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Fallen Crest High #2

Fallen Crest Family

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Samantha and Mason are together. Everyone knows it. Not everyone is dealing with it. While Mason’s ready to give them the middle finger, there’s one not going away. Her mother. Threats are issued. Ultimatums are given. Even blackmail is used, but only Samantha can put a stop to Analise. However, when a trauma from her past is triggered, she may not have the courage or strength to do what’s needed. If she doesn’t, Mason’s future could be destroyed.

287 pages, Kindle Edition

First published June 18, 2013

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December 30, 2013
3.5--MASON LOVING Stars!!!

Did I love Mason??

Sam....HELLO?!?! Are you there?? Where the fuck did you go??? You were so strong and bad-ass in Fallen Crest High...not taking shit from anyone. Now you're all whiney and shit...

No really....boo-fucking-hoo. Do you have any tears left?? All you did was cry. And run. Seriously....for like four hours straight. Is that even possible?? Who runs that much?!?!

So after all of that cying and running we're now finished with the book and you must be thinking...

I mean....did anything happen plot-wise? Nah, not really. This book was kind of pointless. Other than some stupid shit with their parents, all of the crying and running and Mason and Sam having lots of sex that was about it. And speaking of the sex, let's be honest here it could have been MUCH MORE descriptive. I mean Mason is one HOT mother fucker! Don't deprive of us of HOT Mason sex!!!

Just for the record....I WILL be reading Fallen Crest Public. LOL!
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October 8, 2013

5 Crest Family Falling Stars


Okay, sorry, I had to get that out of the way, but there’s no way I can talk about book 2, without giving away book 1. So with that said….

I’M HERE TO SQUASH ALL THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS. YEP! You heard me. Look, I love a damsel in distress story line and SURE Sam is a little “weaker” in this book, but so what?! Is Mason and Sam’s dynamic still epic as ever? YES!

So here’s the disclaimer, this book is different from book 1, BUT it’s just as good! Promise! On with the review.

Mason and Sam are together and it picks up right where book 1 left off. The main issue in the whole book is the family, as in Sam’s crazy, bitchy mom. Mason and Sam are working very hard in staying together, but Sam’s mom is throwing a lot of shit in between them.

This is a Mason and Sam against the world kind of book and I love it. I don’t like it when the Hero and Heroine can’t get their shit straight and they attack each other, no, Mason and Sam do not do that, thank god. Of course there are plenty of drama, tension and WTF moments, but that’s what we love right?

Sam is a bit weaker and this is explained fully. You get it and you sympathize. Mason is as lovable as ever, oh and you still want to fuck him. Just admit it, I proudly do. This one is also steamier and again, thank you!

So, go into this one with an open mind and if you had any reservations, just give Fallen Crest Family a shot. There’s still plenty of Loan and extra characters involvement, so you will get your fix and will be fully satisfied.

I still love Tijan and this is still one of my favorite series.

For more reviews, visit Jacqueline's Reads
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June 23, 2013

3.5 stars...

Where do I start with this??
I have so much to say but ill sum it up.

WTF happened to the strong Sam from book 1??!!

Sam was a completely different person!!
Why this girl could not speak up for herself is beyond me!!
Always running (Literally) and crying!

Sooo much happened in this book but infact nothing really happened.

What changed you ask?

Absolutely nothing!!
A whole lot of family drama with Sam and Mason's relationship not being accepted by her mother which nothing really got solved if you ask me.

Too much stuff happened that normal 17-18 year olds shouldn't even be arguing about.

The only amazing person here...


he is just amazing and yes I'd jump his BONE any chance I got too (Like Samantha did)

What does the future hold?

Good question! I'm asking myself the same thing because nothing was spoken about what happens with Samantha when Mason goes off to college.

I'm guessing we will have to wait for the next book.....?

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720 reviews210 followers
June 28, 2018
I liked it.

Are you kidding me!

I have mostly the same opinions as I had with the first book.
Are you kidding me!

All the characters are selfish, mean, resentful, vengeful, jealous and basically bad human beings. I don't understand why every single person in this series has to be like that. In my opinion, it is a very pessimistic way of seeing and portraying the world.
Are you kidding me!
Samantha is incredibly dislikable to me. She has no personality of her own, she lets everyone else do the talking and make decisions while she goes along with everything, just being a victim. Her opinions, conversations and thoughts are irrational, absurd and incoherent.
Are you kidding me!

Despite those issues, which really bothered me, the story was once again, very entertaining and thus I'll move on to the next installment.

Are you kidding me!

P.S.: These books should have being called Are you kidding me!. I lost count of how many times the characters answer with "are you kidding me". I believe there are plenty of words in the english language to express that same sentiment without repeating over and over again the same expression. It was use so often that it became exasperating.

Are you kidding me!

Book 1:Fallen Crest High
Book 3: Fallen Crest Public
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3,758 reviews32k followers
August 25, 2022
3.25 stars

Wowzers that was a lot of drama in such a short amount of time. I’m so glad I re-read the first ‘Fallen Crest’ book recently because I would have been so lost. This one just jumped straight in. I did feel Sam’s character was much different than the first book. She was such a baddie in book 1 and now she seems different. Either way, even though I didn’t love it as much as the first, this was still an addicting read and I’m excited to jump into book 3 soon.
Audio book source: Hoopla
Story Rating: 3.25 stars
Narrators: Saskia Maarleveld
Narration Rating: 4 stars
Genre: YA/NA Romance
Length: 9h 35m
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May 24, 2018
⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱*It was kinda a bust; I was bored*⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱
This review is purely for me and might contain spoilers and facts from the book to keep myself in the known at all time. It's also long and somewhat detailed.

