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Unwanted #1

The Unwanted Wife

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No one had ever looked at her and seen perfection—until now.

Delicate, titian-haired Theresa Noble has met her father’s associates in the past, but the gorgeous, Italian-born Sandro De Lucci leaves her speechless. Eighteen months into their marriage, however, Sandro has turned to ice. Desperate to escape a relationship that has proven to be as stubbornly passionate as it is cold and hateful, Theresa summons up the courage to ask for a divorce. But before he’ll grant her request, Sandro demands something from Theresa: a son.

The stalemate sickens her. Never mind that Sandro has yet to introduce Theresa to the large family that means so much to him. Or that Theresa overhears her husband on the phone with a mystery woman. Most damning is that Theresa senses, in Sandro’s treatment of her, the behind-the-scenes machinations of Jackson Noble, her cruel father. From the depths of her anxiety, Theresa must seek an empowering truth about the husband who calls her, with such cold affection, his cara, his beloved.

Revised edition: This edition of The Unwanted Wife includes editorial revisions.

247 pages, Kindle Edition

First published September 26, 2012

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About the author

Natasha Anders

16 books2,885 followers
Since making her publishing debut in 2012, Natasha Anders has drawn praise and attention as a unique voice in romance. Montlake author and 2018 RITA® Finalist, Anders was born in Cape Town, South Africa. She spent nine years as an associate English teacher in Niigata, Japan, where she became a legendary karaoke diva. Anders currently lives in Cape Town.

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367 reviews8,625 followers
March 12, 2022
#1 reason why this book is entertaining : the male main character was suffering the entire book.

this. this is the content i love.

this book had me intrigued because, i love groveling and i heard this book is just full of the hero groveling so alas here i am. this is about Theresa (h) finally having enough with her husband's, Sandro (H), neglectful and dickhead attitude since they've been married for 18 months and asking for a divorce. Sandro, not knowing that his wife didn't know that their marriage was "arranged" and genuinely loved him finally gets his head out of his ass and grovels especially since spoiler // Theresa is pregnant // but too little too late now i guess.

“I'm your husband...”
“No. You are not my husband,” she interrupted in a voice thickened with hatred and tears. “You have never been my husband. A husband loves, honours and cherishes! A husband is a lover and a champion... Look into the next room if you want to see what a real husband is, because you are no such thing!”

and honestly? other books with supposed "groveling" isn't enough for me. you think 2 chapters of telling >>> showing of the hero groveling or doing a ONE speech or public gesture or naming a cloud after them is enough for me?


what is worse is that the heroine, most of the time, just forgives the hero after ONE speech. yeah, that's a no for me. i need 10 chapters - minimum - of the hero begging for the heroine's forgiveness and the heroine making the hero work hard for it until i, as the reader, am satisfied with the groveling because seriously,


anywho, going back to the book, Theresa really made Sandro suffer the entire book and rightfully so. when i tell you she did not forgive Sandro the entire book and made him work for it til the very end? i mean it.

"You know what it’s like when you have an overwhelming urge to scrape the touch, the smell, the very essence of someone off your skin, don’t you? After all, that’s what you usually do thirty seconds after your orgasm, and I can finally relate to that."

sis did not wake up and choose violence, she IS violence.


first of all, Sandro is kinda dumb. no- actually, he's fully dumb. throughout the book he was groveling and working hard to earn his wife's forgiveness right? right. what i don't understand is why he keeps hanging out with the OW, Francesca, aka his ex girlfriend that Theresa thought he has loved this whole entire time, whenever he goes back to Italy to visit his family. i know that his family forces him to hang out with his ex but dancing with her? hugging her and putting his arms around her shoulders? kissing her cheeks? laughing with her and knowing that there's paparazzi everywhere meaning he knows that his wife will probably see them pictured together?

sir, explain yourself.

and also, he must've known that the media was talking shit about his wife right? he could've literally protected Theresa and told the paparazzi's to shut the fuck up and shut the rumors down about him and Francesca but he never did any of this. so see, this is why we need Sandro's POV in this book because yes, everything was written in Theresa's POV. plus, i just wanted to feel his pain and regret, and i wanna know his train of thought whenever he would go to Italy while his family is forcing him to hang out with his ex. and for those who want to know, this is his mindset about his ex:

"I don't love Francesca. I don't think I've ever loved her. Maybe when I married you, for about five seconds, I believed that I did. But I was disabused of that notion pretty damned early on in our marriage. I don't love her and I have no idea why the hell you're so fixated on her."

now, do y'all see what i mean by Sandro being a dumbass? i HaVe No IdeA wHy yoU'Re fIxAtEd On HeR... dude.

also, for those who want to know, no he never cheated but he did pretend to be with random women the whole time they were married and Theresa thought he was maybe cheating. and he knew this would hurt her. so the fact that he doesn't know why his wife is "fixated" on his ex and he knows that the paparazzi are taking pictures of them together... boy, i wonder why your wife is fixated on her, you dumbass.

i know i said i like that Sandro was suffering but these two fought the ENTIRE book. i just wanted more sweet moments between them because their arguments were getting a little tiresome and a bit repetitive. i just wish there were at least past scenes that shows us how Sandro has treated Theresa as it was all telling >>> showing. and because of this and the fact i only saw him as an asshole in the first chapter, i started to feel bad for Sandro and we don't want that because Theresa really was ruthless (deservedly so).

───── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ─────

again, i just wish we have more of Sandro's POV because we just get his side of things literally waaay at the end in a long ass speech. and even though he's trying to win his wife back, why the f can't he just tell her the truth from the very beginning about Francesca instead of stressing his pregnant wife out for the whole 9 months of her pregnancy??

What. An. Idiot.

if you guys want to be stressed and wanna read about a hero suffering the entire book then i recommend this!!

3.25 stars ☆⋆
757 reviews2,350 followers
November 19, 2018
I'm fucking sad okay FUCK yall dont understand how much i would die for this book and the characters and literally everything fucking in this book!!!

I think I have the whole book memorized at this point.

will I ever get tired of reading this book?? never

this book is so perfect what is my life without this book omg

Bury me with this book when i die


Starting this three days after I just finished reading it for the third time. I have issues??? I have issues.
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1,461 reviews1,122 followers
March 25, 2017
I was recommended this book by one of my GR friends and whilst I was a bit hesitant after reading the blurb – a lot of angst it seemed to be, and the title was pretty hard….unwanted!!!!! – but it actually turned out to be a really good read.
 photo images_zps6fxvzabt.jpg

Alessandro & Theresa de Lucci had been living in a loveless and cold marriage.
Theresa had married Sandro because she was in love with him but he was blackmailed by her manipulative father into the marriage and to produce a male son so that he can get his family’s vineyard back.

