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I Can See For Miles

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After a kayaking accident took Josh Donald’s sight, he’s faced with learning to negotiate the world as a blind man. In short order, his boyfriend leaves him behind, making it clear he’s not inclined to deal with special needs. Reeling from the blow, Josh flounders. In an attempt to help, Josh’s friends take him to a camp for the blind, where he falls for the camp organizer, Charlie Cooper. Charlie seems to feel the attraction too, but when a horse named Dottie pushes them into a hot first kiss, Charlie resists. He believes he’s damaged goods, not boyfriend material. Since the accident, Josh has faced tough obstacles, but the most challenging hurdle of all may be getting Charlie to open up and take a chance on love.

200 pages, ebook

First published April 30, 2013

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About the author

Lisa Worrall

72 books415 followers
I live in Leigh on Sea, a small seaside town just outside London on the coast of Essex, about ten minutes from Southend, which boasts the longest pier in the world. I live with my husband and two ever-growing children, who I let think are the boss of me; along with two dogs who actually are.

As the wonderful Beatrix Potter said, “There is something delicious about writing the first words of a new story. You never quite know where they’ll take you.” I know exactly what she means.

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September 1, 2016

4 stars for the narration, 1.5 stars for the story, I can't give more than 2.5 stars overall.

I have to start my review with a rant. Authors, don't put false medical information in a book. It is pretty easy to fact check, and when you get a reader with medical knowledge, it may set them off when the medical information is so far off base.

Charlie Cooper is going blind, slowly, over time. Now, the author of the story says that it is due to reoccurring cataracts. This is an impossibility. See here. Because a cataract is a clouding of the natural lens, and cataract surgery entails removal of the natural lens, a cataract cannot come back after surgery. It takes only a moment to figure this information out online. Now, there are many other ailments that cause blindness or vision impairment, so why the author chose to not fully research vision impairment is beyond me. Grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

To top it off, this story features two of my biggest pet peeves: Instalove and "I'm breaking up with you because I'm doing what's best for you." Honestly, unless it's a shifter/mating story, I don't want to see instalove ever again. I mean it. And the "break-up to do you good" plot device just makes me want to RAGE. So tired, so irritating.

Now, the story did have lots of nice features. It is sweet, and there is something very satisfying about two men with disabilities finding each other. However, the negatives far out way any good, in my option.

The narrator of this audiobook, Chris Patton, is one of my favorites from his narration of the highly addictive Adrien English series (Fatal Shadows). However, his narration here was not quite as strong, without as diverse a range of voices and less passion. I'm not sure if it was because of the material, but I wasn't as moved by him, though his performance was the only thing that got me through this story.

Totally irked me, I can't recommend.

**Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review**
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July 23, 2013

I have a love/hate relationship with Lisa Worrall's books, and I don't mind being honest about it....some I love, others meh! But this one will forever stay on my kindle, I absolutely adored it, and yes, some people will say it's sickly sweet...I don't care, sometimes you just need a feel-good book...this is it!! 4.5 stars and

Josh Donald lost his sight in a kayaking accident one fateful day, the same day his boyfriend Alec decided he couldn't stand the pressure of being the one to look after someone with special needs and walked out!! Josh has been in the doldrums ever since and his friends Mario and Greg take him to a camp for the blind in Virginia, where he can hike, camp, do whatever he likes...anything to bring back the Josh they know and love!!

Enter Charlie Cooper, owner of the camp, partially sighted at the moment but unfortunately well on his way to becoming completely blind too. The attraction is immediate and sparks fly, but Josh, Mario and Greg are not the only guests at the camp...several families are also staying, many of them repeat bookings from previous years because Charlie and his staff are so good with the kids. So yes, we have the old 'get kids into the story' ploy, but it works really well, the kids are adorable, some of the other adults...not so much, but they have a heavy load to bear and are allowed to lose their cool once in a while.

