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Will their past determine their future?

Saint Ford has worked hard to achieve her childhood dream of becoming of nurse. Focused on her work and devoted to her patients, there’s no room for love. She doesn’t need a guy making waves in her calm, serene life—especially when he’s the unforgettable hottie who nearly destroyed her in high school. Dark, brooding Nash Donovan might not remember her or the terrible pain he caused. But he turned her world upside down... and now he’s trying to do it again.

Saint has no idea that Nash isn’t the cocky player he once was. Uncovering a devastating family secret has rocked his world, and now he’s struggling to figure out his future. He can’t be distracted by the pretty nurse he seems to meet everywhere. Still, he can’t ignore the sparks that fly between them —or how she seems so desperate to get away from him. But the funny, sweet, and drop-dead gorgeous Saint is far too amazing to give up on—especially since she’s the only thing in his life that seems to make sense.

When Nash discovers the truth about their past, he realizes he may have lost her heart before he could even fight for it. Now, Saint has to decide: is Nash worth risking herself for all over again?

302 pages, ebook

First published April 24, 2014

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About the author

Jay Crownover

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Jay Crownover is the International and multiple New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Marked Men Series, The Saints of Denver Series, The Point and Breaking Point Series, and the Loveless, Texas series. Her books can be found translated in many different languages all around the world. She is a tattooed, crazy haired Colorado native who lives at the base of the Rockies with her awesome dogs. This is where she can frequently be found enjoying a cold beer and Taco Tuesdays. Jay is a self-declared music snob and outspoken book lover who is always looking for her next adventure, between the pages and on the road.
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April 25, 2014
Possible spoiler alert!

It started off well but rapidly declined.

We begin with Nash at the hospital after receiving the double shocking news about Uncle Phil. We learn all about how Saint had a crush on him at High School and about how he tried to be her friend but then she 'overheard' him talking nastily about her. Despite how much she hates him, she sees that Nash is in need of some sympathy right now so she offers him a little bit of support. They have some nice sexual tension going on and at this point the story is coming along nicely.

We get a lot of story of the others in the gang, which is good, it's nice to catch up but I wanted a bit more of Nash and Saint together and their scenes together are few and far between until about 40% of the book.

Now here is where things went totally shit for me, Saint has issues - I get this, she was bullied in High School, her dad cheated on her mum and she herself got cheated on at college.

But really....

She felt insecure at Rule and Shaw's wedding, even though she was being looked after by Uncle Phil, made Nash leave the wedding because she was insisting she get a cab home, and then she fucking has sex with him, gets off, and because she is in complete and utter shock that she had an orgasm that wasn't self induced, she gets up off of him and leaves! Mid-sex!!! WTF?

She cries after sex, every god damn time. Oh god I'm ranting now, at this point I skimmed the rest of the book. I just couldn't stand her. I also didn't care about her alcoholic mother.

Nash was the only good thing about this book, I liked the storyline between him and Uncle Phil and the issues he had with his mother. It was nice to catch up with the others but I won't be continuing with this series.

Thank you for listening, have a nice day!

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May 4, 2014
4 I ♥ Nash stars!

 photo 99ecb930-43ae-4de6-9f9f-98b3b1da2314_zpse6f57d71.jpg

It all started with a guy named Rule Archer. I was hooked. I love these Marked Men. Rule’s book was my absolute favorite, followed by Rome’s. As much as I love Nash and Jet, their women both drove me up the wall! There was so much I adored about this book. Nash was pretty much perfect. If Saint would have gotten her crap together a little quicker, it probably would have been a 5 star read for me. That being said, I still really enjoyed most of the book and you won’t want to miss reading about my boy Nash!

Saint is a girl who appears to have it all. She’s got a job as an ER nurse that she loves, she’s beautiful and kind, but on the inside, her self esteem is very low. Saint wasn’t always as beautiful as she is now, and she still carries that around with her. Not to mention she has no real friends besides her sister, and after her father had an affair and left her mother, her family has fallen apart. Saint does the only thing she knows how to do to protect her heart, to not get hurt. She doesn’t let anyone in.
People could only hurt you and disappoint you if you let them. They only had the power to hurt you in you thought they were special and above that. I didn’t let anyone touch my heart or emotions enough to risk that happening again... ever.

Nash vaguely remembers Saint from high school. She was quiet, sweet and smart. Out of his league completely. He sees her now as the beautiful, caring and compassionate nurse taking care of Phil. Nash is going through a lot in his life. Phil is the only ‘parent’ he’s ever had, and now he’s losing him. Expanding the shop, dealing with family stuff. It’s a lot to take. Nash doesn’t know what to do. The only thing he does know, is that he wants Saint. She wants him too. In fact, he’s the only man she’s ever really wanted. Ever since high school. The only one that can truly make her feel.

 photo e6b2e7a4-aa49-4b41-9623-b707d3ba5466_zps2885a34e.jpg

And that scares Saint to death. You see, there was a giant misunderstanding that happened back when Saint and Nash were kids and Saint has never really gotten over it. She’s never moved past it, and she’s finding it difficult to do now, even after all this time has passed. Nash has always been a good guy. I hate that Saint made him feel like he wasn’t for so long. I loved Nash and I felt protective over him. I didn’t like the way she treated him, but a part of me understood the struggle she was going through. Nash tried and tried to tell her how important she was, but she just couldn’t hear it.
“All I can see is you. Why can't you understand that? No one shines as bright as you in the sky I'm looking at. To me there is no sun, no moon, and no stars in the sky, just endless miles of storm clouds and pretty, pretty gray."

 photo bf01a5bd-bd19-456c-8120-db1922842328_zps848dda86.jpg

To move forward in her life, she’s got to learn to take a chance, to give Nash a chance, and most importantly, find it in herself to let go of the past. To embrace who she is and love herself.
“The person that should be surprising is you, Saint. Trust me, the person you are is remarkable and exceptional. If you get acquainted with her, your entire life will change.” She just looked at me like she had no idea what I was saying, but I felt better having said it. I would love her unconditionally if she let me, but in order to do that I had to get her to love herself fully, first.”

