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The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal #3

Remnant: A Caldwell & Feximal/Whyborne & Griffin Mystery

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London, 1899. The beautiful people are dying…

A malevolent power is attacking London’s bright young things, and the only clue to what's happening is written in ancient Egyptian script. As ghost-hunter Simon Feximal and his companion Robert Caldwell investigate the mysterious deaths, the arrival in London of a notorious scholar-sorcerer seems to hold the answer to more than one of their problems.

A quiet break in London while en route to Egypt turns dramatic for Dr Percival Endicott Whyborne and his lover Griffin Flaherty when they encounter the hostile ghost-hunter. Feximal clearly suspects the worst of Whyborne – and his flirtatious sidekick seems to think a great deal too well of Griffin...

Jordan L Hawk’s heroes Whyborne and Griffin meet KJ Charles’ occult detectives from the Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal in a mystery that takes all four lovers through the decadent underworld of Victorian London in pursuit of an ancient and deadly evil.

51 pages, ebook

First published March 11, 2014

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About the author

K.J. Charles

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KJ is a writer of romance, mostly m/m, historical or fantasy or both. She blogs about writing and editing at http://kjcharleswriter.com.

She lives in London, UK, with her husband, two kids, and a cat of absolute night.

Twitter https://twitter.com/kj_charles
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Author 59 books8,139 followers
February 22, 2014
At some point on Twitter, Jordan L Hawk and I agreed that our mission was to make gay Victorian occult investigators the new 'hot FBI agents'. Therefore, this story.

In this free novella, Whyborne and Griffin stop over in London on the way to Egypt and promptly find themselves entangled in both a supernatural mystery and a certain amount of personal strife with ghost-hunter Simon Feximal and his lover and chronicler Robert Caldwell.

Jordan and I had illegal amounts of fun writing this, and I hope it shows.
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1,344 reviews169 followers
March 14, 2014
Written March 13, 2014

3.8 Stars - an enjoyable shorty about an unexpectedly meeting in London between four fascinating gentlemen - ..and as always a lot of mysterious ghostly events

This Remnant story is a very funny (..these men's jealousy, their first meeting etc), cheeky and a bit thrilling short novella with four men I already like. Two lovely couples from two different good M/M series, written by two author separately usually. They all meet in London 1899.

# Robert Caldwell & Simon Feximal from
The Caldwell Ghost by K.J. Charles

# Percival Endicott Whyborne & Griffin Flaherty from
Widdershins by Jordan L. Hawk
 photo image_zps3458ecce.jpg

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Remnant started well. On page 1, the Brittish couple
~ Robert & Simon:
“Are you willing?”
“You need not ask,” I told him, and dropped to my knees.
What with one thing and another, I had spent much of the last five years kneeling in front of Simon, and generally it was a position I greatly relished. But not like this.’

...and the American lovebirds a few pages later
~ Whyborne & Griffin:
“I do appreciate it,” I added, lest he think I took him for granted.
His green eyes took on a sly look. “You’ll have to demonstrate your gratitude later, then.”
The tips of my ears grew hot, even as my member roused.’

Who can resist a historical spooky crime tale with that cute ‘member’ word?

~ Which chick, lady, babe, girl or M/M loving guy? (Just, tell me!!) That word make me smile everytime I read it. Charming and delightful old-fashioned... yum!!

It was a loaded first meeting between these four gentlemen:
‘We stood there, Dr. Whyborne half-throttled, Simon at swordpoint, Mr. Flaherty at gunpoint and I at, I suppose one might say spellpoint, all momentarily paralysed, and as we stared at one another, I reached a conclusion.’
(...) And yet...
With a chance to think about it, I should doubtless have ignored my instincts. As it was, I lowered my pistol.’

 photo image_zps610a4a4d.jpg

The quotes I pasted above says, probably, I hope, something about the story itself. More about this quick read book hardly needs to be told here, it is far too short for that.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

The set-up, with every other chapter written by each author, worked excellent. I thought it was so fun to hear these four men's different attitudes towards, and perceptions of, each other. It's told by Robert's or Whyborne's POV, just like in these series.
‘Notwithstanding, a man may look.’

