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Virtue #1

Easy Virtue

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Love is selfish...

My name is Blaire.
I'm the bad girl.
The other woman.
The one who never gets the guy in the end.

I'm the gold digger.
The bitch.
The one no one roots for.
The one you love to hate.

I hate myself too...

Everyone has a story. Are you ready for mine?

224 pages, Paperback

First published December 3, 2014

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About the author

Mia Asher

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My name is Mia Asher.
I'm a writer, a hopeless romantic, a wanderer, a dreamer, a cynic, and a believer. And, oh yes…I might be a bit crazy - but who isn't?

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2,417 reviews14k followers
July 20, 2017
 photo Asher Easy virtue 1 Title by SueBee_zpstrjzawik.jpg

★★★★★! Easy Virtue, book 1 of 2. Gold digger Blaire finds herself torn between the man who can give her all she desires & the man who wants to be all she needs!

“I want to mark you. I want to fuck every other guy out of your body until I’m all you feel, all you remember.”

Books in The Virtue duet should be read in order:
Book 1: Easy Virtue
Book 2: Sweetest Venom

Easy Virtue (book 1) is gold digger Blaire White’s story. An only child, neglected by parents caught in a loveless marriage the slightly overweight Blaire grew up bullied and alone. Story opens up to her having blossomed into a stunning beauty and taking her revenge out on one of her bullies.

Story then picks up 5 years later with her having made a life for herself in New York. Working as a hostess at a posh establishment, she has perfected her gold digging skills. But in flashbacks we see a broken girl with fears of rejection who tries hard not to fall in love.

With her current boyfriend and trust fund baby on his way out, two new suitors are aligning themselves. The larger-than-life, jaded, richer-than-Croesus, too-handsome-for-his-own-good heir to a media empire, Lawrence Rothschild, Laurie who sees her at an event and offers her carte blanche and then the young, handsome, seemingly sweet and sincere regular guy, Ronan who wants to shower her with love.

In and out of the bedroom, caught between two men both Gods in bed, it’s the beginning of a journey for Blaire. As she gets to know them she will be forced face her fears, grow up, dig deeper into unresolved issues while trying to decipher who she really wants and questioning what she thinks she needs…

Twelve words to describe Blaire White: Conflicted, captivating, broken, flawed, observant, determined, single-minded, guarded, deflecting, blunt, self-absorbed and self-sabotaging.

“I’m a survivor with my own set of rules. And not even your kindness will make me break them.”

What works in Lawrence Rothschild, Laurie’s favor is his directness, their similar wants and needs and the fact that he will give her anything she asks for aside from his heart. His combination of uncanny good looks, kinky, devious lover and with his larger-than life, enigmatic, elusive; intense, in-control; ruthless and unyielding personality makes him unforgettable.

“I have an inkling that many a woman before me has fallen for the illusion that she could be the one to tame him, only to be disappointed when she fails miserably.”

What works in Ronan’s favor is his that he does not hold back on his feelings and he is set on loving her. Ten words to describe Ronan: Nobel, sweet, focused, attentive, loving, vulnerable, secretive, possessive, accommodating and thoughtful.

“Ronan makes me want to let my hair down and dance naked in the rain.”

Easy Virtue grabbed me from page one and by the time I got a glimpse of Lawrence I was a gonner. Story is a butterflies-in-your-belly roller-coaster of sex, romance, greed, hope, temptation and indecision with hints of much more… Though I had my favorite I can honestly say both heroes currently have something to offer Blaire. Story ends with a shoking cliffy and I look forward to book 2, Sweetest Venom for the conclusion of their story.

Addictive plot! Spectacular story-telling! Captivating heroine! Unforgettable and to-die-for Lawrence Rothschild! He-will-fix-your-broken spirit and heart Ronan! 6 star shelf!

“I plan to fuck you until you don’t know whether you’re begging me to stop or begging me to fuck you harder.”

Lawrence’s rating: 5+ stars
Ronan’s rating: 5 stars
Blaire’s rating: 4.5 stars
Sexual tension rating: 5+ stars
Sex scenes rating: 5 stars
Sex scenes frequency: 5 stars
Plot rating: 5+ stars
Dialogue rating: 5+ stars
Storytelling rating: 5+ stars
Story ending rating: N/A
Book editing rating (5 = no edits spotted): 4.5 stars
Overall rating: 6 stars

Would I recommend this series: Yes.
Would I re-read this series: Yes.
Would I read future books by this author: Yes.

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3,814 reviews32.4k followers
April 20, 2015
5+ stars!

 photo 39abc15a-504d-4e6d-b3a2-300150c14b7c_zps2c0cd8d8.jpg

Mia Asher has a way with words. Her writing and ideas are brilliant. After reading Arsen, I became a huge fan. When I heard she had a new book coming out, I jumped at the chance to read it. Though it is nothing like her debut novel, it was still completely mesmerizing and compelling.

Blaire. What can I even say about our little gold digger Blaire. Personally, I think Blaire is misunderstood. There is more to her than meets the eye. I just know it. She grew up in an unideal way. Blaire has never known love.
Many say that love will set you free, but I disagree…
love is a cage, a very painful one;
it’s gilded bars made with yearning, heartache, and unfulfilled dreams.
And the moment I realized that love wasn’t necessary to one’s survival I became free.
No one would have the power to hurt me again. That realization set me free.

All she knows is how to get the things she wants. It’s not risky to her heart or her feelings because she is too smart to develop feelings for any of these men.

 photo 2ad2b275-3b73-44b1-b7ec-6938c72223f1_zps53311de8.jpg

It is sheer talent to create these heroines that do terrible things and that on the surface anyone would dislike and make me love them. Blaire did some questionable things. She is nowhere near perfect. She knows it. But I loved her regardless. There was something about her that I just ‘got’.

Now the men. There are two men in this story, but I don’t consider it much of a love triangle. Blaire is a lot of things, but she doesn’t cheat and when she’s with a guy she’s only with him. Honestly, I can’t even tell you which guy I liked more. They are both so intriguing and different! Usually when reading a story with two guys I can fairly easily choose, but this isn’t clean cut. The situation isn’t normal. Nothing about Blaire and her relationships are normal.

 photo 0fc7e8f5-92a1-4769-a25f-4d860472248c_zps53470adf.jpg

First there is Ronan. Ronan is unlike any man she’s ever been with. He’s not rich. He doesn’t live the lifestyle Blaire usually requires. But there is something about Ronan that Blaire is drawn to. As hard as she tries, she can’t help but to fall for him. There is one huge problem with that. It’s not even that the money is the biggest issue. The biggest issue is that Ronan makes her feel. And that is not something Blaire is equipped to handle.
I don’t want to feel anything. I can’t. Feeling is bad. It leaves you vulnerable. And I don’t have time for emotions like guilt or shame. I like money. I like power. I like adoration. I like sex. And I’m good at it.

She needs someone who is rich. Someone who is easy. Someone who doesn’t make her feel. Someone like Lawrence.

 photo d845a1eb-4cb3-4382-a9ed-c30f81112b74_zps7e029eae.jpg

I loved how upfront Lawrence was with Blaire. He wants her. Enough to pay whatever price she has. And like he says, everyone has a price. He’s rich enough to pay whatever Blaire requires. Seeing how alike Blaire and Lawrence are, he gets her. It’s easy with him. Easy is what she needs.
“We speak the same language. You and me… we’re both cut from the same cloth. We see something we want and we take it. We don’t let emotions get the best of us.”

It’s been a while since I’ve read a book thats kept me on edge like this. The way she ended this book left it open for so much. I have no clue what is going to happen next. No clue at all. And I love that. I have some questions I’m sure will be answered in part 2, but I loved the unpredictability of how it ended.

 photo 1b53f756-c068-4270-b0d3-674b47682b34_zps02c43a3b.jpg

Easy Virtue is seductive, mesmerizing and addictive. I read this book in one sitting because once I started, there was no way I was going to be able to put it down. To me, that is the biggest sign of an amazing story. Not being able to put it down. This story is well written, bold, risqué, and refreshing. It’s an unforgettable unconventional love story about imperfect characters. It’s a story that made me think, made me feel, and made me crave more. I truly loved this one and I can’t wait to dive into the next one to see what happens with these three!

 photo fbfe5257-5c23-4da3-b325-31eaf8f2110a_zpsd0802295.jpg
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1,176 reviews4,211 followers
October 31, 2017
Wow! 4.5 Stars for me. This was a fabulous book! After reading a lot of books that left me feeling less than thrilled, 'Easy Virtue' was exactly what I needed to pull me out of a rut.

There is nothing that I love more than a book that leaves me feeling conflicted and emotionally wrung out. I love the push and pull, the angst and the emotional pain that a character like Blaire delivers. I'm kind of a masochist like that!

Blaire White is the kind of character that everyone loves to hate. She's an unrepentant, self-proclaimed gold-digger. Since she discovered how to use her looks to get what she wanted as a teenager, she has capitalized on them. She knows what she wants from the men she targets, just as she knows that they only value her for her looks and skills in the bedroom. She makes no qualms about it, which will earn her the loathing of a great many people, but makes me absolutely love her.

There is a softer side to Blaire though. No matter how good of a front she puts up, she is really just a vulnerable woman, getting by the only way that has ever brought her any affection. The product of two frigid, emotionally absent parents, Blaire was ignored and forgotten.

As she grew into a young woman, she found that she was able to draw the attention of men twice her age...and to make it profitable. She's not nice, but she doesn't pretend to be. She embraces her identity as the woman that other women love to hate, but inside she's a lonely little girl.

After her latest cash cow moves on to a newer model of arm candy, Blaire is once again on the hunt. She's got enough reserve funds to hold her over for a while, but she'll have to find a new sugar daddy soon if she plans to continue living the lifestyle to which she's become accustomed. Lawrence Rothschild, a billionaire business mogul, is the perfect man for the job. When a chance encounter lands her on his radar, it is game on.

What Blaire doesn't plan for is meeting a man that speaks to her on a different level. Ronan is everything that Lawrence is not. He's an average guy, with an average income. She knows that she shouldn't get involved with him, but she can't seem to help herself. He's sweet and truly cares for her, even introducing her to his family.

Blaire knows that she's headed down a dangerous road and that she'll break his heart. However, she couldn't predict exactly how much she would come to care for Ronan...or Lawrence for that matter. Nothing could have prepared her for the eventual fallout. This book ends with the drop of a bomb.

Holy hell! This book ripped my heart out! I could not quit listening, even as I knew that it would be my destruction. This is the best kind of pain. Mia Asher blew me away! I immediately dived into the second book to see how things played out for Blaire and the two men that managed to capture her heart. Like Blaire, I loved them both and wasn't sure which way I wanted things to go. I was so conflicted!
February 29, 2016
RE-READ February 2016 * Book Two is releasing APRIL 3RD 2016!!!

