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Silver Valley #1

Silver Bastard

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First in the new Silver Valley series from the New York Times bestselling author of the Reapers Motorcycle Club Novels

Fourteen months. For fourteen months, Puck Redhouse sat in a cell and kept his mouth shut, protecting the Silver Bastards MC from their enemies. Then he was free and it was time for his reward—full membership in the club, along with a party to celebrate. That’s when he saw Becca Jones for the first time and set everything in motion. Before the night ended he’d violated his parole and stolen her away from everything she knew.

Five years. It was five years ago that Puck destroyed Becca and saved her all in one night. She’s been terrified of him ever since, but she’s even more terrified of the monsters he still protects her from... But Becca refuses to let fear control her. She’s living her life and moving forward, until she gets a phone call from the past she can't ignore. She has to go back, and there’s only one man she can trust to go with her—the ex-con biker who rescued her once before.

Puck will help her again, but this time it’ll be on his terms. No more lies, no more tears, and no more holding back what he really wants...
This edition only: A new Silver Valley story

448 pages, Paperback

First published April 7, 2015

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About the author

Joanna Wylde

47 books9,437 followers
Joanna Wylde is a freelance writer and voracious reader. You can visit her website at www.joannawylde.net.

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3,758 reviews32k followers
April 7, 2015
5 stars!

 photo bdb58241-0f49-4794-b6ff-f37bc6fc07a4_zps0bxrggvv.jpg

I’ve been insanely excited to read Puck’s book ever since I met him. Even though this is the start of a new series, it spins off from the end of the last Joanna Wylde book. I love MC books, but Joanna’s MC books are special MC books. They are consistently good. They’re the perfect amount of raw/grittiness without going over the top. They’re sweet and sexy without being too soft. And they always have great alpha heroes, strong heroines and a solid story. Silver Bastard was no exception.

Puck is just out of jail and a full fledged Silver Bastard. Life is good. At a party to celebrate his release, he sees the young and beautiful Becca Jones. Becca is the girl he has his eye on. She’s different from all the other girls there and he wants her. They have an incredible night, only to wake up and realize that Becca’s circumstances aren’t what he thought. Puck saves her and himself that day. And Becca has always been grateful for that. She decides to take this new start and make sure her life is different from the one she knew growing up.

 photo a9351943-5760-4eb2-a2b9-cc3582a1c440_zpssecgwugp.jpg

Fast forward five years later. Becca is living in the same town as Puck, but they haven’t spoken much as the years have went by. Becca’s been safe, been in school and working. Puck is doing what he does as a member of the SB’s. They’ve never forgotten each other. And they've had some events happen that led them to… reconnect. Becca has always seen Puck as special. As someone who’s saved her. Even though Puck doesn’t feel deserving of a girl like Becca, Becca knows he’s something else. He did something he didn't’ have to do and it changed her life forever.

 photo 26a76729-1395-43a4-9521-67d7c750e6c3_zpslsinzqzl.jpg

I thought Becca was such a strong heroine. She was self sufficient. Proud. Strong. I loved this chick. She works hard, provides for herself and doesn't take crap from anyone. Puck was your typical biker in some ways. He was that bad ass biker who was alpha and domineering, but also had a soft spot for his woman. Once he claimed Becca as his, it was over.

The spark and the chemistry between these two is off the charts hot from the beginning. No matter how hard they try to fight it, it’s palpable. And once they give in… it’s explosive.

 photo d43f1cf1-6dbf-4f36-8e38-301985d6c748_zps5fmhcduu.jpg

Becca and Puck don’t have an easy start to their story. It’s got a lot of bumps and bruises along the way. It’s complicated. But Puck’s loyalty to Becca makes all the difference.

There is, with every Wylde book, that moment towards the end where the shit hits the fan. You know what I’m talking about. This book had it. It broke my heart a little more than normal. I felt for Becca. It hurts to think someone who is supposed to love you could do you that way. But I was so glad that she had the closure she needed. And I’m glad she had Puck to support her and be there for her when she needed him. Becca, more than most, needs someone in her life that she can count on. And for once, she has that.

 photo 284516f8-e0ed-48ce-a502-1070bae0fdac_zpsbukude42.jpg

Overall, this book was another fantastic addition to Joanna’s MC books. The ending was all kinds of perfect. I love the Reaper’s so much, and the Silver Bastard’s are shaping up to be just as great. Action packed, suspenseful, super steamy and completely enjoyable, Silver Bastard is one book you won’t want to pass up! It gets a full 5 stars from me!

 photo be4b29a1-895b-4b2c-9cfe-de3fe4a60d0f_zpsrrf5awml.jpg

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2,000 reviews11.8k followers
July 15, 2015
4 Stars

The man was my personal North Atlantic iceberg, lurking under the cold waters, just waiting to shred me wide open.
Fucking biker.

Ladies and ovaries, prepare to meet the bane of your existence (I'll explain) and the object of your upcoming pervy dreams, Puck Redhouse. So why bane of existence? Because I honestly thought that my poor ovaries would die a slow and painful death by sexual frustration for a good 60% of this book. But damn, what a way to go. Joanna knows how to give good sexual tension. OH MY GAWD, the sexual tension! It burned with the fire of a thousand venereal diseases, I tells ya. Not that I know what that feels like, but I'd guess it would be like that. Just saying. Moving on...
Do not think for one minute that I'm the kind of guy who does the right thing. That's not my style. I'm the guy who does what he wants when he wants, and trust me when I say I didn't do nearly enough to you that night to get out out of my system."

Five years ago, Puck saved Becca Jones and destroyed her all at once. It was the night that irrevocably changed everything for both Puck and Becca. For Puck, it was a night that gave him an angel after months of hell inside a jail cell, only to turn into something that can put him right back into it. And for Becca, it gave her a taste of something she never expected but with devastating consequences. But it was also the night of her salvation.

Now Becca is a different person five years later. She's older, working on her career, has an amazing best friend. But the memory of the rough biker still continues to equal terrify and tempt her. Puck and Becca don't cross paths much and have barely seen each other over 5 years, but she's always known his there. Beck's history makes her weary of bikers and the MC, and even though the Silver Bastards are nothing like what she grew up in, they still scare her. Worst of all is the scowling man with the burning brown eyes that continues to have a visceral reaction to.
I'm not your friend, Becca. I've never been your friend and I never will be. I can be the man that fucks you and owns you, or I can be the man who keeps an eye on you..."

Even though the chemistry between her Puck is so palpable it practically crackles with electricity, both Puck and Becca are determined to stay away from each other. Puck out of atonement from the past and knowing that Becca is too good for the likes of him, and Becca because she's determined to stay as far away from the biker life as she can and not turn into her mother who is the worst kind of MC whore.

Puck is definitely no sunshine and rainbows kind of biker. He makes no apologies for who he is and what he does. His life is all about his brothers and his MC. He has no interest of allowing a woman into his life and screwing any of it up. The relationships between him and Becca is definitely not an easy or smooth road. Puck is certainly not celibate when they're not together, and he doesn't make an effort to hide that. But when he sets his sights on Becca, he knows that he won't settle for anything less than everything.

Becca is extremely stubborn and is determined to not get her heart involved. She says some very vicious and unthoughtful things to Puck at times that had me wanting to slap her. But as frustrating as they were at times, I found them to be a perfect balance for each other.
All I felt was him, all I wanted was him. In me, on me, surrounding me.

Even though this focuses on Silver Bastard's territory, we do get a peak at all our favorite characters from Joanna's other series. There's Picnic, Horse and of course Painter. Let me just tell you, if you were anxious for Painter's story before, this book will have you absolutely dying for it. Puck and Painter formed an extremely tight bond while they served time together. Painter is not the biker I remembered from The Reapers. He's a little more rough, a little more hard, and all the more tempting. I'm salivating, SALIVATING for his book dammit! That little tease of him we get in this book was pure torture.

There's a lot that happens in this book that made it for one entertaining read. It was a steady pace full of action, a little suspense, and a whole lot of hot biker lovin'.
Becca Jones might be my property in the eyes of the club, but the reality was that she owned me and there wasn't a damned thing I could do about it.

I also loved the inclusion of a secondary plot here. The second Rourk first appeared on the scene, i was completely fascinated with him. But then Joanna went and added that bonus epilogue and OH MY GAWD. Worst sort of tease ever! If Rourk and Shane don't get a book soon, I'm pretty sure I'd cut a bitch. I'm not even kidding.

Silver Bastard was definitely another winner from Miss Wylde, and I can't wait for more of the Silver Bastards. While this is a spin-off series and can be read a standalone, The Reapers do make an appearance here. If you haven't yet read Joanna's other series, I strongly recommend you do. Especially if you want to get the back story before Painter's book will be released.

ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest review

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1,809 reviews28.5k followers
April 12, 2017
4 Bangin' Stars

So I most assuredly have a fever for MC Club books and Joanna Wylde definitely knows how to bang my cowbell.


Whatever you expect to get from a Joanna Wylde book, Silver Bastards absolutely delivers.


The overall feel of the story is very similar to other Wylde books (which can be a good or bad thing depending on your POV) - although this one most definitely has a twist at the start.

For those of you who have problems with , this might be a problem for you.

For me?


I know it's wrong and blah blah blah [insert profound and meaningful social commentary here], but it just doesn't bother me.

In fact, I dig it.




Other than that, like I said, this book has a lot of the same elements as all Wylde's other works.

Manwhore MC biker meets "the one," they have some push/pull, shenanigans ensue, and let's not forget:


And boy do they ever in this book.

Seriously though, they were double clicking her mouse all over Kingdom Cum.


Some may consider all this somewhat formulaic - and it is, make no mistake - but let's be frank, we aren't re-inventing the wheel here people.

And I like it.

Because sometimes it's just nice to know that your Snickers bar is going to taste like a damned Snickers bar.

And because I'm not one those "I must have originality" snobs.

I am a snob, mind you...just a snob with questionable standards, the attention span of a tic, and the ability to read the same thing over and over again.

But I digress.

My only real complaint with this book?


Not the brightest bulb in the box, people.


