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In Jane May's delightfully witty and original take on a classic Grimms' fairytale, a sailor with a dream gets help from a very fishy source . . . The moment Clarence "Woody" Woods, assistant dock master at Miami's exclusive Trade Winds Yacht Club, sets eyes on waitress Madalina Dragoi, he falls head over heels in love. As bad luck would have it, Madalina is smitten too-with Todd Hollingshead, a wealthy, suave club regular. Woody has no problem handling the sleek, multi-million dollar sailing vessels that dock at Trade Winds, but when it comes to winning a woman like Madalina, he could use a little help. Who knew it would arrive in the form of the enchanted fish he catches one afternoon? Before Woody can write off the talking tuna as a sun-induced hallucination, this unlikely benefactor is granting Woody's every wish, allowing him to sweep Madalina off her feet and into the sunset. At least that's how things were supposed to work out. Now, as Woody is about to discover, fairy tales aren't what they used to be-and fate has a way of writing its own version of happily-ever-after . . . Praise for Jane May's Doggy Style . . . "A must-read-hilarious and refreshingly original. You'll howl" -Greg Oehler, Publisher of New York Dog and Hollywood Dog magazines "Sit back and enjoy seeing things from a dog's perspective" -Tracie Hotchner, author of The Dog Bible Several years ago, Jane May adopted a mutt from the A.S.P.C.A. and named him Miles (he happens to bear a striking resemblance to the narrator of Doggy Style). They live in New York City, where Jane is at work on her next novel.

256 pages, Paperback

First published January 1, 2007

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Jane May

15 books
Several years ago, Jane May adopted a mutt from the A.S.P.C.A. and named him Miles (he happens to bear a striking resemblance to the narrator of Doggy Style). They live in New York City, where Jane is at work on her next novel.

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Profile Image for Sami.
130 reviews
July 16, 2012
way bizarre but since I bought it at the Dollar Tree, I can get over it.
Profile Image for Sissy.
89 reviews
June 12, 2008
This was very entertaining and a quick read. Perfect for the beach or Pool Monday's!
Profile Image for Alexandra B..
26 reviews
September 30, 2022
Terrible. I was trying really hard to finish it but i just ended up skipping parts of the book. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. It was a huge waste of time.
1,813 reviews5 followers
January 24, 2022
"Hooked" by Jane May is a fairly short read which is a good thing as, one third of the way through, I was losing interest rapidly.
And then Clarence “Woody” Woods hooks a fish but it is not just any fish - it talks and turns out to be ensorcelled car salesman Raymond Prince.
Unless the fishy Prince works out how to change back by the time of the next full moon ... he's screwed. And he can grant wishes!
As Woody attempts to impress his materialistic Romanian 'girlfriend', Madalina, Prince has his work cut out.
It's based on the Brothers Grimm story “The Fisherman and his Wife.” I've never read it but, apparently, the moral is that if you can't be happy with what you have you won't be happy with anything else.
"Hooked" is one of those stories that you might just enjoy if you are in good humour. I wasn't and I found the humour juvenile at best - sub par Carl Hiaassen.
It had promise but never lived up to it.
2 Stars.
119 reviews12 followers
December 31, 2012
This book was written informally with a constant sense of vulgarity which was a put off to me. To say I disliked this book would be an understatement, to say I hated it, would give it too much credit. it was interesting enough that I finished reading it, it was just basically a pointless waste of time. It makes me feel better that I only paid a dollar for it at Dollar Tree.
October 29, 2014
Nothing really special about this book. The cover caught my attention, but the book wasn't captivating at all. The humor isn't my type of humor. I think I only laughed out loud once. The story-line was repetitive and silly. A prince who gets a cursed put upon him by his wife and now he's a wish granting fish? What the hell?
Profile Image for Jane.
549 reviews3 followers
July 25, 2008
Good, but also a little weird perhaps. Then again talking fish aren't normal either. I liked Woody (main dude), but some of the other characters weren't so lovable (of course), because in most stories there has be be a 'bad' character to offset the 'good' character.
Profile Image for Coral.
22 reviews1 follower
June 27, 2008
What can I say? I read it in 4 hours. Better than smoking, right? Mildly trippy (as in a bit psychotropic) chick lit.
9 reviews
August 10, 2009
This is about a man who catches a fish who promises to grant him every wish he might desire. He wishes to capture the heart of the girl he just met, but is this what he truly wants?
50 reviews2 followers
November 21, 2011
I didn't finish the book--I may pick it up again as it was borrowed from the public library. Informal writing, easy to read. Wouldn't mind owning a copy.
Profile Image for Amy.
2 reviews
April 10, 2012
Very good book, kept my interest and ending totally not what I was expecting. Be careful what you wish for!
Profile Image for Gizelle.
23 reviews17 followers
June 9, 2012
Some parts are funny and entertaining.
Simple fantasy with a taste of real-deal modern writing.

Would recommend for chick-lit lovers.
Profile Image for Beth.
Author 15 books31 followers
July 27, 2012
Good, cute, light, beachside read. However, the synopsis on the back cover of this book was clearly written by someone who had never actually read the book. I hate that.
1 review
August 4, 2015
It was so good throughout the book, but the end was so stupid. Like... That was the only thing you cold of thought of author...
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