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December 19, 2008
Somewhere between book one ("Size 12 Is Not Fat") and book two "Size 14 Is Not Fat Either", I have completely fallen in love with the characters of the Heather Wells series by Meg Cabot. I enjoyed the first book but LOVED the second!

Although it may be tempting to side-step the first book for this absolutely hilarious read (I actually laughed out loud several times), don't! Author Meg Cabot references many incidents from the first book and a lot of the characters carry over. "Size 14 Is Not Fat Either" would lose some of the sparkle if you don't have all the background.

Really looking forward to reading the third in the series, "Big Boned" (a.k.a. "Size Isn't Everything").

If you're looking for a funny, entertaining and easy-to-read light-thriller, then this is the book for you.
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September 16, 2007
Another chick lit murder mystery, this is the sequel to Size 12 Is Not Fat and I'm not sure why I bought this one since I did not like the first one. I keep reading Meg Cabot's books hoping I'll like them, but it is very clear that her true calling is writing for pre-teens (she's the author of the Princess Diaries series). Her heroines are such complete airheads. They always act and sound like 12-year-olds and yet the intelligent, accomplished, handsome men always end up falling for their charm in the end. Cabot should stick to writing for tweens and I should remember not to buy her books in the future.
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August 29, 2011
I read Size 12 and loved it, but about a third of the way into this book the main character, Heather, just really started getting on my nerves. I tried picturing her a million different ways and even tried to give her a different voice, but she was just obnoxious. She's the kind of girl I really don't like to even be around. I would describe her as silly or even ditzy. Not cute at all. By the end of the book, I was annoyed and just ready for the book to be over. I won't be finishing the series.
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1,017 reviews77 followers
February 6, 2020
Turpinu klausīties omulīgos detektīvus ar Heteri Velsu galvenajā lomā - izrādās, ka grāmtui kluba mēneša tēma man atklāja kaut ko patiešām foršu un patīkamu. Otrajā daļā man Heteres dziesmu vārdi, ar kuriem iesāk nodaļas, patika vēl vairāk, jo tie sasaucas ar viņas tēlu tagadnē, nevis liek uzjautrināties par naivo pozvaigznīti, kāda viņa bija.
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June 15, 2016
Not my favorite of the series so far, but towards the end it got SO MUCH BETTER. Can't wait to read the next installment and swoon.
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April 18, 2021

4 stars

Review re-read masih sama dengan review sebelumnya :)). Bedanya, saat ini lebih inget siapa teman kerjanya Heather karena binge reading sama buku 1 (dan akan lanjut buku 3-5).

Baru sadar, baca ini pertama kali 7 tahun yang lalu (dan bukunya terbitnya 2011, itu kan 10 TAHUN YANG LALU YAAA). Betapa gue terlalu banyak menyia2kan waktu selama ini X)).


Masih sama kayak buku sebelumnya..yang dibaca setahun lalu (hadeeh, kebiasaan), si Heather masih tetep "ajaib" pikirannya, masih "lusting after" induk semangnya, si Cooper, dan mikir yang ngga2 kalau udah berhubungan sama yang bersangkutan. Dan, kali ini dia juga lagi2 terlibat dalam kasus pembunuhan.

Maunya Heather sih, dia udah ga mau ikut campur, tapi karena kepo is her middle name, maka Heather alih profesi. Dari asisten gedung tinggal (Heather menolak istilah asrama. Ga kekeluargaan, katanya) jadi amateur sleuth. Size 14 nyaris ga bisa dibilang cozy mystery lagi sih, lebih ke mild crime novel. Karena pembunuhannya sudah sadis banget (kepala kepenggal dalam kompor..bayanginnya udah ngilu) dan alasan pembunuhnya juga rada "psycho".

Berada terjemahannya rada kaku sih..apa karena masih awal2 karir penerjemahnya..walau ada bahasa gaul juga. Yang lucu sih pas Reggie, bandar narkoba yang suka nawarin ganja ke Heather bilang "cimeng, cimeng". Jyakakaka, ini lucu banget. Kalaupun ada yang anggap itu ga lucu, ya gapapa sih :)).

