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Sketchnote Workbook, The: Advanced techniques for taking visual notes you can use anywhere

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The Sketchnote Workbook, the follow-up to Mike Rohde’s popular The Sketchnote Handbook, shows you how to take the basic sketchnoting skills you learned in the Handbook and use them in new and fun ways. You think you have fun taking sketchnotes in meetings? Try using them to record your travels. Or start a food journal. Or break out those visual notetaking skills in your next brainstorming session―whether you're at work or school, or just trying to figure out how to organize the paper that’s due next week.

The Sketchnote Workbook comes with a 2+ hour companion video that brings the ideas you read about in the book to life. Mike takes you on the road with him to various locations to show you first-hand how to use sketchnotes to generate ideas, document processes, map out projects, learn new languages, create visual to-do lists, and capture the everyday experiences that mean the most to you―whether it’s a trip, a meal, or an episode of your favorite TV show.

Don't worry. You don't need to know how to draw to use the book or the video. Mike gives you a quick recap of how to use five simple shapes and basic lettering techniques to create visual notes that you'll want to share with your friends. For those of you who have already mastered the basics in The Sketchnote Handbook, Mike includes advanced drawing and lettering techniques and offers pages within the book and downloadable worksheets that you can use to practice your new skills.

This video is 2 hours and 41 minutes long.

224 pages, Paperback

First published December 20, 2012

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Mike Rohde

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Profile Image for loafingcactus.
428 reviews48 followers
January 22, 2015
Like the main book, not a lot of book for a lot of money, but still... excellent.

YOU can "just doodle." You CAN. What you draw is individual and unique to you. In a world drowning in words, a little more doodling and sketching is what we need.

The idea of this workbook is that you think you can't, but with just very little practice you will find that you CAN. I've used the idea from the previous book of leaving blanks that you can come back to, combined with the idea from this book that just drawing something a few times can help you get something not-terrible, to leave spaces in my work for drawing, and then practice them a couple of times in a little side-book before drawing them in my "real" book.

TIP: To see more of what people are doing, looking up the following hashtags on Instragram: #Sketchnotes #visualjournal #visualdiary
Profile Image for Hitessh.
431 reviews24 followers
April 7, 2019
This one has some advanced techniques on creating sketchnotes.

But, still feel, mindmaps are far more better than sketchnotes.
Profile Image for Ash.
1,001 reviews122 followers
October 13, 2020
This book was much better than the first book on this topic. The author gives more ideas about how Sketchnotes can be used for travel, recipes, books, movies, project planning etc. I found it to be more useful and it has some practical advice along with advanced tips. I am definitely going to give some of these a try soon.
Profile Image for Pat Loughery.
298 reviews33 followers
September 7, 2014
A very worthwhile successor to Sketchnote Handbook. This one recaps Handbook and then works through a broad variety of applications for sketchnoting. I appreciate the author's willingness to showcase so many other artists' work, which opens the doors of imagination broadly for us who are finding our own way to Sketchnote in particular, but be more creative in general.
Profile Image for Anja von "books and phobia".
772 reviews13 followers
October 15, 2019
Sketchnotes sind nun wirklich eine feine Sache. Mittlerweile kann ich sie aus meinem Privatleben nicht mehr wegdenken, muss aber trotzdem hin und wieder noch üben. Denn ja, ich gestehe, ich bin nicht gerade die Begabteste, wenn es darum geht etwas visuell umzusetzen. Was beim Zeichnen allerdings schnell in Frust ausartet, würde ich bei Sketchnotes fast schon als Spiel bezeichnen. Immerhin geht es nicht darum etwas besonders detailliert darzustellen, sondern es so zu zeichnen, das man es zumindest erkennt.

Somit arbeite ich noch immer mit dem Handbuch und dem Arbeitsbuch zusammen, da sich diese gut ergänzen. Wo das Eine in die Materie einführt, schafft es das Andere die Möglichkeiten aufzuzeigen, die mit Sketchnotes möglich sind. Dabei fand ich den Namen „Arbeitsbuch“ zwischendurch recht befremdlich, das man es eher „Ideenbuch“ hätte nennen müssen. Zwar gab es vereinzelt Übungen, aber diese hätte man viel weiter fortführen müssen.

Tatsächlich zeigte mir das „Arbeitsbuch“ für was Sketchnotes alles eingesetzt werden können. Dabei verfolgte das Buch einen klaren Faden, in dem es mit dem Basics begann. Anschließend ging es in die Planung und schließlich in den geschäftlichen Bereich. Dieser war für mich zwar nicht ganz so interessant, angesehen hatte ich ihn mir aber trotzdem da es auch hier tolle Beispiele und Ideen gab.

