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The Daughters of Boston #2

A Passion Redeemed

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Graced with physical beauty, though shallow of heart, Charity O'Connor is a woman who knows what she wants. She sets her sights on the cantankerous Mitch Dennehy, editor at the Irish Times, who has unwittingly stolen her heart. And although the sparks are there, Mitch refuses to fan the coals of a potential relationship with his ex-fiancee's sister. But Charity has a plan to turn up the heat and she always gets what she wants--one way or another. Is revenge so sweet after all? Or will Charity get burned?
Full of intense passion, betrayal, and forgiveness, A Passion Redeemed will delight Lessman's fans and draw new ones.

479 pages, Paperback

First published September 1, 2008

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About the author

Julie Lessman

39 books1,211 followers
Julie Lessman is an award-winning author whose tagline of “Passion With a Purpose” underscores her intense passion for both God and romance. A lover of all things Irish, she enjoys writing close-knit Irish family sagas that evolve into 3-D love stories: the hero, the heroine, and the God that brings them together.

Author of The Daughters of Boston, Winds of Change, and Heart of San Francisco series, Julie Lessman was named American Christian Fiction Writers 2009 Debut Author of the Year and has garnered 18 Romance Writers of America and other awards. Voted #1 Romance Author of the year in Family Fiction magazine’s 2012 and 2011 Readers Choice Awards, Julie was also named on Booklist’s 2010 Top 10 Inspirational Fiction and Borders Best Fiction list.
Julie’s first contemporary novel, Isle of Hope, was voted on Family Fiction magazine’s “Best of 2015” list, and Surprised by Love appeared on Family Fiction magazine’s list of “Top Ten Novels of 2014.” Her independent novel A Light in the Window is an International Digital Awards winner, a 2013 Readers' Crown Award winner, and a 2013 Book Buyers Best Award winner.

Julie has also written a self-help workbook for writers entitled Romance-ology 101: Writing Romantic Tension for the Sweet and Inspirational Markets. You can contact Julie through her website and read excerpts from each of her books at www.julielessman.com.

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291 reviews187 followers
August 30, 2013
Obviously I am in the minority here, but I found this book to be just as ridiculous as the first one, except when it was promoting an appalling view of rape complete with victim-blaming. Then my eye rolling was replaced with anger.

The soap opera continues this time with Charity, whom I despised in the first book. I have NO IDEA why Mitch would ever fall in love with her after what she did to him in the first book and again in this book. It always felt like lust, not love. He was obviously physically attracted to her, but she had zero redeeming qualities that would make me think he could actually love her, especially after the events of book 1.

Forgiveness is a big message of both books because these characters are constantly having to forgive each other for terrible things they've done to each other. And while I can see Mitch being able to forgive Charity for the deceit and numerous lies that have destroyed his happiness more than once, I just can't see him wanting a relationship with her after. I really don't think a relationship with so much drama and deceit in the past could go the distance, no matter if he's forgiven her, because it would be extremely difficult to ever build true trust. Just my opinion. Plus, why do the same guys just circle around the same group of sisters kissing/lusting after all of them? You can already tell who's going to be the subject of book 3, and yep, he kissed Charity, too. Ugh. The men are always portrayed as these weak creatures with so much passion that they can't contain it so they just can't help the choices they make. Whatever.

On a slightly spoilery note...

All other ridiculous drama aside, the reason for that one star? This book has some appalling views regarding rape that I just cannot condone. No matter how much I may dislike Charity, there is only one person responsible for what happened to her, and it isn't Charity. I don't care how much Charity may have led him on or riled up his "passions" for her, she is in no way at fault for what happened. The message that she is--even partially--at fault is just outrageous and dangerous. To try to tie what happened to her to some "sin" she committed or imply it's a punishment from God and place blame on the victim is extremely disturbing and misguided.
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502 reviews484 followers
September 15, 2015
Oh my sweet saints above, what a roller-coaster ride. I'm dying here, you guys.

Number of times Charity tried to seduce Mitch: 71234
Number of times Charity couldn't take a hint: 71234
Number of feminine wiles Charity employed: 505 609
Number of times Mitch nearly lost it all just looking at Charity: 8765
Number of times Mitch kissed Charity: 442 345 678 986
Number of blasted times Mitch said he would marry Kathleen: 456
Number of headaches Mitch gave to various people: 57
Number of times Mitch made me roll my eyes: 56 743
Number of times Mitch made me swoon: 456 657 654 456 789
Number of men who fell in love with Charity: 5

The last number is actually accurate (not that the others aren't a pretty darn good representation of what happened, but yeah).

Beautiful Charity O'Connor, who was an intolerably manipulative and detestable vixen in A Passion Most Pure, has just become my new favourite literary heroine. I'm serious. I was very ready for her to be redeemed in this book, and expected to love her more by the end, but I certainly hadn't expected loving her so much from page 1. The author smartly decided to start off the book by showing us all the good laying beneath Charity's sluty façade, making her endearing and worthy of compassion and understanding, given that it was now easy to see how her brokenness made her act the way she did. We saw a young woman full of confidence and considerable beauty being hankered down by the weight in her heart of not being good enough for her father, and her jealousy for her sister Faith. Lessman skillfully demonstrated how genuinely good and fun Charity actually was, and that her penchant for seducing men and playing easy to get stemmed from a deep hurt of not being adequate in the eyes of her father or God (false assumptions on her part, but she doesn't realize it).