Betenya, Heather ma Cooper lagi2 hubungannya muter2 ga jelas, mana Cooper beranggapan kalau Heather itu masih belum bisa move on. Gara2 gap setahun dari baca buku pertama, jadi agak2 lupa sama teman - teman kerjanya Heather.

Size 14 sih jelas recommended banget kalau kamu fansnya tante Meg. Ke"dodol"an Heather itu antara pengen ketawa bacanya sama pengen jitak :))
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October 9, 2010
I *love* Heather Wells. And I think I love this book even more than the first one. I had resisted reading Meg Cabot for a long time. I thought the titles of her books were cheesy and girlie. I didn't want to read another chick-lit novel that was focused on the heroine finding love and getting married. And this is precisely why I ended up loving her writing and her characters. Heather Wells is not a character that's all about finding love and getting married. She's a funny, insecure, but absolutely likable, late 20-something who is still figuring out who she is and what she wants. I love the humor in the novels and the way that the character development is very consistent and solid. I love that this is basically just a fantastic realistic fiction series but with the mystery element, you want to read this even more. I love this series and I'm dying to get my hands on Big Boned next!
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481 reviews2,992 followers
June 29, 2018
I've been revisiting my high school Meg Cabot faves this year and it has been so fun. As I said with the Mediator series, I'm not sure if I loved this because of nostalgia or if it's because it's actually good? I think you'd enjoy it if you like chick lit. It's like Bridget Jones meets Veronica Mars.

I will admit that the writing often feels very mid-2000s in that it has some weight shaming and a few comments about homosexuality that aren't 100% PC. Nothing overly offensive, just not... great. For example, it mentions that the college basketball coach is gay and one of the team members acts really weird about it. The main character, Heather, is usually not the one making those comments, but I still thought I'd mention it in case it might bother anyone. I do wish that Heather would love her body a little bit more. I can understand being unhappy with the way you look, but she's very down on herself in the narrative. It's clear that most of the people around her think she looks fine.
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Author 31 books5,632 followers
March 19, 2012
I love these fun mysteries about a former pop star now working in a college dorm-- excuse me, residence hall. Heather is a delightful character, and the thrills and chills and complications of her life are great. I love it that she plays the guitar all night, working on her own songs, but wants to major in criminal justice, because frankly she wants to see justice done. She champions students, harasses the ones she knows are up to no good (for their own good) and even tries to talk a drug dealer into going back to his parents' banana plantation. She's a wonderful, genuine person, and I can't wait to read the next one!
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3,853 reviews168 followers
May 14, 2019
Heather's adventures continue when the head of a cheerleader shows up in a pot in the dorm cafeteria.

Heather intends to let the police handle the investigation this time, but when her friend pleads with her to make sure the real culprit is caught, she decides she can make some discreet inquiries. While Cooper is not happy about that and repeatedly cautions her to stay out of the case, she finds she can't do that, and he ends up escorting her to a couple of those inquiries himself, especially to the .

Heather also has to deal with the reappearance of her father who was recently released from prison and would like to mend his relationship with her. She is wary of his motives to say the least and is more than hesitant to accept his word, but .

In the end, Heather .

Another engaging story that is still missing the romantic happy ending that I'm looking forward to reading hopefully in Big Boned next.

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Size 12 Is Not Fat (Heather Wells, #1)
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February 9, 2016
Real rating: 2.5

You know that a book is really bad when the only good part of it are the last 10 pages,and they are good mostly because of Reggie''the drug dealer''.The rest was pure hell.Heather freaking Wells,you are not 12 anymore,so will you stop acting like a child?Nope?Okay.The first part,Size 12 is Not Fat,was okay,but this one?Jesus Christ,reading this was a torture.I thought that Heather loves herself even though she's size 14 now,but nooooo.So much body hate...and the sad part is that this body hate mostly comes from Heather herself.Cooper is quite annoying to be honest.He's more of a father figure to Heather than her father is.Dude,she is obviously not in love with your brother so shut the hell up.I did like Tom and Reggie(❤),they are really cool.Everyone else? Well...I do have a message for them:


Favourite quote:

