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June 19, 2013
This past Sunday, Indigo in Toronto was giving away books for the Indigo Teen ARCs Day! I was able to grab this book called The Rule of Thirds by Chantel Guertin, who is a Toronto author! The book will come out October 2013 but I was happy to have the chance to read this book in advance. Personally I thought that this story would be a silly one considering the topic, a teen girl who has a passion for photography and wants to win a statewide photography competition, but it's more than that. Not only do you see Pippa Greene prepare for the photography competition, you see her volunteer (unwillingly) at a hospital that has bad memories for her (you'll find out why!). Also, she gets into a love triangle! So much happens in this story that I felt like it was a GOOD thing! It was exciting reading about Pippa's life and her journey through all of her emotions. You learn that there's more to her character than just someone who takes pictures for fun, she's trying to find herself. Overall, this story was written in a witty, fun perspective of a teenager with a passion for photography, confused with who she truly likes, and the past that still haunts her. If you are skeptical of reading this book, don't be! I was skeptical but gave it a try and I'm glad I did; I finished the book in two days.

I learned of "ARCs" the day I received this book, it was fun reading a book that hasn't been published for the public yet!
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December 29, 2015
Originally posted at Stay Bookish

I’ll give it straight to you: I loved this book. I was not acquainted with the author before but when I saw the lovely cover (hello to that gorgeous vintage TLR) and read the synopsis- my gut (which I trust most of the time) told me I was going to enjoy this. And I did! Boy, did I enjoy it!

He punches me lightly in the arm. Punch. In. The. Arm. Yessss… Dace doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Punch in the arm = total, uncontrollable, physical attraction.

Did I want to jump inside this book and become best friends with the characters? YES, YES, YES! They all had their own idiosyncrasies and we get to see their individualities unravel at a good pace. I’ve noticed that contemporaries that focus on character development turn out slow and this was not the case at all with The Rule of Thirds. While this was a short read, I felt that the book was able to accomplish a lot!

“But then what? I get there and where are you?”

Now let me tell you about how much I loved the main character. Philadelphia “Pippa” Greene was fantastic. Me and her, we’re almost completely alike to the point that I’d declare her my soul sister. So if you’re wondering if she was relatable or not, my answer would be HELL YES! While this was mostly because of her love for photography, I found that her grief was another factor. I’ve known grief before and the way the author incorporated this issue in the story was really amazing. Grief can get overwhelming but it was handled well in this book. I admired how the story remained light despite having to deal with a (potentially) dark matter.

Concentrate on the rule of thirds, so you don’t concentrate on anything else.

Still, the main reason that I am so enthusiastic about this book was photography. If you guys don’t know yet, aside from books, one of the things I’m most passionate about is photography. Although I enjoy breaking the rules when it comes to taking pictures, the Rule Of Thirds is something I always try to keep in mind. The Rule Of Thirds is an actual photography rule that lots of photographers emphasize since it is crucial for composition of images. The photography aspect was prominent enough for me, since Pippa was always with a camera. More importantly, it was believable and realistic- from the special film treatment to the photo club. I was just so fond of getting glimpses of photography through the Pippa’s point of view and was even more delighted that we had so much in common.

“Boys love a healthy competition. They’re like soda. Some are pepsi, always bring to be better than Coke. The Cokes know they’re the best, but are always on their A-game because the Pepsis are hanging around.”
“What about if they’re root beer?”
“Root beers are the wild card. A little crazy.”

Other aspects that I took delight in were friendship and romance. Although I wish we got to see more of both (can’t get enough!!!), I had fun reading about them. Pippa’s best friend, Dace, was quirky! She’s an aspiring model and while she had her own drama, I thought she was a pretty cool bff! As for the romance, we get a cute little love triangle here, you guys. While I’ve never been in one before (thank god for that), I sympathized with Pippa and her angst over her love interests- a boy who shared her passion but remained mysterious and a crush she hasn’t been able to shake off for the longest time. The only thing I can say is that one is definitely McCuter cuter than the other.

“So, second time you’ve fainted with me. I’m starting worry about the effect I have on you. Every guy wants the ladies to swoon, but this is a bit much.”

Judging from all the laughing and swooning I went through when I read this book, I have no doubts about my feelings for The Rule Of Thirds. I just feel like this book was meant for me! And I so recommend this book to you guys, especially if you enjoy photography or want a quick, light-hearted read! This wonderful YA debut novel is definitely on my mental list of super favorite contemporaries!
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May 7, 2018
I have always been attracted to books about photography, so the Pippa Greene series by Chantel Guertin intrigued me right off the bat. This series is all about discovering who you truly are, and the main character is so relatable. I especially enjoyed Golden Hour, since Pippa’s transformation is evident. I would definitely recommend this series, and each of the books are short and sweet.

