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Rosemary Beach #7

Take a Chance

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From #1 New York Times bestselling author Abbi Glines comes the story of Grant, the sexy playboy who first captured readers hearts in Fallen Too Far.

When Harlow Manning's rocker father goes on tour, he sends her to Rosemary Beach, Florida, to live with her half-sister, Nan. The problem: Nan despises her. Harlow has to keep her head down if she wants to get through the next nine months, which seems easy enough. Until gorgeous Grant Carter walks out of Nan's room in nothing but his boxer briefs.

Grant made a huge mistake getting involved with a girl with venom in her veins. He'd known about Nan's reputation, but still he couldn't resist her. Nothing makes him regret the fling more than meeting Harlow, who sends his pulse racing. Yet Harlow wants nothing to do with a guy who could fall for her wicked half-sister even if there are no strings between Grant and Nan. Grant is desperate to redeem himself in Harlow's eyes, but did he ruin his chances before he even met her?

289 pages, Kindle Edition

First published February 5, 2014

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About the author

Abbi Glines

118 books85.5k followers
Abbi Glines is a #1 New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of the Rosemary Beach, Sea Breeze, Vincent Boys, Field Party and Existence series. She never cooks unless baking during the Christmas holiday counts. She believes in ghosts and has a habit of asking people if their house is haunted before she goes in it. She drinks afternoon tea because she wants to be British but she now lives in New England and that's as close as it is going to get. When asked how many books she has written she has to stop and count on her fingers. When she’s not locked away writing, she is reading, watching Netflix and all the introverted stuff.
You can connect with Abbi online in several different ways. She uses social media to procrastinate.

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August 11, 2016

Before I get into the review, I just want to say that I strongly recommend reading all the other books in the series before reading this one. Grant's story is tied in quite strongly with both Rush and Woods' (and with everyone else in Rosemary Beach) and I really feel like they should all be read in order. There are a lot of characters too so it would be good to go in with a bit of a refresher on them first.

Emotionally, this was a bit of a complicated book because there were a lot of factors at play. Grant was an interesting character. I'd always liked him but I hated his choice to be with Nan in any capacity so, going into this book, I was looking forward to seeing him grow a lot and learn to appreciate a relationship with his heart rather than just his... other parts ;)

I'll be perfectly honest here... I hate Nan. Absolute hate her. And as such, even though I liked Grant, I wasn't so sure how strongly I'd be able to connect to someone who clearly had had such a tolerance for her. I loved Grant, but I did not understand the way he was with Nan. But what this book did was it really helped me see her through his eyes and get to at least see why he had been with her.

"Mine had been the arms she'd run into, and like a fool I had opened them up for her. Now, all I had was a lot of damn drama and a slightly damaged heart. She hadn't claimed it. Not completely. But she had touched a place no one else had. She had needed me. No one had ever needed me…. As sick as it was, I had wanted to be her hero."

Harlow's initial reaction to him though was (understandably) kind of that she didn't want much to do with a guy who could be involved with someone as horrid as Nan. And I have to say, I totally saw where she was coming from which sucked for him because, despite how hard he kept trying to fight it, he was falling for her.

I kinda went back and forth on my feelings though because I could both understand Grant's fears and see what was preventing him from putting his heart out on the line even as I simultaneously just wanted to slap him upside the head and tell him to get his shit in order before he lost his chance with Harlow for good.

What I loved about Harlow was that while she may have been a little shy and generally preferred to keep to herself, she was not a pushover. She saw right through Grant from the first time she met him and was not going to be on the receiving end of any of his issues. She also had no problem calling Nan out on her shit either. And I just kinda loved her for it.

We also get to see a whole lot of Mace in this book (he was Kiro's son and Nan and Harlow's brother) and I absolutely loved him. I really hope we get a whole book on Mace in the future because he really stole my heart. He had that whole protective big brother vibe working for him when it came to standing up for Harlow and I can only imagine how he'd get when he fell for someone. And I have to say... even though I know I'm supposed to be rooting for Grant as the hero of this story, for a good while I totally agreed with the advice Mace was giving Harlow....

"My advice is to stay the fuck away from [Grant]. Guys that weak aren't the ones worth sticking around for. When a guy gets the attention of someone like you, he's supposed to understand his luck. Not toss it away. He doesn't get it. Find a man that understands your worth."

He wasn't wrong. See, the first half of the book was kind of interesting because... it's rare to read a book where you actually don't even think the hero is worthy of the girl yet. And truly I didn't think Grant deserved Harlow. Not at first. He had a lot of growing up to do and a lot of things to come to terms with before he could give his heart over. And the thing was that I understood and respected that. Not everyone just takes a running leap and jumps into a relationship with their eyes closed. He had valid fears but they were ones that he needed to get over before I could respect him as someone worthy of Harlow.

But I will say that while Grant did mess up (a lot), I have to give that guy credit because he knew how to give a great apology. I mean, gosh -- it was hard not to forgive him. It really was. I kinda just had to.

"I may have pushed her too far away," …

"Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe you never stood a chance to begin with. But is she worth trying?"

I nodded. "Yeah, she's worth begging."

A big part of the story was actually Grant facing his fear of loving someone and opening himself up to the potential pain of losing them. Having seen first hand how devastating the loss of a life could be, he was determined to do anything and everything to prevent himself from ever experiencing that loss.

"...all I could think was what if I loved someone that much and I lost them? How could I live? ... I decided I never wanted to be that vulnerable. I never wanted to love someone that much. I never wanted to face losing the one person that owns me."

I felt that of all the lines that described Grant best, it was this one...

"You'll find out you can trust me. I'm not a bad guy. Deep down you know that. I just made a very bad decision."

Now, the second half of the book had some really cool revelations and twists to it that I loved – specifically regarding the beautiful backstory development with Kiro which showed me a whole new side of him. I’m not going to lie, I teared up more than once and thought it was a wonderful addition to the story.

The ending is a cliffhanger. Grant and Harlow's story is still unfinished. I literally turned the page and then realized... there was no next page. *sniff* But, if you've read this series so far (which you really should before reading this book), it's nothing outrageous -- I mean, it's the same type of cliffhanger you're already used to from this series so if you've handled them ok so far, you'll be fine with this too.

I have to say that all of Abbi Glines' book have this insanely addictive quality to them. They kind of just compel you to inhale them in one sitting -- which was what I did with this one. I read it start to finish without stopping and am now looking forward to the next one!


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February 27, 2014

3-3.5 conflicted stars

 photo cb22449c-7c82-4483-9ab7-176a734e0f8b_zpseb371722.jpg

I was equal parts nervous and excited to read this book. Why? Excited because in the beginning of this series, Grant was one of my favorite characters. I have been waiting and waiting for his book. Nervous because of NAN. Once I found out Grant and Nan had this thing going on, he wasn’t as appealing as before. But still, I picked it up. I love Abbi Glines books and I wanted to give it a go. The verdict- even though there were some issues, I did LIKE the book. I wanted to love it, but there were just a few things I couldn’t get past to make it that 4 or 5 star read for me. That being said, there was a lot about the book I did enjoy and I’m really looking forward to the second book. I have high hopes on the direction Abbi will take Harlow and Grant’s story.

Grant Carter is one of Rosemary Beach’s favorite playboys. He’s never settled down. The closest he’s ever come to a relationship is the mess he has with the evil Nan. He had his reasons (which were never good enough for me), but he’s done with her. Or so he thought.
She needed me. No one had ever needed me. It had made me weak.