Smiles like that should be against the law. Considering what they do to a girl.”
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1,360 reviews251 followers
May 10, 2016
I thought this book was the usual feel-good-makes-you-laugh kind of book Meg Cabot is known for. It continues Heather Wells, former teen-pop sensation, mission to move on with her life as a residence hall director for a New York college. Once again a student has been murdered and Heather has to worm her way into solving the crime. I think so far this has to be my favorite Meg Cabot series, next to her Princess series. It was definitely a good book to read on a wet and rainy day. The ending even made me want to hurry and order the sequel.
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290 reviews215 followers
August 21, 2015
I love the mysteries in these books. They aren't necessarily original, but they are in the way they are solved. These books make me laugh while also spooking me here and there. They aren't really twisted with tons of plot twists, but they are a perfect mix of chick lit and mystery. They are light but they are also a tad scary at the same time.
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6,316 reviews215 followers
November 14, 2017
Wow these books just keep getting better and better. Now I only just finished the second book but I haven't lost any interest in this series and I think that's pretty good.

Is it bad that I really want to say: "Bring on the next murder" ..?
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333 reviews41 followers
January 8, 2020
Heather Wells, former pop star and current assistant resident hall director of "death dorm", is back on the case. One of the cheerleaders of New York College is found decapitated in the kitchen of her dorm. What happened to her and where is the rest of her body? Although she's warned by police officers and Cooper, her landlord, crush and part-time employer, to not investigate this murder she can't help it. A lot of the same characters as Size 12 is Not Fat are back for another mystery Heather is trying to solve.

This novel is just as cute as the first one. I highly recommend it for someone looking for a cute mystery. I'd put this on the same level as cozy mysteries but with slightly more bite.
33 reviews9 followers
June 27, 2014
I only picked up this book because (a) I needed a minimum of $10 to use my credit card at the used bookstore (b) I'd had okay luck with Meg Cabot's books before and (c) I didn't have time to look for anything else because I didn't feel like putting any more money in the parking meter.

I usually just rate books and move on and I was chugging along okay, until the ending/reveal which completely offended my sensibilities mainly because the main character Heather has NO common sense whatsoever. like how am I supposed to sympathize with you and root for you if you [spoiler alert] WALK INTO A FRAT PARTY where you *KNOW* the pair of murderer brothers will be there, WITHOUT backup, WITHOUT informing any proper authorities where you'll be, ESPECIALLY when one of SAID MURDERER BROTHERS HAS ALREADY MET YOU IN THE CONTEXT OF YOU BEING AN AUTHORITY FIGURE INTERESTED IN INVESTIGATING SAID MURDER, then try to pull off that you have a completely new identity? Then, after *THAT,* STILL DON'T BOTHER TELLING ANYONE WHO CAN ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT?!

At that point, you deserve to end up with your head boiled in a pot. also, there's no way someone with as much money as the Winers supposedly have are going to kill someone and ruin their entire futures over a gram of coke... not that I know from personal experience or anything but a gram of coke would barely last most legitimate cokeheads an hour.

Most of the law enforcement in this novel is completely inept. You're telling me that undercover DEA agent had to lurk around a park for a whole year before getting ANY leads into who might possibly be running a huge undercover drug ring at a FRAT at a nearby college?

Also, Copper or Cooper or whoever it is that she's all ga-ga over has the personality of a concrete sidewalk. I'd rather deal with Jordan's extravagant manboyness.

Some smile-worthy moments and a quick read but I still want my $6 back. re-scored a copy of Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay so I guess it was worth it, lol.

edit: also, I know the whole thing about being fat is supposed to be one of those "oh, she's a real girl! look how fleshed out she is, literally AND figuratively! because, you know, SHE'S FAT AND SHE LIKES TO EAT FRIED CHICKEN" is hella annoying. it's fine to mention it but especially in the frat party scene where Meg Cabot was portraying all the "size 2s" as these airheaded bimbos, it just gets grating. being thin doesn't mean you're automatically a vapid, empty-headed person, which that scene seems to imply.

liking to eat fried chicken is not a fat-girl-with-soul type of thing. everyone likes fried chicken.