Josh and Charlie seem to getting along like a house on fire, flirting madly, and people keep trying to throw them together at every opportunity, especially Maggie, Charlie's no.2 and Charlie's parents Bill and Sharon (I loved them!!), but Charlie knows that this is not a good idea. He's aware that his sight is becoming more problematic; indeed, has had several operations to remove cataracts and they just keep growing back, more rapidly than before, and it's just a matter of time before his sight gives up completely...he doesn't want to be a burden to anyone, and he's hiding secrets about his previous relationship too (yeah, I'd kick that guy's ass every which way too!!).

Anyway folks, I'll leave it there. Did I get my HEA...you'll have to find out for yourself, and really enjoy the book while you're doing it!!
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1,477 reviews215 followers
June 9, 2013
"I told you before...when I'm with you...I can see for miles."

I have always loved reading books about characters with disabilities; maybe its the nurse in me... But, there's just something about the hurt/comfort stories that appeal to me. So I immediately snatched this book up once I found out there was a blind main character.

Eight months ago, Josh Donald completely lost his sight in a tragic kayaking accident. Not long after, being unable to cope with Josh’s disability, his boyfriend leaves as well. Now he is heartbroken and alone, so his two best friends, Greg and Mario, drag him to a weekend retreat at Camp Aisling in Virginia that caters to the blind. Charlie Cooper is the owner and founder of Camp Aisling, who is battling with the deterioration of his own eyesight, as well as recovering from his own nasty boyfriend experience. It’s instant attraction at first...words, but both guys have had some extremely bad boyfriend experiences. Will they be able to leave the past in the past and create a future together?

This was pretty much a sweet, sappy, low angst story; and honestly, Josh and Charlie really needed some sweet and sappy in their lives. They both had great support systems, but it was time for them both to find that one person they both could love and trust and share their life with. Charlie briefly fought all the sexual tension between them, so when they finally hooked up, it was pretty hot and steamy. And I loved all the dirty talk! So all the smexy stuff gets a thumbs up from me.

In my opinion, this does fall into the 'insta-love' category, which usually annoys me. But, I think I was okay with it here, because I felt that Josh and Charlie really did have a connection from the beginning. I think my biggest peeve in the story was the predictable conflict; I easily saw it coming from a mile away (pun intended). The 'I'm not good enough for you so we can't be together' plot line is so overdone! I want more selfish characters in my romance stories; guys who want to be with the man they love no matter how unsafe or unhealthy or un-whatever its perceived to be. So I was briefly annoyed. Then, as always, everything worked out nicely in the end, and the epilogue put a huge smile on my face.

4 stars easy from me. And I recommend this to anyone in the mood for something hurt/comfort with a lot sweetness.

Reviewed for The Blog of Sid Love

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May 6, 2013

I enjoyed this story of Charlie and Josh.
Charlie has a very unusual issue with his cataracts, and despite numerous surgeries he is now losing what is left of his sight. He gave up his dream of being and architect to run a summer camp for the blind and he enjoys it immensely.
He had a pretty bad experience with his ex, that guy was a real piece of work, but Charlie is done with love and relationships.
Josh, always the adrenalin junkie, had an accident and lost his sight, and with that his boyfriend.
Mario and Greg, Josh's best friends take him to Charlie's camp in the hopes of getting him over his stupid ex and back into life.
There are quite a few side characters in this story and other camp visitors, kids and families, friends and parents.
A few of these side peeps bugged the beejeeze out of me, fair warning.
Josh and Charlie hit it off, have a lot of smooching smexing, and things come as they must, a big dramatic event takes place that changes it all, at least for Charlie.
On the whole this was an enjoyable sweet read and if I could let go of some of my niggles I would have loved it, as it was I couldn't quite ignore them, but they are purely my own and might not bother others.

So, those things might not bother you, and then you will probably like it even better than I did.
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May 10, 2018
I honestly went into this book really hesitant because I read the reviews before I dove into this book! I will admit.. I did commit the readers crime. I can't apologize for it now!!

I Can See For Miles is about Charlie who is slowly going blind. However, the reason as to why he is .. well, it's definitely wrong. Yes after reading the previous reviews.. and while I was reading.. I definitely googled the shit out of these medical terms. I probably could've called my aunt and uncle for help instead.. but my computer was right there.

