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The Law of Moses #1

The Law of Moses

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Goodreads Choice Award
Nominee for Best Romance (2015)
If I tell you right up front, right in the beginning that I lost him, it will be easier for you to bear. You will know it’s coming, and it will hurt. But you’ll be able to prepare.

Someone found him in a laundry basket at the Quick Wash, wrapped in a towel, a few hours old and close to death. They called him Baby Moses when they shared his story on the ten o’clock news – the little baby left in a basket at a dingy Laundromat, born to a crack addict and expected to have all sorts of problems. I imagined the crack baby, Moses, having a giant crack that ran down his body, like he’d been broken at birth. I knew that wasn’t what the term meant, but the image stuck in my mind. Maybe the fact that he was broken drew me to him from the start.

It all happened before I was born, and by the time I met Moses and my mom told me all about him, the story was old news and nobody wanted anything to do with him. People love babies, even sick babies. Even crack babies. But babies grow up to be kids, and kids grow up to be teenagers. Nobody wants a messed up teenager.

And Moses was messed up. Moses was a law unto himself. But he was also strange and exotic and beautiful. To be with him would change my life in ways I could never have imagined. Maybe I should have stayed away. Maybe I should have listened. My mother warned me. Even Moses warned me. But I didn’t stay away.

And so begins a story of pain and promise, of heartache and healing, of life and death. A story of before and after, of new beginnings and never-endings. But most of all...a love story.

359 pages, Kindle Edition

First published November 18, 2014

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About the author

Amy Harmon

28 books17k followers
Amy Harmon is a Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and New York Times Bestselling author. Amy knew at an early age that writing was something she wanted to do, and she divided her time between writing songs and stories as she grew. Having grown up in the middle of wheat fields without a television, with only her books and her siblings to entertain her, she developed a strong sense of what made a good story. Her books are now being published in two dozen languages, truly a dream come true for a little country girl.

Amy Harmon has written eighteen novels including the USA Today Bestsellers, Making Faces and Running Barefoot, as well as The Law of Moses, Infinity + One and the New York Times Bestseller, A Different Blue. Her fantasy novel, The Bird and the Sword, was a Goodreads Book of the Year finalist. Her newest release, What the Wind Knows, is an Amazon charts and Wall Street Journal bestseller. For updates on upcoming book releases, author posts and more, join Amy at www.authoramyharmon.com.

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October 28, 2016
What a beautiful story! This is the second book I've read by this author and both have been highly emotional and heartfelt. Ms. Harmon's writing is flawless and the stories she creates will leave you breathless. Expect to be captivated. Be prepared to fall in love, have your heart broken and have it slowly pieced back together. Reading her books is the best kind of pain.

Georgia first meets Moses when he moves to her small town to live with his grandmother. Infamous in the small town for his well-known troubled past, he is just the kind of trouble that Georgia's parents want her to steer clear of. However, she sees something in Moses that nobody else does. Despite the warnings, Georgia is determined to work her way into his heart.

From the time he was born, his life has been a struggle. Abandoned by his drug-addicted mother shortly after his birth, he has been passed from one begrudging family member to the next. Run-ins with the law are commonplace for Moses. He seems to attract trouble wherever he goes.

Unable to relate to most people, Moses loses himself in his art. He can't help but to paint the images that come to him. He can't stem the flow of the beautiful pictures that pop into his head, although he'd like nothing more.

When Moses' abilities make him the center of speculation following a tragedy, things are irrevocably changed between him and Georgia. Rather than face his feelings, he shuts her out. He has no idea of the far-reaching consequences that his actions will have.

Georgia does her best to hold it together from day to day. The absence of Moses left a huge void in her life. So, when fate brings them together again, it is bound to be a raw and emotional reunion.

This book gutted me. I both loved and hated Moses. He was such a gentle, wounded soul and had experienced such heartache that I couldn't help but feel compassion for him. Then, he could turn around and do something so callous that I'd swear I was done with him. Georgia was definitely more forgiving than I would've been.

On the other hand, I had nothing but love for Georgia. She was one of the strongest heroines that I've ever read about. The things she went through, and the inner-strength she exhibited, was awe-inspiring. She was such an incredibly kind and genuine person that I couldn't help but love her.

Overall, this was an incredible story. In the end, I gave it 4/5 stars only because I felt like Moses needed to spend some more time atoning for his treatment of Georgia. I felt like he got off way too easy after he had walked away from her, only to walk back into her life years later.

This is definitely a book that I'd recommend if you like deep, emotional stories. This book will tug at your heart strings and remind you of all you have to be grateful for. Not to mention, there is a bit of suspense and mystery as well.

You'll be thinking about this story long after you've finished. It is one of those stories. Brace yourself. It'll be emotional, but it'll be worth it.
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November 29, 2014

NOTE: If you want to go into this book 100% blind, then don’t bother reading any reviews. However, the genre of the book is not what it seems to be. The genre was something I wish I’d personally known in advance of reading. If you’d like to know what genre to expect from the book, then read on. Nothing I mention is a twist. It’s just literally what this book is about.

First and most importantly, I want to say that Amy Harmon is an incredibly gifted author. The way she writes is absolutely beautiful. I love her style, I love the unique quality that each of her stories have, and I will always auto-buy any book she writes.

However, with this book, there was a crucial element not mentioned in the blurb that held me back from fully connecting until after the 50% mark and that is that this is a paranormal story and there was no indication of that anywhere. The hero has a special ability which is revealed quite early on and, as the book progresses, becomes a stronger and stronger part of the story. Moses can literally see the dead. For real. He sees them, communicates with them, and paints images of the memories they show him. This is a huge part of the book and, for me at least, “genre” is something I really want to know before starting.

If I had been told it was paranormal from the start, then I have no doubt I would have connected quite easily to the story. There’s a certain mindset that you get when you read paranormal where you instantly become accepting of what happens because you know that the story is no longer confined to the natural laws of our real world. But because this book is not classified as paranormal and because there are no hints of anything “otherworldly” in the blurb, that told me that this was a “real world” story. So as I read, I kept trying to figure out how this guy seeing the dead could possibly fit into our real world. Was he crazy? Was it just in his mind? What was happening? … About halfway in, I accepted that it had be paranormal for sure (because enough people knew that Moses could see and communicated with the dead so the whole “he’s crazy” possibility was out) and from that point on, I really began to enjoy the story much more.

"There was a Times article about him and about his ability to "paint for the dead," and People magazine had done a small feature about the "other-worldly brilliance of Moses Wright."

Aside from this, I really enjoyed the whole story itself. It started out when they were teens in a small town. Moses’ past was well known by all the locals and now that he was older, he was the guy everyone warned Georgia away from — an unwanted child who then turned into a misunderstood teen with a juvie record and abilities that no one could understand and what seemed like a blatant disregard for the law. But she ignored all the warnings and followed her heart. And her heart always led her straight to him.

"Maybe it was being seventeen, maybe it was first love, or first lust. Maybe it was just hot. But I wanted him with a desperation that consumed me. I had never wanted anything so much in my life."

In the second half of the story, there’s also a turning point in the plot. As the blurb hints, this is in fact a second chance romance — which is a type of story I absolutely love. I love the emotions brought about from reunions. I love everything about seeing a couple who truly belongs together reconnecting. And I also most certainly love Amy Harmon’s writing so the second half of the book was really great reading for me.

"Georgia had haunted me for more than six years, and from the look on her face when I'd stepped on the elevator, my memory hadn't left her alone either."

There's also a lot more than just a romance. It's not just about them, it's also a lot about him. Moses' journey itself is an integral part of the story. And there's also a murder mystery threaded throughout the whole book which was really well done -- especially the way it all came together at the end. I got chills!