The innocent flirtation between Robert and Griffin and both Simon's and Whyborne's way of emphasizing that it was not okay, was fun, hot and gorgeous to see (read). Yum!! Thanks to these, now quite "hardening" and a bit tougher men, who become a bit stubborn and jealous of their partners.

~ All smexy stuff take place in different places. ..it is certainly not crowded with four hot male bodies in the bedroom. Fear not! ...or don't have hight hopes. ~

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

An excellent shrewd temptation read to these men's remarkable everyday adventures and spooky, but also so very steaming hot, world. I have two published books in Widdershins series in front of me. Looking forward to more.

Go, jump, run... immediately and download this Remnant novella if you like to read these two talanted authors other books. [If you haven't already tried anything from them, you have a treasure of well-written historical mystery-romances in front of you. - Lucky you!]

I LIKE - of course, anything else would be a cross in the roof (= "When pigs fly")


Remnant is a new free 50 pages novella (..at SW from March 11’th), see K.J. Charles' comments)
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590 reviews249 followers
April 19, 2023
I thought I was done with the Whyborne and Griffin series, especially after my rather lukewarm impression of the grand finale... buuuuut desperate times call for desperate measures, I guess. In other words: even though I'm in a reading slump, I can always gobble down a shit ton of MM romance. Well either that, or maybe I just preferred the earlier books in the series?

Reading romance novels

Percival and Griffin are on their way to Egypt, and have a pit stop to make in London, determined to fit in a bit of sightseeing. Well, Percival's idea of sightseeing, which involves briefly double checking some Egyptian inscriptions in a museum or two. Griffin, being the perfect boyfriend that he is, knows to not let his beau wander around on his own.

Meanwhile, Simon and Robert are investigating a series of truly grisly murders, whose targets all seem to have been exceptionally beautiful people. In life that is, because their death has left them in a vastly different condition. With no valid leads, Simon smells foul play when he finds Percival's name in the American ship's passenger manifesto. After all, the Endincott family's grisly dealings are well known in certain select... circles.


Anyway... following a brief, and thoroughly embarrassing skirmish, the two couples decide to team up to solve the grisly murders. Much to Griffin and Robert's excitement, forcing their boyfriends to tag along.

Score: 3/5 stars

Not a particularly riveting murder mystery, but a thoroughly enjoyable episode in both couples' lives, chock full of humorous quips. Highly recommended to fans of both series.

Review of Robert Caldwell and Simon Feximal's adventures: The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal

Reviews of Percival Edincott Whyborne and Griffin Flaherty's adventures:
Book 1: Widdershins
Book 1.5: Eidolon
Book 2: Threshold
Book 3: Stormhaven
Book 4: Necropolis
Book 5: Bloodline
Book 6: Hoarfrost
Book 7: Maelstrom
Book 8: Fallow
Book 8.5: Undertow
Book 9: Draakenwood
Book 10: Balefire
Book 11: Deosil
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562 reviews103 followers
March 13, 2014
Short but so good!!! Though I haven't read any book of Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal series, I knew K.J. Charles writing from A Charm of Magpies series, and so I had to read this book! And I'm glad I did! These writers are so creative! This book is funny, interesting... amazing!

Whyborne is still my favorite... this character is so funny... I love him... well I love them all! Simon and Robert have a very intense relationship! I have to read their series too, definately!!!

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5,812 reviews499 followers
September 2, 2016
Both series have been a favorite of mine -- although I still wish for a Simon Feximal NOVEL -- so imagine my excitement (that had gone through the roof, thank you very much!) when I heard that the two authors were collaborating, and the four characters would meet.


In this one, the event happened 5 years after Butterflies and 4 months after Stormhaven. Whyborne and Griffin were heading to Egypt but must stopped at London. While Simon and Robert were dealing with gruesome murders involving beautiful people. The story itself was taken from two perspectives: Robert's and Whyborne's.

