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Some people need something to fight for…

With the attacks on their homes escalating and human half-breeds seeking sanctuary among them, the loup garou are reaching their breaking point. Two, in particular.

After failing to stop his little brother’s kidnapping years ago, Bishop McQueen angrily broods on his shame, though no one else blames him.

Jillian Reynolds is still dealing with a tragic accident that took everything she ever wanted from life. And her attraction to Bishop is only making things more difficult.

When word reaches them that Jillian's hometown is under attack, the Alpha takes Bishop, Jillian, and a group of enforcers to assist in the battle. And it is in this chaos that both Bishop and Jillian will have to face their pasts—and the true feelings they have for each other—if they are going to survive…

313 pages, Kindle Edition

First published October 21, 2014

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Kelly Meade

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October 17, 2014
Reviewed by: Rabid Reads.

This one’s going to be a doozy to review without spoilers because most of the main plot line revolved around one major event that set a chain reaction in motion, but I am going to try. If I fail, well consider this your warning! Apparently Kelly Meade (Meding) is known for her dark writing style although admittedly I have yet to read her DREG CITY series; however that most certainly is proving to be the case as far as her CORNERSTONE RUN trilogy is concerned. BLACK ROOK was dark, but GRAY BISHOP was downright pitch black, not exactly what comes to mind when I think of Paranormal Romance, yet you won’t hear me complaining! And, just to give you an idea of what I’m talking about; there were two sex scenes (yes, I counted) compared to the staggering number of deaths which totaled in the hundreds. That being said, there was a HEA at the end of the tunnel, both for the main couple and for two other pairings.

Initially Jillian & Bishop’s relationship was very à la Romeo and Juliet in that they are soon-to-be Alphas of their respective runs, and can never be more than bed buddies on account of their family responsibilities. Death is the only way they can be together, although in this case it’s not theirs, but rather someone(s) else’s which means that their love comes at a very high price. I guessed the key to their mating pretty early on, however because of the means and the genre under which is series is shelved, I assumed that the author would find another way, so when my speculations proved true I couldn’t avoid shedding a few tears. Meade is one cold hearted writer—I even told her so on Twitter, and she replied with an ominous cackle. There is an upside to forbidden love though, when the protagonists do get it on, they make it count which means that those two sex scenes I mentioned earlier are real scorchers!

I wish that Bishop had played a larger role in his own story; I found that his character was somewhat overshadowed by his brother, Knight. I get that the author was setting up for the next book, and that he’s key to this trilogy’s main plot arc, however at certain points I did find myself forgetting that GRAY BISHOP was supposed to be about the eldest McQueen sibling. That complaint aside, I did like the gray wolf, he’s a true Alpha in every sense of the word, and his actions reflected that every step of the way. Jillian’s backstory is tragic, and her present circumstances weren’t much better, but she too proved worthy of her status within the pack hierarchy on multiple occasions, and I absolutely loved Reynolds and Bishop as a power couple. The previous installment featured a werewolf / Magi matching, so I was thrilled that a true loup garou pairing happened this time around.

I liked how certain aspects of this story were linked to the McQueens’ mother, and I enjoyed the brothers’ interactions with Colin Corman even though I can’t really say more than that because—spoiler! The half-breed triplets were once again wrecking havoc on the quaint town of Cornerstone, and this time around they have feral wolves in toe. Shay finally came out of her shell, but her happiness was short-lived by virtue of Meade being EVIL. We also get 100% confirmation about what happened to Knight in the previous book, and although that particular subject still makes me horribly uncomfortable, it was lessened by the fact that he’s a male. Hmm… double-standard much? The final chapters end on a high note with several weddings, only to immediately come crashing down on readers’ heads afterward because, again, Meade = EVIL.

GRAY BISHOP gave me the worst case of feels I’ve had in a long time, but I fully expect myself to cheer out loud when the villains get what’s coming to them in WHITE KNIGHT. Watch out girls, the McQueens are coming for YOU!
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October 31, 2014
Originally posted at The Book Nympho

howlinggood ROMANCE beast
The loupe community is still living in fear of the psycho triplets that want to get their hands on the youngest McQueen bother, Knight. More mass murders happen at their hands and this time it's closer to home for the McQueen family.

If you’re a Kelly Meding (Meade) fan then you know from her Urban Fantasy series (Dreg City) that she is no stranger to putting her main characters through hell. But the McQueen family gets off easier than Evy! But not by much, the Cornerstone Run Trilogy has some dark times but it’s lightened a bit by the brothers’ HEA with their mates.

GRAY BISHOP is split between Bishop’s story and Knight. I think this is because it’s a trilogy so Meade only has one more book to wrap up this story arc so it’s understandable that Knight would get a lot of page time to help set up his story and the final chapter in this PNR trilogy that reads more like an UF.

Meade continues to entertain with GRAY BISHOP, her 2nd installment in the Cornerstone Run Trilogy. I can't wait to see how it all wraps up in the 3rd book, WHITE KNIGHT.


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February 25, 2015
The attacks are continuing on the loup garou, and the fear and the tension are rising. Bishop McQueen, feels like he is to blame for when his brother was kidnapped, tortured, and barely brought home alive. Bishop may be a gray wolf, but he is in line to be alpha. His brother, met his mate who was a half breed, and among their kind, that zeroes him out to take their father’s place. Jillian Reynold, is suffering from the ghosts of her own past. Jillian was in love, married and was pregnant. But then a horrible accident, ended with her a widow, and losing her child. The attraction between Bishop and Jillian is strong and hot, but they know they don’t have a chance for a future. Jillian is her father’s only child, and as he is alpha, the man she marries and mates next, will be the next alpha after her father dies. But when she hears of an attack on her home, she and a group of wolf enforcers head over to her hometown. But when they arrive, the effects are much worse they she hoped for. Now Bishop and Jillian are having to fight for the love they have and for the homes they are trying to protect…no matter the cost.
The Hero

Gray wolf, Bishop Mcqueen, has a lot of anger in him. Bishop even though has been training himself to take the alpha’s place in case of something happening to his brother or father, he never knew years ago, that he would be the next in line. Even though he is a Gray Wolf, considered to be weaker than the black wolf’s, he has his own strength, he has the added advantage of being the Alpha’s son. Bishop is dedicated to family and pack, and they always come first. But his attraction to Jillian is fierce and unfamiliar. Bishop is the type of hero, you cheer for. From the beginning of the series, I have admired him. I have enjoyed his connection to his brothers, and how their family always takes the pack’s safety and happiness first. Bishop loves the pack, and they are his family. Bishop is strong, a fighter, resilient and sexy as sin. He doesn’t take crap, and he knows how to handle himself in a fight.
The Heroine

Jillian, is a leader in her own right. She feels connected to Bishop, in a way, because she has always known she would be the female Alpha in the pack. Jillian is talented, strong, and passionate. She can handle herself in a fight, and knows how to protect her own. No matter the danger she doesn’t back down. She has a desire to help those around her, even when she is falling apart on the inside. Jillian was a heroine I admired greatly. You see how much pain she suffers from losing her husband and unborn child. No one from the McQueen Pack, even knows that she lost a child. As the attacks around them increase, her past starts to haunt her. Jillian was such a winning female in my book, she had everything you look for in a heroine. She has an inner strength, stubborn and tenacious, but provokes emotion. She has a heart of gold, and that is very evident in every chapter. I loved how loyal she is to not just her own but to the Mcqueens. To protecting all of their kind, and even those half breeds that have been targeted.
Plot and Story Line

Gray Bishop is the second book in this amazing trilogy, that so far has stunned me. This doesn’t happen very often, and with shifter romances, that can be hard to do. But I swear, thanks to a good blogger friend, I got introduced to this author. A author that stimulates the mind and body with her beautifully wrapped packages of sexy shifters. thrilling plots and engaging scenes. Gray Bishop, is of course Bishop’s story. All three sons of the Alpha, play a part in this series, and each have their own story. Each are a different kind of wolf. In the set up of the story, we see how it continues right off from where the first book left off. Which I loved. Sometimes when your reading a series, you start the next book in line, and it totally doesn’t seem to fit with the previous book. Not the case with Kelly Meade. She has a talented way of creating a story that weaves its way into your heart.

