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So You Want to Be a Hero?

Millionaire CEO Adam Drake overcame a tortured past to take control of his life and build his own gaming empire. The final piece falls into place with his newfound love for brilliant geek girl blogger, Mia Strong. Now Adam is at the top of his game.

Your Princess Is in Another Castle.

Until Mia suddenly breaks things off, leaving Adam in the dark. He senses she needs his help but that she's too stubborn or scared to ask. The more he tries to take control, the further she shies away. This is one problem he can't solve by writing a check or a few clever lines of code.

He will have to dig deep and put himself at risk...or else risk losing her forever.

At Any Price available now (Adam & Mia book 1)
At Any Turn available now (Adam & Mia book 2)
At Any Moment available now (Adam & Mia book 3)
For The Win available now (Jordan & April)
For The One available now (William & Jenna)
Worth Any Cost available now (Adam & Mia book 4)

367 pages, ebook

First published April 15, 2014

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About the author

Brenna Aubrey

41 books2,064 followers
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Smart is Sexy
Brenna Aubrey is a USA TODAY Bestselling Author of contemporary romance stories. Her debut novel, At Any Price, is currently free on all platforms. Her books are on over a million e-readers worldwide. They've also been translated into German, French, Italian, Dutch and adapted into an interactive app game!

She has always sought comfort in good books and the long, involved stories she weaves in her head. Brenna is a city girl with a nature-lover’s heart. She therefore finds herself out in green open spaces any chance she can get. She currently resides on the west coast of the US with her husband and children (both human and furry).

Reading Order
High Risk
High Reward

At Any Price ~ (Adam & Mia part 1)
At Any Turn ~ (Adam & Mia part 2)
At Any Moment ~ (Adam & Mia part 3)
For the Win ~ (Jordan & April)
For the One ~ (William & Jenna)
Worth Any Cost ~ (Adam & Mia part 4)
It Was Always You ~ (Jeremy & Michaela)
For The Taking ~ (Lucas & Katya)
For The Holidays ~ (ensemble)

More titles forthcoming...

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1,453 reviews2 followers
April 23, 2014
I was given a copy of this book from the author for a honest review.

These are the types of reviews I hate to leave. The first book in the series was so good that I'm shocked by how bad book two was. First based on the plot and how the story was delivered, this should have been a novella. The story would also have benefited greatly if we had been given dual POVs. Trust was basis for this story. The issues Mia stressed over were not big of issues that should justify her actions. I wanted her POV to understand. Adam does make poor decisions, but not ones that should cause Mia to run like she always did!!!! As the story progressed, they book became so childess. I don't understand why Mia was so dramatic and wanted to be so independent.

I almost stopped this book so many times due to being bored and how long it took to get to the point, which doesn't even happen til the end with a cliffhanger!!!!! But since I was given the book for a review, I felt like I had to finish it.

I'm puzzled why the secret was so drawn out?? To get another book in the series? And there was filler!!!! Filler is one of my pet peeves!!!

I will not continue this series.
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639 reviews3,792 followers
May 3, 2014

Title: At Any Turn
Series: Gaming The System #2
Author: Brenna Aubrey
Release Date: April 30 , 2014
Rating: 3.5 stars
Cliffhanger:. Yes

At Any Turn is second book in Gaming The System Series by Brenna Aubrey. Previous book caught my attention with adorable plot, nicely created characters, that were a badass nerds I fell in love with and slow yet steamy romance built up. After finishing first part of Mia and Adam’s story, At Any Price I was anxious yet hesitant to pick up the sequel. Some books are just meant to be a standalone, and I felt like At Any Price was one of them. But sometimes, it’s just hard to say goodbye to the main characters that stole your heart… That’s why I decided to read and see what else the future holds for Mia and Adam.

At Any Turn is told in Adam’s point of view, which I liked very much. I loved to see what was going on in this sexy mind of his. He’s one of the heroes that are hard to figure out, so I definitely was excited to know about him more.

Now, he and Mia are in serious relationship and sometimes being together and sticking with each other is even harder than getting together. Sometimes, saying “I love you” is not the end of the road and the happily ever after. It’s only the beginning of the true challenge. Especially when Adam and Mia, never had the chance to be with someone for real.

I enjoyed seeing more of Adam and Mia together. They still rocked! I loved them together, but for some reason they were acting like a fools. And I had to fight the urge to roll my eyes on their dramatics. It was a little bit over the top for me. Nonetheless, I liked the book.

I was stunned by few twists and my heart ached for Mia. I am not sure how I feel about things that progressed toward the end of the novel. I’m not sure if I liked what had happened and honestly it only made me feel depressed.

Overall, I needed a little bit more fun, sass and more toe curling romance. I missed those. I also hoped for something more geeky… Still, I enjoyed Brenna Aubrey’s book and I will be back for more!