I thought it was smartly written. You could feel the difference between Robert's narration and the way he saw things with how Whyborne's narrate things and how he felt things. It was FUNNY that Robert and Griffin hit it off immediately, while Simon and Whyborne did not. Simon was grumpy while Whyborne was blushing a lot and not very much wanting to socialize with these two. I thought Robert and Griffin were having too much fun on the expense of their respective partners -- a fact which I enjoyed immensely.

I did wish that mystery was expanded. Gruesome murders that related to paranormal things is one that I like to read. Darn this for being only 15k (although it was free, so I shouldn't complain much, huh?)

A side note, since this story happened five years after Butterflies, there are some things that are 'new' to the relationship of Simon and Robert -- and how they use Simon's power. Which is interesting, and I hope it means we get a more explained or thorough story that leads to this (yes, I'm hinting that I want a novel, darn it)

All in all, if you love both authors and both series, this is NOT to be missed.
860 reviews231 followers
March 11, 2014

Fun interview with the characters Whyborne, Griffin, Robert, and Simon on the release day of their collaboration, "Remnant"! http://boysinourbooks.com/2014/03/11/...


If you're a fan of the Whyborne & Griffin books or the Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal shorts, then this is a no-brainer, must-read!

Yup...pretty much as good as you would expect from these two!!!!!

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711 reviews151 followers
March 12, 2014
This was simply delicious.

The way these four meet is humorous and Ival has one of my favorite lines because of it.

It's a rare treat to have two established couples working together, with neither of them in danger of being compromised. This allows all of their personalities to display truthfully. The result? Unfounded jealousy on the parts of some that is viewed with loving snickers and wry smiles by the others. Heated passion is the the yummy reward for all of them, and us.

The way the sections are written, each author gets to fully inflate their characters, while at the same time allowing the lines to be crossed and connections made between Ival & Griffin and Robert & Simon.

The mystery is fun but includes the somewhat gruesome detail that usually accompanies stories by these two. This means the danger is present and works to propel our gentlemen.

Did I mention it's deliciously hot? Because it is. And I would love more of these two bringing us more of these four. ;)
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1,357 reviews140 followers
January 23, 2020
Hmmmmm. This was...interesting.
I'll admit right from the get-go, I read this because I'm addicted to all things Whyborne and Griffin. It wasn't as if I didn't really care about Simon and Robert but...well, I didn't really care much about Simon and Robert. And yet, now I'm rather intrigued.
Genius really.
Looks like I have another couple I need to add to my 'make their acquaintance' list.
Drat, these freebies are Trouble...in the very best way!

ps...really really loved the 'belong to' scene.
Made me sweat and swoon!
Profile Image for Heller.
974 reviews119 followers
September 2, 2016

I wondered how these two authors would mesh their styles because there seemed to be subtle differences that would make a collaboration jarring. This was a smooth read though and there was a clever give and take here with alternating chapters from Whyborne and Caldwell with a rather fun meet cute for the couples. The mystery was easily solved but it was really just a convenient way for the men to interact.

We're 4 months past Stormhaven and 5 years past Butterflies. A lot of changes have happened for Feximal and Caldwell, I liked the jump and I liked the relationship development that was resolved. The story is only 53 pages so I was impressed with how much information was given.

I went into this after having just read the Hawk series Whyborne and Griffin. Which I'm glad that I did. I think this could be a standalone in that if you were a fan of either author you could easily step in and enjoy the read. I was already a huge fan of the Feximal/Caldwell pairing but I felt more comfortable getting to know Whyborne/Griffin prior to reading this because it did give me a better sense of the their reactions and the foreshadowing is meaningful.

Griffin is right to be worried about Whyborne's continued and indiscriminate use of the Arcanorum. Whyborne, Winter is Coming...don't be Eddard Stark and not see the enemy for what it is to you until it's too late. Open your eyes.