Richtig spannend wurde es für mich, mit den Ideen für die Freizeit. Hier hatte ich schon einige Optionen gesehen und auch ausprobiert, weswegen ich eigentlich nicht mehr viel erwartete. Tja, ich hatte mich getäuscht, denn die gezeigten Möglichkeiten überraschten mich deutlich. Ich wäre nie auf die Idee gekommen, ein Sketchnotes-Plakat für meinen Lieblingsfilm zu zeichnen. Aktuell plane ich dieses Plakat noch, aber die Freude darauf ist jetzt schon grenzenlos.

Wie auch im Handbuch machte auch hier der Ton die Musik. Ich arbeitete unglaublich gerne mit dem Buch, da sich die Sätze so anfühlten, als würde jemand neben mir sitzen und helfen. Interessant war dabei besonders die Darstellung, denn wenn man das erste Mal ins Buch schaut, bekommt man einen kleinen Schock. Alles sieht so voll und unübersichtlich aus. Doch spätestens, wenn man dann damit arbeitet, bemerkt man das eigentlich alles am rechten Fleck ist. Mich störte auch der Umstand nicht, das es fast ausschließlich in schwarz/weiß gehalten war und man nur einige Stellen farbig hervorgehoben hatte.

Ich werde beide Bücher wohl noch eine ganze Zeit lang in Anspruch nehmen, da sie mir helfen dem kreativen Chaos in meinem Kopf, eine klare Richtlinie zu geben. Danke schön, Herr Rohde.

Mike Rohde und seine Idee mit den Sketchnotes hilft mir heute Struktur aber auch Leben in meine Rezepte, Notizzettel oder Einkaufslisten zu bringen. Aus der anfänglichen Scheu, ist eine Leidenschaft geworden, die mich wohl noch lange begeistern wird.
Profile Image for Piotr.
103 reviews
February 17, 2019
I felt I wasted my time reading this book. I expected more practical advice how to do better sketchnotes. There is very few of such material. Mostly author advertises applying sketchnoting approach to many different situations. I don't like books that are mostly about motivating readers to do something and I think the content here is not worth putting on paper. Even the title is misleading: there is very little of "advanced techniques", rather a lot of "use anywhere". Also, in my opinion the author contradicts his statement about "ideas, not art". This books is for people crazy about drawing and typography, as you train drawing people moustaches and slab serifs or taking photos of food and buildings so that you later draw those on final version of your notes. This has nothing to do with live sketchnoting, it's for people who already can draw really well and spend time carefully creating something visually stunning. I feel I improved my skills more by watching a free 1h video on YouTube than using this book.
Profile Image for Cận Vũ.
5 reviews
January 4, 2020
Sketchnote thực hành là một cuốn sách nâng cấp của phiên bản sketchnote lý thuyết.
Ở cuốn sách này sẽ tập trung vào phần thực hành và các phương pháp sketchnote nâng cao.
Mở đầu cuốn sách sẽ tóm tắt lại 1 phần lý thuyết ở phần 1.
Sau đó sẽ chỉ cho chúng ta tạo ra sketchnote một cách nâng cao hơn. Từ việc hình thành ý tưởng, sắp xếp bản đồ sketchnote đến cụ thể sketchnote cụ thể trong từng lĩnh vực, công việc : lập kế hoạch, tài liệu, du lịch. ẩm thực, chương trình truyền thông.
Cuối cùng là các phương pháp cải thiện và nâng cao phương pháp sketchnote.
Chúng ta cần phải thoải mái, sáng tạo để sketchnote vì nó sẽ giúp chúng ta tự do làm việc, giải tỏa áp lực, tạo nên tính hợp tác hữu ích trong làm việc nhóm hay cá nhân. Nó cũng sẽ tạo ra sự ngắn gọn, đơn giản, thu hút mọi người hơn.
Thực hành nhiều hơn, cải thiện nhiều hơn, chia sẽ cho mọi người nhiều hơn.
1 cuốn sách tuyệt vời.
Profile Image for Lai Reading.
269 reviews357 followers
September 19, 2022
Ụa đọc xong cuốn này lâu rồi mà quên không review. Cá nhân mình thì thấy với những bạn mới bắt đầu học Sketchnote và muốn mua bộ 2 cuốn của Mike Rohde để luyện thêm ý, thì các bạn chỉ cần mua cuốn 1 "lý thuyết", đọc chậm mà chắc, rồi mày mò tô vẽ theo là oke rồi. Cuốn "thực hành" này không cho mình nhiều kiến thức mới mẻ lắm, chủ yếu lặp lại của cuốn "lý thuyết" thôi.