Seriously, this seems to be common to most of Wylde's lead females - perhaps in order to facilitate the ever needed damsel in distress scenario, which I'm totally not knocking because me likey - but Becca seemed to be a more special brand of idiot than most.


But as much as Becca annoyed me, Puck put the hot in my tamale.


Overall, I really enjoyed this story.

There were moments when I didn't always feel Puck and Becca's connection, but at the end of the day?

I definitely got enough cowbell.


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1,176 reviews4,157 followers
August 1, 2016
It had been a while since I was in the mood for a biker romance. Then, I read a fabulous one and it lit a spark. I had to read another one...and then another one. 'Silver Bastard' was just the story I needed to give me my biker fix. It was gritty and raw. I loved every minute!

This book tells the story of Puck and Becca. They meet at a party that is being thrown for Puck after his release from prison. One night together sets off a chain of events that will influence both of their lives for years to come. It was intense and shocking!

After that night, nothing will be the same for either of them. I had a lot of mixed emotions about what took place. I was sad and angry. I also had a great deal of sympathy for both of them.

As a heroine, Becca was strong and easy to admire. This lady was a survivor! At the same time, she was so vulnerable and damaged that you wanted to protect her. It's no surprise that Puck was drawn to her.

While Becca was easy to love, Puck was a little more of a challenge. He had the whole badass, alpha-male biker thing going for him, but he also epitomized every negative biker stereotype around. He flaunted the fact that he wasn't a "good" guy and made no apologies for his behavior. Sometimes, I appreciated that. Other times, I was put off by his piggy actions.

Together, these two worked. They were smoking hot together, even when it was just wrong. I only wish that they'd hurried up and figured their stuff out.

As a whole, I thought this was a great story. It did get a little slow at times and had plenty of predictable "twists". However, it was still a wholly enjoyable reading experience. With characters from the Reapers MC woven into the story, Ms. Wilde did a fantastic job of introducing this new series, while still maintaining a connection for fans of the other series.
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1,373 reviews963 followers
April 7, 2015


I love this book and the fact that we get more dirty bikers with the Silver Bastard club. The club has ties to Ms. Wylde's other series, Reapers MC, but you don’t need to read that series to read this book.

SILVER BASTARD has what I like in my mc reads; gritty, dirty and all around clusterf*ck.

Puck is “The Dark Knight” for Becca. He’s ever ready to rescue her.


Becca is ”soft and warm”. But don’t let that softer side of her fool you because she has a temper and isn’t afraid to show it. She was raised in the mc lifestyle and grew up feeling like trailer trash.

The prologue was EXCELLENT. One big clusterf*ck of events in the prologue left me eager to get into the meat of this story. It takes place 5 years prior to the story and Puck and Painter have just been released from prison. To celebrate their release a local mc holds a celebration party and at this party Puck meets Becca for the first time. Let’s just say, one thing leads to another and a shitstorm rains down on the party.

When the book begins it is 5 years later with Puck and Becca knowing of each other but they aren’t friends or even acquaintances. Silver Bastard takes place in a small town where the feel of a close community creates intensity that is gripping. I love me some drama and I was glad this book didn’t hold back. I was jumping out of my seat for the last 25% of the book. I kept predicting what was going to happen… I was right, I was wrong, I was all over the place. At times I contemplated taking up smoking and drinking or maybe even a Xanax. I wasn’t sure I was going to make it through what *I thought* was going to happen. I love that feeling when you’re so into the book that real life takes a back seat.

Puck and Becca's love story doesn’t start out in a bed of roses. Their story is complicated with many facets working against them. Puck’s devotion to Becca was unwavering even from the first time he laid eyes on her. I was rooting for this couple to get together and mostly for Becca to put her trust in him. Becca’s past and her current troubles left her jaded and not able to trust Puck’s true intentions.


Ms. Wylde does it again with a book that I could have kept reading and reading. I dreaded knowing the story was almost done because I wasn’t ready to be done with these characters. I was excited for the epilogue because it gave me a future glimpse of this couple which made me smile. And to my happiness there is a BONUS epilogue with a tease on one of the characters in this story. Looking forward to more of that character's story.

Key players in Silver Valley:

Boonie: Silver Bastard President
♥Darcy: old lady

Puck: Silver Bastard patch
♥Becca: old lady

Deep: Silver Bastard patch. Irish twin (born 10 months apart) with Demon.

Demon: Silver Bastard patch. Irish twin (born 10 months apart) with Deep.

Carlie: club girl

Painter: Reaper patch served time in prison with Puck.

Regina & Earl: Becca’s “surragonant” parents

Danielle: Becca’s best friend

Blake: a friend to Becca and Danielle

Shane McDonogh: dad was a contract killer for Irish mob. Mob prince. Family owns the town mine.

RELEASE DATE: 4/7/2015
Pre-order | order: http://amzn.to/1I6HQRT

Silver Bastard (Silver Valley, #1) by Joanna Wylde
To find out when the next book will be released click here.
This book stands alone, so don't worry if you haven't read the Reapers series first. Unlike the Reapers books, the Silver Valley series won't be centered around motorcycle clubs, but a location. ~from Joanna Wylde

**Complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.**

descriptive text here

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632 reviews2,667 followers
April 3, 2015
3.5 stars!


There are very few biker romances I’m willing to read these days simply because I can’t take all the angst and conflict that comes with the club lifestyle, but Joanna Wylde is one author I won’t hesitate to read because she combines just the right amount of grit and romance to make for one compelling story. Usually I really like or love her books but I have to admit...I wasn't too sure about this book for a while, and I even thought about putting it down for good. What sets this book (and probably series) apart from her Reapers MC books is that they’re not set around a club, but a location – the Silver Valley region from where the series name is derived. Thus, a lot of the grit and action I’ve come to expect from her stories was absent in this book, and – in my opinion – is the cheesiest out of all her stories, but in the end I’m glad I continued with it. An author who can make me want to give up but then turn things around and make me enjoy the story by the end is a talented writer.

If you’ve read the Reapers MC books, you’ll remember Puck as the guy who got thrown into jail with Painter on a weapons charge, and now after a year he’s finally out. Prior to his serving time, he was just a prospect for the Silver Bastards MC, but by keeping quiet and protecting the club even while he was in prison earned him respect and an official place in the club, and at the start of the book is out celebrating when he spies the heroine Becca. He can tell that she’s not like other club whores and immediately wants her. What follows is one unforgettable night and total chaos the next day when the truth about Becca’s circumstances comes out; thus, Puck and the others take Becca with them and relocate her to a new place and keep tabs on her to make sure she’s safe.

At this point in the book (around the 10% mark) I was totally feeling the story. Unfortunately the author threw in a plot device that I absolutely abhor - time gap! Unless it’s for an epilogue, I just seriously can’t stand time gaps. You could even say time gaps are a hard limit of mine. Either way, I felt like the 5 year time gap here was only inserted so Becca would be out of her teenage years because honestly? It felt like no time passed at all. The many chapters following the time gap consisted of Becca and Puck going on and on about how amazing their one night together was and everything else was virtually the same, so I didn’t feel like 5 years had passed. It got to a point where I wanted both of them to just shut up and move on or screw each other already, and THANK GOD there was some development in that area thanks to Puck.


I also didn’t really connect with either Puck or Becca individually and as a couple. Their relationship was solely based on the fact that they had some history that night 5 years ago, and to see Puck suddenly want to claim Becca as his old lady made two words pop in my head: insta love! At this point in the book, I really wanted to throw in the towel and call it a day. Puck didn’t stand out as a Joanna Wylde hero and Becca was extremely childish.

But I’m glad I didn’t give up.

Somewhere after this first quarter of the book the story turned around for me. There was still some character stupidity and bad choices made, but the characters owned it. They matured the more I read, and developed a level of mutual respect I couldn’t help but have to acknowledge. I also loved getting the details about club life – member interactions, meeting the other old ladies, etc...– and there was a secondary subplot that added a suspenseful tone to the story which was great.

I think my main issue with the book would be the frustrating first 25% of the story along with the weak romantic connection. While I ended up enjoying the story tons by the end, I still can’t forget that it took me a long time to really get into the story in the beginning which is why I can’t bring myself to give this book 4 stars or higher. It’s definitely not my favorite from this author, but is still a solid, intriguing first installment to this series and with the clever sneak peek at the end, I’m just dying to get my hands on the next book! I’m sure it’ll be a hit for readers who loved her Reapers MC series and as long as you don’t mind insta-love and time gaps like I do, you’ll enjoy this book just fine :)


Silver Bastard is the first book in the Silver Valley series and can be read as a standalone. While a few characters from the Reapers MC series make an appearance you don’t have to read those books beforehand.

ARC provided by Penguin Intermix via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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1,260 reviews9,931 followers
April 16, 2015
*****FOUR STARS*****
{BR with Mel, Sharon, Tiff, and Tera}

Becca Jones might be my property in the eyes of the club, but the reality was that she owned me and there wasn't a damned thing I could do about it.

 photo 2a50105138d53fb3fdecee186199d4cc_zpskahmvnob.jpg

Puck Redhouse meets a beautiful girl the day he is released from prison at a party being thrown in his honor by another Motorcycle club that is friendly with the Reapers and Bastards. From the moment he laid eyes on Becca Jones, he was a goner. Things get pretty hot quick between these two and then take a turn for the worse the morning after. Turns out Becca is underage and her disgusting step-father pimped her out to Puck. This was all unbeknownst to him. He ends up rescuing her from her pretty messed up family life and brings her back home to live in Callup, Idaho. I will just say that the first time Becca and Puck were together was not my favorite part of the story. It was actually pretty disgusting, but this was the only part of the story that I had any issues with.

Five years later, Becca has made a nice life for herself in Callup. She has some really good friends and people who look out for her, including the Silver Bastards. She has only run into Puck on a few occasions but he never tried to make any advances towards her in all that time. Becca has a job as a waitress and she is going to school to get her license as a hair stylist. She made a plan to do exactly the opposite of what her mother did in her life. This means all bad boys like Puck are off limits to her. But she will find it hard to resist Puck since he seems to be the only man that gets her heart racing.

