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A Complete Guide To Volume Price Analysis

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They used volume and price to anticipate where the market was heading next, and so built their vast fortunes. For them, it was the ticker tape, for us it is the trading screen. The results are the same and can be for you too. I make no bones about the fact I believe I was lucky in starting my own trading journey using volume. To me it just made sense. The logic was inescapable. And for me, the most powerful reason is very simple. Volume is a rare commodity in trading - a leading indicator. The second and only other leading indicator is price. Everything else is lagged. As traders, investors or speculators, all we are trying to do is to forecast where the market is heading next. Is there any better way than to use the only two leading indicators we have at our disposal, namely volume and price? In isolation, each tells us very little. After all, volume is just that, no more no less. A price is a price. However, combine these two forces together, and the result is a powerful analytical approach to forecasting market direction with confidence.

193 pages, Paperback

First published June 16, 2013

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Anna Coulling

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1 review1 follower
June 4, 2019
The usual apophenia and patternicity ("the tendency to find meaningful patterns in meaningless noise" - Michael Shermer) that one finds in many books about trading. The author mentions many times herself that her method is subjective. I read the whole book, visiting charts at the same time, trying to see how her advice could be applied, but I haven't seen any way to make the book's information actionable. Anyone can give vague advice that can be interpreted in various ways according to context. That way, her method's never wrong: you are.

No tangible evidence of the writer's results in real-life trading. The numerous books published or scheduled-to-be-published by the same author makes you suspect that duping ignorant and hopeful traders is the real source of her income. The constant typos further undermine any feeling that you're dealing with a professional.

Overall, a very second-rate book that I only picked up because of its (now mystifying) popularity (fake reviews?) Good thing I didn't pay for it!
December 5, 2020
I'm currently reading the book and actually I thought it is overrated, so I searched for others opinions, and basically what I made me think this way is that it's soooo much repetitive and wasn't written professionally.
There's a couple of useful advices though that I actually observed in the market, but overall I think this book should be no more than 50 pages, because of the fact that it's keep taking phrases of older writers (1/3 of the book is phrases), and repeating the same charts over and over.
Finally, I think I regret that I paid for the book because I thought that it'd help me understand the VPA filed, and actually I could fine better information from YouTube.
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224 reviews20 followers
May 3, 2020
This book is decent for beginner traders about the price volume technical analysis of charts. The author offered some basic nuggets if you are new into the concepts of accumulation and distribution phases analysis. However! This book is very amateurishly put together.. and the author is extremely repetitive for the first half of the book.

Look, the idea should be really simple and straight forward - spotting hidden market big whales (institutional buyer/seller) is a very useful tool to incorporate in your technical analysis. Thus pattern recognition of price volume correlation in Level 2 can be of great help to anticipate potential false breakouts/breakdowns and short squeezes.

Definitely slightly overrated. The main ideas of tape reading in this book have existed since the twentieth century in the Livermore/Dow era. The author simply condensed it (still way over-extended IMO) in layman's term.. Watch-out for all the fake 5 star reviews.. Nonetheless, a recommended read for all traders.
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151 reviews10 followers
April 6, 2016
You hear the saying "You cant judge a book by its cover". This book made me think "You cant judge a book by its price". This book is currently $5.67 in Aus Amazon Kindle Store, and Ive found this $5.67 book to be way more helpful than other $100+ trading books.

I've always knew Volume is an important indicator but this book really helped opening my eyes to see Volume Price relationship. It will take a bit of practice analysing the volume, but it will change the way you perform Technical Analysis or just viewing charts permanently.

Since noticing Volume, viewing charts seem three dimensional. You can gauge at the real movements by the market makers, insiders and big banks. A must read for anyone who looks at charts (and unless your some pro tape reader, who doesnt look at charts?)
1 review
September 7, 2021
Without Volume you're gambling

This book has revolutionized my strategy for trading and since reading it, has made me consistently better shown in my increasing daily profit, minimizing trades and limiting my losing trades. I'm forever grateful.
14 reviews
November 22, 2020
Amazing Volume Price Analysis, opens up the eye to the candle and volume understanding.
100% worth your time if you are into trading and like to make sense of those candle and why they behave they way they do and what are they indicating. If not immediate action for a trade, at least a heads up something is about to happen.

