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Wait for You #1

Wait for You

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Goodreads Choice Award
Nominee for Best Romance (2013)
Some things are worth waiting for…

Traveling thousands of miles from home to enter college is the only way nineteen-year-old Avery Morgansten can escape what happened at the Halloween party five years ago—an event that forever changed her life. All she needs to do is make it to her classes on time, make sure the bracelet on her left wrist stays in place, not draw any attention to herself, and maybe—please God—make a few friends, because surely that would be a nice change of pace. The one thing she didn’t need and never planned on was capturing the attention of the one guy who could shatter the precarious future she’s building for herself.

Some things are worth experiencing…

Cameron Hamilton is six feet and three inches of swoon-worthy hotness, complete with a pair of striking blue eyes and a remarkable ability to make her want things she believed were irrevocably stolen from her. She knows she needs to stay away from him, but Cam is freaking everywhere, with his charm, his witty banter, and that damn dimple that’s just so… so lickable. Getting involved with him is dangerous, but when ignoring the simmering tension that sparks whenever they are around each other becomes impossible, he brings out a side of her she never knew existed.

Some things should never be kept quiet…

But when Avery starts receiving threatening emails and phone calls forcing her to face a past she wants silenced, she’s has no other choice but to acknowledge that someone is refusing to allow her to let go of that night when everything changed. When the devastating truth comes out, will she resurface this time with one less scar? And can Cam be there to help her or will he be dragged down with her?

And some things are worth fighting for…

386 pages, Nook

First published April 2, 2013

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About the author

J. Lynn

29 books12.1k followers
A pseudonym for Jennifer L. Armentrout.


# 1 New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Jennifer L. Armentrout Lives in West Virginia.

All the rumors you heard about her state aren’t true.

Well, mostly. When she's not hard at work writing, she spends her time, reading, working out, watching zombie movies, and pretending to write.

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August 11, 2015

I am conducting what I'm shelving as a "New Adult (NA) Experiment". I'm going to work my way through some of the popular New Adult books and see if I can weed out the crap and hopefully find some surprising gems. Here's hoping!

I'm almost tempted to just give Wait for You 5 stars because I haven't laughed this much at a book since I don't even remember when. I'm laughing while writing this review (there's no one else in the house, so that's kinda creepy I guess) and it's really not funny, to be honest. I just... can't. This book. And this author. It's too much. On every level. It makes all the usual cheesy mistakes that a NA contemporary romance tends to do, it uses characters I've seen too many times to count - good girl, reformed bad boy, gay best friend, evil slut who wants reformed bad boy - but it also does something that I don't see too often. Something that brought back memories of a book I read a couple of years ago. A book called Half-Blood. So when I discovered that Ms Lynn is actually the same author using a new name, I couldn't help letting out something halfway between a laugh and a choking sound at the sheer lack of originality in her books.

Half-Blood is, I don't feel unfair in saying, a complete rip-off of Vampire Academy. Please, be my guest, read it if you don't believe me. Tell me that you can't spot all the main characters and scenes being regurgitated with different names. Tell me that the whole pure bloods and half bloods thing isn't taken straight out of Mead's work and planted in another. I would not make this claim lightly because it's a serious thing to accuse someone of, more or less, plagiarism. But I believe that's what it is. And plagiarism is not okay. I don't think quite as serious a claim can be laid against Wait for You, but yet again I see evidence of recycled scenes and characters that tells me on some level, originality has failed to surface in her work once more.

Avery Morgenstern is a new arrival at a college in a town far away from her home. She enters on her first day and walks (literally) into the hottest guy in school. The reformed badboy/playboy/whatever. Everyone wants him. He could have any girl in their college. And yet, for some reason I have been unable to fathom, he only has eyes for Ms clutzy new girl. They naturally find themselves paired together for a class project (astronomy class - which offers much in the way of star-gazing material). He wants her. She says no because she has issues. She's "not like other girls". Needs saving constantly. Blah-de-blah. I've seen this all in a million different things. I don't think I need to point out the glaringly obvious one...

Oh yeah, and did I mention that she meets him and starts going loopy over his muscles on page 2? And I really wish she wouldn't blush so much. What's with so many YA/NA heroines being so prudish? I'm not talking about Avery's personal issues with sex here (I'll get to those later), it doesn't take anywhere near "sex" to make her blush. I understand it when she walks into Cam (hot dude), I would have blushed in school if I'd walked into the hottest guy there. But I don't understand it when she's talking to her friends and they ask her if she thinks a guy's hot. I would have talked shamelessly with my girlfriends about the hotness of guys at twelve years old, never mind nineteen.

Some of the things being thought/said in this novel are ridiculous. Hilarious for a while, but ultimately ridiculous. Cam lays it all out straight away with "I'm used to having girls throw themselves at me" and Jacob (flamboyant gay friend) bursts onto the scene with lines like this "I don't want my fine ass to be tainted by sitting on that floor". They're all like caricatures and I can't take a single one of them seriously. I also wish someone would inform romance authors that petnames suck. I don't care if it's sweetheart or sunshine or baby or kitten *vomits* - they all suck and infantilise women in a way that just irritates me.

"Blood drained from my face and rushed to other parts of my body in a really odd and confusing way."

What exactly is odd or confusing about that? Are you twelve?

Why is this hot: "I'm a lot to handle, but I can assure you, you'll have fun handling me." I've met drunk perverts in bars with better lines than that.

There's some crazy wish fulfillment thing going on here with Cam. He's one of those obscenely beautiful male figures with an arrogant personality that I assume we're supposed to find sexy (and clearly, from the ratings, many people do). But I just found the lines he came out with either cringy or hilarious. Or both. He walks around shirtless most of the time with his perfect muscles rippling (oh my god, I will not miss the endless descriptions of his perfect muscles). A beautiful woman called Steph spends her time hanging all over him with her breasts bursting out of her clothes, and yet he never notices(!). He says things like "Avery Morgansten, we meet again." *eye roll* "We have to stop meeting like this." *eye roll* And I don't know whether this was, for me, the best or worst bit of the novel:

Cam took a bite of his cookie and closed his eyes. A deep sound emanated from his throat - a growl of pleasure. My heart jumped and my cheeks heated even more as I stared at him. He made the sound again, and my mouth dropped open. A row down, a girl turned in her seat, her eyes clouded over.

I laughed so much. It's a cookie! It's a fucking cookie! *Can't. Breathe. For. Laughing.*

Most of what I've said so far has been on the funny side of bad but now I'm going to move onto a couple of things that really bugged me. One was the treatment of Steph's character. I know I sound like a broken record and that fact makes me very sad, but I think it's important to keep pointing out the way women are categorised by their sexuality in so many books. The way flirtatious and sexual women who wear revealing clothes are automatically evil and given no further character development. Steph is that character here. She's the one who Cam hooked up with before Avery ever came on the scene, and she's also the one that gets brushed aside like an old rag who can't possibly have any feelings when Cam decides Avery is a special kind of girl who's worth more than being screwed and dumped. It's okay to screw and dump Steph because she's "that kind of girl". This is Avery telling Cam how she's different from Steph:

"I'm not like that."
"Like what?" he asked.
So he was going to make me spell it out. Of course. Why not? "I'm not like her."
"I don't just hook up with guys for fun, okay?"

Thankfully, Cam calls her out on it. Well, he calls her out on the fact that she doesn't even know the girl she's talking about and so she shouldn't jump to hasty conclusions. Fair point. But then there's also that bit where she shouldn't place girls into categories based on how sexually active they like to be (whether she knows them or not).

The other thing that really bugged me was when Jacob asked Avery "are you gay?" because she didn't want to have sex with Cam. It really bothered me that someone was made to feel like they had to be attracted to a certain type of guy because he was soooo pretty. And the only other explanation was that she must be gay? Stupid.

I have one last comment and it's about the dark secret of Avery's past... are we really not supposed to know what's going on? We know she's running away from something. Something a guy called Blaine did to her. Something that makes her have issues with sex and physical contact. Something that made people call her a "whore" and a "liar". Oh, what could it possibly be? Er, no. I can't be the only one who had her "dark secret" pinned from the start, right?

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March 8, 2013
After reading this book I dont think that cookies and eggs will be the same for me.


Avery is starting college but all she wants is to start a new life.
Just consider how lucky she is.
She is living next to a HOTTIE.


They are both attending astronomy and that brings them closer.

Cam is determined to go out with her so he is asking her everyday but she is always turning him down.

"Go out with me Avery."
"See?She keeps turning me down."
Jacob shook his head
"You're an idiot Avery."

He wants to be close with her so every Sunday he sneaks into her home to make her breakfast.
Ususally their breakfast is such a funny time and they are both enjoying it.

“I'm beginning to think cookies is a code word for something else."

"Maybe it is." He tugged on my bag again as he took a confident step back, forcing me down another step. "And just think about it. If cookie was a code word, whatever it symbolizes, it's been in your mouth, sweetheart.”

As you all understand she fell for him and they finally went on a date.

Cam's kisses

“Goodnight, Avery.”

And then he kissed me—kissed me like he’d had right before he’d left the night of our date. Kissed me like he was a man starving for oxygen and I was the only air he needed to breathe. The hand around my neck held me there, raised up on my elbows as his mouth devoured mine. And that was the only word I could use to accurately explained how he kissed me.

Cam devoured me.”

This book was so funny but both of them were hiding a past.
A past that they wanted to forget.

