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Rosemary Beach #6

Simple Perfection

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Woods had his perfect life mapped out for him. Rise up the ranks of the family business. Marry the rich girl of his parents’ dreams. Pretend that wealth and privilege was all he’d ever wanted. Then a girl named Della breezed into town, a beautifully imperfect stranger who captured his heart and opened his eyes to a new kind of future. Woods is ready and willing to sacrifice everything for her when the sudden death of his father leaves him with his mother to care for and a business to manage.

Della is determined to be strong for Woods, even as she’s quietly falling to pieces. No matter how far from home she’s run, the ghosts of her past have never stopped haunting her. Struggling to hide her true feelings from Woods, Della fears she can’t be his rock without dragging him down into the darkness with her. But is she strong enough to let go of the last thing holding her together?

274 pages, Kindle Edition

First published September 23, 2013

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About the author

Abbi Glines

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Abbi Glines is a #1 New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of the Rosemary Beach, Sea Breeze, Vincent Boys, Field Party and Existence series. She never cooks unless baking during the Christmas holiday counts. She believes in ghosts and has a habit of asking people if their house is haunted before she goes in it. She drinks afternoon tea because she wants to be British but she now lives in New England and that's as close as it is going to get. When asked how many books she has written she has to stop and count on her fingers. When she’s not locked away writing, she is reading, watching Netflix and all the introverted stuff.
You can connect with Abbi online in several different ways. She uses social media to procrastinate.

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October 3, 2013
1.5 rounded off to 2 disappointing stars!!

Where do I even start with this review?

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I think I may have to apologize in advance to anyone who might find this review/rant offensive. Nothing against Abbi Glines really. I have loved some of her books in the past and I think she pretty much got herself a sweet slice of the NA pie genre. But that said, this book was such a disappointment for me.

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Simple Perfection starts off where Twisted Perfection left off with Woods dealing with the death of his father and its aftermath. Della, while far from totally being healed from her night terrors, is coping with Woods by her side. Woods is now the sole owner of the Kerrington Club, one that his grandfather had always meant to be for him. With that comes the added responsibility of dealing with his mother and of course, Angelina.


Angelina, the bitch from hell. I should focus my hatred on her but surprisingly enough, aside from that "encounter" with Della during the first half of the book, she pretty much disappeared the second half. Yeah, I can't believe it myself. I thought for sure Ms. Glines would try and milk that to the hilt ala Nan circa Too Far Series, but she didn't.

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Just as I was about to breathe a sigh of relief, this BIG MISUNDERSTANDING happened. One of my most hated plot device ever, second only that other plot device that happened at 86%. It's like the author was saying, "Hmm, wait a minute. I've written myself into a corner. There's no more conflict to keep the story going, let me throw in some epic "BIG MISUNDERSTANDING" right here." Boo-f*ckin'-hoo. Guess what? It didn't work. It just made me hate Della more. Yes, more.

There, I said it. There is a thin line between a heroine who, because of the circumstances that happened in her life, is vulnerable and a WEAK heroine. Della, I'm sorry to say, is just a weak heroine. She got better towards the end but more than of half of the book she was just whiny and pathetic. You want to find yourself and you don't want to be a burden? Great! Wonderful! That's totally understandable! But by God, if you truly wanted to find yourself and be self-sufficient, you don't call another guy and leave with him on the back of his bike and take a road trip with him! Who does that?

And Woods? What the hell happened, man? It was like some alien invaded Woods body and made him clingy, needy and so f*ckin' annoying. Where the hell did the real Woods go? I want a sensitive hero, sure, but there is sensitive and then there is OTT, clingy sensitive. Woods became the latter, okay? Not even his dirty talk can save him because even that was an epic fail.

Exhibit A

"Ah, that's good, baby. So damn good. Take it deep. Oh, hell yeah, gag on it." His words came out thick and raspy.


Exhibit B

"No one touches my pussy. This is my pussy, Della," he said in a growl.

Um, yeah. Won't even explain that one. I know what he meant but it just came out wrong. Totally not sexy. *smh*

Truthfully, the only reason I didn't DNF this book was because most of my GR friends who've read it ahead of me said something big happened at around 85% or 86%. I wanted to know what happened. So sue me. And when I finally did know what happened I wanted to do this...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

And this...

And this...

But then I realized that all of those things are not really good for my health, so I just did this...

Yeah. Not real healthy either but hey, what can I do? It happened. I didn't want it to happen but I'm not the author. The author can pretty much do what she wants, right?

I mean, here's thing. I'm not upset because of what happened to that character. I get it. Sometimes authors employ this certain plot device if it's essential to moving the story along. I mean, GRR Martin is famous for this, and I get it. But what pissed me off was the fact that this "THING" happened in order for another character to get his own book and jump-start his story, which is totally unnecessary, IMO!

And contrary to what publishers (I'm assuming the publishers are pushing for more books) think, not every character deserves a f*ckin' book!! Some characters are better off as side characters!! These two characters were well loved already. There was no need to mess with that! It was already good. The fans are satisfied. Just leave it be! Huhuhu! They should have just left it alone.

But they didn't. I felt manipulated. Ugh! And as for Tripp's story?

Sorry. I don't even know if I'll read Grant's story anymore. It's just the same old tactics all over again. Readers are actually smarter than that. I get that there is a huge market for these types of stories but you can only do so much with what flimsy plot you have. Without a strong plot and relatable characters, there is no point in continuing this farce.

I don't begrudge Abbi Glines for writing these stories. She's good at it, and As I have said, I've enjoyed them in the past. Yes, she tends to be formulaic but for me, as long as the execution is spot on and we get likable and strong characters, I'm okay with formulas. But what I'm not okay with is churning out book after book without more or less the same plot and the same old characters. It becomes boring and tedious. And that's just plain wrong.

