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Apocalypse Later: A guide to the end of the world by Nice Mr Death

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As seen on TV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zr9o...

This book will change your afterlife!

Tired of TV Evangelists? Confused by charlatans? From Atheism to Zoroastrianism, Nice Mr Death lifts the lid on the end of the world.

The end of the world is nigh(1), but there are myriad different religions, each of which has a different End Time. So God has sent Nice Mr Death to help you, the consumer, make an informed choice – the last one you’ll ever make!

With his inside knowledge and aeons of experience, who could be more authoritative than Nice Mr Death? He takes you through the End-Time-offers of a range of different religions. Get answers to questions like:
- How old will you and your grandparents be in Heaven?
- Which religion guarantees free wine?(2)
- Would a bath in white-hot liquid metal be a good thing?
- Who offers in-coffin entertainment?
- Why can’t Christians do maths?(3)
Remember: forever is a very long time to be unhappy – make sure you get the deal that’s best for you.

Plus: writing exclusively for the first time, Nice Mr Death gives you the inside story on what really happened at the Big Bang, and how the echo poisoned the investment banking industry(4).
(1)Or maybe not.
(2)And it doesn’t give you a hangover!
(3)Actually, they just can’t. Simple as.
(4)Okay, it was toxic anyway.

112 pages, Kindle Edition

First published August 7, 2012

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About the author

Mark Speed

16 books76 followers
Mark Speed has been writing novels since he was fifteen. His comedy writing has appeared in newspapers as diverse as the London Evening Standard and The Sun, and been broadcast on BBC Radio 4 Extra. He performed his solo comedy, The End of the World Show, at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2011 and 2012. He is currently working on the five-volume Doctor How parody.

Amongst other postgraduate and professional qualifications, he has a Master’s degree in Creative Writing from City University, London. In 1995 a chiropractor told him he’d never run again. Sensibly he chose to give up chiropractors, and has since completed several marathons and a couple of Olympic-length triathlons.

NLP founder Dr Richard Bandler publicly called him a ‘polarity responder’.

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Profile Image for David Savage.
188 reviews5 followers
December 16, 2012
Apocalypse Later by Nice Mr Death (AKA Mark Speed) is a book about the end of the world and the afterlife as seen in different religions and cults from around the world.

While I am in no way religious and do not believe in End of the World theories, and there do seem to be quite a few lately, I had no interest in reading this book. As I just looked at the front cover and decided that it would be another boring book preaching about religion, God and how you should live your life. I guess there is a lot of truth in “Don’t judge a book by its cover” as I found it to be a well-written, well researched, informative and very humorous look into religions and cults and their own End of the World theories and what you can expect to be waiting for you in the afterlife (should you believe in it).

While the book is about a rather dark subject matter it is presented in a very light hearted manner while still giving you the facts and a summary of the pros and cons of each religion. I learnt some interesting new facts while having a smile on my face.

Do not be put off by the subject matter; although I have no interest in religion I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it’s quirky, witty, informative and light-hearted.

Rating: 5/5
Profile Image for Tyneisha.
Author 2 books152 followers
May 8, 2014
This book was awesome! I recommend it to anyone who loves to laugh whether they are religious or not. Mark Speed has written a witty, smart, and very humorous guide to the afterlife according different religions from the point of view of "Mr. Nice Death". It was so refreshing to learn something new while having a few laughs as well. After reading it I passed it to my hubby and he loved it as much if not more than I did! Truly the best little book I've read in a long time, so much so that I finished it in one day. As a Christian I was really able to appreciate the content, but even the non religious would enjoy this book. Very highly recommended; two thumbs up to Mr. Speed!
Profile Image for Silvia F..
109 reviews17 followers
January 18, 2015
"Apocalypse Later" is a book about "the end of the world" and the many options we have to live a happily ever after-death. The book, written by "Nice Mr. Death" (aka Mark Speed) talks about many different religions and how each one views and predicts the end of the world. From the Mayans and Aztecs, to the Zoroastrians, Islamists, and Christians, with centaur Demi-gods with silver bodies and alien civilization visiting earth... this book is highly informative.

I must say that I was a bit skeptical about reading this book because it is not the typical genre I pick up. However, I was pleasantly surprised with how good the book was. First and foremost it is a topic that many people don't talk about but that everyone wants to predict... THE END OF THE WORLD (dun-dun-DUUNN...haha) which is quite a grim topic. I have never read a book that made the "end of the world" seem so fascinating, entertaining and hilarious. I laughed out loud numerous times. I never thought I would enjoy a book with footnotes, yet the footnotes were hilarious and informative at the same time, which to me is a very rare combination.

Even if you are not the typical reader of this kind of this type of genre I suggest you pick it up and read it... and Nice Mr. Death is absolutely right... Islam is the religion with the most appealing afterlife... I really don't feel like ripping a beating heart out of anyone's chest, nor do I feel like throwing them down some crazy pyramid steps... EXTREMELY Entertaining, thought provoking and laugh out loud funny. I really enjoyed this book!

P.S. I won this book and decided to review it. It is a "first-reads" book for me.

Profile Image for Douglas Trueman.
Author 1 book
July 29, 2014
I always thought that Apocalypse Now, and Heart of Darkness, the Joseph Conrad novel that inspired it, didn't deserve the excessive praise they received. Sure, they're considered classics by many, but they're also rather bland.

