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The Selection began with thirty-five girls. Now with the group narrowed down to the six Elite, the competition to win Prince Maxon's heart is fiercer than ever—and America is still struggling to decide where her heart truly lies. Is it with Maxon, who could make her life a fairy tale? Or with her first love, Aspen?

America is desperate for more time. But the rest of the Elite know exactly what they want—and America's chance to choose is about to slip away.

336 pages, Hardcover

First published April 23, 2013

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Kiera Cass

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Being married. Cake. The smell of Autumn. Motherhood. Books. Elephants. Back rubs. On demand movies. Actually going out to movies. Faith. Cinnamon rolls. My family. Butterflies. When my kitchen is clean. Crayons. Pink. Tote bags. Dancing. Organizing via color coordination. That my wedding dress was tea length, not floor. Baking. My house. Writing utensils. Paper. India. The sound of water. Making videos. Buttons. The word Episcopalian. Making people laugh. Layering clothes. British accents. Pinterest. Animation. Fireworks. The smell of the Ocean. My wedding rings. Aprons. Reasons to get dressed up. Sex. Pop music. Stars. Taking walks. Daydreaming. Stickers. School Spirit. My friends. Living in a small town. Japan. Singing. Painting my toenails. Pranks/ practical jokes. Painting. Stretch canvas. Costumes. Dipping my fingers in melted wax. Style. Soda. Spending an hour typing at a coffee shop. Musicals. Back to school season. Mopeds. Good hair days. Naps. Not walking up but looking at a beautiful staircase. Driving alone. My ankles. Playlists. Spending entire days in pajamas. Holidays. Telling stories. Spontaneity. Theme parks. Bookshelves. The word copacetic. Boxes. Empty journals. Surprises. Doing things in groups. Doing things alone. Getting real mail. Decorating. Small forks. A good hug. Gift cards. New Years Goals. Going out to dinner. When someone else remembers some great story about me/us that I’ve forgotten. Toy stores. Fireplaces. Breakfast foods. Journaling. Crying for a good reason. Doorbells. Pointless adventures. Voting. My birthday. Reasons to make wishes. Recycling.

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337 reviews499 followers
August 26, 2015
So, you see my rating, and you're probably like, ONE STAR? And my answer is yes, one star. I spent a good hour thinking about a reason, any reason to rate it two, but I can't. This was just one books of those books that was not my cup of tea. Which, by the way, is extremely disappointing, considering that I really did like the first book. *sigh*

I don't like to bash books and insult the author, but I will say why I did give it such a low rating, in a hopefully non-rude way.

*My Opinion. Just a reminder, in case you're thinking about ripping me apart.*

My Opinion is....

Nothing happened throughout this book. I literally spent 319/323 pages reading about America's ever-changing feelings for Aspen and Maxon, which, by the way, was by far one of the most infuriating and unrealistic love triangles I have ever read about. How, please tell me, did Maxon still "love" America after how uncaring she was towards his feelings? I understand that she was still kind of confused about her supposed "feelings" for Aspen, but after the fourth or fifth time she led on, and then proceeded to reject both boys, I would've just given up. There was no excuse for her to be angry that Maxon was seeing the other girls. He deserved to love someone who would reciprocate that emotion, even it that "someone" was Celeste. Or Kriss. Or even freaking Aspen. *plot twist, Aspen and Maxon are in love* (i ship it)

Besides the constant push-pull of America's emotions and how indecisive and clumsy she was with the two boys' hearts, the dialogue. Oh, the dialogue. And the dreadful CRYING. Every. Other. Page. That aside, I felt as though the characters were robots. There was no realistic motive behind any of their interactions, whether those interactions were verbally or physically. It felt like a bad sitcom. Everything was scripted (which it kind of is, in a sense), nothing felt realistic or raw, and if I had to read the work WONDERFUL one more time I was going to FLIP. When is Cass's birthday? I'll get her a thesaurus.

I was honestly so close to throwing this book at the wall in frustration but as much as I despise some books I simply cannot because it's still a book and my whacked out brain believes they have feelings so



The number of facepalms this book and I shared was astronomical. I have a bruise on my forehead.

Dear America:


I have other things to say, but they'd just be negative towards the book, and I think I've said enough derogative things. But OH MY GOD I COULDN'T STAND THIS

A disappointment in the end. I rarely do this, but do to the aggravation this book put me through and how much chocolate I had to eat to get through this (i blame you, The Elite, for the approximately 50 pounds I gained), I won't be reading The One. Or maybe I'll wait to see if that one is better. We'll see.

If you enjoyed this book, good for you! I wish I did too. If you didn't, I feel ya. I will say something nice about this book, and that is that this series has seriously the prettiest covers ever. Too bad there isn't a separate rating for books covers. I normally hate when you see the character on the cover too, because they usually turn out looking different than how I picture them in my head, but this one is an exception.

So, pretty dress? Too bad that doesn't make up for well, everything else.

I'm going to go eat more chocolate and watch criminal minds to make myself feel better.

*please don't kill me for writing this review* *I'm actually a nice person I swear*

*gives you some of my chocolate so you won't hurt me*

Um hello update:

170 likes?! What?! How?! Who paid you guys to do this?!

I'd like to thank my parents for giving me this extraordinary opportunity (even though they don't know I'm on this website *rebel*) and Kiera Cass for writing a hellish semi-not-good book so I had the chance to complain about it. And the guy in the mall who gave me a sugar cookie taste tester, just because.

*gives you ALL the chocolate*

Update what the heck ah:







Update. Again.

I'm starting to become slightly overwhelmed (lol "slightly", more like horrifyingly) by the amount of likes this post has accumulated. It's scary that you all are reading my writing, and it's scary that some of you actually like it? I guess? My audience usually consists of myself/the very select number of people who take the time to actually read something I wrote. So, without getting all freaking gushy and gross, thank you for taking the time to read my review/put up with my madness. I really appreciate it.

And if you didn't like my review, ha ha ha ha too bad so sad! Go complain about my juvenile writing while I bathe in my 400+ likes.


What the actual fudge is going on here? 682 likes? SIX HUNDRED AND EIGHTY TWO? Do you even know how big a number that is? Do you? DO YOU?

To celebrate the absolutely insane amount of attention this review has received, I shall go forth and eat 682 pieces of chocolate. As one does when existing in an exciting time like this.



*gives you all cyber hugs and kisses*

*also kisses to ma haterz*

*you aint got nothing on me*

*sashays away*


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August 3, 2016
For what it's worth, I actually liked The Selection. Sure, it suffered from a major bout of shoddy world building and desperately needed a plot beyond just the game show slash dating elements, but if I had to blurb it, I'd go with something like this: "Frivolous and silly, The Selection is nonetheless an enjoyable timekiller with its Bachelor-like elements and inability to take itself too seriously."

The Elite on the other hand... ugh how do I even begin to describe this mess? Let's see...

America: I love Maxon. No Aspen. No definitely Maxon.
*Maxon does something needlessly cruel in dramatic fashion*
America: I hate Maxon. *runs off to see Aspen*
*For unexplained reasons, she has second thoughts about Aspen*
America: Aspen who? I love Maxon.
*Maxon does something needlessly cruel in dramatic fashion*
America: I hate Maxon. *runs off to see Aspen*
*For less unexplained but equally convenient reasons, she has second thoughts about leaving Maxon*
America: Aspen who? I love Maxon.
(At this point I'm just too irritated to continue copy/pasting)

Is anyone else seeing a pattern here? Like maybe the plot is just one big, long, stretched out love triangle? A poorly done love triangle at that? One that isn't even resolved? I don't know, I didn't really mind The Selection because the Bachelor-like elements (in other words, the catty contestants), while stereotypical, were somewhat amusing, but this is just messed up relationship melodrama between chapters of America replaying her emotional baggage in her head over and over and over again, and it's... unimaginably boring? Indescribably pointless? Frustratingly annoying? Where'd evil Celeste go?

Plus some other (somewhat random) observations, because this is not a book that's inspiring me to write a coherent review:

- What Happened to the Bachelor-style Competition?: Personally, that was the only draw of the first book. Yes it was cheesy. But so what? The Selection was terrible as a dystopian, but at least it had that, so it wasn't a complete loss. The Elite seems to eschew the only thing that made the first book bearable in favor of the aforementioned love triangle - why?

- The World Building, Redux: Even from The Selection, we should know world building is not this series's strong suit. Still, while I admire Kiera Cass trying again, this time with more about the history of Ilea, some conspiracy involving the first king's diary, and stuff about the caste system and foreign diplomacy, all of it is so simple to the point that actually reading about it feels more painful than watching a Miss America contestant discuss world geography.

- The Rebels of Complete Fail: I get it. Actually, I don't. There are the Northerners. There are the Southerners. It's implied they want something. But when the biggest plot development is a scrap of crucial information incompetently left in the hallway just conveniently for America to find, WTF?

- Maxon & Celeste: What the heck? No. Just no. If I were on the fence about the rest of the book, last straw dude, last straw.

Anyway, I wasn't expecting anything more from The Elite than shallow, petty drama. And somehow, it still fails at even that.
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8 reviews955 followers
October 9, 2014
All right, boys and girls, I’m back for round two. A year late, but I’ll try to get to The One right after this.

In my review of The Selection, I already covered the larger issues this series has. I’m just going to go through this book roughly chronologically and list all the places I eyerolled so hard I saw my brain. Sometimes, I grew extra eyes just so I could side-eye this book some more.

(ETA: This list will continue to grow as I complete my reread)

1. REBELS. Seriously, palace people. GET SOME SNIPERS ON YOUR ROOF. You have guns. I know you have guns, you said so right there. Also, rebels, build some freaking bombs so you’re not just hurling bricks at windows, it’s not that hard.