There’s no denying that this is a really great book — with beautiful writing, a well developed plot, an emotional strength, and an original idea. I really do wish I had known about the paranormal elements before I read the book. I think if I had known the genre from the start, I’d have given it a 4.5 star rating.

Several of you have also asked me about the ending so I'm here to reassure you that you will be just fine. While there certainly is heartbreak and loss, I promise that there's also happiness and healing.

"I hope you can forgive me. Because this is happening. Me and Georgia.
This is happening."

Here are my 5 Greats about The Law Of Moses:

1. Unique concept
2. Beautiful writing
3. Gorgeous romance
4. Fully resolved storyline
5. Strong message about forgiveness

Standalone with paranormal elements.


For more of my reviews, book news and updates:
Main blog: Aestas Book Blog
Facebook Blog Page

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2,378 reviews4,627 followers
January 7, 2022
5 *Greats* Stars

“There are laws. There are rules. And when you break them, there are consequences. Laws of nature and laws of life. Laws of love and laws of death.”


Amy Harmon delivers a heavy, emotional story that for me felt like a cross between some of the ideas of the movies the Six Sense and The Horse Whisperer. Once again she delivers a well-crafted tale that is tear inducing and in completion will leave readers thinking on what she created for days.

Moses Wright, the now grown up crack baby that was left in a laundry basket is a tormented artist. He paints images and that he sees everywhere in town and through these murals he finds release. Moses feels tormented by the visions and visitors he sees but his GG helps him find a way of handling it without medication.

”So let the water fall. Let it come crashing down. Let it flow through your head and out your eyes. Water is clear when it washes the pain away. Clear when it cleanses. Let it take the colors away.”

Georgia Shepard is a feisty cowgirl. She works with therapy horses and assists her parent’s support groups. Georgia loves the horse world and is intrigued by the boy with dark skin and gorgeous eyes that has moved in with his great grandmother Kathleen, her neighbor.

There has been a rash of disappearances in the counties of central Utah and sadly Moses appears to be the prime suspect. Moses does his darnedest to keep Georgia away but her strength and personality is hard to resist.

”I didn’t know what to do with her. She was a wild card. She was a small town girl with a simple way of speaking and thinking, a frank way of being that turned me on and turned me off at the same time. I wanted to run from her. But at the same time, I spent all my time thinking about her.”

Georgia and Moses settle into a relationship of sorts and Georgia’s optimism and personality slowly appears to win him over.

”He and I had the strangest relationship. One minute he was telling me to scram and the next he was kissing me like he would never let me go.”

Sadly we are brought through a separation, a horrifying accident and feelings of loss and great grief. Moses finally let’s his walls down and I dare a reader not to feel for these two.


Fate plays a large part in this story while Amy Harmon adds color to sadness, forgiveness and new life.

”Finding beauty in ordinary things.”

*ARC provided by the lovely Amy Harmon in exchange for an honest review*
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3,815 reviews32.4k followers
July 4, 2015
5 stars!

 photo 6b3aa318-820c-4365-a2b1-375076dad712_zpsd6da051d.jpg

A story of before and after, of new beginnings and never-endings. A story flawed and fractured, crazy and cracked, and most of all, a love story.

The main thing I love about reading an Amy Harmon book, is that no two books she writes are the same. Her writing is beautiful, her characters are so special and the stories are just phenomenal. I went into this book not really knowing what it was about. I stayed away from most reviews because I didn’t want to ruin any thing. So that what I’m going to do for you. I’m not going to summarize this book- not even a little. I will, however, tell you how I felt about the characters and the story.

 photo a4ccb9f7-4efb-4a16-8e20-a3250e90a3e4_zps10048e06.jpg

Moses Wright has not had an easy life. He had a rough introduction, and as he got older, things got more difficult for him. Moses has his laws and the most important law to him is thou shall not love. Because with love only comes hurt.
There are laws. There are rules. And when you break them, there are consequences. Laws of nature and laws of life. Laws of love and laws of death.

Moses is special. He is broken and he has secrets that make it extremely difficult to get close to anyone. He has these rules and laws for a reason- to protect himself and anyone he cares for.

 photo d90e4ef3-3fee-4f4d-96ab-96ddb9a4c005_zps0ba15bb0.jpg

And then comes the lovable Georgia Shepard and her ‘Greats’. Georgia is such a special character. She is the light to Moses dark. She is sweet, kind, and friendly to Moses when no one else is. I loved her positive attitude and how she never gave up on Moses, even when he pushed her. I love her lists and how she would use that whenever times got tough. No matter how much Georgia went through, she stayed strong, stayed brave, and stayed as positive as possible for her situation.
“Any time you start feeling sorry for yourself or you go into a rant about how bad life sucks, you immediately have to name five greats.”

Moses and Georgia’s relationship was conflicting. It’s heartbreakingly beautiful. I felt at times that these poor characters just couldn’t get a break. I was heartbroken for them.

 photo 1427cd75-05a6-4da3-af67-002b86378e82_zps15c8fbbb.jpg

This is a special book and one I won’t forget. I read it about a week ago and it’s still on my mind. The themes of this book are things that will really make you think- the five greats especially. No matter what is happening in life, there is always something positive you can focus on.

The Law of Moses isn’t a book you just read. It’s a book you experience. You will feel. You will not want to put it down. It’s a beautifully written tale of the power of love and forgiveness. It’s a story of embracing our differences, overcoming loss and being loved and accepted for who we are. This is a book I would highly recommend to everyone.
“Everyone talks about being color blind. And I get that. I do. But maybe instead of being color blind, we should celebrate color, in all it’s shades. It kind of bugs me that we’re supposed to ignore our differences like we don’t see them, when seeing them doesn’t have to be a negative.”

 photo 75cfdebf-888e-4c2b-8e42-5e019541f980_zps04d0d842.jpg
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April 16, 2017

Ms. Harmon takes her gorgeous writing and LEAPS through the confines of the New Adult genre with this one!

There are three things of which I’m certain will happen when I crack open an Amy Harmon novel: I will be granted phenomenal writing, a unique, substantial plot, and a cast of characters I can’t help but want to embrace.

The Law of Moses offers all that and more as it kicks off with a hauntingly unforgettable prologue, and follows through with a bold, one of kind love story that DELIVERS!

As much as I’d like to divulge certain plot “details”, I will not steal that surprise from you. But I will say that there is something incorporated that Amy has never done before—an element I LOVE—and she worked it out wonderfully.

If I tell you right up front, right in the beginning that I lost him, it will be easier to bear.

A Spoiler-Free Gist : Moses is an incredibly original, complex hero. Graced with the gift of art, he applies his skills on the most unconventional of canvases: public property. Moses is the town bad-boy—broken almost beyond repair—but he carries a secret that just might be able to save him.

I imagined the crack baby, Moses, having a giant crack that ran down his body, like he’d been broken at birth. I knew that wasn't what the term meant. But the image stuck in my mind. Maybe the fact that he was broken drew me to him from the start. – Georgia

Georgia is a kind and generous heroine whose unfaltering love for Moses inspired me. But she is not without backbone. And even though her love seems unrequited, she fights hard for the lost boy who stole her heart. But there is only so much devastation one person can take—and these two certainly have their share of unfortunate circumstances.

She was a small town girl with a simple way of speaking and thinking, a frank way of being that turned me on and turned me off at the same time. I wanted to run from her. But at the same time, I spent all my time thinking about her. – Moses

What I love about this author is the fact that she knows how to handle dramatics. I think we romance readers long for a certain degree of intensity in our stories. But there is a point where the drama can overtake the plot, leaving the substance lost in its aftermath.

Not with Ms. Harmon. She keeps things exciting without ever crossing that line. Her books always offer powerful themes and messages. This read in particular showcases the importance of gratitude, and emphasizes how crucial it is to face ourselves head on. We cannot run from who we are, because wherever we go … there we will be. And it was lovely to see that fact play out in a such a beautifully touching manner.