Changed the way I look at reversal significantly.
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19 reviews
September 13, 2021
Trong TA, khối lượng chính là nền tảng của mọi mẫu hình, công thức và dự báo.
Cuốn sách không phải là cuốn cẩm nang các kiểu chỉ dẫn đảo chiều hay sóng tăng mà là cuốn sách để hiểu rõ ngọn ngành của bán chất vì sao khối lượng (Volume) lại quan trọng đối với một trader như vậy. Đối với các nhà đầu tư F0 hay Fn đều cần phải đọc cuốn sách này. Đôi khi đã qúa dày dạn trong thị trường và rơi vào ma trận các công thức, đồi thổi hay các loại biểu đồ lại khiến chúng ta quên đi chỉ báo cực kỳ cơ bản nhưng quan trọng này.
Một nửa đầu cuốn sách cô Anna chỉ lặp đi lặp lại các dẫn chứng từ cổ chí kim rằng các nhà đầu tư giỏi nhất cũng đều thừa nhận, áp dụng khối lượng vào mọi quyết định đầu tư. So sánh nó với các hoạt động như kinh doanh đầu cơ tích trữ hay đấu giá và thậm chí là cả lịch sử của chứng khoán còn xài các loại bảng băng giá, khối lượng khi ấy vẫn là "hữu hình" để chứng minh rằng khối lượng cần thiết như thế nào, nếu không có nó giá là vô giá trị.
Nửa còn lại của cuốn sách là các mẫu hình nến cơ bản áp dụng với khối lượng. hãy đọc cuốn sách với tâm thế là bạn đang xây nền tảng, nền móng cho suy nghĩ và tư duy chứ đừng nóng vội sẽ có những công thức trade bách chiến bách thắng. Vì không có căn nhà nào được xây trường tồn nếu móng yếu cả.
Cám ơn thầy đã tặng cho Pinky cuốn sách!
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7 reviews
June 3, 2021
I saw that some of the biggest critics of this book are going on about how it is not actionable. Well, it is.

The book doesn't hold your hand or give you a system or an indicator to follow. What it does is impart knowledge that gives you an edge and removes some of what looks like randomness in the market. Having read the book, you will not look at "news", analyst price targets, and volume the same again. Case in point, knowing what you know about volume preceding price, you are not going to enter a ticker with no intraday volume hoping the setup will pan out as planned. Knowing what you know about accumulation and distribution, you are more aware of the risks of fighting the trend and will size your positions accordingly. How is it that the book is not actionable?

In engineering, there are always 2 parts to finding a solution. The first part is the 'analysis' where you frame the problem. The second part is the 'design' where you find a solution that fits. If you spend a lot of time working on analyzing the problem, the solution will be obvious. In management consultancy, it is the same. Analyzing the problem is 90% of the work. Put in the work. Learn to read the situation yourself. This book teaches you how.
3 reviews
October 19, 2021
Game Changer

Since I’ve started reading this book and applying the knowledge to my own trades (I encourage you to at least read through to the final chapter before you try to start applying it) I have gotten away from the many indicators I once used and now trade primarily using VPA & SMA’s. Not only has my win rate increased dramatically but the profits of each win have also increased dramatically since I have the confidence to stay in trades longer and not get “shaked out” by the market makers.
8 reviews1 follower
July 16, 2019
I have read this book on my kindle and mobile. The book is useful as it focuses on one particular analysis method. However, it repeats some redundant sentences over and over. The excerpts of the graphs are not sharp enough to read on small screens. The examples are straight forward and mostly schematics. There are a few numbers of actual market examples. However, annotations are inadequate. Overall, I found it useful.
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7 reviews29 followers
May 24, 2018
In this book, Anna Coulling describes the relationship between Price and Volume in a very rudimentary level. If you're new to trading commodities, this would be a great book to start off with. For more experienced traders, this book serves as a reminder of how price and volume interact with one another and you'll be able to skim through most of the book.
Profile Image for Leon.
100 reviews12 followers
October 1, 2020
A good book on the importance of volume and its relationship with price & candles. It did reinforce some fundamental principles and provided fresh perspective in some areas. However, at times i felt that the author's style of writing is too informal & non-standard as compared to other books in the same genre. The author seemed pretty biased as well. Overall a good read.
Profile Image for Taylor.
1 review
July 22, 2021
Solid concepts but super super super repetitive, idk if the author was trying to max on a word count or something. Id you have a decent understanding of the market this could definitely pivot you in the right direction if you’re lacking in strategy or perspective.
3 reviews1 follower
December 29, 2017

Great insight into insider trading and how to trade with the market makers. I really enjoyed this book. It's on my top 5 list.
3 reviews2 followers
January 23, 2022
Alot of technical analysis is something you either believe in or you dont. I happen to believe in it with a healthy dose of caution and skepticism. That debate aside once youve accepted dow theory as far as books go on the subject this is the best in my opinion. It has invaluable tips on volume you will never look at it the same way. Also the introductory chapters have a really nice metaphor for the role market makers play, using a small shop keeper selling widgets(ie stocks) as an example. Despite a lack of academic statistical evidence for dow theory as i mentioned earlier, the common sense explanations for markets movements ring so true its hard for me not to be anything but a believer in the arguments this book lays out.
19 reviews
December 22, 2022
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17 reviews
March 6, 2023
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10 reviews
December 13, 2019
Gave me a whole new perspective to how the market works, particularly the market makers and insiders, and how to trade with them. Certainly using volume a lot more now to get into and manage my trades. Also love the technique of waiting for a congestion phase to break out and then get into the trend. Used to skip choppy charts but now I look for them so as to get the big move when it finally breaks out of the range.

