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I was told that dreams were our heart’s desires. My nightmares, however, became my obsession.

His name is Michael Crist.

My boyfriend’s older brother is like that scary movie that you peek through your hand to watch. He is handsome, strong, and completely terrifying. The star of his college’s basketball team and now gone pro, he’s more concerned with the dirt on his shoe than me.

But I noticed him.

I saw him. I heard him. The things that he did, and the deeds that he hid…For years, I bit my nails, unable to look away.

Now, I’ve graduated high school and moved on to college, but I haven’t stopped watching Michael. He’s bad, and the dirt I’ve seen isn’t content to stay in my head anymore.

Because he’s finally noticed me.


Her name is Erika Fane, but everyone calls her Rika.

My brother’s girlfriend grew up hanging around my house and is always at our dinner table. She looks down when I enter a room and stills when I am close. I can always feel the fear rolling off of her, and while I haven’t had her body, I know that I have her mind. That’s all I really want anyway.

Until my brother leaves for the military, and I find Rika alone at college.

In my city.


The opportunity is too good to be true as well as the timing. Because you see, three years ago she put a few of my high school friends in prison, and now they’re out.

We’ve waited. We’ve been patient. And now every last one of her nightmares will come true.

***Corrupt can be read as a stand-alone. No cliffhanger.

460 pages, Paperback

First published November 15, 2015

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Penelope Douglas

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Penelope Douglas is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. Their books have been translated into nineteen languages and include The Fall Away Series, The Devil’s Night Series, and the stand-alones, Misconduct, Punk 57, Birthday Girl, Credence, and Tryst Six Venom. Please look for The Hellbent Series, coming next.

They live in New England with their husband and daughter.

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51 reviews396 followers
March 24, 2016
3.21 Is-Stupidity-Infectious?! Stars Changed my rating because while writing this freaking long review I realized I actually hated the book. So....

2.12 I-Freaking-Hate-Stupid-People Stars

*will make a review full of stupidity later on* *sighs* *and it's gonna be either too fucking long (because I fucking hate stupidity) or too fucking short (because I would be too pissed off to finish it)*

I think I overdid my review a tad bit..........too much. *sighs*

So at first I was super excited...


I mean, revenge vs love, ain't that super cute?

But halfway there, I was like...


This is getting a tad bit too weird..


And then I was like...



And finally I ended up like this:


Although I did not flip my table like that (mom would fucking kill me if I did that since I was at hers when I finished the book..) the rage I felt was just like that.

I. Fucking. Hate. Wasting. My. Time. On. Stupid. People.

Lemme tell you a bit about the characters.

Erika is 19. Other than the fact that she's pretty stupid and comes from a rich family, I have got nothing much to say about her. She’s our tstl heroine.

Michael is 23 or sth. He was stupid like her and came from a rich family too. He was secretly lusting for Erika while not secretly hating her at the same time. Come to think about it, strike the hating part, he’s too pussy to hate anyone, so basically he wanted Erika but too much of a pussy to try and get her.

Trevor is 19 too and he’s Michael’s brother, and Erika’s high school ex-boyfriend. I’m not sure about his stupidity but I have a feeling he has a lot of loose screws when it comes to his head. He. Is. Fucking. Crazy.

Damon, Kai and Will are Michael’s friends. Together, the four of them formed The Four Horsemen. The Four Fucking Horsemen!!! This is the one part that makes me want to go kill myself again and again because:

1. They were so freaking powerful (though they were actually just some RICH punks) that even the teachers couldn’t say a word when they go pick up girls from school right in front of the class and their fucking nose!
2. FUNNILY despite how ‘powerful’ they were, they ended up in jails anyway. L O L

cry. baby. cry


Seriously, at some point the book did forget that it was not some kind of Vampire books that are full of unbelievable paranormal truth! *Reminds me of The Cullens but at least I knew from the start that it was all unrealistic*

So what's the book about?

Erika had a crush on Michael, her EX's older brother.
Michael hated her.
Trevor, Erika's ex-boyfriend, hate both of them.
Damon, Kai and Will, Michael's friends hated Erika too.
Fifi, which is ME, FUCKING HATED (and still do) Erika.

So basically the book is about everyone hating Erika.
And guess what? She didn’t even realize that! *Proof #1 of her Stupidity*


It all started three years ago when she was sixteen and Michael, Damon, Kai and Will were twenty.

Michael never noticed her, and then one day he did. Of course she fucking basked in his attention and somehow she got to join one of their “terrorizing-the-town-and-then-fucking-walk-out-unscathed” games.

But the next day brought a different story to her plate because:

1. Kai, Damon and Will got caught for a few offenses and then jailed for about three years because their past crimes finally caught up with them and bitten them in the ass. This was made able by a few videos going online of them committing such crimes. Somehow nothing linked the crimes to Michael though. Poor Michael.

2. Starting on that day Michael started to act like Erika didn’t exist though she basically lived with his family. She was deeply curious as to why but guess fucking what? It never crossed her mind to ask like fucking at all! *Proof of stupidity #2* Luckily, Michael was pretty stupid too when it comes to this , so it makes them a fucking perfect pair <3

Three years later she moved out of Thunder Bay (a super-rich neighbourhood where they lived) into the Meridian city, with a purpose of avoiding her past and Michael especially. GUESS FUCKING WHAT? She knew Michael lived there though so wtf is her definition of “AVOIDING SOMEONE”? Because to me that’s just plain S to the T to the U to the P to the I and to the D, STUPID! And she even bothered to be surprised when she met him there *facepalms* *Proof of stupidity #3*

So when they started acting all weird and cruel and kept pushing her around like she’s some kind of their plaything, can you GUESS FUCKING WHAT she did next?

She kept coming back. With no plans whatsoever, just braving them with her big empty head with the hope that her stupidity would fucking burn them to ash just like that. Real smart of her, don’t you think so? *claps hands* *Proof of stupidity #4*

Oh wait, I lied up there, she did have some other stuff to help her when she braved them fucking alone:

1. A big baseball bat that they retrieved in just about two seconds.
2. A small knife to cut someone. I repeat, someone. When she had four someones to fight.
3. “Let me go” on repeat. Seriously? *eyerolls*
Did she ask for anyone’s help? Her friends? Nope. The cops? Nope. Anybody? Yes. Fucking Michael to the rescue, the same guy that fucking planned the whole revenge thing, the same guy that kept torturing her. The same guy that stupidly didn’t even plan his plan right. *this is soooooo tiring..*

So….after all the revenge or maybe just 80% of the revenge had been done…the childish Four Horsemen suddenly realized that they have been aiming on the wrong person. Oops.


This is sooooooooooooooooo fucking saddening. You didn’t ask. You didn’t investigate it. You just went and go burn someone’s house and then stole their money. What would you get once you say sorry? AN EASY AND QUICK FUCKING FORGIVENESS BECAUSE SHE HAD THE HEART OF GOLD AND THE BRAIN OF A BLACK POT.



I'm not sure whether to cry or what now. I can't believe I actually finished the book. *numb*

Anyway, here's some other stuff that I think ridiculously put in the book to piss me off even more:

1.Characters. None of them are even NORMAL. All of them were fucked up. It made the book some sort of fantasy like to me when it's actually some sort of a contemporary book, not that I actually know what the word contemporary actually means though.

2. Her school, her college whatever. Does it even exists or did she made it up as a ruse to cover her stupidity of coming to the city? She was too stupid to attend college anyway...'

3. Inconsistency. One second she was all sassy and the next she reverted back to being stupid. One second she felt betrayed because he fucking ruined her life or sort of, and the next she was begging for his cock. One second that one second this. Loosely tied together strings of events!

4. Trevor. Seriously wtf is wrong with that guy? Jealousy can't be that fucking crazy unless of course you're crazy!! His father's son after all. He belongs to a paranormal book for sure. & Michael killing Trevor. His brother, no remorse whatsoever. so. fucked. up. And they didn't even have a 'traumatic' childhood to make up for such twisted act.

5. THE THREESOME. I don't like threesomes but random threesome for the purpose of 'healing' someone thrown at me when there's no fucking need for it in the book? I. HAVE. NO. WORD. FOR. IT.

6. I'm tired. Can't find the energy to point out more reasons. K bye.

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Author 53 books66.7k followers
Shelved as 'finished-writing'
May 23, 2021
Teaser Scene #1---> http://bit.ly/1CpBX20

Teaser Scene #2---> http://bit.ly/1M0l93y

The Pinterest board is open. :)
---> http://bit.ly/1d0BXM1

Book Club discussion questions here ---> http://bit.ly/1Oiu7rU

Thank you for everyone's support on my new adventure.

I can't promise all of my readers will follow me down this rabbit hole, but I definitely love what I'm writing. This book has a "I want to read it, so I have to write it" feel just like BULLY did for me, so thank you for taking a chance and keeping an open mind.