Looking forward to the next adventures for both couples. This was a treat.
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1,360 reviews114 followers
March 15, 2016

Jordan L. Hawk's Whyborne & Griffin find themselves in London on their way to Egypt

They are greeted (stalked) by KJ Charles Caldwell & Feximal

I've not read any of the Caldwell and Feximal books yet, from what I can work out the first book is no longer available and won't be until this summer. I'm intrigued, I really want to read their story. The chemistry was quite something.

Whyborne and Griffin were their usual awesome selves, Whyborne was hilarious. He is such a grumpy pants.

This was funny and smexy and the case was way gruesome.

Really good fun!

*Note: I'm going to need The Prestige gifs for when I do start reading Caldwell and Feximal.
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2,138 reviews434 followers
March 23, 2017
4 Crossover Stars

Highly enjoyable, it’s recommended to read the other books in both series to get the maximal experience watching Robert and Simon team up with Whyborne and Griffin.

Cheeky fun (plus some separate sexy times) as Robert and Griffin hit it off, while their respective partners are more disgruntled and far less inclined to join forces in finding a killer.

I can only hope we see more of these 2 duos working together!
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1,219 reviews34 followers
December 31, 2015

This new collaboration between KJ Charles and Jordan L Hawk brings together the formidable powers of two pairs of paranormal investigators. We’re familiar with American team, Whyborne and Griffin, from Hawk’s series of the same name. They are traveling abroad with a lay-over in London. It becomes Yank against Brit when they meet up with Charles' dynamic duo, Caldwell and Simon Feximal, who are chasing more mysterious deaths.

At first, the four men test their wits against each other in uncovering a mummy-voodoo plot. And the sparks fly. As well, some spicy innuendos, and a splash of jealousy. Flinty Feximal and socially awkward Whyborne are like oil and vinegar. I like how this is played off against Caldwell and Griffin, who look on it all with amusement and affection. There are some interesting developments...

The men are well-written and have their own distinct voices but I have to admit that it’s sometimes a bit of work keeping them all straight. It is fun having the four gents in cahoots and I hope we get to see more of them and this writing collaboration.

(Thank you to the authors for the arc in exchange for an honest review)

review of book 1: The Caldwell Ghost

review of book 2: Butterflies

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865 reviews396 followers
June 17, 2018
SIMON AND ROBERT: this man is evil!!!!
WHYBORNE: wtf no i'm not
SIMON: you literally raised an ancient eldritch god from the sea and destroyed a hospital

anyway i NEED jordan l hawk and kj charles to collaborate on a brand new victorian supernatural series with at least 5 books RIGHT NOW. I NEED IT!!!!!!
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836 reviews88 followers
August 26, 2019
Reread in 2019
4.5 stars, again

Still enjoyable the second time around. This time, I read it with the full knowledge of Simon and Robert’s story. I don’t think it really added much, the authors did a good job in making the story easily accessible without any previous knowledge of the characters, but there were some nice bonuses. Mostly catching some references I missed the first time like the one to Simon and Robert’s first case together. :D
Original review in 2017:
4.5 stars

This was fun.
I haven’t read K.J. Charles’ series, so Simon and Robert were new to me. I liked them and their dynamic and their interaction with Whyborne and Griffin created some very hilarious moments.
Despite Robert’s flirtatious nature, it’s obvious that he and Simon are a pretty solid couple and the immediate liking Griffin and Robert took to each other, although harmless, had the added bonus of provoking a very unusual reaction from Whyborne.
I wouldn’t mind reading about their next encounter in the future.
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1,859 reviews85 followers
March 14, 2016
This was a free read put out by K.J. Charles and Jordan L Hawk and contained the main characters from each author's series 'A Charm of Magpies' and 'Whyborne & Griffin' and really and truly it was one hell of a fun read.

