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Da trangen til blod og larmen fra et rockband vækker vampyren Lestat af 55 års dvale, kontakter han de unge musikere, fast besluttet på at blive den største rocksanger nogensinde. Han opdager, at gruppens medlemmer er meget optaget af en ny bog - En vampyrs bekendelser - som er skrevet af en af de vampyrer, han selv har skabt, og som fremstiller ham som en skurk.

Dette bliver for meget for den 200 år gamle vampyr, så han køber sig en computer og går i gang med at skrive sin egen historie: "Jeg er vampyren Lestat, jeg er udødelig..."

627 pages, Paperback

First published January 1, 1999

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Anne Rice

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Anne Rice (born Howard Allen Frances O'Brien) was a best-selling American author of gothic, supernatural, historical, erotica, and later religious themed books. Best known for The Vampire Chronicles, her prevailing thematic focus is on love, death, immortality, existentialism, and the human condition. She was married to poet Stan Rice for 41 years until his death in 2002. Her books have sold nearly 100 million copies, making her one of the most widely read authors in modern history.

Anne Rice passed on December 11, 2021 due to complications from a stroke. She was eighty years old at the time of her death.

She uses the pseudonym Anne Rampling for adult-themed fiction (i.e., erotica) and A.N. Roquelaure for fiction featuring sexually explicit sado-masochism.

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December 15, 2014
-- contains spoilers --

Okay, so here's the thing.
Interview with the Vampire, Rice's debut novel and at the same time the first novel in the now two-digit numbered Chronicles of the vampires series, was published in 1976, but written in 1973, following the tragic passing away of Rice's young daughter Michele of leukemia in 1972. It has since then gone on to become an international bestseller and literary classic even outside of its genre, as well as being an integral part in founding a new understanding of the vampire myth. It's largely regarded as Rice's magnum opus and though it's not my favourite novel of hers (that would be The Vampire Armand due to an excessive case of nostalgia), I agree that it is her best. This is partly due to how tightly Interview is tied to Rice's personal life and how genuine all of what it presents therefore is.

Rice suffered from depression after the traumatic death of her daughter and turned to rewriting an old short story of hers. Interview is clearly very much rooted in Rice's own emotional situation, with poor Claudia, the little girl that was never going to live, and the emotional rift and absence of mutual understanding between her parents, Louis and Lestat, with Louis feeling perpetually resentful and wary to the point of incomprehension of his sire. This is of course a direct connection to the reality of Anne and Stan Rice's marital situation and a common occurence in a couple who lost their child. Rice has admitted to her husband being the inspiration behind Lestat and the picture Interview paints of him is not a very fond one. Lestat is in a way the villain of the majority of Interview.

Fast-forward several years, to 1985 and the publication in the second book of the Chronicles, The Vampire Lestat. As one might gleam from the title, it is Lestat's turn to tell his tale now and boy do the contradictions pile up. Lestat/Rice excuses most of his behaviour in Interview by either giving background information that undermines Louis' impressions or flat out denying certain events even happened. Lestat developes into the lovable, fun, childish little rascal we all know and love™ and that he would continue to portray in the following books.

Audible and overly dramatic sigh here.

See, this right here is one of the central problems of the Chronicles and the reason reading half of it pisses the shit out of me . Rice relies here on the principle of the unreliable narrator which, you know? Fine. I'm not opposed to Louis maybe getting some things wrong and of course there is always the fact that different viewpoints will inevitably end up with different conclusions. The problem is just how much she takes advantage of it. The Vampire Lestat absolves the titular character of basically every single thing and it's fucking cheap. Interview loses at least half of its impact knowing the contants of Lestat.

Anne and Stan Rice ended up being married for 41 years, right up to Stan's death, so things between them had obviously improved after Interview, especially with the birth of their son Christopher in 1978. Lestat was written by a much happier Anne Rice than Interview was. And that is of course wonderful and I am genuinely happy for them. However, it also means that Lestat, being based on Stan as mentioned, underwent a huge and very much canon-breaking change of character in what kind of reads like Rice retroactively apologizing to her husband for the less than fond portrayal in Interview.

The problem with this is a simple fact - Lestat, despite being based on him, is not Stan Rice. He is a fictional creation, bound to an established world and character and the fact that the Rice's marriage was improving does not mean that what Anne Rice wrote in Interview is somehow less valid. Despite it being a key factor to Interview's overall success, reality robbed Lestat and the character in itself in the following books of authenticity. Which is why I kind of really dislike the character now lol.