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August 9, 2016

Sorry I don't have a real review for this up. It's a good book. That twist near the end shocked me though!! *sniff*
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September 25, 2013
4 Stars!!!!

 photo f7a8211e-59cd-4d33-a888-ae759aeb6277_zpsfe875130.jpg

Simple Perfection starts off right where Twisted Perfection leaves off. Woods Kerrington is now solely responsible for his family’s country club. He is dealing with his grieving mother, his crazy ex, and the stress is getting to him. Thankfully, he has Della. The only thing keeping him together, keeping him sane.

 photo 07127ff7-7505-485a-ae99-163b2ab17856_zpsad884171.jpg

Della is happy with Woods. For the first time in her life, she feels normal, special, loved. But she also feels that she’s undeserving of someone like Woods. Due to her family’s history, she thinks he deserves better than her. Someone who doesn’t have issues and who doesn’t have the possibility of becoming crazy like her mother. She can’t stay with him and hold him back.
How could we make this work? This couldn't be forever. I wanted this forever but Woods deserved so much more.

No matter what the couple goes through, and they go through a lot, Woods knows Della is it for him. He never sees Della as damaged or a hindrance. To him, she is perfect. She’s the only thing he wants or needs and he will do whatever he has to do to protect her.
"She's my perfection. She holds my heart in her hands. When she hurts it brings me to my knees. There is no way to explain to you the way I feel about her. Just understand that I will not allow anyone to hurt her again. I won't forgive that. I lose a piece of my soul when I see her in pain."

Woods is one of my favorite of Abbi’s guys, and my definite favorite of the Rosemary beach series. Not only is he sexy as hell, alpha with a bit of a dirty mouth but he is kind, compassionate, patient and loving. Pretty much the perfect guy! He loves Della fiercely.

 photo 7087402c-8a9e-430a-943e-31577b0ad7ef_zps2cdec867.jpg

Della is lost throughout this book. She needed to get away to find herself and figure things out. It was nice to get more of Della’s background and see her move on from her past and get over some of her fears. Being away from Woods made her realize how much she loves him, needs him, and wants to be with him. Once Della realizes she won’t only bring Woods down, that he is the anchor that grounds her, she is able to face him again.

 photo a08f7fc9-978e-4fa9-aa13-41065125125e_zpsb2ae8dfd.jpg
"I want to be the strong one sometimes. I don't always want to be the weak one."
"I just want you. In whatever way I can have you."

Just as things are starting to get back to normal for the couple, something big happens that shakes everyone on Rosemary beach. Tore my heart right from my chest. I understand that I was still devastated. For all the times Woods has comforted and taken care of Della, she has to be the strong one for him now.
She was my glue right now. Being able to touch her was keeping me together.

Della is there for Woods when she needs him. She will do anything she can for him, be everything he needs her to be.

 photo 256c261c-1f7b-46cc-8733-c3603572226e_zpsfd00e7f0.jpg

Even though I was heart broken for a while,I was still very happy with the ending. The gas station. Woods makes me swoon like no other. Even though we don’t get an epilogue, it’s okay. I know we will catch up with these two in Grant’s and Tripp’s book down the road!

I adore Woods, and Della’s journey was wonderful to read about. I wanted a bit more closure with the whole Angelina/Wood’s mother thing. That bugged me a little. Maybe in another book, who knows? Although I didn’t love this book quite as much as the first, it was still a great read. Looking forward (even if I am a bit nervous) about Grant’s book!

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September 29, 2013
4 Healing Stars!!


After the death of Wood’s father, he inherited everything and is now controlling the company, the same one he was once willing to give up his life in sacrifice for it.
Well, not anymore.
Della still has a lot of problems to overcome, but if Woods will have to choose, we will always choose Della. He will fight for her until the end.


Della will have a lot to overcome in this book, and she is settled in solving their problems and finally be the woman Woods deserves.
But her quest is only starting and there’ll be a lot of new discoveries and obstacles… being one of the biggest obstacles herself.


Unfortunately, although this was a damn good reading, I didn’t like it as much as the previous one.
Woods is real great (Rush’s still my favorite, though.) and Della is also good in this book and very supportive of Woods in everything he has to go through… but there was some things that made give a lower rating.
Basically, (Don’t read the spoilers if you haven’t read this yet!) the obvious plot twist to introduce another spin-off with Tripp.

And the knowledge that the first Grant's book

Nonetheless, this book hooked me up since the first pages, like all the books written by this woman, and I’ll will now wait anxiously for the next one, especially after the sweet ending.
Go read this people. This is probably one of the best NA series of the moment.
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65 reviews
December 10, 2013
2.5 Disappointing stars….
Wow. I’ve been looking forward to this book for the longest time and this was SUCH a letdown.

So it started out with Angelina all like

And then Della got annoying as hell

Then my masculine, dark and sexy woods decided to grow a vagina...

"I blew him a kiss that he caught and pressed to his lips."

Don’t get me wrong, Woods had his sweet moments but I didn’t like him nearly as much as I did in the all the other books.

Now let’s talk about all the shit that hit the fan at around 80%.

Don't get me wrong, I love Abby glines books... No one does drama like this woman! But I feel like her characters are always waaay too perfect. I don't know about you, but I prefer reading about beautifully flawed characters apposed to perfect troubled girls with big boobs that give great BJ's and unrealistic guys with more of a vagina than me!!

I just really wasn't feeling this book... I may or may not read Grants book, but Tripps is most likely a no-go for me. I think I've had enough for of the Rosemary crowd for now!
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October 14, 2013
2.5 Underwhelming Stars

"Right now he needs you, I get it. But, Della, you started this journey to live life. Don’t forget that. You left one prison; don’t find yourself in another."

