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Divinicus Nex Chronicles #1

Demons at Deadnight

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Librarian's Note: this is an alternate cover edition for ISBN13 9781467984331.

The non-stop action romantic adventure featuring the hextraordinarily sexy HEX BOYS!

For seventeen-year-old Aurora Lahey, survival is a lifestyle.

Aurora has the crappiest superpower on the planet. And it’s just unleashed a hit squad from hell. Demons are on the hunt, salivating to carve her carcass into confetti. ´

The Hex Boys—mysterious, hunky, and notorious for their trails of destruction—have the answers Aurora needs to survive. But their overload of deadly secrets and suspicious motives makes trusting them a potentially fatal move.

The battle to save her family, herself, and stop demonic domination may cost Aurora everything worth living for, and force her to reveal her own dark secrets. But no worries. She needs the Hex Boys to pull this off, and, chances are, teaming up with these guys will get her killed anyway.

404 pages, Paperback

First published January 5, 2012

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About the author

A. Kirk

11 books1,340 followers
We are A & E Kirk, the Best Selling Mother/Daughter writing duo of YA Paranormal Urban Fantasy Romance Thrillers loaded with action, adventure, twists and turns, and huge doses of humor. We write about dangerous supernatural creatures, hot guys, and sassy heroines full of snark.

Our Divinicus Nex Series has topped the Amazon charts, and Midnight Poison, the first book in our new Paranormal Poisons is already a bestseller!

We love to read, watch TV and movies, and eat - not necessarily in that order - and also connect with our fans. Come visit, we'd love to hear from you!

Website: www.aekirk.com

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Facebook: www.facebook.com/AandEKirk

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461 reviews1,194 followers
October 25, 2018
“I launched into a graceful ninja-like front roll, then stood my ground to face the monstrous heathen, fearless in my determination to vanquish the deadly foe.

Nah, just kidding. I bolted, discretion being the better part of not getting dead.”


What I thought I will get from reading this:


-paranormal girl who in insecure because she has lived alone all her life or has a bad family
-instalove in the first person she sees
-he will try to push her away because he is bad for her
-she will be saved in the end by the person she loves
(like every other paranormal YA nowdays)

What I really got from reading this:


-a great bad-ass main character who's strong and funny and one of my favorite characters of all time
-HILARITY(this is one of the funniest books I have ever read)
-solid romance
-a great story
-again hilarity(you have to read it to understand)

“We are killers,” Matthias said.
Bad news.
“Not girls. We don’t kill girls.”
Good news.
“She’s no girl.”
Insulting news?
“What? Of course she’s a girl.”
“Want me to check?”
“Shut up, Blake,” the rest of them chorused.”


You can find the full review and more about this book on my blog!

Demons at Deadnight is a paranormal YA who is written by some of my favorite authors of all time,and some of good friends here.It's a story worth reading.And it has everything,and I was really excited to read this because,according to the authors,I am officially a part of the Hex Boys(applauding for myself*).


“I reached for something to break my fall. The ground obliged.”


The characters are awesome.The main character is mind blowing.And believe me,this book got me laughing out loud.It is so funny,like Jimmy Fallon+Ellen+Kimmel funny.Seriously,you have to read it to understand:)

“Want some ice cream?"
His head bumped the frame. "Ouch! What?" His voice was back to normal. He turned around. "Don't offer me ice cream. I just broke into your room and threatened you.”


I highly recommend it.If you are in a good time for a solid paranormal YA,this is the best choice!

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422 reviews16.9k followers
July 28, 2016
“Bad things happen and somehow the Hex Boys are always nearby.”

Six notorious and hextraordinarily gorgeous boys.
One clumsy girl.
And a horde of bloodthirsty gross demons.
What could possibly go wrong?
(well since you've asked, everything can go wrong.You just laugh your ass off while it does.)

“The monstrous body heaved for a powerful flap,ready to propel us high in the air and me to my doom.It would probably strip my flesh while giving me vocabulary lessons.I'd be dead but smarter.How's that for glass half full?”

Aurora's accepted the fact that she can see demons and other supernatural creatures.But when demons start attacking her trying to kill her,she has to get help.And what's better help than 6 demon hunters with super powers who keep her secrets and constantly endanger her?(that's a rhetorical question)
“I couldn't wrap my mind around all the weird.Demons trying to kill me,old friends re-surfacing as demon drug lords,a winged woman with cryptic messages,I glow,and now I superheal?”

Why you should read Demons at Deadnight

Part 1 (aka the mature part)
Demons at Deadnight is one of the books that get you hooked from the start.Yes we've heard the demon hunters story before (in fact I got some Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Mortal Instruments vibes and that's fine by me because I love both),but A&E Kirk's writing is fresh.What took me by surpise was the extremely rich vocabulary,something that's not particularly common in urban fantasy.The writers handle masterly the words,whether it's physical descriptions or feelings or hilarious situations or battles.

Part 2 (aka the fangirlish part)
Holy Heck I loved the characters!!From Aurora and her boys to her awesome family and Van Helsing the cat,everyone was a great addition to the story!And oh.my.God there were so many funny scenes and witty retorts and banters and sarcasm that I couldn't stop laughing!Add some action scenes and some sweet scenes and some sizzling tension between Aurora and one of the boys and that's it,you have an amusing and light read that may of may not have kept me up all night I'm not yawning you're yawning
“Since when does Ayden get to save the girl?”Gigantor said.“That's my job.”
The Albino smirked.“Since when have you ever saved a girl?”
“It hasn't come up before,but clearly it would be my job.I'm the hunky one.”

How can you not love them?Blake the huge goofball,Logan the silent force,Jayden the awkward geek,Matthias the rude jerk,Tristan the cute and insecure one,and my personal favorite,Ayden,the arrogant smokin' one.

God he's hot.He had me grinning like a fool and dancing,until my inner voice started singing

Anyway,if you're looking for a book to cheer you up that happens to have not one,not two,but six hot guys, READ Demons at Deadnight.

(a special thanks to Aj's awesome review that brought this book to my attention ❤)
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1,051 reviews1,050 followers
July 29, 2016

I had a really awesome weekend because of this book that gave me 404 pages of pure laughter and I’m really grateful to the awesome mother and daughter (A&E Kirk) authors and to my lovely friends, Ash and M short for Melissa (Ever so Mela) whose reviews convinced me to read the book. (Click their names for their reviews.) Actually, M kind of harassed me into reading the book and I’m ever thankful. Lol. I mean, who would not be? Six equally non-cheesy, hot heroes with equally impressive magical powers, (husband out of sight, I’m clear!)=HYPER SWOONING SKILLS ACTIVATED! Gaaaaaaaaaah!

Imagine the younger version of these guys:

*inhales, exhales (30 times) *

Yep! Them hotties also called the Hex boys (because they sure are hexy!) and one kick-ass, gorgeous, hilarious heroine (Aurora, why so lucky?) made me a happy gal. Lol.

The plot basically consisted of Aurora getting chased and tossed by demons, sent flying back to her home by her guardian angel, almost burned to death, hit by a car and even zapped into a state of coma and always, always ending up at the hospital. (LMAO!) And everytime it seems these Hex boys are always behind the scenes. Are they good news or bad? GO READ THE BOOK!^^

I know the plot isn’t to die for but it’s not every day that I end up loving all characters in a book and this is one of those extra special days because all the characters in this book (except for the demons) are to love even Bubbles (the Australian platypus pet toy of Aurora’s cute little sister.) Everyone is really funny in his/her own way that I enjoyed literally every single page of the book.

The chapters are short and easy to read and the writing is simply pleasurable. The authors’ impressive writing skills are displayed in the diverse personalities of the characters. There’s a specific language for the extremely smart hero, another for the not so smart one, a different one for Aurora’s cool parents and so on. What’s even more entertaining is the POV of the story as it is told by Aurora herself who is funny as heck. Here’s a glimpse of her colorful personality:

“I launched into a graceful ninja-like front roll, then stood my ground to face the monstrous heathen, fearless in my determination to vanquish the deadly foe. Nah, just kidding. I bolted…”

The last quarter of the plot was pure awesomesauce and even though the book ends with a cliffy, it’s still pure entertainment.

P.S. Thank you authors, for the bonus recipe pages. Love them! <3
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Author 11 books1,340 followers
August 30, 2014
It's our book so we're admittedly biased. But hopefully you'll enjoy it too!

Here's the first chapter...

Chapter One

Someone’s car was totaled and it wasn’t my fault.

But who’s going to believe a teenager? “The demon did it” excuse, while more creative than “the dog ate my homework,” was still as unbelievable. And much more likely to get me sent to the psych ward. So when the fang-filled flying hellion barely missed me and dropped like a wrecking ball onto the SUV, exploding shattered bits of glass and vehicle parts in my direction, I ditched the scene pronto.

