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Something Like #2

Something Like Autumn

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Love can appear unexpectedly: a chance meeting at a friend’s wedding, the arrival of a handsome new co-worker… or while being robbed at a convenience store.

For some, love seems an impossible dream. Growing up gay in small-town Missouri, Jace Holden thought his chance would never come. When he meets Victor—a wild soul and fellow outsider—his chances of finding love go from bleak to a very uncertain maybe. Bracing his heart, Jace chases after his desire, hoping for a warm hand to hold his tight.

Something Like Autumn tells the story of Jace’s life before the events of Something Like Summer, while also revisiting his time with Benjamin Bentley.

404 pages, Paperback

First published April 12, 2013

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About the author

Jay Bell

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Jay Bell is a proud gay man and the award-winning author behind dozens of emotional and yet hopelessly optimistic stories. His best-selling book, Something Like Summer, spawned a series of heart-wrenching novels, a musically driven movie, and a lovingly drawn comic. When not crafting imaginary worlds, he occupies his free time with animals, art, action figures, and—most ardently—his husband Andreas. Jay is always dreaming up new stories about boys in love. If that sounds like your cup of tea, you can get the kettle boiling by visiting www.jaybellbooks.com.

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168 reviews59 followers
December 8, 2020
Not sure why but I just cannot get into these books. I've had a lot of friends recommend them but despite my best efforts I just could not get into the story. I don't know if it's the time period, the characters, or the writing style but it felt like it took me forever to get this far.

Whatever you do though, don't let this stop you from giving the books a try on your own.
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671 reviews
August 29, 2013
I did not have a strong desire to read this book. It is the third in the author's series about the same characters. I thought, what more does he have to say? This book turned my head around. I loved it more than the first two.
Jace was so real to me. My heart bled for him thru all his life altering situations. Loved Greg, especially because he remained true all through Jace's life and its nice to have a heterosexual friend who is truly your best friend. Victor was kind of an enigma. I wanted to love him and wanted he and Jace to work out but had issues with his inability to commit. Ben was good, but different when seen from Jace's perspective and Tim was an unbelievable jerk. I had problems with him in both Summer and Winter.
The ending, even though you know what happens was still gut wrenching, noble, touching and loving all at the same time. Somehow thru the sadness I was able to get closure on Jace and Ben and cherish what they had together. It makes me want to race home to my husband, cherish him and never take him for granted.
Autumn is so well written into the fabric created in Summer and Winter that I am forced to go back and re read them immediately.
Well done Jay!
200 reviews103 followers
March 6, 2021
I didn't think that I'd end up liking this book so much, so much more than Something Like Summer. It was a very emotional and heartbreaking read, especially the end. I knew how it was about to end but I couldn't have prepared myself for it.

Even though there were bad parts I cannot bring myself to rate it lower than 5 stars.

I'll be dividing this review into three parts:
1》The first 60%
2》The Middle 30%
3》The Last 10%

The First 60%


This part of the book is a depiction of Jace's teenage and university years.
His relationship with his family and friends was depicted very well. I loved how supportive his parents, best friend and Bernard were of him. I also really liked how Bernard gave Jace another shot at life and how he didn't give up on Victor.

What I didn't find interesting was his time at university. It was boring. His relationship with Adrian failed to touch me.

The Middle 30%

This was just a repeat of Something Like Summer even though a lot of the events that took place didn't line up with Something Like Summer's events which they should have since they take place in the same timeline.

Jace didn't seem to have much of a personality and seemed like an emotionless person even though he isn't. I didn't like Ben either in this part.
Ben behaved like a jerk yet Jace didn't do anything about it. I understand that he had his reasons for forgiving Ben but those didn't justify Ben's actions.

The Last 10% (This part contains spoilers)

The Last 10% made me cry. No amount of knowing and preparing could have prepared me for it, for what happens to Jace. But good things also happened in it.
Jace got married and lived a happy life with someone he loved and who loved him.

There's nothing that could have made him happier than breathing his last breath knowing that he was in the hands of someone who had limitless love for him.
The best thing was that Jace had attempted suicide in the beginning because he thought that no one could love him in a romantic way and that he would die alone, but he was proved wrong, he proved himself wrong. Ben loved him more than anything and he died while Ben was laying beside him, holding him and telling him that he'd love him forever.
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1,369 reviews1,507 followers
May 8, 2015
Okay, I'll admit it. I was an asshole. When I first read book 1, 'Something Like Summer', I really loathed the restrained, two-dimensional Jace in that book. Ben was supposed to be with Tim. Period.

Then I read book 3, 'Something About Autumn', and felt like a complete dick. This book takes you through all of Jace's backstory and was truly a journey, not simply another story.

The trilogy definitely challenges your emotions to come to terms with three amazing main characters, two deeply in love with the third, trying to discover themselves and love. And with math like that, there isn't always a happily ever after. At least not when they (or the reader) would like it.