Okay, so what exactly does this have to do with Vittorio, a book centering around a vampire that has never interacted with the main cast? Look up. See those four stars? Yes, I actually really enjoyed Vittorio, despite it being seemingly mostly despised by other people. Why? Well, I actually truly believe Rice has a great talent for portraying the desperation of being and provoking thought and Vittorio is a great example for this. Vittorio is the only vampire in the entirety of the Chronicles that I can think of who actually has time to struggle with the idea of what it means to become immortal, to have knowledge of your impending rebirth and to have that pain be inflicted by someone he loved, protected, trusted (except for David but we never get his perspective on things and he gets over it in like a second) and when he knows he's done for he fucking despises it. I liked Vittorio as a character. He's brash, fervent, entirely believable as a teenager and not actually very smart. I also like that 95 % of this book chronicles the last week of his human life, mostly taking up by him thinking about revenge and exacting said revenge against the vampires who killed his family. It's different, fresh. We don't actually see anything of his 500 years of being a vampire because his humanity is so much more important to him. In a way Vittorio is not actually about vampires at all, rather the radiance of human life (haha, get it? If not read the book).

Vittorio ends up with both the girl and immortality and he is miserable. The book ends like this. And Vittorio actually lets Ursula survive, stays with her and is still with her in the present, a fact I found remarkably surprising because the book had me so convinced he was going to kill her. Their companionship is also probably one of if not the most longlasting in the entire series? Again, Vittorio breaks out of by now well known patterns of the Chronicles.

All of this would not have worked as well had the character of Ursula not been as compelling as she turned out to be and therefore Vittorio falling for her not been as convincing. The central axis of the tale hinges upon the one scene where he can't bring himself to kill her defenseless self because of his firm belief in the existence of her soul (he turns out to be right) and it is this so altruistic belief which initiates his ultimate fall. Real kudos to Rice here because she managed to get me very invested in Ursula's plight, despite the minimal amount of screentime she has. Especially fascinating to follow was the process of her unravelling, going from the initial fearsome and highly erotic monster to her reveal as a basically clue- and helpless 200-year-old little girl. Even when human Vittorio turns out to be the dominant part of the couple. The power play aspect of their relationship makes it one of the more remarkable of the series.

There is of course stuff that I wasn't too fond of as well, such as the cardboard cutout characters of the other vampires and the weird pseudo-rape somehere near the beginning of the book as well as the ever popular 'Hey, you have never heard of me but I totally exist and I'm super powerful too lol!' (you gotta ask yourself just how many vampires Akasha just simply forgot), but these ultimately did not impact my enjoyment of the book very much. The subject of faith and heavenly beings is also handled a lot better than in the god awful Memnoch the Devil because it is less of a 'Surprise! The Devil and God are real and Lestat was at the Crucifixion of Christ!' punch in the stomach and more of a quiet introduction of a concept that you also have the choice to write off as Vittorio's hallucinations.

Okay to summarize, fuck Lestat's sudden 180° change of character and fuck Lestat in general and I like this book because he's not in it.
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Author 432 books1,805 followers
March 17, 2008
That it I'm afraid. I'm finished with Anne Rice after following her since the first - there's only so much angst you can take before depression sets in.

Early Anne Rice novels, the first Lestat books in particular, carried you along in wonderment at a new view of the world, but that wonder has grown stale and stagnant, and lanquid posing while waiting for the next sexual frisson does not, for me anyway, make for interesting reading.

Wondering about your place in the world is all very well, but most of us grow out of it in our teens. Maybe that's why these Vampires do little more than gaze at their own navels - they are emotionally stunted.

Too much new-gothic lounging and not enough plot.

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289 reviews106 followers
February 1, 2012
Vittorio: The Vampire is the second novel in the New Tales of the Vampires series by the legendary Anne Rice. Honestly, I first read this novel a few years ago, but I fell in love with this story so much that I had to read it again. I've read some love and some hate reviews on this novel and honestly, I don't see why their would be any hate. Sure, everyone's opinions are welcome, but I personally think this novel turned me into a vampire lover. Yes, I know many will say, "Not her Vampire Chronicles novels?? Come on!" Well, I admit, her Vampire Chronicles are fantastic and they truly are the heart of vampires. Although, I read Interview with the Vampire/Queen of the Damned much to young to appreciate it's greatness. Yes, I loved them, but what made me beg for more vampires and horror was Vittorio. I got this novel on a whim from my friend and boy am I glad he lent me this novel. Who knows how long it would have taken me to get into the amazing novels I so in love with now.