And didn’t look back. The savage grunts and metallic squeals provided a hefty deterrent. Like I needed more nightmare material.

I shot from the trailhead’s near-empty parking lot and booked it down the road. A log-rail fence lined the thick woods, and when the demon’s furious screech closed in from behind, I cut right. One hand planted on the top rail, slick from a recent rain, I swung my legs sideways, up and over. Home free.

Until my bottom foot clipped the post, and I spun as if caught in a crocodile’s death roll.
Good news? The spongy forest floor cushioned my fall.

Bad news? Momentum slammed my torso into a tree trunk. Couldn’t breathe.
But good news again. I’d rolled under a fat, bushy pine, which, along with the fading twilight, concealed my position. I heard the beast fly overhead in pursuit, taking out a few treetops on its way by.

Yeah, that was my plan all along. Man, I’m good. Except my body. It hurt.

My pity-party lasted until I could suck in a breath, then I pushed to my feet and headed for home. Demons salivated over remote locations like this. I needed to move.

Side aching, breath choppy, I shuffled-limped-jogged into town, made it to my neighborhood, and relaxed. Civilization. Where the demon wouldn’t follow and—

Talons clicked an ominous rhythm on pavement.

Wrong had become my default choice.

I ducked behind an oak, huddling, chilled in my fear-and-sweat soaked T-shirt.

A malicious laugh churned through the air.

“Hide and seek. My favorite. How thoughtful of you to commence a game.” A touch of crazy tinged the demon’s smooth voice. Panic twisted my heart. “Ironic, is it not, that the great Divinicus Nex cowers in fear from that which should be her fated prey? A decidedly diametric circumstance.”

What? It’s irritating when the monster hunting you has a better vocabulary than your own. Maybe it could do my eulogy? This was crazy. I’d seen demons before but they were small, ignored me, or ran away. But this one? Well, it was a different breed. A psycho on steroids, and it wanted me dead.

Its chances looked good.

With my Amazonian height and auburn curls highlighted bull’s-eye-red, all I was missing was an “Eat Me” sign taped to my back.

“You’ve got it wrong. I’m Aurora. Just some girl you don’t want kicking you back to your hellhole.” My plan to go on the offensive stemmed from my defense amounting to less than diddly and squat combined. Dusk began to devour precious daylight. My eyes ached from the frantic attempt to penetrate the emerging shadows. “Think of the embarrassment. The other demons will laugh and point, make fun of you behind your back. Your self-esteem will suffer and I’m late for dinner, so for both our sakes, I’ll let it go. Just walk away and I won’t come after you.”

I hoped I sounded confident but I think my voice cracked.

Diffused light flickered to life from the surrounding houses. The ornate streetlamps lining the empty streets of the quaint mountain town buzzed to life reflecting on the shimmering fog that slithered across the ground. A sporadic drizzle hummed against the leaves on the branches above.

“I believe you suffer confusion, Nex.” The volume of its voice lowered. Had it backed off, thinking I had something up my sleeve? “I harbor no trepidation but that you remain alive. And my immutable predilection is to deliver your corpse in a profusion of pieces.” Then that laugh.

I couldn’t comprehend much of what it said, but overall, I wasn’t getting a warm and fuzzy vibe.

I fought a hysterical burst of laughter. I had nothing, nothing, but long legs and adrenaline. The spattering of drops above changed harmony. Feathering down through the branches, a grey mist swirled into a vague form my eyes strained to focus on. Mesmerized by its grotesque and lethal beauty, I almost waited a second too long. I ducked. With a menacing crunch, bark chunks splintered as the demon’s claws gouged into the tree where my head had been seconds before.

I launched into a graceful ninja-like front roll, then stood my ground to face the monstrous heathen, fearless in my determination to vanquish the deadly foe.

Nah, just kidding. I bolted, discretion being the better part of not getting dead.

I’d been seeing demons for a few years now. Yeah, those nasty creatures that should be in hell but instead are wreaking havoc on earth. If they were close by, sometimes I could even locate them using this weird second-sight that I wished would go Helen Keller. It was the crappiest superpower on the planet, but I’d dealt with my unfortunate situation in a mature and responsible manner. I ignored it. And so did the demons.

Until tonight when this one changed the rules and attacked while I was on my run. I’d tripped and stumbled over a rotting log which is why the SUV had taken the death blow meant for me. Wish I could say it was a deviously clever move, but the truth is I’ve got grace management issues.

A guttural hiss vibrated the leaves. Ancient wings slapped the air with fury. The scary monster noises threatened to paralyze me, so I ignored them and concentrated on running. Fast. Counting houses to keep the panic at bay.

Something darted out from my left, ground level. I swerved right, nearly falling, but kept going. I glanced back. A dog, one of those tiny, foo-foo things, scampered out on stubby legs, planted its feet, and started barking skyward. The demon diverted its sights from me and swooped down on the yappy mutt.

Dogs aren’t my thing.

I hate dogs.

And if this one was dumb enough to sacrifice itself for me, hallelujah. I kept running.

After I reversed course.

Stupid dog.

I dived head first and scooped up the mongrel as I slid by, feeling a rush of air from the giant beast passing overhead. A reddish sheen covered my eyes. I’d cut it so close the demon’s talon sliced through my ponytail elastic and released an onslaught of thick massive curls that cascaded over my face.

On foot again, I flung back my hair and continued my retreat, the squirming dog growling protests against my chest.

“Ungrateful mutt,” I growled back.

I sensed a presence looming overhead and dodged into a driveway, happy to toss the annoying pup into a garage where it tumbled under a sedan. A blow from behind lurched my body forward. I would’ve gone down but instead found myself airborne. And gaining altitude.

Not good, because last I checked, I couldn’t fly.
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624 reviews963 followers
November 2, 2015
I've read this book as a birthday gift to one of my sweetest friends here in Goodreads, AJ the Ravenous Reader (Click her name to read her awesome review of this book) :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GORGEOUS!

Demons at Deadnight offered a great introduction to a series, with such an interesting premise-- featuring demons and demon hunters. This book started out really, really good. And it has tons of crazy humor that got me really cracking out loud. I love the main character Aurora Lahey who is all kinds of kickass. And ohmygod the boys are extremely cute and hot-- and they are 6! Not one, not two, but SIX! Sign me up!



What made this book a not-so-perfect book for me, however, was the writing of the authors. As an average reader and one that enjoys words that are simplistic and easy to digest, I found the writing of the authors a bit difficult to get into. There were also some descriptions that kinda made me want to repeat it all over again just to get the point. Thankfully, it was mended by the humor which was always present in every line. Another thing was the character development of the mc and the supporting ones. I love how strong they are when they're introduced during the first parts of the book, but as the story goes, most of them sort of faded out of the picture. Also, I became really exhausted with the plot. I was looking for a mind-blowing twist or some interesting thing that will happen but it wasn't met.

But as a whole, I have fun in this book. Aurora is such a refreshing heroine and a very different one. I admire her for being such a silly and a funny character and for being independent. While the boys always come to her rescue, she makes it a point that she's really strong enough to need them. And of course, the involvement of the family was so genuine. I love Aurora's family and their witty conversations.

Will I recommend this book? YES. It may not be a perfect YA fantasy read for me, but given the fact that it gathers strong ratings here in GR, then this might be your next favorite book. :)



Pearl's Book Journey (1)

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148 reviews415 followers
January 3, 2015
4.5 stars

Three things you will absolutely love in this book:
1) It is completely hilarious
2) It is completely action - packed and
3) It is completely awesome!

The one thing I love about books is that it has the ability to think and make you laugh. This book made me laugh so hard that sometimes I'd keep reading the same joke again and again just to continue my laughter.

Aurora Lahey proved to be an excellent female lead whom I loved very much.
Things you might love about Aurora
1) She's courageous
2) She's Hilarious and
3) She's bloody awesome!

She also has this indomitable Lahey spirit. What more can a reader want from the main female lead? And the description of Aurora's red hair reminded me of Merida from Brave.

One thing you really need to look forward to in this book:

The Hex Boys!

Lovely characters, captivating plot and mind - blowing battles with demons! These are the things I loved very much in this book.
On the whole, I thoroughly enjoyed this book! A very engaging book you wouldn't want to miss!
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117 reviews38 followers
January 4, 2014

Soooo... I effing loved this book! I'm freaking happy I read it!
You haven't read it?

I may throw some s bombs. No, not what you think of, you naughty, spoiler bombs. And unless you want to become a pancake under one of them and then get yourself blown up and shredded into bloody, unidentifiable pieces, you LEAVE RIGHT NOW AND READ DEMONS AT DEADNIGHT!!!