It was pretty obvious what happened to Avery and I was very sad because she didnt deserve it.
No one does.
It kind of hit me when Cam told her what he did.

Why I loved Cam :
He is charming and hot. He is not your typical jerk but nice and funny.He definitely has panty dropping eyes and he is that guy that you'd be proud to bring home.

What I really loved about him?
His comfidence.

" So you guys weren't more than just friends with benefits?"
Cam sent me a widening glance.
"We hooked up once in a while but like I told you this weekend, I haven't been with anyone since I met you."
"I know. It just seemed like she wanted more."
"Wouldn't you?"
"Geez we really need to work on your confidence"

Why I loved Avery:
She is sweet and innocent .She isn't clueless , she is smart and knows how to hide her emotions.

Cam's parents were amazing and funny people.
“You listen here, woman.”
“You can listen to my foot up your ass if you call me woman again.”

Avery's parents were .....
"You are lying."
"You are ruinning our lives."

All in all, this was a perfect read for me.
This book combined both humor and real life problems.

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March 25, 2015
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

“You want to say yes, but you’re just not ready.”
My jaw dropped.
“It’s okay.” His grin turned cocky. “I’m a lot to handle, but I can assure you, you’ll have fun handling me.”

This book =>

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

A perfect mix of swoony, wonderful, romantic, heartbreaking, angsty, dramatic and beautiful <3

Me, while reading the book

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

From page one, I've had the goofy smile on my face, and my grinning just got bigger and bigger till my cheeks hurt :D
I loved it from star to finish, the romantic parts especially cause I'm a huge romance fan, and I have to admit, even the angsty parts were great, which is a shock cause I don't like them :D
One scene got me teary-eyed, and one scene had me gasping in shock and surprise (look at my status below LOL).
But yeah, through most of the book I had that look from the gif here :D total dreamy smile <3

Cam and Avery's first meet

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

First scene in the book, she's late for class and bumps into him :D
He turns on his charm and bam! She's a total goner ahahahahah
I kinda loved the book from this scene and just kept on loving it as the book went on :D
She kept avoiding him, and he kept flirting with her :D
But yeah, this was a total swoon and I like the fact that they met in the first scene and had a billion scenes together, I didn't have to wait half a book for something to happen :D


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

She moved across the country to an unknown university in order to escape her past.
Avery is not used to having friends, or being close to someone, because she was pretty much hated in the town she lived in.
Lucky, no one knows here here, and she makes new friends, along with Cam, who wants to be more than just friends with her.
She never thought she could get attracted to anyone, but with Cam, it all changes. They spend more and more time together, and she can't get him out of her mind, even though she thinks there's nothing there but friendship between them.


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

From the moment he first sees Avery, he's interested, but he gets that she doesn't want to have anything to do with him. At that moment.
Of curse, he isn't lightly discouraged, so he does his best to stay near her, and keeps asking her out even though she constantly refuses him (stupid woman, but oh well).
Cam is... pretty much perfect. Maybe a bit too much, but I don't mind :DDD
He's gorgeous, smart, confident, funny, he has dark locks of hair that keep falling on his forehead for goodness sake :DD But like I said, I don't really mind :D
For one, it's pretty refreshing to read about a guy who knows he's hot and the sh*t ahahaha and he isn't ashamed to say it out loud :D
Took me a while to get used to it, but yeah I totally loved him anyway <3

Their romance

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

It was so sweet and romantic and swoony! I just totally LOVE it!
The cookies, the Sunday breakfast, the stargazing, all the little thingies... *sigh*
Even though they were friends, Cam was pretty confident that sooner or later, they'd be together, and he acted accordingly :D
Avery, I mean, I admire her for being able to say no to him for such a long time, but I want to kick her for doing it cause seriously??? He's like the perfectest of the perfect (yes I know it's not a word :P), romantic and is willing to wait for her however long it takes <3

The angsty part of the book

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Both of the MCs have a secret, something dark in their past that they don't want to share.
That's the thing that will bring on the angst and a bit of a separation/fights and all that :((((
Here, I felt the most for Cam :((( He was willing to do anything, wait for her no matter how long it took, tell her whatever she wanted to know, and she kept shutting him out :(
I just wanted to hug him <3
What I didn't expect was her secret. I guessed what it was about and I was half right, but still. Didn't see that angle coming :SSS

The sex

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Well, since I haven't read many NA, I can't really say what would be normal or not, but here I was totally surprised by all the smexy times.
I mean, it wasn't really explicit or anything, but there were a couple of hot scenes. It was kinda weird, but Ok I guess :DDD
I just didn't expect the
For those of you who want more steam in their YA/NA, this would be a great choice :)))))


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

4,5 stars :)
I am happy I've read this.
I am happy I've started reading this genre all together
I am happy I've met Cam because he's definitely re-reading material
I just loved this one, and I totally recommend it <3

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June 19, 2019
1.5 stars

Drinking game! Every time something cliche happens, take a shot. Warning: alcohol poisoning is a real risk and you should consult your doctor before reading.

Cliche #1

Avery trips on her first day of school and is saved by a cute guy, aka, Cam. He's also kind of a douche. Very shoujo manga-ish.

Cliche #2

Avery and Cam are in the same class.

Cliche #3

Did I mention they're also partners for a school project?

Cliche #4

And are neighbors in their dorm.

"I live here."

I gaped at him. The whole half naked thing sort of made sense now and I guess so did the tortoise, but it couldn't be. Way too many coincidences."

Cliche #5

Avery is harassed by a guy at a party and Cam pins the guy up against a wall. Just your regular NA damsel-in-distress scenario.

Cliche #6

Slutty mean girl throws herself at Cam every chance she gets.

Cliche #7

Avery gets sick and Cam takes care of her. Changes her shirt, too.

This genuinely pissed me off. One, because a similar scene happens in Onyx and it's just goddamn lazy.

Two, fucking consent. I don't find it sexy when a girl is feverish and dead to the world and a random guy removes her clothes. Her best friend was there. Even if she is covered in vomit, which we don't know for sure, he should've covered her with a blanket so she doesn't get cold and wait for her best friend to come back and change her.

Cliche #8

Mysterious threatening texts and emails.

Cliche #9

Cam keeps asking Avery out, even though she denies every time.

A flush crawled across my cheeks. "I'm not going out with you, Cam."

"I didn't ask you at this moment, now did I?" One side of his lips curved up. "But you will eventually."

Because rape culture is hot, yo. If a girl says no, she's just playing hard to get and you should persist. A restraining order is simply a certificate for your efforts.

Cliche #10

Turns out he fell for her because she said no!

"I've wanted to be with you since you first turned me down. I've just been waiting for you to come around."

Cliche #11

That fucking crooked smile.

Cliche #12

Cam is sickeningly perfect.

You know how we're all up in arms over the Maniac Pixie Dream Girl because of John Green's leap in fame. Well, Cam is a Pixie Boy. He's the embodiment of every girl's dream: rippling muscles constantly on display because I assume all his shirts are ripped from chafing against those abs, king of cheesy one-liners, and complete and baffling devotion to our protagonist.

Ask yourself this, would you go over to a stranger's house, albeit a cute one, every Sunday morning and cook eggs for them? I know I wouldn't. I have assignments, friends, plenty of shit to keep me busy.

And do not ever underestimate a college student's love of sleep. We would crawl over a mountain of dead kittens for an extra ten minutes.

Cliche #13

Avery's trauma is healed by the magical power of dick.

Final verdict?

Save a liver. Don't read Wait For You.
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1,059 reviews74.9k followers
December 4, 2013

4.5 stars -- He had me at sweetheart ♥

This book was JUST what I needed right now!!

I totally understand why everyone is raving about it! I was swooning from the first page and didn’t want to put it down till I finished it. Not to mention that amazing fact that it is a stand-alone!!! A completed romance with a happy ending that leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy. I LOVED IT!!

Now, while I fell into insta-love with this book, I very much appreciated that the characters didn’t. I loved that their relationship took time to develop – it was so well paced. After they meet, its actually a little while before they officially become a couple so, as the reader, you get the time to connected with them, laugh over their banter, swoon over them flirting and you get to fall in love with them. And it made it that much more aww-worthy when they did finally get together. Kind of like a reward for you waiting. Again, I loved it!

K, so what’s the book about?

The book starts out on the first day of class at University. Avery is rushing, trying not to be late, when she quite literally runs smack into Cam.

Racing up the wide staircase, I barreled through the doubled doors and smacked right into a brick wall…
Something strong and hard went around my waist, stopping my free fall…
A second later I was pressed against a wall.
The wall was strangely warm.
The wall chuckled.
“Whoa,” a deep voice said. “You okay, sweetheart?”

C’mon… are you not in love already?? Just a wee bit?? I was.

She finds herself hooked up as astronomy star-gazing partners with this gorgeous swoon guy who bakes her cookies and calls her sweetheart. Seriously, Cam was “gorgeous in all the ways that made girls do stupid things” and very into her but Avery was haunted by scarring events of a fateful night five years ago and was not ready for any sort of relationship. And despite his best efforts at wooing her, she tried to keep her distance romantically, afraid she wouldn’t be able to handle it.

“I don’t want to go out on a date with you.”
Cam didn’t look surprised by my response or daunted. “I figured you’d say that.”
“Then why did you ask?” …
“Because I wanted to.”
“Oh. Well. Okay. Glad you got it out of your system.”
His brows knitted. “I haven’t gotten it out of my system.”
Oh no. “You haven’t?”
“Nope” He flashed a charming grin. “There’s always tomorrow.”