Second re-read: 24.05.2018
We're back with Samantha ‘Sam’ Jacquelyn Strattan (17) and Mason ‘Mase’ James Kade (18). They have now been official for two months, but shits are about to hit town; Sam's crazy mother is determent to destroy any relationship between her daughter and the Kade brothers, specially Mason. Even going as far as bringing the law in. Then there's the tension between Logan and Nate, and Sam and all the girls who hate her, and Mason with the Broudou brothers.... what more can go wrong and can Sam handle it?
Oh great. I didn't think running long distances was going to help me with that, but I couldn't be surprised. I had known this would come. This was a group that you had to fight your way in to prove you deserved your spot amongst them.
There was a reason why Mason and Logan were friends with them.

Overall, I was bored. The re-read was not a success. Sam is so changed from how she was in the first book, however it wasn't a good change/development. She almost seem...weak. She barely stood up to herself. I don't like that, at all. Mason is still hot though. Also, when I read the book, I remember not liking how Nate and Mason seemed closer than Mason and Logan... Oh and, I kinda have this...ehhemm... wish that Nate and Logan start dating; hench the reason for the tension. Of course, I know this won't happy, as they are straight and I've read more books from the series... but one can always wish, right?
“What do you think?”
I grinned, feeling silly from how happy I was.“Because of me?”
His hand cupped under my head and tilted me back. My eyes opened and widened when I saw the fierceness in his. “I won't get run off from you. I love you, Sam. I said it before and I mean it. I won't let your mom control my life.”

Other characters:
I've put these in a spoilers tag simply because it's a long as list.
“You guys are too horny. I don’t think it’s normal.”

Quick basic facts:
Genre: - (Young Adult) Contemorary Romance.
Series: - Series, Book Two.
Love triangle? -
Cheating? -
HEA? -
Favorite character? - Mason Kade.
Would I read more by this author/or of series? - Sure.
Would I recommend this book/series? - Sure.
Will I read this again in the future? - Probably not.
New Rating - 2.5 stars.

Re-read: 20.08.15
Mason is still so fucking hot. Love him.
Same rating: 3 stars.

First read: 21.05.14
Mason. Enough said. However, it wasn't as good as the first book in the series.
Rate: 3 stars.
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December 16, 2013
Spoiler Free Review -mature content reader discretion is advised.
4.5 STARS out of 5
Genre: Mature-YA Romance


’These were the kids that partied hard, played harder, and turned into a single unit against an outsider. They were tight-knit. They were closed-mouthed. And they weren’t stupid, even though I knew those from my school would mislabel them as that. They were far from stupid and I knew something pivotal had just happened.’ - Sam

 photo tumblr_mewa5wFuHV1rf1n8jo1_400_zps990389f3.gif

Those girls are vicious. They stick together like a pack of jacked-up wolves. You best get some bite to you.”

Can I just say that the chicks in Fallen Crest Family are so out of control I think Sam will need to start carrying around a bottle of BITCH REPELENT.

 photo tumblr_mea7p57brc1rttr4bo1_400_zps73811ee9.gif

No, I’m serious she’s going to need it for Fallen Crest Public I’m sure of this. Typical day in the life of Sam aka Mason Kade’s girlfriend aka PUBLIC ENEMY #1 goes like this..CATTY B!TCHES EVERYWHERE

 photo tumblr_mrlqcgjVT81rp3avyo1_500_zps40e11111.gif
 photo tumblr_mrlqcgjVT81rp3avyo2_r1_500_zps6e69d027.gif

But she knows. Sam knows exactly why she is targeted.

‘This was a group that you had to fight your way in to prove you deserved your spot amongst them. There was a reason why Mason and Logan were friends with them.’ -Sam

Now that Sam and Mason are official they have to fight off the backlash of haters and the #1 HATER being Analise, her mom, and she will not back down without a kick you down, knock you out, drag you around fight. As battle lines are drawn Sam’s emotional side starts to infiltrate in to her numbness and eventually she can....feel.
OPEN the flood gates of tears.

The girl that once did not give a flying FU*K and wield that attitude as a weapon now has two reasons to now actually give a fu*k. Mason and Logan.

It may be that some readers are not use to this side of Sam but she can only run off her emotions for so long before it becomes too much and it all hits her. I was not surprised by this at all and I pretty much expected it. Sam was still her snarky strong self but this time around you could see her vulnerability a bit more. I mean let’s be real, the chick held her ground when need be and did not back down from anyone. And it was only with those close to her that she allowed her softer side to show.

I cared. I hadn’t known that I cared.’ -Sam


- A Party
- Homeless???
- Running
- A perverse feeling (This is a pivotal and insightful moment for Sam)
- Insanity
- A Party
- Manny's
- Coach Garth
- Heather
- A Party
- The Twins
- New Friends??
- A Party
- Family Showdown
- Exile

Sweet and Sour

My Sweet - That last scene between Sam and Analise.