It begins with the start of some gruesome and horrid attacks, small ones, but attacks that are leaving children orphans, children who are half breeds, and don’t fit anywhere. But the Mcqueen pack, are not known for kicking out those innocent of wrongdoing. We see a story that was so emotionally driven, that it brought my to tears. I had a difficult time with this one. Now those that have read this one, know exactly what I am talking about. I am going to try not to reveal too much about what happens in this story. But I do want to say you might want to get a few tissues before you begin with this story. It totally had me wrapped in tension and ragged emotions. My heart just broke for Bishop and Jillian. They both have pasts, they both have suffered in their own way, and they both need each other. They have a strong sexual connection, but their bond goes way deeper than just hot sexy (although that is great), but we also see how their relationship deepens and grows, and the love they share is what will win the battle at the end. It was quite fun seeing them work through issues, and not too delicately. They do have some mountains to climb, but the ending is satisfying and leaves you hanging (just bit ), so you want to read the next book. The villiain’s in the story, are very bad ass, and need to be taken down painfully and slowly. I just want to turn into a wolf myself and tear their throats out. I know a bit gruesome…but seriously, what they do is horrific and they totally deserve it for what they do and what they plan on doing. We do see some fun side characters that come into play, and a small small side romance as well.

This cover is so tantalizing, and just sends shivers down my spine. I mean this model, needs to be commended…because that eye searing look…totally has me. I probably would have bought this book for the cover alone. And at the bottom, I love that picture of the beautiful grey wolf, if I could I would want to pet the thing…if it was tamed and all.
Overall View

Gray Bishop is a thrilling paranormal romance, that is bound to have you on edge from beginning to end. A story of sacrifice, passion and danger. Guaranteed to keep you on your toes. So WATCH OUT or you might get bitten!
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January 31, 2015
I can't say much about the plot because being book 2 there will be spoilers, so all I'm going to say is that this is Bishops story. We still get the POVs from other characters but we get a more in debt look at the middle child.

I loved book one of this trilogy, Black Rook and couldn't wait to read more from the McQueen brothers. Well I wasn't disappointed with this because wow this book was a rollercoaster. So many FEELS!!!

It was nice to get to know Bishop more. In Black Rook he was the strong brother but here we get to see the real Bishop. He blames himself for what happened to Rook and Knight last time and finds it hard to forgive himself. He tends to take everything onto his own shoulders. When an immense tragedy befalls the Cornerstone Run, its up to Bishop to step up and try to protect everyone. With death and destruction at every turn can Bishop keep it together?

We see more of Jillian in this as well. She is the daughter of an Alpha and was sent to help the Cornerstone run when Rook and Knight were kidnapped. She is a widower and is supposed to find herself another husband, one strong enough to take the Alpha spot when her father retires. Thing is though, Jillians' wolf has found her true mate in Bishop but both know that's its impossible for them to be together. He is set to become Alpha of Cornerstone and she is set to marry the next Alpha of her run. But with devastating losses all round, both take solace in each others arms one time but both know its an impossible situation.

We don't see as much of the terrible triplets in Gray Bishop but what we do see is devastating. I know I'm using that word a lot but understand that in this book there is hundreds of lives lost at their hands and utter devastation all round!! We also get the answers to certain questions about what happened in book 1 with them. They are so evil and horrible!!

Anyway, overall Gray Bishop was amazing. I don't know how many times I cried during reading this but I know it was a lot. It was so sad and my heart broke for the brothers. Poor Bishop has so much to deal with and then with what happens to Knight!! Every character grew so much from the previous book. I'm glad that Shay comes out of her shell and is more involved in this one. Rook is as fun as ever and I loved seeing him and Brynn together.

Gray Bishop is an emotional, devastating and action packed read. Despite the deaths and destruction we still see some hope and love shine through. Kelly Meade has created a world I fell in love with and one that I don't want to leave.

Gray Bishop has left me an emotional wreck and I know with the way the story is going that White Knight is going to be worse because the author, while handing out some happiness in one hand, snatches it away in the other. She knows how to grab her audience and twist their hearts ;) January can't come fast enough for me because after the ending of Gray Bishop, I need the last book NOW!!!!
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November 18, 2014
Mon avis en Français

My English review

I had a great time with Brynn and Rook in the first volume and I was curious about Jillian and Bishop here. But fear not, because we find again with great pleasure all the characters we had previously discovered and it was interesting to see how everyone was changing.

Bishop and Jillian know that there is something between them, but they also know they can not get carried away by their passion. They are both vying to become the Alpha of their pack and a relationship is impossible. Yet it is difficult for the two to leave this side story alone. Then they will have many other issues to deal with and not the least. Because of course, the bad guys of the first volume are always there and ready to do anything to achieve their goals. And when they attack the Jillian’s village, our heroes will face much worse than they thought and the impact will soon fall on them. But in addition to this couple, we have the rest of the story between Brynn and Rook which is always a bit complicated but we also find Knight … Oh man, it broke my heart every time. He takes everything on his shoulders and it’s a big weight to carry, that’s for sure. He thinks everything is his fault and guilt gnaws deep inside him. He would like to do something to change the situation but it could do more harm to others than he thought.

I took great pleasure to follow our characters. Our three brothers have a lot to manage, but they are nevertheless always there for each other. Of course nothing is simple and it is far to be better… I was surprised by some twists that I did not expect and it’s true that I was really wondering how Bishop and Jillian would be able to finish together or even if they would. We do not see a lot about our bad guys but we are discovering what they leave behind after their visits. The story focuses on how much Knight has to manage everything going on and the relationship between our two heroes.

It was again a very good book that I took great pleasure in discovering it. Of course it’s not over as the last book happens to be the next one but I am very curious to know the end of the story. In addition it will this time feature Knight and Shay as main characters and I look forward to reading their story. Both are very sweet and reserved. I feel that everything will be very interesting! A nice surprise again!
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October 9, 2014
I read this as a stand-alone, something I NEVER do in a series, and I am glad that I did. I loved this book. Really.

Gray Bishop is a tear jerking romance in the wake of devastating tragedy. There is no other way to describe it. It is intense, exasperating, and gripping, it will have you at the edge of your seat with tissue at hand.

Recent attacks on the loup garou are escalating forcing Half-breeds to seek refuge where they are not accepted, at wolf sanctuaries. Problem is, these sanctuaries turn out to be just as dangerous… and it is up to the local Alpha’s to make them safe again.

Jillian Reynolds, the daughter of the Alpha of Springwell, is amongst those sent to contain the attacks. Born a black wolf, she is strong and destined to fill the role as female Alpha of her hometown…once she finds a mate worth of becoming her Alpha, and once she is able to move past the grief she carries.