Besides the false medical information being thrown into your face.. there was insta love. I hate that so freaking much. It only works in some cases but it didn't work in this one. Only novellas can have insta anything because they are short ass books!

However, I did enjoy Charlie and Josh somewhat. Not the insta whatever crap. No, I enjoyed these two guys finding friendship and love while dealing with their crappy situations. Both are blind or going blind and both are super single after either breaking up with their ex or being broken up with. It was also a sweet book to read when it wasn't annoying the shit out of me.

Overall, it was meh. The book annoyed the heck out of me. Insta anything didn't belong in this book. If it didn't I probably would've liked this book a lot more.
February 8, 2017
4 stars!

I told you before ... when I’m with you ... I can see for miles.

When I first read the reviews for this book, I immediately had mixed feelings considering the fact that the medical descriptions of Charlie’s cataracts are simply incorrect. I usually enjoy books that are well researched, but I still wanted to give this one a try. Knowing about the incorrect medical details definitely spared me a deception and I have been enjoying this story a lot.

The setting is definitely interesting. Charlie is leading a camp for blind or partially sighted people and when Josh, who lost his sight after a kayak accident is visiting the camp with his two best friends in order to lighten up his mood after a painful break-up with his boyfriend, he definitely isn’t expecting to fall for the very attractive camp organizer.

Okay - I can see for Miles is definitely an insta-love story, but it didn’t bother me all that much. I loved the interaction between Charlie and Josh, their getting together isn’t easy, but I felt the attraction between them and I wanted their relationship to work out. Some of the happening are a little on the cliché side, but all in all, the atmosphere was great and I would have loved to read more about these two main characters.

When ignoring the incorrect medical details, I can see for Miles can definitely be an entertaining read! And what a lovely cover!
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Author 2 books124 followers
September 18, 2014
This was a lovely story by Lisa Worrall. I Can See For Miles was a beautiful comfort read that had a lot going for it, and the two MC's just melted my heart. I think if you like a story where two of the MC's have issues this could be just for you. It has such a wonderful feel to the story, I fell in love instantly.

The book starts with Josh, who is blind, and his friends who plan on bringing him a camp that specializes on people who are blind. Josh was in an accident and his ex left him because he was blind. He is nervous about the camp, but goes because of his friends. There he meets Charlie, and at first you think he's just the person who created the camp.

As the story progresses though, you learn that Charlie has issues with his sight too. His past was worse than Josh's in my opinion. The two men share an instant attraction, but Charlie is too afraid to act on it. His reasons were to protect himself, even if it means hurting himself and Josh.

I loved how the author dealt with Charlies sight issues.

The epilogue was perfect.

I would strongly recommend this sweet, adorable book. It's one of those comfort reads for me and it keeps wanting more. I am so glad I read this story.

Highly recommend it!
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1,864 reviews232 followers
August 14, 2013
I love Lisa Worralls stories because she always gets that perfect blend of Sexual Tension and chemistry going on between her guys and Josh and Charlie are no exception. I know the issue of them both having disabilities is a major part of the story but I never felt that Lisa was milking the sympathy vote and in these types of stories that's very easily done. I thought the balance of angst and romance was just right and I definitely never thought it was overly sweet. Great supporting characters too.

I enjoyed every single minute of this story, so much that I stayed up till early morning reading it but had to finally put it down when my eyes finally started drooping and I realised I could hear the first chirp of the early birds outside my window! Finally managed to finish it tonight and feeling sad its over. I see another read in the near future.

Lovely! Lovely! Lovely! Can't fault this at all because it gave me the warm and fuzzies and left me sighing in deep contentment. Another favourite and another keeper.
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1,688 reviews1 follower
July 29, 2013

After a kayaking accident took Josh's sight, he’s faced with learning to negotiate the world as a blind man. His boyfriend leaves him behind, he doesn't want to deal with Josh's special needs. Josh’s friends take him to a camp for the blind, where he falls for the camp organizer, Charlie. Charlie seems to feel the attraction too, but he believes he’s damaged goods, not boyfriend material...