 photo 5157151d-1aec-453e-b0d7-b52b5dd0b507_zps6cf2ad56.jpg

As painful as it was to read, some of my favorite scenes in this book were those between Phil and Nash. Yes. I shed a few tears. I loved the advice Phil was always giving Nash. He was able to get Nash to see and really admit those feelings he had for Saint. To convince him to fight.
“There is no falling. You fell. She’s got you and there is no getting loose from that. So she’s guarded, so she’s hard to figure out . . . did you stop to think maybe the reason you like her, that she matters, is because she isn’t easy like all the rest”

Nash was wonderful. Saint had her moments, by the end I really did like her. I think if she would have got herself together a little quicker, she would have been a wonderful heroine. I didn’t get what took her so long. Why she couldn’t open her eyes and see the wonderful man right in front of her. I loved the fact that she was a nurse, and I loved her reaction to Nash’s many tattoo’s and body piercings...
“Your dick is wearing jewelry.”

Nash was frustrating at times, but it was a beautiful story of finding yourself, accepting who you are and what you deserve and ultimately, finding love. It’s another winner from the Marked Men series. After seeing a little sneak peak into Rowdy’s book, I’m very much looking forward to his story!!!

 photo eac9cc1f-25fb-487f-9047-5f6e2be39886_zpsfdd24666.jpg
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May 7, 2014
Oh hey another Jay Crownover book....




Clearly y'all forgot to tell me about this....


Okay. Thats how it is huh

that's my 'i feel left out' face above
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June 20, 2020
4 stars

I actually liked this one better than the last one.
I was apprehensive to start it because, almost all the reviews agreed on the fact that the female character was too insecure, and the cause of all her insecurities was too insignificant to warrant such deep rooted feelings of low self-esteem.

Now, while I agree that she was indeed very insecure, even annoyingly so, and the male lead was the one to pursue her and be very committed from the start, I did not like her any less for it, quite the opposite.

I loved her character. Insecurity did not translate into incompetence or stupidity at any point in the book. I think that during our so called developmental years and especially during adolescence, our experiences do determine our immediate reactions to the future and how we see ourselves. Some people move past the issues, that perhaps marked them, quicker than others. Some are lucky to grow up in households that encourage open communication and foster a positive attitude towards their sense of self, while others need to work on that by themselves over time. And I think this was the case with the heroine.

I understand the reviews but I don’t agree with them. Insecurity is like a disease and it can be chronic if it’s not addressed. I think the issue here was that, the reason for which she developed her skewed sense of self was perceived as trivial and therefore she is seen as weak for not getting over it.

In my opinion tho, if someone already has a fragile, shy personality and if they are deeply hurt by the words of someone they cared about, that leaves a mark, and so I don’t fault her. Everyone has their own speed and journey and I don’t think her weak at all. I actually believe Nash to be as insecure although not in the same way as her. It also took him a long time to see himself as worthy because his mother basically disowned him. Just because his insecurity was not in a physical sense that does not mean it’s not there.

This is yet another book where I see how easy it is to hate on the heroine for not being perfect. For not falling for the male lead’s proclamations of love without a seconds thought. Male characters get away with so much in books and this is a scenario where it’s the heroine who needs healing and understanding and the hero is the one who needs to show her she can be loved and she deserves to be loved.

Anyway, the story is good. Again, nothing extraordinary but I did like both characters and it was nice to see how their relationship developed.

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May 8, 2019

***2.5 Stars***

How do you rate a romance book where you're in love with the leading man but feel he got short changed with his leading lady??

I'm going to apologize in advance for what will most likely be an overlong, babbling review.

"It's how we deal with the things that hurt us most that defines us."

That, right there, is suppose to be the message of this book. So, what defines Saint? She's defined by a brief time in high school. A 17 year-old boy's comment and one party.

Let me set the stage for you. Eight years ago (keep that number in mind...EIGHT YEARS AGO), Saint was a senior in high school. Shy, awkward, a little chubby with her nose in her books. Who happens to have the locker next to hers...our boy, Nash. He exchanges pleasantries with her whenever they happen to be at their lockers at the same time, and Saint develops a crush on him.

One day he asks her if she was going to some chick's party, Saint says she'll try and make it, he replies awesome, maybe we'll hang out.

Now, in Saint's mind this is the first step in what is sure to be their epic love affair. However, what happens is nowhere close.

Her sister spends hours dolling her up, she arrives feeling beautiful and ready for Nash to get a load of her. She scans the house looking for him, but quickly begins to feel out of her element.

Out of the corner of her eye, she spots him walking in with a group of his friends, he's drunk and scanning the room. He looks right past her and finds the hostess, walks up to her and starts making out. Saint is devastated. Heart shattered. Dream dead.

The next day she's leaving school when she walks by Nash and his friends and overhears them talking about someone..."She's a mess. If she ever wants to get laid, she needs to look in the mirror and maybe do some work. I mean I'm not picky, I would take her to bed. I just might need to put a bag over her head first or something." BOOM....clearly they're talking about her....right?

And there you have it. The two moments in Saint's life that she has a death grip on. She cannot fathom how someone can say something SO hurtful! What does that say about their character? This is a mean and vile person and they should never be trusted. She is nothing. She is just a fat, ugly girl that would need to put a bag over her head to ever get a man to sleep with her. No one will ever love her...ever think she's beautiful.

It's eight years later...EIGHT... and she has not let those thoughts go. She's now an ER nurse and runs into Nash, her attraction to him is still there but she can't trust or believe that he's not that same hurtful boy.

He's going through a tough time, and she's drawn to him, but she CANNOT let go of those words.

And the endless, repetitive blame begins...

On one hand, I wanted to take his nice-guy facade at face value, but I had been burned by my misconception of him before and I didn't think that was a risk I wanted to take again.

How did I go about explaining that I didn't want to like him, didn't want to feel anything for him after the abysmal way his flagrant disregard for me in high school left me feeling for a lifetime?

I still wasn't a hundred percent sold on the fact I could get involved with a guy who had disappointed me so much in the past...