In general, I find Cass’s understanding of rebellion to be very hilarious. In our modern world, especially in America, “rebel” has a fairly positive connotation, I think because of the way the US clings to its past as badass rebels against those effete Brits. Nowadays, rebels are generally called terrorists, because terrorism has a purely negative connotation. The author seems unwilling to use the word however, due to a (spoiler for The One), but that’s what the government should be calling them. When you want people not to sympathize with a group of insurgents, you label them terrorists. Why doesn’t this government do that? Oh right, because it’s run by a pair of idiots. (Btw, if you’re interested in asymmetrical warfare as it actually works and has worked, I like Invisible Armies by Max Boot. Smart guy.)

2. UNINTENTIONAL MISOGYNY. America is so special out of all the girls because she’s the only one who hasn’t dreamed of her wedding, except for one tiny detail: her dad giving her away. Oookay. Way to fly your misogyny flag, ‘Murica. (Is it okay if I call you ‘Murica?). Women aren’t property anymore that need to be “given away.” This conversation is especially awful in light of what DOES happen at the end of The One.

3. 'MURRICA: America is a terrible, terrible person. She seemed mostly harmless in the first book, but now she’s just an actively horrible human being. She can’t understand the “difficult” reports she’s supposed to study (that’s fine, I don’t always understand complicated economic or foreign policy), but instead of making an effort to learn, she literally says, “I couldn’t bring myself to focus on it.” Your heroine, ladies and gentlemen. The future Princess and Queen of your country. You really want this lazy, aggressively stupid, willfully ignorant chick as your leader? Can you imagine Michelle Obama or Kate M being like, "lol it's too hard I'm not going to read it."

Then she goes on TV to give an opinion on these reports she doesn't study. Reports about the war. A war in which people die. No, America, you should not be a princess if literally your only basis for making decisions is, "Celeste says the opposite thing, so I'm going to say this thing."

Our heroine also makes fun of Marlee for not being able to learn her scales in ONE WHOLE WEEK. Pianists practice their scales for years. Even after they stop just playing scales, they still practice etudes forever. Seriously, couldn't the author be bothered to learn something this basic?

4. HALLOWEEN: Yes, I know it’s supposed to be sweet and romantic that Maxon revived a holiday just for his special snowflake America. It’s not, and America, as a Five, shouldn’t think so. He’s literally wasting money and resources (when people are starving) to have a fancy party for America, and if she was fit to be a princess, she would have shut that down. It’s very Marie Antoinette, and we know how that story ends in the real world.

5. THE FUTURE: This vision of the future is a Tea Party conspiracy theorist's wet dream, crossed with a dose of Randian money worship. China takes over the world and a rich businessman buys their way out. Okie doke. I don’t even know how to begin to deconstruct all of Gregory’s nonsensical diaries and the history of the American State of China. I have a lot of things to say about this, but all of it would be academic and boring, so I’ll confine myself to, if the Chinese ever do try to invade, America, launch your nukes. You have like 40 times as many.

6. FOREIGN RELATIONS LOL WATS THAT: I feel like the author has a very limited understanding of the way official functions are planned. There is no reason why the girls can’t have party planners and country experts to help them out while preparing to host the Germans and Italians. The State Department (or Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or any similar department that every major government everywhere in the world through history has ever had) has staff on hand specifically for this kind of situation, let alone the staff that the White House/First Lady has. It would have been far more interesting to see the girls have to take charge of a team of people, because that would be showing their leadership skills. Whatever, I can’t even get too worked up about this or else my head will explode, but it demonstrates such a shallow understanding about the way the world works.

Anyway, foreign relations doesn't merely involve hosting a party for your guests, though that's a good first step. Important decisions get made here. Alliances are formed. America, however, doesn't bother telling us why these foreign dignitaries are here. Her whole focus is on throwing a better party than the other team. Which is not unimportant, but her inability to see beyond that is a mark of incredible self-centeredness, which is a terrible quality in a future leader. Seriously, why are these people here? How can they help? Are we talking money? Armies? What??? Why don't you know anything, America?

7. SOME WORDS OF PRAISE: The diction and writing in this book is much improved from the first one. At least there were no menacingly twirled forks. Gold star for effort.

Q: If you hate these books, why do you keep reading?
A: I’m a glutton for punishment. Also, they are unintentionally hilarious. Like, laugh out loud in public hilarious.

Q: I like these books, does that make me a bad/stupid person?
A: No. Read whatever you want, lord knows I do. I am interested, however, in why you like the book. Leave me a note!

Q: The Selection is the best book ever and I hope you die.
A: If this is how you deal with opinions that disagree with you in real life, you’re in for a lot of disappointment.

Q: It’s just a book/fantasy/dystopia/whatever, get over it.
A: I demand quality from my fiction. Why don’t you?
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1,865 reviews54.3k followers
May 2, 2023
Sweet holy lord. This goddamn book, my guy.

The pitch for this reanimated corpse of a sequel must have been like, "Ok, so it's global bestseller The Selection, except immediately THROW AWAY any traces of entertainment or cuteness or fun. We don't need it. Oh, more? Okay. Um. Keep the love triangle stuff. Actually, you know what? Make that TWO love triangles. Fangirls love that, probably, based on my semi-offensive one-dimensional view of the average YA reader, who is only in it for fictional depictions of total babes. Except hold the babe status. Make them annoying. You know what? Make EVERYONE annoying. And get rid of the plot."

Spoiler alert: I WASN'T INTO IT.

But most importantly, yes, you heard me. Not one, but TWO love triangles.

Sidenote: terrible overdone "spoiler alert" joke aside, this review will truly have nothing but spoilers. A spoiler frenzy. Teeming, spilling, drowning with and in spoilers. Prepare accordingly.

The main point of drama in this book is that America’s (our protagonist, not our failing nation) BFF for no reason, Marlee (in the future, everyone has a normal name but with a funky spelling change) is discovered gettin’ her sexy on with a guard. Which, because the girls are officially the ~property of their dumb-named country, Illéa~ (don’t get me started on either count), is illegal.

Woohoo! Awesome! Ya girl (or technically ya girl's girl) and her side-bae-who-just-became-bae get whipped. Not the, like, oh-they-love-each-other-and-actually-respect-one-another's-opinion-when-making-decisions-how-wild kind of whipped, but actually literally whipped. Like, with a whip and everything. The whole nine yards. Very chill and fun!

Here’s the thing about that. America is ALSO having a side-bae fling with a guard (this book even steals storylines from itself). But her choice is legit just between Aspen (said guard and also the most annoying and least attractive individual on the face of the earth) and Maxon (the almost-king who used to be hot and is now a whiny baby). Like, she's just constantly pondering HOW she can make the INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT choice between two rich hotties. While hundreds of people in her country die and millions live in poverty. But what I'm trying to say is SHE HAS A CHOICE.

Like, if she chose to leave the Selection, she could just marry Aspen. And it’d be fine. I don’t even think they’d lose their ranks. (People getting socioeconomic caste assignments is pretty much the only change from current-day America to this dystopian America. And by "America," this time I mean the country, not the incredibly illogical name choice.) At first she doesn’t leave because she wants that moneyyyy honeyyyy, but then she’s all, Maxon is totally hot!!!!! I’m going to show my feelings by being jealous and petulant and mean and stupid for the remainder of the series!!!!

But all of this is to say, Marlee could have literally left at any point and just gotten it on with Carter (her less-horrible-but-somehow-even-more-boring version of Aspen) until the end of time. No exile, no stripping-of-caste, no public!!! whipping!!!

This book is dumb.

Another fun trope we get is that thing of an inexplicably evil girl. Like, just some teen who is more villainous than any YA fantasy bad guy. Which, don't get me wrong, a teenage-girl evil genius sounds AMAZING to me (book idea? filing it away), but not! like! this! If I read about one more girl who is evil just for the sake of bringing down other girls I am going to lose it!! (What small amount of "it" I've managed to hold onto.)

But the second requirement of this horrific unoriginality is that the mean girl MUST be instantly, stupidly, with-no-reason-or-explanation-ly redeemed in the next book. (Next-book spoilers, I guess, but really it’s all very predictable.)

In this book, our resident meanie Celeste puts GLASS in someone’s SHOES. She BEATS her MAIDS. She is horrible to everyone around her!!! One, there is no one like this in the world, and two, WHY WOULD SOMEONE LIKE THIS BE REDEEMED JUST FOR GETTING SOMEWHAT HUMANIZED.


Another amazing cliché that I love so much it is so near and dear to my heart: when characters say, "Oh, insert name here, you are SO FUNNY! Truly an Office-era Steve Carell or John Mulaney before controversy in terms of your consistent breadth of humor" when NOTHING. FUNNY. HAPPENED.

America isn't funny. Maxon is not funny. No person or moment in this book is funny or fun, because this series is where humor and entertainment and joy and amusement go to die, drowning in the vast dark oblivion of human suffering and hopelessness and terrible tropes.

There’s also some really fun dumb stuff in here, beyond even the amazing-ness of a purposeless public whipping.

So, like, a lot of this book focuses on a conflict perhaps - dare I say - even More Important than thirty girls competing for the affection of one wealthy asshat????

(I know. Really bold stance by me. I'm just speaking my truth.)

The maybe more-important thing: There are two separate rebel forces who NONSTOP attack the castle. It’s really cute honestly. The two lil gangs of pals take turns and somehow time it for whenever the current jealousy-based conflict within the castle is even dryer than it was when first introduced!!!

Anyway, one of the forces (one is creatively called “Northern rebels” and the other is artistically referred to as “Southern rebels” - no I do not remember which is which) is violent and the other is not.