I Can See For Miles is all about the charming characters. They have a way of endearing themselves to your heart and you can't not love all of them.

This incredible and beautifully written story will touch your heart. I was hooked right from the beginning and couldn't stop reading till the book was finished.

Highly recommended! :)
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April 28, 2013
5 Stars - KAPOW!

Josh Donald was in a kayaking accident that left him blind and not long after that alone when his boyfriend broke up with him. Josh’s best friends Mario and Greg decided to take him on a week-long vacation to Camp Aisling, where he can get out of his apartment and have a good time. When they get there Josh meets Charlie Cooper the owner of the camp and is immediately drawn to Charlie’s voice.

Charlie Cooper is in the process of losing his site, he’s had Cataracts for many years but no matter how many surgeries he’s had nothing seems to be working as the Cataracts keep coming back. It kills him that he’s lost so much. Charlie wanted to be an architect but you can’t design buildings when you can’t see. After leaving an abusive boyfriend and coming home to his parents he discovered his true calling in life. The camp he runs is a wonderful place for kids and adults to come and have a good time.

Josh and Charlie hit it off immediately, and a pretty amazing relationship starts to grow between them. The two of them share the most wonderful week together until there’s an accident and Josh ends up in the hospital. At this point Charlie decides it would be so much better for Josh to not have him in his life. How can he protect Josh when his vision is getting worse everyday. We all know what will happen and it was heartbreaking watching Charlie walk away from the one man who could make him whole.

Of course I left out a few things because why ruin the story for the rest of you?

This is an incredible and beautifully written story that will touch your heart. I was hooked right from the beginning and found myself so deeply involved in Josh and Charlie’s story that I didn’t stop till the book was finished.

This was my very first read by Lisa Worrall and it won’t be my last. She wrote such an amazing and emotional story that I truly didn’t want it to end. But all good things must come to an end. I can only tell you to go buy the book and hope you love it as much as I did.

Jen's review can also be found at Live Your Life, Buy The Book
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1,203 reviews66 followers
May 25, 2013
2.0 Stars

A kayaking accident took Josh Donald's sight. Josh's boyfriend bails because he's an ass who doesn't want to deal with special needs. Josh's friends take him to a camp for the blind in the hopes of cheering him up. Camp owner and organizer, Charlie Cooper, is going blind from cataracts. Having escaped an abusive relationship, Charlie is not looking to get involved. But fate, friends, family, and a loveable horse (Dottie) have other ideas.

First off, I LOVE Lisa Worrall. She's one of my favorite authors. Having said that, I didn't care for this book. It was sickly sweet and the characters were meh. I didn't feel the chemistry between Josh and Charlie. I know they were attracted to each other but only because LW said so. Also, I was livid with Charlie for what happened near the end and how he treated Josh afterward! Charlie deserved way more than the split lip Mario gave him.

Bottom line: Not my favorite LW book. I recommend picking up Unshakeable Faith or Laurel Heights instead.
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2,156 reviews1,044 followers
May 3, 2013
Lisa Worrall, I absolutely adore her! She is the author of one of my top 5 M/M favorites Laurel Heights. And I enjoyed I Can See For Miles, very much. But I didn't love it. And there were many parts about the book that made my pet peeves list. But I still liked it enough to recommend it to M/M romance fans and to rate it 4 stars. It is a lovely, sweet, touching romance and you will fall in love with both of these cute young men.

Now for my pet peeves, which are going to pretty much be considered spoilers, so they will be tagged as such.

There are a few other very minor things, but I've said enough. When a book really knocks my socks off, I suspend disbelief pretty easily and can over look quite a bit. For whatever reason, that just didn't happen here. I Can See For Miles has been getting excellent reviews here at GR since it was released, and I couldn't be happier. And I truly do hope that anyone who reads it loves it.
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1,100 reviews91 followers
May 15, 2013
I was very excited to pick up this book as I thought the premise had a lot of potential for relationship buildup between Josh and Charlie. I was hoping to see how Josh and Charlie complimented each other and how they made each other stronger when dealing with the hand they were dealt. Instead I got was a case of insta-love and too much emphasis on sex and no relationship buildup.