But there was this nagging doubt, these poking questions that jabbed under my skin, that there was still the part of him that could be hateful and cruel, and I just didn't trust that.

All of this through the majority of the book...I'm talking almost ALL OF IT .

She gave so much power to this one moment in time. As a 17 year old girl, would your feelings be hurt? Hell yes! Should it affect your self esteem this much? HELL NO! You cry it out, write in your diary, rant, rage and talk to your friends and then move the fuck on.

All that's playing on a loop in my head is Katt Williams...

And to be honest, did he say anything that "abysmal" as she puts it? Nope. I know plenty of girls where their appearance just isn't a priority. Fuck, I've even made comments to friends where I look at them and just say "Didn't want to make the effort today, huh?" and then we laugh cuz we’ve all been there. He said she needs to look in the mirror, he did not say, "Look at that fatass...she so fucking ugly I wouldn't fuck her with someone else's dick, let alone my own!"

Let's look at what's going on now...Present day Nash tells her how beautiful she is, how much he admires the work she does as a nurse, how caring she is, how much strength she has helping other people...you know, complimenting her on the TOTAL PACKAGE. Not just her appearance, but her brains, her character.

"Trust me, the person you are is remarkable and exceptional. If you get acquainted with her, your entire life will change."

She just looked at me like she had no idea what I was saying, but I felt better having said it. I would love her unconditionally if she let me, but in order to do that I had to get her to love herself fully, first.

She even gets PHENOMENAL advice and words of wisdom from Shaw.

"People change. Time makes us grow. Life happens, good and bad, and it's the person you love, the man inside you can't live without, not the sum of what he did or didn't do when he was younger and still figuring life out."

But does Saint listen? Hear a word she's saying?

Lets also add in the fact that Saint doesn't exactly have the best role model at home. Her mom has flipped her shit because two years ago, Saint's dad cheated on her with a younger woman. What does she do? She drinks constantly, almost burns the neighborhood down in a fit of rage, and eventually has to move out of state to get away from the situation...leaving behind her daughters and grandchildren!

Where are the strong women? This is the female representation that girls picking up this book are getting?

And then Saint threw down the bomb that had me officially done with her.

I didn't want them to tell him he could do better, because a secret part of me wanted to be the best thing that ever happened to him.

Mind you during all of this dicking around that Saint is doing, because regardless of her low self esteem she's still seeing Nash, kinda going on dates with him and sleeping with him, he's starting to fall for her. He's going through a VERY difficult time in his life. His whole world is changing, both personally and professionally, but somehow Saint is his comfort and he can't let her go.

"You undo me, Saint."

"I'm sorry."

"Just try and put me back together when you're done with me, all right."

UGH...see...Nash, you deserve so much better!!! I don't condone violence, but Saint...

And with all that's going on in his life, he's still tying himself in knots on how to get through to her. How to get her to see what he sees. To trust him. To trust his feelings. To trust his actions.

I know the self-esteem shit wasn't helped by my big mouth and general stupidity, but I can't figure out how to get her to trust that I'm not like that. That really I'm a decent dude that was just a dumb kid prone to making mistakes.

Even though he shouldn't, he's actually shouldering the blame for her misguided feelings! Now, if the first quote of this review is the theme of this book...clearly Saint needs that long, hard look in the mirror!

I've spent a great deal, okay all, of my time focusing this review on Saint's issues but there was so much more that happened in this book. And you know what pisses me off just as much, most of it is overshadowed by, you guessed it, Saint's low self esteem and childish behavior.

Nash deserved so much more. He deserved someone who was able to pull their head out of their ass long enough to realize that he was going through one of the most difficult times in his life. Someone who didn't drain what little energy he had, fucking and leaving him, making him prove himself over and over again...someone who most certainly wasn't Saint.

So, even though I rated this book a low 2.5 stars...those are very generous stars, because each and every one of them is for Nash, Uncle Phil, Rule, Rome, Ayden, Shaw, Rowdy, Asa, Jet, Cora, Royal, the pizza delivery guy...basically everyone and anyone but Saint.
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April 29, 2014
Would have been a better book if it hadn't been for Saint. Sad to say, she pretty much sucked my enjoyment out of this book.

I'm all for heroines who have some insecurities one way or the other. If done right and sparingly, the heroine could end up likable and relatable. In this book, Saint's insecurities was way too heavy. It suffocated the fun right out of the book. Frankly, Saint was mean, whiny, and just generally unlikable.

After the 50% mark, I just started skimming. I did like Nash, very much but it wasn't enough to save the book for me.

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July 9, 2014
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Book Synopsis: (from a posting on Literati Book Reviews:
Will their past determine their future?

Saint Ford has worked hard to achieve her childhood dream of becoming of nurse. Focused on her work and devoted to her patients, there’s no room for love. She doesn’t need a guy making waves in her calm, serene life—especially when he’s the unforgettable hottie who nearly destroyed her in high school. Dark, brooding Nash Donovan might not remember her or the terrible pain he caused. But he turned her world upside down . . . and now he’s trying to do it again.

Saint has no idea that Nash isn’t the cocky player he once was. Uncovering a devastating family secret has rocked his world, and now he’s struggling to figure out his future. He can’t be distracted by the pretty nurse he seems to meet everywhere. Still, he can’t ignore the sparks that fly between them —or how she seems so desperate to get away from him. But the funny, sweet, and drop-dead gorgeous Saint is far too amazing to give up on—especially since she’s the only thing in his life that seems to make sense.

When Nash discovers the truth about their past, he realizes he may have lost her heart before he could even fight for it. Now, Saint has to decide: is Nash worth risking herself for all over again?

Pre-Order Links:

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Books A Million | Indie Bound

Ooh! It's Nash and Saint's story!! YAY!! <3 This is my FAVORITE BY FAR of all of the covers for the Marked Men Series!!