My Sour - David and how he

FAVE LINES (said or unsaid)

‘Then his eyes flashed in determination, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before Mason would be in me, deep and hard. - Sam

This was the dynamic between the two that I didn’t like, where they cut everyone else out. If they did it with Logan, I knew they could do it with me. That didn’t sit well with me.’ -Sam

“You’re going to be the death of me. I’m doing all this nice shit for you.” – Mason to Sam

“Your mom is crazy, but mine’s ruthless and cunning.” -Mason to Sam

Final Thoughts
There seems to be an undercurrent of something I am not sure what between the three Mason, Logan and Nate. You get a hint of that in book 1 but in this book its evident I am curious if Tijan will expand on it in the next book. I am SUPER EXCITED for Fallen Crest Public, especially after all the teasers I read on Facebook!

My Rating and Why
4.5 stars! Tijan stayed true to her characters. She allowed Sam to naturally adapt and come to terms with her whole new life. I not once questioned her actions because in my personal opinion she handled things the best way she could for a 17yr old girl.

My Ratings
Characters- Loved some Hated some. HOT, Witty and Likeable!
Writing Style- Good, fast paced with no overdone inner monologues
Plot/Storyline- A young couple fighting to be together
Steam Factor- Medium/Steamy on a scale of 1-10 I say 7.5
Overall- I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!

Now go forth and read. Then come tell us about it on Goodreads!

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1,176 reviews4,160 followers
June 12, 2015
Wow! This books was even more sordid than the last one! Poor Sam. She really is lucky to have survived this long with her bat-shit crazy mother! With all the girls in this book that want to get rid of her, and her abusive mother, she'll be lucky if she lives until the end of this series!

Everything continues to seem just fine and dandy with Sam and Mason....but there's something secretive there in his past. I'm a bit leery of his relationship with his BFF. If Logan doesn't like it, something's up.

I'm still loving this over-the-top high school drama. I have to admit that it has become a guilty pleasure of mine. I'll be starting the next book in the series immediately!
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595 reviews30 followers
June 4, 2018
I am done. I hoped that I would be able to skip some chapters and be able to pick up my interest in it... But at last, no. Chapter 13 is all I can handle and I want my money back with a mind scrub of everything I just read. I would also say, take it back and re-write this junk.

BIG DISAPPOINTMENT. She made this character into the airhead, and emotional pity me twit. I am actually reeling in anger, no... seething in blind fury. I LOVED the first one so this new character she created in the image of the old one, PISSES ME OFF!!! The author has screwed up!!! F- if I were to grade this... This thing. She now has a book that is just like all the other new self published books out there, complete garbage. What she had originally written for the first five Chapters at Wattpad, was perfect. The lead female was exactly as she was. But no, she had to go and changed it... I feel she mislead me. I took Wattpad as a sample for which was never written in the book here, misleading and deceptive. This diversion from the first book sucks garbage... Big time. I am starting to think that writers, who engage in writing more than one book at a time, get confused between keeping to character's bio personality accurate. My advice is, don't. You shouldn't write multiple stories because of outcomes like this. They seem to get confused and lose their focus on what the character's personality is actually suppose to be. Maybe she is confusing the characters up with one of her other stories. It would not surprise me seeing how this one was written up. Where did the lead character's image/make up/persona gone too? Am I reading the same story? What the hell is this CR*P!!!

Oh and don't you think that if Stat. Rape can be applied because she is only 17 that it would not also apply to her working in a bar. I do believe it’s 18 to serve and a special training to attain a permit is mandatory, at least in the state of TN. I also waitressed in my earlier days and know that no one would have allowed me to waitress on the floor after only one afternoon of training. You'd be damn stupid if you did. Well unless "The Day's Special" was all they had.

I take back my opinion of Tijan being the only exception to my views on self published story. She may have great writing capabilities, but judging by this one, she needs to work on the content better. God, I am so mad at this...

For now, I'll live out my days clinging to the first book wishing that the second book wasn't such a letdown.
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1,322 reviews85 followers
July 22, 2016

That book was equally good with the rests, but a lot different...
I don't know how i feel right now...

First of all, Mason and Samantha are together for good and so madly in love...
But that evil bitch, that she has for mother, is getting in the way!!! She doesn't want her daughter be together with her future stepson and she's making a lot of ugly things for seperating them...

Well, in the first book we met Sam, who wasn't like the most girls! She was strong and confident even when everything were falling apart around her.
In this book we didn't see that girl... She was so different.
She was scared of her mother's threats and she became a little bit weepy...
I didn't like that...

From the other hand, Mason was developing a new self, a better self!!! He was bound so deeply with her and he was showing so much love and care for her...
He was standing no matter what beside her all the time. He became her rock...
Maybe that was the problem... He was always there to fight in her place!!!!

Well, after all the threats and the stuff Analise did, Samatha, Mason, Logan and Nate got more close than ever and they got to a point that nothing else matter besides the four of them... They created their own family!!!

Sam made a new friend, Heather who was a kickass chick and she was worthy to call her Friend. I really like her!!!!

And i hope that in next books she will remain a good friend, not like some others!!!!