Full Series Review on The Candid Cover
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September 27, 2013
I loved this book...

Pippa is smart and snarky as hell. She has an awesome inner monologue [that never ever shuts up], and can be slightly awkward around people. But she is fiercely loyal and wants the best for everyone she cares about.

Dylan is adorable. I wanted to jump in and squeeze him right from the beginning. The dates, the text messages...all of it was perfection.

There was something that I really didn't like and that was how one MAJOR thing was resolved. Or unresolved for that matter. I won't say, because spoilers, but after everything that happened, it was a pretty shitty outcome.

**Thanks to NetGalley for providing the arc in exchange for an honest review**
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September 17, 2022
This was a nice little surprise! I received the book in the mail, the result of a giveaway. I put it aside for a while and read other books with which I was familiar. This one was completely unknown to me. Then I was looking for something that might be a quick read and this was it. I'm happy it was.
Not in any of my usual preferred genres, but looking interesting, I began and kept on reading a lovely little, what I would call, YA tale. Oldies like me enjoy YA books by times.
This little gem tells of several teenagers, in their final high school years, trying to decide on their futures while coping with various issues, including loss, young love, betrayal, competition, confusion, and so on. In many ways, it took me back (way back) to that period in my life (for what that's worth).
I laughed, I mourned, I tried to talk some characters in or out of their choices, or warn them of what I could see coming.
Pippa and Dace were the 2 main female characters, while Ben and Dylan were 2 major male characters, and all were quite well portrayed and interesting, if not somewhat stereotypical. I rooted for my favourites and booed the not-so-nice ones. (Adult characters stayed mostly on the periphery).
The outcome was not surprising, and quite acceptable to me, showing us that there are good and better ways to handle crises and disappointment. I smiled when I finished and wished for more like this. I like nice.
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October 12, 2013
Nose Graze — Young Adult book reviews

There are things I liked about The Rule of Thirds and there are things I really didn't like. Let's start with the good!

I loved the photography aspect of this book; that's actually why I read it in the first place! I love photography myself so it was awesome to read a book about a girl who also loves it. I do kind of wish that there was more time of actual photo taking. There were only two or three real photo shoot scenes, and I would have liked to see more of it! But the ones that were there were fun to read.

I adored Dylan (one of the love interests)! For a while I wasn't sure if I liked him or not.. he was kind of a tough character to figure out. But as the story went on, I started to adore Dylan. He's sweet, thoughtful, funny, and seems like a really nice guy!

Except when she made a few poor decisions, I mostly did like Pippa. She's dealing with the loss of her father and those scenes in particular were really emotional! It was a good addition to the book and I like how it helped fuel Pippa's love and inspiration for photography. But Pippa also suffered panic attacks. She couldn't stand to be around certain places that reminded her of her father.

As for the bad...

I hated everything that had to do with Ben (the second love interest). I hated how sketchy and creepy he was, and how Pippa didn't push him away even after she realized that. He started coming on way too strong and was clearly not a good guy, and yet Pippa never told him to back off. That made me hate Ben even more, and it made me annoyed with Pippa for not being strong about it. He pushed her to skip class, he pushed her to have sex (or at least do more than kissing), and he had some seriously cheesy lines.

"It's just... It's all happening a bit fast. Maybe if we just talked a bit. Tell me more about you. Or... Buffalo. Or what your favorite TV show is."

"I think if I kiss you some more, you'll know a lot quicker if you like me or not than if I tell you about my favorite TV show."

GAG! Pippa that is a good sign that you need to get the fuck away.

I hated how Pippa thought it was okay to date multiple people at once... probably a bad influence from her best friend Dace. Although I usually thought Dace was okay, I hated her stance on this.

When Dace returns, I tell her she's right—maybe I'll try to date both guys.

"I couldn't settle on just one. I guess I like my bikinis like I like my boys. Two at a time."

But I think most of all, I hated the ending. In terms of the competition, it was fine.. but

So The Rule of Thirds did have some serious low points. Honestly the big killer for me was the ending, because I thought it was going to be a good one, and then it just... died. It felt so unresolved (in one sense) and I hated that. But despite that, I did enjoy reading The Rule of Thirds. It was quick and easy to get into, and I think it's a good book to pick up if you love photography!
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September 9, 2016
I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads in exchange for an honest review.

*Contains some spoilers*

What I liked: This book unwaveringly captures the voice of today's teens. I normally am not a fan of "teen slang" but I found myself chuckling at many of the teen inspired phrases. " Short affection span" being my favourite.