Then there is Harlow Manning. Harlow is the first girl Grant has ever met that made him want ‘more’. And it scares him to death.

 photo bf51def1-f847-4849-a65c-8679855a0b3b_zps7b038934.jpg

Harlow happens to be Nan’s half sister. Their father Kiro is on tour and he wants Harlow to stay in the house at Rosemary. Where Nan is. Harlow is not thrilled at this prospect, but she’s there. She’s going to try to make the best of it. Nan’s bedroom is a revolving door of guys, and one morning Grant walks through that door. Her Grant. The only guy who’s ever made her feel. Grant instantly regrets ever being with Nan. He regrets even more that Harlow was witness to it. Harlow let Grant in once. She thought there was something special between them. It's not like her to let people in, but she did with Grant...

 photo 29fdfc3d-5a22-42b1-a875-6b0a6c2c92ac_zps83cf2243.jpg

Harlow can’t imagine ever being with someone who would want a woman like Nan. I don’t blame her. Not at all. I spent a majority of the book thinking Grant was not good enough for her, which I hated because there was a time I really loved Grant. To redeem himself to Harlow (and us readers) he has his work cut out for him.

After some family drama, Harlow and her brother Mase (who I found completely intriguing and adorable) head to LA to check things out. Grant comes along. That’s the first step in his plan. He wants to be there for Harlow however she needs him.

 photo 53e28827-ed37-48fb-b1a7-2397df11e423_zpsb3f75d1b.jpg

What bothers me, is I’m still not sure after reading if I 100% forgive Grant for his actions. Like I stated earlier, I think it bothers me even more than normal because of how much I loved him in the previous books. Some things I could overlook, but nope. I just can’t get over it. Maybe in the second book he will be able to redeem himself in my eyes. I felt like Harlow started to get over things way too fast. I understand Grant is a smooth talker and sexy as hell. I get that. But I don’t think I could have moved past it that quickly.

I’ll give it to Grant. Even with all his fears, he knows Harlow is special. A girl he should have never let go and he’s willing to do what it takes to get her to understand that and be with him. He is willing to do what it takes to get Harlow to forgive him and be with him again.
“You’re all I can think about, Harlow. Where I’m headed is new to me, but I damn well want to go there as long as that’s where you’ll be. You’re worried about getting hurt, but I don’t think you understand yet that you’re holding all the damn cards, sweet girl. All the damn cards.”

 photo c16d5c52-6d5d-4012-ba4f-76bfc7940a76_zpsf33b239e.jpg
“Never been that fucking amazing. You’ve ruined me. Fucking ruined me. I can’t not have this.”

I love the Rosemary Beach books. Wood’s first book and Rush’s first book were some of my favorite Abbi Glines books. Even though every book of hers isn’t a winner, I still LOVE this author. I think her writing is top notch and she has a way of sucking me into her stories. I do feel like this book could have been great. A total 5 star read for me. I’m a bit disappointed that it wasn’t, but I do have really high hopes for the next book. I think if a certain someone can stay mostly out of the story, it will make all the difference.

Some things I did like- catching up with Rush, Blaire, Woods and Della. I liked Harlow a lot. Even though there were parts of the story I was thoroughly disgusted with Grant, he still has a good heart underneath it all. I was happy there were points in the story that shined through. Also, MASE. A new character was introduced named Mase. Harlow’s half brother (Kiro gets around). I can’t wait to read more about him. I also enjoyed the twist Kiro’s story took. I can honestly say that shocked me. I didn’t see it coming at all. Grant and Harlow’s story DID end on a cliffhanger. I am very anxious to see what happens next so of course I’ll be reading book 2! It’s hard to say if I’d recommend this book. I think it’s going to be a big hit for some readers, and a big miss for others. I just happened to fall right in the middle.

 photo 44b76aea-79be-4d8c-8aef-53d97b7abbf2_zpsf5cc1223.jpg

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November 7, 2014
2 1/2 Star

Didn't like much about this book other than Harlow and the secondary characters. The Grant I loved from previous books was missing in this story. He's become my least favorite hero in the series. As for Nan, I'm so tired of her character it's not funny.

This quote says all there is to say about my feeling for Grant.
 photo A61C2AAB-E4A4-4CBB-ACB4-6DF8977F3E9C.jpg

March 2014 Update

Update: Well DANG! Apparently from all the early reviews (there sure seems to be a lot of ARCs) Nan DOES indeed play another bitchy role in this book. Plus, there's a major cliffhanger. SIGH.

Original August 6, 2013 post


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January 22, 2014
Why do Glines heroes always have to be so douchey? Even if they were nice guys in previous bks? It's as if she went to the Judith McNaught school of romance writing.

I once joked that Grant needed to be fumigated after being with Nan. Now I know it wouldn't have made a difference since Grant banged Nan again two months after he deflowered Harlow. (This is near the beginning of the bk so I am not using spoiler tags).

I was too grossed out to continue. I would have given 2 stars normally but the jump back and forth of the narrative was horrible. I never have a problem with this technique but it was nearly incoherent here.
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August 30, 2014
"She needed me. No one had ever needed me. It had made me weak." -Greant

Take a chance is the first book in the Chances new series by Abbi Glines.

So, although I'm a huge fan of Abbi Glines, I was a bit hesitant about this book and all because of Nan (if you haven't already guessed it, I'm a #Nanhater). Every time I hear her name is like I hear "Beware there is a lot of DRAMA around". Especially ever since I found out about Nan and Grant's relationship, my respect for him has dropped a lot. But I still couldn't stay away from this book. Firstly becasue it's written by Abbi Glines and secondly because I really wanted to find out Harlow's story.

Grant is one of the famous Rosemary Beach’s favorite playboys. He'll never settle down. He's realationship with Nan makes things even worse, cause even if he wanted to settle down no one would want to end up with him after his past with Nan. Grant thinks he's done with Nan but for how long?!

Meet Harlow Manning. Harlow is so sweet, loving, caring but she's off limits. For Grant, Harlow is very dangerous, even more than Nan, because she makes him want more, when he never did. And that is something that Grant isn't ready to deal with, yet.

Harlow's unfortunate enough to be Nan's half sister. Harlow was always loved and shelterd but that doesn't mae her stupid. She knows that in order to survive living with Nan she has to stay away. But how can she when their father, Kiro, who's on tour wants Harlow to stay in the house at Rosemary, exactly where Nan is. Harlow isn't the biggest fan of Nan and even comes to hate her when she witnesses Grant walking through Nan's bedroom one morning. Everything she ever felt for him is wiped away in that moment. How can she be with a man that always runs back to Nan?

Grant wants to gain Harlow's trust once again but he knows that it's not going to be easy. But even if Harlow fogives him will they ever be able to survive behind all these lies and secrets?

I'm not really sure how I felt about this book, which is a first for me. I usually LOVE Abbi's books but with this one, things are complecated. Even when Harlow forgives Grant, I'm not sure I'm able to either forgive him or trust him. To me he isn't worthy of her. I just hope that maybe the sequel wll be able to redeem him to my eyes (not that sure though). Grant will do anything in his power to restore his image to her, even stay at her side when well kept secrets begin to come out.

Take a chance is a wellsuited title. Because for Grant that's all there is, one more chance. Harlow is taking a huge risk with him, a risk I'm not sure he's worhy of, but still it's her hoice. In my opinion, I believe tha Harlow just forgave things too easily. Sure Grant is Grant but still...

On the other hand, Harlow isn't as innocent either. She has many secrets, secrets that very few know but affect all of them. I think she should have told Grant her secret from the beginning! He should have known!

Some of the things I really liked was getting some glimpses from the other characters in the Rosemary Beach series. We got to see Rush, Blaire, Woods and Della and many more. We also get to meet Mase, Harlow's brother, whom I really liked (I can't wait to see more of him) and meet Kiro for the first time. Of course, we have see Kiro before but never like this. Kiro's story will definitely shock you!

All in all, this was another great Rosemary Beach book. I was quite uncertain of this book (I still am) but I'm hopping the sequel will do justice to it. Abbi is one of my favourite authors and I'm sure she's going to figure something out. I can't wait for the next book!!

Totally recommended!