After two years of loneliness, unhappiness and misery with Sandro, she decides that she’s had enough and demands a divorce from him. But he cruelly refuses……..he needs that son before he will ever give her the freedom she wants.

I hated Alessandro from the very beginning. His cruelty and his dismissive attitude to Theresa were truly horrible. How can a man ever behave in such a way? How can he have sex with a woman he despises, never kissing her but just a roll in bed, never introduces his wife to his family and friends…and even worse, he’s in love with another woman, just waiting for him to get rid of Theresa so he can go back to his love of his life…. and think that’s okay!!! I keep having these thoughts in my head of…. photo 723b16c9-51ef-46f0-b3c2-4cfe5413671d_zpsikec4xjo.gif
And Theresa did not do it for me either at the start!!!! How could she have stayed so long in such a marriage? Yes…..she believed she loved him at first and then she’s crazy about his body and having sex with him!!! For real!!!!! Me, I would want to do something else to a man such like sexy Alessandro!!!! photo tumblr_lk4eswFq6B1qbxq6qo1_500_zpsntrv1fe4.gif

Instead what has she been doing for years???? Oh I love him; maybe he will love me to!!! Keep hoping dear!! So… Theresa…stop…
 photo images201_zpset8wafro.jpg

And then….
 photo images202_zpsqq8tkdlv.jpg
Yes, that’s right!!! HUGE SHOCKS!!!!

Sandro discovers that Theresa knew nothing about her father’s blackmail and he now believes that she married him for love. She’s innocent and she’s PREGNANT!!! Wow, Theresa finally did it!!! Sandro can now have his freedom!!! But wait…..something weird is happening here!!

Theresa wants nothing to do with him. She’s had enough!!! Allright girl!!! At last, some backbone!!! But here’s the catch!!!! Sandro no longer wants to divorce her. He wants to stay married to her and be a family with their baby!!!! WHAT!!! Is this guy crazy!!!! Talk about a change of HEART!!!!! What a sod!!! And even more amazing…this guy discovers in a second that he feels a lot for the poor woman………….
 photo zayn-malik-in-love-kiss-gif_zpskk4gglgb.gif

But Theresa is not that swayed!!! She’s standing up for herself at last. He will have to work hard at making up for all those horrible times he’s given her in the past….Grovel…He does a lot of groveling….. photo Sliding Grovel_zps1lhyujwv.gif

This was quite a heartbreaking and emotional story and I was totally drawn into the story. The fact that it takes place over a period of time and not over a day or two made it more real and believable.

Despite my feelings for Sandro, at the end I actually liked him. He managed to redeem himself and make Theresa happy at last.

And what a sweet and lovely epilogue.
 photo images206_zpscv7lnfno.jpg

Oh, have I mentioned that I loved the settings in the story??? Cape Town….my favorite city…..
 photo images204_zpsbza8cfne.jpg
I thought the writing of the settings and characters was extremely well-done.

I am definitely going to check out more books by this author.
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834 reviews4,771 followers
October 31, 2012
4 stars

I was a little leery to read this book considering the title, The Unwanted Wife, which pretty much told me I was in for a heartbreaking and angsty ride; and, oh boy, was this book an heartbreaking and angsty ride. That said, I very much enjoyed reading this story.

I would have given The Unwanted Wife a slightly higher rating, considering it grabbed my attention and didn't let go until the end, but the editing and the heroine's character prevented me from doing so. This book needs editing and I just couldn't related to the heroine by the end of the story. I started the book admiring her determination and perceived backbone, but then she took everything a step too far and in the end became a martyr. Once it got to that point, she lost me.

What shocked me the most, however, was how much I ended up liking the hero when all was said and done. I wasn't prepared for how redeemable his character became by the end of the book. I really didn't think the author could change my mind about him–he was such an ass to the heroine at the beginning of their story–but the author did her job and created one of the most contrite, repentant, and redeemable heroes I've read to date.

The epilogue was fabulous and made all the angst worth while. I was genuinely happy for this couple and glad they got their much deserved happy-ever-after. I closed this book with a happy heart and a smile on my face. I recommend this story to those looking for a good angsty read with a jerky but redeemable hero.

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1,864 reviews30.2k followers
November 21, 2022
5 Awesomely Epic Arranged Marriage Stars

I am a total sucker for the whole forced marriage/arranged marriage shtick.

If you are too, definitely pick this one up. It's one of the best of that "genre" that I've read in a long time - and surprisingly NOT a historical!

I loved everything about this story.

The H was a complete and total alpha dick who later groveled and I fucking loved it.
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305 reviews3,181 followers
July 1, 2021
“I have this life, with you. It’s the only one that matters to me,” he insisted. “I have a wife who loved me once, and who maybe…someday…would dare to love and trust me again? I don’t have to be here…but I want to be here.”

Dear book gods, why must you be so cruel to me and let me be disappointed?

The Unwanted Wife is truly about that: an unwanted wife. Or is it? It follows Italian-born Alessandro De Lucci and Theresa Noble in their 18-month marriage that is slowly falling apart. Theresa met Sandro through her father, and the moment she did, she fell in love. Little did she think that 18 months later, she would be asking him for a divorce. She’s noticed that Alessandro is no longer the man she once thought he was and in order to be granted the divorce, Alessandro asks her to she gives him what he wants, and that is a son. Torn through the past, present, and future, Theresa tries her best to not carry Sandro’s future child, especially because of how effective that would be towards their future. Theresa has never met Alessandro’s family, hardly ever knows anything about his past, and starts wondering if Alessandro ever loved her. It doesn’t help that Theresa believes there is another woman Alessandro is in love with, and as she begins to learn more about her husband, she learns that her cruel and emotionless father has also been involved in the marriage.

I'm conflicted.

I'm still unsure about how I feel about this. I breezed through it and read it in one sitting, but there was definitely something everyone else loved that I missed. I went from feeling confused, to feeling meh about it, to enjoying it, to feeling meh again, to enjoying it again. It was a mix of meh and enjoyment, which made me feel confused in the end.

I've barely heard about this series, but when short stories like it are available on Kindle unlimited, there's no denying I'll run to my Kindle and read it. I feel like there isn't a lot I can say, if I'm being honest. Every review I was reading had no answers to what I was looking for before I started this. Based off the blurb, I thought this would be a romantic suspense, but it was being labeled as women's fiction and romance everywhere I turned to, so my suspicion of the suspense part quickly drifted away. However, since I didn't know this book featured groveling as a plot device, I was quite confused in the beginning.

I feel like I disliked more things about this than I loved, but take it as you will.

The groveling is definitely the best part of this book. I appreciated how Natasha actually showed the groveling being done. Every moment Sandro tried to win Theresa back was shown in a manner where it was easily imaginable, which I highly appreciated. The small details of everything, such as small things he did, how he slowly started developing not only as a "husband" but also as a character, made his character much more appealing to me. There's no denying it's top tier, and I thought it was done well in this book. There's something about making the hero suffer and watching him take in the pain as the woman he is in love with continues to ignore him even though deep down inside, she's clearly still in love with him.