Expected publication: April 29th 2014 by William Morrow Paperbacks

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639 reviews3,805 followers
May 4, 2014

Title: Nash
Series: Marked Men
Author: Jay Crownover
Release Date: April 29, 2014
Rating: 4 stars
Cliffhanger:. No

I wanted to start reading Nash as soon as I finished Rome, third book in Marked Men Series. I think I always have this strong urge to read another book by Jay Crownover immediately after finishing and closing the one I am done with. Her books are just so fast paced and lovely, I’m a fanatic. Her Marked Men novels are very addicting and you can’t help yourself but NEED to follow it. I stopped fighting with myself over this ages ago; now I’m getting Jay’s book as soon as it’s out. No questions asked. I recommend doing the same .

I am glad that Nash was as entertaining and heart fluttering romance as the previous books In this series. Maybe it was not as good as Rule or Rome, yet still I couldn’t stop smiling, shedding a few tears now and then or being completely turned on.

Nash was one of the boys I looked forward to the most; he’s broody, clever and very artistic, so something in him continuously called to me. He’s a good man in bad boy’s skin. I always thought about him as of one of this men that look like grizzly bears but really are sweet teddy bears, awesome to cuddle with. I was not mistaken, Nash really is swoon worthy and very gentle; his rocking tats and piercings are only tats and piercings not bad attitude. So, yep, he made me melt!

Saint was a tough cookie to crack… I wanted to like her, as she definitely was very caring, compassionate person. And I thought I would make good friends with her in real life, but she was very annoying as a woman in love with Nash. Her insecurities and sometimes dumbass actions were giving me serious case of headache. My eyes were rolling, and rolling, and rolling. Fortunately, at the end of the book she finally started to be likeable.

As usual, the sex was steamy but not over the top, so the plot and action were perfectly balanced. I got some heart racing swoony moments, also. I cried a little bit, and I laughed while seeing and reading about the rest of the crew. Overall, solid 4 star read! I cannot wait for more.


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May 4, 2014
4,5 “Nash” Stars.

This is the fourth book on the Marked Men Series and finally, he have Nash’s story.
Nash and Saint used to go to high school together. Saint was a shy girl who used to be picked on by the others, and Nash was the sexy troublemaker playboy that kept making bad decisions. Saint had a crush on Nash, so when one day he heard him say real cruel things she decides to change her life and never, ever, fall in love again. It just hurts too much.
Now, several years passed and Nash is a successful tattoo artist and Saint his a nurse. When Uncle Phill goes to the hospital in very bad conditions, life wants for them to meet again. Saint’s feelings never quite disappeared, but Nash is finding himself experiencing new feelings: falling for a girl. And for a girl that seems to hate him and doesn’t seem to want him back. And for the first time Nash is willing to fight and not to give up.


Saint does want him too. But she was broken once and his not willing to have her hart broken again. Their pasts, the tragedies that haunt their families, their fears and Saints extremely insecurities but everything between hem at bay.
And how can a relationship succeed, if while one fight for it, the other one pretends there’s nothing to fight about?


Rating: 4,5 Stars.
Storyline: Amazing, as always. You know how I love the sexy man-whore who falls only for "the one" girl kind of story. And you know these books are always about that!
Writing Style: First person, Dual POV. Flawless, emotional and sweet. These books just keep on being amazing.
Character Development: Nash was amazing. Nobody tops Rule on my book, but Nash was pretty close. I just loved him. Saint was the reason I didn’t give this book 5 stars. Yes, she ended up redeeming herself, but for the most part of the book I just wanted to hit her hear against a wall to see if I could put some sense into her.
I loved, as always, to see more of the other characters and the end left me real curious about Rowdy’s story. (Rowland, really? What’s is it with this author and the weird names??!)
Steam: Hot moments.
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262 reviews
May 10, 2014
I adored this book. I knew I'd love Nash and I was not disappointed. For me this is still not on a par with Rule but it's pretty damn close. Certainly better than Jet or Rome. Incredibly hot scenes intertwined with achingly sweet and emotionally provocative scenes written beautifully. It's a winner. Read it!!

Want want want!
is the one I've been waiting for. I think this will be the one to match Rule for me.
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1,322 reviews85 followers
August 28, 2016
*** 4,5 "you have to appreciate yourself... more" stars***

And that's why i cut half point of this book...
Because Saint was a really nice girl, but she had so many fuckin' issues inside of her that made me really, really angry...
She was so great and perfect but she wasn't having a fuckin' idea how perfect she was!!!

As for Nash???? He was perfect too, as all of the rest "marked" men and their matches...

Yep, i loved and this book in this series...

But I'm really afraid for myself when i will finish reading the next two books...
I'm afraid that at this point i might be beyond repair from this addiction...
Oh, God! For once again, i was thinking to take a break and read something else, but now i want so badly to find out everything about Rowdy and Salem....
And i'm so eager to learn how a cop will fall in love with an ex-criminal!!!!

I have to continue this series until the end.... I'm a lost cause!!!

Well, Nash was one of the gang. He was the most kind and sweet of all of them.
Of course his appearance was terrifying also... Tatoos, piercings, large frame...
Anybody who watch that guy thought nothing good about him... But for once again, they were all wrong!!!

Well, Nash's life wasn't easy too. At the end of the previous book, a very favorite person of him and mentor of all the other member of Marked was diagnosed with lung cancer. Phil was Nash's uncle and he was the only one who was closer to a fatherly figure for him. But lately he discovered that his life was full of secrets and Phil was keeping a big one from him...
Well, Nash had a shitty relation with his mother and her husband... They didn't treated him right when he was just an innocent kid and her mother used to take her husband's side all the time... So when he was old enough, he went to live with uncle Phil and everything changed in his life.
Now was a tattoo artist and he was having a big family that was aparting from good and real friends...
The only things that were missing from his life was a man to call father and the love of a woman.
And he got them both under some weird circumstances... in a hospital!!!