the end.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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284 reviews
August 19, 2015
3.5 to 4 stars The name of this book (& all the books in this Heather Wells series) doesn't do the series justice. It's a light, fun, fluffy cozy mystery even though the deaths are fairly gruesome and a quick read. At first, I thought this one wasn't as good as the 1st I read (&in the series), Size 12 Is Not Fat but in other ways the mystery storyline was better. Either way, the main character, Heather Wells, is lovable and easy to get attached to and her personal story was left in a cliff hanger, and I can't wait to get to the next one to find out what happens. It's not any great literary work, but just fun, enjoyable entertainment.

Heather Wells is a 29 yr old former teen pop star who is now working as an Asst Dorm (Residence Hall) Director so she can get free college tuition (for criminal justice), because she missed out when she was younger & her mother ran off to S. America with all her money. In this edition, her ex, Jordan Cartwright, who is also a struggling pop star is marrying the rising singer he cheated on Heather with the previous year. At the dorm cafeteria, a popular cheerleader's head is discovered and everyone tells Heather to stay out of it because she almost got herself killed the last time she got involved (about 5 months ago -- the 1st book of the series), including Cooper Cartwright who is not only her ex-fiance's estranged brother but her landlord/p.t. boss (he's a PI & does his billing)/friend and crush. Oh, her long-time incarcerated dad (tax evasion) gets out and wants to make amends. It's feast or famine for Heather--which is the story of my life too!
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723 reviews12 followers
August 3, 2011
This is the second installment in the Heather Wells mystery series. Since I accidentally read the third book (Big Boned) first, reading Size 14 is Not Fat Either wraps up the series for me. The head of a girl who lives in Fisher Hall is found boiling in a pot on the stove in the cafeteria. Who killed this girl and why? Where is her body? Heather Wells, the assistant director of Fisher Hall, cannot resist the urge to find out the answers to these questions herself instead of waiting for the police to do their job.

I found this book to be a lot more plausible than the first book. The police are not portrayed as bumbling idiots this time and the mystery of “who done it” was more mysterious. Heather is charming and funny and there is a lot less of the annoying dorm/residence hall thing than there was in the first book.

I’ve listened to all three books in this series on audio and the first (Size 12 is Not Fat) and third are both narrated by Justine Eyre and this one was narrated by Kristin Karios. It was strange listening to another voice read Heather and all her friends at first – I had just assumed that Justine would narrate since she narrated the other two in the series. Also, Kristin had some trouble with some of the foreign accents which was distracting when listening to a character with an accent speak.

Overall this series is light and fun – I’m glad I read it.
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94 reviews21 followers
January 3, 2017
Dalam series ini, Heather dihadapkan pada masalah pembunuhan lagi yang kini lebih sadis. Ada kepala di temukan di dalam panci di cafetaria pemondokan!!! mengerikan!!!

Cooper si pemilik rumah yang ditumpangi Heather sudah mewanti-wanti agar heather tidak ikut campur, karena sudah merupakan pembunuhan yang sadis. Tapi si Heather kayanya emang punya naluri kepo tingkat tinggi dan gak bisa cuma diem doang dengan kasus yang ada. Tapi yang bikin senyam-senyum sendiri, meski geregetan dengan kekepoan Heather, Cooper tetep mau-mau aja nemenin nyelidikin... (kepedulian Cooper memang tingkat tinggi...)

Sementara itu Ayahnya Heather yang narapidana keluar dari penjara dan mencari tumpangan tinggal. Ada rasa terharu saat Heather yang sudah hampir 20 tahun gak liat Ayahnya tiba-tiba berhadapan, digambarkan ayahnya yang kurus... sediiih bacanya...