I also really enjoyed the angst between the two characters. It definitely kept the pace going, and there wasn't any moment as I was reading this that I felt myself bored. I felt more annoyed and frustrated (for reasons I'll explain), but never bored. For a short story, the author did an amazing job at keeping the pace and tone. This is an easy trilogy to binge, and I'm already planning on reading the other two books soon.

Chemistry was a terrible thing; sometimes it simply sparked between the wrong people.

However, I'm being honest, I feel like adding Sandros' pov would have made this much better by a long shot. I would have loved to see his thoughts and seen how he was suffering through his head, not through my own reading thoughts and through Theresa. It would have made it more angsty, in my opinion, because we would be seeing what Sandro would be thinking as he went through the pain and heartbreak. With that being said, I still enjoyed reading about him and how he would do anything to win the trust and love of Theresa again.

I also really liked his character development, despite how slow it felt in a short book. He noticed how much he screwed up, especially in realizing how bad his speech with Theresa was. He didn’t know anything about Theresa, not even her birthday, favorite color, what hobbies she has and likes, etc. Of course he started noticing the things about her because Theresa pointed them out, but that was part of his character development. It showed how much he truly cared not only about her and her feelings, but also because he realized he lost so much time with her. The little things always get to me, and Alessandro was, once again, no exception to this. He tried making up for it by asking time from her, such as two hours in the evenings to spend time with her. Honestly, I found these acts to be some of the sweetest and most heartwarming parts of the book, but just in general. His commitment to showing her how she truly is the sun that revolves around him was endearing, and I found it sweet of him to try and be gentle with her.

For example, when they were in the hospital and he brought her helium balloons with praline waffles and pink daisies. Or when he offered to help paint the nursery, saying he saw a huge panda bear toy at the toy shop, only to blush after because he was looking for toys and decorations for the baby's room. Or when he would stop what he was doing to ask Theresa what her plans were, how she’s feeling, or to just listen to her in the mornings when she woke up. Or when he would immediately wake up when the baby cried because he didn’t want Theresa to solve the issue. To be honest, it’s such a dreamy visual representation trying to picture a man like Alessandro holding this tiny infant who has some of his features in his muscular and large arms. Something about men with babies gets to me, especially when the infant is the tiniest creature while the man is this ginormous human being who can cradle an entire King's bed because of how large he is.

“Two hours for what?”
“Just to…” His face clenched in frustration and he shrugged helplessly. “Spend together. Talk, watch a movie, read, sit…anything, as long as we spend it together.”

With that being said, I felt like Sandro was just awful at communicating, and I don't know if this is a me issue or not. This is why I believe his character development was slow. Even though he started to show care and interest to Theresa, he was still so self-willed. Personally, I love reading about heroes who lack communication, struggle on showing their feelings, and say what they want to say but with the wrong words (it's funny and cute). However, with Sandro, I thought he just lacked comprehension. I didn't even mind how Sandro was a complete asshole in the beginning. In fact, I liked it because it added to the drama I was anticipating. Theresa didn't know he married her because of a deal he and her father made, and when Alessandro found this out, he changed, which I expected. He started showing his soft side and began to slowly approach her. This isn't what bothered me though. It was Alessandro's single-mindedness.

Theresa was described as stubborn, both by herself and Sandro, but I found Sandro to also be so, so stubborn.

Every moment where he had the ability to show Theresa how he loved her, he failed miserably. It added to the drama, of course, which I admit made it fun and more engaging, but I won't lie, I was rolling my eyes at some point, annoyed and over it. Every moment, he had the chance to tell Theresa he loved her (and not by saying "I love you"). Theresa would bring up questions like "Why do you want me?" or "Why are you showing me love after all this time?" and Sandro would literally look her in the eye and confidently answer "Because you're my wife." or "Because we're married." and I just laughed. I laughed, I groaned, and I wanted to shake the guy. I wish I could have slapped him as well if I'm being honest. He was unable to understand his feelings, show them, tell them to Theresa, and just, overall, be the person he wanted to be. I don't know if I didn’t take the hint here, but I was not able to sympathize with him easily, nor could I understand why he was the way he was with Theresa sometimes.

Also, something else I can't stop thinking about is this quote:
“The only thing that matters to me is you. You’re the sun I revolve around, and without you…” He shook his head as his voice broke.

Like, are you kidding me?? Without Theresa you what, Sandro!? WHAT HAPPENS? Although we know what he's trying to say, I seriously got so angry at this part. Whatever he was trying to finish saying sounds so beautiful! Theresa is the sun he revolves around. How beautiful must that feel to be told that! But it just ends there, unfortunately.

So despite his character development growing on me, it wasn't enough.

Similarly, I also found Theresa to be stubborn, but there were also things I appreciated from her. I loved the redeemed character arc with her father. I couldn't blame her for feeling the way she did with him, and it was saddening to see how she was still willing to be the "perfect daughter" for him even though she knows he emotionally abandoned her. I thought of her as strong towards the ending when she confronted him. I also really liked how willing she was getting to go as far as she could to make sure she and her child would be fine and healthy. Regardless of the situation that would happen with Sandro (that is, getting the divorce), she was planning on taking care of the child in any way she could, and I just found this determination refreshing because I was worried she would give up on herself and the baby.

“I’m stronger than you’ll ever know, father.” She smiled serenely. “Years of constant rejection from the people you love can leave you with pretty tough skin. You can’t hurt me anymore. I don’t want or need your version of love. I find that I no longer want or need you in my life.”

Yet of course, she was quite persistent as well. Not in the same way as Sandro, because I know she acted the way she did to make him realize how much he truly fucked up, but I felt her to be a little dull sometimes. I honestly wished we could have learned more about her jewelry and her interest in that. Sometimes, her instant sexual attraction to Sandro also pissed me off. With the whole groveling business, I expected her to be more distant, but both Sandro and Theresa would get instantly horny for each other within a second of being chest to chest.

Admittedly, I thought there would be more drama in this. The fact that this book is popularly shelved under "drama" and the so-called drama is something many reviewers have loved, I found myself expecting more. For a book like this, I thought it would involve more twists and turns, and not just angst between the characters. Again, this is mostly just a personal issue, and I probably just expected much more than what I got. I'm pretty sure the drama was the angst between the characters, but it just didn't work entirely for me.

This is definitely an unpopular opinion. I enjoyed it but didn't love it.

“Things change, Theresa.”
“Some things are inexcusable, Sandro,” she whispered painfully. “And unforgivable.”
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1,921 reviews3,458 followers
February 21, 2014

Sweet Baby Jesus...if you like your books angsty then this is the book for you. Me...

