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Boogie Knights

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In this rip-roaring picture book, readers are invited to the party of the year, as all monsters large and small throw the most outrageous, most bodacious bash of them all--the Madcap Monster Ball. Full color.

40 pages, Hardcover

First published August 5, 2008

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Lisa Wheeler

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206 reviews60 followers
December 13, 2016
Boogie Knights is about a once-a-year monster ball, and the seven knights that investigate... then end up joining the bash. My niece and nephew loved this, and I enjoyed it too. It was a fun, clever picture book full of rhymes!
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Author 1 book649 followers
January 21, 2020
This is a fun, rhyming tale filled with onomatopoeia and creepy monsters. The story is humorous and the narrative is filled with fun imagery and alliteration.

I love the knights' names:
Sir Veillance
Sir Prize
Sir Loin
Sir Round
Sir Cumference
Sir Ender
Sir Vivor

Unfortunately, some of the puns and jokes are a bit too subtle for most of our elementary school-age students to understand and appreciate. But I loved it.

The illustrations, "rendered in charcoal, pierre noire pencil, and in Photoshop", are cartoonish and really capture the medieval and macabre of the setting.

Overall, it's a really fun, fast read and I really enjoyed it.

interesting quote:

"'It's getting late,'
tough Sir Loin states.
'Our honor is at stake.'"
(p. 14 - unpaged) [hee, hee - Sir Loin and tough steak, get it!]
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3,499 reviews62 followers
June 30, 2019
A variety of supernatural creatures, eventually joined by all seven knights on guard duty, an out-of-bed prince, and the ghost of a princess, attend the Madcap Monster Ball.

Unbeknownst to the castle's inhabitants, monsters of all ilks sneak in for their annual midnight dance party. The only person aware of the commotion is a little prince, with a candle and his teddy bear, who nervously observes the fray.

What initially appeared to be empty suits of decorative armor turn out to be knights asleep at their posts. Awakened by the noise, they go investigate in ones and twos and end up joining in the fun. Even the frightened prince eventually begins dancing with ghost of little princess.

At dawn, the party guests depart. The knights return to their niches with armor freshly polished by all the action, and the prince goes back to bed.

This is a fun adventure story with no obvious moral unless it's if you can't beat them! join them as the knights' behavior suggests. The text has a strong rhyme and rhythm. The name of each knight is a great pun: Sir Veillance, Sir Prize, Sir Loin, Sir Round, Sir Cumference, Sir Ender, and Sir Vivor. There is even a little countdown practice with the knights. The illustrations are done in a friendly cartoon style with muted nighttime colors.
46 reviews
January 22, 2018
I really enjoyed reading this book. I think this would be an excellent book for children to read aloud because it has a big emphasis on alliteration. This book would be good to do a lesson on alliteration because it uses so much, and it has good and simple examples for children to follow and understand. The story line itself was very attention-catching and the visuals went along really well with the story, keeping me entertained and interested the whole time.
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966 reviews35 followers
November 6, 2019
I'm giving this book 3.75 out of 5 stars. I enjoyed the story and thought it was creative, especially the names of the Knights.
The illustrations were nice and went well with the theme.
I felt like there was a little problem with the flow of the story and binding all the parts but it was good over all.
603 reviews2 followers
August 4, 2021
This book was so spooktacular. I kind of feel a little like the trenchible on Matilda. "This book is might be too good for children." Just kidding, although make sure to spend some time ponting out all of the delicious play on words throughout the book. The name of each Knight was superb. My favorite was Sir Prize. What a Happy Halloween read.
Profile Image for gina.
1,358 reviews10 followers
November 19, 2018
This is a perfect book for our son for this halloween (age 4.5). It was just the right amount of spooky mixed in with fun so it's not too scary. I hated having to return it to the library. I wish we owned it! I highly recommend it to anyone with children who enjoy spooky picture books at Halloween.
Profile Image for Dawn Chevoya.
Author 2 books3 followers
September 1, 2019
This delightful, monster-ish, rhythmic, picture-perfect book would make a great gift or read-aloud to any youngster as October rolls in. It's no wonder that Lisa Wheeler has many faithful followers. I enjoyed this one and you will too.
Profile Image for Angela Walter.
5 reviews
March 18, 2023
This is a super cute read aloud with a fun rhyming pattern. The knights have silly names (like Sir Cumference) that your listeners may or may not understand. It's hard to guard the castle when you just want to join the party.
7,500 reviews28 followers
January 10, 2018
Cute story about knights and monsters have a dance in the castle - the once a year Monster Ball.
Profile Image for Kelly Taylor.
205 reviews4 followers
August 21, 2022
The author is a spectacular lyricist, though the story probably doesn't make much sense to the intended audience. I don't think that matters too much because it's a fun, jaunty read.
80 reviews1 follower
April 15, 2019
I enjoyed this book because the unique words to describe the story. The author did a great introducing words into the story that would allow for the reader to be captured by the words.