<3 Penelope
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739 reviews3,600 followers
March 30, 2022
don't mind the rating, this is my favourite book

i just love everyone so much.

- another girl with no personality
- dude whose love language is violence
- the two guys with no personality
- a pedophile

the best part about this book? it's not only bad, it's also boring!!

first i struggled staying awake for 60% and then i just struggled when the plot became so bad i had five mental breakdowns!!

does your man even love you if he doesn't freeze your accounts, burn your house down and then try gangr*ping you? definitely not! this is why all my relationships failed cause none of my exes ever wanted to go the extra mile!!

only a deadly whipping could be better than this book! maybe i'll get one next time!

highest rating, zero stars 🥰🥰🥰
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2,417 reviews14k followers
April 3, 2017
 photo Douglas Corrupt Title by SueBee_zpsytt6lyws.jpg

★★★★★! Corrupt (stand-alone, book 1 of 4). A suspenseful unfolding of a plot to revenge; greed, envy, violence, lust, deceit & in the midst of it all one of the best young alphas I have ever read!

“I only ever thought of him. Every fantasy, every orgasm…”

Books in Devil’s Night series should be read in order:
Book 1: Corrupt
Book 2: Hideaway
Book 3: Kill Switch
Book 4: Untitled

Corrupt (stand-alone) opens up to college student Erika Fane, Rika getting ready to move to a new town to get away from her ex and family expectation to make a life with him.

But what she’s running from is not as important as what she’s running to…

For as long as she can remember she has been both attracted to and scared of her ex’s older brother, basketball star Michael Crist. And now she is moving to complete college in his city.

Nothing could have prepared her for what’s ahead…

Her arrival sets in motion a plan of vengeance with dire consequences. But neither Michael nor Rika are prepared for the attraction and sense of belonging they feel. Sexual tension mixed with his anger and ruthlessness and her ignorance and reservations.

It’s like a being onboard a runaway train at breakneck speed with nothing to stop you and the destination equals devastation.

Michael Crist is top-3 best YOUNG alphas I have read. He is oozing of sex, manipulation, secrets, violence, danger, ruthlessness and corruption.

Seven words to describe Erika Fane, Rika: Good-hearted, smart, determined, forgiving, spirited, trusting and impressionable.

Corrupt, told from dual POV, is the cryptic, slow yet suspenseful unfolding of past and present events and the solving of a mystery, the corruption will also be explained. Just enjoy the ride. I personally wanted to crawl into my Kindle to be Michael’s target. I feel totally corrupted by him. As for ending, it was good, with an epilogue/flashback. Up next Kai’s story in Hideaway.

Spectacular plot! Effortless story-telling! Swoon-worthy and sinister hero! And a heroine to hold her own!

“I want to know everything my brother doesn’t do to you, you little liar.”

Hero: ★★★★★++
Heroine: ★★★★★
Plot: ★★★★★
Storytelling: ★★★★★
Sexual tension: ★★★★★++
Sex scenes: ★★★★★
Story ending: ★★★★
OVERALL RATING: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Darkness: | HIGH FOCUS |
Humor: | LOW FOCUS |
Kink: | HIGH FOCUS |
Romance: | MEDIUM FOCUS |
Sex frequency: | MEDIUM FOCUS |
Suspense: | HIGH FOCUS |

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365 reviews7,641 followers
May 3, 2021
1.75 stars

i remember reading this, like, a thousand years ago - and bless my poor innocent ya dystopian/fantasy, hunger games/divergent reading era soul - i was appalled- DISTURBED.

i only remember a few things from this book like the fact that my hatred for betraying body syndrome originated here and the infamous steam room scene

in all seriousness tho, i was loving this book until the 65% mark where it all went downhill. the games Michael (H) and Rika (h) were playing with all that sexual tension, their history (Michael was Rika's best friend/ex bff's older brother and she's always had a crush on him but he ignores her, treating like her an annoying little sister, us readers knowing Michael is trying to ruin her life but Rika is oblivious, etc. were all CHEFS KISS MATERIAL but then a ton of stupid shit had to happen because of the rushed ending.

okay so everything below is going to be « SPOILERS » because of my ranting so enjoy.

uhh sor- sorry i guess?
first of all... seriously?? that's how she- everyone is going to react after manhandling her and threatening her with rape??! are you serious? ok lemme show y'all just one conversation from this scene:

Will: Hey, what are we supposed to do when we get tired of her? We can't pay her for nothing, can we?
Damon: Of course not.
Will: I guess we can just pass her around
Damon: Yeah, shit, my father loves the young ones.
Kai: He used to give you his sloppy seconds. Now you can return the favor

so as y'all can see i was appalled. i don't know if they were actually going to make her as their "sex slaves" but they were so vague with their plans so i don't know. and what's worst is that they literally threw a party right after they did all that to Rika and Will was like ehh ha ha oops sorry and Kai, well i actually thought he was sincere with his apology and as for Michael?? this bishh..

well ok his actions were not out of character but still. he made a girl sit on his lap to make Rika jealous and then his mindset was all like "ugh why can't she just give in after i let my friends manhandle her and threaten her with rape? im literally doing the bare minimum and yet she hates me?? omg why? i need help pleaaase uwu" after that i just went

i couldn't handle the dumbassery y'all. it was literally the most infuriating thing ever and yes, there was NO GROVELLING. no, i don't count sex as grovelling sorry. and yes, Rika gave in very easily.

Damon Targaryen
to be fair, i forgot most of the things that happened here and Damon is my favorite out of all the four horsemen so far as i read his book recently, so when he showed up i got so excited but knowing what i know from kill switch and him doing all these things to Rika.. oh my god

Damon, sweetie... i'll drive you to therapy hmm kay? because that is your sIStEr.

Rika and Kai plus that other dude
ahh... now we're at the ✨ threesome ✨ part of the review and well, i tried okay? i really did. i was traumatized from this scene from before so i tried exposing myself by reading this scene again and folks, just wanna let y'all know that sadly, my eyerolling-nitis syndrome was not at all healed. im so sorry.

i find this scene so distasteful not only because this happened at 83% and Rika initiated this right after she said "i love you" to Michael - and im not even joking, this threesome scene happened the next page - but it was so out of character for BOTH MCs. so you're telling me that Michael has a life-long rivalry and hatred for his brother, Trevor, because his brother had Rika and now he's suddenly okay with sharing his woman with his best friend... and Rika initiated this so they could "heal" themselves, so Kai could feel good again because he was "lost"

"I wasn't sure what he needed. But I knew he felt. He felt a lot, and I wanted that from him, and I wanted Kai to release everything that was holding him back, and I wanted the three of us to vent the pain and frustration, because it had been bottled up inside of us for so damn long."


YOU COULD LITERALLY DO ANYTHING ELSE INSTEAD OF HAVING THREESOME. watch kdrama, watch crash landing on you, itaewon class, or eat pizza or cookie dough ice cream or go to fucking disneyland, anything else that doesn't include sex, anything, please for the love of god.

well, at least Kai and Michael aren't brothers...

* * *

i forgot how unlikeable these characters are in this book but funnily enough, i love them in Damon's book so *michael scott voice* oh how the turntables...

i honestly had no sympathy for any of the four horsemen here and at one point i thought, im glad their entitled asses went to jail. they should've stayed longer. but of course my perspective has changed and i love their entitled asses now.

i like Alex but i swear to god if her, Emory and Will have a threesome in nightfall or any other orgy-like sex scene well, that's a hell no for me.

* * *

original rating (november 2015)1 star

Devil's Night series
#1: corrupt1.75 stars
#2: hideaway3 stars
#3: kill switch4 stars
#3.5: conclave2.5 stars
#4: nightfall1.75 stars
#4.5: fire night3 stars
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86 reviews1,767 followers
April 13, 2021
decent smut but everything else set women's rights back 100 years
Profile Image for Ayman.
202 reviews76.7k followers
July 29, 2021
this is only getting a 3 star rating because it was addictive. all of these characters are mentally unhinged, they need major counseling, and therapy. these characters scare me. but i finished this in 2 days. it was so addictive. and after reading the trash book “den of vipers” this was a breath of fresh air. i honestly thought going into this that there would be an overwhelming amount of smut scenes but there wasn’t. it was the perfect amount. there was actually a plot that i was invested in. i cant believe i liked this shit. i cant believe i’m hyping this book up for doing the bare minimum.
Profile Image for Christy.
3,818 reviews32.4k followers
December 6, 2015
4 Little Monster stars!

 photo 5CAD85B8-10C5-4F73-B641-CFB5B388F670_zpsl1b9qutb.jpg

To say Corrupt is a dark romance is a bit of an understatement. I was not expecting this kind of book from Penelope Douglas. I was intrigued, repulsed (at times) and completely captivated while reading. The first 30% or so I struggled with the story. I didn’t know what direction it would take and I wasn’t sure if it was the book for me, but I’m so glad I carried on and finished. Once that 30% mark passed, I was unable to put it down.

 photo AAB8D463-C4B6-4566-B62B-73D4398499AD_zpsmvdmrysj.jpg

Rika is in college and wants nothing more than to get away. Get away from her life, her friends, her family, her ex boyfriend. It’s not that they’re bad, she just wants a fresh start at a new place where no one knows her. She wants to be free to be herself. She’s only really felt like herself once. It was one night many years ago, she was able to be with someone who showed her it was okay to really be her.
“There are too many people that try to change us, and not enough people who want us to be who we are. Someone once made me see that, and I wanted to give that to you.”

