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Demon Accords #4

Duel Nature

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Chris and Tanya have been assigned as Coven Rovers, travelling the country and trouble shooting the supernatural community. It's a job that's part cop and part auditor, one that should be long periods of boredom mixed with small parts of action. But this is Chris and Tanya, so a sudden assignment to check on a rogue vampire leads to a run in with a hostile Master vampire, a hit squad, monsters straight out of Native American folklore, black ops teams and worst of all, vampire politics. Now, more than ever, Chris must control his dark side, as the alternative is death.

334 pages, Kindle Edition

First published August 9, 2012

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About the author

John Conroe

35 books1,561 followers
I'm the Urban Fantasy author of the Demon Accords series. For more information, check out my website or follow me on Facebook at the Demon Accords page.

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Profile Image for Gavin.
861 reviews392 followers
March 2, 2018
This was another decent instalment in the Demon Accords series. The series is a fast paced and fun pulp UF. The world-building is a bit simplistic and the plot and story are full of tropes and flaws but none of them really hurt the book all that much as the characters are a likeable bunch and the story itself is engaging and fun. It all has the feel of a fun action movie and managed to hold my attention from start to finish.

The strange thing about this one was the story had no overreaching story arc. Instead it felt like a combination of three novellas. First bit saw Chris and Tanya work as Rovers for the Vampire Coven. They got to slap down a vampire master in Chicago and then go on a monster hunt. The second bit saw them having to deal with the US government...again! The third bit saw the pair get caught up in vampire politics as a Conclave was called to vote in a new Elder vampire. A lot of the oldest and most dangerous vampires in the world flocked to New York for the vote. All three of the self-contained story arcs were exciting enough and none of them overstayed their welcome.

The story was fun but I'm not sure I'd say Chris and Tanya showed much progress or development as individuals. Still I do like both so I can hardly complain too much. Conroe has a fairly engaging writing style so that helps keep the story interesting even if a few of the interactions feel a little repetitive at times.

The flaws in the series remain the same. Our heroes are indestructible killing machines, the whole cast are super hot, the females mostly just exist to shake their asses and lust after Chris, and some of the opinions Conroe inserts into the story (Goodkind style) are quite disturbing. None of that really hurts the story though as this does not take itself too seriously and is basically the book equivalent of a Jacke Chan or Jean Claude Van Damme movie with added vamps and the like! This actually felt a bit less misogynistic to me than the others in the series but I'm not sure if that is because it is true or if that is just how it feels because I read it right after Domino Finn's Shadow Play and all the romance in this one and the lighter tone blunt the misogyny a bit.

All in all I did enjoy this 4th book in the series and will definitely read the next one to see what new skills and powers Chris picks up!

Rating: 3.5 stars.

Audio Note: I think James Patrick Cronin did a decent enough job with the audio.
Profile Image for Steve Naylor.
1,675 reviews99 followers
February 3, 2021
Rating 5.0 stars

Re-read for the third time this year October 2019.

Re-Read May 2019. Original review below.

Unless the quality of the series drops in the later books, I am probably going to be rating this series as 5 stars from now on. It can be somewhat difficult to rate specific books in a series because usually by the 4th book they kind of blend together. It is hard to answer the question " Did I like the book this much because this story was written so well or because I love the character and regardless of the quality of this particular story the overall story as whole is so great?" Don't get me wrong, there usually is one book in a series that would be my favorite, and 1 or 2 that I did not like as much, but the rest would be hard to quantify.

I really feel for Chris, he keeps getting tested and pushed by everyone in the world (vampires, the government, demons, and to a lesser extend werewolves). None of them believe what they heard about his abilities and how dangerous he can become. They don't understand about his Grim persona which is probably the most effective killing machine on the planet. So they push him and challenge him and attack him, just to see what would happen. Then when he obliterates his enemies, they become first completely shocked and then angry that he attacked them and decide that he is too dangerous to live. The government approached him again in this book and had that conversation with him (which seemed like a repeat of the conversation that happened in book 2 - but this goes back to the not believing what other people have told him). The government kept saying that Chris needed to see the government's point of view about the threat that he poses. They say that he attacked and threatened the US. They completely ignore the fact that they attacked him and all he did was defend himself. I can see the government's point of view in this, but they don't see Chris's point of view at all. From Chris's point of view the government can do whatever they want, whenever they want and however they want because they think he is a threat and if he defends himself that just proves that he is an enemy?