As the fateful prologue suggests—prepare for heartache, because some parts will break you. Don’t worry about the destination … trust in the story and let the journey guide you. You will not be disappointed.

In keeping with this book’s lovely theme of gratitude, I thought I’d finish this review with a list of my personal “5 Greats” for today. (I truly LOVE what this author has started!) So, at this very moment, 5 things I am thankful for are:

1. My daughter—Always my daughter
2. A warm home after a cold day
3. Homemade chicken soup
4. Family and friends who never quit us despite our flaws
5. Books with heart

The Law of Moses has nothing BUT heart. It’s written with heart. It breaks the heart. And it will warm the heart. But I think the best thing it did was open my heart.

So I recommend you also leave your heart open for this one … because there is so, SO much to let in.

*ARC generously provided by author*

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Book Stats:
▪  Genre/Category: Romance/NA
▪  Steam Caliber: Mild
▪ Romance: Intense, second-chance love story
▪  Characters: Broken hero who is an artist. Sweet but willful heroine
▪  Plot: A love story centering on gratitude and overcoming
▪ Writing: BEAUTIFUL
▪ POV: 1st Person: Alternates between hero and heroine
▪  Cliffhanger: None/Standalone
▪  HEA?

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632 reviews2,674 followers
November 28, 2014
2 stars!

I have a lot to say about this one but at the same time I want to respect those that think my thoughts may contain spoilers (even though I don’t think they do). But nevertheless, to appease those who think they are but also stay true to my feelings for the book, I’ll put the rest in a spoiler tag.

At times, the writing was evocative and the 5 Greats theme was wonderful. I do know fans of this author will find another winner with this story that oozes positivity. As for me, I’m just going to move on now since I’m starting to feel like the Grinch who stole Christmas...
Profile Image for Amy | Foxy Blogs.
1,411 reviews971 followers
November 27, 2014
LIVE -> http://amzn.to/1veocQR

The Law of Moses has one of the most powerful prologues I’ve ever read.
“If I tell you right up front, right in the beginning that I lost him, it will be easier for you to bear. You will know it’s coming, and it will hurt. But you’ll be able to prepare.”
When I finished the book I went right back to the prologue and read it again. I wanted to come full circle with the story.

Moses is an artist who expresses what he sees in his mind through his paintings. Not only does his art control him but it freaks people out. Society, around him, can’t accept his gift because they don't understand it. The neighbor girl, Georgia, and his grandmother, Gigi, are the first to support him. Even with their acceptance he has a hard time coping with the negativity that surrounds his artwork. Gigi uses his biblical name to help him cope with all his feelings. Biblical Moses parts the Red Sea to allow God’s people to pass through and then he lets the split water come together to wash away those who are against God’s peoples. Gigi wants the same for her Moses… she wants Moses to use figurative water to cope with all the images in his head.

“What color is water?” -Gigi

Water is white when it’s angry. It’s red when the sun sets. It’s blue when it’s calm. It’s black when it’s night. It’s clear when it falls. “ -Moses

“So, let the water fall. Water is clear when it washes the pain away, clear when it cleanses. Water has no color. Let it take the colors away.” -Gigi


Five greats is the underlying theme which holds the truth that both, Moses and Georgia, search for. “The five greats game is… finding beauty in ordinary things. And the only rule is gratitude.” Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful for the people and things in our lives and that is also the day The Law of Moses is being released. A coincidence? I think NOT. Ms. Harmon knew what she was doing when she picked her release date.

Ms. Harmon created another brilliantly written love story. One full of deep emotions that draws the reader into the uniqueness of Moses. Remember during the upcoming holiday season to take time to be thankful for those simple blessings in our lives. Maybe do an inspired five greats with yourself when you become overwhelmed.

RELEASE DATE: November 27, 2014
Pre-order | order: http://amzn.to/1veocQR


**Complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.**

descriptive text here
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2,534 reviews32.5k followers
June 4, 2019
this is a story of first loves and second chances, of fighting the bad with the good, of happiness and grief and how you cant have one without appreciating the other. this is a story of two people who, at some point, are incomplete and come to save each other. its a story filled with memories of a broken past and hope for a solid future. this is a story of life.

and although this story is emotionally moving and quite heartfelt, there is an unevenness present. the first half, the ‘before,’ is quite slow and i actually didnt feel any chemistry between moses and georgia. its the second part, the after, that really steals the show and makes up for a semi-lackluster beginning, but still. the inconsistency of the parts is noticeable.

overall, this is a really touching story. im not sure its in the same league as amy harmons fantasy stories, but still enjoyable. ive heard good things about the second book in the series, so i will have to keep my eye out for it.

3.5 stars
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Author 109 books20.7k followers
May 7, 2015
I never enjoy finishing or reviewing Amy Harmon's books. In fact, I'd prefer to *not* ever review an Amy Harmon book ever again. Because, the thing is, finishing her books makes me immeasurably sad.

It's like flying first class, then being told (for the remainder of your life) you will be flying in a doggy carrier within the cargo section of the plane... next to a goat. Then having to share your thoughts with the world (while you're in the doggy carrier and the goat is trying to eat your shoelace) regarding how much you enjoyed your time in first class.

I know, I know, I'm rambling. Sorry.

Things you should know about this book:
1. It's breathtaking
... that's it. That's what you should know.

I hope you, dear reader, are worthy of this book.
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560 reviews419 followers
May 16, 2018
5 “I feel this book” Stars
“A story of before and after, of new beginnings and never-endings. A story flawed and fractured, crazy and cracked, and most of all, a love story.”

A Buddy-read full of gasps and theories and tears with my other half Ishmeen💙.

This has become one of my favorite books of all time, and I am now in the quest to read all of Amy Harmon works. A month has passed and I am still thinking on Moses and Georgia, this story has really impacted my life. If you are a new adult/ romance genre fan and you haven’t picked up this yet, I AM SURPRISED, you really should read it. And if you are hesitant to pick this up because it could contain graphic sexual content, do not worry. Although sex is still mentioned the descriptions are not explicit. What I am trying to convey is: please read this.

When I say this book made me feel, I am basically saying it engaged me and met my requirements. After turning the last page, I felt like a ran a marathon where my feelings were my feet, and my heart was the trashed shoes. I was emotionally engaged since the prologue, and that usually is a huge sign that screams THIS BOOK IS GOING TO BE EPIC. Spoiler alert: I was so right. Now let me leave you with all the things I loved because this book was flawless in my humble not really opinion.

1.THE WRITING. Holy fuck. If you have been reading my reviews for a while you know flawless emotional evoking writing gets me every time. Amy Harmon had me from the first word, her way of expressing is so magical and well written. I literally wanted to tear up when I found out I never actually saved my posts in my kindle copy. I am gonna continue reading all the works she has or will ever put out, because I am officially addicted to her writing.

2.THE PLOT. I usually go into my romance books not to fall in love with the plot but rather with characters, surprisingly I was so invested in both. I WAS IN THE EDGE OF MY SIT, just drowning with all the feels after each turn. Besides the paranormal touch added intrigue and a unique flavor.

3.MOODS it gave me. Heartbroken, fangirling, mamma bear, puddle of goo, shook, terrified, scared literally I was reading this like a fucking thriller, admiration, sweet soul, laughing out loud, etc. I mean there is no way out, this book just makes you feel even if you don’t want to.

4.THE CHARACTERS. I mean how could I not love the characters? Everyone was so imperfect and broken. My list of cinnamon rolls grew quite a bit. Both Georgia and Moses were a pleasure to get to know.

5.MOSES, who stole my heart and soul. He was also one of the first POC main characters I have read in new adult and it warms my soul. I really wish this genre got more diverse.