Being in the city where no one knows her is crushed pretty quickly, because Michael Crist, her ex’s older brother lives in the same building as her. Michael is a pro basketball player. He’s out for Rika, and not in a good way. He and his friends want revenge for something that happened a while ago that changed their lives forever. Rika doesn’t understand the ‘whys’, but she knows they're up to something and she’s not giving in.

 photo E4930C5D-1D76-4E8E-8897-7B184ECA032B_zpshttc2dd4.jpg
I lost track of what the score was, whose move it was, or what game we were even playing anymore.

Rika was one tough chick. I loved her take no crap attitude. She didn’t let people walk all over her. Even Michael. Michael is a character you’re going to hate to love, but love to hate. Their relationship was a mess, but it was a hot mess in the best way possible. Let me tell you this- 82% will forever be burned in my brain. I will never look at a steam room the same way again. Douglas can write one heck of a steamy scene!

Michael and Rika have a tumultuous relationship. It’s not pretty most of the time. It’s down right volatile at times, but I grew to love them both. They were a perfect storm and it worked.
He was a sadist, and my little heart just had to go pitter-patter the second his yanks, grabs, and pulls turned into gentle caresses and his frowns, scowls, and snarls turned into whispers.
I fell, and I never even tried to stop myself.

 photo E1CE617A-0764-4852-AB18-8A559A6F31B0_zpsietto3fz.jpg

I’m not going to kid glove you here, there are parts of this story that are hard to read. There are things that happen that made me say ‘Hold up- that is taking it much too far’. Michael and his friends aren’t always nice guys. They’re more bad than good a lot of the story (but that doesn’t stop me from wanting more of them… I want a Kai book so bad!!!) If you read this book, be prepared to have your limits pushed. It’s not a pretty story, it’s not a happy story, it’s a story about two messed up people who find solace in each other. It’s more of a hate story than a love story. It’s a story of revenge and just how far you will go to get that vengeance you crave. Love this story, hate this story, either way know that this story will own you. It will stay on your mind for days. It really messed me up in the best way. If you love a dark romance and are looking for a hate/love story that’s twisty, INTENSE and sexy this is one I recommend!
“Other people don’t matter to us, Rika. We don’t let their rules contain us. What we can and can’t do is irrelevant. Who’s going to stop us?”

 photo A1B7A042-5FF1-4E3C-A1BD-33B94AE864C0_zpsfbtpzwow.jpg
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1,828 reviews29.1k followers
November 11, 2016
4.5 Stars - ***Spoiler Free***

Holy shit, Penelope Douglas, ho-leeeee SHIT.


Seriously though, all I can say:





I want to keep this spoiler free and, frankly, I'm also a little short on time. So this will be short and to the point...in theory.

Cause I honestly have no clue what I will write half the time.

It's like diarrhea of the mouth keyboard, really.


But anycray, I was captivated by this book from page one.

Sincerely. Completely enthralled.


I don't know what it is about Penelope Douglas, but boy can she write some seriously compelling, Grade A Asshole, people.

In fact, she should teach classes on it.

Or lead tour or...something.


Not since my Jared in Bully have I encountered such a captivating fucking asshole of the male persuasion.

In fact, the lead H (Michael) here reminded me a lot of Jared.

A total dick of a bully.

But on an even grander scale.


In fact, if you liked Bully, you would probably like this one.

Now, the way the story was laid out is not my favorite format - past/present flashbacks.

But I'll take it any day over the whole "'present'prologue followed by the whole 'five years earlier' and now spend the rest of the book working your way back here" bullshit, fuck you very much.

Regardless, this format actually worked for me here and kept me wondering what was going to happen next.

So why not 5 stars, you say?

Well, the build up to some of the more...climatic moments was awesome...however, one of the grand events just didn't quite live up to the hype for me.

Plus, I thought that the h should have been a little more pissed off when she discovers...certain things.

Like seriously, she kind of glosses over some things that I would have grudge-matched for at LEAST a week.


But whatevs, I'll take it.


And awesome.

And read it.

Safety Gang Warning:

Find me at:

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129 reviews1,464 followers
July 30, 2020
Corrupt - 2.5 stars
Hideaway - 2.5 stars
Kill Swith - currently reading
Nightfall - tbr

2.5 i-made-it ⭐️s


Before we start this thing, I have to say this. I love PD. She wrote some of my all time favorite books (Taylor Marek, I’d let you be the senator of my state every day and twice on Sunday) and she is, without a doubt, an amazing writer.

Okay, now that that is out of the way, I hate this.

First of all, I re-read this just so I can rant about it because apparently GR is my therapy and y’all are involuntary therapists, deal with it (you bet I’m patting my own back for my dedication and treating myself to that overpriced pair of pants I swore I wasn’t buying)
Anyway, I was excited because I’d get to hate on Rika (one of my favorite pastimes because I’m pathetic okay) but am now deeply offended because my hate for her grew with the series. It’s hard to read a book with a character you hate because if this was my first time, I would’ve just rolled my eyes at her but I swear this fictional character’s very existence is bothersome to my very immature and very petty self. I’m royally pissed that I only get to judge her (in this review) based on this book, because of my upstanding morals (LOL JK that well is drier than me reading the horrible threesome)

Now, let’s talk about

Rika Fane and all the ways she’s the perfect prototype and the rest of us just really messed up the details.

She starts out as a good girl, innocent and sweet, a dutiful daughter, a poor rich girl that has everything handed to her except what she really wants (Michael, we’ll get to him later) and that just wants to fly away from the nest and see what she’s made of (a combination of perfect atoms, duh)

She’s also very intelligent, and calls out a professor that has probably been teaching since before she was born in a packed auditorium. He was so flustered and gobsmacked by her flawless logic that he just couldn’t answer. Better yet, Damon, who hates her guts, was speechless in the face of her sheer brilliance.

She’s so pure and whatever that she frowns upon prostitution and openly judges a prostitute named Alex. Okay Rika, you’re sheltered and innocent and you’ll grow up over time, right?
Because BAM! Turns out Rika also moonlights as a sex phone worker. Okay, that’s not true (you’re no fun) but seriously some of the things she said.

“And his dick is built for my ass. When he slides it in, he owns me.”

And have I mentioned she’s so freaking beautiful??? Your eyes will legit hurt if you look at her for more than 3 seconds.

“Will leaned his elbows on the table, watching her as well, and I didn’t spare a glance at Kai to see if he was staring. I knew he was.
Who wouldn’t?”

Just when you think she can’t surprise you anymore, it turns out she’s a freaking ninja too.

And a dick whisperer. Yes, she fixes broken dicks. She’s that good and selfless. Us, regular females should just be ashamed and quit men altogether, I’m telling you.

Even Damon, the villain, is waxing poetics about her looks. (Not even going to open that can of worms right now, gotta leave something for later but ewwww)

She is the CEO of Body Betraying Syndrome Inc. Catch her dropping her panties whenever Michael looks her way, but she’s cooler than you because she’s owning it.

“I don’t forgive you for what you’ve done to me,” she whispered, her voice still shaking from the orgasm. “But you’re right. I don’t think I can say no to you.”

You can kidnap her mother, burn down her house, steal all her money and threaten her physically. That’s all cool. The one thing she would never forgive you for is if you don’t take her out on a date!!

“My first night at Delcour, she was in a dress, you were in a suit, and you both had just gotten back here from wherever you were at. You haven’t taken me anywhere.”

How dare you Michael??? She has only one deal breaker and you had to do it??

Lastly, she’s wiser than you when you were 13.

“Well, it’s like you’re saving your energy for something. Holding back,” she says, nestling into me and getting comfortable. “But it doesn’t make any sense. Life is one-way, and there is no return trip. What are you waiting for?”

Now let’s get on to
Michael Crist.
I have a picture of him.

Oh wait, it doesn’t show? Let’s try again.

Still nothing??? I guess he just blends so well….

“What do you see in me that’s so fucking fascinating?”

That is the one million dollar question, tbh.

He had 0 personality. I don’t know if PD was trying too hard to make the others intriguing that she failed to develop Michael enough or what, but he was just so…meh.

Michael, honey,

In fact,

“You’re pretty fucking sick, aren’t you?” he teased.
“Just like me,” he whispered.”