There’s this amazing subplot where America and Maxon are like, “I think the not-as-meanies are looking for something!!!???” and their evidence includes such subtleties as torn-out drawers, books astray, papers searched through, and everything but a neatly printed letter from the nonviolence brigade stating their mission to find a thing, but everyone else is like DON’T FRET YOUR SILLY LITTLE HEADS YOU GOOFBALLS!!! YOU TWO GO PLAY!!!!! GO BE MAD AT EACH OTHER!!! MAKE EMMA'S HAIR TURN GRAY!!! (Did I not mention the frighteningly targeted breaking of the fourth wall?)

That’s not even what I’m desperately trying to overcome my own personality to get to, though.

When one of the rebel squads comes thru (I don’t even remember if it was Team War is Harmful to Children and Other Living Things or Team Let’s Nuke the Castle, but does it really matter), they paint threatening things on the wall.

I’m going to say that again.









This would already be funny just based off the fact that arts and crafts is rarely scary, even if the person doing it has a big knife in one hand and a Magic Marker in the other, but to clarify: These badasses carried paintbrushes and containers of mud and paint into the castle. There was a conversation wherein the head badass was all, Dear, sweet children of my heart, don’t forget your mud and paint! We want them to be really scared today! And it’d be so gross if you got stuff all on your hands so bring paintbrushes too, okay? Love you!

Oh, man.

Another really stupid thing is that Maxon entrusts America with a top-secret book about the founder of the new version of America (again the country, not the person - wow you could almost say her name is dumb) and he’s like, DON’T TELL ANYONE. NOT YOUR MAIDS. NOT YOUR FRIENDS. NOT EVEN YOUR F*CK BUDDY GUARD I DON’T ACTUALLY KNOW ABOUT.

So America does the logical thing and brings the diary onto national television.

Our little genius!

But my hatred of this book, beyond how dumb it is, comes down to three main things.

One, it is so boring. It is so boring that even clarifying why it is boring would be boring.


And three: That fresh mother-f*ckin' girl hate. Would you like two quote-examples? Perfect, that's exactly the number I wrote down beyond the page number (too lazy and traumatized to look in the book).

One: “None of the other girls could have outrun them [them being the nice-guy rebels, who America actually didn’t truly outrun], I don’t think.”

Two: “You have to be able to see that under all that makeup, and the push-up bra is nothing but a girl who wants to manipulate you to get what she wants.”

Wait, hang on...oh my god, you guys. I just got a call...it's official. Yes. If you wear a flattering bra or a significant amount of makeup, it's clearly a disguise and it's not going to prevent you from landing on the National Register of Conniving Ditzes.

Personally, I'm turning my bras into fun hats and melting my mascara down for war paint.

Bottom line: (to the tune of the “bananas” part of Hollaback Girl) this book is bad, it’s bad, B-A-D-B-A-D bad!



and how am I halfway through The One and finding it even worse than this?

review to come if I can ever pull myself together
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1,589 reviews157k followers
May 27, 2021

It turns out I'm absolutely terrible at staying away from you. It's a very serious problem.
Tears! Love-triangles! More tears! Whining! Even more tears! Annnd....honestly, that's pretty much it

(Could we make it one chapter without her dissolving into tears? No? Fabulous. )

Picking up where we left off, America is in the "Elite" (the top 6 of the Selection - aka the Bachelor/Princess Diaries mashup).

She's joined by Celeste (the B*tch), Marley (the best friend), and three other totally forgettable girls - who must still be there solely to keep the book going.

Prince Maxon is in love with her but *gasp* America can't decide between super-hot-and-super-rich-royalty and super-hot-and-down-to-earth-soldier. Annnnd, that's all there is to the plot.

There's some filler here and there (rebels, crocodile tears, party planning, crying fits, plots to overthrow the government, unrestrained sobbing) but honestly, there's not much.

It's mostly America whining over one boy then the other. Followed by some eye-rollingly-awful quotes. Like this:
Love is beautiful fear.
And this:
Sometimes I feel like we're a knot, too tangled to be taken apart.
And this:
All I want is your promise to stay with me, to be mine. Sometimes it feels like you can't possibly be real. Promise me you'll stay.
I had a hard time getting into this one. The first book was fun - it was fluffy and a bit weak in the plot department - but it was the kind of book you can just sink into and enjoy.

This one...not so much. The writing felt stiffer and the dialogue had me cringing so much. America's only emotion was bawling and even then, I wasn't very convinced. The plot just circled from one boy to the other. I really feel like 250 of the ~300 pages could've been cut and nothing would've changed. Maybe even the whole book.

Audiobook Comments
Read by Amy Rubinate - and no complaints there...well except for Queen Amberly's accent. The novella starring the queen had her in a very thick, native "Honduraguan" accent but in another novel her sister sounded extremely "Southern Belle" while in this one Amberly just sounds so middle-American. Is consistency too much to ask?

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67 reviews8,575 followers
March 10, 2019
2.8/5 Stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

“Love is beautiful fear”

Guys. Where do I begin? This book was such a disappointment, compared to its predecessor. Don't get me wrong, I flew through it in a couple of hours. Right now, as I'm writing this review, I have read The One and I know who America ends up with, how the book ends, everything. These books are so addicting and such a guilty pleasure, I want to scream. Kiera Cass is not a good writer, but her books captivate you. I still want to throw this fucking book at the wall because it frustrated me to no end! I would never throw a book anywhere though, because, for me, books have feelings, BUT THIS PARTICULAR BOOK COULD DRIVE ME SO CRAZY WITH REPULSE THAT I WOULD DO IT. WATCH ME DO IT. When I read the first book, I said I wouldn't judge it harshly because of its content. But now I FEEL WRATH THAT I WANT TO EXPRESS.

The Selection began with thirty-five girls. Now with the group narrowed down to the six Elite, the competition to win Prince Maxon's heart is fiercer than ever—and America is still struggling to decide where her heart truly lies. Is it with Maxon, who could make her life a fairy tale? Or with her first love, Aspen?

America is desperate for more time. But the rest of the Elite know exactly what they want—and America's chance to choose is about to slip away.

America was good character in the first book. I didn't mind her, you could say. In this book, I WANTED TO THROW A BRICK ON HER FUCKING HEAD. I want to throw so many things when it comes to this book, I wonder why. SHE WAS SO INSECURE AND INDECISIVE AND CHILDISH AND PETTY IN THIS BOOK. And I thought I was an indecisive person. All her good qualities from the first book completely vanished in this book. She was like a whole different character. I DON'T GET IT. Did the author fucking forget her own protagonist?

THE LOVE TRIANGLE . This is the worst love triangle I have ever witnessed, if we even can call it that. BITCH CHOOSE. The whole book was basically this:

Chapter 1 : Oh I love Maxon! *heart* *heart* *heart*. Let me put on my fucking tiara, imma rock this princess business!
Chapter 2 : Nah. Princessy shit not for this chick. Imma go with my safe previous love Aspen. WHO NEEDS LOVE WHEN YOU CAN HAVE COMFORT AND A DUDE WITH THE PERSONALLY OF A POTATO???

THIS WAS THE BOOK!!! Each meeting she had with each character she changed her mind! I wanted to slap her off the Earth! This book was constant back and forths, indecisiveness, and cringiness. Everything would be resolved if they just TALKED TO EACH OTHER! YOU BOTH LOVE EACH OTHER JUST SPEAK!!! I WANT TO TEAR MY HAIR FROM MY HEAD. PLS KILL ME AND BURY THIS BOOK INTO MY WORST ENEMY'S FUCKING GRAVE. AAAAAAAAAAAAA. This isn't a love triangle. We all know who she's gonna choose. And gurl, pls. Maxon was hooking up with Celeste, so what? You're the one to talk! YOU KEPT STEALING KISSES WITH ASPEN IN THE FIRST BOOK. And Maxon is in a fucking competition and he needs to choose his girl! He should know how each girl is... you know... in the flesh department too. AND ALL YOU SAY TO HIM IS "Oh no no, bae, I don't want you, but please come after me so it can feed off my insecurity" FUCK OFF.

I truly feel that Aspen is the most useless character in the entire face of the Earth. He's just there to bring conflict into America's life. He's more stale than a loaf of bread 🥖 🍞 I haven't seen anyone being #teamAspen. Was anyone #teamAspen when this book came out? I'm truly curious cause this book is older than my grandma. Maxon though... MY BAE. You made some shit choices in this book BUT I STILL LOVE YOU JUST KEEPT BEING BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT. #teamMaxon

The politics in this book were more prominent. Which I found ridiculous. We all know this book isn't about politics. Kiera Cass honestly has no knowledge about how shit works. I know jackshit about politics, but some things were so obvious!

Chapter 7 : You again?
Chapter 9 : Ugh.

LIKE??? We had so many rebel attacks that it got boring and repetitive soon! What was even the point? Doesn't this castle have any means of security? For realz now? It was so cringy and unnecessary, I kept forgetting this book is supposed to be a dystopian so quickly. This isn't the purpose of this book. The politics are done terribly, just let it be a contemporary. Also... WTF AMERICA??? WHAT WAS THIS WHOLE SPEECH WITH THE CASTES? She wanted to make a dramatic outro by ruining people's lives in the process. She didn't even know her shit! The King asked her a question and she was like "Nah dk dawg" like??? Study your shit because you decide to destroy a whole country. And don't chicken out when things don't go your way. I was certain she would get kicked out of the contest for this. She should've. Maxon showed her some top secret books that no one should know she had, and she WENT AND SHOWED THEM ON FUCKING NATIONAL TV. WAY TO GO. Ugh. I'm annoyed.