I’m going to keep this review short and “meh” because every road I can think to take leads to spoiler town and that’s not what I’m trying to accomplish. I love the fact that Della took some time to find her inner strength. I wish she would’ve gone about it in a different manner, but the finished product was a stronger, more rational and mature Della. No complaints there. What the hell happened to Woods, though? I know he went through a whole lot during the course of the story, but he didn’t seem to handle any of the situations in typical “Woods” form. The bitches that ended up creating havoc in both he and Della’s lives were never really handled AND he turned into a freakishly clingy version of his former self. That behavior makes sense towards the very end of the story but not before then. Whether his sense of responsibility was so great he turned into a clinger, I can’t say. All I know is I didn’t enjoy reading it.

This book took a turn for the worse for me at the 85% mark. It just seemed like drama for the sake of drama and I really think Ms. Glines missed the mark. To me it felt like needlessly sacrificing a part of the legacy that is this series simply to set up another book and it was done in a matter of a page or two. I didn’t mind the last 10% of this book being used to set up the next two books of the series, but this added little bit of heartache at the end didn’t work for me.

After all of my bitching, I still enjoyed this story overall. And after everything’s said and done, we still have Woods and his filthy, dirty mouth to enjoy.

”Gonna come. Your hot, little mouth wants it, doesn’t it? My naughty baby wants it down her throat. Fuck, yeah. That’s my mouth to fuck.”
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May 3, 2015

I adored the first book. You can read my gushy review. And I was so happy that the next one was available right away. But this book was everything I don't like about NA.

1. Contrived drama.
2. Immature characters.
3. Misunderstandings leading to a lot of trouble.
4. Added angst and misery for whatever reason. I hate when the author


Right now I'm done with Abbi Glines. And I absolutely adored the first book in this series. But this one, I hated it from the first line. And it just went downhill from there. I couldn't feel the spark. Woods was a smothering hero who was nothing like the sexy guy we got to know before. He was so obsessed with Della. I am a sucker for romance but for me a healthy relationship consists of two individuals who make a team. Not two people who give up everything that they are and give up life. Everything was just blah.

Sorry for the rant. I might go over this review in the future, but I right now I don't want to spend any more time on this book. I just need a hug.
October 2, 2013
I was really looking forward to another book about Woods and Della especially since I enjoyed the first book so much. I only have one question....What in the heck happened?

The Woods we knew and loved is G-O-N-E! Instead we have someone who cannot even function unless Della is around him every single minute! I understand he's concerned for her and that she makes him feel better but Woods was the one guy who had his act together. I hated that it was taken away.

Now let's talk Della...you just knew there would be something that would cause some drama and IMO it was pretty lame. And even lamer was the whole thing Braden helped her with...seriously, THAT solved all her problems? Just like that? Nope, not buying it.

And who knew that all it took was Alabama with a gun to get rid of a certain someone....really? Too bad it didn't work on Nan! ;)

Of course, there is the kicker...


I call "foul"! I just hate when this happens. I really hate it when there could've been an easier way...it makes it seem like a cheap shot. :(

But it does set things up for Tripp...I guess I have to be careful about what I wish for!

And that's the other thing, all these storylines were taking over Woods and Della's story! Tripp's and then Grant's - please, please...I don't want to hear the details about Nan!

The few moments of happiness involved my favorites - Rush, Blaire and Nate. I loved every moment of "them". And I got a big kick out of the way Dean was acting.


I did love the ending....that was simple perfection. I loved how Woods set that up.

Next up is Take A Chance with Grant...and hopefully not too much of you know who! (maybe if I keep saying it??)

Favorite quotes:

♥ “You’re my all-in, Della. I’ll throw it all away for you."
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Want to read
August 11, 2013


A teaser???


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September 27, 2013

4.5 Give-Me-More-Woods Stars


If you love Woods, then you will love Simple Perfection.

Simple Perfection is book 2 of the Perfection series, and book 5 of the Rosemary Beach series.

Series order:

Fallen Too Far (Too Far, #1 | Rosemary Beach, #1) < ---- Read, 4 Stars

Never Too Far (Too Far, #2 | Rosemary Beach, #2) < ---- Read, 3 Stars

Forever Too Far (Too Far, #3 | Rosemary Beach, #2) < ---- TBR

Twisted Perfection (Perfection, #1 | Rosemary Beach, #4) < --- Read, 5 Stars

Simple Perfection (Perfection, #1 | Rosemary Beach, #5) < ---- Read, 4.5 Stars

I loved Twisted Perfection. I loved it so much, I purchased a paperback copy and so when Simple Perfection came out, I couldn’t wait to read it. I think this would have been a five star read for me, if Abbi focused more on the Woods and Della dynamics, than the other Rosemary characters (which some readers love, so this is a personal thing for me).

Della will piss you off. She will be irrational and slightly crazy. Again, I know there are readers who LOVE this, so there you have it. The best part of this book was Woods. Oh god, my love for Woods. He’s SO ALPHA! If you looked up Alpha in the dictionary, you will see his name (some readers may be turned off by this, so just so you know, the whole alpha thing is turned up a notch). I love alpha, sexy, I-Love-my-woman, woods. DAMN.

Sigh. SWOON. FAINT, I love Woods. BAD.

For me, it’s very tricky on keeping me engaged in the second book of any series. Where can the characters go? The beginning picks up right where Twisted Perfection left off. So, Woods is dealing with his family and there’s plenty of drama on that side to keep you interested. I liked reading the parts about Woods’ mother and ex-girlfriend. Who doesn’t love a cat fight?

It wasn't the way life was supposed to be, but it was my life. And I'd had Woods in it. That made it all okay.

Then there’s Della and her issues. I understand the direction Abbi was going and you do feel bad for Della. Do you agree with her? I am not sure, but it adds nice tension to the book.