Suka setting pada musim dingin dalam cerita ini, dan masih suka dengan ke cool-an si Cooper.
Seri ke-2 ini cukup manis bagi saya, tapi geregetan juga sama Cooper yang cool tapi gak mau ngaku suka sama Heather, bahkan Heather ditolak dengan bilang, "Aku gak mau jadi pacar pelarian kamu..."
Setelah baca buku pertama dan kedua seri Heather ini bikin saya gimana ya... terbawa arus gitu deh... kaya tokoh-tokoh itu main-main di dimajinasi saya...
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1,241 reviews17 followers
September 20, 2020
Heather Wells is not having a great day. Her ex-fiancee is getting married, the barista boy she's been semi-crushing on calls her fat, then her boss is gone because of an emergency room visit with a student, and to top it all off, a student's head is discovered simmering in a pot on top of a stove in the cafeteria. Of course, Heather can't help herself. She promises that this time she won't get involved in the investigation. But, of course, she does.

She begins collecting information, so that she can "pass it on to the cops." Naturally. That's all it is. But she gets deeper and deeper into the underbelly of student life and she can't help but continue her spiral into investigating.

Heather is a lot more likable in this one. She doesn't mention her weight quite so often (she does mention her affinity for eating, but that doesn't bother me. I've got quite an appetite myself). So, thankfully, I didn't feel like I was sitting through a Weight Watchers commercial with this one. Also, it was fun to see her out of her element a bit when she went to a frat party. Of course, Cooper is still hovering in the back of her mind (because of her love for him), but he wasn't quite as present in this one as the last (a pity because he's a great character).
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137 reviews20 followers
June 28, 2010
I picked this up because I was away and had literally nothin else to read. I'd never read the first one and was not at all encouraged by the blurb; I typically hate chick-lit and detest romance becoming involved in a crime story. However, I got through this book in a day (not, I hasten to add, because I couldn't put it down, rather it was just a very very light read) and by the end, I'd grown quite fond of Heather. I still didn't care who she would end up with, but I found her a likeable character and the basic storyline was quite good too.

The writing style though, or lack of as the case may be, was abysmal. The tense made the speech disjointed in parts, and there were some very questionable grammatical choices made throughout. The romance was tedious, but I am biased against that, admittedly.

Overall, the quality of the writing was poor but as a quick, easy read it was OK and the author did a fair job of making her characters likeable and had a good go at creating an interesting enough storyline.
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333 reviews8 followers
January 16, 2015
Needed to balance out my more serious choices and thought this would be some enjoyable fluff based on the first book. Not worth the read at all. The main character was less enjoyable this time around (and she was pretty terrible the first time around the more I think about it) and the story just dragged on. I spent most of the time thinking was this necessary?
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279 reviews
January 25, 2015
Only 2.5 stars. I didn't like this one quite as much as the first. The murder mystery is on the gruesome side and more obvious to figure out who did it. Also, all the talk about food and size comparisons is distracting and somewhat annoying the second time around.
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136 reviews5 followers
September 11, 2021
Trigger Warning: it is only a brief mention, but there is a disturbing discussion about cat mutilation and animal abuse about 2/3 or 3/4 of the way through that was quite upsetting.

The awkwardness between Cooper and Heather is still strong and still gets on my nerves. I can tolerate a certain amount of love interests struggling to admit their feelings, but two books in it has gotten old.

I think I relate to Heather in the fact that she cares too much and is too loving, kind, and forgiving to the people around her. Although Heather does have a bulldog side that comes out when other people are in danger. She is totally oblivious about her own wellbeing.

There was a lot less fat shaming in this book. Mostly any fatphobia was the main character directing it at herself.
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994 reviews39 followers
January 15, 2018
I really liked this instalment in the Heather Wells series. It's a fun, easy read with a nice (easy) mystery. It was really easy figuring out who the killer was but that didn't take away from the enjyoment of the book. But the Didn't even remotely suspect that. Well played! And Heather is such a fun character and just as lovable as she was in the first book.
So overall, this was a very enjoyable experience and I'm looking forward to reading the third book in the series.
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513 reviews1 follower
May 3, 2020
These Heather Wells mysteries are not rocket science for sure, but they are quick fun romps — perfect for quarantining. This second one is a nice follow up of the first, and I’m sure I’ll read another. I do hope the formula of mysterious death at the residence hall, cops are stupid, Heather saves the day and almost dies trying, housemate Cooper shows up at the end ...tiny build of romantic tension — gets a serious update in the next book, or it could be my last.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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