose, and plotting, everything here felt comparatively enhanced to fully entertain you from the beginning to the end of the book. I should mention this, though, I would probably give Shadows of Self a 4 stars rating or even lower if I haven't read the original Mistborn trilogy first prior to reading Shadows of Self. Alloy of Law did give plenty of nods and Easter Eggs to the first trilogy, and this is extensively done in Shadows of Self. There were a HUGE amount of information and elements that originated from the aftermath of the first Mistborn trilogy. If you haven't read the first Mistborn trilogy, I think these Easter Eggs and connections to the larger Cosmere universe would be lost on you. And believe me, you will want to get the most out of them. Not only they're crucial if you want to absorb every information in Cosmere, but they're also responsible for giving more impact to the narrative in Shadows of Self.

Picture: Shadow of Self by Alex Allen

I am a huge fan of Brandon Sanderson and the Cosmere. And I am also a sucker for nostalgia factors. It is one of the main reasons I strongly recommend reading a series or saga in publication order. Even when authors say we can start our first journey into a series they created from the new sequel series without any required reading, my experience says it is ALWAYS better to read a respective saga in publication order. If you're like me and you agree with what I just said, I think you'll definitely love Shadows of Self if you've read and loved the first Mistborn trilogy. It is always tricky and dangerous to write a sequel series that is so connected to its predecessor; some sequel series ruined themselves by milking them dry way too much. This is not the case with Mistborn Saga. After the first Mistborn trilogy and the first two books in Mistborn: Wax and Wayne, I personally think Sanderson has implemented enough distinction to make Mistborn: Wax and Wayne different from its predecessors, but he also made sure that Alloy of Law and Shadows of Self are indeed still a part of the entire Mistborn Saga.

“The law is not something holy, son. It’s just a reflection of the ideals of those lucky enough to be in charge.”

Similar to The Well of Ascension from the first trilogy, there is a strong mystery-thriller element in Shadows of Self. Except in the case of Shadows of Self, the novel takes place in a steampunk-western fantasy setting instead of medieval fantasy. Now imagine this: a fusion of Sherlock Holmes and Mistborn, written by Brandon Sanderson. That is the vibe and narrative you're getting in Shadows of Self. You can probably already guess how great it is. The harmonious balance in plotting, pacing, and characterizations was wonderfully done. I felt that Shadows of Self was very page-turning, and the themes of justice, expectations, laws, legacies, and faith were once again delivered efficiently and effectively.

“This coin is worth more than the others because people think it is. They expect it to be. The most important things in the world are worth only what people will pay for them. If you can raise someone’s expectation … if you can make them need something … that is the source of wealth. Owning things of value is secondary to creating things of value where none once existed.”

Lovable characters and believable character development are one of the greatest strengths of the first Mistborn trilogy, and I'm pleased to see its return in Shadows of Self. The duo of Wax and Wayne, Marasi, and Steris are all back in full-throttle. As I mentioned in my review of Alloy of Law, on my first read, I did not find myself in love with Steris in Alloy of Law. But the deeper exploration of the character's psyche, motivations, background, and personality in Shadows of Self, on top of their fun banter and interactions, made me invested in the main characters of Mistborn: Wax and Wayne even more. And this include Steris. Maybe even more than the other characters for Steris.

“No, freedom was not lack of responsibilities—it was being able to do what was right, without having to worry if it was also wrong.”

For its intended accessible and vivid reading experience, Sanderson's prose was once again excellent. As usual, his prose is one of the reasons why I always praise Sanderson's writing. Haters often say his writing isn't good enough, and I get that everyone has different reading tastes and experiences, but the constant shouts of negativities sometimes feel as if they're begging for their opinion to be heard and validated. It's almost as if they're not happy many readers are loving and praising Sanderson's books highly. From my perspective, every word Sanderson puts in all of his books additionally draws me toward the world. I always feel I'm inside the story experiencing everything vividly from the character's point of view. Lastly, because of spoiler reasons, I can't mention the details on why the intricate world-building was incredibly executed, but let's just say this. If you're a fan of the first trilogy, you undoubtedly will love the Easter Eggs to the first trilogy. Guaranteed. Because I love the first trilogy very much, some characters and scenes in Shadows of Self made me more emotional and satisfied than I expected.

“She had a way of pouring everything of herself into what she did. When she fought, she was the blade. When she loved, she was the kiss. In that regard, she was far more … human than any I have known.”

Overall, Shadows of Self was another superb installment in the Mistborn Saga. It was thrilling, fun, entertaining, and also emotional. I can't stress this highly enough. If you're a fan of the first Mistborn trilogy and want to know what's in store for the world of Scadrial, pick this series up. At the very least, please give this second era a try until Shadows of Self before deciding to completely drop it. To make things even better, if you're caught up with all the Cosmere books, your experience reading the second era of Mistborn Saga will be different and improved compared to your first time. That is how it went for me, and I look forward to reading The Bands of Mourning again.

Picture: Mistborn Era 2 by Marc Simonetti

You can order this book from: Blackwells (Free International shipping)

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603 reviews731 followers
January 7, 2018

Leave it to Sanderson to come out of the left field and soccer punch you right in the brain! That's right, you COULD get soccer punched in the brain. It's a risk one has to take when picking up his book.

Honestly, I'm very hesitant to say anything so as not to run the risk of spoiling too much as his renown lies in his unexpected plot twists and intriguing-as-hell narrative turns. 
But what I CAN say is that the narrative begins and ends with a bang, people!
This book, simply put, is everything I've said in my The Alloy of Law review AND THEN SOME (I kinda don't want to repeat myself).
Sanderson takes the quality of the Mistborn trilogy, blends the magical elements with technological advancements and offers it back to us from a new Wild-West perspective, giving us the absolute best of the old, with the adventure of the new. So, to sum up, this long-winded intro, GO IN BLIND AND ENJOY THE ALLOMANTIC RIDE!

Picking up one year after TAoL, Shadows kicks off with a mystery as Wax and Wayne once again take up the role of independent Lawmen for the city of Elendel.
There’s a boatload of Allomantic action, divine and Cosmere-related lore, great character development, some emotion filled chapters, and - stating the very obvious here but if there's one thing Brandon Sanderson is a master of, it's world-building!
It continues to flesh out the wild west-styled world of Mistborn and this time around, with some unexpected appearances of familiar faces. Oh, the damn feels! Hitting me right where it hurts. AGAIN! I don't like the idea of swimming in spoiler territory so, I shall quit it while I can but suffice it to say that, emotions definitely took over... and big time.

The writing style was as engaging and immersive as all of his other books, and the characters were all pretty vibrant and well-written.
Wax, Wayne, and Marasi were each given a compelling journey in this book that deepened their characters and their world, as they move through a spectrum of emotion and deal with their inner demons, so to speak.
Wax, my dear poor, tortured-soul, Wax continued to angst the atmosphere while resident wackjob Wayne stayed true to his crazy nature by offering us some much appreciated comic relief.

Now, much like my Final Empire review, I feel like I haven't even scratched the surface so let me just turn to other means of… expression to really describe my state of mind as I was reading this:

So, before I started, you know... it's Mistborn. Obviously, the excitement took over...

And it's all rainbows and unicorns as I'm getting reacquainted with my loves…

Of course none of that lasts because, as the questions start piling up and answers are nowhere to be found, you’re slowly but surely entering that all familiar - just hold the fuck up now - territory…

And then dear friends… the avalanche strikes…

Continued my buddy-read with my girl, Warda, who’s as equally obsessed with Sanderson as I am.😍

Have fun!☺️
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1,113 reviews44.4k followers
September 27, 2018
These new mistborn books are essentially crime-thrillers set in the same world a few hundred years later. They work so well. We have all the world building we’re used to, and the glorious action, but we also have the tension and mystery created by hunting down an unknown assailant, an unknown foe. The result is more of Sanderson’s excellence with a very cool twist.