What else happened in this unnecessary book? Ah. The Elite. We got Celeste, still a fucking glorious bitch, Kriss, who is relevant now apparently, Marlee, who was the best out of everyone and didn't get what she deserved, Natalie and Elise, who are just... there. We basically didn't get any character development for these characters, except Marlee and Kriss. Celeste is still a bitch, the other two just... exist and Marlee had the worst fate anyone can ever have. And Kriss suddenly became a rival to America for Maxon's affection. Out of fucking nowhere. I mean??? I don't even remember her in the first book, tbh. She annoyed me. Such a sugar coated little princess. Ugh.

Overall, this book had no purpose to exist. Having read the final book in the series as well, I can tell you it could all be one book. One less frustrating book. This is definitely the worst book of the series. I was rolling my eyes throughout the whole thing. All the character annoyed me, at one point or the other, to no end. The plot was nonexistent, the love triangle a hot mess, the character development with no sequence. I would give it a worse rating, if not that these books are so addicting, but so bad. I don't know how Kiera Cass does it in this department, the plot is bad, the characters annoying, the world has no coherent building, the writing is nothing special, and yet, we all can't stop reading them. Mysteries of this world. Anyway, till the next one, very soon, K BYE!
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December 27, 2019
hello, my name is jessica and im addicted to this series.

goodness, these books are like drugs. i know theyre bad for me, but i cant seem to stop. reading. them. its the drama. its way too addicting.

also, i seem to be the only person who likes aspen. i think i suffer from “hooked on the first boy introduced” syndrome, because it happened with adam in ‘shatter me’ and gale in ‘the hunger games.’ what a random observation. lol.

anyways, these books are like crack.

4 stars
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May 9, 2013
The Selection by Kiera Cass

7-1-2012: 3:48 PM. Yay! It has a name! I'm so excited for this book!

8-7-2012: 4:19 PM. Why does this have likes?! Haha. I can't wait for the cover! I heard Cass has seen it!

Of course, I'd prefer to have a male on the cover. Not JUST a male, maybe a well-dressed Maxon (with his face concealed [I hate when publishers put non-concealed faces... It makes me feel like I have to picture the characters like on the covers]) with America in his arms.

Or maybe the Elite girls in pretty dresses. I just hope it's more than a girl, like on The Selection. Don't get me wrong, I loved that cover, I just want more!

10-2-2012: 10:49 PM. Is everyone excited about the cover reveal on the 17th?! I know I am!

10-4-2012: 5:01 PM. Okay... They revealed the cover early. I'm a little... disappointed. Don't get me wrong, it's beautiful, but it's just... the same has the first one? If this book is supposed to be wrapped around the Elite Three, shouldn't there be more than just America?


5-9-2013: I FINALLY got my greedy little hands on the copy of The Elite and what can I say...? WHEN IS THE NEXT ONE COMING OUT? It was absolutely brilliant reading this novel! You may want to clear your whole schedule because once you start reading, stopping to do anything else will annoy you!

Without further interruption, here is my review of this gem. (:

4 out of 5 stars!


As you may or may not have read in my sweet ramblings at the the top here, I'm... not a huge fan of the cover but I won't complain about it- ok, yes I will- it's SIMPLE and I simply wanted more. I do not like the non-concealed face of the woman and the dress is just... I don't even think this dress went along with any of he dresses in the story! BUT, nevertheless, it looks absolutely lovely sitting next to The Selection on my bookcase, so I'll give it that.

General Summary

In this installment of The Bachelor meets The Hunger Games meets Twilight .... No, just kidding. (;

In this installment by the lovely Kiera Cass , Prince Maxon has to decide between the final girls left in the selection, or better known as the Elite girls. All the while, America, our lovely heroine, is still trying to debate on who she wants to be with- Prince Maxon or Aspen- or better yet, The Crown or her Childhood.

Along the journey, America has to watch as Prince Maxon tries to fall for the other girls (breaking MY heart) and the girls are set out to do tasks that a future queen would likely do- such as a project (and America's idea is... scandalous to say the least).

In the mix of all the lies, love, betrayal and... whippings comes the horrible rebels who are after something... something to do with books. Something, America has to figure out.

Opinions, General Fangirl Squealing, and Spoilers


Well, aside from my pure and complete fascination and devotion towards Maxon, the book was,... so-so. I did like it a lot better than I did the first (hence the 4 stars), though it WAS lacking and I couldn't help but get a bit annoyed with America's "I love Aspen. No I want Maxon. But Aspen is safe. But I love Maxon. But I don't want the crown..." blah blah blah blah BLAH.

And there wasn't much Maxon to even begin with. I mean, he was there and he was all lovey dovey and mushy and brilliant, but most of the time it was just America talking about him.

Only for Aspen to ruin it. Now, I'm not an Aspen hater, I'd respect it if America ended up with him, but I wouldn't like it at all. I just don't think he is encouraging enough towards America. He wants her to be brilliant- but as long as he is somehow involved. He wants her to do this and do that and be herself but be quiet and respectful and he doesn't think she can handle the Crown? No. That is not someone I want to see America with. She's a bright, young girl and I'd love it if someone who is encouraging of her ideas would be with her.

Celeste... Celeste, Celeste, Celeste... You and I had problems in the first book, ma'am and I told you to back off Maxon and just blend in with the background (and for the most part you honored that) but you HAD to go and pull that little thing with Maxon, you dirty girl. I wanted to reach into the book and give Maxon a shower since you had your hands all over his Prince-lyness. /glares at her/

I'm happy for Marlee, at least. I'm going to miss her. (:

And what of these rebels? What are you guys after...

And King Clarkson... I'm watching you... Leave America alone. Her idea was splendid!

All in all, the book was lovely, not everything I had hoped for because there are still A LOT of unanswered questions (and I mean A LOT), but I'm hoping Cass can wrap them up nicely in The One . I'm hopeful it'll be a brilliant series.

AND I HOPE THE COVER FOR THE NEXT BOOK IS GREEN (hint hint Miss Cass, if you're reading this).

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April 28, 2013
I raced through this book because I love the concept and where the story seems to be heading, but OH MY GOODNESS America was so frustrating. I discuss the whole thing in depth in my booktalk here: http://youtu.be/m7UHt8a4G9g
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May 6, 2013
Warning: Mild Spoilers Ahead. Do not read if you don't want to be spoiled. Please read at your own risk.

Actual rating: 2.5 stars

This is not a dystopian, This is a book centered on a love triangle.

Believe it or not, I did like The Selection, but this book, unfortunately, did not live up to its predecessor. The reason why I enjoyed The Selection so much was because of the similarities to the TV show The Bachelor(which I watch, occasionally). I personally think adapting the competition into a book was a nice idea. Even though it was predictable, cliched and pretty cheesy, I still had a lot of fun reading it. But this book, as I said, annoyed me to no end. The crucial element that made The Selection worth reading was gone, and replaced by the MC's constant insecurity issues and a back-and-forth love triangle between our dear America and Prince charming Maxon Schreave + First love Aspen Leger.

First things first, the plot. As you can tell, the main storyline of the series is about a competition named The Selection, in which the palace picks out the new princess for their country, Illea. The Selection is actually a live show broadcasted to all the citizens of the country, and is one of the biggest celebration events of the country. In The Selection, the selected has to interact with the prince, and if the prince dislikes someone, he can kick her out of the game. At the end of the first book, the number of girls in the running was reduced from thirty five to six, also known as The Elite. Our main protagonist, America, is one of the girls who remained in the competition. Moreover, she's the one the prince adores and wants to marry, but as you can guess, it's not so simple, because America is also in love with her first love, Aspen, who turned out to be one of the guards in the palace. Basically the plot of this book is about Maxon trying to convince America to be with him, while America doubts Maxon's sincerity and her ability to be a princess. And at the times when she believes that Maxon is "just like the others" or "playing with her feelings", she just runs to Aspen for comfort. And so this brings us to the love triangle.

The love triangle never bothered me in the first book, mainly because it was obvious she's going to end up with Maxon, and there wasn't much of Aspen. But in here, America was constantly going back and forth between Maxon and Aspen. (Ha, their names rhyme!) While she fell in love with Maxon, and wanted to stay with him, she fell victim to her insecurity and went hot and cold towards Maxon. And when Maxon went to find out if he could like the other girls, in case America leaves him, she just kind of used Aspen for comfort. Her insecurity and doubting bothered me a lot. I mean, why can't she just choose someone already? It's not like she doesn't know what she wants, she just kept on acting stubborn and wouldn't forgive Maxon for something he didn't do, EVEN THOUGH SHE WANTED TO. What the hell? There was never a need for a love triangle, because we all know who she'll end up with, and therefore the "love triangle" is really just America's denial issues.

The plot also "centered" on the rebel attacks. THAT IS A LIE.
Here's what the premise promised.

"The violent rebels that are determined to overthrow the monarchy are growing stronger and their plans could destroy her chance at any kind of happy ending."

Did we really get that? Not really. As described above, the rebels were supposed to be "violent" and powerful enough to "destroy her chance at any kind of happy ending", but in truth, the rebels only showed up for around three chapters or so. AND ALMOST NOTHING HAPPENED. Sure, the rebels killed people. But no one major died, except maybe the sister of one of the Elites, which is still unimportant. Now now, don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to say that those people's lives aren't important. I meant that the rebel attacks isn't the spotlight of this book, it is the LOVE TRIANGLE. The rebel attacks is just mostly there. Yes, it did influence the main characters' lives, but not much. It's mostly just a secondary plot. So why did I say that nothing happened? Because despite that, all they really did was "damaged the walls of the hallways of this magnificent palace", which really counts as nothing. Plus, there was this scene towards the end of the book, in which America and Maxon were stuck in a safe house together during a rebel attack, and they basically had this romantic night and sorted things out. So I wouldn't really consider the attack of the rebels as "destroying her chance at a happy ending", but more of a "creating an awesome chance at spending a night together with a prince".