* Amazon.com * Amazon.co.uk * iBooks * Nook/Barnes & Noble *

Mia Asher came into my book life in 2013 with her epic, heart wrenching story Arsen: A Broken Love Story and since then I've been waiting for her next offering... Waiting to once again be captivated by her characters and I most certainly was... Captivated and addicted... and I'm again longing for more.

Easy Virtue is about fear, longing, hope, love and being unable to love... yearning heartache and unfulfilled dreams Most of all it’s about a girl called Blaire White.

What makes someone decide not to love? What brings them to such a low point that they decide to lock away that emotion in favour of something cold and empty? Blaire grew up, and matured, lacking the nurture experience. She was lonely. she felt ugly, awkward and unlovable. It hardened her heart..… Shaped her life, her thoughts, her desires…. Love became a skewed feeling…. It made her Blaire.... Made her yearn for more whilst believing that her dreams would, more than likely, never be fulfilled... So what's the point? I felt her apathy and her disinterest towards life…. Her laissez-faire attitude. She guards her heart in an iron case, no risks allowed... Blaire is always in protection mode and her weapon of choice is her body and she makes no apology for excising this choice.

She made me catch my breath with her self-destructive tendencies, her loathsome behaviour, her uncaring attitude and the blatant misuse of her own heart. Despite all this Mia Asher made me love Blaire with the light and shade she shows in her and, as much as I felt the wreck of her actions... her cruelness... Blaire touched my heart with her inner thoughts, her vulnerabilities.... She seduced me with her story, a story that's on the verge of plummeting into angstville territory at full force. Blaire White captivated me with the possibilities of her future....

Ronan is a photographer. He brings out the inner Blaire, the Blaire who hopes for more. She experiences so many beautiful things with him, things that she'd previously been deprived of. He makes her smile, he makes her happy.

Lawrence Rothschild, "...is mystery and darkness.” He's super rich, commanding and charismatic. I felt I shouldn’t like him but I did, I couldn’t help myself, I felt power and sensuality dripping off him during the glimpses we're given. With Lawrence there's no pretense. He takes her to oblivion. He makes her forget.

Who is my heart’s desire? The simple answer is... I like them both, so I found myself thinking about, not just who I like best, but who could be the love of Blaire's life? Who could make her complete and heal all her vulnerabilities? Make her less skewed...?

Can Blaire allow one man to consume her and be her hope? Can one man own her heart? Happiness is within her grasp. It’s there for the taking….

For those concerned about the love triangle aspect yes there are three people involved in the story but Blaire is always honest. Honestly speaking there'll be readers who will not always like Blaire or her actions.... but they'll feel her pain and her sadness. Those readers who so much appreciate a unique, well written story will love Easy Virtue!

Mia Asher sets the scene for pain so well. There were times the story made me well up... Her emptiness is heart breaking. I felt the possibilities of her life shattering before my reading eyes. So sad.. Why??? My heart hurt for Blaire and the self imposed situation she felt she deserved.

I feel there’s so much we're yet to discover… that's my hope….. but with that hope comes confusion, what is the ultimate right path for Blaire to take? Who's the man that holds the key to her future happiness? And the ending!? Oh. My. Goodness. What happened....? My mind’s been working overtime on fitting it all together... I NEED book two now!

I loved everything about this read, the feeling, the characters, the way the author uniquely moved time forward, giving depth without needless detail. I adored the hotness! Boy was it steamy! Scorching eroticism laced right through the layers of emotion....

Most of all I loved the dose of angst Easy Virtue gave me and yes there will be more... I predict my heart will break before it's happy again, but doesn't that make for the very best stories? The stories that stay with you... feed your mind and attack your heart... and ultimately make you swell with emotional contentment? If you love a story that gives you a whole spectrum of feels in all it's glory, then I highly recommend Easy Virtue and whatever Blaire has to offer us next.

**Note EASY VIRTUE is the first part in a two book series. The second part will be released APRIL 3rd 2016!

Take a peak at the prologue for Easy Virtue:

Stalk Mia Asher: Facebook Twitter Pintrest

Arc kindly provided by the author, via TRSOR promotions, for an honest review.
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633 reviews1,279 followers
January 12, 2015


Blaire White didn't have the childhood she dreamed of. The love and affection she yearned for was always out of reach at home and in school she was an outcast, the chubby girl with the dysfunctional family. At 16, Blaire has blossomed into a beautiful young woman, and learns quickly how to use her attributes to her advantage, using them to fulfill her desires. She hardened her heart, hidden it and her hopes for love away, determined to always protect herself. She doesn't want love, she wants money, power, and to be adored.


Now, self-proclaimed gold digger, Blaire moves from bachelor to bachelor, using her beauty to maintain the lavish lifestyle she desires. But she is thrown off her game when she meets the charming and lovable, Ronan. Ronan gives Blaire a taste of things she has tried to deny herself, and quickly finds herself falling for him.

I smile. He smiles. And the world disappears.

But Ronan doesn't have the money Blaire yearns for, and the mysterious millionaire Lawrence has made her an offer she isn't sure she can refuse.

"I'm a survivor with my own set of rules. And not even your kindness will make me break them."

Who will Blaire choose? Will she finally feel worthy of love and trust her heart to Ronan or will she be seduced by Lawrence and his millions?


Easy Virtue is a wonderfully written, fast paced, steamy read. While Blaire's motivations were hard for me at times to understand, I am really looking forward to seeing where the story goes and what choices Blaire will make.

*ARC provided by the lovely Mia Asher in exchange of honest review*
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1,260 reviews9,961 followers
December 11, 2014
*****4 STARS*****
{BR with Mel, Dee, Sharon, and Tiff}

 photo bd94a35c7d38f7ea1df7fd98bf88d56a_zps35f00ff1.jpg

This was a very fast paced and addictive read for me.
Mia Asher surely can write a steamy hot story with some gut wrenching angst thrown in for good measure. I seriously couldn't put it down and let me just say, I was not falling asleep on this one.... AT ALL.

Blaire White is a young woman who has been deeply affected by her past. She did not grow up in a loving & nurturing household. She saw the love between her parents die right before her eyes and she vows to never fall in love or expect to be loved.

Many say that love will set you free, but I disagree...love is a cage, a very painful one; its gilded bars made with yearning, heartache, and unfulfilled dreams. ~ Blaire

Blaire learns as a young teenage girl that her beauty can be a powerful tool. She can attract wealthy men and they will shower her with expensive gifts and money in order to get her in bed with them. Yes, this girl is the epitome of a "gold digger", and she's proud of it.

She moves to New York City at the age of 18 and hooks up with men whose money pays for her expensive apartment and fancy designer clothes and accessories. One night she will meet two men who will have the power to turn her world upside down.

Ronan is the beautiful man she literally crashes into, who will have her questioning the life she has led. She actually starts to feel hope for a life filled with love and happiness that she never thought could be possible. He seems to be so enamored of her. I really fell for this guy. Not only was he sweet, but he was incredibly alpha and sexy!

"I want to feel myself buried inside of you, moving in you, robbing me of all logical thought. I want to feel you tremble, hear you gasp and moan as I pull you tighter against me. I'll go deeper and deeper until both of us burn with desire and passion. I want to mark you. I want to f*** every other guy out of your body until I'm all you feel, all you remember. Tonight I'm not going to make love to you, Blaire. I'm going to own you. Do you hear me?" ~ Ronan

Holy hell, my ovaries exploded after I read that!!

 photo ovaries-exploding-tony-stark_zpss84yglje.gif

Well wouldn't this be a simple story if she only had one terrific guy to deal with? Oh yes it would, but lucky Blair has two men. The other, Lawrence Rothschild, is the wealthiest man she has ever been acquainted with. Not only is he filthy rich, but he is devastatingly handsome and single. Damn this chick has some kind of amazing luck because he is very into her and wants an arrangement with her. I was actually swooning over him too. Something is up with him though. Someone from his past hurt him and I'm dying to know more about this man! He acts all cool and uncaring, but I think he has genuine feelings for Blaire.

I found myself despising Blaire from the beginning, but there was one tender moment between her and Ronan, that had me feeling sympathy for her and I was just starting to like her when she goes and pulls an utterly bitchtastic move. So I am back to disliking her again.

 photo 814235_zpsef835340.gif

The sexy times are panty melting inducing, and I was expecting them to be that way since I've read Arsen and remember how incredibly hot that book was. This book ends on a cliffy, and it's definitely one I didn't ever see coming. All I want to know is....WHEN IS BOOK TWO COMING OUT?!!! There is no title and no release date. This is going to be pure torture for me!
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2,434 reviews4,571 followers
December 1, 2014

"I like money.
I like power.
I like adoration.
I like sex."

Wow I can't even express how much I loved it!!!It was brilliant and amazing! I freaking loved it!Mia is so talented!She managed to captivate me with her story and her characters!!!In this book I had the same problem like in "Arsen".At the beginning I couldn't choose who I prefer more...and I loved her for this!I'm loving be in dilemma!!!This book was fast paced,intense,passionate,and so hot!!!There were moments I was pissed, happy,aroused,sad....so many feelings.. What I also enjoyed is the fact that while I was reading the book I chat with Mia , telling her how I felt about the story..And this made me feel more and more connected with the story!! This is isn't a perfect love story...so be prepared..


Blaire is not your typical heroine...She isn't the good girl you meet in most books..She is broken because she didn't have the best childhood.She didn't have love from her family and friends.She vowed when she was young that she will never love someone.She doesn't want to feel anything because she doesn't want to get hurt .She loves the attention, the power,the money that comes with it and the sex!! At the age of eighteen she is out of her hometown and went to New York City....

There she will meet two men...


One will saw her love..
And the other will make her think the money...

Who will she choose???

I was so tormented between Ronan and Lawrence....While Ronan is cute and sweet,Lawrence is dark,rich and powerful...I usually go with the cute guys but this time I choose Lawrence!!!The truth is that both characters where strong and captivated me!!Ronan is the guy who your mother will be happy to see you with him!He cares for Blaire a lot,he makes her laugh and feel happy!!They have their hot moments and their chemistry is amazing!!


But when you see Lawrece and Blaire together in bedroom...wow they are so passionate...And while I thought Lawrence would be the bad guy...He wasn't!The sex is so steamy!!!This is seriously the hottest sex I have ever read!!!


Mia told me that the NEXT book is coming at Spring and believe me guys, I can't wait to see what will happen!!Definitely the most anticipating book for Spring!!!
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2,377 reviews4,626 followers
November 22, 2014
description 3.75 ~4 Starsdescription

”I like money. I like power. I like adoration. I like sex.”

[image error]

Mia Asher delivers the first book of a two book series with main character, Blaire White. Blaire was once an ugly duckling and with time has turned into a beautiful gold digger. Blaire was let down in the love department by her parents and so she uses her amazing good looks to support a lavish lifestyle off whatever current boyfriend she is dating.