Saint was a nurse and she was focused in her job. Two years before her family torn apart from his father's affair and since then her mother's mental health wasn't in good shape... She was a very close person and she was happy to live inside her protective bubble. Until Nash Donovan got in her way and burst her bubble for second time...
You see, Saint and Nash went to the same school but they were running in totally different circles... Back then, Saint was very different from nowadays in the appearance and the kids made fun of her. She used to have a crush for Nash and in some point she thought that they could be much more than two people that just say hello when they run into each other... But her insecurity led her in some false conclusions that stayed with her for the rest of her life. Her heart shattered from teenager Nash and she started to feel hate about him...
But the circumstances made them to meet each other again after all these years and something drown them to each other...

Nash for first time in his life started to feel something strong for a woman who used to sympathize in school, but Saint confused him.
Some times, she seems nice and sweet and caring, but other times she seems to dislike him and he doesn't know what to do about that.
Saint from the other hand, she started to feel things for Nash but after what happened back then she can not trust him.

Will they figure out the situation???
She will learn to trust him or she will keep close the door to her heart???
Nash will continue to fight for having her complete his???
Or Saint's low self-respect and insecurity will split them apart forever????

I have to say that i really had a great time with this story too, but i really wanted to shake up Saint for waking her up...
She was feeling so badly about herself that pissed me off more that once... Much more...
In some point, i thought that her behaviour was out of control and soooo.... irrational.
From the other hand was Nash, who really broke my heart with all the things that he had to deal...
Everything was tough for him and plus that he had to chase Saint all the time and he was trying so hard to show her that he was worthy for her love and trust...
But she was so lost in her mind that made me crazy and Nash unhappy!!!!

Beyond the above things, i want to say that Nash's mother was a fuckin' awful bitch...

Why the hell these kind of persons give birth to another human being???
She wasn't having any motherely filter at all...

I have to say that i liked Phil very much, even though he kept that secret for so long time. He was always there not only for Nash, but for all the other guys... And i really liked the fact that he was taking care for every one of them, even at the end he took care for Rowdy's future also!!!

I liked that in every book, i see my favorites dudes and girls from the previous books and every time i found out how they continue with their lives...
I really like the bond that had informed between them all this guys!!! It's wonderfull and unique!!!

Rowdy i'm really curious about your book!!!
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October 8, 2015
How is this my first Jay Crownover book??? Damn, I was seriously missing out. Now to go back and read the others :)
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May 23, 2015
3.5 Nashtastic Stars

Nash is the fourth installment in the Marked Men Series.

In this installment we get to know Nash, he has always been the calm voice of reason with the guys, and I was excited to see how that would work in his own relationship. True to character, Nash was reasonable and didn’t overreact. He didn’t sugar coat anything and was always willing to go the drama free way.

This earned serious points with me….

Saint…I swear I go into books wanting to like the females…I really, really do!! It just never seems to happen for me. I couldn’t really grasp what made Saint runaway after high school. He didn’t acknowledge you at party, and you overheard him talking shit about someone and assumed it was you?

Overreact much? Um…that would be YES! Of course she doesn’t stop running or overreacting there…we get to see her run from Nash…

In all I was very happy with the ending and the realizations these characters made about themselves. I also loved catching up with the other Marked Men. What did I love the most?

Rule Fucking Archer

The wedding scene was the best, and it cements Rule in my heart forever. Rule you rock my socks off, and if I could jump into Book Land I would leave it all behind for you...
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July 21, 2016
Nash is not the same person he was as a boy. Back then, he wanted his mom's acceptance and acted out to get her attention. Saint knew and was affected by him in high school, not always in a good way, but not everything was what it seems. They meet again as adults after Rome, Nash's close friend, lands himself in the hospital where she is a nurse. Though there is an obvious attraction, there is a giant shadow of hurt that dulls it on Saint's end. The attraction won't go away and as they are thrust together more often, they have to work through the past to open themselves up to a future. I enjoyed the story though being inside Saint's head could be frustrating sometimes. She was understandingly insecure at first but took a while to really accept that Nash cared for her. On the other hand, she seemed to almost morph and flourish when she was working or trying to support her new friends. I was happy Nash was able to reconcile his relationships with his parents though it wasn't easy to do. The emotion was done well. Them as a couple worked but I didn't warn up to Saint right away. The sex was kind of a mess at first but eventually gets better as they grow closer. All in all a good read. Safety: No OW/Sharing, despite the appearance to the contrary. h goes on a date with a OM to please her boss/friend. Nothing physical happens. No rape. No physical abuse. There is bullying/emotional abuse.
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October 10, 2014
I would rate this higher, but I don't think I have enough self esteem...

Saint and her insecurities drained all mine out of me...or least it felt like it.

This started off great and, after watching these two interact in the previous books, I was really excited for this story. Nash was great and the full cast of all our friends of course made it heart-warming. But Saint. Je-SUS, this girl. *shakes head*

I get having insecurities and leftover hurts from our teenage years. I fucking HATED middle school and high school (college on the other hand was a party and a half, but I drunkenly digress...), and like Sandra Bullocks' mama said in Hope Floats, "Childhood is what you spend the rest of your life trying to overcome."

But SHIT, there comes a point where you just have to pull up your big girl panties...or take them off, Miss Saint.

Obviously, she finally comes around, but good grief, she was starting to piss me off getting there. I think if that part of her personality had been toned down just a little, I would have enjoyed the story more, but to each their own.


Let it float up Saint, damn!
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October 25, 2014

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." - Eleanor Roosevelt

I truly enjoy this series and really wanted Nash's story of finding THE one for him. Thank goodness for Nash Donovan! From the first book, it was obvious he was a great guy, sweet, easy going and definitely rocking a hot body. This book only reinforced that tenfold! It was so easy to fall for Nash. He was perfect even with his flaws.

 photo Nash_zps1d32128b.jpg

Saint Ford knows Nash from high school where she was shy, awkward, overweight and teased. Nash was her first crush/first love but she was destroyed when she overheard Nash say some mean things that she thought were about her. They were not.

 photo Saint_zpsee68ec98.jpg

This girl has some huge trust and self-esteem issues. And while I easily empathized with Saint about her fears and insecurities; she was frustrating at best and down right nauseating with her over reactions and paralyzing stupidity even when ALL of Nash's actions and words were contrary to any misgivings she had!