Here's another thing, towards the end of the book, America discovered that what the rebel really wants was books. Yes, BOOKS and Gregory Illea's diary, I'll get to that later, but that really doesn't make any difference. WHAT KIND OF REBELS WOULD WANT TO STEAL BOOKS? That is just ridiculous. The worst thing is that, America found out about that sooo late, whereas I noticed it when I was around 50% in. It was OBVIOUS. Why, you ask? WELL BECAUSE THE REBELS ONLY TOOK THE BOOKS. Okay, so there was another scene when there was another rebel attack, and America had to run to a tree and hide up there. And when one of the rebels passed, she noticed that the rebel was carrying loads of books, ONLY. I can't believe how she can be so *coughs* smart. Her IQ really amazed me. And there is something a whole lot more ridiculous than that. That is, when the rebel walked pass her, she (rebel) fell and noticed America holing up on a tree, and you know what she (rebel) did? SHE BOWED. WHAT THE FUCK? *sigh* Sorry for the swear word, I just...couldn't help myself.

Now, the characters.

In The Elite, America Singer, our very own protagonist, is unbearable. I really can't stand her doubts and insecurity and constant break downs. I actually thought she was an okay character in The Selection. Although annoying at times, I did like how she brought a change into the palace and actually treated her maids, her friends nicely. That's why I don't get how she suddenly turned into a coward. She kept on saying that she isn't princess material and doubts her own abilities. And she also kept on thinking that the other contestants are better than her (or their place in the caste system are higher, she's the lowest!), and that she doesn't get how Maxon could love her when there are so many people who's a lot better than her willing to throw themselves to him. What's worse, she kept on crying. Whenever she is faced with some minor conflicts (*weeps*Maxon doesn't like me, he likes Kriss*sobs*), she just starts CRYING! THAT is something I cannot stand. I really hate it when heroines break down when faced with a minor problem.

Here's another thing I can't bear, the oh-I-want-answers-but-I'm-too-afraid-to-ask thing. There are a lot of times when America was wondering about something, and kept wanting to ask about, but just wouldn't. The reason is either I-decided-that-I-didn't-want-to-hear-it or I'm-too-afraid-to-hear-him-say-it or I-don't-want-to-intrude-someone's-privacy. MY GOD, AMERICA! If you want an answer, JUST FUCKING ASK! This is not a good way to keep people in suspense. It usually just frustrates people. So, please, don't ever do that again! *Ugh, see what you did there? You just made me swear AGAIN.*
I have to give Kiera Cass some credit. Although America's annoying as hell, I actually liked America a lot better than Juliette, so yeah...thanks for not letting me hate the MC! ;)

The only time I liked America was when she presented this report about wanting to destroy the caste system to the whole country. That is a really brave act. It's reckless, so what? I like it. But then everything went downhill again. She started begging for Maxon to forgive her, but the reason she said all that was because she decided she didn't care what anyone think. *sigh* The irony. I really hate it when I finally like her more, then she does something hypocritical.

I have to admit, I loved Maxon in The Selection. He was this awkward sweet prince who never entered a relationship, and is naive and hot as hell. But in The Elite, he turned a bit too serious. There was some problems he could've avoided if he would just talk to America. I believe that communication is really important if you want to maintain a relationship. There were things he shouldn't have held back. Plus, I really don't like the fact that he also likes Kriss, one of the other contestants. Maybe not as much as he likes America, but I guess I'm just biased. I mean, America can like two people at once, why can't he? But...it's hard to explain, but I just don't like it. Anyway, I really think he should've proposed when he wanted to, there wouldn't have been so many issues if he had.

Aspen. Well, I never really liked him, except maybe at the beginning of The Selection. The thing is, he actually told America that she's not fit for a princess. He said something like "I just don't see it in you". And that led to America's self-doubting. I really don't think he should've said that even though he was jealous/honest, whatever. It's just not...nice. I mean, why can't she? Everyone can if they're willing to try. He really shouldn't have discouraged her. Despite all that, I kind of feel bad for him. He's the guy who America turns to when there are problems between her and Maxon. And that's WRONG. America shouldn't have led him on when there wasn't really a chance for him, therefore I feel bad for him. I do hope that he finds his own happiness in the last book.

The secondary characters. Marlee. She's one of the characters I actually have nothing against, if not like. There's not A LOT of her in here, though. But her big reveal did have a huge impact on everything. Celeste. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE HATEFUL BITCH? She was pretty boring in The Elite, she never did anything evil again. I never thought I'd say this, but I kind of miss it. Kriss. She turned into a pretty important character in this book. Mostly because Maxon likes her, AND THEREFORE I DON'T. I'm sorry, but I just don't like the idea of Maxon liking someone else at the same time. Other than that, I don't really have anything against her, I just think she's too optimistic to be real. The other girls. They're mostly just there. But one of them DID say something pretty mean. Elise, another contestant, actually told America that they weren't friends and that she wouldn't EVER help her because they were in a competition. While I can understand that, I just don't get why she has to say it out loud. That's just HARSH. The maids. I liked them in The Selection, but while I still like them here, I just don't like them as much. They were nicer in the first book.

I promised I'll write about this, and here it is. Gregory Illea's diaries. They're basically about how Gregory gained enough power to build this country. It turns out that this "saint" everyone loves, is a douche. He's pretentious, and power hungry. He made the caste system (Yes, there's a caste system!) just so he could get more power. But I don't get why the rebels want his diaries. I hope it's explained in The One.

Despite this hateful review, I DON'T hate this book. There were just parts that annoyed me. I seriously don't know how many times the book made me roll my eyes, but I still enjoyed the reading process, just not as much as the first book. This was a HUGE disappointment, but I will be reading The One. I'm just really curious about how it will end, although the title says it all.

This is the most lengthy review I've ever written, please do bear with me if there's any grammar mistakes, as I've just finished typing this! I *might* be adding more thoughts if anything new occurred to me, I've finished this book for three days already, and there are just things I really can't think of, so I may be editing this again sometime in the near future. I apologize if this review offended anyone, this is just my honest opinion.
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November 9, 2021
"My feelings about Maxon. Maxon's feelings about me. Whatever was going on between Aspen and me. And my feelings about actually becoming a princess."

That quote up there is all you need to know about The Elite.

It's genuinely painful to read. It's worse than The Selection because, for all its flaws, it was a debut. I'm willing to cut debuts a little slack. Sequels are when writers start finding their footing, both in terms of plot and writing.

Let's start with the first. Plot, what plot? It's all about America's feeeelings, about Maxon, about Aspen, about becoming queen—which she doesn't want, because she's not like other girls. Celeste is still a slutty bitch because God forbid we get some actual depth to her character. Marlee—does anyone really care about Marlee? She's a half-baked supporting character, whose most prominent moment is defined by how America reacts and its impact on 'Mer and Maxon's relationship. The servants, who America cared so much about in the first book (BECAUSE SHE'S NOT LIKE OTHER GIRLS), barely make an appearance.

You can literally copy and paste the rebel invasions from The Selection, and nothing would change. They have so little impact on this story, it's laughable. No one important can die, nothing is allowed to disturb America while she agonizes over her feeeelings.

I still refuse to believe America somehow became a monarchy. Its foundation was built on overthrowing a monarchy. Tens of thousands of people took to the streets when an orange muppet with a wig became president nine months ago. You mean to tell me they laid down and took it when a general crowned himself king? A family dictatorship along the lines of North Korea, I might be able to accept. But then that would mean dealing with icky issues like destructive weapons and torture and inhumane prisons, and stuff like that can't possibly be authorized in this Candyland dystopian. Kings and princes, on the other hands, are nice and safe and dreamy.

America continues to take her stupidity to new heights by brandishing a historical diary—which she was warned not to tell anyone about under any circumstances, because she's not supposed to know about it—at a presentation broadcasted live to the entire nation and in front of the king and queen. But who cares? This is Candyland dystopia and she'd never suffer any real consequences. She has more important things to worry about, like her feelings.

By the way, why doesn't the Selection test the girls on concrete things like diplomacy and language and political science? The sexist social structure only requires the queen to be pretty and soft-spoken, but she has some form of political duties. We saw in the first book that the queen has to greet dignitaries from other countries. Surely that requires some form of schooling.

There are some instances where the girls are required to demonstrate these skills, but they're far and in between. And they're always rushed in favor of gagging romantic scenes (which we somehow we need every fucking dialogue line of, including the color of his eyes). Part of me thinks it's deliberate, so Cass doesn't have to do research or dedicate hours to thoughtfully plotting an intellectually intricate scene.

The dialogue just makes me cringe:

"The sky is blue, the sun is bright, and Aspen endlessly loves America. It's how the world was designed to be. Seriously, Mer, you're the only girl I ever wanted. I couldn't imagine being with anyone else."

You'd think a book so rooted in romance would put some actual effort toward its defining feature, but it's cheesy and cliche.

Maxon is probably the one character I give a shit about, even though his backstory has been done a million times. I feel for him, this young man trying to juggle the desires of the public and his parents with his own. And he calls America out on her bullshit. Anyone who does that is cool with me.

Aspen is blah. All he cares about America, and he has no personality outside of her.

Some things I liked, such as America calling out Maxon for saying he loves her, but essentially cheats on her every day with the Selection, or the line she gives Aspen about not wanting their relationship to be out of default.

