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Freeman is a genius with an uncommon mixture of memory, intelligence and creativity. He lives in a worldwide utopia, but it was not always so. There was a time known as the Grind―when Freeman's people lived as slaves to another race referred to simply as "Master." They were property. But a civil rights movement emerged. Change seemed near, but the Masters refused to bend. Instead, they declared war.

And lost.

Now, the freed world is threatened by a virus, spread through bites, sweeping through the population. Those infected are propelled to violence, driven to disperse the virus. Uniquely suited to respond to this new threat, Freeman searches for a cure, but instead finds the source―the Masters, intent on reclaiming the world. Freeman must fight for his life, for his friends and for the truth, which is far more complex and dangerous than he ever imagined.

342 pages, Hardcover

First published February 4, 2014

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About the author

Jeremy Robinson

163 books2,240 followers
Jeremy Robinson is the New York Times bestselling author of seventy novels and novellas, including Apocalypse Machine, Island 731, and SecondWorld, as well as the Jack Sigler thriller series and Project Nemesis, the highest selling, original (non-licensed) kaiju novel of all time. He’s known for mixing elements of science, history and mythology, which has earned him the #1 spot in Science Fiction and Action-Adventure, and secured him as the top creature feature author. Many of his novels have been adapted into comic books, optioned for film and TV, and translated into thirteen languages. He lives in New Hampshire with his wife and three children. Visit him at www.bewareofmonsters.com.

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886 reviews401 followers
December 15, 2015
This is the zombie apocalypse with a fantastic twist. The zombies are late, the robots have already wiped out humanity! I'm not quite sure what inspired me to pick up this crazy sounding robots vs zombies story, but I'm glad I did as it proved to be an engaging and compelling read stuffed full of action, mystery, cool sci-fi, and even a bit of romance. Above all it characters one could really love and root for.

Freeman has lived a sheltered life. Not a surprise considering he is only 16 days old! That sheltered life is brought to a dramatic end when a trip to observe some plants and animals in the wild sees him and his bodyguard attacked by what appears to be a group of ravenous undead. Freeman is shocked as none of this sounds like the world his friends in the Council have described to him. The current society is a utopia. It has been for the last 30 years since the people threw off the yoke of the cruel Masters that enslaved them. Now the law dictates that no one can be kept as a slave or forced to do anything against their will. It is a time of equality...or so Freeman was told. As the zombie apocalypse goes into overdrive Freeman is forced to flee for his life. He loses contact with his friends from the Council and finds new ones in the form of a few robots from the Lowers, the outskirts of the city, and discovers that they have a very different view on the current society than that which he has been taught.

It sounds a bit weird, but was actually fantastic. The action was intense and Jeremy Robinson's engaging writing style made it easy to get caught up in Freeman's tale of discovery and survival. Freeman was a great character. He was incredibly likeable and it was great to see how he inspired those around him to become more than the sum of their parts.

This was a super fun sci-fi thriller that proves that one does not need a heartbeat to be human!

Rating: 5 stars.

Audio Note: The story was brought to life superbly by R.C.Bray.

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5 reviews
April 29, 2014
Buy this book, and put whatever you're currently reading down.

Never, have I read a book as brilliant as Jeremy Robinson's new masterpiece, XOM-B and it's highly unlikely that I ever will, again.

Being an avid horror and sci-fi fan, I liked the idea of zombies and robots mixing it up in a novel. Tittilated, I purchased the kindle edition, opened it up and read. And read, and read, until it was all gone.

Did I say liked? I mean LOVED.

Seamlessly written, engaging, and with a mind boggling twist that would give Shyamalan M Knight an aneurism, if XOM-B doesn't win awards and make its way into a movie, I will be more surprised than I was with the contents of this book.

Elegant and with Asimov like undertones, XOM-B is THE book of the decade.

Well played, Sir.
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330 reviews47 followers
December 5, 2014
I can't believe I read another zombie book. I have an aversion to zombie fictions tracing back to the 70's from watching "The Night of the Living Dead". But this book happily had more action than gore and was actually kind of fun. You see it also has robots (which I absolutely enjoy). So kind of a yin yang experience for me.

Anyway the plot was interesting, and what I thought were plot holes were actually attempts to misdirect. The plot seemed a little choppy but it turned out very satisfying and served to develop an unique universe. I always enjoy seeing robots wrestle with the bigger questions of existence and purpose.