Simple Perfection isn’t a light hearted read. It’s emotional and dramatic. If you are like me and LOVE Woods, then there’s no question, you need to read Simple Perfection.

For more reviews, visit Jacqueline's Reads
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September 22, 2013
“Our chapter was over. It was the most beautiful chapter in my life. I knew I’d had the happy ending way before it was time and now I had to live the rest of the story without him.”

Brace yourselves because Abbi Glines is armed and dangerous in this second instalment of the Perfection series and she is taking no prisoners. I was on pins and needles throughout most of this book, absorbing all the emotional curveballs being thrown at me and just when I thought it was safe to relax and breathe easy again, she did the unthinkable and dismantled my heart into a million little pieces. Have some tissues ready, maybe a bottle of wine nearby, and get ready for another rollercoaster ride that is guaranteed to leave you wobbly at the knees.

“Hold her for me. Hold her tight. Don’t let her be lonely. Don’t let her hurt. Please.”

In Twisted Perfection, Della and Woods have finally realised that they are stronger together than they are apart and have emotionally committed to one another and to a future together. But one tragic event in Woods’ life shakes the foundations of their young relationship and forces them to confront a reality that neither of them wished to face so soon. Having to deal with the aftermath of his father’s sudden death and a mother who refuses to acknowledge the woman he loves, Woods is torn between his love and devotion for Della and his need to protect her from her past, and his new responsibilities as head of the Kerrington Country Club. He has not grieved the loss of his father, his grief too intermingled with anger for the suffering his father had caused Della, and has chosen to bottle his emotions in favour of taking care of Della and her fragile emotional state. Woods has put Della first in his life, over anything and anyone, that resolve putting only further strain on his already problematic relationship with his only remaining parent.

“I won’t let you near Della nor will I put you before her. Understand that if you make me choose, I will choose her without a second thought.”

Della feels safe and loved for the first time in her life. Woods’ demonstrative and overly protective personality is equally comforting as it is overwhelming, at times making her feel smothered by him and convincing her more and more each day that she is an unfathomable burden to him, only holding him back from living his life.

“What was I good for? He had to worry about me. I was weak and needy. I was one more thing for him to stress over. I wasn’t any help at all.”

In an ultimate act of selflessness and love for the man she thinks she would end up destroying, Della walks away. From Woods. From Rosemary. From the only security she has known in her life. And so she begins her transformation from broken and frightened little girl always depending on others to hold her hand and try to fix her, to a woman standing on her own two feet, drawing strength from within rather than from others, and unafraid to fight for what she wants the most in life. With further insight into Della’s horrific childhood, we get a complete picture of the battle she has had to fight daily in her mind, her journey of healing being full of unexpected surprises, but the more she has to overcome, the more she grows stronger and more confident in herself.

“He wants you, Della.”
“Sometimes what we want isn’t what is best for us.”

Woods and Della’s story has not been smooth sailing right from the beginning and it is laced with drama and heartbreak all the way to the end. The chemistry between them is so deliciously multilayered, one minute they are tenderly romantic and genuinely vulnerable towards one another, and the next an almost frantic passion overtakes them and they use that intense connection to communicate their fears, to comfort each other, and to heal one another.

“… I can’t live without Della. I can’t breathe. I can’t f*cking concentrate. I need her. Just her. I can do anything if I have her with me.”

Ms Glines’ writing style remains unique and unquestionably effective. Short sentences, complex emotions under the guise of simplicity, and a method of story-telling that keeps aiming at the reader’s heart with what I’d like to call “peanut butter sandwich” moments (hint: Rush and Blaire in Fallen Too Far) – simple scenes that are deceivingly ordinary but capable of stinging like an electric bolt. This is the conclusion to Woods and Della’s passionate story and it is everything I hoped it would be.

“Love should be simple. I wasn’t simple.”

See this review on my blog! | Follow me on Facebook! | Follow me on Twitter!
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493 reviews223 followers
September 28, 2013
I'm sort of at a loss for words right now. I have said before that Abbi Glines books are like mashed potatoes -- comfortable, something you know, and love. I didn't really enjoy the Vincent Boys/Brothers all that much but other than that I liked the Too Far series and most of the Seabreeze series was solid, as well as her paranormal series. When I read Twisted Perfection I thought OMG Abbi has finally upped her game, I thought that book was wonderful. I loved Della, I loved Woods, I loved them together and I was super happy that they were going to get a second book. I was highly anticipating it as a matter of fact. Now having read it... I just have no words for how disappointed I am by this piece of crap!!! It wasn't absolutely awful but somehow Della managed to turn into this extremely insecure dumbass, Woods seemingly was suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder and was either this overly alpha possessive type or crying like he forgot where he left his balls. Now don't get me wrong there were some emotional parts to this book and if he didn't have some sort of reaction to it that would have been a problem but it's the other times I am referring to.

Glines managed to write almost every single one of my most major pet peeves in one book! That's note worthy in and of itself!!! Firstly, we have a huge and major problem that could have been easily fixed with one 5 minute conversation but then carries on for a great deal of the book. Secondly, I felt like she saw some things that have been popular in recent books and decided to make it work for these characters whether it fit into how she created them to be or not. Third, we have someone who has experienced a traumatic life and exhibits signs of PTSD but somehow with new information and three weeks she is able to become almost completely "healed", and there were no Jesus sightings as far as I know!!! Fourth, Fifth, all of the re-capping!!! If someone is reading this book and hasn't at least read the book before it then I don't know what to tell you, but I don't enjoy reading a bunch of what happened in previous books that I've already read all over again.

For all the potential this story had I am so sad that it was this disappointing!!! I still want to read Grant's book and I still feel like Because of Low and Twisted Perfection were really AWESOME books... but IDK if my relationship with Abbi is going to make it much longer if this is the type of crap that I am expected to pay $3-$8 a pop for...

