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Regency Spies #2

Pride and Petticoats

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Dear Friend, You were desperation is a dangerous state of mind. It was desperation that drove me to London to salvage my family's reputation and finances in the first place. And it is desperation—and perhaps a little desire—that has gotten me into the situation I find myself in now. You see, I've become ensnared in the investigation of a traitor by Lord Dewhurst—the most insufferable, sinfully handsome man I've ever met. I know it is shocking, but in order to catch this spy and clear my name, I've no choice but to play the agent's bride. Now I'm desperate again to avoid his seductive words and searing looks. I pray that I can resist him, but I can make no promises. Oh, my dear friend, I know he and I are merely pretending to be wed, but the blush he can send all the way to my petticoats feels far too real! Yours truly,

384 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published January 31, 2006

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About the author

Shana Galen

85 books1,459 followers
Shana Galen is three-time Rita award nominee and the bestselling author of fast-paced, witty, and adventurous Regency romances. Kirkus says of her books, "The road to happily-ever-after is intense, conflicted, suspenseful and fun," and RT Bookreviews calls her books “lighthearted yet poignant, humorous yet touching." She taught English at the middle and high school level off and on for eleven years. Most of those years were spent working in Houston's inner city. Now she writes full time. She's happily married and has a daughter who is most definitely a romance heroine in the making.

Want to know more? Visit Shana's website at http://www.shanagalen.com and sign up to be notified when Shana has a new release http://bit.ly/ShanaGalenNews

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150 reviews1,024 followers
January 23, 2012
When the book you're reading starts off with the heroine arriving in London from Charleston, SC with her faithful slave named Addy, who says things like, "Chicken spit. I satisfied with a roof a new shawl. Oh, and I could do with a heap of some simple homecooked food," it's evident that your WTF detector needs to be on red alert.

[image error]

But like a brave little soldier, I kept on reading. This isn't something I'm proud of, necessarily, but I paid damn good money for this book and had to give it a fair try. Alas, Pride and Petticoats punished me for my endurance, and now you get to read my delightful review. Dreams DO come true!

Charlotte Burton has a money situation. Like any good historical romance heroine, she's totally broke because the men in her family were idiots. Naturally, Charlotte packs up her slave and travels across the Atlantic Ocean to London because her childhood friend Cade Pettigru is there and ... well, he's there, and Charlotte needed to get to London somehow so she could meet the hero. Her meeting with Cade is promptly interrupted by Lord Freddie Dewhurst and his team of super-spies. Cade, the owner of precisely zero balls, abandons Charlotte to the clutches of the British spies, and then all kinds of assumptions are made. Freddie takes Charlotte captive because she's clearly (to him) a top-secret American spy / whore in cahoots with whatever the heck Cade's doing. The only way to draw Cade out of hiding, Freddie reasons, is by faking a marriage with Charlotte and fixing her up for the ton. But she hates Americans and he hates people with slaves who are also whores. Too bad their nether regions mesh super well. Will Charlotte cast aside her stars and stripes to build a London Bridge with Freddie?

Oh, where to begin? Let's start with ...

Charlotte, god love her, is pretty awful. She thinks that she, a woman in the early 1800s, has the means to rebuild and run her father's shipping company. I won't even get into the impossible logistics of that goal. For this, she's willing to do anything, including a fake marriage to Dewhurst - a man she despises - for money. Charlotte reads like a Southern belle who recently received a lobotomy. Nothing she does makes much sense, like traveling to England even though she hates the nasty British scum who live there and sexing it up with Freddie even though she knows it could end up validating their marriage and binding her to a man she spends a majority of the book insulting because he has the gall to be a member of the British aristocracy. I'm still not sure why she disliked England so much. Sure, there was the war, and trade relations weren't great at the time, but if that's the case, don't go to their country. She pontificates to anyone within hearing distance about the greatness that is America and the horrors of a monarchy, which is amusing the first time but quickly delves into blatant rudeness. She even refuses to address Freddie as Lord, which shows a great lack of respect. Charlotte is so firmly ensconsed on her high horse that I'm surprised she didn't take off at a gallop through Hyde Park waving the American flag dressed as Paul Revere. I don't think British and American societies were that different at the time, so the culture clash between characters reads as more immature than clever. Oh, and then there's the best (or worst part): In lieu of any actual swear words, Charlotte uses "George Washington" all the freaking time. It isn't cute and got old very fast. And I'm sure George Washington wouldn't appreciate having his name used in vain, Miss America! Charlotte even has the nerve to criticize Freddie's English in his own country in this adorable exchange:

"As my wife and an outsider, your every move, every action will be scrutinized. It falls to me to ensure your introduction is done to a cow's thumb. I do not mean to crow, but I have a reputation as a pink of the ton, and in order to-"

"What language are you speaking?" she asked.