I am loving this series, I averaging 1 book a day so far. Since I have started I have stopped watching movies and tv because I just can't put the book down. BTW, I am listening to the audiobook which really brings it to life. The narrator does an awesome job.
Profile Image for Montzalee Wittmann.
4,554 reviews2,312 followers
February 7, 2018
Duel Nature
The Demon Accords, Book 4
By: John Conroe
Narrated by: James Patrick Cronin
This continues this great series! Super powers, rogue vamps, twists, great plot and well developed characters make this series a winner!
The narrator is consistent and wonderful! Perfect for this series!
Profile Image for Ian Hall.
241 reviews37 followers
June 12, 2022
I finished this in one day. The book dragged me in and wouldnt let me go until i had finished.
Profile Image for Kathy.
456 reviews5 followers
November 12, 2012
The latest, but hopefully not this last in this very enjoyable urban fantasy series. In this one we got a good look at Vampire politics - not Chris's strong point and he knows it - I read these books very quickly.

Its been a while since I've come across a series that had me zoom through it like this simply because I really enjoyed both the character I was reading about and the books had a reasonably consistent pacing. This is one series I'm happy to pick up the next book when it becomes available. Each installment has definite breadcrumbs and arcs for the next in the series so I highly recommend reading them in the correct order.
Profile Image for Arran.
85 reviews4 followers
January 6, 2014
Another stormer. With the hero having his own kryptonite the bad guys at least have a chance. Still a great novel and thankfully still staying away from the Anita Blake trope of every chapter having gratuitous sex scenes. a good solid story. I'm not starting the next one and telly hope this series sticks with its current theme of a monogamous hero who stands up for those who need it. Still no spoilers but I'm going we will see the 'grim' side of things develop a little and learn more of various side characters shady history.
Profile Image for Alex Gittens.
2 reviews1 follower
January 12, 2013
This felt like a collection of short stories rather than a coherent single plot, and it did not have a natural ending point.
Profile Image for Paps.
448 reviews2 followers
October 31, 2019
A fun read, enjoyed the heck out of the book. Altough the whole Grimm situation is turning quite tiresome by now, I like the direction the author is giving this series.
Profile Image for Dave Stone.
1,001 reviews36 followers
October 18, 2020
What the hell was that ending?!?!
The addictive nature of this series is still very strong, but I'm not sure it will stand up to rereading.
There is a lot to like in this book. It was starting to iron out the major screw up of book 2, balance was being restored. Once again my favorite parts are where Chris helps people / solves problems by means other than physically beating someone to death with his bare hands. I liked the campground section, that's a prime example of what I'm talking about. The problems were not only solved, but several lives were improved, and Chris didn't kill a single camper. Yay! That's where Chris is at his best. After that things got back to the ole' "Government is bad -Mkay?" shtick with secret agents and shadowy agencies. The vampire conclave was interesting and I thought it was going somewhere. I really looked like we were going to get some kind of resolution, when things just got weird. Not in a vampires and werewolves weird, but in a "What the hell is the author doing?" kind of weird.
So, I enjoy reading these books, But I do wish that John Conroe had plotted this out a little more in advance so he wouldn't have to resort to these whiplash plot changes, or introduce plot elements that are simply forgotten and left dangling forever.
Profile Image for Steve Naylor.
1,675 reviews99 followers
January 27, 2022
Rating 5.0 stars - series

Please see my other edition for my original review for more information. This is probably the 7th time through the series. I keep coming back to it whenever I get into a rut in my reading and just want something I know I will like.
Profile Image for Laura Coles.
71 reviews
February 24, 2019
Love this series

Love the new take on the supernatural from global ignorance of the supernatural to mostly expeptance. I also enjoy the different narratives.
76 reviews8 followers
March 18, 2013
After being a little lukewarm on the last two books in the series, "Demon Driven" and "Brutal Asset", Duel Nature has renewed my enthusiasm for the Demon Accords series.

