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Rosemary Beach #8

One More Chance

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Grant Carter did everything in his power to convince Harlow Manning that he was a good guy. More than a smooth-talker and someone she could trust. He had to overcome his reputation as a playboy, and his history with Harlow's half-sister, Nan, a woman with a reputation of her own.

Harlow had taken the chance, falling hard and fast for the guy who thrilled her with his all-consuming desire. After a lifetime of avoiding bad boys like Grant, she had opened herself to the possibilities of love...

But a life-changing secret has torn them apart, and now Grant and Harlow must decide if they have enough fight to make it work - or if the pain of betrayal has permanently destroyed their future.

274 pages, Kindle Edition

First published August 11, 2014

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About the author

Abbi Glines

118 books85.5k followers
Abbi Glines is a #1 New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of the Rosemary Beach, Sea Breeze, Vincent Boys, Field Party and Existence series. She never cooks unless baking during the Christmas holiday counts. She believes in ghosts and has a habit of asking people if their house is haunted before she goes in it. She drinks afternoon tea because she wants to be British but she now lives in New England and that's as close as it is going to get. When asked how many books she has written she has to stop and count on her fingers. When she’s not locked away writing, she is reading, watching Netflix and all the introverted stuff.
You can connect with Abbi online in several different ways. She uses social media to procrastinate.

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April 20, 2015

4-4.5 redeeming stars!

 photo 0ba97201-58eb-4d1c-8bf7-4cc568f47811_zps8c079036.jpg

So you didn’t love Grant’s first book? Join the club. After reading One More Chance, I can officially say that Abbi Glines has redeemed Grant’s first book for me. I have been a Grant fan since the first Rush book. He was one of my favorites in the Rosemary Beach series. But after reading his first book, I was over him. He did some things that really made me not like him. I had high hopes that Abbi could turn it around and make him my Grant again. And she did. I really enjoyed the second part of Grant and Harlow’s story.

 photo 82410a77-012c-4bcc-a03c-8732bb6d433b_zps359ffbca.jpg

Grant made some mistakes in Take a Chance. He knows that. And he’ll do whatever it takes to fix those mistakes. A life without Harlow isn’t one he wants to be in. He’s been miserable with out her. And he'll do anything to get her back. He just has to find a way to prove it to her.

 photo 295ed2a6-ffe4-48bb-a5b2-c8fb43d2425e_zps2959ff2f.jpg

Harlow misses Grant too. His voice, his face, his touch, everything about him. Taking him back is a lot more complicated now. With this secret she has, she can’t risk being with him. Or is he the only person she could take that chance with? Grant has always made her better, made her stronger. Being back with him may be exactly what Harlow needs.

Grant’s growth as a character was phenomenal. He was really able to man up and do what was right throughout the story, which was supporting Harlow. Now to Harolw. Harlow has so much strength, hope and determination. With everything going on in her life, she was one tough girl. She didn’t take the easy road. She did what she thought was right. Harlow and Grant were a team. They drew strength from each other. It was a beautiful thing to see.

 photo 4e42c0f8-a66b-4789-80df-4e22672eaaa1_zpsd42128e0.jpg

When it comes to side characters, Harlow’s brother Mase is one of my favorites. I would really love a Mase book. As long as it’s not with Nan. Abbi- I love you, I’ve read every single book of yours, but I draw the line at a Nan book. Even though she was better in this book than all the rest, I have absolutely no desire to read an entire book about her.

The conclusion to Grant and Harlow’s story was a roller coaster of emotions. I cried more than once (those dang letters), but I also smiled a lot. It was a beautiful story about second chances, doing whats best for you and your family, love, forgiveness and standing strong. It was full of raw emotion and left me with a smile on my face. For those of you (like me) who didn’t love Take a Chance, I would recommend you give this one a go and let Grant redeem himself for you as well!

 photo 4903ee19-f75d-4b49-b75b-f353b5c6f2ba_zps41093315.jpg

He thought I was the hero of our story. How wrong he was. He had been the hero all along.

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September 4, 2014
 photo GLASSCASEOFEMOTION_zps9471a0c2.gif

“All my life, I’ve dreamed of having someone love me like you do.”