Alessandro (Sandro) and Theresa have been married for 18 months. It's an emotionless, loveless, affectionless marriage on Sandro's part and every day it beats Theresa down further and further. All Sandro wants is for her to bring a son in to the world.

Finally, Theresa can't deal with the pain and hurt any longer.

Theresa asks Sandro to give her a divorce. But he won't. And why won't he???

Seems Theresa and Sandro's marriage was merely an arrangement between Theresa's father and Sandro. A sacrifice that he made for his family. And until they produce a son, the marriage stands.

Only, Theresa didn't know about the arrangement like Sandro thought she did.

And now Theresa finds herself, of all things, pregnant. Producing a boy will allow Sandro to be relieved of his "duties", a girl and they will remain bound together.

Sandro eventually sees how much his actions hurt Theresa and he tries to make it up to her. But Theresa remains guarded and isn't willing to give Sandro her heart completely.

"I can't go back to being the naive girl who loved you with all her heart."

"But maybe...the woman who replaced that girl could find a way to love the flawed man she'd once placed on a pedastal he had no business being on?"

Will having a baby bring Sandro and Theresa closer together or push them further apart?

And who in the hell is Francesca and why is Sandro always photographed with her??

While I did like the story, it was different then most everything else out there, I couldn't rate this any higher based on miscommunication being the main culprit of all of Sandro and Theresa's problems. Me no likey miscommunication.

A simple conversation would have solved all of their problems and they could have lived HEA a whole hell of a lot sooner!

But, with that being said I quite liked a groveling Sandro. And even when he was an asshole, we got glimpses of compassion towards Theresa. They went about their relationship a bit backwards....sex was never a problem for them, it was just everything else that had some catching up to do.

And now

Or another margarita!
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239 reviews1,057 followers
September 14, 2023
i wanted drama, i got plenty.
this was toxic yet addicting and i was here for it.
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1,162 reviews4,279 followers
August 3, 2020

Mmm... delicious!

I stumbled upon this book while rummaging through my friends’ shelves in hope of finding an older, "verified" book that would get me out of the reading slump.

I won't lie, I was sceptical when I read the reviews. I gave it a shot anyway. Something must be very, very wrong with me because this book contains all the things which usually get on my nerves. But I FREAKING LOVED IT !

* A manipulative and cold hero.

Yes, the hero is a grade A asshole. Yes, his behavior is despicable. Some might even call it emotional abuse. But he is so fucking HOT!

* A doormat heroine.

Yes, the heroine is a doormat and the hero walks all over her in their marriage. But for some inexplicable reason she isn’t annoying. She actually has a backbone.

* A cat and mouse game which goes on forever.

Yes, a cat and mouse game can be exhausting but I didn’t mind it here (which I can't explain).

* Unrealistic plot.

I mean, can an arranged marriage really happen for such reasons in developed countries in this day and age?

Plus, nothing major is happening in this book. There are only a few characters in the whole book and the heroine almost never leaves her house. Okay, the plot sounds weak and is hardly believable but I was completely engrossed in the story.

* A couple of eye-roll worthy moments.

Okay, this is the main reason I deducted one star.

I'm not sure how the author pulled it off but she should keep doing it. So now I’m just going to continue stalking my GR friends in search for another great book.


Enjoyment:: 4/5
Writing style: 4/5
Storyline: 3/5
Hero: 4/5
Heroine: 4/5
Secondary characters: 3/5
Hotness/chemistry: 4/5
Romance: 3.5/5
Angst: 4/5
Darkness level: 2/5
Humor: 2/5
Depth of the book: 3/5
POV: heroine, 3rd person

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3,923 reviews33.1k followers
October 19, 2020
4.25 stars

This was full of angsty goodness! An oldie but a goodie. I've been recommended this book so many times and I'm glad I finally got to it. The heroine was frustrating at times, but I completely adored the hero. It was a quick listen and completely captivating.

October Audible Escape listen #18
Rating: 4.25 stars
Genre: Romance
Narrators: Justine Eyre
Length: 7 hours and 24 minutes
Profile Image for Alexis *Reality Bites*.
757 reviews3,654 followers
October 23, 2012
This Review contains minor Spoilers-none will hinder your reading experience
4 STARS out of 5
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

'Theresa had finally realised that there would be no thaw; their marriage was a perpetual winter wasteland and if she ever wanted to feel the warmth of the sun on her face again, she had to get out of it. Unfortunately, she now knew that escaping would be trickier than she had thought.'

~Inner monologue Of Theresa in The Unwanted Wife

This book had me an emotional wreck. I was delivered blow after blow and thought their would be no end in sight. I can happily say that I indeed got my HEA, it just took a while to get it.

Theresa De Lucci has spent the first year and a half of her marriage dealing with the arctic chill also known as her husband Alessandro De lucci. The book starts with the two coming down off the high of their climaxes from sex. Theresa is still catching her breath when she says
“I want a divorce, Alessandro.” He tensed, every single muscle in his body went as tight as a coiled spring, before he turned his head to meet her watchful gaze.

Give me a son Theresa

Frustrated and clearly unhappy Theresa asks her husband for a divorce he has no intention on giving her.
Oh no no no, Alessandro has a goal that must be fulfilled before he grants her that, she must first give him a son. A goal he has been trying to achieve since their wedding night. Fed up with his bull Theresa decides to no longer be his doormat. She once loved and adored him... But all he ever did was freeze her out and treat her like she meant nothing. The only time he ever touches her is for sex and even then he never ever kisses her on the lips. NOT ONCE. NOT EVER.

Determined to win the battle and not the war Theresa moves out of their bedroom and continues to ask for a divorce. All the time unaware that he cannot give it to her because of a deal he made. A contract. When certain information comes to light the tables turn. With Theresa now pregnant and no longer wanting to stay in her loveless marriage. All but too late Alessandro finds himself falling for his wife. His wife with the now icy heart and cold demeanor towards him.
Payback is truly a BITCH!
When Alessandro tries to win her back by making up for past mistakes. ONE mistake being the fact that she has never met his family, so he plans for her to meet them. And she does not hold back... She tells him

“A year ago… Eighteen months ago even but not now! Don’t you realise that this is too little too late?”
She shook her head in frustration.
“It’s like putting a band-aid on an amputation!”

He says all the right things and tries his hardest but she cannot see past all the pain. She finds it hard to see the sincerity in his actions.