I highly recommend all 3 books.
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Author 6 books175 followers
October 5, 2018
What a lovely book.

Three months ago I've read Something like Summer and ended up with a raging fury and a broken heart. Now, Jace's life story and POV for the events from Something like Summer were like a balm.

If I were to compare the two books, Something like Summer was like a storm, while Something like Autumn was like a single violin playing in the moonlight.
Just like Jace's personality.
And the song I kept hearing was Kreutzer's Violin Sonata No 9.

He was always my favorite. #TeamJace

Profile Image for Will Lutes.
39 reviews
June 23, 2013
Sidebar before the review: After reading this book in two sittings, I can say I am completely hooked - not only on the cast of characters in this series (which are immediately memorable, but also each in his own way, friends you can wait to catch up with - a credit to the author's loving touch), but also in how each pulls you in - not by dragging you into it, but by careful peeling away of themselves until you are left with their core. That the author included a personal note at the end to underscore one of the prominent theme's in the book cemented Jay Bell as a go-to author who I could implicitly trust with whatever he chooses to share with his readers. A trust that, while publicly shared, seemed immediately private and a very open way to connect with his audience. A trust that, for me, I think is as unbroken as the love between Jace and Ben. - This is a fanboy for life.).

Now onto the work itself:

First off, I was thrilled beyond belief that Jay chose to give Jace his own story. I was connected to this character, his nobility (so refreshing from the over the top crowd of sex starved twinks, daddies and whores in the making of so many in the genre - not that I am judging that to be bad, but Jace is in a class by himself) and the careful wisdom from the first time he entered in '...Summer.' From his entrance in that story, with subsequent fleshing out in '...Winter,' I was clamoring for more from him. I am glad to say that Bell didn't disappoint in the least.

Jace's tale was well worth the wait. From the onset I could connect with how he saw his world, how fiercely he defined love and what he would do to hold onto it. [Small spoiler ahead]: That Jace had to learn love from a complicated character like Victor, who ultimately couldn't deal with how much love Jace had for him, was bittersweet as it was emboldening to cheer him onto other things in life. Small sidebar; I gotta say that Greg and Michelle were my favorite minor characters, Michelle for a mouth that could give my own sister a run for her money, and Greg because dammit, every straight guy should have a gay pal they can connect with - I think it made Greg far stronger in the long run as a heterosexual male.

It was lovely to have Jace's thoughts to the part of the story where the trio's lives intersected. Again, under Jay's brilliant hand, he only deepened our understanding of these beloved characters, which made the inevitable conclusion that much more satisfying when it came. I am happy for Ben that he found someone like Jace with which to balance Tim out in the long run. I loved that for Jace, in the end, he left us with the firm knowledge that he didn't pass alone, unloved and unneeded. His sacrifice to leave on top with Ben was heart wrenchingly played out and deeply moving. Made me love his character even more. A brilliant, brilliant addition to the series.

So all in all, my advice is: if you love this series (and who the hell wouldn't - what's not there to love?) buy it now, don't wait, I woulda finished this in ONE sitting if I didn't have my day job to worry about. A ravenous read for me. If you are a fan, this one will not disappoint in the slightest.

Now I am left with two main questions:

1) I want to know how Jace's death affected Greg and Michelle - I mean, I am well aware how close they were and how things like this hit them, but a little part of me was selfish enough to know that Greg and Michelle were able to process and move forward. Did they still keep in contact with Ben after? Or did that fade with time?

and the bigger question is...

2) What the hell could be in store for 'Something Like Spring?' I haven't a clue where he'll go with that one. I love a good mystery but dammit, now that I am done with the series thus far it'll be rolling around in the back of my head trying to suss it out. But that's a very good thing (apologies to Martha Stewart).

While I loved the two prior books, I have to say Jace's story is my favorite of the series thus far ( and I am not saying that because it is the newest in the series - it is because one of my absolute favorite characters came to the fore and opened his heart to us. I was the richer for it).

Thanks Jay! Can't wait til it's Spring...
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16 reviews1 follower
June 4, 2013
Wow. With tears in my eyes I read the last three words and finished this book. The tears surprised me, because I did read the previous two books by Jay Bell (Something like Summer/Winter) and these book already tell you how this book ends.

I have to be honest. When I first read on Jay's website he was writing a book on Jace, I was not too enthusiastic. While reading Something like Summer, Jace was the least interesting character. I even disliked this character. He was too perfect and too nice. Well, from the first book's perspective this was the impression I got. Also, he came between Ben and Tim, for which I disliked the character.

Boy was I wrong. Something like Autumn is my favorite from the current series and I find Jace the most interesting character. The book is nicely built up. The introduction to Victor is wonderful. The contrast between the characters, Jace's search for love and Samson the cat of course.