Admittedly, I was extremely eager to see how Charity would win Mitch, and even though I was still unsure about how I felt seeing them as a couple, I had expected to enjoy this novel a lot, but not as much as A Passion Most Pure. For me, the faith and religious side had been what had truly endeared me to it, and I had a feeling that A Passion Redeemed just wouldn't be the same, given that the heroine wasn't exactly what I would call pious. But surprisingly, I found myself enjoying it even more than book 1, because I already felt so close to the characters, and I absolutely loved Mitch and Charity.

Make no mistake though, this book is still like a Taylor Swift song.

"'Cause darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream!"

The entire novel is filled with twists and turns and drama and eye-rolling moments and more passion than most people know in a lifetime, but it was all so good that I couldn't put it down, and I got so involved in it that my heart followed Charity not matter what she was going through, aching for her, laughing with her, swooning over Mitch with her. I got so lost into her world, I just had to dive into book 3 as soon as I had turned the last page.

The Christian elements were once again completely spot-on, easy to relate to, applicable in today's madcap world, and truly inspiring. I had the same urge to pick up my Bible and pray for everything as I had when reading A Passion Most Pure. It was uplifting, encouraging, and I really needed it!

The only few things that annoyed me were how some characters/facts/actions were sometimes left hanging and not explained. For example, that scene where Emma vows to leave her abusive husband...we never really know what happens. Sometimes the characters would make a decision, but then the author would choose to skip ahead a few weeks or months, and we never really knew the outcome of said decision. Most of the time it wasn't for major things, but I found myself wishing often that the story wouldn't cover so many months.

Other than that, it's a wonderful ride that is sure to leave you wanting more, and if you're anything like me, book 3 is all you'll be doing after that for a while ;)

Now just a few warnings before I wrap up this review; it is one of those "steamy" Christian novels, so lots of kissing, earlobe nipping (I tell you, Ms. Lessman really has a thing for that!), throat devouring and oh-my-goodness-she-looks-so-arousing type of moments, and, the other warning, Mitch...goodness gracious! I can't remember the last time I fell that hard for a hero, but sweet mother of Job, he really is something. Ladies, you won't even know what hit you.

On that note, please excuse me while I go back to reading all the good parts of this amazing book, and oh yeah, add the entire series to your to-read shelf now, you won't regret it!!!!

**NOT a standalone novel; definitely get to know Charity from book 1 and what she does, other wise her attitude in this book will make no sense.

Review of A Passion Most Pure (Daughters of Boston, #1) by Julie Lessman can be found here: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show...

And review of book 3 A Passion Denied (Daughters of Boston, #3) by Julie Lessman here: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show...
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Author 2 books30 followers
March 24, 2022
I don't know if I'll ever be able to think about this book without having my heart ache a little. If a book was ever an emotional rollercoaster (isn't that one word??), this was. I think even more so than A Passion Most Pure. It was overflowing with drama, wrapped in the most delicious writing sparkling with powerful verbs, metaphors, and strong character voices. And just... so much amazingness.

Charity was an amazingly crafted character, broken and scarred from her past and needing to be healed - miraculously healed. A girl who grew up too fast, and not by any fault of her own. Her character arc and eventual conversion honestly made me cry so hard. Her backstory and misbeliefs are what made her seductive actions feel believable and understandable - not necessarily justifiable, but understandable. I mean, she went through so much. And without God in her life, no wonder she ended up like she did. (Of course, that made her conversion all the more satisfying and poignant.) All that is to say, she was fully redeemed from her character in A Passion Most Pure.

And Mitch! I loved the guy. He was a strong Christian character that was all too aware of his own weaknesses and flaws. And can I just take a second to appreciate his personality? His character voice and actions were just so him and so consistent. But not to the point of being boring! He is anything but boring, believe me.

This wasn't any light summer read, so to speak, by any means. The romantic drama and messiness, the realities of perverted criminals and the scars they leave behind on the innocent, was all very heavy. But I think that made the moments of forgiveness and grace and love all the more powerful.

Overall, I LOVED this. Seriously, it's so good! Julie Lessman's tagline "Passion with a Purpose" is true for all her books I've read so far. She doesn't skimp on either spiritual truths or romantic passion, and though sometimes it can gets uncomfortably intense to me, she still keeps it clean. (Not gonna lie, I'm getting a little tired of adding that "warning" of sorts to all my reviews of her books... lol but I suppose it's a good idea. All that is to say, I wouldn't recommend it to younger readers.) This is definitely a book I'll probably be reading again. I was in a huge amount of suspense for Brady's story at the end of it, so I quickly read devoured the next book, and... let's just say, I'm still getting over it... not sure how I'll be able to write a review. ;) (Hint: it was incredible.)
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1,492 reviews186 followers
May 28, 2011
'A Passion Redeemed' definitely redeemed Charity with me! I will tell you, had I known this book would have been focused on Charity when I finished 'A Passion Most Pure', I probably wouldn't have been anxiously awaiting this book. I love how Julie takes a character that I despised and turned her into a character that I now adore - I would have to say that is nothing short of AMAZING!