Explosive plot

Sanderson’s writing is concise and quick. Wax’s story is easy to become engaged in. He begins by following a series of clues that lead him to the corpse of the apparent criminal. But life is never that simple, murders are rarely that simple. Things become slightly more complex and murky. Elements of the original trilogy are brought in. Creatures that were supposedly mere legends are walking around killing people for undetermined reasons. This results in a rather strange case to solve because everything has become so devastatingly surreal. No one has heard from these creatures in centuries. Why are they back now? What do they want?

Wax and Wayne have their hands full. And to make the plot even better, and Wax’s life just that little bit harder, the Gods start talking to him. Yes, the Gods. He’s not gone insane; he has merely found a secret conduit that unlocks the third system of metal magic. So yes, it’s all perfectly normal. Well it isn’t. This may seem ordinary to returning readers. But for Wax, this sort of power is ancient myth; it is legend and fable. Its resurgence makes little sense to the established world that has formed his life. Something has been uprooted: change is coming.

It’s all about Wayne

The best thing about this book was the splitting of the point of views. Wax is a cool enough character, but Wayne steals the stage. He is more charismatic, adaptable and rounded. His past seems darker and his future more redemptive. All in all, he is the better written character of the two. I was glad he has more of his own narrative here. In the last book he had a minimalistic contribution. This time round the story was more dynamic and entertaining.

Moreover, Wayne is just a stronger person. I’d like to see him take the lead for a change or, at the very least, see more of his past. This is obviously Wax’s story, but I think a novella about Wayne would be rather perfect. I just prefer him. I think one day, when Wax finally loses it, he seems to becoming more and more unhinged, Wayne may have to put him down or at least pick him back up again. I think that would be a very strong ending to such a series. But I doubt that would happen. It would be too brutal.
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1,606 reviews1,480 followers
September 29, 2022
Re-reread before The Lost Metal comes out.

Knowing the ending made certain parts of this book just heartbreaking. I love that almost every BS book I reread I enjoy just as much if not more the second time through. All the original Mistborn nostalgia was FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!

4.5 Faceless Immortal Stars
The Fan Girl Part of My Review
Deal with it he is like my FAVORITE fantasy author….but there will be a real review below this

I am in AWE yet again that the same man who had currently undertaken the task of writing all the planned books in The Cosmere something like 36 books when complete, but currently 17 books strong, also wrote a superhero trilogy The Reckoners, something a little on the crazy side Legion and hey why not add in a middle grade series or two just for fun. I mean this book here wasn’t even originally planned, Sanderson was writing a novella that was supposed to keep us interested in the Mistborn world and it turned into a semi-standalone book and a trilogy.

I might even believe this


And it isn’t like he is just putting out novels to put out novels. They are complete stories with intricate worlds, planned out magic systems, cohesive plots, great characters AND just to top it all off he has fantastic artwork (including maps, journal pages, armor/fashion designs, creature drawing etc….) throughout.

One of the reasons I’m gonna fangirl a little more right here is that both Alloy of Law and Shadows of Self it is a brand new world even though it is a Mistborn novel. BS took the events of The Final Empire and wove them into how they would have shaped society 300 years after the fact. How the stories of those days would become lore and work into religion, culture and superstition. Down to the families that survived, how alomancy is affected and how the surroundings are named. It is intricate and natural all at the same time. Honestly in my opinion BS has one of the greatest imaginative minds in the fantasy genre.

Completely Spoiler Free Section:

First things first Do you need to have read the original Mistborn series to read this book? - Technically no you don’t BUT…there are many more references to what happened in The Final Empire and while I would say that you could totally read Alloy of Law without reading Mistborn 1-3 I believe wholeheartedly that the enjoyment of this book in particular would be decreased if you hadn’t read them. I actually had just finished a re-read of the first three of the series and was really glad, because I picked out so many small details added in.

The thing that I really love about Brandon Sanderson (BS) novels is that I have no trouble picturing myself in the story. He tells the story in a way that I’m shown the buildings and the surroundings, I’m given insight into the culture, religion and magic system and it is done in such a way that it is in the story and almost never feels like an info dump. This is amazing especially if you look at the size and complexity of the world he is building.

Shadows of Self like Alloy of Law is sort of a mash up of Mistborn World + Steampunk + Industrial Revolution + Wild Wild West. It has a lot more humor in it than The Final Empire and it feels generally lighter. The banter and humor of Wax, Wayne and Marasi is fantastic and sets the tone of the entire story. Honestly the Bromance between Wax and Wayne is my favorite in fantasy slightly beating out Tyrion and Brom they are hilarious on page together and actually Wayne is hilarious and scene stealer all on his own too. But don’t let that fool you there are still a few gut punching moments that really knocked me in the feelings.

Favorite Character in this book – Wayne

Looking through my quotes he has the most highlights. He says deep insightful things one minute and then is ridiculous the next. But I smile every time he is on page, there are Wayne quotes below in the semi-spoilery review but we also get to see into a deeper side of Wayne and I loved the depth it gave his character.

Favorite New Character – MeLaan

Although it can be argued she is an old character….but semantics. She added some insight into the days just after The Final Empire ended and what became of her people. Also I really loved the way she played with the team, I hope she is a player in the next book as well.

Most Improved Character -Steris

Don’t get me wrong I’m still completely on the Wax/Marasi ship and it might take a Chasmfiend or Koloss Warlord to sink that but Steris really grew on me this book. I have always liked her and her stiff overthinking overplanning ways, hey I can relate, but she really shined in this. She isn’t like a lot of female characters in fantasy and I like the non-emotional relationship that she and Wax have and how she deals with him. She has no illusions about who or what he is and just plans around it. Honestly her last scene in this book….GAH no words really. Because I loved her in that moment and I could even see how she and Wax might become really good friends or perhaps more BUT I’m sailing on the good ship MaraWax or Waxasi and there isn’t a Chasmfiend in sight yet so…..sorry Steris.

The new danger is a serial killer that seems to be trying to destabilize the city and throw it into a chaos similar to the events that led up to the last big shift of power in recent history *cough* Mistborn *cough*. Wax, Marasi, Wayne and others are searching trying to figure out who is next on the hit list and prevent the city from undergoing another revolution. The perpetrator of the events is messing with Wax specifically trying to throw him off and he will need to outthink someone trickier and smarter than himself or another revolution will happen.
Semi-Spoiler Review Section
all big/real spoilers will be tagged but Quotes everywhere

Where to begin??? I’m still processing my feelings about this book because that ending left me so….so….well you will know when you get there. Everyone just give Wax a virtual hug he needs it.

The Humor is one of the things that I’ve really enjoyed about series of Mistborn books. There are so many funny instances and dialogue that I laughed so many times throughout the story.
“I heard voices in my head once too, you know.”
“You did?”
“Sure. Gave me a fright. I banged my head against the wall until I went unconscious. Never heard them again! Ha. Showed ’em good, I did. If rats move in, best thing to do is to burn the nest and send ’em packing.”
“And the nest … was your head.”

Steris stopped on a page in her notebook, then turned it around. There, in her neat handwriting, was a detailed agenda for their evening at the party. The third entry read, 8:17. Way into the building likely blocked by traffic. Lord Waxillium carries us up to the top floor by Allomancy, which is completely inappropriate and at the same time breathtaking.
He raised an eyebrow, checking his pocket watch, which he carried in his gunbelt—not his vest—to be easily dropped with his other metals. “It’s 8:13. You’re slipping.”

Regular folk, they called something after what it was. You’d say, “What’s that, Kell?” And they’d say, “That? That there’s the crapper.” And you’d reply, “What do you do with it?” And they’d say, “Well, Wayne, that’s where you put your crap.”
It made sense. But rich folk, they had a different word for the crapper. They’d call it a “commode” or a “washroom.” That way, when someone asked for the crapper, they knew it was a person they needed to oppress.