6.STRUCTURE. I started noticing I am a huge fan of stories that we follow for a long period of time, in different years and stages of life. I just enjoy it so much, it makes it more real, and I get way more invested in the characters. This also helps to make character development stronger, and honestly, who isn’t a fan of this?

7.Eli. I can’t say anything else. JUST ELI.

8.HORSES. Ishmeen mostly skipped those parts but I was so intrigued by it all. This book really made me nostalgic for my childhood watching the tv show Heartland, I really wanna binge watch it all over again. It was so beautiful.


10.BUDDY READThis is not much having to do with the book itself, but rather the experience. My buddy read with Ishmeen was awesome, perfect, it made everything 100% more enjoyable.

If you have read this review and still don’t want to pick up this book I am gonna cry. Although I might cry more because I wanna re-read this so badly but my tbr is crushing me.

P.S. Please read this.
Profile Image for Brandi.
633 reviews1,279 followers
November 30, 2014
5 brilliant stars

A story of before and after, of new beginnings and never-endings. A story flawed and fractured, crazy and cracked, and most of all, a love story.


The Law of Moses is an eloquently written, complex story about love, loss and forgiveness that will take you on an unforgettable emotional journey. A truly unique story with a powerful message.


Honestly, it has been a few days since I have finished reading this one, and it is still haunting me. I've struggled with how review, but I keep coming up short. I don't want to be responsible for spoiling anything, and IMHO, this book should be read. Just do it. Just jump in, with an open heart and mind.


“There are laws. There are rules. And when you break them, there are consequences. Laws of nature and laws of life. Laws of love and laws of death.”

Profile Image for A.L. Jackson.
Author 76 books12.2k followers
December 5, 2014
The Law of Moses

This book deserves a standing ovation.

It needs to be made into a movie...and then 20 years later remade again.

I rarely cry when I read (I do a lot when I write, not sure why) but I sat out my living room sobbing and hoping I wasn't waking up the rest of my family who was asleep. Then after I finished reading those tears followed me to bed where I tossed and turned and tried to process what I just read.

I woke up feeling like I could cry again.

I'm awestruck.
I'm haunted.
I'm comforted.

I don't even know how to make sense of it all except to say this is hands down the best book I have ever read.

Thank you Amy Sutorius Harmon for this beautiful, touching book. I'm not quite sure I'll ever be the same, and there's a huge part of me thinking, God, I really hope it's this way.
May 26, 2015
This beautiful story is $99 until May 30th 2015!
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The Law of Moses is a story that will stay in my mind for some time to come. It's unique, powerful, intense and immensely beautiful with a dash of intrigue and wonder. It’s about embracing life in terms of what’s been bestowed upon you. It's about honesty, hope, love, pain, heartache and forgiveness. Beautiful horses and people who watch over us. It's about the bigger picture of our existence. The story is both inspiring and hopeful.... #5Greats becomes more powerful as the story progresses. 5 Greats will stay with me forever.

The story begins with Moses and Georgia entering their senior year in school in a place called Levan and continues through to when they are in their mid twenties. The passing of time hurt my heart in a beautiful and perfect way. What happens over this time is truly unique and exquisite. Amy Harmon drew me into her fictional world of an extraordinary, messed up boy with madness in his head and a girl who finds herself unquestionably drawn to him. It's a world that's not quite what we'd consider naturalistic but the telling is completely authentic. The motivation for the characters is always honest. The author took a light twist on reality and ultimately gave me the most perfect fictional escape. An escape to a story of incredible love, guardian angels and a code for life.

It gave me goose bumps. I was not expecting any of the events, any of the happenings….. and I’m so glad I went into it with little knowledge… I happily uncovered each part if the story with eyes that were unaware.

Moses is different to other people in Levan, different, beautiful and very easy on the eye. He's mysterious and unpredictable, making him seem a little dangerous. He stares death in the face and is known as the crack baby "He was my hero."

Painting plays a unique and powerful role in The Law of Moses… It tears them apart and brings them back together…. It symbolizes the beginning, the end and everything in between and, to understand my thoughts here, you simply have to read this story. “Moses..... Your art is awe-inspiring. It’s wonderful." It’s the only thing that makes the madness in his head bearable. He can’t control his gift and he can’t control people’s reactions to it.

They share a beautiful, first luscious kiss. Amy Harmon writes the most exquisite first kisses. I experienced the same in Making Faces. She manages to capture that steal-your-breath-moment with heart flutters and butterflies in your chest. So lovely.

Exquisitely heartbreaking. I felt what was coming, knew it in my heart... but the way it was shown to me, the emotive pictures, so beautifully told with an abundance of emotional feelings, with subtly and delicate care. This author doesn't pick the easy answers, she writes raw pain..... Things that cannot be undone or changed…. She takes us there…. Makes us embrace reality full on with a perfect dose of intrigue and mystery. We go through the feels with her characters. Through the sadness, the pain and the beautiful healing.

The Law of Moses captivated me. It's a slow burn that becomes layered with emotion, thoughts and feelings so that by the middle of the book I was perfectly entranced. I couldn't put it down and equally I didn't want the story to come to an end. The telling of it, the characters, the….. everything. As a reader we crave different worlds, like this story, that will make us feel, take us to another space in time…. Show us a small pocket of another life… A life of make believe. A life, even though we know its fiction, we buy into. We accept it when the writing is so gloriously real and tangible, when the author brings their work to life showing us pictures and emoting our feels in this perfect way. The Law of Moses is a standalone story that I'd recommend to all lovers of beautiful and tender stories of love. It's a book that will stay with me forever.

#5Greats. And. Go!

Arc received from the author, via Alpha Literary Services, in exchange for an honest review.
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November 28, 2014

"The five greats game is kind of like that. Finding beauty in ordinary things. And the only rule is gratitude."

My 5 Greats:
1My family
2My friends

Such a beautiful and unique story!!This is definitely a must read!! I couldn't expect anything less from Amy Harmon!Everybody knows how beautiful,captivate and magical is her stories!They are so touching and make you think of them for long time...This happened to me with "Making Faces" and now with "The Law of Moses"!From the prologue I knew that this book will be emotional.So I prepare my self...I need to say that there are so many moments that I cry a lot!The Law of Moses is a book about hope,life,loss,love and forgiveness.

This is the story of Moses and Georgia...two so different teenagers.Georgia is a cowgirl who lives with her parents and help them with the horses and the support group they had create.When Moses comes to live in his grandmother house which is Georgia's neighbor...Everybody will be talk about him...and especially George who is intrigued and want to meet him..Moses is the crack baby who was abandoned in a a laundry basket.He is different..but also so unique!He is a brilliant and a torment painter..Their chemistry is so dynamic full of tension and it's so beautiful!


This book is sweet,intense and sad.It isn't a book you will just read...It's a book you need to experiense and feel it!!!An absolutely fantastic book that will captivate you!!One of the best parts in this book was the line about the 5 greats...I wrote mine!Now it's your turn!

*ARC provided for an honest review
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November 26, 2017
A story of before and after, of new beginnings and never-endings. But most of all . . . a love story.

The e-book of THE LAW OF MOSES is now available on Kindle Unlimited until February 4, 2018. AMAZON KINDLE

“Time softens memories,
sanding down the rough edges of death.”

“If you don’t love, then nobody gets hurt.
It’s easy to leave.
It’s easy to lose.
It’s easy to let go. ”

“I didn’t want more memories.
I wanted a future.”

The e-book of THE LAW OF MOSES is now available on Kindle Unlimited until February 4, 2018. AMAZON KINDLE

Copyright © Amy Harmon
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November 30, 2014

“There are laws. There are rules. And when you break them, there are consequences. Laws of nature and laws of life. Laws of love and laws of death.”