These two try to deny their attraction for each other but eventually it just becomes impossible to ignore. I really enjoyed the slow build up to their reunion. But mostly I felt like I was going to die if they took any longer to finally get together!!

The whole plot line with the Irish mob kind of confused me at times and I know that was added for the elements of danger but there were so many names being thrown about that I had a hard time following that story line and I really wasn't too interested in it either. Unfortunately it looks like these guys will be around in the next books or they are getting their own series.

I loved how things ended for Becca and Puck and I am DYING for Painter's book! I am praying the next book will be about Painter and Melanie because I believe we missed quite a bit of what went on between these two. This wasn't the best in the series but I will say that I really did enjoy it!
May 8, 2017
*Some Mild Spoilers*

I'm gonna keep it short sweet and to the point. The story plot was good. Puck I loved. Becca I could not stand! She almost completely ruined the book for me. She treated Puck like shit! Every time her mom (Who is the worst mom ever!!!) treated her like crap she would rip into Puck. She was a yo yo the whole book ( I want Puck, no I don't want Puck, I want Puck, nope I don't want him again), and I think she may have mental issues for real!!!! Oh and let's not forget she did the stupidest shit. I thought Painter nailed it when he told her his brother deserves better because Puck so Deserved better than her!!!! I hope the next one is better.
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1,005 reviews800 followers
May 23, 2015

I absolutely love Ms. Wlyde’s MC books, they are perfection. The perfect amount sexiness, thrill, grit. I have a hard picking favorites, but this one is up there. Silver Bastards is the first book in the spin off series from Reapers.

The story begins with Puck finally getting out of prison. The MC rides down to pick him up and while there they party with the local MC. It has been a while since he has been with a girl, too long, so Puck is on a mission when he arrives at the party. He quickly meets Becca and his completely entranced by her innocents in the rough clubhouse. Becca doesn’t look like she belongs, but is able to hold her own. She is a complete contradiction.

“Meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to me, Puck. Things were fucked up and wrong, but you saved my life.”

Becca has had a rough life. Her mother is a drug addict, always going from one loser to the next and Becca has been collateral damage. She has grown accustomed to her lifestyle and while she knows it’s wrong has accepted it. Becca has no idea meeting the rugged biker will change her life forever.

Becca and Puck develop a bond and it is like nothing you would ever expect. It is real and beautiful. I absolutely loved Puck. I love how he is the opposite of what you would expect in the MC world. In the same respect he is exactly what you would expect, because it is only with Becca that he is different.

“Swear to fuck, Becca, if you were anyone else I’d just take you and be done with it. You’re lodged in my brain like a bullet and it’s poisoning me.”

My favorite thing about Wlyde’s MC books is that we get our fix on gritty MC world and a hot romance with a take what I want type of hero. I absolutely loved reading the exciting plot and seeing where things were going with the club. I love how Wlyde has intertwined these two worlds: Reapers and Silver Bastards. I cannot wait to see what comes next.

So while Becca and Puck’s relationship stole the show the MC world is what has me begging for more and dying to see where things go next!

It’s no secret I have read way more than my fair share of MC books, so I can go on the record and say very few authors can write an MC story like Wylde. She is one of my go to MC author, if she releases a book I am reading it. I highly recommend this story. It has everything an MC story should have heart, grit, excitement and hot sex.

Becca Jones might be my property in the eyes of the club, but the reality was that she owned me and there wasn’t a damned thing I could do about it.

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

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1,232 reviews2,030 followers
April 2, 2015

When Puck Redhouse met Becky Jones, he just got out of prison after serving a 14-month sentence and she was offered to him as a reward of sorts. It was an unforgettable night for both of them, but the consequences of that night could very well sent Puck back into the lam. Not wanting to violate his parole and to save the girl from her situation prompted Puck and the Silver Bastards to take Becky with them back to Calup, Idaho to protect her.

Fast forward five years later, Becky is making a life for herself in the Silver Valley. She has a job and she's about to graduate from Beauty School. She has friends that love her, an adoptive family that believes in her and most of all, she has the protection of the Silver Bastards and Puck Redhouse.

Puck wanted Becky for a long time but what happened that night haunted him and when he sees Becky seemingly content with her life, he decided not to do anything about his feelings. Becky for her part thought Puck hated her and his indifference added fuel to her assumptions. But Puck of course is far from being indifferent.

"We've been in a relationship for five years now," Puck said, his voice hard. "It wasn't normal, it wasn't exclusive...Hell, I don't know what the fuck it was, but we both know that's that truth. Whatever's between us, it's been there since that first night we met."

One of the things that I really liked about this one was the way Joanna Wylde incorporated the areas around Silver Valley, Idaho into book. The little snippets of history about the town and its inhabitants contributed to the overall atmosphere of the book.

I also liked that although the main character is part of a motorcycle club, the story and its characters extended beyond that. Yes, biker culture is still present but it's now coupled with small town culture. And I personally loved how Ms. Wylde explained the complicated relationship of the MC with the town itself.

Becky, I wasn't sure of at first, but she grew on me. She was the epitome of a survivor. She had a lot of crap thrown her way but she was able to survive and start a life for herself. Yes, her reluctance to let go of her toxic mother was frustrating but think about it. She was her only living flesh and blood, and she wasn't always a bad mother to her. So I understood Becky's reluctance to cut her out of her life despite being burned too many times.

Puck, like many of Ms. Wylde's heroes, is the epitome of sexy biker. Brash, foul-mouthed, and loyal to his club and to his brothers. I liked him. Liked how different he was from the Puck we met on Reaper's Stand. I wish I had seen the Puck and Painter bromance in action though. Their friendship was alluded to throughout the book. Puck even acknowledged that him and Painter are close. I wish we had seen it instead of just being told about it though.

Other than that, I enjoyed the side characters. Blake, Danielle, even Carlie. Most of all, I enjoyed those little snippets of Shane and Rourke. Rawr! Yes, please, Joanna. I want one book each for Shane and Rourke.

ARC courtesy of the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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April 17, 2015
”Becca Jones might be my property in the eyes of the club, but the reality was that she owned me and there wasn’t a damned thing I could do about it.”

[image error]

The prologue was a dozy and I was immediately hooked on the story of Becca and Puck. Puck and the boys take a sixteen year old Becca away from her mother and stepfather and then bam we are five years later in the future. Where Becca has made a nice life for herself in Callup and has seen very little of Puck through the years and only from a far when she does. Becca is twenty-one years old now and Puck finds it impossible to stay away from her.

”That boy’s crazy about you – it’s cute. Like a pit bull crushing on a kitten.”

Puck could have been a bit deeper of a character while I found Becca to be super relatable and likable in her indecision about being with Puck. Becca’s background was totally scaring and I understood her fears about being Puck’s Old Lady and her unstoppable attraction to him and the pull her damaging mother has on her.

”There has to be a sweet spot between lonely cat lady and full-on biker whore like my mom.”

The author should have given a meeting at the club just so we could get to know the members of The Silver Bastards etc. I mean who the heck is this group? Anyway, there’s some business with Irish peps who own the mine but just enough to give some added action. The story is mainly about Becca and her Batman.

”They say love at first sight is bullshit, and they’re probably right. But whatever I felt for you that first night? It turned into something real. I’m never letting you go.”

Overall, I liked Becca and Puck and I’m excited for Painter’s story but that “bonus epilogue” I'm hoping get's scratched. I’m just not interested in rich mean kids at some dumb academy in Idaho.
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August 11, 2017
4***Hot, Dark, Batman Stars

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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Puck Redhouse meets Becca Jones the day he gets released from jail. He was fascinated with her and instantly knew he wanted her. Puck was a member of the bad ass Silver Bastard Motorcycle Club located on Callup, Idaho. The club was having a welcome party for him and Painter at Becs stepfather’s place. Puck meets Becs at the party and makes her his for the night. However, he had no clue that she was underage and that her stepfather Teeny had been abusing and pimping her out. He went bat shit crazy when he found out the next morning as Teeny was bitten the shit out of Becca. Puck took her far away from Teeny and Bec’s mother with the help of all the brothers of the MC of course. But he never forgot about her, he always had someone watched over her.


Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Becca Jones finally was free from the abusing childhood she was forced to live, thanks to her fucked up mother. This makes me so angry. It’s so wrong in so many levels that a child has to put up with a stepfather’s rape and bitten and on top of that have to watch the mother get almost killed too many times. I can totally understand Becca’s struggle to get into a relationship with Puck because she did not wanted to end up like her mother. She didn’t want anyone to control her and tell her what to do. Puck left for five years but made sure Becca had a family to support her and help her on her new life.


Image and video hosting by TinyPic
However, five years after her luck changed and Puck saved her from her hell of a life she had. She was trying to make a happy life studying full time and working part time. Puck comes back into her life and the chemistry between these two is undeniable. They both knew it, the MC Brothers knew, but neither one would act up on it. She was not interested on relationships especially with Puck. Puck though couldn’t fight the magnetic pull he felt over her; he wanted her but at the same time didn’t want to claim her. It took the a meeting at “church” and the brothers basically laying it out in the open in order for him to protect her he had to claimed her otherwise he couldn't do anything about her safety. Their relationship was all full of bumps and downs.