Bitch, shut up. Rika, for all her flaws, has personality. You have none. Go back to your drywall existence, please and thank you.

The Threesome (yes it deserves a full section because I’m pretty sure it’s one of the reasons I’m half blind)

Hello, police of wherever PD lived when I first read this

So basically, prison broke Kai’s dick, but superman Rika is there to save the day, of course.

Keep in mind that only like a few pages earlier, Michael was like

“If you ever let that happen, I will make you sorry.”

And then outta nowhere Kai is there like

“Tell her you love her,” a deep voice echoed.

At this point, it is my belief that Kai was inserted into the scene just to be Rika’s hype man (as if she needed one uggghh). Then Pd took a coffee break in the middle of the scene and something hard hit her on her lovely-incredible-writer-that-I-love head.

Result :

First of all, Kai’s goes from “This hurt” when she touches his freaking chest to “I’m gonna lick you so good baby” in like 0.2 seconds.

Then he asked Michael to “open her for him” LOL

In the end he “thanks her” and

Of course all this happened because

I wanted him and me and Michael and making something good out of the last three years, and I wanted him to know he wasn’t alone.

Things I liked (yes they exist LOL)

“Well, she’s not really his type, is she?”
We stopped as we neared the gazebo, and I turned my head, seeing Michael’s piercing eyes lock with mine.
"We want what we want,” he explained, the weight of his soft words meaning more than I think he intended."

I liked this, I felt it.

“Drowning Pool, Three Days Grace, Five Finger Death Punch,” I continued, “Thousand Foot Krutch, 10 Years, Nothing More, Breaking Benjamin, Papa Roach, Bush…” I paused, exhaling nice and slow despite the way my heart drummed. “Chevelle, Skillet, Garbage, Korn, Trivium, In This Moment…” I drifted off, peace settling over me as I looked up at him. “You’re in everything.”

This whole scene is approved by all the known cuteness authorities.

The cave scene, that started out well and I actually felt some of their chemistry. Maybe it was because I read it on my lunch hour in a room of 200 people and felt scandalously naughty? Or maybe it really was good. I’ll never know because I was interrupted and only resumed when I was back at my desk (working really hard, as you can see) and my eyes landed on the word nub and BAM! scene ruined because I hate that word.

Some scenes I couldn’t help but comment on
“Why are we doing this?” Will mocked in my voice.
And then they all joined in.
“Why are we doing this?”
“Why are we doing this?”

What went through my mind

“Michael challenged me, and I met him, pushing back the whole time.”

If by pushing back you mean your legs, than sure.
Michael arriving at the grand finale knowing full well that the villains are waiting for him. The observation skills on this guy.

”Something was wrong.”

And why are all of them wearing suits and ties all the damn time??? Michael, you’re a basketball player and the rest, you just got out of prison so

If you made it this far, thank you for coming to my ted talk and I promise to shoulder at least 30% of your therapy bills.
Because honestly
Fuck, this felt good.

On to the next one, because Rika is about to get bitch slapped and I AM HERE FOR IT.
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Shelved as 'did-not-finish'
August 16, 2021
DNF — skimmed to the end

I can understand why many loved this book, I really can. That said, it's sooo not my cuppa, that's for sure. I didn't like the way this story made me feel.

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April 14, 2022
As long as my morals, inner feminist, emotions and brain aren’t dead I won’t ever find anything like this acceptable. It's so fucked up. He let his friends assault her AND don't get me started on all the other shit they did. "I wanted to hurt you, because I thought you hurt me." where are we, in kindergarten?
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423 reviews988 followers
August 30, 2021

*Warning! This review contains the description of explicit sex scene*

**This review contains my personal opinion on the matter of pornography and group sex. If this is a sensitive topic for you, I would advise withholding from reading this review**

Did not finish

Okay. I need some time to come to my senses and write a few words about this... thing. Corrupt is not a dark romance, it is simply porn. I have nothing special to say about the story. Everything is so predictable and... dirty. Penelope Douglas is good in writing New Adult books. It's clear she wanted to write a porn contemporary romance with more mature characters and issues but it all turned out ridiculously immature. I dropped reading the book at about 15% and just skimmed through the rest because I just wanted to know the reason behind all this overly dramatic hatred between MCs. It turned out to be overly marasmic: you know the whole oh-sorry-we-didn't-look-better-into-it-and-blamed-the-innocent-for-years. And the sex scenes... Well, this whole porn thing is about clits and cocks. The top scene on my list is when Mcs admitted to having feelings for each other and they went and had a threesome with a friend of theirs and it was written in detail, just like in porn. Phew! I want to gouge my eyes out and forget what I just read.

They went slow, finding a rhythm and moving in and out of me at the same time, and I circled an arm around Michael’s neck again, pulling Kai closer with my other hand.I was stretched and filled and my entire body tingled with the friction of skin and sweat and my hair sticking to my neck and back.“Harder,” I groaned, sucking in air through my teeth as I arched my back for Michael and dug my nails into the back of Kai’s neck. They moved faster, and it fucking stung where Michael was entering me, but it felt so good, too. Like my orgasm was coming from ten different places, all leading to one spot where they’d come together and explode

Why not do it with all four guys instead of just two?

I honestly did not expect this dirt from Penelope Douglas. She was nearly the only NA writer for me whose books were decent in this genre. Why did she have to go and write porn?! And why did she have to wrap it up and offer it to us as romance?! It is not love. I am not a prude. I am not against eroticism. I love hot sex in books. But pornography is disgusting, in my opinion. Earlier I added that I also think very low of people enjoying porn, but a comment from a friend of mine showed me that it is a little bit judgmental to call people names publicly for their tastes. Yes, it's everyone's business what to watch, read and do behind closed doors. What I was trying to say earlier, that non-consensual sex or intercourse where a woman is humiliated and lowered to the status of a sex slave, which seems to be a trend in the porn industry, is not something I would appreciate about the person who enjoys watching or reading about it. It's my personal perception of the world and morality. I find porn disgusting and this book looks to me like one distasteful porn scene. I felt dirty after reading it, therefore I can't recommend it to other people. Bare sex - yes. Sublime feeling and love - no.

Not recommended!

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724 reviews2,616 followers
November 27, 2015
*** 2 Stars Another over hyped book that didn't do it for me ***

My rating is based on MY FEELINGS after reading this.
It's not an attack on the Author or people who have rated this book highly.The last time I gave a negative review on a highly rated book I got a load of abusive personal messages....this is my personal opinion.

So,I read the blurb for this and was so excited....revenge and darkness.Hell yes,I thought.

Really I should have given up quite early on.
The whole Horsemen thing was just too ridiculous for words.I mean what????
Past school members come into the school wearing masks and even the teachers do nothing!!

The four Male characters are immature,overprivileged dickheads(well maybe one wasn't)
I started of liking Erika but then just got pissed of with some of her decisions.

Don't even get me started on the 'hot alpha male', Michael.God I hated him.

The story was dragged out and the skimming started...
The only reason I kept on reading was to find out what happened that made these men so hell bent on revenge and if Erika was guilty of what they thought she was.

The only redeeming point/character was Kai and 'that' scene was totally hot...

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December 5, 2015
4.5 Stars SPOILER FREE Review
NOW LIVE: http://amzn.to/1HNOHUL

Three years ago, curious little Erika Fane wanted to play with the boys, so we indulged her, and she betrayed us. There was no way we'd forget.

How in the ever loving hell do I even begin reviewing this book?! Honestly. I'm completely at a loss for words. So my only way out is to be vague as shit and trust me when I tell you you'll thank me for it. You want to know absolutely nothing about this book. Even the very minute detail can be a spoiler. If you want my advise, avoid reviews altogether and go in absolutely blind. Hell, don't even read the blurb.

First of all, while this book is categorized dark, I wouldn't agree with that. It's a heck of a lot darker than anything Penelope Douglas has written and surely a leap away from anything she's written in the past. But dark? Well, on my scale, I'd rate it a light gray. It was erotic, and very edgy, but if you compare to the Pepper Winters, CJ Roberts, or the like, it's not quite on the same scale. It's also not for everyone. Penelope took some risks with this one and there are some scenes and occurrences that may not agree with everyone. But this girl? Devoured it like the crack that it was.
I'd always been scared of him. The thrilling kind of scared that got me turned on.

Erika Fane has been in love with Michael Crist. He captivated her with his brooding intensity, drew her in with his aloofness, and completely disregarded her. But something about him, something behind his eyes drew her to him like a moth to a flame. Erika was too young to really know. Too naive to really see. And she was also dating Michael's younger brother. Now she's single, in a new city by herself for college, and fully in Michael's crosshairs....