Jay, you wrote a wonderful book! I cannot wait till Spring time! ;)
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1,100 reviews91 followers
June 23, 2013
Let it be known from the beginning that I am Team Jace. Yes, after reading Something Like Summer I was left very upset because of what i felt was an unfair ending to his story. So I was looking forward to reading his story even though the ending was somewhat spoiled. I wanted to know what made Jace the man that he became.

In short Jace's life story is one full of the search of love and commitment. His story starts with Jace deciding to take his life because he is afraid of ending up alone and unloved; this was his greatest fear.Luckily his suicide attempt ends up being just that and he is able to move on. Soon after, Jace meets Victor who becomes his first love. But Victor's vision of love and relationships is nothing like Jace's. Jace is bent on love and commitment but Victor is a carefree character that is cause for a lot of joy and pain for Jace. However, Victor teaches him two important lessons that later define Jace: Love is unconditional and it doesn't stop unless you let it stop. He also learns that commitment is nothing without a promise that is honored throughout time.

When Jace is with Ben these two lessons help him deal with Ben's relationship with Tim. Jace understands what Ben is going through because he himself still loves Victor. So he is willing to forgive what happens between Ben and Tim because he can finally see that despite it all their love is for each other is still intact. Then after they get married Ben once again honors his promise to love Jace above all and pushed Tim away one last time.

Even though half way through the book I was still feeling Jace got less than what he deserved in life, as the inevitable nears I can help but finally understand that Jace actually got everything he wished for in life and I was able to shed tears of happiness for him because what was happening was happening on the terms he always wished for.

Anyway, by far this is my favorite book of these series. And although I own Something Like Winter I have not been able to read it yet, as I am not sure I want to get to know Tim better. But reading Jace's story's has actually given me closure and I look forward to the final chapter Something Like Spring.
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1,436 reviews418 followers
August 12, 2016

3,5 stars. And I'm very generous.

I loved this book up to 60%. And then I stopped to love it.

There are probably several things that went wrong for us, I mean me and the book.

◆ I have read recently Memorizing You by Dan Skinner and Superhero by Eli Easton that I LOVED A LOT. It won't be that easily to find a YA-book that can impress me as much as these both books.

◆ I don't know HOW important was for the plot to know the previous sequels. I've read that it could be read as a stand alone. I didn't have an impression I was missing something, not at all, but maybe it was important to feel more connected to the main characters.

◆ I've read a spoiler that was very important for the story BEFORE I was through the middle of the book. It was my fault but it ruined a surprise moment for me.

◆ The book was hard to put down, I wanted to know what would happen next, but it was more like the soap opera that you have watched long enough to keep your attention on it but that was not powerful enough to fall BADLY in love with it.

If you enjoy YA-Genre and first of all MM-YA-Genre I would recommend this book.
It could be your book of the year.
I can easily imagine it.
You should just give it a chance.

And I'd like to read more of Jay Bell.
That is for sure.
Profile Image for Chris Horsefield.
110 reviews129 followers
August 15, 2018
It's been two days since I finished it and it still makes me tear up. I already loved the character Jace from the earlier books in the series, and was sad about how his story turned out, but now I love him even more. Even though I knew the basic story from Something like Summer, I couldn't wait to get to the part with Ben just to experience the story from Jace's perspective.
Jay Bell -- You have a talent! Thank you for such a wonderful series
Profile Image for Sara .
1,476 reviews154 followers
February 3, 2014
Rating 3.5 stars rounded up

Question: How do you go into a book basically knowing how it will end? Knowing the fate of the MC…I still don’t know. I have no idea what wild hair crawled up my behind to message my girlfriend and say “Hey! Wanna read Autumn with me?” WTF was I thinking? See, I knew this would be a tough read, I know how it all ends and I really did not want to deal with it, not at all but I had to. But, here is the thing; when I first met Jace in Something like Summer I liked him but I didn’t really connect with him. He was this too good to be true character, this almost too perfect example of a man who came into Ben’s life and while I liked him and accepted him with Ben, Ben was meant for Tim and it was all about them for me. Jace was important but honestly, I never felt much for him. Yeah, I know. Beat me later for that okay?

So…I am numb. Completely numb and yet at the same time pissed off. Why can’t I connect with Jace? What it about him that leaves me just feeling meh about him? I mean, he is this fantastic and beautiful character and yet in his own book I still couldn’t grab that connection with him. Going over my review for Summer I realize I never mentioned Jace once. Why? Because he wasn’t meant for Ben, Tim was and that is all I could see. But I did connect with Victor in this and I found the first half of this story beautifully painful to read. It was amazing to see Jace as a teenager and his relationship with his family to when he meets Victor. Oh Victor, what a character you are. I have a thing for the damaged boys and who could be more damaged than Victor? He has his closet full of shame and guilt and yet he tries to so hard to be this free man. To sleep where he wants, do what he wants, think how he wants and love who he wants. I loved the life lessons that he taught Jace just being with him. It was obvious from the beginning that Jace learned how to be man from Victor. The speech he gives Ben in Summer after the water park was SO Victor. I loved how he touched Ben’s life and gave him so much with just being himself in all his open and yes at times odd ways. I adored this about him but at the same time it scared the shit out of me. See, I know how this story ends, well Jace’s story anyway so I knew that something would have to happen to Victor because he wasn’t mentioned in Something Like Summer…did I mention Jay Bell is a sadist? Ugh. The first half of this book I was a complete mess. I lost it numerous times and then that one time? That one time I had to leave my office to go sob in the bathroom. Sobbing until my body shook and there was some sort of wounded animal sound coming from me. I could not believe that happened at all.