I had really wanted to like her. I'll admit that she is a great nurse, I loved her move with the flowers and the way she interacted with Royal (for the most part) made me think that she could be a good friend. It was only towards the end that I finally had an inkling of like towards her. Any girl would be lucky to have a hot, sexy sweet guy like Nash...

And finally she got it! When she realized that the only fucking obstacle was HERSELF. (Seriously, I'm not belittling her issues as they are real and can do some significant damage. It was just a constant and perhaps if her realization had come sooner or her battle had been less in your face it would have been more bearable.)

All that aside, this was still a great read because I can't resist Ms. Crownover's motley crew of hot, sexy, marked men - with Rule Archer forever leading the pack and capturing my heart - (and their ladies) as they are just an irresistible family that I can't help but love. I really liked Royal and I'm so looking forward to Rowdy and Salem's book!
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January 24, 2016
My heart was broken for this sexy tattooed man

Nash as alway been a easy goin man doesn't let much get to him once his family is good he is fine Nash doesn't actually get on with his mum or step father how is a total ass by the way she isn't much better Nash had it hard been brought up by these to arses but once he was with his Uncle Phil things were better Ye he was still wild but Phil knew what would turn things around an he did this for al the Marked Men he took them al in an made them the men they r 2day but Nash found out he was really sick an other important stuff that just turned everything around for Nash an he was finding it very hard to cope with every thing that was happening the only thing that was keep in him goin was seeing Saint but she didn't really like him but then she would he needed to know what was goin on with her Ye they went to school with each other but she was shy and caring he didn't know what he had done to make her hate him

Saint is a very shy girl alway had been in high school she was awkward shy nerves an didn't think she was attractive she was chubby an got picked on al the time she hated everything about that time in her life an Nash was a good an bad thing in that time an seein him now after so many yrs it was hard an now that he wanted to get to know her but she didn't think she could take the heart break al over again but he seemed different she was different as well not so much her crush was still strong for Nash Dovovan an it alway would b but she had a great job she luvd an a few friends she just needed to get a lil bit more social an who better to help her but Nash

This story had my a lil emotional in parts with Phil not great health wise Nash an the secrets his mum held and the feels he had for Saint but what she went through it had choked in parts but it made this book great I really enjoyed it an I just couldn't put it down u just knew Saint an Nash were just meant to b they just fit an suited each other but getting Saint to knock those walls down was just hard work for her to trust after every man that as been in her life as cheated so this made things even harder for Nash to get closer but once she let him in they were so hot together they couldnt get enough an they were so hot hot hot

I'm luvin this series so much still kicking myself for not reading these soon it's great that we still get to c the rest of the gang from other books I m dyin for the next boom after the ending an I could c it coming Phil had to set the last 1 of his boys up I thought this was great I would highly recommend this book/series it's full of sexy tattooed men an I can't get enough of them xxx

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April 29, 2014
3-this series is rapidly declining stars

I went in refusing to compare this book to Rule (my all time #2 BBF) because that's what I've done in the past. Honestly, even if I had never read another book by this author it still would not have been great.

So we have Nash

 photo M__Shadows_by_allaboutorlando_zps0b7f3dde.jpg

PS: All my tattoo book men look like M Shadows, why because he's fucking perfect that's why...moving on

Nash was a pretty big let down in the bad boy dept. He had just found out some major things that changed his perception on his family. Instead of dealing he holes up into his apartment for a week and smokes and drinks. Sadly, I never really warmed up to him. He was just ok

Then there's Saint
 photo Emma-Stone-Jewish_zpsee900456.jpg

Saint who I spent the majority of the book wanting to do this:

See apparently in high school, Saint was a bit over weight. She had a huge crush on Nash. One day she "assumes" that Nash is talking about her when she overhears him making some off hand remark about some chick that is too ugly to get laid. What happens next? As soon as she graduates she flees the state and let that ONE assumption dictate the rest of her life. Seriously.

Her and Nash keep getting thrown together. They soon begin to date. She never really gets over her own insecurities. She thinks all men are dogs and they will always cheat, so she never lets anyone get close.

Her inner dialgue??

So on we go. They are cruising along. Saint never wants to admit she loves him and then "something" happens. Well Nash was a dumbass in this situation BUT nothing really happened. So what does she do? She flees to go see her equally crazy (although she has a reason to be) mother instead of getting an explanation.

She stays gone until she finds out Nash needs her. Then she finally has a "aha" moment and can't live with out him.

By that point I could really care less.

Since book 1 (I know I know comparing) all the female leads in this series have been weak and annoying. Rowdy is next. Do I have high hopes? No. His girl seems bad ass, but then so did Cora and we all know how that turned out. Will I read it?
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October 19, 2014
3 "Only for Nash" Stars...

I was so excited to read Nash's story ever since he was mentioned in previous books in Marked Men series. and Jay Crownover never fails to deliver us these Bad boys yet so sweet,and caring..

Nash he's that calm, reasonable, guy in the group. truly loved how he faces his issues, and i was blown away how he handled The "Complicated relationship" between him and Saint.

That woman, she has some serious issues. I swear i felt like this through the whole book..

See they both were in high school. and
Saint was so stuck in the past, that all she could see in the "New" Nash.
is the boy who didn't acknowledge her in a party. and who she thought that he talked unpleasant stuff about her...

I really tried to liker her!, but she kept doing some stupid moves!!
for instance: one minute she would throw herself at Nash, and the next she would run away like her ass is on fire. and cry about it...

All i can say is that Nash was Soo patience, and understanding to make their relationship work. and glad everything worked out for these two.

I was so effin happy to have little glimpse of Rule's Wedding EEK! that really made my DAY!. Ahh I LOVE HIM, and He always will be my favorite Marked Men...

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April 27, 2014
Nash ❤️❤️❤️ seriously he always finds the words to say. I swooned BIG TIME but fear not Rule is still my favorite !!!