In 'A Passion Most Pure' I can honestly say that I couldn't stand her and many times just wanted to slap her! I couldn't imagine how I could possibly like this book, because of who the main character was going to be. But this book has definitely changed my view of Charity and, in fact, she in now my favorite character.

In this book I learned that while Charity may be beautiful and able to wrap men around her finger, she most desires her father's love and attention - the way he treats her sister, Faith. This among a few other things explains why she behaves the way she does.

'A Passion Redeemed' is wonderful and has become my favorite novel! I highly recommend this book - but make sure you read 'A Passion Most Pure' first, otherwise you might spoil the story for yourself.
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Author 13 books295 followers
December 19, 2020
#1 This is a long review, so pull up a chair and grab a bowl of popcorn. You'll be here awhile. #2 When I read a review, I want substantial information. So I will not skimp on the details. Which will mean some spoilers, so watch out. #3--additional warning reserved only for this review--I am going to try my hardest to write a normal review this time. All those fancy review-writing skills I garnered from reading way too many reviews of Venetia ? Poof! Gone. So, sit back and hold on tight. This is gonna be difficult, but I'm gonna do it.

Julie Lessman's A Passion Redeemed continues the unfolding drama of the O'Connor family's lives, picking up in a prologue where A Passion Most Pure left off. In this stunning, heart-wrenching novel, readers fall in love with their least favorite antagonist, Charity O'Connor, and their most favorite hero, Mitch Dennehy, as they struggle--alongside the multiple characters of the story--with two unbreakable iron wills that have finally met their match. When Charity sets her sights on her "beloved" sister's ex-fiancé, sparks fly...and so does hurt. Will she gain her heart's desire or will her heart gain a new one altogether?
You can find out in Lessman's wild and breathtaking journey of A Passion Redeemed, where she wows you with her detailed descriptions of beautiful and bustling Dublin, comforts your aching soul with the love of Christ and His beacons of light, and brings a rush of warmth to your cheeks with her signature passion. I suppose you could say she did it again, possessing a perfection very few new authors could at the time of her second novel.
Highly recommended!


Nope. Can't do it. That up there sounds more like a paid advertisement. You want the cold, hard truth?
I hate it. I hate this book. And, you know what? It hates me back.
And I lied. Julie Lessman possessing perfection? Nope.
Well, no author is perfect, I suppose. It all depends on subjective interpretation. Writing is an art, and therefore a form with many meanings, all of which are subject to change or oppose another's. But if I were to give you a list of "perfect authors," Lessman wouldn't be on it. Roseanna M. White and Karen Witemeyer, definitely. There's rarely a bad thing you can say about their books--perfect prose, perfect plotting, perfect characters, humor and sarcasm at just the right moments, etc. And then there's Francine Rivers, who has been loved by readers the world over since the '80s and '90s for her historical detail, intriguing plots, and (at least now) her touching biblical truths. Or maybe Kristi Ann Hunter and definitely Laura Frantz, with their gorgeous prose, detail, and unique plots.
But Julie Lessman? I dunno.
She's too spiritual. Too passionate. You have to have the right balance of both in the Christian romance genre, you know. Don't want to preach, and you definitely don't want to sound like a steamy secular "dollar store" book with all that kissing and touching and nuzzling and caressing and...just eww.
And her prose? Well, she's descriptive--especially when it comes to flower gardens, I've noticed--and she knows her cultural/historical details pretty well, which I commend. All that, however, dims in comparison to the overabundance of passion, random sermons, and drama. Oh, the drama! The sordid pasts and selfish games and rotten family members. The evil rakes and hateful sisters and oblivious parents. The "sister hoppers" and abusive husbands and suitors.
I mean, how can you stand it?!?!?!?!

Um...you don't.
You sit down to read a book. I mean, have you EVER heard of someone standing up--aside from the preacher in the pulpit, of course--to read? Nope. That's why you sit, 'cause it's too much to stand.
(🤣🤣🤣🤣😁😁😁😆😆😆😉😉😋😋 I LOVE that joke! I use the standing-sitting thing all the time. Love it!)

Beside the point.
The point is that, yeah, Julie Lessman isn't perfect. This book even more so.
I hate this book.

Technically, it's a fine book. Like I said, descriptive with good prose--no boringness, nothing too over-the-top--and she knows her stuff. (And, no, I don't mean that stuff. Please. I'm talking history here, people. Quit giving me those looks!)
There are a few inconsistencies, like names (is Rigan Gallagher III's dad Blaine or Rigan Jr?) and ages (Mitch and Charity are 16 years apart, not 14. However, this one only happened once, so no biggie. I know how difficult keeping up with this stuff is...very). And a few quotations marks in the wrong places. (I'm reading the ebook. Maybe that's the problem??)
Either way, you can get over that.
Assuming you can get over Mitch and Charity themselves.

Lessman took me for a ride. She tortured me, ripped my heart out of my chest and stomped on it!
Surprisingly--and, no, it doesn't actually surprise me--I prefer books that are liable to kill me. Is this some sort of twisted human imperfection or is the pain just pleasant in general?