The Characters are three dimensional. Wax has a complicated past with his history in the roughs and trying to be both a Lord to his house and a Lawman. It’s a difficult place to be and maybe he is being pulled in too many directions one day he will have to decide who he is… An Allowmancer or Terrisman/Lord or Lawman/Pawn or Sword no wonder he is a little surly.
“What’s wrong with you lately?” Marasi demanded. “You complain about the motorcar, about me being here, about your tea being too hot in the morning. One would almost think you’d made some horrible life decision that you regret deep down. Wonder what it could be.”
Wax kept his eyes forward. In the mirror, he saw Wayne lean back in and raise his eyebrows. “She might have a point, mate.”
“You’re not helping.”
“Wasn’t intending to,” Wayne said. “Fortunately, I know which horrible life decision she’s talkin’ about. You really should have bought that hat we looked at last week. It was lucky. I’ve got a fifth sense for these things.”

Wayne while usually the fun loving sort has a demon in his past that he is still trying in his own way to atone for. I liked seeing what he puts himself through in an effort to make some sort of recompense for his greatest sin. Wayne has a peculiar way of looking at the world and some of it make amazing sense while other parts of it are ridiculous. But that just makes him all the more lovable.
“I coulda delivered that, you know.…”
“You, she would shoot,” Wax said.
“Only ’cuz she likes me,” Wayne said, smiling. He’d have welcomed an excuse to go see Ranette. This night was getting darker and darker, it seemed.
“Wayne…” Wax said. “You know she doesn’t actually like you.”
“You always say that, but you’re just not seein’ the truth, Wax.”
“She tries to kill you.”
“To keep me alive,” Wayne said. “She knows I live a dangerous life. So, keepin’ me on my toes is the best way to make sure I stick around…”

I’m almost hoping that he wins her heart one of these days.

Marasi didn’t get a lot of development. She is now working with the constables and Wax has tried his hardest to put some distance between them after the initial attraction that was sparked in Alloy of Law. She seems to be over her semi-hero worship of his time in the roughs though and has become more secure in herself overall. Her alomancy even came in handy a time or two in this story and I was glad to see how it could be useful in certain situations. She is extremely competent and I believe that she and Wax are a good team hence my being on the MaraWax ship. My only disappointment is that those sparks from book 1 are totally missing here as Wax is committed to the arranged marriage with Steris and Marasi is trying to have a professional relationship with him since he is supposed to marry her half-sister. I missed the sparks. : (

The Tie In’s To the Original Mistborn Series
lots of little spoilers in this section so I’m tagging the entire thing

Overall - Sanderson is a master storyteller and that still holds true here. My one and only complaint is that there wasn’t a lot to do with The Set his Uncle or the Women that went missing in Alloy of Law, but I assume that he will get to all of that eventually. We all know that I’m not super objective when it comes to Sanderson or Ilona Andrews so let’s just say if he writes it I’ll read it…multiple times usually.
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531 reviews58.4k followers
February 6, 2020
It's no secret I think Brandon Sanderson can do no wrong... Except for Steelheart but we don't talk about Steelheart...

With that said I'm REALLY not a fan of Westerns so I've been a bit worried about the second series in the Mistborn universe.

I do like the friendship and banter between the main characters. I still love the magic system and universe (it was great to see more of it in book 2!). The murder-mystery vibe is nice... but it's still a Western lol

Will continue the series because it's still Mistborn but I can't wait for the third series!
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281 reviews506 followers
January 3, 2023
Gut lurching but spirit leaping.

"Thy snoring is rather loud."

Time for the ‘proper’ start of the second Mistborn trilogy. Since we did learn about the new fantasy elements of this new timeline in The Alloy of Law, it is now a matter of continuing where we left off, right? Well, not quite… Sanderson had decided to shake things up starting with a big bang!

"You may call me Harmony, or “Lord” if you must."
"I can be divine when I need to be."

I guess Sanderson is known to break away from the predictability of a series every now and then, but I did not expect it to have happened from the first chapter. It’s like, we had our fun with Alloy of Law, but just forget most of it and let’s do a fresh start, but more energetically. But hey, I’m not complaining. It was a thrilling beginning, establishing an interesting starting point.

Wayne: "Wax was a right good fellow, but there were a lot of things he didn’t understand. Women for one. Hats for another."

If Shadows of Self is to be considered as a sequel to Alloy of Law, this is a big step up. While world building and the magical system continued to grow in Shadows of Self, the most significant improvement for me was in the character department. Each continued along their unique character arcs, which was not only limited to the primary trio, but also to secondary characters like Steris and the co. I’m really enjoying the development of Steris’s character, who is quickly becoming strong enough to be placed alongside Marasi in my opinion. For some reason, Sanderson has dialed down the witty humour between Wax and Wayne here, but not by a significant amount. At the end of the day however, most readers would have a difficulty not picking Wayne as their overall favourite!

Wayne: "I ain’t drunk. I’m investigatin’ alternative states of sobriety."

It seems redundant to say that the plot is full of action and fast-paced: as I’m finishing more and more of Sanderson, it is becoming clear that he is thriving on such a narrative. There was never a dull moment! While the ‘Set Conspiracy’ still appeared to be the underlying theme, only a minor amount of information was revealed in that respect, even by the end of this book, which I think is quite smart, given there’s a lot more to come. It was also good to have a few Kandra here to bring some familiarity with Era 1, which was beginning to feel a bit too disconnected to the days of Vin in certain ways.

Wayne: "Ah. Then that look I saw… you were just contemplatin’ your impendin’ marriage to Steris, I guess?"

Only thing that I found a tad disappointing was how short the book was. I know one shouldn’t be considering a 300+ page book short, but by Sanderson standards, this felt like half a book. But it looks like Sanderson is sticking with length for Era 2 novels.

"The eternal desire of a hungry soul is knowledge."
Gottago. Watchdaidiot. Berideback.

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347 reviews930 followers
November 21, 2017
Actual Rating: 4.5 Stars

Ya'll, my reviews for Mistborn are getting repetitive but in case you didn't already know I love this series with every chamber of my blackened heart.

This new series feels like a love letter to fans who adored the original trilogy.

There's so much here to love. These books are purely additive to the original, they're existence only enhances your experience as a reader and a fan.

I just can't even wrap my head around the idea that someone can have all of this magnificence just sitting around inside them?

If I wake up in the morning without hitting snooze I'm pretty proud of myself. I couldn't imagine being master of a creation like Mistborn.

I don't know you guys, just officially consider me #Sanderstruck!

Buddy read with this sweet angel!
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234 reviews3,009 followers
April 29, 2022
Check out my new youtube channel where I show my instant reactions to reading fantasy books seconds after I finish the book.

While better than the last book, it's still a surprisingly large step down from the quality of the original Mistborn series

I loved the original Mistborn series, and I have it in my top 15 best fantasy series of all time, but was severely disappointed by the first book in the 2nd era of these books for a multitude of reasons. So going into this second entry in the 2nd era, my expectations were extremely low. I did think this book was better than the last one, but it was still plagued with the problems that the first one had.

To start with what I liked about this -- I did enjoy more connection to the first series with the heavy emphasis on the kandra and on harmony. These additions made for a stronger plot, with a much more compelling twist at the end of this that ended the book on a positive note for me. I also continue to enjoy the dynamic between the two main characters and how they interacted with each other.

Unfortunately though, the world continued to feel rather bland to me, the story was rather shallow, and the quality of the twists weren't nearly as mind blowing as the first era. I also continue to feel that Sanderson was trying his best to write a "Pratchett" type story without the comedic prowess that Pratchett had.

I think Sanderson thrives when he has huge, epic scale books to work with. And I think he comes up short when trying to write these shorter novels.