For a book that deals with two men building a loving relationship despite their disabilities I suggest Speechless by Kim Fielding.
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783 reviews89 followers
Shelved as 'wait-n-see-be4-buying-it'
May 3, 2013
Seriously, I'm a bit tired reading "he'll be better off without me" story. It's a weak, defeatist stand and I'm wondering how many people we know take that position and break up with someone they love.
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2,085 reviews32 followers
May 25, 2013

Review posted on World of Diversity Fiction

4.75 Stars

I love this story. It’s not angsty, much, it’s kind of fluffy and sappy, it’s an easy, fast read that made me feel good and boy it’s nice to read a story like that once in a while. This one came at just the right moment for me.

I read most of this book with a silly smile on my face and I was so in love with Josh and Charlie, the other part of the book I just wanted to knock these two guys’ heads together! Either way I didn’t want to see their story end. Okay, so there is insta-love when these two meet and for the most part that’s not something I like to read but hey! It was insta-love for me with Josh and Charlie so who am I to knock it being the same for them. ;-)

These guys have lost their sight, well, one has lost it from a recent accident and one is losing it through a medical condition. I don’t know anyone that has gone through losing their sight like these two so I can’t say how accurate this story is with that but I did have a small problem with Josh adapting so quickly after his accident. When Josh and Charlie meet it had only been eight months since Josh’s accident and break up with his ex Alec and it seems he doesn’t really have any problems navigating around or doing day to day things. His problems seem to be more about trust after Alec leaves him because he can’t deal with Josh losing his sight. After a scare for Charlie and Josh, Charlie starts thinking this thing the two of them have won’t work. How would he be able to keep Josh safe? He wonders how he’ll run his camp and he doesn’t want to be a burden to anyone least of all Josh.

Aside from that small niggle with Josh I loved everything else about their story. I’m sure some will think this story isn’t realistic enough but I think if you’re looking for a feel good story, pick this one up and remember not to analyze it too much, it is what it is, a beautiful love story. Lisa Worrall knows how to pull at my heartstrings, especially the ones that make me go awww! :-D
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1,802 reviews129 followers
June 4, 2016
Yeech, sickly sweet unrealistic cliched m/m romance. Most annoying was the totally incorrect medical blurb concerning cataracts. It's all on the internet these days, do some research! Also how does that poor horse Dottie carry two 6 foot plus men? Plus two blind/partially sighted guys would see bugger all in the dark?

"You're so lucky, Charlie." He reached out, and his heart leapt with hope when Charlie put a hand to his. "The people that come through this camp would give their eyeteeth to have the sights you have stored away in that beautiful head of yours. Whether your vision is at forty, twenty, or zero, all you have to do is close your eyes and you can see for miles."
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Author 76 books2,657 followers
May 3, 2013
I like romances with disabled characters--it's rewarding to see someone find true love in tough circumstances. So when I read the blurb on this book, I knew I had to pre-order it. It was quite good, a nice slow build of romance between one character who was blinded in an accident and another who is slowly losing his vision. Towards the end the angst/misunderstanding elements felt a little over-the-top (Charlie acted like an idiot). But it didn't detract from my overall enjoyment of the book. Recommended.
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Author 36 books1,049 followers
May 6, 2013
Omfg sooo good. And this is why Lisa Worrall is an auto buy for me. Gah! <3
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1,757 reviews50 followers
May 2, 2013
Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews - 4 1/2 hearts

This story had me in its clutches from the first peek at the blurb through the very end. I felt an instant connection and my satisfaction only continued to grow the more involved I became. It was both exciting and comfortable at the same time. Heck, if a book were a person, I’d say I just met my near perfect soul mate!

The absolute best thing about this story can be summed up in one word – characters. It’s all about the charming characters. They have a way of endearing themselves to your heart instantaneously. Trust me when I say that you’ll fall in love with every last one of them! Let me explain further:

Josh – Despite having been blind due to an accident for the better part of a year and having a crappy boyfriend who walked out on him in the process, he is one of the strongest men you’ll meet. He has an air of confidence about him with an underlying vulnerability. People tend to gravitate toward him and he could charm the pants off the most uptight of virgins. How refreshing to have all these qualities rolled into the main character facing a disability!