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February 28, 2014
Yet another book that has the fangirls squealing and rating a book 5 stars before a copy has been released. Well I read it first and it was shite, the Hero (I use this term very loosely) is an absolute douchebag and the heroine (again this term is as loose as the hero's morals) is a complete doormat. I am starting to get really concerned about young girls reading this type of book and believing that it is ok to be in a relationship with a boy who is an utter waste of a penis. Oh yeah and I think it has a cliffhanger but it was hard to tell because by then I was so keen for it to end I didn't much care. The author has talent and it is evident in her earlier books as well as her fantasy stuff, maybe the publishers are pushing her to produce this stuff or her mojo is missing. I will be giving further Rosemary Beach works a miss.
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622 reviews950 followers
March 4, 2016
The story of Grant Carter and Harlow Manning is one of my most anticipated stories in Rosemary Beach series. After reading it though, I have to say I'm kind of disappointed, although not totally. I did love Rush and Blaire's story, as well as Woods and Della's. But here... I sort of lost the connection.

The first part of the book was so good. I love the flashback scenarios and it totally made me root for the two together. Although there was a great hindrance in the person of Nan, and Grant was acting like a douchebag, still I thought it was worth everything. It went on so smoothly at first but when I got to the middle part and the rest of the chapters, things got messy. I didn't quite like the events that took place, like ugh!

However, I adored Harlow's character. She's tough and patient and fully in control of her emotions. I loved the way she handled the bitchy Nan. Grant, on the other hand, improved in the later chapters and I was glad he became man enough to prove to Harlow that he's worth the second chance. I also started to understand Nan here in this book. The anger and annoyance I felt for her during the previous books slowly diminished and I don't know what she did with that. Lol.

There was also some family drama here that made me teary-eyed. Kiro and Emily. OMG. :'( I was so speechless. I didn't know there's a kind of love as touching as theirs.

This book has its ups and downs and it may be my least favorite book of this series so far, but it was still a good read. I hope the next book will be better, because as always, Abbi Glines steals my heart with her beautiful and swoony stories.



Pearl's Book Journey (1)

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Want to read
February 27, 2014
SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: I will NOT be reading this until Grant's 2nd book drops at the end of the summer of 2014. That is all, please resume your regularly scheduled Goodreads browsing.
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896 reviews1,967 followers
March 1, 2014
2,5 “Meh” Stars. Okay, 3, but only for Rush.

So basically this book could be resumed into a couple of lines: Nan and Harlow are half-sisters. Nan is a bitch, Harlow is not.
Grant had some very weird thing with Nan and he (and the rest of the world) don’t understand why that happened. So he meets Harlow, feelings appear between but when Nan is in the picture, you know that obstacles will be in their way. And surprising, Nan will not be the only one. (But she’s still the main one.)


Nan almost ruined Rush and Blaire’s books for me. And now she completely ruined this. I hate her and I don’t want to read about her anymore. She is a horrible character and despite bringing drama to the series, I don’t understand how Abbi didn’t got rid of her already.
This could be a much better book if it had been focused on all the other obstacles and Nan was non-existent. It still would had drama, but in a much engaging way. However with Nan, it just was…”meh”.
I loved all the previous books on these series, but this one was just pushing it too far. There are several types of series: great series that ended with epicness, and great series that turned mediocre because of its dragging. This book was, unfortunately, the beginning of the second group.


Rating: 3 stars. (2,5 for the story. 0,5 for Rush’s presence.)
Storyline: It would be pretty good if Nan wasn’t there. (I know I’m being repetitive but she takes a very important role in this book. And I hated that.) There was some real nice moments and some other ones were I just wanted to scream in frustration.
Writing Style: Firs person, dual POV. Despite the annoyances, Abbi Glines always delivery a pretty good story with a solid writing.
Character Development: Harlow was surprisingly pretty good, I liked her before and I liked her even more in this book. I was expecting more from Grant from what I’ve read before, but he wasn’t all bad. Nan was a bitch and she should disappear for good.
And the best part were the moments with Rush and Blaire.
Steam: Hot.
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August 13, 2014
I decided to make this review a Spoiler because thats exactly what it is. I will rant about Grant and Harlow in this review. So, if you don't want to read it then stop right there.

I fell in love with Grant the moment Blaire pointed her gun at him. I was in heaven when Abby said he was getting his own story and needless to say, I was surprised when I had the opportunity to read their story a little bit earlier.
But now that I'm done reading? Let's just say it's disappointing when a book you've been waiting for so long doesn't reach your expectations.

Who is Grant?
A need to fix things, a incorrigible man-whore, a non-committed young man with bright blue eyes and long wavy hair. At least that's who he is in this book.
When he met Harlow, I had the suspicion she would the girl to change his ways. To make him realize there's more to life than a different woman or a bottle of whiskey. I wanted to believe Abby had created someone I could fall in love with, someone worthy of being book boyfriend material. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

Forgiveness. He wanted that from Harlow over and over again.
I was damn tired of Harlow forgiving him. He leaves her and she forgives him. He sleeps with Nan after being with Harlow and she forgives him. Ew.
You're probably wondering (I was), why would he leave Harlow and turn to Nan of all people?
Well, he was feeling scared and vulnerable because being with Harlow did that to him.
What kind of witchcraft is this?

Then, he slept with Nan AFTER sleeping with Harlow. Why do you ask?
Supposedly, Grant called her a lot of times while she was away and she never picked up the phone though Harlow says otherwise. He felt hurt and went to have sex with the first person to open her legs. Nan.
What pissed me off the most was how he kept saying he has never felt anything as special as how he feels when he's with Harlow.
How she changed and rocked his world that one night they had sex, but sure enough it didn't take long for him to screw with Nan. Honestly, he says one thing but does the other. I like my men to be determined and Grant isn't. Big let down there.

Of course, it doesn't stop there because that would've been too easy. Grant keeps sleeping around but still wants Harlow. Funny isn't? He wants Harlow but won't do anything for her.
Then, the morning after a threesome with two strangers, Grant decides he does want Harlow in his life. It's a little comical how he changes his mind so quickly.
It doesn't take a day and Grant is a changed man. All he wants is Harlow and he'll do anything to be with her. Of course, Harlow takes him back without much protest. They continue their relationship as if nothing happened and they live happily every after. Just kidding, of course, Abby needs to add something that will throw them off in order to get a cliffhanger. This time the drama comes from Harlow's side and it's something she hasn't tell anyone but her Dad and brother.
After Harlow's secret is revealed, Grant is or will be devastated. Not sure yet since we find out very little of his reaction. I just hope he doesn't go back to his old ways of sleeping around and getting drunk. Harlow needs him and this may the one thing that he may do that will restore my love for him. I don't know yet, it's too soon to speak, but for his sake, I hope he matures already and supports her.

Being raised by her grandmother and losing her mother at a tender age isn't easy. Add to that a famous rock band father who isn't around much was how Harlow grew up.
She's too sheltered for her own good. She says she doesn't trust easily but sure enough she forgives quickly. There's probably not a mean bone in Harlow's body which makes it convenient for Grant to do what he does and still gets away with it.
Harlow isn't a stupid heroine, she does has good ideas but rarely listens to them.

“Warning bells were going off in my head loudly, but somehow I ignored that. Because my heart wanted to forgive him. I didn’t want to push him away”

Harlow has this thing about making excuses so she can have a reason to forgive especially when it comes to Grant. He messes up a lot of times and she still easily gives in.
As the daughter of band singer and despite all the things she has witnessed living with her Dad, Harlow is too naive.
I mean, the guy who has been sweet-talking you and completely left you after he took your virginity, has now slept with your sister while you were on the other room. Why would she want anything to do with him? I'd kicked his ass the first time he tried to talk to me.
I guess love does make you blind and stupid.
*rolls eyes*

A day passed since Grant had his threesome and he's back to having sex with Harlow. This is frustrating to say the least. I thought Harlow was smarter than this.
The way she defends Grant against Mase, her own brother, was incredulous.
I wished she'd have a back bone and when Grant came back to her she'd raise her middle finger and said, "fuc* off" but she didn't and gave in to Grant again.
Of course, a book isn't drama-less and Harlow has a secret. A big one. I'm not sure how Abby will handle her situation in the second book.