Anyway, onto my thoughts on this novel. I truly believe there are many novels you can fall in love with. The characters, storyline and especially, the world that is created. I have so many novels I love for so many reasons, but honestly, I remember everything about this novel. The spot I read it, which was my bed and on the couch. (Take it in mind this was over 5 years ago) I remember being entranced in the world Anne Rice has created. Vittorio's pain was my pain, his joy was my joy and his interest was my own.

Anne, as always describes this world in detail. I feel as if I'm right there next to Vittorio. Battling with him, crying with him and feeling the seduction he feels. It's truly a beautifully written novel.

This is one of those novels I know I'll read for a third, or many even a fourth time, just to get involved in this world again. I really am disappointed there wasn't more novels in this series, but since I haven't read the first, I think I'll go back to finally read it. Why haven't I read it if I loev this one so much, you might ask? honestly, I loved this one so much, I don't want to be disappointed. I don't believe it will be a bad book, none of her vampire novels I've read are even close to being disappointing. I just love Vittorio so much, he's always going to be "my first". Everyone has their first. Who's yours???
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171 reviews36 followers
February 9, 2014
The truth is that I really wanted to finish with all the Chronicles and "Vittorio" managed to convince me that I am right by doing just that. I barely managed to get through the entire book and very often I wanted to put it aside, and only my persistence kept me going. I think I got tired of the writing style, with the same descriptions and lack of engaging action. The mixing of the vampires and angels is a bit peculiar, for some it all falls in the supernatural category, but for me is a bad mixture for this kind of book. It shows too much about the author, the questioning about religion, good and evil, angels, and I was left with the feeling that vampires were just stuffed in the tale. However, this time just didn't work for me and I'd rather keep the distance from now on. Moreover, there was some eroticism involved in the story which seemed awkward and wrong.

Vittorio was really annoying, he kept talking and was quite slow in understanding the circumstances. Another thing I disliked was the fact that he just couldn't decide if he was fascinated by the vampires or if he considered them demons, if he was attracted or repugnant by them. I comprehend the compulsion, the feeling that you can't stop staring, but this was ridiculous. In my opinion, the story didn't really have a solid frame and by the end it just fell off.
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64 reviews30 followers
September 26, 2013
If there was a half a star I would have given it to that silly boring book! I am really sorry for this. Anne Rice used to take me to places of wonder but in this book she took me to a hell called "what the hell is this?". I wont say much but I really hated this book. I really love Anne Rice and all the vampire chronicles but this one is a failure!
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88 reviews
June 26, 2013
Could not finish it… I got to the part where there were angles, and I said, self, this story sucks…
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445 reviews15 followers
May 11, 2020
Sorry to say this about Anne, but this is the most ridiculous books I’ve ever read. I can’t believe how such a garbage can could be written by the same person who did some amazing books I really loved. This was a disappointment. A huge one.

The dark, gothic, brutal, romantic atmosphere was nowhere to be found. There were attempts to create it but they were failures. Ursula and Florian were solely created to rouse that lustrous aroma but, boy it was just pathetic. Even the language was so sloppy and thin.

There’s a reason why the vampires and Satans clan was always kept apart. They’re glorious on their own. In this book everything is jumbled up and has become one lousy masala where vampires are black mass conducting disciples of satan and that made the whole thing comical & stupid. Then there’s a bunch of angels too. This was one tiresome religious mumbo jumbo.

It’s been a long time since I’ve read Anne Rice and I really hoped this would be worth it. I’m just so furious. She should’ve left her catholic faith and religion out of this. She could worship a cow for all I care but when it was poured out across 300 odd pages, it becomes a tiresome and a tasteless shitpile...

2020 Poposugar reading challenge - A book by an author with flora or fauna in their name
Books in the time of Covid-19 #15
Book 32 of 2020
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61 reviews8 followers
June 19, 2022
Прочела съм много книги за вампири, но никоя не е толкова необикновена, колкото тази.
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80 reviews54 followers
April 10, 2011
Vittorio the Vampire is the second (and final) book in the series "New Tales of the Vampires" by Anne Rice. It's different from the previous novel, Pandora. This novel has entirely original characters. Whereas Paganism played an important role in Pandora, Christianity is the focus in this novel.