Once again I find myself in an awkward situation where all my buddies love a book and I'm that black sheep in the pack, yikes. Honestly I was really looking forward to love this book after seeing all the 5-stars reviews and even when I wasn't even planning to read it, I still caved in because I've heard about this author's writing and the emotional punch she brings to her reads. But sadly, I didn't get a lot of that from this one and this is likely to be a case of my preference, so please don't take my rating/opinion for what it is :)

Prior to picking this one up, I've only read 2 early reviews and in one of them, I was already made aware of that one element that was incorporated in the book which wasn't hinted in the blurb or overall genre itself. So to say that I went in blindly without knowing what laid ahead is not true, the only question would be HOW it was gonna be incorporated into it. And for what it's worth, I did enjoy that part of the read and made it a rather compelling story for me.

But sadly a whole lot of other elements in the book just didn't work for me. I know this puts me in an absolute minority when I say that I couldn't get into the author's writing. Being my first read from her, I really didn't have much expectations but from the first 20% itself, I struggled getting into the story. Her writing style was a little too rich for my liking and there was too much inner monologue and so little dialogue. I find myself spacing out from the story and kept wondering if the story was going to move at a pace that seems rather dragged out.

Also another thing I didn't anticipate were the heavy biblical references lying around this book. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against them but at times, I found them to be a little off-putting when they spurted out of nowhere . Maybe I should have seen it coming judging by the title itself but I think it would've been more fair if readers were made aware before jumping into this one.

Character-wise, I have to admit that I couldn't connect to both MCs for the most parts. The connection between both MCs seemed to have just transpired out of nowhere; one moment they seemed to be distant and in another, it escalated so quickly. I was hoping for more of a substantiated connection but I didn't get any of it here at all. At one point of the story, I had to ask a buddy about . It was tough cracking Moses even given with his POV & it frustrated me that there wasn't a solid reason enough for me to buy his hot and cold behaviour towards Georgia.

But I think the major plotkill for me was at the midway when the author decided to . What I didn't enjoy more was that . Honestly, this made me even more hesitant to buy their love story.

Apart from the issues I had with the book, there were still redeeming qualities that still managed to grab my heartstrings. It was completely heartbreaking to read a certain scene and I'm sure which evoked a lot of emotions from the readers. My favorite parts of the book were how And the "5 Greats" theme was another lovely addition to this book that I believe everyone can take away from this read.

Overall I appreciated how the book conveyed a powerful underlying message of forgiveness and the varying colors of life may it be anger, sadness or happiness.

While I felt that it was a truly interesting premise that the author explored, sadly the other parts of the book just didn't work for me. However, I believe fans of this author's writings would surely enjoy this read and please don't let my review/rating deter you from picking this one up :)

Thanks Supreet, Sandy & Ilze for putting up with me during the buddy read! ♥♥
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December 1, 2014
4 Emotinal Stars.


Georgia loves horses and works with them doing horse therapy. Moses is a boy who once was a famous baby for being abandoned in a laundry mat by a crack whore mother, and he’s now a messed up artist that people tend to ignore.
When life throws Georgia and Moses together they can’t help but fall in love, even when Moses tries his best to avoid it. Georgia loves him no matter how broken he is, but there’s secrets that he carries that may push her away… If Moses doesn’t push her away first.
And so starts a story of love full of smiles and tears, of new changes, and most of all… of healing.


Amy Harmon delivers once again a beautiful and amazingly written love story. But despite liking the book I felt live I’ve been wronged. If I had known previously the subject of this book I would have looked at it with other eyes and would probably give it a higher rating, but the way the subject was delivered, it only felt like a bad surprise.
However, if you’re a fan of Amy, you should read this book. It’s another great reading from one remarkable author.


Rating: 4 Stars.
Characters Development: Let me out this way: Moses was an asshole. But he was one of those broken assholes whose only redeeming quality is their feelings for the heroine, and so we can’t help but liking him. Georgia was sweet and I love how relentless she was. A pretty nice heroine.
Steam: Meh.
Sensible Subjects:
Love Triangle:
July 17, 2018
Once again I find myself sitting all alone wondering why I dislike a book all my friends love. Did I read this wrong? Whatever it is this book is a no go for me. I felt no connection between the h&h. Moses was a huge asshole to Georgia. Georgia felt like a doormat. She throws herself at him time and time again. He pushes her away and is a jerk to her when he is around. It really bugged me that he took her virginity and then doesn't come around or talk to her for a month. Then when she goes to him he is again a asshole to her. I could have overlooked that if at some point I seen him be good to her but I didn't like this book. I almost finished it but I just can't listen to the last little bit. I'm to pissed off and sad to care what happens anymore with Moses. I will say that I listened to the audio version and I really liked the narrators Tavia Gilbert and J. D. Jackson. J. D. Jackson had a very sexy voice.

I ended up going back and finishing it and my views haven't changed.
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November 24, 2014
“If I were to paint you, I would use every color.”

You know you’re going to experience a myriad of emotions just by opening an Amy Harmon book, having personally welcomed many a sunrise curled up in bed sobbing like a baby while not getting a wink of sleep, simply unable to put her beautiful words down. But nothing could have prepared me for the sheer exquisiteness of this story, and for the marvellous characters Ms Harmon has once again gifted us with. Every part of this book surprised me, thrilled me, made my heart burst at the seams, and the biggest gift I’m going to give you, my fellow readers, is by not telling you what this story is really all about.

“This is the story of love with no end . . . though it took me a while to get there.”

We meet Georgia Shepherd at the tender age of seventeen—a simple girl from a small country town, a tomboy, a loving daughter. Georgia’s love of horses and her unique talent at taming them have always meant that her future would never be uncertain, but Georgia’s rather sheltered small town upbringing has also made her hungry to leave home for a while, seek the unknown and experience freedom for the first time in her life. Yet everything changes when a young man with an unusual life story moves into the house next door.

“… when Moses came to Levan, he was like water—cold, deep, unpredictable, and, like the pond up the canyon, dangerous, because you could never see what was beneath the surface.”

Moses Wright was born a ‘crack baby’, and found abandoned in a laundry basket when he was only a few hours old. Moses has always been different from other little boys of his age, his unusual looks only overshadowed by his peculiar behaviour, his unpredictable temperament and his determination not to let anyone get close to him. Constantly tossed from one relative to another, never wanted by any, repeatedly dismissed as a ‘messed up kid’ who could not be fixed, his life never became easy. However, everything changes for Moses the day his great-grandmother decides to take him in on a permanent basis, despite being advised against it by her entire family, her love for him making her confident she could pull him out of his self-imposed solitude. But Moses is not an ordinary young man. He holds a secret that has shaped his entire existence, every human contact, everything he sees around him, and that very secret has made him afraid of loving anyone in his life. His incredible but highly unusual art is a visual representation of everything he keeps to himself, his only escape from the images he cannot hide from.

“If you don’t love, then nobody gets hurt. It’s easy to leave. It’s easy to lose. It’s easy to let go.”

The last thing Moses expects to find in life is someone like Georgia Shepherd. She is open, unpretentious and her every failed attempt at making Moses warm up to her and let her be his friend only seem to make her even more determined to sneak through the cracks of Moses’ brooding disposition. Georgia is the kind of girl who loves freely, generously, and her pride never gets in the way of her honesty, regardless of how many times he rejects her or mistreats her with harsh words. She speaks without thinking, says everything and anything that is on her mind, gives her heart unreservedly, and eventually, a bit of Georgia’s light manages to shine through the dark cracks that Moses so desperately tries to hide.

“She was a small town girl with a simple way of speaking and thinking, a frank way of being that turned me on and turned me off at the same time. I wanted to run from her. But at the same time, I spent all my time thinking about her.”

As their budding romance progresses very slowly, and Georgia grows more and more attached to Moses, heart-shattering loss strikes this young man’s life again, and his future suddenly changes forever. When faced with returning to a place that only holds sorrow for him or taking off to never return to that place again, Moses decides to flee, leaving behind a heartbroken girl whose only sin was loving him without restraint.

