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Pushing the Limits #1.1

Crossing the Line

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Katie McGarry captivated readers with her “riveting, emotional”* Young Adult debut, Pushing the Limits. In this gripping novella, she tells the story of Lila and Lincoln, who discover that sometimes it’s worth crossing the line for love…

Lila McCormick, Echo's best friend from Pushing the Limits, first met Lincoln Turner when tragedy struck both their lives. But she never expected their surprise encounter would lead to two years of exchanging letters—or that she’d fall for the boy she’s only seen once. Their relationship is a secret, but Lila feels closer to Lincoln than anyone else. Until she finds out that he lied to her about the one thing she depended on him for the most.

Hurting Lila is the last thing Lincoln wanted. For two years, her letters have been the only thing getting him through the day. Admitting his feelings would cross a line he’s never dared breach before. But Lincoln will do whatever it takes to fix his mistakes, earn Lila’s forgiveness—and finally win a chance to be with the girl he loves.

87 pages, Kindle Edition

First published September 25, 2013

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About the author

Katie McGarry

36 books12.8k followers
KATIE MCGARRY is an award winning and critically acclaimed novelist of the Witches of the Island series (A Wicked and Beautiful Garden), the Pushing the Limits, Thunder Road, and Only a Breath Apart series and the standalone novel, Say You’ll Remember Me. Katie is a lover of music, happy endings, reality television, and is currently living out her own love story with her husband, three children, her affectionate dog, Rachel, and her very needy cats.

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October 5, 2015
Final rating: 4/5 stars

“Thank you, Lila.”
Words are still hard, but I find the energy to ask, “For what?”
“For helping me find me again.”
“You were always in there. You just weren’t looking in the right place.” I pause. He’s not the only one who rediscovered himself this weekend. “Neither one of us were.”
“True,” he agrees and gathers me closer. “But we figured it out.”

I have to say that i remember very well story about Noah and Echo, but i am ashamed to say that i remember nothing of other characters, except those with Noah (Beth and Isaiah)... So i struggle to remember who exactly is Lila. All i remembered was that Lila was Echo's best friend and support through whole Pushing the Limits. But this book felt like meeting her all over again - and i have to say - i liked her. Lincoln didn't appear in PTL so he is a new character in this story and i loved him a lot.

Anyway...the story is short, but i felt everything was at it's place and i liked it. But it could have been full length book but it was very good nonetheless. It was a cute romance and i adored whole letter pen pal thing between Lila and Lincoln.

Story is about Lila and Lincoln who met on the fateful day when Lincoln's brother Josh died. That was two years before the events of the book. They met at funeral and ever since they started writing letters to each other, because the conversation felt more private that way. And it was all good until Lincoln lied about something that hurt Lila's feelings. And then it all went wrong...


Characters :


It’s crazy how you brought up feeling alone. I feel alone a lot. Oddly enough, I feel the most alone when I’m in a room full of people. Everyone I know is changing. Echo’s distant. Grace wants new friends. Even Natalie is spreading her wings.

Lila is not bad, i liked her and she was cute. But there were also times when i just couldn't believe what she said sometimes. Anyway, having broken up with her boyfriend Stephen, and having an argue with Lincoln because she thought he betrayed her because he lied to her, completely devastated her. She is completely alone at her house, terrified because it never happened before and she feels scared,until Lincoln appears at her doorstep to try to make things right (even if he lives in other town). She feels like she is being left alone by her friends: Echo is with Noah, happy somewhere out there, and Grace is not in best relationship with her as well as Natalie... She feels like she has no one else but Lincoln, but his so called "betrayal" ruined her. Lincoln was her support - she revealed so much about her to him and other way around - and she eventually came to love him...


“I didn’t want you to hate me,” I whisper as I respond to her last question. “Because I’ve fallen in love with you.”

Lincoln was actually really nice. Dream boyfriend sort. His family is in chaos, he lives in constant chaos but he never lost his temper, never shouted, never did anything, just lived his life. And with Lila he felt truly alive and the irony is - he loves Lila too. But then he screwed it up and he is torn apart because he doesn't know how to fix things between them. And so he travels for 10 hours just to see her.