And I think that's the part of the novel that shines. By this time in the series, the vampire thing is kind of old. I still enjoy the vampire aspect, but I found the angels in this book to be a refreshing and a complimentary addition to the "Anne Rice" take on vampires.

Like all of Rice's novels, history and art are important to the story. This novel features the work of Fra Filippo Lippi, an artist during the time of Cosimo de' Medici, as well as the writings of Thomas Aquinas and St. Augustine. All of it flows effortlessly through the story, enriching the experience just as I've come to expect from a Rice novel.

The novel is short (My hardcover was 288 pages) and it's a quick read (took me two days), but it's worth it. I think it's best to view this story on it's own. It's completely different from the other vampire books. I didn't find it to be better or worse - only different. And that's what makes it special.
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65 reviews
January 14, 2009
This is a great novel!!! What I have learned is that by the love a person can be saved and by the love that very same person can be doomed and brought into the world of shadows and blood. Living forever and always remembering the sins is the greatest burden because there is no coming back. Vittorio's rage to revenge brought him into the hands of those who destroy and kill for living. Imagine yourself being in love with someone who saved only one life, yours. WHAT WOULD YOU DO??? Would you continue to hate or never stop loving? Vittorio made his firm choice, an interesting solution to a problem that was perceived by Vittorio himself as his new life.
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Author 3 books71 followers
February 10, 2021
Siento mucho esto, pero realmente no he entendido nada de lo que ha pasado en el libro. Sinceramente no sé si yo soy el problema o es que solo es confuso en sí. Vittorio es un joven noble de la Toscana que se ve envuelto en una "guerra" con un clan de vampiros que atemorizan la región, y en su camino de venganza todo se queda en nada. La premisa me parecía muy interesante, en especial por el contexto histórico y el lugar, y me ha defraudado porque he encontrado algo muy distinto a lo que esperaba (que si al menos lo hubiera disfrutado no me habría quejado, pero no es el caso). El ritmo es lento, muy lento en algunas partes, y algunas conversaciones pueden ser confusas. Tengo la sensación de que la autora pretende decir algo más trascendental y yo no he sido capaz de verlo (o solo es que me quiero decir esto en base a lo que vi en Entrevista con el vampiro). Una lástima, aun así probaré con más de la autora.
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95 reviews2 followers
April 24, 2012
I probably got to page 43-50, and then started to jump around in the book, and decided to read the end of the book. Well the first couple chapters I was enjoying, when the character was talking about his about his life, but when his family was slaughtered, he goes out finding the Ursela, who had put the attack on his family, he finds her, is ready to take his revenge, blah blah blah, just to be made into a vampire, then falls in love with her. OKAY to me that is just weird, you fell in love with the same person who had slaughtered your family, yeah rather hard to believe, well it is for me anyway.

Anne Rice obviously did her research for the book dating it back to Florence in the 1400's. The book itself was lacking in plot, and foreshadowing, probably a few other things as well. I understand that the character was supposed to be in conflict with himself for many different reason's, but to me they seemed rather contradictory despite her efforts in writing the character.
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416 reviews30 followers
October 31, 2012
This one was interesting mostly for the section where the main character is held prisoner along with dozens of other humans by a coven of vampires. The coven is basically "farming" the humans; keeping them barely alive with vampire blood mixed into their food, harvesting the ones who get too weak and turning the stronger survivors into vampires themselves. It's an odd concept. The rest of the book? Convoluted and boring.
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209 reviews2 followers
May 3, 2022
This is very successful in convincing me that the narrator is a 16 year old son of a 15th century Italian aristocrat, as in i was deeply annoyed at everything he said
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96 reviews25 followers
January 17, 2021
Aún estando ambientada en el mismo universo de las crónicas vampiricas, este relato es independiente del resto de las novelas.
Aunque no sea un libro sobre Lestat y compañía, compro esta historia. Tiene los ingredientes clásicos de una película fantástica: acción, aventuras, romance, venganza... El tema principal del libro gira en torno a esto último: una vendetta sublime, cuando te han hecho lo peor. Y se divide en actos bien diferenciados, cual drama shakesperiano.
Es un tanto distinto a los otros libros de vampiros de Rice, pero también tiene su cierto encanto. Me gustó Úrsula; tiene una muy buena galería de secundarios (mencionaría más pero no quiero destripar). El arte de la Florencia renacentista está muy presente en todas las tramas, especialmente la vida y obra de fray Filippo Lippi, pintor que existió realmente.
Un viaje con su carga/moralina religiosa (como viene siendo en los últimos libros de Rice), la lucha del bien y del mal, ejecutar aquello que odias con todas tus fuerzas e, ironía envenenada: sucumbir o tener que cohabitar con ello.
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185 reviews47 followers
July 1, 2013
Strange and somewhat different in style than Anne Rice's usual vampire writing. This means that it was exciting wondering what horror was going to unfold next, but the character was not full of passion and wonder and dear to my heart the way her Vampire Chronicles characters are. But I think Anne Rice meant for it to be that way; seems she just wanted to get out of her comfort zone.