“I’m a very ordinary girl, Moses. I know that I am. And I always will be. I can’t paint. I don’t know who Vermeer is, or Manet for that matter. But if you think ordinary can be beautiful, that gives me hope. And maybe sometime you’ll think about me when you need an escape from the hurt in your head.”

Seven years later, their paths suddenly cross again, but neither of them are the same as they once were. Life has changed them both deeply, taken away their innocence and altered their perception of what they once shared. However, some loves never fade, some loves survive all hurt, and some loves never stop reminding you of everything you should be grateful for.

“Georgia’s eyes, Georgia’s hair, Georgia’s mouth, Georgia’s love, Georgia’s long, long legs.”

As always, there is a subtle but very powerful message woven into every word, every single heart-warming scene. By letting us hear both the main characters’ voices, we are given the opportunity to bond with them equally, to understand them, empathise with them, share their hopes. Moses’ ‘secret’ is a crucial part of the story itself, an angle I never expected to find or adore so much, and because of the way it astonished me, I wish for you to uncover it on your own too. This is a book about gratitude, about never forgetting that there is always something to be thankful for in life, even in the grimmest of moments, and that it is never too late to seize happiness and never let go of it again. It’s a story that does not shield us in any way from soul-crushing heartbreak, a few scenes being so intensely distressing that I could not breathe from the sheer heaviness of them, but the beauty of the moments of joy we are given throughout this book is what we walk away with, smiling through our tears and babbling our own ‘five greats’ to ourselves.

There are no words that would ever do justice to a story like this one. Ms Harmon has once again given us an inspiring tale to cherish forever, a story written so elegantly, at times even poetically, that breathes itself into our hearts and, hopefully, even leaves a small part of itself behind. An absolute delight to read, as always.

“If you would just let me in, if you would just love me back, we could have a beautiful life.”

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February 27, 2020
I wasn't prepared.

Despite the haunting prologue, the warning I was issued about what would unfold, I wasn't prepared. There is no real way to prepare for what lies within these pages. The gravity of what I'd be made to feel, how much I'd hurt and long and love. I wasn't prepared to drown in this book, in these words, in this overwhelmingly evocative story. I wasn't prepared to be changed. Consumed. Altered. What brilliant storyteller, Amy Harmon, has done here is magical. It's breathtaking. The Law of Moses is a life-altering, earth-shattering, soul-searing brilliant demonstration of profound loss, of grief, of hope and forgiveness that reads like a literary classic in the making. 

The Law of Moses follows an unlikely attraction between two drastically different teenagers, two personalities virtually opposite in every way imaginable. Georgia, a persistent, free-spirited horseback riding tomboy who grabs life by the horns, and Moses, a brilliant but tormented painter who prefers his solitude, form an unexpected bond amidst the backdrop of Levan, Utah. Moses Wright is the epitome of resilience. He's a beautifully layered character. On paper, he shouldn't even exist. He defied the odds stacked against him from birth, born into a life that didn't want him, and grew into a talented, artistic man with miraculous abilities. Despite the stigma of the abandoned crack baby that he's carried all of his life, and the repellent vibe he's perfected, nothing can deter Georgia Shepherd from trying to worm her way through his cracks to love him into wholeness. The magnetism between these characters is palpable. Their dynamic, the smart, witty banter between them, the tension, that push and pull. The complicated tangle of uncertainty and confusion that is Moses and Georgia is completely absorbing.

The complexity and depth that exists in these pages is awe inspiring. Harmon delves so deep into this gritty, meaty storyline, I'm not certain I'll find my way out. To say this story is multifaceted is an exorbitant understatement. The Law of Moses reads exactly like the vivid imagery Moses sees as he paints. But just like the controlled chaos of Moses Wright's paintings, this story is finely detailed, every brush stroke perfectly timed, perfectly paced. Every vivid color and shadow precisely plotted out. So much transpires over the course of events in this story, so much emotion to grasp, so many layers to peel away and absorb. Every vibrant detail culminating into an exquisite work of art.

The Law of Moses is a story about embracing what makes humans different and looking at those differences as positive contributions to this world, celebrating imperfections and flaws, considering those differences gifts rather than burdens. Be it race, sex, or the multitude of ways we all paint the world with our own unique brush, it's a story about appreciating every single color for what it is. It's about focusing on the details, the cracks, the tiny strokes of the brush rather than looking at the big picture all the time. It's those tiny details, the cracks, the tiniest drops of paint that make a painting a masterpiece, make the world more beautiful. It's those tiny details, the most minute intricacies, the facets and flaws of each character, every crooked step of their journey, that make one story an unforgettable, extraordinary masterpiece. The Law of Moses is that masterpiece and Amy Harmon is holding the brush.

The Law of Moses caused a visceral cataclysmic shift in my soul. I stepped away several times while reading, overwhelmed with everything I was feeling, and I wondered how I could be feeling THIS MUCH, while curled up on my couch, while everyone else was carrying on with business as usual. This book is what EVERY book is supposed to be. Every book should make you feel and think and grow the way The Law of Moses does. But I have NEVER read a book that did to me what this book, by this author, has done. Never. And I came to that realization by the halfway mark. That just does not happen. As readers, we're asked often what our favorite book is. Our answer is typically that we read so much, we love so many, we can't possibly narrow it down to one. That answer changed for me when I read The Law of Moses. My favorite book is this one. 
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February 2, 2015
5 Great Stars

First of all, I need to say wow. That was an emotional roller coaster. You never knew what to expect. This book caused me so many emotions. I was happy, scared, devastated.

I went in completely blind, avoiding all spoilers with passion. I'm glad that I did that, because if I had known about certain aspects I wouldn't have probably enjoyed it as much. I'll explain why, but I should probably hide it, because I don't want people to get spoiled.

When I read at the table of contents the Before & After, I immediately thought of Looking for Alaska and I thought.. "Oh crap.." Then I read the prologue and I was stunned.

If I tell you right up front, right in the beginning that I lost him, it will be easier for you to bear. You will know it’s coming, and it will hurt. But you’ll be able to prepare.

I remember that the moment I read the prologue, I was debating whether I was about to close it or continue reading. Because when you're prepared that you're going to go through heartache, what are you supposed to do? It's not easy. But I did it & I'm grateful that I read this book.

This is the story of Moses, a baby born by a crack addict and expected by people to have various problems. Moses' mother had found dead, so he moved around family , until the age of 18 where he moved to his grandmother's house and became Georgia's neighbor.

Georgia is a small town girl, born and raised around horses her entire life. She finds Moses fascinating and wants to approach him, to become his friend, since Moses had always been really closed to himself.

The story was really beautiful, I was feeling anxious and nervous for a big amount of time. Truth be told, there were moments where I didn't feel the connection between the two characters, but I get it. Moses had his reasons to want to keep his distance from Georgia.

There are A LOT going on & yes the religious element is quite strong in this book, but not in a bad way, IMO. Besides, you're about to read a book named The Law of Moses, duh! ;)

I don't want to spoil anything, so I'm going to add a few more hidden comments (that you should read after you've read the book!) & I'll just say that it was a powerful story that had me sobbing & I love books who provoke these feelings to me. But don't let this get you scared. I believe you should really read this story ^^

My 5 Greats:
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March 9, 2017
"I’m a very ordinary girl, Moses. I know that I am. And I always will be. I can’t paint. I don’t know who Vermeer is, or Manet for that matter. But if you think ordinary can be beautiful, that gives me hope.”