But he didn’t give up. He kept asking her. Kept wooing her. Until he finally got through her walls and into her heart.

I’ll say that there was a point where I got a little frustrated with how much Avery was rejecting him but I kept reminding myself that she was damaged by her past and that she had genuine reasons for her actions. And she really did. I cringed when the truth came out. But I loved that Cam stood by her throughout it all.

“You’re not doing this by yourself. Hell to the mother fucking no.”

The dialogue in this book is just BRILLIANT!! Brilliant brilliant brilliant!! The texting, the banter, the flirting… just pure GOLD! I have SO much of their interactions highlighted in my book. Some are funny, some are sweet, and some are just down right swoon-worthy.

Cam… seriously. No joke, guys. He is making the fav’s book boyfriend list. He just scored one swoon point after another! I swear, every time he said ‘sweetheart’, my insides would melt. He just had this effortless, magnetic charm that made him impossible not to love. He was thoughtful, flirty, confident, caring…. basically perfect!

“I have so many feels for u.” ♥ ♥ ♥

And COOKIES!!! I will never again be able to eat cookies without thinking of Cam! **melt** And just in general, I couldn’t stop grinning at all the things he did. MAJOR SWOON POINTS!!!

The whole book is told from Avery’s POV. I liked her voice and enjoyed her perspective. If I had to make one complaint, it would be that there were a few time jumps (not huge, just like a week here, a few days there) that wasn’t disorienting or anything, but I would have been a bit happier without them. That being said, I still loved the book so really, its all good

The book reminded me a little of The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden. I think fans of that book will like this and vice versa. But, again, no cliffhanger here!!

There is a happy ending to this book so if you are ever looking for a sweet, funny, touching stand alone with an uberly swoony guy, this would be a great choice!

Definitely recommended!

4.5 stars


For more of my reviews, visit Aestas Book Blog

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834 reviews4,768 followers
April 25, 2013
Review posted at: Swept Away By Romance

Charming 4 1/2 stars!

I very much enjoyed reading this book. It was one of the most endearing, touching, and fun friends-to-lovers tropes I've read in a long time. I adored and swooned over Cam (Oh, how I LOVED him), sympathized with and understood Avery, and felt they shined brilliantly together.

I did feel this book leaned more toward Young Adult in content than New Adult, but that's why it appealed to me. There was a freshness and youthfulness to this book that I loved. It was refreshing to read a YA/NA plot where I felt the storytelling made sense and was neither manufactured nor contrived to elicit artificial rather than real emotions. I felt everything these characters experienced and I loved it.

I had a great time reading Wait for You. This wonderful story overflowed with angst, laugher, and sexual tension. I highly recommend this gem of a story.
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3,912 reviews33k followers
April 20, 2015
5 Stars!

Wait For You is one of books that I just couldn’t put down. Once I started, I was a goner. The main reason for that??? This guy-

 photo e0f90d29-6aa1-410d-9d91-cd029edc6d44_zps0ac1f677.jpg
Sweet baby Jesus, Blue Eyes was...
He was gorgeous in all the ways that made girls do stupid things.

Wait For You was a story about a girl named 


 photo WaitforyouAvery_zps0ccfba22.jpg
Whoever came up with the saying you can’t escape your past really knew what they were talking about.

Avery has not had an easy life. She is nineteen years old, and living away from her family. Away from the pain of her past, the secrets and things she keeps to herself. She doesn’t really have any friends from home, when she was fourteen years old something traumatic happened to her. It changed everything. She doesn’t let people get close to her, but she has managed to make a few friends while starting at a new school. Jacob and Brit. She still keeps everyone at an arms length. On her first day of classes, she runs into him. Cameron Hamilton.

“I’m used to having girls throw themselves at me. Trying to jump on my back is new, though. Kind of liked it.”

“I wasn’t trying to jump on your back or throw myself at you.”

“You weren’t? Well, that a shame. If so, it would have made this the best first day of class in history.”

Cam and Avery get paired together in their astronomy class. And she finds out he is her neighbor. He starts turing up everywhere, and it is unnerving for her. Cam and Avery become friends. They hang out, eat breakfast together on Sundays, she has an easy friendship with Cam. Cam wants more from Avery, and he is persistent. He asks her out constantly, and she is constantly turning him down. But there is something about Cam...

Cam was different. He’d always been different.

Eventually, after a lot of flirting and chemistry brewing, Avery decides to say yes to a date. Eventually, she realized Cam means what he says.

“I’ll be available whenever you want me to be.”

For the first time in a long time, Avery feels safe. Loved. Cherished. But she is holding on to her past, her secrets. Cam opens up to her, but there are things she just can’t tell him. One night, he discovers one of her secrets, and she freaks out. She doesn’t realize that Cam still wants her, scars and all.

 photo Waitforyou-scars_zps02d27230.jpg

She spends a while without Cam. Missing him. Lonely. Depressed. Eventually, they work it out. Avery realizes that her heart wants Cam. He is it for her. And he wants her more than anything.

“There’s not a single part of you that I don’t want, you understand? I want to be on you and inside of you.”

“I’m serious about you, Avery. If you want me for real, you have me.”

“I want you for real.”

But she is still holding on to a secret that could tear them apart. How can they make a relationship work when she is unwilling to trust Cam and tell him the truth?

I am going to go start with Cam, because he made the book for me! What a sweet, funny, swoonworthy and sexy guy! He could be a little cocky at times, but I loved him! He is attentive, hot and he bakes! He also says things like this that made me melt Cam- you are a new book boyfriend of mine for sure!!!
I was happy to see Avery overcome her past at the end of the book. I was glad she confronted her parents and got some of the closure she needed.
Tyler was a hilarious character! Loved him!!!
“Good, because if a guy isn’t making you walk funny after sex, then he probably isn’t anything to write home to mom about.”

An emotional beautiful story about love, trust, overcoming your past, and moving on. A lovely book with a terrific ending!

“I want you, Cam.”

“You have me,” he groaned. “You so fucking have me.”

 photo 12263063-b2ef-4109-9b80-0a68e14c1096_zps43334fb2.jpg
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2,555 reviews35.5k followers
November 2, 2020
i need to keep reminding myself that if i had read this when it first came out and i had none of JLAs other books to compare it to, i probably would have really enjoyed this more (which is why im rounding up).

because this story definitely feels dated. and some of the storytelling is… a choice. theres some blatant stereotyping going on when it comes to certain characterisation and some of the dialogue is pretty cringey.

but i did enjoy this, for the most part. i liked how cam is a genuinely a good guy. so many NA books work the bad boy/massive jerk angle, so it was refreshing to have a kind love interest. i also liked that this story is very straightforward. no gimmicks or dramatics - just two people who like each other and work on figuring out their relationship. its sweet.

so i will take this for what it is - not quite the best JLA novel out there but still enjoyable.

3.5 stars
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March 11, 2013

Going commando and a spoonful of funfetti icing...

First off, I’m extremely mad at you world for not making me read this book sooner. No seriously, WHAT THE HELL!?!?

It seems like lately my life has been nothing, but good books...decent books. Books that are just...okay. I have been drowning, completely submerged in 3~star books. I’ve been sinking faster than the Titanic. Wait for You was my life raft! I’m saved!! ~Cue the hallelujah chorus~

Let me start by twat kicking some of the negative issues people are having with this book. Yes, you figure out Avery’s secret early on, sort of...a little bit. But I don’t think it was suppose to be some big mystery. I think the reader is meant to know, but not know, know...you know?? We know what happened, but not everything. We are given an almost completed puzzle...almost, but there are still pieces missing. Important pieces.

The pacing and development of the relationship was perfect!! The buildup, the tension, the wait!! It was real. It was natural. It was perfect. It teased me. It hooked me. It reeled me in. It was the most amazing, amazing relationship foreplay! I couldn’t tell if I was wrapped around the book or the book was wrapped around me.

I almost don’t want to write a paragraph about Cam because I may be forced to invent new words. He’s peanut butter dipped in chocolate, a spoonful of funfetti icing, the left over milk after a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch. He, is raw cookie dough. He had me at “Whoa.” The commando scene! The cookie innuendo! Where are my panties?? Where the hell are my panties?? Wham, bam, thank you Cam!

Not only did J. Lynn wow me with all things Cam, she showed me the funny. She showed me incredible banter. She showed me intimacy that made me embarrassingly giddy. I’m 31 frickin years old and during the first moment of extreme intimacy she had me burying my face in the bed squealing, kicking my feet, and squealing some more...repeatedly.

There were quite a few editing mistakes, but nothing that drew me away from the story. Just enough to make me go, “Huh, wonder where the editor was on that one?” They were easy to overlook, at least for me.

I can’t say enough about Cam and Avery's relationship. It was drawn out without dragging on. Cam was perfect, the dialogue was incredible, and the story gave me exactly what I needed, at this moment...right now.


More at http://www.toughcriticbookreviews.blo...
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February 7, 2017
An extremely sexy, entertaining read!

Every aspect of this story was engaging; from the lovable characters to the quirky dialogue and superb writing...I fell head-over-heels in literary love with this story!

Avery Morgansten has a secret—one that has her fleeing to the other side of the country to escape. Her cold-hearted parents are a despicable source of authority and Avery enters her new college completely alone...that is, until her sexy 'run-in' with Cam.