Adam - he works at the club as a pro tennis trainer.

“Adam came jogging over to us with a smile on his face. As he got closer, his clear blue eyes came into focus. They were startling and very pale. He even had freckles on his muscular arms. His teeth were perfectly straight and very white. I had a thing for pretty teeth.”

Oh boy, why didn't she stay with him? I guess the heart wants what the heart wants but isn't that just unfair? Adam treats her respectfully, he shows his interest and isn't some man-whore trying to sleep with her. I have high hopes for Adam and I hope Abby get inspired and writes his own story.

He's Harlow's brother and very protective of Harlow. He's another one that should get his own love story. Anyway, the first time he meets Grant he automatically knows that Grant is not the man for Harlow.

“My advice is stay the fuck away from him. Guys that weak aren’t the ones worth sticking around for. When a guy gets the attention of someone like you, he’s supposed to understand his luck. Not toss it away. He doesn’t get it. Find a man that understands your worth.”

Girl, pick Adam! Brothers knows best.

My only regret was how Harlow and Grant love story happened. Or perhaps how quickly it moved. There was no building up, no anticipation, nothing at all. Within the first chapter, you had it all. First kiss, first time having sex, first fight, first forgiveness. Then fast forward three months, go back two months and two weeks, then go back to present day. Abby makes all these time switches within the first two chapters that was confusing the crap out of me. In all, Grant and Harlow love story seemed rushed and that was a damn shame.

I can't believe I'm giving this book 2 stars. It was probably my most anticipated book this month. I don't know what happened with Abby in this book. Was she not motivated, did she run out of ideas? As hard as I try I can't shake the disappointment. There will be a second book and of course, there's a cliffhanger. It's Abby's signature of late. I know this bothered some of you and in the past it used to bothered me as well. But that was when I loved the story and I couldn't wait to find out what happened next. In this case, sadly, I'm not even remotely interested to find out.

As a huge fan of Abby's work, I somehow feel cheated. We didn't get the romance of her previous books. We barely see a couple who has a lot of sex, trust issues, a girl with a secret and a cliffhanger that gets tiring over time.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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August 9, 2016


I'm hoping the story doesn't revolve too darn much about Nan. And Grant.. dude seriously.. you better NOT hook up with Nan again! And pleaseeeee... don't get confused with your fucking feelings and felt the need to choose between the two (like what Rush did!)

Gosh.. I'm gonna stop now.. I'm getting too work up on this. lol


I can't wait for the book cover.. we all know it's going to be sweet and epic!


I'm all into cheating heroes and doormat heroine.. heck! I crave for this kind of theme but Take a Chance didn't hit me the right spot. I'm a big fan of this author and the Rosemary Beach Series is one of my favorite. I'm in love with Rush, Blaire, Woods and Della! So that being said- I've been waiting for Grant's book like FOREVER!! I set up a high expectation on this book but sadly it came out meh!

As I mentioned earlier, I liked doormat heroines so Harlow is my kind of girl. She's weak, helpless but loveable at the same time.

Now I'm not going to re-tell the whole story but if you read the other books, you all know about NAN. ugh. NAN. I knew she was going to be a big pain in the ass! At one point, I was thinking why is this author keep bringing Nan in every.damn.book in the series. She's like a walking disease with no cure! hahaha! But if I would be honest, I was also kinda anticipating the bitch! lol! I guess she makes the story.. er.. more interesting.

I guess my major problem here was Grant's character. Can I just please rant about him?! I have so many emotions all bottled up inside right now that I'm ready to blow up! Grant ruined this book for me and yes- he's the Hero but my god.. throughout the story, I just want to punch him in the face!! I kept thinking is this the Grant I know from the previous books? He was just.. so fuckin' weak and the constant whining started to get old that I started to dislike him. I had no problem with him hooking up with Nan.. cheating? I kinda expected it but what blew me away was him being such a pussy. How very disappointing.

I don't know.. I just want the characters to be balanced. If the heroine is weak then give me a strong hero.

Grant and Harlow together? I wasn't sold. In my distaste for his mistakes ways, I simply didn't believe his "love" for Harlow. He kept making mistake after mistake I'm like "dude.. when are you going to stop?"


Don't get me wrong, the writing is flawless with so many twist as expected from the author. After reading this book, I was emotionally and physically drained. lol!

Overall it's a 4 stars for me. Just Grant.. put your alpha panties on and grow some balls man!!!
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January 9, 2014
"We will probably never understand black holes, or why women fall madly in love with douchebags." ~ Anon

That quote right there basically sums up this entire book.

Take A Chance will make you question whether or not the male species have working brains located in their craniums. Or, you know, whether or not they use said brains. Because if they did, maybe then we wouldn't have a bunch of crushed female hearts scattered across this story like confetti.

Grant...is an idiot.

There aren't words to describe how irritating it is to read "I'm sorry, Harlow," again...and again...and again. Apologies tend to lose their charm after they're being uttered for the hundredth time, and Grant's turn into a broken record of bad decisions, Neanderthal tendencies and jerk-ness.

This book will most likely make you want to throw something out of a window, like in Silver Linings Playbook.

True, I teared up at the ending. But mainly because I was utterly heartbroken. For Harlow. Whom I love dearly. And who deserves someone far better than Grant (but of course, Harlow has to be the martyr and put up with being treated badly.)

Is this a trend in NA fiction?

Men treating women like crap = romance?

I mean, Abbi Glines created such a beautiful character in Harlow. And yet, it's okay for Grant to come along and screw everything up in her life and treat her like sh** because he's hot. And has hair that girls would 'just love to play with for hours.' And yeah - that's a direct quote!

I mean, we obviously know that just like in Rush's series - where he and Blaire sorted out all their issues - Grant will man up and end up winning Harlow back, despite this book's tearfest-worthy ending. Personally? I think Harlow should dump Grant's sorry ass and find a man worthy of her and her time. The end.

No 'I'm sorry, please love me, you're my everything' rain scenes...or dramatic accidents, comas or any life-threatening situation revelations.

So yep. I took a chance with Take A Chance, and although I liked the depths it managed to reach, it fell short for me in terms of connection - sort of like Grant and Harlow's relationship!
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September 12, 2014
2 stars

I'm officially moving out of Rosemary Beach and sticking to Sea Breeze. I'm done.

I love Abbi Glines book. They're like crack to me. Or really, it's like one of those repetitive one night stands you keep going back to. You know what I'm talking about. The sex is mildly satisfying, but you'll hate yourself for it in the morning? Yeah. That.




Any questions?

Here's the thing, I've seen a lot of reviewers dislike this book because of certain "choices" that Grant makes. It actually didn't bother me that much. I didn't like it, but I still could have moved past it. What did bother me was the feeling that this book was essentially slapped together and not in a good way.

The flip flopping between past and present didn't work for me. Maybe if there was a little more development in the story, it could have worked. As it was, I felt zero connection to Grant and Harlow. Harlow goes from essentially hating Grant, to sharing Chinese food with him, then they're hanging out and she's handing him her v-card. The whole time they spent apart where Grant was in mourning for his friend? Glossed over. In my opinion anyway. I needed these details to truly get invested in these characters and they just weren't there. By the time the cliffy rolled around, I just couldn't be bothered to care anymore.

Will I read the next book? Unless Harlow finally sprouts a pair of lady balls, I'm not sure. Maybe I'll just wait for Bethy's book and hope that it will be just ONE book and not follow the two-fer trend that this series seems to be taking. Think I'll just stick to Sea Breeze.
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October 26, 2015

Harlow may be the daughter of a rock star and Nan’s sister, but this girl is nothing but innocent and sweet. She has been sheltered from the life her father led, but after her grandmother’s passing, she is thrown into his world with a new sister that might just be the biggest book-bitch EVER.