So, when we finally get to Jace and Ben, I found myself wanting to just get it over with. I knew the story and sure there were a few things new that I got but I wasn’t as emotional with the second half. There is some good in that but I wanted to see a flaw in Jace and I couldn’t find one. Even when he was with Adrien and he went back home, he was so noble and while that is a wonderful trait it made me NOT be able to connect with Jace. Even the beginning of the book, he was so redeemable so quick that…argh. I just don’t know. I feel like I am missing something when it comes to Jace. What is wrong with me? I cannot figure this out even after hashing it out with a friend. I feel like I am the asshole for not connecting with Jace, for not tearing up at the end of his story like I actually did in Summer. But in Summer, I cried more for Ben…Oh Em Gee I am an awful human being aren’t I?

Now in Summer; I never felt the age difference was a big thing between Ben and Jace. I loved how Ben saw Jace and though yes he was older, they seemed compatible and on the same level. But the way Jace sees Ben? It made Ben go from this strong character that I love to this silly immature little college boy. I never felt the love for Ben or even half the emotion he had for Victor in their relationship. I wanted it so much because I know what Jace’s greatest fear is and I know that does not happen. I know how this ends! Maybe that is the reason I couldn’t get into the second half of this? But no, it can’t be that, I knew how Winter would end and I sobbed my ass off reading that book falling for Tim all over again and waiting for him to be back with Ben. WHY can’t I feel with Jace?


All that aside, I do love the way Jay Bell tells a story. The way he can tell basically the same story from different perspectives and not give an exact retelling or just switching the names out is brilliant. The way you get secrets revealed that you wondered about, the knowledge where beloved cats come from or what was happening during times you never thought of are amazing. The man can write his ass off and I will always admire that. This, though it tore my heart out in the first half, didn’t give me the same feelings that Summer and Winter did with the whole book. Will that stop me from reading Spring? Of course not. I will just give it some time like I did with the other seasons before I go there again.

Oh and last thought on the cover…if this is Jace’s book why is he not the more prominent figure on the cover like Tim and Ben were on theirs? Just my brain throwing out more things I don’t understand.

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565 reviews45 followers
January 20, 2014
Having read the first two books in the Seasons series, I knew going in how this one was going to end. What I didn't know was that my heart would be shredded, minced, mutilated, and stomped on before the painful end arrived.

Now I better understand why Jace reacted the way he did to Ben and Tim's shenanigans. When first reading through those situations, I'd ascribed his behavior to being older than the other guys, more experienced and mature. Still, it made Jace feel like a paper figure for me, lacking in feelings and passion, that he was so understanding of a situation which hurt him so badly.

But after reading SLA, and meeting Victor, I truly grasped who Jace really is. And I love him all the more for it. Which is why the ending just about killed me. If I cried reading SLS, this one had me almost dehydrated. I had to take several breaks, and remind myself that these were fictional characters and events, before I could continue reading. Quite a dilemma, since I just couldn't put it down for long, wanting to know what happened next.

The supporting characters are brilliant. Michelle and Greg deserve their own story. I'd read it! And let's not forget Samson. It's a recurring theme in this series, but a marvelous one at that, because animals can be the perfect therapy. They are the best companions when one needs unconditional love, without judgement or arguments.

Mr. Bell did something few authors have ever done. The third book in this series is better, way better, than the first and second. Bravo! And thank you for the gift of getting to know Jace. It is a privilege I will always cherish.

Before ending this review, though, I feel it necessary to provide a spoilerish warning. Your choice, to read it, or not.
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1,068 reviews187 followers
October 18, 2014
Just finished this and can't imagine where the fourth book in the series will take us.

This trio of books deals with many of the same events as told by three participants in this wonderful story. The first written was centered on Ben, a happy go lucky, out gay Texas boy that we meet just before his junior year of high school. He meets and falls for Tim, a young man who's just moved to the area from Kansas. While Ben's parents are loving and supportive of their son, Tim's are distant and self involved and Tim is struggling with his sexuality and is firmly in the closet both to his parents and even to himself.

While the second book is from Tim's point of view, both involve a third character, Jace who is slightly older and hails from Missouri. Jace becomes Ben's boyfriend at a point when Tim and Ben are on the outs and though Jace seems to be loving and understanding and in many ways "too good to be true", Ben is conflicted and, as in all romantic triangles, someone is going to get the short end of the stick.