My biggest problem with this story was the repetition of each of her vampires: why do they all have to come from wealthy, if not royal, backgrounds? No beautiful homeless youths for an older vampire to fall in love with? And secondly, why do they all have to reflect her Roman Catholic views (even the pre-Christian vampires, to some extent)? You're telling me none of the vampires can be Lutheran or something? What are the odds?

In any case, I still had some fun with the book, and I think maybe if I had read this by any other author, I might have felt better about it.
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122 reviews19 followers
December 4, 2020
Vittorio the Vampire!

Quite possibly, this is the first series of vampires and Heaven and Hell that I have loved. It is always a challenge to like something when I read if it touches too closely with Biblical meaning, but this one I did favor. Vittorio, his story, and falling in love with Ursula despite her damned soul and the murderous, evil husband who kept her captive and then proceeded to make her into an immortal being.

My favorite part, I'd have to say is the time when the the court of the ruby grail is torturing him, Ursula tries to take his pain away with the meadow. That warm, colorful place in the mind is just a mind trick, but it was what made them fall in love. For once, Anne Rice allowed the lovers to live and never depart. With Pandora, she broke apart from her love due to constant disagreement, but Vittorio remained with Ursula. The beautiful porcelain doll that she is.

I can't wait to read the next one in the New Tales of the Vampires.
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Author 29 books135 followers
October 23, 2019
but let me explain, because there is a lot of controversy going on about these books (the ones without lestat i mean):
1) if you expect something like lestat or queen or body thief you gonna be dissapointed, keep that in mind
2) the books of armand, pandora, marius and now vittorio, ok, they pale in comparison with their predecessors but their heart is in the right place
3) gothic as f*&% in the utmost classical way
4) creepy atmosphere
5) a protagonist full of pathos and emotions
6) it doesnt really spans his life as a vampire, but the way he gets in the way of the Ruby clan is equal to the first chapters of vampire lestat in action/drama/horror
and 7) i just love her prose and her love for history
equal to blackwood farm and better than merrick and pandora
cant complain...
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494 reviews32 followers
January 27, 2013
Anne Rice'in yazdığı Vittorio nihayet okundu, bitti. 300 sayfa; geliyoruz gidiyoruz ağlıyoruz. Hala bi gıdım yol alamamışız. Kitap bitti de şükür dedim yaw. Anne Rice sen naptın bacım ? Patladım okurken, olacak iş değil :-( Rönesans İtalya'sını anlatıp durmuş, öküz can Vittorio'nun ağzından. Vittorio'da şeytan dediği Ursula'ya anında -cidden anında- nasıl kapılıyor anlamış değilim. Senin kardeşlerinin kafası koptu gözünün önünde... Ananı babanı tüm sülaleni gömdün bi destur de !!! Şeytan da şeytan. Al bak sende oldun vampir sonunda, gerzek.
Sıkıntıdan patladım okurken, yarım bırakmayı sevmem o yüzden bitirdim bu kitabı. Romeo ve Juliet'in vampir versiyonu yazıyor ya arka kapakta alakası yok.
Uff valla isterseniz okuyun ben beğenmedim...
95 reviews1 follower
March 25, 2009
I guess this book embodies the reason that I don't read more Anne Rice books- they're kind of boring. The main character is super chatty and SUPER angsty. Angels and demons and all kinds of nonsense made it kind of a weird book. I suppose I'd like it more if I was less sarcastic and had a longer attention span.
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Author 2 books34 followers
September 13, 2012
I read this twice; not because I loved it, but because I wanted to see if my initial opinion was still there

I found this one to be, well, boring. It felt like nothing happened. I had no emotional connection with Vittorio, at all. It was a disappointment.