For the rest of you whom I managed not to scare away, you are very welcome to read my rant review on DaD. Oh, please do read it.

DaD is the story of Aurora Lahey, aka the Divinicus Nex and how she deals with her special gift, demons trying to kill her and a sextett of boys so hot, I'm pretty sure they are the reason why Earth's average temperature has risen. Now, all these wouldn't necessarily mean that DaD is such a special book (okay, maybe the six boys would... in which other book are there so many hot guys all at once?!), there are tons of books out there with the same, cliché filled idea. But not this one. And it's sneaky, because judging only by the blurb, you wouldn't think anything crazy is up, but then you have a look at the quotes from the book and...

Ta-daaa! The magic is done. Okay, at least with me, those tiny excerpts won me over and then I had no doubt that not only will I read it, but I will enjoy the hell out of it!

Boy, wasn't I right...

This book is so freaking hilarious, I can't even...

I haven't read anything like this before. And so it was incredibly refreshing. Even more so, because despite being this funny, it could still remain serious. I know, this is confusing, I'm contradicting myself, but A&E Kirk could write this novel in a way that although I was fighting not to laugh out aloud like a crazy squirrel on weed, I could still take the story seriously, feel the gravity of the situations and choices and connect with the characters. I can't thank enough for this genious writing.

About the plot. I don't really have much to say, it was good as it was. Action and sweet scenes perfectly balanced, I have no complaints.
But, oaaaargh the end!!! Who was that???? I hate him already, but why so hot??? I can already tell he'll cause trouble, send nasty big waves toward my ship trying to wreck it.

But no, no,

Though this just makes it even harder to wait for the next book. Where is the next book?


I can't see it anywhere. It's untitled, there's no real synopsis, and not even the year of the expected publication.

This is just plain out cruel.

And it hurts.

But I'm not done yet, not even close. Here come the characters!

I wouldn't say she's clumsy, certainly not in the I'm-so-dud-Edward-please-save-me-once-a-minute-at-least-or-I-will-accidentally-get-myself-killed-with-a-handkerchief Bella kind of way. Aurora is more likely to be extremely unlucky in that aspect, and she's totally like me. It's the kind of bad luck that always puts you in the way of a flying ball or opens the door at you face. You can't really help it, it's like you are cursed. But Rory is also an expert at knife throwing and she's not a helpless dumb protagonist. Sure, she cowers a lot, but that's just self-preservation, any normal person would run if a giant monster with extraordinary vocabulary wanted to kill them. And when it's really needed, she defeats her nightmares and steps up to save those she loves, and that's what matters. I absolutely loved being in her head, she's a genuine, strong and unique heroine.

And I'm pretty jealous of her for having such amazing friends as the Hex boys!


Oh yeah, he is hot, both literally and figuratively speaking. He is the Hex boys' human torch and his job is to light girls' panties afire. Okay, it's not, but he's still making an outstanding performance in it. He is cocky and can be a jackass, got that protective bad boy thing going on, which makes me fall. He is also effing adorable when he is embarrassed and gets shy, then I'd just so love to hug him and not let go. Ever.

And though usually I'm not really fond of brown eyes, I could have drowned in his chocolety ones, when they glowed with that orange ember light. That's just.. wow...


Ayden's twin bro, our waterbender who is a genious and a total social disaster. I mean, once he starts talking, he can barely shut up and he throws fact after fact at you, no matter how embarrassing the subject is. But I love that about him, that he is so weird and he is so sweet when he is complimented, gets all red.

Professor Xavier, kinda, he messes with minds, so beware.

I think he doesn't really like his power, at least not after he sent Aurora to the Waiting World. Or maybe, it's just me, dunno. He is really shy, and prefers to play things safely, which is completely understandable after what happened in the past, friends getting torn up and such...


The team's bowman and airbender. Though his bow and arrows are made of condensed air which is way cooler. I mean, think about it, it's light, you don't have to carry it around, just conjure it up whenever you want to, and it look totally classy, like it's made of glass. I'd so want one! He is an amazing dancer, he has wicked good taste in clothes and drives a car like he won all the races in the Fast and Furious movies.
He too is pretty shy, blushes a lot, and he has that innocent air around him like Tristan.

I still love him.


He is such a flirt! And so hilarious. No matter how dire the situation, he never misses to light up the dark scene, he always made me smile if not laugh. I love it that no matter how many times he gets snapped at, he stays cheerful and continues his dumb compliments and comments. And all the while being a perfect gentleman. I just love him so much.
He is in tune with the earth stuff and nature, meaning he can control pretty much everything around you, unless you are in a plastic room which I doubt.

Now, he is a really hard nut to crack. He is all broody and dark, and not just because he controls darkness. There's just something about him... I think he is really wounded but he hides it with jackassery. Can't mislead me though, just makes me want to get to know him better. I have a soft spot for him, okay. And he was so sweet when Selena attacked him with her platypus and when he sewed a heart shaped patch to cover the plush's missing eye, oh my God, bring me a bucket I can melt into, I can't handle this much cuteness!

And toward the end when he smiled and Aurora noticed and she was so shocked because she saw that Matthias has dimples.

It just made me so happy. And he covered his mouth but still kept smiling, and I so wanted him to be real then so I could marry him. Yeah, the hard life of a fangirl...

I think that would be all. Congratulations if you read all this, and I thank you! I hope you loved/will love this book as much as I did!

In Demons at Deadnight I found a book I didn't even know I'd been looking for and had so desperately needed.
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153 reviews79 followers
December 3, 2015
OMG! What a FUN-FREAKIN'-TASTIC book! I never expected that this is going to be so much fun that It made me giddy over the chapters,I enjoyed it so much! Thanks to my dear little sis who recommended this to me.It sure did make my day and completely awoke me from my slumps.^^

This is a story of a 17 year old girl,named Aurora Lahey who has recently moved back to the town she grew up in(together with her family).It's here when all the "demon-chasing Aurora" had began. Yes,our one and only female protagonist here can see and track demons who were so freaking intent on finding and killer her without her knowledge why.

But then,she met the boys..ooooh the boys! Yes,the six insanely gorgeous boys(the Hex boys)that Aurora's guardian,Gloria(I love her) advised her to stick with.But Aurora has trust issues,that's why she always end up being sent to the hospital,lol.

Aurora's cleverness maybe a bit lame and had me constantly rolling my eyes on her goofiness,but still I loved her! This girl had me laughing from the beginning 'til the end.^^

I loved how the authors created this book with a perfect plot,blended with a perfect humor,romance,tons of action and great characters.Not to mention the delightful images of the "hextremely hot" boys:
JAYDEN- the adorable care-giver
BLAKE- the funny charmer
TRISTAN-the protective blonde
LOGAN- the shy one,but fierce
MATTHIAS-the smart,Aussie jerk
And of course,there's AYDEN- the sweetest,domineering guy that I loved most.^^

This book is my first of A&E Kirk,and I'm instantly amazed by their brilliance.What a daughter-mom tandem! Can't wait to read more of your books,awesome authors!(especially the 2nd book of this series!)^^

To those of you,who haven't read this yet..what are you still waiting for?
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136 reviews30 followers
January 21, 2012
"Trust me, if I can see you, I can smite you." - Aurora Lahey

Holy crap, this book was fun. Okay: imagine, if you will, the Black Dagger Brotherhood, only they're teenagers, and they aren't vampires, and they don't have 400 pages each worth of angst-driven back story, and they're written with a Goonies-like combination of charm and goofiness--but instead of bikes and baby fat, they have cars and chiseled abs. Those are the Hex Boys, a crew of six demon-hunters who each have a unique supernatural ability.

Aurora Lahey doesn't know what she is, but the demons who keep trying to kill her seem to have an idea. When her family moves back to the town they had left nearly a decade earlier, an escalating pattern of demon attacks forces her to turn to the Hex Boys for protection. Though she was childhood friends with several of them, they've changed dramatically while she was living in the big city--but then again, so has she.

Characterization is a strong point with Aurora and the Hex Boys. Aurora is brave, loyal, funny, and devoted to her family. She can be awfully stubborn at times, but her heart is in the right place. The Hex Boys each have distinct personalities and speech patterns, ranging from humorously oafish to intensely standoffish. The banter between them and Aurora is often hilarious, even when they're fighting demonic forces of darkness.

Unfortunately, some of those fights happen in such quick succession in the narrative--and with so little downtime in between scenes--that I'm going to make a complaint I rarely make about a novel: the pacing was too fast. At one point, I realized I had already lost track of how many times Aurora pulled off a narrow escape and found herself injured, and that was only a handful of days into the novel's timeline. A little breathing room in between action scenes would have been a welcome relief, particularly since the attack/injury/escape patterns were sometimes a little repetitive.