“You’ve hurt me so many times,”
she confessed. Opening her eyes and meeting his gaze full on. He flinched slightly beneath the accusatory glare.
“I know.”
“In so many ways.”
“I know.”
“Why should I forgive you and love you again? Why should I open up my heart to a man who would probably crush it in the palms of his hands?”
“You probably shouldn’t,”
~Theresa and Alessandro


WOW, this book was crazy. And I loved it!!!
Oh how I wish I could have been in this guys head, he was a walking contradiction. He often left things unexplained and would only breech the subject if his wife asked the right question. He was Italian and SEXY AS HELL. Even when she wanted to hate him she couldn't. Not truly in her heart. But she sure as hell gave him a good cold shoulder. Which he fought tooth and nail. At one point the guy had to negotiate quality time. Hahahahahaha!! I loved that part.
Alessandro was a true ALPHA MALE and said some things that left my head spinning like when she denied him sex he says

“What’s to stop me from simply taking what belongs to me?”

Yeah he was a real A-hole. And even though he spent the mass majority of the book trying to win back his wife's heart and trust... I was right with her protesting every advancing step he took. Waaaayyyyy to many things occurred for her to just give it up freely. And I felt justified with her every action.
The only time I felt like Theresa coward was when it came to Francesca a woman from his past that clearly took residence in his present.

I admit after everything he still won me over. The begging finally worked.lol!
I knew he wanted to right his wrongs but things would happen and it left me saying "what the f**k" too often. His actions constantly went against his words. That is why I label him a walking contradiction.

Her Father...
Theresa's relationship with her father is not the best. In fact it is non existent. I found the man to be cruel and an even bigger A-hole than Alessandro. The day she stood up to that man was a very good day.

Lines that punched me in the gut

“Everything except my womb of course…”
she laughed half-hysterically. “You have a lot of use for that! That’s all I am to you, a womb on legs!”

Ummm, ouch, this hurt because she was stating a fact and he knew it.

Fave Line

"I started praying for a girl because I knew a girl would buy me more time. A girl would keep you with me longer; it would also prove to you, once and for all that your father’s ridiculous contract meant nothing to me anymore. That I wanted our marriage to last forever.”
~ Alessandro

My Ratings
Characters- Lovable
Writing Style- Good
Plot/Storyline- Raw, Highly Emotional and Intense
Steam Factor- High/ Very Steamy
Overall- I loved it!!! Read it!!!

Now go forth and read. Then come tell us about it on Goodreads!
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1,548 reviews3,988 followers
November 26, 2022
3.5 Stars (Originally Read 5/29/2016)

3.5 Stars (Re-Read 8/21/2021)

3.5 Stars (2nd Re-Read 11/25/2022)

Overall Opinion: I had put this off for a while now, and I'm not really sure why. It might be that I saw such mixed reviews and I thought I might have huge issues with the H like I did in A Ruthless Proposition. I did have huge issues with the H. He was a jerk of the biggest kind, and I cried at how he made the h feel! BUT once things came to light as to certain misconceptions he had about his marriage, I actually sympathized with him and ended up liking him more than the h! The h irritated me at times with her grudges. And it get it! Mean words can cut deeper than physical! But she took it to a level that became annoying to me. She's the reason for it not being a 4 star read. Oh, btw! I thought this narrator on KU was amazing! I hope I'll find more audiobooks with her in the future :)

Re-Read Note: I decided to revisit this one after one of my GR friends said that this is one of their most re-read books. I still cried through a lot of this and I felt the unrequited love drama that I (masochistically) enjoy, but I’m going to stick with my initial review and rating. I ended up rolling my eyes at the h a few times towards the end about her not communicating and making assumptions and I also still felt a hate/like connection with the H. Overall, I enjoyed the re-read but it’s not making its new home on my favorites shelf.

2nd Re-Read Note: Nothing really to add here -- I enjoyed it, shed a few tears, and rolled my eyes/got annoyed with the h again! I honestly don't know why, but for some reason around holidays I seek out the angst and this was one I instantly thought of...

Brief Summary of the Storyline: This is Theresa and Sandro's story. This story starts when Theresa has had enough of the indifference and mistreatment she is getting from Sandro, and asks for a divorce. He demands that she give him a son in exchange for the divorce. She starts pushing away and makes big efforts to not take is mistreatment anymore. After some startling discoveries about the events that lead up to their marriage, both of them start to look at each other in different lights. They have some major obstacles to get over, but they do get a HEA ending.

POV: This was told in Theresa's POV.

Overall Pace of Story: Good. I thought it flowed well.

Instalove: No. They are married at the beginning of the story with their own feelings mostly developed.

H rating: 3.5 stars. Sandro. I hated him at first with a passion, but I actually ended up liking him more than the h! If that's not good storytelling I don't know what is!

h rating: 3 stars. Theresa. I had some issues with her stubbornness, and that she didn't just have outright conversations about what was bothering her instead of being passive aggressive at times.

Sadness level: Low/moderate. I personally cried a good bit when she was being hurt by the H, but I don't think everyone will. I've always been a crybaby in the unrequited love type scenarios.

Push/Pull: Yes

Heat level: Moderate. They have some good chemistry and scenes.

Descriptive sex: Yes

Safe sex: No and yes. They are trying to get pregnant, and then condoms are used when they aren't.

OW/OM drama: Yes

Sex scene with OW or OM: No


Separation: Not technically

Possible Triggers: Mild

Closure: This had a cute epilogue with a HEA ending.

How I got it: It was part of my kindle unlimited subscription.

Safety: Safe/Safe with exception depending on personal preferences
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October 4, 2021
3.5 stars

And they think that a one chapter of grovelling and some sweet words are enough in books???

So yes I’m a cynical who don’t believe in second chances, one mistake and you’re out of my life. I just don’t think it’s easy to forgive someone who had wronged you somehow. That’s why it always takes a lot to convince me that someone is sorry. Grovelling is an art that should be taught well. I need to see suffering, a lot of showing instead of talking, and we need to take our sweet time instead of forgiving that person instantly. Thank you.

What I enjoyed in this book is that she made him suffer. Honestly he was kinda an idiot and he needed to be taught a lesson. I loved how she decided to stop being so agreeable and stood up for herself. And the grovel? The whole book was basically him grovelling and wanting her to go back to loving him and I loved to see him working for it. Oh and the DRAMA!!! It was a lot! But in a kinda good way? I don’t know I was just enjoying it!
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July 31, 2023
|| 3.0 stars ||

Okay, so I’m not quite sure what to say about this. On the one hand it was painfully stupid and exceedingly frustrating, but on the other hand I breezed right through it without any boredom or reluctance. I mean, this book was somehow insanely addictive to read, even though I didn’t actually like it? I know, it doesn’t really make sense, but it’s the truth.