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817 reviews17 followers
March 21, 2017
The story spins around Vittorio as the sole survivor of his family, out for vengeance and vampire blood. Tricked and toyed with he looks like one of those Young Adult book characters, a young warrior with no more than a sword against the darkest forces pits of hell could produce. It was good in a sense that it no longer felt stamped, as Chronicles started feeling to me. And the rest of this is at [ NMR ]
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Author 28 books41 followers
December 16, 2022
I’ve owned this book for years but had never read it until now. Anne Rice has always told a page-turning tale that makes you forget the world you live in. I lost count of the decapitations and amputations. It was fantastic!
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92 reviews3 followers
September 4, 2022
I enjoyed this one more than Pandora, it was refreshing to read about a vampire that is outside of the usual cohort and is so young. Also that he is only a vampire in the last hour or so of the book.
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163 reviews9 followers
August 16, 2010
Whoever knows Anne Rice, knows they can only expect one thing from her: Surprise.

Despite her several books about vampires, each character is completelly unique, with different characteristics, fears and powers.

Vittorio is another one of them. Even though he's similar, on some points, to Louis (from Interview with a Vampire), he has a much more warrior-like disposition, because, unlike Louis, Vittorio was born during the Italian Renaissance period, being educated as a knight, to protect his land.

The story starts telling about Vittorio's life and his family, who owns some land in Italy, in which several families live, protected by Vittorio's father.

Some vampires show up and propose that they handle to them the children, old and sick, people no one would miss, to them, but Vittorio's father refuses and that causes the death of all his family except, of course, our main character, whose life is saved by Ursula, a beautiful and seductive vampire.

That's when the hunt starts: Vittorio wants revenge for his family, because their deaths made him shocked and unsettled, but, at the same time, starts Ursula's hunt to Vittorio, who, obviously, saved him for a reason.

Well, I'm not telling the whole story here. Of course we know that Vittorio becomes a vampire or that wouldn't be the title of the book (at least in Brazil that's the title), but what I liked, specially, was that we didn't know WHEN it was going to happen! Each moment, each part of the story, we are caught wondering "is it now?".

There are beautiful parts, conversations with angels, beautiful descriptions of the paintings Vittorio loves so much, of the Rubi Graarl Court (hopefully the English name is the same), of Ursula. But also there are parts extremelly irritating, where we think "STOP, DON'T DO THAT", because we know exactly what's going to happen - even though he doesn't see it.

Do not expect a "Twilight" love: Vittorio and Ursula love eachother on a passionate, physical, sad, full of guilt way, after all, she did help to kill his family. After Vittorio is changed, he, unlike Louis menioned above, understands his new situation and accepts it - it's irremediable, and his love for Ursula keeps him alive.

It's a wonderful book, exciting and different from most vampire books you've read, that talks about love and hate, of how close they can be and how can someone be, at the same time, full of hate and completelly good, innocent and benevolent.

After "the tale of the Body thief" I thought Anne Rice had lost it, because Lestat was incredibly boring, sounding more like a dumb Superman and the story was very weak, but with Vittorio, you see clearly it wasn't her, but Lestat that had lost it and me who "had enough of him".

This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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1,242 reviews98 followers
August 22, 2014
Reseñado en mi blog Nanny Books

Esta historia escapará totalmente de la saga de Lestat, para mostrarnos la visión perturbadora de un vampiro doblemente maldecido.

He de decir que al comienzo no me enganchó, principalmente porque no aparecía Lestat. Sin embargo, a las pocas páginas me quedé totalmente cautivada de la historia de Vittorio.

Un vampiro en un castillo nos cuenta su historia humana. Vittorio era un joven noble, muy educado y rico que no debía temer su futuro. Pero cuando una corte de vampiros invada los terrenos de su padre, todo se volverá color sangre.

Si la historia de Pandora sorprendía por su pasión, la historia de Vittorio sorprende por la crudeza de su narración. Las escenas son muy sangrientas y las descripciones logran aterrorizar.