I'll keep reading this series as they are such short books, but ultimately I am looking forward for this series ending and moving on to the next era.
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May 14, 2021
I enjoyed this second installment much more than the first as it made more connections to the original trilogy. It felt like it was building a bigger story. Also, the ending was a stellar Sanderson ending that, yet again, I did not see coming.
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August 9, 2017
Wow, this was underwhelming... SAID NO ONE EVER!

Wtf was that Sanderson? Did I hurt you in your past life or something? Why are you doing this to me? 😭

If Wayne died at the end thinking about his favorite hat, I'm gonna cry like a mofo! I need someone to love me like he loves his hats 😂
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May 8, 2017
5 Faceless Immortal Stars ★★★★★

"I'm not Harmony's hands," Wax whispered "I'm His sword."

*fan girl mode activated*


Like seriously, smack my ass and call me sue, what DID I JUST READ OMG DYING & HYPERVENTILATING


Warning this review contains mass amounts of fan girling, word vomit & worship of Brandon Sanderson.


Okay let's be real this book is seriously awesome & I mean like the best shit ever. I honestly can't believe how long it took me to read this book, 6 months to be exact.. How?! Why!? What?! Well let me tell you I feel like after I read the Heroes of Ages I was in a Sanderson slump for a long time, that ending it killed me, it made me depressed in real life so I'm very happy to be back enjoying his books! I loved the Alloy of Law but this book was something else, it was absolutely amazing. I literally can't believe how good this book was around the middle, I read 100 pages in 40 minutes because I couldn't stop reading, I seriously couldn't tear my eyes away it was just so good. I am so close to screaming & squealing at the top of my lungs even thinking about it.

"You put dynamite in the oven, Wayne"
"Gotta hide a gift where nobody'll look for it."

Ahem.. excuse me now while I fan girl over my idol. Seriously, Sanderson is the king of fantasy, his ideas are so unique, his writing is perfect and fun. I literally love everything about his writing, I can't fault a thing. I love him so much I am one of his number fan girls forever & always. He needs his own shrine so I can worship his godliness. I am yet to read a book of his I hate (please note I know he would never produce rubbish anyway). I will seriously be reading his series until I'm fifty and I will still be squealing & jumping around like a lunatic. All hail Sanderson!


I thought after book one all the problems were solved in Elendel, well I guess after reading the ending of this book they have just started. I found this book to be very slow at the beginning I think that is another reason I struggle to read it, but as soon as it hit the middle BOOM POW BANG action, like wow, could a book be anymore exciting or action packed? Seriously I was sitting at the edge of seat, biting my nails.. It was so intense & epic, but I guess you couldn't expect anything less from the king. This is gonna be a huge call but I don't give a shit, I think this series is better then the first three mistborns. Vin is my book hero and always will be but my god I really truly adore everyone in the later series and enjoy reading it more then the first three which may I add is one of my favorite series ever, this series tho with the technology, cars, guns etc is just so FUCKING epic. Like seriously I can't wait to see what happens next.


Steris folded her arms. "Oh? I suppose I should take the butler instead, then?"
"If you like"
"Becareful about that Steris," Wayne added "Wax's butlers have a tendency to explode."

So I can't decide which character I like better I love Wayne because he is hilarious, I love Wax because he is oh so sexy and deadly, I love Steris because she is a peach & I love MeLaan because she's a badass. I do however not love Marasi yet I find her annoying, boring & jealous.

I also love the moral of this story that even 'good gods' can be as harsh & relentless as the bad ones, it's the perfect balance.



Now I'm about to get my spoiler pants on so if you haven't read this book. PLEASE STOP READING NOW, you really don't want this special treat of a book to be spoiled the ending is jaw dropping

So let's talk about Wax's past with Lessie, Lessie is Wax's one true love, who he accidentally shot in the head, it has literally damaged him as a person, so that ENDING I didn't see coming. Like wow who would have thought bleeder was his darling dearest Lessie, I felt that 'DUN DUN DUN' music was needed for this reveal lol. That twist was so fucking good I sat there and literally screamed out "oh my god Sanderson you have managed to blow my mind" everytime I pick up one of his books I find myself looking for hints etc for the big twist that's coming, damnit I never ever get it right and he blows my mind each and everytime! Im also so so soooo excited to find out how Wax will deal with this in the next book.

"I killed her," Wax whispered, squeezing his eyes closed. "I killed her again.


It was awesome to see TenSoon again I really loved his character in the previous installments so it was fantastic to see him make a come back.

Wayne cracks me up, I laugh out loud the whole time reading his POV, I don't think I've ever read about funnier character in my life. I LOVE HIM. I also ship him and Ranette so much, please Sanderson give Wayne a happy ending. I really enjoy when Wayne pick pockets everything and trading it for something random, eg when he pockets the cigar box for a bruised apple. LOL

"You found the alcohol, I see" Wax said. "How uncharacteristic."

"You'd say, "what's that, kell?" And they'd say, "that? That there's the crapper." And you'd reply, "what do you do with it?" And they'd say, "well, Wayne, that's where you put your crap." It made sense. But rich folk, they had a different word for the crapper. They'd call it a "commode" or a "washroom".

Wax really grew on me in this installment there was one line that stole my heart away "You are his ruin," TenSoon said. "I am his preservation." It gave me the feels, I love relentless, badass men and that's exactly what Wax is! He is now my dreamboat & it's official guys I am inlove <3


I have loved Steris since her first appearance in book one, I love her lists, I love her social awkwardness, I just love her. Even tho she is a secondary character she is one of my favorites and I really ship her with my baby Wax. I can't wait to see Steris shine in the next book.

"I cheated, if you must know." "...Cheated?"
"I know you enjoy witty conversation," she said, "so I prepared earlier, writing myself a list of things I could say that you would find engaging."'

I love MeLaan she is hilarious, if I didn't already ship Wayne with someone else I would love them to get together. They are like twins haha. She is so badass and mannish I love her. She is my woman crush.

After a short ride, he and Marasi had walked in on these two in the middling of their belching...contest? Wax wasn't certain if it was a contest, or a matter of mutual appreciation, like two virtuosos playing their favourite songs.
MeLaan finished her beer, then dramatically held up her hand, the Palm split, forming lips, which then let out a soft belch. "Cheating" Wayne said. "Just using what my father gave me," MeLaan said.

Also did anyone notice Hoid was a carriage driver haha, it likes where's Wally trying to spot the world hoppers from the other novels.

Okay one more thing Trell ?! Is this the new shard God thingo ? Like we already had ruin so I'm so excited to see what this new metal is and who controls this new shard. Wowser *hyperventilating*


I have so much more to write but nothing is coming out coherently, it's all just word vomit. So maybe when I settle down I can write more :)


I recommend this book to anyone who has eyes, seriously so bloody good, you should all read it now if you haven't already


The high functioning fan girl is now signing out <3
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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September 28, 2022
Actual rating: 4.5 stars, rounded up.

September 2022 reread: I stand by everything I wrote below. It amazes me how little of the specific plot points I remembered. Not every book can genuinely surprise you on a reread, but this one did. But the characters and setting were all still incredibly fresh in my mind. I love Wayne, and MeLaan, and most everyone else. I'm so happy with how this series holds up to revisiting.


Be forewarned. This is less of a review and more of a gush session over Sanderson’s craftsmanship in building the world of Scadrial in the Mistborn books.

I read Alloy of Law last year and, while I liked it, I didn’t feel driven to continue reading about the exploits of Wax and Wayne. I had no idea what I was missing. While I really enjoyed The Alloy of Law the second time I read it, Shadows of Self by far surpassed it. This is a book I feel is on par with the rest of Sanderson’s Cosmere fiction in terms of depth. As my lovely friend Mary said in her review, it felt like Sanderson wrote a love letter to the fans of his original Mistborn trilogy, and I loved it so much.