Loving every single book an author has ever written is daunting at times because you are always dreading that no story could ever match the quality of the last one. But book after book, Ms Glines keeps delivering such distinctive love stories, her trademark style recognisable from a mile, but each time injecting something new, something unexpected, something utterly addictive into these stories to keep us glued to our chairs and totally oblivious to the world around us. Apart from this being one of the most beautiful romances she has ever written, this book is also her most heart-wrenching one. Every part of this story touches your heart, confronts you with your worst fears as a woman, and then leaves you in a daze of blissful optimism and irrepressible cluckiness.

“I was a bastard, a heartless bastard. I didn’t deserve her, but I wanted her more than I wanted to breathe.”

Grant Carter is a broken man. His actions have driven the love of his life to flee from him and seek solace at her brother’s farm in Texas. But a broken heart is not all that Harlow is suddenly faced with, her passionate but short-lived affair with Grant having opened the one door she never even hoped of peeking through. And she has no intention of closing it, whatever the cost.

“I loved Grant Carter. I loved him so much. But I loved someone else just as fiercely.”

We watch the young lovers suffer acutely from the separation, desperately missing each other, wishing they never parted ways, but Harlow’s priorities have shifted now and she remains determined to stay hidden from the man she still loves and the media that is still hounding her. Grant, on the other hand, would give anything to find her—he leaves her daily messages, professing his love, apologising, begging her to call him, hating himself for allowing his fears to push her away, all in the hopes she would give him one more chance at showing her what she means to him.

“If I could hear your voice tonight, Harlow, if I could just hear you tell me you’re OK . . . I would be better. I would be able to take a deep breath. Then I’d beg. I would beg you to love me. I would beg you to forgive me.”

When they finally reunite, their love is the only thing they can both count on as everything else unexpectedly hangs in the balance, and their future together remains uncertain. As we witness their struggle to stay positive, to believe that fate wouldn’t have brought them into each other’s lives only to take it all away, we also get to feel their every fear, their every doubt, their every heartbreak. And this book will most certainly make you feel. There are parts of it that made me cry like a baby, there are others that are so emotionally intense that they made my chest tighten in pain, and then there are moments in the story whose sheer beauty left me utterly speechless.

“… I don’t accept that I won’t get forever with you.”

This book is quite the departure from its relatively light-hearted prequel. While in the beginning of their relationship the focus stayed on the chemistry between these characters and the irresistible attraction that wouldn’t allow them to be apart, this part of their story is all about the emotions, the sacrifices, the dreams, the hopes. Grant started off as an ‘acquired taste’ type of hero, one who acted on impulse and made a million mistakes in the process, but in this book we get to see a different side of him. His remorse and fear of losing the woman he loves change him, set his priorities straight and show him what his life would look like without her. Harlow, on the other hand, has always been a fearless heroine, a young woman used to looking after herself, and that aspect of her personality gets only amplified once she is forced to make some difficult, life-altering decisions. But we also get to see a softer side of her, a more vulnerable one, making her one of the most commendable female leads I have ever come across.

This story truly caught me off guard, I never expected it to take the turn it eventually ventured on, and every single second of it was a thrill to read. So, dive in, brace yourselves for your heart to be stretched to its limits, but know that you’ll be alright in the end, because there is no greater romantic among us that Ms Glines herself.

“If we have a lifetime or only a few moments together, you will be the most important thing that ever happens to me in this life.”

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Shelved as 'z-2014'
January 7, 2016

This is Forever Too Far's excerpt but oh boy!! Had to share it here too.

"Grant and Nan have had a thing for a while now. Nan finally screwed things up for the last time and its over. Rush didn't know about it"

My mouth dropped open as Dean's words sank in. Grant and Nan? Really?

"Shocked the hell outta me too. Didn't think that boy was stupid. Guess he learned the hard way just cause it's pretty doesn't mean it shines"

*going on roof tops and screaming;'I TOLD YOU SO'




Grant's book!!!!!~

Gimme the release date someoneeee!! :O


Wonder who his love angle will be with!? ;) :D


Don't know what to make out of this.. DYING

Twisted Perfection sneak peek for the day: (Warning this may feel a little spoilery to some of you where Grant is concerned. Although... it really isn't.)
“It’s more complicated than that.”
Grant crossed his arms over his chest and stared at me. “Really? How so?”
I didn’t want to explain how I felt about Della to him. This wasn’t his business. He out of all people should know what it feels like to want someone you know is a really bad idea. He’d been there, done that, and got burned. He just didn’t know that I knew about it. He thought it was a big secret. Nothing with Nannette was a secret. Ever.