Not technically--is there an actual antonym for technically?--it was a terrible book.
The characters are so bad and so good that it makes me mad. Pick one! (Either I love you or I hate you, guys! I can't do both! Or...can I?)
The curve-balls keep coming at me and even though there is no action or suspense, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time! All this drama drives me insane!

Wait. Did I just call the reality we all live with----drama? Oops. I meant reality, I did.

Did I say I hate this book? I meant I loved it. Those books that drive you to your knees to pray for the characters--or the people in your life going through the exact same stuff even though they live a century later--I love them. The ones with characters so conflicted that you're not sure if you love them or hate them--my favorites. The novels you're so scared or worried to read because something seems off or someone left a 1-star review--my first pick.

Did I say Julie Lessman isn't perfect? I was wrong. Or, well, I mean, technically, I was right, but the point is... She makes me laugh, she makes me cry, she makes me yell "Idiot!!!" at my computer screen more times than I thought was possible without me passing out. Or my computer yelling back. 😉 (I love you, lady! You know how to write my kind of book! 😍😘)

This is a 1-star, 5-star kind of book. I'm not sure if I love it or not. I kept trying to put myself in the author's shoes and think, "If this were my book or my character, would I do this to them?" and every time I did, I came up with yes. (I tend to ruin the lives of people I love. Not in real life, of course. Just in the books. I mean, Rina in Held Captive went through quite the tumultuous journey of love and loss because, well, I love her. And Crimson in Prisoner at Heart lived with one of the worst generational curses and went through hell because I love her to pieces. And Keaton and Daisy, the characters in my next novel, have some serious scars...and do you know why? Because I love them. Whatever it takes , right? And, sometimes, it's the worst heartbreak you could ever endure. Talk about beauty from ashes, man. Charity was a perfect picture of that. Mitch, too.)

BTW, for those who didn't like Charity in APMP, then prepared to have your socks knocked off. (Or is it rocked off?? Whatever.) I've already mentioned in another review that Charity wasn't a problem for me in APMP. For one, she didn't do anything half as bad as I had figured she would, and, for two, she reminded me of Scarlett O'Hara and a character of my own, who is aptly named Scarlette herself. (Although she is nothing like O'Hara, being that one's a pirate and the other's a Southern belle. They have similar philosophies, is all.) But in APR? Oh, man, Charity stole my heart. I was rooting for her all the way! Her friendship with Emma Malloy--y'all gon' love her too--and her grandmother and Mima is SO sweet. When push comes to shove, she couldn't hurt a fly, I believe. She truly is a beautiful person, as Mima puts it, inside and out.
But then where does that evilness come from, you ask? Same place it always does. And, yeah, I'm for real about that, because I should know. I used to be related to a person just like Charity, who had been through the same crap. Problem is, she's still in the same cycle and can't see the way out. Charity does, thanks to some wise insight from Mitch (we love ya, man. You're an idiot, but we love ya) and Faith and Brady (again, lovable idiot). In the end, when things get tough for Charity, you are going to be wishing you hadn't wished her maimed and killed. Careful what you wish for, right?

Long story short, I hope you love torture, because if you read APMP and are ready for #2, then forget it. You can never be ready for the wild ride Lessman wrote and titled A Passion Redeemed. It's insane. And, you know what, I love it.
All right, now, Brady...I'm comin' after you next, you evil, sinful little wretch, you!


PS: I really got these mad review-writing skills from reading reviews of Venetia. Don't know if I'll ever read the book itself, but those reviews are weird. All those GIFs and book quotes and stuff. Crazy. None of it makes any sense either. (See what I mean? Now you know where I get it, because I'm certainly not this scatterbrained naturally. 😉)
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934 reviews57 followers
January 3, 2014
Wow. Julie knows how to keep her readers on the edges of their seats! I’m about to start book three and am quite persuaded that the whole series is brilliant and I have NO idea how in the world Julie came up with so many fascinating twists and turns – it’s stunning. My apologies…this review is disorganized. So it goes. I feel like the family situation here is going to be super awkward, and wouldn’t actually work in real life – Faith and Charity were both engaged to their sister’s future husbands at one point or another. Yeah. Awkward. Also, a word up – Julie’s books are on the more passionate end of Christian fiction. Save for older readers. Finally, I don’t always really agree with some of the decision and actions made by or done by the characters, even when the book makes them out to be fine – I feel like they are rather less conservative about some things than they should be. However, despite these few problems, I still managed to LOVE this book and come out giving it a 9.5! Obviously the main character is named Charity (SO COOL), and so this book has been on my to-read shelf for years – only now did I finally get to it! On page 466, I was persuaded that there was no way all the loose ends could be tied up by the end – but by page 477, ta-da! The book was finished and somehow, everything WAS resolved! The whole book was fascinating and impossible to put down. The drama is constant. And can I just say…I love Patrick and Marcy’s marriage (they’re Faith and Charity’s parents) and I want my marriage to be like that when I’ve been married as many years as them. All in all? This book had a few things that I wasn’t entirely on board with. But it’s definitely worth my time and I can’t wait to read book 3 later this week!
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138 reviews
July 25, 2017
I've had a hard time loving Charity ever since she pulled that stunt in A Passion Most Pure, and I wasn't sure if I could EVER like her, but I did. Her character really developed in this book. She went from just a spiteful, spoiled little girl to someone with deep, unhealed emotional scars.