It saddens me, because there stands the amazing fierce heroine America could have been and the clever intriguing story this could have been, if it weren't weighed down with the frivolity and ridiculous romance.

It might appeal to the traditional target audience for YA: 12-16. But these days I'm looking for something that respect its older readers.

My review of The Selection
My review of The One
My review of The Heir
My review of The Crown
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July 23, 2013
This is what the first book did:


I don't know how Cass is going to stretch this into a trilogy. I honestly don't. Unless this has another beautiful cover I can't resist, I'm going to avoid this book like the plague.

Update 7/23
So... I finished this book. It was just as awful as the first, if not worse. It's worse in that it tries to develop a love triangle and makes a bad name for women everywhere. America decides to love whichever guy is in the room and then forget him the moment he leaves it. The book attempts to explain what happened and to contribute to the whole dystopian aspect, but the explanation is extremely weak, given through the ever-cliche diary from a really old dead guy who happens to be very important. I can't say that men are given a very good image either, though. Maxon talks about how much he loves America while consorting with other women and trying to make himself "feel good," which is literally how he justifies it. And of course, we see how he has a troubled past brought on by a violent upbringing.

I didn't find any part of this book enjoyable, but I want to finish this series and find out what the hell actually happens. None of the characters have struck me as anything but fickle and one-dimensional, with the exception of Aspen. He remains constant, though in a very shallow manner. It's not about how the author has been horrible, anymore. This book is bad. Exceptionally bad. If I haven't ever questioned how the publishing industry works, I am certainly questioning it now. The writing style is stilted and sounds as if it's catering to elementary schoolers. The plot is not developed in the least, and the characters have all been built to fit some sort of mold, but they can't even seem to accomplish that. All in all, this series lacks class and cohesiveness, attempting to throw out twists that absolutely contribute nothing. Originally I started reading this to get over the pain that Siege and Storm had instilled in me, but now it's just created this little pit of disgust in my stomach. Bleeech.
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January 11, 2015
Vale. Bien. No estaba preparado. Mira que al principio (en plan, como las cien primeras páginas) no estaba muy seguro de que The Elite me fuera a gustar tanto como The Selection. Tenía bastante claro que lo estaba leyendo a buen ritmo, pero que en realidad nada me estaba sorprendiendo y que lo leía porque no sé, la Cass es muy diva. Pero, sinceramente, no me esperaba lo que ocurre después.

Esta reseña contendrá spoilers, así que lo siento si querías saber qué me ha parecido sin leer ninguno. Te digo que en resumen podría decir que The Elite es inesperada. Y ahora, entro en spoilers.

Varias situaciones, como lo que ocurre con Marlee y el guardia o el encontronazo que tiene America de Maxon y Celeste me tuvieron tal que así:

No me esperaba para nada que las situaciones se fuesen a tornar así de serias. Para nada. De verdad que lo de Marlee me pilló totalmente por sorpresa. Me olía que algo iba a pasar, porque no creo que la autora se dejase páginas y páginas para ver lo maravillosa que era esta chica y lo buena amiga de America que era para nada. Y en efecto, cuando se descubre todo el tinglado que tenía Marlee (que ole ella por liarse con el guardia, eh, que si pasa del culo de Maxon me parece muy normal) me quedé de piedra. O sea. Encima con el guardia, del que conocemos cómo son las cosas por Aspen. Y buah, el momentazo de America levantándose gritando intentando que todo acabe para ella mientras la azotan. DIOS MÍO. Juro que estaba nervioso perdido. Y que encima luego veamos que Maxon ha ayudado a Marlee por America. AY, MI CORAZÓN.

Otra de las cosas que más me ha sorprendido ha sido sin duda el encontronazo calenturiento de Maxon. Porque no me esperaba PARA NADA que Maxon tuviera el mínimo interés en Celeste, y menos del tipo sexual, cuando se le ve tan... no sé, yo no le veía en plan así. No sé si me entendéis. Y claro, yo estaba superindignado con él porque ESO NO SE LE HACE A MI AMERICA. Pero sin embargo, después, cuando está dando sus explicaciones, quería matarlo. Sí, sí. O sea, cuando están encerrados en la habitación secreta con el ataque de los rebeldes y Maxon está diciendo que si America no quería nada con él porque estaba distante, que él se iba a arrimar a otras que le dieran también lo que necesitaba. Y yo en plan: ¿HOLA AL MACHISMO? A punto estuve de cerrar el libro cuando encima veo que America lo acepta. LO ACEPTA. Vale. Yo a todo esto estaba superindignado pero al momento siguiente, America recapacita y se da cuenta de que ella ha hecho exactamente lo mismo con Aspen. Y fue tan zas en toda la boca que me eché a reír. En efecto, Kiera Cass, eres una diva. No me había dado cuenta del detalle. Se nota que la autora juega con eso de 'qué malo es el hombre que se lía con otras' pero realmente no ves mal que America lo haga hasta ese momento. O sea, de verdad, no lo había pensado y yo ya culpaba a Maxon.

En general, The Elite ha sido una novela que va ganando fuerza y que nos deja las puertas a The One superintensamente abiertas. MADRE MÍA. Las últimas páginas con el rey amenazando a America y destrozándola. Joder, eres un puto cabrón. Y me gustan mucho las criadas y que vayan a organizar una estrategia. Sinceramente, lo que abre esta segunda novela para la tercera es mejor que lo que dejó abierto el primero. Eso me gusta; ver esa progresión en una misma trilogía. Sin duda, The Elite está a la altura de The Selection al no parar de sorprender con tantos giros en la trama (que hay más de los que he comentado, pero esos sin duda, son los que se llevan la palma).
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June 27, 2020
Maybe I'm amazed at how the author managed to get me involved in the way it did. I'm happy to announce that the antidote to crack addiction has been found. It's this book because it's more addictive than the drug.

There were a lot of girly things and feelings in here where I zoned out, but this novel went straight to my heart, reminding me that I had never been in love in my teens. Based on that, I forgave a lot of America's antics.

The main heroine is not my favored character, even if I'm rooting for her in the elite. Maxon is the more well rounded one. But though there were silly stuff going on in the more serious aspects and consequences of the entire world, I have no compunction in giving The Elite 5 stars.
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614 reviews87.8k followers
December 30, 2015
I cannot wait to get the final book tomorrow AHHH.
I really have fallen in love with this series although it sometimes frustrates the crap out of me how stupid America can be and the damn love triangle. I just can't help it.
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March 28, 2022
this entire series can be summarized in one sentence:

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1,060 reviews16 followers
July 14, 2013
Note: I kept the advisory review because the trolls loved it and I think anyone who is thinking of reading this book SHOULD read the warning first.

To see full review click here.

Disclaimer: Obviously, I do not own the Disney princesses. If I did I would be at Disney World right now living the dream instead of writing this during one of my very limited study breaks.

And now a word from the Disney Princesses...

We here at the Magic Kingdom full of princess want to make something clear to you, America Singer is not a princess. Because I'm the only princess that likes to read or one of the only few that can read I've been dubbed to discuss this fraud of a princess.

All I have to say, Beast (or should I say Adam because that's what Disney Wikia says his human name is) better buy me a whole library after reading this.


What is a princess? A princess isn't just someone of royal birth. Here at Disney there has to be something special, something unique about you that makes you search for more. In my case, it was my intelligence. Most women in my time period were happy being Gaston's bimbo. I was not. Another example, Ariel wanted to be human in a world full of fin lovers. And even Snow White, was...well, pretty and ran away from home.

Okay, maybe America is a little more competent than Snow. Um, or maybe not.

Because really, Snow cares about those dwarves. I suppose you could make a claim America cares about her maids or maybe that Marlee girl, but that's just to tell her how pretty she is and how Maxon loves her.

She doesn't even know how interact with other girls without being mean to them. Obviously, she's never seen Sophia the First.

Then there's the history of her kingdom. Her world. It just doesn't make any sense to me. I know I come from fictional France where people speak English unless they're saying Bonjour!

But we still had social issues. With women being told they couldn't read. Princes not knowing how to take care of their kingdoms and being changed to hairy monsters leaving the rest of us to go around singing and wanting something more.

Well, it made sense in my movie.

I think a better princess's world to talk about would be Mulan's. Fictional China, though slightly offensive, was well formed. The fact that the society was male dominated was heightened throughout several of the plots and subplots of the movie. Conflict arouse becuase of society's rules-i.e. Mulan felt like an outcast because she couldn't get a man and cut off her hair because women weren't allowed to join the army. To sum it up, there were reasons for her actions.

In The Elite....

Not so much.

Much of the world building seems thrown together and none of it makes any logical sense. Maybe it's because I've been reading too much Plato lately or have watched the news (yes, we get CNN at the Magic Kingdom-don't tell anyone), but the way Illea was formed, the way its society works, its history is illogical.

And yes, I've heard the Stephanie Meyer it's fiction excuse. And living a fictional existence myself, I am entitled to call bull shit on this one.

Heavens, did I curse?

Don't tell The Mouse, okay?

Alright, it's back to scholarly Belle. How is this book illogical? Well, my dear readers let's talk about how Illea was formed. Or should I say how the United States fell apart.

China overtook America when the US didn't pay their debts. Counterintuitive much?

But America didn't pay back their money, shouldn't China invade?

Um, not if they want their money back or don't want to get nuked.

Seriously, China would not be stupid enough to do that. Plus, do you really think the UN would go along with that? And hello, America has nukes?

Must I reiterate that.

Probably everyone would be dead if the two started battling each other.

God, I feel like Jeff Golblum from Independence Day. So, not becoming for a Disney princess. If that's not bad enough, then there's the actually forming of Illea.