Michael Crist is a force to be reckoned with. He's enigmatic, rich, and used to not playing by the rules. Erika may have had the run of his house growing up, but now she's finally where he wants her. No longer under the protection of his family, no longer dating his brother. She's alone...and his to do with what he wants. And what he wants is revenge. He won't rest until she's paid restitution for what she did to him and his friends those fateful three years ago. He'll make her pay, even if he has to corrupt her fully to do it...
Such a good girl...
Say it, Rika."
"I'm a good girl," she panted, her voice shaky.
"And I'm going to fuck you up."

I don't remember the last time a book kept me up all night reading. I inhaled it in one sitting, completely enraptured. It was positively spellbinding and unlike anything I'd have ever expected from this author. There's one thing to say for Penelope's writing, it's absolutely captivating. She knows how to draw her readers in, how to make her characters so alive they practically leap off the pages at you. Michael was that character for me. He was so intense, in a way that equal parts terrified and seduced. The fact that you get both his and Rika's POV only serves to draw you in fully into the story. Even when he does something that you want to hate him for, even when Rika does something you want to throttle her for, you can't put it down. It was like an addiction. I had to have a hit. I simply couldn't stop until I knew what was going on. And Penelope keeps you hanging on that edge of suspense until the last page. They mystery behind everything is what really captured my interest. It's told in flashbacks of three years ago and present, but it's weaved together flawlessly. I know some readers don't enjoy the flashbacks from past to present, but it truly worked it. It's what drove the plot and the mystery. It whetted the appetitive for more.
What if I'd completely corrupted her? What if she'd begun to like playing games too much, and the lust to play- and to win- overpowered her need for me?

I read this 2 days ago and I still can't stop thinking about it. There was one particular scene that really threw me and made me wonder if it was really necessary. However, after giving it some though, it was barely a blip on my radar. I also wished for a bit of something from Michael at the end (I won't say what because I'm a teasing bitch like that) but you'll see what I mean once you read it. But once again, thinking on it some more, Penelope stayed true to his character, and having him handle it any other way would not have been that. So I can respect that.

While young Rika frustrated me, I loved seeing her grow that backbone and truly come into her own throughout the book. She certainly gave as good as she got, and she got plenty. Michael is the epitome of an anti-hero that you'll love to hate.

Corrupt is much sexier than any of Penelope's other books that I can't even compare. The woman can write the hell out of a sex scene, let me just tell you. But everything about her writing just worked for me. Get ready to be Corrupted, because after reading this, you will never be the same.

ARC received in exchange for an honest review

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June 6, 2021
-2.5 Stars-

How can a book be boring and enthralling all at once?

I'll start w the characters


So I know the romance community has a lot to say abt Rika (mostly negative) but honestly, I don't mind the dumb lil twat. I actually found her quite likable 🤡 Was she ridiculously overpowered? Yes. She legit had 0 surface-level flaws (and don't tell me a 2 inch scar counts), she was 'chill', 'one of the guys', a rich innocent good girl who was secretly bad *dun dun dun*, could dance, fence, apparently a knife expert? and she was insanely beautiful and everyone wanted to eat her ass. She was a completely unrealistic and unrelatable character but whatever, her personality didn't annoy me and that's what matters. I'm just gonna pray for her and that ghastly case of betraying body syndrome she's weirdly accepting of and keep it moving.


In reflection that paragraph makes me think my feelings aren't positive at all

No but fr tho the only thing that truly made me side-eye her was that her whole thing was that she wanted freedom from her gilded cage and hated ppl telling her what to do, but apparently to her doing what she wanted to do = doing whatever Michael wants to do to her and proving she 'can hang w the big boys' soooooo

Sure, I'll just do the mental gymnastics to see that as strong and not at all pathetic.

#feminism #logic #thisbookwastryingtoodamnhard

Moving on to,


My issue with this book laid mostly on this limp-dick bland asshole named Michael: a mediocre weiner of a character. I felt like he was v uninteresting but thought he was v interesting. That's worse than just stopping at being uninteresting. Dude is fake deep. He went on so many monologues I didn't know if he was trying to be dark and mysterious or attempting to convert Rika to anarchism.

"They tell us that what we want is wrong and that freedom is dirty. They see chaos, madness, and fucking as ugly, and the older you get, the smaller that box gets. You feel it closing in already, don't you?"




He shits on Rika all day long for her privilege like him and his friends aren't the most privileged assholes ever. He really thought he was profound w the 'do whatever the fuck you want' mentality like daddys-money wasn't written all over it and society doesn't bend for ppl like them every day. Boy rly was so mediocre and I would say Rika can do better but she seems embarrassingly content to settle for a flavorless piece of toast but hey as long as she happy


Last note on Michael: why was this man a professional basketball player? 😂 so random I'm pretty sure it was mentioned like two times total in the story. His character was so freakin underdeveloped.



hang on hang on lemme squint for it

*coughs* but rly



It's like having a romance with a cement block. There's nothing there to work with. He legit did one nice thing for her this whole book and you know what it was? He took her to a fencing match.

Hold on, just me attempting to feel any type of swoon or waiting for a reason to arise that would actually make me want to root for these two trash shoots. Any minute now, I'm sure.

I'm fully aware that not all romances have to be traditionally 'swoon worthy', hell I prefer asshole couples to sugary sweet ones. But the difference was these two had a made up connection and I'm pretty sure they thought they invented 'toxic'.

What a joke. The amount of times they said,

"That's not us."
"We're not like everyone else."
"Other people don't live like we do-"


In the words of Lance Orion👑:


Smh truly terrible romance. Now that we got that out of the way let's move onto,


AKA: Rika getting DP'd by her boyfriend and his best friend 🌈✨💞😌


The main reason I've been avoiding this series all these years is because I personally don't like sharing in my books, nothing wrong w it it's just not my thing, so I'm glad to say in this book I was able to *shocked breath* enjoy the threesome. I just didn't care abt the main couple so hard that I was just glad my boy Kai was getting it in.

I did think it was absolutely hilarious tho that someone walked in mid-way through. Imagine walking in on a full-on double penetration fuck sesh when you're at a fencing tournament of all places. That proper blue-blooded boy was probably scarred for life.


It's a testament to PD's writing that the miscommunication trope didn't actually annoy me here. I did think the pacing was a bit off tho, I was withering away for the first 60% and then when shit finally hit the fan it only lasted 5%. Consider me disappointed too cause I thought they were gonna rly fuck her up but



So far Damon is deliciously creepy (the upside) but not in the way that I like my creeps (the downside). He's creepy in a skeevy way and I prefer my creeps selective. I have faith in his growth tho.


Kai is a total cutie pie and had the only quotable line in this book

“When you want to make an impression and you think you’ve gone far enough, go a little further. Always leave them wondering if you’re just a little bit crazy, and people will never fuck with you again.”


and yeah that's it! Those are the four horsemen!

I will say tho that when shit hit the fan and they were getting their 'revenge' on Rika, I was bent over laughing. I hate them sm skjbswiwonw

My legs started to shake. “Why are you doing this?” I demanded. “What do you want?”
“Why are we doing this?” Will mocked in my voice.
And then they all joined in.
“Why are we doing this?”
“Why are we doing this?”
“I don’t know. Why are we doing this?” Damon laughed.

they are so freakin annoying pls 🤚🏽🤣🤣

“What?!” I choked out, trying to keep the fucking tears at bay. “What do you want from me?”
“What do you want from me?” Kai mocked, followed by the others.
“What do you want from me?”
“What do you want from me?”


So freakin childish and annoying LMAO I'm sure my opinions will change as I get further into their stories but as of now



Since I just spent an obscene amount of time roasting this book (for real tho things got out of hand, I was just gonna shit on Michael and leave, I had no idea how much this book irked me until it was too late so I am so sorry for dragging you along w me🤦🏽‍♀️) but I'll try to say some positive stuff for a change

→ the smut was hot. PD knows how to write good smut.
→ from 65-70% was


that 5%? i was glued to my kindle.

→ Rika wasn't bad



→ THE WRITING. as always with PD, the writing was top tier.

and ya! at this point im just forcing it 🥴🥴 it was clearly not my fav


hopefully Damon can bring it back around for me thooo 🙏🏽
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256 reviews529 followers
February 18, 2016
Every month my friends and I go out of our comfort zones and embrace the world outside historical and contemporary romance. Thanks for accompanying me on this wild ride, sraxe!


Before I go on with the review, I will first destroy the part of my brain that understands the concepts of good writing, self respect, healthy relationships, and just plain ol' sane behaviour.

*takes a laser gun and shoots it at self*

Okay. Done. Now, I'm ready to talk about Corrupt.

Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the cow! This book was fucking amazing, I tell you! It was so great, in fact, that I had to stop reading it at 65%. I simply realized that I am too flawed, too dirty, too stupid to take it in all its glory. No, sir. I wouldn't even dare recommend this to people with an IQ of less than 180. That wouldn't give this story the respect it is due.