At first he was so controlling like


Ugh hell to the NO!! So, I liked Becca fighting him off it was awesome lol.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Once he finally realized he was going nowhere with Becca unless he claimed her as his Old Lady and keep her. Shit got real, he finally proved her that she belonged to him and he was being serious and was going to protect her. She struggled at first but when shit went down and her mother kept using her calling her for money and still making her life a living hell. She soon realized that she truly did loved Puck and he was it for her. Their sex was steamy HOT, holy Batman!. I mean Puck knew exactly how to claim his girl and make her happy. Becca always thought of Puck as a batman because he was dark, mysterious and HOT.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

When Puck and Becca finally decided to give a relationship a go, Puck was dealing with club business. Somehow accidently Becca found herself in the middle of the club action after she received a call that made her go crazy. Honestly, up to this point I still liked her a lot and even thought she was making stupid decisions I still understood why. But this drove me mad, she was trying to work for a day at a strip club and get cash to drive to Cali to try to kill Teeny herself. However, she was not counting on being caught up in the middle of the club action and well her plans went to shit. Puck went mad at her but I have to admit the “ANGRY FUCK” was super hot. He helped her with her original plan and omg the big surprised she found once they made it to Cali made me sick. I was so pissed off again. How could a mother do something like that to her own daughter is beyond me. At the end of the day the mother saved her in a way but I still will never forgive her for what she did to Becca.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

After all the crazy shit both went thru to be together I loved how the author wrapped this story at the end. Made me happy that Becca was able to work her traumatized childhood and make a family of her own with Puck. It was so sweet I loved it. However, right at the end I made the mistake to read the “bonus epilogue”…and well…I’m beside myself because now I need more of Shane’s story…like why? why did I read that? Why is the author such a tease? Lol. Anyhow, I loved this story and all I can do now is sit my ass and wait impatiently for her next book to come out.


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June 27, 2015

** Full-review#2 of Eda's US Trip Reads **

** 3-3,5 “Batman on a motorcycle” STARS **

“I’m here to stay. I’ll kill for you. Die for you, too. But I will not f*cking let you go, Becca.”


The first night Puck is out of jail, his road crosses with Becca's in a way that could push him right back into the hell-hole... In a way that leaves both of them wanting, lusting, tied in knots...AND BROKEN.

Now it's been 5 years...and Puck is finally ready to claim what's been HIS since that night. His woman. Becca.


So what DIDN'T work for Eda in this story?

#1 // I couldn't connect with either of the characters! Puck was not as badass as I've been used to in Joanna Wylde biker-romance books, and don't even get me started about Becca. Ugh. Annoying...GODDAMN ANNOYING AS HELL!

#2 // The lack of emotional ties between Puck and Becca. I'm sorry, but I couldn't feel their “love” AT ALL. It was pure lust all along, if you ask me.

#3 // The thing that I freakin' hate the most in romance books... The “irresponsibility” issue.

Ugh. I can't even comment on that sh*t.

OVERALL: I'm not saying I didn't enjoy this book. I did. The general MC life, the other bikers in the club and all the action was GOLDEN. But the romance side sucked for me... I guess I expected much more after being a HUGE fan of the “Reaper's MC” series.

Becca Jones might be my property in the eyes of the club, but the reality was that she OWNED me and there wasnt’ a damned thing I could do about it.
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April 16, 2015
3.75 A good start stars***
 photo 22C9ECD3-AD94-4574-A163-3106BDD7B163_zpsruesvwhh.jpg

I adore MC books there's just something raw and gritty about them, I love the brotherhood knit and family way of life they live by. I also love Joanna's writing and this is no different it was as fantastic as ever, saying all this it wasn't my favourite of her books but I still liked it! The beginning left me in a state of shock and the 2nd half had me sitting at the edge of my seat but the middle just dragged slightly. I also feel this is a great start to a new series and will just get better it was a good setup for what's to come. Overall it was a 3.75 star read.

So what's it about.
The beginning starts with a bang, I was HOLYSHIT and also very excited about where the story was going to take us so very ready for the story to unfold.
 photo challengeacceptedgif_zpse063f853.gif

Lets start with the fact that Puck has just got out of prison its his first day out and also the day he meets timid little Becca, Puck has an eye on her and consequently they end up together for the night. I'm not saying anymore with that just understand its on big WOWEE time. Becca hasn't had the best beginning in her life she's been brought up in the bikers world yet its not a good bikers world its where the men see the women as sluts and don't respect them as individuals or people, they're just there quite frankly to serve them. Therefore when Puck takes a hold of Becca and finds out who she is he and the Silver Bastards rescue her from her mother and 'step fathers' world so take her in, they give her the protection she needs to start to live and breathe.

Boring, comfortable, and safe. words to live by. Words I wished my mom would learn for herself. So far as I could tell, her favourite word was "drama."~ Becca

Fast forward 5 years and to present day.Becca wants sensible she wants routine she wants stability and she wants a brighter future than the one she was born with, she goes to school and she works around the clock so she will be able to have a life she's proud of. Which doesn't fit into the way Puck lives does it??

 photo cat 2 gif_zpsdcb3ohxf.gif

And Puck was like??
 photo shark 2 gif_zpstfqklscv.gif

Ok lets be serious. Puck stays clear until she's at the point where he feels she's ready to let him in, lets also say their has always been chemistry between them and Puck is a Silver Bastard he's part of a club and all that comes with responsibility, its a different world but above all he's struggling to stay away from Becca, one night lays don't seem to cut it anymore.

 photo CC0E3B62-305E-4036-A9D0-4516F35F5D6D_zpssldw67e5.jpg

Puck has watched at a distance and watched her build her life up again, he has let her become the independent woman she needed to become to get strong, to find out who she is and what she wanted to be, except it was now time to let her in and in that he hopes she lets him in too.

This was their story of self discovery and how they both actually need each other also a story about FAMILY.

 photo 69002E2B-789E-4A26-B505-6ED8A554DB4E_zpsvbzee4mx.jpg

Becca Becca Becca
Lets not go over the Biker world as we all know it but it surrounds them both in more ways for Becca to accept, lets start with that she is what we call a bitchy feisty woman (slightly irritating) and has all the characteristics we love to read in the woman's world concerning becoming an old lady, claimed being part of the family. Except she struggled with herself struggled with her past and didn't want to become her mother therefore a lot of the story involved fighting within herself and Puck and what Puck resembled.

But her body said otherwise.
biting lips gif photo biting lips gif_zpswcfzunbd.gif

And so this story is about to me was about letting go of pasts and living in the present.

What I enjoyed
I fell into the bikers brotherhood world I love these stories they have the grit and raw emotions/life/family that takes me to a world I don't want to personally live but most definitely savor and live through the pages of my kindle. I love how the old ladies all team together and support one another and where the men protect their town and get the jobs done, its who they are. All this a great structure of a fabulous read. It gave me a little of a KA feel concerning family moments around the table I always love that and because of that Joanna is a great storyteller I enjoyed that greatly. Joanna's writing still has that darkish edge and in Puck she gave us one Badass male that came with the right kind of mannerisms that I expect in a Biker and likewise once Becca gave into the life she should lead you saw and felt everything that she went through.

 photo 5B96399F-663A-487F-9C89-6CA1DC94E08E_zpsozt9abdw.jpg

So why not 5 Stars?
At the beginning I was gasping for air No Joke I was like WTF?? And excited about where it was going except it dragged in the middle there was A LOT of getting to know you basis. And not a lot of sex, I mean Puck is a man that takes what he God damn pleases so it was a different take, it did happen believe me but Puck took his time with Becca, maybe a little too long but once the story took hold I enjoyed the last 1/4. I do feel personally that this was a great beginning to a new series and a new look into the MC world because in hindsight this was more about the family and town that the Silver Bastards resembled. The Silver Bastards gave protection to the town rather than the MC world I think maybe that was what was different to me, I do think though that Joanna Wylde is branching out to more in her future books rather than the motorcycle world that we read in the Reapers with the Bastards its more about their overall protection of the place they live at and the family life they lead. All in all it was a great start and I'm really excited to see where this series will take us there's scope for a lot and I'll still be first in line for the next book that comes out.


 photo 4C9AABC8-2B5D-4055-97E1-777989BF51A3_zpsifeeusfn.jpg

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April 7, 2015
★★★ 3.5 Stars ★★★

Now Live!
Amazon - http://amzn.to/1L800mj
Amazon UK - http://amzn.to/1Jo5nlE

Joanna Wylde is one of my favourite Biker authors out there, there are so many books that focus on Motorcycle Clubs that are just mediocre but this is one author that I know can deliver a gritty, realistic and emotional storyline.

This is the first in the Silver Bastard series and centres on a location in North Idaho called the Silver Valley which is located east of Coeur d'Alene, home to the Reapers MC. It is not necessary to have read the Reapers series, but it is recommended, because a lot of the characters feature heavily in this book.
_ _ _ _

Puck Redhouse is a prospect for the Silver Bastards MC, and along with Reaper member Painter, he's serving time for a weapons charge. On the day of his release from prison he is patched in as a fully blown member as gratitude for serving his time for his club and his brothers. To celebrate his freedom the Silver Bastards and the Reapers throw a party at a small MC called the Longnecks and this is where he first sets eyes on Becca who in his eyes is his dream woman.

After fourteen long months behind bars, he and Becca work out his frustrations in the bedroom, but when reality kicks in, Puck realises that Becca is not who she first appeared to be and he concludes that he must protect her and keep his distance at the same time.

Time moves on and Becca is finally living a safe life away from her evil stepfather and no good mum, but she feels equally scared and protected by the big scary biker and she feels strangely guilty that her body reacts so strongly whenever he is near. She vowed never to become like her mother, a biker slut, that she is determined to stay as far away from him as she possibly can.

Puck's MC brothers advice? - "Claim her or get it over it."
_ _ _ _

I'll be honest, the first part of the book had me addicted and it was such a great prelude to Puck and Becca's relationship. Unfortunately for me, the remainder of the book felt like it was focusing much more on the suspense and action part of the story and I didn't get to see them together as much as I'd have liked.

Some great characters were introduced and despite Becca's terrible upbringing, she had a relate-able personality and stood up for herself and stayed strong.

It wasn't my favourite book from this author, but I am very interested to see where she takes this series.

Told in dual POV, this is the first book in this series and is a standalone.

ARC gratefully received from the author in exchange for an honest review

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May 11, 2015
3-3,5 STARS

I really wanted to read this book and I'm sorry to say this but unfortunately for me it wasn't as good as Joanna's other books. I was excited for Puck's book because I wanted to know more about him but Becca wasn't exactly the perfect female character for him.I expected something else..I couldn't connect with her and this was my main problem!Overall it was a great book and the story was good!


Puck released from prison and he goes to the local MC's party!There he will meet Becca and the only thing he has in mind is that he wants her!They will spent an unforgettable night together and Pack will become her hero and save her from her brutal step-father.Now after five years they will meet again and Puck is ready to claim her as his own...