That said, the concept for this novel really works, the chemistry between Aurora and her Hex Boy love interest is appealing, and the book made me laugh out loud more than once (one conversation in particular pokes fun at the proliferation of love triangles in YA literature. I snorted, for real.)
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1,838 reviews6,249 followers
May 10, 2017
This book is a fast-paced fun-filled ride that had me laughing quite a bit. It's YA Urban Fantasy, and there is a very special snowflake, but it is still a burrito of awesomeness smothered in that red sauce and cheese. Oh, with guacamole and sour cream.... hmmm, I think I'm hungry...

Okay... I stopped for a snack for a minute. I'm back.
So, we have Aurora, our special snowflake. She can see demons and has spent all of her teen years running away from them. She was attacked badly, by humans, and her family moved her to their old hometown to get her away from the city. There, she meets up with her old friends from childhood - a group of guys. Sexy sexy boys, who happen to be demon hunters.

They are known as the "Hex Boys" around school and they don't hang out with anyone but each other, and they don't date. But, Aurora is super clumsy and special. The sexy boys save her life.

Sound familiar?

The great logic is that one of the sexy boys will 'pretend' to be her boyfriend so that she has a steady guard around her at all times. Of course, two of the sexy boys are fighting over this honor.

"Oh. My. God," Luna blurted from Ayden's back seat. "It's a love triangle... It's just like in my book. Two guys after one girl and-"

I groaned. "That's ridiculous, Luna, this is not a love triangle."

"Says the girl in the middle of a love triangle... I've got to call Danica. Oooo," She squealed. "We could have teams. Team Ayden and Team Blake." With T-shirts and buttons and --"

What a fresh idea!

But, here's the thing. This book is so good! The action, the wittiness, the characters are all so much fun that I never minded the special snowflake. I even liked her! I know! Crazy! I even have a strong feeling that I know where things are going with the "romance" angle, and I still don't mind. So, either I have a brain tumor, or this was just an entertaining story. Either way, I'm happy.
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February 8, 2017
“Her dad’s coming,” she said, voice shrill.
“What?” we all said in unison.
Tristan, Ayden and the fairy looked at me and said, “What?”
“What?” I repeated, panicked and irritated at my lack of control in responding to a fairy I wasn’t supposed to see or hear.
“What?” came their reply.
“What?” I continued the theme of repetition because I lacked any form of explanation.
Ayden held up a hand for silence. “Why are you ‘whatting’?”
The hand again. “Okay, stop that,” Ayden said.”

I can hundred-percent-honestly say that it's the FUNNIEST YA book (series) I've ever read. I'd read plenty of books I've found funny, but most of all I was laughing in my head with pokerface or just smiling. But this one always gets me laughing out loud, giggling and dying from laughter (which is really awkward when I read it in public).

Something darted out from my left, ground level. I swerved right, nearly falling, but kept going. I glanced back. A dog, one of those tiny, foo-foo things, scampered out on stubby legs, planted its feet, and started barking skyward. The demon diverted its sights from me and swooped down on the yappy mutt.
Dogs aren’t my thing.
I hate dogs.
And if this one was dumb enough to sacrifice itself for me, hallelujah. I kept running.
After I reversed course.
Stupid dog.

This book is freaking hilarious and it's not its only one good side. This book has amazing characters!

The main character - Aurora Lahey - is one of the badassest badass characters I've ever met. She's funny and sarcastic, witty and clever, strong and courageous. She's so cool!

I launched into a graceful ninja-like front roll, then stood my ground to face the monstrous heathen, fearless in my determination to vanquish the deadly foe.
Nah, just kidding. I bolted, discretion being the better part of not getting dead.

I love Aurora! She makes this book. And I like her relationship with her family. She loves them and she will make everything to keep them safe.
And her family? Jesus. Her family is one of the best families I've ever read about.

Her parents are overprotective and funny...

“Clyde, she said it’s fine. What? Really?” Mom huffed. “Your dad wants to know if ‘fine’ is code for ‘please come home, I’m being held hostage by hormonal maniacs.’” Pause. “And if said hormonal maniacs are listening he wants them to know he will cut off vital body parts and watch them bleed out a slow and torturous death then bury said body parts on different continents throughout the world so he will never be brought to justice and will revel in their excruciating demise for the rest of his life because they had the nerve to cause his daughter any discomfort whatsoever.”
I grinned. “Mom, Dad didn’t say that.”
“I may have ad-libbed that last part. But he did ask about the hormonal maniacs.”

...and her siblings are hard to even describe.

A rap on my window. I cringed. With a smirk, Luna pushed the curtains aside.
She waved and opened the window.
“Hey, Tristan.”
“Hey, Luna. What’s up?”
“Just blackmailing my sister.”
“Good for you.”

“Mom, they could be mutant zombie serial killers by now,” Lucian warned.
“Enough with the mutant zombies. No more video games for you.”
“Fine. Can I talk about boobs?”

You can't help but love them all.

And now..the candy - CANDIES of this book. The Hex Boys. SIX. GORGEOUS. HOT. DEMON HUNTER. BOYS.

“We are killers,” Matthias said.
Bad news.
“Not girls. We don’t kill girls.”
Good news.
“She’s no girl.”
Insulting news?
“What? Of course she’s a girl.”
“Want me to check?”
“Shut up, Blake,” the rest of them chorused.”

There are:

Kindhearted Tristan.

“Want some ice cream?”
His head bumped the frame. “Ouch! What?” His voice was back to normal.
He turned around. “Don’t offer me ice cream. I just broke into your room and
threatened you.”

Shy Logan.

Logan rummaged through the cupboards. “Where’s the chocolate?
Girls like chocolate when they’re upset.”

Socially awkward Jayden.

“Yes. Very good.” Jayden nodded. “But not identical. Fraternal. We developed from two distinct eggs. Identical twins develop from the splitting of one egg and—”
“I know,” I said. “I’ve got a pair.”
“Of eggs?” Jayden said.
Ayden closed his eyes. I would’ve needed the Heimlich maneuver if I’d been eating.
“No.” I shook my head. “No, I—”
“Because you’ve got far more than two,” Jayden said in a lecturing tone. “In
fact, girls are born with approximately two million eggs patiently awaiting puberty to—”
“Ooookay.” Ayden slung an arm around Jayden and gave him a rough squeeze. “Why don’t you leave something for Sex Ed class, huh?”

Flirtatious Blake.

“Blake, it’s not—” Ayden rubbed his eyes. “And that has nothing to do—”
“I could get a book,” Jayden brightened.
“Seduction course?” I said. “I’m sure I didn’t see that one on the high school
curriculum.” But it would certainly explain a few things.
“It’s not—” Ayden took a calming breath. “It’s one of the Mandatum’s psychology courses. The Art of Persuasion.” Ayden gritted a tight smile
at Blake. “And calling it anything else is what got you kicked out of the class.”

Dark and snarky Matthias.

Matthias and I exchanged disgusted looks.
“Over my dead body,” I said.
Matthias slithered a smile. “Then I’m in.”

Smokin' hot Aydan.

“What do your parents do? Do they travel a lot"
My brow wrinkled. “No, they don’t.” I was tired of the interrogation. “Do yours?”
He blinked. “What?”
“Do your parents travel a lot? Are they still married? How many in your family? How old are you? What classes do you have? Boxers or briefs? What’s
your GPA? Do you always go around knocking strange girls off their feet and then hammering them with a barrage of personal questions?” I finished with a cocky smirk.
Tristan hid a grin behind his fist. Mr. Exotic leveled me a steady stare, a sly smile gaining momentum. “Do you always end up straddling the guys who do?” Tristan choked. My smile froze.
“And as for the boxers or briefs.” One hand went to his belt buckle. “I’d be happy to…”

It's hard to even pick favorites because in the end you'll fall for all of them. All guys are funny, cute and nice, they care a lot about Aurora and are always here to help her. There is no useless love triangle, just cool and funny friendship.

For some people the plot might be hard to handle - sometimes it's too confusing and messy (and a little naive). I was totally okay with it though. I'm not a big fan of paranormal but I fell in love with this book.

Overall, the book is incredible. I wholeheartedly recommend everyone to read it. If you want to die laughing - this book is for you. If you want a book about friendship - this book is for you. Go and read it if you haven't done it already!

P.S. I want to quote entire book, so you better thank god that Goodreads has word limit.
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October 14, 2015
Actual rating: 3.5/5 Nex stars

Beginning(3/5 stars)

The story was told in Aurora Lahey's POV and it started in an intriguing way. There weren't many descriptions about settings, people, or anything special in the first few pages; instead, Aurora jumped into chaos and brought the readers with her. Best part was that she met her Prince Charming Hex Knight, Ayden Ishida, really soon after that. Plus, like I mentioned before, I literally choked on my own laughter from the first chapter. It was awesomely funny!