Returning to a world you love three hundred years after the events that drew you there the first time can be jarring, which I think unfairly influenced my view of The Alloy of Law the first time I read it. But, now that I’ve been in this brave new world built on the foundations of one I adore, I’m thrilled with what Sanderson has done here. Characters that we know and love from the original trilogy are now the figures of myth, with entire religions built around them, and it’s fascinating to read. It’s like visiting old friends, but now they’re deities instead of the humans you once laughed with. Also, there are some of these characters that live on in different ways, and getting to see them again was a lot of fun.

I don’t really know what to say here that wouldn’t be a spoiler. But I will say that I disagree with some readers who believe that Sanderson’s weakness is his characterization. While he obviously excels in his world-building and magic systems and plot twists, he’s no slouch when it comes to crafting characters, either. I connect with so many of his characters. The characters in this series, Wax and Wayne and MeLaan and Marasi and Steris, are no exception. Wayne was my absolute favorite in The Alloy of Law, and I still love him, but now he’s sharing that spotlight with Wax. And Steris is really growing on me. I think she might be the most honest character in the entire series. The ending wrecked me more than a little bit, but cemented my love for Steris. I’m really excited about this series. Time to dig into The Bands of Mourning!
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July 27, 2022
2022: How does this get even better with every read??

2020: What a journey! Fast-paced, whiplash-inducing, and – a rarity for me – tearful as well. People have ventured (pun intended 😋) this tetralogy of the Mistborn series is not as good as the initial trilogy – but it really is; it is just different. And yes, after reading this second installment (Mistborn #5), I admit I have to amend my own assessment: It is just as brilliant and amazing, imaginative and creative. It’s the tone that sets them apart.

Where Kelsier, Vin and Elend‘s story was defined by the apocalyptic setting, where bleakness prevailed which tugged on all my heart strings, Wax, Wayne and Marasi’s story is often delightfully humorous
; mostly thanks to witty dialog and Wayne’s hilarious character. (As a sucker for language, Wayne’s talent at imitating dialects is also a frequent source of my joy.) However, in contrast to Alloy of Law (Mistborn #4), Shadows of Self regains more urgency and left me even more emotionally invested (hence the tears) which makes it such a delicious combination. I'm again happily unhappy.

As mentioned before, Shadows of Self is especially fast-paced; there’s no stopping this narrative freight train, thanks in large part to Sanderson's creation of Wax‘s sharp character with his observational/detective skills.

In short, I still absolutely live and breathe for this world of Allomancy, Feruchemy and Hemalurgy. (Yes, 300 years after the events in Hero of Ages (Mistborn #3), the latter is back to playing a major role. Which is awesome.) Brandon Sanderson has confirmed his status as literary genius/god and I shall worship at his altar for all eternity.

A few quotations to provide you with a glimpse into Wayne’s mind (and illustrate the difference in tone to the initial trilogy:

“Wayne, are you drunk? It ain’t even noon yet!”
“I ain’t drunk, “ Wayne said, sniffling, “I’m investigatin’ alternative states of sobriety.”

Spectacles. They were kind of like a hat for smart people.

[The girls’ dormitory] looked an awful lot like a prison: three stories of small windows, stonework architecture, and iron grates that seemed to say “Stay away, boys, if you value your nether parts.”

“Hello,” Wayne said.
“How did you get by campus security?” . . . The tyrant rumbled around the side of her desk. It was like watching an ocean liner try to navigate the city canals. She wore a tiny hat, in an attempt at fashion. She liked to consider herself a part of Elendel upper society, and she kind of was. In the same way that the blocks of granite that made up the steps to the governor’s mansion were part of civic government.
“You,” she said, spearing Wayne in the chest with a finger. “I thought I told you not to come back.”
“I thought I ignored you.”
“Are you drunk?” She sniffed at his breath.
“No,” Wayne said. “If I were drunk, you wouldn’t look nearly so ugly.”

If you’re still not (thinking of) reading this, please check out my reviews of the previous books for some more context and let me persuade you, for your own good 😉.

The Final Empire (Mistborn #1)
The Well of Ascension (Mistborn #2)
The Hero of Ages (Mistborn #3)
The Alloy of Law (Mistborn #4)

Happy reading!
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September 13, 2021
How did I go about daily life before I read Brandon Sanderson?? I cant even remember what my life was like before these books.

“She had a way of pouring everything of herself into what she did. When she fought, she was the blade. When she loved, she was the kiss. In that regard, she was far more … human than any I have known.”

Elendel is no longer a peaceful and prosperous city that Harmony and the Originators left behind. Society is evolving and with that comes corruption.

The city is on the verge of a revolution that will leave distraction in it's wake.

A team once again— Wax, Wayne and Marasi — are on the hunt for the source of the unrest in Elendel — someone who is determined to make sure the city crumbles from the inside.


I'm so glad I jumped into this immediately after reading The Alloy of Law. What I loved about AOL has been built on in this book. I found every single piece of information about this new world so completely interesting.

And because this is Brandon Sanderson writing, I was not bored for one second. The world, the history, the religions, the politics and how everything has been working since the time of the C_ has me desperately needing more. I want to know everything.

As in the book before this, the mystery element as well as the steam-punk-like setting was A grade. I felt like I was with them searching and looking for clues. Needing to know who is behind all the events.

The character development was excellent. I loved learning more about each character, their past struggles and also their hilarious interactions.

Shadows of Self opens up with a chapter from Wax's past, from one of his first missions in the Roughs. I absolutely adored reading about young Wax and getting a glimpse of how he used to be before Lessie's death.

“I told myself I was setting out to find adventure; I never intended to be a lawman. I think I knew, deep down, that I couldn’t change anything in Elendel. It was too big, the men in suits too crafty. Out in the Roughs, one man with a gun meant something. Here, it’s hard to see him as anything other than a relic”

The humour and banter was even better that before. I think this mostly had to do with Wayne's exceptional POV in this one. Sanderson wrote his chapters really really good where it reflected Wayne as an individual and his crazy way of thinking but we also get to know more about him at the same time. The excitement I felt everytime it switched to his POV was unexpected as I did love him in the first book but now he is one of my favourite characters of all time.

Marasi has really grown since The Alloy of Law. She's more sure of herself. I support how she doesn't take crap from Wax and watching her chase after her dream despite what anyone else thinks of her is inspiring. I honestly love her so much.

I truly adore it when an author takes a character you at first thought was insignificant or boring and give them depth you never even thought they had. Steris was that. It was so unexpected that I actually came to like her and I'm excited to see more.

Sanderson does this thing where he fools you into thinking that you know where the plot is heading and then he flips it around and you're left gasping in shock. I did figure out the end reveal a few minutes before it happened but that did not eliminate it's brilliance. I was still left reeling (and crying).

I started writing this review immediately after turning the last page as I am so so anxious to jump into Bands of Mourning. I can't wait to see where Sanderson is going to take me next!
My reviews for:

Era One

0.5 (short story): The Eleventh Metal
Book 1: The Final Empire
Book 2: The Well of Ascension
Book 3: The Hero of Ages

Book 3.5: The Secret History

Era Two
Book 4: The Alloy of Law
Book 6: The Bands of Mourning
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September 16, 2019
[4.5 Stars] My emotions! I'll try to write a more coherent review when, "Ahhhhhh I loved it aahhhhhhh," isn't the only thing I can think of.
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August 10, 2017
“I ain’t drunk,” Wayne said, sniffling. “I’m investigatin’ alternative states of sobriety.”

Sanderson has done it again. If you haven't read Mistborn yet, what are you doing with your life?

The Sanderson Avalanche
So If you're not familiar with Brandon Sanderson, there's this thing he does with pretty much all of his books called the 'Sanderson Avalanche' It usually starts at some point during the last 100 pages and it will blow your brains off.

Plot twist after plot twist after plot twist. And trust me, you won't see most of them coming. Even when you think you have it all figured out, you don't!