I liked Pack!He is commanding,sexy,tough and he isn't afraid of anything.As I said Becca isn't my favorite heroine,I struggled with her!I know she has a rough life but she irritated me sometimes!I really tried to connect with her but I couldn't!


Joanna is one of my favorite authors!I like her writing style and her stories are unique!I was lucky to get a paperback of this book and it has bonus novella "Charming Bastard" and it was so good!!
April 22, 2015
Puck's just gotten out of prison with Painter and the Silver Bastards and the Reapers are celebrating. Puck's all ready for that but he wants something different, something sweet and wholesome and that's where Becca comes into the picture...and Puck is in heaven. That is, until he finds out more about her and then it all goes to hell.

There's a fine line with reading these MC books...the fine line between too much reality and not enough. There was a lot of too much in the beginning of this book that left somewhat of a bad taste in my mouth. It was hard disassociating Becca with what happened and how she could move forward in her life. It certainly didn't help that she kept in contact with her Mom and her Mom hadn't changed one bit!

Of course, a big help was the time gap. I know a lot of people don't like that but in this case, it was necessary. Becca was just too young and too messed up to be able to function much less carry on a relationship. Plus, I loved hearing how even though Puck was a manwhore that he kept Becca in his heart.


When things finally get going with these two, it is HOT. Even though it's become a theme lately, I thought it was kind of funny how Becca lost her ever lovin' mind around Puck. But I especially loved how even though Puck considered her his, he still took the time to romance her.

I loved getting both their POVs but I felt we didn't really get to know Puck. I think Becca's situations and the drama of the story didn't leave much time for it and I missed it.

I really enjoyed getting tidbits on some of The Reapers and learning more about the Silver Bastards. We also get to know Becca's two close friends, Danielle and Blake.

However, I really just hated everything about Becca's Mom and ugh...her husband. I don't even want to mention his name...he makes me feel slimy. I guess JW did a really good job with his character.

Luckily, things turn out well. I loved the epilogue but I wasn't sure where the bonus epilogue scene fit in? I would love a Rourke book even if he's not a SB!

And of course, Painter's book is next in The Reaper series and I cannot wait!


Favorite quotes:

♥ “Meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to me, Puck. Things were fucked up and wrong, but you saved my life."

♥ “You’re a pretty good alarm clock.”

♥ “If you start writing poetry about her, I’ll slit your throat myself.”

“Were you always such a dick?”


♥ "That boy’s crazy about you—it’s cute. Like a pit bull crushing on a kitten.”

♥ “You’re mine. I fought for you five years ago and then I let you go. That was your free pass. Now you’ve invited me back in and I’m here to stay. I’ll kill for you. Die for you, too. But I will not fucking let you go, Becca, and I won’t let you distance yourself, either. Get that straight.”

♥ “Because he pissed off the Silver Bastards,” she said proudly. “We can’t have that shit, you hear me?” (LOL...love it!)

♦ BR w/Melissa, Patty, Tiff & Tera!

(Prior to Review)

PUCK's STORY!!!!!!!!!!!

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April 8, 2015
5 (Silver B is the new MC book to read) STARS

Silver B is a new spin-off series from the Reaper’s series. Silver B can be read prior to reading Reaper’s series.

I loved the Reaper series and I’m beyond excited for the Silver B series. And this is what I have to say.


I read it in one sitting, it was just that good.

Puck just gets out of jail and he’s officially a member. He parties it up and has one crazy night with Becca. Things happen and all of sudden, Becca is running away from her home life and Puck indirectly saves her and hurts her at the same time.

Five years later their non-existent relationship becomes a little non and a little more.

But it’s never as easy as it seems.

The beginning is so good. It hits you will a slap in the face and you are just praying Joanna Wylde hits you again because it’s just so good the first time. I couldn’t get enough. Puck is no white knight. He does what he wants and answers to no one. Even though he helps Becca years ago, he also hurts her.

He’s no hero.

But he’s so sexy.

Becca grew up in the biker world. She doesn’t want to become her mother, an old lady. She doesn’t want to be slapped around and be treated like property. Yes, bikers saved her, but they also tortured her. For five years Puck keeps his distance and she is fine with that.

But now, he’s showing up more in Becca’s life and she doesn’t know what to do about it.

Becca has a lot of issues. She’s has terrible parents and it really messed her up. She doesn’t want to be part of the Biker world at all. I understand her reasons for not wanting to be with Puck. There’s a lot that goes on with Becca.

I like how Puck pursues Becca and tries to protect her. It’s the tiny damsel in distress storyline I love, but Becca isn’t a damsel. She works hard to be independent.

What I enjoyed the most about this book is the struggles Becca and Puck have. Becca struggles so much with family and finances. She’s sometimes only has a dollar to her name. It kept me so interested!

As you read, the story gets crazier, the emotions get higher and the angst comes out. I was gripping the pages and I couldn’t read fast enough.

If you are a fan of Joanna Wylde, MC books and anti-heroes, then Silver B is for you.

An arc was provided in exchange for an honest review

Silver Bastard (Silver Valley, #1) by Joanna Wylde AMAZON NOW LIVE!!!!
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April 25, 2015
So... This really happened. I gave 3 stars to the book written by Joanna Wylde. This does not mean that it's a bad book - I read it in one day, it was fun and entertaining, but, sadly, not completely what I expected. Puck was such an intriguing character in Reapers MC series, so I was excited when I heard that he'd get his own story. To make this short - Sliver Bastard dragged a little bit with repetitive storyline and annoying female character.
I'm looking forward to the next book in Silver Valley series and I really hope that it will be better than this one.
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May 16, 2015

♥♥♥ 4 STARS ♥♥♥

●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●

“Meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to me, Puck. Things were fucked up and wrong, but you saved my life.”

●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●

Puck Redhouse has served his time in prison and is finally out. Freedom is feeling great, especially when he is told he will officially be patched in as a Silver Bastard. At a party celebrating his and Painter's release, he sees a beautiful woman named Becca. There is something so fresh and so different about her, that it immediately attracts him to her. Unfortunately, not everything is as it seems. Becca is living in a less than ideal situation, and when Puck realizes what is going on, he takes her from California to Calup, Idaho.

●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●

“Do not think for one minute that I'm the kind of guy who does the right thing. That's not my style. I'm the guy who does what he wants when he wants, and trust me when I say I didn't do nearly enough to you that night to get out out of my system.”

●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●

Five years later, Becca has made the most of the freedom that Puck gave her. She is going to beauty school, working as a waitress, and made some great friends that she considers family. To some it all up, she is living the life she never had in California, and she is going to ensure that her life will never be like the one her mother has. Puck and Becca haven't really spoken to each other since that incident that propelled Puck to save her. Becca doesn't know what to think of him, he kind of scares her, but her body craves him. Puck, however, has wanted her since the first. He knows she deserves better than he can give so has stayed away. When Becca proposes they become friends, Puck is ready to explode. It seems staying away is no longer an option. He's ready to claim what is his.

●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●

“Don’t know when it happened, but somewhere along the line it did. They say love at first sight is bullshit, and they’re probably right. But whatever I felt for you that first night? It turned into something real. I’m never letting you go.”

●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●

Becca was a strong independent heroine. I liked her for the most part, sure she had her frustrating moments, but I did like her. I liked that she tried to do things on her own, and tried making the best of the little home she created for herself. Then Puck comes into the picture wanting to make her his and protect her. Becca knows all about the MC life and she is very hesitant to go back to it. But she wants Puck as well and doesn't want to let him go. She just doesn't think she can ever be his old lady. Puck was the overwhelmingly alpha hero. I loved him and how he truly cared for Becca. He could also be a total jerk, but he tried to be better for her. He was also quite sweet when he wanted to be. It's not hard to understand why it was hard to resist him. I loved the connection they shared which was quite explosive.

●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●

'Becca Jones might be my property in the eyes of the club, but the reality was that she owned me and there wasn't a damned thing I could do about it.'

●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●

This book is a spin off from the Reaper's MC series. If you haven't read the Reaper's MC series, well it isn't really necessary at the moment with this book. Some characters do make an appearance, so if you want to know their story then you probably should read it. The story line was one you would expect from a Joanna Wylde MC book, it was good. I liked both of the characters, flaws and all. I liked that the author researches her stuff to try to make the story as realistic as possible. I liked the steam in the book, but I did think it took a long while for these two to get together. I would have liked Puck to take charge a little early on because of that reason. Although, it was fun seeing Becca make him work for it. There was some drama that happened in the book, especially near the end, that broke my heart for Becca. No one deserves to be treated that way, especially by their own mother. I liked how it all concluded, and the epilogue was really great. Overall, it was not bad at all. I can't wait to read the next books.

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April 9, 2015
Silver Bastard is LIVE!
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Type: Book 1 of Silver Valley series
POV: First Person - Dual

ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

Puck Redhouse was a Silver Bastards prospect when he was convicted in California. After fourteen months of incarceration he was finally free and earned his full colors. The night of his release, he was rewarded with a girl by an ally MC who were hosting their stay in California.

Becca Jones, a scared young girl, was nothing more than a pawn of her stepfather. After Puck found out the truth, he and the Silver Bastards rescued her and took her to their hometown in Callup, Idaho.

Five years later, both of them still in the same town. Puck had been periodically checking up o her, while she was trying her best to avoid him. He wanted her. She was still afraid of him. What he wants, he will damn well be getting it.

Silver Valley series is a spinoff of Reapers MC series. However, this new series (though Silver Bastards is an MC book) is not an MC series and can be read without prior knowledge of the original series.

Personally, when I first started the Reapers MC series, I wasn’t very impressed. But the series kept getting better with each book and I ended up loving the Reapers and I love how it introduced characters from their rival and allies. One of the outside characters that I love was Puck and I was ecstatic to know he’s getting his own book.

The bond we forged in the cell together? Stronger than blood and utterly unbreakable. He was my brother, now and always.