Charlie – Some of Charlie’s own worst experiences helped him forge the camp he runs for the blind, but also taught him to be cautious and very careful with his heart. He’s awesome at helping others, but not so awesome at helping himself.

Mario & Greg – If only everyone could be so lucky as to be blessed with friends like these – people who have your back without fail but can also kick you in the pants when you need it most. I was envious of Josh for having these best friends. I want my own pair!

Maggie – Charlie’s best friend couldn’t have been more adorable. She moved across the country with him and took a chance on the camp. She took it upon herself to be his matchmaking guide, didn’t let him get away with any crap, and comforted him liberally without hesitation.

Charlie’s parents, the other camp guides, camp guests, and even camp critters (i.e., Dottie) – This was one big happy family providing unconditional love and support to each other!

Just discussing these wonderful characters again makes me want to go back and reread this story. It’s heartwarming but also tugs at the heartstrings. It made me smile (a lot) but also had me blinking back a few tears that wanted to escape. Other than feeling like the time progression moved a little too quickly in a couple of spots (particularly near the end), this book was basically perfect for me and will have a firm spot on my favorites list! Highly recommended!!
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Author 57 books106 followers
August 23, 2013
No rating.

The book in and of itself was not half bad.
The writing flowed smoothly and was pleasant to read.
Likable chracters and an original, touching premise beautiful setting descriptions that really took me there
totally positive, accepting and supportive secondary characters

but I had one major issue that completely spoiled this book for me.
A big part of the plot/ character development is centered around one of the mc's going blind and dealing with that fact. While, again, this was an interesting, dramatic conflict idea, the medical facts of the matter were so wrong I kept shaking my head while reading. Not that this was specialist knowledge--the correct facts are only a google search away. Which irritated me to a point where I couldn't enjoy this book at all.
However, I can see how people who can overlook omitted research might like this book a great deal more than I did.
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1,865 reviews41 followers
May 3, 2013
This was just a bit too sweet and cutesy for me. I would have liked a bit more grit I guess. It was very romantic and everybody was sweet and accepting and loving. It was great how the friends and family of both boys tried to push them together, while they tried to resist even while it was obvious they were already swooning,,,,

I would have liked more drama too dealing with blindness. I know books that preach about disability spoil the narrative but this was the opposite. I never felt I had a clear insight into what it meant to be blind. On the other hand, it is a romance. And it was good that remained the focus.

There was some snark, lots of smex, and a lovely HEA. Light and entertaining. Who am I to complain?
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692 reviews26 followers
May 5, 2013
4.5 stars - I love Lisa Worrall! She writes such lovely stories! I Can See For Miles was wonderful and a total comfort read. It could so easily have been full of angst, but I'm really glad it wasn't. It was such a cute and truly touching story. It was pretty much a case of insta-love, but that didn't bother me much here. All the characters were adorable (I loved Maggie!) and Josh and Charlie's developing relationship was a joy to read. And that epilogue!! Holy crap, that has to be one of the best epilogues I have ever read. Beautiful!
Profile Image for Barb ~rede-2-read~.
3,251 reviews91 followers
September 29, 2014
Note: This audiobook was provided to me by the publisher through Hearts on Fire Reviews in exchange for an impartial review.

Josh Donald was blinded in a kayak accident several months ago and he’s been quite reclusive since then so his best friends Mario and Greg arrange a nice vacation for the three of them at Charlie Cooper’s camp for sight-disabled people and their families. Charlie himself is going blind from an unknown disorder which causes cataracts to continue to recur even after he’s had surgery to remove them a number of times.

Both men have been abandoned by past lovers due to their blindness. In Josh’s case, Alec left him when he couldn’t cope with the guilt he felt from being the cause of the accident that blinded Josh. Charlie’s boyfriend Brian deserted him emotionally as soon as his cataracts came back the first time, having affairs and then becoming physically abusive to Charlie until Charlie couldn’t stand it anymore and left.