People got out of the way for Cam. He was like a hot Moses, parting the sea of drunk college students.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Cameron Hamilton is perfection! I'm talking top notch, state-of-the-art, book-boyfriend material. He's smart, sexy, funny, confident without being cocky, and adorably patient and understanding. His infamous playboy ways didn't stand a chance against the beautiful and mysterious Avery.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The build up to Avery and Cam's relationship was a breath of fresh air! Although they had an instant spark, I appreciated the slow and steady, getting-to-know-you process. Avery's tormented past hindered her ability to trust and getting her on a date was no easy task for Cam. But I loved his persistence and their flirtatious banter had me giddy!

You've been checking me out, haven't you? In-between your flaming insults? I feel like man candy.

This author excels in creating vivid scenes...every situation came alive and felt authentic. The love scenes were tastefully descriptive, sensual, and just flat-out breathtaking. And that first non kiss...wow.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

But, what I loved most about this story was the connection I felt to its characters. It's so important to care about the fate of these fictional beings, and some stories lack that personal feel that was so strongly present in Wait For You. I truly loved all the main characters, and although Avery held my sympathy and adoration, Cam stole my heart Heart gif photo: heart heart.gif Amazing!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Book Stats:
▪ Genre/Category: Romance/New Adult
▪ Steam Caliber: Maximum steam!
▪ Romance: Slow build-up. Tension-filled. Sexy, sweet connection.
▪ Characters: Sweet, adorable, persistent hero. Guarded, damaged, but lovable heroine.
▪ Plot: Fun and fresh, with just the right amount of depth and angst.
▪ Writing: Sexy, engaging, and addictive.
▪ POV: First person: Heroine
▪ Cliffhanger: None
▪ Next Installment: Spinoff
▪ HEA?

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April 6, 2016
SO. FREAKING. GOOD. way better than I expected. Why is Jennifer L. Armentrout forever cursed with bad covers though?
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April 3, 2021
RE-READ: 06/17/20
it's been forever since i last read this

my rating changed to 3 stars

also re reading this review is making me realize that i, in fact, have improved.
2016 me was...not good at writing them LMAO

12/26/16: EDIT
I'm rating this 4 stars because I'm realizing I'm not enjoying the rest of the books and I'm giving them low ratings. As of now, this is my favorite and I've given 1 and 2 stars to the next books, so this has to be 4 stars.

Leaning back against Cam's chest, I tipped my head back and I reached up, cupping his cheek. I drew his mouth to mine and kissed him softly. “Thank you.”
His lips curved up on one side. “For what?”
“For waiting for me.”

I actually didn't know J. Lynn was Jennifer L. Armentrout, but because I saw this book in my news feed once and was completely sold out based on the description, I obviously added it to my tbr. Little did I know that this was based on the same author that wrote the Lux series, a series I didn't think I would love and miss so much. Jennifer actually blew me away with this one! I didn't know she wrote NA novels, and I didn't think she would write them this good. Her male leads are just so wonderful and amazing and I really wish they were real. She also gives out female characters that can be relatable and if they aren't, it's really easy to follow the way they're coming from. Although I had some problems with the beginning and Avery (main character) in the beginning, I enjoyed the rest, especially Cameron himself and the way the romance was actually delivered in this which is quite surprising.

Wait for You is about 19-year-old college freshman Avery that has just moved away from her Texas to Virginia to run away from her past--the Halloween night that she wishes to never think about again. She knows her parents don't love her, she knows her town hates her, and she knows she doesn't have any friends. Maybe moving into another town will be better and maybe she will be able to live a better life. Avery knows what she wants to do, and she plans on doing it all on time. She plans on getting to class on time, plans on keeping her bracelet on no matter what, and plans on making new friends and having a new and fresh start. What she didn't plan was running her small body into 6'3 college student Cameron Hamilton, known as a college hottie at this new university Avery is at. Little did Avery know that Cameron would come crashing into her life only to make it better.

Cameron Hamilton has his own past to run from. It isn't like Avery's, but if you look at it, it has its similarities. He's also known as one of those guys that can get a girl he wants, but with Avery, it's different. Not knowing where Avery comes from and why she acts the way she acts around him, he wants to get to know Avery. She isn't like most girls, and that's what he likes about her. She's quite different. She's never been on a date, never been in a relationship, and the way she was treated back then was different. Cameron just wants to get to know Avery and understand her, but he can't do it if he won't get answers from Avery herself.

Avery knows she needs to stay away from Cameron, but she can't seem to mainly because of him. He keeps coming into her life without caring what she thinks because he simply wants to form a friendship with her. She can't seem to stay away from his sense of humor, from his thoughtful charm, and from the way he acts with her. Maybe being with Cameron is the best for them since he's able to be himself around her, able to bring the good side of him around her. He doesn't act the same around Avery than he does with others, but instead he acts like the caring and sweet loving guy he is. Trying to show his caring side to Avery, Cameron won't give up on getting the one chance he knows will change his life.

What Cameron doesn't know about Avery is her past, and she doesn't want him to know. He suspects something, but he doesn't know. She's received texts and emails and calls that are threats and even though Cameron knows he shouldn't get involved, he tends to get involved because he wants to help Avery and understand her. Maybe allowing Cameron to help her would be for the best...

I'd like to start this off with Cameron Hamilton. Cam, as he is called in this book, was probably the most swoon-worthy male lead I have ever read. There's reasons for that, and I'll get to that. Cameron is different than other NA male leads. He tends to take his time with Avery and not rush her into anything. He tends to care about her in any way possible because that's what he does, care about her. He tends to ask her permission to do something because he wants to make sure she's okay with it. And he tends to call her sweetheart instead of babe or baby and I found that utterly adorable.

Cam has been added to many book boyfriends lists, and I don't blame those people. Of course, he's added to mine, along with so many others, but this one was a different kind of book boyfriend. It's the kind that I wish was real because of how charming and thoughtful he actually was with Avery. He showed his good side to her and when he was around her, he admitted things to her that she didn't think she would hear. Other than having beautiful and shimmering blue eyes, having the typical masculine body most NA males have including broad shoulders and a body that makes girls do things + broad shoulders and cheekbones, Cameron had a sweet, nice and soft spot with Avery that he didn't have with anyone else. He's got the perfect personality and sense of humour that any girl would want. What more would a girl ask for? When I said he asks Avery for her permission to make sure she's okay with what he's doing, I mean he actually asks her if it's okay to take off her bra and to kiss her and to do things with her. Ya know, those typical steamy and hot things. He was caring with her by making sure she was okay and taking care of her, worrying about her and making sure she was okay. He took his time with her, not rushing anything and not wanting her to rush anything because he wanted everything to be a way they both wanted it to be.

The other thing about Cameron is that he was able to show his funny side to Avery. The way he would deliver his conversation with Avery was just so cute and it had me giggling so many times. He's hilarious! How could I not love the guy? Also, I mentioned he called her sweetheart since the beginning? I found that to be so cute as well. He called her Avery when it was serious, but the whole "sweetheart" thing was just so cute, I couldn't get over it. Cam was different than other guys because he actually asked Avery to go out on a date with him even though he knew he was in love with Avery already. I don't think insta love was involved, at least it didn't seem like it, but Cam did admit he was in love with her before he even knew it... Even with that being said, I loved how he kept asking her to go on a date with him and even when she said no over and over again, rejecting him again and again, he kept trying. He kept saying there was always tomorrow and that he can only hope, even when she said the answer was not going to change, I knew it was going to change. Obviously, the time where Avery would say yes to his question would come along sometimes, I was just waiting. He was so understandable and didn't care what her past was. I mean, of course, he showed his affectionate side and cared what happened, but he didn't love her any differently because of it. He loved her even more and was even more worried, but the way he was with her was just the best part of it. There wasn't one moment where Cam was mentioned or in that didn't have me giggling or squealing like a stupid little fangirl. Well, that is what I am so it makes sense.

Avery was different and an interesting character. I didn't see where she was coming from when the novel started, but I was able to understand her after. Although I didn't expect this, I knew there had to be something similar in a way. Avery's character was hard to get into at first. I didn't feel a connection with her throughout the whole book, but I was able to understand her. I did feel tears coming along because every time I read a book that has to do with I tend to get emotional. It just really bugs me how something horrific like that could happen especially to someone so young. No matter what the age is, it's something I hate reading about. It's just one of my biggest triggers even though I've read a couple of novels that involve either one of those or both. Avery's character was a little similar to those other characters in other books. She acted differently because of what happened and even if it was 5 years ago, there really isn't a way that person could forget about it. It's something that was, not haunting her, but something she couldn't forget. Her character made me sad sometimes, especially the way she acted with Cam at times when they were about to have sex or were making out. It was sad to hear her whole story but I'm glad she opened up to Cam and told her everything, expecting him to have a whole different reaction to the one he had.

Her character changed throughout the book but what I loved about her was her sense of humor as well. She was able to bring Cam happiness and joy and laughter with her laughter and happiness. It was all just a bundle of happiness and joy. This wasn't a happy book, but most of it was. There were a lot of moments with Cam and Avery where they would have me laughing because of how cute they were and also because of how perfect they were together. They both understood each other so well and the way Cam came into Avery's life only to make it better was really all I needed to read about. Avery was able to change, for the better, and I was glad J. Lynn made her development better than what I expected. Although I hated her at times because of how she acted with Cam, I was able to understand why. The whole bracelet and wrist thing made me sad, but it was understandable. It brought her memories or it just made an effect on her, just like the time they were about to have a steamy moment but they both broke away from each other because Avery's mind went back to that cold night, only bringing back those awful memories she didn't want to think about. Avery went through a lot, I know that, and I although I don't know what it's like, I can see why she was how she was. It was hard for her to get a new start even with her 2 new friends and boyfriend. She was interesting, but she wasn't complex.