Nice addition to PTL series, i liked it a lot and Lincoln and Lila are so cute ♥. Also there were many funny scenes and some drama scenes but i loved them all

"The entire sky erupted into hundreds of streaks of light. I never felt so alive. I wished that you were here with me or me with you. But I think you were. Call me crazy, but it was a moment, Lila, and I’m glad I shared it with you. Even if it was from a couple hundred miles away.
~ Lincoln"

This review can be found on my blog: infinity-of-time.blogspot.com also known as...
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August 12, 2013
3.5 Stars

I just find it so sweet and old fashioned to fall in love over letter writing! Crossing the Line was a swoony short read that had me ooohing and awwing by the end. Love Katie McGarry’s writing!

We know Lila best as Echo’s long-suffering and loyal friend. She’s a peach in Pushing the Limits, and no one could ask for a better girl to have your back! What we didn’t know in Pushing the Limits is that Lila met a boy, Lincoln, at Aires’ funeral and made a lasting connection. Bonded together over grief, (Lincoln’s brother died in the same unit that Aires did), they stay in touch through letters for two years. Falling bit by bit they make plans to attend college together in Florida when they graduate. There’s a bump in the road that they need to navigate over, but this helps push things with their relationship in the right direction.

I love the idea of falling in love through letters. Taking the time to craft together something tangible that you can save and take out and re-read over and over is just so romantic. Lincoln and Lila feel a deep connection so by the time they see each other again it’s like being with someone who knows you in and out. No insta-love here even though this is a mere 67 pages long.

This is perfect when you need a snippet of romance to perk you up but don’t have a lot of time. An hour or two and you’re left with a stupid happy grin on your face.

Favorite Quote (it’s spoilery, so consider yourself warned):

“I like you, Lila. As more than a friend. I wake up in the morning and I think of you. I go to bed at night and you’re the last thought in my mind. I dream of you. The best days of the week are the ones when I get your letters.”
She blinks once, her face frozen. My stomach sinks. “But if you don’t feel the same way, it’s okay. I swear—“
“Lincoln,” she says before I can finish. “I feel the same way…for you.”

You can find this review on The Readers Den.

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April 3, 2013
 photo a1b8ce5a-4e6e-4a12-aac0-99cd87e349f9_zps5f5e5a1d.jpg

We met Lila in ‘Pushing the Limits’. She is Echo’s best friend. Lincoln and Lila meet at Echo’s brother’s (Aries) funeral. Although that is the only time they have ‘met’ over the last two years, they have kept in touch through letters. A few letters every week. They know each other in a way no one else does, and they connect with each other on a bigger level.
We became friends through the letters, bonded by a shared dream of a college in another state, and then I fell for her. Could she have also fallen for me?

Lincoln screws up and lies about one thing... an important thing. Lila questions if everything with Lincoln was a lie. She is pretty upset with him. After two years of only letters, Lincoln drives the 12 hours too meet face to face with Lila again. Lincoln is going to come clean with her about his mistakes... and finally tell her how he really feels, and hope that she feels the same.

 photo Crossingtheline-roses_zpsead17cc5.jpg
I enjoyed Lincoln and Lila’s story. They had great chemistry and Lincoln was sweet as can be. Katie McGarry’s writing is fantastic, as always. I always say this with a good novella, but I wish it was longer- I wanted more Lila and Lincoln! Now we just need for Dare You To to come out...

I think sometimes things we don’t like happen so we can appreciate the good.

 photo d71325e5-71d7-4c86-84d6-ad75469cc338_zpsa6a5c152.jpg
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2,868 reviews930 followers
May 19, 2013
This is a great little novella featuring Lila, Echo’s best friend from Pushing the Limits (one of my absolutely FAVOURITE reads last year).

I really liked Lila in PTL, and I loved this opportunity to get to know her a bit better. She seems very immature at times, but that’s part of her charm, and her starting to grow up and be strong is a big part of her story. Lincoln is a gorgeous character, with some major family issues of his own, and his and Lila’s history, and their story together, is absolutely gorgeous.

“Is it weird that I feel so close to you even though you're hundreds of miles away and we've only met once? I hope not. I'm glad that you're in my life.”