I stayed up late with this baby ..... just love this series! ❤️
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May 1, 2014
Yet another Marked Men novel that I ate up in one day. There is just too much hotness going on in this series!! Nash is fucking awesome, Saint is adorable and if possible I love Rule even more!!! Royal?! Can she please fall for one of our Marked Men?! I mean I seriously LOVE her!! I cannot wait for Rowdy! I love you Jay!!!!!! :-)

Holy marked men Batman. I am so fucking excited that Nash is gonna get a book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
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October 29, 2014
*ARC provided for honest review and for The Window Seat on a Rainy Day*

I became a Jay Crownover fan from the first time Rule Archer fell out of bed full of half-naked women, hung-over, and uncaring. My love for this author just grew with each book in the Marked Men series. Knowing Nash Donovan was going to get his time in the spotlight had me more than anxiously waiting!

Nash Donovan has always been the “good friend.” Always there for his friends with a good heart and an unwavering sense of loyalty. After all his friends are his true family. He has lived his life as an outcast in a home with a self-absorbed mother. AT the end of Rome’s tale, Nash’s life was turned upside down when he learned and ugly truth that was kept from him. He is in a complete loss as to handle this news as time is ticking for his grasp of his new reality.

Since the "Marked" men spend quite a bit of time in the local hospital the introduction of super nurse Saint Ford was inevitable. She is no stranger to Nash and the boys. She is a blast from the past, only she was the overweight, shy, unpopular girl who longed for just a simply hello from Nash Donovan. She is unable to get over the effects of having never been good enough and she has a huge chip on her shoulder. She may have felt as if she was bullied but honestly her behavior is less than stellar as she is quite judgmental in her new grown up/sexy self.
In a fairly predictable manner, Nash is drawn to Saint. He has always been drawn to her goodness, yet he cannot understand her cold behavior. Saint does not make life easy as she runs cold and burning hot for the tattooed bad boy who sets her on fire like no other man.

The majority of this book is spend with Nash thinking about Saint, and wanting to be with her, but she is a mess. She comes onto him, then leaves. She wants him, then pushes away. She wants to go back in time and do all the things that a couple would have done in high school, such as make out or ice skate. REALLY??? I had a really hard time connecting with this character. I felt that Nash’s character was very well written. He had a lot of emotions to deal with and he was completely believable and swoon worthy. I honestly wish that he would have had a female counterpart worthy of his affection. Instead Saint refused to see Nash for anything more than the bully from her past.

I just could not get past my issues with Saint. Also, I didnt think there was the same level of chemistry found in prior books. Saint’s insecurities, her inability to get over the past, and her constant need to keep Nash at arm’s length made for mediocre intimacy in my opinion. Nash oozed sex appeal with his body dragon and I wanted Saint to revel in him. Nash was nothing but good and she needed too much reassurance too often. Saint was only truly in character when she was in her profession. She had good qualities but unless she was caring for someone, she was fairly empty to me!!!!
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May 4, 2014
And the winner for Best Succubus in a Novel or Series goes too....

Saint. Don't she look purty?

Saint is a succubus. She was a succubus on page 1 through to the bitter end. I am no raging feminist but this beotch literally could have set the woman's movement back light ages with her drama and shit. Basing her whole miserable existence on something she "thought" someone said about her. I had a really hard time trying to relate to her and her so-called insecurities. She was the little caterpillar in high school, perhaps a little pudgy, a few breakouts (the horror!!), and very shy. Nash was the popular bad boy that she crushed on and just stomped her heart to pieces with supposed here-say. Who does not look back on their high school photos or high school in general and not cringe?? Get.Over.It. That was like my war hymn chant throughout the entire book.

Nash was a Saint, THE Saint. Seriously. I really liked him, he was a sweet little lamb, wrapped in crazy tattoos and a hot bod. What a patient dude, especially dealing with the succubus and all sorts of other drama in his life.

You know a book is not going well, when you wish "mis-understandings" were actually happening. I hated this heroine. A book ruin-er, if that was an actual word. Not sure I am going to continue on with this series after this one. If you hate whiny bitches, do not, I repeat, do not pick this up.
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January 15, 2017
3.5 en realidad... solo leí el 3 y 4 de la serie pero voy por más jaja
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1,229 reviews
January 29, 2016
La Crownover è un po’ come la Glines, i suoi libri sono un po’ il mio guilty pleasure.
Me li riservo in periodi di stress e affaticamento fisico e mentale, come per esempio una sessione di esame abbastanza complicata, semplicemente perché tendono un pò sul trash e non mi sconvolgono troppo emotivamente. La Crownover ripropone sempre le solite dinamiche: il bellissimo ragazzo tatuato con tanto di accessori luccicanti nascosti in punti strategici del suo corpo, la ragazza con un passato particolare, che è stata temprata dalle difficoltà, qualche bacio rubato, un incontro che sprizza scintille, barutoli tra le lenzuola a non finire, nessuno dei due vuole ammettere il suo amore per l’altro, Lui per un equivoco si fa beccare in atteggiamenti poco chiari, Lei ha il cuore spezzato, fugge, poi ci ripensa e poi, finalmente, tanto amore per tutti. Fine. Al prossimo capitolo.
Devo ammettere che Nash mi è piaciuto molto di più rispetto agli altri e che (dopo la delusione Rome), questa storia ha un suo perché!
Merito del personaggio secondario di questo racconto, Phil, che con la sua presenza ha costretto la stessa autrice a scavare molto più a fondo in Nash rispetto agli altri ragazzi tatuati. Se Nash è stato sviluppato in maniera più approfondita è logico che anche la controparte femminile deve avere un certo spessore. Così, Saint ha un background molto interessante e che invoglia il lettore a leggere accanito, certo, anche lei poi si perde nelle ormai dinamiche che sono diventate il marchio di fabbrica di quest’autrice, ma che inevitabilmente smontano, e non sempre in maniera positiva, tutto ciò che si era costruito in precedenza.
Tra indecisioni, lezioni di sesso, drammi familiari, si dipana però un libro che scorre bene e che si legge tutto d’un fiato.
La Crownover, grazie a questo capitolo, mi ha piacevolmente sorpreso, è riuscita a darmi quella leggerezza mentale di cui avevo bisogno e di questo sono molto soddisfatta.
Adesso, quindi, aspetterò i prossimi capitoli con più curiosità del solito!
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September 19, 2015

I'm really liking this series and this is one of the better stories so far.