In the not to distant future we have a robot uprising to protest civil rights violations by the human masters. Well you can imagine how you would feel if all of a sudden your toaster started complaining about the heat in the kitchen. The conflict escalated to apocalyptic proportions. This results in a unique take on the zombie element.

This is a fun read, that is somewhat brain candy, but you could probably guess that from the cover.

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1,493 reviews21 followers
April 29, 2014
Yes, this is a zombie novel, but no, it is not like any other zombie novel you have ever read! Jeremy Robinson has taken a subject matter that has been done in so many ways over the years, and given a whole new take on zombies, how they came to be, what they are, and what their reason and place in the world is. It's hard to review this without giving away spoilers so I'll say this: if you're a fan of Zombie stories - read this; if you're not a fan of zombies particularly but like the post-apocalyptic genre - read this; if you're a fan of well-written, action-packed sci-fi thrillers - read this. your take home message - READ THIS!!!
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1,527 reviews162 followers
September 29, 2014
This is the first unique take I've seen on the zombie genre since the movie 28 Days Later. I've seen a number of attempts at a science fictional rationale for zombies but only 28 Days Later really sold me on the plausibility of it. Until now.

Whereas in 28 Days Later they aren't "proper" zombies but actually people suffering from a virulent form of rabies -- dubbed the "rage virus" -- which makes them behave like crazed zombies but they aren't actually undead.

Robinson takes a different tack here, but telling you how he's done it would give away the story entirely. Suffice it to say, it's wholly believable given the parameters he's set up.

This is a tremendously fast read. A full fifth of the book consists of a chase scene, which at times felt gratuitous as Robinson apparently just kept thinking up another cool action bit to add, but you realize at the end that it was necessary.

It reminds me -- in a good way -- of the kinetic pace of Logan's Run by William F. Nolan or perhaps Roger Zelazny's Damnation Alley. There's the equivalent of the ruined Washington, D.C., here. The two main characters are reminiscent of Logan and Jessica, they meet characters similar to Box, Francis and the Old Man. They aren't one-to-one rip-offs, but I could see how someone could make the case for parallel bits. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if you could map the story beats of Logan's Run directly to Xom-B. That's not a slam against Robinson: sometimes the formula simply works and there's no reason to deviate from it.

As I was reading, I kept imagining how I would turn this into a movie. This used to be a problem I had with every book I read, wondering about the best way to adapt it, what to cut, what to include, but I eventually cured myself of this because it was getting in the way of simply enjoying the story. And getting in the way of finishing books, as I would often drift off into my imagination. This is one of the few books where that came roaring back full force, like a hurricane of whimsy blowing away all my carefully-contrived defenses.

I really want to make this into a movie. It would be so much fun.
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2,598 reviews264 followers
September 21, 2018

Ya know, this was not exactly the story I thought I would be getting when I got this book and yet it was very satisfying. Within the framework of the story, the characters & plot were believable and cheer worthy. I kind of wish that there was a follow up short story or sequel to continue the tale. That's how much I enjoyed the characters & setting.

An interesting mix of potential science, philosophy & psychology. Great popcorn SF.
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189 reviews22 followers
August 4, 2016
This was the most painful book I've endured in a long time. I kept hoping it would get better...but ended up with a cluster of headaches from all the eye rolling.

What the heck was going on? Robots, zombies, slavery, genocide, evolution, the human condition, man vs. machine...PICK ONE and then do it well. This book was nonstop action...but went in circles and left me confused and frustrated.

The first person writing was painful. It was so rigid and mechanical. It makes sense with the storyline, but that still doesn't make it okay. Speaking of the story...seriously?! SERIOUSLY?