"Who else in the series can you expect books from? Well Grant has a book that I hope to get out sometime this fall. And then there is Nan… not sure if she should get a book yet or not. We’ll see.

Was Grant who was in Nan’s bedroom? How am I supposed to know? I was in Rush’s head in that POV You will have to wait and see.

What about Cain? I get asked this one a lot. Cain may one day get his own book but as of right now I have no story idea in my head for him"
- Abbi

I am going to burst, thats how angry I am. WHO READ THE BONUS CHAPTER??!! Then you guys must know why.. AGRH. :'( :'(
There is a lot of speculation about who's Grant love angle will be with and some people are saying NAN because
1. the mystery guy in her room..
2. He suddenly was standing up with her with some issues against Rush in NTF..

IF ITS TRUE.. I'D RATHER EAT DIRT THAN READ ABOUT NAN THE BITCH. I love Grant but I swear if these speculations are true, I will hate him as much as I hate Abe and Rush's mother.
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725 reviews
December 6, 2014


Title: One More Chance (Chance #2)
Series: yes
Author: Abbi Glines
Rating: I'd give it negative stars if I could
POV: Dual
Heat/Steam what the f*@ck ever

Cliffhanger: . No.
Intolerable Heroine .Yes.
Über Douchebagery .Yes.
Taboo Subject Matter .No.
Love Triangle



Dear Harlow:: Just go kill yourself you're a pathetic weak heroine with absolutely no self respect

Dear Grant: I hope you die of a severe case of gangrene on your genitals. Douchebag hero who treats the heroine like shit. Then again I couldn't care less since she had no self respect and let him treat her like garbage. I needed some heavy duty groveling to redeem him in my eyes and we get none of that.

Dear Abbi Glines: I'm done with you and your pathetic weak virgin heroines and the asshole heroes who claim to love them.

Peace out!
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1,257 reviews211 followers
August 30, 2017
Grant in my opinion is the worst male lead AG created his actions in the first book just made him look like an immature cheating wimp but in this one he was just.....bleh and Harlow was even more bleh seriously she kept going on about how he was such a strong man and how much she loved and respected him and all I could think was erm hello the guy slept with your sister after he treated u like shit when he found out about your illness but instead of making him really work to get u back u fall into his arms like your the one who should be grateful for having him instead of vice versa! I really enjoy AG books but this book for me lacked chemistry and Harlow was too tstl she was way too timid and annoying. This couple I found too boring.
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1,005 reviews799 followers
May 23, 2015
5 Redeeming Stars

This is the Grant I know and love.

One More Chance begins with Harlow and Grant still separated. It has been weeks since Harlow ran away, and Grant is still calling her daily and leaving voicemails.

I was immediately concerned about where things were going, I hate when I have to wait forever for my couple to finally get together. That wasn’t the case here, in my opinion they were separated for a justifiable amount of time.

Despite Harlow wanting to be with Grant, she knows that isn’t a option for her right now.

When Grant and Harlow are back together, they still have a lot to overcome. Harlow loves without restraint, while Grant is still afraid of loving due to the loss he has had in his life. They have both hurt each other and have to decide if it is worth taking one more chance.

I loved this story, a lot of people were disappointed in where Grant’s first book went, but I felt like this book completely redeemed him. This story was heartbreakingly beautiful, and I was really able to connect with the characters. I understood where both Grant and Harlow were coming from, and their feelings. This is definitely one of my favorite Abbi books, and I think it was the perfect conclusion to Grant’s story.

"If you wake up and this is a dream, call me. I’ll come running. I swear.”

Awesome buddy read with Jen, Melissa, and Sharon!

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1,828 reviews2,189 followers
January 3, 2015
3.5 second chance stars

“Love shouldn't make our choices for us; it should just add importance to our choices.”

 photo onemorechancecollage.png

Well that was a nice angsty break from reality!

In One More Chance , Harlow gives Grant was he's been wishing for, the chance to get her back and prove he can be a man and keep her. There is only one giant problem... Harlow's pregnant and if she has the baby, she won't survive it due to a heart condition. Cue drama.