Bishop McQueen, first born son of the Alpha of Cornerstone, was born a gray. His right to be Alpha will have to be earned in the eyes of those who view grays as second rate. As if that was not burdensome enough, Bishop is overridden with illogical guilt for not being able to keep his brother from harm’s way. Bishop’s anxiety levels take a turn for the worse when his wolf recognizes Jillian’s.

Eliminating the threat proves to be more difficult and devastating than expected, particularly for these two wolves with demons of their own to fight.

Meade is a wonderful storyteller who has a knack for wreaking emotional responses. This book is as much a love story as it is a thriller. The premise is refreshing with deviances in pack structures, werewolf dynamics, and vampires that add an interesting take on the paranormal. These variances play an enormous role in plot development, which is at a steady, deadly pace. There is a sense that nothing happens; yet everything does. Plot progression creeps along with action packed moments here and there. I thought this would be a problem at first, however I found myself enjoying the characters that I didn’t mind at all that it seemed character driven a majority of the time. There were times where I was lost and needed more details, but this may have been avoided had I read book one.

Misfortune, death, and angst run high throughout the entire novel, it’s a wonder these wolves find time to fall in love, but they do and it works. Mead’s characters are made of substance. They are raw, emotional, imperfect beings that find their way deep into your heart. I found myself distressed with each turn of the page, eager to know what came next for each of them, even the secondary characters. It’s also nice to see how the characters evolve and in turn affect the pack as a whole. I can't wait to learn more about everyone. I will be tracking back to revel in book 1 while await the last in the trilogy.

If you are in the market for an adult paranormal romance with a kick, and are not squeamish about violence, this book is for you.

I give Gray Bishop 4.5

** I received this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. **

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722 reviews116 followers
October 17, 2014
Gray Bishop
Series: Cornerstone Run Trilogy #2
Author: Kelly Meade
Publisher: InterMix
Published on: October 21, 2014
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Werewolves
Format: 313 pages, eARC

I sat back and wondered – how the hella howdy am I ever going to write this review without giving everything away? Well, here goes, and I am going to do everything I can not to toss it all out there for you and ruin the plot!

First, I didn’t read the Cornerstone Run Trilogy first book, Black Rook, but I didn’t feel too out of joint with what was going on in this second book. Bishop is a gray wolf, and Alpha – though he is the youngest of three brothers, and a weaker Gray rather than a Black Wolf like his brother Rook or a rare, endangered White like his other brother, Knight.

As another reviewer, Rabid Reads, said in her review: Meade is one cold hearted writer—I even told her so on Twitter, and she replied with an ominous cackle. And this is one cold-hearted book, as hundreds die and hundreds of others struggle to survive.

In a world where half-breeds are hated and turned away at every turn, a trio of half-breed females is wrecking a path of blood and destruction through the packs, and their quest to capture the rare White, Rook, may lead to the destruction of all the packs hold dear. Stepping up to fight them are Bishop and his love interest, the tragic and incredibly strong Jillian, whose own story is one of death and tragedy right up there with the best of all tragic heroines. Blood curdling darkness seems to be the underpinning of Meade’s writing in this trilogy, and she wrings out every drop, while keeping the reader pinned to the page.

While this is shelved with the “paranormal romance” stories, I actually take exception to that genre placement. Yes, there is romance, as Bishop and Jillian try to make an extremely unlikely relationship work, but that isn’t the heart of the story. Rather, the bonds of family, the pain of loss, and deep insanity rule the day – an odd mix of Southern Gothic and savage thriller that stands up to the best of both genres.

Yes, I will go back and read the first, and the third as well. Meade had definitely ‘gone dark’ in this series, and the depth of the story makes me anxious to get the time to read her Dreg City series, written under the name Kelly Meding. I wonder if they are as dark, bloody and luscious.

I received this book from the publisher in return for a realistic review. All thoughts, except for the quote from Rabid Reads, are my own.
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October 27, 2014

Attacks on their homes are escalating, half breeds are seeking sanctuary, the loup garou are reaching their breaking point and the attraction between Bishop and Olivia is only making things more difficult in this thrilling paranormal romance.

This fast paced and smooth flowing plot keeps readers on the edge of their seat with suspense, action, drama and romance. Kelly Meade brings the story to life with well written scenes and details that capture the imagination and the well orchestrated suspense and action draws the reader deeper into the story. The strong compelling characters grab the reader’s attention and the emotionally gripping story ensures that the reader wants to know every last detail.

The attraction between Olivia and Bishop burns hot enough to scorch Conerstone Run but there are lots of things standing in their way – the main one being their obligations to their respective runs. The reader can’t help but get caught up in their romance as they try to keep their wolves alive and fight their desires and both capture the heart with their heavy burdens over past tragedies that are taking their toll. Olivia and Bishop make an astounding pair and there is no denying that they are perfect for each other.

Spine tingling tension builds throughout the story as the danger from the triplets continues and more deaths occur, keeping all the characters on their toes, awash with fear and completely on edge and the reader can practically feel all of it as if they are there with them. The story continues where Black Rook left off and of course leaves us with a cliff hanger and highly anticipating White Knight. I was completely caught up in this book from the very beginning and shed a lot tears throughout (I hate crying) but it also brought smiles as characters overcome some difficult situations along the way and I couldn’t help but cheer them on. White Knight needs to hurry up and get here…is there any way for me to skip all the way to January?
- Eva
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872 reviews
October 29, 2014
4.25 Stars.

This is the second in a fast pace paranormal romance series, a dark tale with enough heartache, emotion and danger to satisfy paranormal romance readers that love different worlds and intriguing characters and plots.

Gray Bishop starts from where we ended Black Rook, actually a few hours before the end as we are privy to Bishop’s POV and his thoughts of the evening that Rook and Knight are kidnapped as they fight off the triplets. The group is reeling from the fight, needing to regroup in order to decide how to fight these three deranged women.

Bishop is a gray wolf and first born son of Alpha McQueen, leader of Cornerstone. He is set to become Alpha one day and has shown his leadership abilities. Black wolves are born leaders and are usually Alphas in packs but Rook who is the black wolf does not want the role, preferring to be an enforcer in the run. Rook is planning to marry Brynn the half wolf half mage he fell in love with in the first book.

Jillian is a black wolf, the daughter of an Alpha from the Springwell run. She is helping the town of Cornerstone since they have taken on refuges from another community. Cornerstone is the center point of the attacks; the triplets want Knight, a man who is key to the reproductive future of these maniacal women. He is a white wolf, the third son and empath of the run. He feels the weight of the world on him as he believes the disasters are his fault, his story will be epic.

The triplets have one thought in mind and they go about their task with horrific consequences ripping up communities and killing as many as possible, a majority of those from Cornerstone try to help but several die. The brothers and Jillian must make some important decisions to satisfy not only those that are living in Cornerstone but others in the loup garou community worldwide.

Seriously, this is nonstop action from start to finish. I really enjoyed this addition to the series, even staying up late to finish because I had to find out what happened. This is a trilogy so the overall story arc continues and Ms. Meade does end this book leaving us with questions about a major character, but I trust the author and am excited to read the next one. I do have to say there is a lot going on in this series but the author is great at keeping the reader interested and ready for more.

Bishop is a great hero; he wants to protect his town and those that live here; he is a true Alpha ready to lead but has feelings of guilt that go way back to his mother’s death. You can feel the hurt and angst roll off of him, feeling helpless as they try to find the triplets and keep his run safe. Jillian is a strong woman who will one day be married to an Alpha. I like her and how tough she is even though she is still grieving for her husband and unborn child she lost not long ago.