Review Copy kindly provided by author, Brenna Aubrey, in exchange for honest review *


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2,417 reviews14.3k followers
Want to read
March 7, 2017
 photo Free Co xB by sb_zps9nofdfbl.gif

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Series complete.
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Achievement Unlocked: Geek Virgin
When Mia Strong, proud geek-girl and popular gaming blogger, auctions off her virginity online, she knows she'll make waves. But what she will not be making is a love connection. Her rules are set in stone: One night. No further contact.
It's a desperate step, but it's the only way she can go to medical school and pay her mother's mounting hospital bills.

Difficulty Level: Millionaire CEO
Adam Drake, the enigmatic auction winner, is a software prodigy who made his first million at seventeen. Now, in his mid-twenties, he's sexy, driven and--as CEO of his own gaming company--he's used to making the rules. Before Mia knows what's happening, he's found the loophole in the rules of her auction. Every stipulation she's made to protect her heart gets tossed by the wayside.

She can't tell if he's playing her...or if he's playing for keeps.

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89 reviews1 follower
May 10, 2014

I hated the way she ran away everytime Adam asks her if something was wrong. I hated the way she broke up with him and blamed Adam when clearly it was her own d*mn fault for not speaking up and saying the truth. She gets mad when Adam hires an investigator and when he looks into her bag, but when a person is always denied the truth, what can you do? I hated it when she acts jealous when Adam tried to move on after their break-up and then seduces him. He asks what will happen in their relationship and she says, "I don't know." and leading him around again.

I understand that she had problems with the cancer. But she had brought the depression and anxiety all to herself by not sharing it Adam, her mother and her close friends who were worried about her who blamed Adam for Emilia's avoidance.

Adam proposed. She rejected him. And then sold the ring secretly to pay off her chemotherapy. I hated Emilia more and more.

I wouldn't get sad if she dies at book 3. Adam still gets to have his Star Wars.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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1,166 reviews480 followers
May 22, 2017
Can't get enough of this series!

This was obviously a filler book, and it was sooo angsty. But this story is highly addictive so I just can't stop reading. It ends on a cliffhanger. The audiobook narrator was also fabulous. On to book 3!
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422 reviews51 followers
July 20, 2015
WOW. JUST WOW. It's hard to write this review without giving anything away, but I do have this to say:

Secrets. The official definition of a secret is kept hidden from knowledge or view; concealment. There are many others but I'm sure you get the gist. Some secrets are okay to hide, some not. But when you're in a relationship when does keeping a secret hinder your relationship or help it? When is it an "us" versus a "me"?

Is everything you keep to yourself a secret? And if you do know a secret, and it's hurting those you care for, at what point are you suppose to disclose it....even if it means betraying the ones you love?

Adam has always had his secrets. He created his game, Dragon Epoch, and gamers all over are searching for the hidden clues to unlock the mystery quest. By not giving out clues, even to his girlfriend, Mia, is he really keeping secrets... ones that hurt? By not telling her of his past with his sister from his childhood is really keeping secrets?

Mia has a huge secret. She's gone so far as to move out of Adam's house and break up with him. Something is obviously not right with her. She's not herself. She's always tired, she's changed her appearance drastically, she's shut herself out from everyone in her life except Heath, her best friend. She won't tell Adam her secret. Something always comes up.. or is she making excuses? Not even her own mother knows and this isn't a secret that will go away.

Heath knows the truth. Heath is bearing a burden. He's given Adam the only clue he can..."Back off and let her come to you." But how can someone, like Adam, when he's a control freak? We all think the worse and even though Adam may be way off base, at what point should Heath open up his big fat mouth and tell?

When you do know the secret, like Adam does now, how do you move past it? How do you erase all the hurt, betrayal, helplessness and every other feeling that you've endured during this dark period in your relationship? Does it even continue or when is enough enough?

"We were like magnets. Tearing ourselves apart to get back to each other."

I absolutely did not agree with Mia not telling anyone. I understood her reasons... how could she trust Adam when all he does is take control of situations and this was her fight and her s alone. But at what was at stake, she made a grave mistake and Heath's was even bugger by not telling anyone either. He knew, and yet he kept it. There are certain secrets to keep and some you don't. This was one you told, whether Mia liked or not. Too much was at stake and still is. She;s way beyond stubborn and is screwed up in her thinking. Independence is great, but when it hinders your ability to ask for help when its needed you're no longer independent.... your dependant on a fucked up way of thinking... and it can come and bite you in the ass...... and Mia has one majorly bitten up ass.
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October 1, 2015
I haven't been this happy to finish a book since I finished Fifty Shades Freed. Seriously, that was a very long and annoying book, at one point I was seriously considering not finishing it which is something I never ever do, but I finished it and now I am super pissed and angry and I feel like I wasted an entire night. I'm going to try to calm down and maybe later down the road write a descent review and maybe finish the trilogy (??) but seriously, such an annoying main character, stupid useless miscommunication, so bad. So, so, so bad. Update: I think I figured out that the thing that pisses me off the most is how little character development and moving forward they both did, if anything they were worse than at the beginning of the first book.
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638 reviews34 followers
February 10, 2015
2.5 I-don't-know-what-happened stars