I read Ms. Glines books because they are fun, but her newest ones have felt, well, recycled to me. I am a much bigger fan of the earlier ones she wrote. For instance, all of the men could be interchangeable (except for Rush of course), and the female lead is almost always an innocent little goodie girl who enraptures the lead man with a look. And while this was fun 10+ books ago, I'm still waiting here for something a bit new from this author. Plus, the sex scenes felt really recycled.

I want to read about the broken girl. The bad girl. And that's how I ended up on Team Nan .

 photo thehorror.png

I know, I know! I shocked even myself! But that small POV from Nan had me more interested in what was happening than the rest of the book. And that was quite a bit of drama!

Again, 3.5 stars is a good rating, I liked it. These books are like crack for the brain. And I will continue on because they are my super guilty pleasure reads :D
September 9, 2014
In Take A Chance, we got to learn a lot more about Grant and Harlow but not everything was good. And it ended with Harlow taking off and leaving Grant and Grant had been kind of a jerk. Now we get to find out if Grant can redeem himself and if Harlow will let him.

One of the things I love about this series is getting the dual POV's, otherwise, it just wouldn't work. We need to know what's happening with both Grant and Harlow and of course, there's a big secret keeping them apart.

Grant is pretty devastated and I think it's taken him by surprise. He does put in a good effort but I was surprised that he didn't try to do more.

Harlow's not doing much better but I guess it was a bit more understandable as to why she was staying away. I'm not sure how much longer she would've held out and I'd like to think it wouldn't have been much longer.

There two are just as steamy as before...it just takes Grant a bit to figure out the best way to "handle" things. Too bad that he's changed Harlow and she won't stand for that. ;)


The main plot line is pretty emotional and dramatic. I really enjoyed all the different layers it added to the story. I didn't cry but certainly teared up a few times. It was really sweet although a bit predictable. And I just wish we had more depth to it...some things were never explained.

Is it even possible for Rush to get any yummier? He is just a-amazing. And I love him, Blair and Nate together. I'm ready for another baby! Woods and Della helped round out the couples and I loved how they all just fit together.

We get quite a bit of Mase and I'm just liking him more and more. I can't wait to read his book. His mom, Maryann was really wonderful too! And yes...there's another new person, Major. He's Mase's step-cousin and apparently the player. (OMG...his recent conquest??!!)

Then there's Bethy, it's pretty depressing but we knew it would be. There's a prologue for her and Tripp's book at the end but I couldn't bring myself to read it. I'll just wait till December when their book, You Were Mine, comes out. Unfortunately, there story is two books long, the second one being When I'm Gone, that doesn't sound very positive.

I can't forget Nan. *SMDH* It was good until we got the chapter from her POV. I don't even want to think about her book.

And Christmas surprise! We get a novella for Kiro and Emily that comes out Christmas day. That should be really interesting to read about Kiro in that light.

Back to Grant and Harlow, their book is emotional but it does end good. I really loved the last scene.


Favorite quotes

♥ “You came into my life. You changed my world. You made me realize I’m capable of loving completely. You’re my one. You’re it. This is my epic love, and I can’t lose that.”

♥ “When did you become such a sweet-talker? Prepare a girl before you say stuff like that.”

♥ “He’s gonna end up cursing around Blaire, and you’re gonna be sleeping on the couch for a week. Maybe she’ll stick your ass under the stairs. I hear payback is a bitch.”

♥ "You don't question the mommy. Ever."

♥ "He was my one and only love. He was my fairy tale."

♥ “You terrify me. Nothing in this world has ever shone as brightly as you do or made me want to be a better person like you do. I’ll spend a lifetime trying to be worthy of you, but I won’t be. No one could ever be. You’re a rare and precious gift, and I can’t imagine my life without you in it, by my side. You’re my happiness. You’re my home."

*BR w/Melissa, Jen and Bev!*
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2,378 reviews4,627 followers
September 5, 2014
3.5 ~ 3.75 Stars

“If we have a lifetime or only a few moments together, you will be the most important thing that ever happens to me in this life.”


Grant was a big fraidy cat in book one but I didn’t mind because it was believable for a guy to mess up with a great girl like he did. Going into this book two I was excited to see how this playboy/Nan’s bitch planned on redeeming himself.