The relationship between Jillian and Bishop is interesting, there is an attraction between them but they know what their futures holds, he is planning on being Alpha for Cornerstone and she for Springwell, equaling separate lives. When horrific incidences cause the two communities to find solutions Jillian and Bishop are finally able to sneak time together secretly, there is still a threat and an unknown future and they must wait until things fall their way. The chemistry is there and there are some steamy scenes but their world is falling apart so it is difficult to concentrate on their relationship.

The secondary characters of this trilogy are extremely important, this is a small community with many dangers and they must rely on each other. The brothers are close and when tragedy strikes they band together to form a cohesive unit, and are especially protective of Knight when his beast takes over as his empathic feelings are too much to handle.

As stated before, the action is nonstop from beginning to end and the emotions you go through are staggering as the communities are all under the danger of these triplets that are out to destroy the wolves, and they will stop at nothing to see them all dead including men, women and children. I really enjoy the voice of the author, she writes a compelling story that keeps you turning the pages because we feel invested in their survival. I will be waiting impatiently for the next book in the series to find out how Knight and Shay’s story is revealed. A wonderfully dark and appealing paranormal romance that will keep you enthralled until the end.

Review posted at: Ramblings from a Chaotic Mind

Copy from publisher for an honest review
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936 reviews69 followers
December 1, 2014
See this review and others like it at Badass Book Reviews!

Gray Bishop follows Black Rook in the Cornerstone Run Trilogy and I found it to be a much more enjoyable book overall. It was action-packed and so many things happened to lead us toward the final conclusion... I definitely don't recommend jumping into the series with this book. Start from the beginning and enjoy the ride!

Jillian and Bishop are the main couple. Bishop is the oldest son of the Cornerstone Run Alpha and will take over the pack one day, even though he is only a gray wolf. Jillian is also the child of the her pack Alpha and will be the Alpha female one day when she marries another black wolf. They have undeniable chemistry, but their familial expectations make it impossible for them to be together. Their wolves might have chosen each other, but the humans know it is not meant to be.

Bishop occupies a weird space in pack hierarchy. The first son of the Alpha, he was raised to be the successor. The problem is he's only a gray wolf, not a black one. His youngest brother, Rook, was born a black wolf and could have taken pack leadership away from Bishop until he met his half-breed mate, Brynn. Now that Bishop knows for sure that Rook doesn't want the leadership role, he's more secure in himself and his leadership but that doesn't mean he wants to be Alpha right away. Jillian suffered a devastating loss, her husband and her unborn child, in a car accident. She's been trying to rebuild herself and to find another black wolf to marry so her pack's leadership can be passed along. She will be the pack's Alpha female and whoever she marries with be the Alpha. Jillian and Bishop have responsibilities to their separate packs which means they can't be more than bed buddies, no matter what their hearts want. I liked Bishop and Jillian so much more in this book than the first. They both came off a little cold in Black Rook, but here they had so many more faucets to their characters. Jillian had an icy exterior at times, but it was only to protect herself from getting hurt again. She was actually a calming, yet driving force for Bishop and, I think, helped him find the strength to live up to his potential. Bishop also helped Jillian to heal and move on from her past tragedy.

It's hard to talk anymore about Gray Bishop without revealing spoilers -- they start from the very beginning! We learn secrets that Bishop, Knight, and Jillian have been keeping; see major changes in the Cornerstone Run and its leadership; and we even learn more about the McQueen's mother. I still want to know more about the Magus and their motivations for setting everything in motion, but I'm sure that's being saved for the last book. Obviously as a paranormal romance, this book sets events into motion to bring Jillian and Bishop together. I saw what happened coming, but it still hit me pretty hard; it was very emotional! Knight also went through a lot in this book and his changes also helped Shay to come into her own.

Though I wasn't blown away by Black Rook, I was fully invested in Gray Bishop. I felt like the story and characters were much freer to thrive now that the world building and setup had been established. I am very excited to read the finale, White Knight, to find out how Knight is going to act and to see the culmination of Shay's story as well.

Thank you to InterMix and Netgalley for providing an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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October 21, 2014
Posted at Yummy Man & Kick Ass Chicks

Gray Bishop is the second book in Kelly Meade’s Cornerstone Run Trilogy. This series is raw and heavy and emotional but also interesting and gripping and unique.

Even though this is a paranormal romance series there is a storyline that follows from one book to the next. The story is just as strong as the budding relationship and romance. Gray Bishop’s romantic focus is on Bishop and Jillian and how they beat the odds to be together.

When I mentioned earlier that the series is raw and emotional, I really meant it. By this book’s 50% mark, two very important characters had died. Yes two. By the halfway mark! But if you have read a book by Kelly Meade/Meding before, this fact will not surprise you. Kelly’s books always take you through the ringer by the end and you always feel like it will take effort for you to feel whole again. In other words, they do what true dark UF or dark PNR are supposed to do. And you are not the only one going through the ringer in this book. Jillian and Bishop do too…even worse than you if you can believe it. But it all brings their feelings for each other into focus making their HEA all the more deserved.

Bishop and Jillian are not supposed to be able to be together because she is the next alpha female of her run and Bishop is the next alpha of his. It’s almost like a star-crossed lovers thing without the hormonal drama. They are both adults and committed to their packs. Doesn’t mean they have to like being denied each other but it means they are not children about it. I was very grateful for that. But even though they are not supposed to be together, Kelly finds a way. A good and believable way! Yes, she kills characters off but there is more to it than that. ;)

You see Rook and Brynn from the first book in this one and I like where they are. You see some of the issues they are facing, especially Brynn, but they are facing them together and with the support of some good friends and a very solid family unit so you just know they will be okay in the end.

Knight. Oh Knight. Such a tortured soul but not in your usual sense. He is friendly and thoughtful. Not your breed of a**hole you usually see from a tortured hero. He’s just a little lost. Okay, a lot lost. But he knows who is mate is and that will be one of the focuses of the next book, White Knight, when it releases on January 20th 2015. Can’t wait to read that one. Since the first book, Knight is the character you want to know more about and want to see happy the most because there is just something about him.

The villain in just insane in this series. They have no real rhyme or reason which makes them even scarier this time around. No word from Brynn’s father in this book so I am definitely expecting to see him again in the next and last book because man, he has some explaining to do!

I love the concept of the wolves in this series and how the color of the wolf determines his or her place in the pack. I also love seeing the politics play out and how they too make this series quite unique.

Overall, Gray Bishop was just as I expected it to be. Insane in all of the best ways possible. Kelly continues to show us how she is a master at writing dark paranormal stories and that her imagination and the places she is willing to take her readers show no limit. If you are a fan of darker yet excellent books, definitely give this series a try.
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January 5, 2015
This review was originally published at Vampire Book Club and was based on a copy provided by the publisher.

The McQueen brothers, Bishop, Knight and Rook (I love their names!) are the sons of the loup-garou alpha in Cornerstone Run. Bishop has been preparing his entire life to become the next alpha, working twice as hard to prove himself because he is a common gray wolf, while nearly all alphas are the elite black wolves. He’s starting to doubt his ability to protect his run since both of his brothers were recently kidnapped by a group of vampire-loup hybrids. The hybrids, escaped experiments created by the Magi council, are trying to destroy the loups one settlement at a time and force the middle brother Knight, a rare white wolf, to help them create more hybrids.

Jillian Reynolds was sent to Cornerstone to help the McQueens battle the hybrids. She’s the next in line to lead a neighboring run. (Her father is the current alpha and her future husband will be the next one.) She was set to take over the run once before, but lost her husband and child in a car accident. She and Bishop are immediately drawn to each other, but know they can never be together because of their responsibilities to their families.

