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After All These Years

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Rosie Meyer's husband, who had left her for a younger woman, is found dead in her kitchen. Rosie has the opportunity and motive - and goes on the run just before her arrest. This book tells of the adventures of Rosie, a respectable lady, now outside the law, trying to prove her own innocence.

352 pages, Hardcover

First published January 1, 1993

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About the author

Susan Isaacs

60 books441 followers
I was born in a thatched cottage in the Cotswolds. Oh, you want the truth. Fine. I was born in Brooklyn and educated at Queens College. After leaving school, I saw one of those ads: BE A COMPUTER PROGRAMMER! Take our aptitude test. Since I had nothing else in mind, I took the test-and flunked. The guy at the employment agency looked at my resume and mumbled, “You wrote for your college paper? Uh, we have an opening at Seventeen magazine.” That’s how I became a writer.

I liked my job, but I found doing advice to the lovelorn and articles like “How to Write a Letter to a Boy” somewhat short of fulfilling. So, first as a volunteer, then for actual money, I wrote political speeches in my spare time. I did less of that when I met a wonderful guy, Elkan Abramowitz, then a federal prosecutor in the SDNY.

We were married and a little more than a year later, we had Andrew (now a corporate lawyer). Three years later, Elizabeth (now a philosopher and writer) was born. I’d left Seventeen to be home with my kids but continued to to do speeches and the occasional magazine piece. During what free time I had, I read more mysteries than was healthy. Possibly I became deranged, but I thought, I can do this.

And that’s how Compromising Positions, a whodunit with a housewife-detectives set on Long Island came about. Talk about good luck: it was chosen the Main Selection of the Book-of-the-Month Club, auctioned for paperback, sold to the movies, translated into thirty languages, and became a bestseller. I was a little overwhelmed by the success. However, it’s hard to rise to a state of perpetual cool and go to slick downtown parties when you’re living in the suburbs with a husband, two kids, two dogs, and a mini-van, I simply wrote another book… and then another and another.

About half my works are mysteries, two fall into the category of espionage, and the rest are…well, regular novels. In the horn-tooting department, nearly all my novels have been New York Times bestsellers.

My kids grew up. My husband became a defense lawyer specializing in white collar matters: I call him my house counsel since I’m always consulting him on criminal procedure, the justice system, and law enforcement jargon. Anyway, after forty-five years of writing all sorts of novels—standalones—I decided to write a mystery series. I conceived Corie Geller with a rich enough background to avoid what I’d always been leery of—that doing a series would mean writing the same book over and over, changing only the settings.

I also produced one work of nonfiction, Brave Dames and Wimpettes: What Women are Really Doing on Page and Screen. I wrote a slew of articles, essays, and op-ed pieces as well. Newsday sent me to write about the 2000 presidential campaign, which was one of the greatest thrills of my life-going to both conventions, riding beside John McCain on the Straight Talk Express, interviewing George W. Bush. I also reviewed books for the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, and Newsday. (My website has far more information about my projects than most people would want to know, but have a look.)

In the mid-1980s, I wrote the screenplay for Paramount’s Compromising Positions which starred Susan Sarandon and Raul Julia. I also wrote and co-produced Touchstone’s Hello Again which starred Shelley Long, Gabriel Byrne, and Judith Ivey. (My fourth novel, Shining Through, set during World War II became the 20th Century Fox movie starring Michael Douglas, Melanie Griffith and Liam Neeson. I would have written the script, except I wasn’t asked.)

Here’s the professional stuff. I’m a recipient of the Writers for Writers Award, the Marymount Manhattan Writing Center Award, and the John Steinbeck Award. I just retired (after over a decade) as chairman of the board of the literary organization, Poets & Writers. I also served as president of Mystery Writers of America. I belong to the National Book Critics Circle, the Creative Coalition, PEN, the Ameri

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July 24, 2021

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This book was in a box of books someone gave me. I'd never heard of this author before but when I read the summary and the first couple pages, I was instantly intrigued. Rosie Meyers is a school teacher in a WASP-y New England town, married to a tech magnate named Richard. Richard used to be a teacher and a coach until he made it big and now they're millionaires several times over. It was a surprising success for two such humble people and Rosie looked forward to sharing it out together over the rest of their lives, which is why it came as such a brutal shock when, shortly after their 25th anniversary party, he announces that he's leaving her for a younger woman.

When Richard turns up in her kitchen, murdered, everyone-- her friends, her enemies, the police-- all assume it was her. But Rosie knows she didn't do it. And she knows that if the police arrest her, it'll be case open, case closed, letting the real killer walk away. So she decides to run and take matters into her own hands. What follows is a really entertaining story narrated by Rosie's scathing wit. It's got everything the popular mysteries and thrillers coming out these days in droves have-- sex, intrigue, and drama-- but it did it about twenty years before it became so popular.