This book highlights many of the issues that teenagers have to go through. The relationships between Pippa and those close to her are very accurate and i felt myself transported back to my own time at high-school while reading this book. There are many lessons to be learned from Pippa,her lack of bitterness in the face of betrayal was inspiring.

What i didn't like: Her relationship with Ben made my skin crawl, and while i can understand the impulse to go with the flow, her naivety surrounding Ben and his very obvious motives was disheartening. After her previous relationship with a sketchy guy I was surprised that she thought Ben's actions were acceptable.

What made up for it: Her relationship with Dylan. He was so sweet that by the end of the novel I found myself thoroughly endeared to him. His character was so kind and charming and I liked how he seemed to bring out the best in Pippa and added to her growth in a positive way.

Overall: I would recommend this book. I found it a very enjoyable read and Pippa's character is not only easy to relate to but her strengths are something to strive for.

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September 19, 2013
A truly enjoyable read. Great characters (I want to be BFFs with Pippa and I think I have a crush on Dylan McCuter, I mean McCutter) and an engaging plot. Chantel Guertin did an excellent job of blending a light, fun romance with the serious story of a teen girl dealing with her father's death from cancer. It's not easy to write a book that's this funny AND this sad and serious, but she completely pulled it off.
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April 21, 2022
This was a fun YA (high school with a bit of teenage romance) book - quick but with depth & great friendship and a fun main character. I will likely continue the series at some point! (Excellently narrated as well & available on Hoopla).

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June 9, 2019
Meh. Good guy turns bad. Bad guy turns good. Same old high school story. Oh there’s cancer, too.
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October 9, 2013
GENRE: Young Adult
THEME: Contemporary, Romance, Art

An emotional journey for one young teen that deals with love, betrayal, and discovery through a camera. This is a story that will have readers rooting for the protagonist to find some happiness and discover her strength.

The Rule of Thirds follows Pippa Green a talented young photographer who is always glued to her camera. She and her best friend Dace made a pack for their future, one the photographer the other the subject and model, both hoping to have a bright future. But when mandatory volunteering for the school year places Pippa in the one place she never wanted to go back to; her journey in photography takes a new turn. She is thrust into a stressful environment, her friendship is challenged, her heart is torn in two and all the while tries to finish her entry in the most important photography competition.

Pippa is a smart and very dedicated young girl, she lost her father at a young age and ever since has felt she lost a part of her self. She is dealt with many challenges, her struggles seem to come in waves and she tries to put a face during it all. Her panic attacks happen since the loss of her father and seem to happen at the worst of times. She also deals with a rival photographer Ben who shows a lot of talent and also interest in her. But her heart can’t seem to forget Dylan a bit of a mystery boy who works at the hospital. For one school year she has to go through a lot and the readers will be rooting for her to succeed. Along with all this there is a photography competition she is determined to win to go to the school of her dreams. I loved her determination to win, her passion and creativity through the lens of her camera and that through all the ups and down she discovers her passion is connected to the one thing she feared.

Dace is Pippa’s best friend and also one heck of a party girl, she is someone who wishes to succeed in modeling but in reality nothing ever comes easy. Pippa is the one person Dace needs but pushes away when they both need each other, thus is the challenge of friendship and jealousy. I wanted Dace to open up more; she is so wild and free but also is afraid of failure and not being accepted. I was happy that not matter what Pippa was there even when she was also lost.

The boys were an addition to the chaos that Pippa experienced. Ben is a talented photographer that seems to want to attract attention and be with Pippa. But there is something about him that will keep the readers guessing. Dylan is a sweet and mysterious guy who Pippa is often confused by. His story is emotional and touching but also frustrating for her. I enjoyed both of these boys as they teach Pippa a lot along the way and turn her onto the right path.

Overall I adored this story that I felt was an emotional roller coaster, you’ll have many ups and downs through each chapter along with the characters. There were some parts that were predictable and obvious to the reader, but not the character so I did get frustrated. But I nonetheless I love the results and what Pippa learned. The ending was good but I felt a little rushed; I wanted more from the final scene. For the readers there is a great lessoned learned, a wonderful tale of friendship and what it means to lose and love.

This is a young adult novel that will make you want to venture out with a camera and see the world through the lens. Fans of Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins and Pushing the Limits by Kate McGarry will enjoy The Rule of Thirds.
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December 19, 2014
The Rule of Thirds follows our rather charming protagonist, Philadelphia "Pippa" Greene as she follows her passion, tries to navigate her changing relationship with her best friend, and gets to know some cute boys along the way. It is an honest and occasionally quirky story that was really great to read.