I can honestly say my only issue with the whole story was it needed to be longer. Pages and more pages of these four would have been epic. I am seriously going to cross my fingers that somewhere, somehow these two authors do a collaboration with these four men. I can't imagine it would be anything but hilariously epic and sexy as all get out. Yeah, there was a couple of fairly smexy scenes going on.

So now my dilemma I need to bump up another series on my TBR list that's right 'A Charm of Magpies' needs to jump forward in it's reading order and I don't even have anyone to blame this on...except well maybe myself, but really where's the fun in that?
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Author 6 books879 followers
August 8, 2014
Super fun short featuring my favorite m/m couple, Whyborne & Griffin, joined by my second favorite m/m couple, Caldwell & Feximal.

Fun, fun, fun with a little sexy and a little suspense thrown in. I am pleased. Fun.
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1,469 reviews213 followers
March 13, 2014
OMFG! This was awesome!! Just imagine my excitement when I discovered that two of my favorite authors were writing a story together…Whyborne and Griffin and Robert and Simon all in that one little story together! Wait, not that kind of together, you pervs.

I’ve been following Whyborne and Griffin for a little over a year now; its one of my favorite series and they are definitely one of my favorite couples! And The Magpie Lord was another of my favorite reads from 2013. So when I found out Jordan and KJ were collaborating together, I had to quickly read the Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal stories just so I would be ready for the big short story. Okay, yes its short at about 15,000 words and there is A LOT going on, but in no way is it lacking. Plus, IT’S FREEEEEEEE!

Remnant, takes place four months after Stormhaven and five years after Butterflies. (Yes, I know I’m throwing out a lot of book titles here, but if you see that you are not recognizing any of them, then you need to go check out just what you are missing.) The story is told in alternating POVs by Robert and Whyborne. Drats, I was hoping to get inside Griffin’s head once more. But oh my, my we get to see a new side of Whyborne. The jealous Whyborne!

Robert and Simon are working a case where beautiful people are turning up as mutilated corpses. Whyborne and Griffin have traveled to London for Whyborne to translate an artifact for Christine. I’m not going to tell you how, but the two couples end up working on Simon’s case together…and OMG is it perfection! Of course not everyone in the foursome (not that kind of foursome) will get along. Robert and Griffin have a bit of fun teasing and testing the self-control of their lovers. Ha! And some of it is abso-freaking-lutely HILARIOUS!!! I LOVED seeing Whyborne through Robert’s eyes. He’s the most adorable little sorcerer out there (don’t tell him I said that because he will deny being a sorcerer). And a jealous Whyborne is a possessive Whyborne!

There have been some changes between Robert and Simon since we last saw them in Butterflies, it has been five years after all. And while I can’t say that I know them as well as I know Whyborne and Griffin, its interesting to see how Simon and Robert really work together…and what happens when Robert gets a bit out of line.

Can this be read as a stand alone? Well, the Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal stories are super short and easy to catch up on, but I don’t think you will be lost in Simon and Robert’s relationship if you skipped directly to this one. On the other hand, if you aren’t caught up on Whyborne and Griffin, well, there are some pretty big Stormhaven spoilers here. BUT, I think if you haven’t read any book from either series, you shouldn’t have any difficulty following the story.

It was a lot of fun seeing the two distinct voices of KJ and Jordan coming together to write this darling little story. I do hope this isn’t their last collaboration.

Can’t wait for Whyborne & Griffin #4; looks like the boys might be headed to Egypt next. And I wonder what case of Simon’s Robert will choose share with us next…

4.5 Stars

Reviewed for The Blogger Girls
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1,615 reviews240 followers
December 2, 2018
What a fun crossover short featuring four of my favorite MCs from two of my favorite authors!!

I highly recommend reading The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal before launching into this fab 4 meeting in London.

Robert and Simon are investigating mysterious deaths involving Egyptian hieroglyphs. They catch wind that an Egyptologist (Whyborne) has come ashore and wonder if he's behind the ghastly murders. The two couples meet up......Griffin and Robert hit it off....Feximal and Whyborne do not. Each has a bit of a flare of jealousy rise up and they deal with it in their own way. Sexy times for both couples, although separately!