“Harlow Manning was breathtaking. She didn’t look like a rock star’s kid. She looked like an innocent, sweet country girl, with long, dark hair and eyes that made you forget your fucking name.”

We’ve met Grant and most of us already love him to pieces. There is no sense to his relationship with Nan, but there is something in the way she needs him that has always ensured he’d be there. But something changed when he met Harlow. There was just something about her that he couldn’t stay away from.

“Seeing Grant always made me want to escape into one of my stories where guys who looked like him fell in love with girls like me. Not girls like Nan.”

As Harlow arrives in Rosemary Beach while her father is on tour, Grant and her come face to face for the first time since he left her when he got news of Jace. When Harlow sees Grant walk into the kitchen in the house she’s sharing with Nan, a promise made is shattered. Harlow isn’t sure if the man that she was falling for in L.A. is the same man that spent the night with Nan.

Grant new he made a mistake that night but after seeing how losing someone you loved could destroy you, he wasn’t ready to face falling in love with Harlow and the pain that could come if he ever lost her. But now that he’s laid eyes on her again, drinking and screwing her memory away isn’t working as well as it did when she was in California.

Now Grant must prove that she meant something to him, that he won’t ever break that promise again. But Grant’s biggest fear might be more of a reality than he ever expected.

There are so many mixed reviews on this book! For me, there was just always something about Grant. From that first moment we met him, I had butterflies. Now, he was not perfect in this book – after all willingly allowed Nan to use him – but he was still Grant. Harlow was likable and although very innocent, was not too insecure, given that Nan was in the picture, her reactions were pretty calm all things considered.

Now what loved about this book was the emotions. The way Grant described the feelings he had, what he saw when he returned to Rosemary Beach after what happened to Jace, just kept me on the brink of tears. Then about halfway through, Harlow gets the shock of her life and in that moment I was a mess. I cried like a baby and loved every moment of it. This twist was not expected one bit and it shifted how you saw so many of the characters in the book.

The one thing I did not love was the ending, not where it took us – but where it ended. I needed just another 24 hours in the life of Grant and Harlow to settle my nerves! I don’t want to wait months to see what happens. I cannot wait months!

Rush and Blaire have some pretty touching moments and it was fantastic to see them and Woods & Della all back together again.

“If you think she could be the one then it’s time you take a chance. If I lost all that I have tomorrow, I wouldn’t regret one single minute. Ever. They’re what makes my life worth it.” - Rush

There were so many moments of just pure raw emotion and it didn’t just come from Harlow & Grant. Some of my favorite parts of this story came from Kiro Manning. Aging rockers are not my thing, but I think I may have fallen a little in love with this one!

“Three kinds of women in this world. The kind that suck you dry and leave you with nothing. The kind that only want a good time. And the kind that make life worth a damn. The last kind... that right woman’s the one who gives as much as she takes, and you can’t get enough. She’s the kind... if you lose her, you lose yourself.”

This is one of my favorite series, I’ve loved, laughed and cried along with the gang from Rosemary Beach. Although each of these men all hold their own place in my heart – there had always been something about Grant that stood out. I am looking forward to seeing what he is going to do to get what he wants in book two. The fight these two have in store is going to be an emotional roller-coaster and I can’t wait!
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August 29, 2017
I'm officially done with this series, for reals this time. I was curious of Grant's and Harlow's story. I really wanted to punch Nan in her lady parts. She's a miserable person and I cannot believe she manipulates so many people and they let her. Grrr.
Shelved as '1-can-never-read-avoid'
March 24, 2015

I get the ARC, I get a signed copy and I can't read it. I would have to be in a totally different frame of mind to read this if Grant is a cheater. Also, cliffy's piss me off so I guess it's gonna collect dust for a while.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
January 10, 2015
3.5 - 4 ★'s

From the moment you meet Grant in Fallen Too Far, you just know there's something about him. Something about him that you need to know better. And there's a sweetness about him that has you wanting someone really special for him.

I was a bit taken back by this Grant. He was different than my perception of him. I wanted him NOT to fit into the same ol' formula. Unfortunately, he fits right in. Not only is he a player but he has a fear of commitment. 'Nuff said.

Harlow is a bit too uptight for me. I've never really seen her as a beauty. Book nerd is an apt description. But she's a tiger in book nerd clothing. Heck, she'd have to be to take on the Wicked Witch.

Thankfully, there's something about Grant and Harlow together that just works. They are really sweet together but then bammm...they are scorching HOT!


My only problem is that we missed all the romance. Not that I didn't enjoy the steamy scenes but I wanted more of those two weeks we heard about.

All the prior characters are back for the most part. LOVED all the Rush/Blaire/Nate scenes...how could you not? I would've liked more Woods and Della though. And what about Tripp? Just a mention or two of him was not enough. My heart does go out to Bethy but I think Kiro took the cake...surprisingly.

There are a few new players. Not too sure how I feel about Mase. He's pretty inflexible so it would be amazing if someone could get under his skin and loosen him up.

And lastly, can we talk a bit about Nan? I've said this before but I'll say it again....isn't enough, enough? I got past hating her a few books ago and now it's just sad. I would've loved to have seen some effort on her part. Other than that, I'm sooo over her.

Grant has some work to do and he does a pretty good job until the end. Harlow's got her own problems to rectify as well. I'm happy that we got both POVs because it was really needed. The ending does leave us hanging a bit. It will be interesting to see how AG brings these two back together.
Favorite quotes:

♥ “I don’t think I can trust my good sense with you,” I told him honestly.

“You’ll find out you can trust me. I’m not a bad guy. Deep down you know that. I just made a very bad decision.”

♥ “You could never be forgettable. You’ve claimed me in ways Nan never did. Nothing about you, Harlow . . . nothing is forgettable. Don’t ever think that.”
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February 28, 2014
3.5 Sweet, gentle shining Harlow stars

I love Abbi Glines as an author and for us as readers I look forward to her stories they're like my crack 'majority of the time' you get hot characters I love the men in this series and the heroines are ones you can on some level relate to, Abbi has the ability to pull you in from the beginning and as a reading experience I usually enjoy her books. This one though didn't push all my buttons....

Grant we meet at the beginning of Fallen too far I loved him from then on in, he cares for people wants to see the best out of them wants to help them and fix a problem, the problem with that is he fell into the arms of Nan and therefore that is a problem he can't fix. Grant and Harlow have met previously and Grant is leered towards harlow for her innocent pure nature but Harlow wants nothing to do with anyone who is connected intimately towards nan, Nan is Harlows enemy and Harlow just wants an easy simple life she is living with Nan but does her best to keep out of her way.

 photo Grant_zps618f69fe.jpg

Grant just can't stay away from harlow though and promise's to keep away from Nan and there is where there friendship to relationship begins and where harlow slowly begins to trust Grant, Harlow has not has the best life and this story is about Harlow and her learning to live and not just survive.

What I enjoyed

I loved seeing more of Rush and Blaire seeing them as a family, and how Blaire is a good friend to Harlow, I loved Mace Harlow's Brother really hope he gets his own story and we see more of him in the future. I also loved both Harlow and Grant as people, as characters, as individual's and ultimately I do think they work as a couple.

 photo gentlekissinggif_zpsfe0821d8.gif

"I don't do possessive and crazy. Never have. But you.... I want to wrap you up and run off with you so no one can touch you again. Just me. Always me."

Grant wants to protect Harlow and it is nice to see him fall in love, to find someone who will love him for who he is, but will she forgive him for his past with Nan? will she let him into her heart?

"If you don't trust me, I understand. Just let me near you," he said as his hand slipped under my shirt and rested on my stomach. "I'll prove it to you. Just let me. Give me a chance to prove it to you."

 photo Harlow_zps058dd662.jpg

Harlow is a very sweet girl but she also has that inner strength, she's been kept hidden from publicity and loved by her dad although at times I had to question his love for her given the circumstances as you will find out while reading this I have to question him a little?!!! Saying that she has Grant, she has Rush and Blaire and she has her books which I'm sure we can all relate to her books are her getaway....