No es un libro que se lea rápidamente, pero sí uno que se disfruta enormemente. Y aunque se extraña mucho la figura de Lestat, la historia logra atraparte. Casi toda la novela trata la historia humana de Vittorio y hay muy pocas páginas que cuenten qué hizo como vampiro.

Si hay algo innovador y que rompe con los esquemas de las Crónicas, es la aparición de unos seres alados... Sí, ángeles. Me ha gustado ver que existe la bondad en el reino que Rice ha creado, pero me han parecido demasiado fríos a comparación de nuestros tentadores vampiros.

La novela me ha gustado, bastante, pero me ha parecido demasiado corta, me hubiera gustado leer más acerca de las aventuras de Vittorio como vampiro, aunque seguramente su maldición harían esas páginas muy tristes.

Vittorio el vampiro es una novela innovadora dentro de la saga, con lugar para el sufrimiento y el romance. Si estás leyendo la saga, o no quieres leer la saga por (seguramente) su extensión, este es un buen comienzo para probar la narración de Rice.
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February 1, 2017
Vou confessar, comprei esse livro enganada. Achei que fazia parte das crônicas vampirescas, com o Lestat e companhia e só depois descobri que era uma história única. Também é um livro de vampiros, mas não tem relação com os demais da série. Por conta disto, ele passou uns 17 anos abandonado na estante.
E o pior, é que a história é boa! Mas se eu tivesse lido naquela época, quando estava de birra, teria detestado.
Vittorio vai explicar logo no comecinho, que essa é a historia dele; de como sua família inteira foi destruida, e de quando ele se tornou vampiro contra à sua vontade.
Uma das coisas que eu gostei, é que mesmo sendo uma história de vampiros, estilo Anne Rice, envolvendo bastante violência e partes de corpo, também tem romance. Vittorio se apaixonada por uma vampira que ajudou a massacrar a sua família e toda a vila o redor, e que foi a responsável por poupar a sua vida. Após o ataque, ele parte para Florença para contar o que aconteceu e conseguir a ajuda dos Médici, mas ao invés disso, se depara com dois anjos, que vão ajudá-lo na sua vingança contra os vampiros.
A historia é curtinha, e as coisas acontecem bem rápido, e a Anne Rice mescla a historia do Vittorio com um pouco de história da arte, e apresenta os pintores Fra Angelico e Fra Filippo Lippi, com suas prostitutas posando de santas nas pinturas sacras.
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August 31, 2017
First it was very boring book. I don't know why. I left it for a while away while I was in Italy. When When I came back from Italy, I started reading this again and felt a different spirit for this book. It became interesting to me. Of course, my interest changed because I visited Florence and when I came back home, this book became easier for me to read, because I already was in that city where Vittorio was. It was easier to imagine scenes and revive my travel's memories. Of course, I had just few hours in Florence, it was already an evening, but I saw what made me... crazed. I was crying like mad in Florence because of art I saw, so I can understand why Vittorio so adored the art he saw in Florence. It is very hard to describe such art, but Anne Rice did this well in this book.

Maybe some scenes were boring a little bit. I get bored easily if I need to read about nature, weather and something like that. But in the end of the book, things changed. I was happy to read interesting tale. If I had to tell in one word what I think of this book, I would say "ARTISTIC". Rich in art, culture and history. It warmed my heart and soul.
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October 31, 2014
Había esperado mucho tiempo para leer esta historia de Anne Rice, sin embargo al terminar de leer Pandora no tenía ganas de leer éste título, sin embargo me animé a hacerlo, porque le quería dar una segunda oportunidad. Y era algo completamente diferente, me enganchó e incluso a la mitad del libro metieron a los ángeles en la narración contada en primera persona.

A Vittorio, yo me lo imaginaba al principio como un adolescente poco exerimentado, pero de un capítulo a otro, el personaje cambia a ser automáticamente un hombre que se enfrenta a la maldad y a la tempestad y quien en mi opinión es cegado por el amor a Ursula, quien mató a toda su familia y a todo un pueblo, con ayuda de sus amigos o compañeros vampiros, sin embargo, no supe tampoco en qué momento cambió de que Vittorio odiara a Ursula a amarla lo más profundo.

Hace tiempo no leía ningún libro de vampiros, por lo que esta vez me animé a retomar esta lectura con Pandora, pero mis expectativas eran muy altas con ambos libros y me llevaron al suelo, sin embargo cada libro tiene lo suyo y éste tiene sus momentos de acción y diversión.

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