This book was really well written and the story was wonderful! There were plenty of twists and turns in the plot that kept me reading well into the night (and the next morning) many times. I felt really connected to the characters as well. I don't always get emotionally involved in a book, but this one had me laughing, crying and beaming with joy the whole way through.

Also, I could really feel the author's passion for God as I was reading. Can't wait to start reading A Passion Denied! A GREAT book and a must read!!!
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Author 38 books401 followers
August 30, 2008
Lessman has a knack for drama and angst with a heavy dose of passion. This story is no exception. And like a soap opera, you never quite know who will end up with whom and what will happen next. There is not a boring page in this entire novel. The tension rocks. There is a lot of pain and anger, as well as joy and deep sorrow. But the longing is what gets to me.

Don't we all long for love? And poor Charity was operating from a faulty point of view from the get-go. I found that quite profound, and well done. Charity had reasons for being sensual, complex, needy, and rejecting. She had deep-seated reasons for being manipulative as well. I've known so many girls and women like Charity, whose issues caused them to do insane things at times to try to get their way. But their behavior always stemmed from a profound fear of abandonment. I loved how the author portrayed this with such emotion.

I also loved how the romance between Charity's parents continued and enjoyed some of the profound talks--and interruptions--they had at night. In regards to the male point of view, Lessman does this well. They say the average man thinks about sex at least once every few minutes. If that is true (and I wouldn't know as I'm not a man) then she has that nailed as well.

While this story seemed more heavy on the physical attraction than a Passion Most Pure, it made sense given Charity's extreme beauty and seductive behavior that men would feel somewhat tortured around her. And like most women who've been hurt at a very young age, she blames herself for what happened with Rigan. While I didn't like it, that is so like real life situations.

Toward the end I was really hoping another relationship would work out, but I've discovered that with Lessman's Passion series, things don't usually change course and stay there, but the diversion still plays a large part in the healing. So even though I was a tad disappointed at the end, I know that means the third book will resolve that for me. I grew to care so much about one character that I wanted to see him happy. Not gonna happen in this book, but there is always potential in the next novel in the series. So I was still satisfied. But unfortunately, whenever I finish one of Lessman's books I am tortured by having to wait for the next installment.

Oh, and when it comes to sensual tension, this author does it better than anyone in the Christian fiction world today. And she has definitely extended the boundaries of what is "allowed" in the CBA, giving hope to other authors like myself, who see passion as being the spice of life and a true gift from God. :) Encore!
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305 reviews
January 15, 2014
When I read this for the first time I was very wary. Charity was, to put it plainly, awful in A Passion Most Pure and I was a little scared that I would hate this book since she was the main character. But I shouldn't have been worried, this is after all a Julie Lessman novel and I ended up loving it!
Charity was still a little hard to like at the beginning but we were also given the chance to see what made her act the way she did. I loved watching as she grew into a wonderful heroine that you can't help falling love with! She goes from a snotty little brat to a woman of God and it was a beautiful thing to watch!
Mitch was once again amazing. His had been a hard road of rejection and my heart truly broke for him. But I loved how he let God change his life and lived as He would have wanted. I also loved how despite how he felt about Charity he didn't give in to her and instead helped draw her closer to God even if at first it was more to get him rather than truly let God transform her (that came later)! He was always trying his dead level best to do the right thing no matter how hard it was and that was what made him so great!
The other side characters were fantastic too! Mrs. Lynch with her mothering of Mitch and her no nonsense ways, and Charity's grandmother and great-grandmother with their love and guidance. I also loved Emma with her gentle ways, and her love for God and Charity. And Bridie and Kathleen from the Irish Times! Bridie with her teasing of Mitch and the way she would talk to him, and Kathleen with her sweet ways! Ooh and I can't forget John Brady! We got to see a little of him in APMP but we got a lot more in this one and he is awesome! I love how close his walk with God is! And of course I can't forget all the other O'Conners and the McGuires!
There were lots of hard times in this book where you wanted to either smack characters or give them a hug! And then there was the character that you wanted to strangle for all the evil things he did! I laughed, I almost cried, and all in all thoroughly enjoyed this second book!
Profile Image for Jennifer.
156 reviews10 followers
May 17, 2010
I must say, she is one of my new favorite authors! I can't wait to read A Passion Denied! I've been meaning to read this one for several months after winning it from the author, but just hadn't had time till now. Charity learns a valuable lesson in self-worth and true love. She tries to find it through the wrong men and seducing them to the point where it's about to cross the line for her, but realizes through some hard times she goes through, that she must face some harsh realities. The things from her past that she's never had to deal come to light when she's trying to chase after Mitch. In some ways he was great for her to face them, but at the same time he did hurt her with cruel words because he was trying to protect himself. Mitch had to learn some lessons the hard way as well. Trying to marry someone else and forget Charity and the love He had for her, wasn't going to help him. He had some trust issues he had to deal with before they could both finally come to a place where they were meant to be together. I love how she continued to weave the story of Faith and Collin and their parents throughout the book, even though it focused on Charity and Mitch. Redemption was the theme throughout the story and I love the fact that you can totally see these characters as real people with real struggles. Until Charity truely came to the realization that God was the only one she really needed to please and be the apple of His eye, it was all in vain. I love the fact that Julie emphasized the point that a relationship with a guy/girl won't completely fulfill you. Only Christ can satisfy that need. I can't wait to read Brady's story! I'll have to go and buy it. :D
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55 reviews2 followers
September 15, 2014
I can't believe this book has such high ratings! It's terrible!!