”She was scared, and I had been worried about me and my fucking fears. How had I become so selfish? I had been terrified of losing her, but all I’d done was send her running.”

Grant begs and pleads and wins his Harlow back but for me it was like bam you’re cured of being an ass, a bit too quick or Blaire and Rush are that good with their advice. There is a big shocker at 4% that leads to the couple quickly standing together and I guess this type of situation can make or break a couple.

”You’re my one. You’re my it. This is my epic love, and I can’t lose that.”

Grant becomes the perfect guy with the assistance of Blaire and Rush who were like his advisors in this book (love these two). I loved all the support by all the minor characters such as country boy Mase and his newly introduced hottie cousin Major. Can I get a Major book? Yep totally intrigued by him!

My issues with the story were as follows:

•Grant’s reasoning for his fears were never really explained. I thought his mother would show and give us a glimpse which would have worked for me and opened up a new character, etc.

•An overheard conversation about the past of Nan and Grant revealed something that was never explained and I want to know!

•Poor Emily she’s once again locked away with only Kiro caring about her even after her unveiling in book one. No one visited her in this book at all it’s like they have her buried – terrible.

Overall, this was a good fast read that had the heat and the heart break (the letters were tear inducing). I must emphasis that Grant in the bedroom was amped up a ton – he was dirty talking sexy. However, Grant’s character needed more memorable personality, more in the details of who he is and what makes him tick as well as his background. Nan’s big hero act – whatever, did they seriously think she wouldn’t?
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February 15, 2015
4 'better than the first book' Stars

 photo image_zpsovgsewzc.jpg

“He thought I was the hero of our story. How wrong he was. He had been the hero all along.”

Better.Way better than Take a Chance it was far from perfect but it was better.

Grant and Harlow both may be two different peole but they are perfect for each other. I loved Grant in the Fallen series and I love him now. He is amazing. He cares deeply about Harlow.

“If you wake up and this is a dream, call me. I’ll come running. I swear,”

I don't want to talk about the story but ill talk about the characters.

I loved how there was a pov from Kiro and Nan, makes me more thrilled to read their story. Nan I'm anxious about hers but at the same time I'm really excited. I'm sure Abbi Glines can make us like her.

Overall I really enjoyed it and I kinda teared up at parts but I was really enjoyable better than the first one.

 photo image_zpsqxfpdbug.jpg

“I was searching so hard for something to make me feel whole. I found that with you. You lit up my world and made everything so damn bright and exciting"
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1,176 reviews4,216 followers
December 2, 2015
After being a complete douche in 'Take A Chance', Grant redeems himself in 'One More Chance'. Thank goodness for that! This time around, Grant has replaced his selfishness and careless disregard for Harlow's feelings, with heartfelt gestures and sweetness. Harlow was sweet to begin with and she continued to be the endearing girl she always has been. However, there must be something in the air because even Nan showed a sensitive side...Yes, Nan.

To say the least, I enjoyed this book far more than the last one. It was an emotional, touching story about second chances and new beginnings. I'm even looking forward to reading more about Nan's story. Believe me, I never thought I'd be interested in going there!
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896 reviews1,967 followers
September 28, 2014
4 Redeeming Stars!

If you haven’t read the previous books, there might be small spoilers.

In the end of the last book Harlow runs away, after Grant finding out her secret and having a bad reaction. Yeah, Grant kind of disappointed us but now that Harlow’s gone, he saw what a douchebag he was and just wants her back. He does everything in her power to have her back and forgive him. Harlow wants him too, but she is scared and she will not go to him until she’s sure they can work out.


But Harlow is keeping (yet another) secret that will change everything. And when Grant finds out, he knows that this time he’s not only fighting for her… but for their entire future together.

Rating: 4 Stars.
Storyline: This was a sweet second installment that leave us with a great sense of closure. There was some “wtf” moments like but other than that, it was a far better read from the first one. I really liked it.
Writing Style: First person. Dual POV. Good and engaging writing.
Character Development: Harlow was sweet as ever, but this one truly allowed us to see how strong she really was. She was a fighter in this book. I loved Grant and he really let me down in the previous book, but in this one he completely redeemed himself and I was happy to love my old Grant again. As ever, it was really good to see more of the rest of the gang.
Steam: Hot.
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1,232 reviews2,041 followers
September 9, 2014

I felt Grant was able to redeem himself. Frankly, my problem with this book is not with him but with Harlow. She's one of the most boring, one-dimensional heroines ever. She's like Delia 2.0.