What makes this especially difficult is that all three of the guys and many of their friends and family are all people that you grow to know and to truly like. In fact one of the great aspects of these books is that by the end you find that you empathize with pretty much all of the characters and that you enjoy spending time with all of them.

In this, the third book Jace finally gets the back-story that he so richly deserves and we finally get to see the events that shaped him into the great guy that we've met in earlier books. And while this book is perhaps at times the saddest of the three, it is also the richest and possibly the most rewarding.

As an aspiring writer I'd like to have seen a bit more foreshadowing in the first book so as to have avoided entirely the feeling of a "too convenient" plot twist and we do see some of that in this third installment. However art, like life, is not without its blemishes and if one can learn to accept these, one can have a much happier time of it.

By all means this is a trilogy that reader's of m/m romance fiction should read but this is much more than that. The three different viewpoints and the span of time make it a more poignant and a wiser story.
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226 reviews35 followers
September 2, 2013
Something Like Autumn returns us to the world that Jay Bell has created in his Seasons series, which focused on the loves and lives of Ben Bentley, Tim Wyman, and Jace Holden. This time, however, our focus is on Jace.

As a young gay teenager growing up in small-town Missouri in the early 1990s, Jace starts off the book feeling optimistic in the immediate moment, but he predicts future despair: he believes that as a gay man, he will die unloved and alone. While he is working at his new job -- night clerk at a gas station -- he is held up one night by Victor, who will end up being his first great love. The relationship between Jace and Victor was marred by their conflicting views on commitment, and by Victor's emotional instability. It was the lessons that he learned from Victor, however, that taught Jace how to love Ben (in Something Like Summer, Something Like Winter, and ultimately, of course, in this novel, as well) in the way that he needed, at the precise moment in time when he needed it -- openly, honestly, in a committed fashion, with a thorough appreciation for the fact that people can hold love in their hearts for more than one person, but with an an insistence on fidelity, and with the kindness to forgive. In fact, it was Victor who described Jace as "hav[ing] a sort of nobility, like a king who rules with kindness instead of brute strength." It was a description of Jace that showed that he was not perfect, but rather, simply lovely. In truth, despite everything we had been led to believe in SLS and SLW, he really wasn't perfect -- we saw some instances in his life that suggested some hints of a selfish side . Nonetheless, Jace was extraordinary, and he gave Ben a beautiful love. In fact, between Jace's love, and the love he receives from the finally(!) mature Tim that we see at the end of Something Like Winter, Ben will have been the recipient of two emotional experiences that many people never have the privilege of receiving even once.

I have to say that I was always convinced that -- as much as I love Tim -- Jace was the better choice for Ben, given his timing and given the length and quality of their relationship, and after seeing new scenes that we didn't have in Something Like Summer, I'm even more convinced. This is especially true because Jay Bell never gives us the opportunity to see a fully-fleshed out, functional, adult relationship between Ben and Tim. Granted, he allows us to see the beginning of such a relationship at the end of SLW, but it was just the beginning. In light of that, we are left with having to trust his having told us, in the epilogue of SLW, that they worked, rather than having shown us that they worked. Given the fact that Ben and Tim were endgame, rather than Ben and Jace, this was disappointing from a narrative point of view, and is a large part of the reason why I still feel like Jace was the better choice. Having said that, I can still be content with the ending because of several things: (1) Ben could be happy with either Jace or Tim, so as devastating as , it still worked out for him; (2) There was no one else in the world who could have made Tim happy, so he had to be with Ben; therefore it was necessary for him to turn into the kind of person who would deserve him, and eventually, he did; and (3) the resolution to Jace's story notwithstanding, he got the life that he so richly deserved, and the extra scenes of happiness that we see with Ben in this book make that very clear. I only wish that, if Jay Bell was truly set on clearing the decks for Tim, . It would have been a gift to Ben and Jace.

At the end of the novel, Jay Bell brings us back full circle in the only satisfying way that he possibly can:

This book - this series - is highly recommended. Keep your eyes peeled for Something Like Spring.
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Author 8 books87 followers
June 10, 2013
If you ever have to read a novel before you die, it will be this precious little gem here. Something Like Autumn is the story of Jace Holden before the events of Something Like Summer. And let me tell you that I fell in love with him in that novel, but now, I'm completely and madly in love with him with this one.

Jace Holden had it all. He was good looking, had loving parents, the perfect sister and a cool down-to-earth best friend. What was missing from his life? Somebody to love. There was a part of him that believe that he would never find the love of his life since gay people were not allowed to live happily ever after. Little did he know.

After a failed suicide attempt, he meets Victor, the first love of his live. Now, I didn't like Victor at first. He seemed so care free and didn't have his head glued on properly to his shoulders, but I completely saw why he was so important in Jace's life. He taught Jace several valuable lessons that turned him into the man we see in Something Like Summer. His role was very significant and I fell for him towards the end, but I also knew, he had to go.