It's structure felt a little strange since it's really three fairly self-contained story arcs in one book, but I thought two of the three were pretty great and help to move the series into new and interesting territory.

The first story was focused on Gordon's & Tanya operating as Rover agents(vampire trouble shooters). Them as a couple tackling problems supplied some adventure and endearing character moments while ultimately setting them up for the second story.

The second story was fairly short and, without going into spoilers, is more governement-centric. While the government's role as an antagonist in the series as a whole has often seemed...overdone to me. This story felt like it took baby steps away from that toward something I liked better.

The third story was the big one. It's very much vampire focused, but this time it gave a more complete accounting of what vampires in The Demon Accords universe. Introducing lots of new players and feeling like it really advanced the overall story in big way.

What I liked

- The story moves the plot of the series toward interesting things.
- Even more interesting Vampire characters (Witches too!)
- Once again a strong returning cast that seems to get stronger with every book.

What I didn't like

- The government antagonists, while considerably improved, still struggle to achieve anything resembling competence.
- Demons have a surprisingly small role (For a man born to hunt demons he sure hasn't done much of it recently.)
Profile Image for Coyora Dokusho.
1,432 reviews142 followers
August 16, 2016
Read 2 times

June 16, 2014

As soon as I finished this book, I passed out. It was that good. Lol, no, I was sleep-deprived from the marathon the day before, THEY WERE THAT GOOD!!!


Okay some parts... yeah.... let's not talk about those! But I laughed out loud!! And I was reaaaally interested. keep the 5*
726 reviews
January 1, 2016
Guilty pleasure. Male teenage fantasy, boy with super supernatural powers, the most beautiful vampire in the world as his mate and a shaggy dog (OK, were wolf/bear with a minor God heritage). What's not to like? (well written)
109 reviews1 follower
August 5, 2013
These books are good, but too short. I go through them almost as fast as Chris can eat.
Profile Image for Kevin.
1,201 reviews19 followers
May 15, 2018
This is confusing.

3/5 Stars
Profile Image for astaliegurec.
984 reviews
December 7, 2017
Currently, there are another eight book in John Conroe's "Demon Accords" series. Unfortunately, this book, "Duel Nature (The Demon Accords Book 4)", is bad enough that I won't be reading the rest of the series. I had issues with the three earlier books, but the writing was good enough that it overcame them. This book, though: no. First, the book has no real story. It consists of five short missions/activities which have absolutely nothing tying them together or carry-over from one to the next. It almost feels like five short stories. Second, four of those segments have issues:

- The first one involves a rogue/lone vampire. The problem is why would a "master" vampire create and immediately abandon such a thing? It's against their power-mongering nature. Yet, this is never explained or touched on.
- The third segment is utterly ridiculous. There's no way some quasi-, semi-, government agency could have tracked the protagonists and set up such a far-fetched plot. It's just flat out stupid. Plus, during this one, they learn that that agency has kidnapped vampires and is "farming" them. Our vampire heroine has no response to that and never thinks of it again.
- The fourth segment (about 10% of the book) is just a long conversation with yet another government agency about the exact same stuff they discussed in the first couple of books with the government. Ugh.
- The fifth segment (30% to 40% of the book) covers vampire politics. It's pretty pointless and goes nowhere.

But, the biggest problem is the ending. Basically, our hero gets in a car and drives off to another mission. The book stops. There's no ending.

Since this is the last of this series I'll be reading, I'll also point out that the name of the series is "The Demon Accords." Yet, none of the books has really had anything to do with those accords. In the first two books, we get an inkling of a demonic plan. We also learn our protagonist is "God's warrior", has a past, angelic history, works with an angel, and that God really got the short end of the stick with that Accord. Since then, nothing. There have been one or two demons in passing, but, otherwise, the very name of the series has been rendered moot. It's all male adolescent vampire fantasy with no maturation or power balancing. So, that's that. I'm rating this book at a Pretty Bad 2 stars out of 5 and won't be reading the rest of the series (which, from what I've seen, doesn't even involve these characters any more).
Profile Image for LexiLikesLiterature.
378 reviews12 followers
February 7, 2019
Best in the Series for me...