Gray Bishop feels a little bit more like a traditional romance than the previous book in the series, Black Rook. The characters are more mature, more experienced and are more upfront about their feelings. Plus their attraction was already established in the previous book, so there’s not as much set up required. In this world, the loup don’t have predestined mates like a lot of shifter romances. Instead, Bishop and Jillian talk about their beasts choosing a mate and the human taking much longer to fall in love, or even having to reject that decision entirely. (Or the reverse is possible as well.) I really like that aspect of Meade’s mythos, but I felt like there was a little too much talk about the beasts in this one.

Even though I enjoyed it, I didn’t really get what I wanted out of Gray Bishop. I expected to learn more about the mages and the vampires, the other supernatural creatures that live in their world, but there’ s nothing new here in terms of world building. I hoped to uncover more of the conspiracy that created the hybrids who continued their attacks on the loups, but they really only play defense, reacting to the attacks but not investigating further. What does play out is a lot of internal politics as the Cornerstone loups try to integrate refugees from the hybrid attacks and deal with issues of succession. Meade really puts her characters through the emotional ringer in this one and the connection to the characters was what kept me turning the page.

A large part of the book is also devoted to Knight as he struggles with the trauma from the events of Black Rook. As a white wolf, an empath, he also has to deal with the emotions of everyone around him, including his family as they find out the truth about what happened to him. He still has a long way to go in his own book, the final one in the trilogy, before he’s recovered. I also hope that White Knight returns to the mystery plot that began in Black Rook and wraps up all of those loose ends.
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October 13, 2014
4.5 stars

I loved book one of this series and couldn't wait to get my hands on this book, though I'll be honest, I was more excited to get book three. The story of the white wolf and the tragedy that Knight has gone through really made me want to read his story. My real goal was to get through this one to get to the next. Boy, I was mistaken. This story was amazing and gives new meaning to tragic.

This story picks up right where book one leaves off. Cornerstone is trying to recover from the attacks from the hybrids. The loupe garou have it tough recently. One town is completely gone with a single survivor. Another lost more than half it's numbers. They at least know now what they are facing and what their enemies are after. That will make things easier, right? WRONG.

Our heroine of this book is Jillian Reynolds, the daughter of the Springwell alpha. She is a widow and a black wolf. She is set to be the next alpha female for Springwell, but she needs to find a nice black wolf male to mate and replace her late husband. Problem is, her wolf really likes Bishop McQueen, the eldest son of the Cornerstone alpha.

Normally, gray wolves wouldn't become alpha, but since it looked like there wasn't going to be a black wolf in the McQueen family, as Rook was born many years later and didn't shift for even longer to see that he was black, Bishop was being groomed to take over when his father retired. It then seems that things are in the air as to whether Rook or Bishop was going to take over as alpha. However, in the previous book, Rook takes a mate that is not loup garou, he cannot be alpha. That puts future alpha solely back on Bishop.

It seems that no matter how much Jillian and Bishop's wolves insist that they belong together, it doesn't seem like it will be possible as they both have separate runs that they need to lead. Tragedy happens and things change for all involved.

The story that is told here is so enveloping that you get lost in the pages and the world of the loup garou. The story is dark, very dark. There is so much death and despair, that we are starting to get numbers like Game of Thrones. There is a sadness that made me go get the tissues. It is a great story and you can see how the characters over come the tragedy that is laid before them.

I highly recommend this series for shifter fans who are not opposed to violence and sadness in their stories. All that sadness is worth the great story and character growth that comes from tragedy.

I received this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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October 25, 2014
Kelly Meding Meade continues her Cornerstone Run trilogy with the story of oldest McQueen brother and future Alpha, Bishop. I found this book to be very consistent with the style and tone of book one, so if you liked Black Rook, I think you’ll like this one too.

As we begin, the pack is still reeling from the carnage in the last story. The brothers have all survived, but at a cost. Rook is scarred physically from an attack, Knight is a hot mess emotionally from his rape, and Bishop is internalizing everything, because he wasn’t able to keep his family safe. It also doesn’t help that he is overwhelmingly attracted to a woman he can never have.

Jillian is the Alpha’s daughter from another pack. She is currently staying in Cornerstone, serving as an extra enforcer to help protect the town from the crazy triplets who are gunning for Knight. She wants Bishop as much as he wants her, but she knows that she is destined to be Alpha female of her pack. Since she will never leave her people and Bishop will never leave his, they have no future. Unfortunately, reason means nothing to their wolves.

I don’t want to give too much away, but I will say that the triplets aren’t done and there is much more bloodshed to be had. The story follows Bishop and Jillian as they work to protect the other wolves and try to find balance as between their own feelings and their responsibilities as leaders. There is solid sexual tension between these two and some fairly good emotional angst with baggage each of them is carrying. It’s nothing like the gut-clenching stuff you’ll find in Meding’s Dreg City books, though, and I do miss the intensity.

There is plenty of time devoted to Knight, who I find to be the scene stealer of the series. And his love story with Shay is firmly set up. There is also a lot of time spent delving into pack politics and prejudice found there. It was all… ok. I guess what kept it from being more than that in this –and in the last– book, is just the weak foundation for the romance. I believe the attraction between Jillian and Bishop, but there is no basis for love there. I could see a spark, but there just wasn’t enough time for there to be more. Granted, they had a little more time than Rook and Brynn, but it was still too quick and superficial to make me invest.

Don’t get me wrong, I wanted them together, but I didn’t ache for it. It was entertaining, but not gripping.

Rating: B-

*ARC Provided by publisher for review
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October 24, 2014
I always enjoy when series with revolving main characters keep the past main characters as a decent part of the book. GRAY BISHOP follows Bishop and Jillian as they fall in love, but Brynn and Rook are very much still a big part of the story. I really enjoy the family dynamic that comes with the McQueen family and was really heartbroken towards the end of book 2. The run and the McQueen's have been through so much, but GRAY BISHOP definitely feels like the biggest blow was thrown into the mix.

Jillian and Bishop's love story wasn't as easy as Brynn and Rooks, but felt just as real and I enjoyed following it. With all the other events happening I don't feel that their story got the attention it deserved. This series is a trilogy so WHITE KNIGHT should bring us full circle and hopefully give the run and the McQueen's some piece and happiness, but I know it won't be smooth sailing.

* This book was provided free of charge from the Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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November 6, 2014
I didn't love it as much as book 1. It was a lot more depressing :(
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January 7, 2015
And the editing issues continue. How can you lift up a shirt and have your arms pinned above your head? Or meet the same person for the first time twice?
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November 1, 2014
After being introduced to the Cornerstone world in the first book, Black Rook: the characters, the complicated plotting both for the suspenseful action and the near impossible romantic situations of the characters, I was ready for that heady, excitement for what I was reading to continue.

This is a interesting trilogy in that most of the main players are introduced in the beginning and their stories all start at the same time and are tied together. Several even get narration roles in each book so that its not just the hero and heroine featured telling what's going on. There are three wolf shifter brothers all representing a different level of wolf hierarchy based on power and all getting the chance to be the lead protagonist in each book. This is the second book and is Bishop, the gray wolf's story. It needs to be read after book one because its really an ongoing segment of the same overall story.