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212 reviews
September 30, 2013
Bazillion Rosemary Bittersweet Stars
Oh Abbi Glines indeed delivered Woodella Roller-Coaster Ending!

“I just want you. In whatever way I can have you..... Because you make my life amazing.”

did I Cry? You Bet!
did I Laugh? YES!
did I found myself melting with Woodella steam? *not in the
room right now.... ran for a cold shower.

did I Swoon? Add Squeeing.... Sighing... Fainting.... into
that question too..

Simple Perfection is floating with perfect amount of every heartfelt emotion that a book needed to be imprinted not in just your minds but also in your hearts too.

We all met Della & Woods in Twisted Perfection and their
tale started from where we'd left them in TP.

After Woods Kerrington father's sudden death he has the sole ownership of the family's country club. The very club his grandfather made sure will be Woods's when either he turned 25 or if his father dies, but Mr Kerrington always made an impression that Woods had to earn it and by doing so he has to marry Angelina.

Della tried to be supportive in any way she can to help Woods
with his father's death and his mother grieving. She was happy that she's there for him to stand beside him and have a life she always dreamed of.

But when you have witches like Angelina and Woods mother in
the picture you have see your beloved characters going through shit that'll make their lives miserable and you feel the urge to just dive into the frigging book and sort it all.

So, the obstacles started taken place and doubts sprouting the roots in Della's mind that she's never going to enough for Woods, that she'll end up crazy and hold him back from his thriving future.....

On the other hand Woods was keeping her on his palms, he treated her like a glass princesses, always making sure that she didn't fade away in the darkness that hunt her from the past, he always there for her when she needed him. She was IT to him or the way he says Go-All-In.

The doubts in Della's mind made her take the step of her life that
tore Woods heart but it's not like she was immune to it. Being apart from Woods made her realized that her love for him is endless and she needs him in her more then she needs to breath.

The Alpha in Woods wanted to run like hell and move heaven
and earth to bring his woman back because it was hard for him to imagine a life with his Della not in it.

“Della was my go-all-in. She was my winning hand.
You can’t play when you go all in and lose. I’m out.”


And what little misunderstanding made her do that turned out to be way better in her favour, she was mostly lost through this book but once the puzzles of her past started sorting out, she found her way to the light she was seeking throughout her life... the moment she realized that she's strong enough to be the anchor for Woods the way he was her's, she's ready to walk on the water to claim her man back!.

I had always felt safe with Woods. That wasn’t new.
But now . . . now I felt like I’d found my anchor.


Right when they were in the grasp of their
Unicorns & Rainbows a heartbreaking tragedy had hit Rosemary residents that`d changed everyones life. To be honest I didn't see that coming, in fact I still don't believe it!

The horrors Della had fought all her life were started looming over Woods, he was afraid that he'll be fade into the darkness. But this
time it was Della who turned out to the anchor for him to hold on tight.

I couldn't have made it without her. Holding
her reminded me that I was alive.


I was hoping for a little epilogue but still I loved the way their story ended, can't picture anything else for their HEA, gonna say just one line.
The Gas Station
I would love to read more about them in Grant & Tripp's books.

The way Abbi Glines bring all her characters in one world through different books is quite amazing. I can't find enough words to appreciate her writing skills. She knows how to make her readers connected to each character and made them fall for all the positive aspects and hate the villain.

That's what you call the BEST AUTHOR OF ALL TIMES!
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September 24, 2013

Yeah, clearly I missed it. I think I need to just give up on all of these multiple book series. Give each couple a book and wrap that shit up. PLEASE don't create unnecessary drama just for the sake of more books!

And please, please quit turning the hero in to a big vagina. First Rush and now Woods! Remove balls, insert vagina.

Hmm....so for the story itself. Woods' dad has died and he now sits on the Kerrington Club throne. He's dealing with his mom and the ex-fiance Angelina...all the while coddling Della. Woods keeps Della on a tight leash....Della thinks she's holding Woods' back.

Della overhears a conversation between Woods and Jace and COMPLETELY takes it out of context and ASSUMES something completely inaccurate. But do you think she asks Woods about it?

Instead, she leaves Woods a note and runs. She's going to find herself and get better so that she can be strong for Woods....so that she can be more like gun slinging Blaire.

We get to see a whole new side of Woods now that Della is gone.

So now they're going to spend the rest of the book apart??? FML! And now I'm skimming...the entire rest of the book.

While I was by the whole ....I also didn't really get it. It didn't seem to fit with the storyline. Other than to of course set up ???

If Grant's book is about him and Nan

Profile Image for Vickie*** .
341 reviews27 followers
September 23, 2013
4/5 stars

THe first half of the book was (sorry!) frustrating to me. Woods was fine, it was Della who frustrated me so much. In the first book, I never pegged her as someone so weak as she is in this one!
She was too nice, she gave into her fears way too easily, and ran away without finding out the reason of a huge misunderstanding.

Because of the big stupid misunderstanding, Woods and Della were separated for a big part of this book!

THe second half gets much better though. We finally find out what Della's terrors were.
I read so many statuses around 80% that they were sad and had to stop for a while. So I got extremely worried expecting something horrible to happen!! Well I raised the bar so high that when I read I didn't shed a tear.

No, that's not what's supposed to make you cry. But something else does. Oh boy, does it come out of nowhere. I still can't believe it happened. I'm at a loss for words.
major major spoiler -->

As for Nan... She wasn't really in this one, she was just mentioned, she didn't even have dialogue. But I have to get this off my chest.
Everyone in groups are saying she shouldn't end up with Grant (I agree). BUT that she should end up with Blaire's half brother. I'm sorry but I'm just going to be a bitch and just say I want her to end up alone. I think she's not good enough for Blaire's brother (I forgot his name) either. and Freakin' Grant you defended her one time STOP ITTTTTTT NOW! She's going to keep fucking you over

and Nan you better stop getting your claws into Grant, stop being so possessive over everything you can't have, just fucking-

Wood and Della do get their HEA I don't know if they will get another book, it didn't end with a cliffhanger.