I very much enjoyed book 1 which was why I couldn't wait to read this fast enough. I was loving Adam & Mia and I wanted more of them. Well, it was almost an abrupt 180 in this book. They both frustrated the hell out of me, most especially Mia. There were plenty of times where I almost gave up (but I swore I won't have DNFs this year). I wanted a book which wasn't a damper, not the 'doom and gloom' type this was fast becoming into. There was so much miscommunication, distrust, uncertainty and childishness that could have easily been avoided. There was little character growth. The frustration led to irritation. I wanted Adam to let Mia go, to just forget about her. She was that aggravating. I felt sad cause I liked them a lot in the first book (which is why I'm giving this a 2.5 and not lower). At Any Price was a fun, sexy and heartwarming read. At Any Turn was not. Maybe if we had an alternating POV to better understand Mia this would have been better? (This was entirely Adam's POV.) I don't know.

I'll read on and hope things get better for both of them in the last book. I PRAY it will!
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Author 1 book336 followers
March 25, 2017
There was no sex in this book. So, I stopped reading halfway. Sorry.

Actually, not sorry.

Blurg! Don't think I'll continue this series.
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498 reviews25 followers
April 24, 2014
*** I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest and fair review. ***

Wow!! Just Wow! I was not expecting this book to go the way it did at all. I loved At Any Price, book 1 in this series. It was different and exciting and gripping from page 1. So I was really excited to get my eager hands on book 2.
The story continues a little further on in time. Adam Drake, Millionaire CEO and Mia Strong the brilliant geek girl blogger, are still together and loved up. Adam took a long break from his demanding lifestyle and career, as the CEO of a massive gaming empire, by doing an incredibly hard, yet life accessing hike through some of the highest mountains in California. A break from his career addicted lifestyle. After finishing the crazy hike, he wants nothing more than to reconnect with Mia and start their life together.
As great as that all seems, it's a little too good to be true. Things are thrown at Adam and Mia right from the start. From Mia's fierce determination to follow her life long desire to be the best Doctor she can be, to Adams unreasonable need to control everything, including Mia. This is just the start and nothing compared to the biggest hurdle thrown at them later on. I wasn't prepared to be so emotionally thrown by the sequence of events between Adam and Mia. Adam keeps on making crazy mistakes that pushes Mia further and further away, yet because the book is in his POV, we can see his reasoning and can't help but understand why he does it. No matter how wrong it is, every stupid thing he does is just his way of dealing with how he feels about Mia. He's not used to dealing with the emotions he has.
The hardest part of reading this book was, after following Mia's journey in Book 1, we never get to hear what's going on with her this time. It's great to hear it from Adams perspective, yet I miss hearing things from Mia. Especially with everything that is going on, it was strange to not know why.
Despite which POV the book is in, it is still full of emotion and we get to feel that so well through Adam. I never did guess the outcome, the big surprise I should say. I had so many ideas and guesses but never really got the right one. Yet when it got there, I wasn't quite ready for just how emotional it would be. I was already blubbering like mad by the end. Plus it ended in such an unknown yet heart wrenching way. I will be, not very patiently waiting for book 3 to come out and I just know it's not going to be too easy to read. Adam and Mia's hard journey has only just begun. 4.5 Stars.
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13 reviews3 followers
April 30, 2014

Bet you don't think that Adam could get any better.

Well he does. He wants to love us, take care of us, give us everything. But, the world as he knows is changes. On his first day back to work after being off for five weeks so he could take that hiking trip, he gets news that can change everything he has worked for.

He has a huge crisis to handle at work, Mia is the supportive girlfriend and is there for him. But then, Adam notices her start changing. She's pulling away and before he knows it everything changes. Mia, is now more of a stranger. But something is wrong. What is it and why isn't she telling Adam?

This book had me trying to race to the finish. I needed to see what was going to happen next. Brenna did it again. I'm hooked and she is now a "one-click" must.

This book will take you on a ride you don't expect and its so worth it
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12 reviews
February 24, 2015
OK this book pissed me off like no other! Seriously. I understood why the author only wrote from Adam's POV trying to keep the secret to the very end and had she written in Emilia's voice we would have either needed to know or could've figured it out more easily. However, that being said, not having Emilia's thoughts behind some of her more baffling actions/decisions just ended up making me hate her. She seemed to be self centered and immature. I repeatedly hoped Adam would just wash his hands of her. Even when I had figured out the secret about midway through I didn't care if she was dying or anything, I was done with her character. It made me sad that this great nerdy female that I had loved in the first book became the focus of all my ire in this second book. I mean if that was the authors goal then job well done because I was over her completely! I still really liked Adam though so hence the 3 stars... but don't even get me started on what a shitty friend Heath actually was by keeping her secret. I mean come on she very realistically could be dying, she won't tell anyone including her mother and Heath just keeps his mouth shut. That's not a good friend in case you're wondering. What would happen if she did die and her mom didn't even know she was sick! Either Heath needed to really force Emilia into telling people or take matters into his own hands by spilling the beans at least to her mother and probably Adam after the Vegas debacle. I hate Heath just as much as Emilia for being dumb and an enabler for her immature behavior. How dare Emilia and Heath put blame and judgment on Adam for screwing up... he was only worried about her because he cared, however misplaced his actions were. At least he wasn't lying about anything big like having cancer or being a serial killer or having a baby with Lindsay. His mistakes were expected given his past and he always apologized to her repeatedly. She wasn't even going to come clean until Heath let it slip in his anger about the pregnancy. Ridiculous woman... help her through the cancer and then walk away is my advice. Yes slightly cold hearted but she can't be trusted bottom line.
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202 reviews12 followers
April 29, 2014
At Any Turn
Brenna Aubrey