I don't want to give the plot away, but I must tell you that there were several teary moments in this book. And at the end, I stopped myself and cried. This is one of the only three novels that have ever made me cry. This novel is just so sad, yet I couldn't stop myself from reading. Each page is page jerker that leaves you wanting more. By the end of this novel, this novel had become one of my favorite novels of all time. Jace Holden was a remarkable man and as Allison said...a saint.

I cannot recommend this novel enough. Yes, it's very sad and lengthy, but trust me, it's worth the read. Getting to know Jace and who he was before the events of Something Like Summer, was a remarkable experience. A job well-done Mr. Jay Bell! You are truly one of the best story tellers of all times. I beg you; please bring Jace back in Something Like Spring. I know you can't, but I had to try. Team Jace Forever and Always!
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300 reviews73 followers
July 29, 2013
Despite knowing how this book was ultimately going to end, and despite the reservations I had about the main character going into the novel, I wanted to read Something Like Autumn anyway, given how much I adored Something Like Summer and Something Like Winter. If you haven't read those two pieces yet, I strongly encourage you to stop reading this review and crack open those books! For the rest of you, continue on...

As always, Mr. Bell, thank you. I can't wait to see what Something Like Spring will bring.
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601 reviews146 followers
September 29, 2014
5 well deserved stars!!
I finished this book a few weeks ago and I've been trying to figure out how to write a review. I just don't feel I can do this book justice so I'm just going to say this is a "must read". I suggest reading Something Like Summer first and if you fall in love with the characters like I did then read Something Like Winter. At that point you will likely want to start Something Like Autumn immediately so have your copy ready. I absolutely LOVED all three of these books and can't wait to read Jay Bells next book. In fact I have so much faith in this author, I'd read his grocery list ;)
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2,484 reviews28 followers
January 9, 2016
Even knowing before hand how this was going to end, it still gutted me. I think it hurt more this time around. In the summer book, I hurt for Ben. This time I hurt because it felt like I lost a friend.

I loved getting Jace's back story. His romance with Ben felt a little glossed over.
I want a story for Victor. He was a bit of a nut, but he was a loveable nut.
This series is just full of feels.

I'm looking forward to the movie, based on this series.
559 reviews85 followers
May 4, 2015
I neves cried so much reading book. I kept holding the book close to my heart and I couldn't stop crying. Nevertheless I loved and it became one of my favourites
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146 reviews5 followers
August 20, 2020
The events in Jace's life was bad enough the first time and yet again it was somehow worse this time. Awesome book.
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December 5, 2014
GR, allow us to rate books higher than a 5. Sometimes there are special circumstances where a 5 is just not sufficient.

OMG! That was unbelievable! If I thought SLS was hard to read, this was next to impossible to get through, especially the last bit. I'm utterly devastated, my breathing erratic, my nose stuffed, my face wet, and my eyes swollen.

Full review:
Whoooooo!! Jesus All-Mighty!! Jay Bell, you shattered my heart with this one!! It may sound like I’m overreacting, but I’m telling the God’s honest truth when I say that it took me over a week to read this because I had to put it down a couple times to recover and could not read it before going to work because it would leave me emotionally distraught. I need to jump into something unemotional to divert myself from thinking about this book or go and play with my nieces and nephew RIGHT NOW otherwise I will be crying all damn day!!!! The books in this series makes you fall in love with the characters then grieve WITH, FOR, and OVER them…

This book and, quite honestly, this entire series literally took my breath away like none other. It was PAINFUL to read and think about at times but also very satisfying. My heart aches like I’m in mourning and it puts me in such a somber mood (not the best thing to be during the Holiday season!) I can only think of two other books that has done this to me..and while these types of books are a treasure, it is also a lot like love - it hurts as much as it brings happiness. The big difference with this book from the other two books that affected me so much is that for those books, one had a HEA ending and the other had an “as-it-should be” ending. Here, we get a TRAGEDY – but it does make us reflect and appreciate our loved ones and remind us of the important things in life.

From Something Like Summer we know what Jace’s fate will be, so in that regard alone – it’s hard to read Jace’s story. To be in his head and watch him grow -from a lost, kind hearted, sometimes afraid boy into a brave, loving, and strong man. We just can’t help but LOVE him. His priorities about finding love, companionship, and family never wavers and not achieving this goal and dying alone is his biggest fear. He wears his heart on his sleeves for the people he loves and once or twice he gets burned by it, but then we admire that about him because in the end he experiences love and is surrounded by it.

I did believe that Jace’s relationship with Victor was true and pure love – even without the commitment that Victor couldn’t give, there was something stronger. A promise. Loyalty. A friendship. As is the theme in this series - love comes in many forms and it doesn’t weaken or die even if the person is far away or even passes away. No limits. The author did an outstanding job with making the readers see and feel from Jace’s point of view; we hurt and struggle watching Victor deteriorate and hope that he would come out of the darkness – as Jace did when he was 17. We feel so badly for Victor’s situation with his mother - the overwhelming responsibility thrust on him, made worse by the fact that he was basically all alone, with limited resources (putting it mildly) – the despair and desperation that stymied him was palpable. Part Two of this book broke me and I was thankful for the happy news from Greg and Michelle at the end of it.