Dual Nature is the fourth installation of the Demon Accords series. There is something about this series that makes me want to keep hope alive. The concept is a good one, but instead of following the politics in the Vampire and Supernatural worlds, the author focuses on this US Government angle that just doesn't rub me the right way.

This particular book comes off a bit shuffled and irratic. It starts with Chris and Tatiyanna as Rogue hunters. This would have been a good concept for the entire book. Instead we go from hunting down a rogue, going camping and finding a witch and were, going to check in grandpa with government involvement, and ending with a Elder Counsel meeting.

I'm not saying the author should drag a story out but the way the information is presented you just don't get emotional involved in anything. It was like watching a show while pressing fast forward. You see stuff happening but you don't feel it.

Then I hear these words from the lead character: Farm conversations would have been considered very masculine because we talk about guns, politics, hunting, and sports..... hmmm, I guess females never talk about those types of things?

Then directly after that the author goes on this too long narrative giving an explanation of how projectiles are molded for explosives. I'm not saying that it was too long because I'm a girl but because it was randomly placed in the story and slowed down the momentum from a very tense scene into something boring.

The ending is what really saves the book/series for me. Now we might actually get some supernatural drama instead of that stuff with US government politics.

2 Stars - 🌟🌟Decent. Has Potential. Possibly a good idea for a story but something could have been better. Sometimes it's because the author put too little or too much into the wrong parts of the story. New authors sometimes fall in this ranking and move up as their series progresses. Doesn't mean I hated it. Just means it was missing something to push it over the hump.
Profile Image for Amyiw.
2,253 reviews63 followers
March 10, 2022
So this was not the best of the Demon Accords for me as it was and then ends in a cliffhanger then threaten Chris so he leaves the coven without Tatiana. It felt like a plot ploy to get him on his own for a while which since I’m reading the next book, I think it was.

Up to the cliffhanger ending, I was a little bored with the second half and the vampire politics. It was still a good read but was heading for a 3. After the cliffhanger it was just OK as a transition. This next book which I’m 1/2 way through is heading for a 4 but if there is a cliffhanger it’ll be a 3, then again, it might be the first 5. Still this one was only 2. Glad I had the next ready to go to.

The best part of this book was the fight he has Chris now has a devotee but doesn’t trust him internally. Chris is picking up his followers. I also liked when they are picked up at the border by the government though which is a bit cartoonish/comic book but I love me some comics.

So it was good that went to OK with a cliffhanger ending. A bit of a drag through the vampire politics.
Profile Image for Tammy Moldovan.
1,076 reviews10 followers
July 15, 2021
Another great Chosen One installment

I continue to enjoy journeying along with Chris Gordon on his trek of discovering what new powers he manifests as he continues to fight the powers of evil. Like the other books, every time Chris is confronted with a new threat, he develops a new or stronger power and kills them in 2.8 seconds. Despite knowing this will happen, it does not change the enjoyment of the story. This is the fourth book in the urban fantasy Demon Accord series. I love that Christian/Chris’ character, despite his unique and overwhelming powers, is still sweet, a bit naive, and modest which makes him a likeable hero. Chris is a self-proclaimed demon fighter. Due to the unique abilities he was born with, he can see demons, remove them from their host or location, and banish them back to hell. He also has been infected with the virus that causes vampires and weres to exist but he’s neither a vampire or a were. He girlfriend is also the strongest and most revered vampire in the world. The book has the same main characters from the first three books with some new characters added into the mix. The story includes what you’d expect from this genre - fighting, dangerous situations, paranormal creatures, evil masterminds, henchmen, loyal friends and family, tragic back stories, mystical coincidences, snark, and laughs. I will definitely keep reading the series.
232 reviews3 followers
May 25, 2019
A bit annoying to read due to weird social dynamics that are unrealistic, general stupidity from the main characters, the main character is way over powered but he's a total dumbarse. I guess if he had a ounce of common sense he could have had the whole story and probably the whole series over in a few days.