"English," he retorted, frowning.

"It does not sound like any English I have ever heard."

Oh yes, Charlotte, it's so hard to figure out what he's trying to say. God bless America.

[image error]

And then there's Freddie. Oh, dash it, Freddie, dashing away the dashed Yankee with her dashed Southern stubborn tendencies. Right. Freddie says "dash" a lot because he's British. While Charlotte is the worst American stereotype ever, Freddie is the worst British stereotype ever. He's rigid about societal rules that are completely foreign to Charlotte and jumps to the worst conclusions about her just because she happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Also: he's a jackass.

"A charming American. An oxymoron to be sure."

"Pray, sir, keep insulting me, and you'll see the barrel of my pistol."

Before he realized what he was about, he'd crossed the tiny cabin, grasped her arm, and wrenched her to her knees. "Don't threaten me, little Yankee hellion."

After that, he kisses her. A man who manhandles an innocent, unarmed woman - every girl's dream come true! In order to hide his super-spy identity from the general public, Freddie plays the part of an English dandy. He's supposed to be charming, I think, but all he does is bully Charlotte and say "dash it." I don't get the appeal. Even worse, Freddie's a terrible spy. James Bond, this man isn't.

Okay, so I didn't live 200 years ago and experience first-hand the personality and vocal traits of slaves. But for the love of dashed George Washington, did Addy really have to be a caricature of every "Mammy" we've seen in pop-culture before humanity woke up and realized that minorities are people, too? For a book that's supposedly a light-hearted take on cultures clashing, did it really have to be so insulting? Oh, look at Addy, she's big and worries about her white mistress all the time! Oh, look at Addy with her "thick neck," arguing with the uppity butler! Oh, look at Addy providing the prickly heroine with down-home advice!

[image error]

Aside from Freddie and Charlotte trading insults like children protecting their side of the swingset, there isn't much action. The spy plot takes a back seat to the main characters acting like asshats, which is probably a good thing because, as I mentioned before, Freddie is a horrible spy. They have lots of sex, which showcases very little chemistry, so even that was a dud.

I finished the book, but it didn't make me feel happy inside. Instead, I wanted to apologize to The United Kingdom, The United States of America, and African Americans. Dash my dashed guilt, by George!
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599 reviews
March 8, 2022
Silly for no reason. Servants acting like idiots instead of professionals is not funny. Ladies acting like ill mannered brats at the dinner table. The hero has an actual list of prejudice against "colonists". Then a silly spy story. Ugh! I felt like I was being beaten with the story rather than shown or told.
On top of this, the reader was completely AWFUL at American accents and SOUTHERN AMERICAN ACCENTS omygosh!! I have NEVER EVER heard anything so awful! Her voice is nice and I like it for British accents. But truly, it was so terrible to hear the change to her attempts at Southern which was at least 50% of the book that it was as nails on a chalkboard for the entire book!
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957 reviews115 followers
July 11, 2010
After reading about Freddie in “When Dashing met Danger” I was really wondering what twist Shana Galen was going to give his story. I sensed there was more to him than met the eye and turns out there certainly was.

Posing as a dandy with a funny sense for fashion with nothing on his mind but what to wear the next day, Freddie actually is not such a dandy but a cunning spy. And in this role he meets Charlotte, a smart and strong-willed American girl with a deep repulsion for everything English but also with the one thing Freddie has a weakness for: red hair.
They are forced into a scam marriage by circumstances and have to make the best of it.
Their interactions are sparkling and witty. They both give as good as they get and in the meanwhile grow to appreciate each other.

I really had a lot of fun reading this book. It was hilariously witty and I had several laugh-out-loud moments. The scene where Freddie and Charlotte have dinner together for the first time was incredibly funny. I kept seeing Charlotte poking at her food…But underneath all the fun I also enjoyed the growing love and feelings between Freddie and Charlotte and how they both tried to fight it but ultimately caved in.
I also liked that we got a glimpse of Alex and Lucia. They made nice secondary characters together with Freddie’s mother and Charlotte’s servant Addy.