When I started Part Three (days after I finished Part Two because I needed a respite from the overwhelming sadness in Part Two) – it was a breath of fresh air, a new start as Jace and Ben’s relationship starts. Though I gotta tell you – again – that the knowledge of what happens to Jace never leaves you. As many reviewers have mentioned, Jace was able to process and react so maturely to Ben and Tim’s situation because of his experience with Victor. I love that even when Jace was going through the rough patch with Ben, I didn’t feel that he was alone because Victor was always there by his side, albeit in memory, keeping his promise to Jace.

In SLS, I was left a little mad at Ben because I thought Jace gave his whole heart to Ben but I didn’t think Ben did the same because he always kept a part of himself for Tim. This book finally drove the point home that love isn’t a set amount, it can grow infinitely and never dies. In the end Ben did give his whole heart to Jace AND still be able to love Tim; Just as Jace gave his whole heart to Ben even though he never stopped loving Victor. If you’ve connected with the characters, the ending is incredibly difficult to read…though the conversation and steps Ben & Jace took in preparing for what might happen did help to appease things. They made sure that everything that needed to be done and said had been. Nothing was left to doubt, question, or worry about so in the end all they had left was to feel the love. I keep telling myself that even though there is heartache the love that was created will continue on.

Just some last thoughts:

The good news is…Hallelujah!!

What a wonderful book, the best in the series I think and I HIGHLY recommend it..just make sure you have tissues ready!
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October 13, 2013
I'm speechless, translating to unable to write a clear, concise review of this absolutely fabulous story of Jace, who we first met in Something Like Summer. I loved Jace in that first book and cried my heart out when he died but this story helped me get to know him so well that I feel like I've lost a close friend and I'll be in mourning for a while.

What I loved most--- the author's gentle and honest handling of the topic of suicide throughout the story, including his personal note at the end of the book. And, I loved Jace's close relationship with Bernie, his sister Michelle and his best friend Greg. They were all terrific characters. I also loved Victor, but in a totally different way. This lost soul was so in need of love and guidance, yet so unable to accept it. I liked the echo of his love for Jace that lasted through the years, coming to Jace in visions during moments of need.

I totally loved the father/son talk about sex, HIV, condoms, etc. I laughed so hard that I couldn't catch my breath. It was classic and will go down as one of my favorite scenes ever.

And the blending of the time with Ben from Jace's own perspective was very well done up to, and including, the very last scene. Jace was definitely loved. As I said, I'm speechless. Maybe I'll add more to this review after my grief over his loss begins to pass.

This series is a must read for any fan of m/m literature.

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January 15, 2016
Let me start by saying I am not always a fan of longer books but this series seems to be one of the exceptions! I liked the first two books and always adored Jace who was so kind and patient through all of the stuff with Ben and Tim. Some people said they thought he seemed aloof and cold but I never felt that way.

This book is kind of hard to review because so much happens that shouldn't be spoiled for other readers. You think to yourself "I know the end, what else is there to say here?" but you'd be wrong. This is basically the story of Jace's life from high school to adulthood and I loved him more with every page. A lot focuses on his first love, Victor, but towards the end it is all about Jace and Ben.

I listened to this one audio and thought the narrator did a great job but towards the end I got so impatient to see how it all would unfold that I read my kindle version instead since I can read faster!

I would recommend starting with the first two books in the series because even though it can be standalone you will miss a lot plus those were also amazing books (even if this has been my favorite thus far)

I plan to head right on into the next one, Spring.

**On a side note, as a resident of Austin, Texas I have loved all of the local references which have been in all three books. You can tell Jay Bell has spent time here and not just researched the area for his book (or it sure as hell feels that way to me)
December 2, 2015
Something like Autumn is such a wonderful book, making you turn the pages as fast as you can, while at the same time dreading to reach the end. In this thrid part of the series, I was finally able to really meet Jace - seeing the story from his POV made it possible to see behind the facade of the saint. I loved meeting Vitor and I really enjoyed the part of the book were we saw Jace and Victor together. The author was able to bring Jace closer - I began to like him as a person, but somehow I'm not very fond of Ben and Jace together. And it was great to learn more about Samson! Having read the Summer and Winter I knew how this book would end - I was definitly prepared for it, but while not very taken with Jace and Ben's relationship, it still hurt. I don't know yet what the next part of the series is going to be about as the POV's for this story are running out, but I will definitly continue the series. They are so special and heartwarming; Jay Bell is a wonderful author - able to make every single character of his stories come alive. 5 stars!
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January 17, 2014
This book really deserves a proper review and not just my visceral reaction to it jotted down in a couple of sentences, but I didn't read it with reviewing in mind. So here are my completely inadequate sentences: I have only just finished this book. I knew what would happen, I read Something Like Summer. Still, I hate you right now, Jay Bell! You've broken my heart! Again! I loved Jace the first time I met him, I loved he and Ben together. And I loved him even more this time around, along with Victor.