Bottom line...it did not get better, only ridiculous. Pah-lease!
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351 reviews44 followers
May 17, 2022
I think this was a brilliant futuristic story. It blended many things that are often talked about (robots, dystopian future, humanity surviving, etc) and made it unique in it's own way! I love everything Jeremy writes, along with RC Bray narrating.
1 review
June 18, 2019
This book has blurbs on the jacket that the author is exploring "Michael Crichton territory", that this book is "a modern sci-fi classic"...DON'T BELIEVE IT! This book is amateurish, written on a seventh-grade level. I'm someone who will read shampoo bottles if there's nothing else (yeah, I read in the bathroom, I'm a man..."but I can change"), but this book barely held my interest; if I'd had better quality shampoo, I would have been better off. I forced myself to keep on reading, I'm one of those people who finish a book once it's been started, but I would have been far ahead of the game if I'd just listened to my internal voice, which was shouting "Life's too short to read a bad book! There's a new Stephen King out, pay FULL PRICE (I usually shop Goodwill) and save yourself!" The Michael Crichton estate should be suing for defamation for having his name mentioned in the same breath with XOM-B's author. I'm of the opinion that a good book will extend your life; at the very least, it will entertain you for the hours you've devoted to reading it; this book just sucked the life out me, and wasted hours that I will never get back. Please don't waste your time; I know we are all waiting on the next MIchael Crichton, but Jeremy Robinson is not the answer.
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2 reviews3 followers
March 20, 2014
In XOM-B Jeremy Robinson once again immerses the reader in a world that, in just a few short years, could be our reality. While I'm not generally a fan of zombie books' I AM a fan of Jeremy Robinson.
XOM-B can almost be seen as a cautionary tale in some ways...over the last few decades man has been increasingly dependent on technology, especially computers...Where will this lead the human race? In XOM-B, Jeremy Robinson explores the slippery slope man might be on toward our own demise.
XOM-B is definetely not your "average" zombie book but if you are a fan of the zombie genre, you will LOVE this book!
With more plot twists than a James Rollins' and things that would even give Stephen King nightmares, XOM-B is sure to keep you reading to the very last page!
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43 reviews
June 23, 2021
This could make a cool movie...as a book it kind of fell flat. The quick pace is very engaging, and makes for a quick read. Sometimes, though, the protagonist goes on in his mind about feelings and thoughts, but other times things are tacked on (eg. 'In the elevator my ocular junk started working again'.....but why isn't that mentioned while he's in the elevator? It's only brought up in the next chapter when he's making a point, contrary to how his other thoughts are presented). Most of the plot twists are either given away by the cover, or are pretty easy to spot. One comes to mind that was a genuine surprise. The ending irritated me. Like, a lot. Overall a very feel-good optimistic book; not really what I wanted in a double apocalypse story.
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263 reviews10 followers
June 20, 2015
I couldn't wait to get my hands on this book - robots, zombies and great writing what more does a person need from a book? So much so, that as soon at it arrived and I was greeted with the choice of reading or sleep, I chose to read and I definitely don't regret that decision.

As always, Jeremy Robinson has written excellent characters that you love or/ and hate in equal measure. I thought Xom-B was fantastic, it incorporates lots of thoughts on what it is to be human, with nasty enemies and a few surprises. I'm waiting for the announcement that it's going to be a movie because this is the sort of book that is crying out to be made. We as an audience need it.
Profile Image for Anthony.
53 reviews4 followers
April 28, 2015
I thought the writing was workmanlike, as one can usually expect from the thriller fiction out there these days. it may have sci-fi elements but it's a thriller novel. The idea had a clever enough twist on the zombie subject, and had plot twists that were interesting, but you had to go through a lot of bland action sequences that were predictable. Also predictable were most of the revelations in the novel. In all, it was a quick and light diversion with some interesting quirks, but nothing beyond the quality of a beach reading novel.
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Author 6 books54 followers
April 29, 2014
XOM-B by Jeremy Robinson was definitely a different take on the whole viral outbreak and zombie apocalypse theme in a very good and interesting way! From the moment I started the book I felt invested in the survival of Freeman, rooting him on and holding my breath when he was in trouble. XOM-B brings us to what could very well be our future thanks to the advancements in technology, but will we learn from their mistakes? Probably not. An excellent, hard to put down read!
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Author 11 books12 followers
May 21, 2014
Once again Jeremy Robinson defies logic and pumps out another amazing hit of a book. Xom-B is at the same time vintage JR, and yet a totally new direction for him as well. If you like zombies, futuristic action, and science fiction at its very best, this is the book for you! I LOVED IT!
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1,024 reviews41 followers
April 15, 2018
This is my first time having read/listened to anything by the Jeremy Robinson. But I love zombies, and I love RC Bray (narrator). Therefore, I decided to give this story a listen to after my husband recommended it. What could go wrong?


I...LOVED...this...story! Man, this was a great one! I'm a huge fan of the narrator, RC Bray, so having him read, I feel, made the story even better.