This was definitely a trashy read but in a really fun way. I saw a couple reviewers saying that the killer was obvious, but it wasn't obvious to me. Maybe that means I'm dumb, I don't know, but I was surprised as anyone when the reveal was dropped. I also liked that when it does happen, it happens old school, locked-room mystery style (a personal favorite trope of mine). The satire of the American rich is really well done and I loved how fucked-up all the relationships in the book were. The nearly-fifty heroine also gets down and dirty with a twenty-something, which was kind of fun. You get some!

If you enjoy campy thrillers that are light and kind of chick-litty, you'll really love this. I did!

3.5 stars
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1,029 reviews331 followers
January 2, 2016
After All These Years is one of my favorite Susan Isaacs books, a wonderfully witty and entertaining murder mystery. Rosie Meyers is in the middle of a messy divorce, which gets suddenly messier when she goes down to her kitchen for a midnight snack and finds her husband Richie dead on the floor with a knife in his chest. Unfortunately for Rosie, she's the prime suspect. Since she knows she didn't do it, she goes on the lam, investigating Richie's life and tracking down the real murderer.

Whodunnit isn't too hard to figure out, but who cares? Rosie is a wonderfully funny, feisty heroine, and Isaacs's narrative and dialogue are particularly witty; her gift for a hilarious turn of phrase is evident on every page (Richie's jaw "wasn't so much chiseled from granite anymore as sculpted from mashed potatoes"). It's great fun from beginning to end.
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17 reviews14 followers
September 13, 2009
It's a long time that I read this book, and I remember that I did not like it that much, but there's one sentence/quote from the book that stuck in my memory:

Said by one of the female characters: "I really wish God had created an interesting alternative to men."

Yeah, you bet....
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9 reviews4 followers
April 9, 2009
This was the book that made me decide I would read anything by Susan Isaacs. She is very funny
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1,771 reviews16 followers
March 3, 2020

Amazing alliteration. The writer does a great job of painting a picture with her phrasing.  
For exs: 

"The late morning air was hot, sugary with honeysuckle, a reminder that lovely, sweaty summer sex was just weeks away. but, as the song goes, not for me. "

"My thirst was awful. My hunger was worse. In the twilight, every building on Lexington Avenue seemed to be a restaurant or a drugstore with a flamboyant display of Kit Kat bars."

I did this on audio but I didn’t realize it was an abridged version. About 20 min into listening I could tell & did get a sense that I was missing a few things here &there because of it. Christine Baranski was the narrator & she was brilliant as usual. (but she may be too old for the movie version so an actress similar to her talents should star )I hate to say it, but i went ahead & got the book from the library to read what i'd missed on the audio.

I definitely thought this would make a great mystery for the Hallmark Movie Channel. Plus, I think the film would be a better visual representation of the comedy present in the book. And the romance would be played up a bit more & the chemistry b/w Rosie & Tom would be portrayed better.
177 reviews5 followers
July 8, 2017
This is a silly story full of preposterous characters and a plot so ridiculous that it requires about fifty pages of denouement to explain at the end. And it's still fun to read. The convolutions of the plot almost defeated me, but then I would come across a sentence like this: "her sweater ... was tied around her shoulders in that secret knot only people who have gone to prep school know." Yes! I knew it! A secret knot! A just-for-fun quick read.
38 reviews3 followers
November 2, 2009
this was cute and enjoyable. not exactly first class literature, but a fun plane ride kind of book. basically this woman finds her ex-husband murdered and then she is framed for the murder and has to go on the lam and find the killer herself. i'm not really spoiling anything; that's basically all on the book jacket. murder, mystery, rich people, and a little sex - what more can i ask for?
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Author 12 books107 followers
August 8, 2015
Right after celebrating their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, Richie Meyers declares his love for another woman and leaves his wife, Rosie. Rosie’s devastated, but she has good friends and neighbors in Cass, Stephanie, and Madelaine, plus a teaching job she enjoys, two fully grown sons, and a very large home in the ritzy Shorehaven Estates at Long Island. Several weeks later, Rosie wakes up in the middle of the night and stumbles across Richie’s body on her kitchen floor. In her shock, Rosie tries to pull the knife out of Richie’s abdomen, and so begins the real trouble. When it becomes clear that the cops are about to arrest her for murder, Rosie goes into full survival mode and takes off, vowing to prove her innocence.