The explanation is weak at best. A former country that was brought on freedom, is probably not likely to accept a caste system just because some dimwit who claims he's king says so. There's usually no social political issues at work here other than the king not liking you.

Really? You don't think you're going to have any oppression other than these random Rebels who have apparently no power base but run around amok. Completely random into the palace.

Multiple times.

Multiple times!

I'm a princess. I'm supposed to like fluff, but this is just too much You know what we do at Beast's (I meant Adam's) castle when we have intruders well throw them in the dungeon. And you don't get out until your daughter decides to take your place...

Trespassers don't get past the Beast.

And you know what, Illea really needs a Beast. That kingdom lacks authority. You'd think that a king like Clarkson who likes to kick his son around would be a bit of an authority figure but no....He just barks a bit and then everything is okay. Which makes you wonder...

Or would make you wonder if something happened in this book.

Really, nothing happened. You know how every princess has an adventures. My adventure was falling in love with a beast and dealing with a crazy stalker, Cinderella had to deal with that evil stepmother, and even Pocahontas had an adventure-sort of- though it mostly consisted of looking like she was a perfume model. What is America's adventure?

Sitting around getting groomed all day and reading a dead king's diary that's just sitting around there for her to read even though it's more incriminating than The Pelican Brief (now, that's a good book).

I guess wouldn't mind so much if the rest of the book wasn't so misogynic.

We princesses get a bad rap for being anti-feminist which I think is ridiculous. I mean, sure we might all get the guy and live in a big castle and not have to worry about getting a real job, but we all (well, most of us) have goals and ambitions.

Well, more than this girl.

And you know what really annoys me, America doesn't realize how backwards she is. While she rambles on and on about how the king who wrote his diary objectified his daughter to something that was similar to what America herself was going through, America doesn't recognize that her parents essentially did the same thing to her. It was perfect moment for reflection and instead of utilizing it Cass...well, excuse the horrible pun, castrated it.

This moment should've been a part of realization. Instead, Cass uses it as a stupid plot point.

I really don't understand why people think America Singer should be a princess. Princesses aren't just supposed to look pretty. Maybe we Disney princesses seem overly old school in our frilly gowns, but honestly we're pretty kick ass. Even old school princesses had their moments. Cinderella, for example, had the gall to go to the ball. Aurora snuck out. Snow White ran away from home. And you have to say there are other princesses out there fictional and real princesses that kick ass. Princess Leila, Princess Mia, Princess Diana. Those are only a few. All three of these women did more than just look great. And while Mia and Leila were fictional characters, they influenced a lot of people.

Really, America, you are not a princess.

Advisory Review:
No. No. No. No.

Get the picture. I won't read this unless I somehow get a copy for free like I did the first time. The first book was horribly written, full of plot holes, plus poor characters.

And seriously, do you think I want to read a book by an author/agent who calls reviewers derogatory names.

I have to comment on the cover. Seriously, that's the cover another pretty dress. At least they got the pose semi right this time (she's not sniffing her own B.O.) but the model just looks so lifeless. She is so not smizing and it doesn't help that her hair sort of clashes with the dress. JMO though.

Note, trolls are not tolerated. I get that people have different views of books. But this is my opinion pure and simple. I am writing it, quite honestly, to remind myself why I don't want to buy or read this book in the future. If you have a problem with it write your own review, but this is my opinion.
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June 13, 2015
Why is this series so addictive. WHY?? America is so much more obnoxious, indecisive, and all around THE WORST in this book which makes it a 3 star, but the rest was pretty great.
I pretty much LOATHE the show The Bachelor, and this book felt a lot more like that than the first book, so that was not super great. If you like that kind of thing, THERES A LOT OF JEALOUSY TO GO AROUND SO HAVE FUN!
However, the overall story and worldbuilding is still pretty great, and I'm sure there will be something big happening with the rebels in the next book. THINGS BESIDES THE SELECTION YAY!!!
America and Maxon have their moments where I really like them, but most of the time I hate them, but I love to hate them? I don't understand it. There's just something about these books that gets me worked up enough to yell at the characters and *literally* face palm at their stupidity. If any book gets me that passionate it's worth the reading experience!
For a sequel, this wasn't the best, and definitely wasn't as good as The Selection, but still an interesting piece to the story. Looking forward to AMERICA ACTUALLY MAKING A FREAKING DECISION in the next book.
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May 17, 2021
~ 1 star ~

This book was really, very, absolutely, immensely, excruciatingly, annoyingly, excessively bad. But it was short enough, and uncomplicated enough, for me to keep it at a solid 1 star rating. Congrats.

~ What I hated ~

Girl on Girl Hate: Just no. I don't understand this. The only girl that really had a personality besides America in the Selection was Celeste. But she had such a villanized and stereotypical role to make America look better. America may be dumb and terrible bUt aT lEaSt She'S nOt As bAd As CeLeStE. Which was literally said in the book.

The Love Triangle: Terrible per usual. Aspirin is only there to further complicate things, but He'S hEr FiRsT LoVe, so America, being the idiot she is, after seeing the punishment Marlee got for being involved with someone else, is still persistent on sneaking around with him and continuing their relations. The entire time, Maxon is reassuring her that he wants to be with her. But at any minor inconvenience, she runs into Asparagus' arms, the two of them talk about how terrible Maxon is, and then the next day everything is back to normal. It was just a headache, and America needs to stop being so indisisive and annoying.

Writing: Repetitive.

Plot: What? Is? Going? On?

World-Building: Boring and weak. We got some, but it was confusing. I still have no idea what the whole thing with the rebels is. What they want, what they are there for, why they let America go? They are just there to make it seem like there is something important going on.

Characters: I don't care for most of them. Nay, I don't care for any of them.

Aspen Tree is toxic and manipulative. Imagine being so deranged that when someone rejects you, you take that as a challenge? Like no.

Let's not romanticize that stuff, when in reality, that type of behavior can be actually dangerous. People do this not because their confident or determined, but because they are entitled to something that isn't theirs and that's DANGEROUS BEHAVIOR. The demographic is young teen girls from what I gather, but just in general, no matter what the gender or age of the reader is, this still isn't something that you should portray in such a light.

America is annoying, indisisive, judge-y and hypocritical. She will run around with Asteroid,!but if Maxon even shows any interest in the other girls, which is the whole point of the competition, and she knows that, she throws a fit and lectures him about trust. Just shut up please. Your the one that's cheating.

Maxon, who is my favorite character in this book, but the bar is so low. It's in the gutters really. The fact that instead of sending Celeste home, he is "using her" just as she is using him, is so immature and messed up. Definitely not someone you don't want to run the country.

The other characters and the side characters aren't even important at this point. There is like one POC character, and I thought the way she was portrayed terribly. I have a feeling that Celeste is going to have a bigger role later, but I guess I just have to wait. Still don't like her.

***TW/CW***: physical abuse by parent

Oh my God, did I hate this. Using abuse as a plot device to push two character together is terrible. Okay we get it, the King sucks, but to further prove your point you had to add this?

It's a serious and sensitive topic that is just brushed to the side. And how much do you want to bet that the next book isn't going to address it? (Edit: I was right. It doesn't). It's not something you should just add in the further complicate the "conflict". Either deal with it in a sensitive way, or don't add it in. I would rather this book just stuck with the lackey rebel plotline.

I don't have the authority to determine if this topic was handled right or wrong, but it just rubbed me the wrong way.

~ Final thoughts: This book was terrible. I've heard and seen that a lot of people think The One is the best in the series, so I'm looking forward to that. And to be done with this series. I couldn't care less about their demon kids, so I don't think I will be reading the second part of the series. Just please, less of Asphalt (Credit) would be great. Stop the girl on girl hate, and give Celeste some layers instead of keeping her shallow as she is now.
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March 10, 2014
I flew through this book in less than 24 hours, taking me out of my pitiful reading slump!
Even though I enjoyed reading this book, it was frustrating at times. I found myself annoyed at how America was acting and how her relationships with Maxon and Aspen played out. I felt like we were stuck in a cycle of America's erratic behavior and overcritical thoughts towards Maxon. Also, I am seriously wondering why Aspen is still there because I don't see any passion between them like I do with Maxon. I liked how we got to see more of the world outside of the castle and how the society was formed and hope that we get to see more later. Overall, I enjoyed The Selection more than the sequel but still look forward to the next book to see how it all plays out.
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November 9, 2013

First off I must say that that is a stunning dress! Hmm which dress would you say is better?

Oh gosh, I can't choose! There both so pretty! Although I do like the red colour more.

Now on to the real thing I want to talk about. I'm so freaking excited for this book! I really loved the first one, in fact I loved it so much that I read it while I was at an amusement park. In fact I was so sucked in that I started reading it in the line-ups and I kept wanting to read it even while I was on the rides. I couldn't concentrate on anything until I finished and luckily I already read most of it at home so there wasn't that much to go.

I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with that awkward love triangle and hopefully more plot twists. Also with the contestants narrowed down so much there's probably going to be a lot more... hmm, how should I put this... bitchiness. There, that's a good word... kind of; I also could have gone with competition but meh. And you know what, I'm not really sure what to expect besides the competition and love triangle in terms of plot but hey that's just one more thing to look forward to.

But now I have to wait patiently like a good little girl for this to come out.

check my blog if you want: Story Envy
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August 11, 2022
Das war nicht meine Geschichte. Es gab ein paar gute Abschnitte, aber im Großen und Ganzen fand ich die Story doch leider eher langweilig. Allerdings muss ich dazu sagen, dass ich es als Hörbuch gehört habe, und die Sprecherin hat so lieb- und emotionslos gesprochen, so eintönig, dass es vielleicht auch daran gelegen haben mag, dass mich die Story nicht hat packen können.
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May 12, 2014
24 Apr. '13
Bad news: I didn't like it
Good news: I finished it in one day to relieve me of my boredom at work
Better news: I liked it more than The Selection. Or maybe that's simply because I knew what to expect, so my hopes weren't high to begin with?