This ARC was given by Silver Griffon Associates via Netgalley and Brenna Aubrey in exchange for an honest review.

I give this book 5 stars.....

Adam has a need for control when it comes to anything in his life. He is a successful owner of a big time gaming enterprise and has no past problems with wanting full control of everything. However, that need for control and lack of trust may be what ends the love between him and Mia. After reuniting and making a commitment to one another, Adam sticks with his plan to hike the Rocky Mountains for 5 weeks. The long sabbatical confirms he needs Mia in his life and she belongs to him.

However, their short honeymoon of being in a happy relationship comes to an end when Mia begins receiving acceptance letters to medical schools. He does not want to let her go because he feels he will lose her like he lost his sister to her addiction. The lack of trust and willing to compromise scares Mia to the point where she reconsiders their relationship.

Sadly, the choice of medical school becomes a distant concern when Mia shuts Adam off completely. She is constantly tired, sick, and won't talk to Adam. His fear of losing her forces him to make bad decisions in order to find out her problems and needs. Of course, Mia finds out about his overbearing ways and finds it even more difficult to trust him. His fear of losing her becomes a reality when he can't listen yo her needs and realizes it might be too late.

For my Goodreads friends, this is the second book of a trilogy. You will be left with a major cliffhanger and maybe even some mascara marks down your face. Ms. Aubrey delivers another hot and steamy book with a twist that will leave you broken. I can't wait for the third book and hope it contains both POVs because I love reading Adam's point of view. This book is well written and the online games give a different change in setting. Can't wait for the third book!
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50k reviews4 followers
Want to read
July 29, 2019
🎁 FREE on Amazon & on iBooks today (7/29/2019)! 🎁
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138 reviews31 followers
April 23, 2014
*ARC generously given by the author in exchange for an honest review*

Actual rating: 4.5 stars

I was so worried I wouldn’t remember this story because it had been a while since the first book was published. But the moment I started reading it, pieces of the story started to come back to me and soon I was in tune with the story. And I got my wish because it’s written in Adam’s POV!

The story took place six and a half weeks after the last book ended and the introduction was quite a surprise because at first I thought it was Mia, and then I saw the F-word where typically guys would say and I had to backpedal when I realized it was Adam’s.

In the previous book, we learned about Mia. Her Geek Girl persona, the arrangement, why she did it, all the people in her life and her relationship with Adam. Here, I get to see Adam with the loves of his life—Mia, secrets and his company. All three played major roles in his life and in this book. Adam was still the same guy as before; arrogant, controlling and reserved. Those traits were explored more in this book. He’s one of those alpha males who had to be in control because it was safer that way. He wanted to protect Mia, telling her what to do and whatnot but never really giving her a solid reason to his actions. Which contributed to the downfall of his relationship with Mia.

Trust me, the gif is relevant.

Mia, sweet sweet Mia didn’t comply with his demands (you go girl!) and that’s when their relationship started to falter. Because really, any girl who faces an ultimatum would not just sit there and blame herself when she’s not to blame. Nobody does that. Why stick around and let yourself be controlled? Kudos to Mia for not putting up with his demands!

Before, we get to see the start of a relationship. Here, we get to see the growth of said relationship. Adam, controlling as he was, only wanted Mia to be by his side. So he could take care of her. Which later translated as him wanting to keep tabs on her every move. And Mia didn't let herself fall victim to this stigma where the girl had to cave in to be a bigger man or some shit like that. Couples fight, they take time off and things get awkward. That's relationship.

"We’re like magnets—try to separate us and we will tear ourselves apart to get back to each other. Put us together, let us spin, and we make electricity."

While I love that this book was written in Adam’s POV, I wanted to read Mia’s perspective as well. I loved getting inside Adam’s head, why he did what he did. There was a few times where I felt this pinch in my heart during the times they fight but not enough for me to be emotionally invested in the situation. I guess because I was missing the powerful impact of Mia’s perspective.

The last chapter was really emotional. Everything made sense and no, I didn't cry because I wished I knew what was going on in Mia's head! I was close though. To crying I mean.