The Kendra Situation
Rules #1 when reading a Mistborn book: Never trust a Kendra.
These creatures will be the end of me. Remember in Mistborn when Well, I learned from my mistakes. I was literally suspicious of everyone and guess what! I figured out pretty early on that However, what I didn't see coming was

Bu-but... How? Why? NO!!!

Initial Reaction

I have just finished reading this bloody book and I am NOT okay. I did not see that ending coming at all. The tears, you guys. THE TEARS.

Kendra are everywhere, kids. Don't trust anyone.
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October 18, 2015
This was every bit as good as The Alloy of Law. The whole Mistborn series really is fantastic reading!

Wax, Wayne, and Marasi are back on the case of another mystery. This time they need to stop an assassin from killing the governor of Elendel. To complicate matters they also have to stop the civil unrest in Elendel from boiling over into a full blown riot.

The story was a ton of fun. The Wild West setting is still proving highly entertaining and the story was highly addictive and engaging. It was packed full of the action, mystery,and humour that one expects from a Sanderson read. As an added bonus we even get to meet a few more familiar faces from the first trilogy. I'm all for that sort of nostalgia!

This ended with a few shock twists that have left me dying to read the third instalment of the Wax and Wayne adventures.

If I have a tiny criticism it is that the promising romance of the first series fell a little flat in this one. So much so that I even pondered jumping ship!

All in all I loved this latest Cosmere book.

Rating: 5 stars.

Audio Note. Micheal Krammer is as awesome as always.

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March 14, 2021
Shadows of Self (Mistborn #5), Brandon Sanderson

Mistborn: Shadows of Self is a high fantasy novel, written by American author Brandon Sanderson. It was published on October 6, 2015 by Tor Books and is the second book in the Wax and Wayne series and fifth in the Mistborn series. It is preceded by The Alloy of Law in 2011 and followed by The Bands of Mourning in 2016.

In a flashback, Waxillium Ladrian first meets his future wife Lessie on a bounty hunt, where they work together to bag a powerful crime boss. In the present, it is one year since the defeat of the Vanishers. Wax and Marasi have learned of the art of Hemalurgy from the book given to them by Ironeyes. Wax has now been deputized by the city's constabulary.

While hunting down a criminal called the Marksman with his partner Wayne, Wax sees the face of Bloody Tan (the man responsible for Lessie's death) in a crowd, but is unable to find him when he searches.

Wax is called off the job and summoned by the constables to aid in a major investigation: the brother of Elendel's governor has been murdered at a meeting with a number of powerful crime bosses, who have all also been killed.

This incident further stokes unrest over corruption and bad working conditions in the city. Wax finds evidence that only a Steelrunner (a Feruchemist who can store and utilize speed) could have committed the murders, but when he tracks down the only Steelrunner in the city, he finds her dead, murdered with a Hemalurgic spike. ...

تاریخ نخستین خوانش: روز پانزدهم ماه فوریه سال 2018 میلادی

عنوان: سری مه زاد کتاب پنجم: سایه خویشتن؛ نویسنده: براندن سندرسون؛ موضوع داستانهای نویسندگان ایالات متحده آمریکا - سده 21م

در یک «فلش بک»، «واکسیلیوک لادریان»، با همسر آینده اش «لسی» دیدار میکند؛ ...؛

تاریخ بهنگام رسانی 23/12/1399هجری خورشیدی؛ ا. شربیانی
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January 26, 2016
A quick re-read before the release of The Bands of Mourning... 26 Jan 2016 update - just as good as the first time. No. No, it was better this time.

Wow. That was hectic. Another great story by a master of fantasy. The second book in this series is just as good if not better than the first.

You don’t need to think about this too much. This was written by Brandon Sanderson. Buy it. Read it. Bask in the glow.

The future of the city of Elendel is balancing on a knife’s edge. Someone or something is trying very hard to push it over and start a revolution and Waxillium, Wayne and Marasi have to team up once again to stop a disaster. Unfortunately, this fight might just be out of their league, but when has that ever stopped them?

The story is filled with great action sequences and humour and never lets up till the end. As before, the banter between the characters is top notch and I even enjoyed Steris a lot more in this than the last book. She is starting to grow on me, even though I prefer Marasi & Wax together. Wayne is his brilliant, devil-may-care self with a brand of humour that is definitely unique and he still has an interesting affection for hats.

"“I need you to stay behind as we go into those slums,” Wayne said, determined to impress solemnity into his voice. “It’s not that I don’t want your help. I do. It’s just going to be too dangerous for you. You need to stay where I know you’re safe. No arguments. I’m sorry.” “Wayne,” Wax said, walking past. “Stop talking to your hat and get over here.”"

Brandon Sanderson has definitely upped the stakes with a few very interesting reveals in this one. Some of them are thought provoking while others are heart-wrenching. I found myself a bit subdued after the book’s climax, as I did not see that one coming. I did love that we got to see some of the old characters from the first trilogy though, and also the conversations with Harmony.

I leave you with my favourite quote in the book. It is one of the Guardian’s memories, about a person he loved.

"When she fought, she was the blade. When she loved, she was the kiss."

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May 24, 2017

All day.

Every day.

Every time I read this book.

No matter how many times I read it.

I am not even lying when I say that the ending to this book touches me in my very soul.

It might be one of the slowest Mistborn books, but HOLY CRAP it's so good. And also completely necessary to truly appreciate the characters and the story to come.

I tend to not really leave reviews for Sanderson books. Sorry. It's not even worth wasting my time leaving a detailed review. Just please read these books if you haven't. PLEASE READ THEM.

****1st Read: October 6th, 2015****

Wow. In terms of content, this was the slowest book of the Mistborn series (that's just my opinion). But OH MAN. The ending made it all worth it. Totally blew my mind and added an entirely new layer to the Mistborn/Cosmere that I wasn't expecting. Well done, Mr. Sanderson. Well done.
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November 9, 2016
Damas y caballeros, Brandon Sanderson en su forma más pura.

Me niego a hablar en profundidad de este libro, porque eso implicaría hacer spoilers muy serios, pero he de decir que hacía tiempo que no disfrutaba así de un libro ni lo devoraba tan rápido. El mundo de Scadrial y la alomancia siguen siendo tan geniales como recordaba, pero además Sanderson ha logrado compensar su punto débil: los personajes. Wax, Wayne y Marasi son unos magníficos personajes para guiarnos por un mundo sumido en el progreso industrial. Y además, las referencias a la primera trilogía y la aparición puntual de ciertos personajes le dan una sensación de continuidad al mundo y un dulce toque nostálgico a la mezcla.

Con ganas de que llegue Bandas de Lamentos. Claro que no será el final de las aventuras de Wax y Wayne, aún queda después de eso El Metal Perdido. Pero no puedo esperar. No puedo, joder. Esto es Nacidos de la Bruma. Y nunca se tiene suficientes Nacidos de la Bruma.
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October 17, 2020
This Review ✍️ Blog 📖 Twitter 🐦 Instagram 📷

Actual Rating: 3.5 stars

“The law is not something holy, son. It’s just a reflection of the ideals of those lucky enough to be in charge.”

The Final Empire ★★★★ 1/2
The Well of Ascension ★★★★★
The Hero of Ages ★★★★ 1/4
The Alloy of Law ★★★★ 1/4
Shadows of Self ★★★ 1/2

If you look at my above ratings of the whole series so far you would notice that this is my least favorite in the mistborn series so far. The last book surprised me in a very good way and maybe I had high expectations that I should not have but I think I know why I liked this less than it is predecessors.

I didn’t read the second series after the first trilogy. In fact, it has been a couple of years since I read the original trilogy. I had forgotten many of the details and characters from that series and I thought that this book depended much on that trilogy so I was confused and I could not get into the story as much as I wanted to. Mistborn 4 was kind of a separate story and I liked that but things started to get more complicated in this book. I liked how the magic system developed in the last book but not much was added after finishing this one and that kind of left me disappointed too.