”My body is my only tool, and spreading my legs open is my superpower. So if they want it, they better work for it - pay for it.”

Blaire’s modus operandi is thrown off kilter when handsome and wonderful Ronan sweeps her off her feet and shows her what being loved could be like. Blaire is torn between an offer from a zillionaire, Laurence and her strong feelings for Ronan.

Will Blaire trust love?

Will she take a deal of a million a month and a condo to be with sexy Laurence?

Can Blaire have both of these men?

”Just be Blaire, the one you try so hard to hide.”

Overall, this was a fast paced, well written story that does indeed end with a cliffhanger. Once Blaire makes her decision she finds that the aftermath isn’t left behind her but right front and center and so a reader will anxiously be awaiting the final book.

ARC provided by the lovely Mia Asher in exchange of honest review
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632 reviews2,674 followers
November 23, 2014
3-3.5 stars!


I think it’s a true testament to this author’s writing when her stories feature highly unlikeable characters and boundary-pushing plotlines, yet I still crave more of her words and dive right in to her books. Either that or I’m a masochist. Probably both LOL! Anyways, after almost having a heart attack from reading the angsty Arsen, I was both nervous and excited to start this one as I knew Mia would bring her A-game. And boy, did she ever! Her books are not stories you just read. Nope. Doesn’t matter if you’re hating or loving the book, you feel, you experience, you rage or cry, and that my friends is not something any author can do. So in terms of engaging her readers, I say Mia Asher is an expert in this field. And while reading this particular book made me fall in love with her writing all over again, I still did have a couple of issues with the story that hindered me from completely loving it.


All her life, Blaire White has lacked for nothing except love. Her parents are distant and only care about their individual problems and with Blaire being chubby at a young age and bullied by others, having a beautiful, flawless body and savoring the attention that comes with it become her number one priority. As such, she locks away her emotions, hardens her heart, and in just a few years time lives a grand lifestyle while being a gold-digging bimbo catering to wealthy men’s sexual needs. But when she meets the kindhearted photographer Ronan she’s smitten and he with her, and for the first time in her life, Blaire feels loved and treasured, desired for her, not just for her body.


But at the same time, she can’t let go of her old routine that makes her feel secure and so she struggles between her feelings for Ronan and returning to her gold-digging ways.

I have to say that Blaire is one of the most unlikable characters I’ve ever read. Kudos to the author for tackling a story that centers around her but part of the reason why I can’t give this book a higher rating is because there’s a huge disconnect between me as the reader and her character. I honestly didn’t care what happened to her because she made several bad choices – fully knowing that the end result would be destructive – plus her character was inconsistent throughout the story. I was led to believe that this is a girl who’s the bitch (which she is by the way), the one no one roots for but enjoying every moment of it. However, that’s not really the case. She secretly desires to be loved and treasured not just for her looks but for her true self and when that does happens, she runs away from the guy. But then when she’s with a guy who just wants her for sex, these are her thoughts:

“They all want me; my body, my face, my mouth, but none of them want me.

“But what about love? ... Don’t you want my love too?”

Get yourself together woman. But do you see? This kind of inconsistency scattered throughout the book really gave me whiplash. I did, however, love Ronan’s character and he definitely had a positive impact in Blaire’s life.


The overall story was compelling though, and the book itself is a fast-paced, quick read that’s a guaranteed page turner. I was a bit disappointed with the short book length so I wasn’t too surprised that the story ended on a cliffhanger. Just another reason why I couldn’t give a higher rating because I truly felt like this book wasn’t a complete story. With some books I can tell that a cliffhanger/abrupt ending is necessary as it’s part of the natural book flow but sadly in this story, it felt more like it was strategically inserted.

Easy Virtue is the first book in a 2-book series and isn’t a standalone. The story will be continued and concluded in the second book. Compared to Arsen the angst level is much lower but the steam level much higher and while there is no love triangle for most of the story, there is a hint at a possible one towards the end and perhaps in the second book.

ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.
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1,232 reviews2,039 followers
November 29, 2014
2.5 stars??

Yikes! Another one of those 'everybody-loved-it-but-me' kind of books. To be fair, I really didn't know what to expect with this book. So signed up for an ARC based off of the blurb, which was totally giving off an anti-heroine vibe. I was looking forward to reading something different.

Unfortunately, the blurb totally didn't prepare me for two things: And I don't get it.

This book The only reason I could think of of why it's there was for the shock value because without it, this book just bored me.

I tend to get bored with books when its characters keep reminding me about who they are. Blaire just won't let me forget how bitchy and how much of a gold digger she is. Every time she makes a decision, she'd go inside her head and whine about how unloved and unworthy she was. After the nth time it happened, I was over it. Meh.

And despite what the blurb says, she was no anti-heroine. She's a Mary Sue in disguise. She's so beautiful that every guy she meets fall in love with her. She's literally so beautiful that men lose their minds and their wallets to be with her. They instinctively knew there's something about her. Of course, those who think she's a bitch are women (the girlfriends, wives of these men who find her irresistible and her parents.) I didn't see bitch; I saw a pitiful little girl who is lost in her ambition.

Except for the size of their bank accounts, the two male leads sounded the same. Their devotion to Blaire was inexplicable. She's a gold digger and a bitch, as Blaire said and yet, there's just something about her that they want to know. Yes, because rich men actually love gold diggers. I just didn't get it. The narrative didn't flow for me. The actions of Blaire and what she was thinking gave me whiplash. She thinks one thing and does another.

Mia Asher's writing is wonderful though. I totally get why her fans love her. Her writing style is easy and engaging. I just wish this book was longer and didn't end the way it did. This would have been an easy 3 despite my issues with the characters. Unfortunately, I think this one was just an incomplete book. I wanted more. And after some reading too many cliffie endings this month, I just couldn't bring myself to be okay with it anymore. Next time, a warning would be nice.

ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.
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1,005 reviews800 followers
December 18, 2014
5 Complicated Stars

"What is love? I don’t know. I’ve never had it. Is it even real?”

Blair White grew up never knowing love, it started at a young age when she was neglected by her parents and continued through school when she was shunned by her peers. I can’t really imagine what that does to a person, but I can see how it would either destroy them or turn them a survivor. Blair White is a survivor.

It didn’t take her long to realize what people wanted from her, and when that happened she began to use this. Blair is a beautiful girl and men fall at her feet, she decides to take this gift and get what she needs. Blair wants security and an easy life. She doesn’t want to have to worry about relying on other people to take care of her in the future, she wants independence.

In order to accomplish this she relies on people today, in particular wealthy men. She isn’t an escort, no she dates these men and becomes their every fantasy, in return they buy her nice things. Blair is a gold digger and she makes no apologies. That may turn off a lot of readers, but I actually liked that fact that she owned who she is - no excuses.

Blair meets Lawrence Rothschild one night at the Met. He is drawn to Blair, he sees her for the gold digger she is and gives her his card, he is interested. Lawrence is extremely wealthy and only wants one thing from Blair - sex, how it wants it, when he wants it.

Like I said before Blair knows who she is and is interested Lawrence until she meets Ronan. The guy who could be a game changer for her. Ronan is a regular working class guy, but he sees something in Blair and wants her to take a chance on him.

Ronan shows her something she has never had before, affection. Yes, he is attracted to her, but he also wants to know her and show her she is worthy of a real relationship and love.

With two men in her life Blair has to choose what type of life she wants more, because she can’t have both. We get to see Blair experience the possibilities of two different lives. One with a guy who could buy her anything she could ever want and one who buys her things that matter…both choices were sexy as sin and burned the pages. Blair is quite the seductress and these men are hot as fuck!

This story is a crazy fast read, yes it is short, but it also pulls you in and keeps you turning the page. I was completely intrigued by Blair. She is not like most the heroines I read about and this story doesn’t take the path of least resistance. I loved that it was unpredictable and I am dying to see what happens next.

This is my first Mia Asher book, but it won’t be my last. The writing is beautiful and flows so easily. I am very impressed with this one and cannot wait to read more by Ms. Asher.

"Yeah, but that’s part of the package. Love wouldn’t be half as sweet if we didn’t know pain, if we didn’t know what it is to live without it. “
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July 14, 2021
“One day you’re going to let me love you, and I'm going to hold you so tight I’ll never let you go. I'm going to love you as if it were the one thing I was meant to do."

💎 i wanted a cheating book while i waited for My Dear Husband so i picked this up

💎 this wasn't technically cheating tho... or was it? i guess she let him touch her panties....

💎 the amount of money this guy was paying her truly shook me to my core, i fixated on it more than anything else going on in the book

💎 you know that tiktok that's like 'whenever i see y'all talking about your trauma on here it gives me the motivation i need to move on from mine...... so i don't have to be associated with u ppl ever again' that's.... pretty much how i felt about this heroine lmao

💎 the love triangle was good, but i was more interested in the character development than the romance

I lift my eyes and stare at my reflection in the smudged mirror above the bed, observing how empty my eyes look—like bottomless pits filled with nothing.

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2,017 reviews12k followers
July 15, 2015
3.5 Stars

This is me taking control of my life. This is me becoming whatever I need to be in order to achieve my goals. And, most importantly, I don't care because when this is over; all my sins will be paid for...and very well.

Allow me to preface my review by saying that I absolutely fell in love with Mia Asher's writing style. The woman truly has an incredible gift with words. I was captivated by the story with just the first few sentences and I knew it would be unlike anything I've read before...and boy was it.
I am selling my soul.
And the sad part is...
I don't care.

See here's the thing, my dislike for a heroine is a guaranteed way to ruin the book for me. I have yet to read a book where that didn't hold true...until this one. The blurb painted an anti-heroine of sorts and that was the main reason I picked this up. Did it deliver on that promise? Well, pretty much.
I'm a gold digger, but I'm also smart. Love fades...or it's selfish...or unkind...but a diamond, a diamond will last forever.

The blurb is incredibly vague, and that's a good thing...and also a bad one. Because had I known this was not a standalone and would have a love triangle (of sorts), I would never have picked this one up. The mere thought of a love triangle sends me into a cold sweat, and it's always hard limit for me. Even an implied love triangle makes me stabby

Luckily, the reader isn't really introduced to a love triangle here, but I have a feeling that come next book it will definitely be there and be a hell of a whammy. Let me clear up what I mean by love triangle, though. There are NO 'dual' love interests. It is very clear who Blaire truly has feelings for. There is also no intermingling of relationships and no cheating. One happens right after the other. However, for me, when a heroine has more than one sexual interest in a man, meaning there's 2 men vying for her "attention", I view it as a LT. Though not in a traditional sense. So if you're like me and hate LT, I highly recommend you give this one a try because it's not all it appears to be.
Love is selfish.
Love is unkind.
Love hurts.