I loved the alternating POVs (Robert's and Whyborne's), and can only wish that these four come together in the future for some more collaborative mystery-solving!!
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3,351 reviews433 followers
January 6, 2020
This book takes place in London. When Whyborne and Griffin are travelling to Egypt.

It’s a crossover book featuring Simon and Robert from the Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal.

I enjoyed this but I’m not sure about Simon. Originally I was thinking that would be my next read but ...

I’m not sure I like the idea of his gift causing pain when used. But I’ll admit I am curious...
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1,579 reviews104 followers
March 21, 2019
Reread review 3/20/19:

Could've done without the jealousy-driven sex, but other than that, still as much fun as the first time. I did keep mixing up Simon and Robert this time around, because I'm not as familiar with them and only read The Secret Casebook the one time. Those skin runes are still a stupid way to do magic, lol.

Original review 7/5/15:

Well, that was a lot of fun! I was a little saddened, at first, that this short wasn't also from Griffin's POV, but that went away real quick. This just wouldn't have been the same if not seen from Whyborne's POV, and having that juxtaposed with Robert's POV was quite effective. Griffin and Robert becoming insta-friends was a treat, as was Whyborne's and Simon's less than eager reactions to their harmless flirting. Together, they work what I'm calling the Case of the Nice Guys, and I'm eternally grateful that love potions weren't romanticized here because forcing someone to love you is creepy. I do hope Simon hunted down the Nice Guys afterward and gave them a good scaring, because that one they spoke to didn't deserve to get off that easily and neither do any of the others. My only regret is we didn't get to hear more of the argument between Whyborne and Simon at the end, but just knowing that it happened is great. This isn't the timid Whyborne we met back in the first book.

I know I've been lukewarm about KJ Charles, but here, her half and Hawkins's half flowed together seamlessly and it really kicked things up a notch for both authors. I wouldn't mind reading a crossover from these two again.
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2,114 reviews376 followers
January 4, 2018
4 Stars

This spooky historical short brought two dearly beloved M/M couples together in a clever and fun way. I may have just met Charles' Caldwell & Feximal earlier today, but nothing could have made me like this couple quicker than pairing them with Hawk's always fabulous Whyborne & Griffin.

Told in alternating chapters – through the two distinct points of view of Caldwell & Whyborne – we witness the foursome meeting for the first time, as they grudgingly put aside personal judgements and misconceptions of each other in order to work together to solve a harrowing case involving the supernatural.

The banter was fun and the character dynamics were fantastic. The mystery plot was simple, yet engaging, but it took a backseat to the characters themselves which is always preferable in my books. I'm sure fans of both couples will find satisfaction in this little gem of a story.

I absolutely love when literary worlds combine, so this was an absolute treat I found myself stumbling upon during my ongoing love affair with dear Whyborne & Griffin. It's just a shame this wasn't lengthier for prolonged enjoyment.
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Author 44 books510 followers
March 14, 2014
Somehow, i enjoyed the four guys together even more than on their own. This was too much fun for words. Also really interesting to see two writers whose work I enjoy separately writing together and be able to see the differences in style juxtaposed so nicely. They complemented each other without losing what I enjoy about them individually.

Profile Image for h o l l i s .
2,405 reviews1,853 followers
July 18, 2017
REMNANT was referenced in THE SECRET CASEBOOK OF SIMON FEXIMAL and as it was a freebie, despite my mixed experience with Hawk's first book of her own paranormal fighting duo series, I gave this a go.

"I was just reading Mr. Caldwell's latest Casebook on the boat--"
"That awful dime novel rubbish?"
"If I could remind you, my dear, Mr. Caldwell has a gun."
" I almost never respond to literary criticism with homicide. "

Hawk's characters were definitely easier to bear in this little shorty, which makes me wonder if those books got better.. or if it's just the tempering affect of another author, and characters I love, smoothing the edges.