And i really hope that Samantha will get back her fighting spirit!!!
Come on girl, wake up for your numb!!! Mason is beside you, but you have to be beside him too, not behind him!!!!

And after all that, i have to tell that i really liked it and i'm anxious for the development of this story!!!!
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1,654 reviews985 followers
August 4, 2015
Another great drama filled read!! I am still hooked on this series, and this book had even more
secrets revealed that kept me on the edge of my chair! I am loving Mason and Samantha's relationship, as well as the bond that she has with Logan. These three have such a bond that is developing that it is hard to imagine anyone being able to hurt any one of them. The thing with Fallen Crest though is you never know what is going to happen, or who is going to betray who next.

Samantha's reality gets rocked hard, and she is realizing that the only people she can trust is Logan and Mason. She went through a lot of emotional stresses in this installment, and I have to say that because of it she came across a lot weaker in this story. I am hoping the next book will have Samantha re-group and get some back bone happening again. My fingers are crossed! As for Mason, I love how protective he is over her, and he may not have been a great guy to girls in the past; but he is more than making up for it in his dedication to his relationship with Samantha. I am very curious about the friendship between Mason and Nate though. Something is going on their, and I'm not just talking about Nate's intensity...that guy has secrets, and I'm dying to know what they are!

Logan is still the happy go lucky party boy, that screws anything in a skirt. It's funny how I can even like him considering what a male slut he is..but underneath that he is a very caring and sensitive guy; and I really hope that there is a special girl for him before this series concludes!

These are just a few of my thoughts about this high school series! I still am amazed at how I have been sucked right into this series. I keep scratching my head trying to figure out exactly what the draw is for me to love this so much?! I will admit that towards the end of this one it did become a little bit of the same old drama, so I did become a bit bored. I think I will take a break and come back to book three; but I will definitely not be waiting too long before I pick this series up again! Tijan is absolutely an author whom I really enjoy reading her work. I can't wait to see what she brings to this series next!!!
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65 reviews
June 14, 2020

The first book in this series was an okay read for me (3.5 stars) but I went on hoping for the books to get better. Boy, was I wrong. This book was a disaster and I am very proud of myself for finishing this book! I'll try to get my thoughts out but every time I think of this book I just get...

How did I hate this book?? let me count the ways.

1. I didn’t like the flashbacks at all and I don’t think they flowed well with the story.

2. Average times for half marathons are around 2 hours, and around 4.5 for full marathons. People spend months, sometimes years training for them and Sam happens to run 3-5 hours ON A DAILY BASIS. Im calling bullshit.

I tried not to let this bother me too much in the first book, but I felt like it was mentioned on every other page in this book and bugged me to no end!

I’m not saying it would be impossible, but I would imagine you would need a very strict training and eating schedule to do so. That much cardio cannot be healthy! And when the high school coach sees Sam’s Olympian running, his response is something along the lines of “I guess you’re pretty good, you can join but you need lots of practice.”

3. The major story line in this book was about Sam’s mom being upset about Mason and Sam dating. Sam is 17 (turning 18 in a month) and Mason is 18. She threatens to report him for statuary rape and have Mason arrested for dating a minor. A 17 and 18 year old dating is NOT illegal. Two high school school kids in a consensual relation does not call for having an 18 year old listed as a sex offender for the rest of his life. I’m not an expert when it comes to law, but it’s pretty common knowledge that most places have an age of consent (around 16 I think?) and clearly the author did not do her homework in this book.

4. Sam starts working at a bar. There was SO much emphasis put on her age in this book yet the author didn't realize there's no way in hell a minor would be working in a bar? What the hell? And then she goes on to mention that everyone working in the bar are teenagers and that Heather and her brothers (all minors, may I add) were the ones who have been running the bar for years... fabulous

5. Why is Sam turning 18 in her junior year (grade 11) of high school anyways??

6. In every scene Sam and Mason are together, they were horny and every time they are alone, they were getting it on. There is some type of limit to the number of times you can have sex a day no matter how crazy your stamina, and these two need to calm the eff down!

7. Sam is an awful protagonist. In book one, she had some balls and stood up for herself but in this book she literally hid behind Mason in every scene. I am not exaggerating! Yes, his protectiveness was sweet before but Sam hiding behind him in EVERY scene and not uttering a word just got annoying as hell.

8. All the secondary characters (not including the Kade brothers, I still loved Mason and Logan they're the only reason this book got even 2 stars)SUCK. No redeeming qualities in any of them and the whole Becky/Adam drama was just unnecessary drama. The parents conversations are like watching Jerry Springer. I hated them ALL.

There’s no way I’m continuing this series, Good bye Fallen Crest!

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2,643 reviews613 followers
October 16, 2017
I like that this started where we left off in the first book. The drama with all the mean girls was just as intense. It looks like they might be getting some of their own medicine in the next book. I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen with that.

Samantha’s Mom played a big part in this book. That woman is cray cray. How she has James devotion is beyond me.

Samantha was tougher in the first book and she lost some of that in this one. We got to see more about her past and what she’s been through so alot more emotions from her.

Mason was just as awesome and he’s my favorite character out of all of them. I love his devotion to Samantha and Logan.

Something seemed off with Nate. Not sure if that is leading us into something.