And I still don't like Nan. She better not get a book.
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1,347 reviews1,419 followers
September 10, 2014
4.5 You're My World Stars!
(BR with Sharon, Jennifer, Bev & Tiffany)

 photo e6e85f32-9827-4341-a8d8-69c0257d3e19.jpg

 photo bcdd14c1-d476-45a7-a90b-cf1d302cf505.jpg

This book picks back up after Grant has learned Harlow's secret & he didn't react so well, and felt betrayed by her. His reaction to Harlow's news sends her running. She leaves and hides out with her brother Mase at his secluded log cabin.

 photo 7c8afd02-5deb-488d-a3fd-cf95a55f26d0.jpg
 photo ea44269c-25b8-4453-8365-3a08d5a09af1.jpg

This leaves Grant devastated, and alone in Rosemary. He has no clue where Harlow ran off to, and just wants to talk to her so he can apologize & tell her how much he loves her.

 photo 6c0c23c4-430f-49a9-916e-fd2469e609a6.jpg

As Grant continues to call Harlow and leaves her messages, she continues to ignore them. She now has a new secret that is making her feel like she needs to push him away. She just needs time and feels it's best to stay away for a while.

 photo 283c449a-ad28-4137-ab7f-5769a12d2f1f.jpg

Grant eventually finds out where Harlow is and goes to get his woman! ;)) He really shows her how he feels and they work through their issues. Things aren't easy but they are stronger together.

 photo 8a821408-09c4-4403-87bc-55b7cf09ea58.jpg

I loved how broken Grant was in the beginning of this book & how we get to see the depth of his love for Harlow. He really lays his heart out there & it's beautiful! I felt this book really completed their story to perfection!

 photo 50fc9d71-8f44-4a93-ba10-bba2bec3cd49.jpg

I really enjoyed getting more of Rush & Blaire, and Woods & Della. I can't wait for Tripp & Bethy's book, and Mase's book! I REALLY hope we get a Major book too! :D

 photo 50b4c7b5-d612-458b-9c63-033a82341476.jpg

-I knew that night when I kissed you that I'd never be the same. Nothing would. You had marked my life."

-She was my fighter. My beautiful, wonderful fighter.

 photo cb024da3-2bcd-436c-a06e-8412654eb56c.jpg

-Nothing in this world has ever shone as brightly as you do or made me want to be a better person like you do.

-You're a rare and precious gift, and I can't imagine my life without you in it, by my side. You're my happiness. You're my home.

 photo a3a66d27-485d-4b15-a6e0-7d2eae8782db.jpg

-You're the love of my life. You're my forever.

-You became my forever even before I realized it.
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906 reviews190 followers
September 2, 2014
In terms of comparing this with the first book then I'll say I liked this one better. Did I love it? No. But I kinda saw it coming. Truth is I never got over the fact Grant sleeping with Nan AFTER sleeping with Harlow. (Cheating is a hard-limit for me.)
Anyway, I sort of expected Harlow to give Grant a harder time before she gave in to him again. (He did say awful things to her before she left him.) Of course, soft-spoken timid Harlow doesn't protest much, in fact, she couldn't get to his arms fast enough. It bothered me she was so passive. I know Abby tries to make Harlow seem 'strong' but how could I, especially, when she sees Nan kissing Grant in front of her and Harlow doesn't do a thing?
How can I believe Harlow could stand up for herself when she hears Nan's friends talk bad about her and instead of confronting them, she runs away? Abby, you gotta back up Harlow with actions not just words.

All in all, I wanted to enjoy this book but, in my eyes, Grant never really redeemed himself (he got off too easy with Harlow) and Harlow (my-too-passive Harlow) never grew a backbone. I guess what I'm trying to say is they weren't my cup-of-tea characters but if you enjoyed them in the first book then by all means. I, on the other hand, I'm glad I read this but wouldn't read it again.
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April 20, 2016
"My heart had always been weak, but loving Grant made it strong."

4 Stars!

Harlow is one lucky woman!