Bishop's life is in turmoil now after all that has come before and he's not the only one. Their whole community is still reeling from the enemy attack that brought sorrow, death and destruction down on them with the purpose of wiping his people from existence and using the uniqueness of his brother, Knight's white wolf nature to create a new super race of paranormals. The town is fearful and Knight is nearly ready to break. Bishop knows that something has to give. He, himself, is strung out from everything. It doesn't help that his wolf side recognizes Jillian Reynolds, the alpha female from another pack, as his mate. He's pretty sure she feels the pull too, but they are destined to lead their father's separate packs so cannot give in to the pull of their wolves.

Jillian has come to Cornerstone at her father's orders not just to lend aid to the beleaguered pack, but also to look about and find a worthy mate to help her lead her home pack. She lost her husband and child and now she is just coming out of her grief to try again. Nobody from home attracted her in this way, but the minute she encounters Bishop McQueen everything in her sits up and takes notice like nothing she has felt before. The only man she wants it the one she can't have. She can't dwell on it though as much needs to be done and their enemies are still out there.

Then the unthinkable happens and the attacks start again with this time the death and grief happening much closer to home for Bishop. Bishop is suddenly faced with trouble on all fronts and it is only Jillian beside him and the determination to hold what remains of his family and pack together keeping them as safe as he can that gets him through the horrors that come. Knight might be beyond aid and Rook is prepared to step in and put his life on the line too. The vampire hybrids have struck back with a vengeance and someone else with an ax to grind have Bishop and the others of Cornerstone backed into a really tough spot.

What else to say...this was a true middle piece to the story. I knew what was coming when I saw the direction of the storyline, but I still bawled my eyes out nonetheless. My heart grieved for what these people had to deal with. Bishop was the one holding the point on it all as the natural leader, but its not just him that is pushed beyond what he should be able to take. Its a family- a community that experiences it all. Knight has such personal demons to deal with that it was hard to see him struggle. The romance plot was one of those 'doomed before it starts' things for Bishop and Jillian, but it didn't get angsty. They are both strong, passionate people, but they are hemmed in by duty. I hope their story arc continues into the next one because I felt the need for a bit more even though the end of the book left them in a good place. Now the last big twist right at the end wasn't exactly a cliffhanger in that it was almost expected, but it still leaves me frustrated to have to wait for the final book.

As to the characters, I really like them all. Well okay, I love to hate the bad guys, but the good guys are all characters I can really root for and care about their stories. They are all like family whether they are blood related or not and I love that camaraderie feeling.
Bishop was actually a favorite from the beginning back in the other book. Maybe its the oldest child connection, but I totally got him and was glad to get his story. Unlike his brothers who are both gifted in ways he is not- Rook's power and position came from being born a black wolf and Knight's being a rare white wolf makes him absolutely integral and essential, Bishop is a gray wolf and forced to work twice as hard as the black wolves around him to establish his place as the alpha's oldest son and heir to the leadership of his people. Bishop has the heart and head of an alpha and the people respect and follow him, but with it comes such burdens and responsibilities. He also carries a personal guilt and grief over each instance he feels that he failed to protect others particularly his younger brothers. He wants to keep everyone safe and now he is faced with the fact that safety is an illusion at best. He knows Jillian Reynolds is his mate and he already respects her as a friend and fellow fighter, but in true alpha fashion he must set aside his own happiness for the good of his pack and hers. He must let her go.

Now Jillian is basically Bishop's counterpart just female so it was easy to appreciate and like her too. She has had personal tragedy just pile up in her life too. It is being near Bishop that gives her the strength to keep it together and do what she has to do. Unfortunately part of what she has to do involves turning her back on what they could have had together. Jillian is a refreshing heroine. She is smart, strong, fiercely loyal, vulnerable at times and loving. She stands beside Bishop even through her own grief and she doesn't go weepy and wailing when faced with some pretty tough situations.

In the end, this was a strong sequel that kept the story progressing forward as things get graver and the stakes get higher which is exactly where things need to be setting up for the grand finale. The romance is a balanced equally with the action and the characters are developed and engaging. I would recommend this series for paranormal romance lovers who like that sort of balance and a passionate, though understated romance between two strong characters.

My thanks to Penguin Group and Net Galley for the opportunity to read this one in exchange for an honest review.
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August 11, 2018
Gray Bishop picks up right where Black Rook ends. Everyone is trying to deal with the aftermath of the craziness of the first book. There is still a huge threat out there that is bound and determined to take out the wolves and get their hands on Knight McQueen. This book focuses on Bishop, the eldest of the McQueen brothers. He’s the next alpha of the Cornerstone run, so he’s just as responsible for their pack as his father is.

Enter Jillian, the daughter of an Alpha from another pack. She’s there to help out while also checking out the Cornerstone run for a potential mate. She’ll be the Alpha female of her pack when her father retires, she needs a husband who will take over as Alpha. Too bad the man she really wants is Bishop, who she has ridiculous chemistry with.

This book is also action-packed from beginning to end. A lot happens that I really can’t talk about without giving away everything. This book ramps everything up a notch and I couldn’t put it down. Of course, the second I finished this one I had to jump right into White Knight. I mean really this is a must-read trilogy and I highly recommend it.
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June 19, 2017
Gray Bishop is the second instalment of a fantastic dark and gritty paranormal romance trilogy following three werewolf brothers (all named after chess pieces!).

Bishop is the eldest brother and his love interest is seemingly just out of reach as she's in the same position as himself as next Alpha in line to lead her pack. A series of unfortunate events along with a continuation of the story arc from book one lead us through this non-stop action page turner, delivering a fantastic romance along the way as well as setting us up beautifully for book three, White Knight.

If you haven't read book one I think it essential to do so in order to fully enjoy this book, and you'll definitely want to pick up White Knight as soon as you're done!

A copy of this book was gifted for review purposes
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October 20, 2014
Review originally posted at http://fictionvixen.com/review-gray-b...

Gray Bishop is the second book in the Cornerstone Run Trilogy, and while I had some problems with the romance in Black Rook, the world-building and premise of this series had me looking forward to the next two releases. Bishop and Jillian, our main characters, feature prominently in the first book and I was very much looking forward to see how their romance developed.

First let me say I adore the underlying premise of this series as it’s built around different colors of wolves and how each have their places in the loup society. Blacks are the strongest and are usually the leaders, grays the most common and whites the rarest and are the healers who keep the entire pack grounded. Almost all the conflicts, other than the action plot, arise because not every character fits exactly into this mold and the people they fall in love with aren’t who they should be paired with according to their society. I think, for me, this is what had me hitting my request button when this title came up for review. I needed to know how Bishop and Jillian worked through the many obstacles being together would represent. I wanted to see how this small settlement would adapt when half-breeds were introduced into their formerly closed off community. I needed to see them evolve and grow and get better as a whole.

Bishop is the son of the alpha and a gray wolf. Until his brother was born a black wolf, he was the presumptive heir to his father. He’s strong, smart and genuinely embodies everything an alpha should be, regardless of his common gray color. When his brother Rook finally gives up his claim to leadership in order to marry the half-breed woman he’s fallen in love with, Bishop once again steps into the role he’s been raised for his entire life. He’s ready to take on the responsibility, but first must work with his father to protect the entire loup garou community against the half-vampire, half- loup women who are currently terrorizing loup settlements all over the country. Their ultimate goal is to steal back Bishop’s brother Knight, a white wolf, in order to breed with him. Bishop is not about to let that happen again. He’ll do whatever it takes to protect his brother this time around.