If I compare these two connected books I must say I liked “When Dashing met Danger” better. I cannot pinpoint as to exactly why but that book had me going through more emotions than this one. But nevertheless I really enjoyed reading “Pride and Petticoats” because I love books that make me laugh.
Now I’ll be moving on to the Misadventures in Matrimony-series and I’m looking forward to it.
Profile Image for Sheri.
134 reviews1 follower
January 30, 2022
I really liked the first book in this series, When Dashing Met Danger. I found the secondary characters in that story quite charming and was looking forward to meeting them again. So I went into the second book in the series, Pride and Petticoats, fully expecting to like it as well and happy Dewhurst would get his own story. I did like the story as an average read; alas, it did not live up to my expectations. I did not enjoy Dewhurst as hero as much as I’d hoped, his sidekick was more caricature than character, and the heroine was a bit annoying. All in all, not bad but certainly nothing special.
Profile Image for Julie.
31 reviews8 followers
April 25, 2012
I've read a LOT of trash and recently began wondering if the historical romance adaptation of Weekend at Bernie's might be worse than this book. I picked this book up again for research purposes and, although I was expecting bad, I'm truly shocked. It starts with a racist depiction of the heroine traveling to a bad part of London with her Mammy, a la Scarlet O'Hara, and goes downhill from there. Wow. I put this book in a category of bad all by itself. I strongly urge you to read it.
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867 reviews37 followers
May 25, 2011
I'll admit I didn't finish this. The heroine's constant use of "George Washington" as an exclamation was really, really annoying. Funny the first time or two. Not so funny when it's repeated on every following page, sometimes more than once. Okay, the heroine is an American patriot--I get it! No need to beat me over the head with it.
Profile Image for May.
Author 2 books52 followers
September 12, 2011
This book was a mess.

Unlikeable characters, writer over-uses some descriptive words and expression "George Washington!" as a swear/exasperated phrase for heroine and just yuck. No plot, twists, emotion, or any sense good about this story. Just yuck.

Go get lord & lady spy. That rocks. Don't bother with this one.
Profile Image for Verity.
278 reviews235 followers
July 18, 2010
Cute, a boatload of fun, heelarious @ times, can't wait to read more SG. For once, the title & the models on the cover fit the content 8^2
Profile Image for Amber.
1,007 reviews1 follower
May 13, 2022
Charlotte has come to London from Charleston to ask Cade an old family friend for help but somehow finds herself in the middle of an espionage case against said friend, where she meets Freddie(a Baron) who is leading the case and winds up having to pretend to be married to him to draw out Cade.
What follows is lessons on comportment, table manners, titles, etc, all taught by Freddie our Mr. Darcy figure, while Charlotte our Elizabeth tries her best to keep her temper under wraps and not strangle Freddie in his sleep.
These two are instantly attracted to each other but also drive each other nuts so it's a really entertaining read, and I really enjoyed Addy's(Charlotte's maid) attitude and sass and the almost battle royale that happens between her and Freddie's valet every time either is trying to get something done.
Profile Image for Jordan.
1,387 reviews
April 3, 2021
I quite like several of Galen's later books, but the two in this series are terrible. This is a class/cultural differences (which I typically like), fake relationship (which I'm so-so on) and battle of the wills (which I often don't like) story. Too much of this book is spent with these two knuckleheads trying to show the other that they're the one in charge and butting heads. They're attracted to each other in between driving each other up the wall of course, and then suddenly they're deeply in love. I don't buy their feelings at all how this played out. The spy influence plays a small role. And this was tiresome to read.
Profile Image for PATRICIA KUNA.
808 reviews2 followers
August 30, 2018
Another book by Shana.

Charlotte and her servant are taken by Freddie Dewhurst. He wants to know how she knows Cade Pettigru.

She says they are friends. She does not want believe that he is a spy.
She has to learn about England. What to do and say. She does not like this.