But I am super eager to read Harlow and Grant's story (IT BETTER BE HARLOW AND GRANT)

*no cheating in this book whatsoeverrrrrrrrrrr!
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October 26, 2015

I can't even make my words work right now! This book was fantastic, it was fucktastic... It was FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC. It was candy for my eyes.

GAH! Why aren't my thinking things working?????

Woods has found his girl, the one that owns him, owns his soul. His all-in. But Della has demons of her past and too many fears for their future to fully trust in the fact that she will ever be what he needs. This is not just a story about their love, this is Della's story of overcoming her fears and facing them.

This is Woods' story of learning to let go just a bit and finding someone that loves him as strongly as he loves them.

There are far too many things that happened in this story to avoid giving anything away. I will say that if you have read the prior books, you have a little overlap in the story, but reading this particular scene, is like reading it for the first time.

And the way Woods loves this girl is so flippin' sweet. Brace yourselves, because Woods is going to weaken you knees, dampen your panties and leave you completely breathless.

"She's my perfection. She holds my heart in her hands. When she hurts it brings me to my knees. There is no way to explain to you the way I feel about her. Just understand that I will not allow anyone to hurt her again. I won't forgive that. I lose a piece of my soul when I see her in pain."

"With Woods's arms wrapped around me and the beat of his heart pressed against my chest, I knew he would hold me steady. If I ever fell, I'd have him to catch me."

Now, this book is certainly not all hearts and flowers. Della has a lot of issues she needs to sort out and this takes time. But Abbi Glines masterfully guides you through her journey. And it's not just a story that focuses on Della and Woods, you get a lot of the guys of Rosemary. I am so happy to know we still have two more books coming our way for Grant's story. There is no way I am ready to say goodbye to all of these characters. A brilliant and well crafted series that had you loving hard.

There is one particular part in this story that shocked me, I had held myself together pretty well during the angst of Della & Woods, but this. This, brought me to my knees. My heart still fucking hurts right now. I don't know if I want to hug Abbi Glines for throwing something so unexpected at us - that truly turned this story into something so much greater or punch her in her face.

There is a moment towards the end of this book that just felt like a bunch of kids realized that their youth was over - that they were growing up. Long gone were the days of just having fun on the beach. Innocence of youth drifted off to sea.

When I came to the final chapters of this book, this was fluttering though my head.

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May 31, 2015
"In all her twisted perfection she had made me fall helplessly in love with her. A life without her in it seemed pointless."

No words can describe what I'm feeling right now. I am sooo in love with Woods Kerrington and this perfect sequel of the Rosemary Beach. Honestly, I did not immediately delve into this book after reading Twisted Perfection because I didn't enjoy Woods and Della's story that time.

But this book-- *sigh* It's surprisingly better. It was just so good! The love story did affect me because there were too many feels in it. The drama was a little bit exaggerated but who cares? You can't just fall out of love with Woods once you're already hooked with him. ;)

In this book, not only was Della and Woods' story highlighted. There was a glimpse of Jace and Bethy's, too. As well as Blaire and Rush, Grant, and of course my baby Tripp's. :) I loved how these characters converged together and molded their friendship.

There was something in this book that made me cry-- especially at the end. And although I was already spoiled on that certain "twist", still, I couldn't help but cry. Damn. Abbi Glines. Why???

But for the main story, it was good. It was a sweet, happy conclusion for Della and Woods' story. I could not ask for a better ending!

Rating: 5 Stars
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March 12, 2014
2.5 stars
This rating may get upped to 3, but for now I say this...
a. too much formula without finesse--parents are effed up and manipulative, angst from trauma of past abuse, boy-meets-girl, but boy's ex or relative is a she-bitch who hates his girl, girl runs away- and so this formula is getting played, especially when...
b. the plot is not fleshed out enough , where pertinent conflicts are left unresolved, H/h development as a couple is weak after the final "this is it; let's BE together" and mini-surprises/cliffhangers replace falling resolution so that readers are prematurely seduced into reading the NEXT story.[Just finish the damn story already!]
c. One more thing...dirty talk. I'm all for the "You're mine. Mine. Mine." during sex, but sometimes, just let the hero say it another way. And “Ah, that’s good, baby. So damn good. Take it deep. Oh, hell yeah, gag on it” is NOT sexy to me. Just sayin' LOL
a. Despite my exasperation with gimmicks, I really like the author's creation of setting and characters. Sometimes I even like the dialogue.
b. I think Glines has a good hand at writing NA genre. She can do plot formulas well with addition to adding her own spin of moods and hot young alphas. Maybe she'd do better by strengthening her falling resolution and ending of plot, eventually.
c. For me, Glines has some alright stories, tales of young love which can be pleasing and fleetingly smutty, but in a NA way. LOL

Woods and Della get an HEA of sorts, but some telling conflicts they face aren't dealt with fully before the plot hurls the reader into a major conflict that is a set up for other characters' stories.

I would like a solid story instead of a book where the story rushes "what happens after" and relies on "to be cont'd" by-lines. I get that this is all the rage these days, but it makes me, the reader, feel unsatisfied.
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Want to read
March 5, 2013

he already passed the grovel test now bring back the badassness!
And can we meet Dean Finlay please? :)
and wish granted!!!!
Rush's dad is finally here!!!!!!
I read the bonus chapter, holy effity-eff-eff cliffhanger AGAIN!!