“Cleaning the wound is often more painful
than the cut itself.”

The writing is as good as usual and there were so many goo quotes. I never have problems with Sanderson’s writing and that is a good thing. The characters are as good as ever, I still like the main characters, Wayne is certainly a favorite but the Kandra’s in this book were an addition that I was not a big fan of. Once again, I am pretty sure that I would have enjoyed this more if I did read it after the first trilogy immediately because to be honest, there was something exciting about seeing old beloved characters mentioned or make an appearance!

Summary: I think it is a good entry in the series when connected to the original trilogy. I blame myself for forgetting some of the details. The writing and characters are great as usual but I was not a big fan of the plot or the magic system development (The magic system is probably my favorite system so far in books but I hated that not much was added here). I already continued the series and loved the third book more.

You can get more books from Book Depository
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November 29, 2022
4.5 stars

I said it in my review of Brandon Sanderson’s The Alloy of Law, the first book of the second era of Mistborn, and here I am, saying it again in my review of Shadows of Self, the next in the series.

DAMN. YOU. SANDERSON. (Shakes fist for emphasis.)

You just had to do it, didn’t you? You just had to write THAT ending? The ending that shattered my heart into a million gazillion pieces. Well, know this: as rewarding for you as it may have been to write it, reading it devastated me.

In the best possible way, of course.

Shadows of Self is an excellent follow-up to The Alloy of Law. Wax and Wayne are back in a big way, and boy, do they bring fun, excitement, and humor to the pages. They’re the dynamic duo I never knew Mistborn needed.

Up next, the third book, Bands of Mourning. Wish me and my heart luck. Hopefully, we’ll make it out somewhat put back together again.
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May 2, 2020
*** 4.66 ***

This ending broke my heart for all involved!!! I might come back to write a real review, but at this moment the only thing I want to do is jump on the next book, because I am dying to know what happens and how things will go from here on out... I love the easy way Sanderson makes us fall in love with the characters and makes us root and care for them, even when they are really flawed, and in some cases, love them because of their imperfections and obsessive compulsive behavior 🙂🤗❤️! I am rooting for you, girl! Q
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June 30, 2016
"The days of heroes has passed. The stories of people breaking out of history belong to another world. We have reached an era of modernism, both louder and more silent at the same time."

"The days of heroes has passed. The stories of people breaking out of history belong to another world. We have reached an era of modernism, both louder and more silent at the same time.
An author like Sanderson doesn't write bad books, and I have enjoyed everything I've read by him. But I feel like every single Mistborn book is a little disappointing compared to the one before it, and that is an unfortunate trend. The fifth book is no exception. The Final Empire is one of my favourite books, but Shadows of Self is probably my least favourite Cosmere instalment.

The first Mistborn era was epic, and most aspects of it were amazing. The second is more like “fun stories in the Mistborn universe” than an actual continuation of the spectacular storyline. And that makes this sequel trilogy seem more like a decent experiment by Sanderson.

Still, Wax and Wayne are fun to read about, the book is fast-paced and exciting and the major revelations add to the suspense (but yes, I did call both). I will keep reading the Mistborn series with interest, but it seems like in my eyes, the Stormlight Archive will surpass it in quality by a clear mile very soon. That’s not really a bad thing either.
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September 12, 2022
Estoy dudando entre el 4 y el 4.5
Vaya, cuánto he disfrutado leyendo este libro. Aleación de ley me dejó con ganas de leer más de estos nuevos personajes y al mismo tiempo no llegué a disfrutarlo del todo por leerlo nada más terminar con el Héroe de las eras. Sombras de identidad ha sido fascinante. Habituada al cambio, o mejor dicho mentalizada, he logrado conectar más con los personajes y meterme de lleno en la historia.

Me encanta la mezcla de fantasía con detectives, y quizá eso haya hecho que aún disfrute más del libro. La trama me ha gustado, pero esperaba un poco más de profundidad, sobre todo en los personajes. Wax sigue siendo el vigilante dedicado que conocimos en Aleación. Centrado más en su vida y siendo vigilante por hobby estará en la plantilla de los alguaciles. Wayne, fiel compañero de Wax. Cómo me gusta este camaleónico personaje. Su humor tan característico junto a sus extravagantes habilidades han hecho que se convierta en mi personaje favorito de esta nueva trilogía.

Si no le doy la puntuación perfecta es porque no he logrado engancharme tanto como con su primera trilogía. Es mucho más delgado que los libros anteriores y quizá me ha costado más de leerlo. Es adictivo, sí. Tiene mucha acción, también. Pero mi principal pega quizá radique en esto. Me hubiera gustado más desarrollo o más intervalos de tranquilidad entre tantas escenas de acción. Aún así hay cosas que me han hecho sentir una ternura enorme (los que lo hayáis leído sabréis a que me refiero) y que me ha encantado encontrar. Con la ambientación esta vez he podido disfrutar mucho. Después de mi estreno con Aleación de ley y ese cambio tan brusco, aquí he disfrutado muchísimo descubriendo cómo influye está nueva época a los alomanticos y a la gente de a pie. Es interesante ver el cambio de época con el "mismo" sistema de magia y como afecta al mismo tiempo.

Deseando estoy de ponerme con Brazales de duelo después de este final que me ha dejado con mucha intriga sobre lo que pasara en próximos libros.

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October 1, 2015
Originally reviewed at The Speculative Herald

A lot of the books that I’m excited for in 2015 are actually releasing quite late this year, so as we sauntered into fall and said good bye to summer, I was getting ready to say hello to a couple of my most anticipated titles. Shadows of Self was most definitely near the top of that list. I’m a big fan of Brandon Sanderson, and I absolutely loved The Alloy of Law – probably more than all three books of the original Mistborn trilogy put together, so small wonder that I was really looking forward to this follow-up.

If there’s one thing I can never resist, it’s a good Fantasy meets Western setting. Three centuries after the events at the end of The Hero of Ages, the world of Mistborn has transformed into something altogether different. We’re on the cusp of an era similar to the industrial revolution, and all around are new inventions giving rise to mild hints of steampunk. On the outskirts of the built-up city of Elendel is a dusty, lawless territory known as the Roughs, where our protagonist Lord Waxillium Ladrian made his name as a lawman-for-hire.

Magic, however, is alive and well. Allomancy and Feruchemy are still around, though applied here in a different way which preserves the marvel of the original system while adding a whole new dimension to it at the same time. Characters from the original trilogy like Vin, Elend, Kelsier and Sazed are also now long gone but not lost, their names immortalized forever in history and religion. It’s therefore possible to read this subseries without having to start with the first three books, though the experience might be richer if you do because then you’ll understand all the references to these past people and events. And for those who enjoyed the original trilogy, The Alloy of Law and Shadows of Self will introduce you to a fresh start featuring great new characters in a dynamic world that evolves with time. You’ll still be getting all the good stuff, but these books are far from being just the same-old, same-old; they’re shorter, more lighthearted and fun in tone and style, and I found that the mix of old and new worked very well for me.

Shadows of Self continues the adventure by bringing back Waxillium and his good friend Wayne in a new mystery involving a hunt for an assassin. Nearly two decades have passed since Wax first started his youthful escapades into the Roughs, and he has recently returned to the city in order to take up the mantle of his lordship, which comes with a whole new set of responsibilities – including getting married. Wax and Wayne now use their allomantic powers to assist the constabulary of Elendel, working alongside the constable-general’s chief aide Marasi Harms, who is also the half-sister of Wax’s fiancée. Their latest case involves a massacre at an auction organized by the governor’s corrupt brother, whose body was found among the victims which included nobles as well the city’s most notorious crime lords.

It soon becomes clear that the governor himself is a target. And to make matters worse, Wax learns that the assassin they hunt may not be human at all, but a Faceless Immortal who calls herself Bleeder, a kandra that ingests the bones of other beings to take on their physical appearance and personality. What do you do when your quarry could be anyone?