Silver Bastard focused on the relationship between Puck and Becca while they tried to resist each other for their own personal reasons. Amidst their relationship issue the Silver Bastards had to deal with an outside threat with the help from their ally, the Reapers. So for Reapers fan, there were appearances of the key characters in that series to satisfy your needs. I also like how the Silver Bartards were a vital part of their community.

I absolutely love Puck! He could be a pushy douchebag at times but I really love his respectful determination. He was charming in his own way and that was hard to resist.

I like Becca well enough. She grew up in an MC world and had been a victim of her own family. But she soldiered on with the helped of her adopted family and it’s understandable why she tried to avoid any further involvement with more MC men.

Everyday for the last five years I asked myself the same question – what would my mom do? – Then I’d do the opposite.

Her mother was a piece of work. I hated her with a vengeance and there were a lot of times I wanted to take a gun and pop her head! One of my favorite scenes was when Becca lost her cool and threw one particular prized possession out the window. That was painful because I have one of it at home and understood the attachment hahah!

He said he owned me, and he did. My body recognized its master even if I didn’t.

Oh, the sexy times between Puck and Becca were pretty hot. I love his alphaness when it comes to that part.

“You okay?” Blaked asked “Anyone I need to kill?”

I love pretty much every supporting character in this book especially Becca’s best friends Danielle and Blake. They were very supportive of her. I actually wanted more of them in this book.

A few complains I have for this book is at some points it felt a little too long. I was also hoping for more kick-ass actions on certain scenes.

Overall, I truly enjoyed the story in Silver Bastard and looking forward to the next book in the series, Fathomless. From this book and the bonus epilogue, I think Shane is such an untouchable character thrown into a highly fragile situation – all heading towards a highly engaging story.

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April 2, 2015

Title: Silver Bastard
Series: Silver Valley #1
Author: Joanna Wylde
Release date: April 7, 2015
Rating: 3.5 stars
Cliffhanger: No

I'm not a huge reader of the MC genre, but I know talent when I see it. Joanna Wylde has it. Her books are my biker kryptonite. When I clapped eyes on Horse in Reaper's property? I was sold. Lock, stock, and barrel. Every book since has been an auto-buy, no need to read a synopsis. Those Reaper boys had me hooked. This book made my most anticipated list of 2015, I couldn't wait to meet the whole new group of brothers in leather.

This was a somewhat hard for me to rate because I wasn't crazy in love with either main character. But looking at the groundwork the author put in to build a solid series with this introduction book makes me appreciate the bigger picture a little more. If there's one thing JW is a pro at, it's attention to detail. It could never be said that her stories are weak or unrealistic. That's one of the main draws that continues to pull me in each and every time. They're raw, and they embody everything a biker book should be.

If you've read the Reapers books, you know Puck was a prospect for the Silver Bastards and got sent to prison with Painter (from the Reapers) for a year. The book starts out with these two men's release and a celebratory party in their honor. What follows is one big clusterfuck. Little things like forced prostitution, unintentional statutory rape, bloodshed...you get thrown right into some heated, intense moments-no time wasted.

Puck comes to realize Becca isn't the woman she at first appears. On the other hand? He is exactly what he appears.

Everything about him was rough, almost brutal, and while I knew he wasn't that much older than me, there were ten lifetimes reflected in his gaze.

He's as tough as you'd expect from an MC member; to put it bluntly, he's self-serving and unapologetic in his ways. When the Silver Bastards discover Becca's situation the next morning, they remove her from her home and she falls under their protection.

Starting out, I thought I was going to have a little girl crush on Becca. She came out of a truly hellish situation and surfaced on the other side with ambition, a sense of humor, and the ability to try to see the bright side of any situation. She isn't one to wallow and she chooses to try to build a better life for herself-no looking back. Her one chink in her armor is her poor excuse for a mother. She tries to stay strong against her at first, she really does.

Since coming to California, I've lived my life according to one basic rule-I called it the Mom Principle. When in doubt, think about what Mom would do. Then do the exact opposite.

But this woman is a piece of work and she finally succeeds in making her go all kinds of crazy and irrational. I was about ready to scream at her weakness for her mother's manipulation. She's like an insidious disease that seeps into this poor girls head-it was sickening.

As tough as Puck was, he always had a soft spot for Becca and his long years of forced distance have finally worn thin enough to break. He doesn't immediately cave and go after her because of their complicated past, but once he finally make his choice to claim her, it's a done deal whether she likes it or not. She puts up the good fight, but let's face it, these boys take what they want and she's been his since he set eyes on her years ago. It was only a matter of time.

I do feel like I never really fully connected to Puck and Becca-they both had some moments of insanity that pushed my limits. He had pretty much zero sensitivity in him, and she made some bad choices. However I did end up liking them together, they just weren't my favorite of JW so far. Series starters can always run that risk of falling prey to lack of connection to the main characters. So much time is needed to build characterization of an entire group of people, backstories, lead-ins to future books, and so forth the MCs can lose some of the spotlight. So that's partly a contributor for me.

The book culminates in plenty of action that kept me turning the pages. As always, the plot and character development were 5 star worthy. Overall? I would still give it a positive rating and I'm thoroughly intrigued with the tease to the books to follow. It's gone past the want stage, I NEED the next book. That "bonus" scene thrown in at the end?? Now that was just mean. Author cruelty-my grabby hands are twitching.


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April 22, 2015
3.5 For Real Biker Stars * * * 1/2

I love Joanna Wylde's Reaper series. I have written love letters stating this woman knows how to do biker right... not pretty and fanciful. She has taken men who are very raw, non conformist and in your face about it and given them a core of heart and strength...The women have learned through their experiences who their men are and have accepted them into their loving arms.

This tale was no different in its concept. It was gritty and unconventional from the moment it started. It was shocking and oh, so wrong in the way it introduced these two characters to each other....and from this wrongness came the rescue of a young woman....

We have Becca...a child who was a victim of abusive parents who also happen to be part of the biker community....and like any other community there are decent clubs who have a code of ethics about women and children... and even club ho's. No one is treated or used against their will in clubs with ethics...but other clubs do not always abide to these ways....and that is what Becky was exposed to...When she became a teenager her stepdad pressured her into being used for his benefit...and the mother turned a blind eye.... only interested in getting her drugs. The scene was wrong on so many levels and unfortunately there did not seem to be an escape for her.

What happens next is the blessing and curse. She is given to Puck as a welcome home from prison gift...and Puck, after being locked up and dreaming about this moment is primed and ready to make all his fantasies come true... As things progress, a few realizations happen...For Becca, she has never had anyone lookout for her needs or care if she got any pleasure or stop if there is pain....ever. She experiences her first orgasm and that is even before Puck has started the main event....When things continue and then move on for more...he sees she is having a difficult time....he actually stops...and for that she is scared because she thinks it means she isn't good enough... but conflicted because it was done with him being concerned for her. She cannot figure out what all of this means.

For Puck, Becca is an angel come to life...tiny sweet and oh so soft...not a club girl at all. When it then becomes clear lines were crossed which could put him at risk, he goes to his president to see what they need to do. They see the stepdad beating her within an inch of her life...and a decision is made. Becca is going with Puck and the Silver Bastards right then.

We fast forward to 5 years later. Becca is working to become a hairdresser. She has a club family who have looked out for her all these years.... making sure she got her high school diploma and cared for her. Becca loves them and she has stuck to figuring out her motto in life... Do the opposite of whatever her mother would...She refuses to be apart of the biker life. She has not been part of the Silver Bastards and stayed far away from Puck all these years. She has just made sure to keep her head down, work at the diner and go to cosmetology school so she will be able to support herself on her own.

What she does know, though, is the club has always looked out for her....and Puck has floated in and out like some Dark Knight. She has this love/hate relationship with him...she dreams of their time together but also is frightened by how intense it was...She has deep feelings for him but they are mixed with fear too...it is so confusing.

Puck has problems with Becca, too...He sees her and knows she is trying to make something of herself...he thinks deep down he isn't good enough for her. He also knows his time with her 5 years ago was the most connected he ever was with a woman. He dreams of the those moments and when she is near, he can't help but focus on her. It has become a club joke...and the guys are telling him to man up and either make a move or cut it out and move on.

There comes a time when they both are in the same place, the timing and feelings are there...and both need to either make the move to be more or stop flirting with this chemistry because it is becoming painful for both.

This story had all of the elements of a strong biker tale with the expert telling by Ms. Wylde. The sizzle was there; the heart was on board...all of the players did their part. I did have a bit of difficulty with both of the characters, though. I think it was more my own personal tastes rather than the writing because everything in this book rang true.

There is so much to this book; it easily has set up the new series. We have others who will come into play and I know I will be front and center waiting with grabby hands for the next installment.

A gifted copy was provided by author/publisher for an honest review.

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July 31, 2017
Audiobook Review

3 Stars

Overall Opinion: Before I say anything else, I want to say that the narrators on this one were great! I really liked both of them, and the man's voice was just yummy ;). Now back to business...I was a little disappointed in this one. I didn't necessarily get the connection between the h and H. I understood that they had great sex together, but other than that I just didn't get it. The h got on my nerves a little bit, and I just didn't feel much of anything during this. It could be just me, and it could be that I was distracted a few times -- but sadly it just felt meh.

Brief Summary of the Storyline: This is Becca and Puck's story. Puck gets released out of prison and a friend of his mc thrown him a getting out party. At this party, he sets his sights on Becca. They end up having sex, and then he is appalled to find out that she is just 16 and was pimped out by her step-dad. He ends up taking her with him to Iowa from California. He then avoids her for the next 5 years, and the story starts again then. They cannot deny the chemistry they had, and after some dancing around it -- they get back together. There is some typical club suspense, some family issues, a lot of sexy times...and they get a HEA ending.

POV: This alternated between Becca and Puck's POV.

Instalove: Maybe...? When they first meet there was supposedly a strong connection instantly. I thought of it as lust, but later the H refers to it as love at first sight.