Even in such a short story, Katie McGarry manages to bring the emotion, and I felt for both Lila and Lincoln. I loved the strong connection between them, and the way they are there for each other, supporting, and drawing strength from each other. It was beautifully written and very realistic.

I loved seeing Lila and Lincoln come together. It’s very YA, but very sweet. I hope we get to check in on them in future books.
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April 2, 2013
"Is it weird that I feel close to you even though you’re hundreds of miles away and we’ve only met once? I hope not. I’m glad that you’re in my life."


I rarely read books which are less than 200 pages, but I thought I have to read this one, because Pushing the Limits was so good. And I am glad I did, I really enjoyed the story! Although Lila did not leave a big impression on me in Pushing the Limits I liked her in this story. It was really easy to connect to both of the charterers from the very first pages, especially to Lincoln. I loved that every chapter started with the letter they were writing to each other and I think that was definitely one of the reasons it was so easy to get lost in the story and feel close to them. They both struggle with some difficulties and being together helped figure them out, bringing in some good lesson I could take away from the story. I really liked it, and I am glad I read it. It is a short and sweet read. I knew Katie McGarry cant possibly let me down ^^

"I think sometimes things we don’t like happen so we can appreciate the good. Like, can I really enjoy a sunrise if I didn’t experience the darkness of night?"
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July 28, 2020
I loved Lila in Pushing the Limits and happy she got her own story, which was so sweet!
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April 10, 2015
Just in case you didn't know, Katie McGarry is one of my favorite authors.
What makes her stands out from other writers, in my opinion, is her ability to put feelings into words in such a poetic way but without over doing it.
While reading her novels I had never had a feeling I was reading something new but her writing style was always so beautiful, it presented the story in a different, better way.

In this novella, I have to admit, I felt the lack of McGarry's usual writing style .
It was still good, just not as good as her other work.

I have found this novella solid and I dare to say, even with it's dark base, cute.
I think it's cute how Lila and Lincoln kept writing to each other for so long even if they met only once in real life.

I know some people had a problem with an insta-love segment but I don't think there is one.
I think Lila and Lincoln found a support in each other while writing those letters and the actual love developed trough the period of 2 years they were writing to each other.

The end was a little predictable but I wouldn't change it a bit.

All in all, really good!
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233 reviews19 followers
February 18, 2016
It's so weird how you can read a novel with 400 pages and not feel a thing, not even a glimpse of love nor happiness..... and than here I read a novella of 63 pages and BOOOOOOOOOM goosebumps, racing heart, blushing and on an on I ramble!


I LOVE KATIE MCGARRY as you all might have guessed. She gets me, well I'm pretty sure she gets us all, but its like I look forward to reading her books and I know for sure I wont be disappointed no matter where the cliff goes and what she aims to write about.

"I'm always going to be scared of something- spider, the dark, being on my own-but I don't have to let the fear be in control."

For a novella it sure has many wise lessons to teach.
I love the letters that were sent between Lincoln and Lila... they made my heart squeeze, so cute!

I thought of you when I climbed today. You should try it sometime. I think you’d enjoy the rush. ~ Lincoln

I think sometimes things we don’t like happen so we can appreciate the good. Like, can I really enjoy a sunrise if I didn’t experience the darkness of night? Without her past, Echo would never have met Noah, and without her losing Aires, I would never have met you. So, yeah, I do mean what I said in the last letter. You are like a sunrise in my life. ~ Lila

I thought it was weird how they became friends at a funeral (the funeral of Lincoln's brother and Lila's best friend Echo's brother), but yes there is always a BUT
I guess it obvious that you usually find comfort in strangers,because your positive they wont judge you, you know that it will just be a at the moment confession, and you dont have to feel guilty about it later.

things went pretty well with Lila and Lincoln, they pen-palled for 2 years and decided to go to the same college in Florida.... which sure means that they built a strong bond of trust, honesty, acceptance, friendship and love.
Although you might say that Lincoln might have lied about not graduating, but he was really ashamed of it and had a great reason behind skipping classes, he was heartbroken and lost from the death of his brother and his family becoming corrupted, unorganized and erupted.
At least he's aiming to graduate from summer school and than fulfilling his college dreams in the spring!