I have never hated a character so much as I hated Charity. She was a selfish, catty, manipulative, immature little brat. I found myself hoping that Mitch found himself a wonderful woman like Faith and would escape Charity's clutches. She lied to him, tried to seduce him, had little regard for his spiritual beliefs, physically and emotionally abused the poor man. The ending really sucked. Charity finally surrendered to God and she got her man because she wanted him. What about what Mitch wanted? What Mitch NEEDED? Why was he such a doormat? Yes God urges us to forgive, but what about "guarding your heart"? Urgh! Just awful.

And don't get me started on the God bringing her to her knees through a sexual assault. Just URGH!! Some of the ideas of "I deserved it" are dangerous and not at all true. The post traumatic stress Charity would have suffered from such an assault would be extensive. It's obvious the author didn't do enough research into the effect on rape victims and was more interested in getting her message out there.

Because of this woeful book, I'm not even going to bother with the rest of this series.
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2,808 reviews51 followers
August 4, 2016
This is the second book in the Daughters of Boston series, and I liked it a lot more than the first novel in the series, A Passion Most Pure. This novel is written well and a lot more is revealed about some of the characters, particularly about Charity, that explain their behavior in the first novel of the series, which I'd found problematic. Anyway, while I still had a few issues with this novel, I appreciated being given more of the characters' backstories and seeing the characters mature and develop, which is especially the case for Charity whom I was disgusted with in the first novel. In any case, this is turning into a thought-provoking series, and I'm glad I decided to stick with it even after being disappointed with the first book.
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692 reviews18 followers
December 15, 2020
This was a wild ride! I thought A Passion Most Pure was dramatic, but it was a walk in the park compared to A Passion Redeemed. I didn't think I could sympathize or like Charity after her character's behavior in the previous book, but Julie Lessman made me do both. She certainly put Charity through the ringer before her come to Jesus moment at the end of the book.

One thing I like about this series is that you start each book knowing that the couple has to (somehow) end up happily together by the end, but you have no idea how they are going to get there with all the obstacles (many self-created) in their way.

Something I noticed in the previous book and again in this one: for supposed Irish Catholics their religious behaviors are heavily Protestant. They occasionally refer to church as Mass, but there aren't any other obvious Catholic behaviors - no rosary, no sacraments, etc. I guess the author wanted to make them Catholic because they're Irish, which makes sense, but she could have done a little more to make their behavior more overtly Catholic.
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3,130 reviews210 followers
February 18, 2020
Absolutely incredible writing with a story that keeps you going until the end. A great addition to the plot lines of the O'Connor clan and their attachments. I'd say that so far A Passion Most Pure is still my favorite, but only because I'm stubborn. This is definitely a book that could be enjoyed alone, but for the understanding and purposes behind it's story I strongly urge any reader to start with the first book.

So, with that said, let me tell you that I really struggled with this book. Not with enjoying it, no, I loved it. The characters are so real to me, and I can see and hear their tears as well as their giggles. I see the facial expressions and I get exasperated with their thoughts. The talent of Julie Lessman is clear and in no way a debate. This is a definite page turner full of passion. I just really despise Charity. In an attempt to not give away the first book, I'll tell you she did some woefully maneuvering that is common to girls today, but it hit home with me with a person I remember well. The problem is that no matter what she went through as a child, and no matter how many moronic things she does as a young woman, she is still human and prone to sin. I see that, I know that, and I know that God loves her. I know that she is too ignorant to open her eyes, open her heart and realize it and it drives me absolutely mad. I've read so many reviews of people who hate her one page, and cry with her on the next, but I really just felt no pity for her. Yes, I am disgusted with certain events and never would wish her harm, but she did bring it on herself many times over, and never learned from it.

I am happy with the story and how it ends. But at 468 pages, I still was pulling for a different ending in my personal opinion. The problem with as much as it hits home in memory of that girl to the core, she just wasn't my blood related sister, I can also see myself in some of Charity's emotions, with shutting down and not caring after heartbreak. But the problem is, I do not believe that she really was "heart" broken, but "ego" broken.

The book was fabulous. It's on my keep shelf, and I'll hesitate to let it leave for a borrower. I cannot wait for more in the series, and the plausible second series. I just do not love Charity. I pray for her -- for the real people who are like her in mind, body, and soul -- for healing and for realization of how much God loves them, but if ever there were a time when I did not want someone to get their desires, it is with her. Maybe years later I'd relent, but she needs time to focus on what matters, otherwise she'll just lose it again, and her god will not be God.

Okay, done ranting and preaching now. I'd love to discuss the book further with anyone interested.
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1,612 reviews53 followers
January 21, 2013
My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

My Overall Thoughts/Impressions: Charity O'Connor is determined to win Mitch's heart. There's just a few problems. One, Mitch hates her and blames her for ruining his relationship with Faith, the only woman he's ever really loved. And now, Charity has set her sights on him, he's furious. Charity is a shallow girl used to getting her way. She has no depth and no religion in her life. And for Mitch, a pretty face just isn't enough.