Characters(4.5/5 stars)

Aurora, a seventeen-year-old, red-headed, blue-eyed girl, had some superpower that she didn't even know before those demons were chasing after her. In short, she then teamed up with the Hex Boys, 6 of them altogether and prepared to fight against the Kalifera(the most formidable demon). Of course, she wasn't ready yet; that explained why she was attacked ALL THE TIME throughout this book. Anyway, let's talk about the Hex Boys. There were Ayden & Jayden(gorgeous twins), Logan(a shy albino), Blake(someone had a huge crush on Aurora who loved to play hero and dreamt about saving girls), Tristan(Aurora's handsome neighbor and enjoyed sneaking into her bedroom at night, lol), and Matthias(a stone cold, emotionless "Aussie" who only drank chocolate milk "Milo"). Aside from them, Aurora had a wonderful family and they played a big part in this story as well. Honestly, I love the characters more than its plot.

Plot(2/5 stars)

As for the plot, I personally think there was something missing all the time. At first, the sudden attack of Aurora's made me feel excited and couldn't wait to see how she got out of the mess. However, it seemed like she'd always got rescued by someone or something and didn't use her own fighting skills(as she claimed she had some experiences, I hope she wasn't joking about that) or her supernatural power to defeat her enemy. Maybe because I was currently biased(as you know, I just finished reading the super fast-paced, action-packed Throne of Glass series), Aurora just wasn't the kind of heroine that impressed me.

Moreover, she was extremely stubborn! She wouldn't listen to whatever the Hex Boys told her to keep herself safe and brought more trouble for them. AND that's not what annoyed me most! Sometimes the banters between those teenage boys and Aurora were very cute, hilarious, and...brainless, but not wherever, or whenever was a good place/time for kidding. The story lacked its tension and the atmosphere of anxiety because of those not-so-funny conversations. At that time, the supposed-to-be-nervous moments turned out to be super ridiculous and childish.

In my opinion, the twists in the plot were way too predictable and bland. The settings were fine. And the depictions of either the characters' movements or simple events could be more creative and vivid. It was just an ordinary story for me. Even a little bit...meh.

Ending(3.5/5 stars)

Although the plot was quite weak, the ending was rather interesting. It ended just a bit abruptly, leaving us a hint of cliffhanger and propelled us to read the next book. I know it sounds contradictive, but that's what I feel after reading the last part of this one. All I hope is that the story can be more action-packed and Aurora can finally control her special power at will.

To sum up, I think I may still recommend this book to you despite the fact that the plot was not strong and impressive enough, but the funny characters and their humorous banters will definitely make your day. :)
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January 5, 2016
I read this via Kindle Unlimited - GO CHECK IT OUT!

SEPTEMBER 8&9 -- Rereading this because I've been in the reading slump from hell over the past few days, and I need to read something that I absolutely know I love....hopefully this helps me get out of this rut!

This book, omg I love this book! My first review still stands....except I loved it even more the 2nd time around!!! Hopefully this is exactly what I needed to get me to get invested in the books I read, at least for a while. That slump, though it didn't last very long, lasted longer than any slump I've found myself in the last year or so.

This book is just so hilarious, and so action packed. You'd think....that with SO many main characters [There is Aurora, and the 6 SEXY SEXY HEXY HEX BOYS, also her family gets quite a bit of attention as well] that they would all kind of blend together, but each of them have such a diverse personality, that
sometimes you don't even need to see the name to know who is talking. I recommend this book to...Everyone. Seriously! I love it THAT MUCH. ESPECIALLY the Twins, Adyen and Jayden, my favorite characters....they are so completely different, and their characters were just so nicely done....I love AYDEN! He is hot, so hot....and he isn't a total asshole, which helps. Hes just so......Hexy.....AND JAYDEN, If you need laughs, you will surely fall in love with him and all his awkward glory. Ayden may be my book boyfriend for this series, but JAYDEN is my favorite character....him and the very awesome, very furry Van Helsing.

OKAY, well I was GOING to try reading a new book...just to see if I have overcome this weird slump....sure, I can reread a book with no problems....but a new one....? WE SHALL SEE.......AFTER I READ BOOK TWO I can't read book one and NOT read book two....


MAY 9&10, 2015: I'm sorry....but what the hell was up with that ending????????????

damn it

I knew from the first paragraph that I was going to absolutely, beyond anything, Love.This.Book!!. It was so freaking hilarious, and damn! those Hex Boys were something else

This book is definitely on the 'Favorites' list, and I really need, not want, NEED the sequel.

come find me:
IG: ash.reads Twitter: @ReadsAsh

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August 16, 2016
** 2,5 stars **

This book started off really good, with the first scene opening with action and being hilarious, with a very enjoyable lead character. But unfortunately, the rest of the book didn’t do it for me as much as the beginning did.

The plot :
First, I thought the story was quite slow and that there was basically nothing much happening during the entire book. I felt like we were constantly going round and round in circles, me getting very frustrating at some point, even more so because it was pretty repetitive : the MC, Aurora, would constantly get attacked by a demon, get hurt or knocked out (at some point I stopped counting the number of times she got knocked out) or end at the hospital, add some saving by one or two of the Hex Boys, and that’s it. It was the same routine over and over again for most of the book, without the story moving by an inch.
Also, one thing that, I’ll be honest, really got on my nerves at some point was the lack of progress in the plot and in the explanation of what the hell was going on and in the explanation of the demon world. It was so frustrating because both Aurora and the Hex Boys were stubborn and constantly keeping the truth form each other, basically never revealing anything concrete, which at some point became ridiculous because some things were so obvious that it made it look like the Hex Boys were stupid or blind for not guessing (I’m talking about Aurora hiding who she is and the Hex Boys too blind to see). This lack of any explanation led to me getting confused some times during the book, and not understanding why the MC was okay with not having any answer form the Hex Boys.

The characters :
As for the characters, I honestly couldn’t really connect to any of them. My main issue is that they all lacked real depth and were quite stereotyped, especially the Hex Boys. It almost felt after a while like the authors were trying too hard to make them look like your clichés hot and badass guys, but unfortunately, it was not handled very well in my opinion. Also, all the characters felt too teenage sometimes a bit childish, and not mature enough. I know it’s normal for them to act like teenagers because they are teenagers, but I wish they would have been a bit more mature.
Regarding the relationship between Aurora and one of the Hex Boys, I was not convinced either. It was cute, sure, but it lacked some real chemistry and connection. It was insta-attraction, and basically Aurora was only ever raving about the guy’s looks, how hot and handsome he was, but nothing else, too bad. Also, a lot of scenes between the two were way too convenient in my opinion, they felt like déjà vu and were pretty predictable.

Overall :
I really don’t like saying bad things about a book and hope it doesn’t sound mean in any way, but overall this book felt way too similar to other YA paranormal books mixed together (I kept thinking about the TMI series and the Lux series while reading this book), and unfortunately, the story and its characters didn't catch my attention as much as I was hoping it would.
But of course, the book was still quite enjoyable to read, but "ça ne cassait pas trois pattes à un canard" ! (I don't know the equivalent of this expression in English ^^)
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October 3, 2015
Before I begin my review I have to confess that at one point while reading this book I was laughing so hard that my fiancé came into the room and told me I sounded like Stewie when he finds something to be so funny that he loses all control over what his normal laughter sounds like.

Let’s start with the main character, Aurora, aka Divinicus Nex. She’s snarky, quirky, funny and can see demons. She knows when to talk shit, when to keep her mouth shut, when to fight and when to run for the frigging hills. She’s tall and athletic, doesn’t have a propensity for whining and doesn’t need a man to protect her but still understands when she’s in over her head and needs to accept one’s help. Praise the literary gods! I am so frigging sick of reading about chicks with no backbone who require other people (men) to give them their ‘self-confidence’ and teach them how to not suck at life. And unlike most paranormal characters I’ve been reading about lately (*sob* Why doesn’t daddy love me?), she has some legitimate baggage and besides a little healthy paranoia she doesn’t let it bring her down, close her off or turn her into an emotional nut job. HOW REFRESHING.

The book starts off with Aurora being attacked by a psychotic demon that reminds me a little of my eighth grade English teacher because of his unnatural attraction to large words. She’s saved by the hero ____ (no really, you don’t get his name) and then BAM insta-love. No. Oh no, not again. Damn the literary gods! Why do authors keep doing this to me? Oh, wait a second. HAHAHA, it was an insta-love psych out! Yes! Praise the literary gods! You guys rock. Also, please don’t smite me for my misplaced blasphemy. Thanks.