Jillian is a black wolf who also happens to be daughter and heir to the alpha of the neighboring community. She’s an enforcer and part of the ‘in the know’ group who is working with Bishop’s father to eliminate the threat to the loup garou. Her backstory is sad, and had me as a reader sympathizing with her character right off the bat. I appreciated that the author began this book with little look into Jillian’s history, as it helped me understand her thoughts and actions as she’s contemplating her feelings for Bishop.

Jillian and Bishop desire each other, and their beast sides might have already found their mate, but theirs is a relationship that will never work. Each have big internal struggles as well, that leads them to doubt themselves, each other and their partnership. Even as I was reading, I kept wondering how Ms. Meade would resolve the issues between them as both Jillian and Bishop are next in line to lead. I was completely surprised by the way this author brought these two together and made their mating work. I’m not sure how I didn’t see it coming really. Suffice it to say big things happen that forces the issue and creates a way for the conflict between them to be resolved.

In the background, there is so much going on and even secondary characters are stepping out of their molds and taking on their society to be with who they love. These side stories interested me almost as much as the main romance. I’m so intrigued by what’s going on with Knight and Shay. Knight is the character who captured my attention the most in the first book and he’s just as compelling in this one. He’s still working through what happened to him in Black Rook and he has an almost nervous breakdown in Gray Bishop. I’m excited for his book, to be released in January. I can’t wait to see how he finally finds peace and happiness with his mate. Final Grade- B-

Favorite Quote:

“These are the moments worth fighting for.”

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October 25, 2015
Reviewed at The Blogger Girls.

4.5 stars

It’s been a few weeks since the death of Fiona and things have been quiet around Cornerstone. That is until the run finds a location filled with decimated half-breeds, as well as, full-blooded and half-breed loups coming to their town for sanctuary. Add to that, Jillian’s hometown gets attacked causing more and more deaths. With the triplets back in action and hellbent on revenge of their sister and possibly recapturing Knight, will Jillian and Bishop be able to survive the latest attacks when they come too close to home? And when they’re put into a position that will make or break them as a couple, will they be able to withstand the troubles that come with it while protecting their family and their run?

While Black Rook focused a lot on the hybrids and their destruction, Gray Bishop deals more with the run and its troubles than anything else. Yes, the storyline on the triplets continues and they still wreak havoc but this book is mostly based on the after affects of the triplets attacks, especially those to Jillian’s hometown and that run merging with Cornerstone. Not to mention, the triplets are killing so many more loups, some of which are wolves that I, as a reader, adored from the beginning. It’s sad and made me want to cry but it needed to happen. Not only because it causes everyone to reassess their positions and their situation but also because it makes everyone stronger in the end because the individuals that die, don’t die in vain… if that makes any sense. What I mean is, by the end of the book, everyone grows stronger and even those who started to unravel at the end of Black Rook become more determined and focused.

This book is sort of crazy because there’s just so much that happens within the run that there’s truly no area of this world that is unaffected. As for the characters, I loved being able to see more of Jillian and Bishop. Personally, it was great to finally get inside Bishop’s head and realize that while he may be calm and collected on the outside, he actually harbors a ton of guilt on the inside for everything that’s happened to Knight, as well as, his mom. It’s extremely sad because none of it was his fault but that doesn’t stop him from feeling like a bad big brother. Jillian holds a different sort of pain, one caused by mourning her dead husband and child. She’s strong and stubborn, though, and both those traits allow her to stand up to Bishop and hold her own. They’re both emotionally damaged in their own way but they were able to heal each other and support one another, mentally and physically. I loved them as a couple and am so glad that Bishop got his own HEA!

My only issue with this one is I thought that Bishop and Jillian’s “I love you’s” were a little… sudden. I mean, they really don’t know each other and I feel like their “love” is more like either lust or totally based off their wolves’ emotions since Jillian and Bishop didn’t have a real conversation outside of the hybrid issue and grieving they both went through. Still, it wasn’t a HUGE issue but I couldn’t help but notice that, unlike Rook and Brynn, they didn’t really get to know each other.

In the end, this was a fabulous sequel to Black Rook. While it continues the storyline of the hybrids, it’s mainly about the internal conflicts within the run and its dynamics. I loved getting to see it but also meeting new wolves and getting to know Bishop and Jillian a little better. Knight’s book is next and I just CANNOT WAIT for it! It’s going to be EPIC, I can feel it!
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October 13, 2014
I received this ARC from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review, I was in no way compensated for this review.

Gray Bishop continues Kelly Meade's Cornerstone Run trilogy, this time with Bishop at the helm! I seriously love this trilogy so far! The characters are just so awesome! It's hard to say why I love them so much, but really, what it comes down to is great writing! Kelly weaves an incredible story and I loved every moment of it!

I like how we pick up things where we left off, with little time having passed by. Brynn and Rook are set in their happiness, but trouble and the triplets are still around. Big time! Bishop and his family, along with the rest of their pack are doing everything they can to stop the triplets, but these women are vicious and will stop at nothing until they get Knight back so they can continue using him to make more babies. Creepy much? There's more love for you there when an author creates such creepy villains, and that's putting aside the fact that these three are hybrids, that kind of viciousness is villainous on its own!

There's a lot to deal with in this installment. The battle with the triplets wages on and gets more intense as attacks continue to happen. They are hard to predict and every time our heroes try to get a step ahead they fall three steps behind, it's an ongoing battle, but one that promises to find conclusion in the next and final book, obviously!

In the meantime, Bishop is trying to fight his growing feelings for Jillian, the Alpha female who's come to his pack's aid from a neighboring pack. Jillian isn't without her own heartache and misery, for we learn about her past in the first chapter. And not one character will be untouched by more pain and misery in this book. This book really packs the punches with all kinds of pain and shocking outcomes.

The romance though between Jillian and Bishop was sweet, yet different from Rook and Brynn's. Jillian and Bishop are both loup garous, so being together should be easier, but it's not. Jillian is the daughter of an Alpha and despite Bishop being the son of one, he's also a gray wolf, the more common wolf type and Jillian is more suited to being with a black. Plus, there's the fact that they come from two different packs and they are destined to lead their own pack...forming a relationship is destined for failure. But yet, this story will surprise you with its outcomes!

The ending was the real shocker, I mean we had shocks and surprises spread throughout. This one was jawdropper after another kind of a read. But the ending here really sets us up for where Knight will take over in the final book. Knight was going through his own issues in this one as well and you really feel for the guy after all he went through. Luckily, he has Shay there! And I soooo can't wait to see the two of them together in the final book!

Gray Bishop continues the Conerstone Run trilogy and packs a real punch with its shocking twists, turns, and outcomes! It makes for a thrilling werewolf read! I never grow tired of the "classic" supernaturals in my reading and am eating up the electronic pages of this series! The next one is sure to be an equally thrilling and engaging read! Read the first two books now so you can be caught up in time for the final release in January!