It would seem the author wrote the first two books then decided to continue the series. Problem is he'd made the main character way waaaay too over powered. So to continue the series he has to make the main character have an IQ of 5, nurf the bear, make up poisons etc to work against him. It's just messy writing with no signs of a plan.

Having said that its readable, the only reason it annoys me so much is because I really liked the authors other work "zone wars" series and i can see the same promise in this. I think this is his earlier work which taught him what he needed to do such a good job on "zone wars". We all need to learn and thinking about that i feel i might have been a bit harsh in this review but its written now. I'll read the next and hopefully see his writing improve as the series goes on.
31 reviews1 follower
February 3, 2020
I tried to read the 4th book of the Demon Accords, but after the 5th iteration of Conroe having to remind us that every man can't help but stop whatever he is doing to look at Tanya I'd had enough. We got that she was really pretty in book one. In book two you made it ever more important. By book three I was getting sick of it and the fact that Chris couldn't seem to become one of those main characters who's only flaw is that he's just too much of a bad-ass and so he has to be restrained all the time from crushing everyone and everything that gets in his way.

There are so many good things that could have happened with this series....but Conroe's lovefest with Tanya and Chris is too much to swallow. He's a better writer than this....other series do much better, but Demon Accords is a permanent stop.

To put this in perspective....I was so annoyed that I actual returned the book.
Profile Image for Erika.
1,057 reviews16 followers
June 28, 2020
Still fresh, still interesting

I like that I don't know which way the book will go, even if at the beginning it looked like the series was going to be set in a certain way, the characters keep changing and adapting and moving in different and interesting directions.
We had a little of everything in the book, it would have felt like a book of short stories if it wasn't for the seamless way everything was linked together.  The part I liked the least was the part of Vampire politics, it was very clear that they were being played, and didn't like that much, but it gave an interesting twist to the story and I'm sure that it's only going to make everything even more difficult for the characters, and more interesting for the readers. 
Not a fan of how it ended, but waiting to see what's next. 
Profile Image for Jim.
264 reviews6 followers
August 25, 2020
How do you change the minds of beings who’ve lived for over 5-700 years?

A conclave to choose the new vampire elder is wrought with intrigue and there will be final deaths, but for whom?

This book is definitely changed the focus to the vampire world and suddenly Chris is wondering how he thought he could fit in.

Chris’s powers continue to grow in leaps and bounds beyond anything ever seen, and quite a few do not believe him dangerous. Which could be the last mistake of their long vampire lives. God’s warrior is the answer to demons, his aura abilities tailored to fighting and exorcising demons.

After Tanya’s blood changed him, he was even faster, scarier to everyone, then the blood of a demon possessed was injected into him which seems to have added the Devil’s temper to a threat beyond nuclear within the five’s eyes.
Profile Image for Bernard.
434 reviews3 followers
August 29, 2020
I am in the process of rereading the series. This book is a key transition from following everyone else to starting to make their own plans and choose their own destinies.

We see the secret government forces, once again. They are still not very good at what they are doing.

Once all of the travelling ends, it is time for a convocation of elders to choose a replacement for the elder that was smashed into paste a while ago. This is where the book gets good, really good. Take a bunch of self-important vampires and make sure they underestimate God's demon slayer... Yes, it is a LOT of fun!

This book is useful to the story arc, but not as good as the book before it or the book after it. It is still very much worth reading.
106 reviews
June 1, 2021
I am a Fan

I am a fan. I love binge reading this series and will continue back to back reading to the end. The fight scenes are the best and Grim, the alter fight persona of Chris is all business and it's great the way he just moves past Chris to take over and get the job done. There is a really descriptive and intense fight scene between Chris & Hosokawa, an ancient vampire warrior. I am not a "science guy" but the technical, electronic, and quantum physics explanations seem plausible. Again, I am a fan. I just can't figure out how sentences like this escaped editing, "Every vampire in the stomped their right foot once....
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