Charity knows it won't be easy to win him over, but Charity always gets what she wants. She has a plan that's going to make Mitch love her. But when you make a deal with the devil, you get burned. Will Charity be able to win Mitch over or will she end up lonely?

I was surprised by how much I loved this book. After getting to know Mitch and Charity so well in the first novel, I couldn't wait to watch these two characters square off.

Julie did a great job of developing these characters even more. Why was Charity so hostile to Faith? Why was Mitch so anti-God at first? Both of those questions and several more are answered in this novel.

The writing was as beautiful as ever, the characters just as compelling, the plot just as gripping, and the story every bit as wonderful as the first one. The only exception was that with Faith and Collin, I felt a little bit more connected to their stories and I was just ever so slightly more engaged with that one than this one.

So why 4 stars? For the reasons I already listed above. While I still really loved this one, I just didn't form the same connections as I did with Faith and Collin. I thought the first one was slightly better so that one got a 5, while this one brought in 4. I still really loved this one though.

In Summary: A beautiful, compelling, masterfully written book that sucked me in from page one. I adored this book. Definitely recommend this one.

Side-notes: Julie's books are passionate. She's talking about people who are very much in love, but she never crosses the line. I actually loved how passionate her books were because they were clean and talked about these matters in an appropriate way. Her book isn't edgy and her message about dealing with this passion is very appropriate and clean.

The Wrap-up: Julie is an incredible writer and has quickly become one of my all-time favorites. I definitely recommend her to all of you.

Love, Danica Page
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Author 160 books659 followers
April 19, 2009
I liked "A Passion Most Pure," but I REALLY liked this book. Often I find that authors make a great beginning only to fizzle out as the series progresses, but this book was even better and I suspect the next one will be as good as, if not better, than even the first two in the series. I liked Charity O'Connor from the first book, even though some people didn't because I could understand why she tricked Mitch Dennehy into kissing her in order to get back at her sister, Faith, for taking Collin's affections.

This book takes off where the first one left off. Faith and Collin are engaged, and Charity remains in Ireland with her grandmother and great-grandmother. She loves her job and Mitch. But Mitch won't have anything to do with her since he blames her for breaking him and Faith apart. I can also understand Mitch's side too, which is what makes these two characters realistic and likeable. Charity uses her beauty to seduce him, but he wants a woman who follows God, so he keeps refusing her. It was fun to watch what ploy Charity would pull next, though it did eventually come at a heartbreaking price, which is often the case when we keep playing with sin.

Besides her usual fun and spirited personality (with a dash of humor), I enjoyed watching Charity as she progressed from pursuing her will to following God's. Her conversion doesn't happen right away and she swings back and forth. The desire for God does emerge but her own wishes get in the way, which I have found to be true in my life. It is very hard to follow God when His will doesn't match ours, and Julie Lessman did an excellent job of displaying this.

Mitch is strongly attracted to her, and he does love her, but he has to fight the temptation she offers. This makes for a whole lot of chemistry and kept me turning the pages. I give Julie Lessman many kudos for daring to write about sexual desire in a Christian love story. In both books now, she has demonstrated the beauty of sex and when it is and is not appropriate. The characters she has created have grabbed my heart and I can't wait to read book three.
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417 reviews106 followers
February 16, 2010
Charity O’Connor puts all of her worth and meaning of life into her outward beauty. Longing for a man who refuses her advances, Charity does everything within her power with tragic results. Will she finally turn to the love of God, or blame Him when she doesn’t get her way?
Often in a series of books, characters who played a minor role in the first and then get a major role in the second often come across as perfect in the first and suddenly flawed in the second. It is often what makes series difficult for me to really get into right away. But for all those who read A Passion Most Pure, we know Charity is flawed and I was looking forward to how Julie Lessman would redeem this poor, lost girl. She did it marvelously.
This book was a breath of fresh air. Often in books the character is put through great tragedy to learn their lesson, but in this case Charity went through great personal and internal struggles, that continued to build until she wasn’t sure where to turn. It made for great reading and a wonderful different perspective.
What Lessman book isn’t complete without passion? Julie keeps it Biblical, while showing the tragedies of stepping outside the boundaries of the Lord and the sweetness of true and pure love inside the Lord’s blessing. I could go on forever! Another wonderful novel and I can’t wait to read book three!!
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532 reviews28 followers
June 27, 2010
As I wrote in my A Passion Most Pure review, I was a little worried that I disliked Charity and A Passion Redeemed was mostly about her. The more I read, the less I thought I would end up liking Charity, but she redeemed herself. I will admit, I ended up liking her so much that I cried during a couple of scenes, because I hurt for her. Julie created characters so realistic, it’s like I know them and they have became a part of my life. I love it when I read books like that!
Charity has once again taught me not to judge a person by their actions. Rigan even taught me this. As much as I dislike his character, one scene even made me feel sorry for him. I believe behind (almost)every “bad” person, there’s another. Sometimes I forget that, though, and start make bad judgements about a person.
I do have to say, I still liked the first one better. I love Faith’s and Collin’s characters, and I was very happy that their story continued in this book.
I don’t think that I even need to say that I highly recommend this book also. I can’t wait to read about Beth and Brady in A Passion Denied!
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170 reviews4 followers
December 15, 2009
I really struggled with how to rate this book. I truly enjoy Julie Lessman's writing style and the fact that she shows Christians as real people who struggle with real passions, sins, and doubts. I would have probably given this book 5 stars if I liked Charity's character at all. Unfortunately through the majority of the book, I just kept hoping and praying that Mitch would dump her and fall hopelessly in love with Kathleen who I thought was a much more likeable character and a more believable choice as a life partner. I just couldn't see anyone falling in love with someone who constantly lied, tricked and deceived them. It would have been more believable to me if Mitch had fallen in love with Charity after her conversion rather than while he couldn't even trust a word she said. In the end though, I was happy to see that she did turn to God without any expectations of what she would get out of it and seemed genuine in her love for Him.
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148 reviews8 followers
March 3, 2021
On reading this book the second time it brought out the consequences of one sister Charity who lied and used her feminine charms to sweet talk the guy Mitch she liked into having him commit to her. Just be warned this story does contain a rape and the side effects of it. But that in its self is the crunch of the matter and Charity comes to redeem her self and fully comes to realize her commitment to her God and the right way to go about romance. There is passion and restraint coupled with a love that is so fierce that there is a pull between right and wrong and give and take in the relationships that take place in this gripping tale in a battle of wills that finally win out in the final conclusion coming to a
satisfying romantic ending.
11 reviews
December 27, 2009
These books were almost not purchased due to the "controversial" opinions about the "steamy sex" in a Christian book.