And respect it you must! Because like I said, it was fucking glorious. It was definitely not a melodramatic ranting of a spoiled, whiny little bitch with horrible taste in men and virtually no self-respect . Oh, no. It was a really deep story, man. Pacific Ocean deep. Look at a particular quote from Rika:
Everything was so polished, and when I looked around at all the adults and families I grew up with, their money and designer clothes, I often saw a coat of paint that you apply when you’re trying to cover up rotting wood. There were dark deeds and bad seeds, but who cared if the house was falling apart as long as it was pretty, right?

Whoa! "Dark deeds and bad seeds"indeed! If that isn't a substantial insight, then I don't know what is! Take that, Plato!

Oh, let's not forget Michael's rational observations about life:
They tell us that what we want is wrong and that freedom is dirty. They see chaos, madness, and fucking as ugly, and the older you get, the smaller that box gets.

Damn. I was speechless when I read that part. I tell you, kids today should really emulate Rika and Michael. They should also try to complicate life with non-existent problems so that they have something to think about while they spend Daddy's money on superfluous things philosophize during their spare time.

And by the way, can we focus on Michael? As my friend sraxe called him, he was an absolute dreamboat if dreamboat means unrepentant, fucked-up asshole .

I'm just saddened by the fact that people often misunderstand him. When he stood by and watched Rika get sexually assaulted by his friends? Of course he was just testing her. Duh. Also, his asshole attitude? That's completely justifiable. Sure, he hated her, and sure, he treated her poorly... But that's because he loved her, silly! All men in love let other women stroke their penises while they fantasise about their ladyloves . I'm also sure they treat their said ladyloves like "pathetic dog[s]" .

Seriously. People who don't get Michael are judgmental as hell, with their so-called "dignity" and "respect". Pfft. Those stuff are so overrated anyway. Who needs those when you have a hot guy, right?

I'm sure I've fangirled enough. If you're looking for a story that is not filled with blatant sexism, slut-shaming, unhealthy relationships and characters who need therapy then you've come to the right place.

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1,838 reviews6,164 followers
February 29, 2016
This book doesn't exactly know what it wants to be. There is the New Adult component where we get sex scenes with college kids. There is the romance angle where the girl loves the jerky guy forever and he is always pushing her away, but he really loves her and they have their little HEA. And, then we have the Thriller/Mindfuck of revenge, murder, rape, etc.. Oh, and don't forget to add in the 50 Shades of Grey crapola - gotta have us some kinky fuckery. I didn't think it all fit together that well. I think it would have been better if it was more focused. It felt messy. I don't like messy books.

oh, but I love Messi! Best soccer player in the world!

So, we have a story of a group of spoiled little rich kids who decide they want to be bad and start a gang. This is a gang that drives Mercedes', have indoor pools, chefs, even fucking butlers. Seriously? You have a butler and you aren't satisfied? Dude! I'd kill for a butler and I don't even know what exactly they do! So, they rollin' through the mean streets of the upper class neighborhood causing trouble cuz they bad.

that's right, they OWN their own tuxedos. No rentals for these bangers!

But, not wanting to hurt their parent's reputations, or their trust funds and ivy league college chances, they wear masks as they terrorize the wealthy hood. Watch out, everyone, the Four Horsemen are in town with their little plastic masks and a full dozen of eggs! That's right, it's a drive-by egging for you, Biff!

So, one night they take their local Barbie with them to go out and throw down with their rival gang - the mall walkers, and things get carried away. Three of them end up in prison for three years because their daddies got them the best attorneys money can buy and if they had been poor or non-white they would have gotten at least 10. They spend their three years making a plan to get revenge on Barbie when they get out because they figure she is the one who put them in jail. No, it wasn't their own actions, caught on video, it was the bitch's fault. How dare you think that rich white boys should have consequences for their actions!!

and our chauffeur drives us over there. Then, it's on!

Now, our Barbie, actual name Rikka - short for Erica, has been in love with the one Horseman who didn't go to prison for her whole life. She has no idea that Michael has been keeping in touch with his homies in prison, helping to plot out their revenge on her.

Oh man, three years and unlimited money to plot the perfect revenge. This is going to be awesome! The things they must have come up with, right? The intricacies of a highly planned revenge that is greater than The Count of Monte Cristo will blow our minds, I bet!!!

So, they decide to make her their sex slave.
Yup. Sex slave.
Three years of planning. Sex slave.

Fucking stupid horny rich boys!!! I wanted them to blow my mind with layer after layer of slow torturous revenge. And, okay, they did a couple of other small things, but they were minor annoyances, not even slightly mentally damaging. *Sigh*

Oh, but wait, it gets more stupid. You see, the little wrinkle in this plan is that Erica has no freaking idea about who turned in the guys. She had nothing to do with it. And, considering that she lived in Michael's house for most of the last three years, it would seem to me that he might have wanted to... oh, I don't know.... maybe ASK her what happened? You know, so that he and the mensa society members that make up the rest of his gang could have put that brain trust to work on something else for three years. But, no.....

 photo headdesk.jpg

In between all of this brilliant revenge plot is the love story between Michael and Erica. Michael thinks he's Christian Grey half the time and Jason Voorhies the other half. He likes to scare her because it turns him on. He also seems to be fine with his friends having sex with her. Um, okay. Whatever, dude, but I have a better idea. Why don't you and your Barbie take your private jet to Paris and have a money fight in the best hotel in the city instead of all of this crap? You're not a big bad scary monster. You're a poor little rich boy who feels misunderstood. Money fights will make it all better.. Go on, now. Run along - I mean drive away in your Rolls. good boy.
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March 5, 2021
3rd Re-read March 2021

(Please note that this review contains curse words. If you don't like the F word then please don't read on).

 photo 2015-11-25 22.31.27_zpsb8w4yyaz.png

Do not think for one minute that you will own this BOOK.

You will never own IT.

It will own YOU.

It will CORRUPT you.

*picks up mic*


Penelope Douglas.

Has anyone seen Penelope this evening?

Can somebody go and check the bathroom or the bar. I need her on stage.

Oh there she is!

Penelope, come on up here, love.

Penelope, I have asked you on stage to tell you something and no I'm not wearing any pants.


On 22nd November 2015 at 13:26 I started your book, Corrupt.

At 22:47 this evening UK time I finished your book Corrupt.

On 23rd November 2015 at 22:47 your book became my ALL TIME FAVOURITE BOOK.

Your book is now level with Love, in English - My all time favourite book; My heart.

Take a bow while I go put a fresh pair of knickers on and take some valium.

I'm emotionally drained.

I'm giving up reading for life.

No other book will EVER top this one.

Now if you'll excuse me whilst I fly off my balcony.

*drops mic, muff moons you all and jumps*

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February 6, 2016
Hot, Twisted And Absolutely Addicting!

This story was sooo screwed up! Yet, I couldn't put it down. I loved this messed up tale of vengeance and misguided fury. I finished this book hours ago, but I'm still trying to wrap my mind around everything I read. I'm outraged and conflicted. At the same time, I'm happy for Rika and Michael.

In a nutshell, Rika was the younger neighbor that Michael lusted after. She was forbidden fruit, intended for his younger brother, his family's golden child. As much as they wanted each other, Michael knew that he needed to stay away from the young Lolita that grew sexier every time he saw her.

One day, 16 year-old Rika is sitting in her class when Michael and his closest friends, Kai, Damon and Will, come to collect some of the school's basketball players. Michael and his friends had graduated years ago, but still came back to lead team activities/hazing, while the school officials looked the other way. When Michael shows up in her class, Rika and him share a moment, which compels her to abandon her "eager to please" ways and follow him on his secret outing.

While I was intrigued, I was also kind of turned-off by Michael and his friends. I mean, what kind of loser returns to their high school in their twenties to harass younger kids? Didn't they have anything better to do than relive their high school glory days? Just sayin'.

In any case, Rika is ecstatic to be accepted by Michael and his friends for a night. They hang out, raising hell and causing property damage. After pulling a series of "pranks", Rika makes out with Michael, only to have him reject her harshly. At the end of the night, she is crushed.

The next day, three of the four friends are headed to jail. Michael is the only one of his friends to avoid prosecution for the crimes they committed. The videos they'd stupidly recorded of them committing these crimes are all over the Internet.

Believing that Rika is the person who leaked the videos that led to their arrest, the group of friends begins planning their revenge. Three long years is how long they have to plan their vengeance, while all but Michael sit in jail. That time has finally passed and the group sets their plan in motion.

I won't go into too much detail, but I will say that the guys do so extremely f*@ked-up things to Rika. The story tip-toed around some very dark topics, without ever really going there. Just when you thought for sure that something really bad was going to happen, Rika would get a miraculous reprieve somehow. So, while it is disturbing on some levels, it is much milder in comparison to many darker vengeance tales.