I've said this many times, but I'm not the biggest fan of NA romance. I'm a bigger fan of reading how it's actually going to work out and reading about the dramatic drama. Of course, an NA novel needs to have 2 characters that both have something they are running away from or trying to change. If they didn't, there wouldn't be any drama behind it. J. Lynn created the perfect pair for this first novel, and I'm satisfied with it all. The romance was steamy and hot which is typical in NA novels, but this one was one of the only ones I was able to read without laughing because of how hilarious the scenes were described. Like I said, Cam asked Avery for her permission and that is part of the reason I enjoyed their "steamy moments." After knowing what happened to her, he asked her if it was okay to take her bra off, to kiss her in parts and to touch her which I found cute because he wanted to make sure she was okay.

I loved how, like I said, Cam loved Avery even more after she told him the truth. It was just so wonderful to see someone love their love even more because of their past. I don't even know if that sounds right, but I'm just glad Cam was able to look at Avery the same no matter what happened in the past. I love how Jennifer created this male lead and let me just say, if the rest are like Cameron, I will definitely be swooning over the whole series and males and pairs and pretty much everything by Jennifer. I had doubts about Jennifer's writing before reading her Lux series, and boy I shouldn't have doubted her.

The problem with this is that, like many other NA novels, it felt like I have read this before. Different characters told from different perspectives, but a lot of NA novels have to do with drama that has been told in other books but in different ways. I didn't really have expectations, not until I was beginning to suspect something was wrong with Avery, but I also didn't find it to be boring. Like I said, the book was actually pretty funny and fun to read thanks to Cam. Other than that, it was the typical NA novel. The reason I said it felt different is because of the characters. Luckily, JLA managed to created characters I didn't feel myself bored in and was able to like after understanding both.

Jennifer has not become one of my favorites, but her writing is something I enjoy reading. It's something that can actually get me out of a reading slump because it's so easy to follow no matter what the book is about and where it's set. Her writing is the kind of writing I enjoy, easy to follow and enjoyable, and if it continues in the rest of the series, I'll definitely be considering her one of my favorite authors. I don't even know how she managed to do it but she creates the perfect male leads. I completely fell in love with Daemon in the Lux series, starting from Opal because I hated him in Obsidian and slightly disliked him in Onyx, but then I was like BOY why can't you be real? It's just the way she creates them, caring so passionately about their girlfriend or the girl they're in love with or whatever.

Overall, the ending was also something I was satisfied with. There wasn't a cliffhanger, although there was a little snippet of Jase and Theresa (mostly Jase thinking which gets me wondering why). I'm excited to read the next book and finish the series, especially the next book which is about Theresa Hamilton and Jase Winstead, Cam's younger sister and best friend. Cam and Avery are a favorite couple of mine for sure and I know I will miss Cam's cute attitude with Avery, but I'm sure they will appear or pop up in the next book.
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February 9, 2017
Find all of my reviews at: http://52bookminimum.blogspot.com/


Still here? Alrighty then . . .

On motherf-ing page THREE we have our meet/cute where the girl literally runs into the boy and I discover this story will be one of my most hated of all tropes – a “superbadawful happened long long ago that new love interest will magically fix with all of his wonderfulness as well as his magic penis.”

By page thirty girl and boy have discovered they have class together, have been paired up as partners in said class, realized they are also neighbors (how convenient), and that boy must be a werewolf because he’s always half naked . . .

Palm Springs commercial photography

And while we don’t learn exactly what the superbadawful was, we do learn that the MC moved across the country in order to get away from the rumor mill in her hometown and that the alleged perpetrator’s name was Blaine . . .

Palm Springs commercial photography


We then run through 11,842 pages of NOTHING! Well okay, not nothing. We have a female lead who obviously has some form of PTSD and severe trust issues, but who is always 100% willing to put herself in potentially unsafe situations by hanging out solo with the new neighbor. Uhhhhh, ever heard of Ted Bundy you dumb twat? Just ‘cause he’s good looking doesn’t mean he isn’t interested in murdering you while pretending you’re going to be working on Astronomy homework together. We also have a male MC who has a reputation for being a real panty dropper and proves he is such by calling our female lead “sweetheart” (vomit) constantly and by making her eggs on Sundays without even asking for a handjob first . . .

Palm Springs commercial photography

But there’s still a LOT of nothing except pining away and what had to be a horrific case of blueballs which eventually culminates in the big moment when the dude finally got his payoff in the form of our leading lady’s V-Card. (Turns out only her butt virginity was taken from her by the perp, so score one for the new boy-next-door *eye roll*.) Which leads to the best moment of the entire book – UNPROTECTED FIRST TIME SEX. Oh, what a joy that was to read . . .

Palm Springs commercial photography

This book was a pile of shit. It not only wasted WAAAAAY too much of my precious reading time on a bunch of filler, but it was the worst example of what “romance” should be based on. Dear Authors, STOP romanticizing rape and making a big ol’ peen be the cure-all for these f*&^ed up girls and their mental problems. As for this particular story????

The worst part is I really have no one to blame but myself since I totally had a “challenge accepted” moment and agreed to buddy read this turd. Thanks to my girl Dino Jess for suffering along with me . . . .

Palm Springs commercial photography

Soooooooooooooo many baby reindeer were murdered because of you. I mean, just look at what I had to do in order to regain my happy . . .

Palm Springs commercial photography

Palm Springs commercial photography

Palm Springs commercial photography

Palm Springs commercial photography

Palm Springs commercial photography

Palm Springs commercial photography

Palm Springs commercial photography

I hope you’re pleased with yourself.


The things I let my so-called "friends" talk me into. Give me a second to prepare myself for this . . .

Palm Springs commercial photography

Annnnnnnnnnnnd let the very appropriately timed Friday the 13th buddy-read commence!
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March 19, 2013
I��m dusting off that seldom used fifth star for this one – it really is that good! I'm doing happy Jumping Jacks with glittery pom poms!!

I think it’s fair to say that my relationship with New Adult Romance has been rocky, at best. It promised me so much but, after a few casual and fun dates, I got burned by a bad book, totally betrayed by a hero that promised to be gorgeous, alpha and protective but ended up being a hero that I just wanted to throw rocks at and I retreated to lick my wounds so, yeah, me and New Adult – we’ve been on a break, a trial separation as it were.

It hasn’t been easy – temptation is everywhere and then, there was Wait For You making eyes at me with it’s Adam Levine lookalike cover model, flashing its five star reviews at me and generally saying ‘Come on baby, you know you want to’. I’m a cautious soul, I tried to look the other way but another blogger whose judgement I trust, (Nat, that’s you flower) dropped it into a book conversation we were having and I found my resistance crumbling and I slowly, tentatively reached out and Wait For You grabbed me by the hand and ran ahead with me stumbling along in its wake, slightly dazed.

And dazed is the right word because Wait For You is just all kinds of awesome – full of goofy grin loveliness, I read this with a big cheesy smile on my face. It had a kind of magnetic hold on me – every time I tried to put it down I was sucked straight back in. Just. Could. Not. Put. It. Down!

So we’re right back on college campus, hotbed of new adult romances, with Avery and Cam, who could most definitely relight my fire, slowly getting to know one another. Avery has travelled right across the country to go to college but more importantly to get away from her past and her family. She has a secret which has far reaching consequences over her decision making and the way she lives her life today and this secret is only slowly revealed throughout the novel – it’s drip fed to us gradually. Yes, you can guess but not the specifics and it held my curiosity all through the story.

Avery kind of broke my heart at the beginning - she just seemed so very alone. She had plenty of coping mechanisms to get her through the day but she’s not really living, just moving on from one day to the next. I felt so sorry for her – the people that should have been there to cherish her and care for her had really let her down when she needed them most and she’s reached the point where she trusts no one and cannot comprehend why people are now being nice to her.

She literally crashes into Cam on her way to her very first class and it soon transpires that they are neighbours and they get to know each other slowly. Cam – le sigh!! Cam is just wonderful. Every girl needs a Cam. He’s funny, charming, endearingly over-confident, thoughtful, attentive, caring and HOT – I could continue to rain down superlatives but I think you get the gist, right? I pretty much adored him right from the get go. I loved the way he asked Avery to go out with him on an almost daily basis – he never gave up and just waited for her to slowly come around even though she took hard to get to a whole new level.

This is very much a character driven novel, there’s really no pulsating action plot. The two main characters take things very slowly, plenty of time is given to building their characters and their relationships and I really felt like I’d got to know them very well and it felt completely believable. Never once did my attention waver: I was thoroughly engrossed from beginning to end and I completely lost a whole day in this novel and I really can’t think of a better way to have spent it!

Trust is the central theme here – Avery will need to learn to trust Cam and her reticence will threaten to destroy their fledgling relationship.Trust has not and will not come easily to Avery and it’s going to be a rocky journey for her – she knows that to move forward she will have to learn to trust Cam with her secrets but will she be able to? Will she allow the love that is growing between Cam and herself heal the wounds left by the demons of her past or will she let her old fears shadow the warmth she shares with him?