I really enjoyed this novella, and Katie's writing is so pleasant to read.
Yes it might be obvious, but sometimes obvious is AWESOME and RELAXING xD

"One lesson I learned from Josh's death is that life has to be lived now; the future isnt always guaranteed"


274 reviews332 followers
May 26, 2015
Katie McGarry can do no wrong. ♥

Is it weird that I feel so close to you even though you're hundreds of miles away and we've only met once? I hope not. I'm glad that you're in my life.

I really enjoyed Crossing the Line, but not as much as Pushing the Limits, Dare You To, or Crash Into You. First off, it's TOO short. And second, I didn't love Lincoln as much as I loved Noah, Ryan, and Isaiah. Which of course would be because this novella was TOO SHORT. And it was predictable too (not just about their relationship), but when are contemporaries not?

When you can't handle things, you run.

Lila is a character many people can relate to. She's strong, but fear makes her run away from her dreams. Lincoln, too, has this same problem. They help each other move in the right direction, run towards their dreams rather than away. (DON'T TELL ME THIS ISN'T CUTE.)

I loved that Lila and Lincoln fell in love through letters. That might actually be cuter than falling in love through actual meetings. Their love developed over time; it wasn't like love at first sight, thank god. FRIENDS TO LOVERS IS ADORABLE. What began as a friendship to help the other feel better turned into something so much more. ♥ AND IT'S REAL. NOT LIKE INSTA-LOVE OR ANYTHING.

My home is a volcano, a constant gurgle of hot lava on the verge of explosion.
That describes my life pretty accurately. (This doesn't have to do with anything, I just thought it was perfect. Okay.)

I'm so unbelievably stupid to have fallen for a guy I've met once. Stupid because nice guys only belong in the land of make-believe.
I still think this. -glaring at all of you who have found someone like they're right out of a book-

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May 11, 2017
This book is for everyone who adored Lila in Pushing the Limits. She was Echo's bff, and l loved how she stood by her side. That she was someone Echo could count on, and at times pushed Echo to be a better person. So while I didn't know too much about Lila, I definitely liked what I did know about her. And I thought everything was fine and wonderful in her life, but we got to see that that wasn't necessarily the case.
I think sometimes things we don’t like happen so we can appreciate the good. Like, can I really enjoy a sunrise if I didn’t experience the darkness of night? Without her past, Echo would never have met Noah, and without her losing Aires, I would never have met you. So, yeah, I do mean what I said in the last letter. You are like a sunrise in my life. ~ A letter from Lila to Lincoln

Lila had broken up with her boyfriend, because her heart belonged to someone else. I was shocked. But as I got to learn who Lincoln was, it was easy to see how it all happened. They had met one time, at Aires' funeral, and had become penpals for the last few years. And at the beginning of each chapter, we got to see part of a letter that one of them had sent the other. They connected, and poured their thoughts out to each other. It almost felt inevitable that they would become each other's best friend.
With the people I should love the most surrounding me, I feel the most alone. ~ A letter from Lincoln to Lila

Watching Lila and Lincoln try to figure out how to have a friendship in person was so much fun! There were moments of shyness, tenderness and sexual tension all wrapped up together. And the best part was that we get to alternate chapters between Lila and Lincoln. His thoughts....ahhh, melt my heart why don't you. In case it isn't obvious, I was crazy about Lincoln. It was impossible not to fall for him. So if you love tortured boy's who's pasts haunt them, then I have a feeling you may love Lincoln just as much as I did.
The one relationship I need, the one relationship I depend on…I’ve jacked it up. Fitting since I have a natural inclination toward destroying anything good. It’s genetic, my sister tells me. Anyone sharing our bloodline is inherently doomed. - Lincoln

Crossing the Lines was adorably cute and such a fun read, but it did have deeper moments when Lincoln was dealing with his family and his struggles. And while I absolutely loved how the story played out, there's still so much that they need to accomplish in life. So I would LOVE to have a follow up story about them! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that someday that will happen!