This baby held my attention to where I finished it in a much shorter amount of time then what I usually do for books, whether physical, e-books, or audiobooks. This has made it to my top 5 list of best books ever (not that I could actually write out how that top 5 list would go, but this would be somewhere on it)! This has definitely left me interested in hearing more by this author.
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470 reviews1 follower
June 5, 2019
This was a really interesting story and a very different take on the "zombie" tale. I really enjoyed the fact that the characters were fun and dangerous and I loved how original the idea was. It was weird which I also enjoy. I can't really say too much about it because I don't want to give anything away. XOM-B was so different than the other books I have read by Jeremy Robinson. He has a gift for telling a story that could be very boring and bringing it to life in vivid, gory detail. I want to say more about the story but all of my points would give away key information. The book is frantic, touching, bloody, twisty, and adventurous. Good stuff.
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2,075 reviews41 followers
November 18, 2022
This was OK but a little confusing since we seldom know who is human and who is an android or something in between. Nor are we ever sure who is to be trusted. There’s war, lots of political shenanigans, genocides. Marginally exciting as mc and friends escape from the zombies and dystopian enemies. There was a variety of zombies from shamblers to intelligent, fast warrior types. The ending felt a little far-out as to the ‘science’.
3 reviews3 followers
April 15, 2021
Surprisingly Great

I’m not a zombie sort of fan, but read this as a recommendation. I was so pleased with the storyline execution and character development! The subtle details that set the stage for some unexpected plot twists. Very pleased!
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647 reviews302 followers
July 1, 2014

Full review over at Fantasy Book Critic

OVERVIEW/ANALYSIS: XOM-B by Jeremy Robinson is quite a story; I was intrigued by its blurb and cover which promised a fascinating crossover between I, Robot & The Walking Dead. Safe to say the author managed to surprise me with his plot and the way the story ended.

XOM-B opens by introducing us to what are later revealed to be events such as “the Awakening” similar to the Civil Rights movement of the 60s. Set in the tumultuous events set between 2052 to 2054, this small prologue while seeming confusing is of grand importance in the latter half of the story. The first chapter introduces to our protagonist Freeman and is set in 2074. Freeman is a person who can’t remember much about his past and according to his memory, he seems to be only sixteen days old. His protector Heap is a quiet sort not offering much but doing his best to help him survive the wasteland that is Earth. Certain events that occur in the first chapter lead Freeman onto a rather decrepit part of their location wherein he meets Luscious and Jimbo who are rather surprised by him and his appearance.

The story then races forward as we find out what exactly happened to the world? Who is Freeman? What is pursuing him? This storyline is an incredible mash up and I can’t reveal more without spoiling the story. Firstly a warning, in nearly the first hundred chapters, most readers will feel an acute vertigo of sorts wherein the author drops you along with Freeman into the story. We don’t know much about what has happened and what is currently happening. Stick with the story and there’s a huge payback from the middle wherein we get clues about what is the current nature of the world and how it all comes together.

The storyline is a classic quest story but with such subversion of tropes that you will definitely enjoy the ride planned by the author. Characterization is bit dicey as we only get a singular first person POV from Freeman & therefore the worldview and understanding is limited. There isn’t that many characters introduced but all of them have a big part to play as well as big secrets to reveal. The pace is definitely top-notch as the reader is shunted quickly along the plot and from twist to twist. The story forces the reader to look out for small clues along the way as well as understand the world from Freeman’s limited understanding.

A thing that bugged me about the storyline was that because of the tight POV focus we never get to truly see the world developed within or seen through another POV. This definitely robs the story of some of its sheen. I would have enjoyed knowing more of the world but it isn’t too much of a deterrent.

CONCLUSION: This is a brilliant exploration of the zombie apocalypse story angle but with robots as well as humans, Jeremy Robinson indeed proves that he’s one of the rising stars of the SFF genre. Be sure to check out XOM-B if you want to read a story about zombies of a kind that you have never read before.
2 reviews3 followers
April 14, 2018
The book had a good idea, a nice take on the original Zombie Apocalypse. I appreciated the beginning bit where the author said he tried not to follow cliche's, but he honestly did a poor job following those statements. He followed many cliche's and tropes throughout the book, especially one being of the girl character. I liked her development, but the romance was a bit too thrown in there for me to call it good. I seemed tossed in there and I could care less. I came there for zombie's and sci-fi. What I got of those two was good, I appreciated the twists and plot he had going on, would have loved to see that be more focused on than the romance. I felt like Freeman could have found other ways to realize his human traits than through the female character, but I obviously cant change what has been written.