Mà không biết do văn phong của tác giả hay bản dịch, mà cả 2 cuốn câu chữ hơi kì kì ý. Dù là tiếng Việt nhưng đọc nó ngộ lắm =)) mọi người đọc từ từ chắt ý lại thì sẽ thấy có những câu dài ngoằng nhưng tóm lại chỉ được 1 2 ý thôi. Nên hãy thật tỉnh táo khi đọc bộ này nhé.

Tóm lại thì mình vẫn thấy bộ này hữu ích cho những bạn chưa biết gì về Sketchnote nha. Và nhất là vừa đọc vừa thực hành theo thì mới có ý nghĩa. Nếu đọc không thì chỉ 1 loáng là hết sách và thấy "hmm cũng chả có gì"
Profile Image for Chris Fletcher.
45 reviews1 follower
February 6, 2023
My friend very kindly gave me a copy of this book, and I'm glad he did. He knew I liked to draw and keep a visual journal, and thought I might enjoy learning some of the Sketchnote techniques created by Mike Rohde to put down thought in visual form. He was right!

I had not heard of Sketchnoting before reading this book, but it's definitely something I see myself using in the future. My favorite aspect of Sketchnoting is that by pushing yourself to represent your thoughts visually as well as in written words, you end up thinking with different parts of your brain and thereby creating unique, multi-sense memories.

I don't think I'll use all of the techniques in the book, but I know many of them will work their way into my daily journal. For that, I am grateful to both author Mike Rohde as well as my friend for introducing me to the concept.
Profile Image for P Michael N.
211 reviews8 followers
February 1, 2018
I really love the output of sketch notes. I think it captures more than words can and makes information and ideas way easier to digest. I find it a challenge to break out of just taking written notes to sketching, but the workbook has helped me get on with it. Writing sacrifices completeness for coherence while sketching sacrifices coherence for completeness. Sketchnotes have the capacity to bridge the divide creating a more complete and coherent representation of ideas than anything. This series by Mike Rohde is simple enough to follow and is a stepping stone to better sketchnoting which can only be attained through practice and repetition.
Profile Image for Girish.
1 review
September 14, 2020
Good Overview and great examples

As a follow up and a workbook to the original book, it offers a quick overview of techniques followed by great examples and different applications of sketch noting.
Profile Image for Yulia.
54 reviews3 followers
June 27, 2017
A great follow up after the theoretical one. Just in a case you don't have your motivation, events or ideas of from where to start sketchnoting - you need this book.
Profile Image for Tomáš.
9 reviews
October 24, 2017
After reading the book, you understand, that really every body can do that! :)
Profile Image for Carlos A.
9 reviews1 follower
June 1, 2022
The workbook really hones in what you learned from the book itself. Great combination.
Profile Image for Alexander Fedyunin.
126 reviews4 followers
March 6, 2017
Ну пора себе признать, что если с 5 апреля 2015 года книжка не прочитана (а это же ещё и рабочая книжка - то не изрисована), то это не моё и нет у меня настоящей мотивации к этому. Потому оставим недочитанной.
Profile Image for Misty.
98 reviews1 follower
August 28, 2015
I plan on using the tools from this book to make travel sketchnotes for both business and personal trips and as well as mapping out better ways to communicate at work.

I found many helpful tips on how to organize and display information in ways I'd never thought of before. I also loved the examples throughout the book, to see how others use sketchnotes. I am especially excited to try out this method on PowerPoint slides (yep, work nerd alert).

While I can't imagine I'd use this method for general note taking, I could see it as a fun way to do journaling (which I don't currently do). The plan is to try a few travel sketchnotes first, to practice and hone my skills to see if it's something I'd enjoy doing on a regular basis.

Overall, this is a good resource for visually mapping out ideas that lead to more dynamic, interesting storytelling.
Profile Image for Jim Tiffin Jr.
18 reviews6 followers
July 25, 2015
Wonderful collection of different situations in which sketchnoting can be used. While some of those situations might not appeal to everyone, the author does an excellent job of sharing the core elements from them that sketchnoters can highlight. It is in seeing those elements that new possibilities for the personalized use of sketchnotes can be found.
Author 1 book10 followers
November 15, 2016
I learned in the first book how to sketchnote; this book focuses on sketchnoting different types of things (food, media, travel, etc.) and is largely intuitive based on the principles of sketchnoting learned in the first book. Still a fun resource.
Profile Image for Dave.
43 reviews4 followers
September 29, 2014
Kind of a grab-bag, lame follow-up to the Sketchnote Handbook. Oh well!
Profile Image for Tigran Mamikonian.
67 reviews12 followers
November 7, 2015
вторая книга Роуди про скетчинг, здесь показаны разные примеры скетчей в зависимости от целей - от планирования, до описания событий...
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