Guided reading: N/A
DRA Level: N/A
Traits: presentation, conventions, voice
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752 reviews7 followers
October 6, 2016
The Madcap Monster Ball has begun deep in the castle. One by one the seven knights wake up and make their way down to investigate. It isn't long before each of them is caught up in the music and starts to dance! Finally, they stand "weary in the hall. Seven sleepers close their peepers- dream of next year's monster's ball."

This book is written in such a fun and clever rhyme! The knights aren't the only ones the music woke- the prince is shown waking up and sneaking down the stairs, afraid at first (for there are many monsters in attendance), but eventually joining the party with his ghostly princess friend. The knights all have funny names as well- Sir Veillance, Sir Prize, Sir Loin, Sir Round, Sir Cumfrence, Sir Ender and Sir Vivor. The story isn't overtly Halloween, but the feel and the characters at the ball signify that it's a perfect silly/spooky read for this time of year!
Profile Image for Kat.
1,721 reviews103 followers
August 18, 2013
Basic plot: the once-a-year monster's ball comes to the castle and the knights investigate.

This was a very cute book for multiple reasons. The art was solid, with plenty of detail. It had a pattern with logical repetition that the reader and listener can both get into. There were some funny puns in the text with the different knights' names, and the rhyming of the book didn't seem forced. This was a fun one, with a lot of good re-reading potential.
Profile Image for Joenna.
633 reviews1 follower
August 16, 2008
It's midnight at a castle and the Madcap Monster Ball has begun! Mummies mamba, serpents samba, amd wizards wiggle, while upstairs, seven knights are fast asleep. One by one, they all hear something and come downstairs to investigate. Only they join in on the fun. A rhyming and counting book good for Halloween time.
Profile Image for Greta.
906 reviews
April 26, 2009
The names of the knights are so fun! Great book, Lisa!I love the musical rhythm and the beat of the text. I also love the descriptive word before each knight's name, ie. . ."tough SIR LOIN, wide, SIR ROUND, and my absolute favorites: forced, SIR ENDER, and lone Sir VIVOR. Very clever, very witty, very fun!
72 reviews14 followers
May 15, 2009
Packed full of vivid language, including lots of lovely verbs. I loved the rhyme and rhythm - I think I could read this to my child over and over again without tiring of it. The illustrations are delightful - and the illustrator sneaks in an extra bonus story that is not part of the text. I love books that reward you for paying attention.
Profile Image for Kaethe.
6,452 reviews473 followers
July 14, 2014
I had placed a request for this, but when we stopped by the library to drop off some finished books and a box of donations, they had a copy out on the new shelf. Definitely a hit with the PandaBat. She loves monsters and ghoulies. The Possum was amused by the Knights' names: Sir Comference, Sir Ender, etc.
Profile Image for Kate Hastings.
2,128 reviews38 followers
December 26, 2008
I liked this book, only later realizing that Lisa Wheeler wrote it. I love Lisa Wheeler. Anyhow-- in this story knights awaken one by one to a party in a haunted castle. Funny puns and language will amuse older students and adults. The illustrations are great! Definitely a Caldecott contender.
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