The pacing seemed a bit off to me. Having the story take place over the span of around 3-5 days was a bit off putting. And the story seemed to drag on. I loved the beginning, felt for the characters, but as it went on I just lost interest entirely. Near the end it started to get better, it even got a single tear out of me when all the characters seemed to have died, but I immediately wiped it away and got more frustrated that they didn't. That was a major cliche that they were saved somehow by "The Power of Friendship".

The characters were some of the more enjoyable things about this book, as well as the lore. I love the idea of capped cities, enforcers. If I have to be honest here, Sir had to be my favorite character. He successfully set up a villain that I cared for. I feel like if Robinson did kill off at least some of the main characters--besides Mohr--It would have saved the book for me. But I just can't get over the fact that they were all saved somehow. Yet, I do like the premise and question that seems to be brought up of "What really makes a human human?"
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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1,458 reviews177 followers
May 29, 2014
Listened for Review (Brilliance)
Overall Rating: 4.50
Story Rating: 4.50
Character Rating: 4.50

Audio Rating: 3.50 (not part of the overall rating)

First Thought when Finished: Xom-B by Jeremy Robinson was a very interesting twist on the traditional Zombie story. I enjoyed it from beginning to end!

Story Thoughts: OMG! Seriously I was caught off guard by how much I enjoyed Xom-B (especially since I decided to give it a whirl because it seemed odd BUT I was prepared to be underwhelmed). It was odd, unique, fascinating, and clearly one of kind. This is a different twist on the zombie stories that we are used to hearing. It is also a story about humanity even though again in an odd and compelling way. This really was just a brilliant act of storytelling. The only little bit knocked off was that it was a little hard to grasp in the beginning but once the story hit it's stride, it was hard to put down!

Character Thoughts: I loved Freeman. He made a great lead to experience this world through. He was new to everything too and in that essence we got to experience everything through his eyes, emotions, and thoughts. The other characters were fantastic also! Both the good guys and bad guys were engaging. I began to care for them all!

Audio Thoughts:
Narrated by: R. C. Bray /Length: 11 hrs and 31 mins

I don't think I have listened to a book narrated by R. C. Bray before but I thought he did a pretty good job. He was right on with Freeman's voice and growth throughout the story. I wasn't so much a fan for his female voices but they did grow on me through the story. Overall I would listen to a story narrated by him again!

Final Thought: Very Impressed!
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381 reviews20 followers
May 13, 2014
From the description:

Freeman is a genius with an uncommon mixture of memory, intelligence and creativity. He lives in a worldwide utopia, but it was not always so. There was a time known as the Grind—when Freeman's people lived as slaves to another race referred to simply as "Master." They were property. But a civil rights movement emerged. Change seemed near, but the Masters refused to bend. Instead, they declared war.

And lost.

Now, the freed world is threatened by a virus, spread through bites, sweeping through the population. Those infected are propelled to violence, driven to disperse the virus. Uniquely suited to respond to this new threat, Freeman searches for a cure, but instead finds the source—the Masters, intent on reclaiming the world. Freeman must fight for his life, for his friends and for the truth, which is far more complex and dangerous than he ever imagined.

Robinson's lightning fast, cutting-edge novels have won over thriller, horror, science-fiction and action/adventure fans alike, and he has received high praise from peers like James Rollins, Jonathan Maberry, and Scott Sigler. XOM-B is a wildly inventive zombie novel with a high-tech twist that will keep readers guessing until the very last sentence.