Up until about seventy-five percent of the way through, I was completely hooked on this story. Then, when a new light is shed on the situation and truths are aired, I found myself disappointed in the way the story went.

Rika should have been outraged and out for revenge. Instead, she was like a sex-starved nympho, more interested in bedding the man that spent months terrorizing her. WTF!

I absolutely hate it when the Hero gets off easy, without any suffering. Michael should have had to grovel, beg and woo his way back into Rika's arms. Instead, he gives a flippant ultimatum, taunting her with other girls, and she caves. Really? What happened to the feisty, strong heroine that we loved for the first part of the book.

There were a few more twists and surprises along the way. The sex scenes were admittedly smokin' hot, (even if I thought she should have been abstaining to punish him). One scene in particular was exceptionally erotic.

Overall, it was a great book. I would have changed a few things, but it was easily better than most I've read. It was a five star read well past the halfway mark, but I just need my heroes to be punished more thoroughly when they screw up. I'm sadistic that way, I guess. This one will definitely stay with me for a while.

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October 7, 2017

Holy crap!!! What the hell I just read? And pls somebody slap my face because Why the hell I wait so long to read this book? Arrrghh I'm so angry myself right now but oh my god, this book was freaking amazing... Loved it soooooo much!

Ps. Steam room scene was mind blowing and I might be read that scene 3 times or 5 times. I didn't count it exactly but fuck it, it was epic!!!! Whenever I think that scene, it makes me wet! :D


CORRUPT Valentine’s Day Bonus Scene!

This scene takes place a few months after the end of CORRUPT. The first 3 parts are from Rika’s point of view, and the fourth is from Kai’s. Kai’s point of view is a teaser for his book, HIDEAWAY. If you have not read CORRUPT, this entire bonus scene is a spoiler.


I need Kai's book asap! :)

Ps. I wanna thanks to my dear friend Poppy for warning me about this bonus scene! You're the best. Thanks darling. <3
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2,379 reviews4,627 followers
August 7, 2022


Penelope Douglas delivers a very entertaining darkish read. As in all revenge books, I struggle with why characters never get confirmation before they put their evil plans into motion. This story is about a girl in love with one brother Michael Crist and struggling to break ties with the another brother, Trevor Crist, all the while attempting to find her own way in the world.

Erika Fane has always been drawn to Michael Crist for the majority of her life. It seems that she did something three years ago to him and his homeboys that has deemed her enemy number one to The Four Horsemen.

”We had rules, a way that this was supposed to work. We weren’t going to hurt her. We were going to ruin her.”


Michael’s group is called the Four Horsemen. They are privileged and entitled best friends who get a rise out of intimating and pranking to feel better about themselves. These four come across even in present chapters as immature to me and frankly unappealing. Years later, as adults and it’s all they really have going on (to me) besides spending their individual family’s money. Erika breaks ties with Trevor and moves into the city and right into Michael Crist’s apartment building and web. The guys put their plan into action, while the story is told in dual povs of Erika and Michael as well as being told in a past and present scenario.

”Run all you want, Little Monster,” he said, sounding like a threat. “We’re faster.”


The sex scenes are crazy hot as is the chemistry between Erika and Michael.

"Such a good girl...
Say it, Rika."
"I'm a good girl," she panted, her voice shaky.
"And I'm going to fuck you up."


I did however have some issues (*Rika’s forgiveness was crazy instant- I would have loved her to play them in the end. Totally would have made the book 5 stars for me.*) I didn’t really like or connect to this rich entitled group of guys like I think I should have. Still the story is fast paced, sexy and pretty entertaining.

”Own who you are.”
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February 10, 2016
SALE ALERT ONLY 99 CENTS http://amzn.to/1Pvpn8B


This was exactly what I needed! I was hooked on this story immediately and I couldn't put it down because I simply found it amazing and so addictive! With this book Penelope went to a whole other level! I haven't read anything like this before. The story is compelling, dark, mysterious, hot and twisted! You will be on the edge of your seat till the end!


The plot is like nothing I have read before and it felt like I was watching a movie! From the beginning I loved the mystery surrounding Rika and the guys. The way the story developed with past and present makes you understand better who are the horsemen and what they do! And this made me feel like I was a part of the story! I coundl't stop wondering how far these guys will take things with Rika and if Rika can continue playing their games! Michael, Kai, Damon and Will have the power.

"Three years ago, curious little Erika Fane wanted to play with the boys, so we indulged her, and she betrayed us .There was no way we'd forget."


I will not say anything else because this book is definitely one of them that you should go blind and live your imagination wondering what you will meet... But If you are looking for a dark, twisted and hot book this is exactly what you need!


Please guys if you haven't read the book don't read the spoiler I just want to clear why I give it 4,5.

I'm so lucky I have the opportunity to read both her new books sooner and they are so unique and refreshing!! I really don't know what more to expect anymore from Penelope...This woman surprises me every time!

ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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June 13, 2022
❗️TW: talk of sexual assault, abuse, statutory rape, violence, stalking, kidnapping❗️

1/5 ☆
first of all, the four main men in this book are all horrible people. The guys in this book are the reason women fear men.
The reason women are scared to walk alone, live alone, go to parties etc, are because of men that do the things these guys do.
frankly, i don’t care what any of their backstories are. there is absolutely zero excuse for any of the things they’ve done.
the things these guys do the the main girl (erika) are horrid, and completely unforgivable in every way possible.
the things happening in this book are real issues. they’re part of what’s so horrifically wrong with the world. these are real things, that have happened to real women— the MAJORITY of women have had things like this happen to them. not to this extend of course, but still.
i’m worried people are romanticizing this kind of thing. I own a physical copy of this book, and can’t stand to imagine my younger sister seeing it, and deciding to read it. Then thinking this kind of thing is okay, or is normal. or just because a guy is attractive automatically gives him the right to do these things without consequence. in my strong opinion, this is a dangerous book to enjoy. and NOT the kind of book we should be hyping up on huge platforms.

jot pointed thoughts:
- from the beginning to the end i just wanted it to be over
- what the actual fuck is wrong with all of them? everyone is horrifically cruel
- erika grew on me, but why is she turned on by abusive and toxic guys
- they’re all horrible people. all of them.
- made me wish i didn’t know how to read
- they put her through all that for absolutely nothing. they traumatized an innocent girl for no reason.
- hate damon more than anything and he deserves to d¡e
- kai and will we’re okay when they weren’t throwing erika to the ground
- i think micheal loves her but in his own sick way
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January 16, 2021
“Rika,” he whispered, sounding desperate as he grazed my bottom lip with the tip of his tongue. Tingles spread over my face, and I felt higher than I ever had. “When you think about me…‘sometimes,’” he added with amusement in his tone—he knew I was lying—“show me what you do to yourself.”


I have to take a minute to calm my shit, but I will say that that was fucking INSANE. I didn't know what I was going to get. I have read exactly one Penelope Douglas book and it was Bully --which I really liked-- and this being a DARK read, well I wasn't sure how dark she was going to go. I had no idea what she was going to give me and I went into this with a shitload of curiosity and a sprinkling of hesitation that I was going to be left underwhelmed and that it would not live up to the kick butt blurb.

It did. It totally lived up to the blurb. I was NOT disappointed. Not even one little bit. Holy fucking shitballs of fire and ice.

It was dark. Not overly dark, but pretty fucking wicked. I know I'm swearing a lot, but fuck me. FUCKKKKKKKK. This book is no joke. My heart is still beating wildly. Corrupt incites passion in the reader. Whether it's fear/anxiety/worry/lust/pain/love, it pulls emotion out of you in the most viciously incredible way. It's dysfunctional, yet seductive and compelling and just addicting.

The sex is hot and full of raw and volatile feels. The characters are spellbinding and completely unreal. You're either loving them or hating them. The back and forth, the tug of war, is so tangible you feel it rip apart every seam of your heart time and time again.

I felt pain.
I felt lust--serious, serious lust.
I felt intense anger--rage.
I felt betrayed.
I felt curious.
I felt overwhelmed.
I felt intrigued.
I felt scared.
I felt anxious.
I felt so many freaking things.

I really... God, I'm rambling at this point. I will come back and clean up this review before the book is out but I will say that I fucking LOVED this. I don't think it's going to be an "everybody" book, but I will tell you that this book is really well written. VERY. VERY. VERY well written.

I'm kind of blown away.
Actually, I'm really freaking blown away.
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June 7, 2018

Penelope Douglas. What happened to you so long ago that made you capable of writing this???

This was next level fuckery, and I really thought that Punk 57 was like, idk the pinnacle??

All joking aside, this book is really hard to rate and review for me because there was so much I loved about it and so much I DESPISED.

The book is mostly about Rika, Michael, and his merry band of miscreants. Epic levels of hijinks ensue because Michael & his pals think Rika had something to do with the pals arrests. They were in jail for 3 years and are seeking retribution. But Michael can't decide if he wants to hate Rika or love her. Yeah that's the gist.