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487 reviews207 followers
October 5, 2022
|| 2.0 stars ||

Nope, this wasn't for me. This felt like it started right in the middle of a story rather than the beginning. From the very first page, Lila and Lincoln were already in love and thus, it was kind of difficult to connect with and care for their relationship since we missed the entire build-up. The whole thing felt flat and without real depth.

Not to mention, there is some sort of drama going on between Lila and Lincoln which we only come to understand until later on. It was very confusing. Therefore I would like to give anyone who does intend to read this novella a heads up: Lila is angry at Lincoln for lying to her about not graduating High School.
This way you are not in the same position as me, thinking Lila is mad because Lincoln messaged her online instead of through letters. I know, sounds ridiculous, but that is honest to God what I was led to believe. Very odd writing.

It's kind of disappointing that Lila didn't get a better story since I really liked her as Echo's best friend in Pushing the Limits. Maybe that is all her character was cut out for: playing the best friend. But I don't think so. I think this novella was rushed and could have been better.

'Pushing the Limits' series:
1. Pushing the Limits - 4.5 stars

1.1. Crossing the Line - 2.0 stars
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611 reviews333 followers
April 5, 2013
2.5 stars - I love Pushing the Limits and Dare to You, so I was a bit disappointed after reading this novella. It was cute, but I was hoping to read more about Lincoln and Lila falling in love through letters or be more emotionally involved in them finally meeting face to face again.

Instead, I was reading about this ridiculous plot about a grown girl who can't spend a night by herself and the silly drama behind it all, as well as the stupid lie that I could care less about because it came from nowhere and wasn't something that was built up with a solid background story before the big reveal.

So I guess I liked it enough, but this was definitely not what I was expecting.
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1,323 reviews802 followers
February 8, 2016
I haven't read the first in this series, but I don't think I've missed out on much with this one. This is a fantastic novella in its own right and can easily be read independently.

I started to care about the characters within the first few paragraphs and really felt for them. That gave this short story quite a punch and made it stand out.

I loved how everything wasn't hunky dory straight away, it made it more real. Real life isn't perfect. I loved how there was conflict, rage, love, revenge... A bit of everything.
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896 reviews1,965 followers
April 3, 2013
This novella was so sweet!!
Lila was one of my favorite characters in Pushing the Limits. She was a fierce friend and supported Echo through everything even if it meant loosing social status or other people.
It was really good to see a story about her and Lincoln is a damn great guy.
Together they're the cutest couple!
But still... the best part was the little glimpse of Echo and Noah! ;)
If you read PtL you're going to love this one.
If you didn't read it... well, what the hell are you waiting for?
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209 reviews45 followers
Want to read
October 27, 2012
Two teens who became pen pals after tragedy in their lives connected them, spend twenty-four crazy hours together, causing them to completely reassess their plans for the future and their unexpected feelings for each other.

I believe i'll find a new guy here, a new guy to sleep with. A new guy that will pain me to death and makes my heart melts~

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778 reviews
May 17, 2016
I loved this sweet little novella about Lila and Lincoln!!

My only complaint is that it was too short! I want more! (Plus, it ended at 83%, which was annoying because I thought I had more time with these two).

February 27, 2017
This was such a sweet story, I really wish the author had turned this into a full novel! I absolutely love when characters write letters to each other. In this day and age of email and texting it is so old-fashioned and romantic!

Lila is Echo’s best friend, who we met in Pushing the Limits. Lincoln and Lila meet at Echo’s brother’s funeral and although it was only that once time, they keep in touch through letters for the next two years. They tell each other things that either of them shares with anyone else in their life.

Lincoln tells Lila one lie in the letters and Lila starts to question everything she has shared with him over the years. Lincoln knows he has messed up and drives twelve hours just to explain everything and put his heart on the line, hoping Lila will forgive him and do the same.

The chemistry was so good and I really think this is one of the better novellas I have ever read. Again, it was way too short and I would have totally read this if it was a full-length novel but Katie McGarry does a great job with under 70 pages.

The only thing that I disliked was how many times the author used the term “jacked up”. It is such an awkward way to say something is messed up and seemed totally unnatural.