H rating: 3 stars. Puck. He was alright. I thought he was a little insensitive at times, but Becca also needed his bluntness sometimes too. Very much the alpha biker type.

h rating: 2 stars. Becca. I had some issues with her. I liked her at times, but mostly she bugged me. I wanted her to trust Puck more and stop making stupid decisions! I appreciate her loyalty to her mom...but come on! Her obliviousness/stubbornness was just was OTT at times that it made me want to face-palm.

Sadness level: Low. No tissues needed.

Push/Pull: Yes

Heat level/Descriptive sex: High. I don't ever get into it with audiobooks because it just feels so awkward, but I thought they had good chemistry and scenes. It did seem like there was a lot of sex though. I wanted a little more to their relationship and not just sexual chemistry.

OW/OM drama: Mild

Sex scene with OW or OM: Yes

Cheating: No

Separation: Yes

Possible Triggers: Yes

Closure: This had a cute jump ahead epilogue with a HEA ending. I still had some unanswered questions that irked me though.

How I got it: It was part of my audible subscription.

Safety: I'd say this is either Safe with exception or Not Safe depending on personal preferences.

** Please note that since it was an audiobook that I might have missed some information that might affect my review. I have found that I just don't retain as much information from audiobooks as I do in reading them. Forgive me if I have any wrong or missing information, and take this review with a grain of salt ;) **
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January 3, 2016
4.5 Stars

Becca had a rough upbringing. Her mother idolized Motor Cycle Clubs, or rather the men in them, and had little regard for her daughter’s well-being or safety. When Puck comes out of a fourteen month stint in prison (for protecting his MC) all he can think of is having a drink, getting laid and just generally celebrating his release. When he spots Becca he wants her immediately. She looks soft and innocent, something he craves after those hard months incarcerated, and he knows he must have her. Puck goes about seducing her and she’s attracted too, but the hottest night of his life ends with him scaring Becca and making her cry. Puck discovers Becca is much younger than he thought and that she’s been used unwillingly by her Teeny, her disgusting stepfather as some sort of prize for his motorcycle club. Upon discovering this Puck takes action against Teeny and takes Becca back to Idaho with him. The Club places her with a caring older couple, rescuing Becca from the nightmare that was her life.

For five years, even though they’ve lived in the same town, Puck has stayed away and Becca has avoided him as well. Becca was too young and Puck still felt guilty over the events of that night. But things are about to change because when Puck realizes Becca is all grown up and still attracted to him.

Becca has mixed emotions over that night five years ago. She’s never been with anyone else that made her feel like Puck, but he did scare her that night; he also rescued her and she’ll forever be grateful for the risk he took in doing that. But Puck is part of the Silver Bastards Motorcycle Club, and she’s vowed to lead a different life from the one her mother did. However, their paths keep crossing and Puck is no longer staying at arm’s length. Becca can’t fight the powerful desire she feels for him, dangerous or not. What’s worse is that Puck knows this.

“No more games, Becca. You know who and what I am, and you know that when I fuck you, it won’t be pretty. I don’t do pretty. I’ve held off because of what happened and I felt guilty but that shit is in the past. I’m done. You got thirty seconds to say no, then I’m taking you upstairs and all bets are off.”

This romance was sizzling! Puck and Becca circle each other building explosive sexual tension. Their encounter five years earlier was hot and intense and neither has been able to forget it; no one since has compared or measured up for Becca or Puck.

While this may be true, Becca still needs to work through her doubts about Puck, and the life she would be around if she allowed herself to get involved. I could understand why she’d have her reservations, but Puck is not one to take no for an answer. That sort of makes him sound like a jerk, but he really wasn’t at all. I adored Puck, the man was all hard edges and brutally honest, especially in regards to Becca’s mother, who was a right nasty piece of work! I was totally on board with his opinions on her. But Puck was a solid guy when it came to Becca. He was all about protection and well-being, and never gave up on winning her over. Puck was an alpha male in the best possible way: possessive and protective and someone who liked to take charge in the bedroom!

I admired Becca’s strength in the face of all she went through. The past didn’t leave her unscarred and because of that she struggled with angry, unreasonable outbursts, but I appreciated she had enough sense to pull back and realize exactly how she came off. After the fact, usually, but Becca had no trouble taking responsibility and apologizing.

Joanna Wylde has a way with sweeping you up and sucking you into a story, so I read Silver Bastard in one day. Her writing is edgy, intense and oh-so-sexy! I can’t wait for the next story in what promises to be an addictive series!

A copy was kindly provided by Berkley in exchange for an honest review.

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April 7, 2015

Full review now posted

First book I've read from Joanna Wylde and it's a winner! I'm so happy I had the chance to review it!!


Silver Bastard is spin-off of her Reapers MC series but if like me you didn't read them it's not a problem, you won't be lost, just be prepare to want to read all her previous book after this one :p


Puck has been away for fourteen months. During that time, he protected the bikers he was a prospect for. And now because he proved himself, he is part of the MC and most importantly he is a free man.
During some sort of party, he get to meet Becca and one thing leading to another, they have sex. But he can tell something is off and when he learns Becca is underage and that her step dad pimped her out, he looses his shit.

He decide to take her with him so she can have another life.


Five years later, Becca has 21 years old and has grown up as a beautiful woman. She has friends, she goes to school, she has an apartment... In short, she has a life.
She knows she owes Puck a lot for saving her life but she's also scared of him. Over the years, they never really spoke but from time to time, Puck is around and he makes sure she is ok.
But it takes just a little incident in the restaurant where she works for everything to change.

See Becca, she is a fierce woman. When she loses her temper, she acts a little irrationally

The tension and electricity when Puck and Becca are around each other is magnetic. There's something unfinished between them.
Puck feels guilty because of what happen. He didn't mean to have sex with a sixteen years old girl but he also feels guilty because he can't stop thinking about her. He wants to be with her; still he doesn't make a claim on her

"... Deep down inside I still felt guilty as fuck about that night. I felt even guiltier because I'd spent the last five years trying to figure out ways to make it happen again"

Becca on the other hand is in complete denial. She knows what her body feels, but she refuses to give in. Mostly she is scared, or maybe it's better to say she doesn't want a life like her mother has. She always lived surrounded by bikers and in a club so she knows too well how it goes. Becca has spent five years to build her life, so it's not to get back and be controlled by someone else. She is not her mother and she never will be


This was my first book from Joanna Wylde but not my first MC book. Yet this one felt different and trust me in a very good way.

The book is of course centered on Becca and Puck but we have a lot of insight of the MC club. We get to know the other members of the Silver Bastard clan and while I'm NOT impatient to have more Deep, I want Demon's book asap!

The fans from the Reaper MC series should also be happy because some of the group made several appearances and you even have an epic scene between Painter and Melanie that didn't really made sense to me BUT made me want to read his book right away. Unfortunately for me his book is the 5th in the Reapers series and I have to wait until November 20415 to have it all figure it out.


On the other hand, I guess I can see it from another perspective. I have until November to catch up on this series and be ready for Painter's book


But now back to Puck and Becca ^^
I won't really talk about all the twist and turn happening here; just know that it's one hell of a ride!

Becca is an interesting character because she could have easily been broken by her past but she decided to be strong. She doesn't grieve on what happened to her, she take a chance and enjoy life as it comes.
Puck is her weakness, every time he is with her, she feels unsure but so protected at once, it's unsettling.

"Meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to me, Puck. Things were fucked up and wrong, but you saved my life. Do you have any idea where I'd be right now if you hadn't come to that party?"

The sexual tension between them was unbearable. Every time you think something is going to happen, something else comes in their way. I was in constant need of more: more kissing, more touching, more connection, more moment when they both surrender, more them together. Period.

Love between Puck and Becca is not easy. Both have to make sacrifices and well Puck is not the kind of man who does that.
He wants and he will have her when he has decided she was his and nothing will stop him


You have like MC book, this one has it all: caveman guys, beautiful girls, brotherhood, protective instincts, evils situations, sexual tension, fab' sex and lots of love.

"We've been in a relationship for five years now" Puck said "it wasn't normal, it wasn't exclusive... Hell I don't know what the fuck it was, but we both know that's the truth. Whatever's between us, it's been there since the first night we met

~Posted before reading~

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April 9, 2015
4 stars!

 photo image.jpg1_zpsoknqpzkq.jpg

After getting out of prison, Puck Redhouse is in the mood to celebrate. Not only is he getting back his freedom, but upon being released, he became a full member of the Silver Bastard MC. It's time to get loose and laid. He is instantly attracted to the sweet chick across the room, and he's decided that she's the lucky lady of the night.

Becca Jones has grown up around the MC world. Her mother has been known to jump from bed to bed and hang with the rough crowd. Her current stepfather though, is an awful and abusive man. He basically pimps Becca out to members of the club. This would be bad on its own, but she is just sixteen years old.

When Puck finds out what she's living with, he takes it upon himself and the help of the club to get her out of California. He's going to take the young innocent girl back home with him to Idaho in hopes of saving her from all of the corruption.

 photo image.jpg4_zpslejdwv7z.jpg

Five years, and the two have kept their distance. She knows he's around looking over her, and she feels protected.

Puck still cannot get Becca off his mind. Seeing her hang out with other men is killing him. He knows it's wrong, but he can't seem to let her go.

"I've jacked off a thousand times, remembering that night. I've fucked a shitload of women, too. Tried to find one to replace you. I swear to fuck Becca, if you were anyone else I'd just take you and be done with it. You're lodged in my brain like a bullet and its poisoning me."

 photo image.jpg2_zpseyqmbvxq.jpg

Becca cannot further deny the pull that Puck has over her. Even though she's convinced herself that his kind is the last thing she needs, she can't help how he makes her feel.

 photo image.jpg3_zpsyj84lxun.jpg

When her life from California is ever present, she gets guilted into trying to help her mother. This is a complication for not only Puck, but in a roundabout way, effects the club. Puck needs to figure out how to help Becca leave her past behind, learn to trust him, and move forward.

 photo imagejpg3_zpsdfa8f0b7.jpg

Yet another absolutely addicting tale from Joanna Wylde. One that kept me up until 3 am, because I could not put it down.