But sparks start to fly between her and Freddie.
Finally in spite of their differences, they find their love. The love that was meant for them.
Profile Image for Sherly.
754 reviews11 followers
November 17, 2020
I absolutely love this book! I read this book from beginning til end. Charlotte is undoubtedly a darling; beautiful and smart with fiery personality. Freddie is handsome, intelligent, a true English gentleman (if there's such a thing).
(Sidetrack: I think Freddie is not a suitable name for an old English stories but who am I to say).
Love the intricacies of the story line. The romantic scenes are hot but not too overly done.
Completely enjoyed this book.
577 reviews5 followers
June 20, 2017

Another great novel by Shana Galen! I enjoy reading her books in her spies series. I enjoy how you are introduced to her characters in a book and then her next book is about one of them.
313 reviews1 follower
November 13, 2021
[audio book] once accustomed to the sing song voice of narrator, she's OK. (3 stars)
13% in (end of chapter 3); perhaps the characters become more likeable and redeem themselves by the end., but the 'hero' so far is too full of himself, and the heroine is somewhat unbelievable.
Profile Image for Cecilia Rodriguez.
3,427 reviews36 followers
February 13, 2023
Set in 1813 Charlotte Burton arrives from Charleston South Carolina to seek help from a family friend in London.
Alfred, Lord Dewhurst is a British spy who needs Charlotte to play his wife as part of a covert operation.
Several characters from: When Dashing met Danger are part of the plot.
607 reviews
July 31, 2017
This story just didn't work for me. The plot was lame, the heroine was weak and annoying, and the hero was boring.
Profile Image for Kim Gasparini.
334 reviews2 followers
February 25, 2018
This one reads like the author made a list of every ridiculous cliche and stereotype she could find and then crammed them all in Every. Single. Page.
194 reviews
March 30, 2018

Really great author and i enjoyed this story. I liked freddie and how he fell in love with her. M
Profile Image for Ashley Schuster.
181 reviews3 followers
February 24, 2017
3.5 I was disturbed by Addy's vernacular and how she was basically just a plot filler. :/ I enjoyed Freddie taking Charlotte to task for owning Addy, albeit only twice and very mildly, but that didn't really change anything, anyway, so fak Charlotte and fak Freddie. :( I was surprised this book was published in '06.

The story itself was fine, a typical romance. Cade was an afterthought. Charlotte was a dick. Freddie was...a dick. Just wish Addy (and her HEA) hadn't been handled so cavalierly.
Profile Image for Fatgingercat.
4 reviews4 followers
March 16, 2012
First, I want to say two words : boring and predictable. I have read similar plot in many other books, so I can guess what will happen with the hero & the heroine. I was hoping maybe we can get some kidnapping/fighting/murder/betrayal story. Nope. No twisted story, no surprising action. It's just a plain ordinary romance. *yawn*

Second, I don't feel the chemistry between H and h. They start the fake marriage with prejudice to each other and I can't see how they solved their differences in a short time and fall in love with each other. In lust, maybe, but I don't believe they're in love.

Third, is it only me, or is there another person annoyed with the expression "George Washington? It just hurts my eyes when I see those words.
Profile Image for Farrah.
187 reviews11 followers
July 28, 2012
I just adore Shana Galen and her historical romances. After reading Lord and Lady Spy I couldn’t wait to grab a copy of Pride & Petticoats after finding out about an interesting married couple who had a cameo spot in the end.

Great cast of characters that had me laughing hysterically as they interacted with the other. The only problems I had were that I felt it too short, I expected a little more action, and thought for sure we’d have discovered her mother was really known among the Ton. But overall, I enjoyed this Pride & Petticoats and recommend this to anyone who enjoys a fun historical romance.
Profile Image for April.
75 reviews6 followers
August 18, 2008
Okay, I didn't realize this book was part of a series and after I finished off the third book in the Misadventures in Matrimony series, I wanted to read another of Shana Galen's books. I bought four of her books on Friday and had them all read by Sunday night. It is always hard for me to find a new author I like, but Shana Galen is my newest obsession--I am trying to be patient for her fourth book in the Misadventures series, but it is SO hard!! If you like romance novels, this is an author to check out!!
Profile Image for Gayle.
149 reviews2 followers
October 3, 2011
Absolutely loved this book. Fun and witty dialogue between charming characters.
Profile Image for Maria.
1,162 reviews4 followers
June 11, 2013
The second in Galen's Regency Spies series. Another fabulous story of adventure, intrigue, and romance. For my full review: http://bit.ly/13x9PHh
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