Pippa herself is a unique young woman with a very fun and relatable inner voice that makes her an excellent narrator. She has her own harmless little oddities as well as more serious anxiety and grief-related struggles that make her the complex main character readers constantly search for in novels. She is smart and creative, and as I am someone who loves and appreciates photography, Pippa's dedication to the craft is wonderful to explore. I loved seeing her ideas come through in her work and watching inspiration strike. It's really very encouraging to see someone's passion sweep them up so completely and for them to actually accomplish something with it. It's inspiration woven into a story about a real, down-to-earth, best-friend-worthy main character.

One of the other major aspects of the story is Pippa's changing friendship with her bff, Dace. Dace, an aspiring model, is also a very quirky character. In that way, she and Pippa mesh very well. They have a plan for their lives: Dace will model and Pippa will be the fashion photographer, and they will become famous and successful. However, as they each grow, their situations change and that dream doesn't seem quite as close as it once did. Pippa starts gravitating towards more landscape/object photography over fashion, but doesn't want to admit it to Dace and be the one to kill the dream. It becomes evident that Dace is also hiding something from Pippa, and their once close friendship starts to crack. Watching this play out and seeing Pippa struggle with desperately trying to keep them together while also yearning for the guilt-free freedom to take her own path makes for a very compelling - and relevant - story.

Guertin uses a bit of a different take on the love triangle for Pippa. It's a more mature triangle that's less about her being in love with two boys and having to choose and more about seeing two boys and learning who she clicks with. It's a less overly dramatic and much more realistic, refreshing approach to the "trope" that is the love triangle, and I really enjoyed it. I also liked that as Pippa (and I) got to know each of the boys, Ben and Dylan, I grew to love one of them and was firmly on one team from then on. (Of course, I was also happy when my instincts turned out to be right in the way things played out). I thought both boys were rather well developed, though one certainly remains more mysterious than the other.

The Rule of Thirds is much more than just a story about a girl getting to know boys, though. It is a story about a girl who loves her passion and her best friend, and learns how to grow and change along with them. It is a great example of an important transitional period in a young adult's life and how much it can really affect one. A very enjoyable read.
4 stars.

*I received an ARC of this book at BEA*
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October 17, 2013
4-1/2 stars.

A modified version of this review, complete with more quotes and beautiful Dream Cast, also appears on Swoony Boys Podcast.

I want to start off by saying that I wanted to get my hands on this book since I heard about it, and it was close to the top of my list to grab at BEA. I'm so glad I read it. I loved this book!

Despite recently dealing with some life-altering changes, sixteen year old photog Pippa Greene desperately wants to win Vantage Point, a photography competition that comes with a $5K grand prize and an invitation to exclusive Tisch camp in NYC. She’s also got to log 120 volunteer hours for school and is pretty dismayed when she’s assigned to work as a candy striper at the hospital. Things start looking up when she runs into Dylan McCutter, the super swoony boy she’s had a crush on since she first laid eyes on him two years ago when he opened her stubborn locker at school. Add to that mix Ben Baxter, the hot new student who could steal her spot at Tisch and some drama with Pippa’s BFF, Dace, and you’ve got the perfect combination of fun and heartbreak wrapped up in a neat little must-read package.

There are lots of things I loved: the cover and the boys (most of the time) and Guertin’s super snarky writing. Mostly I loved Pippa. Well, obviously I mostly love Dylan (the boy ::le sigh::), but I love Pippa, too. She has got to be one of my favorite characters ever. She’s snarky and sweet and loyal and everything you could ever want in a friend. She’s strong and vulnerable at the same time. She’s smart, loves photography, watches The Breakfast Club, and is just real. Everything that happens with Pippa and her reactions are pretty spot-on, and I love that.

I loved Dylan. He full names Pippa, opens doors, plays guitar in a band, and is totally swoonworthy. He’s a genius (he got into Harvard) and so, so sweet.
“You’re blowing my mind, Philadephia Green.”

“It’s just a cookie.” My face is hot.

“But it isn’t. I’m starting to get you, I think. You don’t do things like anyone else.”

Though I loved pretty much everything about this book, there is one thing–and it’s pretty major–that I didn’t feel good about not knowing what happened. I can’t say much without giving it all away, but you’ll know what I mean when you read it :)

Also, the other boy, Ben Baxter. He’s definitely hot, he's a photographer and goes after what he wants (which I love, when it's Pippa, hate when it's something that hurts her). I liked a lot of things about Ben (and really, really hated some things), but make no mistake--I was #TeamDylan from the first strum of Dylan’s guitar.

The Rule of Thirds the snark, the sweet, the sadness, and the swoon. It's a stand-alone, but really–-I wouldn’t mind some more of this. I’d like to know what happens the next day, and in New York, and in the Fall, and when they get married… Definitely one of my favorite books of the year.
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August 9, 2014
This review was originally posted on my blog, Ramblings of a Daydreamer. You can find it, and many more reviews at the blog.