So, this is a beautiful new adult romance - it’s captivating, engaging and very romantic. I adored both Cam and Avery as well as Avery’s new friends Brittany and Jacob, Cam’s friend Ollie plus the long-suffering turtle/tortoise (not sure what it was) Raphael. There’s a whole gang of characters to laugh with, cry with and just fall in love with. I have to thank J Lynn (who is actually Jennifer L Armentrout) as she has pretty much restored my faith in the new adult genre and we’re dating again now. I feel more hopeful again. It’s a beautiful thing!

I will share this with you. It really has nothing to do with the story, more my own experience in reading it. in particular the following sentence.

After showering, I piddled around the apartment and debated texting Jacob or Brittany to see what they were up to.

This is one of the pitfalls of being a British reviewer reading mostly American books. In that sentence, we would probably say I pottered around the apartment because to piddle over here means to pee and I had this bizarre mental image of Avery peeing in all four corners of her apartment, fastidiously marking her territory!! I laughed like a drain (British expression!!) and actually scared my cat off my lap!!

Anyway I digress, this is a very special new adult romance and I’m going to highly recommend it to all of our followers. It’s endearing and quite simply unputdownable. Is that a word? Well, it is now!

5 big shiny stars

For more reviews, please visit Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews or visit us on Facebook.
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April 23, 2013
**** If it is possible to spoil a story that has practically no mentionable plot and no mystery, but makes do with a certain set of formulaic elements (see farther below), spinning them in circles to make the experience last longer, then be warned: Spoilers line the rocky road ****

I am seldom that outspoken, but in this case I just have to say it aloud - probably all the 'fucks' and 'shits' the characters flung about celebrating their verbal New Adult freedom rubbed off on me: In my opinion "Wait for You" is utter shit and I don't understand in the least why people enjoy spending time on it. My expectations had been rather low after reading "Obsidian", but probably they were not low enough.

So, let's see: Former, rich, unkissed social pariah Avery enrolls in a small no-name college to start a new, normal life far from home and literally bumps into Cameron-I-Had-Them-All-And-They-Liked-It, but because of her past and her personality it takes him a few months to tease a date out of the one girl who resists and her four months of heavy-duty petting and a few mental break-downs to admit she has a problem - a problem of unbelievable proportions, which the reader has pretty much puzzled together since chapter 1 or 2 or 3. That's it! Have a go at guessing! You cannot fail. The quotes are all to be found in the first 11% of the book, most of them on the very first pages:

Reaching down, I checked the wide, silver bracelet on my wrist, making sure it was in place.

A guy had never held me. I didn't count that one time, because that time didn't count for shit.

Parties didn't end well for me.

I hadn't been able to see a possible after when the entire school got behind Blaine.

Nothing could have been worse than what had happened to me, what my parents agreed to.

Apparently my parents were okay with having a daughter labeled a lying whore.

The paragraphs that are not dripping with hints to her - or his - tragic past or with sexual activity consist of artificial, middle-school-level-immature conversations the heroine has with her new cardboard friends - i.e.:

'Cam?' Brittany blinked. 'Yeah?' [...] Brittany's brows knitted. 'People who he doesn't know call him Cameron. Only his friends call him Cam.' 'Oh.' I frowned. 'He told me people call him Cam, so I assumed that's what people called him.'

and oily, self-gratifying banter orchestraed by Mr. Let-Me-Bake-For-You-Sweetheart out to seduce an iron virgin:

'So unless you were raised in a convent, I imagined you've been in a lap a time or two, right?'

'I'm a lot to handle, but I can assure you, you'll have fun handling me.'

To be frank, after schlepping myself through this highly praised, much-squealed-about example that has even been practically fought over by international licence buyers, I do not have much hope left for the genre and its ability to bring forth something I can enjoy and I don’t really believe anymore that

- there is a New Adult novel without a heroine who suffered some kind of abuse before meeting creation's finest in form of the hero. I cannot believe how rape or almost-rape or abusive parental behavior has been quickly established as one of the truly unavoidable requirements for a successfully hot tear-jerker romance.
- there is a New Adult novel without a heroine who is sexually inexperienced or unable to let go sexually , but is oh so attractive to the hero and secretly special and siren-like seductive under the layers of her tragic past.
- there is a New Adult novel without a hero who is prone to violent outbursts directed towards people who deserve it, but tender and protective as far as the fragile heroine is concerned.
- there is a New Adult novel without a hero who had been consuming girls like breakfast - and is universally admired for that because his sex skills are too advanced to be wasted on one woman only - but who changes his habit from 100 to zero, because wanting the heroine so bad made him lose his appetite for even the most appealing piece of ass on legs.
- there is a New Adult hero who is not filthily rich or at least in possession of a convenient amount of money in form of a trust fund, royalties, or a well-paying business he started at an astonishing young age.
- there is a New Adult novel in which the characters are really on their way to become thinking, independent grown-ups instead of being closet High Schoolers playing College with a drawer full of condoms and a key to their own apartment or trailer.

In the light of "Wait for You" and its equally awful chronies I think have to be fair and eventually take all the titles I enthusiastically added to my New Adult shelf last year (i.e. "Holier than Thou", "The Piper's Son", „Where She Went“, "Raw Blue", "Come and See Me" ...), when the genre began to coin itself, off again. For in my opinion it counts as an affront to those titles to be grouped together with books that fulfill the above mentioned basic prerequisites - which really I cannot stand to come across anymore.

Recently I accidentally noticed the description for Armentrout’s upcoming novel "Frigid": "... Kyler puts the 'man' in man-whore ... has always put Syd on a pedestal that was too high for him to reach ... there's nothing stopping their red-hot feelings for each other ..." and I thought: Shove it back into the eighteenth century, squeeze her into a tight, but demure corset, hand him an inheritance and a full stamp card of a small-town discount bordello and you've got a regular bodice ripper (I know: There is nothing wrong with those. But everybody knows at least what to expect from historical romance). What is "new"(=different) in New Adult fiction is only the contemporary setting and that strange fixation on sexual abuse.

I am astonished by my own thoughts, but I guess I would rather stick to good old British ChickLit when searching for a realistic story about a young woman finding her place in life and a guy to suck up to than to suffer more of this vile, repetitive and uneventful stuff. Unfortunately I have already "Slammed" and "Easy" on my Kindle and thus I believe I will venture into the jungle of damaged girls and hot, temperamental boy-men at least twice again . Sad, sad business, I know. So don't kill me for my opinion. I suffered enough reading the book.
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317 reviews3,127 followers
March 15, 2017
4.25 Stars


I love the NA genre and have been wanting to read something by this author. As soon as I started the first chapter, I knew I was in for a treat.

The MC's, Avery and Cam, were exactly what I hoped for. Avery is sassy, determined and says whatever she feels like, but is emotionally flawed. Cam is adorably full of himself, fun to be around, and oh so confident and sinfully gorgeous.

Girls clamor to be with Cam, but he sets his sights on the red-headed beauty, named Avery, and makes a constant pest out of himself until she agrees to go on a date with him. Stubborn to a fault, Avery soon learns the hard way, she can't live without him.

"Don't you have anyone else to bother?"

"There are a shit ton of people that I could reward with my presence, but I chose you."

I could not get enough of these two, and their lively, bantering conversations. Their chemistry is undeniably sizzling and their relationship is quite angsty. I love a slow burn romance, and this one had it in spades.

A snippet of the storyline ......

Avery Morgansten selects a college nearly across the country to get away from her parents and her hometown. She needed to go to a place where she knew no one and no one knew her. A place totally different from her high school days where everyone hated her. A place where she wasn't called a 'whore' and 'liar.' A place where she could start over and let go of the past, unfortunately the past doesn't want to let go of her.

Running late to her very first college class, she literally collides into 'the' Cameron Hamilton. Later that evening, she discovers she moved into the same apartment complex he lives in and is just across the hall. He is overly flirty and extremely easy on the eyes. Speaking of eyes, his are the deepest blue she has ever seen.

"He was gorgeous in all the ways that made girls do stupid things."

Although Avery is nineteen and a freshman in college, she doesn't do stupid things with guys. She has never been in a relationship before, never dated, never had her first real kiss. Cam makes it completely obvious he hopes to change all that, but Avery knows he would be way too much for her to handle. She hopes someday she can start dating and lead a normal life, because 'normal' was taken away from her on Halloween night five years ago by an older boy named Blaine.

Cam, who doesn't have a shy bone in his body, is totally intrigued by Avery. She is extremely pretty, but doesn't flaunt it. She is smart and witty, but refuses to go out with him, which makes him all the more determined. He is also at a loss for why she keeps turning him down, because girls don't turn him down. She was proving to be quite the challenge, and he was intrigued enough to play the game. He also knows she is holding her past close to the vest, but understands all too well, as he has his own secrets he would rather not discuss.

Unfortunately, relationships don't last when secrets are kept.

If you enjoy a slow burn romance, and believe you me, this was s.l.o.w. b.u.r.n., I think you will like this one.

This story was written in Avery's POV. I am anxious to read Cam's POV in "Trust In Me" next. Knowing Cam, it is going to be quite interesting and fun!
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Author 20 books7,954 followers
February 14, 2013
All I know is that I wish everyone could have their own personal Cam... *sigh*

(This title is NA (new adult), not YA)
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735 reviews815 followers
December 16, 2016

4.5 swoonworthy stars! New-Adult romance at its best!
My Cameron and Avery:

Avery is starting college, far away from her home, ever critical parents and her past. She wants just one single thing - to start over and have a normal life with noone knowing what had happened to her five years ago when she was only fourteen and what made her closed and uncomfortable around others. But what she is not expecting is Cameron - popular, extremely good looking and real charmer who is determined to get to know her better. But will Avery be able to run away from her past forever?