Blaire is a gold digger. She's gorgeous, shallow, and almost soulless but at the same time intelligent and highly intriguing. She is a product of her childhood and has learned the tough lesson early on that love isn't for everyone nor is it forever. And who needs love anyway when money can give you so much more?

To say that Blaire is unlikable wouldn't be true. Don't get me wrong, she's not exactly going to give you the warm and fuzzies but there's also a redeemable factor to her...it's just buried very deep. Used to sending men to their knees with her beauty and opening her legs to the right wallet amount, she never sees it coming when a man that is the polar opposite of what she looks for manages to capture her attention...

I adored Ronan. He's sexy and sweet and one of the most endearing heroes I have ever had the pleasure of reading about. But this is also where the book took a negative turn for me; the introduction of someone else.

But that is all I can tell you about the plot. You'll have to read it yourself to learn the rest.

So why not 5 stars?
The ending
This is a short, read it in one sitting, type of read. Personally, I didn't feel that a cliffhanger was essential to the story at all. It could have easily all been resolved in one longer book. There are some stories you read and you can clearly see why it needed the cliffy and the extended story, but this just wasn't the case for me here.

That ending sent me into a rage. I'm talking a stabby, wanting to throw shit at my walls type of rage. Suffice it to say I was NOT a fan of it. At all. Yes, I understand that the way Blaire constantly describes herself and justifies her decisions that it was all leading to that. And I suppose that's also part of what didn't quite work for me? The predictability of it. I saw it coming a mile away, and yet like a train wreck I just couldn't seem to look away.

At this point however, I have no idea where the story may head. And that equal parts intrigues and enrages me. And I'm hoping for the sake of my sanity that the wait for book 2 isn't too long.

But my quibbles aside, this was still a great read. Mia Asher is definitely an incredibly talented author and it's clear with every word that the woman can write a book that will grab you by the throat and make you feel. Whatever that feeling is, is objective to the reader, but any book that manages to bring out such a range of emotion is definitely one to take note of.

**ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest review**

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June 9, 2016
God, that end... Why do I always pick this kind of mind fucking books? Dammit!!! :-/

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2,650 reviews3,233 followers
June 12, 2020
5 For the Face Palm of it! Stars
* * * * *Spoiler Free
First, you can blame my friend Beverly for this review... or for this pretend review...because her fabulous review, https://www.goodreads.com/review/show..., caused me to sit for an extended time facepalming...Yes, I said facepalming... because that was how I read this book...

The blurb teases us with "who" this woman is...we learn in the first part how she was made into this end result...

During the next part, we see her in action; we see her goals and how she achieves them... always eye on the prize... keeping herself emotionally numb but physically responsive. There are cracks in her facade but she fights to keep everything at bay. She seems to have accepted she is a commodity...a product in demand... and with the right marketing, presentation and tease.... she will accomplish her goals, to be in charge, to not feel or have emotions... for those cause pain.

She has her plans and her gateway to the new level of security is almost attainable when fate, throws her off course. She experiences a connection with a man, a regular guy, someone who does not fit her game plan.

With him, there is a feeling of more than manipulation, lust, or greed. When they are together her emotions, divorced from her so long ago, show up. She allows herself this indulgence thinking she can handle it.

The regular guy is amazing, he is every woman's wet dream. He is sexy, smart, charming, and loves his nephew as if he was the kid's father. He falls hard for her hoping she will allow herself to love. The chemistry sings...it is not cheesy just real, warm, and sexy when called for.

But it is doomed because she knows she is damaged. He deserves better and in her life experience, she hasn't seen love work in any way.

This book had me. From the very beginning to the damn-it-all cliffy.

There are so many things to address. The blatant sexuality used as a means to an end, to the sweet and charming romance, to decisions made, and things to come.

Again... the power of the read was my facepalming during the whole thing.
I will be waiting for the second book knowing I will have to set aside a comfy chair and plenty of time.

Easy Virtue (Virtue, #1) by Mia Asher Easy Virtue (Virtue, #1)
Sweetest Venom (Virtue, #2) by Mia AsherSweetest Venom (Virtue, #2)

A gifted copy was provided by author/publisher for an honest review.

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December 10, 2014
One thing’s for certain, Mia Asher can write and she does it in such a way that it literally depletes your lungs of oxygen. Her words become the bursts of air your body requires. She takes you and grips you. She's got a way with making you feel. It doesn't matter if those feelings are despair, anger or frustration. It doesn't matter if they're happy, euphoric or scorching... No, Mia has such a way with description and storytelling that you want the hurt, you crave the agonizing pull from deep within, the one that makes you feel as though you can fly, as though you're alive and kicking, as though you’re the very character who’s story’s being told.

Once again, Mia has given us a heroine we love to hate. She's given us a tale that fills you with the perfect blend of utter frustration, of crazy love and hate, of searing steaminess. It was, in two word, utterly addicting.

Easy Virtue is the first in a two part duet. It follows the story of Blaire White. Blaire grew up in a household that was cold and dysfunctional. A product of a mother and father who are in a loveless marriage, she dreamt of being cherished, of being held and feeling special. She didn’t know warmth, love, and that created a huge chasm in her life. Not only that, Blaire was bullied in school, poked fun at because of her weight and her awkward childhood looks. She was made to feel completely insignificant.

Fast forward several years and that ugly duckling, that chubby girl, is no more. The one beaten down disappears and in its place is a vixen. A transformed beauty who is the very thing men fantasize about. Her exquisiteness is like a bullet to the chest. It's staggering and in that she finds power. The kind of power that changes a person, the kind that's a balm to the craterous hole that's taken up residence in her soul.

A master manipulator, she takes monetary gain in exchange for sex. Now… I know what you’re thinking. That she’s a slut. But she really isn’t. Blaire’s very careful of who she chooses to bed. She goes for wealthy men, prominent standing men, who can give her what she wants. She's not sleeping with everyone. Is it morally wrong? Yes, but it’s part of how she gets by. It’s the way she numbs her heart. Almost like a drug, she finds warmth in the showering of gifts, in the money she receives. What she has with these men is a superficial relationship and the main stipulation is that they take care of her. Right or wrong it’s how she copes with the blow life handed her.

The plot, set in NY, is where we meet Ronin the complete opposite of what Blaire usually goes for. A devilish, somewhat ordinary man, who somehow finds his way into her life. He's everything that's good, that’s healthy for her. Everything Blaire should want, does want, but is too scared to take. She's afraid of feeling, long since numbed, an impenetrable wall of brokenness surrounding her heart.

In the same place, we meet Lawrence Rothschild who is the EXACT type of man that Blaire is drawn to. Filthy rich. Uncharacteristically sexy, dirty in bed, and able to let Blaire be what she thinks is her true self. He requires no emotional contact. It's sex. Hard f*cking sex.

The story takes on a life of its own. And Blaire’s dysfunctional state plays out masterfully on the pages. It’s intense. It's steamy. A rainbow of conflicted sensations that will set you on fire. And let’s be honest, there's nothing better than the tumultuous ache of frustration, the burning sting of pain or the blazing heat of steam when you open a book. Easy Virtue encompasses all those things and more. I loved this book. I loved the dark yet erotic feel. I most certainly loved Mia’s writing. I love how she goes against the mold, unafraid of crossing lines, hitting you right in the chest with uncomfortable subjects that are sure to create a stir.

Easy Virtue is a BRILLIANT start to the duet and I can’t wait to get my hands on the conclusion. I have NO IDEA where the author will take this but the dark and devilish side of me is salivating and craving so much more. This book is a knock out!


➔ "I'm Blaire White... I don't wallow. I don't cry. I move on. I forget. I discard... or get discarded. I'm a survivor. I'm resilient."

"The assault of his tongue debilitates me but doesn't incapacitate me." (That is such a STRONG line. Those words... POWERFUL!)

"Many say that love will set you free, but I disagree... love is a cage, a very painful one; it's gilded bars made with yearning, heartache, and unfilled dreams."

"He's gravity and I'm the falling apple doomed to hit the ground." (FREAKING LOVED THIS LINE!)

"All good things in life never last. Like a good high, at some point you must come down and crash and burn. Things end. People break hearts. People move on and forget." (TRUTH)

"Fear is a prison. A feeling of crippling power that spreads darkness within. It blinds. It questions. It takes over every decision we make, coloring it with doubt. Fear, for most of us, rules our lives, and it's only when you conquer it that you can truly love your life to the fullest."

❤ AMAZON ➔ http://amzn.to/1tO7NfH
❤ BARNES ➔ http://bit.ly/1rSEK0k
❤ iBOOKS ➔ http://bit.ly/1tLXM2E
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September 26, 2015
Type: Book 1 of 2 from Virtue series
POV: First Person - Female

Blaire White grew up bullied by peers at school and ignored by parents at home. At a young age, she learned not to rely on anyone else. As she grew older, she realized her beauty was worthy trait and used it fully to her advantage by luring rich men into her grasp. She was happy with her superficial life until she met two suitors who could give her what she always wanted.

Ronan was just a regular Joe – someone Blaire don’t normally associate with. But he provided her with emotional fulfillment. Then there was Lawrence Rothschild, a rich businessman who could provide her with anything she ever needed. Both men made her questioned what she valued the most in her life.

I have always been attracted to books centered on character(s) that requires a little more effort to love and this book certainly falls into the category. The story not only made me swoon, but angry and sad at the same time.

I like money. I like power. I like adoration. I like sex.

Blaire was a cold gold digger. I like how she knew what she wanted and went for it even if it hurt her inside. I did sympathize with her past, but it was also frustrating that it held her back from start to finish. She didn’t evolve in that sense.

“I plan on putting that beautiful and brazen mouth of yours to good use, and not for conversation, darling.”

Laurence wanted to be with Blaire purely for physical pleasure. He offered her something she couldn’t resist. He made her feel free of expectations and let her “true self” shine.

Ronan on the other hand made her scared of the possibilities. He made her feel emotions she never felt before. Out of both men, my favorite is definitely Ronan. I love how real and relatable he was. I also love how he wasn’t ashamed to bare his soul.

There was one point at the end of the book that made me paused a little to consider Laurence. It was a glimpse of his thought that might change the game in the next book, but until then, Ronan is my man. Besides, I’m all for the underdog.

Like the ugly duckling from my favorite childhood story, I turned into a swan. Though beautiful on the outside, I felt ugly, so very ugly on the inside.

Easy Virtue is a story of a woman’s journey in understanding her self-worth. It had some angst and scorching sexy times that ended with a cliffhanger with wide possibilities of what’s coming next.

For more reviews/reveals/giveaways visit:

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March 3, 2016
ARC provided by author in exchange of honest review

“So am I calculating? Yes, completely. I’m a gold digger, but I’m also smart. Love fades….or it’s selfish...or unkind...but a diamond, a diamond will last forever. And because I’m a cynical bitch, I’m very aware that I need to capitalize on my looks while I still have them because those will fade as well.”