This book is commonly known as “the grovel book”. Meaning, the plot is supposed to have one big scene of groveling after another. Which, technically, this did. But it wasn’t really what I was expecting or hoping for.
When I think of groveling I think of desperation, of longing, of regret, of pain, of pure and complete love. I didn’t get that here. The ‘groveling’ felt… random? There was no build-up to their relationship, and the book basically began with the grovel from the get-go. This meant that we didn’t understand their dynamic or any previous feelings they might have had. I have absolutely no clue whatsoever why the heroine had fallen in love with the hero at the beginning, and I also have no idea why the hero suddenly changed his mind about her and loved her back. I only understood why he was no longer angry with her, but why that would mean he was suddenly irrevocably in love with her, I have no clue. Therefore, the grovel felt emotionless, and I had no real investment in it.
Also, groveling usually means romance, softness and gentleness for me. It means the hero wanting to show himself from his best side to get the heroine to forgive him. To fall back in love with him. With this book we didn’t really get that. The hero mostly felt indignant and entitled when it came to the heroine’s forgiveness. He acted like she was just being difficult by not crawling back to him. Like that was what she was supposed to do, and he didn’t understand how she could possibly not! That’s not really the attitude I was hoping for.

Which brings me to my next point, namely; the hero and heroine’s disappointing personalities.
When you think of a book with a lot of groveling, you assume the heroine is strong-minded with a real sense of self-respect, right? But no. Theresa wasn’t like that. She was stubborn, sure. But she wasn’t strong and she didn’t have any self-respect. At heart, she was just like all the other horrible heroines who have absolutely no back-bone. I mean, it literally wasn’t even that she didn’t want to forgive the hero, it was simply that she didn’t believe he would actually want her, and thus, she didn’t trust him to not break her heart again. It had nothing to do with her not wanting to be with someone who had caused her so much pain, humiliation, grief and loneliness. It was just a lack of her believing he would actually want her… After all, she was still constantly horny for him, and even had sex with him multiple times while he was supposed to be groveling. Which is not what I wanted from this. At all.

“Theresa, don’t you dare beat yourself up about it. If the divorce rumours are true then he’s a bastard for abandoning his pregant wife when she needs him most,” Rick fumed.
“No, I’m happy for him. He was trapped…” she was so dazed, she barely realised what she was saying and Rick swore in disbelief.
“My God, it’s like you have battered wife syndrome. Stop making excuses for him, he’s an ass who hurt you time and again.”

Now, moving on the the hero, it doesn’t get much better. He might possibly be the most stupid person on the planet. This man does not know what the word “communicate” means. None of his problems would exist if he just opened his mouth and spoke what he was thinking once in a while. Why didn’t he say he loved her? Why didn’t he say he wanted to stay married to her after they had a son? Why didn’t he say he wasn’t in love with Fransesca? Why didn’t he say any of the things he needed to say to get Theresa to understand and/or forgive him? Why would he constantly let her assume the worst? It would almost seem as if he was actively working against himself on his quest of winning Theresa back. It was insane!
And don’t even get me started on the fact that he was still an arsehole, even while he was trying to win her back, because I don’t even want to get into it. He still did some very questionable and rude things, which was a shame, since his nicer moments were often glossed over or even skipped entirely in the book. The narration would just say something like: “they played board games all night,” and not really get into any of their conversations or interactions during those sweeter or softer scenes.

All in all, I really didn’t like the characters or the romance, but the book itself was somehow still entertaining. It wasn’t great. But it wasn’t bad either. Just some simple, mindless fun with a heavy dose of stupidity.
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1,869 reviews2,246 followers
July 14, 2023
Reread for the millionth time July 2023

Still angsty AF and I love it. Reread for Ripped Bodice Summer Bingo 2023 category "Relationship of Convenience" square.


I've read this book countless times, and it still holds up! If you haven't read this book, we can't be friends anymore :P
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February 11, 2016
Natasha Anders, how do you do this to me?? This is my third book by Anders and all her books share this similar theme. These horrible men who you hate in the beginning, but by the end you are on their side and cheering for them. It’s crazy, crazy I tell you. I wouldn’t believe it’s possible to redeem these men if I hadn’t read the books for myself. All her books are addictive and I just run through these audios.

Unwanted Wife is about a woman who married a man because she loved him, only to discover later her married her for gain. First, I love the fact that Theresa immediately decides she wants out when she realizes this truth. Now Alessandro, he was a complete tool and I literally cringed at times when he spoke to Theresa, but in the end he was redeemed.

I am so impressed with Anders writing and creativity. I love how she pushes the envelope on these men. I love how she writes these strong women who are ready to fight back. I cannot recommend her books enough, they are so addictive, heart wrenching and full of feels and engaging. Highly, highly recommend!

I listened to the audiobook and just loved the accents.

Teasers created by me with stock images purchased from depositphotos.

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December 6, 2015
★★★★★ 5 Stars ★★★★★

Well it's official, I am in love with Natasha Ander's storytelling and the fact that she writes one of my favourite storylines so well pleases me immensely. There is something so spectacular about an enemies to lovers tale, that grips me like a vice and brings out a ton of emotions that make me really feel and be a part of the story.

Sandro De Lucci is an Italian businessman living in Cape Town with his wife of 18 months, Theresa. From the very start of the book, we see Sandro treat Theresa with an air of contempt and disgust which lead you to wonder why on earth they married in the first place.

"It was as if, just when she'd found a way to protect her already battered, bruised, and fragile heart from him, he found some other way around her defenses, leaving her vulnerable to even more pain.

Theresa is unhappy, her relationship with the man she fell in love with is getting worse by the day, and other than their explosive sex life, there is nothing else within their marriage worth holding onto. She decides that she has had enough and wants a divorce, but then she overhears a conversation that has her questioning the last 2 years of her life and she comes to the realisation that unless she gives Sandro his much wanted son, she is stuck in a loveless marriage.

Honestly, this book gave me so many butterflies, there is nothing quite like watching a man struggle with his feelings and fighting so hard not to fall for the one woman he doesn't want to fall for. And the thing I have discovered about this authors heroines, is that they will not give in easily; once they decide that they have had enough, they most definitely do not forgive and forget at the drop of a hat, and in this case, Theresa gave Sandro a run for his money that's for sure.

"Let me go," she demanded weakly when his lips trailed down to her collarbone.
"Cara," he groaned. " I honestly don't think that I can."

I won't lie, this book was angsty, but not overly so. It was also quite emotional in places, and you can't help but swoon over Sandro's attempts to make up for his past wrongdoings.

I am officially addicted to Natasha Anders writing and if you haven't picked this book up yet, I highly recommend that you do.

The Unwanted Wife is a standalone contemporary romance, told in the third person from Theresa's POV.

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294 reviews34 followers
October 30, 2021
“I have no respect for you, Theresa… not even as the potential mother of my child because, quite frankly, you can’t even do that right.”

I absolutely and irrevocably loved this book. The marriage of Alessandro and Theresa began in a terrible way and it made Alessandro hate his wife throughout. His cruel and cold words and treatment of her, made her realize that he will never share the love that she has for him.

The reader slowly understand his reasoning, why Alessandro mistreated her in such a way, but you also see that even though Theresa still loves her husband, she begins to change and become her own strong person. And is unwilling to be vulnerable and give her heart and trust back to him as easily.