I swooned all over this book! I think One More Chance is better than Take a Chance because the development of the main characters here was greatly emphasized. Not to mention the emotionally-driven storyline which was loaded with tear-jerking drama.

So many things happened in this book and Grant and Harlow's relationship was tested big time! I became so emotional when Grant begged Harlow for one more chance, asking her to forgive him and start all over again. When things became even more complicated, putting Harlow's life at risk, I became an emotional mess!

What made me love this sequel was Grant's effort to redeem himself. He was such an ass in the previous book but he changed a lot here and became a better man for Harlow. Certainly there were heartbreaking scenes but the sweet ending made it up. I couldn't ask for a better one!

"Love shouldn't make our choices for us; It should just add importance to our choices."

Pearl's Book Journey (1)

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January 3, 2016
My rambling is all about Nan. Yes, that Nan...

Is it just me, Or am I really feeling sorry for Nan?

Here's a thing:

I can't remember a time when I didn't hate her when she was present in a page.
She's such a vindictive bitch to my eyes. The villain. Always.
And yet, with this book, Some unknown thing tugged at my heart.

(Please don't unfriend me for what I'm about to say)

She didn't have too many scenes with this book, but those small parts made a huge impact especially at the end.

A short thought. One small chapter of her mind. A glimpse to her broken self, I felt:

Her heartache.
Her pain.
Her insecurities.
Her rejections.
Her fears.

I know, I know, there was Rush who was always there for her. Maybe it was enough. Maybe it should have been enough.

But in Nan's case, it wasn't. It never was. And maybe that was a mistake on her part. Instead of embracing that gift, she took advantage.
Too many missteps.
So many faults,
and later, she's alone.

Where to start to find herself? Who to forgive and ask for forgiveness first?

I can almost hear her thought. Her question:

Yes, you do, Nan.

Love can change a person. Even the most villain. Even the most vindictive bitch. Even her.

Because we all know that it's different, so, so different when it's that someone who's holding your hand.

And I hope she find hers.

Her someone's hands.


Her Happy Beginning.

(Are we still friends? Haha :D)

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January 7, 2015
I think this will be about the love triangle of Grant, Nan and Harlow though it will be more on Grant and Harlow's story. Harlow was introduced in Forever Too Far (the half sister of Nan with his father, Kiro) and there were Grant's and Harlow's point of views. In Forever Too Far, in the wedding of Blaire and Rush, in the point of views of Grant and Harlow, their strong connection with each other can be seen (similar with Blaire & Rush also with Della and Woods) also in the end of the last book about Rush and Blaire, the point of view of Grant shown that he is still pissed and angry with Nan.

I'm so excited for this!

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August 31, 2014
Dear Abbi,

So here we are…again. Corresponding after the completion of one of your books….again. A book for which I have but one very important thing to say.


Damn that feels good!! Right, right, right. I guess what I'm really trying to say is…I WAS RIGHT!!

If you remember, I made a few bold predictions in my review of Take a Chance. Predictions blanketed with my faith in you Abbi, and the direction you'd hopefully take us (i.e. Grant) in One More Chance. I wanted to go there. You took us there. And for the naysayers with their Grant hating nay saying, you will definitely be silenced after reading One More Chance. It's time to give Grant one more chance. This entire book encompasses the idea--One. More. Chance.

Prediction #1

"I personally love the disappointment I felt towards Grant because it left an incredible amount of room for growth, and I can't wait to experience the evolution of his character."

I can now say, without a doubt, that you brought this evolution to fruition in One More Chance. His growth was the ultimate experience and I couldn't be prouder.

Prediction #2

"I know he's capable of so much more. I want to experience the more. I have no doubt that you'll deliver the more."

You delivered the more. Grant was more. The relationship and emotion between him and Harlow was more. The heartfelt and emotional style in which you wrote this book was more. Everything was more.

Prediction #3

"I think the problem here was that I just needed more time with the characters and their story, more time to become involved."

I started One More Chance involved, and I stayed involved. I loved how you didn't drag out the drama between Grant and Harlow. No ad nauseam back and forth. No ridiculous love triangle. It was a story about second chances. You gave Harlow and Grant their second chance.

"I am very much looking forward to what's to come, and I have much faith that those things I felt were missing early on in this series are definitely coming. They're coming!"

They came.