There are authors you like and there are authors you love. And for me, Mia Asher is one of those authors that I love and adore. If you read her first book, Arsen, then you will understand me when I say that Mia’s writing and storytelling is like a drug. Her writing is brilliant and flawless. Storytelling is bewitching and hypnotic. Emotions are raw. And she conjures up characters that are vulnerable, flawed and real. And in her newest release, Easy Virtue, this book was no exception. Simply, this book was spellbinding, captivating and dangerously addicting. Like a drug, I craved this book. I could not put this book down. Literally, I was latching onto every word that was written and was so consumed with the storytelling.


“I look sinful. I look like sex-and that’s what I’m selling. I want men to want me. I want women to be jealous of me. I need to feel desired.”


Easy Virtue is no ordinary love story. If you are expecting a fairytale love story then I’m sorry you will be disappointed. There is no prince charming and shining white knight coming to the rescue. Heck..there is no damsel in distress. There is no happily ever after where the hero and heroine rides off to sunset. No….Easy Virtue is an all consuming twisted love story that is pure torture and angst. It will make you go crazy but yet leave you dangerously addicted and yearning for more. One taste of Easy Virtue, you are hooked.

He’s fucking me so hard it hurts, but it’s a pain that borders on delicious pleasure, like all good things in life.”

#ev (2)

Life isn’t perfect. So why expect love to be also? Love isn’t black and white. There is no right and wrong. Love can be complicated and forbidden. It can be consuming and earth shattering. It can provide hope or it can be destructive. So what happens when you realized that there is no such thing as love? What happens when you lost every fiber of hope that you are capable of receiving and giving love? There is only two options… You can try to love again and open up your heart OR you can be that person who doesn’t believe in love and happiness. And in this case, Blaire White is that woman who doesn’t believe in LOVE. All sense of the saving power of love is lost. The hope for love died when she learned that it only makes you weak and vulnerable. Blaire White knows only three things: Sex, Money and Men. She is that woman that every married woman, fiancee, and girlfriends fear. She is the bonafide gold-digger. She is the bitch you want to hate. She personifies what sex is. She is emotionally broken. And yet she is a beautiful mess. She is the unlikely heroine that you want to root for so she can get her HEA. You want her to find love. You want her to accept love. And you want her world to be shaken to the core so she can finally accept that she is indeed lovable. So will Blaire be that girl? Or will she still be the other woman? The gold-digger? The bitch?

“Love is dangerous. Love has the ability of breaking the unbreakable.”

Simply, Blaire is what you would call a “whore” but behind this facade lies a truly broken woman who secretly yearns for love and happiness. Her world and upbringing caused her to be the way she is. Men can’t resist her. She uses her beauty and body to get what she wants. She is young and beautiful and knows it. She will use this to her advantage to make men pay and spoil her with luxurious gifts. So can happiness be bought simply through lavish gifts of Chanel, Hermes, Gucci, Prada, and Cartier?? What is the price of happiness?


So what happens when you meet a man who can turn your world upside down? So what happens when you meet a simple man who can show you love? Do you run to it or away? They say love can’t be bought so will Blaire be available to give up this lifestyle she is accustomed to or will she run into the arms of a man who can spoil her with money, gifts, and sex? What is Blaire’s price? Ronan...the man who is the game-changer or Lawrence...the man who can satisfy her financial needs?

“When I look at you, I see something I really want. Something I need.”

Easy Virtue by Mia Asher seriously should come with a warning label. The label should read “TORTURE” and it may cause you to scream and throw your kindle across the room. Yes, it was one those angsty book that will cause you to message the author and beg her for more. Yes, I was totally screaming at the end of the book “Why Mia, Why?” haha. Did I love Easy Virtue? Absolutely, fucking YES!!! Who says love will always heal everything, sometimes it even is the reason for destruction. In this case, prepare for your heart to get torn apart. Mia Asher will put you on an emotional roller-coaster that makes you question who is the right man for Blaire. Is it Lawrence or is it Ronan? One thing for certain, Blaire is the epitome of what it means to be a beautiful mess? Can this sad girl finally be happy and be able to love?


So if you are looking for a book that is beautifully written and a story that will captivate you, then go read Easy Virtue. I love that Mia Asher’s gives you flawed and raw characters. She does not give you a typical romance story but gives you an honest and raw broken twisted love story. I can’t wait for the next installment to see what Mia has in store for Blaire.

Mia Asher
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December 1, 2014
This Book is Rated W for Well Done
4.5 STARS out of 5
Genre: Adult Romance-Erotica
Full Review Posted 12-1-14

 photo explosiveb_zps0ed8c1a6.gif

If you’ve read Mis Asher’s debut novel Arsen then you are aware that she is a sharp shooter. She is not afraid to royally piss you off and then hit you where it hurts…STRAIGHT THROUGH THE DAMN HEART.

Blaire White is a gold digger. She literally makes a living by living off the money provided to her from the rich men she dates. It’s a lifestyle that seemingly comes easy to her. Giving up her goods for a price with her... easy virtue .

 photo EVcollagefinal5_zpsfcfff49c.jpg

The Characters

Meet Blaire

 photo EVFinalpic2_zpsbc22bc32.jpg

One indelible truth
Blaire has never truly experienced love. She believes that if love comes it’s not without pain. Being a child greeted with rejection everyday at home with her parents and at school by her classmates, she quickly learned in her teens to take care of herself. Once known to her peers as the chubby kid, she eventually grows into a shapely young woman with curves that can utterly make a grown man stop in his tracks to take her in. One man does stop in his tracks…he wants a taste of the youthful Blaire.

No doubt about it, taking care of herself lead to Blaire having sex at a young age. Blaire is described to be a very beautiful girl with a body made for sinning. She picks up on this knowledge in her teens…that using her body to get what she wants has it’s…perks. Her first sexual partner being a man of means he in turn provides lavish gifts to Blaire. In doing this it sets a tone for her, one that carries in to her adulthood, labeling herself as a gold digger. Blaire become a predator on the hunt for wealthy men.

Meet Ronan

 photo EVFINAL3_zps5cdc5769.jpg

I want to mark you
When I started Easy Virtue for about the first 5% I kept wondering ‘hmmm where is this story taking me exactly’ and then I met Ronan. *Le sigh* Ronan’s character kind of comes out of nowhere yet I ate him up and found myself eagerly wanting more and more of him. To the average woman Ronan is the ideal male, thoughtful, sexy and GREAT in bed. But to Blaire he is far from her requirement which pretty much entails him having a HUGE bank account.

I think the way readers meet Ronan is adorable. I also think the way he is further introduced in to the story was brilliant because in a small amount of time we get an idea of who he is…about what matters to him in life. Yeah, I was really feeling this guy.

Annnnd then we have this guy.

Meet Lawrence

 photo EVFINAL4_zps76505913.jpg

I’m an interested buyer
Lawrence meets Blaire’s requirements and then some. Not only is the guy filthy rich, he’s gorgeous and according to Blaire he f*cks as good as he looks. Her words not mine. Lawrence makes it very clear what he wants from Blaire and that he has no issues with paying her what she desires. Seeing dollar signs Blaire knows that Lawrence can deliver exactly what he says.

Lawrence is the opposite of Ronan in almost every way. Where Ronan’s character appears to be an open book as we get to know him; Lawrence seems to hold secrets. Not sure how I feel about this. Nevertheless a few things about his character have piqued my interest. I became curious to see how things will progress with his character just as much as I am eager to see the same with Ronan.

This was a quick read and once I started I could not stop. I started at night read til about 20% went to bed woke up early and finished the book in one sitting. The story is told mostly from Blaire's pov there is however a very small and surprising switch briefly in the story.

I'd also liked to note that while this book plays a fine line with being a 'possible' love triangle, I honestly felt no such thing in my mind there was one clear guy for Blaire. BUT I could be wrong…I really hope I'm not though. Unfortunately, I know for sure that Mia Asher has no problem with breaking my heart in her plot lines.

My Thoughts
I really dig Mia Asher’s writing style. In this book she does something not many authors can do very well. She completely ensnares you with her characters. So whether they’re good or bad…lovable or not so lovable you cannot help but hang on to every move they make. She takes her time, lays out a character introduction and then she builds. Somehow her introductions provide a small layer or base I should say for each character. It was like giving a piece of whom they are to us readers, I liked that.

The story of these three (Blaire-Ronan-Lawrence) intrigues me. I am eager for more. I recommend this book to readers who are not afraid to take journey’s with characters. To those unafraid of a book possibly NOT ending the way you want.

My Ratings
Characters-A gold digger, A rich handsome guy annnd A thoughtfully sexy down to earth guy
Writing Style-Smooth, Raw, Strong and Dangerous enough to crush my heart
Plot/Storyline- Blaire is a gold digger. She prefers to make a living by living of rich men.
Steam Factor- High/Very Steamy on a scale of 1-10 I say 8
Entertainment Level- From Lo-Med-Hi I say Hi. The book held my rapt attention
Overall- I really liked it! I highly recommend this to readers who are not afraid to go with the flow and follow the journey of the characters.

Now go forth and read. Then come tell us about it on Goodreads!

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March 14, 2015

Title: Easy Virtue
Series: Virtue, #1
Author: Mia Asher
Release Date: 3rd December, 2014
Rating: 3.5-4 "Hello Kitty" Stars
Cliffhanger:. Yes

 photo 697F64C7-235E-4625-9B2C-6B182641E578_zpsudns03rc.jpg

Causing pain to others when I’m suffering soothes me.

In honesty, I should have a bone to pick with Mia Asher. I wasn't aware Easy Virtue contained and a triangle (of sorts) and relationship overlapping (to some degree). I don't enjoy reading about those subjects. That is, I don't usually enjoy reading about those subjects.

In this case the author has managed to not only make me enjoy them but has written it in a way that for me personally, it almost takes a back seat to what has to me one of the most interesting and complicated characters I've read about in a while; Blaire White.

So am I calculating? Yes, completely. I’m a gold digger, but I’m also smart. Love fades … or it’s selfish … or unkind … but a diamond, a diamond will last forever.

 photo 2595A955-ADE7-4113-99AD-C5B9E4D21C9B_zpstihws0ds.jpg

She has no qualms in manipulating whom ever she needs to get what she wants.
Although it's the material possessions she reveres, in truth I believe it's the validation she needs; she almost interprets it as her own form of justice. Having been the outcast in her younger years, her appearance which once made her a target for bullies is now her most valuable asset. She plays to her strengths and any moments of weakness are quickly quashed by her fear of returning to or having nothing.

However, fear isn’t a bad thing. Because fear prevents me from getting hurt over and over again—from being careless with my emotions.