So, no insta-love, but some serious insta-lust between her and the hero, who you eventually learn is Ayden. Add in a creepy school dripping in gargoyles, a group of raucous boys with superhuman powers, a mysterious organization, demons galore, a dash of mystery, a sprinkle of creepy and you have the perfect recipe for a great book!

Was it perfect? No. Did I find myself irritated on several occasions? Yes. Did I find myself confused when the book jumped from action to…croquet? Yes. Was it annoying that no one figured out who she was unless it was spelled out for them? Yes. I almost gave this four stars for the humor alone but I just couldn't do it.

So, good book. Could have been amazing. I’ll definitely read the next and hope the series gets better as it goes.

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February 2, 2018
Demons at Deadnight is such a fun and enjoyable read, I didn't want it to end! Teenagers fighting demons with super powers and along comes a girl who has a secret. She too has a secret, she is the one their group is looking for. She isn't sure why. They may be trying to kill her along with the demons. It is fast action and sprinkled with lots of humor. I giggled frequently! A great book with fun characters and plot, wonderful dialogue and fun fantasy.... on to book two!
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February 8, 2017
Second re-read: 27.12.15
Still loving it. Such an amazing series, and Ayden is so damn hot!

Re-Read: 08.06.14.
New rate: 5/4 stars.
My casting (Though, perhaps, should be looking a bit younger and Ayden & Jayden are twins, though can't choose how they look..):

This book is still freaking fantastic!! I love the Hex boys even more!!! And dude, if you haven't read this book, then your seriously missing out on something amazing!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, PEOPLE!

This was just what i needed!! Im pretty sure i loved everything about this fantastic book! A&E Kirk, you guys are brilliant!

The characters are PERFECT :D I love them!!! I mean, Aurora snarky and sarcastic comments, her perfect humor and her bravery.. Just.. I adore her! The Hex Boys... Well... Im lost. I'll never find a boyfriend now that ive read about them.. Damn.. They were all sexy, dangerous and so fucking funny! Delicious as hell, too! I can't wait for the next one!

PS! Ayden is MINE!!!!!!
Team Ayden
Rate: 4/4.5 stars.
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July 16, 2015
A comparable description of my wedding. Meet my grooms, the hex boys. See how they enthusiastically stand in line to marry me?

Yes, I know you wish you were me at this moment. Don't worry, it's OK to dream big. :D

On with the review...

Reasons I read this book:

1)Anna: She kept gushing about it. I basically saw it, for a week straight, on my goodreads update.

2) The Cover : Yeah, I know. It's lead me astray sooo many times but I am nothing if not habit bound.

3) The Hex boys : What? I like to have choices.

4) The authors are mother and daughter : I loved that. Being in the same profession as my mom, it's just one more thing that ties us together, so seeing it here made me want to give this a try.

Now on with
Reasons I loved this book:

1) Laugh out loud humor : I'm not kidding. This was me mostly throughout the entire book. The humor was quirky and realistic. The characters had me snickering and giggling which got odd looks thrown my way quite a few times.

2) Aurora : First of all I love that name( I might have a weakness for Disney). She's realistic. She's a no nonsense character with her head screwed on right. What does she do when she's in danger and way over her head? She runs like her ass is on fire. What does she do when she's prepared to win? She stands and fight. I love that she doesn't have that false sense of hero complex that most YA Female characters have nowadays but at the same time doesn't take on the damsel in distress role. It's balanced, it's perfect. Her inner monologue is funny as heck. She has a witty, dry sense of humor. And dear lord SHE HAS A BACKBONE. Can I hear a Hallelujah!

3) Family that cares : Her family is present. I am so tired of reading paranormal books where the family treats the main characters like a bug beneath their feet, where they're always alone and in comes the hero to give them what they so desperately desire: To be loved and wanted.

NO! That was nowhere to be seen here!! The family is PRESENT-something I might have mentioned already- and loves her to no end. I love her family:
~Luna: The annoyingly-secretly fun and caring- little sister. She reads-nuff said.
~Lucian: The overprotecting and sometimes big mouthed little brother
~Selena: She's adorable. One of those five year olds that loves to talk and you can't help but listen and smile.
~Mom and Dad: Reminded me of my parents. Fun and dorky but overprotective and strong.

4)The Hex boys: Everyone was different. The fact that the authors were able to have a vast amount of main characters without them mounting up together and blurring into the same character was a huge relief. Again, everyone was different. Everyone had distinct personalities and quirks. You knew who said what before finishing the dialogue.

5) The writing : Was fast paced, fun and compelling. It never let up and just when you thought things might die down-because heloouuu things can't be fun the entire 400 pages- and become monotonous BAM! something else happened. I was entertained constantly.

Now, was it perfect? : No. The guys were daft at times. Took them a millennium to figure out who she is. They're supposed to be smart. But that's it. I seriously cant come up with another reason for it not being perfect.

A book I loved from beginning to end.


Thanks for the recommendation!
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May 11, 2023
Even after re-reading this book, it is still one of my favorite Urban Fantasy reads of all time.
Incredibly funny inner voice, hilarious dialogues, tons of lovable characters stuffed with personality and wit, captivating suspense and well-wrought mystery.

"Ironic, is it not, that the great Divinicus Nex cowers in fear from that which should be her fated prey? A decidedly diametric circumstance."
What? It's irritating when the monster hunting you has a better vocabulary than your own. Maybe it could do my eulogy?

"I harbor no trepidation but that you remain alive. And my immutable predilection is to deliver your corpse in a profusion of pieces." Then that laugh.
I couldn't comprehend much of what it said, but overall, I wasn't getting a warm, fuzzy vibe.


"Aurora!" Dad came running out.
"Over here."
"We're going to head home." Dad leaned against a post at the bottom of the steps. "Hey, guys, what're you talking about?"
I smiled. "Just... girl stuff."
"Tampons," Blake blurted.
My jaw dropped. Dad's eyes went wide. "Well, that's...very..uh..." He backed a few steps. Glanced over his shoulder. "I'll just...um...Gemma!" And he was sprinting toward the building.
"Blake!" we all snapped.
"Sorry, I panicked."
"Aurora," Ayden said. "You'd better--before your mom--"
"Yep." I raced down the steps. "Dad, he was kidding!"

Man, I just want to quote the whole book!
February 7, 2012
Seriously hilarious! This book was fabulous and suspenseful. I only wish I was lucky enough to have only guy friends in high school because WOW, that would have made things so much more pleasant. Besides, if those boys were the Hex Boys...WIN! I've a sudden urge to molest some hard rock abs. Then again, don't we all?! YUM!

Full Review (Updated 2/7/2012):

Snarky, fast and furious, Demons at Deadnight by A & E Kirk is fast paced and hilarious, providing an epically fantastic read and and seriously divine experience.

Aurora and her family have just moved back to the town she grew up in. We aren't quite sure why they've moved back, but we know something has spurred this move, beyond the normal reasons. Aurora is welcomed into this small town with a demon shove and a totaled SUV, which is an excellent representation of the pacing of most of the story. While attempting to fight get away from this amazingly grotesque demon, Aurora bumps, and I mean literally, into the sexiness that is her neighbor and some of his friends. The Hexy Knights, six ab-tastic guys made of swoon, are Aurora's friends of old, all grown up. Together, they will run the gauntlet of demons in the hopes that Aurora will come out alive.

Do you think you know paranormal fiction? Well, you probably do, but you don't know the amazingness of it until you've busted out Demons at Deadnight and read it from cover to cover. Aurora is fast on her feet, which is quite important due to the hordes of demons chasing after her, cause you know, they want her dead before she unleashes death upon them. Aurora, confused beyond belief how she's to deliver these killing blows, just keeps running, attempting with all her might, not to end up dead. She'd like to be alive to keep spending time with her family and lets be honest, with the Hex Boys.

Now, I will never be able to do their personalities justice, but think 6 best friends, all boys, who's washboard abs beg for a rub and I'm sure some tongue. Beyond the hotness are the personalities. Truly witty and fun, the lot is full of the flirtatious, smoldering, brooding, thoughtful and enigmatic. Mystery swirls around their every move and action, begging...no.... PLEADING...with us to find out more about them with the hopes that maybe we can jump into the story and be apart of the Hex group. Each of them has a special power, something that they have to protect the world - beyond their muscles - from the demons at large. Together they play off each other, creating an atmosphere that rinses between intense, hilarious, heart-pounding and anger. It's an emotional Molotov cocktail I'd like thrown in my fiction more often.