The two men hit it off, and even though Charlie is very resistant to any romantic involvement at first, they ultimately give in to their attraction. Though Charlie verbalizes that he cares deeply for Josh, he still holds back on his own medical issues, not sharing with Josh that his eyesight has deteriorated rapidly again over the past week. In fact, he lies when Josh asks him where he’s been the day Charlie and his parents saw the doctor. When Josh is hurt after a romantic tryst along the creek one evening, Charlie blames himself and breaks off their relationship completely. There’s then a lot of angst for both men, a final opportunity for someone to pound some common sense into Charlie, and then the anticipated HEA with epilogue.

Despite some of the unbelievable circumstances in the story, I did like the characters, Josh more so than Charlie who deserved a kick in the pants on numerous occasions. On the downside, the whole cataract issue was odd because cataract surgery removes the lens and once it’s gone, the lens doesn’t regenerate—it’s replaced with an artificial lens. In fact, the author’s explanation that there’s no explanation for the recurring cataracts was lame. Then for Charlie to be placed on a cornea transplant list with no diagnosis of his condition was even more of a stretch of the imagination. On top of that, Charlie, the owner of a camp catering to blind persons should have known better than to have a) gone to a night picnic near the creek and b) left Josh alone to walk back to him. Even if Josh wanted privacy for “taking a leak” in the bushes, Charlie should have remained near him. So if you are going to read this story, just get ready to suspend belief before you do.

I listened to the audiobook and enjoyed the narration by Chris Patton. He was very good with conveying character emotions and instilled the narration with energy and enthusiasm. To be honest, if I was just rating the story, I’d give it 2.5 to 3 stars, but the narration deserves at least an extra .5 so overall I’m rating the story 3.5 stars.

If you enjoy a simple m/m romance between two really nice guys, and you aren’t worried about accuracy in details then you should enjoy this story. And if you do pick it up, I’d recommend that you get it in audiobook format so you can enjoy Chris Patton’s narration.
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1,172 reviews11 followers
May 13, 2013
3.4 stars. I truly liked Josh's witty replies and his personality in general, how he reached out to Charlie, as well as the antics of some side characters. My great disappointment was the plot device used in the climax So I have intensely mixed feelings about this story. Perhaps a less rushed ending, with Charlie showing more substantially that he regretted his behaviour, would have improved my impression of the plot and Charlie as a character.
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111 reviews15 followers
May 4, 2013
Lisa Worrell’s “I Can See For Miles” gives new and evocative meaning to the phrase, “love is blind.” This story is a masterful exposition in revealing that sometimes sight is not always mandatory to allow what the heart sees in its passion and magnificence; that sometimes physical blackness can become more illumined without the actual sense of sight.

This may be a story of what can happen when one loses their ability to see through their eyes, but to me it was more of a celebration of what one gains through the brightness of their heart.

Thank you Lisa for this loving and tender story. The tears I shed were well worth it for the joy it left in its place.
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December 11, 2013
i like the story but it kinda ruined a little when the ophtalmologist, frank, said that the cataract can be treated by doing a corneal replacement. i don't know where ms. Worrall get the source about cataract, but, well, it's wrong. from what i know, the patophysiology of cataract is happen in the lens of the eye, not in the cornea. you can replace the damaged lens by replace it with an artificial one, but doing a corneal transplant will do nothing to fix the cataract in the lens. it is a different anatomy in the first place.
other than that, the story is not bad, and the romance is okay.
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October 15, 2014
3.5 stars - Yes I'm very fond of stories with characters that have a disability, but this story stands out in that BOTH characters understand what it's like to loose your sight after having been sighted for many years. I think this added something special to the supportive relationship Josh and Charlie have together. It doesn't mean everything goes smoothly for them though, they still both have their share of insecurities and doubts about the relationship and must overcome them for their HEA.

Very enjoyable read!
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April 30, 2013
4.5 stars

A very nice story about two men who are each battling hurts of their pasts as well as disabilities who come together and find their happily-ever-after.

Full review (with slight spoilers) can be found at On Top Down Under Book Reviews.

This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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