It’s an engaging read . I didn’t feel bored reading it. The writing was good, the flow of the story was nice. Like I said, this book focused on three of Adam’s loves. If it’s not Mia, it’s the secret keeping. Or the company. Somber would be the one word I’d used to describe this book. It’s a really good sequel to the first one and I seriously cannot wait for the next one! I’m already predicting what would happen next!

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Author 9 books225 followers
April 3, 2016
I really like this series. Book two is from Adam's POV and Ms. Aubrey does a great job being in his head. My only complaint is that the kind of conflict generated in this book is the miscommunication/no communication kind. That works in middle school but not for twenty-somethings.

Adam-Emilia doesn't respond well to your controlling techniques or ultimatums. Even Heath thought the was a bad idea. I can forgive you for a lot of it because I do think your heart was in a good place. You needed to give her a little space and then ask her directly. If she runs from you, that's on her.

Emilia (Mia)- SMH. There is no excuse for the secrets you kept. In book one I thought you were hell-bent on being miserable. In book two I think you just want to be a martyr. You reject Adam's love and support as well as the love of your family and friends. Except Heath. You make him carry the burden of your secrets. I will probably get slammed for this, but I was fist pumping the air when
Then Mia said this: So don't you dare pull that 'I'm only thinking about us.' Because I call absolute bullshit on that! Well, I'm calling bullshit on your calling bullshit. It was crystal clear to this reader who really cared and who wanted to have it her way or the highway.

Jordan-He has terrible ideas. Like the PI and blurting out at the board meeting that Adam had a hot date. He's like the guy who's been married five times giving marriage advice. Don't listen to him, Adam.

Heath-It kind of made me upset when you got angry with Adam and even punched him. Mia put you in a shitty position. I wish we had heard more of your conversations with Mia, because I'm sure you were telling her she was being stupid just like you did Adam.

Still, I'm hooked. I've got a thing for geeky gamer guys, so it's on to book three for me.
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104 reviews6 followers
January 21, 2015
***Received an ARC copy by author in exchange for an honest review***


3.5 Geek Loving Stars

“We’re like magnets-try to separate us and we will tear ourselves apart to get back to each other. Put us together, let us spin, and we make electricity.”

At Any Turn by Brenna Aubrey is the second book in the Gaming the System series. I fell in love with Adam and Mia in At Any Price (Gaming the System #1) and I was nervous/excited about where this series was going to go because the first book had the perfect HFN ending.

At Any Price was told completely in Mia’s POV and the entire time I kept wondering what was going through Adam’s head and wished we could get his POV. That’s why I was extremely excited that At Any Turn was going to be told completely in Adam’s POV. I couldn’t wait to get into his head and Brenna Aubrey did not disappoint. I loved reading what was going on in that sexy geeky head of his and fell even more in love with him.

“I closed my eyes and felt, tasted, smelled and heard only her. For those long minutes in each other’s arms, she became my world, my anchor, my safe harbor.”

At Any Turn picks up a few weeks after the last book ended. Adam and Mia are happy and in love but both are both new to relationships and have to learn when it is best to stick to your guns and when to compromise. Mia and Adam’s relationship goes through lot of twist and turns and Mia sure their relationship can make it, but Adam refuses to give up on her or on them.

“We’re not perfect. But I think we’re worth fighting for.”

I had a hard time deciding how to rate this one because the writing was amazing but it left me sad and depressed and I hated . I really love Adam and Mia as a couple and hope they get there HEA in At Any Moment.
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15 reviews3 followers
January 16, 2016
I hate this book tbh. I could not stand reading from Adam's POV because he's insufferable and too aggressive and basically a rock. He has no depth, he's a manipulative and controlling man who has no business being in a relationship. I was glad Mia dumped his ass but then she kept flip flopping between pushing him away and then wanting him and that's was extremely frustrating and annoying. Also knowing that she's been sexually assaulted, I would've thought Adam, being that he loves and cares for her so much, would've been on top of asking for her consent and being mindful of that instead of, I dunno, giving her orgasms when she's unconscious, etc? He's an awful character all around, basically another Christian Grey and Edward Cullen, and the cancer/pregnancy joint storyline is awful and really unnecessary and predictable.
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112 reviews13 followers
April 30, 2014
UPDATE: 04/30/2014

* ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review *

When I first read At Any Price, I was instantly hooked. From the very beginning, I knew Gaming the System would be a series that would be close to my heart. And close to my heart it has become indeed. Brenna Aubrey sure does not disappoint with At Any Turn, the second installment in this amazing series.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

At Any Turn was one hell of a rollercoaster ride. After finishing the book, I had to take some time to gather my thoughts and try to come to terms with what I just read. Otherwise, this review would look more like: “OMG that was… I mean… holy freakin’ shit… what the hell just happened? That really happened, didn’t it? Tell me I’m not in some sort of alternate book dimension… Holy shit. That’s… Ugh…. What?!” Nope. That review would have looked like shit. Haha. I thought a review that made sense was the least I can do for Brenna and this series.

Okay, so before I get carried away with my nonsensical rambling, let’s get this review started.