Logan is still the life of the party but we learned there was some jealousy towards Nate and Mason’s friendship. Please let Logan stay far away from Tate!

This is one big drama series that is pretty angsty but it’s addicting.
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2,756 reviews312 followers
June 20, 2013
Fallen Crest Family – Tijan

4.5 stars!!

As usual Tijan has written a stonking great read, must admit I did not enjoy this as much as the first but I feel that is only because we were getting a lot of the background information and the laying of the foundations in the lead up to book 3. This book is more angsty and centered around the family rather than the Kades relationships.

I have never wanted to commit murder so bad in my life, if I could I would have jumped into my kindle and personally killed Analise…she has got to be the most selfish, evil, disgusting, irritating mother EVER!!!! Seriously!!!! I cannot describe how much I totally loathe that woman. I actually had to stop reading, email Tijan and tell her that she has to kill her off…I was that annoyed!!! I dare anyone to differ after reading this book lol!

Sam and Mason are still together throughout this book so no panicking…if it was ever possible to love Mason Kade even more, it will happen in this book..this guy has morphed into the perfect boyfriend and is always there for Sam when she needs him and in this book, she needs him a lot. I actually cried when I read this bit:-

“………I’m not a saint, I know that, but when I love someone, I love them with everything.”

….those words in that scene, bahhhhh just had me bawling. The love that he has for Sam is conveyed brilliantly through the pages, it radiates into your heart making you all warm and fuzzy…that type of I love you with everything that I am sort of love. I am sure that his feelings are reciprocated but sometimes I am worried that she is more I NEED him rather than I love him. Their sex life as usual is scorching hot and this comes across brilliantly throughout the book, the intensity and passion is there in spades.

I am beginning to worry how their relationship is going to survive when Mason is at Uni and Sam is left behind at high school with Logan, she is highly dependent on Mason and I sincerely hope that their relationship is strong enough to survive this separation. (Actually, I am going to beg Tijan to give these two the biggest, fluffiest, full of hearts HEA imaginable!!)

Logan is his usual jack the lad self during this book and he too is adorable…still playing the game but highly protective of Sam and Mason. The respect that he has for his brother shines through and they still are the infallible duo. The reputation is still there, the jealousy is still there, the parties are still there and the girls are still there. Whilst Logan still enjoys this side, Mason only has eyes for Sam.

Sam is still running for dear life, however, Mason has used this to her advantage and manages to get his schools running coach to take a look at her with a view to getting a full ride scholarship at Uni. By changing schools this also puts Sam closer to Logan whilst Mason is away at Uni. He is making sure she is protected.

Sam gets a waitressing job to try and take her mind off her family life and this introduces a whole new range of characters, as a best friend Heather is brilliant and just what Sam needs and I cannot wait to see how this relationship develops. Heather had me in hysterics.

All in all a brilliant read, I couldn’t put it down, devoured it in one sitting and despite being extremely angry with a certain character even she could destroy my love for this series. Seriously cannot wait for December now for Fallen Crest Public. December cannot come soon enough!!

And please, someone murder Analise by then….just saying!!

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238 reviews29 followers
May 29, 2018

Can I say it?

Can I say it??


Here it goes!

Where the fuck is your back bone, Sam?

If I really liked her in the first book, I can’t even point out how much I didn’t in this one.

In this one she cried, trembled and acted like a fucking damsel in distress. Where is the girl who doesn’t give a shit and speaks her mind, huh??

Oh, God, I’m so fucking pissed off!!!

And her mom!!!

Uhhhh....I’d have slapped that bitch a long time ago. And what Sam does? She hides behind Mason.

And since fucking when, anyone needs anyone’s permission to date anyone???

Can this become even more cliché?
Can I not, for once in my life, find a YA high school book, where everyone is happy for the MC’s being together? Do we really have to deal with the same old drama, every, single, fucking time?

This is why I don’t fucking read YA high school, too much fucking drama!!!

Breath....just breath....

Sigh....I’ll read the next one...at least I won’t have high expectations.


You know what? Fuck it, I’m done!
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Author 109 books7,911 followers
April 12, 2017
The writing and editing were more polished in this book than book one, however, the overall plot wasn't as good. It was very repetitive in parts and I felt like it dragged a lot - meandering without any real purpose. It was still very entertaining and I'm invested in continuing the series.

As I predicted in my review of book one, Sam is struggling to hold things together in this book as the impact of everything finally hits her. It was difficult to read at times but that is testament to the great characterization. Mason is her rock and I loved him in this book even if he was still a bit mysterious and moody.

Logan is clearly floundering and I wonder what's in store for him in the future.

Her mother is a total nut job and their father is a complete pansy. How he could sacrifice his kid's welfare over that psycho is beyond me.

In summary, this was a decent follow up even if the plot let it down in parts.

Actual rating 3.5 stars.
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20 reviews
June 21, 2013
June 21, 2013 ---> Done Reading!!! It is freaking fantastic!!! I want the third book NOW!!!

May 01, 2013JUNE 21 is the release date guys!!!