Here's where it gets tough for me. The whole premise of the book is based on a misunderstanding. Which is, in my eyes, maybe the worst trope of all? Can we get some creativity in storytelling maybe instead?

And in general, the plot did feel incredibly far fetched. These is a death in this book which was just wildly inappropriate and Michael's actions in one of the flashbacks actually had be gagging.

What did I like you ask?

Steam. Room. Scene.


The ending, because I'm a sucker for big sparklies.

And of course the chemistry and history that P. Doug is able to create between her love interests. I never questioned why Rika was putting up with Michael's shit. It was like "duh, he's the hot mysterious brother who understands her." Was she a little too forgiving at times? Of course, but given her family situation it kind of makes sense that she'd still want to put up with him. She needs someone, ya know?

So like base level 2 stars, 1 extra because I'm a kinky bih and because Douglas really is my queen.
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January 4, 2022
this is a whole book of material for my therapist. its a walking trigger warning. im concerned for everyone involved in the making of this book.

now that i've said that, 10/10 would read again
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November 24, 2015
***4,5 "Little Monster" stars for those corrupted people***

Wow!!! Just wow!!! This book was confusing as hell at least in the beginning, but it kept you all the time on edge...
Excitement, angst, fear, hot scenes, not so hot scenes, crazy actions...
I got caught in the middle of all those emotions and i couldn't do anything else than loved it!!!
It was intoxicating!!!

First of all, i have to say that i love "Bully" and generally all the books of the "Fall away" series... And from the blurb of "Corruption", i was so exciting to meet those new characters of Penelope Douglas and to dive in this new, dark story...
I have to warn you, if you have the illussion that you will meet another Jared and Tate, you are so wrong!!!

These people are soooooo far away from those peoples...
They are ruthless, they are not stopping at anything and they just give you such a rush... even in a twisted way!!!

I have many emotions that swirling inside of me and it's really so hard for me to tame the words that floating around my mind, but i will make an effort!!!

First, i have to say that from the first moment that i started it, i felt restless...
I was scared all the time of what will come next and my stomach was tight on knots because of the anticipation that this book was offering me...
Yep, there were some points that i didn't enjoy and that i wasn't agree and i know for sure that some of you will become agry, but all the rest of the book was wellwritten and with a great plot.

I will admit that i made the mistake to read some spoilers that ruined the book for me, but i steeled myself and i continue it and i won't regret it a bit!!!!
But let me tell you some things about the plot...

Erika have been raised on wealth. When she was younger, she lost her father in a car accident and from that moment her mother started to slip away from reality with the companion of alchool.
Since she was a baby, Erika was surrounded by the Christ family. She and the younger brother, Trevor, were doing everything together since they were at the same edge. They were best friends. But everyone around them including Trevor had the expectations that those two will end up together.
But there was a complication in this plan.
Erika didn't have eyes for anyone else but Michael, Trevor's older brother. Erika was in love with him all of her life, she was always aware of him and she knew everything about him...

But she was and she still is invisible to him!!!

"What did I see in him? The answer was so easy, I didn’t even have to think about it. It was the same thing he saw in me all those years ago down in the catacombs.
The hunger.
The need to break away, the desire to find the one person on the planet that would understand me, the temptation to go after all things they tell us we can’t have…
I saw me, and through all the times growing up that I felt alone or like I was searching for something I couldn’t put into words, I didn’t feel so lost when he was around.
It was the only time I didn’t feel lost."

Michael Christ was older by three years and his relationship with his father and his brother was non-existent. They were hating each other.
Michael was different. He didn't like anybody to rule his life and he was untouchable.
He did whatever he wanted and he didn't answer to nobody.

He and his friends were the rulers around the town, everybody were worshipping them and nobody could stop them. They were the Four Horsemen and they enjoyed that power.

"They still intimidated me.
And excited me.
And challenged me.
And knotted me up."

Now, Rika is trying to start a new chapter in her life.
She can't take anymore to do whatever the others want her to do. She wants to live far away from everyone that sheltered her and she want to succeed it in her own terms...
But her decision is leaving her exposed to The Horsemen!!!

They want amends about something that happened three years ago and they are determined to ruin her for good!!!
Because of her, the three of them landed on jail and it's time for paycheck...

The good in this book is that we were all the time back and forth to time and the agony of what happened back then and what will happen after was huge. I liked that i witness the things that happened that night and with that journey to the past i learned more about the characters of the book. I won't say that i liked what they did that night. They were acting crazy, they were reckless and irrational, but i liked it.
Oh, i didn't mention that that night three years before Michael cracked and took with them Erika...

So, she witnessed everything and she became a part of it, but the next day in their heads she was the traitor!!!

So the revenge is starting....
I will admit that i was so afraid of what will happened to Erika. Their plans of her were cruel and they didn't stop to anything.
They wanted to destroy her in every level and i didn't know how i felt about that!!!

"Whether or not I wanted this or liked any of it, it was never a question.
Three years ago, curious little Erika Fane wanted to play with the boys, so we indulged her, and she betrayed us. There was no way we’d forget. Once restitution was paid, my friends could have peace."

I liked Erika. She seemed to be weak, but she was strong enough and very clever to fight back. I think that this night three years ago and Michael teached her to be strong and to not afraid of anything. Yep, she was scared inside but she didn't show it!

Maybe it helped her the fact that she was a little bit twisted herself and she was craving the fear and she liked it.

"OWN WHO YOU ARE." he commanded.
"And don't apologize. Do you understand? Own it or it will own you."

Michael from the other hand was the most complicated character of all.
Thank God, that Penelope had chapters with his POV because if i didn't know what happened inside his head i would have lose my mind!!!
He seemed so indifferent, so insensitive, like he didn't care for anything in the world. He wanted to cause chaos and he loved it!!!

And it wasn't true that Rika was invinsible to him, he was very aware of her presence all the time, even though that he wasn't showing it!
He loved very much his friends and he could do anything for them. That's why he decided to ruin Erika even though that he wanted her.
I think that Michael was in a constant inner battle between friendship and love.

He made many mistakes and i really couldn't understand how the hell could be a part of all this shitty actions toward Rika. For God's sake, he wanted her very much, so why he was trying to ruin her in that way???

"I’d seen that look in her eyes long before I even noticed her face or her body. That look of something being contained and wanting to claw its way out.
Rika and I had always circled each other, even before either of us was aware of it. And her betrayal was as close as I’d ever come being gutted."

Rika and Michael had big chemistry between them.
They were so hot together, but they were batshit crazy both of them!!!
They were playing games all the times, they were pussing each other limits but they were perfect just like that. Who am i to judge???

That wasn't love, it was a constant battle!!!
And all this mind-fucking games??? Gross, but i loved them!!!
They corrupted each other!!!!
And they corrupted me as well...

"Circling, circling, circling…He pulled, I pulled. He pushed, I pushed. We fought and played, toyed and challenged, but he never gave in. We never came together, fused, and seized what was there." -Rika

"She said she didn’t trust me, but I knew it was a lie. I’d be willing to bet I was the one person she trusted the most.
She and I were the same, after all. We fought shame every day, struggling with who we could let see the real us, and we’d finally found each other.
Unfortunately… we were fucked."

As for the rest three of the gang??? I really don't know how i feel about them!!!
I didn't like Damon at all from the very first moment. He made me anxious because he was pure evil.
Will was okay. Almost not dangerous... Almost!
And Kai was confusing... He was good and bad at the same time but he was also dangerous.
I really don't know how i felt about them, but they were making me nervous and with good reasons.
In a specific scene, they made me lose my shit!!!
They were predators and they were playing the game really good!!!

I was afraid that the story was leading there but i didn't like it at all...
And as for an erotic scene near to the end??? I didn't like it, because i think that it was a little bit off. I could live and be happy without its addition in the story, but i won't judge the book by this fact!!! They were more in there....
I also want to say that i didn't like Trevor at all from the very first moment.

All i could say is that i enjoyed the story even though i was scared shitless at the most part, but the anticipation was making me very exciting!!!
I liked Rika and Michael!!!
You now how i loved the fucked- up characters...
What can i say??? I can't resist to my dark side....
And this book was having much darkness!!!

"All I knew was that we were the same. Did that mean I’d fall in love with her, marry her, be faithful, and live the same day over and over again in this fucking suburb?
No. She and I were built for something different.
I would piss her off, I’d be difficult, and I’d be just as much of a nightmare to her as a dream, but after nearly seventeen years of this pull with her, I knew one thing.
I would always circle her.
It never stopped. Even when we were kids, if she moved, I wanted to move. If she left a room, I wanted to follow. My body was always aware of where she was.
And it was the same for her."

Oh, i really loved the epilogue with Michael's memory from when he was sixteen!!!
I liked the final sentence of the book...

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