Pippa Greene is a 16-year-old photography lover. Photography was something special she shared with her father, and he passed his passion for it on to her. The Rule of Thirds is laid out like a countdown of the weeks leading up to Vantage Point, a photography contest with a cash prize, but more importantly, a spot at a photography camp at the college Pippa’s dad went to in New York City.

I loved Pippa’s passion for photography. Her camera was like an extension of herself. As someone who’s always been interested in photography (and always had a secret dream of being a photographer), I connected easily to Pippa. I really liked her, and thought she was a realistic sixteen-year-old - a bit self-involved at times, unsure, up for adventure. She was easy to relate to, and I sympathized with her problems.

I read The Rule of Thirds in a day. That may not seem like a huge feat since the book is only about 200 pages, but I’m an incredibly slow reader, so it actually says a lot about the book. I was drawn into Pippa’s life and was curious what was going to happen and how everything would get resolved. There was a lot of stuff packed into this short book - family and friend issues, romance, grief. It was mostly a light read, with funny moments peppered throughout, but it was also unexpectedly emotional. I don’t want to get into spoiler territory, but having lived through something similar to what Pippa went through before the story started, there were moments where my heart broke for Pippa.

As for the romance and the love interests, I loved one and thought the other was totally sleazy. I’m not normally a huge fan of love triangles, but this one was done well. It was a believable portrayal of teen romance, and the fact that one boy made me swoon hard…well I can’t complain. ;-)

I really liked the theme of ‘light in the darkness’ throughout the book. With everything that happened to Pippa, it would have been easy for her to get sucked into a dark hole of sadness, and while she had her moments, she was strong and resilient, and I admired her for that.

One major aspect of the book was left unresolved, and that didn’t sit well with me, since it was something really serious. I’m hoping it’ll be dealt with in the second book, but it left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth.

Overall, The Rule of Thirds was very enjoyable. Quick and funny, with surprising emotional depth, and a heroine that’s easy to root for, The Rule of Thirds is a must-read for fans of contemporary YA. I’m looking forward to seeing what Pippa gets up to next in Depth of Field.
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September 29, 2013
I had not heard of Chantel before, but when I spotted The Rule of Thirds on netgalley I knew it was something I wanted to read.
The protagonist of The Rule of Thirds is Pippa Greene, photo editor of the school newspaper and president of the photo club. She is also entering into a photography competition to win five grand and go to Tisch Camp.

The Rule of Thirds has a lot of pieces to the story, that all seem to blend well and keep you guessing over what is happening. To make it easier to keep track for you I will make a list of all the pieces.
*The competition which is the main focus for Pippa.
* Ben Baxtor, fellow photography student and also wanting to enter the competition.
* Volunteer service for school at a hospital where Pippa is a candy striper, and this also brings back some bad memories for her.
* Dylan, who Pippa see's at hospital but is also hiding something himself.
* Students have items stolen from lockers, homes etc and Pippa is tasked with helping search for the missing items and the suspect.

I know written down, the above list doesn't really make sense and you are probably wondering how it all fits together so well, to be honest I don't know how Chantel has done it myself, but she has worked some serious writer magic and has made The Rule of Thirds an enjoyable read that really draws you in.

Through some parts of The Rule of Thirds I felt sorry for Pippa for what she has to face and deal with. When she hands in her entries for the competition my heart broke for what happened but as she makes progress I cheered her on, wanting her to keep going. Nothing gets her down and I like how she is a fighter, when something doesn't go her way she comes back fighting.

The characters in The Rule of Thirds were not only realistic, but also believable, and that only helped me fall into the pages of the book and not come up for air till I had finished. They face everyday teenager problems, and Pippa also faces her personal demons, for that alone I have a lot of admiration for her. It's not something I think I would have been able to do myself.
My only issue with the book is that we didn't get to see some of the fantastically described photographs that are taken, and I think it would have been a nice touch to see a few of them sporadically throughout the pages.
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January 8, 2014
An actual book about a photographer! How many times do you find a YA book like that? Pippa (actual name Philadelphia ~ I know it's an awesome name) is a photographer getting ready for Vantage Point, a competition that can land her for two whole weeks in a photography school in New York. Needless to say she's dying to go because it can be her ticket to a great photography school and it's an opportunity of a lifetime. Then in walks Ben Baxter, a cute new guy to the competition that loves photography just as much as Pippa does. While Pippa thinks he's cute, she has eyes for Dylan McCutter who happens to be volunteering at St. Christopher's where she is forced to volunteer for school. The problem with this particular hospital is that it brings up bad memories of her father and then she gets seized up with fear in a panic attack. Pippa is determined to get through her forced volunteering, find out which boy is right for her, and win the Vantage Point competition all without seriously freaking out and maintaining some calm in her life since her life couldn't handle much more pain.