"A large group had congregated around the counters and the island in the middle. Nate was at the stove with a smug look on his face. One of their female friends from their school was plastered against his side. She wore a skimpy piece of white cloth that barely covered her breasts, san any bra, and ripped jean shorts that hardly covered her cheeks. As she gazed up at Nate, seduction all over her, I couldn’t stop the gag from my mouth.
The sound echoed over the room and all conversation stopped.
As I stood there, I didn’t see Mason or Logan. It was their group of friends who barely held back their loathing and they didn’t now. One of the guys straightened from the counter, beer in hand, and glared at me. “You got a problem?”
Nate came from the stove and was in front of him within seconds. “Ethan, man, don’t start this.”
“Start what? Did you hear her?”
“Yeah.” Nate’s seductress positioned her hand to her hip. She struck a defiant pose. “Did you hear her? It was rude, Nate. And it was directed at me. She thinks I’m a joke.”

"When I got to my room, I couldn’t calm down. A sense of panic was taken over me; so much that my arms still shook. I tried crawling into Mason’s bed. That didn’t help either. There was a ball at the bottom of my stomach. It was twisting and churning, rolling over and over. The unease in me was burning up and all my emotions were fuel to its fire. It was lit and as I tried to ignore it, the flame built and built. Finally, I threw back the covers and went to my room for my running clothes. As soon as my sneakers were on and my earbuds were in, I bolted from the house. Everything inside of me was ablaze so I pushed hard in my run.
After an hour, the panic was still in me. It was slick and slimy. It crawled all over my body and I couldn’t get rid of it. So I pushed harder. Another hour went by and I was still feverish. My heart was pounding, but the fear acted as a poison. It sent everything into hyperdrive. I was soaked in a cold sweat an hour after that. Then my hands started to tingle, but I continued to go faster. I felt something at my heels. I could hear Analise’s voice. She chased me as I was now sprinting down the street. No matter how far I went, how fast I went, I couldn’t outrun her. And then I collapsed."

"Her haughty eyes met mine, but there was no retort. I was shocked. Jessica wasn’t one to not have a hateful comment ready on the tip of her tongue. That was who she was, spiteful and mean. But then I realized she was keeping quiet because of Logan. I wanted to throw my hands in the air and pull my hair out. She was back to him. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t know what she had said to him or done to him to do whatever they did together, but I knew it was sneaky. And then I remembered something else.
“Aren’t you dating Jeff?”
A cold smirk slipped back into place and she shrugged. “Yeah, but it’s not like we’re based on good relationship morals. You should know that more than anyone.” A smug look came over her.
I wanted that look gone and I reacted before I thought about it. I raised my hand and slapped her.
She gasped. When her face snapped back to mine, the old Jessica was back in place. The hatred I always saw from her was there. She sucked in her breath. Her chest rose up and down in dramatic breaths and I knew she was trying to keep herself under control.
I said, heated, “You were my best friend for years. I dated Jeff for three years. If you think I was more hurt because you screwed my boyfriend for two years, then you really are a shallow person. I lost a friend, you idiot. I lost both of my best friends at the same time.”
A different emotion came to her then. Her hand fell from her cheek slowly."

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June 28, 2013
I admit, my guilty pleasure book of late 2012 was Fallen Crest High. That being said, I feel dumber for having read Fallen Crest Family. I was fed up 60% in and couldn't wait for this book to end but I paid $3.99 and I was going to finish it. You could skip this entirely and not miss a thing when you pick up Fallen Crest Public later this year. I'll cheat and tell you what happens - Sam fills out paperwork to switch schools and makes a new friend. That's it.

This book had absolutely zero plot and negative character development. It takes place over a span of a week, maybe two - it's hard to tell because the author does not usually follow and maintain a plausible time line, a good example being the Logan-and-Tate story of FCH. By my calculations, Logan was a 7th grader when they started dating. And why is Sam turning 18 halfway through her junior year? I'll tell you why - the author needed her to be able to fill out the aforementioned paperwork without mom for the next book to work. And I have to assume this mysterious break from school is the winter break, which would be January - and Logan and Mason haven't even started basketball season yet? I hail from Ohio but I'm pretty sure basketball practice starts in November out west, too. These may seem like nit-picky things, but there are too many of these inconsistencies and unresearched details all throughout this story. Like, if Sam is the Olympian we're led to believe, that means her 4 to 5 hour runs nearly every day are about 35-40 miles long. Really? Come on, man.

The level of angst and melodrama was ludicrous. The first one certainly had elements of this, but FCF took it to another level. Where there was no hint of abuse in FCH, now suddenly Sam is having flashbacks of a "new twist" that is really hard to swallow, along with the inexplicable shift in her character from apathetic badass to weepy bed-wetter. And the way the Kades and Nate are constantly deferred to by their peers is so unrealistic. All Mason has to do is flare his nostrils and the earth spins in the opposite direction. FCF takes itself waaaay too seriously. Between that and the nonsensical passages throughout the book, I spent too much time feeling irritated with what I was reading. For example:


Everything stopped. A surreal emotion came over me and I looked up.
Then my eyes bugged out. I clamped onto my other arm with a death grip
and I stopped breathing. I saw his reflection in the trophy glass first
before I turned. It was a struggle. My knees locked and I almost fell into the glass.