I ask..."Where was it?". The books were tastefully written, and frankly unless you are from a non-human species...romance and relationships are a part of the human race!!! (and may I add...sanctioned by "God" himself). The relationships were within a marriage, and outside of marriage...only kissing occurred! Good heavens people...get a grip on reality...and yes, I am very much a Christian!!!

I enjoyed the series immensely...and they were very well written story lines.

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115 reviews7 followers
June 25, 2010
Another great book by Julie Lessman! Though I did enjoy this book, I didn't like it quite as much as A Passion Most Pure. Charity was not my favorite character from APMP and I found my self being very annoyed with her in this book! Couldn't she just get her act together, come to God and love Mitch the right way. :)

There were a few "issues" in the book with Charity's past and present that I was very suprised by, but found that they were bought up in a well written manner. Plus, I loved catching up with Collin and Faith and Marcy and Patrick! However, I was a bit confused with Brady at the end and am very curious about the next book, A Passion Most Denied.
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80 reviews11 followers
May 22, 2012
Yes. This book was just as good as the first. I thought I would dread reading this book because it was pretty much all about Charity. I didn't like her character in the first book, but I just loved how her story unraveled. Her personal trials explained exactly why she was the way she was. The title of the book is certainly suitable for the plot. My heart broke for Charity towards the middle of the book because of her relationship with her father. I'm kind of sad that she didn't end up with Brady. I was definitely pulling for him the moment he came in the picture. However, it was a good ending regardless. I can't wait to read the next book... I'm losing sleep over these books!
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January 22, 2012
Charity O’Conner knows what she wants and goes after it. When that desire involves stubborn, thick-headed Mitch Dennehy, she pulls out all the stops. Tight skirt. Silk blouse. One rich millionaire’s son to encourage a little healthy competition.

But Mitch isn’t interested. At least he says he isn’t interested. He keeps threatening to ask someone else to marry him.

Which means Charity may need a whole new arsenal.

I like Mitch. He is stubborn and thick-headed. Which is exactly what makes him a strong enough foil for Charity.
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21 reviews
April 23, 2013
I totally LOVED this book! I felt that after the first book there was no way I was going to like it was much, but after the first two chapters I was hooked. I love the growth of each character in the story. I felt that you even got to see Faith grow into a woman. I cried at the end. Partly because it was so sweet and partly because I didnt want it to end. There is simply nothing better than books like these.
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316 reviews
January 24, 2011
it was good, but I didn't like this sister as well. Sometimes I wished her the happiness she wanted and other times I wanted her to grow up. I also thought mitch was stupid for going back for more. Yes, a pretty face, but really...? He put up with an aweful lot. I liked the continued story of Faith and Collin. I liked the girl's family, I just didn't always like her.
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May 16, 2011
I didn't like this book at first...I did NOT like Charity's character from the first book and the way she was acting still was awful!!! But as I got into it, I was drawn...and by the end, I loved it almost as much as the first book...Charity grew as a character, and that's what I like best.
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July 2, 2012
Loved it! I read 40 percent of the book in last night. I just needed to know what was going to happen next. I don't know which one out of the first two I like more.... all I know is I enjoyed them both immensely. I'm just excited to read the next one.... bring it on!!
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2,062 reviews
October 8, 2012
I just could not like this book. I made myself finish it but even though Charity redeemed herself at the end...I just could not bring myself to like her, as a matter of fact I could not stand her or Mitch. They were just two very selfish people who I just couldn't relate to.
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1,276 reviews22 followers
January 24, 2011
I could not put this down! Can't wait until the next one finally gets here! Lots of twists and turns!
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