Nash is the ultimate good guy wrapped in a bad boy appearance. He is genuine, caring, and trustworthy.

Saint is the now-gorgeous nurse but was once an invisible girl in high school. She had a big crush on Nash, who was nice to her but with some misunderstanding, without him knowing, he broke her heart and she had issues that stemmed from it.

Running into each other again years later, he was drawn to her and she was drawn to him - regardless that he was partly at fault for her hang ups, lack of self confidence, and inability to trust men.

She couldn't understand her attraction to him, even after what she perceived he did in high school. She knew he was bad news and couldn't be trusted with her affection and heart. But she had to reconcile that the Nash who told her and showed her that she was beautiful and wanted and loved, wasn't the Nash she knew in high school. Nash showed her that he was kind, caring, and patient. But that they wouldn't survive being together, loving each other if she didn't love herself first.

And one of the best parts that choked me up a bit was seeing Rule and Shaw (from the first book) get married. I love catching up to all the characters in the other books. Seeing their growth as individuals and as couples progress as the series does is great.

Liked this so much!!!

Audio - I highly enjoyed the male and female narrators in this audio production. I enjoyed getting both Nash's POV and Saint's POV and it was well done.
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July 18, 2014
Love the Marked Men Series. However, this was my least favourite (so far). I really struggled with Saint and her messed up perspective on her life and how, somehow, Nash was responsible. I adored Nash and just thought he was way to good for Saint and basically she didn't deserve all that goodness. Still a good read but only 3 1/2 stars for me.
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January 7, 2016
SPOILER ALERT!!! (You've been warned!)

Release date: 4/29/14 Nash and Saint - Holy hell. Did Jay drop a bomb on us in the epilogue of Rome or what?!?!

4/29/14 Originally posted on Crownover's Crowd on Facebook without the spoilers:

So I tell Jay all the time on twitter how amazing she is and how in love I am with Rowdy, but it all needs to be said again.

I woke up early this morning so I could read Nash for an hour before I left for work. (Longest 40 minutes drive of my life.) I read pretty much the whole day at work. (Please don't tell my boss!) and finished up around 7:00 tonight. It was a-may-zing! I was developing some pretty strong feelings for Nash (which felt like I was cheating on Rowdy...shh don't tell) so I kept waiting and waiting for Rowdy to appear. No lie...I emailed a friend I got hooked on the books that he made his first appearance on page 66. She pointed out how crazy I was. By page 165, she was tired of my gushing praise and started reading at work as well. She is now telling me she won't sleep until it's finished. But I digress. Nash and Saint are currently my favorite Marked couple and I was certain no one would top Rule and Shaw. Nash is absolutely perfect. Every girl should want a guy like Nash Donavon. I think I'm swooning right now.

IMO everything about Nash is pretty on par with perfection. He's a typical guy, but there is so much more to him than that. The things he dealt with as a kid with his mom and step-bastard would have been enough to break a lesser man. But he was always a good guy deep down and just needed someone to show him love and affection. He got that from Phil unconditionally.

I always thought Phil was a pretty cool dude for what he did for all those boys and Cora when they had no where else to go. That's takes a big man to step up for all those kids and do what he did. Knowing that, I can forgive him to lying to Nash for all those years. I'll never understand it though. Taking Nash in and hearing how he resented the man who left him should have been enough for Phil to step up and say "I never left you." But Phil was a good guy. I get why he did it, but for someone with his heart, I will never understand what he saw in Nash's evil mother. (She and Shaw's mother should play bridge. I bet those bitches are already friends.) I cried when Phil finally died. He was the one that brought all these guys together. He was the patriarch of The Marked and I don't know that it will be the same. I loved how even at the end, he was taking care of his boys (I'm looking at you, Rowdy.)

I like Saint a lot. Shaw is still my favorite stand alone female character, but Saint is right behind her. She has a tremendous heart. I have to admit though, she pissed my the hell off when she ran off to Phoenix. She fought Nash at every turn. She believed what he said about high school. She just needed a reason to keep him at arm's length. No matter what he did, she refused to see what an amazing guy he was. I almost wanted to give up on her and wish Nash would too (how shitty would that ending have been?) but I knew she was dealing with issues that go deeper than I could imagine. After the talk she had with her mom, I understood her a lot more and I think she understood herself more as well. The way she stepped up for Nash after Phil died redeemed her 100% for me.

There was one other part that made me cry happy tears and that was when Nash showed her the name of the new shop. Hell, I thought that was better than any marriage proposal I'd ever read. I was seriously swooning when he told Saint that the shop was business and she was his future. Asshat should have pulled out a ring. Although, then I'd probably be all "Rowdy who?" and that's just not right.

Before I get back to my love of all things James Dean personified, let me just say that Asa is growing on me more and more every book. I thought he was a punk ass loser in Jet. In Rome, I thought he was turning himself around and making an effort which I admired. But that speech he gave Nash about how he is still the same person but he makes the decision every day to be a better person put me 100% in Asa's corner. I like to believe that people are redeemable. That they can change for the better. There's a quote from The Tempest that has always stuck with me and it will actually be my next tattoo. It says "Hell is empty. All the devils are here." I believe that's true and the devils we fight inside us are some of the toughest ones we face. I've been racking my brain trying to find out who his girl is going to be and I've narrowed it down to two possible choices: Royal (I'm praying it's her!!!) or Brite and Darcy's daughter (Remember Brite had that favor to ask?)

Now on to important things. I've been in love with Rowdy ever since that speech he gave when Jet and Ayden had their issues after the Valentine's show. I've been waiting on pins and needles for what feels like decades to find out more about him. I'm so excited to see what happens with him and Salem. Anyone who can render my man speechless has to be kick ass. I already hate her sister for tossing him aside all those years ago. I cannot wait for October 21st. I'm going to be so sad to let my guy go, but I can't wait for his story!!!

PS - Jay, will you be my BFF?
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