The repetitive parts are okay for me, it just reiterates what is important.

Read this on my Kindle, the charts are not really readable. I'd suggest to provide a clearer and coloured version online or something.
4 reviews
June 3, 2017
It seems logical

This book receives five stars from because it's an exciting read that makes logical points on how volume and price are what you need to become successful in your trading endeavors. My only gripe if I had one is I wish there was more live trade charts used showing VPA in action. With that said, there are created diagrams and some charts from a trading platform to help you visualize the process. I'm just a very visual learner so in no way would I penalize the excellent read because of my weakness. Now it's time to read her other books. Happy trading!
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63 reviews2 followers
June 4, 2018
I found this book very narrowly focused on a specific technique of trading without describing much about the actual traded financial instruments. It looked like the technique is generic and based on the described methodology very easy to automate despite the author claiming that this is an "art". If that is the case everyone would simply make money without focusing too much about the actual fundamentals of the traded financial instruments. The book is not interesting to read so I won't recommend spending time on it.
Profile Image for Z.
19 reviews
November 21, 2020
A brief guide into interpreting price through the lens of volume. For any traders out there struggling to understand and make sense of certain "patterns" and/ or price movements this book will be enlightening, markets don't move because of support and resistance or specific "holy" patterns but on what functions beneath all those technicalities, the ebb and flow of market participants and human psychology. Several examples from different markets including Forex which is definitely an upgrade from what Mastering The Markets book presented.
Profile Image for Lan-Anh (Vivian).
84 reviews3 followers
October 19, 2021
Sao mà quyển sách này nó cứ dài lê thê và rất khó đọc ý ạ.
Đọc hết bao nhiêu trang rồi mà chỉ đọng lại được 3 thứ:
(1) Đầu tư là nghệ thuật chứ không phải khoa học nên không có đúng, không có sai 100%. Quyết định là ở mình.
(2) Hãy nhìn thị trường để biết được Market Maker đang làm gì để không bị trap.
(3) Nếu không quan sát khối lượng giao dịch trên thị trường thì dễ thành gambling. Khối lượng và giá có mối quan hệ với nhau. Cụ thể: bằng cách kết hợp nến hammer, shooting stars, doji kèm theo khối lượng, ta có thể hình dung được phe mua hay phe bán đang thắng thế trong 1 phiên giao dịch.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
11 reviews
December 18, 2022
Interesting ideas on volume price relationship

It's a good book to read through and consider what different candle types could signal about the possible price path in the future.

I will say that ideas in the book are great, but as with everything in trading, there are no absolutes and guarantees where the price will go. The author hints to being able to use volume signals to get out of the trades and to me that's quite a dangerous idea. If anything, you should use it to help you decide if to jump on board but cutting positions prematurely... Not so sure...
Profile Image for Rabin Rai.
101 reviews1 follower
July 4, 2021
Nice concept of price volume analysis but it is a pity this book is very badly written!

Her ideas lack organization. For example, the author does not use markers or labels on charts to guide the reader where she is explaining. It is very hard to follow her even after reading again a few times. I tried my best to march on but alas, was forced to wave the white flag and surrendered at chapter 10.

Would have given 5 stars if she could write in a coherent way.
Profile Image for Ben.
35 reviews
April 7, 2022
I'll give Coulling credit in that she provided me with a novel trading methodology, something that I haven't come across for some time now. However, with all the money she's purportedly made trading with her methodology successfully over the years, it seems she still skimped on an editor. The writing definitely needed more polish, which would have made getting through this book a bit less of a slog.
40 reviews
July 7, 2019
Good introduction on VPA

I bought this book with a not so much expectation but it was better than I thought. Her explanation about VPA is very good for a beginner: concepts and examples.
I missed more examples and deeper concepts explanations.
As introductory and medium level trader is high recommended
July 19, 2021
There’s a good insight about Price Action and How to predict anomalies.. but it’s repetitive over and over the examples are okayish. The concept is good for beginner traders on understanding how volume is the key to enter a trade and how market makers manipulate. It should be a book of 50 pages or kind of journal imo. It really helped me in detecting real and fake moves in the market
5 reviews
January 5, 2023
muy útil aunque algo repetitivo.

En general considero muy util el libro, si ya tienes las bases del análisis técnico como los patrones, soportes y resistencias, etc y solo te falta el volumen este es el libro para ti. A veces te da la impresión de que le faltan más ilustraciones y le sobra texto. Pero supongo que eso será una preferencia distinta dependiendo el tipo de lector.
Profile Image for Elwi.
5 reviews
March 5, 2018
I'm a newbie in stock trading. I find this book is easy to understand and applicable in every markets, including Indonesian Stock Market. Volume and price is correlated so well so that I can make better trading decision. Many thanks for the author 😊
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