Overall Rating 5/5 stars

Gray Bishop releases October 21, 2014

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October 21, 2014
Gray Bishop, Kelly Meade
Genre: paranormal romance.
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
I hadn’t realised this was the second book in a trilogy. I found myself thinking it seemed as if a prior level of knowledge about the characters was assumed and then on checking found I'd missed book one...my error. I’m human, it happens. I’d seen the description and it sounded good so I didn’t check further. Anyway I went back and read the amazon sample of book one and synopsis, and a few reviews to get a feel of the background then came back to Grey Bishop.
I had a couple of troublesome concepts to cope with . First -the whole Black, Grey, White separation of werewolves seemed a bit odd to me, it seems like an attempt to add something new into an existing genre but TBH for me it was an unnecessary layer of separation. Its a small population already and with human/other supernatural pairings frowned upon I couldn’t see why add another bar to couples. Then the hybrid sisters killing so many werewolves, four of them and they killed hundreds? In one go it seems at times...I couldn’t see that, however fast and strong their vampire side made them. It was just too much to be realistic and even in fantasy I need realism, the idea that if the scene was real it could actually happen and four creatures taking out hundreds of trained, ultra strong werewolves – nope, doesn’t work for me.
The romance side though... that worked. I liked Gillian and understood her grief, and her attraction to Bishop. Her husband was a good man, and she’d loved him, grieved deeply when he died but he wasn’t her Mate. Bishop feels as if he is, right from their first meeting they’ve felt a pull towards each other that's hard to ignore. How sad then that the colour issue is one of the bars against them... He was a strong potential leader too – very much aware of his duty to his family and the Pack as a whole, and I really felt for him when he thought he’d let his brothers down. Both times there really wasn’t anything more he could do, and yet he still felt responsible for their grief and pain. The battles are fierce and bloody, and the pain suffered by those left felt very real. I liked that the McQueen pack welcomed half breeds, unlike others that cast them out. They needed the strength that new blood brings, even if it isn’t pure werewolf. I did have trouble with how they kept everything away from human eyes, somehow I couldn’t see for instance, just the auction house providing work and finance for everyone, and yet their interaction with humans was minimal so how could they work with them? If they died how would the pack explain it? I couldn't quite see how that married up with modern technology that keeps track of everyone – they needed some way surely to explain how hundreds of them had died? It was a gap that kept coming back for me through the novel, how did a whole village ( several whole villages ) hide from humans? Might have been possible a couple of hundred years back, but with technology and travel today it wouldn’t work. I needed some answers, even if it was just some kind of witch spell that kept them hidden. 
The story as a whole was a mixed bag for me. I liked the premise and it could have been a 4-5 star read for me if not for those niggling questions that make it feel so unreal.  
Stars: Three, lots of potential, lots of action and good plots but too many unanswered questions for a higher rate from me.  
ARC supplied via Netgalley.  
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October 28, 2014
Gray Bishop is the second book in Kelly Meade’s Cornerstone Trilogy. An action packed dark urban fantasy that revolves around a family of loup garous-the McQueens. If you haven’t read book one, I highly recommend you do so as the ongoing arc is extremely important to the storyline and characters bleed over with little to no re cap. Each book focuses on one brother.


We first met Bishop McQueen in book one, Black Rook. Bishop, a gray wolf, was made their father’s alpha heir by default when his brother Rook gave it up in order to be with his true love, a magus named Brynn. A group of hybrids kidnapped their youngest brother, Knight, in order to use him to build an army of vicious hybrids to take over the supernatural world. Various subplots left us wondering at the end of Black Rook and Gray Bishop picks up right where it left off.

Bishop, his family, and various other alphas heirs from other packs are dealing with the aftermath of some fatal attacks and searching high and low for the hybrids. Loup garou towns across the country are being attacked and decimated and there is nothing the packs can seem to do to stop it. Bishop is not only feeling the strain of trying to protect the residents of the Cornertown pack but also his own imagined failings in protecting his brothers-Rook and Knight-who were kidnapped and brutally assaulted in book one. When he meets a female black wolf, his stress levels rise to infinite proportions as he realizes his wolf wants a female neither of them will be allowed to have.

Jillian Reynolds, daughter to the alpha of Springwell and heir apparent, is not only in Cornerstone to help find and stop the hybrids but is also looking for a new mate. She lost her first mate and knows she needs a strong alpha to rule by her side when she takes over the pack. Jillian is shocked when her wolf tries to lay claim to Bishop’s wolf. She knows they can never be together but sometimes the heart and wolf refuse to be denied.

When danger hits close to home for Jillian, she and Bishop race to Springhill only to find that the chaos of Cornerstone has come for her family. With time running out, Jillian and Bishop will have to face their feelings and the archaic laws that rule their lives if they are to survive what’s coming for them.

More angst, violence, pain, and yes, death chases this second installment as Meade builds the crescendo towards the finale. If you have ever read Kelly Meade aka Kelly Meding, you know she doesn’t hesitate when leading her characters down a long hard path. Heavily character driven, Meade further expands upon the arc and the dynamics of everyone involved, weaving it in and out of the main storyline. Racism and treachery continue to prevail as Meade adds tidbits of back story into the world building to further educate readers. Plotlines are expanded and crushing revelations are made that will leave readers shocked at the implications. We learn more of the varied supernatural factions and their past actions that lead them all to this point. Smooth writing, lightening fast pacing, and captivating dialogue keeps you on your toes to the very end.

Read the rest of my review at Smexy Books.
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February 1, 2015
So, I did it again, I didn't read book one before I read book two, but it doesn't matter. This trilogy is magnificent. I knew this author could write brilliantly, by her other pen name, but she wrote werewolves, so now she has a full fledged fan who will always pick her up her books!! And now, I have to try to talk about something that I don't want to spoil, so bare with me :)

This is a dark, gritty, down right heart wrenching painful story but I promise, the bad will make the good so much better :) I know that the first book of the series started the events, someone is literally slaughtering off the wolf packs. And yes, the death rates, they are high, and be prepared to cry, because I did. Like, damn this hits some hard points, but this story is magnificent. It's not just a paranormal romance, it's a damn good story that makes you want to hug the people you love! This is Jillian and Bishop's story.

Jillian is an Alpha's daughter. She is supposed to marry to she and her would be husband will lead her pack. But with the threats, and her very tragic past, she's been helping out Bishop's pack. Bishop is the oldest and soon to be alpha of his pack. And they know they are each other's mates, but it can't be. They are from different packs and have responsibilities. They are both fantastic characters with amazing qualities and fantastic wit to each other. And when another MAJOR tragedy strikes, they have to figure out a way to help everyone else around them.

I have never read books where so many major characters die. I seriously shed some tears here. And it's not just about Bishop and Jillian. Knight and Rook are Bishop's brothers and there's some past tragedy and hang ups going there. And yes, this book sets up the main show done that's coming in book three. I love this series. I can't wait for book three. And then I will have to break down and read book one, and then reread books two and three so I can take it all in :) LOL I say in warning, this is not a read of the lighter variety, but with depth, complexity, and brilliance, and it's so worth the read. I am jumping right into book three!! :) 5 AMAZING WOLFY PAWS!!
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September 14, 2016
I rather like the continuity of the story. Where the first left off, the second began. This does pose 1 complication however - that you have to read the books in sequence or you may get lost. I also like the fact that, although there is a happy ending, it is tinged with darkness...thus setting the scene for the next book.
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October 30, 2014
Attacks on their homes are escalating, half breeds are seeking sanctuary, the loup garou are reaching their breaking point and the attraction between Bishop and Olivia is only making things more difficult in this thrilling paranormal romance. Spine tingling tension builds throughout the story as the danger from the triplets continues and more deaths occur, keeping all the characters on their toes, awash with fear and completely on edge and the reader can practically feel all of it as if they are there with them. The story continues where Black Rook left off and of course leaves us with a cliff hanger and highly anticipating White Knight. I was completely caught up in this book from the very beginning and shed a lot tears throughout (I hate crying) but it also brought smiles as characters overcome some difficult situations along the way and I couldn’t help but cheer them on. White Knight needs to hurry up and get here…is there any way for me to skip all the way to January?

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See my review of Black Rook (Conerstone Run Trilogy # 1) at:

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