Not so, Apocalypse Later. I haven't met Nice Mr. Death, though I'm sure I will one day. This book isn't a novel, it's a well-researched, tongue-in-cheek analysis of Earth's various religions. I particularly liked the discussion on Scientology, including the lifelike drawing of Air Xenu, the DC-8 that brought Thetans to our world (note: drawing is not to scale).

If Nice Mr. Death updates his work, I'd love him to include a section on Kent Hovind and/or Ken Ham. Humans riding domesticated dinosaurs surely warrants its own chapter.

Religion is no joke for many but whether you're religious, agnostic or atheist this book will have you die laughing.
Profile Image for Joseph Toth.
21 reviews3 followers
September 21, 2014
The author of this book was kind enough to send me a copy, and I am very grateful he did. I wasn’t too sure what to expect prior to diving in head first but what I found was a witty, informative and concise look into various religions that have come and gone or lasted through the ages. The author (as Nice Mr.Death) gives you information on the founding of the religion, current (approximate) numbers of followers, fascinatingly important tidbits on various historical figures associated with that religion and most importantly the pros and cons of that faith. Besides its quirky humorous take on our inevitable end of days its’ value is that it is packed with information and quotes, and would serve you well as a quick reference book for a myriad of purposes ranging from school papers to just looking like the smartest guy in the room.
Profile Image for Erin.
19 reviews7 followers
February 17, 2015
I have to say that I had a great time reading this book. Not only was it informative, I laughed at all of the religions, including mine. Each religion has its own chapter and is very well thought out. I was lucky enough to win a copy of this book and am very grateful that I did. It was such a change from the usual "end of the world" books that are out there. It was very informative on each religions belief as to what the end of the world is to them. I recommend this book to anyone who wants a well thought out "religious" book with plenty of laughs.
Profile Image for A.F. Firebird.
Author 2 books5 followers
July 25, 2014
Never before I seen a more comprehensive guide to the "end of time" possibilities. All neatly organised in tables with comparable variables for each religion. Thanks Mark for doing the spade work! I just hope this does not fall into the wrong hands. It's powerful information for anyone thinking of setting up a new religion with a more attractive "end time" scenario.
Profile Image for Len.
226 reviews28 followers
January 7, 2015
Fun, clever analysis of the 'pros and cons' of various religions views, including atheism. Witty, and demonstrates more than a passing knowledge of the subject matter. Recommended for those with thick skin.
Profile Image for Marilyn.
86 reviews1 follower
March 23, 2015
Very humorous book. But also filled with lots of interesting, historical information. Mark Speed is one smart cookie/writer. I enjoyed this book. It is a quick read. The drawings are fun. My favorite part...we are made up of star dust.
Profile Image for Ulybug Mac.
5 reviews1 follower
July 23, 2014
This is hilarious and also gives an excellent overview of all major religions. (PS If you're thinking of becoming religious, Islam is your best bet as it has the best afterlife).
422 reviews3 followers
June 25, 2020
Having read the Dr. How series 2x I needed a Mark Speed fix.

Good thing I don't drink milk, I assume it's unpleasant coming out of your nose. How I wish I could get this book into the hands of my religious fanatical friends. They need to chill. What's going to happen is going to happen, I accept I have no control over it, and realize making myself miserable worrying and preparing for it is a waste of this life. I consider myself a Christian, but not in any strict sense. I have studied most religions and like parts of most (except the doomsday nuts). Most of my life I have considered myself a Panthiest. Look it up.
Profile Image for Shea.
27 reviews6 followers
May 15, 2015
I won this for free off of the giveaways page. It was pretty good. Basically the book is about about religions. What I really liked about it was the comments the author put in it. They made me laugh. But it was pretty dry.
Profile Image for Bonnie Dale Keck.
4,680 reviews52 followers
April 6, 2017
Kindle Unlimited, Brit type stories as only a Brit can write.
NOT a not Doctor Who books but by same writer:
The Default Girlfriend
Britons in Brief Britons in Brief
Apocalypse Later: A guide to the end of the world by Nice Mr Death

Evidently can't get enough of Doctor Who not Doctor Who/Doctor How and his twin Who, and cousins What, When, Where, and Why. Doctor How and the Illegal Aliens: The Doctor Who is not a Time Lord 1 - Doctor How and the Deadly Anemones: (Doctor How book two) 2 - Doctor How and the Alien Invasion 3 - Doctor How and the Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy (Doctor How, #0.1) Doctor How and the Rings of Uranus (Doctor How, #0.2) {.2 subscriber only, unsure about .1 but probably also and is part at least of book 2} - Doctor How (3 Book Series) {#1-3} Doctor How and the Dragons Doctor How, book four {Due out ??}

Kindle Unlimited, but got the first way bit back and lost in my kindle mess of uncategorized books {didn't switch over my folders when updated couple of times though did add yet another kindle for pc listing go figure} Take binges on things, especially reading, this one was all the Doctor How books which of course by Mark Speed, and John Pirillo's The adventures of Lord When: Travels Through Time {Trilogy} andand In Times Like These {Trilogy by Nathan Van Coops}.Took me longer than usual to read Doctor How, so many 'in' references, hilarious.
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