Now, you're probably thinking she just encountered Jesus Christ, right? Nope. It's only David, her not-father. You will be treated to numerous occasions of overreactions to the mundane. Or things that just don't make any sense, like Analise's explanation of how she threatened Sam's real father to keep him away:

"..I told him I would make you hate him. He didn't believe me, so I went and visited his ex-wife. I told her he still loved her and that he loved her when he was with me. I told her all about Helen and made her sound so evil that she'd never allow him to go back to her; therefore, he wouldn't be allowed to see you. It worked. I didn't think it would work, but I guess it did. He hasn't even called for you, Samantha."

See what I mean? Save yourself a few bucks and skip this one. I just finished "Bully (Fall Away)" which was a far better YA/NA novel and made this load of poo stink all the worse. I seriously believe the author took as long to plot this one out as it took me to read it (2 days). This was a dupe, plain and simple.
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October 16, 2017
This series is so good. It is so full of crazy drama and I can’t get enough. Mason is so amazing. I seriously love him. Poor Sam. That girl has been through so much. She was not the same throughout most of this book but it was understandable. By the end though, she started to find herself again. I just love the relationship Mason, Logan and Sam have. The three of them would do absolutely anything for each other.

Thanks for the BR Mindy!!
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August 15, 2013
Even though I read the first book Fallen Crest High recently, I felt like it took forever for the sequel to be published. I was in the middle of reading or listening to 4 books in total and it didn’t really stop me from starting Fallen Crest Family as soon as it loaded on my Kindle. Did I enjoy it? Yes. Was I disappointed? Unfortunately, yes.

"I won't get run off from you. I love you, Sam. I said it before and I mean it. I won't let your mom control my life."

The story. The sequel follows Samantha and her step brothers. She has a romantic relationship with one of the brothers and a brother-sister relationship with the other. Sam and Mase have quite a few obstacles ahead of them and number one being Sam's crazy-a mom Analise. Their parents are all mixed up in this crazy relationship that affects their kids and the kids’ friends-enemies don’t make the whole mess better either. If you’re willing to give this series a try, expect a lot of drama and crazy coming your way.

My emotions. Look, I am a huge fan of Sam and Mason’s relationship and I adore their chemistry. Did I expect lots of make-out scenes and their romance blossoming even more? Yes, I did. I just didn’t think it’d take about half of the book describing the feelings Mase created in Sam. *falls asleep* I liked that their relationship wasn’t all about the sexual chemistry in this book, but rather it evolved into something deeper and I truly believed them when they expressed their love. I also enjoyed Logan’s friendship with Sam which unfortunately wasn’t there that much. Oh, and I really, really like that new girl Heather. Sam needs a great friend and I can tell you that I like her a hell of a lot better than that Becky chick who's the second coming of Gossip Girl *rolls eyes* She's the kind of friend you don't want to have and I think Sam is too generous to constantly forgive her.

So what disappointed me the most, you ask? Hmh.. Let’s just say that Sam’s mother Analise seemed like a lunatic before, but now she’s an even bigger mystery to me. The whole 11-year-old-Sam-and-her-mom plot felt so off to me, I didn’t connect to that at all. I felt like there were plot wholes throughout that entire storyline and I why didn't we see that coming? There was not even a mention of this jazz in book one so it felt more random than anything to be brought up now out of nowhere. Moreover, nothing else happened in this book that we didn’t know before. Sam and Mason love each other, Logan and Mase excepted Sam into their family. Analise is a lost case as are the rest of the trio’s parents. Also, Sam just became so girly and emotional and.. weak. In #1 she stood up for herself and didn't take BS from anyone, but now.. I knew she would break down at some point though what with shutting out all her emotions.

To sum up my thoughts, I’d say that I liked it, but I expected more. I didn’t connect with Sam in her ‘tragic’ childhood drama she had to relive and I didn’t feel like the story progressed anywhere. However, I read the original 4 chapters on Tijan’s Wattpad and I think that re-drafting and re-writing this book benefited in this case. If you're up for a crazy ride of drama and rich kids, this series may be the one for you. I can tell you that the first installment is anything like the New Adult novels as we've come to know them. Even though I found this installment to be just meh and okay, I am very much looking forward to what comes next for this bunch of lunatics. LOL. That sounded funny, haha.


Original review: June 21st!!! Cannot. Wait. Any. Longer. Need. To. Know. What. Happens. Next. And yes, pardon me, I did just type words like a morse code. I'm just so exciteeeeddd *bounces around, giggling*

More of my reviews can be found my blog.
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June 3, 2015
God , o mighty!

this was a rollercoaster with extra drama, kinda like when you get on a death ride without a seat belt on. LOL

there was some inconsistency but generally I found myself a part of a mash up somewhere in between Gossip girl meets Beverly Hills 90120 slash Merlose Place with teens.

but it was catchy, no doubt about it.

lets see what happens next...

p.s. I'm actually glad I never experienced anything like that in my high school days...LOL
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December 16, 2014
I'm officially addicted to this series ...okay to Mason mostly. But i love all the characters and i'm feeling like I'm part of the family. That's great writing.
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June 27, 2013
I am at 50% in this book and I have to say I am dissapointed in Sam....whatever happened to the I don't given a F attitude she had before? Now all she does is have panic attacks, cries and hides behind Mason? I mean, Mason fell inlove with the Badass Sam just like the rest of us...i honeslt don't know how he can stand being with someone who cant stand up for herself....she basically has everyone doing it for her.