Even though I didn't know, I knew. You did this Abbi. I can honestly say, I am satisfied. Satisfaction you provided. And for that, I thank you! You continue to addict me, and I can't wait for the next ride.


Your Reader

My review of Take a Chance (Chance #1): https://www.goodreads.com/review/show...

More reviews at: http://www.toughcriticbookreviews.blo...
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November 19, 2014

Because.... She said this via FB

Abbi Glines: I won't tell you who Grant's woman is gonna be. Nan will be a big part of his story... BUT I hate Nan. I hate her a lot. That is all.

For sure i will read this book, I am HAPPY to know that she hates Nan too :) oh well....

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July 9, 2014

Grants love interest is Harlow. their story was set up in Forever Too Far.
So YAY no Nan!


this is Harlow
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September 3, 2014
didn't love it.
still hate Nan.
don't want Nan redeemed.
she's the worst. don't make Nan a thing now please!
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October 26, 2015

Grant didn’t let Harlow walk away. He pushed her away with all his might. Discovering that she could leave him was too much for him to take. But now that she’s gone, he is broken and realizes that she is the only thing that can keep him together. Even if it means his time with her could be limited, he’d take a second of a life with her over nothing.

Harlow understands why Grant did what he did. She knew he’d react that way, it’s why she hid it from him. She loves him and is just waiting until she’s ready to go back. But that all changes when Grant isn’t fine just sitting back waiting any longer. Avoiding his calls was easy, but seeing his face... there was never any other option but running into them for Harlow.


There is a particular plot point that this story focuses around, so there isn’t much I can say without ruining that part of the story... I’ll just say that I loved Harlow and I luuuuvvvveeeed Grant.


I was a little worried that Grant would do something unforgivable. That he’d want something so badly that he’d do or say the wrong things because of his fear. I was relieved and so helplessly in love with him by the end of this story. Abbi Glines gave us a fantastic series, each one absolutely loved but Grant just has always stood out for me, above Woods and yes, even Rush (ducks and hides). This book gave me every bit of Grant that I loved. He was damn near perfect, hell... he was perfect.

Ms. Glines kept us guessing through this entire story. I felt manic at times, between loving it and fighting back tears. And there was even a slight glimmer of hope for Nan (very small, nearly non-existent... but there). I loved the little scene with Bethy & Tripp that has me all sorts of excited to get their book and Mase – what a fantastically developed secondary character. With each of these stories, each set of couples – we get so much more. These are written in such a way that the story is so much beyond just the main characters. You are pulled into each and every one of them.


Bring on the rest of the boys of Rosemary Beach!
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September 3, 2014
“It’s me but then you know that. This is the forty-eighth message… which means I haven’t seen your face in forty-eight days. I haven’t held you. I haven’t seen you smile. I can’t find you, Harlow. I’ve looked, baby. God, I’ve done everything I could. Where are you? Are you even listening to these messages? It’s all I have left of you. I fucked up. I fucked up so bad. Just, call me or answer my call or send me a text, no, call me. Don’t just text me. I need to hear your voice. I just… I need to see you, Harlow. I can’t make this right if I can’t hold you-”


Another message ended. Damn voicemail never let me finish. But then I wasn’t sure she was even listening to my messages. I had been calling her every damn night since the moment she walked out of my door and still nothing. I had gone to her dad’s house in Los Angeles and no one was there. I wasn’t even allowed past the gate. Security had called the police the last time I was there. A call to Rush Finlay was all that kept them from hauling me off to jail.

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September 8, 2014
Sad to say that I think I have outgrown AG’s writings. Her style is too amateurish for my taste (especially the dialogue) and some of the characters were written in a way that came off too melodramatic, childish and inconceivable (i.e. Nan’s character). I should have stopped this series right after Della and Wood’s story. But, I forged ahead hoping the storyline would keep my interest. No such luck. Did not care for the story or the author’s style, but happy the characters were led to an ending they deserved.
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July 24, 2015
So much improvement from the previous one. I'm really happy for Grant and Harlow because I didn't expect I will be touched by their story after all the dramas. It's so good. What really surprised me was Nan. The bitch turned to an angel? Wow. Change of Heart. I don't know what to think about her.
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April 17, 2017
Definitely better than the first part and I'm happy tor the HEA (they deserve it) ,but I see a repeating pattern in the stories and it bothers me.
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