I can't help but ponder on how much of herself she's had to sacrifice for her need to be on top. Is she even even capable of love? It's seems so, but in true Blaire style her actions serve to dissuade me. As much as I believe she may want to move forward emotionally, she is also the enemy of her own progress. As much as I think I dislike her, I pity her. She's a victim of her own self doubt and need for acceptance wrapped up in a hard beautiful shell and I can't wait for it to crack.

Love is selfish. Love is unkind. Love hurts.

ARC kindly Provided in exchange for an honest review. Thank You!!


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December 4, 2014
UPDATE: 4Th December #EV is now LIVE on all platforms>>

Amazon links:
US: http://amzn.to/1znyEnF
UK: http://amzn.to/1yiFNn8

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5+++++ Starstruck Stars

 photo AEE98F15-F0C9-4A31-AC9A-E59109F956B7_zpsrt3m44n1.jpg

Do you know what happened yesterday morning once I finished this book? I sat there and looked into space trying to mull my thoughts together and wonder how the heck to review such a book like this? You see I absolutely loved Arsen so when I heard Mia was writing a new book I grabbed it with both hands now I'm not saying its as Angsty and gripping as Arsen but I was definitely compelled by it. A small warning here this is a difficult book to review I'm going to try my damn hardest to not spoil anything but if you don't want to know ANYTHING then go read it and come back later.

 photo 9BA4F5D2-9252-4BFF-92A4-85C111DD0FCA_zps3fidcfbu.jpg

So onto the Review
This is a book about Blaire and her life, there are many a character while reading this story you will get to know them but the core is that this is her life. So Blaire she's a Gold digger plain and simple she seeks money, she seeks power maybe? she wants to be desired, she wants to be sinful she wants to be striking as she walks into a room and then she wants people to want to be her, but she doesn't want LOVE all in all she LOVES two things 1.Money and 2.Sex.

But I really do think there's more to her, Blaire grew up in a unloved home in that she doesn't know love and cause of it she doesn't want it, she got bullied at school so now she wants those bullies to now want to be her and that's exactly what she became A tiger, a devil?

 photo 259FE881-D484-47A8-8FE3-D753DC96B816_zpsc8vviuk0.jpg

So she takes risks and goes after what she wants and she's not ashamed to show people who she is she raises her head walks straight ahead and lays it all bare and she tells herself that she has no feelings for these men and when they kick her out she just moves onto the next.

 photo 16311361-72C3-4708-AE34-A46E375E41C2_zpsxcdfoc2w.jpg

So lets explain some of the characters

So lets go onto the nitty gritty Blaire becomes friendly with a gentle and loving man that really becomes more than just sex she see's more with him and truly she starts to feel he also scares her. He see's a future and she see's what life could possible be to be happy.

 photo 276F5D48-3B3E-40EF-AD18-78AFB56D5EC8_zpszmqulu8z.jpg

Lawrence has money and lots of it. He can provide a future full of money and basically he wants Blaire, I really see more to Lawrence than we are first to believe but he is animalistic Stunning an elegant man of power and everything that Blaire strives to be and want to be with, this is what and who she seeks to be with (With Ease, this is the easy option for Blaire) Its normal to be with Lawrence.

 photo C2C48140-B0D6-45CE-9C98-99F7919A4FB1_zps3pmmmpb6.jpg

My Thoughts
I really just want to explain that although there is actually several men but in particular two THIS IS NOT A LOVE TRIANGLE OR INCLUDES CHEATING This is no Arsen #Blairenevercomeswhensheswithanothermanonlywiththeonesheswith. Did you get that? Let me write it again basically when Blaire is with a man she stays with him for a while and never sleeps and has sex with another man till she's finished with that man therefore both these men have a special place for Blaire and are both I suppose in my opinion fighting for her attention ever so gently they want her and so its not essentially about what she wants but about how she gets there. Basically they are never together at once

 photo 0D0117EC-D4AD-48C9-A4B0-1D24C18F1043_zpsdyxfwrun.jpg

But with Lawrence I would say is a much easier task, he has a understanding of who Blaire is whereas Ronan needs more attention and its a bit more harder for Blaire to be with saying that Ronan fits Blaire in places she probably doesn't even understand herself.

In my opinion this is much more of a character building story and Mia has taken the time for you to understand the depths that lay underneath layer by layer you will see how they feel and how those walls have been put up, you will love Blaire and then dislike her although there is just something unique different and appealing to us readers that make us love her. I did dislike her she made me frustrated and angry but I just was so mesmerised by her that all in all I loved her whole character I just can't wait to see more of her personality unfold in book 2.

 photo 7E9B877F-7200-4D14-B1DB-2F548B03AC4D_zpsqflr6okz.jpg

So what team am I on? #TeamTorn for me I just loved them both I loved Lawrence's animalistic primal nature but I just loved Ronans love I and nurturing but then protective way I jut honestly don't know who's best for Blaire Right now.

To Sum up
While reading this and maybe at times wondering about the plot just draw yourself back to the fact this is a character building story, Mia has done what she does so well in her books she's made me feel and this is Blaires story how she gets to become HER.

So until Spring that is all.......

 photo 4677D987-709D-4884-A2A8-B1772D7E3735_zpsabgeluxi.jpg

December 12, 2014
Did you read that blurb? Ya' just gotta love a Mia Asher story and this one does not disappoint. Blaire is right, you will probably hate her.

The story starts out when Blaire is eighteen and we get to know a bit about her childhood and some of the reasons for why she does the things she does. Meaning...she's never felt loved so she shuts off all emotions and just takes what she wants. It then moves into the present, five years later.

The problem is...there's a whole lotta men and it's confusing. It's hard to know who's important and who you need to pay attention to. But it does set up some parameters for Blaire...for what she wants and for what she's after. The reason for Mr. Callahan is pretty obvious, the others...not so much. And not knowing if she even has a goal in mind is frustrating. It makes it hard to believe that a lack of love and a love of money could make a person give up what she did.


But Blaire sticks to her guns for the most part, even when she gets a slice of heaven. She allows herself to indulge but then cuts herself off...and you will hate her for that too.

There are three men later on, Walker, Ronan and Lawrence. It was interesting to see how Blaire deals with all three and the impact they have on her.


Walker was a pig...who didn't see that coming? I just think we haven't seen the last of him and that's the only reason I'm mentioning him! Ronan is totally swoon worthy but I have a feeling there's a lot to him we don't know...yet. And Lawrence? Well, he is the wild card. He was much too curious about Winkler and that scene in his POV at the end? Yea, I have a good idea who that is...and I'm dying to see if I'm right!


The steam factor is off the charts! This woman loves to have sex...frequently, which is good for her since that's what she is selling herself for. It was really interesting to see the different "types" depending on who she was with.

The fall is coming and it's gonna be a doozy. Blaire's in for a rude awakening and hopefully a better sunset with a certain someone! And of course, it ends with a cliffhanger. *Fingers crossed* the next book is out early 2015.



Favorite quotes:

♥ "One never knows when it will be time for an upgrade."

♥ “You little rascal. You’re supposed to be on my team.”

“She smells nicer than you, Uncle, and she’s prettier too.”

I grin. “See—smart boy.”

♥ “When I look at you, I see something I really want. Something I need.”

♥ “Tonight I’m not going to make love to you, Blaire. I’m going to own you. Do you hear me?”

♥ “One day you’re going to let me love you, and I'm going to hold you so tight I’ll never let you go. I'm going to love you as if it were the one thing I was meant to do. As if it were my purpose in life. Don’t you see it, Blaire? Don’t you get it? You’re in me. In everything I see. In everything I touch. You’re in the air I breathe, in the water I drink, and in every dream I dream. I want to tell you so much more, but I know that you’re not ready to hear it.”

♥ "You make me feel nothing, which is everything."

♥ “I like the real Blaire … it’s her I want.”

♥ "How can someone as beautiful as you are have no heart?"

♦ BR w/Melissa, Patty, Dee & Tiffany
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December 15, 2014

♥♥♥ 3.75 STARS ♥♥♥

●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●

“I'm a gold digger, but I'm also smart. Love fades...or it's selfish...or unkind...but a diamond, a diamond will last forever.”

●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●

Well...I'm not sure what exactly I expected to get from this book. I mean, I knew from the blurb that this one would definitely be an interesting one, and it totally was. But I didn't think I would be able to enjoy a book as much as I did while hating the heroine the whole time.

Blaire has been shaped into the woman she now is by the many events in her past. She doesn't want to give anyone the power to be able to hurt again, so she has built a fortress around herself while using those around her for her benefit. She is a gold digger who uses her looks to get what she wants, all while not letting her emotions get in the way. While I did feel for her upbringing, I didn't like how she cruel she could be at times. I don't think it excused it, which is why I spent a lot of time disliking her. I am hoping Blaire will be able to redeem herself in the next book. I want her to grow, and learn to respect herself. And hopefully, she will be able to accept love from others and from herself.

Ronan, the man with the warm brown eyes, how he stole my heart. He was kind, sweet, and down to earth. I liked him a freaking lot. He comes into Blaire's life and gives her a new perspective. He is nothing like rich men she dates. He shows her that what she thought was unattainable may be within reach, and all without those frivolous riches. I loved seeing Blaire come out of her shell whenever she was with Ronan. They really were perfect together. Blaire doesn't see it that way, though. She is scared by the feelings that Ronan evokes from her.

●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●

“When I look at you, I see something I really want. Something I need.”

●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●

Lawrence is a mysterious, wealthy, attractive older man. He is a gold digger's dream come true. To me personally, Lawrence was alright, I didn't love him like I did Ronan. I actually think he isn't right for Blaire. He wouldn't help her help herself, he would enable her to continue down the same road she has been going on. He hires Blaire to be his for however long he pays her, and for however much Blaire demands of him. Lawrence was more wild and intense. But there is also something about Lawrence that seems to appear like he might genuinely care about her. He wasn't in this book for too long, so I can't wait to see how things continue with him in the next book.

●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●

“I’m a survivor with my own set of rules. And not even your kindness will make me break them.”

●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●

Overall, it was a good and interesting story. It was different from anything I have read and it did intrigue me a lot while I was reading. The writing was wonderfully done. It was one of those books that you just can't put down. The only thing I had trouble with was the way the heroine Blaire behaved and sometimes hurt people. There were many times that she frustrated the crap out of me. I am going to keep my fingers crossed and hope that my view of her will change in the next book. That cliffhanger just drove me nuts. How am I expected to wait?? I seriously want the next book now because I need to know what happens next.