Now what I didn't enjoy, what frustrated me?
Can you guess.... yes you got it Nan, Nan and more Nan although this story had a catchy plot and pulled me in Nan wound me up, she has no remorse, she doesn't care who she hurts, how she gets what she wants... I understand she's had a bad time growing up and all that but she is not moving forward I honestly don't understand Abbi's thinking with this, it's for me getting a little old now... Both Rush and Grant will answer the phone to her and run to her if they think she needs them the thing is I question if she's telling the truth?? Ughh enough said with her but please Abbi get her to move on please leave these men to enjoy their women and their lives.... NAN GO AWAY PLEASSEEEEEEEE!!!!!!


 photo 51374C38-5244-4258-A745-B5C3C07F7A90_zpsgrxnhldg.gif

 photo cliffhanger_zps4a06fa68.jpg

And one small warning.... It has a CLIFFHANGER and the next book isn't out till September? WTF.... that's like 7 months away to get our happy ending, if I had known this I would have waited for both books out so I could of at least been happy with the conclusion.

To sum up

Did I enjoy it?: Yes

Will I re-read it?: Maybe

Will I recommend it?: Yes but meet Rush first he's my favourite, hands down fav

Will I continue to read Abbi Glines books Yes most definitely
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March 6, 2014
2.5-3 Underwhelming Stars

Seeing Grant always made me want to escape into one of my stories where guys who looked like him fell in love with girls like me. Not Nan.

As an author, Abbi Glines has made me feel almost every emotion imaginable with her writing. Heartbreaking sorrow for certain characters and what their pasts have forced them to endure, happiness when the obvious manwhore changes his ways for the virginal good girl waiting in the wings for him, anger and frustration when it seems I can’t wait one second longer for a bitch to get punched in the face (I’m looking at you, Nan). After finishing Take a Chance I realized Ms. Glines had managed to illicit an entirely new emotion from me…boredom!

I can’t tell you how much I was looking forward to Grant getting his own, non-bitch on wheels woman. I can slightly understand why he hooked up with Nan in the first place, given his desire to feel needed, but her ass needed to be put on the proverbial street the second Harlow entered the picture. Or when Nan continued to be an uber bitch to Blair, even after Blair had birthed Rush’s baby and Nan’s nephew, take your pick.

As much as I like Harlow’s character, she became frustrating for me to read about. I appreciated her honesty and the fact she wouldn’t know how to play someone if she tried, but there were times I’d have liked to see a little more anger and indignation from her.

When Grant finally convinces Harlow to give him another chance, I guess I was just expecting more in the way of their storyline together. Yes, they were hot together but that faded fairly quickly and then I was just left with that dreaded “meh” feeling. Even incidents that were supposed to be dramatic fizzled in a hurry for me. At some point I actually hoped Nan would rear her witchy head and provide some much needed drama. Wow, I can’t believe I just wrote that!

Take a Chance ends with a cliffy but even that seemed tame for what I’m used to from an Abbi Glines book. As sucked into this series as I am, I’m sure I’ll continue on with next story. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping for a little more EVERYTHING the next time around, though.
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February 25, 2014

Dear Abbi Glines,

Since all of my prior reviews of your books have included a direct correspondence, well except that one time when I was forced to disparage the name Dank, and then that other one time when I made a few minor improvements adjustments to the While it Lasts cover, this is no exception. The afore mentioned situations notwithstanding, I've decided to continue the trend (along with using some multi-syllable smart sounding college words, which I googled) and write you another review letter.

So I have obviously finished Take a Chance. Hence the letter. Otherwise…there'd be no letter. I have also spent days vacillating about how I feel. I'm torn really, irresolute. However, in my opinion, irresolution of a book is a direct positive reflection of the authors themselves. Irresolution is the product of emotion catalyzed by the fact that I liked the book enough to care. Care enough to be torn. You tore me. I think that's why I'm always drawn to your books. You always seem to leave me feeling conflicted, and your writing seems to be a variable I just can't figure out.

I've read some of the other reviews, and Grant's douchery seems to be the topic of much discussion. Such angry words laced with disappointment. I however, was not disappointed by Grant. I don't deny that his heartbreaking assery was the cause of much frustration, but those readers saying that this isn't the Grant they know, the Grant of preceding books, I have to throw the flag here and call foul. Did we ever really know Grant? No. We saw him through the eyes of other characters. This book is the first time that we actually get an intimate look at Grant, and I don't believe we're seeing anything that wasn't there all along. However, it's the first time that you aloud us to see it. I personally love the disappointment I felt towards Grant because it left an incredible amount of room for growth, and I can't wait to experience the evolution of his character. I know he's capable of so much more. I want to experience the more. I have no doubt that you'll deliver the more.

In previous letters, I have also mentioned the sharp edge of your writing and your ability to be deliciously naughty. In Take a Chance, I was killed dead, dying on the floor because of the naughty talk. The things that went directly from your head to the characters' mouth during the throes of well, ecstasy had my body overcome with embarrassed blushes and silent church giggles. That one line about that girl playing with that thing until that thing had to come go somewhere? Yeah, literally dead dying on the floor. You always seem to push the limits of dialogue during those scenes; not in a trashy way, but almost in a way that creates an entirely new genre. Is new adult erotica even a thing? It's your thing. Own it.

I know perhaps you're looking at my rating with some mild disappointment chased with a little bit of confusion, but please know that I enjoyed this book from the start. I was entertained, but honestly, really, without a doubt, didn't truly become involved with the actual story until the second halfish. I felt like there was something missing, something holding it back from surpassing being just entertainment. But if you remember, I was the same way with Fallen Too Far. I was entertained and intrigued with book one, but I didn't quite fall in love until Never Too Far, and if I remember correctly, I fell pretty damn hard. I think 4.5 stars hard! I think the problem here was that I just needed more time with the characters and their story, more time to become involved. <-----this is why I can't wait for the sequel!

So yes, maybe I was pulled in slowly, but the point is, I'm here now, and I have no intentions of leaving. I am very much looking forward to what's to come, and I have much faith that those things I felt were missing early on in this series are definitely coming. They're coming! I know this to be true. Even though I don't really know, I know, and I can't wait for the sequel. You addict me Abbi Glines.


Your reader
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August 18, 2014
I really enjoyed this one. More than I expected to. I didn't give it 5 stars because it wasn't as good as Abbi's Fallen Too Far books or as good as Wood's 1st book or as good as a few from her other series. But it still held my full attention and I still loved reason another of her books!!! I'll be reading Grant's 2nd book as soon as it comes out. Even at $7!
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February 26, 2014
“My kitten has claws and apparently only you bring them out. Sleeping with the evil sister has put you on my baby girl’s shit list.”

There is something about an Abbi Glines book that gets to me every single time without fail. Her stories are not just consistently engaging and compelling, but each new book feels like she’s pushed the envelope one step further, taken her characters one extra step into the uncharted territories of her own endless imagination. You never know what you’re going to encounter, what kind of story she has weaved for us this time around, but one thing is certain – each book is a skin-tingling joy ride start to finish and it just keeps getting better and better.

After meeting him in the very first scene of Fallen Too Far as the guy Blaire aims her gun at, and then seeing him as the perennially level-headed and dependable fixture in all five instalments of the Rosemary Beach series, we finally get to properly meet Grant Carter and discover the man behind that panty-dropping smile. Grant is the stepbrother that Rush Finlay shortly had, but regardless of their parents’ marital status, they’ve been brothers through and through since they were little kids. Known as a perpetual womanizer just like his brother once was, Grant is not discreet when it comes to the identity of his many conquests, all but one – the woman at whose beck and call he has been for a long time and whose insistent hold over him he doesn’t seem to be able or willing to escape from – Rush’s younger sister Nan. A dysfunctional and volatile relationship from the very beginning, their connection is based purely on physical attraction, but its very existence stands in the way of the only genuine emotional bond Grant has ever formed with another woman. And that woman is Harlow Manning, Nan’s half-sister.