After All These Years is a terrific amateur sleuth novel not only because Rosie’s a well-rounded character, but because she uses intelligence, research skills, and resourcefulness to find answers. Rosie’s so well drawn that her desperate bold moves are believable. I love that the story incorporates old fashioned crime-solving methods in an age of cell phones and other technology. Rosie can’t use any of those devices or she’d be tracked, so she talks to people, she observes, looks things up at the library, and slowly puts the pieces together.

This book had me cheering for Rosie from the get-go as she deals with rich, snobby idiots who have no problem backstabbing friends and associates to get what they want. The nouveau rich component of the book was probably the least appealing aspect, yet it’s essential to the plot. Although the pacing was a little slow in places, I still enjoyed the book immensely. Susan Isaacs is one heck of a good crime writer.
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Author 42 books244 followers
January 14, 2013
Intriguing mystery and witty, read it at a time when I really needed a laugh and this definitely provided that. :)
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420 reviews61 followers
May 12, 2010
I finished this book up this morning on my bus ride into work. It took me five days to finish this, which is a little long for me. That could be an indicator of how well I liked this book. This is a difficult review for me because I did like the story overall, just some parts were a little much.

The book was a fun read, just not a real page-turner. It wasn't calling to me to continue reading and forget about doing the laundry like some of the other books I have read in the past.

The story was written from first person point of view and I do enjoy that style of writing. I think it allows the reader to feel closer to the characters; you experience their thoughts and feelings as if you were the character yourself. The protagonist in this story, Rosie, was very funny and witty. Her attitude and smartass comments had me smiling and laughing at times. The problem was that some of her actions were so stupid! She actually slept with one of her old students, a friend of her sons? Really? And that she would actually be successful at getting away from the police and going on the run was a little too optimistic in my opinion. The story started to drag a bit in the middle and the conclusion was a bit confusing. I mean, how many different people were sleeping with their friends' spouses? It was hard to keep track! Maybe that is how it is for the nouveau riche and I just don't get it. If that is the case, I am content to stay down here in the middle class where I am happy and actually love my husband!

All that being said, I did like this book, I just didn't REALLY like it. I think if you go into it without high expectations and the understanding that this isn't a literary classic, that it is a fun read meant to simply be entertaining and amusing, then you will be fine.
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213 reviews
February 21, 2015
Only read this book b/c it's on my LOST list, and it wasn't that great. I thought there were several plot holes that you could drive a truck through and it just didn't strike me as all that believable of a story, even in a pre internet pre cell phone world. Not very suspenseful or interesting as far as murder mysteries go. Which is just as well considering its minimal LOST relevancy. This book was seen in The Swan station near Sawyer's bed while he is recovering from injuries. Most think it was just innocuously placed there, which is probably the case (a rarity for the LOST books) but two interesting possible ties to Kate are 1) the fact that both her and the main character in this book Rosie, were on the run from the cops, and more interestingly 2) both reunite with childhood boyfriends named Tom. Anyway, I haven't read anything else by Mrs. Isaacs and this did nothing to sway me in that direction.
1,066 reviews1 follower
June 1, 2020
Great mystery about a woman whose life was upended the day after her 25th wedding anniversary party when her husband announced he had fallen in love with someone else and wanted a divorce. When he is found murdered in her kitchen a few months later, she becomes the police's only suspect. Determined to find the real killer, she sneaks away to multiple adventures. Isaacs' sense of humor makes this a really fun read.
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3,591 reviews159 followers
July 9, 2022
Nicely plotted murder mystery with romance and some likable characters. Lots of twists and a terrific narrator.
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110 reviews1 follower
October 22, 2022
Re-read. Again.

One of my top book favorites ever. A woman goes to the kitchen in the middle of the night for a snack and stumbles on the dead body of her soon-to-be-ex-husband with a knife in his chest. She panics and grabs the knife to try and save him. When the police arrive they find a dead man who's with his soon-to-be-ex's finger prints on the murder weapon. Since the divorce is not final she will now inherit everything. The police have no reason to look further for the killer so Rose has to go on the lamb and figure out who killed Richie.