I always love starting one of her books because I know I am in for one helluva story. As with every other book of hers that I have read, I know I'm going going to be able to check things on my list that encompass a great read. This one was no exception. There was great sexual tension, some action, a fabulous story and writing, shmexy as hell hero, likable heroine, and interesting side plot and characters. Phew!

I enjoyed this one a lot, but it did lack a few things to prevent this from being a 5 star read. The main thing, and I have to agree with all my GR buddies, the chemistry between the MC's didn't feel genuine. Their relationship went from tedious to set in stone in a blink of an eye. Yes, Becca fought this insta-relationship, and I realize they knew one another for 5 years, but it was really fast. Plus it seemed the only connection they had was sex. I think the love was definitely lost on me.

I am glad I warmed up to the heroine. After the prologue, I was a little nervous that I wasn't going to like her. It had a bit of a creep-factor considering her age. After a little time, I found her endearing, and liked her inner thoughts. I was also a little surprised about Puck. I know how much we love those heroes who are rough and tough on the outside with a soft heart, but for some reason this didn't gel with Puck. His soft side didn't seem to fit his personality.

I loved the bonus epilogue! Oh my! The next Silver Valley book will not feature anyone from the MC life. I am looking forward to this aspect, although I must say after reading said epilogue, I'd be more intrigued to get a book from Rourke. In the meantime I will be patiently (or not) awaiting Fathomless AND Reaper's Fall.

I wouldn't say it's necessary to read the other Reaper books before starting this, but I am glad I have some background in that club, as characters do come up in this one.
Overall this was a great read and I liked it a lot!
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1,654 reviews985 followers
April 14, 2015
I was so excited to start this new series of Joanna Wyldes! I don't know if it was because my expectations were too high or what; but I found that I was quite bored for the first part of the book. I also had a problem with being very frustrated with the heroine in the story. Half the time I wanted to give her a good swift kick in the butt.As far as Puck went though, I loved him! He was your typical rough, tough,rude and crude biker dude! LOL In real life, he probably wouldn't have my approval; but in stories, he worked just fine!!
We also got the added bonus of seeing some of the Reapers' in the story, and since they were who I origionally fell in love with, I enjoyed them being around very much.

After doing time in the slammer, Puck is finally free. So what is the first thing any self respected biker dude does when he is free? Why he drinks,parties, and screws...right?! YUP! Unfortunately, things go FUBAR very quickly, and it ends with Puck having a hell of a lot of guilt regarding a certain young lady named; Becs. He does redeem himself though when he gets her out of a very messed up situation, and sets her up in a way better life.

Fast forward five years ahead and the attraction between Puck and Becs has never gone away. Puck really wants to claim her as his Old Lady; but he knows that might not be possible as Bec may be attracted to him but she still has a hefty amount of fear of him. A few situations put these two together though, and in no time they both begin to act on their passion for one another.
The trouble is that Puck wants to own her, and yet Becs has an independent streak a mile long. Can these two compromise and make a relationship work? Or will Puck's alpha male tendencies get in the way of his goals for Bec and him?

I have nothing bad to say about Puck. I did really like him, and his major protective ways. Becs though, more than once ticked me off. She was so indecisive about wanting to be with him, and I felt she was often not fair to him at all. Her temper became annoying, and I found myself constantly frustrated with her actions and words. I have to be honest and say that I enjoyed the Reaper's series way better than this one; but hopefully the next book will be an even better one. There was a bonus chapter at the end that introduced the next book and it looks like it is going to be good! Even though this was somewhat of a let down for me; I still did enjoy it. I loved the Epilogue we were giving, and there were a few times during the story that I did have a chuckle. I do recommend it to fans of the Reapers MC; but go in with not super high expectations!! That would be my piece of advice!!

Thank you to Vilda for Buddy Reading this book with me..So sorry we weren't able to hook up more than we did; but it is still always a pleasure!♥
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April 12, 2015
4 I love me some biker action stars!

"Becca Jones might be my property in the eyes of the club, but the reality was that she owned me and there wasn’t a damned thing I could do about it."

Let's face it there is something special about a well written MC book. The reader is swept away into a world of mayhem, where women are property (and somehow it is accepted as the norm), there are meetings with the brothers at church, drugs, sex, and well anything goes. I love it! I feel transformed to a different place and time. Silver Bastard truly delivers. It is the first in the Silver Valley Series.


We met Puck at the end of Joanna Wylde's last book Reaper's Stand. Puck has just served five years in the state pen and upon his release he meets Becca at a local club party. She is sweet and Puck is happy to pair up with her for a night of fun.

"My girl’s name was Becca, and she was rapidly turning into my all-time favorite female."-Puck

Puck and Becca share a heated night together. Becca is timid and skittish but enjoys being with Puck. It is when the deed is done that all hell breaks loose. Puck discovers that things aren't quite as they seem. Becca's situation is less than stellar and Puck decides to take her away.

As soon as Becca is delivered safely to North Idaho's Silver Valley, Puck leaves her alone. He never forgets her and protects her from a far. He knows it's in her best interest to just give her time to heal and grow.

Five years pass and Puck still hasn't forgotten Becca. Becca hasn't forgotten about Puck either. He is after all her black knight.

"In a weird way, I owed him everything. the man still scared me, turned me on, you name it, because if there was one constant derailing my quest for happy normalcy, it was Puck Redhouse and his stupid, sexy voice. The man was my own personal North Atlantic iceberg, lurking under the cold waters, just waiting to shred me wide open."-Becca

Because of their history, Becca and Puck share a bond like no other. Puck still carries regret for the night that they met. It takes everything she has to convince him that he saved her.


These two don't reconnect right away. Becca is fighting the urge to be with Puck. She is terrified she will make the same mistakes of her mother and hook up with a biker. Also, her past has caused her to fear anything biker related. As Becca tries to date other people, Puck is crazy jealous. Becca is desperate to forget Puck but it just isn't easy for her to forget the connection they have.

"Maybe that was a problem. I had a giant, five-year Puck hangover."-Becca

Puck just wants Becca. Once he makes the decision he is going to claim her, all bets are off.

“I’m claiming Becca Jones.”-Puck


Becca has no problem falling back into Puck's arms. It is the commitment that she struggles with.

"God in heaven . . . He’d said he owned me, and he did. My body recognized its master even if I didn’t."-Becca

Becca is truly damaged emotionally. Even though she knows that her mother is a mess and will bring her nothing but pain, she cannot help but continue to take calls from her. She is constantly worrying about her mom and she wants to help her. It is her fears for her mother that continue to cause Becca pain.

Once Becca and Puck are together, the romance is maximum steam! They are like magnets who have been forced apart for so long that they are desperate to connect. They still have many obstacles to overcome.


Overall, Silver Bastard was an excellent read. I connected well with the characters and felt that they had a truly beautiful love story. Puck wasn't my favorite hero of all time and Becca made so many foolish decisions that I had to roll my eyes a few times throughout the read. (Hence the 4 star rating.) Apart from my personal opinions of the main characters, I couldn't put the book down. The writing is fluid and rich with detail. The action is intense but not overtly violent. The brothers of the MC are loyal to one another and intriguing to read about. The epilogue was beautiful and wiped away any frustrations I had throughout the read. I highly recommend this book and any Joanna Wylde book for that matter.

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June 18, 2015
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Captivating. Intense. Seductive.

OH.SO.FREAKING.GOOD! This book came at the perfect time for me. It took me out of my book slump and put a huge smile on my face. It was surprisingly funny, as well as sexy as hell and held a bit of suspense. The writing was lively, fact-paced and full of action. I tried to slow down because I wanted to savor each word, but I still zipped through it in a day.

Puck Redhouse spent the last 14 months in a California prison along with Painter from the Reaper’s MC, on a weapons charge. The day he and Painter were released, was the day his loyalty to the club was rewarded and he received his patch. The two clubs celebrated together along with one of their allies, the Longnecks MC. They were at a house owned by Teeny, a brother of a Longneck member.

Puck had one thing in mind when he got out, he wanted to get laid! Teeny saw the lust in Puck’s eyes and who he was eyeing. Teeny was enthusiastic to accommodate, and introduced Puck to Becca. Becca was a girl Puck had been unable to take his eyes off of. She was pretty and tiny, didn’t wear a lot of make up, didn’t dress to show off her body and she wasn’t forward like the other club whores. She had bewitched him that night. “I felt fireworks were going off in my head.” What the twenty-one year old Puck hadn’t counted on was her predicament. The situation exploded and Puck knew he couldn’t leave her there.

Now, five years later, Becca has moved out of her foster parents house and is making a life for herself. She is going to school to be a hair dresser and works as a waitress in the Idaho town’s diner. She is determined to become classy which means staying focused on her goals and free of men who will bring her down. While the horror of the life she had lived still haunts her, she often thinks of Puck. Even though she sees him occasionally, they don’t speak to each other, but they are inexplicably drawn to one another.

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One fateful morning brings them together again. This is where the struggle begins. Puck has wanted her for the last five years. He has stayed away, giving her time and space. But he wants her. He wants his “angel” and will stop at nothing to get her.

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The club scene is not what she wants, she wants to stay far away from club whores and club parties and the violence that surrounds them. But the more she is around him, the more she wants him.

"Puck was dangerous in a decadent, indecent, cheesecake-at-midnight kind of way"

I LOVED this book! What could have been cheesy - insta-lust/love (which I HATE in books) was written perfectly here. Their relationship built with a slow intensity, and was based on respect and trust.

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I haven't claimed a book BF lately, but I claim Puck! WOW he's sexy and thoughtful and just ... WOW! (My favorite quote comes at 26%!) Becca was strong and fierce. Their arguing and banter was superb. The two were dynamic and make a power couple. The side characters perfectly rounded out this story. Leaving me dying for more. THAT EPILOGUE? It had me swooning! I read it twice!! I can't wait to see what Ms. Wylde has in store for us in Fathomless (Silver Valley, #2) I am just sad we have to wait so long to get it.

"You get that I'm keeping you, right?" "We can call it whatever you want, but it's real. Admit it."

*ARC graciously provided in exchange for an honest review and as such all quotes above may differ upon publication.*

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