“Three kinds of women in this world. The kind that sucks you dry and leaves you with nothing. The kind that only wants a good time. And the kind that makes life worth a damn. That last kind… she’s the one that gives as much as she takes and you can’t get enough. She’s the kind… if you lose her, you lose yourself.”

Harlow is a fiercely independent young woman, her inner strength and self-sufficiency making her the perfect leading lady for a man who sees commitment as a vulnerability he won’t allow himself to have. Comfortably resigned to her own loneliness and the very opposite of a clingy female, Harlow lets Grant seduce her and allows herself to develop feelings for him, but the moment he shows his reluctance to claim her as his, she retreats back into her emotional fortress, making him then work all his charm and then some in order to get her to trust him again.

“You make me want things and feel a way I’m not ready for.”

When secrets from the past bring them closer together, they decide to give in to the blazing attraction between them and take a chance on one another, only to find out how deeply entrenched their own fears and insecurities truly are. Harlow is a heroine that awakens every protective bone in you; she is so accustomed to her own solitude and misplaced belief that she is unworthy of attention, that she cannot see herself as someone capable of competing with Grant’s past. Her defensive mechanisms never fully fade away and she never stops protecting her own heart, especially from a man whose life has taught him that love equates hurt and that loss is an unavoidable part of the equation.

“You smell like heaven and hell all wrapped up into one.”

This was such a surprising departure from the previous two storylines in the series, both of these characters having very personal journeys to travel before they can fully embrace the bond between them. Quite frankly, I have no idea how rough those journeys will be or what kind of roller-coaster Ms Glines will take us on with their story, but I know for sure it will be one heck of a ride. Grant and Harlow’s tale will conclude in One More Chance.

“I’m not the kind of girl you plan forever with.”

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January 8, 2014
I am SO ticked off at Grant right now I could happily strangle him!!! I'm not sure I even LIKE Grant anymore. Grant better grovel for at LEAST half of the next book. If anyone has a right to hold a grudge, it is Harlow. Only love would have let Harlow forgive HIM for the first betrayal. Now this. He let her down again! I hope he crawls back. Of course, his perceived hurt will probably mean he cuts another swath through the skanks again. Boo hoo for Grant. He will need a discount for STD testing at this rate. I do want to address Harlow's secret keeping. Grant had seen the person Harlow is. She is one the best, least selfish girls anyone had met. Grant forgets this as soon as the first real hurdle (that wasn't caused by HIM) occurs. Harlow's secret is her own to share. Loving someone doesn't mean they have your trust. Not after that trust is broken the way Harlow's was. Maybe she was selfish not to tell Grant herself once she knew more about Grant. But He damaged their relationship to begin with making it difficult to confide in him. No one airs their deepest secrets when you first meet someone. You wait until that relationship and TRUST grows! Harlow and Grant were just getting that back. She WAS going to tell him. The "L" wasn't even said yet. Harlow still thought she might not be special to Grant. His reputation as a playboy and how thing had ended between them to begin with... I don't blame her. She had her reasons for waiting and it turns out she was right to. If she wanted this time to experience love and life without the influence of her secret, she did need to keep the secret.
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March 1, 2014
(4 I Want To Belong To You Stars!)
(BR With Tiffany)

 photo a8f3be01-eb4c-47a6-939d-9592cd539662.jpg

 photo 0e740fe0-5d4d-4188-b2c9-706312ac09b2.jpg

Harlow Manning is the daughter of rock star Kiro Manning. She has led a sheltered life, and hasn't had much experience with dating. So when she spends two weeks with the gorgeous Grant Carter, and then doesn't hear from him for a while, she believes he doesn't really care about her, and that he is just a womanizer.

 photo 20c75683-3d78-4f5c-975a-b7de13b460cc.jpg

Grant Carter is a sexy as hell, charming, sweet talking guy who lives in Rosemary Beach, and works for his dad's construction business. He has previously spent time off and on with Harlow's sister Nan, and has quickly come to regret his time with Nan. He finally sees Nan for what she truly is...evil!

 photo photo-1.gif

After spending two weeks with Harlow, Grant's friend Jace dies, and this makes him re-evaluate his own life. He over analyzes his feelings for Harlow, and decides to put the brakes on whatever was starting to develop between them. Grant is terrified of letting himself care enough about someone, that losing them could destroy him, and shatter his heart. He has never been in love, and what he feels when he's with Harlow scares him to death, so he runs from it.

 photo f1eb1d1e-2df2-4f0a-82c8-7d3d0b418892.jpg

Harlow's dad is going on tour for nine months with his band Slacker Demon, and wants Harlow to stay at a beach house with Nan in Rosemary. He doesn't want her alone in LA. The problem with this is Nan hates her, and she will also have to be around Grant.

 photo ef0160b5-6c53-42d2-b306-995fc7a44385.jpg

When Harlow moves to Rosemary the drama starts immediately. Grant makes some major mistakes, and quickly realizes he can't get Harlow off his mind. He decides she is worth the risk of his heart being broken, and pursues her relentlessly! He makes it his mission to win her over.

 photo bc11f476-73fd-4198-9054-5252a4cb5f41.jpg

Grant has his work cut out for him since Harlow isn't a very trusting person as it is. He hurt her, and she doesn't put much faith in him being honest. She doesn't want to be vulnerable, or made to look like a fool. She just wants to be loved, and to feel she is special to someone. She is used to guys only being interested in her because of who her dad is. She thought Grant was different, and genuine.

 photo 2ea2c9a9-1bac-422c-9334-da7e819ef6f8.jpg

This book sure has had a lot of mixed reviews. I didn't like Grant in the beginning, as he was an idiot! He made poor decisions, and made me angry, but he eventually got his act together, and fought for what he wanted. I have always loved Grant through out this series, and thought of him as a good guy. I really liked Harlow's brother Mase, and would love a book for him. This book was full of shockers and surprises I didn't see coming, and the sex was extremely hot! Other than wanting to punch and shake Grant at times, and it having a major cliffy, I overall really enjoyed the book! :D

 photo 08956bc8-1517-444d-9ca9-da7a4c49dc46.jpg

-Harlow lit up a room when she walked into it. There was a peacefulness about her that was hard to explain. It made you want to get close to her and see if you could soak it in.

-Those pretty hazel eyes and angelic smile had started digging inside me and making themselves at home in my heart. But that night...you claimed me, and I can't shake it. I can't forget it.

 photo 18c411ed-4bdb-41fc-86c1-936f01274f71.jpg

-"I don't do possessive and crazy. Never have. But you...I want to wrap you up and run off with you so no one can touch you again. Just me. Always me."

-This little woman had me wrapped around her little finger, and she didn't have a clue.

 photo e008251f-4fe2-4380-a61d-6f103a0d9e6e.png

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645 reviews1,298 followers
December 29, 2014
Dear Take A Chance,

I gave you a chance but you blew it!

I would have to say I am highly disappointed. I have nothing but high praises for previous books I've read of Ms. Glines but you unfortunately have fallen short of my expectations.

Just recently, I made this comment on one of my reviews that YA/NA books are all following a certain pattern. How heroines are all virgins and heroes are all douchebags. And this book is a perfect example of that. And I really hate it! I used to like it when bad boys change for the girls they like but.. IT'S JUST GETTING TOO DAMNED OLD. And this is just the first part.