The story is great with a wonderful cast of characters. I have read this book multiple times, as have friends I have recommended it to.
3 reviews
January 1, 2019
This book was the first Susan Isaacs novel I’ve read, and it was fantastic. She writes so well and employs the vocabulary one would expect of a high school English teacher; I would venture so far as to call it esoteric. Her sense of humor is of the clever, “razor sharp wit” variety, to use a tired book review cliché. Her heroine’s primary dilemma - learning how to survive being left for a younger woman by her husband of 25 years - is relatable, while the secondary plot - being accused of said ex-husband’s murder - is farcical, yet still amusing. Essentially, I’d categorize this novel as intellectually superior, mature chick lit.
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566 reviews
January 7, 2020
3.5 stars

This is a really great read as a beach book. I could not put it down and I stayed up all night finishing it. It’s about a woman whose husband leaves her after 25 years and then turns up murdered in her kitchen at 3 a.m. and in her shock she tries to pull the knife out and gets her fingerprints all over it, so of course they think she did it and she ends up running away just before the police are about to arrest her to try and figure out who the murderer is.
September 15, 2020
A cheesy sexy who-dun-it full of contrived twists and turns that I thoroughly enjoyed! Rosie Meyers stumbles upon her estranged husband's murdered body in her kitchen and tries to pull the knife from his chest...naturally her finger prints are now on the handle and the police are convince they've solved to crime, so after the funeral, she bolts and seeks answers to the mystery of who actually killed her soon to be ex...
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22 reviews
November 4, 2017

This mystery was so funny I really did laugh out loud during parts. The premise seems quite depressing, but the book isn't at all. The descriptions and the thoughts of the main character keep the tone light. I brought it to the beach and couldn't put it down.
67 reviews1 follower
April 5, 2023
No, this is not great literature, but for a FUN read, I don't think you can do better than this. I probably have less than 50 novels that I have kept -- I donate those that I don't think I will read again, and as a retiree, I am donating even more books these days -- but this is one that I read about three times and laugh every time.

The only "off-putting" thing about this book is her Isaacs' snobbery toward those who are do not have at least a bachelors degree. I find it strange that she can be so snobbish about those who are nouveau riche or spend literally thousands of dollars a month on designer clothing or expensive knick-knacks, but she does not see that she is also a snob in some ways.

But, nevertheless, it is a very funny and entertaining book that left the solution as to who murdered her husband and how until the very end. I can usually solve a mystery in a mystery novel in the third quarter of the book, but this one had be stumped until the reveal.
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158 reviews23 followers
October 21, 2018
OK so that was terrible. First of all i must say that i only listen to this audiobook because it was read by Christine Baranski, which is also the only reason why it has 2 stars. Her reading like always was really enjoyable however the book itself especially the storyline was nothing new and u could see the plot coming from miles. Also the main character was really annoying and it happened quite often that i found myself screaming why or just simple answers while listening to it.
So overall 2 stars.
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398 reviews13 followers
May 27, 2021
Contains spoilers.

For years I read every novel that was published by Susan Isaacs, but only two became my favorites: "Shining Through" and "After all these Years".
I read them again and again.

I watched "After all these Years" as a TV movie with Gregory Harrison a few years ago, then had to read the novel.
This is the absolutely hilarious story of a divorced woman who finds her ex-husband stabbed to death in her own kitchen and is now forced to flee the police in order to find the real killer.

The novel is great, but I liked the TV movie ending better.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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152 reviews
October 22, 2020
Isaacs female protagonists are easy to root for & funny. This mystery adventure focused on Rosie learning about her own strength(s) while on the lam working to solve her jackass husband's murder. I enjoyed the friendship & banter between Rosie & Cass(andra). But there was not a whole lot of room for any other character development. The who-done-it part was a bit of a let down for me, but I cannot pinpoint why. I'm afraid Ms Isaacs will never top Compromising Positions.
41 reviews
June 22, 2021

Rosie and Richie have been married for 25 years The next day after the anniversary party Richie leaves her for a new woman. Rosie is now living in their mansion alone and goes downstairs for a midnight snack and falls over something on the kitchen floor. It's Richie with a knife sticking out of his chest. Of course, Rosie is the prime suspect and she goes on the lam to find the real killer before she is arrested.
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1,177 reviews6 followers
November 14, 2022
Does anyone know what happened to Susan Isaacs? I have tried to find out but it seems as though she stopped writing and dropped off the face of the earth. I enjoy her writing, there are times when reading her I have actually laughed out loud. After All These Years was not one of those, but it was an entertaining and somewhat predictable story. I think November must be my month to read older books .... this is my second one.
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737 reviews8 followers
December 18, 2017
A witty search for who killed the husband when we know for sure the wife didn't do it. She's on the run from the cops trying to figure out who Mandy is while having amazingly good fortune avoiding getting caught. A former high school boyfriend and a former student, now turned to crime for a living provide a safe haven and good advice. Fast paced, easy read!
1,005 reviews1 follower
June 17, 2018
Rosie Myers is a housewife whose husband moves out the day after their big 25th wedding anniversary party and later turns up dead in their kitchen making her the prime murder suspect. This English teacher becomes a detective and eludes police as she looks for the real murderer.
Fast paced and entertaining.
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