Next up I am going to read Breaking the Rules which is a continuation of Echo and Noah’s story!

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3,001 reviews368 followers
March 5, 2015
It's funny how in Pushing the Limits Lila seemed so strong and sure of everything and here we get to see her more vulnerable side.

I think I liked her fierceness more but it was nice to see her get it back, to find who she really is and to go with it.

I absolutely loved Lincoln. He was amazing and in a very short amount of time, was swoon worthy. I am hoping they get their own story somewhere along the way.
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997 reviews
April 19, 2013
I loved it, but then again I think Katie McGarry can do on wrong. You know how people are about KA well that's how I am about KM. I want more!!!! I love the way she writes and her stories are just absolutely wonderful. I can't wait for her next two books that I know are coming out. This was a fantastic short story, great read..2 Thumbs up!
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421 reviews3 followers
May 28, 2013
I love pushing the limits and I wish this was made as long story instead of Short .I can't barely remember who Lila is after waiting for so long for this to come out.I really like the story but it was really short and there are so many questions unanswered.
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320 reviews2,132 followers
August 9, 2013
I LOVED Pushing the Limits! Like really loooved it. It was an emotional rollercoaster and despite a ton of freaking sensations overwhelming me, I devoured every word from that book.

Lila was one of my favorite secondary characters from Pushing the Limits and she earnedmy respect when she didn’t let go of Echo, in spite of loosing some other friendships. She’s strong, caring and adorable. Plus, she’s mature and intelligent.

“If it wasn't for Noah, Echo would need me more... she would still be insecure, she would still be obsessing over the scars on her arms. She possibly wouldn't have recovered her memory of the night she got them. If it wasn't for him, she wouldn't be moving on with her life. Damn him for being a great guy.”

So you probably can tell I was beyond excited to read about how she’ll get her HEA and especially about her love interest :) And speaking of that one…

Imagine a guy. A tall one. Black hair. Blue eyes. Ripped, with muscles everywhere.

Are you still following me or are you drooling? *grins*

Or do you need a visual?? Well, we aim to please, so here you go:

Lincoln is a great stand-up guy. His attachment to Lila made me swoon and I could see that their feelings for each other were real and pure – especially since they developed them after a single meeting and two years of sending letters back and forth. Which is totally sweet! I was all “awww” and a pile of goo at Lincoln’s feet, because really now:


I wouldn’t classify Crossing the Line as a light-read, because it deals with matters of loss and grief and even some stupid pranking. But it’s romantic, full of hope, new beginnings and moving one from tragedy. For a novella this is a great cute story about how true luve unfolds itself and the strength to find your own idendity.

“Everything is changing. My relationships are changing, my future is changing, my feelings are changing. My life is one big constant state of flux. I grew up scared of spiders, bees and dark corners in dimly lit basements. But this foe...change...it terrorizes me like nothing before.”

I recommend this series to every Contemporary Romance fan out there, because it’s different from anything I’ve ever read before. Emotional, original and with a gorgeous and addictive writing style, you can’t go wrong with these books.

“And then I wonder what it would be like if he really was falling for me, because Lincoln in real life is a million times more intense than Lincoln in letters... and I'm seriously falling for him.”

Grab it, read it, love it. It will be worth it!


You can also find this review here: http://raftul-cartilor-vampiresti.blo...
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1,519 reviews243 followers
April 26, 2013
I loved Pushing the Limits so when I heard Katie McGarry was writing a short story about Echo's best friend I knew I had to read it. I also knew it would be good, but I never expected to love it this much.

Lila and Lincoln have been writing each other lettters for 2 years now and this book describes what happens when they become more than friends. At first I felt like I was missing a bit of their backgorund, because we didn't got to read about their letters and how they became friends, but soon I was completely pulled into the story. We actually do get a sense of their background and their letters because each chapter starts with a letter or at least part of one. I liked getting to know a bit of their past that way and getting to know the characters. They are so perfect for each other and I just loved their story. Ofcourse I wished it was longer, because it is just so good and I just want to read more.