I absolutely loved the groveling in this book. She didn't forgive him right away, but the whole book was based on him trying to win her love back. It was definitely heart warming to watch two people finding their way back to each other.

"the last thing in the world I want to do anymore, is hurt you, Theresa. ”

“ I may not have said it much, or at all for that matter but you’re so beautiful I ache just looking at you sometimes. ”...he whispered gently. “The most beautiful thing in my life. I don’t want to leave you here. Not now.”❤

I fell in love with them both and their story and its definitely added to one of my all time favorite books.

Rating 5 amazing stars❤ 🌟
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634 reviews1,275 followers
June 26, 2014

I love angst. I can't help it. I enjoy the rush, heart pounding, blood pressure rising - I'm an angst junkie. That may make me crazy, but, I'm okay with that. The Unwanted Wife gave me angst and I loved it.

After 18 months of marriage Theresa has had enough. Her marriage to Alessandro was not what she had imagined. He is distant, cold, and offers no love or affection. The only thing he seems to want is a son. But Theresa can't take it any longer. Letting go of all hope of receiving his love, she asks for a divorce.

Theresa had finally realized that there would be no thaw; their marriage was a perpetual winter wasteland , and if she ever wanted to feel the warmth of the sun on her face again, she had to get out of it.

But Sandro refuses. Apparently their marriage was simply an arrangement made between Sandro and Theresa's father, one Sandro agreed to for his family. And until a son is born, divorce is not an option. Sandro has spent the last couple of years resenting Theresa, thinking she knew about the arrangement.

“I have no respect for you, Theresa, not even as the potential mother of my child, because, quite frankly, you can’t even do that right.”

Theresa had no idea. Now that everything is out in the open, Sandro realizes how much he has hurt Theresa. He tries to make it up to her, but, Theresa does not make this easy on him. Feelings are all over the place. When Theresa finds herself pregnant, things just get more complicated. If she has a son, Sandro will free but if they have a daughter they will remain together. Will this pregnancy push them together or force them apart?

"I have a wife who loved me once, and who maybe... someday, would dare to love and trust me again? I don't have to be here... but I want to be here."

These two drove me crazy. If only they would have communicated! Gah! But I loved the emotional angst it created. Theresa started grating my nerves a bit and I fell for Sandro. Overall, I really enjoyed this emotional read.

Loved this line!

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1,232 reviews2,066 followers
October 6, 2014
4.5 stars

WARNING: This is going to be a long-winded review with a few rants thrown here and there, and will certainly contain some spoilers.

I call this my "angst done right" book. Very angsty and very emotionally charged read, which could have been a disaster if it wasn't for the fact that the author did a good job with the characterization and the pacing of the story. I read it in one sitting and I was captivated with both Theresa and Sandro's story from start to finish.

First off, the story. Sandro was basically blackmailed into marrying Theresa by Theresa's father in exchange for something that Sandro wants very badly. Thinking that Theresa was in on the scheme, Sandro proceeded to make Theresa pay for her father's sins by making her life a living hell. He was downright cruel and hateful to her during this time. This went on for 18 months until Theresa decided she had enough and asks for a divorce. In other words she grew a backbone.

Let me tell you, the first half of this book was difficult to read. I couldn't believe how much Theresa had to endure during those 18 months when all she really did was to fall in love her husband who didn't want her. I felt for her but at the same time I was also angry at her for being so gullible and for being a victim. Not fair to do to a book character but there I was, fuming silently and cursing my cousin for bullying me into reading this book.

Well, it turns out that this victim mentality started way back during her childhood where she was constantly being rejected by her father. And let me tell you, though I hated Sandro for what he did, I hated her father more. He was downright cruel and not once did he show remorse. He was the one who instigated the deal and led Sandro to believe that Theresa was in on it.

Her ass for a father gave an out to the deal. If Theresa can produce a son, then the deal is off and Sandro can have his freedom and the thing he wanted the most. So on and on it goes. For 18 months, Sandro doesn't kiss Theresa even during sex, he doesn't touch her outside the bedroom, goes on to ignore her until he wants sex of course--and get this, every time they finish doing the business, he says the same thing over and over, 'Give me a son, Theresa.' For 18 months every time they have sex, he says those words afterwards.

Ugh, I hated Sandro at first but I was happy when he finally manned up and realized how wrong he was about his wife. Don't worry, us, readers don't actually get to see those whole 18 months play out. It was all part of Theresa's inner monologue and it comes up during her conversations with Sandro as well. So the reader gets the whole picture of those 18 months without actually reading the whole thing, if you get my drift.

Anyway, as I've said, I was happy with this book and I've grown to love Sandro. You really get to understand his motivation and you will know why he did those things. Not that it was an excuse or anything but the author was able to paint a flawed, believable and most importantly, a redeemable character in Sandro.

Theresa, I also loved because she did grow a backbone. I wasn't annoyed at her for keeping Sandro at arms length and disbelieving her husband when he finally tried to win her back. I mean, if I was in her place, going through what she did with her father and Sandro, I would be very suspicious too. I was actually glad she made him suffer a bit.

So overall, a very satisfying read. I have long since forgiven my cousin for forcing me to read this, like, four hours ago. And oh, there is a short but sweet epilogue, which was absolutely wonderful. I cried during the epilogue but it was happy tears.

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December 3, 2015

Oh, this one was high on the angst and I loved it! The story is about a marriage of convenience with a "little" problem. The problem is that the heroine Theresa doesn't know that her marriage is fake, and the hero Sandro doesn't know that she doesn't know her father set her up. The only thing he wants from his wife is son and the only thing she wants from her husband is love, and neither of them can deliver the above. After a year and a half, Theresa is fed up with her miserable, unhappy marriage and asks for divorce and surprise, surprise, Sandro won't give it to her. When she starts to withdraw emotionally, he wakes up and realizes that he can lose something that he initially didn't even want, but now is a different thing....

I swear to god, I wanted to slap Sandro for the first half of the book and cheered for Theresa to stay strong.

But then when the poor guy showed his true colors and fighted for her, yeah, I wanted to slap her instead.

I must say that Natasha Anders has a gift of creating an asshole figure. Sandro is an ASSHOLE, or at least he may seem like the one in the beginnig. But then, when the story goes, you find out what's in his head and why all the awful things he did and what are his true feelings for his wife, and you. simply. can't. not. fall. for. the. ASSHOLE!
"Silly little Theresa, he chided softly. I may not have said it much, or at all for that matter but you're so beautiful I ache just looking at you sometimes."
"You scared the hell out of me, Theresa... so from now on you are to remain calm and not let your idiot of a husband upset you again. Okay?"
"I do want you, cara. I've always wanted you..."
"I have a wife who loved me once, and who maybe... someday, would dare to love and trust me again? I don't have to be here... but I want to be here."
"Thank you.(...)
For what?(...)
For giving me everything I never knew I wanted."
"I was fascinated with you before but once I started seeing the real you, I fell hard and fast."
Yup, must love the ASSHOLE!
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461 reviews30 followers
September 13, 2023
5/5 ⭐️ x ♾️ This is a reread and it was an even better read this time around! This had just the perfect amount of groveling for my liking.