Having said all that, this book is worthy of Every. Single. One of those 5 stars, because both the writing and the storytelling is brilliant. I almost couldn't finish the last few pages. I'm glad I read them, along with all the ones that went before. And I'm sure I'll stop hating you in a few days.
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June 5, 2013
So many creys! I've put myself through this three times now... and what I want to say more than anything is Thank You! Thank you for allowing me to get closer to Jace, a beautiful soul. He is a remarkable man. Despite the pain of losing him once again, I feel honored to have gotten to know him better, to see where he came from and how his past shaped him into the man he ultimately became. And I'm so very grateful that he found the love and intimacy he so desperately wanted.

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June 4, 2013
Never in my life have I been so moved and inspired by a book. Jay Bell has created a character that I already loved and cried over and made him something that I will love for the rest of my days. I love Jace, love him with all my heart. His story, and pain will sit in my mind forever.

This book gives me hope. Hope in life, love, and it helps assure me that you can't save everyone if they don't want to be saved.

I am not religious, but God bless you Jay Bell.
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July 16, 2017
It didn't matter that I knew a part of Jace's story. It didn't matter that I knew how it ends. It still hurt so fucking much.

But, you know, a good kinda hurt and all that.

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September 5, 2018
If you've read Something Like Summer and Something Like Winter, this review is spoiler-free.

I waited a long time to start this book. I was, as I'm sure most were, upset at Jace's death at the end of Something Like Summer and felt his character was done a huge disservice for the sake of getting Ben and Tim back together. I still feel that way, but I've made my peace with it. Reading Something Like Winter really helped to assure me that Tim wasn't still a grade-A jerk by the time he and Ben get back together and he could indeed make Ben happy again. Going into this one, I was expecting heartbreak and tears, and while that did come, it wasn't where or when I expected it.

As I said in my progress updates, it took me awhile to get into this one because I knew how it ended and was dreading the inevitable, and all these life lessons Jace was learning seemed cruelly ironic. Of course, once Ben comes along with his relationship hangups with Tim, these lessons are given new focus and explain why Jace was such an impossibly too-understanding boyfriend through that whole ordeal. I really appreciated the opportunity to see things from Jace's perspective, because I often wondered in Summer why he just didn't walk. I realize there was probably a lot of overlap between Summer and possibly even Winter during those scenes, but it's been long enough since I've read both books that I didn't remember them all that well, and the scenes felt fresh coming from Jace's POV. I still feel the ending, after Jace has his first aneurism, to be a little rushed. It felt even stranger here than in Summer that Jace's family wasn't around much. While I expected to cry endlessly at the end, I actually didn't even choke up. I guess I knew it was coming, so I was prepared, but I also thought it was - not sweet, that's the wrong word but it's the closest I can get. Jace died the way he wanted, and that helped mollify the pain.

I won't go into too much detail about Jace's actual story pre-Ben. It's a discovery one must make on their own, I think, to really appreciate it. I enjoyed all the scenes with Greg and Jace's family, and was shocked at how exactly he met Bernard (not sure if that was mentioned in Summer but I'm thinking it wasn't). Victor, Jace's first boyfriend, was quite a character. I did often roll my eyes at his open-ended life philosophies, but Jace did call him out on those even if he didn't exactly get the point either. They were both young and trying to figure out things, and Victor's life was such that I can see him going in that direction. There were a lot of thematic similarities between Jace and Victor's relationship and Ben and Tim's relationship, but that of course is by design, so I tried to not let it annoy me too much, and as I said earlier it goes a long way to explaining Jace's decisions once he's with Ben.

Another perfect read by Jay Bell.
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February 26, 2015
I'm not going to leave a long review (there are enough of those already) just a few brief notes of my experience listening to, and eventually reading, Something Like Autumn.

I started this book by listening to the audio version. I liked it but didn't love it. At times the narration felt too slow and for some reason, I hated the accent given to Victor. For this reason, because I didn't like the sound of Victor, I found it hard to connect with him. I made it half-way though before switching to reading.

The experience of reading? I LOVED it. The second half of the book was outstanding.

This is the third story in the series. It is about Jace, who we already met, and whose future we already know. It provides all the background of how Jace became the man he was and I loved this level of insight. I loved Jace.

I was prepared for the ending. I knew what to expect. I wondered how it would be handled from Jace's POV and how the story would be wrapped up. So I was ready. BUT... it ripped my heart to pieces, and I blubbered and cried my way to a headache.

This book has a highly emotional ending but I highly recommend it. For me, though, it was much better read than listened to. If you think you might want the audio version, check out the sample and you can make up your own mind.
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