If you were to mix AI, I-Robot and The Walking Dead you might come close to this story! For fans of Jeremy Robinson it's really no surprise that he can mix zombies and robots and make it work brilliantly. Freeman is a great character, by the end of the book I was so invested in his story that I teared up. Great job Mr. Robinson! If your a fan of horror, sci-fi, or thriller novels you should grab this book! I couldn't put it down! A solid 4.5 stars.
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251 reviews7 followers
April 29, 2014
The next sci-fi fantasy epic...with zombies...and robots....is here! Jeremy Robinson's newest tale is a dystopian future story with its own identity, reminding you of nothing you've read before and yet reminding you of a lot of things you have read or seen at the same time. This is not a zombie novel, they are just in it. That is part of what makes it so unique and original. I dare not discuss plot or characters, save to say they are a good cast and several of them will stand out as some of Jeremy Robinson's best characters, of which there are many! He creates a new world we've not been to before, and it's a strange trip we take getting to know it. Blade Runner, Equilibrium, Children of Men, even 12 Monkeys are all good examples of the type of story we have, even though none of them are really anything like this book. Well some of them maybe a little, but only in good ways. Myself, growing up in the 80's with Jim Henson movies, I was reminded of The Dark Crystal on several occasions for the feeling and shape of the story. That is an awesome thing to accomplish, in my opinion. Henson's Dark Crystal and Labyrinth are on the high side of the creativity spectrum. Why am I comparing it to all these movies? There's zombies in it, that's why. Overdone and redundant, zombie stories are still only a dime a dozen, there are so many now. This is not one of those. It's got substance, originality, plot, well fleshed out characters, and zombies. And robots! And it's sci-fi. What more can I say? I'm not giving away anything story-wise. Give XOM-B a read and experience a new story you've not read or seen or heard before.
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48 reviews10 followers
January 24, 2014
Once in a while you read a novel which some would consider entertaining, pure science fiction, or simply light (fun) reading; however, you find it to be filled with vision, an exploration of possibilities, and a chance for discussion with others about "what if". Jeremy Robinson brought these last three to life for me in his new novel, XOM-B. It might be considered just another zombie book, but believe me, it isn't. Robinson has taken the idea of zombies to a whole new level which personally, I feel rivals Isaac Asimov's, I, Robot. This is not just a zombie apocalypse, it's a look at human flaws and frailties; the confrontations and terminations of authoritarians by the masses; and the creation and evolution of all beings. This in turn poses the question of how to continue to grow and expand one's species when so many have become stagnant or lost in hopelessness. This IS a fun read. It is filled with action, adventure, mystery, and of course, zombies. You will enjoy it especially as the protagonist, Freeman, discovers his own way in a society which is rigid and unfeeling. XOM-B is just so much more than zombies and you may find yourself asking the same questions and answering them just as Freeman does. The characters are wonderful, full, and you too, will be awakened as you become Freeman fighting against a path leading to destruction of humanity or is it? Enjoy and be prepared for it is one heck of a Hover-cycle ride!
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4 reviews3 followers
April 29, 2014
Wow, did Jeremy Robinson over deliver above and beyond my expectations. Xom-b is a refreshing and different zombie, sci fi thriller with everything you need for a gripping story and hopefully a new series.

Robinson blew me away with the multi-faceted layers and themes found throughout the book like slavery, freedom and class structure, survival of the fittest and human evolution, genocide and global domination to name a few.

His characters are very believable. From our protagonist Freeman to Luscious, Heap and Harry, whom all represent different walks of life that come together for one purpose, to save human kind from the Sir's of the world.

Seeing the world through Freeman's perspective was so true and innocent that he became so real to me. I felt his pain, his love and his happiness and even shed some tears.

Only the great mind of Robinson would put together a story like this. A cross between I Robot, Ellysium and Dawn of the Dead all in one. I did not want this adventure to end.
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159 reviews14 followers
April 29, 2014
I would recommend this book to everyone. Even though the title suggests its about zombies, it is so much more than that. Wow, and the much more is awesome! Without giving anything away the characters are the best part of the book, in my opinion. The action is non-stop and the story keeps you so engrossed you don't want to put it down even for a minute. All the tech described is a little more than I understand, but for the tech nerds out there, they will love it. Glad to see that there wasn't much mental thinking, but lots of talking between the characters. Lots of questions during the book, but it all comes together in the end. People who have read this author before are going to love this book, and will want it yesterday!
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108 reviews
November 7, 2014
Based on the cover blurbs I thought it was not that good in comparison to what was said about the book. It rolled along fairly quickly for more than half the book, but then became bogged down in "wrap the story up mode", and sometimes that is a huge distraction from the story itself. The ending was not that surprising I suppose, not that it was predictable in any way, but getting there was cumbersome and left me feeling less than satisfied with the book as a whole. This book could easily have been the first of a trilogy perhaps, but the ending pretty much finished it all off and left the entire story to stand as a single story in one book, not a bad thing but the way you get there was much more satisfying than the way it ended. Oh well, that happens.
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