I seriously want to go and beat the shit out of Grant. He is a disgrace to the whole lead male character community. I don't have anything against guys who are indecisive. There are just people who just couldn't decide immediately but please.. Don't go chasing some girl and saying you can't stay away and then again and again hurting her and saying sorry. THAT IS JUST NOT ACCEPTABLE! To make matters worse, I think he lost his brain somewhere when he was fucking Nan. Gosh. I really really liked you in the first book of this series Grant. I really do. I was rooting for you to have your own book. Now that you do.. I'm kinda wishing you just didn't have one. From the eyes of other people, you might have been a good guy but really.. You are nothing but a piece of meat. I guess Nan saw that in you Grant. That's why you're Nan's bitch.You are pathetic.

Harlow. I would have really really liked you but.. the nice virgin girl has just become too much for me to accept. Your type has been overly used that it just gets annoying reading the same female character again and again but with different names. Don't get me wrong, I feel for you. It's just that I am just so confused on what nice girls find in guys like Grant. I seriously have no fucking clue. I think you honestly deserve better than that guy. He is a worthless piece of crap that deserves no woman at all. Who would want a guy with a dick but no balls?? NO OOOONNNEEE!

Sorry. I'm furious. I have always been a fan of romance. I like it when guys sweep girls of their feet. It's okay when sometimes the guy makes mistakes. It's understandable. Nobody's perfect but when you hurt a girl over and over again that's a different story.

Seriously, Grant. Why screw with Nan? If you like Harlow so much why not just remain faithful to her? WHHHHYYYY??

Oh and Harlow. You should have stuck with your first thought on Grant. Seriously, You should have stayed the hell away!

“Warning bells were going off in my head loudly, but somehow I ignored that. Because my heart wanted to forgive him. I didn't want to push him away”

Someone who puts up with Nan is one crazy person! It is not okay for a guy to use you like that. Okay. Let's just say that he [Grant] really does like you... Unfortunately, he doesn't like you enough to stop banging someone else. Why? Because it's easy for him to do that. It was easy for him to sleep with someone than admit and accept that he is capable of having feelings toward someone. Seriously a lousy excuse. SERIOUSLY GRANT, WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR BALLS??? DID NAN CUT IT OFF???

THE SEX: Not sure I enjoy it that much anymore. I feel that it's kind of going on and on and on. I'm just not up for all the "OH WOW YOU'RE SO TIGHT! OH YEAH BABY!"... "OH THAT'S SO BIG! WILL IT FIT?" I mean come on???! ENOUGH!! I'VE HAD ENOUGH!!!

I don't any problems with the writing to tell you honestly. It was as good as the first ones but the whole senario and how predictable it is just doesn't work anymore. IT JUST DOESN'T! I really hate girls being treated like doormat. It's just too common.. Can't it be that the guy becomes the doormat instead?? LOL.

I loved Woods. I really liked Twisted Perfection. For me he was just perfection. Rush was okay. He had his issues but he was good at least. Grant was just a disaster. I hope he never had his own book. I hope he stayed nice and good and hot in my mind. As the saying goes, "Be careful what you wish for and you just might get it." I got it alright.. In a bad way.. Seeing the world through Grant's eyes were just... Bleeehhh..

I've come a long way on this series and it's sad because after this I don't think I'll pick up the rest. TAKE A CHANCE, you broke me in ways that will never be repaired. I will put this series to rest. I will however still pick up other Abbi Glines book but as for this series.. IT'S GOODBYE FOR YOU AND ME!

Sincerely yours,
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264 reviews196 followers
February 27, 2014
review to follow.
Abbi Glines just posted blurb for Grants book:


When Harlow Manning’s rocker father goes on tour, he sends her to Rosemary Beach, Florida, to live with her half-sister, Nan. The problem: Nan despises her. Harlow has to keep her head down if she wants to get through the next nine months, which seems easy enough. Until gorgeous Grant Carter walks out of Nan’s room in nothing but his boxer briefs.

Grant made a huge mistake getting involved with a girl with venom in her veins. He’d known about Nan’s reputation, but still he couldn’t resist her. Nothing makes him regret the fling more than meeting Harlow, who sends his pulse racing. Yet Harlow wants nothing to do with a guy who could fall for her wicked half-sister—even if there are no strings between Grant and Nan.

Grant is desperate to redeem himself in Harlow’s eyes, but did he ruin his chances with her before he even met her?

The scope we got on Harlow in the Forever Too Far was awesome and I loved Grant from book one, so I cannot wait for this one, though one of the most hateful villian (Nan) is going to be there too. Oh drama drama drama...
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192 reviews25 followers
March 20, 2014
3 what The Hell Happened To Grant Stars
My Harlow, Grant and Nan in the future, because frankly it doesn't look like Nan is going away anytime soon!


Seriously she is such a hateful character, I wonder why no one has done this to her yet?!!


Where is that famous shotgun of Blaire that she seemed to use on everyone except the most deserving person?! Go on Blaire do it, Rush will forgive you.

Now to Grant, seriously where is the charming, protective and loyal guy I fell in love with in the previous books, he comes across here as a whiny douche.


I understand his fears but to keep making the same mistake over and over again, that is just wrong.


His sudden epiphany that he needs to have Harlow in his life, hours after being a complete jerk didn’t have me convinced or swayed in his favor.

Harlow I liked, well most of the time, at least she made Nan even miserable. I was disappointed she gave in to Grant so easily, after he acted the way he did at the beginning of the book. If I was her, I would have had him quarantined before I let him anywhere near me, seriously he touched Nan!

The reason I gave this book 3 is Rush and the amazing writing, Abbi Glines can definitely write but IMO she missed the mark with this one. I guess I was looking forward to Grant’s book for so long and my high expectations let me down.

Will I be reading the next one, probably as I want to know if Grant will redeem himself!
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2,899 reviews635 followers
December 26, 2018
See I am a big fan of Rosemary Beach series. I thought it was fun reads. You know the soap opera drama and all. I miss those prime time soap opera.

However Take a Chance falls short of my expectation. I really have problem with the characters. Especially Harlow. She is a needy and insecure. So insecure that she question Grant loyalty to her. When Grant is not by her side, she let her immature jealous girlfriend take control. I feel bit sorry for Grant. Just a bit. Because I also have problem with Grant. What is it about Harlow that draws Grant to her? From what I see Harlow is even worse than Nan. I can not help secretly rooting for Nan.

The connection between Harlow and Grant is also weak. Where is the connection? The character development is not there. The story does not support the growing connection between Grant and Harlow

I still give it 3 stars. Just because this is Rosemary Beach after all.
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1,868 reviews306 followers
June 9, 2016
I hate Grant. I think I might hate him more than I hated Rush. Thats a lot of hate. And I gobbled this book up in one night! I stayed up WAY too late!
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273 reviews73 followers
February 15, 2015
3 Annoyed Stars

 photo image_zpsee6v5ssp.jpg

First thing first I Loved Rush and Blaire's story. It's one of my all time favorites. And the Rosemary Beach series is really good but in Take a Chance...goodness I was so annoyed with it. I was so frustrated with Nan, Harlow, and even Grant at times.

Emma Watson is Annoyed photo emma-annoyed_zps4ef98efa.gif

Ok so I get that Grant is scared of losing someone he loves and blah blah blah, but he kept letting that fear stop things from happening. At first I was swooning because he was scared then he kept saying that again and again and again until I wanted to punch him. You get the picture.

Harlow was nice and shit and i understood everything she's going thorough but she had got to stop letting the past get in their way. Everything kept going back to Nan. She would get mad at stupid things(sometimes) and Grant had told her a million times that he only sees her not Nan, and that their was nothing between them two.

Nan as you might already now is a bitch. I don't know why but I can't help but believe that there's more to her than she shows. Sure she's a brat bitch but theres more to her. I really felt bad for her(at times) but she has got to stop her bitching bullshit.

Brittany Frustrated GIF photo britney3a.gif

So as you might see I was really disappointed. I really live this series but this one was a downfall. I really liked Grant, he was hot and really swoony(most of the time) and I couldn't help but enjoy the steam in this book. Hopefully the second book is better.

 photo image_zps7nfmf1cv.jpg
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