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January 11, 2015
4 Stars!
(Gifted by: Read More Sleep Less blog)
(BR with Sharon, Patty, Dee & Tiffany)

 photo 47833e8b-9142-4cd3-9ae8-97c2c2ea758c.jpg

 photo 55125a35-c1c9-4817-8e40-794087d16cc8.jpg

 photo 774e3aa4-c315-4f7c-a075-dfa6284db133.jpg

Blaire White grew up an overweight child who was bullied, and never had many friends. She was an only child raised by parents who were never around. They gave her gifts not love. She grew up lonely, empty, & hollow, and felt unlovable & worthless. She was either purposefully ignored or made fun of, and she craved attention. With no sense of self worth, she needed other peoples acceptance to feel good. As she became a teenager all of the sudden all eyes were on Blaire as her figure changed, and she was a voluptuous knock out. She used her looks to get what she wanted from men. She decides love isn't necessary for survival, and she would never allow anyone to have the power to hurt her. Her heart grows bitter & hard, and she no longer cares about anything but material things.

 photo d822e3a2-5dac-4f7f-a98e-4f7f20327c89_zps4ede9428.jpg

When Blaire turns 18 she moves to New York and never looks back. She is a waitress, but her main income is from rich men in her life. She considers herself a gold digger who only cares about money, power, adoration, & sex. She just wants pleasure & the finer things in life, and doesn't want expectations put on her. She is selfish, makes her own rules, & doesn't believe in the fairy tale.

 photo b7e3a76c-5ffb-494d-bccb-38c91f7e0c3b.jpg

Blaire's life is going just as she's planned until the day she meets a charming guy named Ronan who makes her question everything. She just wants to enjoy him for a while, but he gets too close, and makes her doubt herself & her goals. She believes he's too good for her, & she doesn't deserve him, so she sabotages herself. She has to end things because she's falling for him. This wasn't supposed to happen. She doesn't want to be vulnerable or open herself up to be hurt.

 photo e51e0d17-5c7f-47da-acd7-c12701e2320d_zps34916642.jpg

-"When I look at you, I see something I really want. Something I need."

-This kiss is different. It's as unapologetic as it is rough and needy. It's carnal bliss. It makes my head swirl. It makes me tremble. It makes me feel him from the top of my head to the tips of my toes and everywhere in between.

-It doesn't matter what we do as long as I'm with him. His face is all I see and his touch all I need. Being with him is simple. It's magic. He's summertime and his kisses warm sunlight. He makes me think of popsicles and laughter. He makes me feel free.

-Whenever we're together, I can hear the fast beating of my heart, feel the blood rushing to my head, his nearness setting my body ablaze.

-"I was a goner the moment you smiled at me. I don't think I've ever wanted someone as much as I want you."

-When I look at you, I see everything I want and everything I need."

-The way he's looking at me...Oh, the way he's looking at me is what love poems are written about.

-Is love really so bad? Is wanting something as beautiful and simple as love such an awful thing?

-"One day you're going to let me love you, and I'm going to hold you so tight I'll never let you go. I'm going to love you as if it were the one thing I was meant to do. As if it were my purpose in life."

 photo c182dd27-0eed-42f1-b84b-924ea1af9193_zpsae2592cb.jpg

So Blaire lets her fear control her. She decides to do what is familiar & safe, and doesn't risk her heart. She starts seeing a wealthy man she met named Lawrence, who only wants her for her body. He is mysterious, & gorgeous, & uncomplicated. She feels she can be her true self with Lawrence, without emotions getting in the way.

 photo 001d1529-316e-4ae7-a185-9d7153c95cd3_zps88b0554c.jpg

This was my first book by this author, and I really enjoyed it! As much as I loved Ronan, I found myself intrigued & drawn to Lawrence. Can't wait to see how this story plays out. :D
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April 5, 2016
5 Amazing Stars
 photo IMG_0363_zpsd9fpcim6.jpg

This is a story of intense emotion. One that pivots your senses and brings them to a heighten level and keeps you there throughout the journey.

Blaire White is a gold digger- "Any woman whose primary interest in a relationship is material benefits. A woman who cares more about a man's bank account than she does about the man." Blaire makes no excuses as to why she is as she is but how she became that way tugs at your heartstrings. It's emotional and tragic because Blaire doesn't believe in love. She believes in taking care of herself and never wants to be hurt again.

Ronan is a knight in shining armor. Everything about him is perfect but most of all it is how he makes Blaire feel, and it is what she has always craved. He's not rich and there isn't anything material she can gain from him except love. But Love isn't who Blaire is or who she thinks she can ever be.

Lawrence Rothschild is the rich man of Blaire's dreams. One that can set her up possibly for life if the relationship lasts awhile. They are purely sexual and nothing more. But......there is more to Lawrence than we understand. But can Blaire be happy with The World when she has tasted what Love could be?

"Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive."
 photo Easy Virtue1_zpsux45u4uy.jpg

3 people who intersect with each other.......One for love and one for sex. The dynamics of Ronan, Blaire, and Lawrence is extremely simple yet so very complex -Love or Sex, Tangible or Sentimental, Truths or Lies......all mix together to create an exquisitely tangled web.

I absolutely loved this story. Blaire, Blaire, Blaire........she tugged at my heartstrings. It also created a yearning for 2 very different men. What I thought I wanted wasn't solidified at the end......I still have questions that I need answers to before I root for Ronan or Lawrence. And then I need Blaire to open her heart and believe in herself, to know she is worthy to have it all, not love or sex but both love and sex.

Mia Asher writes with emotional depth. The complexity that feeds through her characters is emotional and endearing. The love is so much more and the sex is passionate and all that. Together it mixes for a story of wants, needs and desires with angst and longing. It's beautiful as it is painful. I would recommend this book for lovers of complex stories with emotionally gripping characters that leave you breathless and emotionally taxed.

I'm gonna get it out in the open........the ending is a Cliffhanger and OMG OMG OMG, I was not expecting it and it left me speechless!!!! Thank goodness I had Sweetest Venom to jump right into.

I want to thank my Fabulous Friend Jx PinkLady who gifted me this book- She knew I would love this story and boy was she right- Love you!!!!

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December 3, 2014
“Love fades … or it’s selfish … or unkind … but a diamond, a diamond will last forever.”

Stories like these are the very reason I spend so many sleepless nights feeding my reading addiction! Nothing prepared me for the wild stampede of emotions that ran through me while I devoured this book cover to cover, my absolute investment in the story and its heroine surprising me at every turn. This is not a sweet romance, this is not even a typical romance as such—this is the very candid tale of a beautiful swan who never escaped the painful memory of being an ugly duckling, and whose every choice in life only fed but never quenched her insatiable hunger for attention and acceptance. This book wrecked me, consumed me, brainwashed me, and I am not even sure I am capable of walking away from it just yet, my mind still spinning in a million different directions, trying to put together the intriguing pieces of Blaire White’s complex personality. I have no idea how this has happened, but I am utterly enthralled by a damaged young woman who thinks “spreading her legs open is her superpower”.

“What is love? I don’t know. I’ve never had it. Is it even real?”

Blaire White was a neglected child who spent countless nights crying herself to sleep due to her parents’ perennial absence and lack of affection towards her. But her pain eventually turned into bitterness and apathy, her desire to be loved as a child now replaced by a constant need to feel desired and needed by the men she seduces, uses and then discards. And even though Blaire has grown into a beautiful young woman whose strikingly good looks make her irresistible to any man she sets her eyes on, in her mind, she is still that chubby little girl who got mocked and bullied as a child, and whose parents’ inattention taught her to close her heart to everyone around her. She uses her newly found sex appeal to feed her insecurities and to suppress that inner voice still whispering to her that she is worthless, ugly, just an empty shell.

“Whatever was left of my heart, I surrounded it with so many thorns and spikes that if you ever came anywhere near it, I would willingly and happily hurt you.”

But just when her young life seemed to have become nothing more than an endless string of meaningless conquests—seducing men into her bed and sucking their wallets dry, before discarding them and moving onto her next target—Blaire meets two very different men, offering her two very different paths in life, and asking very different things of her, but both destined to change her future forever.

Ronan is the kind of man Blaire has never allowed herself to date or grow attached to. He is everything she never wanted and everything she always needed, open and upfront about his feelings for her, his unassuming good looks and boyish charm awakening the innocence she believed to have lost a long time ago. But he is also the very weakness she has always avoided in life, his mere presence stirring the kind of feelings she worked hard to forget. The more she falls for him, the more she pulls away, her own growing affections towards him terrifying her and forcing her to sabotage the only genuine relationship she has ever had. She cherishes her time with him, but every stolen moment of happiness with him only reminds her that she cannot allow herself to keep him. Because she would never be worthy of him.

“One day you're going to let me love you, and I'm going to hold you so tight, I’ll never let you go. I'm going to love you as if it were the one thing I was meant to do. As if it were my purpose in life.”

Lawrence, on the other hand, is the kind of man Blaire believes she should be looking for. A successful businessman who knows exactly what he wants and is not afraid to ask for it, their entire relationship is prearranged as a short-lived business transaction of sorts, his every sexual demand setting her body on fire and awakening the uninhibited seductress in her, but leaving her emotionally unaffected and in control. Being with him is safe, familiar, manageable, while everything about Ronan makes her want to lose herself in him.

“I hope you're not delicate, darling, because I'm going to f*ck you until I break you.”

I have never ‘clicked’ with a character so much as I have with this heroine. I loved her for her imperfections the most, her self-sabotaging tendencies making me want to pull her hair out and hug her all at the same time. We understand the source of all her demons, we know why life has hardened her heart and made her afraid to take her mask off, and while we foresee all the ways in which she stops herself from finding happiness, we cannot help but hope for more from her.

A story that might appear simple at first, but it is in fact everything but that—this is not a love triangle, this is a story that centres around a broken young woman looking for herself and learning to cope with the emotional scars from her past. The two men in her life represent the two conflicting sides of Blaire’s personality. One man understands her as she has become and doesn’t need or want her to change in order to give him everything he needs from her, while offering her everything she always thought she wanted. The other man only knows the Blaire she refuses to be, offering her the very thing she is scared of the most—his heart. We might easily pick a favourite as readers, but for Blaire to make her choice, she needs to decide who she wants to be.

“How can someone as beautiful as you are have no heart?”

Ms Asher is a very persuasive storyteller, her straightforward prose capturing perfectly the heroine’s battle with herself, while offering us a very sympathetic and utterly fascinating portrayal of the fallibility of human nature. It’s a story that has multiple sub-plots running through it, all flawlessly intertwined with one another, all leading somewhere and all sparking with electricity. We are left gasping for more, with a million theories running through our minds, but certain that we are about to saddle up for a ride of a lifetime.

“One day, you're going to fall in love with a man and I hope he breaks your heart, Blaire. When that happens, you'll know what kind of pain you're capable of inflicting, and maybe then you'll grow a heart and hopefully find your humanity.”