Even more than the Hex boys, Aurora is a fun protaganist. Sharp with the retorts and amazingly family oriented, she's well rounded in most areas with only one exception - emotions. As a character, I love seeing her develop and expand, but Aurora has been hurt... a lot. In Demons at Deadnight, she is snarky and pleasant, but she sometimes doesn't seem to let her emotions out except in regard to her family. I personally think this was done on purpose because as Aurora gets past the events in her life, she will realize it's okay to let herself feel. But, at times I wanted to know her deepest darkest thoughts in relation to the events happening. I think that she didn't fully allow herself to feel some of those emotions, but I have a feeling that as the series progresses, she will begin to let herself loosen up and enjoy what her life has become.

With a host of amazing sub characters, Demons at Deadnight shows that books can contain families with thoughtful parents and siblings who you love, but drive you nuts and still be a completely excellent and realistic read. And, I just want to mention, Aurora's guardian angel Gloria. Love her.

Overall, Demons at Deadnight was an exciting and funny read that I can't stop thinking about. The Hex boys will forever dance in my dreams and I can only hope that one day they dance off the pages and into my room. I may have to wait, but until then I give Demons at Deadnight a 4 out of 5 and recommend it to those who enjoy Young Adult Fiction with Paranormal aspects.
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94 reviews
August 31, 2015
Esto es un desahogo-reseña. Por favor, no te tomes tan en serio lo que voy a decir a continuación... ¿O sí?

Sin sentido.

Este libro es eso. Me costó más de doscientas páginas para acostumbrarme a esa prosa extraña. Lo leí en un documento protegido (seh, lo que hace la pobreza) así que no pude copiar algunas de las frases/situaciones que más me molestaron. A parte no tenía ganas. Lo que hace la vagancia también, che.
La verdad es que me di cuenta de que este libro no fue hecho para mí. (JÁ, COMO SI LOS AUTORES SE PUSIERAN A ESCRIBIR DICIENDO: "ESTO SERÁ ESPECIALMENTE PARA TORMENTA, ¡ESPERO QUE LE GUSTE!" Ojalá).

Había ¿comedia? si se le puede llamar así. Me reía a veces, más que nada, de las cosas estúpidas que pasaban (no porque me dieran gracia, como debería haber sido).
En la mitad más o menos hubieron partes que sí me gustaron pero no tardó en decaer. Los personajes estaban bien construidos, pero faltaba MUCHO para convencerme. Y acosaban a la protagonista todo el tiempo. Hacían cosas con ella sin su consentimiento y eran abusivos.
Creo que me quedé demasiado resentida para reseñar este libro, seguro que se nota.

Demons at Deadnight es más que nada para pasar el tiempo, y para las personas de risa fácil. La trama es TAN SIN SENTIDO, como dije, así que mi cara de póquer y de shock era impresionante. Aurora al principio parecía la típica chica que se quedaba recibiendo órdenes de las personas que la rodeaban, pero me sorprendió haciendo lo que ella quería (y parecía que se ponía en peligro a ella misma a propósito para que la tuvieran que salvar millones de veces). AURORA, ME HARTÉ DE QUE TE DESMAYARAS CADA QUINCE SEGUNDOS, SRSLY??!!!

INSTA-LOVE DETECTED. Los comentarios sarcásticos estaban bien, encajaban con todo lo de la-gravedad-no-existe de la trama. El final es PARA NADA sorprendente. Es más, creo que tiene menos sentido que toda la trama en sí. Ya sé, dije millones de veces que la trama no tiene sentido, PERO ES QUE ES ASÍ.
Me aburrí varias veces, todo es predecible, a veces un poco cliché, exagerado y las explicaciones me pasaron por encima. No entendía cómo Aurora podía estar caminando en la calle y de repente corriendo hacia un auto, volando entre las llamas y en el aire, y rodando en el suelo con un demonio YÉNDOSE A UN "MUNDO DE LA ESPERA" LLENO DE CUERPOS EN PODREDUMBRE Y MÁS DEMONIOS QUE QUERÍAN COMERLA VISTIENDO UN VESTIDO BLANCO Y ZAPATOS DE BALLET.

Seh. ¿Te sorprende? Lee el libro. Eso no es nada.

Por ahí leí una reseña donde decía que estas situaciones de mierda son consideradas normales. Y es verdad. Me causaba repulsión a veces, así que todo lo que acabo de nombrar básicamente me obligaron a ponerle esta estrellita. Para algunos les parecerá demasiado duro, pero para mí bien merecido. No voy a mentirles tampoco, y si te gustó, bien por vos. Yo, por mi parte, no se lo recomiendo a nadie a menos que quieras pasar de largo todo eso y leerlo para pasar el rato con una lectura ligera y media-media divertida.
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August 2, 2016
I was pretty sure paranormal wasn't my genre before I checked my shelves and found out that, actually, 50% of my favs were paranormal. Ouch.

I was really excited to read Demons at Deadnight by A&E Kirk, 'cause words like hilarious/funny/witty were in every review and well, I wanted to read something hilarious/funny/witty. So I didn't read an annotation to give myself no hints about this book. And I made ​​the right decision yay, finally!

Aurora Lahey's life had seemed normal (well, except for the fact that she saw demons everywhere now and then) until she became a prey. And strange creatures started to call her some name which wasn't obviously hers. And until she was sitting on top of a hot guy with black hair and brown eyes. Straddling his hips. Oops.
And when Aurora's first day at new school ends at hospital, she isn't surprised: Hex Boys she met seem to have a lot of secrets and she intends to learn more, 'cause they don't look like who they pretend to be. And let's be honest, we all know, where all situations like this lead: if only Rora knew how much her life would change..

First thing that made me think this book was something interesting was the fact that the MC was a redhead AND I didn't imagine her as Merida from "Brave" (no kidding, I had big problems with imagining redheads from books and was pretty shocked with this particular one). And she wasn't all that tiny-whiny girl — on the contrary — Aurora is a kick-ass witty girl, yet she's not a superheroine and someone kicks her ass much more times than she does it. I was dying of laughter while reading this book: it IS hilarious. And funny. And witty. I re-read a lot of sentences just to have a good laugh again and again.

I launched into a graceful ninja-like front roll, then stood my ground to face the monstrous heathen, fearless in my determination to vanquish the deadly foe.

Nah, just kidding. I bolted, discretion being the better part of not getting dead.

Don't you want to read it right now?

The second thing I really loved was... stop. Were. The 2-7 things I loved were all these six guys. Yeah, you heard that right. Six. Guys. At first I thought it was too much. "Oh, come on", — I thought — "the amount of testosterone in this book is already off scale and we met just ONE guy!". But then. The Aussie. The Albino (these two are my faves). Gigantor. Tristan. Mr. Exotic. Jayden. Well, let me think again. I'M OKAY WITH THESE 6 GUYS, IT'S OKAY, NO MORE QUESTIONS ABOUT "too much", thanks. I really loved all the male characters: they're different yet they stay close to each other. And it's not like in those books where everybody falls for the MC wow. It would be too much for her ego, huh? Six hot guys, gosh!. My book-boyfriends-list definitely expanded.

And the third thing was a plot. It's intriguing and while reading Demons at Deadnight I really wanted to know what happens next. Some moments were like "ugh, come on, guys, that's pretty obvious!", but I can't remember any bad scenes. The only thing I remember is that I was laughing a lot. Like a lot a lot, not just a lot.

So if you haven't read this absolutely amazing and promising 1st book of Divinicus Nex Chronicles, go and read it. I promise you won't die of laughter (see, I'm writing this review, so I'm definitely alive). And if you do.. Well. You'd be dead but happy.
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November 10, 2016
I'm rating this book 4.25 stars. First of all the cover was perfect for this book. I absolutely love it. I liked this book and loved the group and family dynamic within it. The hex boys and Aurora scenes were perfectly done and the dialogue flowed naturally. This book had everything it needed action, fantasy, mystery, humour, and a tiny bit of romance. I'm totally team Ayden by the way. Ayden was my favourite character of this book. The heroine I liked but not loved. I was glad she wasn't stupid or that she thought she was crazy. I usually don't go with the demon fantasy category of books. Just because I don't prefer demons. That's the only reason this book wasn't five star for me. The Australian hex boy was an amazing addition to the book. And it added a little something. But overall I liked this and will definitely continue with this series.
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May 3, 2017
* This book was so hilarious! And there aren't many books that can make me laugh like this one. If you want to read something light and funny - try Demons at Deadnight!

“Want some ice cream?"
His head bumped the frame. "Ouch! What?" His voice was back to normal. He turned around. "Don't offer me ice cream. I just broke into your room and threatened you.”

*The Hex Boys - Ayden, Blake, Jayden, Logan, Tristan and Matthias.
Every one of the characters was vastly different, which is absolutely amazing, especially when there is so many of them.

Those quirky, funny and protective guys won my heart entirely!
(This series definitely deserve more hype in my opinion. But you know what? At least I can have them all for myself!)