Ahhh my heart, my poor broken heart… I'll never, ever get over this book, OMG it was phenomenal! <3 This book made me cry like a waterfall but Ms.Harmon, I forgive you because it was so worth all my tears… :)

This was my 3rd book from this author. Earlier I read “Making Faces” and “The Bird and the Sword” and they were amazing too. I loved them so much and with every book Mrs. Harmon amaze me. She literally left me speechless… I'm absolutely in love with her words. <3

Before I start to reading this book, I’ve already know that I’ll be a mess when I finish it. Well, I wasn't wrong about that because I cried in the middle of the coffee shop while I was reading it and when I go back to home and continue to reading it, I cried non-stop 2 hours more… But still please do not scare to read this book. I’m sure when you finish it, you'll look into your life from a different point of view and you'll be grateful what you already have in your life...

Ps. There was a scene and it completely ruined me. And after that I think whenever I see a Batman pajamas, I'll burst into tears... :'(

I highly recommend this book, you MUST read it... :)

“Georgia’s eyes. Georgia’s hair. Georgia’s smile. Georgia’s personality. Georgia’s kisses. Those are my five greats for Georgia today. Those were my five greats yesterday and they will be tomorrow and the next day, until your kisses get old. Then I'll have to think of something else.”

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December 13, 2017
This is that kind of book that just needs to have its own genre of like the kind of books that you keep thinking about even seven years later

- While the writing was simplistic, it was really easy and quick to get through
- taking like 2 weeks to read this was my fault not the book okay im in this weird slump this
- Somehow the author is able to build and raise these unique characters that stand out and shape the book
- Its really incredible
- This is my second book by amy harmon and it won’t be the last, she is a fantastic author
- The characters are real. They are struggling and fighting and trying their best to make due from their circumstances.
- They are flawed. They make mistakes and terrible decisions and try to make up for it but damn its realISTIC
- The book really focuses on the characters and their interactions together
- It’s a little heavy on the romance side for me, but that’s expected with the territory, I cannot complain
- I thought it was just a regular NA and was v confused…a lot of the time
- Its so well crafted
- Im not going to get into details but Eli my child, my sweet baby batman I cant
- I cried, not gonna lie, this book will do that to you
- The first half of the book was good, I enjoyed the build up of the characters and the plot
- But the second half delivered the punch man
- Somewhere around the 70% mark I was growing bored and I was getting frustrated BC IT WAS SO GOOD WHY AM I GETTING BORED
- I think it was bc it was centering on heavily on the romance
- Where it lacked in that portion, the ending really compensated, I was clutching my hair and screaming
- Anyways
- It’s a good book
- Just read till the end and cry with me

“Any time you start feeling sorry for yourself or you go into a rant about how bad life sucks, you immediately have to name five greats.”

4 stars!!


on principle, i dont usually lean toward NA, but i'll read anything by amy harmon :')

Buddy read with my #1, ms. fisher
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February 12, 2017
Okay. This is the second book I've read by Amy Harmon and I can safely say she is a genius. The way she crafts her words. The way she creates such lovable, flawed characters. The way she creates heart wrenching plots.

She is a genius.

“Any time you start feeling sorry for yourself or you go into a rant about how bad life sucks, you immediately have to name five greats.”

I don't even know how to properly review this, honestly. This is a second chance romance paranormal novel. It's beautiful, it's sad and it's honest. It hit me right in the feels and I found myself just sitting there crying. Amy Harmon is an incredibly talented author and she always manages to make you feel emotional with her storytelling. This book hurts, okay. It hurts. Don't expect anything otherwise.

Her characters are beautiful. They are flawed, which makes them more real. Sometimes you want to punch them, sometimes you want to hug them and protect them. You will love them, nonetheless. The MCs Moses and Georgia are precious. We also meet Moses's best friend, Tag almost halfway through this book and he is as important as the MCs. The second book in this duology (The Song of David) is Tag's story, which I read directly after this one and it was just as amazing.

This book left me empty and numb. Definitely recommended!
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April 17, 2015
Review posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

If you are fan of new adult novels, there is no way that you haven't heard about Amy Harmon. The most popular book she wrote is probably Making Faces, a story about group of friends, war and loss. I still haven't read that one, and truth to be told, I had a lot of doubts first time I noticed it on Goodreads. Back then, a lot of my friends read and raved about certain books, I got interested and picked up the book. In the end, I was left wondering is it me, them or the book - because I couldn't find any of those things they had loved so much. That is the main reason why I still haven't read Making Faces, but when I saw this beautiful cover for The Law of Moses and read synopsis, I was intrigued. Now, I can only say that I'm happy for reading it.

The Law of Moses Five Greats:

- Emotional and beautiful story. This is one of those books you will read with your heart, soul, mind and body, that will leave you drained and full at the same time. You will try to read it slowly because you'll want to make it last just a little bit longer. Your heart will hurt, your body will tingle, your lips will curl into a lazy smile and open in a sigh. Maybe your eyes will roll few times, but nothing you won't be able to get over. You'll want to slap some of the characters and in the next moment drag your fingers over someone's skin and feel them shiver. You will feel so many things.

- Moses and Georgia. If I ever wanted to scream "I ship them!" it would be while I read The Law of Moses. And I absolutely hate "shipping". Amy Harmon leaves you with no other choice than to get involved with the lives of her characters. In those few hours you become them - that's how powerful her writing is.

- Colors and lines. I know that this doesn't make much sense, but you will know what I meant when you read the book.

- Thought-provoking. Yes, there is drama and angst and even few cliches of the genre, but also The Law of Moses is a book that makes you think and question your beliefs. Amy Harmon does write more religious centered stores, but if you do not prefer topics like that, I assure, this is not one of those books that tries to convince you to become Catholic (or Jewish or Muslim). I do not like books with religious aspect and I adored this book. (On the other hand, Running Barefoot is a completely different matter.)

- Unexpected twist. There is this... lets say thing to avoid spoilers, that I have not expected and I'm grateful that I haven't read any reviews or comments that could have made me enjoy reading The Law of Moses less.

Final judgement?
Beautiful and heartbreaking story that you will wish to read all over again, recommended even for those who are not fans of new adult.


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February 15, 2021

DNF 40%

"But I knew he had felt what I felt that night. I knew he did. I couldn't be the only one."

Oh, no, not one of those again.

Once upon a time there was a girl named Georgia, who loved riding horses and breaking the rules.

Once upon a time there was a girl named Georgia and she was so pathetic I wanted to slap her. No need for dignity because she followed a guy named Moses who followed his own Laws.

Thou shall not love, he said. Thou shall not love, but Thou shall fuck.

Georgia was blonde and sweet, but red she could be she would be she will be, because everything Moses said she could be she would be she will be.

Once upon a time there was a boy named Moses who painted dead people, because ... Thou shall see, I guess, because I won't.

Once upon a time there was a girl named Anna, who was trying so hard it hurt. But there are yells a fist can't hide, and there are sentences that make her rage.

"What would make you love me, Moses? What would make you move to Georgia?" (...) "I've told you I would go red. I told you I would let you in my head. And I've given you everything else I have."

Once upon a time there was a girl named Anna, who asked herself what the fuck she was reading this fucking book with a doormat, a jerk, and biblical references blinded together.

The end

PS : If it is romance, I'm not romantic. Sue me.

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June 21, 2015

Title: The Law of Moses
Series: Standalone
Author: Amy Harmon
Release date: November 22, 2014
Cliffhanger: No

I'm not going too much into the plot because if you read this, you need to experience it without any expectations.

This book deconstructed me. It wrecked me. I flipped the last page and I was a puddle of goo without brain function for about an hour. I just sat there. Staring and thinking, thinking, thinking.

If you think I might be exaggerating, I'm not.
If you think I'm being dramatic, I'm not.

I genuinely, in all honesty had tears rolling down my cheeks. My throat tightened up, and my heart broke and mended again right along with these characters. Of course, every reader's personal reaction to a book is subjective so not everyone is going to feel that way. But if there was a chance that you could experience a book that will change you like it did me, why wouldn't you try?