I've got to say it since I'm sure you noticed - the love triangle. It mentioned it in the summary right away so you know already. I was worried at the beginning of the story because I could see it happening from a mile away but once I got into Pippa's life after a while I could see the story had some depth to it what with her father recently dying of cancer and her panic attacks arising because of his death. That's all very serious stuff and I of course started thinking about how just like that life can change in an instant. You don't know how much time you have left so live your life well and to the fullest. I liked that the story had some soul to it. There are a couple of visits with other patients and we get to see how Pippa reacts to them. Pippa's photography was pretty insightful into all of the mixed up feelings going on with her life. The loss of her dad impacted her greatly and I'm glad it wasn't a brush off type of subject. It was really center stage to an otherwise fast and fun read. Although, obvious things were obvious this was a rather enjoyable read that me think and made me want to read other books with photographers as protagonists.
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January 8, 2016
This review and more can be found at The Book Bratz

Looking for a short, easy, entertaining summer read? Then this book is for you. I whipped through is pretty quickly at the beach and enjoyed every minute of it.

I loved the photography and the story behind it, how it was something she shared with her father before he died of cancer a few months earlier. I just wished there was a few more scenes with her doing the photography.

I didn't like Ben (One of the love interests) there was something about him that wasn't right. He kind of threw himself at her instead of waiting for her, but then I guess in the end there was a reason for it.

***I also don't like how the situation with Ben never got solved. Like Pippa, he stole your pictures for the competition and then used them! Worst of all he won. I wish she would have told the directors on him. Then again there is always the second book for this all the play out. It explains though why he was pushy and tried to get close to her so fast, do I think he has feelings for her? Yes. Do I think that he really cares about them? No.***

Of course I fell in love with Dylan. He wasn't the stereotypical boy. He was kind and sweet. Though I did not see that plot twist coming, actually we do see it coming. You just don't put everything together until the very end.

All in all I really did like this book! I am excited to read the sequal for the upcoming book tour!

Rating: ★★★★★

Similarities between me and Pippa:
We both suffer from panic attacks.
I liked (past tense) someone the same name of the boy she likes.
She doesn't like to break the rules.
Our inner thoughts never shuts up!
She is awkward around people, especially boys.
We are both sixteen

I think this is the most I ever related to a character!
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October 15, 2013
In the wake of a pretty crappy year, Pippa Green knows what she wants more than ever. She wants to be a photographer her dad would be proud of. She wants to win the regional award that could get her accepted into Tisch camp, run by the arts school at NYU. And she wants her panic attacks to go away. Forever.

But just when Pippa starts to feel like things are going back to normal, a few things start to shake the ground beneath her feet. For one thing, the new guy at school, Ben Baxter, is seriously cute AND into photography, just like her. He even shows killer slides at the first photo club meeting. Then there's the fact that she's keeping a secret from her best friend, Dace, that could really rattle their life plan as pro photographer and fashion model. When Pippa gets assigned to serve her requisite volunteer hours at the local hospital, though, that might be the last straw. Pippa and hospitals simply don't mix.

Pippa doesn't walk away, though, which leads her to a boy that she used to know. Dylan McCutter, whom she's had a crush on for years, and who is supposed to be at Harvard. Rather than questioning why he's still in small town New York, Pippa lets herself fall for him. And for Ben. And ends up tangled up in yet another mess that could send her into a tailspin. Which she can't afford right now, since that photography contest is coming up, and fast.

Chantel Guertin's THE RULE OF THIRDS is a fast-paced and fun contemporary novel that manages to tackle some could-have-been-tough social issues (friendship, loss, mental illness) with grace and a side of humor. This is definitely the kind of book that Susane Colasanti and Sarah Dessen fans will enjoy curling up with this fall.
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April 21, 2016
Pippa’s main goal is to win the photography competition, Vantage Point so she could atten Tisch, her dream school. Not to mention, her volunteer placement ends up being in a place which holds dire memories she world rather forget. Enter in her crush whom she thought would never see again and another boy who’s new to town, her life starts to get busy and problematic in more ways than one.

I liked Pippa enough even though she would have completely selfish and snarky thoughts. Just like most younger characters they have to grow up a bit an I’m glad she learned to let go and move on. Even to accept what happened and to conquer her panic attacks. It wasn’t easy an she never stopped fighting for what she wanted which is an admirable trait to have. I liked her friendship with Dace since it mimics the relationship best friends go through when they’re growing up. I also liked the little love triangle and am glad she picked the one she liked best. In the end, he was just too cute and I couldn’t help but smile at the ending even though it was predictable. The book packs a lot in just 197 pages so it’s a quick and easy to read!