I just love books in which I can gradually reveal what had happened to characters and shaped them the way they are now. Wait For You maybe isn't the most unique story ever written but I enjoyed every single word of it. I had a huge smile on my face most of the time and I was completely smitten by hero - Cam.

Oh, Cam... he was smart, funny and sexy. A very dangerous combination! I fell for him in a matter of couple chapters. He was confident, determined, sometimes cocky but never a jerk. On contrary, he was really nice and caring person. Perfection, right? Jennifer L. Armentrout just knows the best how to write truly swoonworthy heroes. Moreover, Avery was sweet, smart and adorably akward. Yeah, she was a coward, ignoring her problems most of the time but otherwise a very lovable heroine. Together, Cam and Avery created another fictional couple I grew to love and felt strongly compassionate about.

Wait For You is about finding something in your life which is wort of facing your problems instead of running away from them. Wait For You is about coming to terms with decisions and concequences you are not proud about and finally being able to move on. Wait For You is beautiful and emotional page-turner in which Jennifer L. Armentrout proved what a perfect writer she is. I LOVED IT IMMENSELY!

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940 reviews14k followers
February 11, 2017
2.5 stars

Trigger Warning: Rape

Aight.... So I'm in the middle of literally like 6 books and last night i was like U KNOW WHAT I JUST NEED SOMETHING EASY AND LIGHT AND FUN AND SMUTTY SO HECK IT I'M GONNA READ THIS and i promptly read it in 2 sittings before i went to bed and right when i woke up.

A history of my and JLA's relationship: I was obsessed with the Luxe series when I was like 15 but stopped liking them after book 3 when it got too smutty and weird. I've read a few of her more recent novels, but I just think her writing style is corny and her dialogue and characters are unrealistic, so I knew going into this that I wasn't going to like it, but it would still be fast and addicting.

I was right.
I did an instagram livestream while I read ~30 pages of this book and I was just making fun of it out loud because for the first half of this book, there were literally several things PER PAGE that made me go UGGHGGHGHHGHGHGHHHH

Here's a list of those things, as well as some other problematic content I noticed:
-the only gay character in the book is constantly sexualizing other men and saying "girl" and "honey" at the beginning of every sentence. Sometimes stereotypes are true, but it was just really uncomfortable for JLA to establish that one of her characters is gay by making him BLATANTLY. GAY.
-woop, there it is. only took 60 pages for male character to say "you're not like most girls." Later on in the text, he tells her that she's "Different in a good kind of way." yikes.
-the amount of times that Cam has to catch her or pick up things for her or buckle her goddamn seatbelt for her is so annoying. let the girl live. at one point he buttoned her coat for her when she was perfectly capable of doing it and it was just so infantilizing. women can do shit by themselves leave us the fuck alone
-so much problematic..
-JLA commonly referred to certain characters as "fucktard." it was meant as a joke, but the variation on the word "retard" could be considered offensive.
-At one point a couple of the characters juggled around the phrase, "I'd go gay for you," implying that being gay is a choice, not something you're born with.
-The main character refers to someone as "spaz," and I know some people with disabilities are uncomfortable with that word being used as a slur.

One of my main issues in this is that Cam (love interest dude) asked her out. every day. for two months. that's uncomfortable, and that's harassment. jla posing it as a "joke" in this books just normalizes that girls should let themselves be treated like this and consider it a joke. furthermore, her friends bully and peer pressure her into going out with him. any time he would be like, "hey, come with me to this thing," her friends would LITERALLY say stuff like "i'll punch you in the face if you don't go." Again, posing it as a joke just makes it even more disturbing.

Additionally, I just really didn't like JLA's message about rape and rapists. A lot of this book focused on Avery overcoming her trauma of being raped, but in the end, nothing happened to the rapist? She dropped the charges, never thought about testifying, and no one in this book encouraged her to tell the truth or go to the police. I just thought this aspect of the book was done really frustratingly and unrealistically, and I was disappointed to see that the way she "moved on" from it all wasn't to contact the police and get justice, but just to be like "from now on, **I** control my life, and no one will tell me otherwise!!" and I just don't think that's a realistic portrayal of how women overcome trauma, especially if their rapist is still on the loose.

The reason this didn't get one or two stars, however, is because I gotta give it to JLA. Although this book was so corny it had my eyes rolling for 90% of it, I gotta admit that she knows how to write slow-burning love scenes. I think there's a really, really great basis for a heartfelt story here, but if I was her editor, I would have her fix a lot of the annoying and problematic dialogue and inner monologue, then it would be so much better. But needless to say, I couldn't put this book down.
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440 reviews5,545 followers
April 10, 2020

No sé como la autora consigue sorprenderme con cada libro que leo suyo.
Te esperaré es una de las historias de amor más bonitas que he leído, sencilla sí, pero Jennifer ha creado unos personajes tan maravillosos que sostienen la historia de una manera increíble. Si os gustan las novelas New Adult, este libro no puede faltar en vuestras lecturas.
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2,434 reviews4,592 followers
July 1, 2014

""Are you sure?" "I have cookies."
"Yeah, and I made them.I'm quite the baker."


Amazing!!!I loved it so much!It was beautiful, emotional and at many parts hilarious!!I didn't want to finished reading it, the story was so addictive!And the part about the cookies...omg :)) It was hilarious!!!I will definately eat Cam's cookies!!!

The book starts with Avery who was seeking a new life and she goes from Texas in a college to West Virginia.Something bother her from her past..so she she's introvert.But things will change when literally crashed in a handsome boy in the first day to school...


Cam is opposite of Avery!He is very communicative and everybody knows him..when he meets Avery he wants to date her...

“You want to say yes, but you’re just not ready.”
My jaw dropped.
“It’s okay.” His grin turned cocky. “I’m a lot to handle, but I can assure you, you’ll have fun handling me.”

He has to wate a lot until she finally accepts his offer :) The chemistry between them was so sweet and hilarious!I absolutely loved them together!!Cam is exactly what Avery needs!What I loved more about their relationship was that first they start as friends and then they fell in love and it was so real!! *sigh* Cam showed all his emotions,something that we don't see often in male characters!


The story wasn't something that I haven't read before,however Jennifer's writing was amazing that made it unique!

Avery was sweet,funny,charming and smart!There were moments that she irritated me but in general I liked her!Cam,Cam,Cam....omg I loved him!!!He was amazing!He is definately one of my top book boyfriends!He was so adorable,hot,sweet,funny and so patient with Avery!I think he is exactly what a girl needs!


If you are a fan of Jennifer and you like slow building friendships that blossoms in a relationships then this is exactly what you need!!I'm looking forward to read the second book!!
As for Cam's book,I'm not sure yet if I will read it because I had said that I will not read again this type of books with the different POV but honestly I can't resist another book with Cam <333 :)))

Please give me more Cam *sigh* :)))

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January 11, 2015
3 - 3.5 COOKIE STARS! ★★★☆

“I'm beginning to think cookies is a code word for something else."

Yup. Don't think I'll ever see a cookie in the same way again ;D

Anywho. GAH I couldn't really settle with a rating for this one because the first half of the book felt like a solid 4, but the second half starting getting on my nerves with Avery. And there's Cam and his pet tortoise Raphael who I would give 5 stars to.

The thing with NA reads is that it's very hard to please with all the recycled plots and with this one, it's really no exception. This is a typical college romance where reformed hot player meets new girl in town running from a terrible past. They bumped into each other, guy tries to woo her and all that shenanigans that makes the recipe of a NA read.

I really enjoyed the first half of the book, the dialogues were highly entertaining and there's Cam with his cookies. Cam alone would have warrant 5 stars from me; he was just super sweet, caring, understanding that he is literally too perfect to be real. And ladies, HE BAKES! And he would cook eggs every Sunday morning for you!

But seriously tho, HE BAKES COOKIES. Chocolate and walnut cookies. COOKIES EVERYWHERE.

But then Avery, ah geez *facepalm* Usually I'm very tolerant and understanding of damaged heroines, but I got superbly ticked off with Avery when she constantly kept pushing away Cam. Who the f*ck says NO to a guy like Cam?! GAHH!

Also, it really doesn't help that the secret reveal of her past was dragged on forever till the end and frankly, that made it super difficult for me to be sympathetic for her throughout. She ended up coming off annoying for me after a good while because I wanted her actions to be damn well justified for acting that way. But nope, she just kept living in her little bubble.

I'm not even gonna lie but Avery really doesn't deserve him. Where is the justice in this world right now?!

Overall it was still a nice sweet read but nothing phenomenal when it comes to the plot. It does have its emotional moments and a great addition of side characters. Cam definitely is the highlight of this book but a tiny part of me is mad that he could be so fixated on a girl like Avery. If it wasn't for Cam, I may have totally ditched this book. *sighs*

PS: Thanks Rachel for introducing Cam to me and ruining all men on the planet for me right now! ♥♥
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Author 15 books962 followers
March 10, 2013
(Tapping my finger against the side of my head) Where to begin.

First off, I will never look at cookies and eggs the same way again. I love cookies, and if that's a code word for something else, then I'll take that too. Nor will I be able to eat them without thinking about CAM. Sigh. He was incredibly hot, right down to that sun tattoo, absolutely, but it was something more. It was his sense of humor (love that), his playfulness, his thoughtfulness. Loved during their intimate moments how he would always ask "May I?" So incredibly sweet. Plus, I could totally picture him saying "Hell to the mother fucking no," and that is totally HOT! (knees scraping the floor, palms up, eyes wide)…..More please.