I know one of the big complaints about this book was that others didn't feel the romantic connection at all between the hero and heroine because of how Moses refused to accept Georgia's love for so much of the book. To me, it couldn't have been any other way.

I'd never needed anyone. Not really. And I'd never said those words to anyone. "I need you" felt like "I love you," and it scared me. It felt like breaking one of my laws.

See, my personal reaction to that is that the book is about more than just your average, trite love story. You don't jump from point A to point B in real life skipping through a field of sunflowers towards a rainbow. Life is gritty and hard and can bruise you along the way. This book illustrates finding that sunflower growing through a dirty, cracked sidewalk. It's about a man who overcomes the kind of adversity that would kill a weaker man. Moses discovers the meaning of love, not just the one he was meant to love. And the way he is taught is complex, and heartbreaking, and it mesmerized me in all of it's glory. There's no other word but stunning for how it reached inside of me and spoke to me. And the echo of it continues to speak to me so much, I can't seem to remove them from the forefront of my thoughts.

I wasn't expecting to have such a visceral reaction when every piece of their story was made whole. Sadness, fear, anger, hurt, hope, fear, trust, FORGIVENESS, then LOVE. Yes, fear bears repeating. Because they're fractured and human and they have to fight their natural inclinations to protect themselves from pain. In the end, how it all clicked into place so smoothly was one of the most beautiful things I have ever read. I FELT them. Like they weren't just words strung together out of a woman's imagination. Georgia and Moses were living, breathing people with the kind of love that's destructive when it's not understood. But in the end, that love radiated peace and happiness and made me feel so lucky I was able to ride along and watch it grow. Teach. Heal.

To say that I am impressed is so inadequate. I wish I could express myself as eloquently as Amy Harmon does because anything less feels like an injustice to how exquisite this story was.

So, obviously, yeah. I liked it. Or loved it-enormously.

This book was everything.


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December 15, 2014
I decided to read The Law of Moses without reading any reviews. I’m not sure if that was a good or bad thing really. But what I am finding with Amy Harmon’s books is that they draw out many different thoughts, feelings and emotions from the reader that I wanted mine to be ones solely from my own reading experience.

Amy Harmon’s writing is truly amazing. Her stories are always thought provoking and heartfelt. She challenges you to keep an open mind and an open heart. The Law of Moses is a unique story, a touching story and I’ll take the last line from the last chapter that really says it all. It was… “A story of before and after, of new beginnings and never-endings. A story flawed and fractured, crazy and cracked, and most of all, a love story.”

It was within the prologue that I lost myself in Moses and Georgia’s story. Read it and you will understand.

Moses ~ was simply unconventional. His being was one not easily defined or accepted. No one saw below his surface or beyond the pieces of him he allowed you to see. He was beautifully flawed.

 photo 69c71d81-c840-4589-af19-6189d278a5e3_zps5dbeaf62.jpg

Georgia ~ was an ordinary and simple girl. But she was also independent and had an inner strength that shined. It was that inner strength that would be tested when she decides she wants Moses in her life.

 photo dcfe18fb-4942-487a-822f-4a2edae6bbfd_zps2bb2e55c.jpg

I want this review to be spoiler free so I am only going to give you a little bit about the plot. Just a little beyond what the synopsis says.

Moses doesn’t have a sense of belonging or the ability to love. When he finally finds a place where life is acceptable, until he has his chance to finally get away, he meets Georgia.

Georgia is seeping into the cracks of his life seeing pieces of him that most haven’t and what most don’t understand. It isn’t with words that Moses defines who he is. It is with colors and paintings.

 photo 90d3058d-5fe3-4ada-a056-9c3bc1356824_zps89d8d31a.jpg

It’s these pieces that Georgia cherishes. Even knowing that his life and his thoughts are painful, Georgia still hands every piece of herself over to him. But Moses struggles with certain emotions. His perception of things is flawed.

 photo 07d6e373-21f7-402a-8063-033814fb3c44_zps173a7330.jpg

A whirlwind of things happen to Moses and Georgia. They are forced down separate paths, both holding on to life by a thread and they don’t even know it. Moses living by his laws and Georgia living by her laws. It is a ray of sunshine that reconnects them. But life for both of them is different.

 photo bb51eada-7a1f-4e74-a4a8-eeae1f8e0e38_zpsa668a5fa.jpg

I hope what little I gave you about The Law of Moses will have you wanting to read it. For me this was a very meaningful and touching story. The message of self acceptance, gratitude and forgiveness was put forth in such a graceful way.

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May 23, 2015
So this is my third time attempting to write this review. I actually told my bestie I wasn’t going to review it, there are tons of fantastic reviews and I am clueless as to how to express my opinion without spoilers. She completely called me out and told me I had to write a review since I absolutely loved this book. This is my final attempt and I sincerely apologize for this lackluster review, because I absolutely adore this story.

"A story of before and after, of new beginnings and never-endings. A story flawed and fractured, crazy and cracked, and most of all, a love story.

The Law of Moses tells the story of Moses and Georgia. Moses is a crack baby who was sent to live with his grandmother after he was orphaned. He grew up in a small town and everyone knew he was different. First, he looked different and while that shouldn’t matter, it did. Second, Moses saw the world differently and wasn’t afraid to express himself. It wasn’t long before he was a social outcast, but that didn’t stop the beautiful neighbor girl. No Georgia was immediately captivated by Moses and wouldn’t take no for an answer.

The story progresses as Moses and Georgia grow older. So many things happen and their lives play out in a way no one could have ever predicted, but in the end it is absolutely beautiful. This story explores so many different elements and has you feeling everything. To classify this book as one thing or another would be to do it a great injustice. When I sat down to read it I was expecting a love story, but it’s also a story of finding the beauty in the ordinary, forgiving yourself and accepting your faults, and moving on.

This book affected me in a way a lot of books don’t. It is by far one of my favorite books I have ever read. Still weeks later I thinking about these characters. Moses and Georgia are unforgettable, unique, and relatable. I remember when this book came out and I saw a lot of speculation and spoilers, and honestly I was so turned off the idea of reading it. I am so glad I decided to take a chance, because missing out on this story is tragic. Yes, I get how dramatic that sounds, but I truly believe it is one of the most beautiful stories I have EVER. I highly recommend!

My five greats: the hot sun, my husband who loves me regardless of my flaws, a good book that moves me, my book mate and Diet Sun Drop.

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January 3, 2015
3 stars

“If you don’t love, then nobody gets hurt. It’s easy to leave. It’s easy to lose. It’s easy to let go.”

 photo lawofmoses.png

I may be in the minority on this one. I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it. I will say that as always, Amy Harmon is a terrific writer. Some parts of this just didn't sit well with me.

“There are laws. There are rules. And when you break them, there are consequences. Laws of nature and laws of life. Laws of love and laws of death.”

This is my fourth Amy Harmon book to date, and I have to say I prefer her earlier books to her newer ones. My all time favorite book by her was A Different Blue, and Running Barefoot runs a close second. The Law of Moses just wasn't the book for me. So for this review, I'm going to break down what I liked, and what I didn't like.

What I Liked:

-5 Grateful for concepts: I have to say, most people take everyday things for granted, so Ms. Harmon did a wonderful job reminding the reader to appreciate what we have. I liked that this theory kept the characters on track with their lives.

-I stated it before, but Amy Harmon is a beautiful writer, and this book was written wonderfully.

-There were no excess side plots. For example, in A Different Blue there was much emphasis on Joan of Arc, Making Faces had the Greek Gods if I remember correctly, and they just took up too much of the story. While there were religious tones in this book, it wasn't in excess and I am very grateful for that.

“Time softens memories, sanding down the rough edges of death.”

Overall a decent read, but because of my personal preferences it was not the book for me. I do recommend that Amy Harmon fans read this book as I think they'll enjoy it very much.
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