Lila and Lincoln are both amazing character even though the story isn't that long I stil got a good sense who they are, how their family situation is and what their dreams are. I liked both of them and I think they are perfect for each other. I liked how Lila was afraid of the dark, but she did her best to overcome that fear. And how Lincoln makes a great mistake, but he actually learn from it and tries his ebst to make sure everything will be okay.

The romance was so sweet and I loved how they had a past of being friends and writing letters and how they would meet again now. They are so important to each other and even though they only met once before they really know each other.

To conclude: I loved this short story. It's almost as good as Pushing the Limits and really the only thing that would make it better would be to make it longer, because except for that it is just awesome. Lila and Lincoln are great characters and they make a great couple, I really enjoyed reading their story!
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199 reviews12 followers
January 7, 2016
Creo que los libros que son cortos funcionaba mejor en mi cuando el transcurso en el libro también es corto, porque así me creo más la historia.

Lo que puedo decir de Crossing the line es que es bastante tranquila, pero del tranquilo bueno, donde la gran mentira no es una gran mentira, lo es solamente para la insegura a morir de Lila.

Que mujer más exasperante es Lila, me fue sumamente desagradable leer los POV de ella, era un sufrimiento cada vez que lo hacía, era inseguridad tras inseguridad y además demasiado infantil. Un personaje sin fuerza, de repente estaba leyendo el POV de Lila pensando que era Lincoln, me pasó varias veces, sin embargo nunca me pasó al revés. El libro debió haber estado contado solamente desde el punto de vista de Lincoln, hubiese sido un mucho mejor así. Otra cosa que me desagrado,de Lila nuevamente, es el toque de envidia que sentía cada vez que hablaba de Echo, Dios, que le pasa a esta niña, sabiendo todo lo que ha pasado Echo cómo no puede estar completamente feliz de que E haya salido por fin adelante. Es una muy mala amiga, es egoísta, dejando ver que ella preferiría mil veces que Echo no haya conocido nunca a Noah para que así E haya dependido SIEMPRE de ella.

En cuanto a Lincoln, es un personaje común, que me gustó, incluso puede que haya tenido un pequeño crush con él, por lo jugado que es.

Historia sin mayores precedentes, con una protagonista desagradable para el lector, un protagonista que se lleva todo el protagonismo del libro, rápida lectura, tranquilo y pero si un tanto latoso.
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July 19, 2014

We met Lila in Pushing the Limits, remember her - she was the friend that stood by Echo. But what we didn't know is that she spent the last two years writing Lincoln. A boy that she met at Aries' funeral. A boy that lost his brother and alongside Echo's while away at war.

They shared a connection that day. He opened up to her - like he couldn't bring himself to do with anyone else. And they stayed in touch. Lila has been on and off with Stephen, but her heart is with a boy that only knows her through the letters they share. But when she discovers a lie that might just change everything, Lincoln runs. Runs away from the stress at home - but runs to Lila; to save the one thing in his life he can't risk messing up.

Crossing the Line is the story of a love that started with a friendship that sparks from a chance meeting. About two people who have had their life experiences show them that they are changing and that even with the excitement of what may come; there is fear.

I liked Lila in PTL, she had to make tough decisions that for a girl in the 'it' crowd in high school don't come easy. She faced her fears when standing by Echo and she has to face them again to have a chance with Lincoln. This was a very cute novella that was a great way to get you ready for Beth's story!
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April 9, 2013
“And then I wonder what it would be like if he really was falling for me, because Lincoln in real life is a million times more intense than Lincoln in letters... and I'm seriously falling for him.”

Me decepcionó un poco. Si bien mantiene un poco el estilo que venía de Pushing the Limits, creo que la historia prometía mucho mas de lo que en realidad fue.

Siento que me quedé con ganas de mucho mas! Entiendo que era una historia corta, pero como que realmente no entendí el fin de la misma. Podía haber sido otra cosa. No se, tenía los elementos y personajes para ello.
Lincoln era demasiado lindo, y me dio muy poco de él.
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May 24, 2013
4.25 stars
This has to be one of the better novellas I've ever read. The story wasn't rushed. It was short, yes and I hope to hear more from them. I wasn't a huge fan of Lila in the beginning of Echo's story. She seemed fake, but my opinion of her changed throughout Echo's book.
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