Given how much I enjoyed The Alloy of Law, I was not surprised that I had a great time with this book too. Shadows of Self features a more complex plot, drawing heavily upon the world of Mistborn and its religious lore. The gods play a much bigger role in this one, with the stormy politics of the deities mirroring the political state of the mortal world. Just as the people of Elendel are sick and tired of the corruption in the government and in the nobility, not all kandra are content with Harmony’s rule. When both situations come to a boiling point, the results aren’t pretty. For readers though, it’s a tense race against time with Wax, Wayne and Marasi as they try to prevent the city from tearing itself apart, and the only way to stop the destruction is to catch Bleeder. For a supposedly insane killer, she proves to be much craftier than anyone could imagine.

Wax and Wayne are also as fantastic a duo as the synergy of their names imply (though in truth, any scene with Wayne in it is automatically awesome, even when he’s solo) and having Marasi back is great as well. It’s interesting to see the dynamics play out between them when they work together, and as always I love the humor and the snappy dialogue which is way more prominent here than in the original trilogy, and probably where the lighter “fluffier” feel of these books comes from. Each character also has his or her own strengths and foibles, and I thought this installment explored those traits and covered them remarkably well without taking away from the main story.

The most exciting moments came at the end for me, and I won’t lie, I was a bit of an emotional wreck after last few chapters. Strangely, I wouldn’t say the events leading up to the climax were entirely unpredictable, though the twists were a mix of “Okay, I saw that coming” along with “Wait, that wasn’t what I expected.” Either way, Sanderson knows how to deliver a conclusion, and it’s a jaw-dropping one that left me reeling from the impact. I’ve become deeply invested in Wax’s story over the course of these two novels, and the ending did not disappoint.

All told, this book sees Brandon Sanderson doing more of what he does best – telling captivating stories that delight and enchant. Shadows of Self is another great addition to the Mistborn sequence, and another fantastic book from an author well known for his creative world-building and ingenious magic systems.
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October 20, 2015
Totally almost forgot to review this but better late than never so here goes!

I was very excited about the release of this book (although no where near as excited as I will be for Calamity or Stormlight #3) as I hadn't had any fresh Sanderson for a while and with this being the return to the Mistborn world I was hoping for a good story. This is certainly a likeable story, but for me I kind of hoped for a little more from Sanderson, and whilst I appreciate that this is a new 'era' of Mistborn, I kind of loved the big epic scale of the previous series and this doesn't really compare.

Let me begin this by saying I was excited for this, but not massively-hyper-dying-excited because I didn't 'love' the Alloy of Law, which is the introduction to these characters. I thought that Alloy of Law was fun and entertaining, but I didn't think it really captured my attention or interest as much as the original Mistborn trilogy despite bringing new ideas and magic to a world I already knew and loved.

My biggest complaints with this book are that I feel it's probably a bit too predictable (at least I worked out what the 'twist' was before it happened which was a little annoying) and it's a lot faster paced than many f Sanderson's other adult Cosmere books. I personally love to get deep into a world and story and really connect with the characters and what's happening with them, but in this book I just couldn't fully connect because I didn't want to be reading about these 'roguish' characters, I much preferred the original cast of characters. I think that because this is such a fast paced book and is filled with mystery elements and quick, funny conversation I just couldn't fully immerse myself like I did with the first series where the mystery is ongoing for all three books. I know that this is by no means the 'end' of the series and that there's still two books to go (which I will still buy of course) but this one just didn't pull me in as much as I wanted.

The story is once more focused on the characters of Wax and Wayne and I have to say that Wax is good, but Wayne is far superior as a character to me. He is funny, sarcastic and full of some hilarious punchlines and moments which kept me enjoying the book throughout. I do like Wax as a character, but he certainly seems a little too 'boring' in comparison with Wayne who was just on top form for most of this book.

I do appreciate what Sanderson is aiming for with this series in terms of following the progression of a world throughout time, but I just wish the books had stayed with a longer page length and been a little more through and developed. I think that the ideas Sanderson voices about Religion (there's A LOT of religion in this book btw) and the way that it's perceived and the way people think of it is interesting, but at points it did feel a little forced even for me (a long-term Sanderson fan and someone who likes to see religion and magic systems created by him).

On the whole the story is fun, but nothing more for me. However, I did read this with a lot of other people and they all seemed to love it so it may well be that this period of history just isn't working so well for me. I know Sanderson was prepared to lose some of his fans with this series as it was rather different, and I think maybe I am one of those who just doesn't like this anywhere near as much as the original, but I know a ton of people who do so it may well still be worth reading. I will say if you didn't care for the Alloy of Law then this is fairly similar in style etc so maybe not to read it if that's the case, but it's a fun story and although I had some frustration with parts of it it's not a poorly written or un-engaging story and I got through it in a day! :)
A 3* overall, fun, likeable, but by no means the best Sanderson I've read!
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December 8, 2021
October 2021: Still love this. Neat to see the pieces set up beforehand.

I will be honest with you. I do not want to write this review. Sometimes you just don't want to make thoughts about the things you love. But I have to write this review, at least 250 words, because of made up commitments that I could totally ignore if I really wanted to, but instead hold myself to anyway, because apparently doing that is something my subconscious enjoys.

This book, as theorized, was even better on re-read. Michael Kramer continues to be a great narrator. (P.S. Did y'all know he and Kate Reading are married?? Audiobook power couple!!! The next time I listen to a Stormlight Archive book I will feel so in-the-know. I can't believe I just now am finding this out!)

Almost 250 words? No.

The book. The only thing I really want to talk about is a spoiler, so you know what, FUCK IT.

So there you go, a re-read review where the only talk of substance about the book is under spoiler tags. (I don't know why I'm being so aggressive and spiteful right now, and I apologize.) (These books are awesome, it's just the review I'm resenting atm.)

February 2016: So you know how you're reading one book and you think you know all about it and then BAM IT'S ANOTHER BOOK AND WHAT IS HAPPENING EVEN? And then you're like, ohhhhh shiiiiiit. This book. This one right here.

Honestly, I should know better by now. After I finish up Bands of Mourning, I'm sure in rather short order, the only books of Brandon Sanderson's I won't have read will be the Alcatraz books. I'm used to his tricks. And still. I thought I had this book pegged. Hahahaha NOPE.

So Shadows of Self picks up a year after Alloy of Law. Wax (and Wayne, of course, on top form) is doing his lawkeeper from the Roughs thing all across the city. He's determined to bring down the shadow conspiracy calling itself the Set, and he's pissing off a lot of people along the way. Meanwhile, the city is increasingly in a state of unrest. Food shortages, worker's strikes prompted by terrible working conditions (a legacy of the changes that come with an industrial revolution), and religious unrest are all fomenting. And then a series of brutal and terrifying murders targeting public figures make it clear that a dangerous Feruchemist with an agenda has taken up residence. What follows is a madcap series of adventures through the city as Wax, Wayne and Marasi try to unravel the confusing and complex actions of their suspect.

Everything about this book worked for me. The characters all have great arcs, even Wayne, who is so wonderfully eccentric as a character that he's in constant danger of slipping into a caricature. But Sanderson walks the fine line, and gives Wayne more of a firm ground to stand on in this one. We get much more into his head here, why he is the way that he is. He also gets all the best lines. Sanderson also uses his main character so effectively, giving him great emotional and physical conflicts, allowing him to triumph, and then tearing him down. He also uses the other POV characters to shed light on Wax's flaws, giving him even more of a chance to grow. And Marasi is just perfection.

Shadows of Self takes the world and characters introduced in Alloy of Law and says, Okay, you liked that? Now watch me turn it up to 11. I can see the final two books in this series going to epic places.

Now please excuse me while I go start Bands of Mourning immediately.
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