Still want that tiara.

I've full on ranted discussed about characterization in my review of the first book, and since the special cookie that is America still suffers from the same problems, I won't be going into characterization in this review. If anyone wants to know every little problem I had with America, I will just direct you to my first review.

I'll get the good stuff out of the way first, before I bag this book to the gutters:

1) Purely as a romance, this book was alright .
Kiera Cass ought to stick to writing YA romance. Keep the dystopia / politics / other-elements-that-require-cohesive-and-logical-world-building to the pros, alrighty? Or at least ... I don't know ... plan it out a little better? I'll get to that later.
Cass can really get me sucked in and riled up about the romantic tension in her book. This was not true for The Selection, but some bits really did get to me in The Elite.
For instance, what America caught Maxon doing -- and ended up forgiving him for? -- that pissed me off. I actually found myself screaming in my head, what an asshole! jerk! Pick up your bags and leave, America! Right now!

2) America was actually a slightly better character .
I still didn't like her, but at least she grew a pair. I would have at least waited until the Queen was out of the room, or chosen a less physical way to stand up for her beliefs, but the bottom line is, at least she wasn't such a doormat this time.

And I think those were the only redeeming qualities I could find.

Well, those two and the fan art.

But now, on to the ugly.

What really lost this for me was one of the things I briefly mentioned in my review of the first book: The Worldbuilding .

It seems Cass did not learn from her previous book. In fact, having found some measure of success from it, she follows the same formula. I assure you, nothing is different.

The rebel attacks is one such example. I think in this book there were about ... three? four? attacks to the palace. All of them within close timing to one another. Even America notes this herself--
How was it possible that rebels had gotten into the palace two days in a row? Two days in a row! Had things gotten so much worse on the outside since the Selection had begun?

--as if the author wanted us to know she realizes it doesn't make sense for it to happen, but any logical explanations are brushed aside and made to seem irrelevant simply by our main character acknowledging this discrepancy.

I also have to add that, during one scene, we actually come to see that the rebels are young adults themselves. So let me just rehash this just in case I'm not analyzing it correctly:
- four rebel attacks within short time frames
- at least one attack managed to cause casualties
- time and time again the alarms were resounded only after the rebels had penetrated into the palace
- the rebels may as well have been children for their youth
- there is no sign of the King making attempts of chasing/capturing the rebels to actively prevent future attacks
- there is no sign of any improvements upon the security of the palace. In fact, each time after the rebels attacked, the event is not even discussed between the Elite, or even the royal household.

So not only is Iléa governed by a tyrant, he is also an incredibly stupid tyrant who utterly fails at the security of his own home. How a King that cannot even protect his own palace walls manages to keep hold on an entire Kingdom baffles me.

But as if having ridiculously forced rebel attacks was not enough, just as it was in The Selection, nothing actually happened during the attacks!
Sure, everyone comes out of hiding to find the walls sprawled with: WE ARE COMING. Oh I am just shaking in my undies. Sure, some guards and nameless servants were killed during the action. But none of the characters who mattered were ever in any sense of danger, making it rather useless to be honest.
If you don't believe in the absolute uselessness of Cass' attempts of having us worry for her characters -- take the scene where Maxon and his father flies off to New Asia[*] to resolve some sort of conflict. Upon their arrival, a brief paragraph was given on how they were never found ... and then, a few pages later, we were told they were heading back to Iléa. No harm, no other mention of the conflict.
What a massively useless side plot.

[*sidenote:] really? New Asia? Well done blocking an entire continent covering almost 9% of the Earth's surface and comprising of over fifty different sovereign states and dependent territories into one massive entity under one kingdom.

Another odd thing I found about the worldbuilding is how utterly ridiculous it was that every new country in this book is a Kingdom. I simply find it hard to believe that many, many years into the future, our world would have devolved into Sovereign Monarchies. Italy is a Monarchy. Germany is a Monarchy. NEW ASIA the bloody whole CONTINENT I assume is under one Monarchy.

You see all that? That's Asia. No country in their right mind would let the whole thing unite under ONE GOVERNMENT holy shit. I'm Asian and I'm terrified at the thought.

I'll end this review with a list of my pet peeves. The names.
-America Singer sounds pretty tame compared to the whole lot.
-Woodwork brings me straight back to high school.
-Markson now this is just getting annoying.
-Maxon Schreave *snort*.
-Amberly Station Schreave sounds like a monopoly property card.

aaaaand my personal favourite:


[note:] the amount of effort evident in my brilliant photoshop job corresponds to the amount of credit I give to this book.

21 Oct. '13
Is that America? Has she always been a ginger?
Ah well.... At least she isn't sniffing her own armpit in this one.

> My review of The Selection
> My review of The One

you can also read more reviews over at my blog
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1,862 reviews30.1k followers
April 2, 2021
2.5 Stars

I didn’t like this one as much as the first one.

Maxon’s actions in this book didn’t really leave me feeling warm and fuzzy toward him; however, I can’t even blame him for his actions what with how America is so wishy washy about her feelings for both him and Aspen. She keeps pulling them both close and then pushing them away and then acting surprised and upset when Maxon starts looking elsewhere. Pretty hypocritical of her for being upset when she herself is still meeting up with another man boy.

Still, it made me question his character and I find I’m not really pulling for him anymore. But then again, I’m not really pulling for America either. As I said earlier, she was very wishy washy in this book, more so than in book one. But at least in book one, it was somewhat understandable. Not so much here. As I was saying though, I don’t like how he acted with the other Elite. Especially when he’s telling America one thing and acting in ways disparate to those words. And his explanation for it when called out? Flimsy as fuck. I didn’t like it.

But I’m in this til the end, so I’m hoping book three works better for me.
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322 reviews645 followers
April 14, 2019
I don’t know how the hell to rate this. I keep going back and forth between 3 and 4 stars.

America was terrible the entire book. She’s highly insecure and irrational and makes the dumbest choices based on made up situations, which honestly, same, but SHE SHOULD AT LEAST RECOGNIZE THAT SHE IS DUMB.

It’s also annoying that any time Maxon even looked at her wrong, she immediately ran into Aspen’s arms. And yet, she can’t stand that Maxon is dating the other girls. Like....what.

Girl caught a case of the dumb. Maxon deserves better. Aspen deserves better.

I also deserve better, but don’t worry, I’m moving on to the third book now. SEE? I CAN RECOGNIZE MY OWN IDIOCY.
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230 reviews3,935 followers
January 16, 2019
4.75 Absolutely Delightful ★'s

“You know that you’ve found something amazing, and you want to hold on to it forever; and every second after you have it, you fear the moment you might lose it.”

“Sometimes I feel like we're a knot, too tangled to be taken apart.”

Buddy read with my, girl Desireé :)

Reread for me :)

The Selection started out with 35 girls it's now down to just 6 of them - The Elite.

Oh. My. Goodness! My face hurts from smiling so damn much. This was a fantastic second installment in The Selection series and I'm so happy that I love it just as much as I did my first time! The Elite is very addictive and I keep wanting more and more. This was one hell of a page-turner! I seriously couldn't stop smiling in this book 😁 I had to massage my cheeks to ease the pain. But there was also some pretty intense and emotional moments that tore my heart out and left it laying there on the floor in a heap of broken pieces 😭😭😭. I just about died when it got to that one past with Marlee... The Elite is super adorable, it’s full of romance and passion, injustice, arguments and betrayals, new alliances, rebel attacks, more girl drama, fancy parties, and family reunions which equals out to be very very entertaining 😂. It was also light-hearted, funny, sad and so enchanting! The plot is simple and the twists are a lot of fun. Again... there really isn't much world building involved with these books, it all pretty much takes place right in the Castle. The world doesn't expand seeing as how the dignitaries always come to the palace. But I have to admit when it comes to The Selection I. Just. Don't. Care! Because I love it so darn much!!! Where it lacks in world development it triumphs in character building. I love them all even the ones I despise like Celeste and King Clarkson. I'm so invested in these characters. America is truly wonderful and I can't get enough of her hot-tempered and stubborn as hell attitude which causes her to act rashly but she's also generous, passionate and protective of those she cares for. She acts in a way I would expect her to act! Maxon is very stubborn as well and has a bit of his father's temper so you can imagine what it's like when he and America fight lol. Most of the time he's sweet and loving and he cares deeply. I love America and Maxon together so I wanna declare right now that I'm #TeamMaxon, ALL THE WAY! I do still love Aspen but he is the safe and easy choice. And a couple of things he said to America really bothered me. America's family is amazing, I adore her little sister May and her father is what all fathers should be and how they should treat their daughters. I really like Princess Nicoletta from Italy and can't wait to see more of her. Alright, that's enough, I have to start The One (book 3) like right now!

*Love this audiobook it was so so good! Amy Rubinate (the Narrator), did such an incredible job again. If you're an audiobook lover you really don't want to miss out on this one :D Also, the cover is so pretty. I recommend this series to anyone who loves cheesy romance and quick easy reads!*

Maxon looked me in the eyes again, unwavering—“there’s only you. Maybe I’m not really looking, maybe they aren’t right for me. It doesn’t matter. I just know I want you. And that terrifies me...”

“...I want it to be as easy as breathing for you to say yes.”

“It wasn’t like I made his world better. It was like I was his world. It wasn’t some explosion; it wasn’t fireworks. It was a fire, burning slowly from the inside out.”
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