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March 30, 2022
I was going to DNF when the evil OW attacks the heroine, beats her, pulls out her hair and is about to kill her except for the fact that a past heroine goes Dirty Harry pulls her handy-dandy 9mm out. Yay! Then they NEVER FILED CHARGES against the evil OW.

But I persevered.

After a really big misunderstanding that is so ridiculous....deep breath, the h rides off into the sunset on another guy's motorcycle.

It's looking like it's a murder suicide situation. H is a little too crazy and controlling, and the h is a little too crazy and stupid.
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September 25, 2013
Ummmmm… WTF just happened? Honestly, that’s pretty much the only thought my brain can process right now. But *pulls up the big girl panties* more of that later…

First and foremost, this is the conclusion to Woods and Della’s story, and it is an emotional, angsty, romantic, and really freaking steamy ride.

I love Woods! He is deeply, madly, and completely in love with Della, and is still swoony as all hell. But I must say, he almost seems a bit obsessed with her, unable to function without her close, and smothering her with his love and protectiveness.

“In all her twisted perfection she had made me fall helplessly in love with her. A life without her in it seemed pointless.”

Della is accepting of Woods’ smothering, so in love with her man that she is happy to do whatever she can to help him, and I love that she takes the initiative to be there for him and try to prove that she is capable despite Woods treating her like she’s made of glass. She still worries about her future, and her concerns about not being worthy of Woods continues to plague her. And this brings us to her moment of epic stupid. Seriously, I rolled my eyes and was groaning my frustration as my pet peeves reared their heads again – stupid heroines jumping to conclusions and lack of communication. Ugh! But, I did like the way it was resolved. I like that it all got dealt with, I like that she was able to look back and realise what she had done was stupid, and I like that it led to some big changes for her. She needed to do it, I just wish she’d handled it a bit differently. And I have to say, I love the way that Woods dealt with it! Just more proof of his awesomeness!

And it’s not just Della going through changes, Woods’ life has completely changed since the last book, and although it is unexpected, he is embracing his new role and responsibilities and claiming it as his own, and I loved that! He is all badass and ‘take charge’ with what he wants, and it was great watching him.

There’s a lot of stuff going on personally for both Della and Woods, but the love between them is never in doubt, and I love their romance. They are from completely different worlds, but they have an incredible love story, and they are so intensely passionate about each other! The sex scenes in this book are scorching, and then Woods comes out with the dirty talk, and it’s just… Whoa!

I love the ongoing involvement of the other characters in this series, and we get to see a lot of them in this one. Tripp, Jace, Bethy, Della’s awesome friend Braden, and of course, Rush, Blaire and Grant, and even Rush’s Dad, Dean, make appearances! I loved getting to see where everybody is at, and the scenes where they are all together are just gold.

There are some big developments for the rest of the series - Grant is in a clusterfuck, with some seriously big stuff going on with him (enough with the Nan storyline! Seriously! Just, no!). And Tripp gets a fair bit of story time, which is great because I love him! There are some huge reveals for him, and I now assume he’ll be getting a book of his own, and all I can say is… DAMN!

And then there’s that twist. OMG! Out of nowhere, my mind was blown and I can’t believe Abbi went there! I was in total and utter shock, and had tears streaming down my face. The emotion! OMG it was intense!

But despite the questionable ending, I really enjoyed this book. I thought it was really well written, and (love it or hate it) Abbi does a great job bringing the emotion, I was really feeling this one! In fact, I was feeling it so much that it took away some of the happiness from Woods and Della’s HEA, which was a bit disappointing. But I still loved their story. Yes, the characters did things that annoyed me at times, but it was important to their journey, and it all builds beautifully to a very satisfying HEA.

4 stars.
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September 28, 2013
3.5 Stars

 photo image_zps8e426b59.jpg

Well, what can I say about "Simple Perfection"?
I felt like we waited an eternity for its release date.
I really loved "Twisted Perfection"!!
Woods was so very alpha, beautiful & swoon worthy.

While reading this book, I kept asking myself "where did my Woods go?!!"
He was extremely sappy at times.
I loved how he was "all in" with Della but it was like he lost his manhood!!
He won points with me for always putting Della first but he was a bit smothering.
Even with him being on top of Della almost 24/7, stupid Angelina and his mother still get their claws in her.
I wanted to scream at Della to beat the ever loving crap out of Angelina!!!
Why did she have to be so weak?!!!!!

There are some big revelations for Della, which I thought were so "convenient" to the story and angst ensues that has Woods and Della separated for a bit.

"When she left here she took my soul with her. I will always belong to her. I don't want her to ever think differently." - Woods

Then BAM @ 84% into the story, we're hit with shit way out of left field!!!
Holy shit I still feel so bad!!
God damn Abbi you could have went a different route with that story!!
Possible angst filled "love triangle" there. I know how people just love them some ❤️ triangles!! LOL

So Woods is so head over heels, lovesick puppy dog for Della and I was asking myself, so what's the big hold up with taking the next step????

"You're my all-in, Della. I'll throw it all away for you. I just want you. I'm all in, baby. This life with you, I'm planning on us." - Woods

I don't think this was as good as the first book and Woods lost some of his edge, but I still love him.
He sure had a dirty mouth in this one. So hot during the sex scenes, which I could have had some more of, by the way!!!
I'm hoping that we get at least another book to finish Della & Woods' story.

I also am anxious to read Trip's story.
Gonna be very interesting, given what went down.

So I gave this one 3.5 stars because although I didn't love it, it had its moments and was an enjoyable read. ☺️
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September 26, 2013
This is me on released date and want to start reading it asap

Simple Perfection is a beautiful inspiring story. It's about being strong,loving unselfishly, forgiving,understanding,and acceptance. I like the plot of the story but somehow some of it didn't work for me. I'm not disappointed but it didn't amused me either. This was a sad,emotional read though you can't put it down.