“We are killers,” Matthias said.
Bad news.
“Not girls. We don’t kill girls.”
Good news.
“She’s no girl.”
Insulting news?
���What? Of course she’s a girl.”
“Want me to check?”
“Shut up, Blake,” the rest of them chorused.”

* Aurora - Finally some realistic female protagonist. She isn't some special snowflake with perfect kickass abilities (Not that I hate them. But they are in every YA these days), but neither damsel in distress. Just ordinary girl, kind of...
She can see demons and have some interesting powers, which I hope will see more in the future. But she is also awkward (in a good way), funny, quirky and have trust issues, because of what happened in her past and made her family move back home. I personally loved Aurora's personality and wit.

“I launched into a graceful ninja-like front roll, then stood my ground to face the monstrous heathen, fearless in my determination to vanquish the deadly foe.

Nah, just kidding. I bolted, discretion being the better part of not getting dead.”

*Aurora's family - Her mom and dad were one of the most amazing parents I have ever read about and they were actually present and caring about the main heroine, which is really rare in YA.

Overall, If you want to read hilarious, fast-paced paranormal book with believable heroine and full of adorable guys - go for this one!

“Ironic, is it not, that the great Divinicus Nex cowers in fear from that which should be her fated prey? A decidedly diametric circumstance."

What? It's irritating when the monster hunting you has a better vocabulary than your own. Maybe it could do my eulogy?”

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December 23, 2012
“Ironic, is it not, that the great Divinicus Nex cowers in fear from that which should be her fated prey? A decidedly diametric circumstance."

What? It's irritating when the monster hunting you has a better vocabulary than your own. Maybe it could do my eulogy?”

It's bad enough getting chased by demons. But demons with exceptional vocabularies? That just burns.

Aurora's been chased by demons, ever since her near-fatal accident. Why do they chase her? She doesn't know. All she knows is that they're always hot on her metaphorical tail, ugly and like to play with their food before they eat it. Food being Aurora, or the occasional stray yapping puppy.

Returning to a town she doesn't remember might be a nice change of scenery. Except it's not the scenery that's caught her attention.

It's the devilish and motley group of 'Hex Boys'. These guys are more tight-lipped than the FBI, and with more secrets to boot - plus, they come with a truckload of good looks and wit. Is it Aurora's imagination or do they know more they're letting on about the supernatural going-ons of the town? Going-ons that, until now, Aurora seems to be the only one noticing?

Oh, and she might light up like a Christmas tree at times. Yep - useful superpower? Check.

As demons threaten her family, childhood memories rise to the surface and tensions grow thick, Aurora needs to make a decision - whether to have nothing to do with the Hex Boys and to face the demons alone, or to trust in them and rely on their protection. Her life, and the life of her family, hang in the balance.

But are they 'Protective Hotties' or 'Charismatic Killers'?

Aurora doesn't know, but what she does know is that her new-found abilities need to be kept a secret. Not only from her family, but from the Hex Boys themselves...and even the one she's fallen hard for.

Because if Aurora turns out to be the next Divinicus Nex, there'll be more than demons hunting her down.

My thoughts

AMAZING!! I'm in love with a book that take you on a thrilling journey - plagued with demons, hot guys, visions and bonfires, this book will have you begging for more!!


I love you 'Mr Exotic'. From the moment you literally 'fell' into Aurora's life I was like "Please, please - let every chapter have him in it!!" My prayers were answered. Ayden's wit cannot be faulted and his flirtatious manner is heart-melting. And knee melting. :D


Him with his Aussie accent (even though technically we Australians don't HAVE an accent - but that's an argument for another time...!) and Milo drinking. And brooding. God, did he brood. But you have to love the over-protective types!

Everytime Aurora walked into the room, he turned the charm on and was all like:


Smartest guy out there...except not very socially apt. :D Note: don't talk about the science of puberty, Jayden. Ev-er.


So cute!

And there might be another guy I forgot, but he was forgettable. I think it was Logan. Forgive me, Logan!!! His bow and arrow scene was pretty hot, though:D

Overall READ people - this book was excellent and the Hex Boys are to die for. ;P
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January 16, 2012
The book opens introducing us to the heroine, Aurora. She is described as having long auburn curly hair, blue eyes and impossibly long legs. I admit that last description made me jelly so I was looking forward to hating Aurora. But, no. In the first chapter I see that she is funny, snarky, and a bit goofy. Shoot. I was going to like her. *looks down at short legs* Oh well... ;D

We find that Aurora has a gift... or a curse. She can see demons and they know about her. Why? The purpose? Well, that is part of her adventure. She has at least a couple of allies in which she can confide, but unfortunately, one is a cat and the other is an angel who she cannot get a hold of to answer even a few of her questions. She is thrown into the "protection" of the Hex Boys who have an odd reputation at her new school. Now she just has to figure out if they really want to protect her or kill her. Talk about an exhausting few weeks! This virtual non-stop action turns out to be quite a fun ride.

Now about those Hex Boys. All of them gorgeous ('nuff said... *giggles*)! And this is how I met them in my mind: These boys are jerks! Then: These boys have a reason to be jerks, but still... To my final analysis: Oh yea, I would have totally hung out with these guys in high school. Yep, I'm a believer! There is also a possible romance going on with one of the boys, so those that insist on having your swooning in your adventure will not be disappointed.

This book was refreshing. One main reason? No clichés I've seen around the blogoverse that annoy many of us in the YA genre. No love triangles (and one good joke about them). There is a dance around the romance, but it isn't that hair pulling out kind, but it was fun. The heroine is smart, intelligent, snarky and willing to learn. Aurora also has a family who cares about her. It feels genuine and I swear I'm going to move into that family unit. You will love the INVOLVED parents! Oh and one last cliché I personally hate with a vengeance... no cliffie! Whee! There is a thread that opens up at the end to make you want that next book, but the main adventure in this book feels complete.

I give this book 5 stars. I just loved the fact that it proves you can have a fun book that does not have to bow to cliché. I have been wanting a book like this for a while and I can't wait to see how Aurora grows in the coming series. I also can't wait to get to know the Hex Boys even better.
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April 10, 2017

^^^ This is honestly what I'm like right now, minus the beard, I can't believe it was that good!!!!

I'm not doing to lie, I wasn't expecting much from this book, I read it more out of boredom than an actual need to read it but boy am I glad I am. I can say with all honesty, hand on heart, that there was not a single part of this book I didn't love with everything that I am!!!!!

Hex Boys, I need you all!!!! Right here, right now!!!!!!! I don't care which one of you, you all hold my heart!!! I never loved one more than the other, something I love!!! They are all equally amazing and loved in my heart!!!!!


What I really loved was the fact that Aurora, a teenage girl who only had guy friends, didn't come across once as a slut!!!! I didn't question it, that was just them. Snow White and her six extremely tall hotties.

I really admire the authors for making Aurora so amazing, I mean I want to be her! She wasn't always perfect, she had her break down but not too many times, only once or twice. I never had the urge to do this...


Also, their were really six main male charactors, this can be hard but they all had their own personalities!!! LOVED IT!!!!!

I haven't liked a book this much in a long time, if ever... Amazing A&E Kirk, I love you ladies!!! You ROCK!!!!

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January 3, 2016
You know what? Reading this book made me remember this anime I fangirled way way back. It’s called Fushigi Yuugi … LOL

They were kind of similar because there’s this heroine and she’s surrounded by gorgeous guys except they are not called the celestial guardians of Suzaku but the awesome HEX BOYS who are on a mission to protect her well except for the asshole Matthias. Can I sign these guys up in my Harem?!!! LOL (^^)

To me I think Ayden is like Tamahome … hahahaha … … and Aurora is like Miaka, clumsy and witty except she doesn’t have a bottomless pit for a stomach and she's badass. I’m sorry I can’t help myself I’m just such a dork back then, till now probably because before I started liking books, anime was my first love.

I liked reading this book, it was fast paced but I really wanted it to be not so action packed, I mean I wanted it to have more dialogue, more explanation about the Divinicus Nex, because I’m just lost sometimes, it’s like everything was happening at the same time that I wanted them to stop their banters and flirting, stop running or killing some monsters and just give me some details. I barely had that throughout this book that I was little disappointed but it was still an awesome read, I enjoyed it and laughed a lot and even swooned for Ayden and Aurora, they seriously got something steamy going on …
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March 20, 2017
Ok so my question to those that have read this book is: Did you find the descriptions within this books as confusing to understand as me?
But Rhea may be it might have to do with the fact that you tried to skim read this book

Well I just was not impressed by most of the characters within the book, they just fell flat. Although the h was written quite nicely, I actually empathized with her need to stay her family. That's about it.. the 6 boys were..
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