The first thing that I loved about At Any Turn is that although it is told in Adam’s POV, it isn’t in any way a POV retelling. God knows how many series go down that path (and not all of them work, IMHO). In At Any Turn, we definitely discover a lot more about who Adam Drake really is. Behind that hot alpha male persona is a control freak plagued with insecurities that threaten to cripple him slowly before he even figures out what’s happening.

Adam Drake is too smart for his own good. To him, life is one giant game of D&D and he’s the one true DM. Every move he makes is calculated, every eventuality accounted for. When things go awry, he becomes desperate to get that runaway train back on the right track. And that becomes Adam’s ultimate downfall. In At Any Price, it’s no secret how controlling Adam is. I mean, he’s been the mastermind of EVERYTHING right from the very start. FallenOne, the auction (and winning the auction)… But it turns out, that was just the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much more to Adam Drake than meets the eye, and some of the things he hides behind his mask are not pretty to look at.

We’ve seen how Adam fought for Emilia in At Any Price but I enjoyed reading about what happens after the happily ever after. It turns out that not every HEA stays that way. I’m a big fan of the Emilia-Adam pairing and I cannot easily accept that it won’t be them in the end. When Emilia starts to push Adam away for very vague and unforeseen reasons, as a reader, I can’t help but feel Adam’s desperation to cling to Emilia. He’s clinging to the idea of them and I can’t blame him for doing so. My heart broke for Adam over and over again.

Given the way they started their relationship, it’s understandable that they’d have some trust issues. But everything just sort of blows up in both of their faces. Add in their insecurities about why they should or shouldn’t be together and it all becomes a disaster of epic proportions. For most of the book, it was painful to see how they dole out buckets of hurt on each other. And it was frustrating as hell because I couldn’t figure out what caused such a rift between them in the first place.

I don’t want to say this but damn, I sort of hated Emilia here in At Any Turn. Her passive-aggressive behavior just put me on edge every single time. Why can't she just make up her mind? It’s either she wants Adam or she doesn’t. For the love of all that is holy, put the poor man out of his misery!

The thing is, what I admire most about Brenna Aubrey’s writing (as reinforced by At Any Turn) is that she writes her characters in a very realistic fashion. They’re not the product of some delusionary ideal of what a protagonist should be like (i.e., perfect without a fault). Emilia (as we see her in the first book) and now Adam, both have character flaws that truly add to the complexity of the novel as a whole. These multidimensional characters spice things up in such a riveting way. As readers, we learn to love these characters because of these flaws. They become much more human and tangible to us readers and I LOVE THAT.

Although I did not expect the author to steer the story into THAT direction (nope, I am NOT going to spill anything, you have to read the book!), I honestly thought it worked well. I think it was a good move on her part to write the book as she did. The problem with most trilogies is that the middle book always ALWAYS becomes a filler book. There’s more character developing and world building but not much else goes on. For me, Brenna Aubrey goes beyond that with At Any Turn. The way I see it, she was able to establish the world and the characters well with At Any Price. And now with At Any Turn, she digs deeper and delves further into the hearts and souls of her characters, bringing all their shadows to light to bring each character’s individual image into focus. And now that the world building and character development phases are complete, she sets the last book up for an explosive and truly compelling end.

After reading these two books, I’m just dying to finally see how this story will end for Emilia and Adam. As the first two books prove, nothing is always as it seems and a happy ending does not always equate to a happily ever after. So, for now, I wait excruciatingly for At Any Moment, the third and final book in Brenna Aubrey’s Gaming the System series.


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*ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

Okay. I need time to process everything. Check out my review on BETWEEN THE PAGES BOOK BLOG some time next week. I'm just dying to rave about this. Can't wait for it's release day so everyone can finally read it, as well!

Awesome as usual, Brenna Aubrey.
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1,249 reviews4 followers
September 26, 2021
Very rarely does a book make angry. It might make me happy or sad or brokenhearted...but actual full-out anger is unusual for me.

Let me preface this review by saying that I absolutely loved the first book in this series. LOVED it. I thought it was smart and cheeky, the characters flawed and yet well-intentioned, frustrating and yet endearing. How can it be then, that this, the follow up to the first book, further chronicling the romance between Adam and Mia, could veer so far from the unique beauty of the first one? The first book was told from Mia's POV and while Adam's intentions were not known from the outset, I had my suspicions which were fully confirmed by the end of the book. Maybe the fact that I had already suspected what turned out to be the truth is why I didn't feel so...poleaxed and ripped to shreds - that and I felt that while his...misleading half-truths and lies in the first book were not smart choices, the justification felt real and honest.