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Amazon US: http://amzn.to/1rTKdEc
Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1wtWKzm
Amazon CA: http://amzn.to/1vOsiNF
iBooks: http://natbkj.me/1yKbxEs
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December 8, 2014

****4 What-About-Love? Stars****

(BR with Mel, Patty, Sharon and Tiffany)

 photo d00555be-9945-40e7-8747-362b9980cd72_zpsb57182f5.jpg

Blaire is a heartless gold digger that doesn't believe in love. She was a chubby kid growing up, bullied in school and completely ignored by her parents. Once she hit puberty her body started to change and she bloomed into a gorgeous woman who got all the attention she always craved because of the way she looked. She learned to easily use her looks to get everything she wanted; designer shoes and bags, jewelry, luxurious trips, everything but love, because Blaire doesn't believe in love...

One day at the park she runs into the man with the sweet smile she thought she would never see again, Ronan. He is just a gorgeous, yet normal guy, with a simple life, but makes her feel especial, loved, but she knows that feeling won't last long, because she thinks that like everyone else in her life, Ronan will use her and get bored with her and leave her, and before he brakes her heart she would rather run away from the only man who's ever made her feel worthy of something beautiful. Then there's another beautiful and powerful man in Blaire's life, Lawrence. He is rich, sexy and always honest and upfront about wanting only one thing from Blaire, her body; he wants sex, hard and dirty erotic nights without any strings attach. What will she do? Will she continue on the self destructive path she's been going for the past years, or will she finally feel worthy of love?

 photo b7e37a1c-f4c6-4b13-9887-f9506f08d7d3_zps262bae42.jpg

I gotta give it to Mia Asher, because she created a very enticing story. The plot was interesting but I have to say that I wish Blaire's past would have been somehow a bit darker, because I don't think what happened to her in her childhood and having such neglectful parents really justifies her behavior. I loved Ronan's character, so of course I hated Blaire's and what she did. When you read this book be ready for a cliffhanger ending, is wasn't horrible but I did screamed and now I'm really desperate to read the next book. Now, I'm going into stalker mode, and try to find out when is this next book coming out, if any of you out there have any insight, please help a girl out, before I go crazy, Thanks!!!

My Easy Virtue Music Playlist:
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April 1, 2016
3.5 stars. Before I started this book, I was intrigued by the plot but also acknowledged it was vague. I saw the varied stars given by reviewers but I didn't read reviews due to spoilers or biases. If I had read the reviews, I probably would not have read Easy Virtue because l despise love triangles. To be fair and accurate, no cheating occurred in the book but it seems like Blaire will have to make certain choices in book two. How is she going to choose between these men?

Blaire is a tough character to like. She didn't have a loving relationship with her parents and she was bullied by her peers due to her obesity. But, by the end of high school, Blaire is stunning - at least on the outside. I wanted to root for her, but even with her issues, I didn't fully sympathize with her. These feelings came full circle with Ronan. She finally gets the love she seeks and she walks away from a perfectly handsome and kind man. Adding to the angst is Lawrence. I tried not to like him out of loyalty to Ronan, but he is sexy, confident and mysterious.

With that unexpected cliff hanger, I am reeling!!! So, we are left with many questions and expectations for the conclusion in book two! I want to know more about Blaire and I want to like her. I want to know who it will be!! I want answers!!!!! :D

Two book series:
Easy Virtue (Virtue, #1) by Mia Asher Sweetest Venom (Virtue, #2) by Mia Asher
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April 4, 2016
4 Gold-digging Stars!!

Just WTF was that ending?! Gahh!!!

 photo EasyVirtueCasting_zps230a4c7e.jpg

Woah!! Well, I was too chicken shit to read Arsen: A Broken Love Story, but I have heard really good thing about Mia Asher's writing, and what I heard was right!! This woman lures you in with her writing style. I absolutely loved the concept for this story as well.

Our heroine Blaire...oh Lord is this chick is a mess!! I do love characters like Blaire. They're the ones I gravitate towards most. Flawed, broken, confused, making all kinds of mistakes and, in this case, selfish and very greedy. The latter two are what she exudes but they're not really what she is. She gave up on the idea of any kind of two-way love exchange many moons ago, and is trying to make a life of living by that notion.

"Many say that love will set you free, but I disagree…
love is a cage, a very painful one; it’s gilded bars made with yearning, heartache, and unfulfilled dreams. And the moment I realized that love wasn’t necessary to one’s survival I became free. No one would have the power to hurt me again. That realization set me free."

There were a few inconsistencies with Blaire's characterization that kinda drove me crazy, but in general, I strangely understood her. That fear of allowing someone to get too close out of fear that they will be so disappointed with what they will find? I get it, and it made me sympathize for her.

"Once upon a time there was an unloved young Blaire, who made a promise to an empty room with only her stuffed animals and her dog as witnesses. She promised that she would never let herself grow close to anyone; that she would never let love cut her wings and make a prisoner of her once again. That way she would remain safe and unharmed. Well, it is time for me to fulfill that promise I made so long ago."

Now here's why I hated her...LOL... these men!!! OMG!!! I really wouldn't know how to choose between Ronan and Lawrence (although there is a pretty clear choice here for her). This book started to remind me of one of my all-time fave movies, Indecent Proposal. Which would you choose, love, with all of its messiness and uncertainty, oh and to a regular guy, OR a lifetime of financial security? And that financial security comes dressed up in a hot, delectable package that delivers some crazy, satisfying sex too!! Seriously? At 36, knowing what I know now about life? I would have to stop and have a good, long think!!!

I mean...seriously!! You be the judge:

“Your parents were fools. I notice you. I see you. And right now that’s enough.”

“I’m going to fuck you now, Blaire. And I’m going to fuck you so hard and so good that you’ll forget all about our deal. It’s not my money that you’ll want, but my cock moving inside you, filling you. It’s me you’ll want.”

“You’re too smart for your own good, Blaire. You know that, right? But fine. It’s because we speak the same language. You and me … we’re cut from the same cloth. We see something we want and we take it. We don’t let emotions get the better of us.”

Yeah....and, now Ronan:
“Babe, listen to me and listen carefully. If you’re in trouble, I’m fucked. I was a goner the moment you smiled at me. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted someone as much as I want you.”

“Yeah, yeah, you keep saying that you’re not worthy of me and that you’re so fucked up. But you know what? I don't fucking care. I don't want perfect— I don't need it. I just want you, Blaire. I just want you. Look at me!” I raise my face and drown in the depths of his warm eyes. “One day you’re going to let me love you, and I'm going to hold you so tight I’ll never let you go. I'm going to love you as if it were the one thing I was meant to do. As if it were my purpose in life. Don’t you see it, Blaire? Don’t you get it? You’re in me. In everything I see. In everything I touch. You’re in the air I breathe, in the water I drink, and in every dream I dream.”

That's basically the story that we have here. It's intense, fast-paced, messy...and I loved every second of it!!

So, why not 5-stars? Well, for starters, this book was too short, and I don't see why. It just barely makes it into the full-length novel status, which then makes me think that the MAJOR cliff-hanger ending was a cliff-hanger for the sake of being a cliff-hanger, which is frustrating. I feel like she could've given us even 30 more pages and had the book stand on its own as a complete book 1.

Also, the character that is painted for us in the blurb is really not at all who Blaire is. Blaire is like two different people in one body. To me, the perfect 100% bitch that pulled this type of persona off was Nina in E.K. Blair's Bang. Our Blaire here is half that person, but the other half is a neglected little girl that just wants to be loved and accepted, and she really is a good person, deep down. I don't think the author hit her mark completely with Blaire, but I have strong faith that she will in the second book.

Oh and finally, I did classify this as a love-triangle although, it really isn't 100% one YET. I think it's on its way to becoming one in book 2 for sure though, guessing from the ending that we got served here.

All in all, Easy Virtue is seductive, mesmerizing and freaking addicting!! I will be over here waiting on pins and needles for the follow up and I FOR SURE will be watching this author. I really cannot emphasize enough how much I loved her crisp writing style!!

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Haha... saw this and it totally made me think of Blaire!

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December 10, 2014
Rating: 3.5 ★'s

Easy Virtue was the first book that I've read by Mia Asher and it most definitely won't be my last! Mia Asher's writing was compelling, sexy, and I was hooked from beginning to finish.

Blaire is the epitome of a gold digger. She’s beautiful and she knows how to use her looks to attract rich men who will shower her with money and expensive gifts to keep her in the luxurious lifestyle that she is accustomed to. She’s the type of woman that men hook up with on a casual basis but would never consider settling down with. This type of arrangement is perfect for Blaire because relationships and the emotions involved are risks that she can’t afford to take. Despite the fact that Blaire lives the type of lifestyle that I would never choose for myself, I could easily understand how her childhood led her to become such a selfish, materialistic, and callous woman.

Blaire's carefully constructed world crumbles when she meets Ronan. Unlike any other man Blaire has dated, Ronan isn't wealthy. What he lacks financially is more than compensated for with his thoughtfulness, attentiveness, and affection towards Blaire. What I loved most about his character is how he was so focused on getting to know the REAL Blaire and giving her a taste of what true happiness might be like. Through Ronan's interactions with Blaire, I was given a glimpse into the vulnerable woman beneath the expensive façade.

Ronan isn't the only potential love interest in Blaire's life. Lawrence Rothschild represents everything that Blaire looks for in a lover. He's rich, mysterious, powerful, sexy, and knows exactly what type of woman Blaire is so she doesn't have to worry about being someone she's not with him. I'll admit that I'm intrigued by his character and I'm curious to find out all of his deep, dark secrets.

For those of you who are wondering, yes there is a love triangle of sorts in this story but please don't let that deter you from giving this story a chance. Though I do think Blaire is torn between the two guys, I believe one of them clearly stands out as the right one for her.

I did have a few issues while reading the book that I wanted to mention...

The first is the fact that this is a relatively short book. As a reader, I could have really used more interaction between Blaire and Ronan/Lawrence so that I could really feel her connection to both of them. Some of the scenes with both guys were either glossed over or felt rushed and I think more detail would have really strengthened my connection to the characters' relationships.

Another small problem I had was Blaire's repeated internal monologue about how unworthy she is and her reasons for becoming a gold digger. While this information is absolutely necessary to understand her character, I felt like the same thoughts were repeated so much that they began to feel redundant.

The third and final issue that I had with this book is related to the ending. When I signed up for an ARC, I didn't realize that Easy Virtue is not a standalone and that it does end with a pretty big cliffhanger. I will say that the ending left me with a lot of mixed feelings and I thought about this story for days after finishing. I'm not sure where Mia Asher plans to take Blaire's story next but I will be reading the second book because I really want to see if Blaire will be able to redeem herself when all is said and done.

Overall, I would recommend Easy Virtue to readers looking for a quick, sexy read, with flawed but memorable characters, and a story that you won't be able to put down.

ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.
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