What i like
I like Della so much. I like how she overcome her past and bad memories. Indeed she was a very strong woman. I like how understanding she was. She was determined to proved herself worthy of Woods.
“With Woods arms wrapped around me and the beat of his heart pressed against my chest, I knew he would hold me steady. If I ever fell, I’d have him to catch me.”

Woods, I love him more in this book. I love how protective,patient,loving and possessive he was to Della. He was definitely hot alpha male. I love him more for what he did to Della when she went looking for herself. Oh and I love how sweet he is. For Woods alone i can give five stars for this book.
"Hold her for me. Hold her tight. Don't let her be lonely. Don't let her hurt"

"I stayed away because I wanted you to come back to me. I wanted you to want me. To want us."

"In all her twisted perfection she had made me fall helplessly in love with her. A life without her in it seemed pointless."

This was also intense,steamy hot read. Though the sex scene is not so much,which I'm glad but it will definitely leave you fanning yourself. This two is like a time bomb,when they have their together,they explode.they will make you throw your panty away.

There were some unexpected scene that really broke my heart. The author did well in that part. That twist I didn't see coming.
What didn't work for me
I understand this is Woods and Della story,but why there are some side stories came out. I'm interested in their stories, but they should have their own.Just saying. I want to know too what happened to crazy mother and selfish spoiled bitch Angelina. I felt their happy ending lack of something. Just saying again.
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September 24, 2013
It was great to be back in Rosemary Beach with Woods, Rush, Jace, and the rest of the gang! It’s official, Woods is definitely my favorite. He may have grown up as a rich and spoiled trust fund brat, but he seems to be the only one of his friends with an actual job. After his father’s unexpected death, Woods has taken over the Kerrington Club.

At 25, he is carrying on his grandfather’s legacy. He’s firing the current board of directors and surrounding himself with people that he trusts. This does not include his crazy mother (who does not approve of Della) or his crazy ex-fiance (who is trying to scare Della off so she can have Woods back).

In typical Abbi Glines-style, there is lots of drama and lots of miscommunication. Woods is still his overprotective caveman self, but I loved him. He is so enamored with Della.
“She was my go-all-in,” I said as I stared down at the smashed-up bar stool.

“Your what?” Jace asked.

“Della was my go-all-in. She was my winning hand. You can’t play when you go all in and lose. I’m out.”

“No, you’re not. This hand ain’t over yet,” Rush said.

Della is still in need of someone to shake some sense into her, but she does finally come around during the latter part of the book. She and Woods get their happily ever after and it’s very sweet. I loved the ending.
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May 29, 2017
Ich habs nach ca 50 Seiten abgebrochen. Das Ganze erschien mir einfach zu gestellt/künstlich & die Charaktere haben mich nur noch abgenervt.
Die Moral von der Geschicht: Abbi Glines ist nichts für mich & ihre Bücher werden aussortiert.
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September 24, 2013
"You're my all-in, Della. I'll throw it all away for you. I just want you. I'm all in, baby.

***3.5 stars***

I think I'm really developing a love-hate relationship with Abbi Glines' sequels. Twisted Perfection is my most favorite work of hers and Woods and Della are my favorite couple. I really thought that she stepped up her game with their story, especially dealing with Della's complicated and sensitive back story. Needless to say, I've been looking forward to getting the continuation to their story and it just saddens me a bit that instead of getting better, this story was kind of a letdown. And believe me, it actually hurts me to give a low rating to this one because it feels like I'm betraying Woods. (LOL)

The story started out very weak and very irritating with the typical "I'm-not-worthy-of-him-so-I'll-just-leave" drama. It did pick up somewhere in the middle and I found myself really engaged in Della's thoughts and feelings as well as Woods' pain. I really understood the intention of the author to come up with a moving and inspirational story, especially concerning Della's condition, but I think it fell short on the actual delivery because the dialogues felt a bit robotic and unfeeling to me and the way the story progressed just didn't have much room for substance and depth. Another thing I felt a bit wary about the story was the huge twist towards the end that came out of nowhere. All it felt like was that she's building it up again for another spin-off with and the already established spin-off with Grant, Nan, and Harlow's story.

I'll tell you this, though... Woods is as swoon-worthy as ever and I offer the three stars to him and .5 for Della finally coming to her senses. The thing with Abbi Glines book is that it just has this certain addicting factor that even if I feel the same way book after book, I still keep coming back for more. There were some moments that made me emotional and all fluttery on the inside and I wished there were more of those feeling moments between Della and Woods, instead of having WTF moments and side stories that veer away from the actual plot. Nevertheless, I still loved reading more about my favorite Abbi Glines couple and I'm not really sure if this is the last because even though it ended on a HEA, there's still room for more. I'm not saying it needs a third book but I'm almost sure that even though it wouldn't amount to anything that epic, I'd still read it anyway. Such is my love-hate relationship with Abbi Glines' sequels :)
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October 19, 2017
5 Simple Stars

Della Sloane & Woods Kerrington

I admit it… I bawled like a damn baby!! I forgot what happens in this book. I knew it was coming I just didn’t KNOW it was this book.

Wow, I loved this book.. Its HELLA HOT! Sad, amazing, heart wrenching, and painfully. But soooo worth reading.

Della really goes through true personal growth in this book, you can’t help but see and want to fight with her.
You might not agree with some of her choices but in the end you are right there with her cheering her on.

Woods oh to watch him struggle it’s hard sure; but in the end so worth everything he went through. When I first meet Woods in Blaire’s books I wasn’t a fan, but after these 2 books I am a huge WOODS fan! He is so Alpha, Strong willed, Strong minded, all rolled in to one incredible man.

What a shocking great addition to the Rosemary Beach Books. On to Grant I can’t wait he has a corner of my heart I will never give away.

*All my Reviews are 100% honest and my own.*
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