THIS book was a complete departure. This book was told solely from Adam's POV and I do have to wonder if some of my anger might have been curbed if the book had simply been told in dual POV. But then I thought about it and I think the resounding answer is a NO. There was no trust between Adam and Mia, a truth that was shoved in my face time and time again to the point that I began to wonder why, as a reader, I would bother to root for a couple who had so little trust between them. There was no communication between Adam and Mia. What there was between Adam and Mia was a lot of secrets, a lot of deception, and a cliff-hangerish ending that made my gut churn. I, much like Adam, felt completely obliterated by a truth that I couldn't have even begun to guess at. And while I'm not angry at the author for ripping my heart out with something so completely unexpected and painful, I do feel emotionally manipulated. And I also question the maturity of a character who made the decisions that Mia did (not only in relation to Adam but also in relation to her own mother). (I'm not letting Adam's controlling tendencies off the hook but by the book's end, it was really Mia and her choices that ripped me in two). Now, I'm sitting here, writing this review feeling utterly sad. I wanted to love this book. I was excited to read this book. And at some point, I would like to read the 3rd book in this series, which I've already purchased. But, it's going to take some time for me to get over this book, get over the decisions made by the characters in this book. I feel...duped. It's weird, isn't it, to feel duped by fictional characters? And as such, it's going to take some time before I can ready myself to revisit the world of Adam and Mia. Which is good. Because they both have some growing up to do.

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August 14, 2017
3 My Mia Stars.
This book was mostly just fluff.. it was the same stuff repeated over and over again. Mia became a petulant child and Adam became a stalker? Like why did both characters lose their essence in this book. I hated both of them.

I’m gonna watch you come, Emilia. I want to hear your pretty little sighs, your desperate moans. I want to hear you scream
This book was written because Mia had a secret and she left Adam and changed her hair, moved in with Adam’s friend, quit her job, lost weight and the line We need to talk it said so much it honestly stopped mattering because they NEVER talked and in the end Heath stood up and gave the secret away and the book ended.

"We were like magnets. Tearing ourselves apart to get back to each other."

I quite enjoyed book one and you can tell because the review makes 0 sense. This book could have been cut in half or attached to book 1 and book 3 to lengthen those.
I loved book 1 because the couple was such a healthy communicating nerdy mess. But book 2 … Mia spends her time running away from Adam and blaming him for everything that in the end when you figure out what book one is about you want to throttle her for being a child and everything she accuses Adam of being. This book follows right about book 1 and so far I believe the couple has been together for 4 months.

I don’t know if I will continue the series just yet
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356 reviews29 followers
April 23, 2014
Thank you so much Brenna Aubrey for giving me an ARC of this STELLAR book. I fell in love with Adam Drake all over again. Here we get the entire book told through Adam's POV and Brenna nailed it!

The story takes up right where At any Price left off. Adam is taking a long trek through the wilderness so that he can let some of his control issues go. He learns to let his work obsession go but his obsession with making sure Emilia is always within arms reach, well not so much. But Emilia is hiding something very important from Adam and its HUGE. They break up and this is where we really get to know ( and totally fall head over heels in love with Adam) I could not put this down. I went to bed with it and woke up wanting to keep on reading.

I cannot wait for the next installment in this amazing series and I have totally put Brenna Aubrey up as one of my "Go to" authors.

This book is hot!! This book is SMART and I loved it!!!
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120 reviews
March 14, 2017
I'm so glad I got this book for free. I have zero compulsion to read the next one, even though this ended in a cliffhanger. Mia was beyond different and frankly, a psycho. Adam apologizes over and over for behavior he can't help given the situation. The Adam we came to love in the first novel deserved better than this. I don't think I will be reading this author again.
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September 9, 2017
Having loved At Any Price I was excited to start At Any Turn and see where Adam and Mia would go next.... Nope nope and nope some more. I have to say that this was barely a 3 star read for me. I was surprised at home much I didn't like it. Now I don't like to give spoilers so I will try and say as much as I can about why this fell short for me without giving stuff away.

The story was too long. I mentioned in the first book of Gaming the System the length of things being dragged out, but this book too the pee. I admit to skipping - never a good sign! Adam became so paranoid about Mia that he went to some extremely stupid lengths and lost his brain when it came to Mia. His alpha-ness met new heights although I want you to know now, my biggest issues were not with him. Oh no. It was Mia. . Even having read the book and knowing the end (It was left on a bit of a cliff if I'm honest) my opinion of Mia plummeted. She became so secretive and distrusting of Adam (With some good reasons but mainly as she became a complete coward) that she just didn't tell him anything. This went on throughout the book with mixed signals from her and basically I felt she treated him just as badly if not worse than he treated her.

I lost faith in both characters even when it came towards the end and literally put the book down thinking 'Thank god that's over' I honestly don't know if I'll pick up their next book.

Over all this book wasn't for me. The 3 star rating is generous but there was so many things that happened that seemed, well just not right for these 2 characters (Like drama was made when it didn't need to be) that I had no interest come the end. I do no light to slate an authors work when I know how hard they work on these book, the feelings and fear and love they put into them, but this book just didn't work for me at all.
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September 24, 2018
Everything about this book aggravated me. I’m being generous giving it three stars.
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July 6, 2014
Eu poderia dizer que estou chateada com esse livro, mas, sinceramente, a minha decepção já era esperada. Depois de ler o primeiro livro dessa série, At Any Price #1 (que eu gostei muito), era visível que a história não precisava de continuação. Já estava tudo fechadinho com chave de ouro. Mas, infelizmente, a autora quis continuar com a história e o resultado foi um grande desastre, um desgaste desnecessário, uma ofensa contra o que ela já tinha construído no livro anterior. A minha dica é: se você leu At Any Price, não leia as continuações, pois realmente não vale a pena. A trama do livro não faz sentido, além de ser drama após drama relatado de uma forma irritante e que só queima o filme dos personagens.