Overall, a great book, with a solid plot, a main character with a snarky attitude and two sizzling love interests, what more could you ask for?


“You’re much more interesting to look at than anything else.” (70)

“Kissing doesn’t really matter. Dave says kissing is basically like coughing. Not a big deal. And doesn’t really tell you anything anyway.” (73)

“I couldn’t settle on just one. I guess I like my bikinis like my boys. Two at a time.” (88)

“That’s the hard thing about friendship, you want what’s best for your best friend, but sometimes it’s not what’s best for yourself.” (91)
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August 5, 2014

DNF @ 62 pages.

I didn't like this book. At 62 pages, I decided that it wasn't for me so I put it down. I mean, it could've been amazing, if I was in the mood and liked those sort of things. But this was just one of those below-average contemporaries that are boring and predictable. Why waste my time reading this?

This is probably the only 1 star review created. Well, I'm #sorrynotsorry to say that I don't even care! Haha! *giggles like a fool*

This was about a chick named Pippa (short form for Philadelphia) who likes photography. And that's basically it. There's a photography contest coming up and she needs to win. And yes, there's a bit of romance mixed in between.


I don't feel like ranting about this, so let's just make everything clear here.

-the plot sucked and bored me
-the idea made me go ?_? the whole time through
-the characters? Don't even get me started. I really didn't like Pippa because she was overly easy-going. You can take it to a certain level, but she made it all go extreme.
-romance? It was there, but nothing special and something I can live without.

Ta da! There you have my opinion in four points. MAGIC! Don't read this book if you trust my word.
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October 2, 2013
I feel I should mention that The Rule of Thirds has and will always hold a very special in my heart. I had the amazing opportunity to beta read The Rule of Thirds, when it was still in it's early stages of development, for Chantel, and I loved it then, and I love it even more now!

The Rule of Thirds is a fresh, quick read with a loveable and quirky heroine that everyone will want to be best friends with. Guertin will more than satisfy readers with her terrific blend of friendship/family, life changes, and a blossoming romance/love-triangle.

I loved Pippa and found her quite relatable and a great role model, as she fights for what she wants, and really doesn't take no for an answer, seriously, she'll find her way around anything, haha. It was great watching her mature throughout the story and while I rooted for her success throughout, I had to laugh at her many mishaps that I could totally relate to. She was a great narrator and I enjoyed experiencing everything through her eyes (including Dylan and Ben haha!).

Loved Dylan! He's the perfect blend of boy-next-door with an air of mystery surrounding him. Even though I knew he was keeping something from Pippa, I never doubted that he was genuinely good guy!

And Ben, well I'm going to keep this man a mystery and let you all discover him for yourselves ;)

I am so thrilled that Chantel is turning this into a series and cannot wait to read book #2 as soon as possible!

Congrats, Chantel on a fabulous YA debut! I want more, right now!

Happy Reading!!!
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November 2, 2013
Review also published on my blog at

I would love to be good at photography. I did have an SLR camera at one point, but I was too lazy to carry it anywhere (it was massive). My digital camera suits me just fine, but after a year I still have no idea how to use most of its features, and I use it way less than I would like to. So straight away I relate to Pippa, who has the confidence to photograph pretty much anything, and quite often has a camera slung round her neck.

Overall I quite liked Pippa. She had a lot of emotions to deal with, and I think it gave her character depth. I didn’t really have any preference for any of the side characters though- her best friend or the love interests. So it did kinda turn into a one man show for me. That being said, the hospital and photography elements really made the story unique from other contemporaries.

I felt that the book could’ve done with a sequel or a suitable epilogue. There was a character that never really got any punishment or bad karma for their wrongdoing, and I would’ve liked to see that happen. I also felt that there were more adventures in store for Pippa, but that also shows how much I liked her as a character.

A fun contemporary that also contains heartbreak and sadness, I really enjoyed A Rule of Thirds. The photography element is what really made it special for me. 4 sofas!
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October 1, 2013
Chantel does it again! This book was a page turner. I devoured it during my commutes, absolutely invested and immersed in what was going on in the pages - especially towards the end, when one thing after another happened.

The story keeps you wanting to read more; there's always something going on. It blends the difficulty of losing a loved one with the fun of high school and bonding with your best friend, plus it throws in the must-have elements of romance. And Pippa's photography theme - it brings everything full circle! It was the perfect theme to wrap up the story, the novel and the feeling the reader's left with.