I mean, I don't want to give away any spoilers, but I see a clear way out of the whole issue with mommy dearest....use what you know she did against her. Well, let me not say anything yet...lemme finish the book first.

Must say...I am loving me some Mason, Logan and Nate!!! I just miss Sam at the same time....
December 20, 2019
*ARC received from author for Honest Review*
Tijan has once again blown my mind and surpassed the limits of great writing. Since I used the word Phenomenal in my review of Fallen Crest High, it certainly applies here as well. Though the last book did not end with a cliff-hanger it was clear this trio’s story was far from over. The book starts about two months after FCH ends. And looking back now only a summer passes but the drama is crazier than ever and insults, clothes and cheerleaders are flying all over the place.


I’ve read some reviews where reviewers are upset by the drama in the book. I however, was not as surprised by it all. That being said I really enjoyed the book and in some ways it did seem like a filler before the next book but I think it was necessary as the titles states to really focus on the Family. Take out the Crest and Fallen Family really does a good job of showcasing what a broken, dysfunctional bunch they are. Samantha’s mom somehow makes her earlier crazy seem like a walk in the park. I actually found myself becoming vicious and bloodthirsty hoping the guys would let loose on her. Her poor mom just can’t stand how Samantha’s been accepted into the fam and she never will. Trust me, the crazy we saw from her in book 1, is nothing compared to what she lets loose in Fallen Crest Family.

I loved seeing this side of Sam. Sure she’s had her fair share of emotional trauma, especially at the hands of her mom but everyone breaks. No one can be strong forever and though her take no prisoners attitude is wavering in this story I felt more connected to her this time around. You can only be strong and indifferent for so long before it all catches up to you and your strength is tested. Sam’s is put to the test here, mostly by her mother and I can only hope she gets back to herself and finally puts her mother in her place where she belongs=a psycho ward!!

We don’t see much of the return of Sam’s old friends. In fact now that she’s been initiated so-to-speak by Mason and Logan, they are really the only ones she needs. Yet being their sister and dating her step-brother can cause a few bumps in the road. Unfortunately for Sam this happens when the other females in town harbor a passionate for her because of who she lives with and who she’s dating as if she had a choice. Get over it bitches; Sam rocks and Mason/Logan make sure everyone knows they have her back. It’s really kind of awesome like they’re in their own gang. In some weird way this book brought me back to high school more than ever and more than anything I’ve read before. Sometimes it’s hard to create a realistic setting because of the overdone cattiness of the characters but I think Tijan nailed it. At least in my neighborhood this is how shit goes down. High school kids are beyond mean and parents are not always in the right. The sarcasm is off the charts, the drama is reality-TV worthy and the backstabbing bitches are meaner than ever. They've yet to allow Sam time to warm up and get back to her old ways, I’m holding high hopes for book #3 Fallen Crest Public.

Besides loving this I can’t say much more. I sure as hell didn’t want it to end and I wish it was as long as book one. But if you’ve read Fallen Crest High and fallen in love with the brothers, than look no further because you will certainly get your fix here and leave you panting for more which is supposed to be released sometime in December, right around Christmas. YIPPEE…


Oh and lastly I felt it important to point out that there is no love triangle or backstabbing like the cover suggests. I know I was a bit worried when it was revealed but alas, there is enough drama without this added in so I hope I’ve set some fears aside.

****Review December 20 2019****
Like the title claims this book really was about the family and new bond between Sam, Mason and Logan. Sam’s mother proves to be even crazier than we initially thought. Sam has some debilitating memories in her past that she struggles to get through. All the while her mom uses for her own devices and proves how little Sam actually means to her as if she’s just a pawn in her sick games. Mason and Logan clearly don’t take any threats or dangers to Sam and I really loved the dynamic between them. They all have the most INSANE PARENTS in the world I will admit at times the story can seem a whole lotta unbelievable and far fetched. No matter though because I still loved the book, devoured the drama and couldn’t stop rooting for Sam to kick some serious ass. She’s going to have a lot more problems including haters as she’s joining Mason and Logan at the public school in the next book and I’m looking forward to it 😬
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July 15, 2018
Excellent read!! I am soooo hooked with this series!!!
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December 21, 2013
I've been Tijaned. Yup she has done it again. I loved Fallen Crest High. It was a refreshing new spin on high school and it had a shit load of shit packed into it.

It took me a while to read this book. I am not sure if it was the reviews on here and the people complaining about how Sam was, but I just couldn't get myself ready to read it. But now, with fallen crest public coming out I just dived right in.

AND WHAT THE FUCK!!! It was amazing. It might not have been better than the first, but it is a very close 2nd. Fallen Crest High is one of my all time faves so I had expectations for this book. I mean she gave us Carter Reed and that book fucking rocked.

Did Sam bug me? No
Did Logan make me laugh? Fuck yeah
Did Mason make me swoon? Hell to the Fucking yeah

I love 2nd books. It likes all the gang is back together and we are about to have some fun.

I thought the parents were crazy in the FCH but wow, they topped the cake in this one. COMPLETE NUT CASES. I loved how Logan and Mason didn't care how they spoke to them, they just always had Sam's back.

I want a Logan and Mason in my life.

Tijan is brilliant with her characters. She writes such amazing men that I want to live in her head never leave.
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