No livro anterior, Adam Drake era um personagem forte, seguro, calmo, confiante, que tinha controle sobre tudo. E era realmente interessante ver como Adam usava sua inteligência no cotidiano, como ele era capaz de tornar a vida num jogo de xadrez, prevendo o que as pessoas fariam antes mesmo das próprias pessoas saberem de suas ações e, aí, ele já ter uma reação formulada. Porém, em At Any Turn, Adam está completamente diferente. Ele está perdido. Ele está em pânico. E é tudo culpa de Mia Strong.

No livro anterior, eles terminam a história juntos, dispostos a lutar por um amor intenso. O que seria o final perfeito para a história, uma vez que nós já tínhamos aguentado Mia e toda a sua chatice/teimosia, até que ela se rende (finalmente). Pois bem, nesse livro, Mia é insuportavelmente teimosa³²³¹²³!!! Ela deu à palavra teimosia um novo significado. Além disso, ela era completamente imatura e irritante, estava brincando com os sentimentos de Adam, fazendo com que ele se visse culpado por coisas que ele não tinha a menor culpa. Pelo contrário, Adam agia como qualquer outro ser humano agiria na situação em que ele se encontrava. Mas Mia por ser teimosa não compreendia isso.

O que acontece inicialmente é que Mia quer estudar medicina em outra cidade, só que nem ela e nem Adam estão dispostos a ceder. Ela quer ir para a faculdade de seus sonhos e ele quer que ela estude em L.A. para ficar perto dele e de sua família. Só que ela dá a esse assunto uma dimensão fora do normal, deixando Adam de lado, enquanto ele sofria um processo judicial por causa de um garoto que era viciado em seu game. Ou seja, Mia o evitava e o deixava sozinho lidando com seus problemas, enquanto que Adam era o primeiro a deixar seus problemas de lado para lidar com os problemas de Mia.

Depois disso, Mia é só segredos, ela termina com Adam culpando-o totalmente, sendo que ele não fez nada a não ser se preocupar com ela. E ela também passa a evitar a sua mãe, escondendo dela (e de Adam) uma coisa que nenhuma filha esconderia de sua mãe. E é isso. O livro todo ela é teimosa e irritante, não conversa com Adam quando ele quer saber por que ela esta agindo como está, e ela o culpa por tudo, alegando que ele quer controlá-la.

Eu já estava cansada de Adam correr atrás de Mia para tentar reatar o relacionamento deles. Ele totalmente merecia coisa muito melhor que uma garota imatura e insegura que se acha independente quando na realidade ela está totalmente perdida. Teve um momento em que eu queria que os papéis se trocassem e que Mia fosse a que rastejasse para que ele voltasse com ela. Estava na hora dela dar valor a ele e começar a lutar por ele. E isso não acontece. Como sempre, Adam continua correndo atrás dela e quando ele finalmente desiste, ela precisa dele e ele está lá por ela. E, no final, não é nem Mia quem tem a decência de contar seu segredo a Adam.

Para mim, esse livro é lastimável. A única coisa que eu gostei foram as referências ao livro “A Arte da Guerra”.

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April 25, 2018
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Welcome to Gaming the System


I don’t like having to write this review, because I didn’t like the book. It’s not that I mind writing negative reviews, because I’ll do that if I feel it’s appropriate. But for this one I’m struggling so hard because I don’t want to be disrespecting of Brennas hard work, but at the same time I feel like she robbed of the option to have an opinion.

I decided that I’d keep the plot summary to a minimum when reviewing this series, to try and limit myself (yes, I tend to stuff my reviews with a lot of the plot, I don’t know why, it just kind of happens). However, now I wish I’d made myself that challenge on literally any other review!

But hey, upwards and onwards. Let’s do this!

Mia and Adam have said yes to love and are determined to move towards a new and happy future together. No regrets. No fear. Together they can overcome everything, can’t they? Well no! Reality can sometimes be one nasty bitch who comes knocking at the worst possible timing. That’s kind of what happens here.


If you’ve read my other reviews, you’ll know that despite some small hiccups I loved the first book! Which is probably why I’m so completely floored by how much I dislike this instalment in the series. I feel that the plot is extra cheesy in this book and we’re kind of moving backwards in the character development department. Like, it’s the same problems again just blown way out of proportion.

Mia is being a bitch
Adam is being desperate

Then BAM

Once we find out what’s really going on I go angry at Brenna. She played the ultimate card. When that card is on the table it’s over. Finished. Finito. Færdigt. Klaar. Gotov.


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