And at the moment of the, I did not see that coming! I do feel like it was almost glossed over - I'd have liked to see the discussion that ensued last a little longer, to explore that theme more since it affects so many of us - but the whole book was so well done.

As for what a certain character does regarding the photography competition, if I understood right, it looks like there was an easy way for the judges to realize. I'd love to ask about it sometime! But that's also me and my thirst for fairness :) Also, I thought it was pretty obvious who the thief was, but I wouldn't expect the characters to figure it out (we readers have the advantage!).

I highly recommend this book! Chantel, thank you for sharing it with me. Now I can look forward to the sequel!

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July 27, 2014
This book was so much better than I expected it to be. I had expected myself to enjoy it, but I hadn't expected to feel so many emotions while reading it. But while I did really like it, this book had a few problems too.

The Rule of Thirds is a little on the short side, so I didn't feel like I had a lot of time to connect with the characters as the story was moving rather quickly. I felt like I connected more with the situations that the characters were going through, like trying to be honest with their friends and trying to get over past tragedies. However, I did really like Pippa, Dave, Dylan, and many of the other smaller characters.

I also really liked the photography aspect of the story. Pippa's view through the camera lenses was very interesting and unique. I loved that she used it as a coping mechanism but that it didn't start like tat. It was just something she loved to do and had in common with her father.

I would highly recommend this to those who like to read contemporary novels that have a bit of emotion in them and deal with the emotions left behind after a horrible loss and the hope that's left behind.
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June 11, 2013
I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

I love the photography aspect of this book since it has been a hobby of mine off and on for the past few years. Right now I’m in an ‘off’ phase but reading this book has made me want to pick up my camera and get snapping. I could imagine the pictures that were described and I could feel the pride that Pippa had in her work.

There’s obviously more to the story than the photography but that’s the part I enjoyed most. I do need to vent about one thing that frustrated me. Pippa! She is so oblivious and in her own little world to the point that she doesn’t realize when she says or does something hurtful. I know she’s young, etc. but eesh, I still just wanted to shake some sense into her!

Overall I thought the book was good but it didn’t rock my world.

I'll rate this one 3.5 out of 5 stars

You can find this review and more on my blog at
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May 2, 2014
4.5 stars
I really enjoyed this book. The Rule of Thirds is about a girl, Pippa, who loves photography and is landed in an unwanted volunteer position and has 2 love interests. I wasn't originally going to read it because of the romance, but I love photography so I decided to give it a shot (no pun intended :P). It was easy to relate to the main character, Pippa (ew, mandatory volunteer hours. I don't like them either). I loved her voice and the book was well balanced between humor and the serious parts. I also love the strong friendship between Pippa and Dace. There was a lot of depth in the photos Pippa were taking, but I wish there were more photo shoot scenes. It was also quite surprising in some parts. I don't like how the book ends and the plot is unresolved, but there's a sequel and I'm looking forward to that.
The book was great overall and I'm thinking about trying out some of the themes in here. It also sparked a photo idea for me. :3
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September 30, 2013
When I saw The Rule of Thirds on Netgalley I thought it sounded fun. I was a little concerned that the story would feel incomplete as it’s a relatively short book but that wasn’t the case. The Rule of Thirds is an easy read with Pippa providing the narration.

Pippa is assigned a volunteering placement at St. Christopher’s Hospital, all students at her High School have to do this but Pippa’s is afraid of the hospital. Her first day she suffers from a panic attack, the reasons behind this becomes clear later in the book.

There aren’t a lot of surprises in Pippa’s story but that didn’t really matter as I was just enjoying reading it. Pippa’s a good protagonist; she’s believable but not perfect. I don’t know a lot about photography but Pippa’s passion for is clear.

If you’d like a few hours of pleasant escapism The Rule of Thirds won’t let you down.
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November 13, 2013
My husband grabbed this at the library for me because it was YA and he's a fine art photographer. He didn't actually want to read it himself, but he was interested enough to get me to!

I really enjoyed it. Great characters, an interesting topic, really good writing. Making photos real in books when the reader can't see them can be tough, and the author did a nice job.

I think the end was a bit disappointing. I liked how she rose to the occasion, but I don't think the teacher's reaction was very believable or the fact Ben got away with everything was unchallenged. I would've liked to see Pippa stand up for herself. I would've given it 4 stars if some of this had been resolved differently.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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March 1, 2014
I first picked this book up, because I liked the cover and the title sounded interesting. I love photography, and I had never read a fiction book based on it. When I actually read it though, I did not enjoy it very much. It was kind of flat, and I didn't really like the characters that much. There was no real character development. And then there was the ending, where nothing was resolved.
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