I cannot speak lightly of what Simon is to me. [..] He is a man of shadows, darkly driven, demanding, often humourless, never easy, and repellently foul-tempered at breakfast, but he is Simon, and that is all.

This little novella was fun but I loved it mostly for the benefit it served Simon and Robert in their own lives. The teasing banter between Griffin and Robert was a lot fun, the two couples pairing up in amusing ways, and I wonder if there are more crossover stories between the two. I'd definitely read them for more Simon and Robert adventures.

3.5 "this is the part that doesn't appear in my stories" stars
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Author 28 books94 followers
July 20, 2018
This crossover between K.J. Charles' The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal and Jordan L. Hawk's Whyborne & Griffin series was so much fun to read.

Whyborne and Griffin stop in London on their way to Egypt and meet/clash with Simon Feximal, Robert Caldwell and a scary Egyptian spirit.

Whyborne is his usual agitated self and Simon scowls and frowns at the Americans suddenly landed in London, whilst Caldwell and Griffin exercise rationality and a little bit of flirtatious attitude.

All the scenes with the four characters together are lively and incredibly amusing and I loved imagining them exchanging banter and pointed comments to each other.

Despite its brevity, this novella brings out all the best traits of the characters and their respective series, while also conjuring up a nicely eerie story.

If you're a fan of Simon Feximal's stories and/or Whyborne and Griffin's adventures, you simply must read Remnant.

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1,649 reviews213 followers
June 27, 2014
Let me be clear: the rating is for Jordan L. Hawk's part of the story, for Whyborne and Griffin.

Whyborne and Caldwell tell a story through alternate chapters. I loved Whyborne's.

This: 'Feximal clearly suspects the worst of Whyborne – and his flirtatious sidekick seems to think a great deal too well of Griffin...' completely ruined a perfectly good paranormal story. I think there should be some kind of test to determine who can write blurbs. There are dead bodies without eyes, tongues, genitals and such, but I spent half of the story dreading the part when an established couple would have to deal with crap like a third person. I thought we left that crap in Threshold. This is one of my most hated tropes, but fortunately it had only a teasing character here. Or at least, I am assuming it was supposed to be humorous or something. It was not.

While Whyborne and Griffin kept their chemistry intact even with mild annoyances such as the flirty Caldwell, Feximal and Caldwell didn't. They were just there to be obnoxious in Feximal's case and annoying in Caldwell's. Bear in mind, this is the trope I hate the most, so I may be biased. It is possible that other people would enjoy this more than I did.

Now I can move to Necropolis and I hope that another suggested visit to London won't happen. I am not eager to read about these four together again.
I love these authors (Whyborne and Griffin, and A Charm of Magpies are wonderful series).

Now that I am done with it and can move on to the next Whyborne and Griffin's adventure, I can say it is a good story. Read it.
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447 reviews73 followers
January 25, 2019

Like finding more candy at the bottom of the bag when you thought you've eaten it all.

I thought The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal contained all three previously published short stories, so it was a pleasant surprise to get to the end of the book and find out I had one more story to read. I wanted more time with Robert and Simon and Remnant gave me that.

Two authors penned this story, so we have four main characters instead of two. KJ Charles' Robert and Simon were joined by Jordan L. Hawk's Whyborne and Griffin in solving another creepy case.

Since the story is told from Robert's and Whyborne's perspective, it's safe to say fans of both couples are the ones who'll enjoy it the most. I read it for Simon and Robert. Whyborne and Griffin aren't entirely new to me, but they're still unfamiliar. Therefore, it's no surprise I preferred Robert's chapters over Whyborne's.

Regardless of whose perspective the chapter was written from, my favorite parts were the ones where the characters from both fictional worlds were together in a scene. Robert and Griffin's friendliness and flirtiness, and Simon and Whyborne's dislike for each other and jealousy over their partners was quite entertaining.

Remnant took some of the bitter out of the bittersweet ending of The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal, and for that I am grateful.
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