There was also so much angst and it just made me feel so many emotions. I felt Theresa’s anguish as if it was my own 😭. She was just the sweetest soul and she was fed up of being in such a miserable marriage. She started standing up for herself and demanding the respect that she deserved.

Sandro was an asshole and I LOVED him from the very beginning 🤭. His transformation and character development was amazing and I just loved how much he suffered lol 😆. There’s nothing like seeing a broody hero fall so hard and deep for the heroine ❤️. It was just so beautiful but so painful!

Definitely read this if you are in the mood for some angst and extreme pain because this book definitely delivered on that. Their many arguments had me with tears in my eyes 😭.

And their HEA was just so beautiful! I loved their romance so much. It was painful at times but they had so many sweet and vulnerable moments.

“I want my family there to see me marry the woman who holds my heart in her hands. Please marry me again, Theresa, and make me the happiest man in the world.” 🥹❤️

*first read rating* ⬇️
3.25/5 ⭐️
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356 reviews472 followers
May 30, 2016
2013 3 STARS
2016 2 STARS

I was really torn with my estimation of how to rate this book...

Definitely heroine let the hero work hard to get back to her good grades, hence the stars are only for her super character!

I did not like the Hero...he calls heroine "a bitch" WOW charming..even in anger you do not call your significant other that name, its offensive and disrespectful..there is a line you do not cross, otherwise it becomes "an abuse" That's what happened here, he called her that once and wanted to say again, but stopped himself, just really very nasty Hero...simply put he was a liar and after promising the heroine he would call her after leaving her for his trip to Italy about his father, he never called and on top of that the heroine saw "him with the OW" kissing/hugging/touching...and I did not buy his crap explanation about them being in the same circle therefore, it give him the licence to dance with the other woman and kissing her on the chick and mouth? whilst the heroine was going through a difficult time with her pregnancy..sorry he made promises and instead of calling her he chose to spend his time with the OW! He's is A grade despicable douchebag!

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130 reviews202 followers
March 9, 2022
I usually never rate books a 1 star. But this truly deserve this ⭐️
I went into this book because I was promised grovelling. Instead I got a heroine with no backbone and a h who’s dumber than a bad of rock. It took me 2 hours to finish this book but damn I wished I did my calculus instead of this. All this book had was an idiotic man saying stupid shit that made me want to teach him a lesson. No like an actual lesson where I can explain him where he fucked up (not that any of it will reach his thick skull)

needless to say this DID NOT satisfy my grovelling cravings by a lottt. Sandro is literally the definition of when girls say men *with an eye roll 🙄 *or a huge sigh 😞 pertaining that there is no hope for the men species. Like how can you be that stupid 🤨 is it physically possible? (ofc it is but it still baffles me )

like this has to be the shittist responses if I’ve ever heard one, men 🙄
“For God’s sake, go back to the woman you love! Go back to Francesca.”
“God, you are the most contrary little bitch!” he hissed. “I don’t love Francesca. I don’t think I’ve ever loved her. Maybe when I married you, for about five seconds, I believed that I did. But I was disabused of that notion pretty damned early on in our marriage. I don’t love her and I have no idea why the hell you’re so fixated on her.”

“She’s an old friend; naturally I hugged her or touched her occasionally. Yes, I danced with her, dropped a few casual kisses on her cheek. It meant nothing. I treated her as I would one of my sisters. I don’t desire her, I don’t love her, and I don’t want her! Those are feelings reserved for you…only for you.”

Like a sister?? But you dated her ?? This man makes 0 sense to me.

“You’re my wife, cara. You’re having my baby.” He reached out and covered one of her hands with his. “I belong here.”

Why is the notion that a baby is the only thing that is keeping them together in an obligatory state. Not something I Condone. It also pisses me off that despite all the SHITTY and UNBEARABLE things Sandos has done in their marriage, she was still his love with him internally. At times she really didnt give herself the respect and say “I don’t love him”. The whole book she just kept saying things to make Sandos (and me) feel sorry for me REPEATEDLY. She really needed a backbone, maybe if she talked earlier instead of 18 months too late, or didnt play the victim every two seconds Id understand her side more. I need strong women in these types of story but by the end, Theresa just annoyed the crap out of me.

“I’ll never hurt you again,” he promised vehemently.
“Don’t make promises you can’t keep, Alessandro,” she warned.
“Okay, I’ll try my best not to inadvertently hurt you again,”

^ this is what he says AFTER THEY HAVE A KID AND SHE FORGIVES HIM?? "i'LL tRy mY BeSt"
Imo the grovel period should have been wayyy more than just the pregnancy and he really needed to do just MORE. More mundane things than he did. He still makes so many mistakes and will keep making them but I can’t justify them. Theresa is a way better woman than I am. If I was her in this situation I would stolen his $$ and jetted off the Bora Bora instead of staying with his sorry ass for even a second longer.
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Author 14 books423 followers
February 12, 2022
Well wasn’t this refreshing?

Going in I was intrigued, then even more so when I realized how much I like Sandro. Not in spite of him being a bastard but because he was a bastard.

What kind of twilight zone have I been sucked into?!

This is no doubt the greatest character growth I have ever experienced.

Theresa went from this cowering little mouse of a girl to this fed up defensive woman that was beyond done with the bs she never deserved.

And then there was Sandro. To experience the lengths he would go to prove not only that he was remorseful but to prove his love was undeniably riveting.

This was the emotional rollercoaster of all emotional rollercoasters. I shed tears for both of them. I fell in love with both of them. I wanted to tear my hair out because of both of them. But everything was worth it and I absolutely hated to see this one end.

I think I especially enjoyed this thanks to the narrator; Justine Eyre. She was absolutely fabulous. Her portrayal of both characters gave me everything from sexy to maddening to anguished. Fingers crossed she narrates all this author’s books.
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January 7, 2015
4 ½ stars – Contemporary Romance

This really sucked me in and I neglected all kinds of household tasks to finish it in nearly one sitting. It’s a great read with lots of melodrama and angst that makes for an addictive, fast-paced romance. It reminded me of a very well done Harlequin romance. There were some editing errors, and I got confused when the heroine suddenly developed red hair to match her fiery temper when I could have sworn at one point earlier in the book she was described as being a blonde. But those minor missteps didn’t lessen my overall enjoyment, especially considering it was only .99 cents. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for more from this author.
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