LOVED all the playful banter. I’m a huge fan of it. There’s something about it. Perhaps it’s the way my whole face smiles while I’m reading it, or the way my mind wanders to the possibilities of the words and where they will take the characters, and me along with them. It’s flirty, it’s sexy, it’s...well, enough said.

I was a bit angry at Avery for not opening up sooner and trusting Cam. Come on, the guy laid his heart out, among other things. She needed to do the same. However, the fact that everything wrapped up nicely in the end, and I got my happily ever after....made it all worthwhile.

Now I'm off to have a cookie! :)

ADDENDUM: Cam going commando...HOLY SH***!!!!!!

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1,051 reviews1,049 followers
December 18, 2015

As my first ever JLA read, I have no idea as to what to expect. But simply basing it on friends’ reviews, I know for a fact that JLA is one of our elite kick-ass writers. This book made me see why. She is naturally endowed with great writing skills, so that although this entire story is quite a bit familiar (as it reminds me so much of a mix across Hopeless by Colleen Hoover, Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson and the Lovely Vicious series by Sara Wolf- all of which are great books, BTW), she still managed to make it such an exciting read that it took me only a day to finish it. Her use of hilarious analogies and metaphors gets me all the time. The only thing that bothered me just a little is the abundant use of the f-word, like REALLY abundant ^^

But though admittedly the entire story did not knock me off my feet, the characters (Cam most especially) thankfully did. He is simply perfection, totally a sweetheart! Just read the book and you’ll agree. Here’s a preview…

“I’m serious about you, Avery. If you want me for real, you have me.”

Avery is likable enough, although at one point I almost got tired of her for being too strained over her past. Good thing she’s surrounded by wonderful friends like Jacob (who’s kept me entertained) and Brit who is a darling and of course, Cam. Avery is sooooo lucky to have him.

“I loved his belief in me. It was beautiful.”

I would have loved to have seen more than just a glimpse of her dancing though. I wish the author put more details about that .
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1,260 reviews9,997 followers
July 9, 2020
Jennifer Armentrout has delivered once again!!
"Wait For You" was amazing!!!
I loved every single minute reading this book!!
Cam Hamilton will leave you drooling. He's definitely been added to my favorite book boyfriend list.
Avery is also a very endearing character.
I only hope Jennifer will make this a series. I'd love to get more of Cam & Avery, and think Jase deserves his own story. There seemed to be a hint to a possible connection between Jase and Cam's sister.
I had no doubt that this book would be worthy of a five star rating.
I highly recommend this book!!!! :)
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954 reviews1,114 followers
January 5, 2023
Te esperaré es una de las mejores novelas new adult que he leído en toda mi vida. Una historia con carga dramática y un romance bonito, con muchas chispas y muy sexy 🍪💫🐢🔥❤️

Gracias a esta novela conocí la pluma de Jennifer hace unos años y no puedo estar más feliz de que años después se reedite, y que además este año tendremos la segunda entrega de esta serie.

He leído ya varias veces la historia de Avery y Cam, y cada vez que lo hago me enamoro más de ellos, bueno vale y de Cam también 😏 Las que lo conocéis me entenderéis y las que no, ¡no sé qué hacéis que no lo conocéis!!! 😌 A parte de Cam, el CRUSH, está novela os la recomiendo por todo lo que vais a encontrar en su interior que es una historia que trata temas muy delicados y tiene unos personajes bien construidos en los que vemos su crecimiento. Asimismo, los personajes secundarios tiene varios secundarios que están a la altura de los protagonistas, te quedas con ganas de conocerlos más 🤭

La autora narra la historia de una forma sencilla y adictiva, nos da los detalles justos y necesarios. Además, está narrado desde el punto de vista de Avery. Reconozco que me habría encantado leer algún capítulo narrado por Cam. Estamos ante un friends to lovers que se cuece a fuego, esto ha sido algo que me ha fascinado porque la relación que se forma entre los protagonistas es tan bonita y sana, y está repleta de momentos muy divertidos, emotivos y chispeantes 😍

Ojala le deis una oportunidad a la historia de Avery y Cam porque estoy segura que os enamorará, y se convertirá en uno de vuestros libros favoritos ❤️

Reseña completa: https://www.instagram.com/p/CnC8ZNAof7E/
November 16, 2015
Due to an unfortunate tagging incident and a not-really-but-so-taken challenge on what one *ahem* She-who-is-friends-with-stuffed-dead-animals *ahem* goodreads user might(or might not)read a buddy-read is forthcoming on Friday, November 13th....to include the ab-lovin' aussie, Dino-Jess as well!

The combination of that cover and that blurb make my face muscles twitch:

The Review (such as it were)

2 Stars

Wait for You is 80% fluffy nothingness and 20% rage-inducing garbage. I have a particular hate on for what the lovely Dino-Jess refers to as “Magic Dick Lit”.

The MC, Avery, is a catastrophic MORON! And while there is a very real part of me that wants to sympathize with her, I just can’t. Gross imbecilic behavior destroys any level of true empathy I could have for her. She walks around in a world of unreality. Monsters are real little girl, and you as much as me should know that.

On to the love-interest, shall we? Perfect boy * ahem * Cam, is the idiom of one of my biggest issues with the NA genre. Boys like Cam DO NOT EXIST. They just don’t. And while I will concede that sweet boys who bake cookies better than my mom’s mom may exist they certainly do not come wrapped up in faces like Zac Efron’s with bodies like a football linebacker. Give your head a shake. There is no such thing as perfect, and while personally Cam veers a hard left from perfect there is no doubt in my mind that perfection was the goal in mind on his conception.

Oh yeah…. I’m sure that boy right there is going to wait months for me to get my own head out of my ass and realize I kind of have a thing for him…. Sure, we’ll go with that * eye roll *.

As I said 80% of this book is digestible nothingness fluff. It’s cute in the it’s-so-sweet-I-need-a-dentist-on-speed-dial way and I can appreciate that, I can. However, it’s the other 20% that puts my teeth on edge and makes me growl in the base of my throat. No man, no matter how sexy or sweet, will ever heal your trauma. That shit is my single largest issue. You have to face your own demons and wage war on them, no one can do that for you. And while Wait for You is certainly not the worst case of this I’ve ever read it is present and it does make me want to stab a fool.

I am the last person to say what anyone should or shouldn’t do, it’s just not a vibe I have but man, I hate when serious issues are treated so cavalierly. As plot point rather than the hell they are. I HATE THAT SHIT!

There is so much after school special used as a plot point in this book. Cam’s “secret” was so transparent and understandable that I cannot even deal. My brother would have done the exact same thing, THE EXACT SAME THING.
This book’s an overly sweet, contrived mess of bullshit and burying your head in the sand. We are not ostriches.

Incidentally there are also A LOT of grammatical errors and words missed in this story. However, even that was overshadowed by the gross minimizing of real life horrors. I just, I can’t.

Thank you for voyaging with me, Kelly and Dino-Jess!
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378 reviews135 followers
September 22, 2017
J.Lynn or Jennifer L. Armentrout is one of the best authors out there right now and by far, the most complex, because she can write almost everything in a flawless manner. Who can actually have 2 pen-names and nail it every single time? Add Jennifer to your list:)

By the name of J.Lynn she developed such an amazing series, with important issues and adorable couple that just stick with you a long time. The first story belongs to Avery and Cam and I know you will love them to death, because Avery’s innocence and Cam’s hotness are hard to forget and bond perfectly to create an amazing story.

Avery wants to leave behind a traumatic past that hunted her every minute of her life. After being left out by her family, she just wants to start over and maybe one day, forget. Without the love of her parents and true support in dramatic situations, Avery was almost all her life alone. She enters a new college and things will change when she will meet a blue eye boy called Cameron, the star and hottie of all the school. Girls want him and boys want to be him, but Cameron is very laid back and natural with this status. He likes Avery a lot and he feels she is keeping something important. What at the beginning was a puzzle needed to be put together, developed into something more, and slowly, Cam and Avery will fall in love. That love will be questioned by Avery’s demons and inability of letting go, which will challenge their feelings and create a lot of drama for the couple.

Avery was a great heroine for me and I love her mix of naivety and vulnerability. She was so guarded, but also so eager to feel something new, intense. Even if her chemistry with Cameron was off the charts, she was extremely cautious in having more than a friendship with him, because she was afraid of losing his respect. This element that Jennifer inserted in the book has fantastic but it kind of outraged me in the same time, because no victim of assault or harassment must feel guilty for anything that happened to them. Avery felt dirty and ashamed, this feelings harvested by her family and lack of love.

Cameron was awesome and one of the best boyfriend from this genre. He was very patient, loving and kind. I liked that the exterior matched the interior and his gentleness towards Avery was heart melting. He knew something was not right with her, and even if there were time when he wanted to find out the truth, he considered that showing Avery how he felt was more important than telling her. This slow burn romance was amazing and Cameron won the gold medal for patience and awesomeness because he managed to pull Avery out of her shell and show her what an amazing girl she is, worthy of love and everything in between.

This story is very touching, with a great message behind it and I know you will love the couple. A very intense and steamy story, about second chances, loving yourself and taking chances in order to be happy again. Oh and yes, a story about turtles, cookies and astronomy lessons :)

5 stars!!


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